Monday, January 5, 2009

Good Questions, Clear Answers

In response to my last post, this succinct comment came in. I thought I would post the answers briefly, since they are very important. Here's the comment:

Could somebody point me to an explanation of how the 4/13/08 photograph came to be verified as legitimate and not some home PhotoShopper monkeying around with SP's head, some pregnant woman's body, etc.?

Has Sarah Palin ever said it was a photograph of her?

Has the reporter with the microphone and/or the cameraman said it's legitimate?

1. The photo of Gusty allegedly interviewing Palin has never been verified as legitimate. It was released on August 31st, after the controversy of Palin's not being Trig's mom swept the Internet, to an anonymous Flickr account. Neither the photographer nor the account owner (Eric95599) has ever identified themselves, answered how or why it was released on 8/31, or answered legitimate queries as to why - since there was controversy in Alaska since April concerning Trig's birth - it was not released prior to 8/31.

2. Sarah Palin has never commented on that photo. However, the McCain campaign (in conversations with Andrew Sullivan at has acknowledged the photo as one of the few in which Palin appears pregnant. I think it's fair to say they certainly implied that it is Palin and that it is legit.

3. Andrea Gusty told that the picture was legitimate. (According to, she also provided them with a higher resolution version of the photo, though has never released it; the version on their website is actually LOWER resolution than the one on Flickr.) She also told one of my research assistants that the photo was taken on April 13th and that is how Palin looked on that day. However, Gusty also said (to she had no idea how the photo was released to the Internet because she thought she was the only one who had it and she has not answered my multiple emails asking for clarification on the photo. We have so far failed to identify the cameraman conclusively.

It should perhaps be stated here - since I do not believe I have mentioned it before - that there have been persistent rumors that another version of this photo was seen on the internet early in September in which Palin did not look this pregnant, that the photo was at that point "inconclusive." I cannot find any legitimate source for this. No one that I consider credible has ever written to me and stated that they saw the photo, told me where or when, and certainly no other version of the photo appears to be in existence. I have worked with numerous people since I began researching this topic who jumped into the issue very early on and downloaded and archived absolutely everything they found. It is only due to very alert bloggers and researchers that we have, for example, full screen shots of Mercedes Johnston's Myspace pages. If another version of the photo existed, I believe someone would have grabbed it and no one did. Because of this, I do not believe that another version of this photo was circulating early in September.


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B said...

Audrey, thanks for clarifying all this, especially the non-existent less convincing version of Gusty. There's also evidence that Daily Kos linked to a youtube demo said to show how that picture could have been Photoshopped. Maybe the photo that demo produced by stretching Palin and Gusty taller and thinner is the less convincing (of pregnancy) photo some people remember. KaJo has commented that vertical stretching makes Palin and Gusty look more normal.

Mary G. said...

Interesting! Has anyone heard back from about any of this?
What constitutes a fact for them, by the way???
Not very high standards there.

wayofpeace said...

the stretching of SP would also explain the distortion of the carpet under her which resulted in the 2 vanishing points.

plus the goofy distortion between SP's leg and the door.

i firmly believe that the 2 VPs (which create 2 HORIZONS) is THE most tangible evidence of manipulation.

Anonymous said...

two quick thoughts:

1) one way we might be able to take action is by writing to the Alaska state medical board and asking them to investigate CBJ. Does anyone think we have enough on her to warrant an official investigation?

2) is there any documentation of the supposed car accident on 2/7/08? Would police reports be public record? Any way to search news archives to find out who else was involved & contact that person? My suspicion is that there was no accident & it was just another lie to cover for Bristol being hospitalized (the real reason was to give birth).

Kat said...

If Andrea Gusty said she thought she was the only one who had the photo, isn't the only remotely plausible interpretation that it was taken on her own camera? One starts to wonder who she is in bed with.

RW said...

a bit OT here but levi quit his slope job re adn

Caroline said...

To Anon @ 7:11

“On February 8, 2008, at 1737 hours, Wasilla Police responded to two vehicle collision at Seward Meridian Parkway and Fireweed Drive. Investigation revealed that Bristol Palin, age 17 of Wasilla, was driving a 4-door sedan and attempted to turn into a business when she struck a 2-door sedan driven by Joshua Moffet, age 19, of Wasilla. Palin was issued a citation for Failing to Use Due Care to Avoid a Collision. Moffet was issued a citation for an expired registration and no proof of insurance.”

Anonymous said...

Another commenter suggested ponying up money for a PI. How much would it take to get you to go to Alaska and do some investigative journalism? If you stick a Paypal button on your site, you may just find enough people to sponsor your trip. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, in the recent past, documentation from news sources and court dockets have been posted in the comments of various blog items regarding the car accident her on Palin's Deceptions. I along with a couple of others mused as to whether this might be when Bristol if she was pregnant would of gone into labor. Also please look at Patricks screen shot of the court docket, on the website.

Anonymous said...

preznit said...

a couple quick thoughts:
1) was there any time that Todd was seen feeding "his" baby Trig, or more importantly, when Levi was feeding him was Todd around?

b) there's still a lot of folks claiming Barack Obama has a fake birth certificate, or has never released it. both of these are untrue, yet we haven't heard a similar clamor for either Trig or Tripp's birth certificate

mc-midnightcajun said...

I recently saw that Factcheck's representatives personally inspected Obama's birth certificate before announcing their verdict on that rumor. Yet they decided on the Trig Palin rumors simply on the basis of a shady photo and the word of a journalist with ties to Sarah herself. Not to mention the fact that any woman who is faking being pregnant is obviously going to have to fake LOOKING pregnant at some point, so that even if the photos were legitimate, they are meaningless. My opinion of Factcheck has plunged into the basement over this.

Anonymous said...

well, i am certain i saw the photo and it looked different. the day palin gave her speech about the bridge to nowhere and battling big oil, i went straight to the internet and googled for hours.. and kept googling for a week. i read alaska legislation (including every piece of legislation palin proposed for two years), budgets, as well as various aspects of the transcanada contract (including presentations posted on the legislative website to the composition of the transcanada board of directors), ANWR, Point Thomson lease, Denali..... i looked at all the photos i could find of palin and found the one with the intern weeks before it was mainstreamed (while we are on that topic - check out her ring finger - the girl never swells during the pregnancy?).

i had a chart on my desk detailing the photos of palin and what months they represented during the trig pregnancy....and i saw that photo #1 early on. it did not impress me.

i just never thought to capture the photos. to tell you the truth, i had a hard time that week coming to terms with the fact that palin was spewing unbelievable half-truths if not out and out lies. it was and still is surreal.

when i was searching in alaska websites -- i got some pretty strange error messages. i figured it meant the alaskan servers were just being overworked.. but things were definitely disappearing, such as the mercedes page, etc.

again, i am not really an IT person or a photoshop person, but i do google ALOT in my work... and i mean 8-10 hours at a time with multiple pages open and using a wide variety of search words.

i would say i spent a good 8 hours a day every day after palin was announced reading everything i could get my hands on -- including complicated analysis of ANWR and the potential for gas exploration.

i spent an inordinate amount of time learning about muthee and the master's commission. that will give anyone nightmares.

palin's pregnancy was just too weird and so i kept looking along with hundreds of other folks -- following the links. frankly that is how i found this site. i read every single post here before i ever posted..(don't sleep much).

the only thing i think i did miss was the dailykos article about stretching that photo, ironically enough, that was yanked.

mostly my attention was on the other topics -- gas pipeline especially. and THAT i could talk about for a week.

signed - fed up with palin

Anonymous said...

Well, with all of today's news around Levi quitting the slopes we now have confirmation that there is a Mr. Kevin Johnston. I am going to ponder Mercedes picture caption again, about her "baby brother" Trig.

Anita said...

Police union backing down about Sherry's arrest!
So, wada ya think SP said to who to get this line of investigation halted?!

Anonymous said...

After all this - still only a couple of anonymous photos on April 13 that "proves" Palin's pregnancy. A nearly unprecedented pregnancy of a sitting Governor with nearly no photo evidence of the event. Amazing.

And Palin could end all of the speculation - which will never, ever end - just by showing real medical records.

Anonymous said...

I KNOW I saw the (photo) version where Palin and Gusty looked taller.

I could almost swear it was at Huffington. It soon came down. My reaction was, WOW! SOMEONE WAS GETTING NERVOUS.

I also said, on the previous thread, that if someone could see Gusty in the flesh, to know if she were short and dumpty or pretty and thin, then we'd know that the photo everyone has been examining, has been squashed somehow.

And where does that leave us regarding photo #2?

Anonymous said...

Levi quits job on the slopes. His father, Keith, speaks out and states that he, not the Palin's, got Levi the job. Basically Keith's throwing himself under the bus for Sarah. Also, note that Sarah did write Levi a letter of recommendation and stated in the letter that "I have known Levi and his family for many years." I thought she said that she did not have a personal relationship with Sherry after her arrest? This woman just can't stop lying. Read the full article below:

Morgan said...


We've probably gotten two dozen comments at least this morning letting us know that Levi quit his job. While we appreciate the dedication of those readers seeking to break whatever news they find, we don't need to duplicate that information over and over.

I've approved a few that included some sort of comment or speculation, but repeated ones with just a link or - worse - a link and a cut-and-paste of the whole story have been rejected for the sake of space.

Again, thanks to all of you for your vigilance. If your comment alerting us to Levi losing his job did not make it, please don't take it personally. We just didn't want to duplicate the information.

MomME said...

Count me in, Anon @ 1/5 9:30PM and 1/6 @ 3:51 AM!
I learned about the whole Trig birth controversy via the internet on Sept. 1 and instantly became intrigued by the many questions that were raised. I read much of the Daily Kos blog on the topic, along with innumerable assorted comments on other websites, from that day forward until I found Audrey's blog in mid-September.

Early on in my internet research, I encountered a little demo (on YouTube or HuffPost perhaps?) that showed how the Gusty photo we now have on record could have arisen by using Photoshop to expand Sarah's abdomen to look even more pregnant than it probably appeared in the original photo. When Sarah's belly was enlarged from its "BEFORE" shape to the "AFTER" shape using this technique, Gusty's appearance also changed, making her look shorter and wider, somewhat "dumpier". (I remember thinking at the time that if I were Gusty, I'd complain about the published photo, because her "AFTER" shape wasn't all that flattering - though I don't know what she looks like in real life!)

At the time I encountered this photo demo on the internet, I know I felt it was quite effective in showing how Photoshop COULD have been used to change Palin's physique to appear more pregnant than the photo might otherwise have shown. Surely SOMEBODY ELSE must have seen this?!?

Patrick said...

I had almost forgotten that I had the screenshots regarding the court records of Bristol's accident in my flickr photostream. I have now put them together in an album - they are pretty interesting:


Molly said...

Soooo....Levi has "quit" his job, Don Fagan is in the doghouse with Sarah for picking on her, Sarah "merely" wrote a letter of recommendation that had nothing whatsoever to do with getting Levi an apprenticeship for which he is currently unqualified and ahead of a possibly 5yrs long waiting list full of actually qualified people, and we have YET to see either a picture of alleged baby Tripp or allegedly no-longer-pregnant Bristol.

And People said no they didn't offer anyone any money for any baby photos. Maybe People could come forward and explain how they verified this alleged birth before announcing it, and NO, calling a not close relative who confirms the receipt of an email from who knows who doesn't cut it.

Whacky whacky Palins. But hugely, schadenfreude-ly entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link about the court disposition of Bristol's accident, for the record:
You can click on the different tabs.

Lady Rose said...

Thanks for all your amazing work and effort to uncover the truth.

I agree with the commentor above about putting a paypal donation button on the site and/or blog - perhaps including a brief description underneat the button explaining what the funds are used for (i.e. photo analysis, etc.)

Myself and many others I'm sure would be happy to help out covering expenses, even if it's only a few dollars now and then.

Hiring a PI but be too expensive - but who knows, if you hire one who already lives in Alaska it would keep the cost down for travel expenses. You never know - set a goal amount for a specific project or need to further the investigation and we could all work together to help make it happen.

All lot of us want to help - but really have nothing concrete we can do other then comment in support - being able to contribute a few dollars now and then would enable us to do something more useful.

Sarah Palin is too dangerous to ignore, her lies need to be revealed - it is definitely a cause we want to support.

Anonymous said...

If Ozzy Osbourne & family could have their own "role model" reality television show, then why not the Sarah Palin crew?

In fact, this opportunity at fame could be all Sarah ever wanted, and once she is a star, in all her glory, she may decide that politics was only a tool and means for achieving fame, and abandon politics forever!

Anonymous said...

For those interested in seeing Andrea Gusty live, the other post has a link to a video of Andrea covering Sarah's return to work with Trig the Monday after his "birth." Andrea's very dumpy.

incidentally, Sarah's wearing a huge jacket, but in the few shots where it parts and we can see, she doesn't look the least postpartum, either breasts or belly. I remember looking at my own body after my first was born and saying, "Why didn't anyone tell me I'd still look five months pregnant?" And at three days my milk came in and my breasts were HUGE.

Anonymous said...

Does Gusty's upper left (my looking at picture left) leg look funny to anyone else or is it just me?

truthseeker #971

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the posters who say that analyzing the photos is a waste of time.

But I do agree that more needs to be done. Let's face it: interest in this story is flagging. Even Andrew Sullivan, our greatest advocate in the mainstream media, has gone on to other topics: since he returned from holiday vacation, he's had more blog posts on the tragic death of John Travolta's son than SP!!!

Hiring a private investigator may be the only way to get to the bottom of things, and produce evidence/testimony that will wake up the MSM.

Anonymous said...

Why is there no video of this?

Here we have Gusty interviewing someone on camera. A picture is taken. Yet the video from the video camera is nowhere to be found.

Also, why would she say she thought she was the only one who had this photo?

Margot said...

I agree with the suggestion for a paypal button, but Audrey told me she deliberately decided not to collect money.
Here is another way to get some investigation accomplished. Go the the mudflats blog at

and implore the author to take up the search. He is in Alaska, very bright and equally as anxious to get to the bottom of this affair.

(Audrey, I hope that perhaps you know how to contact this person directly.) I found Audrey because she was mentioned in mudflats.

Personally, I have contacted factcheck twice. Have also sent two messages to ADN. Let's keep up the pressure.

Anonymous said...

so has anyone asked Joshua Moffet whether Bristol was pregnant when she drove into him on Feb. 7?

Anonymous said...

Just a little devil's advocacy:

I have read and responded to this blog many, many times. While I think that there is a "truth" that can potentially be revealed, I can't help but be concerned about the people that it would effect. Perhaps the MSM is leaning in that direction as well. A PI delving into this issue could cause some serious problems. I think this is a mystery that might better be put to bed.

While there is much convincing evidence, without eye witnesses or conspirators coming forward, this mystery is more like a game of Clue.

I agree that SP is not to be trusted in any fashion but the outcome to this investigation may cause more than a potential son-in-law losing his job.

When do you stop?

Duncan said...

I read on here somewhere in the last few weeks that Joshua Moffet was questioned about Bristol and the accident. He couldn't say for sure whether she was pregnant or not.

Anonymous said...

How about put some google ads on the site to fund the ongoing expenses, not necessarily hiring the PI, but just creating a fund for this work? Or to fund a cash award for info leading to . . . . Audrey could donate any excess to a charity of her choice. (= tax deduction to defray the expenses she has already funded out of pocket.) The NYTimes does it (look at the box at bottom of article entitled "Ads by Google"):

Having said this, I do respect the right of Audrey to manage these decisions TOTALLY as she pleases.

--Amy the first

Morgan said...

Anon at 9:14

The short answer: We stop when the truth comes out.

Yes people will be affected, including innocent people like Willow and Piper and Trig and Tripp. Sarah's hardcore fans will likely be disillusioned and everyone who ever believe in her will be forced to face the truth that this paragon of Christian virtue pulled the wool over their eyes for her own political gains.

No, that's not a pretty picture. But I'd argue that more people stand to be affected if we just let politicians do what we're quite sure Palin has done. Someone with so little loyalty or concern about her own family will have even less concern about her constituents. Do you really think a woman who used her kids as pawns would have a problem using other people the same way?

A nation is only as good as its leaders. A public - and press - who lets Palin get away with this kind of wholesale deception will end up getting the kind of government it deserves.

Not all of us are ready to let that happen.

And keep in mind, too, that ultimately it was Sarah who perpetuated this lie. If people are hurt by the exposure of that lie, it will be Sarah who is to blame.

So maybe in the end you can put that question to her.

Morgan said...

Let me also add, Anon at 9:14, that Sarah can make this stop any time she wants with the full release of her medical records, her birth certificate for Trig and concrete evidence that Bristol has actually given birth to Tripp.

Anonymous said...

To Duncan and Anonymous@8:52:

Here's a link from Gawker with a lot of info about the Josh Moffet statement after Bristol Palin ran into his car. Also some speculation that Josh's statement might have been coached:

But what I like most about this story is that the author posts loads of links (in one convenient place!) to DailyKos and others regarding the possibility of SP's faux pregnancy. Notice the Gawker author sends the reader to a link to someone who purportedly has better Photoshop skills than he ... but when one clicks upon this link -- VOILA! -- access is forbidden! (At least on my server.) Could this be a screenshot from the telltale missing YouTube vid about how to Photoshop SP's tummy for a more preggers effect? Dunno. But the possibility is intriguing.

And yes I still stand by my original premise that if the lines in the carpet are not simply an aberration in the seams of the carpet itself (which I doubt, but again have no proof), then the Gusty pic has TWO horizon lines which can only mean there is either compositing or image manipulation in the Gusty photograph.

Thanks again for your commitment to this quest for answers, Audrey & Co!


Mary G. said...

Re the AMA luncheon: try these links (there are others--note that all reports from Bartels, a republican, are from AFTER Palin submitted her amended disclosures--there are no articles about this luncheon even in the local press and ADN Feb. 15-18--I checked. It does mention that Todd fell on his head and did not get injured, but the governor in Fairbanks "for various speaking engagements" was notified. The expense claim was for a separate "party suite" for the three daughters.)

I have checked the AMA website--it mentions the luncheon but has NO photos.--mary g.

Anonymous said...

I'm anon (devil's advocate) at 9:14. Thank you for the responding comments.

I'm not sure that the investigation should stop. I just think that we should consider this side of the debate. I have seen comments from others in the same regard so I'm not the only one standing in this light.

I have really appreciated all of the work that has been done. The team has been unbelievably thorough. But, the harder the Palin family is pushed, the worse the outcome on potentially innocent people.

I'd love to see SP simply step down! I believe that addressing other -gates might be the way to go. What do you think?

I won't add anymore comments in this regard unless asked to do so.

jeanie said...

To Caroline -

The police report is interesting. When I looked up that intersection on googlemaps, guess what is there (1261 S Seward Meridian Pkwy - right where Fireweed comes in)! The Family Medicine of Alaska practice. Hmm - was Bristol on her way to have a prenatal check-up by any chance?

jeanie said...

Correction - to Caroline quoting Anonymous...

Anonymous said...

From the ADN article: "Levi was flying home from the Slope late Monday, he (Keith Johnston) said."

Milne Point is quite a distance from Wasilla. Why was Levi so far from home rather than with his newborn son?

Anonymous said...

preznit said...

a couple quick thoughts:
1) was there any time that Todd was seen feeding "his" baby Trig, or more importantly, when Levi was feeding him was Todd around?
There was a news interview near the end of the campaign in, perhaps, Iowa (or somewhere else it made no sense for her to be). She & Todd were sitting at a table and Todd was feeding Trig throughout the interview. What was odd about it was that S & T were sitting very far apart and I don't recall Todd saying much. He seemed as much of a prop as the baby. I think this was for a local paper or news team, but given that SP gave very few televised interviews at the time, it received national coverage. Given the lack of substance, however, it was soon forgotten.

Morgan said...

Devil's Advocate,

You say the investigation shouldn't stop, but that calls to drop it should be considered, and that you aren't the only one who's made them.

No you're not. We have quite a few pro-Palin readers on here who would love for us to do nothing more than drop it. You know, for the children...

You say the harder the Palins resist the worse the inevitable outcome will be for those innocents.

If you've figured that out, don't you think she should have by now? And yet she continues to dig in, knowing the pain it will cause the people closest to her.

And you wonder why we're pursuing this? Do you really have to ask? You just answered the question yourself.

Rachel said...

Devil's Advocate-
I think SP will put the nail in her own coffin long before this investigation is concluded. It seems her string of lies are unraveling and she is having a hard time keeping it all balled up. Her latest quote to People Mag demanding that everyone know that Bristol and Levi are NOT drop outs, but still working on their courses probably led to the firing - errr....resignment of Levi's slope position. The lies are quickly catching up. Just watch...

Just to clarify- this investigation IS important- even if innocent children are hurt by their mother's lies. Why should the public allow a corrupt, power-mongering governor continue to perpetuate lies and use her influence in unethical ways? We should beOK with this because she has young, innocent children? I think not- she wouldn't be the first corrupt person to go down in flames with innocent children on the sidelines. She deserves no exception.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this will end up being duplicated during the waiting-for-moderation period, but the ADN reported yesterday that Tim Petumenos is a leading contender for the job of Alaska's U.S. Attorney

I wonder if anyone will reevaluate his work on Troopergate? At the very least, he left a lot of questions unanswered, since Palin and Monegan's sworn testimony contradicted each other.


regina said...

Oops! Got my dates mixed up on the photos! The photo was 03/16, not 04/16. Still, quite a big growth in 4 weeks...

palin pregnancy truth said...

To anonymous 10:48,

Good point about Levi being away during the "birth" of Tripp. Interesting in light of Sarah's comment that they are both "working their butts off to be be parents".

I'm also interested in confirming when he was on the slopes between March and the convention.

It would be hard for him and Bristol to have conceived a child if he started working far away in March...

Anonymous said...

Is it just a coincidence, or do people in the Palin family (or associated with the Palin family) seem to be "out of town" when embarrassing questions are being asked?? If Bristol was taken out of school for mono (it's contagious) then why would she transfer to another high school where she still could spread the mono? Track appears to get in trouble, and he's shipped off to Michigan, next stop Iraq. Now it's Levi, seemingly absent from the birth of Tripp, busting his butt (Sarah's words) to be a good parent, but again, conveniently out of town when embarrassing questions need to be asked of a kid who recently bragged on-line that he didn't want to have kids. Not to mention his dropping out of school in March, and all of that apprentice & high school degree requirement stuff. Sarah is very controlling about the "message" and while she can still manage those interviews with little Piper, those older kids are another matter. Not one picture or interview with Bristol, does this look suspicious, or just another mysterious coincidence??

Lilybart said...

As long as this woman has national aspirations that could affect me and my family, we need to get to the truth of all Sarah Palins's actions.

That DS baby is her ticket. It is the most important thing to her career and this info must be guarded. Plenty of people who know the truth will benefit mightily if she gets higher office, jobs, perks, power...the usual incentives to go along with the deception.

Maybe they didnt' know until the birth that the baby had DS. If Bristol gave birth, there may have been no invasive tests at all. No wonder the kids were surprised, I bet everyone was.

regina said...

I've just entered the twilight zone... A correction to a previous comment showed up, without the original comment!

Here I go again:

I'm not american and don't live in the United States, but the thought of Sarah Palin anywhere near the White House fills me with dread. Whoever is in power in the USA has a profound impact everywhere in the world. So I really want this investigation to go on and would be more than pleased to contribute in any way. There's no place in politics ANYWHERE for a deceitful, vain, "on a mission from God" character.

I think MKaiser is very knowlegeable and quite willing to unmask SP. A very important ally.

About DIFFERENT women carrying babies in a different way, fair enough, but it doesn't explain the SAME woman being HUGE in her first pregnancy but not showing AT ALL in her fitfth. Some middle aged abs. (not!)

On the original comment I went on to say that SP looked less pregnant on 04/16 than on 04/13, but it was 03/16, hence the oops on a later comment...

Anonymous said...

@ Anon January 6, 2009 9:14 AM


Some interesting comment or should I say some interesting concern!
Are you in the Heath Family?:-|

Why don't you tell Sarah Palin? I think she is the right person to talk about this. She should come out and tell the truth and resign, to spend her time with her family, educate herself and help her children to get proper education. She claims she is a god mom. Are you kidding me? Her father claims she is a good mom. I guess the standards for being a god mom are pretty different in the Heath Family.

How can Americans and rest of the world respect a politician when her family life is highly disorganized and surrounded with a chain of strange, mysterious events/scandals?.

Instead of asking " When do you stop?", you should be asking Sarah Palin "when does she stop?"

Sure the truth will hurt many and shock the whole world. You bet, it will. Don't you think Sarah Palin should have taken the consequences of her lies? There is no way back now.

I'll repeat this again: Sarah Palin's major mistake was to underestimate the power of the Internet and intelligent & persistent people who seek the truth.

I do have compassion for the Palin children. I do feel sorry for them. However, it's best for them that the truth comes out.

Anon January 6, 2009 9:14 AM wrote:

Just a little devil's advocacy:

I have read and responded to this blog many, many times. While I think that there is a "truth" that can potentially be revealed, I can't help but be concerned about the people that it would effect. Perhaps the MSM is leaning in that direction as well. A PI delving into this issue could cause some serious problems. I think this is a mystery that might better be put to bed.

While there is much convincing evidence, without eye witnesses or conspirators coming forward, this mystery is more like a game of Clue.

I agree that SP is not to be trusted in any fashion but the outcome to this investigation may cause more than a potential son-in-law losing his job.

When do you stop?

Anonymous said...

Correction --

I've been referring to the luncheon on Feb 15 as 'AMA' when it should be 'AHA' for American Heart Association. My bad.

Thanks to the intrepid surfers for finding links to the stories about it.

I think this event deserves much more attention than it has received. We should collectively make an open offer to anyone who attended that luncheon to send in pictures from it of the Palins. Those pictures could end all the speculation one way or the other, at least as far as Willow and Bistol are concerned.

I know of no other public, indoor event with the Palin girls on display in the critical time frame.


Anonymous said...

Hello Anon at January 6, 2009 10:13 AM!

Thank you for your comment.

You do not write openly who the innocent people you're worried about yet I assume you're worried about the Palin children. Don't you think it's more destructive for them to read about their mom?

I think the children deserve to know the truth. They deserve to know that a life with full of lies, like their mom has been leading is not healthy. I think, in the long run, it will be better for the Palin children to know the truth(some should already know).

I agree though Sarah Palin should be investigated with respect to other issues and I believe she is.

penny in paradise said...

Wow! That ADN article is too much!'s

Levi's dad is upset that now his son has to, " everything by the book!" Then, this honorable fellow states that SP had nothing to do with Levi getting the job, and that nowhere was Levi asked if he was a high school graduate (no application to get into a popular apprentice program?)

Then "Saving Face Sarah" says she did for Levi what she did for loads of other Alaskan youths...sent a "generic" letter praising Levi's unique skills for the position, and how long she has known him and his family.

I am also surprized he is just NOW coming home to meet his new son. Even if they don't make it easy to return home, it is the Governor's son-in-law, can't we seek another itsy, bitsy little favor for the first lady/family?

It is just so humorous to hear her stumble all over herself! For her to say she only sent out a generic recommendation for her daughter's boyfriend...Once again caught with her pants down. How many more times will she make an ass out of herself, before all the ____ hits the fan?

An aside, what is the link to the other Gutsey interview?

I have to admit, when this all finally does come out, I'm going to miss following this fairy tale, it is such a hoot!

GraceR said...

to Palin Pregnancy Truth, the ADN says that Levi began working in Valdez in early Sept. and moved to Milne Point in early November. They also indicated he was in school in Wasilla until early April. No mention of his whereabouts between April and Sept.

Craig said...


Keep in mind that the "truth" can be a number of things, including the fact that Trig is Sarah's baby and Tripp is Bristol's.

I don't think that you fall in this category, but it seems that some people here are well past believing/accepting anything that would give credence to the official story.

Also, I've earlier given some reasons why this issue isn't going to be resolved at this point by some elaborate, full-disclosure press conference. With the current weight of public and media opinion on the side of Sarah being the mother of Trig, this kind of sudden "show-n-tell" would cast doubt where there was none before, in the public and media's eyes, about this story specifically and about Sarah in general.

So, with only a few internet blogs pushing alternative narratives, such a response by Sarah would be far more negative in its results, than positive.

Until the media and/or blogosphere begins building a consensus opinion that there is something tangible to any alternative stories, there is no real pressure on Palin's part to respond.

Anonymous said...

Someone above asked the question: Milne Point is quite a distance from Wasilla. Why was Levi so far from home rather than with his newborn son?

Keep in mind that Baby Tripp's birth has not been verified and it could be possible that he hasn't been born yet. SP definitely did not sound like a gloating first time grandmother in that press release. Saying something like 'I am over the moon' sounds like she was reaching for something to say about something that just might not exist (yet?).

RW said...

I guess ADN is becoming a bit more concerned about who is viewing and adding to their site and articles.
You now have to register for ADN...

RW said...

BEFORE ADN began forcing people to REGISTER for their site this morning---a bit ago---and now I cannot get in the AND site at all to read...
I had been reading the article containing comments from Levi's dad...who said Levi got on in Valdez working and then was hired on to the slope.

This is NOT unusual.
Many people begin work in Valdez, once they get a rep for being a good worker they quite easily land jobs up on the slope during the winter months...where its usually 12 days on and 12 off.

Many dont want the harshness of the climate or the hours, so many dont take the jobs for winter.

Im not that concerned about his getting or taking the slope work.
Friends I had in Valdez all looked for someone to bump them into a winter job, this is not unusual.
....not a lot of supervisors pay attention when they are trying to get winter staff.

Too bad I cant read the rest of the that ADN has closed down their site to the public.

jeanie said...

To Anonymous at 10:48 - good point about Levi being so far away for his son's 'birth'. On the other hand, quitting now would put him back in town just in time for the real birth that should be slated for sometime in the next two weeks...

Anonymous said...

"Yes people will be affected, including innocent people like Willow and Piper and Trig and Tripp. Sarah's hardcore fans will likely be disillusioned and everyone who ever believe in her will be forced to face the truth that this paragon of Christian virtue pulled the wool over their eyes for her own political gains."

I don't think I would be disillusioned if she did fake it, if it was for a good reason I really wouldn't care.

"The police report is interesting. When I looked up that intersection on googlemaps, guess what is there (1261 S Seward Meridian Pkwy - right where Fireweed comes in)! The Family Medicine of Alaska practice. Hmm - was Bristol on her way to have a prenatal check-up by any chance?"

Would it be possible that she was getting a well check for her mono?

"About DIFFERENT women carrying babies in a different way, fair enough, but it doesn't explain the SAME woman being HUGE in her first pregnancy but not showing AT ALL in her fitfth. Some middle aged abs. (not!)"

You don't look the same every pregnancy.Ask my sil, who was huuuge her 1st preg. Everyone kept telling her it was a boy, turned out to be a 9lb 11oz girl, and her 2nd preg she was half the size and had a 6lb 5 oz boy.Same woman, different sizes both times.
2nd example, myself. All my stretchmarks from my first pregnancy were on my lower abdomen which I was pretty happy about since they were easily hidden, I carried low.The second time I carried way up high. I always tell my second how rude he was to have given me a row of them right under my ribs, he liked to cram himself up under them and I had a miserable time breathing toward the end because of it. There are simply no rules on how you look each pregnancy.

Lister said...

Anonymous @ 8:25 a.m. wrote: "Let's face it: interest in this story is flagging. Even Andrew Sullivan, our greatest advocate in the mainstream media, has gone on to other topics..."

Based on nothing else other than my read of human nature, I feel certain Andrew Sullivan would publish comments referencing any conclusive evidence we can muster about Palin faking. He does not believe Palin; in December, his own subsitutes/minions posted that according to the GOP, Sullivan was one of the key people responsible for bringing Palin down during the campaign. Surely he would delight in saying "I told you so" to his detractors!

It's tempting to send Sullivan a link to MKaiser's page but I will let MKaiser be the one do to that. (Go, MKaiser!)

Lister said...

Anonymous @ 1:49 p.m. wrote: "I don't think I would be disillusioned if she [Palin] did fake it, if it was for a good reason I really wouldn't care."

It sure sounds like you condone lying,

Morgan said...

Craig said..

"it seems that some people here are well past believing/accepting anything that would give credence to the official story."

I completely agree, and those people who won't give Sarah the benefit of the doubt when evidence warrants it irritate me just as much as the ones who give her the benefit of the doubt when evidence indicates she's lying.

I don't agree with everyone who comments here and can't honestly say I'd be as dedicated to this blog if it weren't for Audrey's leadership. She may have helpers, but this is HER blog and she has invested a great deal in terms of energy, expense and time in uncovering this story layer by layer. But even moreso, she's staked her reputation and has been the *first* to admit when her own information or lead turns out to either be discredited or a dead end.

Those of us who are assisting with this effort, either through active investigation or support via this blog aren't in this to hurt Sarah and her family, but to uncover the truth we believe is hidden by a ruthless and dangerous politician. If we're lying to ourselves then we're no better than Sarah Palin or her followers. That's why - even as we soldier on - we scrutinize everything and are prepared to admit when when something we thought was a solid lead turns out to be otherwise.

Your point about the press conference is well-taken. You're exactly right; at this point Sarah has no reason to come forward, although I do believe if you look at recent Alaskan polls you'll find that Sarah's popularity is spiraling.

And remember, our scrutiny is not just on her and her actions, but whoever in the media may have lent a hand - even unwittingly - in allowing her to perpetuate a possible fraud.

There's a lot to look at here, and we all should want to learn the truth, no matter where it leads.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, Is there some way you can enlarge those screenshots of docs RE Bristol's MVA? The print is to tiny I can't even read it!


Morgan said...


Folks, if your comment does not show up right away, PLEASE do not post it several more times. This is a moderated board and we can't sit here all the time moderating comments. We try to get to them as quickly as we can and they all get read. But given that we have families and work and other obligations an hour or three may sometimes go by before we can go through them.

It's wearying to read five of the same comment, and I'm just going to assume those of you posting the same thing over and over aren't aware that this is a moderated board.

But it is, and now you know. So please be patient.

regina said...

The Newsweek video people can't get to play for copyright reasons:

It played OK!

FW from VA said...

Morgan is exactly right...this blog could be history if Sarah Palin wanted it to be. It is entirely up to her.

Sarah, enough will run out of money and influence. Sherry is on disability and needed a public defender. She can easily retire with seven figures if she sells out.

Sandra said...

I have comments on several topics that are being discussed.

1. Initially I felt bad that Levi had to leave his job as a result of the pressure put on Palin that resulted in her tirade on the "dropout" issue. (She will self destruct with the right pressure.) But, the reality is that Levi will benefit in the long run by finishing his education. It's not as if he is sole support of a large family.

2. The spring and summer must have been quite difficult in the Johnston household. We should consider the effect of the impending divorce on both Levi and Mercede. Perhaps this was Mercede's motivation in clinging to the new family ties.

3. After Sherry was arrested on 12/18 (the day Levi had originally given for the due date), reporters went to her house. The door was answered by a teen aged boy who had no answers for them. Perhaps this was Levi getting ready for the blessed event.

4. The AHA meeting/luncheon was just before the end of the Iron Dog race. In the video of the finish for Todd and his teammate, the video showed the family waiting to greet him. He was hugged by Sarah, Piper, and Willow. Willow was waving to someone off camera to join them. That person didn't show. (Probably Bristol avoiding the cameras.)

5. I continue to be impressed by the quality and variety of talents various posters have shown. It is nice to be part of such a team.

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

I have wondered about the identity of the teenaged boy at the Johnson's house, but I don't think it can be Levi because he was on the North Slope. Perhaps Mercedes' boyfriend, or another brother?

Patrick said...

anon at 2:18

You can watch pictures on flickr in an enlarged version - you just need to click on the magnifying glass above the picture that has a (+) on it.



Anonymous said...


I am a bit shocked to read some comments.

I know soap opera type shows are popular on American TV. But folks, this is a serious issue and not a soap opera or a fairy tale. If you enjoy this as if you're watching the Desparate Housewives on TV, I am very disappointed( sorry for the spelling if any.. explains maybe that I do not watch that show:-|_

This is not a soap opera nor it's a fairy tale. If you make it one, you're only giving more power to Sarah Palin. I hope you understand it.

Since I started reading this blog, I've been very impressed with Audrey's professionalism. Thank You, Audrey et al.

Anonymous said...

RW, not sure what your complications are with the site. I have been a constant visitor there since Sept and just went in now to confirm that access is still free and open. If you would like to leave a comment or post yes you need to register, its free. All articles are available.

Sandra said...

to anon at 3:06. You are right about a teenager possibly being a friend of Mercede. I thought maybe Levi would be working the 12 on and 12 off arrangement. The older brother is deceased.

sandra in oregon

Lisa said...

It's sad that the older Johnston son is deceased (per Sandra in Oregon). I noticed a Kodi Johnston in the court records and thought he might be Levi's older brother.

I was also saddened when I saw Mercede's records for underage drinking. The Johnston children must have grown up under very difficult circumstances. The added pressures from recent events must be extremely difficult for them.

(I can't help but feel sympathy for them.)

Anonymous said...

To Caroline (January 6, 2009 10:16 AM): Or to visit Dr CBJ for whatever reason. Remember her specialty.

To Mary G.(January 5, 2009 6:38 PM): no response from factcheck, not even one of those automated "we got your email, thanks, we'll get back to you" things.

To Devil's Advocate + responders to that very important point: I too wanted to keep the children out of it, as well as the co-conspiritors and bystanders. But Alex's friend's (the NYT writer's) comment ("everyone in NY always thought she is a joke, and her 2 min of fame are over") is so like the response of almost everyone around me, while I am still reeling from how the election could so easily have gone the other way.

So I think people like ALL my friends and the NYT writer are thinking (as many well-educated Germans did just before Hitler came to power): "s/he is such a fool, we can control her/him and the followers."

Some of you might remember this scene from "Cabaret," where the two intelligent young men at the start of the scene are arguing. One says Hitler is no big deal -- he is a fool; he and those who follow him can be controlled by the elite. The other one argues that Hitler is a scary menace with huge potential for evil (unfortunately, you don't see that conversation here):

And then some sweet innocent angelic-looking children start singing a Hitler Youth song with innocent words (very catchy; you will find yourself humming it if you watch this clip more than once). And you see your own assessment of things change during the course of the song.

At 2:55, you see the one young man ask the other: "Do you STILL think you can control them?"

The old man with the black hat and glasses would be me, I do sincerely hope, if I were a man, and there at that time.

If you think this is one of those "those who do not understand the past are condemned to repeat it" lectures, it is NOT. Because we repeat the past anyway. I just want me and my family to be dead of natural causes before it all happens again.

Sorry to go on and on. But this is my answer to "it is worth the hurt to the children of resolving this issue?"

PLEASE -- I BEG YOU TO LOOK AT THIS YOUTUBE AND THINK ABOUT THIS. I'm not saying SP is Hitler, but I do think the far right has some hopes and plans for us that we might not like.

If this seems like a weak point to you, please look at this version of the same song:

--Amy the first

Anonymous said...

To Anon January 6, 2009 2:18 PM:

To get an even bigger view than the ones offered on flickr, drag/drop (or copy and paste) the largest flickr image to your desktop, and then use the "command and +" (on a mac) to enlarge it still more. Sure it breaks up a little, but you can still get a better view.

--Amy the first

Ivyfree said...

"I don't think I would be disillusioned if [SP] did fake it, if it was for a good reason I really wouldn't care."

Can anybody suggest a good reason for faking a pregnancy? And I do not consider political office a good reason: adopting a special needs child would serve quite as well if not better. Are there ANY good reasons for faking a pregnancy? One might think protecting a teenage daughter would be one, but clearly that's not an issue given the ease with which Bristol was tossed under the bus. And very few people care about unmarried pregnancy anyway, any more.

I'm not trying to be snarky. I don't think Sarah is Trig's mom; I think the pictures demonstrate that she couldn't have popped a six pound baby out of that belly. I'd really like to know. What is a good reason for faking a pregnancy? There has to be some advantage to SP for doing so.

wayofpeace said...

i HOPE you all watched KEITH O tonight!

it's worth watching, in particular his WORST PERSON segement.

our GAL made it to the top.
worth watching as a rerun after RACHEL.

KaJo said...

A few folks here contradicted me, rightly, when I asserted Sarah Palin MUST be at least 5'6" or more, after all she was once a beauty queen.... :)

Turns out she is, indeed, 5'3", no more. And she isn't a husky woman, either. She appears to be slightly built.

That makes it even MORE unlikely that she could hide any unborn baby of ~5lb. or more in that belly, particularly in a 5th pregnancy, and particularly hide it from EVERYBODY, even her children, until announcing it in mid-March.


I was perusing the internet on this particular subject, and came upon an article entitled, Size of Your Belly While Pregnancy [sic].

"Height of belly, i.e. height of uterus normally corresponds to the term of pregnancy. For example, on 32nd week of pregnancy it should be 32-33 cm. (That'd be a minimum of 12.5") And volume of belly depends on a woman's individual peculiarities.

Sometimes anatomic structure affects it: miniature women with slim pelvis have bigger belly, than tall women with full thighs have. But most of all growth of belly is connected with pregnant woman's general weight gaining."


"Probably, too small belly is better, than too big?

No, I wouldn't say that. Insufficient weight gaining often leads to defect of fetus development, giving birth to a very small baby, premature birth, and sometimes even to death of a new-born. Pregnant women should strive for "golden middle". By the way, American scientists noticed that women with optimistic view on life give birth to babies of small weight less often. Experts explain that optimist women take care of their health better: do exercising regularly and eat well."

(I think English is the author's second language... :) )

Kat said...

At the time the pregnancy was faked (3/2008), SP was the governor of a tiny state. I can believe it was done initially at least in part to protect Bristol's reputation, either after Trig was born with DS or after a late amnio indicated that he would be. I also believe that Palin is a textbook case of narcissistic/histrionic personality disorder, and has the magical ability to create her own reality. (I know someone like this: it is very, very scary to watch.) So she invents the ruse and doesn't even bother to make it good, because it's true, she says so. Then along comes McCain and suddenly she and her ruthless ambitions are on a national stage, potentially one shaky heartbeat away from the highest office in the land. I think this is the point when all pretext of maternal concern, such as it ever was, went out the window, and this is when Bristol found herself under that bus.

Stumped said...

I am still getting stuck at the amnio test. It does NOT make sense to me that SP, an avowed pro-lifer, would do that test, because the only reason you 'do' it would be to abort the fetus.
So, in my own mind, this amnio was a secondary test.
Anyone out there4 know enough about pregnancy tests, where amniotic fluid would be taken? Paternity test? I would think you would wait with that until the baby is born.

Mary G. said...

I do find the saga of the Johnston family very sad. Their lives are collapsing. I had not heard of the other son, but the family has clearly suffered.
Sandra from Oregon, you are probably right that an education may serve Levi better in his life.--Mary G.

Windy Ciry Woman said...

I heard on MSNBC last night (Monday, January 5) that they purposely postponed the arrest of Levi's mother until after the election. I realize that this does not relate directly to the who-is-Trig's-mom question, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

To IvyFree (January 6, 2009 5:16 PM): You ask:

"Can anybody suggest a good reason for faking a pregnancy? . . . What is a good reason for faking a pregnancy? There has to be some advantage to SP for doing so."

Did you read my post in the section entitled "Yes Bristol Palin is 18," on the second page (the 200-400th posts), from Amy the first (January 4, 2009 4:42 PM)?

Does that seem like a hideous enough reason to fake it? It does to me. It starts out with the perp wanting to do something good. But, as is typical when one lies and deceives, it gets complicated and evil really fast, dragging other people along. Or, sometimes I bet you get away with it.

--Amy the First

Anonymous said...

Ivyfree at 5:16

Political gain.

Anonymous said...

Here is the theory I am going with at the moment. It is filled with conjecture, but is the most plausible story I can produce.

Bristol gets pregnant in May 2007 and has her baby in February 2008. The Palins' plan to give the baby up for adoption, but when the baby turns out to have Down's, the adoptive parents back out, leaving the Palins in a bind. Sarah assumes the pregnancy but needs two months to prepare her staff and the media. Bristol gets pregnant again immediately upon being freed from her "mono"-induced incarceration. Sarah announces her pregnancy to the astonishment of all in March 2008. In April, Bristol tells Sarah that she is again pregnant. Sarah chooses to announce the birth of birth of Trig (who is 6-8 weeks old at the point) earlier than she expected with the hope that she will be able to take credit for the second pregnancy as well. With the increased scrutiny of national media, she quickly realizes that this will not work. She also realizes that Bristol's second pregnancy is the perfect alibi for her own actions. Prior to the convention she announces Bristol's pregnancy. Tripp is born 42 weeks after Palin announces that she is pregnant with Trig.

This story assumes that Tripp actually was born last week. As you all know, the recent birth has not yet been confirmed, but that does not mean it didn't happen. For those with secrets it is good practice not to divulge any information to make it difficult for others to identify the lies through a process of elimination.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading somewhere on this blog (can't now get to the exact post or the comments) that the original source(s) of Bristol-out-with-mono is not traceable anymore.

Well, here is a website on discussing both the mono reports as well as Sarah-covering-up-for-Bristol rumors some full 9 months ago, well before Sarah's Veep saga started.

Titled - 'Cover-up? Alaska Gov. Palin (R) announced she was pregnant. Local rumors suggest she is covering up for her 16 y/o daughter.'


- Fellow truthseeker from CA

Anonymous said...

23/6 says Free Sherry Johnston. Maybe Sherry is the amo to resolve this saga.

Dinky P

trev said...

Great blog, great work. I have believed this was a fake from the beginning. Too many facts do not add up. Nice work on the photos, some do look odd and blurry. Palin faked this and then was thrust into the national spotlight where she had to improvize. Why the MSM ignores the story, I don't know. Keep up the good work and I am so glad I found this site again!

Anonymous said...

if we are going to pool money, I vote that it gets offered to Josh Moffet to tell the truth. There is no way he just didnt notice if Bristol was pregnant. When you hit someone, you get out of the car. She had to be obviously showing at that point. She also likely would have been worried about the unborn baby and in somewhat of a panic (I know I would be!). I think he was paid for his silence. Maybe a PI is a good idea to see if he has made any large purchases or had a big deposit into his bank account.

Anonymous said...

couldn't resist -

luna1580 said...

ok, this has nothing to do with "the search for truth" concerning the palin babies. but i thought it was kinda funny, and we all need a laugh:)

"PETA sends Bristol Palin a baby gift

Among the many gifts Bristol Palin will receive to celebrate the birth of son Tripp is a gift basket from PETA. The animal rights group says since Tripp’s “grandparents never met an animal they didn’t like — to eat or shoot” — they sent some gifts that send a message of peace toward animals and the world. Among the items are a “Give Peas a Chance” onesie and a bib emblazoned with the slogan “Animals Are My Friends.”

“Tripp will inherit a kinder and more compassionate world than the one his grandparents cling to,” PETA’s Michelle Cho wrote in a letter included with the gift. “There is a growing consciousness among people everywhere of how our actions affect those around us, including animals. Helping children understand that animals are living, feeling beings who deserve to be treated with respect and compassion will help them grow up to be kind, compassionate citizens.”

oh, audrey, think levi quitting his job is related to this blog?

someone should contact dan fagen, the "anchorage radio show host" who the ADN credited with pushing the "lack of diploma to qualify for the internship" story to the point levi reacted. i googled dan fagan and couldn't learn much, other than some other blog calling him "a welfare receiving wing-nut." but if the ADN notes his involvement he can't be THAT out there. maybe he's reading here now....

and once again, i feel sorry that levi and bristol are both subjected to this analysis, but SARAH put them in that position when she offered bristol's current gestational state as an implied refutation of the trig rumors. sucks to be a palin kid, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

I think it is fair to assume that the photo is not in existance. Even if it is/was then no one has it, it is rumour and nothing more. Rumour cannot be accurately gossiped/talked about.


Anonymous said...

Quote Anonymous January 5th. 7.10pm

My suspicion is that there was no accident & it was just another lie to cover for Bristol being hospitalized (the real reason was to give birth).

I wasn't aware Bristol was hospitalized over the accident. Anyway going with your theory...

The other person involved has been spoken to but then again I don't know if this is just a rumour. But I think what you said stands at a good point. I've stated all along I thought Trig was born earlier than April (I was aiming March but I'll go with February). The other person involved in the accident said Bristol didn't look pregnant; that may have been because (assuming she had Trig of course) she'd already had him and was nipping away from the hospital for half an hour where her premature baby already was?

Also Bristol's December baby Tripp...has anyone else noticed Tripp...Trig; they have the same ring to them; don't some parents name their children with similar sounding/themed/starting with the same letter etc? Of course it could just be coincidence.


wayofpeace said...

ANON @ 8:02 PM,

THAT's my take too. PLAN A was to place TRIG up for adoption.

DS force them shift to PLAN B.

i don't think SP ever thought of faking the second pregnancy.

in typical fashion, she never thought all the way thru how difficult it'd be to carry the phony pregnancy.

re SP: the benefit to her being simpleminded is her confidence and absolutists beliefs.

the drawback is that LIFE does not cooperate with simpletons.

SH*T HAPPENS and KARMA comes and bites in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Along with all the little things that don't add up (why such a staunch pro-lifer would get an amnio, the likelihood of a premature DS baby being released from the hospital so soon, etc. etc.), what about this remarkable little factoid now in front of us? Why did Bristol drop out of school last year? That is a huge piece of circumstantial evidence in favor of the Bristol as Trig's mom theory. People who are not following closely probably assume she dropped out this fall but I believe Audrey has established on this blog that Bristol dropped out in her junior year.-- Mom of One, Esq.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this posted here so here is a DS baby story that passes the smell test. A congresswoman who had a DS baby in 2007. The baby was born prematurely, and as is typical with DS babies, the baby had health issues upon birth, and was in the hospital 3 weeks before going home. Note also that this congresswoman- a Republican- did not get an amnio after the initial testing indicated a possibility of DS. (And I bet she believes in exceptions for abortion in the case of rape and incest!)- Mom of One, Esq.

(WASHINGTON) — Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers said Wednesday that her month-old son, Cole, has been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

"This news has been difficult to get our arms around. Like every parent, we have hopes and dreams for our children," McMorris Rodgers said in a letter to constituents and supporters. "Although initially stunned, we are embracing our son and preparing for what may lay ahead."

McMorris Rodgers, a second-term Republican from eastern Washington state, was the first member of Congress in more than a decade to give birth while in office.

Down syndrome occurs when a person has three, rather than two, copies of the 21st chromosome. Characteristics associated with Down syndrome include low muscle tone, small stature, an upward slant to the eyes and cognitive delays.

The incidence of Down syndrome increases with the age of the mother. But due to higher fertility rates in younger women, 80 percent of children with Down syndrome are born to women under 35, according to the National Down Syndrome Society.

Jill Strait, a spokeswoman for McMorris Rodgers, said a blood test conducted during the pregnancy indicated an increased risk of Down syndrome because of the congresswoman's age, 37 when she gave birth to Cole, her first child.

The couple "decided not to pursue further testing," Strait said.

McMorris Rodgers said, "Thankfully, Cole appears to be in excellent physical health. We will monitor him closely as he develops, and like all parents, we will strive to ensure Cole has every opportunity to reach his full potential."

She wrote the letter to update friends and supporters following news that her son was recovering after intestinal surgery. The baby, born prematurely April 29, was hospitalized at Bethesda Naval Hospital in suburban Maryland for nearly three weeks.

Since he came home, Cole has been "eating, sleeping and doing his business like every newborn." McMorris Rodgers said. "We are thrilled to be new parents."

Kat said...

Stumped said she was "stuck" on the idea of amnio. I was stuck too, so I poked around. Turns out that amnio is appropriate test if there are questions about lung maturity, but has to be at 32+ weeks estimated gestation. So if Bristol wasn't sure about due dates, or if she threatened pre-term labor, or whatever, a test would have been done at the beginning of March if the original due date was late April(ish). The beauty of this scenario is, it explains why the Desperate Housewives ruse was concocted in such a huge, crazy rush.

Queen-xo said...

MKaiser, TX
I have just sent you an email offering to host your site on one of my dedicated servers to reduce any issues with viewers here and to make sure its overseas and no team sarah freaks try and have it taken down. Reply to me and ill have it set up rapidly. I have commented here before but I would love to allow the use of my servers to contribute more for this.


Anonymous said...

When exactly did SP start wearing the big scarves? To me, that seems to be the obvious time when she decided to hedge her bets about faking a pregnancy. So that would be the time when either it was discovered that Trig had DS and/or he was actually born.

Anonymous said...

Testing wouldn't necessarily be done just for abortion issues.Early testing can catch things that can be fixed or helped early, even in utero.So being pro life doesn't mean you would skip testing just because you wouldn't have an abortion no matter what they found.
Testing found out my girlfriends baby was having kidney problems, and they were ready to help him the minute he was born.

Anonymous said...

I had a total of 3 amnios. The first was for genetic testing at 16 weeks. The ultra-sound guiding the needle indicated a physical, internal birth defect, though the chromosomes proved to be fine. In preparing for this baby, we met the pediatric surgeons and they had a space ready for him in the NICU the day we were to deliver (though with all that information, we didn't know his sex until he was born - that was the fun part for us!)

BUT, we did not deliver until 2 more amnios were done to test lung development. It was a triple-marker test, and until all 3 markers were fine, the OB would not deliver. So, she did those 2 additional amnios a week apart. I don't believe that chromosomes would show up on those 8-month amnios because that is not what they were testing for. They were looking for surfactant etc. So, either the birth mother of Trig knew from an early amnio about the Trisomy 21....or they found out at birth. That is my guess. I can't imagine anyone testing that late in the game for DS, but I don't know everything. L.A. in S.F.

Anonymous said...

Sarah used Bristol's pregnancy with Tripp to "prove" that Bristol could not have been pregnant with Trig and the rumors were not true.

I would therefore think that Sarah would be very, very anxious to get pictures of a newborn Tripp out to the media to firm up her timeline. It does not benefit her right now that there are people wondering if Bristol's baby has really been born.

Nothing would further back up her claim that "Bristol couldn't have had Trig in April because she had Tripp in December" more than a picture taken in December! Imagine how adorable a picture of 8-month-old Trig next to little newborn Tripp would be! The media, and Sarah's fans and true-believers, would eat it up! And it would further "prove" that the babies, so close in age, would have had to have come from separate birth mothers.

This picture wouldn't have to come from Bristol, it could come from Sarah through someone she's friendly with in the media (Andrea Gusty?).

I believe if Tripp had really been born on Dec 27th, and not still in utero, we'd have seen pictures by now! I don't believe that self-serving Sarah, who paraded her children around in front of the media last fall, is suddenly camera-shy about her children when it benefits her.

The People magazine thing may have just been a ruse to muddy the waters, to help the story along that the baby has already been born. People doesn't know for sure either.

mc-midnightcajun said...

Those of you pondering why Sarah would fake this pregnancy need to forget the "to protect her daughter's reputation" angle. People, this is the 21st century, not a Regency romance. Read some of the comments by kids who went to school with her daughter in Wasilla, Juneau, and Anchorage, and you'll see that B had a rep, all right--for partying, drinking, doing at least "soft" drugs, and messing around with lots of boys. Her photos were spread all over MySpace. What "reputation" was Sarah going to save? There's a REASON rumors the girl was pregnant were flying around Alaska. Given how much Sarah seems to have taken her girls (read: props) out of school, and the way she moved them from one school to the next, why wouldn't her classmates just assume the girl had moved to yet another school?

Remember, being a photogenic "mother" is a huge part of Sarah's appeal (you have seen the bumper stickers, right? "Sarah=Guns, Babies, and Jesus"). And make no mistake about this: Sarah has had her hopes set on the VP nomination since at least the Fall of 2007, so her "fake" pregnancy was really aimed at evangelicals in the lower 48 who didn't know anything about her wild child. There were already rumors about Track's alleged drug use and vandalism (note that in the press release, Sarah actually came out and said the family wouldn't discuss the events surrounding her son's enlistment because they were "private", so there were obviously events). Sarah's mothering was already looking shaky. To then have her daughter fall pregnant (esp. given Sarah's vocal support of Abstinence Only Sex Ed) would have been a huge embarrassment for SARAH, not for partying Bristol (already known as a wild child). It would have been a threat to her national political asperations with the Far Right.

Sarah faked this pregnancy to protect Sarah. She did it at the last minute, probably because either late term amnio or a premature February/early March delivery revealed DS and scared off the adoptive parents. She started wearing the scarves a week or two before she actually announced her "pregnancy," perhaps while waiting for more test results.

While I know personal experience really doesn't matter much, I went to high school right before the passage of Roe, when girls dropped out of school with "mono" or went to "stay with an aunt," although we all knew what was really going on. Sarah is like something out of the dark days of an earlier century.

KaJo said...

Just to follow up on the conjecture/story Anonymous @ January 6, 2009 8:02 PM outlines:

We've been supposing all along -- haven't we? -- that the pictures of Trig Palin that we've seen on the 'Net were taken on the days that they are posted at, or labeled as.

Going along with Anon's conjecture that Trig Palin was actually born in February 2008, suppose all those pictures were taken THEN, and merely held in abeyance until mid-late April, or whenever?

That would explain the enormous growth rate of the infant from what you'd expect in April/May (tiny), then what he looked like in that picnic picture with Track/Willow/Piper/Bristol and thereafter (huge).

Anonymous said...

"Testing wouldn't necessarily be done just for abortion issues.Early testing can catch things that can be fixed or helped early, even in utero.So being pro life doesn't mean you would skip testing just because you wouldn't have an abortion no matter what they found. Testing found out my girlfriends baby was having kidney problems, and they were ready to help him the minute he was born."


Sorry but I don't believe that's accurate. There is a difference between 'routine testing' and an amnio. Routine, NON-INVASIVE testing for DS and other conditions in the first and second trimester typically involve (1) examination of the fetus' anatomy through ultrasound- for example, if there is an abnormal thickening of the neck seen then this may be a sign of DS; and (2) blood tests- for example, abnormal levels of certain hormones (like HcG) may also indicate a problem. If either of these non-invasive tests indicate a potential problem, then the mother is given a choice of more invasive testing- either a CVS test (which can be done earlier in the first trimester) or an amnio, both of which carry a chance (however small) of miscarriage. The tests retrieve DNA from the fetus and can confirm a chromosomal abnormality. This only confirms a genetic condition like Downs but an amnio or DNA test does not shed light on any potential problems like heart conditions which many DS babies are born with. This chance for miscarriage and the fact that the amnio or CVS test will not help in diagnosing the medical conditions may have upon birth is why many pro-lifers reject such tests (their rationale being that the only reason to confirm a DS diagnosis would be to terminate the pregnancy and since that is not something they would ever do, then there is no point in taking the small chance of a miscarriage).

I am sure your friends' baby's kidney problem was picked up by an ultrasound- routine testing that does not carry the risk of miscarriage.

We have confirmation Trig's DS was diagnosed by amnio from Ms. Palin's own statements in interviews and from the letter from her doctor.

Ms. Palin is not just pro-life- she is so staunchly pro-life she is against abortion in the cases of rape and incest. This is an extreme view even among those pro-life. Either she does not truly espouse those views or she did not undergo an amnio. I doubt the former from all we know of her religious views.

I am sure an amnio was done, just not on Ms. Palin.

I believe Ms. Palin's claim that she had the amniocentisis done at 13 weeks pregnant was a political gamble to (1) lend credence to her story that she waited until she was 7 months pregnant to tell anyone because she was dealing with her sadness at the diagnosis and (2) garner her political points on the basis of choosing not to terminate.

--Mom of One, Esq.

Alex said...

Thank you MKaiser for the Palin's Pics 4 Truth Demo. It's great to SEE what all you Photoshop folks are talking about. And if those pics aint proof that there's sumthin fishy in AK, I dunno what is. . .

Maybe with so many out-of-work journalists, we need to put out a craig's list call to a young investigative journalist to follow all these leads. Thanks to Audrey and Co, the path is laid; the contacts listed; the timeline drawn-- everything. All it would take is a dogged reporter to get somewhere. Better use for my money than a PI, I reckon.

(just kidding about craig's list but you get my drift.)

Ivyfree said...

" There is no way he just didnt notice if Bristol was pregnant. When you hit someone, you get out of the car. She had to be obviously showing at that point."

Bristol may not be the mother, although I agree she's the most likely candidate. But in Alaska, in February, bundled up in a huge quilted down coat and hat and scarf and huddled up? I think he might not have paid much attention, if she said she was okay- then he'd look at his car.

Morgan said...

***Moderation Reminder****

Just a reminder that we're not approving comments speculating on any incestuous activity within the Palin family.

We realize everyone has their theories, but there is no proof of this and high rates of incest in Alaska doesn't necessarily mean a particular family is dealing with it.

Morgan said...

Alex, having worked as a journalist for a number of years, I can tell you that not all working journalists could have been as persistent, tenacious and effective in pursuit of a story as Audrey & Co. has been in pursuing this one

A journalism degree simply means you’ve been educated in journalism laws and technique. It does not imbue one with instinct, curiosity or intelligence any more than formal dance training imbues one with grace and athleticism.

So while a call for journalists to investigate may be interesting, please consider all the “real” journalists out there who have willfully ignored this story because they lacked the courage or curiosity to question what so many of us realize as a hoax.

Audrey has had both the courage and the curiosity to pursue this, and when all is said and done I believe what she’s done will not only result in a real boost of credibility for citizen journalists, but also a call for “real” journalists to be more accountable for what they report – or don’t.

Anonymous said...

It would surprise me if she actually did have the amnio. If she new she was going to fake Bristol's pregnancy, she would have started wearing the fake belly earlier. The March announcement of her pregnancy must have been the result of a surprise of some sort.

Littl' Me said...

OK. I went to and checked out some of the pics there (we have most/all of them here).

What caught my eye was two pics, one of which we have here, too.
The caption on it says:"Sarah Palin at home with her family in Wasilla, Alaska in 2006. From left is Piper, 5, husband Todd, Willow, 12, and at right is Bristol, 16. Not pictured is Palin's son Track, 17. Trig Palin was born in 2008." (It's the family portrait in front of some hanging wall pictures). In it, Bristol shows a definite little 'babybump', maybe 3-4 months along.
HOWEVER! Here is the official inauguration picture of 2006: , which shows a much younger/trimmer Bristol. Seems like the first pic was mis-dated and was actually taken in 2007!

Audrey - or someone else - could you please post the info about how to go about shortening the URLs? I think I saw it somewhere, but don't remember where. Maybe post it on your homepage? Thank you!

mc-midnightcajun said...

Kajo said, "We've been supposing all along that the pictures of Trig Palin that we've seen on the 'Net were taken on the days that they are posted ...Going along with conjecture that Trig was actually born in February 2008, suppose all those pictures were taken THEN, and merely held in abeyance until mid-late April?"

Kajo, in the comments on the ongoing Photo thread (am I the only one who HATES these two going at once?), someone posted a link to a TV news video that ran the Monday after Trig's "birth" when Sarah and Todd took the baby to work. Go find it and watch it. Some of the stills we see (including the weird one of Sarah peering at the child in Todd's arms) are from that day. We see Sarah supposedly a couple of days after birth. And as a bonus, Andrea Gusty is the reporter.

It is still possible Trig was born in February or March, quite premature, and thus not released from the hospital on April 19. Even if he were 6 weeks old at that point, if he'd been that premature, he'd still look somewhat "newborn."

Pinky said...

All this talk of Down Syndrome jogged my memory for something I heard during the Republican Convention last Sept. I was watching the vice presidential debates with a friend who is an early childhood teacher. She said of Trig, "Wow! He has remarkable neck muscle control for a Downs baby his age."

Anonymous said...

I too have wondered about the actual dates of the early Trig pictures. For instance, do we know for a fact when the baby shower occured, or just when the pictures were posted?

Littl' Me said...

I just found the tinyurl site...
Here is the inauguration picture in 2006:

Here is the 'supposedly' 2006 picture:

Notice how much younger Bristol looks in the first one? More interesting stuff/things to think about, here:

Molly said...

A request--I am having trouble finding the Elan Frank video. I'm sure I saw it in early September, but now all I can find is Greta V. talking about it along with a small clip. The ones listed on your home page are not playable.

I just wanted to look at that thumping on her "belly" again.

Anyone have a working link?

Anonymous said...

Couple of comments which could be of assistance:

I doubt that the photo with the reporters has been manipulated to make Palin look larger in the middle. If it was then the straight line of the doorway would be curved. I think it's a little more sohpistacated manipulation than that.

Weighing all the evidence there is little doubt in mind at least that Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy. Therefore I'm wondering how much it's going to take to get the mainstream media on the case. Or are they on it already? They have a reputation to worry about so the MSM won't come out with their view until they are entirely sure that they can make their case stick. Audrey- Have you had any contact with MSNBC and specifically with Olbermann's crew? I don't expect you to answer because of what that would imply for both you and MSNBC, but perhaps you should. Whoever breaks this is going to make huge news and it's in Olbermann's interest.

Don G.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting tidbit of information...effective immediately, Mat-Su Hospital will no longer be providing birth announcements to local news outlets:

Gee, I just can't place my finger on what might have prompted that decision...

Littl' Me said...

YAY! I got the hang of the tinyurl! :D

Picture of SP from Feb 9,2008:

regina said...

Amniocentesis is usually performed between the 15th and 18th weeks of pregnancy.

The first step of the test is an ultrasound, which is used to measure the baby and ensure that you're at least 14 weeks pregnant (taking the test earlier than that can be harmful to the developing baby).

Full article:

I believe SP's claim of having had an amnio at 13 weeks doesn't ring true, given her pro-life credentials. We only have her word for it, AFTER Trig was born. IMO, there were no tests and nobody knew Trig had DS until he was born, whenever that was.


Regarding Tripp and the lack of any evidence of his arrival, SIDS might be another way out if BP was NOT pregnant as announced during the campaign. That would be terribly sad and elicit a lot of sympathy all round. Only totally insensitive people would insist on seeing photos that might have been taken before the tragic event... and the deception would continue as usual.

Littl' Me said...

What if Trig was born sometime in February/March, and NOT in Wasilla, but in Anchorage, and was in the NICU there for a few weeks. Then, on April 17/18, the hospital released him. SP claims to have given birth to him in wasilla - maybe a ruse to get people not to check into the Anchorage hospitals.

If Trig *was* a preemie, but earlier, then he would look like almost 'normal' age by the time he was presented as newborn in the video (BTW: There is no close-up of his face - only of a bundled-up baby...)

Anonymous said...

In order to address speculation that Trig was born much earlier than April 18, presumably to keep Bristol available as his mother if Tripp was born as announced, I'd like to offer this rebuttal and suggestion that engaging in such unsupported speculation doesn't help.

1) Sarah, Willow and Bristol all attended the AHA luncheon in Fairbanks on February 15. There is video of Sarah, Piper and (it appears) Willow at the Iron Dog race on February 16, also in Fairbanks. It seems utterly unlikely that the girls would attend such an event if either of them was 7-months pregnant, or had just given birth to a pre-mature infant.

2) Any other reason for SP to rush back to Alaska from Texas on April 17 other than to cover for a pre-mature pregnancy requires much more evidentiary support. There was media coverage of Trig on April 18. Reporters aren't stupid and if this was just a rollout, they could have timed that much better, I'm sure.

3) Speculation of hiding an infant for several months cannot include motives to allow for a future window when Bristol was pregnant again. There's no way SP and her entourage could know that she would be VP nominee. She was hardly high-profile and her selection was a long-shot and decided late. If SP was going to fake a pregnancy to hide the true source of a child born in February, she would have started much sooner. That the baby had DS I don't think would enter into the calculation.

4) If Trig was already born in February, or was scheduled to be born in March, SP would have allowed herself more time to complete the ruse by giving the public a due date in June or July, not May. We must presume that on March 5, when SP announced that there would be a newborn in mid-May, she expected to have a newborn to show the world in mid-May, not a month sooner. Given another month of appearances looking pregnant, and without an emergency trip back to Alaska, I dare say that the ruse would have worked.

As Craig has pointed out -- quite correctly, I might add -- we can't ignore evidence that doesn't fit our pet theories. A February or March 2008 Trig birth ignores too much circumstantial and direct evidence.

Our general theory, based on the evidence, is that SP is not Trig's mother. We have good reasons to suspect this theory is correct. But to assume SP faked her pregnancy AND she and others conspired to hide the infant for weeks and weeks, just to have the entire plot foiled on April 17-18, is a stretch. One deception at a time.

For what it's worth, in all the photos I've seen of Trig dated from April-May 2008, he sure looks like a newborn to me.


luna1580 said...

people who want to see andrea gusty-

just go to the ktva site, select video, and click on the one that says "bitter cold grips alaska" in the scroll bar to the right.

she's the studio host for pretty much every clip from that point on, they play continuously as a full program if you click one then do nothing.

while you can't determine her height here, you can see that her upper body and face look the same in shape and weight as in the infamous belly pic.


Littl' Me said...

HMMM... IMO, interesting find:
It is the same photo as in here:
- just no '2006' caption... Both are from the adn site...

Sunshine1970 said...

Littl' Me @ January 7, 2009 10:47 AM said:
Here is the inauguration picture in 2006:

Here is the 'supposedly' 2006 picture:

Notice how much younger Bristol looks in the first one? More interesting stuff/things to think about, here:

The supposed 2006 pic. That was actually 2007 December Look at Piper. She's younger in the inauguration pic than the 2006 Dec pic. Unless she is aging backwards like Benjamin Button, then she really would be a 'Curious Case.' (lol)

Also, if you look at Willow, her face is more angular in the X-Mas photo than the inauguration one.

I'm kind of curious about Sarah's glasses. In some pics, she has rimmed ones, some have half rims, and some are rimless. The most current ones she wears are rimless. She wore rimmed glasses when she went to Kuwait in 2007, and the inauguration pics look like the ones that have half rims (Dec 2006). The X-Mas photo I can't tell. Is there a larger version somewhere? They may help date that pic more accurately, too (Unless she was switching out three pairs every once in a while depending on what she was wearing, and what her mood was like...*shrugs*)

Back in late Aug/early Sept, when photos were being scrubbed off the 'net, the X-Mas photo, which had been marked 2007 December was removed then switched to December 2006. Cajunboy & Karion caught it. Here's the link to Karion's post about it: Kids aging backwards via Karion's blog

Oriole said...

RE: Littl' Me's comments/photo comparisons...I agree Bristol is much fuller-faced and a bit chubbier overall in the non-inauguration photo. Also, Piper looks a bit older in the second photo. In the inauguration photo, she's chubby-cheeked, wearing a little princess dress complete with white tights and a tiara. In the second photo she looks a lot more mature - face is less rounded, torso seems longer, and she's wearing "big girl" clothes (T-shirt and tie-dyed broomstick skirt). Also, her unbound hair falls just to her shoulders. In the inaug picture, her hair is bunched up into a ponytail almost at the crown of her head, yet the dangling hair falls almost to her earlobe. I don't think the hair in the second picture could form that long of a ponytail.

Morgan said...


While this is a Blogger blog, it's not hosted on Blogger so we don't have the fancy widgety whatevers to edit individual comments.

I really appreciate folks who make note at the beginning of their comments to let us know that something they've written might be off limits, and include permission to edit it out.

Unfortunately, we can't do that so we end up having to reject the entire comment which we hate to do.

If you have a point you aren't sure will make it through our moderators, include it in separate comment if you're not sure.

Also - and this is very important - test those links before posting them to the board. We check every single link, and reject comments that don't include working links because if they're posted we end up having to field thirty MORE comments letting the commenter know the link doesn't work.

We can't follow up to let folks know their links don't work due to the time it already takes to moderate, so it will really, really help us if you check them beforehand yourself.

Thank you all SO much.

GraceR said...

Pinky, over the holidays I was visiting my mom, and she has a neighbor who is an RN and has a DS son who is now 19. I asked her about DS (since I knew very little) and specifically about Trig (yes, everyone has seen him). She told me that there are varying degrees of DS, from very mild to very severe. She said up to 30% of DS babies are mildly effected--they have no heart difficulties or other organ problems, they have average birth weights and growth patterns, they have close to normal muscle control and are only a bit delayed developmentally, and are actually of normal although low IQ. In her observance of Trig, she said she thought right away that he suffers only mildly from DS. Regardless of his exact age, in her opinion he has remarkable muscle control for a DS baby under the age of 1. Also, his tongue does not protrude from his mouth most of the time as is the case with many DS babies. She also said that newborn DS babies have very wide, flat faces which is often a giveaway but can make them appear older early on.

Anonymous said...

How to fake a pregnancy

Anonymous said...

Thank-you, Audrey, for staying with this story. Hopefully Andrew Sullivan will get back in the hunt again as well. SP will eventually get caught in her web of lies. Her behavior reminds me of a Coen brothers movie - her "big fish in a small pond" arrogance will be her undoing now that the rest of the world is watching.

Anonymous said...

I find it strange that she held the baby shower til after Trig was born. MOST people have a baby shower before the baby is born...
This flicker account no only has the baby shower pics, but LOTS of other interesting/intriguing photo's as well.

Anonymous said...

RE: Littl' Me's comments/photo comparisons

Also Bristol has a very flat stomach in the inauguration pic in2006. She definitely looks like she could be a few months pregnant in the Christmas picture. I bet this picture is from 2007 and not 2006.


ilovepoodles said...

Hi guys,
I have been searching high and low for the video of Gusty interviewing Palin on 4/21. I searched on KTVA's webiste, their youtube channel, and google. I tried searching the blog but at this point I have to get some work done! I would be most grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you!

Sunshine1970 said...

This is an addition to my post above....I don't know if it means anything, but going through the Sarah Palin images over on the ADN site, if I'm reading their URL's correctly, for images, it gives the year & date when the image was uploaded. So when I go here: Thumbnail view of ADN photos. Click to get a larger version of the image, then right click on it and (in Firefox) choose Copy Image Location and paste it into the address bar. (In IE, right click on the image, go to Properties, then in the Properties dialogue box, look at the Address. Copy & paste it into the address bar.

In the URL it'll say something like this: "" Most of them from this particular photo album are labeled as /2008/08/29 but there are a few /2008/08/31 and also /2008/09/03. Seems there was a ton of activity to upload as many images of Palin as possible. The X-Mas one seems to be in two folders. The one on the above site has the date of /2008/08/29 but the one from Karion's page she links to says /2008/03/09. So someone over at the ADN didn't delete that image from the first folder when it was moved over to the /2008/08/29. Don't know what it means, but thought I'd point it out....Maybe someone out there who's more tech savvy can delve into it a bit more...? I took a screencap of the image & URL together so in case it mysteriously disappears in the next few days/weeks there is a record there was an image at one time...

annamarie said...


1) Sarah, Willow and Bristol all attended the AHA luncheon in Fairbanks on February 15. There is video of Sarah, Piper and (it appears) Willow at the Iron Dog race on February 16, also in Fairbanks. It seems utterly unlikely that the girls would attend such an event if either of them was 7-months pregnant, or had just given birth to a pre-mature infant.

Just a couple of thoughts. I know that it's been reported that all (3) daughters attended the luncheon on 2/15/08 but is there any photographic evidence of this anywhere? I really don't take Sarah Palin's word on anything these days especially after all her creative expense reporting regarding her daughters at events.

Also I agree a baby probably couldn't be hid for months and months, but we now have a very good example of how a baby can be 'hid' as there is now a 10 day old baby that no one has seen hide or hair of. I'm beginning to see that 'hiding' a baby in Alaska isn't all that hard at all apparently.

Alex said...


My point is that a capable journalist can take all of audrey's work (giving her credit), as well as contact and pursue the prime players for comment and interviews. Then that person can write a story Vanity Fair or some other MM vehicle would buy.

We can wait for someone to break silence. Or a journalist can bug a player into spilling something.

But clearly nobody's stalking the Palin camp. They're swarming the Travoltas, the Pitt-Jolies, Caroline Kennedy, the Obamas, the crazy Illinois gov.

It was a mostly facitious remark on my part, but a wishful one. I had tried to interest my NYTimes writer friend, Bill. That's when he told me that nobody in NY cares about Sarah Palin.

Craig said...

All this talk about journalists and MSM hesitancy to put their credibility on the line by promoting this conspiracy story may have a degree of truth to it. Though I would submit that if the evidence of this deception was as obvious as many tend to proclaim, they would have pursued it by now, especially since much of the grunt work was already accomplished.

But okay, let's just say that they are still uncomfortable with running such a story right now. The blogosphere has no such editorial limitations, soucing requiremnets, or ethical dilemas to overcome. Yet even they are not picking up on the work being done by their fellow bloggers, and linking that work to larger audiences, thus building the internet buzz to drawn the attention of other media sources to the details of the story.

One could surmise that even these more influencial bloggers don't see the "evidence" as being as compelling as others do.

But, it could be that if a post was created that documented all the most damming information gathered, and it was put in a easy-to-follow timeline format, that Audrey and company could send a link to this post to any number of liberal bloggers who have previously expressed interest in the Palin saga. Then let them post a story and a link on the "interesting work" being done regarding Palin's baby deception. This would draw the interest of other high-profile bloggers, who would piggyback onto that link as well. And off it goes.....

But this risks the idea of having to face the potential conclusion that if no real interest develops within the liberal blogosphere in response to the "state of the investigation" posting, it could mean this evidence is not nearly as obvious or damming as many believe it to be.

Alex said...

I'm SO glad yall brought up that Christmas photo where Bristol looks pregnant.

I remember the first time I saw it, I thought What kind of mother lets her teenage daughter be seen that way in an official portrait?

I thought-- OK, if that's chubbiness, then-- were I the Gov-- I'd redo the photo and have Bristol wear something less tight. Teach her something about decorum.

Then I thought But it sure looks like Bristol IS visibly pregnant and her blinder-driven mom is clueless.

And then the dates got changed on the photos. And it the photo became just one more bit of Palin madness.

In the Christmas photo, that child is pregnant. And she's telling her mother to go to hell.

Anonymous said...

The Newsweek link( is video of palin last march. She sits legs crossed and hunched over the whole time while talking.

However, this is edited video. The videographer's name and company name are shown to be: Randy Juergenson/Audio Video West, Inc.

Has anyone contacted him? He certainly has video of her walking on and off stage and probably alot more.

possum said...

Has anyone seen any pictures of Tripp yet???? Of course, they could always be manufactured... OK let me rephrase - has anyone actually seen the baby yet??????
just askin'...

Anonymous said...

Audrey has proven conclusively that this photo:

the Bristol's supposed baby bump is from 2006. She has concurrent photos from ADN where they are ALL wearing the same clothes and the year is 2006.

I, too, was fooled as Piper does look older in this photo than more recent ones, but she just looks that way.

This photo is a dead-end that I encourage everyone else to avoid. The only probative aspect I see in this photo is how quickly Willow matured from 2006 to 2007 to 2008. Willow's maturity during that period is one reason I continue to postulate that she could be Trig's mother. That, and there's no evidence which excludes her. And, like Bristol, she has no alibi.

One additionla item that I always found strange: Willow is attributed as being the first to comment that by his appearance Trig had DS. Besides the doctors and nurses (and perhaps the father), using the mother is the first person to see her child. Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Regarding “Little me January 7 @ 10:36, and Anon January 6, 2009 8:02 PM

With these two posts: case closed.

To me the mis-dated picture of Bristol: tells the whole story. There he is, Little Trig. I would say more like 5 mo. along
As per Little me. “Seems like the pic was mis-dated and was actually taken in 2007!”
Actually, I did see the picture on line before the date was switched.

Regarding Anon January 6, 2009 8:02 PM

Yes, yes I agree Trig was not born April 18, 2008.

I am the one who frequently posts:

I really don’t think Bristol ever planned to put her baby up for adoption. (could have, of course,) but the unexpected birth of a premature DS baby took the family by surprise. Surely this situation was more than a single youngster could deal with, so Sarah announced she was pregnant. She had about five weeks to pull off her little deception because the baby needed to be hospitalized and grow.

By the way- Teen age girls do have DS babies. Our family knows first hand.

In regard to the wild ride story,
MC @ January 1, 2009 1:28 PM has a great post. He said in part “But time was running out on her to realistically present Trig to the world as “newborn.” So she concocted this silly story, never realizing it would make her look bad and attract attention exactly where she didn’t want it. The lady is, after all, not that bright.”

So continue to search we must, but the answer in right there in that picture,

Morgan said...

Alex said:

"My point is that a capable journalist can take all of audrey's work (giving her credit), as well as contact and pursue the prime players for comment and interviews. Then that person can write a story Vanity Fair or some other MM vehicle would buy."

Alex, I think that's exactly what's going to eventually happen. But I think when it does the press is going to swoop in and scavenge this story for the juiciest pieces and make it sound like they were working on it all along.

Like you, I have friends who work for the NYT. I used to work for a NYT-owned paper and approached a trusted editor only to be pretty much blown off. I mean, he didn't even want to look at the evidence.

It was highly disappointing and I think part of the problem is that the press - for lack of a better word - is Obama-whipped.

I'm not saying that to be disparaging to Obama. I voted for the guy and couldn't be happier that he won. But early on he declared candidates kids off-limits and set the tone for a squeamishness in the press that has yet to be overcome.

But now Sarah isn't a candidate, although she is a contender and the more we dig into this story the harder it's going to be for the press to ignore.

Don't doubt for a moment that this will not eventually see the light of day in the MSM. It will, although I'm sure Craig will disagree with me on that point. :-)

All it will take is one respected person in the MSM to stand up and say that the Empress Has No Clothes. If that happens, then I think you'll see a flood of other journalists will follow suit.

It will not only be a big story, it will be a popular, revenue-generating story. If they see some other media outlet test the public waters without getting boiled alive they will jump right in, too.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate Craig as a voice of moderation in this discussion, but once again I have to disagree with his logic.

Whether people view the evidence as conclusive or not, and how many see it either way, has no impact on the truth of the matter.

If the MSM and 'liberal bloggers' decide they don't find the evidence compelling enough to pursue, and have simply accepted that Sarah is Trig's mother despite the lack of evidence to prove that assertion, doesn't impact us at all. I don't subscribe to group-think when my own logical mind tells me that the group is either wrong or disinterested.

Investigative reporting via outlets that have more resources than we do is welcomed. But we're not going to allow others to decide for us what is the truth or not. Many MSM have proclaimed our theory debunked when it hasn't been. Many MSM have asserted that we are crazy, but we are not. MSM bought into the Iraq-has-WMD nonsense, when the evidence was clearly telling a contrary story.

This investigation would be over in five minutes with access to SP's medical records. Period. That's all we've wanted from the start, and I don't give a damn about HIPAA or her privacy. My position is she waved that when she lied about her circumstances and ran for national office.

Show me headers from her pre-natal visits -- I don't need the gory details -- and I'll admit that we were wrong. But if she wants us to simply accept her word that she is that kid's mother, she doing a horrible job in convincing us.


Punkinbugg said...

Did anybody watch Kathy Griffin on CNN New Year's Eve night? She asked Anderson Cooper if he could name the five Palin children. He tried, but only came up with 2 or 3...and then she rattled them off without looking at her card... like any of us would be able to.

Wonder if she's got the *nerve* to ask the same questions we have? She certainly has the First Amendment dream team lawyers in her back pocket, just in case!

ocean said...

This picture is dated February 19th weeks before Palin announced her pregnancy. This must have been the first time she tried the scarf trick because, really, who wears an orange scarf when the jacket is trimmed in pink?!?!

From Wilemore's photos

wayofpeace said...

i can't believe it BUT i must agree with CRAIG on this.

i've been thinking the same thing:

a new website could be set up with just the most compelling information and graphic analysis.

all displayed in clear and sequential manner.

reason being: i've been thinking about sending this website link to KO at MSNBC but i think it would require way too much effort for someone to navigate the avalanche of data here.

maybe even transfer the images and text unto a video, make it go viral thru YOUTUBE.

Anonymous said...

Dangerous, January 7, 2009 2:15 PM

No, I don't think it is from 2006. If you compare the picture with the official inauguration picture, you can see clearly that the kids seem much older. Besides, Bristol, in the inauguration picture, is flat-as-a-board.

Jennifer said...

I agree that Trig was born on April 18 to account for the crazy flight back to Alaska.

However....I think that they found out about the DS in February, when Bristol had her car accident. At that point, they would have run tests to determine whether there was any injury to the fetus. Tests woudl have shown DS (which can now be seen on some high-tech ultrasound machines, detected by certain curvature of the neck. I had this test run at Cedars Sinai in L.A. when I was pregnant. An Amnio is not the only method of detection.)

So they find out that Bristol's baby has DS the day of the car accident, and at that point, Sarah decides to adopt the baby, and starts faking the pregnancy.

That's my timeline, and I'm sticking with it.

Suspicious said...

Craig says "it could be that if a post was created that documented all the most damming information gathered, and it was put in a easy-to-follow timeline format, that Audrey and company could send a link to this post to any number of liberal bloggers who have previously expressed interest in the Palin saga."

I don't know about you, people, but this suggestion from Craig rings little alarm bells in my head. I've come to the conclusion Craig works for Sarah--why else would he take the time to follow this blog and write so many long, articulate comments trying alternately to discourage us or to lead us off track (as in his silly DS posts). NOW he's suggesting Audrey put together a portfolio to present?

I don't mean to insult MKaiser, TX, who has been posting links to her manipulated photos on the other thread and has what LOOKS like some impressive evidence. But I want to remind everyone we don't know if this woman is genuine, or that what she's doing can actually be repeated or isn't in fact a fraud itself. I'm reminded of the operatives who suckered Dan Rather with forged documents on Bush's National Guard service, thus effectively killing what was a genuine story of his dereliction of duty.

So, beware. We have one shot at this, and one shot only. We can't blow it.

mc-midnightcajun said...

Here's the original comment from the other thread, for the video that ran on 21 April, with Gusty doing a story on Sarah, Todd, and Trig showing up to "work".

palin pregnancy truth said...
More video I haven't seen:

January 5, 2009 10:02 PM

Anonymous said...

So I bought the January 12th issue of "People" today at the grocery check-out line and there is an article called "A Baby For Bristol" but there are still no pictures of Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. People magazine reports that he was born on Saturday, December 27th and weighed 7 bs. 7 oz. I wonder what happened to the other story that he was born at 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, December 28th and weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz.

Anonymous said...

Could it be possible since Todd is a native alaskan the birth could have happened at the native hospital in anchorage. They are considered a different government and could probably hide the birth better than a US hospital.

Sarah flew into Alaska as planned. Picked Bristol and the baby up at the native hospital and went to Mat-Su and declared the baby born?

I am cofident that Sarah Knew before she left for Texas that she would be flying home and picking a baby up.

Dinky P

luna1580 said...

dangerous just said it, but that "bristol bump" pic has been shown NOT to be from a relevant time frame.

i want to remind people that this blog is attached to audrey's WEBSITE which came before the blog:

or just click at the top right of the blog where it says "site home page"

at the bottom there is a whole category of bristol "bump" pics and when they where taken, etc. look at it.

i remember reading comments on here (it was way back, they could be found with a domain specific google search, but i'm not bothering) that there is actually GREAT DEMAND by adoptive families for DS kids. if this is true (and i think it may be) then placing trig in an adoptive home would have always stayed on the table and all the people saying "well b's planned adoption fell through because he came out w/DS" need to drop that particular idea.

i just googled "adopt a down syndrome baby" and TONS of stuff comes up, without even clicking anything, some of the search page blurbs say "waiting for a downs syndrome baby" "waiting for a special baby" etc. so i'm inclined to think the commentors who mentioned that these babies ARE NOT hard to place were right.


Anonymous said...

Re: the 2006 xmas pic. It takes place in their new house, and the next pic in the stream is Sarah and Todd in front of the new house. When was it completed?
Dangerous, I know you have looked at a lot of info on how they built it, when did they build it?

Rachel said...

annamarie said...
Just a couple of thoughts. I know that it's been reported that all (3) daughters attended the luncheon on 2/15/08 but is there any photographic evidence of this anywhere? I really don't take Sarah Palin's word on anything these days especially after all her creative expense reporting regarding her daughters at events.
It wasn't just SP's word:
"The organizer of an American Heart Association luncheon on Feb. 15 in Fairbanks said Palin asked to bring daughter Piper to the event, and the organizer said she was surprised when Palin showed up with daughters Willow and Bristol as well.

The three Palin daughters shared a room separate from their mother at the Princess Lodge in Fairbanks for two nights, at a cost to the state of $129 per night.

The luncheon took place before Palin’s husband, Todd, finished fourth in the 2,000-mile Iron Dog snowmobile race, also in Fairbanks. The family greeted him at the finish line.

When Palin showed up at the luncheon with not just Piper but also Willow and Bristol, organizers had to scramble to make room at the main table, said Janet Bartels, who set up the event.

“When it’s the governor, you just make it happen,” she said."

I don't know why they would make up that- especially since the article detailed how SP was charging the state to drag her kids along.

Anonymous said...

This is off and on topic.
Photoshopping celebrity children.

Anonymous said...


I think I remember Audrey researching this Christmas photo. But I still find it strange that the date changed from 2007 to 2006.
And wouldn't you think that if someone was going to change the date of this picture to 2006 that they would have enough sense to change all other photos with those same outfits to 2006 as well?

I agree with the one of the bloggers on a link above , kids don't age backwards. This Christmas picture shows older kids than that inauguration picture and they can't both be around Christmas of 2006.

I still find this strange.

Ivyfree said...

With regard to reporters and the elusive Trig birth story: One thing I've noticed is an astonishing lack of reporters willing to do any digging. For 8 years I've listened to reporters recite what some winger has told them and if they ever said WTF to what they were told, it never hit the news. It's entirely possible that the newsies are doing what they do so well: they've been told something- they repeat it.

Plus, lots of people recognize that SP is a total loon and don't see her as a plausible candidate for 2012. (I tend to fall into this category, but I'm here for the schadenfreude.) Therefore, whatever crazy thing she does isn't of much interest to them- she's a has-been.

Finally, just because Audrey is doing yeoman's work gathering this information doesn't mean the left wing blogosphere is reading it. She has lots of readers, I know, but basically the people who are reading here are people who are interested in SP and Alaska and that excludes lots of bloggers who, amazingly like human beings, aren't going to be looking around for information that they either aren't interested in or aren't aware is even there- I got here from Mudflats; I've not seen links to here from any of the other political blogs I read. And this story is freaking BIZARRE. How many of us have said something like "I didn't think it was possible but when you look at the photographs and read the information Audrey's collected, it convinced me." Lots of reporters, bloggers and ordinary people aren't going to go out of their way to look for information regarding a has-been and a weird story that is so incredibly unlikely- besides, "hasn't all that been debunked?"

I totally see why the story isn't going farther at this point. But because it isn't going farther doesn't mean it's not true. It just means that people haven't seen the same data we have,looked at the same photos, read the same statements, or just can't get past the "that's too weird to be true" mindset.

It IS too weird to be true. Only it seems to be true, regardless.

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody,

I posted an image a few days ago in which I thought that there were two different vanishing points in the Palin/Gusty photo.

I read some of the discussion since then, and re-did my work, trying to be more accurate by using a different program for drawing my lines, zooming in closer, going by the sides of the white dots or squares or whatever they are. The more time I spent on it the more I realized how hard it is to be accurate because of the image resolution.

On other hand, I think that my new image is more accurate, and it show a single vanishing point. There's some variability but basically all the lines do end up clustered or crossing (vanishing) near each other.

Sorry for any confusion and leading anyone down the wrong path or hallway.

I'm excited about what the filter analysis is showing. I think you're really on to something. Keep the heat on.

The Vanisher

I've posted this new link in the last three threads because I don't want anyone to miss my re-do. It turns out to be easier to construt a composition starting from a vanishing point than it is to find the vanishing point when all you've got is blurry photo.

Alex said...


We're totally in agreement about this. I had only joked that instead of hiring a PI, we band together and hire an out-of-work journalist, since there are so many.

I'm overwhelmed by the evidence, but I've been following Audrey's posts and the comments since Sept or Oct. I would love nothing more than to read a beautiful summary of all the current evidence and theories, along with a timeline!

Right now it's all in my brain like a tangle. Or as I tell my husband, it's like following the installments of a Dickensian serial. Once I used that analogy, he totally got it.

Cheers to you and your moderation!

palin pregnancy truth said...

I posted this (with a bunch of other links) in the last thread but figured I should repost it.

This photo is dated April 13th, 2008 and she appears to be wearing the same suit. Her hair looks different:

Anonymous said...

SP is wearing that white/black bracelet in the Gusty photo and in the "Bristol with baby bump photo" from ADN.

SP decided to wear the fake pillow belly for the LEAST amount of time because of the hassle it would be to maintain that ruse for months on end. She probably decided from the get-go that she would have a "premature birth" so she wouldn't have to wear that stuffy hot phony thing any longer than needed to pull off her hoax.


Anonymous said...

Don't know which would be the most appropriate thread to leave this on so I'll put it on the last 3 latest on the blog. Not to stir up any more controversy surrounding the birth of Tripp and no records at the hospital, BUT I just visited our local paper, The Frontiersman, and found this article (could Sarah's tentacles truly be this far reaching? Could she possibly have the influence to change the entire modus operandi for this entire hospital regarding birth announcements? Have their website hits been that high for birth announcements around 12/27 or 12/28 that they just had to decide to shut it all down? Following is the link to the article:
Alicia in Wasilla

Carol said...

Please, Audrey, would you include a Paypal donation button? Even if you don't want to? I am one of the many (I suspect) who can offer little in the way of technical or analytical expertise, but who feel passionate about this cause and who want contribute in whatever way possible. I am happy to contribute money and I will feel mightily vindicated when all your hard work is finally recognized.

Craig said...

Sorry if this was already mentioned, but you guys should go over to the Hot Air website and check out the Sarah Palin interview.

It's not going to answer any of the questions that people have around here, though it will throw most into a tizzy!!

She directly talks about the Trig rumours and that it still persists today. Her State press office still gets requests for info on Trig's birth!

But again, until there is true pressure put on her, she has zero need to provide any desired proof.

leu2500 said...

re Sunshine 1970 and the pictures she's linked to, Oriole, and others: v. interesting thoughts on the photos.

Somewhere on this site is a link to some pictures after Sarah was elected Gov, including pictures/ video of Sarah & Piper where they are inspecting decorations/ gingerbread houses at the Gov mansion (If I was better at searching, I'd find & link to). Since Sarah took office 4 Dec 06, that gives us a 1 month window to compare the inagural picture to (

What always struck me about this picture ( is how Bristol is apart from the rest of the family and unhappy. I've seen other pictures were she seems apart and unhappy. I always chalked it up to she was unhappy about her mom being governor, the spotlight, etc. But with the questions about the age progression, maybe something else is making her an outsider...

Anonymous said...


You got it! In my opinion, Craig, GraceR and possibly S in Chgo are closet Palinites.

I have called them out several times. Unless they have some 'real' proof that Sarah gave birth to Trig, I think we should just ignore them.

The naked truth is always chasing a well-dressed lie.

Anonymous said...


"I know of no other public, indoor event with the Palin girls on display in the critical time frame."

The girls were supposed to attend a Reading Session with SP at the Weller School in Fairbanks after the Heart Association Luncheon. There are no photos of this event either............

Anonymous said...


Sarah looks stoned in that pic. I wonder how Todd broke his hand?

Dinky P

KaJo said...

I don't know if this belongs in this "Comments, more or less" topic, or over in the "Photo discussion" topic, but I'll post it both places, because...

Take a look at the first of the 3 sites I've given tinyurls for below. That first site describes the Empathy Belly vs. its nearest competitor, the Pregnancy Simulator.

I think I found the pad Sarah Palin originally tried out when she did the video with Elan Frank.

Boy, I'll bet she couldn't wait for that FedEx delivery from Birthways (empathy belly) to come, cuz it's WAY more authentic!


Comparison site:

Empathy Belly:

Pregnancy Simulator:

Kat said...

Regarding the adoptability of DS babies, all of this is only so much speculation, but the theory (my theory, at least) is that a private adoption had been arranged, quietly, and then fell through. A private adoption can be very private, an agreement between good friends, handled by a lawyer known to both parties. Even if someone had the wherewithal to start arranging another adoption, it's highly unlikely it could have been kept entirely under wraps. And maybe darker motives were at work, as others have suggested. I'm not convinced of this --the nutcase woman I know does a lot of jaw-dropping things, but she is not a complete monster--but it is possible. Anyway, the point is that "this just doesn't make sense" or "there's no conceivable reason anyone would do that" arguments are easily countered, and in this case, plausible scenarios, complete with timelines, etc, are all too easy to construct. Scenarios, that is, that are consistent with the World According to Audrey. It's the official party line that defies imagination.

KaJo said...

Vanisher (@ 1/7/08 5:17 PM) , the last part of your URL didn't get posted...namely, the .jpg part. I got to the picture using

or converted to tinyurl,


P.S., thanks, I replaced my copy of your previous pic with this one.

Kit said...

I just want to bring up another way of looking at the some of the motivations in the Palin household. Sarah is the kind of person who is used to pretty much getting her way and who doesn't pay too much attention to the kids or their needs. She hid Bristol's pregnancy because it served her interests to *appear* to be a good mother and to give the impression that her ideas about abstinence education worked (when neither is true). Maybe she just *assumed* that she could order Bristol to give up her baby when it was born. But Bristol is a little more fiery than her mother knew (she's been a rule breaker from way back, after all) and when Trig was born (maybe in February or March) she refused to give him up. She may have said to Sarah, "If you try to take my baby away, I will tell everyone about it." So to keep Bristol quiet, Sarah had to quickly come up with the fake pregnancy scam so that Trig could stay in the family with Bristol. The wild ride story may have been because Bristol forced the issue in some way ("I want to go out of the house/prison with my baby now.") This is just speculation, but it avoids the idea that DS babies aren't adoptable (they are) and that a failed adoption was the motivatin for the faked pregnancy. Maybe the whole scam was a compromise between Bristol and Sarah so that Bristol got to keep her baby and Sarah got to keep up the appearance that is so important to her. Neither of them knew then that the story would get so out of hand.

Craig said...


That viral idea is a GREAT one! Look at how the 9/11 truthers used that Loose Change video to greatly expand their ideas to a much bigger audience. (Don't get me started on those guys though!)

I'm just saying that with so many people voicing such certainty that they have a slam-dunk case on Sarah right now, that it is put up or shut up time. You can decide to be content to be a little-known community of conspiracy chasers, or you can do what it takes to raise your proof to the next level.

Surely there are some video editors and other creative types who visit here or who are friends with those who are.

Frankly, people's money would be better served for that project, than for some P.I. to potentially waste your funding.

But if no one is that ambitious, the "best of" posting that I mentioned is another way to really see if what you have collected really has any legs or not.

Yes, I believe in a different truth than you guys do. But if so many people are as certain of the evidence as they claim to be, why not take that next step of faith and put your best case forward for others to judge?

Even at the risk of discovering that the influencers in the media and the blogosphere don't see the same value in your proof as you do.

And no, Suspicious, I don't work for Sarah! LOL!!!

Craig said...

I admit that "put up or shut up" is a bit of an inartful phrasing, as Obama would say! I'm not suggesting that you have to go away if you don't take the next step.

But if people are confident in their proof, you have to try to get noticed in order to be noticed.

Lister said...

Without naming any names, I would like to metion the concept of "disinformation." Disinformation is a tactic used to throw people off; it is deliberately erroneous information put forth to cover up the facts.

There are some posters on here who seem to be all about disinformation: "Look over here! It will not help your current focus, but it will waste your time!"

I hope that we can all learn to discern.

RW said...

Anon@11;04am said...
Mat-Su Hospital will no longer be providing birth announcements to local news outlets:
January 7

The RECENT list showing 'all' births--to include the month of DEC, which did not include trig--was posted OL the last few days.
The paper decided no more and rolled over.

For me, I dont know that I, or we, need ANY of SPs med records.
Simply, what is needed is someone to own both(given)preg pictures.
As in...I took them, I was there.
So far there is no comment, at all.

Anyone trying to hook 9/11 people in this SP debacle is suspicious: They are two entirely separate things.

Spec as to why SP split far the only thing that makes sense is the evening gown wearing, that she could not possibly do at that event.
A gown would have shown way too much of her bod.
(as someone earlier noted a few days back.)

RW said...

As for lack of MSM....some are picking up on tidbits of this saga.

Anonymous said...

Mentally unstable.

I think one of the reasons those of us who continue this attempt to reveal sarah Palins deceptions is that we see a mentally unstable person who came close to having her finger on nuclear bombs and sees it as gods will.

Remember again what she said about Putin rasing his head in our air space, or some darn thing like that.

Yes, its truely difficult to believe a govenor would pull some of the stunts Sarah Palin has pulled. People do not yet realize, the govenor of Alaska is mentally unstable, and very, very dangerous.

I see no need to rush to play our cards. Sara is not stable, and will make a lot more blunders. We should not play our cards until they are complete. We will know the time when it comes.

I do think that the people of Alaska are going to be our greatest helpers.

So I say, resist calls to make a move with our information. We will know when the time is right.

Anonymous said...

I believe the DS was a total surprise, discovered when Trig was born, and that there was no amniocentesis. And I'm still not sure Trig has DS, it could be FAS.
I do not believe that CB-J told Sarah to go ahead and give her speech.
She had to make it so that nobody would question the birth, so she distracted by giving insanely vivid and vividly insane details of the labour.

I bet she thought that secret would never leave Wasilla.

Don't give Sarah Palin any more power than she already wants. She is still human, and she likely has a personality disorder (I am leaning towards malignant narcissism like most everyone here) that permits her to think nobody knows she's lying.
There is no elaborate hoax that everyone is covering for. Only a few people need to be involved and there may not even be too much talking about this or "scheming" amongst the Palins. This is a secret, so it is quiet, and I would bet it's only discussed when it has to be, and Willow and Piper are probably mostly in the dark. I think Track knows, and that's part of why he was sent away.
They put one foot in front of the other just like everyone else. It's just hard for us to understand how someone could live that way, with such a big closet skeleton, so it seems either unbelievable, or movie-style plotted. It's a simple, backwoods family secret. It'll come out and I really want it to, because it's best for the US if a hypocrite has little to no political power, but moreso because I want to believe there's hope for some of the family involved.
My thanks to Audrey and all who devote their time to exposing the truth.

Kay said...

Well I am still enjoying the soap opera of the Palin/Johnston clan. My conspiracy theory that Trig’s birthparents are TRACK PALIN AND SHERRY JOHNSTON has yet to be debunked…so I’m sticking with it until “concretely” proven otherwise. It was reported that Sherry Johnston is going thru a divorce and on medical disability. I hope we will get to find out more about this “disability” she has and when did this “disability” start? Does anyone know how and when Kodi Johnston passed away? That would help to figure out the Johnston’s “state of mind” part of this puzzle. I think it is great that THERE IS A KEITH JOHNSTON AND HE DOES SPEAK VIA PHONE TO THE PRESS. Thanks for coming out of the woodwork Mr. Johnston. Oh and did you get to keep your job because you “Took one for team Sarah?”; you know…well Mr. Johnston looks like your boy is going to have to step down but if you don’t link the governor to us and say you got him the job…you can keep your job and all is forgiven…oh and we have someone on the phone for you to talk with? Here is a reason I feel that Trig and Tripp do not have the same parents (this is assuming that Bristol and Levi are the parents of both and that the “Tripp” is even born)…I’ll bet both these two young ones “slept around”…odds of both sets of parents letting it happen to the same kids twice without “doing the right thing and gettin’ hitched”…possible yes but with those attitudes…probably not. The shock was that the Palin/Johnston had a double scare and they were managing the first one and oops another one hit…SH#$ hit the fan when Bristol came up pregnant with “Levi’s” baby after Sherry Johnston was pregnant with Track’s baby. And we all know that Ms. Palin can’t think on her feet very well, hence, all the weird explanations for every part of the birth of Trig. This is for the Johnston boys (one whom is now unemployed) since Ms. Palin doesn’t want to come clean with the American people and do what’s right for her family and not herself for once…THE FIRST ONE WHO “SINGS” MAKES THE CASH! SO SING! AND LEVI BEFORE YOU PAY ONE DIME OF CHILD SUPPORT…GET A DNA TEST (or has there been one already?)! This is for Bristol…stay with Ma & Pa Heath! I’m staying patient. And Ms. Palin…does your insurance cover Bristol when she is 18 and wasn’t in school or did you personally cough up the cash for the birth of “Tripp”? I bet the people of Alaska would like to know! Audrey & Company…you are doing a great job, esp. with the pictures. We will all get to the truth…I’m with others on this blog that think you should allow us to contribute money to the “cause”.

Anonymous said...
Littl’ Me has revived my interest in this original “who is pregnant here?” picture, dismissed on the main Palin Deception website some time ago. Littl’ Me and subsequent posters raise two intertwined questions: 1) when was this picture taken? 2) is it relevant to our discussion?
To determine the answer to the first question, ask what year are these kids the ages that are stated in the ADN website caption?
To figure out someone's age in any given year, you subtract the year they were born from the desired year. The number you get, or one less, is the age they could be that year. Consider someone born in the year 2000. In 2001 until their birthday they are 0, then they turn 1, but they will not turn 2 that year. 2001 - 2000 = 1, therefore they are 1 or 0 in 2001.
We have four children to do the math with, which gives us a definite answer.
The Website caption: “Sarah Palin at home with her family in Wasilla, Alaska in 2006. From left is Piper, 5, husband Todd, Willow, 12, and at right is Bristol, 16. Not pictured is Palin's son Track, 17. Trig Palin was born in 2008.”
Their birth years: Track (b. 1989), Bristol (b. 1991), Willow (b. 1995), Piper (b. 2001). Per this website:
In the following years, these kids could be these ages, (or one year less in parenthesis):
2006: 17(16), 15(14), 11(10), and 5(4)
2007: 18(17), 16(15), 12(11), and 6(5)
2008: 19(18), 17(16), 13(12), and 7(6)
Their ages in the picture: 17, 16 ,12 ,and 5.
That leaves only 2007: (17), 16, 12, and (5)
Only in 2007 could the stated ages be true, not in 2006 as claimed on the photo caption. Therefore the caption date is incorrect.
With respect to the second question, Audrey has concluded “no”, but I respectfully beg to differ. Audrey concludes (correctly, I will assume), in the discussion of this picture on her website, that the picture could have been taken no later than October 23, 2007. However, given the bare branches on the tree outside, it could not have been taken much earlier either. She then assumes a May 15 due date for Trig and concludes that Bristol could have been no more than 10 or 11 weeks pregnant even if this is a photo taken in late October 2007, and thus would not have shown a bulge even if Bristol were actually pregnant. However, we have learned to take NOTHING for granted, including the alleged May 15 due date. (Note also the on-going plausible speculation that Trig’s actual birth date was earlier than March 18) Thus we cannot discount the possibility that this is a 14 - 16 week belly. In a skin-tight shirt (her navel is even visible) with hands cupped underneath it, a bulge could certainly be visible on a skinny teenager determined to display it – for whatever reason. For these reasons, I still think this photo is important.

RW said...

Here is an example of MSM making some noise about SP and what she 'does'...
"Last week Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin sought to clear the record regarding the educational status of 18-year-old Levi Johnston..She told The..AP..that he is not a high school dropout; he's taking a correspondence course while working as an electrical apprentice..

....Sunday, a columnist for the Anchorage Daily News questioned how Levi could get an apprenticeship without a diploma....
Yesterday, Levi quit his job with ASRC Energy Services Inc.."

SP did this.
Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments from John Ziegler, who did the recent interview with SP for an upcoming film. His site is below:

"Our interview started early and ended late (ask Barbara Walters how often that happens at this level). The Governor fully answered every question I asked, even though some of them brought up subjects that clearly got her upset and, when the subject turned to her kids being targeted, even a little emotional. She then posed for pictures and signed autographs for the entire crew and casually discussed all sorts of topics, including how the local newspaper is absurdly still trailing the “story” that her youngest son is not really hers at all (this while Todd walked around with Trig on his back and Bristol cared for her newborn in a nearby bedroom; even Trig conspiracy theorist Andrew Sullivan would have had a hard time not seeing the insanity in this)."

Max said...

KaJo (@ Jan 7, 2009 7:26 PM) - I just read the article you linked. It mentions that (for legal liability reasons) neither pregnancy suit can be sold to the general public, only to hospitals and educational centers. Maybe a governor could arrange to borrow an empathy belly from her local childbirth center, but it seems like a silly risk to take. People at the center would remember that she borrowed a suit, and they probably wouldn't let her keep it more than a few days.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone!

Wow, this is interesting indeed!

I am one of those who doesn't believe that Bristol Palin is the biological mother of Trig. Yet I believe Trig was born on an earlier date than Apr 18, 2008.

However, when I saw this pic of the Palin family( Christmas 2007) at,
I started wondering. It's not as much about her belly as it's the way Bristol holds her hands around her belly, just like a pregnant woman.

Could Bristol be pregnant during Christmas 2007?
Is it possible that Sarah Palin travelled to Newyork together with Bristol in Oct 2007, to think of different options? If Bristol was pregnant in Christmas 2007, the family probably knew that she was pregnant in Oct 2007.

I hope Keith Olbermann knows about this blog. Did anyone contact him?

Anonymous said...

To Littl' me at January 7, 2009 10:36 AM. I am unsure of the link for shortening web links but if yuo search google for tiny url it will bring up the link.


Anonymous said...

Dinky P,

Could it be possible since Todd is a native alaskan the birth could have happened at the native hospital in anchorage. They are considered a different government and could probably hide the birth better than a US hospital.

Do they seriously have native and non-native hospitals?! It sounds like Alaska has issues as well and not just SP


Anonymous said...

As Luna 1580 stated i remember reading comments on here (it was way back, they could be found with a domain specific google search, but i'm not bothering) that there is actually GREAT DEMAND by adoptive families for DS kids. if this is true (and i think it may be) then placing trig in an adoptive home would have always stayed on the table and all the people saying "well b's planned adoption fell through because he came out w/DS" need to drop that particular idea.

i just googled "adopt a down syndrome baby" and TONS of stuff comes up, without even clicking anything, some of the search page blurbs say "waiting for a downs syndrome baby" "waiting for a special baby" etc. so i'm inclined to think the commentors who mentioned that these babies ARE NOT hard to place were right.

Whilst I agree with the idea that people were saying about having difficulties for the adoption of a downs baby; I always thought that IF Bristol did give birth to Trig and plan to have him adopted; she went with that plan until he was born, saw her beautiful baby and thought she could never do that to him.


Anita said...

I posted this in an earlier thread a few days ago, but since we're talking possible press expantion, I thought I'd bring my comments forward to this thread:

I, too, like the idea of threads broken down into subjects. My thought is that, if Audrey's site is the one left standing and carrying the 'burden' of keeping this story alive, it has to have easy enough access for new readers that may make their way here.

It's kinda hard right now to send the link to the website and/or blog and say, "Read this! I'm sure you'll find it amazing and want to follow up with your own research!", when every post has 100-300+ comments. Many times Audrey starts the gears in our tired little brains turning with the great blog posts, and the discussion thread has a multitude of good detail - but it's just too haphazard for a 'real' journalist to visit and get caught up on the story.

Audrey, I'm sure there are others besides myself that would be most willing to help you with moderating, sorting, etc. and I KNOW that your loyal readers would feel better being able to contribute some money to the cause ... even if the regular commenters gave $5/each, it would be bound to help out!

Let us do what is possible to help, so that you and your family don't burn out!

regina said...

This is the link to the Hot Air video Craig mentioned:

Ok, so she talks about it, but she uses that soft voice, which at least for me, indicates that she's lying.

It's the same voice as in the Elan Frank video when she muddles through "I managed to hide the pregnancy... I didn't try to hide it... I have amazing tight abs..."

It's the same voice as in the Couric interview "When Putin rears his head..."

If they still get requests for information at the Government's office, how do they respond?

Apart from talking and claiming such requests are ludicrous, there's not one iota of evidence that she really is Trig's mother.

It's a good technique to shut people up, being soooo outraged: "How dare you ask these questions? How ridiculous you are for doubting my word! Of course I'm Trig's mom, it's so obvious! Are you going to believe me, the Governor of the great state of Alaska, or some anonymous bloggers?"

Anonymous said...

I do believe the Gusty pic and 3 amigos pic were photoshopped. Moreover, in the most obvious and low tech comparison imaginable, these pictures could not have been taken April 13 and are thus clearly staged: look at SP's bangs. In every authenticated April 13 shot - say or
her center bangs are waaaaay shorter than in the two staged pictures (which were supposed to be taken that same evening?!)

cs said...

alot of folks have asked why this isnt going more viral..

can Audrey put a digg button on the blog? facebook etc??

if not, later today i will try to manually "digg" the blog..

Anonymous said...

For the person who commented that my work might be fraudulent:

This is the MAIN reason why I tell people what to do in an image editor so that they can achieve the EXACT same results.

I'm not sure if your implication was that I work for SP or whatever but puh-lease be assured that I do not. I am in fact so leery of SP's inexplicable far reach, I use a pseudonym here. I was so nervous at what might 'suddenly happen' to myself or my family if SP got word I was working to disprove her story.

I actually planned to watch the whole thing from the bleachers even tho I did think I could help. It wasn't until Audrey's expert said that the 3 amigos pic showed no signs of alteration that I felt like I HAD to jump in as I felt multiple signs were extremely, obviously present.

I know all you have to go on is my word, which is why I implore anyone and everyone to try these image analysis adjustments themselves. I notice a couple of people have commented about following my settings and getting the same damning results, which I would HOPE proves that my only intent is closing SP's cobbled together walls in on her as efficiently as possible.

I totally understand your skepticism I approve of and encourage any independant confirmation of my results.

I swear on SP's obviously totally ignored Bible..I am one of Audrey's true believers. The woman is honest to God a hero to me.

I have even thought of designing shirts for us all: - NO, it is NOT just you!

MKaiser, TX

wayofpeace said...


Murkowski Would Crush Palin

A new KTUU poll in Alaska shows Gov. Sarah Palin (R) would have a tough fight if she decides to challenge Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) in a primary battle for U.S. Senate.

Murkowski clobbered Palin in the survey, 57% to 33%.

Lady Rose said...

cs - adding the digg button is a good idea, we can also add it manually to stumbleupon (though for that I would recommend adding the official website which includes a link to this blog).

I would also suggest adding a text box to the sidebar that has a big bold link to the official blog with a brief explanation stating that a clear time line and photos are available there since so many commentors keep repeating stuff and asking the same questions who are aware that main website exists.

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