Sunday, February 1, 2009


We have received numerous queries today in comments asking whether I have received personal threats. This queries have been precipitated by the disappearance of a short-lived blog and website, which was taken down yesterday, supposedly in response to threats.

I can state categorically that I have received my share of what I consider "hate mail," filled with suggestions about what I should do and/or how I should do it. Many contain explicit anatomical suggestions, aspersions on my education and parentage, and many interesting accusations and theories about who I "actually" am. (My favorite of all time was the suggestion that I am actually Andrew Sullivan, and the writer was positive of this. His reasoning was brilliant. Andrew and Audrey both start with the letter "A." Voila. Proof positive that we are the same person. While I am flattered that anyone could think that my writing is any where near the caliber of Mr. Sullivan's, this is not, in fact, true.)

Another popular topic in negative mail is to speculate on the "true" source of my funding. It's interesting to me that I have received about an equal number of letters accusing me of being a shill for the Democrats and being a front for "other" conservative Republicans (think Huckabee or Romney) who "hate" Palin and want her out of the way.

Hate mail aside, I want to reassure all readers: I have never received a piece of email that I consider actually threatening in any way, shape or form.


Diana said...

Bravo ! I admire you greatly Audrey!! You have confidence, wisdom and tenacity! Besides... being intelligent, thoughtful and compassionate all at the same time.

I am glad to hear that you have not received threats and if you ever do I hope you share it with everyone...including all media sources and outlets.

Let them know if someone is strong arming you and or intimating you and it will be even more telling than the information that is on this site!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Good for you!

And all the best!

trishSWFL said...

Audrey, I'm glad you haven't received any threats. And if you ever do, please please PLEASE report them, not only to media sources, but the authorities.

hugs and kudos to you!

birdwatcher said...

Audrey, I think your blog is great. I check in occasionally, hoping to see news. There was an interesting bit on today that Palin is shirking all contact with the media while she goes to the Alfalfa party in D.C. They keep saying that she needs to step back, polish her image and educate herself. No one seems to think she may be avoiding media so as to avoid questions about Tripsy and Triggy. It makes me really wonder why so few people are asking questions publicly about the babies, real and or alleged. Keep up the great blog! Don't let anyone push you around!

anon said...

Good to hear. Thanks for your important work. I appreciate your dedication to truth.

Betsy S said...

I was particularly chagrined to find, while I was wasting a whole lot of time googling various sites, that there are several sites on Facebook with Bristol Palin as the reason for the formation of the "group". Although there are quite a few supportive comments (mostly those praising her for eschewing abortion) there were far more that were so obscene and revolting that I wonder how Facebook can continue if it allows such appalling and hateful threats. First amendment, phooey. I wonder if Audrey receives the same kind of abuse. I feel so sorry for Bristol that her life has been so unfortunately altered by her mother's need for political advantage--I hope she never sees these

Tony Walker said...

Audrey, would you please discuss how the federal privacy laws - HIPPA, might be used in this case to prevent facts from being revealed to the public?

Tony Walker said...

Audrey, Wanna get scared half to death? Go to Listen to the lyrics on the video on Todd's page and check out the third link listed on the link page - (TRIG !!!) and just look around the site. These people are none too bright. It's a seriously SCARY site. Do you think folks from Alaska really might be different from the folks who aren't so isolated? I'll bet they think they are normal. OMG.

Betsy S said...

I've gone back over the archives and I can't find any
comment about if the Gusty photo is real (fake belly)
(and I guess it's a real photo except for the extra dot in the carpet) how could SP be allowed on a plane 3 or 4 days later, either to go to Texas or to get back. Someone said she didn't wear the pregnancy bulge through the scanners for fear of being detained for
perusal? Can somebody help?

jeanette said...

Here is a link to some pictures taken during the making of the pre super bowl ad for SP. On the lower right of two pictures there is a young woman in red holding a baby in yellow. It looks like Bristol maybe holding Trig since the baby looks to large to be Tripp. The resolution isn't very high so it gets pretty blurry when zooming in. I don't know when the picture was taken but it must have been a few weeks ago.

Gryphen said...

We have a Bristol sighting1

Just go to this link and check out the background of the photos taken during Sarah's Superbowl commercial.

You can see both Bristol and Willow in at least two of the pictures. Bristol is the one in the orange top I believe.

cooky said...

With reference to the Super Tues photos - has anyone identified the woman in the photo with SP?

GinaM said...

Audrey, here is a link to pictures of behind-the-scenes of SP commercial for the superbowl. Is that Bristol holding Trig?

Mom of One, Esq. said...

For what it's worth, I think that's Willow holding Trig.

denise said...

Poor Bristol. Probably the reason she's been hiding is that the pressure the poor girl is under, I wouldn't be surprised if she was in a mental hospital.

I think I would be if my mum was Sarah Palin and she's made me her accomplice!

Keep up the good work Audrey

B said...

Re: Superbowl pictures.


I recognize Willow in white holding Trig. Chuck Heath is in front of them. Maybe Heather and Molly and her kids too.

The girl next to Willow, to whom she hands Trig (or who hands Trig to her), is the person in question.

She is Bristol's height and has one of Bristol's hair styles. She holds and kisses Trig like Bristol does.

Lauden is Bristol's height. It could be her with Willow. But I think her face is different. She could be the girl next to Bristol, also holding a child.

If the girl in question is Bristol, she is NOT pregnant. Or at least not 6-9 mos. And she doesn't look postpartum or nursing.

If she is Bristol, either there is no Tripp (will they adopt?) or Tripp has been born sometime between 12/27 and this photo.

Sarah is sporting her State of the State hairdo, with her bangs growing out and to the side, so I think the photo is very recent.

B said...

NY Tabloid Chick suggests action:

I think a few emails to their [People Magazine's] website expressing disappointment in the Tripp story that hasn't materialized might cause them a bit of consternation; everyone's hurting for sales, and they don't want to think they're losing sales by not providing the Tripp pix that everyone wants :).

NakedTruth said...

Re: SP's pre-Superbowl Behind the Scenes picture.

IMO the young lady next to Willow is not Bristol. Profile is different and hair does not appear to be as long as Bristol. I think that young lady is Lauden, SP's sister's daughter.

Also, if this is Bristol, which I don't think it is, why is she not holding her own baby, Tripp?

Keep in mind SP's need for deception. I think that they want us to think that this girl next to Willow is Bristol. I think that Lauden substitutes for Bristol quite a bit.

The question is: WHERE IS TRIPP?!!!!!

Karla said...

I just looked at this superbowl photo, and it really appears to be Bristol and Willow there.

There are 2 girls there holding Trig in different photos: one in an orange shirt, the other in a white jacket. The orange shirted girl is older, the white jacket girl is younger, but doesn't seem young enough to be Piper. Is it possible that Sarah Palin brought Bristol and Willow to this event? That would be so strange, but to me it doesn't appear to be Piper. Anyone else's opinion on this?

Sunshine1970 said...


Whoa. Could be...if the person next to her is Willow...which it kind of looks like. If it isn't then I'm betting on the girl holding Trig is Willow..

B said...

Betsy S said...
"if the Gusty photo is real . . . how could SP be allowed on a plane 3 or 4 days later, either to go to Texas or to get back. Someone said she didn't wear the pregnancy bulge through the scanners for fear of being detained for
perusal? Can somebody help?"

Gusty says the photo shows Palin the way Gusty remembers her. She could be let on the plane because Alaska Airlines lets pregnant women fly. It is up to the woman.

If the belly is Trig, Palin could get by scanners. Don't know if pregnant women walk through or get hand scanned. If the belly is fake and she were wearing it at the airport, you'd think the scanners would "see through it," so to speak, and she would risk a scene. Or maybe hand scanners don't see through it. Or maybe as long as the fake belly isn't full of box cutters she can get through.

One theory has been she removed the pads at the airport and stuck to loose clothing. The flight attendant said her stage of pregnancy was not obvious, no signs of distress. So she may or may not have looked very pregnant sitting on the plane.

Inconclusive, but hope that helps.

Daniel Archangel said...

The two girls pictured look like Bristol and Willow, who look similar in several ways, and have been mistaken for each other. The baby is definitely Trig, as you can make out his facial attributes consistent with DS.

That said, the girl in red might be Willow, and the girl in white might be someone else. It is hard to tell because we don't get a good look at the girl in white's face.

Do we have a date for these pictures? I'm guessing that if Bristol was at this event, we would have heard about it sooner. It's important that we review any evidence with our minds, not our hearts, or we could reach incorrect conclusions.

There were lots of people there, so someone should have solid information on whether Bristol and Willow were there or not.


luna1580 said...

superbowl-ad pics-

to me it looks like the taller girl is bristol in orange, shorter girl in white is willow. and the baby that first bristol then willow is holding is, based on size and face shape, absolutely trig.

i don't see todd, so i guess it's possible he's somewhere holding tripp? but why in the world would bristol hold trig and not her own one month old baby?

to the person who thinks it's weird SP's kids are there -it's not, she takes them to everything.

now maybe they didn't want to bring a month old baby to this event, but then wouldn't B stay home with him?

and this commercial was probably filmed weeks ago, to allow time for editing, etc. which means trippy-poo would be mere weeks old and B probably visibly portpartum.

i believed tripp was a real pregnancy, did they fool me?

now i'm just getting annoyed -where the hell is tripp?

Karla said...

So if that is indeed Bristol, how odd for her to be out and about without her officially reported "own" baby Tripp! Will they say that someone else was holding Tripp nearby behind the scenes? She is clearly not pregnant. How strange that she would be allowed to be publicly visible in this manner.

Could it be possible that Ms. Palin think that she has so quelled any rumors around these pregnancies that no one will have the temerity to ask questions given Bristol's appearance without a new baby? Sadly, it that is what she is thinking, she could be correct in this estimation...

By the way, I don't think the media is in cahoots in any way, just responding to what they always respond to: a kind of huffing and puffing on the part of Palin and other neocons, a "how dare you ask such and such question," to which they almost always back down for fear of nothing more substantial than being seen as the kind of person (honest, courageous, committed to the truth?) who would dare ask such a question. The ploy is to imply that it would be so morally repugnant, so beyond the pale, to pursue that line of questioning that people just kind of back down reflexively, without considering clearly whether it is indeed morally repugnant or terrible to ask for actual evidence or proof. They also try to chide reporters by tarring them with the "conspiracy theorist" brush, lumping legitimate questions about a highly questionable situation with the more halfbaked allegations about Kennedy's assassination or the twin towers fall. All of these obvious bullying tactics appear to work on mainstream reporters, who are appear to be excessively afraid of looking bad in the eyes of the public. My 2 cents on why the mainstream media is staying away from this story.

Punkinbugg said...

I think the girl in orange is Willow. She has a very distinctive widow's peak in her hairline.

The girl in white is probably Bristol.

Willow appear taller because she is standing on a riser.

B said...

According to a Sarah Palin blog the commercial was shot Sunday, January 25.

If Bristol were still pregnant then, she would have stayed home. I still think Willow is in the white parka. The nose on the girl in red doesn't seem right for Bristol, but resolution isn't good.

luna1580 said...

also, i'm thinking of emailing the "alaska dispatch" where these pics appeared and asking what date they were taken on.

but it needs to be done uber-politely and not mentioning why we care, because the husband and wife team that run this thing are pro-palin. read the article "happy new year tripp" for loads of this perspective.

the wife writing practically falls over herself to apologize for the sin she describes below:

"I was accusing Palin on Alaska Dispatch of saying something in an interview that might or might not have been a conscious fib."

so it's safe to assume she would hate us over here (her article says "I look at what the bloggers have to say about Tripp and his mother, but I don't have the stomach for it.")

if anyone contacts them for a date, remember this.

Sunshine1970 said...

B said...she could be let on the plane because Alaska Airlines lets pregnant women fly. It is up to the woman.

If the belly is Trig, Palin could get by scanners. Don't know if pregnant women walk through or get hand scanned. If the belly is fake and she were wearing it at the airport, you'd think the scanners would "see through it," so to speak, and she would risk a scene. Or maybe hand scanners don't see through it. Or maybe as long as the fake belly isn't full of box cutters she can get through.

One theory has been she removed the pads at the airport and stuck to loose clothing. The flight attendant said her stage of pregnancy was not obvious, no signs of distress. So she may or may not have looked very pregnant sitting on the plane.

Inconclusive, but hope that helps.

We don't know for sure, but since Palin's the governor, maybe she is given clearance so she doesn't have to go through the same types of security the rest of us do. She may have had some sort of 'fast track' to get through and seated before others...

Molly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Molly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
luna1580 said...

i found a FILMING DATE for the superbowl ad!

this pro-palin site, scroll halfway down:

posted their own (cell phone quality) vid of the taping:

"Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sarah Palin will speak to the country during the Super Bowl pre-game on NBC from the Fort Richardson Army base in Anchorage, Alaska.

Her appearance was videotaped last Sunday at the base and someone in the crowd videotaped it. The audio is not great, but you'll get the idea."

that makes the taping SUNDAY JANUARY 24, 2009.

luna1580 said...

oops, B'S right,

it's SUNDAY JANUARY 25, 2009.

i said the 24th.

Ivyfree said...

"there were far more that were so obscene and revolting that I wonder how Facebook can continue if it allows such appalling and hateful threats. First amendment, phooey"

I really feel I have to say this: the First Amendment is what protects Audrey's right to have this website and blog. If it wasn't there, there's no reason why Audrey wouldn't have been shut down before the election for daring to say anything that might be considered negative about a Republican candidate. Yes, people abuse it. And there's a line you can't cross, but with public figures (as Palin is) that line is a lot further away than with private citizens. It's still better to have it. It's the First Amendment, because the right to communicate with one another is the foundation of all our freedoms. What have we got, if we can't even talk together about the issues that concern us?

ggd said...

re: Superbowl ads

I think the ad was filmed on Sunday Jan.'s a "behind the scenes" video.

(warning: it gets REALLY loud at the end.)

Punkinbugg said...

Did y'all catch The View this morning?

The Alfalfa dinner was as much about SP as it was anybody else, and John Ziegler was on to make his case that the MEDIA destroyed Sarah Palin.

When Joy could get a word in over Elisabeth's shrieking, she finally made that point that most of us didn't make up our minds about Sarah Palin until AFTER SP opened her mouth.

BG said...

I am 100% certain that Willow is in white and Bristol is in orange. I have a VERY good eye for face recognition and would put any amount of money on it. While I am in full support of this blog and disproving SP's crazy claims that she had Trig, I think most people who are speculating about who the girl in orange is are just hoping/wishing/thinking that Bristol is still pregnant. Which she clearly is not in this pic.

Amy1 said...

BetsyS: the Gusty photos were stated by Gusty to be real.

But it doesn't matter that much: SP's pregnant-looking body could be real or fake, going by those photos alone. It's the flat-body photos that make the proof (I still have that error Apr 17 photo shd be Apr 14).

It's a little like the MD letter: it sure is peculiar, both content and production values (crooked, odd letterhead, etc. -- MANY et ceteras!) but even if it is forged or altered, so long as Dr CBJ does not disavow it, it cannot be proved to be fake (because all those odd features could be just a sloppy job by the MD, and that is not illegal.

The one thing you can't fake when PG is a flat belly -- in an authentic photo, I mean.

So: we are waiting for that one more datapoint of some kind to make the story suitable for MSM, along the lines that NY TabloidChick explains so well in the previous chapter of posts. (So glad you joined us, NT TabloidChick -- you are a great addition to the team!)

I think this "suitability" issue becomes esp important because a MSM story like the one we are working toward will majorly displease about half of the attendees at the Alfalfa dinner of last Saturday. I mean the powerful, well-connected ones.

KaJo said...

You got the date right, B. It IS 1/25/09.

I agree that the tallest girl in the small group is Bristol in the orange/red top holding Trig (who's wearing shoes!! he's not barefoot!!), and that's the half-a-head-shorter Willow next to her in the white jacket.

I compared the profile of the one I think is Bristol in the 3rd picture with Bristol's profile in the RNC pictures. I think her nose, forehead, etc. are the same in both (you cannot see Willow's "widow's peak" in any of the 3 photos).

If Lauden Bruce is anywhere in the picture, she's the medium-brown-haired girl who's slightly-shorter-than-Bristol, holding the little boy toddler in the dark blue top, standing to Bristol's right.

There's no risers anywhere on that broad expanse of floor, just the raised stage Palin herself is standing on, and some bleachers in the back of the room.

I looked at several videos of the ad-filming event and never did see Todd Palin in the background.

I wonder if Trig woke up from his stupor/nap when the crowd erupted in cheers....

Unknown said...

Right On, Naked Truth

"Keep in mind SP's need for deception. I think that they want us to think that this girl next to Willow is Bristol. I think that Lauden substitutes for Bristol quite a bit."

I think Lauden has in the past and continues to substitues for Bristol. Sneaky Sarah!

dropofkim said...

Is Lauden the same neice that sold the shoes? If so, there is a picture of her on the listing itself.

Unknown said...

The earlier comment about the famous actor and his marriage and baby despite his reported sexual hairdresser in S.F. is well connected in L.A. and it's a given in that community: the man is gay and this is now the family that he has built around that lie. He went on to say that the reason there are no scandals or tell-alls is because the lawyers are so on top of protecting this man. He has money and power. So too does another famous, married leading man (I was shocked to hear that one.)

My point being, that lies are perpetuated. People do cover. People are good actors. Lawyers threaten to sue. And what's left is a small group of people who know the truth but it doesn't change the man's career, dampen his success or alter his future. People live lies and it's always possible that will happen here, then, also with this woman, there, again.

P.S. for what it's worth: The tiny shot of BP holding Trig in that video shot of the ad - wow that is so much more telling than any previous photo of her holding him. The holding and kissing. Wow. And another thing: does this family own a stroller or not? L.A. in S.F.

Daniel Archangel said...

Thanks for the research in dating the filming to Jan 24. At this point, the identifications of the two young women taking turns holding Trig is inconclusive. No matter what anybody thinks, we don't get a good view of the girl in white's face in these two pictures.

To me, the girl in red/orange looks more like Willow than Bristol, but I'm not putting any money on it. If it is Bristol, then she's definitely not pregnant in the picture.

I'd like to follow-up on a posting in the previous string. Someone linked to an article about Palin travel expenses which mentions the Feb 15 Fairbanks trip, including a 'reading event' at Weller Elementary.

I check that school's web site and although they have some photos of events including some dating from before Gov. Palin's purported visit, there aren't any pictures of that event. That seems strange to me, since the Governor visiting is a notable event. It could be the article is incorrect on the facts, and is only reporting what was on the Palin expense form.

This goes directly to the analysis of the critical date. We know Sarah, Bristol and Willow were reported at the luncheon. A second indoor event with the older girls -- an open question whether they actually attended that, and that it was held at all -- makes it less likely that they could hide anything.

These travel records could produce a wealth of leads for the critical Feb-Apr 2008 time frame for making or breaking Bristol and Willow's alibis. If someone can direct me to where these are available to the public, I think we could learn a lot.


KaJo said...

I just took a closer look at that 3rd ad-filming picture in the group of 3: there's a large group of kids crowding close to the stage Palin's standing on, with Chuck Heath right behind them clasping his hands. There's 2 blonde women there, too.

Would any of you Wasilla folks recognize if that's Heather and Molly there with an assembly of their offspring? Or perhaps

It's possible Piper is in that bunch, although I see only one girl (wearing red, with her hair pulled back into a rubber-band pigtail on top of her head) that looks anything like Piper.


I just read a pretty funny short report re: Sarah Palin. I have to admit I missed this article the first time around...

Now I DOUBLY don't trust Sarah Palin. Anyone who hates cats gets a thumbs-down in my book.

mdlw56 said...

After looking at the pictures, I really don't know. One could be Willow, but I cannot see the tallest one being Bristol.

What I did notice, however, was the fact that little Trig did not have his glasses on. Out in public like that, why not? And I see the young lady holding his head which would indicate to me that he continues to lack muscle tone. I certainly hope his has been receiving appropriate physical therapy.

KaJo said...

Interesting question by dropofkim above, "Is Lauden the same neice that sold the shoes? If so, there is a picture of her on the listing itself."

The picture of Lauden Bruce dancing with Piper during the Gov's inaugural ball in 2007 shows a medium-brown-haired girl with a high forehead similar to Bristol's. The girl in the eBay auction ad is very dark-haired, with a lower forehead -- what you can see of it behind her bangs, anyway.

I still think Lauden Bruce might be the girl to Bristol's right.

AKPetMom said...

Here is a link to the photo of the niece that auctioned the shoes on ebay. I believe that is her and not Bristol in the superbowl photo.

Betsy S said...

Ivytree, I didn't mean to demean the first amendment, I'm devoted to it--I
only wanted to exclaim with some ferocity my anguish with the rude, hateful and ignorant remarks that are
found on other sites. I hear even Greta Van Susteren is closing her blog to avoid the threats.
IMHO, that's Willow in orange and Bristol in white, Bristol has the slightly larger head and face. Poor
little lumpen Trig in lemon and navy.
Chuck Heath in purple, didn't see Piper or Todd.
Hey, that is some Todd Palin lyric!!

wayofpeace said...

FROM the


Newt Gingrich, the leader of the Republican Revolution in the early 90s, sees Palin as a "formidable" candidate amid a very open Republican field for the 2012 presidential race:

"If Sarah Palin seeks out a group of very sophisticated policy advisers and develops a fairly sophisticated platform, she will be very formidable."

Windy City Woman said...

Regarding whether Sarah could "fast track" through security while flying...

The airport workers in Alaska may recognize her, but I would guess the ones in Texas would least not back then.

But don't some airlines allow you to sign up for "fast track" through security? Not sure about that.

jeanie said...

Tony Walker - Just when I think these guys can't get any crazier. Check out this link on the SarahPAC site:

And it's not even a true story! Weird and also, too, scary!

kj said...

Track Palin’s military service is really helping SP out on the political front, now isn’t it? Even a Super Bowl ad, WOW!

kj said...

I can understand why some posters here want to only focus on SP not being the mom of Trig and that will be enough to solve the deception. In my opinion, that is not enough to solve this deception. I believe if posters don’t want to focus on the “real” mom of Trig then I think that people should look into the father of Trig then because all of the mentioned candidates for that are public figures because of the campaign.

kj said...

I can just imagine the damage that it would do to SP politically if the “real” parents of Trig are NOT Sarah Palin/Todd Palin or Bristol Palin/Levi Johnston.

AKPetMom said...

Public figures, at least in Alaska, do get "fast tracked" through the security line. When I last traveled home to Virginia, via Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Lisa Murkowski just happened to be on the same flight to Dulles and she and her party were taken through a private screening area to the right of the general security screening area for other passengers. I don't begrudge them this privilege as they have to fly much more frequently than I do. Just wanted to let you know that it does happen, at least in Alaska.

AKPetMom said...

is the Palinpac website even sanctioned by Sarah Palin? I just feel that there are as many fringe people supporting Palin(without her blessing) as there are people bashing her.
Journalistic integrity, both from bloggers and the main stream media, is tantamount in achieving TRUTH. I think that people are too quick to both slam the Palinbots (who may not have Sarah Palin's approval) and believe everything that is put forth by the Anti-Palin bloggers.
If we want to be taken seriously we need to focus on facts, not gossip, not hearsay.

Unknown said...

I was intrigued by the poster a few days ago who had been a member of a fundamentalist church and knew what SP likely believed. I thought it a little far-out so I researched and found a site that looks at the religious far right. It has a special section on SP and her links to various groups. It has respectful and well-grounded articles.
click on the "Special Focus Sarah Palin" section. Scary is putting it mildly.
While it does not directly address the pregnancy issue, it clarified for me how people could support her blindly and why the pregnancy issue needs to come out to the general public so that she could NEVER be elected to national office

jeanie said...

Here's an update on the ADP trying to get e-mails that should be made public.


"The emails sought could have been identified with simple search commands, and the records sought should have been produced by now, Higgins said.

"We trust that the Attorney General will not make another biased decision for the benefit of the Governor, but rather will act to protect the interests of Alaskans who have a legal right to obtain public records," Higgins said."

Maybe these - if they are released in their original form - would be useful here. But why else would it be taking so long, if they weren't being 'cleaned up' in some way?

TinaC said...

I believe the girl in the orange is a cousin (Lauden maybe?) and the girl in the white is Willow.

The profile of orange wearer, the one where Willow is holding Trig is not Bristol's nose... this girl's is much larger. Also the eyebrows are thinner more plucked looking.

wayofpeace said...


i ventured into SARAH's PAC site: YIKES!

the very first scary sight that hits you is a CROSS superimposed on the american flag!???

next i crossed into TODD's page. oh, my!

luna1580 said...

if y'all need a laugh, visit gryphen

and check out his "SP's boots" post!

wonder if these shoes will land on ebay too?

Unknown said...

Hey, think about it... maybe Lauden was given the shoes as a reward or payment of some kind, and then got to put them on EBAY. Nice payment.

Just a fun thought!

Molly said...

I removed my previous two posts from earlier because I've changed my mind about who was seen holding Trig at the Superbowl ad, so my rambling speculation based on that is faulty.

I'm convinced now, having looked at the profile closer, that the taller girl is not Bristol, and bears a resemblance to a cousin of the girls. I still think the shorter girl could be Willow, but that doesn't really matter.

Still wondering why nine-month-old getting heavier to hold Trig needed to come along to this very loud event when he's not even in the actual ad.

Still wondering whether or not Bristol is/was really pregnant with "Tripp". Still wondering where Levi is hanging out nowadays. REALLY wondering how long SP can keep a lid on this latest Grandson, or why she seems to be dodgey about him, yet still delusional that she could run for Prez in '12.

We aren't going away. We aren't just gonna forget about it. More and more people will eventually notice if Tripp never appears in public--or appears but seems to be a bit younger than he should be. Wait....didn't the Palins already go down that road already with Trig? Fudgin on this end for one, fudgin on the other end for the second one? Oh, they think no one noticed it, but I saw the side by side "TriggyBear" vs "Here's our newborn at my first day back at work" pics and, side by side it's very apparent TriggyBear is a wee version of his "newborn" self.
(Thanks Ennealogic)

Where is Bristol supposedly living right now, btw...Wasilla? Does no one in that town know what is really going on? IF someone has seen Bristol, Levi, or Tripp, wouldn't we have heard? Wouldn't we? Shouldn't we? Again, is she being held hostage in that house?

luna1580 said...

based on the one, motion-blurred governor's ball '07 pic we have of lauden bruce (i think this one is on patrick's photo stream, several have it, but it's the same pic.)

i do not think the "ebay" niece is the same girl. we have no proof that the ebay sale was not a hoax in and of itself, but the seller's w/SP pic looks like a different girl.

SP has 2 sisters and a brother. i don't know how siblings (and possible half and step siblings) todd has, but it's a safe bet SP has many nieces. just a reminder.

Ivyfree said...

" I think that people are too quick to both slam the Palinbots (who may not have Sarah Palin's approval)"

Well.... then one has to look at Sarah's behavior and speech to see how much time she gives to toning down rhetoric and keeping people calm. :::breaks into helpless giggles:::: That would appear to be "none at all." In fact, the Secret Service had to speak to the McCain campaign about her rhetoric because there was an upswing in threats to then-Senator Obama. She didn't tone down a damn thing. I am forced to the conclusion that she doesn't concern herself with keeping her supporters grounded on the earth-plane level of reality.

sg said...

Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune has an interesting and humorous report of the Alfalfa dinner:

"Obamas dine with Palin, McCain and the Bushes"


"Unlike Obama, Palin did not get a chance to speak but, rest assured, she had a presence. During schmooze breaks between courses, about as many well-wishers tested Washington's stodgy etiquette by lining up like overgrown Miley Cyrus fans to shake her hand as lined up to bask in the Obama aura."

luna1580 said...

if you're still needing humor, the 2.2.09 "daily show" just referenced SP as "that lady who kills bears with her hands." -i'm still laughing! all daily show episodes can be viewed free at the comedy central website.

this is OT, so i'll understand if it doesn't make the cut, but in light of "invisible tripp" i needed the levity :)

Anonymous said...
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Diana said...

I have looked over the photos from the Palin superbowl event and I think that is Lauden. Look at these side by side photos:

I could be wrong but I don't think so. I think Sarah is very calculating with her photos. I think this was staged shots set up by her. You can see other members of the family including Piper...whose back is to the camera and closer to Sarah's mom. Her brother is I would bet are other family members close to Bristols size.

Otherwise how could you explain a photo of Bristol...after all of the media interest...hidden behind a baby or a sister. Wouldn't have happened. It would have been too much of a money shot.

Also, remember the family photo with the extended family at Christmas...take another look. She has several members of her family it could have been.

dipsydoodlenoodle said...

Jeanette your link with the pre-super bowl photos is interesting.

If the photo was taken a few weeks ago then Bristol looks very well for someone who gave birth 2 weeks earlier. Also if it was taken recently or a few weeks ago then WHERE IS TRIPP? Why isn’t Bristol at home with “her” baby Tripp? Ok Levi might have him but would she want to leave her “first” baby at home with her boyfriend and spend time looking after her baby “brother” Trig?

B said...

The Superbowl girl could be the same as the one in the ebay photo, but I don't think that is Lauden. Lauden's face is pretty different in the Xmas photo and the ebay girl looks (and sounds, from her ad) younger.

NakedTruth said...

B and Diana,

I stated in an earlier post that I thought that the girl in the white was Willow and the girl in the orange could be Lauden.

I definitely don't think either one of the girls is Bristol. Also if you look at the profile of the girl in orange, her nose is different from Bristol's and her hair does not look as long (hard to tell though). Also Bristol wears her hair pinned back like that but it usually lay over her shoulders towards the front at least on one side. Not the case with this girl.

IMO Bristol is not in this photo but I think that SP wants us to think that she is. Why I wonder?

Where is Tripp?!!!!

Sunshine1970 said...

In that Jan 25th pic, that's Bristol. Look at the way she holds Trig's head. She held him the same way during the Presidential race.

Sarah's not that calculated. Remember Turkeygate? She acts before she thinks. All the time.

I still giggle every time I think Turkeygate. No comedic writer could come up with such a perfect scenario.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is really starting to scare the bejesus out of me-- as if faking a pregnancy, sacrificing a daughter, killing moose for fun, and using her constituents for personal gain aren't enough.

My fear is growing because of the letter written by a former Christian fundamentalist that was included in a comment a few weeks back, that outlined the belief system of someone like Sarah-- whoa! Ditch this world because heaven's waiting. The end justifies the means. . .

And now Sarah's makeover, as she slides into her new political persona. The old right-wing pros are out to remake her and rub off enough of that rube folksiness so she can go mainstream.

I think she's had a very good month indeed. And I fear (after watching the super bowl video) that she'll continue manipulating her way through the governorship to whatever's next.

This blog is one of the few places of sanity and reason as far as Sarah Palin is concerned. Thank God (and Jesus and all other deities) for Audrey.

Anonymous said...

As anyone knows from watching raids on Mormon encampments, religious zealots always seem to view their children as religious capital more than human beings. Children are there to serve. Something about the way Willow and Bristol seem interchangeable - gives me the uneasy feeling that their mother views them that way. And like others have said, Sarah uses the confusion to her own advantage.

apropos of nothing really. just another scary feeling I'm having this morning about Sarah's grandiosity and ruthlessness (in the name of the Lord.)

Sunshine1970 said...

dipsydoodlenoodle said...
If the photo was taken a few weeks ago then Bristol looks very well for someone who gave birth 2 weeks earlier.

Agreed. But, some women bounce back sooner. Some women on here have said they were able to wear their pre-pregnancy clothes leaving the hospital. I remember seeing my friend's cousin just a couple of weeks after she had her first baby and she did not look like she had a baby at all. Same with her 2nd.

Bristol may be one of the lucky ladies that bounces back sooner. :)

(That is, if she did have a baby recently...I'm still not ruling that

Anyone suppose Bristol & Levi are keeping baby Tripp under cover until they can get a deal with some magazine to get the first pics, still?

KaJo said...

For those who still think that the girl in the 1/25/09 Superbowl Ad picture is NOT Bristol, but is Lauden Bruce or some other niece of Sarah Palin -- how do you account for the comfort the sleeping Trig seems to feel nestled in the girl's (I think, Bristol's) arms? Or how undisturbed he is passed over to the OTHER girl's (I think, Willow's) arms.

Do you think he's merely drugged up to the gills so that if everybody in the crowd decided to pass him overhead like he was at a mosh pit party, he wouldn't object? (he DID awaken, as seen in the 3rd picture)

Do you think Lauden Bruce has babysat Trig so much that he accepts her the same way we've seen him pictured, nestled into Bristol's bosum?

Do you really think Lauden Bruce is so tuned into the Palin Mystique that she'd serve whatever function Sarah Palin wanted her to, including dying her hair and wearing it exactly like Bristol's, and being at Sarah Palin's beck and call for substitution duty?

Lauden isn't a dark brunette, you know, and unless she's ALSO living with the Palins, someone would see her coming and going, at least, even if no one's seen Bristol.

As a lot of us have concluded when we've asked similar questions about a lot of other Sarah Palin pecularities, often the simplest answer is the correct answer.

I.e., that IS Bristol and Willow holding Trig in the Superbowl Ad picture. The taller girl IS wearing her hair very similar to the way Bristol wore it at the RNC, pulled straight back and clipped bouffant. And my very active imagination thinks it sees the profile of a widow's peak at the left edge of the shorter girl's forehead profile... :)

luna1580 said...

Alex said...
"As anyone knows from watching raids on Mormon encampments, religious zealots always seem to view their children as religious capital more than human beings."

uhm- i think you mean "compounds" of FLDS (fundamentalist church of latter day saints) or other break-away fundamentalist groups who are NOT part of the official church of latter day saints=mormons.

we can be as angry at sarah's actions as we want, but let's not start bashing all religious groups wholesale!

i think people have the right to their own religious beliefs, as long as they don't impose them on others and thus take away that others equal right of freedom in religious thinking.

for the record i'm an atheist, and yes apocalyptic fundamentalists who believe the 2nd coming and end of the world will happen in our lifetimes (like SP) scare the crap out of me. as an environmentalist they piss me off. people with christian dominionist theology (SP) being in government makes me more upset than i can say, i believe it violates all notions of separation of church and state.

if the "letter from a former fundamentalist" was a wake up call, there is more you should know. want to get really frightened? read about dominionism here, and remember SP thinks this way:

that was the appetizer, ready for a big plate of scary? read here about "joel's army" a militant phenomenon within charismatic, dominionist groups. SP's church has been associated with support of this movement:

so yes, there are genuinely frightening things directly attached to the mixing of religion and politics where SP is concerned, but that's no reason at all to insult mormons! it's not even a reason to think ill of pentecostals (like SP) -unless they want to set their religious beliefs into the legal code of the united states of america.

midnightcajun said...

I'll weigh in here as one who thinks the girl holding Trig isn't Bristol, unless she's taken advantage of her forced seclusion to have a nose job.

If you were a young mother with a month old baby, would you leave your own baby at home to go hold your little brother in Mom's commercial? Why isn't "Daddy Todd" holding his son? I suspect it's not an accident the cousin holds that heavy baby up in front of her face. The Palin/Heaths seem to make it a practice of hiding behind their kids.

Re the speculation on Trig's actual birthdate, do we know how long Sarah was in Kuwait? Or if Todd was off on his job at that time? I've seen a photo of Sarah in Kuwait from 24 July 2007. If Trig was actually due in late April, they could not have made that announcement since anyone familiar with the couple's movements who could count would have realized Sarah and Todd weren't together for the necessary period of conception in July. Hence the "May 18" due date that was announced, with every intention of having the baby "born early." Of course, Trig could actually have been born even earlier, with the mother going into premature labor. I know some doubt it's possible, but the truth is that given hospital privacy regulations, a neonatal stay of several weeks or even months would not have been that difficult to keep quiet. Anyone opening their mouth would suffer. That tends to shut people up.

I also think it's telling that Levi then said Tripp was due 18 December. With all those false dates to remember, they seem to have decided to just pick the number 18 and stick with it!

luna1580 said...

the superbowl ad girls-

they could be cousins. they could be anyone.

but i still think they're bristol and willow. everything about girl-in-orange's pose and stance holding trig reads "bristol" to me. the pic's too blurry to make absolute determinations of whether bristol's nose looks right. there are no risers on that part of the floor, as kajo noted. we know for a fact the date is sunday january 25, 2009, (see previous comments).
i personally do not see piper or todd in the pics.

bristol looked like she gained no body fat in the video of her walking to church (post fire), so she could have returned to a pretty normal size one month postpartum. here's a pic of actress rebecca romijn a month after having twins:

and about bringing trig to the event: mudflats reports that a call went out for pro-palin military families to attend the filming at the base. families. as in including the kids. that is the scene they deliberately created for the ad, so it's only reasonable that SP's family would be there (after all, track's in the military and they're pretty pro-palin!)

so the only real question is why is is bristol holding trig and NOT TRIPP? is tripp real? what the hell is really going on?

gryphen (of theimmoralminority) who was first to tip us off to the "bristol sighting" on this thread, says in a comment on his own blog:

" Gryphen said...
There have been NO sightings of Tripp Palin ANYWHERE!

And I can say that with complete confidence because I have been asking everybody I see, including people living in Wasilla, and including some who know the Palins.


AKPetMom- you're in wasilla, even heard of any tripp sighting? i thought tripp was real, now i have doubts.

lolita said...

The Superbowl pic does not look like Bristol's nose at all. Where is Levi, Tripp?
Alex got it right, "children as religious capital more than human beings." Those children all need deprogramming.

Sarah looked like a hillbilly joke for her "Alfalfa" entrance, her backers are desparate and blind. She's popular like a trainwreck.

I can't wait until the NE puts the "nail" and "Gusty" photos on the cover, asking how she did it? No health magazines have noticed her body is more Herculean than Gov Arnie Schwarzenegger?

Diana said...

Look at the photos on this link. The first one is who I thought was Lauden with Sarah. Notice her mouth. Tight and thin. Now look at the second photo of Bristol...more curved eyebrows...softer fuller lips. Then look at the next picture. It looks like Lauden who has pulled her hair back like Bristol. But notice her lips. Small and tight like Laudens:

If that is not Lauden it is the girl in the extended family Christmas photo...but it is not Bristol from what I can tell. And what is the most telling is the shot its self!!!!!

Remember where did these photos come from. Someone from Sarahs camp!

Otherwise we would have had direct and clear shots of Bristol instead of her barely visible!

Anonymous said...

@luna 1580

That's why I said "religious zealots," as I consider Mormon polygamists (in or outside of compounds) to be.

I'm a Christian, and I believe Sarah's brand of pentecostal fundamentalism has more in common with radial Islam than it does with the teachings of Christ. AND it explains to me why her actions are so incomprehensible to me.

I used to think it was because she was from Alaska, but now I know it's because of her religious beliefs-- which I believe would terrify most Republicans if knew about them.

Yes, to freedom of speech and religion. And yes to being informed.

Sunshine1970 said...

Thomas said...
From someone who knows someone up in Alaska...

Bristol and Levi are keeping baby Tripp under cover but not for a magazine deal. They don't want the baby in the media ever, period. You will not see pictures of him in the media. No media source is really looking for him right now either, so it is easy for them to do so.

Soo..the poor kid will have to live his entire life inside, or wear a hood/veil/mask if/when he does go outside? (lol) j/k

Seriously, though, sounds like Bristol & Levi are pretty smart in wanting to shield their child from the media and prying eyes...unlike Sarah who drags her kiddies everywhere...although id does surprise me that Palin wouldn't have insisted that little Tripp show up at some point so she can show him off at one of her rallies...

Unknown said...

***Moderation Notice***

OK, folks. Let's not turn this discussion into some heated debate on religion. A view and a counterpoint has been offered so let's get back on topic.

And FYI, it is so easy to misconstrue intent. I don't think anyone meant to insult anyone's religion here, so let's not go overboard. Please.

Littl' Me said...

IMHO, people here are too much paying attention to girls hair color and to hair length. Ever heard of coloring your hair? It is VERY popular with the late-teen crowd!
Besides, just because one of the girls has shorter hair than Bristol had in October/November does not mean ANYthing! Bristol could have had a haircut!

All that being said, I still don't believe it is Bristol in the orange sweater. The girls nose is too pointy.
As to Trig not fussing in the girls arms: I don't know why he should be fussy - he is being held closely, and is being spoken to and cuddled. What else could he want? (Besides a mom that cares and gives him his sorely needed therapy, that is) (posted 11:22)

luna1580 said...

yes, enough about religions. i just wanted to point out that FLDS groups are not considered mormons by he mormon church (LDS) itself, so that all mormons weren't being tarred with the brush that painted the fundmentalists wackos. that's all.

KaJo said... response to your post @ 9:35 AM, Diana

Using your RSN picture of Bristol with my saved image of the profile of the girl in the Superbowl ad picture#3 -- comparing the two pix side by side -- I'll concede that Bristol would have had to have a nose job and an upper lip tuck to resemble the girl in the ad picture. :)

Man, though, her forehead, hair, and eyes are EXACTLY the same. Not so much the eyebrows.


I was just looking back at the Dec. 14 Gov.Open House pictures that you have on your Flickr site, Diana.

In the receiving line, there's a medium-brown-haired girl in tight jeans and sweater/top standing to the right of Willow (who was holding Trig, at the moment) -- would that be Lauden (assuming she is the one I've identified in other pictures as having light-brown-hair)?


Thomas, are you someone different from "Doubting Thomas"?

You said, "From someone who knows someone up in Alaska...Bristol and Levi are keeping baby Tripp under cover but not for a magazine deal. They don't want the baby in the media ever, period."

Could the reference to the source be any more vague?

My own opinion is "more power to them" if they keep the so-far-unseen Tripp out of celeb magazines. They aren't celebs.

That's not what anyone here wants to see. We just want to know the baby EXISTS. Certainly a non-existent baby can be kept "under cover" as well as an existent one.

I think whoever speculated Bristol and/or Levi and/or ?Tripp?? flew down to California is probably correct (if there truly ARE 3 of them together). They'd be a lot more anonymous there.

B said...

Diana et al.,

Lauden is Heather's daughter. She is in the Xmas picture next to Bristol. She is also in a picture with Piper from a Governor's Ball.

Some niece sold the shoes on eBay. That picture doesn't look like Lauden, but could be. I'll call her Niece#2.

As for the Superbowl picture, the reddish orange shirt could be:
1. Bristol
2. Lauden
3. Niece#2
4. Family friend or relative

My mind meld, Luna, thinks it's Bristol. I lean toward Lauden or Niece#2. Opinions here are split.

So, as Dangerous (I think) pointed out yesterday, the photo is interesting but inconclusive. It does not tell us for sure whether Bristol was pregnant on 1/25/09. We must wait for more evidence.

As soon as Bristol looks like she could have given birth on 12/27/08, we will see her in public and (unlike the Superbowl pic) Sarah will make sure that we know it is Bristol.

sandra said...

I agree that we should not be into discussions of religion(s). But it is important to remember that SP's religious beliefs are very important to her and influence a large portion of her attitudes and actions.

sandra in oregon

luna1580 said...


the "ebay girl" you identify in your photo stream as lauden bruce doesn't look like the (albeit motion-blurred) girl the ADN ID-ed as her at the 2007 governor's ball in this photo:

and i went back and looked at the heath's xmas '07 pic patrick was good enough to scan and post from the "sarah" book:

i can ID sarah and todd. of the two little girls in the front the one to our left looks more like piper. and of the three young ladies further to our left? the one in the middle might be bristol. none of them look much like willow to me. who are they? the truth is it's a poor quality, blurry pic (in the original book printing!) and we don't know.

so what have we got?

*a motion blurred photo of lauden bruce.

*an anonymous ebay pic which the seller claimed to be herself, one of SP's nieces (the whole sale could still be a hoax). if legit, we don't know which niece.

*some photos of two young women holding a baby who very much appears to be trig palin at a SP event.

so i think we're getting ahead of ourselves to be claiming these women look SO much like some other blurred and nebulous photos that they just can't be the older palin daughters!

from the other source photos of SP's extended family we just don't have enough visual info to be sure these women are other people. they could be. but it makes much more sense for them to be SP's kids, bristol and willow, holding trig exactly as we saw them do all campaign.

and the AK dispatch pics are not portraits of girl-in-orange's nose! comparing a professional campaign pic of bristol's profile to an enlargement of a far-away-low-res picture of a group is kind of grasping at straws. if the pic was clear enough to see true facial features clearly we wouldn't be speculating on who it could be now would we?

lolita said...

This is interesting regarding Palin's position about drugs.
I don't know what happened to the lawsuit.

midnightcajun said...

For those who doubt that the young woman holding Trig in the Super bowl ad could be a cousin rather than Bristol, you need to remember just how frequently at least one of these dark-haired Heath girls seems to be hanging around the Palin Clan. One of them is an unidentified dark-haired girl with Sarah and Bristol at the Philly zoo. We have Lauden identified at the governor's inaugural ball. We see one in photos on the campaign trail. Look at the photos of the 2008 reception at the governor's mansion: there's an unidentified dark-haired cousin standing in the reception line! In Juneau. When Todd took Piper, Trig, and pregnant Bristol to church after the Wasilla fire, a tall, thin, dark haired girl in yellow walked with them--too tall for WIllow, too tall, thin and young for Sarah. Probably another cousin.

I think the Palins long ago saw cousins misidentified as Bristol by the press and have taken advantage of the confusion. I agree the dark-haired girl cuddles Trig like Bristol, but she really does not LOOK like Bristol if you study the details of her face. Oh, if we only had photos of this event released by someone else!

The truth is, in some families the kids of brothers and sisters are almost interchangeable, especially when there are a lot of them and they are close in age. We know Bristol lived with her aunt in Anchorage at one point; the kid flow obviously goes the other way, too. And given that Bristol was staying with her aunt and has cousins her age, they must be in on the secret.

NakedTruth said...

KaJo said:

Using your RSN picture of Bristol with my saved image of the profile of the girl in the Superbowl ad picture#3 -- comparing the two pix side by side -- I'll concede that Bristol would have had to have a nose job and an upper lip tuck to resemble the girl in the ad picture. :)

Yes, the girl in the orange looks a lot like Bristol but like I said before IMO it's not her.

Someone stated that we should not put so much emphasis on hair color and hair length. I disagree. Yes, young people do dye and cut their hair often but some (and I have one here at home with me.) like their long and natural colored hair. I think Bristol is one of those girls that likes to wear her hair long. It is thick and healthy and doesn't appear to damaged from chemicals.

I have always used Bristol's hair length to distinguish her from her sister, Willow as well as from all the other look-a-like cousins.

And anyway what else do we have to go on here. We are all stating our opinions based on a photo that was probably put out by the Palin camp.

kj said...

Big thanks to Audrey and Morgan in regards to the moderating, hoping that the truth will soon come to light!

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Hiding Tripp makes NO sense, but then again look who we're dealing with. One pic of Tripp at/near the time of his alleged birth, would quell ALL of the rumors of Trig and Tripp for 99% of the non believers. ADN tried to dispell the rumors and could not go forward due to non cooperation from the Palins. "1 and 1 and 1 is 3, got to be good lookin' cause he's so hard to see...."

Truthseeker2 said...

I find it very interesting that a young woman is showing up in the family group who looks a lot like Bristol and is wearing her hair just like Bristol often does -- but it turns out she is not Bristol. (You can't fake a profile.) It couldn't be that the Palins would want people to be confused about this young woman's identity, could it? Hmmmm. Just when you thought things couldn't get any stranger, they do.

luna1580 said...

so i was not going to make any photo streams about SP, ever, but i caved.

if you would like to see "the noses" side by side (and sized the same) please go here:

i still think the larger looking nose on girl-in-orange could be caused by the fact that her head is at a slightly different angle.

try this (i did, even though it seemed silly) grab a handheld mirror and stand in front of a large mirror with you left side facing it.

use your little mirror in your right hand to see yourself. start with a perfect profile, now turn your head very slightly toward the mirror, try different chin angles (you may need to close your left eye to see in your little mirror). your nose will appear to change. if you have someone around who's game they can be the model and turn their head for you to watch their nose. (the only advantage of being your own model is you get a real sense of how small movements can change the appearance of your profile.)

i put the only known public pic of lauden bruce there, as well as "ebay girl" and the heath group picture. remember we don't know who the 3 young women in the poor quality (as patrick said it was in the original printed book) heath picture actually are. and "ebay girl" could be anyone. the pic of lauden unfortunately has significant motion-blur and is low-res.

i had a longer post about this that may or may not have been approved, if both show up please forgive any repeated points.

luna1580 said...

it's bristol.

i had the idea of finding a profile shot of her that matches the head angle of girl-in-orange. just added, here it is:

Diana said...

Luna...I really see you point when I look at the photos. However, when I look at the Ebay still feels more like her. Look how small the back of the head looks in the same position.

Bristol has a softer look...where ebay girl is edgy just like the look in the photo in question.

I don't know. I am sure another photo or two will surface soon...considering it was just an open even and you can see all the cameras flashing.

Just a matter of time! It will give us more insights into how to proceed in uncovering the truth of Trigs birth.

Truthseeker2 said...

To Luna: I thought this was Bristol at first. Then, I blew the two profile images up to the same scale and superimposed one on the other -- and based on this comparison, they are not the same person. Bristol's nose is flatter than the mystery look-alike, and her chin is slightly receding in comparison.

TinaC said...

FWIW - Make the comparison photo larger & take a closer look. Different nose on those photos, Luna1580. Look at the nostrils. Also MUCH bigger nose shape. The chin also looks like it sticks out more on the bottom. (Bluntly, Bristol looks so much prettier)

What are our arguments for Bristol being there, or not? Does yes or no really prove anything? As usual, probably NOT.

Littl' Me said...

Luna: I respectfully decline to agree with you. Yes, the noses 'do' look similar in your comparison, but then look at Bristols chin/lower face. It is slightly sloping backward, with the chin going a bit forward (very slight bulbish look), whereas the 'other' girls' chin and lower face kind of goes straight down, w/o the tiny bulbish look. (I call it 'bulbish look', because I do not want to call it 'fat', although it is fatty tissue)

luna1580 said...

if you don't think it's bristol, then we agree to disagree.

however, i want to make sure you did look at the pic with THREE shots composited:

to me, seeing bristol with her head tilted more like the middle pic (the far right pic of the composite), reveals hair line and entire face to be nearly identical.

in the first bristol profile her nose looks smaller as her head is turned farther to her right.

luna1580 said...

Tina in CA said...

"Make the comparison photo larger & take a closer look. Different nose on those photos, Luna1580. Look at the nostrils. Also MUCH bigger nose shape. The chin also looks like it sticks out more on the bottom."

are we looking at the same picture comparison?

i CREATED the composite pic, it's my photo stream, so yes, i've seen it in larger sizes. the key images are the one in the middle and the one at the end, farthest to the right. i only included the first one because it was the comparison being referred to before there was a composite, (using pics in diana's excellent photo stream.)

if you're going to analyze the shape of the girl's lips/chin -the part not obscured by a head in the questionable pic- it's worth noting that bristol has her mouth slightly open in the right-hand pic, apparently not so in the middle pic.

"What are our arguments for Bristol being there, or not?"

my argument for bristol being there is that she is SP's kid. it makes more sense for the girls to be bristol and willow than for them to be random members of the extended family. it also fits the pattern of them being there, together, and holding trig that we saw over and over at other SP events.

"Does yes or no really prove anything? As usual, probably NOT."

CHILL OUT. we're all having a hard time "proving anything." isn't that why this blog exists? because this story IS NOT self-explanatory and cut-and-dry?

B said...

Tina, You ask whether the Superbowl photo being Bristol or not proves anything.

Yes. If it were shown to be her, then she was not (very) pregnant on 1/25/09. If there is a Tripp, then he would have already been born. So Bristol would have been close enough to 5 mos. pregnant at the RNC to greatly reduce the chances that she had Trig on 4/18.

If you could show that Trig was born much before 4/18, then maybe whether or not the girl is Bristol wouldn't matter as to whether Bristol had Trig.

For now, we can't prove it is Bristol, and we can't prove Trig was born in March, so I don't think we learn anything from it.

onething said...


You presented a photostream, and in it is a photo of Sally Ivy Frye in the same red leather chair that Bristol is standing behind and Sarah sitting in, in the People Mag article about Tripp but without a Tripp. It was the only picture that I didn't recall seeing. It is supposed to be taken in Chuck and Sally Heath's house.

Toothtruth said...

Perhaps looking at young Piper's teeth might give a clue to her age in various pictures.

Truthseeker2 said...

I actually think we do learn something from a photo showing Palin family folks in late January, where there is a young woman who looks a lot like Bristol but isn't Bristol. Bristol not being there, but someone who looks a lot like her and is wearing her hair Bristol-style, is a very interesting development. What it tells me is that there is someone who is substituting for Bristol, and whose appearance is close enough to fool a lot of people. That's important to know.

Unknown said...

***Moderation Warning***

I know we all can get real passionate about this investigation, but please try not to take disagreement so personally. I'm having to reject some comments for becoming too combative in tone.

If you want to get heated with another poster, take it off-list. If you want to address them here, then do it nicely. If you can't, then take a break and come back when you can.


onething said...


Thanks for the side-by-side.

Actually, both girls, the orange and the white, have their hair in a similar style.
And, now I am more sure than before she isn't Bristol. Here's the reason. Bristol's face from the bottom of the nose down to the chin, I mean the upper lip down to the bottom of the chin, has a slant because her face comes forward in the middle.

The girl in the orange sweater, if you look at the same area of her face, upper lip, mouth and chin, is quite flat, and actually slightly inward.

Bristol's lower face is slightly convex, whereas orange sweater girl's is flat to slightly concave.

I really think she is the girl sitting with Palin in the grey sweater, pink banister.

onething said...

The more I look at the details in the three pics side by side, the more sure I am that it is not the same person. And, neither does the photo give the overall impression of being Bristol.

luna1580 said...


i'm totally open to more pictures-

"I really think she is the girl sitting with Palin in the grey sweater, pink banister."

-but i don't know which one you're referencing here. can you point me to the pic? also, is "she" referring to bristol or to "mystery girl"?

thank you :)

p.s. to all: if the girl in the superbowl ad pics is bristol it's important because, as B said, she's not pregnant now, and it's weird that she's holding trig, not tripp. that's it. this pic ultimately tells us little,

it was just exciting because -if it is indeed bristol- it's the first pic we've had of her in months. i'm not trying to make anyone angry, just figure this thing out (aren't we all?).

as far as the size of the nose, it IS a blurry pic once we zoom in, so there could be motion blur, lighting artifacts, or innumerable other things affecting it.

look at the weird blur just above the girl's orange sleeve, in front of the dark blue of the little boy's back behind her? what is that? motion blur from moving a hand? who knows? it's just a picture, a blurry one at that.

more chocolate! maybe with a glass of wine....

KaJo said...

It just occurred to me.

There's absolutely no reason why we should think that the Superbowl ad girl(s) are Palin relatives if they're not actually Bristol and Willow.

What's to say they are/are not volunteers from Sarah's "army"? Close friends, daughters of church patrons...yeah, even actresses...

I guess what we should conclude is that we should simply add this series of pictures to the collection, and not dwell on them anymore.



luna1580 said...

ok, so Ntreeg has just added this pic to the newer thread!

and, from this view it looks like it's probably NOT bristol! so i (probably) stand corrected.

i had no agenda wanting it to be bristol in the pic, it was just what it looked like to me, based only on the other pics.

i've asked Ntreeg where this new pic is from and if there are more from this event. we'll wait and see.

confirming that it was a "bristol stand-in" makes this a WHOLE LOT weirder.

luna1580 said...

so the new pic is from here:

Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska. no other pics from the event look revealing.

again, based on the frontal pic, it dosen't look like bristol. i was wrong. we learned something new! so that's good :)

luna1580 said...

i put the new pic in my photo stream:

it's not bristol. so maybe she really was home with tripp -if tripp is real, and born.

i'm having the chocolate and the wine, right now.

dipsydoodlenoodle said...

Look at the photos on this link. The first one is who I thought was Lauden with Sarah. Notice her mouth. Tight and thin. Now look at the second photo of Bristol...more curved eyebrows...softer fuller lips. Then look at the next picture. It looks like Lauden who has pulled her hair back like Bristol. But notice her lips. Small and tight like Laudens:

If that is not Lauden it is the girl in the extended family Christmas photo...but it is not Bristol from what I can tell. And what is the most telling is the shot its self!!!!!

Remember where did these photos come from. Someone from Sarahs camp!

Otherwise we would have had direct and clear shots of Bristol instead of her barely visible!

Seeing your photos I do now think the girl in orange is Lauden. As for the girl in white; I don't think it is possible to tell who she is. Maybe they weren't "pretending" Lauden was Bristol; maybe Lauden just asked to hold the baby - you know teenage girls and babies...Perhaps Bristol is home with Tripp OR perhaps Bristol is home being pregnant with Tripp. If Todd isn't on the photo's maybe he's home taking care of Bristol in case she goes into Labour.

dipsydoodlenoodle said...

I was just looking back at the Dec. 14 Gov.Open House pictures that you have on your Flickr site, Diana.

In the receiving line, there's a medium-brown-haired girl in tight jeans and sweater/top standing to the right of Willow (who was holding Trig, at the moment) -- would that be Lauden (assuming she is the one I've identified in other pictures as having light-brown-hair)?

If it is Lauden; then maybe she was standing in for Bristol then too?

Amy1 said...

Punkinbugg thanks for the heads up on The View, Ziegler and Barbara Walters going at it. Here it is.

KaJo said...

HOW on earth did Ntreeg find that new SB-ad photo? Wow, that's some investigative work!

Whoever that girl in the orange jacket is, she looks like one sad girl in that frontal picture -- I wonder what she was thinking?

(I take it back that she could be an actress; that isn't a "bored actress" look on the girl's face).

onething said...

Hi Luna,

You asked about the pic of the girl I mentioned with Palin in the grey sweater. I was posted several times and I think by Diana. I meant that the mystery girl was not Bristol, and was likely the girl in the grey sweater because they look similar. She and Palin are sitting together and there is a little banister or side of a chair.

I tried to find it but couldn't, however it is in the photostream posted by Diana on Feb 3 at 1202 am.
i can't figure out how to select a particular photo, but it about 15-18 pictures into the stream.

JJ said...

Is the Bristol lookalike in orange the same girl that is in the video after the church fire (walking with Bristol, Todd, etc?)

Yellowgirl said...

As promised, I have "dugg" Audrey's blog.

Here's the link:

or at

EVERYONE, please go to the link, sign up for Digg, and "digg" (i.e., vote) for this issue to go to the Front Page. Let's see if we can get some attention over here.


Sunshine1970 said...

Uhh oh...Get ready for the 'digg' effect....the site might 'blip' off due to traffic of curious diggers...


KaJo said...

I wrote a comment (the first, only comment) at that Digg site, trying to not say "too much", or anything too controversial.


I went to that page at the NY Times where Bill Keller, Ex.Editor, is inviting questions -- I saw only one politically oriented question, about Tom Daschle -- most of the rest were about NYC-and-environs stories and questions about becoming a journalist, the changes over time in the news industry, etc. etc.

Hard to think of what to say if a question were asked about Sarah Palin... I suppose this would do, but I'd have to think about it for a while (i.e., I'm not hastening over to the NYT and adding this question, not yet):

"Mr. Keller, there is still controversy brewing about Sarah Palin and her effort to "prove" her daughter Bristol could not have given birth to Trig Palin because Bristol was announced by the McCain campaign in September as being "about 5 months pregnant".

There are an array of pictures available and compiled from all over the Internet that show Sarah Palin flat-stomached only 3 weeks before she allegedly gave birth.

Sarah Palin has stated several times that she's "Trig's mom", but she has NEVER said she was Trig's biological mother.

Would you assign anyone to research these pictures and the story behind them for the NYT, if you were to see for yourself a date-by-date array of these pictures?"

(if anyone else feels like appropriating my statement, go for it)

Agonestes said...

Check it:

"Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is still mad at media coverage of her candidacy, particularly "anonymous, pathetic bloggers" who she says spread falsehoods about her."

She said reporters continue to question whether her 9-month-old son, Trig, is actually the child of her 18-year old daughter Bristol from a secret previous pregnancy.

"I'll tell you, yesterday the Anchorage Daily News, they called again to ask — double-, triple-, quadruple-check — who is Trig's real mom," Palin told Esquire. "And I thought, 'Okay, more indication of continued problems in the world of journalism.'"

HOT. More denial without any proof to deflate the debate.

B said...

Agonestes, interesting excerpt from Esquire interview. That was done in very early January. I don't think the ADN is still asking her about Trig's birth.

user said...

Keep up your good work! She is a megalomaniac who happened to find politics as a way to fuel her narcissistic desires. Period.