Saturday, May 9, 2009

Good Morning Chuckle

My email box is filled with queries about the recently revealed "Christmas - 2007" photograph of the Palin family, which was actually taken in September 2007. A post about this photograph (putting it into a context) is the works.

Meanwhile, just so you can spit YOUR coffee all over YOUR computer screen (you were warned - best to put the cup down now) I'd like to share the following letter. It was written by "Sarah Stelfox" hailing from Alberta, in a "letter to the editor" response to Vanity Fair's recent article on Sarah Palin.

I completely disagree with James Wolcott's description of Sarah Palin as "Margaret Thatcher with moose antlers," a term that is unfair to Ms. Thatcher, in particular, and moose in general. On second thought, I may have to allow the moose bit - for two reasons. Number one: Here in the Canadian Foothills, moose have a regrettable tendency to wander along the roadside, and when a car approaches, they panic, leave the shoulder, and run straight down the center of the road, oblivious to the fact that the car is both faster and stronger than they are. Number two: Although moose often have long legs and an impressive rack, their communication skills leave a lot to be desired, which makes them well suited to a solitary life in the bush, but somewhat awkward in urban settings, where logic and complete sentences are required.

Thank you Sarah Stelfox. We could not have said it better.


wayofpeace said...

LMAO, from here on out the link between a MOOSE and SP will forever be linked!

BTW there's a new search engine for IMAGES: COOLIRIS.

i just tried SARAH PALIN PREGNANT and what is amazing is the number of sites that are posting pictures that question SP's pregnancy.... try it!

regina said...


WV: caper

Abuela25 said...

Thank you for the warning! I would have sip coffee three feet! The best point made seems to be number two - long legs and impressive rack but no communication skills. That sounds like GINO.
I read your blog everyday but this is my first time posting a comment. Keep up the good work. Hats off to the research team.

Alex said...

I have to comment on the previous post and posters. WOW, Lisantex and Eileen! Thank you, thank you.

Eileen, what courage!

Audrey's perseverance will pay off, I believe. I hover here for weeks just reading, waiting, and then whammo! New material. New hope. Because she's here to stay until truth is served.

And today, I love the flash of Audrey's humor. Yes! Sarah is a Moose (sorry mooses!) refusing to leave the roadside. She could just wander off with her secrets, but she just can't leave the glare of the headlights, can she? Even when she sends Bristol and Todd to do her publicity work. This Blundering Along the Highway will do her in. . .

penny said...

Great post Audrey! perfect for a Saturday morning.

With LisaTX find:

Here is a comment on a CNN Political Ticker story on Todd taking SP's place in Washington this weekend:

Wasilla Cowgirl May 8th, 2009 6:14 pm ET

"If the MSM would seriously investigate, they would find there is more to this. SP is doing preDamage control (Bristol too) before the truth comes out about Bristols first baby. Hint-this is the2nd and it's a sad, sordid story."

and this from Immoral Majority:

According to ADN, regarding SP's trip to Evansville, Indiana, near the end of the legislative session, the investigator for the State Personnel Board Thomas Daniel concluded that Tompkins was wrong again about the governor using her official position for personal gain. “The governor was not invited to speak at the right-to-life dinner in Indiana because she is governor of Alaska. Rather she was invited because of her national standing, her outspoken opposition to abortion, and her recent personal decision to forego an abortion.”

Gryphen: "Keep this last sentence in mind. One of the longest running disagreements I have with some of my progressive friends is whether Palin will be stopped by ethics charges or by the revelation of the "babygate" information. I have felt for a very long time that it would be the scandal that would signal the end of her career. And the more I learn, the more I am certain of that fact."

These may be the waning days of Ms Palin's career.

I put together this montage of pix from Megan McCain's blog. A picture speaks a thousand words...

Ann said...

That is very funny. I thank God every day that most reasonable people see the truth about Sarah Palin and are not so dense about it. I also do not like how patronizing the Palinbots are. The last one posting on the last thread, truly gave a subtle threat to all of us. And if you read her blog, you will honestly laugh at how outrageous it is. Doesn't she have anything better to do with her time? Yet she attacks people here for being interested in this. What is her interest? My guess is most of the women who follow her are very staunch pro-lifers, and that is all they see.

But, as I said, I am very very thankful that the majority of our country is more intelligent and reasonable. If you look at most of the comments on line about Sarah Palin, they are very negative. Look at CNN's political ticker yesterday.

Duncan said...

wayofpeace said...

BTW there's a new search engine for IMAGES: COOLIRIS.

Thanks Way,

I D/L'ed the firefox Add-on, what a great way to view Patrick's and Diana's Flicker pages.

I love it.

Georgia Eliot said...

Babygate is going to be better than who shot JR and where's Jimmy Hoffa. I just hope Gryphen has an independent source of income - it could get really ugly.

B said...

This reinforces my favorite Sarah Palin nickname: Mooselini.

mlewis said...

As long as this is the comedy break, please look at "All My Palins" soap opera over at Buzz Flash. Since a soap opera is going off the air on real TV, they decided to invent one of their own.

And one has to wonder what kind of zingers Wanda Sykes may be throwing out at the White House Correspondents Dinner tonight. She was not a fan of the Bush Administration, and I consider her a "wicked wit." It should be fun.

Ivyfree said...

"Wasilla Cowgirl May 8th, 2009 6:14 pm ET

"If the MSM would seriously investigate, they would find there is more to this. SP is doing preDamage control (Bristol too) before the truth comes out about Bristols first baby. Hint-this is the2nd and it's a sad, sordid story."

If this is true, again, it would be better to have simply announced that they were adopting a baby and please respect the birth mother's privacy.

Of course, if it's true, it also puts the lie to the soul-searching "maybe I should have an abortion" thing she claims she went through.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Perect! And thanks, Audrey, for the spit-take warning. Surely you've heard (I read this on Gryphen a few minutes ago) that Alaska bloggers are featured in an entire chapter ("Saradise Lost") in Eric Boehlert's new book, Bloggers on the Bus. Eric pays homage to the intrepid Alaskan bloggers who made, and continue to make, such an enormous contribution to public dialogue during and after the last election cycle. Wooohoo! My copy's on its way!

Amy1 said...
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wayofpeace said...

oh, my!


i'm sure MILTON would agree:

PRIDE before the FALL!


DUNCAN, yes, cooliris ROCKS!
best way to search and view images.

the iphone/ipod album-flow type of sorting is the cherry-on-top!

Eileen said...

I think Megan McCain hanging out with the younger girls of the Palin families,having a journalistic bent, and having been the daughter of a big league national politician for decades plus stating she will not comment on Sarah (?!) HAS the goods.
I think Levi as well as Todd's step-mother who was open in the early days of Veep selection knows the truth.
All the Wasilla teenagers group are probably too enamored of their brush with celebrity on top of Gov. family groupiness and whatever WHIG party-religious fevor down there that none have a backbone to be the dutchboy or girl who uncork the flow of the damed truth. That is a dare to ya all in Wasilla. The adults at Mat-Su are abusing patient-medical privelege over a moral truth that has important significance.

Where is the eager beaver Journalism major-graduate student who have the tech know how and the old-fashioned detective gumshoe guts to sniff down the truth along with a growing citizenry?

Why do the lone ranger bloggers have to do the media's dirty work unearthing dusty bits of forensic evidence? Just saw the Sen. John Kerry hearing on C-Span on state of print journalism.

Remember the taunt of 'Just Follow Me' (to hanky panky sailboat) that took down the Senator Hart, I did not have s-*-x with that woman finger thrust, the copy cat circa '60s Jack with mistresses on the side of Edwards.
But it is a Democratic national scene now and THIS personal PIT- the self-described pit bull puffed up her chest(or not since she was no lactating mom) and put herself into will landslide down into muck soon enough. Just like the Alaskan villages that are being washed over during these flooding times-Palin will suffer the same democratic fate of the above.

And don't get me started on the various personally and politically compromised Republican officials especially from this state-dropped charges and all.

Gail said...

I am a complete believer that Sara faked her pregnancy but I wonder, are you sure that thin photo is Bristol? Could it be Willow?

B said...

Gail said...
I am a complete believer that Sara faked her pregnancy but I wonder, are you sure that thin photo is Bristol? Could it be Willow? ***


The face shape is Bristol's. Willow's shape is stockier. The photo was from Bristol's (or her friend's) MySpace. There was at least one other photo there looking like this. Not a fluke. Moreover, the T-shirt says 09, and Bristol is in the Class of 09. I'm sure it's Bristol.

B said...

Glad to help you with that nasal enema, Amy1.

Kathleen said...


Thanks for your comment.

In answer to your question as to whether the photo could be that of Willow I can assure you that it is definitely Bristol in the photo. More proof can be seen on Patrick's flickr page here.

dipsydoodlenoodle said...

That letter is brilliant. Well done to the author.

(apologies if this shows twice - the first one timed out :( )

Daisydem said...

Audrey, the more I read over/scan/look at the pictures from your last three posts, the more I get the feeling that Bristol Palin was not pregnant with Tripp. At least not when and how far along we were told. I raised the question previously about the jeans she was wearing in the "zoo" picture and that even early in a pregnancy especially when it is your first, I just don't see being able to fasten jeans. Of course, the large windbreaker would cover but still it would be uncomfortable to have the jeans unzipped/unbuttoned and she does seem to be wearing traditional levis in that pic. Then I looked again at the pics in the OSU sweatshirt .... the one where she is coming (fairly rapidly) down the plane's steps, I think the "tummy" looks soft, not firm. So I looked again at the one departing from the bus (again OSU sweatshirt). I have had sweatshirts like that (the big pockets in front) and actually I think the pockets are a pouch and the pouch has been stuffed to protrude like a tummy kind of. Again in this pic, she is wearing what appear to be traditional levis (you can see the seam that begins up from the crotch for probably a zipper). Does anyone else concur that her mode of dress looks deceptive, not pregnant?