Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Link Submissions

I'm going to be putting up a links list in the sidebar of the Palin's Deceptions blog today. Since this blog began, a number of our readers have become inspired to start their own Web sites and blogs. The latest is Amy1's very creative contribution.

If you would like your Web site included in the Links List please email Morgan at

Include your Web site/Blog name and its URL.

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Amy1 said...

Thanks, Morgan. I got 100 hits from this site! I'm trying to figure out how we reach those who are on the fence about this -- neither the converted nor the adamantly pro-Sarah-and-won't-listen.

Lilybart said...

In case you haven't seen it, Mercedes talked to the Star Magazine about the divorce and about poor Willow.

As I said on another blog, her family is now rich and if they cared, they could send her to a great camp or anything to get her away from the valley party kids. They have so many resources and new friends, yet obviously Miss Wasilla doesn't care much about her kids unless she needs to use them for the media.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Coincidentally, I just read Amy1's site this morning, before seeing this suggestion! Way to go, girl...! It's frustrating for all of us to see the truth before our eyes and not have it taken more seriously. But I absolutely believe that $P's "pay no attention to the Mean Bloggers behind the curtain" number will backfire on her.

When people thought Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were washed-up, had nowhere left to go in elective politics, I didn't believe it. I was very young then, but the same skeptic as now. We MUST continue to view $P as the deep-thinking-free threat, and the inciter of violence, that she is.

wayofpeace said...

as you may know by now, MERCEDE has been talking to STAR MAG. she confirms SPLITVILLE.

at IM i found this great comment. says it all so well:

Snowing in Alaska said...

The last time Star published an "interview" with Mercede, it was put together from conversations overheard on an airplane trip. Who knows where they got this stuff - but the tabloids are ALWAYS going to run with a divorce story no matter how quiet the whisper was to begin with.

The stupid Palinistas have nothing better to do than to practice being thugs, and I begin to chuckle when I imagine them panicking over a lost rock star politician who held their wildest dreams in her arms. Well, not really - but they think so.

Sarah is so flawed, always has been flawed - it took intense public scrutiny to expose her sham and her star is now falling like a rock. The Death Panel comment is sticking big time - which is far more damaging to her political and policy aspirations than a divorce.

It just goes to show you that her political savvy was developed around pulling the wool over our trusting, Alaskan eyes and throwing in a youbetcha here and there to make things all folksy. She's so lost on a national level, and with no one to trust but a handful of droolers, she's floundering like a live salmon thrown on a bank. Sure, Sarah - don't go with the flow. It's working out really well for you isn't it?

I'm thrilled that she's showing the world her idiocy and complete lack of world knowledge, in addition to being the bitchiest politician I think I've ever seen. If it takes Mercede and Levi to help bring her down, so be it. She deserves no pity.