Monday, January 12, 2009

New Post coming soon, but for now..

... a word from our sponsor.

No, just joking, there is no sponsor.

But I do need to announce a change of policy, beginning immediately . Perhaps many of you have been noticing that there has not been a new blog post for some days. You are probably wondering why that is. The short answer is that I have been so overwhelmed with the popularity of this blog - as illustrated by our comments - that two of us, working almost full time, are having a hard time keeping up.

We check every link that is posted. That means the comments that say, "Have you seen these pictures?" are all checked. My most recent post now has in excess of 400 comments. We have rejected hundreds more. Spammers, counting on our exhaustion, are promising great new links of never before seen pictures, and it's true that the pictures have NOT been seen on my site before, but that's because they are of "teenaged barnyard sex" or "hot new Russian brides." Other people - mostly new to the blog - continue to post links to things that have been up on the site (and discussed on the blog) for months. None of you want to know HOW MANY links we still get to the damn Bristol "baby bump" photos. But because they come in with: "Have you seen this?" and a link, we have to check it!

So for this reason, we have turned off the option of anonymous commenting. You now must have a google ID to comment on this blog. They are easy to get and free. We hope that the intelligent discourse that so many appreciate about this blog will continue, yet this policy will slow down the absolute mountain of anonymous comments that are really starting to get in the way of what we are about here.


Alex said...

Hooray, Audrey and Morgan! YES!

Floyd M. Orr said...

Please allow me to be the first one to comment. I have seen quite enough photos of pregnant (or non-pregnant) Bristol and WWWW (the Wicked Witch of Wasilla). What I want to see is an actual photo of Tripp, or else I think it is way past the time that the blogs and/or the MSM should be screaming FOUL! Thank you.

Kathy said...

Getting an acoount; I think it's a smart move on your part since SP has voiced her concern about anonymous bloggers and posters.
The only reason I previously commented "anonymously" was because I didn't even think to have an account.
Now I do! It was easy.
p.s. I appreciate all the hard work that you & your assistants do here.

trish in SW FL said...

Excellent decision, Audrey and assistants!

The sheer volume of comments you get here, shows that there is a definite interest, and it is GROWING.

Yhank you for all you, Morgan, Patrick, etc are doing. I wouldn't even know where to begin!

cooky said...

Glad to see the new policy Audrey.

What I'd like to see is a 'formal' request made to the Governor requesting that she simply state that CBJ attended her at Mat Su Reg Med Center on 4/18/08 as she gave birth to baby boy, Trig Palin and the names of those Mat Su staff attending the birth. I'd like CBJ to confirm that by saying this is 100% correct & true.

If the request is denied, I'd like the Governor of Alaska to explain what the problem is in making that statement.

If she can't do that simple thing I'd like her to get off the pot.

Ohio mom said...

Great idea, Audrey. Thanks so much for continuing the blog and for the many hours that you, Morgan and your other helpers have spent to keep everything up and running.

I was beginning to think that my posts were lost in some strange internet Never Never Land.

Thanks again,

Ohio mom

Vinnie said...


You're doing a fabulous job!! Just do what you think is needed to make this site as good as possible. Your record at doing so already speaks for itself.

I know that the number of comments with irrelevant information, ranting conspiracy theories, or redundant information, was getting to be a little too much.

My only advice would be to reach out to a few of the trusted people (i.e. Patrick) that have proven themselves and allow them to post blog entries. I come hear daily looking for something new. :)

THANKS again!! You go girl!!


MomME said...

Slight correction - the other thresd (Thanks.. but no Thanks) has over 500 comments (not 400), an even greater statement about the level of interest and concern regarding this topic.

Keep up the excellent work, all of you who refuse to give up the search for the truth!! And MANY thanks for all you do -

Vinnie said...

I also wanted to add that something has clicked where this site is getting much, much more exposure. I honestly think this story will find its way out of the obscure 'anonymous blogger' realm before long. Post this URL anywhere you see people talking about Sarah. Let's keep this pressure going.

(I know this probably qualifies as an obvious and redundant comment, but it felt so good to write it.) :)

sandra said...

Thank you for adding this. Interesting that it became necessary.

sandra in oregon

Gwynedd said...

I am so pleased that you've decide to do this. I have long been impressed by the overall quality of the comments on this far removed from the blathering going on at other politically-based sites on both sides of the aisle.

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Lilybart said...

There are three reasons we have not seen Tripp:

1) they are waiting for a money deal

2) Bristol is pissed off and won't be part of her mother's circus anymore.

3) Tripp who?

Ennealogic said...

@Audrey and Morgan, good move!

@Lilybart, your "Tripp who?" is so cute and spot on!

TO the readers here, I'm looking for a picture or a video that was taken in Sarah Palin's home. You can see this antlered deer head on the wall, fairly high up above a fireplace. You can see the second floor hall or landing, protected by a railing. (The living room must have a cathedral ceiling.) Does anyone know where this image comes from? I'd love to look at it again.

To keep from posting links in your comments, you can just e-mail it to me - my address is behind the link in my Blogger username. Thanks!

Fauve said...

Audrey, Morgan, and "staff",

Thanks again for all your work. I have posted a number of times under a "name" but had no problem establishing my google login and am glad that this will help de-fang the Palinites who would love to disrupt this thread and the discussion.

An FYI: I did hear on the YoungTurks over the weekend that Cenk Uygur referred to PalinDeception (though not by name), stating that the information here was definitely persuasive. Although he's already pretty much dismissed Palin as a "nut-case", he did say "boy, I saw those pics ... NO WAY was she 7-8 mos pregant." I believe that any sane person viewing them will reach the same conclusion. The trick is to get people to LOOK and UNDERSTAND. Considering the uptick on this blog since I first started posting here in Oct, I'd say we're now getting MANY MORE looks.

Sarah (I know you're reading this), the truth is so much easier to remember than are lies; you've built yourself quite a s---pile of lies. Best to come clean sooner than later.

CasaCalvo said...

Can I add my voice to the accolades? Thank you very much for everything y'all are doing. While I hardly post a comment I read this blog every day and I too am impressed with the quality and integrity of this blog. So in full disclosure in case anyone is interested (which I doubt) I posted previously as Eva in New Orleans and am now CasaCalvo. Keep up the good work.

Alex said...

How to Register to Post here, in case you don't know. Like Audrey said, it's quick, free, easy, and anonymous.

1. Go to and register a free gmail address for yourself.

2. Then go to and register using your new gmail address. You'll be able to choose a profile name. And make sure you choose not to have your gmail made public.

There may be an easier way to do this-- but it's how I did it.

xenusmith said...

I am here under my long standing Google Account. Nice idea, Audrey.

Sunshine1970 said...

Audrey, Morgan et al

You guys rock. Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do :)

learningcurve said...

What's Andrew Halcro talking about here?

Meanwhile the governor's spokesman is on the phone to a local reporter who has called to inquire about rumors swirling around about the governor's daughter and her boyfriend who have just become proud parents. The type of rumors that could land a huge payday from inquiring minds.

Consider yourself fortunate because the governor hasn't even returned the phone calls of Barabara Walters or Chris Matthews, the former news reporter turned press flack says to the young local reporter.


The whole article is a riot, you should check it out.

Craig said...

I was wondering when you would finally have to require registration! Good call.

Duncan said...

Audrey & Team,

Job well done. This site has come quite a ways from the postings with just one or two comments.

Molly said...

You know, if SP has not lied about either Trig or Tripp, she'd have no need to worry about what some bloggers were speculating about. If, on the other hand, it's NOT true that she gave birth to little Trig, then I could see being worried and lurking here on the boards (certainly not on government time, though) to see if her secret was about to be blown. Also, too, if she was actually doing work as a governor, plus taking care of Trig and perhaps helping out with "Tripp", one might think she wouldn't have time to surf the web.

"Falsis in unum, falsis in omnibus"--Molly

CasaCalvo said...

learningcurve said...
What's Andrew Halcro talking about here?

When I read this in context of the piece I thought it was in reference to Trig not Tripp.

GinaM said...

Wow...this is the best blog I have ever read. Keep up the good work. And as for you Sarah Palin(and I know you are reading this because you see your name mentioned). You're going DOWN. Wink Wink.

wayofpeace said...

just for the hell of it i did a google search with 'sarah palin did not birth trig': as you can expect, it got thousands of hits.

by clicking on the 40th page, the headlines kept coming up. so, the 'story' is viral.

anyway, i found the first NYT story on it in page 38. here are the main points. even when you read them now, it boggles the mind:

The New York Times 9/8/2008

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin rushed home from a Republican Governors Association conference in Grapevine in April to give birth to her son, Trig. Ms. Palin and her husband kept the pregnancy secret for seven months ...

Most of the guests, along with the rest of Alaska, had learned that Palin was pregnant only a few weeks before.

She hid the pregnancy. She traveled to Texas a month before her due date to give an important speech, delivering it even though she suspected her amniotic fluid was leaking. Three days after giving birth, she returned to work.

some accuse her of exploiting Trig for political gain.

As Palin's clothes grew tighter, Alaskans began to talk. She told several aides that she was pregnant, and a week or so later, her parents and her children..

On March 5, as she was leaving her office for a reception, she shared the news with three reporters.

“We're expanding,” the governor said brightly, according to an aide, Sharon Leighow.

“You're expanding state government?” one of the reporters asked.

“No, my family's expanding,” she said. “I'm pregnant.”

The trio fell silent, dropping their eyes from the governor's face to her belly.

“You're kidding,” one finally mustered.

The next day, her office issued a minimalist masterpiece of a press release, conveying the news in three curt sentences.

In mid-April, Palin and her husband flew to Texas for an energy conference with fellow Republican governors. The trip was planned long in advance, but with days to go, Palin, a little-known governor from a faraway state, was asked to speak to her peers.

Around 4 a.m. on the day of her presentation, Palin stirred in her hotel room to an unusual sensation. She guessed she was leaking amniotic fluid, she told The Anchorage Daily News. She woke her husband and called her doctor back home. Go ahead and give the speech, said the doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, who declined to comment for this article.

So Palin marched through the day. “Nobody knew a thing,” said Linda Lingle, the governor of Hawaii. “I only found out from my security detail on the way home that she had gone into labor and that she had gone home to Alaska.”

In fact, Palin was not yet in labor, and her doctor thought she had time. So the governor flew to Seattle, continued on to Anchorage and then drove to a small hospital near her hometown, Wasilla — a journey of at least 10 hours.

“She wanted to get back to Alaska to have that baby,” said a friend, Curtis Menard. “Man, that is one tough lady.”

When Palin arrived at the hospital, she was still not in labor, so her doctor induced it, Bruce said. Trig was born early the next morning, weighing 6 pounds 2 ounces.

Palin's three-day maternity leave has now become legend among mystified mothers. But aides say she eased back into work, first stopping by her office in Anchorage for a meeting....


not even DISNEY would buy this script!

Dinky P. said...

Thank you Audrey & Co. for keeping the heat on. Thank you also for continuing to make us aware, that this is about Gov Palin. Even though it is connected to other people or her kids.

celticgirl said...

Good policy Audrey. FYI also (!), did you all know that you can follow who has logged on to the site and where they are from by choosing the Permalink option to view comments? I noticed this one right away:

Wasilla, Alaska arrived from on "Palin's Deceptions" by searching for palin deception.

Interesting, no? BTW, I'm listed as West Calder, West Lothian, but really am located in Southern Scotland, so you can't always trust server locations ;)

One other thing some slueths might want to check out: if you have an account on or do genealogy research on the LDS web site, Palin searches. No birth or marriage records have come up for me yet, but I'm going to keep digging to see if I can find anything.

Keep up the good work Audrey and Morgan!

MomME said...

SP herself will be glad to learn we're no longer ANONYMOUS!

Alaska Report has just posted a YouTube video with some comments from her on this very subject:

MomME said...

Here's a shorter link for the Alaska Report video:

Pat-So. California said...

Some have suggested that information be given to more popular blogg like A. Sullivan

I say, excuse me. I think Audrey's blogg is popular by its own standards.

I cannot begin to comprehend the work put in to this site,

Thank you, thank you.

Mary G. said...

As enjoyable as it is to read the comments, it was becoming a full time job just as a reader! so this is probably a good call!

M said...

The heat is on Sarah here in AK. She still has a few solid gatekeepers in radio land, but the adn, ktva, and ktuu are visibly frustrated with her stonewalling. In my opinion, these are the MSM outlets to watch. Especially the ADN. They might finally get their break with some help from dedicated bloggers like celtic_diva, Mudflats, Shannyn well as Andrew Halcro and Dan Fagan. All of these folks are very well connected and if new sources become availiable, I would expect these blogs to be on the front lines. If you succeed in getting these guys and gals commenting in their media...the MSM will have to finally cover SP's hoax as news. I have seen this happen many times with these guys. Anybody in Anchorage remember Dan Coffey's "butt dial"?

These blogs are easily googleable and great reads. I'm sure most of the regulars here are already savvy to them. ("sorry if I'm being redundant" is a popular statement here I've noticed. lol)

I hope the Alaska Legislative Session (begins 1/20) will prove helpful to the goal of this blog. Not that they will address this subject in the Legislature...but that the pressure on SP is going to be enormous. State Reps seem to be poised to challenge SP on a myriad of issues(even Republicans).

TeamAudry and friends: Keep SP's feet to the fire. Post the link to this blog everywhere possible. Any word from Factcheck on the Gusty/3 Amigos pics? I agree with Craig in that a re-orginization of all the good/solid info, pics and posts...will be more helpful in packaging this bundle up for the MSM's easy access. This is undoubtedly a massive undertaking and my request is very humble.

For a naysayer, I have found Craig's posts extremely balanced, insightful, and enlightening. I even believe, Craig might actually be crossing over from the DarkSide.

Lillybart...I love it so much, I'm going to make it my new rally cry....TRIPP WHO??? (fully credited to you of course)

That's all I have. Keep up the great work everyone!

jeanie said...


In addition to making your lives easier, it gives whole blog a more personal feel. I know that Floyd M. Orr and Kathy could be anyone at all, but somehow it is nicer to have names for all.

Also, it will be much easier to respond to posts this way - as opposed to the 'old' way of scrolling through 187 comments to find what time the Anonymous you were replying to had posted, and then not being sure if it was 10:28 or 10:58 by the time you got back up to the comment box, necessitating another scroll through the list...

Keep up the good work!

BradS said...

I think everyone should appreciated that we may be creating history, in a sense. This could end up being one of the early great examples of citizen journalism - and this type of journalism is going to become increasingly important as traditional mainstream media struggle to simply survive in an incredibly tough marketplace. So kudos to Audrey and her team, and all the rest of you devoted posters.

PS - Thanks, Alex. Your advice on registering worked like a charm.


Alaskan Mom said...

I need to respond to a comment reporting that Alaskans are "afraid" of Sarah Palin. May I be hopefully not the first to inform all of you from "outside", that while some people (very small number) may very well be "afraid" of our Governor, all the rest of us are NOT. First a background about myself...

I lived in Alaska almost 20 years, married a 3rd generation Alaskan (whos grandfather was instrumental in Statehood, back when our State was "blue"), my father-in-law lived the last 30 years of his life in Wasilla, and always said Palin was the worst mayor they ever had. I gave birth to the first of my three children at age 35; as a working mother, I was rather proud that she would become pregnant at age 44 in office. And although I fought hard against this woman becoming our Governor, I must admit, I was pleased with how she initially didn't do anything "wrong" (our previous governor was one of the worst governors ever, and after him, anyone is a relief). In our defense, we still didn't know the "real her".
But times, they are a changing...
She has given Alaska such a bad reputation, and this lie is such a disgrace to ALL mothers (why can't she just embrace adoption? She and the birth mother both missed a beautiful opportunity to promote adoption of a DS child, for the whole world to see - shame).

I believe slow and steady WILL win the race; we need to keep up our investigation beyond a reasonable doubt, so once msm does get involved, there are no further questions.
I applaud the ADN for the quasi-public response to our governor, and putting the burden of proof back on her to stop the "rumors" once and for all. She has a a lot of work to do in Alaska, and her private life is obviously distracting.

Rest assured, we are not afraid of "that one"; she's a proven fraud, and we all know it!
My sincere "thanks" goes out to Audrey and team - Alaska appreciates your hard work.

jeanie said...

This is very cool - if you haven't seen this already, at the bottom of the blog page (dark blue one) you can find this link to a map of who is currently on.

I just love technology!!

Littl' Me said...

I think is is very telling that SP always claims that she 'gives proof' for whatever she claims.

Unfortunately, Sarah: 'Giving proof' means just THAT: GIVING PROOF - not 'claiming otherwise', or 'disputing' it w/o giving any ACTUAL proof.

Just because YOU say something to the opposite does not make that proof!

Tina in CA said...

Thank you! Thank you! The million Anonymous posters were getting so annoying and difficult to follow.

We appreciate your tenacity in the quest for the truth. Hang in there team!

luna1580 said...

nice decision, audrey :D

the other good thing about tying comments to google blogger is that another commentor cannot impersonate you and put words in your mouth.

hopefully this will make things more manageable.


mel said...

MomMe, thanks for link to Alaska Report, where we again see SP holding a sack of potatoes without the least interest in where it's about to tumble...but no matter.

I wonder how SP will be identifying herself here if she's been runnin' on anonymous (or as one of our sharper posters put it, unanimous).


Morgan said...

Mel, in a rare defense of Sarah I didn't think she was holding Trig like a sack of potatoes in that video. She was kind of rocking him a bit over her shoulder while she talked. I've done that with my wee ones loads of times.

kypp said...

Thanks, Audrey - smart move. And your hard work is appreciated, believe me.

Ardiva said...

Hi Audrey and company.
It's me "Kilia"..thanks for cleaning the comment situation up.

wayofpeace said...

WHOA, jeanie!!!!

that's SO COOL.

what a diverse bunch we are, from all over, and PCs and MACs, explorer and firefox:

that's quite an experience, try it.

bottom of the home page.

GinaM said...

Hmmmm, a couple of things about that alaska report video. That lady is about to crack. She is sending out a direct message to Audrey and she is mad!!! She's losing control and you can see it in her face and hear it in her voice. Watch out Audrey, I wouldn't be surprised if Todd isn't posting on here. Notice that the comments have decreased in a big way. It just means that they are lurking. And as far as the FLY ON THE WALL person...that was probably her executive secretary who recently quit. Hmmmm

LisanTX said...

Alert---The ADN has pubished yet another editor's blog regarding SP's email to the ADN:

It is the full text of the Palin-ADN exchange.

Sunshine1970 said...

jeanie That is a cool (yet creepy) site

*Waves to the other Texans on*

teal said...

thanks a bunch!
this might weed out those not so serious about this issue...

tennesseeteacher said...

Wow! The editor of the Anchorage Daily News's newest blog post is another MUST READ.

The full text of his email communication with Sarah Palin is incredibly illuminating. Her entire email to him and his publisher is snide, sarcastic, snarky and rude. His response is intelligent, factual and well-written. The fact that she hasn't replied to him in any way speaks volumes. Again, a MUST READ.

cooky said...

Alaskan Mom said "putting the burden of proof back on her to stop the "rumors" once and for all."

Exactly my thoughts. Governor Palin needs to step up and make a clear and exacting statement. CBJ needs to confirm it. She seems critical of ADN and others for asking, yet she has put herself on the national stage, and put her children out there with her. Why now such indignation over such a straightforward, simple request?

I can only imagine that IF this is true, and it is still IF, SP engaged in this because, for reasons unknown to us, she felt she had no choice.

How sad I feel for any woman in such a position. It may have played out ok too on the smaller, less conventional Alaskan stage - but out on the national stage not so well. Having little national exposure, perhaps SP didn't fully realize this until it was too late to turn back.

Burden of proof - exactly.

wayofpeace said...

wow, what a SLAP DOWN
by Pat Dougherty!

Chris said...

@ Morgan January 12, 2009 4:00 PM:

Morgan, I'm glad you commented on that. I am NO Palin fan, believe me, but I was struck in the video interview done in her kitchen by Greta whatsername last month and then again tonight in the You-Tube clip by the Alaska Report how she rocked Trigg back and forth, kind of in a comforting way that's almost instinctual for a mother (or any maternal substitute) holding a baby. NOT that I think this makes her his biological mother--I don't believe for a moment that she is. But I think we have to grant her some nurturing instinct there.

Have lurked on this blog for some time now, though this is the first time I've posted. Keep it up, Audrey, you are doing a magnificent job.W

moseyon said...

First of all let me say well done Audrey and the rest of the team.

I also believe that Trig is not Palin son.

This is my [OPINION ONLY]
Bristol would have been apprehensive telling her mother she was pregant[even girls with more tolerent mothers feel this way].
Hence a mistake in the date her baby was due [a month out].

Palin gets a call at 4am to say Bristol has gone into labour.
Being a mother she figures this is a first baby and it not going to come right away,in most cases this is true.

Sarah being Sarah realizes she has time on her side. Which she does.The rest is history.

My sister-in-law got away with the same thing for 13 years. We were all shocked when we found out .

Good luck trying to prove Trig is not Sarahs child.I hope you can do it Audrey.

CasaCalvo said...

re: and LDS site

As a genealogist I can tell you that those sites don't publish personal info on living persons

Kat said...

Audrey, and Morgan, major thanks from me as well! I spent months wondering why nobody except Andrew Sullivan was pursuing a story with more holes than Albert Hall.
I don't have much to say, at least not right now, although a few recent posts sure leave a gal with food for thought. I'm mostly trying to see if I've succeeded in registering. Apologies for the waste of bandwidth!

trish in SW FL said...

moseyon said...
"This is my [OPINION ONLY]
Bristol would have been apprehensive telling her mother she was pregant[even girls with more tolerent mothers feel this way].
Hence a mistake in the date her baby was due [a month out]."

Isn't it easier to more accurately determine the due date nowdays than it was back when it was calculated using the date of the last period?

luna1580 said...

i love pat dougherty's "full text" email exchange. thanks to everyone who linked to it/posted url.

could palin's side of it possibly have been more unprofessional? especially the beginning:

"Subject: More "mistakes"?

Hello Mr. Doyle and Mr. Dougherty!

Please, say it aint so: did you really allow a story to run in your paper today claiming Levi Johnston is a high school drop out? Did I read that right?

And did you really print a story last week suggesting I had any connection with Sherry Johnston's activities in the past six months or so and you won't correct the story? Did I read that right?"

see, even sarah questions her reading abilities! not just ms. couric. :D

seriously, though -doesn't this woman have handlers, consultants, or even old-fashioned assistants who could've advised her that implying to a newspaper editor that running a story calling levi a dropout was ridiculous, looks well, ridiculous, when levi himself apparently told this to the AP?

does sarah not know how the "associated press" relates to individual papers? can she google?

i guess it's asking too much for sarah to know these things on her own, if only she'd had a chance to learn something about how "news is made" somewhere along the line. wait, what's that you say? oh yes, she has a bachelor's degree -her only degree- in JOURNALISM. lol!

she's losing it. people in AK with things to say are going to say more of it, it's only a matter of time.


Alex said...

wow. the email from SP as quoted in ADN Editor Dougherty's newest blog post reads just like she talks! (Darn them pesky conjunctions and prepositions!)

Palin writes: You're stripping me of even a shred of faith in your reporting if any of the recent aforementioned strange and untrue reports were taken seriously by the ADN

She really should watch her email usage.

Diana said...

Hi All! It is nice to see everyone names.

I have a question? Has anyone contacted the American Heart Association to find the accuracy of SP attendance at the Go Red for Women luncheon in Fairbanks with the kids on Feb 15? I haven't been able to confirm her attendance with photos?

This luncheon took her to Fairbanks where Todd was finishing the Iron Dog. He crashed his snowmobile and broke his arm and went the the hospital after he finished the race. Wonder if she just used this as a way for the State to pay her and her kids way to meet Todd.

Supposedly she brought all of her children including Bristol to the luncheon in Fairbanks. The AHA were surprised and had not expected her to bring her kids had to make room for them at the table.
The following day they all met Todd at the end of the race.

There is a video showing them being there. You see Sarah, Piper and the third person I believe is Willow. Off to the side Willow is waving someone over. And you can tell that she is encouraging the person and the person is resisitant to come into view. Sarah looks over and knows the camera is on her and decides to turn her attention to Piper so Todd can engage Willow and stop her from motioning over the person. Never shows Bristol..but I am pretty sure it was her.

If that is the case...someone else may have a different video showing more?!? Of course that was Feb. 16th and Sarah wasn't even worring about showing...but I think Bristol was!!

I have the name and number of the volunteer who was at the luncheon. I just don't want to duplicate anyones efforts. Has anyone followed this up?

Heres the link to the Iron Dog event:

Sheesh said...

Good call on requiring us to log in with a user name. I can only imagine how daunting it was to go through every single post with close to 600 on the last entry alone!

Thought I'd just weigh in on why I became interested in the pursuit of this truth...

I was aware of Palin but really didnt know anything about her when she announced her pregnancy last spring. At that time one of the musicians I work with clued me in to her and predicted that she would be a likely choice for VP consideration. I found it odd at the time that a new mother (I was not aware that Trig was a DS baby) with other school-aged children and no national or international experience and relatively little on the local level would even be considered for such a post and even more absurd that she would accept a nod.

Fast forward to Obama clinching the nomination and McCain the clear nominee for the GOP. I knew Obama would never put Hillary on the ticket and figured that McCain would take that opportunity and find a female to fill the GOP ticket in the hopes that disaffected Hillary voters would swing to him. I thought again of Palin and suggested to my co-workers that she would be in the running but at the same time figured she would turn it down because of the obvious lack of experience and once again...a new baby.

Imagine my surprise when she accepted. I immediately googled 'what do Alaskans think about Palin' and discovered Mudflats and let's just say the research, info and rumors were enough to scare me that there was a possibility that this woman could be second in command of the most powerful nation on earth.

When I read the confirmed story of the 'wild ride' that did it for me. There is no way that could have occured. And since October I've been a faithful follower of this blog. I cannot for a minute believe that Palin is the mother of Trig..there is simply too much that doesnt wash in this story. I do believe that at some point soon someone in the know will spill the beans so to speak. It's hard to keep a secret at this level.

Palin's motives for accepting the VP nod are so disturbing I shake when I think how close voters came to giving her that power. Can you imagine her managing what Obama has facing him for the next 4 years and beyond? This is a woman who has no regard for anyone but her own needs and desires.

Someone suggested that the people who read this blog and participate in discussion are obsessed with the salaciousness of the story and are out to ruin Palin. That may well be true for some but I would wager that there are more such as myself who don't want to see this woman advance her political aspirations any further. I am concerned for Alaskans and I'm concerned for this nation. 2010 is right around the corner in the political calendar and I don't want to see her win a Senate seat or see another term as Gov.

Way to go Audrey and thanks for your persistence.


GinaM said...

This is a good panel discussion about SP attack on the anoymous bloogers.

Fauve said...

Um, reading that back and forth email between SP and the editor, I'm half thinking it's a spoof. If it IS genuine, where in the heck is her Adult Supervision? Anyone with half a brain would be embarrassed to send such a message to a news editor, especially since it might be published to world.

She must have other adults around her. Is NO ONE advising her to mind her words? She truly is her own worst enemy.

Avril said...

Just visited Cajun Boy's blog (not for the faint hearted!)and he claims to have confirmation that Bristol just enrolled at a local Alaska High School(again!).

Thanks a bunch to Audrey et al for all their efforts, much appreciated.
I like the new logging in for comments although I was reluctant to come up from the basement and having to lose my pajamas!

Palin Pregnancy Truth said...

Life imitating art?

Thanks to Audrey, Morgan, and everyone else out there working to find the truth!

CasaCalvo said...

KO just brought up SP and bloggers talking about Trig.

Tootsie said...

FYI - you can use any email you have when you register for Google to post here - it doesn't have to be a gmail account.

Tootsie said...

Apparently MSNBC's Keith Olbermann doesn't know about this blog because he just mentioned on his show tonight that the Trig birth story has gone away, except for Palin and right wing blogs keeping it alive. It was a slam at Palin, but how wrong he is, since I was sitting here reading THIS blog as I heard him say it. Guess we need to get him in on this.

Diana said...

If you "disagree with"... the posts are only our opinions, state that when you post. Otherwise we understand that your post is your opinion and not fact.


By the way Pat Dougherty's was just interviewed by Greta on Fox. By phone she put his backside to the burner and he backed down to her.

SP is really putting her Mike Wooten abuse of power... to use again!!

It seems that Greta doesnt'understands that Sarah hasn't provided enough proof of Trig's birth...considering all of the inconsistent details. Greta seems appalled that someone could even Consider It!

I feel sorry for Pat. He is under the pressure of SP and may now have his freedom of speech taken from him!

Greta showed that she googled Sarah Palin isn't Trigs mom and 247,000 links came up. Hmmmm SP I would be worried. Why so many unsatisfied people?

Greta made it seem like it is SP haters who just don't like her. Incredible!! We don't like her because she is so Uncredible!

Dangerous said...

I have forwarded my lucky 13 page analysis of the various scenarios for Trig's birth mother, drawing solely on established evidence and the logical inferences one might draw from them.

The direct evidence is thin because SP has made it that way, and MSM has let it go. In short, if Bristol can be Trig's mother -- which appears to be a longshot based on the evidence right now -- she probably is Trig's mother.

Otherwise, the overwhelming likelihood is that Willow is Trig's mother because the direct evidence we have doesn't exclude her and the circumstantial evidence, after Bristol, points to her.

If anyone finds that conclusion offensive, tough. The truth doesn't care how it tastes, even to me.


anonincanada said...

Thanks to Audrey and everyone on her team (formally and informally) for this post. I agree with Mary G it was becoming labour intensive to read through all the posts recently - I can only imagine what it was like for the moderators.

On a lighter note (doing my daily Palin google new search) and found this:

mykeysQnAmafia said...

In his email response, Pat Dougherty's final comment to SP is deliciously telling-------

"We remain willing and available to meet with you to discuss these or any other issues. I would be happy to meet with you one on one, as would Pat Doyle, or as part of any group of editors and publisher you would like. Based on our experience, I do not think it would be constructive to include Bill McAllister, but that's up to you."

Is Mr. Dougherty subtly telling SP that he would like to meet her to discuss credible and damaging info that was dug up by AND's reporters?
Why else would he specifically advise her NOT to include Bill McCallister in the meeting?

Am I crazy? Or is the ADN REALLY sitting on something so ignominious to SP, that they feel compelled to (almost compassionately so) sit her down for a face to discuss their info AND the historic consequences of her hoax?

The very idea of such a meeting really happening...sends shivers up my spine. Anyone?!? Anyone?!?

Gryphen said...

Audrey has a problem.

This was just posted at KTVA.

It is the video of Gusty's Palin interview where the famous picture was taken. Not good.

Cat said...

So, what do we make of this, Andrea Gusty's report on the April 13th photos??

SoCal Rose said...

Under the bus … or Why Sarah Palin?

It’s oft been said that SP ‘threw her daughter under the bus’ by announcing her pregnancy at the RNC. A sad state of affairs for her daughter and grandchild(ren). But as the tangled web of all of Sarah Palin’s relationships, deeds and misdeeds have come to light in this blog, in the MSM, and throughout the internet, another question begs to be examined. Just who has been thrown, and who did the throwing?

I speculate that Sarah’s history was part and parcel of just why she was chosen as McCain’s running mate. IMO, Palin was chosen as JM’s running mate for one reason only – racism. Because, really, what white male would want to go down in history as part of the team of presidential candidates defeated by a black man?

With SP as the VP candidate, the powers that be realized that defeat in November could always be attributed to Sarah and the myriad of issues that surrounded her. Granted, there was a slight chance she and John McCain could win, and let us hope that there was a back-up plan in place to ensure the country would be governed adequately. But at some point after Obama was nominated, there had to be some sort of collective fear raised in the ranks of any white male contender for the Republican VP slot.

Someone instrumental in steering McCain to SP must have known that ‘all was not as it seemed’ in Wasilla. Obviously, someone misjudged just how tangled the web of deception that surrounds SP was, and continues to be. It’s taken on a life of its own, as evidenced by the increasing number of posts throughout the web. Sarah was the first one under the bus, and she’s been trying like all get out to get out from under it. Sadly, the bus has hit her children too.

I'm not defending SP, but I really wanted to get this off my chest!
Thank you Audrety et al, for all your hard work and dedication. For those of us who have been frustrated by this situation, you given us a sense of "hey gosh! maybe I'm not the only one who sees this whole thing as not-quite-right", and provided a place to call home when friends and family members shake their heads at us. And a great place to develop our own theories.....

RaeDean said...
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Silvergirl said...

I think that's a wise decision, Audrey. Thanks for providing all the research and other work that goes into this blog. It is really important to me, and I'm sure to many other people that this woman does not obtain a national position of power.

And, I'm glad to hear your blog has become so popular!

regina said...

Oh dear... Andrea Gusty released a video with footage of the interview of April 13th.

dipsydoodlenoodle said...

It's a good idea with the you have to sign up idea. It may put some spammers off. However this is the second google account I have signed up for, as after the first initial attemt I couldn't log back into the account for some reason. Lets hope this one works.

I love the site by the way. I've been reading for months; but being UK based the only news I ever hear is old news from the USA so I haven't been any help. But I've loved seeing the story evolve.

Well Done!

regina said...

A good analysis of her whining about anonymous bloggers:


About the Gusty disclaimer video: was it ever broadcast or made public before now? If not, it only "proves" that the photos were not photoshopped, but it doesn't prove it wasn't staged. It could have been filmed in August, for all we know...

NakedTruth said...

This is interesting. In a post election interview with Meghan McCain (Sen. John McCain's Daughter), she was asked the following question and gave the following reply:

Q: So, no comment on the selection of Governor Sarah Palin as Senator McCain’s running mate?

A: “Sarah Palin is the only part of the campaign that I won’t comment on publicly.”

I wonder why she will not comment publicly. Is it really that bad? :-)

Here is the site for the article:

OutsiderSA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dede said...

It' Sissy!
Hi All
Please don't stop this investigation. Something still is not right. It's that ole "trout in a bucket of water stuff"
You are doing a great job. Thank you for your perseverance!

OutsiderSA said...

Repost to fix link

Seems our beloved Sistah Sarah is blogging at ADN.

Check this out. Seems similar to some posts recently posted here.

Posts of Mooshooter

Interesting makes you go hmm..

CasaCalvo said...

I am so glad Gusty has cleared up the issue of the questionable pictures. I hope that others will follow her example and do the same.

Complainer in Chief said...

I agree with the consensus that things are starting to get dicey for Palin, too many people are holding on to this story and keeping an eye on the baby story. Furthermore, her choice to do an interview with the right wing whacko propagandist Zeigler just fuels the left wing blogopshere even more.

On a lighter note, Attack Crowes has a hilarious post regarding the video "How Obama won the election". Its a rip off of what Olbermann said the other night, but its still hilarious.

Emma said...

A few things jumped out at my about Gusty's comments (you can see the transcript on the KTVA page):

1. "I interviewed her live" and "I interviewed the governor live on Sunday April 13th, 2008 at 5pm." Um, unless the interview aired live (my understanding is that it didn't), I don't get the "live" reference. All interviews are live at the time they are done. Bad English or deflection?

2. 5 pm. If it wrapped up at just before 1:00 pm (multiple local news agencies reported that; you can find links online), curious that they are there at 5 pm on a Sunday? She mentions "dark windows". Is it dark at 5 pm in mid-April there? Not according to the US Naval Observatory site ( Sunset in Juneau on 4/13/08 was at 8:08 pm.

3. "Four days later she gave birth to Trig Paxson Van Palin four weeks early." Four days? I thought Trig was born on 4/18, which would be 5 days after 4/13. So, was this video really shot 4/14 when absolutely no one was around? Was Trig not born on 4/18? Or is this just sloppy reporting by Gusty.

4. Why not post the entire unedited video for people to watch? Suspicious.

Curiouser and curiouser.

jeanie said...

Emma - Excellent points.

The video actually has the little "live" tag in the upper left corner. Why would it even have this if the segment never aired at all? As far as I know it hadn't, or one of the diligent reader/investigators on this blog would have found it!

I haven't read Audrey's update, so this may already be addressed on the next post.

OutsiderSA said...

Good catch Emma, I missed that.

Taking the dates, then the baby came on the 17th which means he's a Texan. :P

NY tabloid chick said...

***Tootsie said...
Apparently MSNBC's Keith Olbermann doesn't know about this blog because he just mentioned on his show tonight that the Trig birth story has gone away, except for Palin and right wing blogs keeping it alive. It was a slam at Palin, but how wrong he is, since I was sitting here reading THIS blog as I heard him say it. Guess we need to get him in on this.***

I emailed this site to him at his email. I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Jennifer said...

Everyone relax! It is just a story on a local CBS affiliate in Alaska. Nobody in the lower 48 will know anything about it, unless they are on this blog. It was a clear attempt to discredit us, but we just won't let that happen. We will persevere until the truth comes out.

This is from the Huffington Post, and includes tons of great comments too:

Dangerous (my favorite poster), would you mind emailing me your analysis? I would love to read it. I think if you click on my name, you can get my email address.

Thanks again to all. Keep on keepin' on!

NY tabloid chick said...

***OutsiderSA said...
Repost to fix link

Seems our beloved Sistah Sarah is blogging at ADN.

Check this out. Seems similar to some posts recently posted here.

Posts of Mooshooter

Interesting makes you go hmm..***

This looks like someone doing a great impersonation of SP. They drop apostrophes and double up on letters in some words, repeat her greatest hit phrasebook etc. A bit of performance art, as it were. I read the name as Moo Shooter!

jwc said...

No, "Moose Shooter."

tt said...

I am getting more curious about all the mysterious fires in Wasilla...first the church that reputedly housed Mat-Su hospital adoption records; now an unexplained fire that claimed the life of a Wasilla home care nurse who just happened to have a background as a neo-natal practitioner :

Tragic coincidences?

tracy said...

I noticed in the televised report, the carpet squares in the "second" still photograph look very out of alignment.

And in the video of the live interview, SP is not wearing a necklace, yet in the "three amigos" picture, supposedly taken a few minutes later, SP is wearing a necklace.