Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who's not your mama?

(Note - this post has been updated twice ... scroll to the bottom.)

If a picture is worth a thousand words then this graphic is worth ten thousand.

Amidst all the discussion over who Trig's mother may be, some of our readers have stepped forward to gently remind us that a crucial message may be lost in the debate - the one message upon which this blog was founded. That message: Given the evidence, it is highly, highly suspect that Sarah Palin gave birth to the Trig Palin.

So to prove that we are still on message, we would like to halt the debate over who Trig's mother is and observe a moment of silence as we reflect upon who is not. The debate, we are sure, will resume. And that is fine just so long as we don't lose sight of the original message.

A special thanks to long-time reader and contributor Way of Peace for this awesome graphic.

Update: In response to many requests, Way of Peace has provided an alternate graphic. Let us know what you think. (Remember, click on them to make them bigger.)

Second update: In response to many MORE requests, we've also prepared one with the "Nail in the Coffin" photo. (Also, I re-read my post on this photo just this morning. If you are new to the blog and have never seen it, you should read it. If you are not new, but have not looked at this in awhile, you need to read this post again - if I do say so myself.

A candidate to the second highest office in the United States lied about being pregnant. I strongly suspect she must have had help in maintaining the deception. The MSM's failure to pick up this story in December, after the discovery of this photo, is nothing short of a criminal failure to the American people.)


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ilovepoodles said...

I love this!!! Thank you, Way of Peace and Audrey. This is nice and simple.

Margot said...

I really hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the picture on the left is not the most convincing. it would be better to use the lighten version when she's standing with Parnell.

I could argue that the picture on the left looks a bit pregnant to me and I've' been with this story from day one. Sorry to rain on the parade, but I know Audrey want is as perfect as possible.

KaJo said...

Just a suggestion, Audrey -- if you're going to display the 3 pictures in this blog entry, I'd suggest you adjust the April 13, 2008 picture to show a little more contrast/brightness, i.e., show more clearly the "round mound" that Palin is wearing.

That, of course, is why she wore black, black, black for all those months -- so that the incurious viewer of her photos couldn't see for the lack of color contrast/shadow how small her "pregnant" belly was.

E. said...

The only thing that came out of Sarah's "belly" is hot air -- just like her mouth.

Amy1 said...
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omo said...

I agree that the lightened version of Sarah standing with Parnell is probably the most incriminating photo.

It might be nice to see a photo from the energy conference included with this too (lightened if necessary) to show that, at the least, Sarah definitely experienced 'low amniotic fluid days' after the high tide day of the April 13th photo . . .

Thanks for posting this !

Unknown said...

There's no need to nit-pick over these two photos. Any sane person looking at them would see the truth. That, coupled with the fact that there's never been a photo released of SP in the hospital holding a new-born Trig, or Bristol similarly holding a new-born Tripp should bring along another segment of the population. Add to that the fact that we only have the word of a proven liar to verify the dates of birth of either child and... where the hell is the MSM?

Doubting Thomas said...

I am reposting this post from the end of the last thread to to this one as it ties the "pregnant" belly's together. As I think the padded belly was handed down....

I took three days of pictures(the day before the RNC, RNC and the day after the RNC)of Bristol Palin and turned them all the same direction, made them the same size for comparison.
You look and then tell me what you think.. or if you prefer

Personally, I look and I see this... or if you prefer

B said...

Amy1, your link didn't send me to a picture.

Elaine Fine said...

The carrying case for that empathy belly is a suitcase.

mel said...

Have to say I think this triptych is clearer:

Audrey said...
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Audrey said...

We'll play with this, and post some alternative versions. Maybe even do a poll on which one YOU think is better!

Kajo, you're spot-on about the black. Note that in the pic on the left, she's also playing the mistress of darkness with a black scarf and black top. Then on the right, we have black top and black jacket. I have always wondered why more people have not commented on her "maternity" wardrobe choices, considering the stylish smart maternity clothes now available for professional women.

RNP in CA said...

I realize my little "Reluctant Conspiracy Theorist's Guide" isn't quite so succinct as three pictures, but I think it's pretty convincing. Any chance of posting it?

wayofpeace said...

hey all,

i've been away from my computer all day, so i just now had a chance to read your comments.

the intent of my designing this graphic was more as a template than as THE GRAPHIC.

as a professional designer, my intention is to seek the compelling / persuasive power of a simple statement.

i'll tweak it re your comments.


Molly said...

I think a true "Empathy Belly" with the trademark name is meant to show non-pregnant people what it's like to carry around all that extra weight and bulk, and I think if she were wearing one of THOSE, she wouldn't be standing so straight.

I think she used a more lightweight version. I've done some surfing and found some sites that sell them for Halloween and, I guess, for scaring your boyfriend!

For those who are having issues with Audrey's selection, know that you can click on the pic to get a larger photo.

We must go back to Mrs. Palin's statement that she "never" looked that pregnant with Trig, and that she didn't need to conceal anything to Alaska Airlines because of this. The Gusty pic clearly shows that this is not true, at least on April 13th, 2008.

You know, I flew to Hawaii when I was 4 months along with my second, and it was already darned uncomfortable, and I made sure I got up every hour or so to prevent blood clots--and to use the bathroom, dontcha know. How in the HECK the Alaska Airlines people could state that they couldn't tell they had an 8 month pregnant lady on board is really beyond my understanding.....except if that 8 month pregnant lady stored her "baby" in her luggage.

omo said...

To me, the importance of the pic of Sarah with Parnell is, besides the clarity, the very fact that she is standing with her Lt. Gov. , who presumable believes her to be pregnant. That is fraudulent, a fraud which Sarah first perpetrated on the State of Alaska and its citizens, and then on the country at a national level.

Daisydem said...

I like this post. I've been here for months and months, and will stay on it. Thank you for being there.

Anonymous said...


Amy1 said...

OT, sorry, but is anyone else SHOCKED, as I am, that Levi's Mom got 3 yrs in jail? Over at IM.

I thought when I first read the link, it said 3 years. Now the link has Rex Butler's photo and says "The judge has the sentencing recommendation under review."

Could someone explain this? Could the 3 yrs turn into parole?

Back ON topic: Elaine Fine -- did you laugh, as I did? The extra suitcase for SP's wild ride! Hahaha.

Jen said...

Did anyone see the new footage (new to me anyway) on Keith O with SP wearing a bright pink jacket and a scarf, during Shannyn's segment?


anne s said...

Pregnancy is supposed to be an elated time.. now I know Trig has DS .. but that doesn't remove the elation that should be there

This was her last kid.. she's all about family
She should of been proud

Instead she tells noone in her family for months..
Doesn't tell her coworkers (coworkers are like family) until the very end

Wears creepy scarves and black, as mentioned

One day Trig will find out about all of this.. it is posted everywhere
and see how his "mother" was so ashamed of him

This has always bothered me IF in fact she did give birth to him
Which would fit her stone cold heart towards most things

and if it was faked.. what a horrible way to fake it.. with such a shadow of complete SHAME and EMBARRASSMENT .. all to make people have empathy towards her
Always about Sarah.. always

sg said...


Re Sherry J's sentence:

From the ADN:

"She is scheduled to be sentenced in November. The plea deal calls for her to be sentenced to five years in prison, with two years suspended. Her attorney, Rex Butler, said the deal includes a three years of probation after prison."


"Johnston was convicted of a Class A felony, which carries a presumptive sentence of five to eight years in prison. The plea deal calls for a shorter prison stint because she possessed a small quantity of the drug and had no previous drug-related convictions.

"Assistant District Attorney Rick Allen said it's not unusual for defendants with mitigating factors like Johnston's to get half the minimum sentence.

"Butler, her attorney, said Johnston will be jailed at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center in Eagle River while awaiting sentencing and that she could serve out her sentence there. He hopes to persuade the state to let Johnston serve her sentence at home instead, with ankle monitoring, Butler said."

omo said...

If anyone is doing another video clip, it might be VERY effective to start with some short takes of the 'man on the street' interviews which the tv stations did right after Sarah announced she was expecting, most of which were along the lines of, "Well, that's sort of surprising news, but exciting too, and we wish her all the best," and so forth.

This would take the situation out of her arena and into the venue of the citizen reacting in good faith to the veracity of Sarah's pregnancy. Then follow those clips with some of the ones already being shown . . .

wayofpeace said...

AMY1, your page is a good one, too. BTW, check this website. it gives all of the 'known' facts about TRIG, including THE rumor.

kari said...

Someone on the Gryphen's site posted:

"Bristol Palin looks more like Sherry Johnston than her own mother. The photo of Sherry today could be Bristol Palin 25 or 30 years down the road. Just saying..."

I had the exact same thought when I looked at her photo. There is one of Bristol on Meghan McCain's site that looks very similar and it's labeled "The New Crew!".

I am comparing it to the one of Sherry Johnston from the ADN site - except Sherry has the same widow's peak as Willow which leads to all kinds of new thoughts for me.

BTW, thanks to Audrey and everyone else for the analysis you have worked on for so long - I've been an avid follower and do not believe that Sarah gave birth to Trig.

Though it's been commented on before that another photo was selected and published, the one group shot for People magazine on Meghan McCain's site shows Bristol holding Trig instead of Sarah. It always seemed a bit odd to me because I'd expect to see Sarah holding Trig in all the group photos if he was her baby.

Anonymous said...

I like the second one better than the first. I think the one that would nail it though would be the one where she's leaning over the little girl w/absolutely NO width in her mid-section.

Unknown said...

I never have typed this statement as letters before, but anyone seeing these graphics should say- "WTF!!"...any ten year old will know what that means.
Oh yeah, can't wait to show the family the triple threat pictures which in our instant messaging world should get folks attention. Make it a sticker, billboard, ad, You Tube with link to web site and use words-"alleged" birth date.

I agree the Gutsy image hits you as 'preggers' (Mom,wrapped in flag and American Pie, barefoot with red spikes in hand cracking the glass ceiling and the GOLDen opportunity McCain handed her in 15 minutes flat) so the dates or simple title need to press the point.
Send the graphic to Gov. Parnell just to get a statement on record. Give to Shannyn to bring up at some press conference.
He may know alot-just like others in the McCain campaign RV-remember Meghan chummy with the best friends blog and photos with the Palin girls.
If she used the Lighter stuffed- turkey suit versus heavier Empathy belly-did anyone ever "bump into" her in person those months before 'delivery' and feel a odd sensation that she was a lightweight (pun intended) Pillsbury Dough gal?
The only progress Palin represented was a new LOW for politicians as this probably never happened the past usually for traditional thinking moms with a young unmarried daughter in a 'unfortunate' state. Republican version of feminism for 21st century. She can see Russia from Wasilla when we can see that she is pregnant. Kudos.

deb said...

I think triad of pictures is the BEST of all I have seen- and I checked out all the suggested links. I think it is perfection.
If I added anyhting it would be a picture of Bristol holding one of the breast-pump specialty bottles (starts with a "M")- I think the women that picked up on- and exposed= that nugget should get an award! I haven't read anyone else acknowledging it- but I think that piece of "hard evidence" is VERY important. To me- that is the final nail in the coffin!

Unknown said...

I would like to see this with the nail in the coffin picture. I believe that would make it an 18 day pregnancy. Also a footnote indicating not one picture of pregnant palin without a jacket on.

passinthru said...

I had a baby on July 16th, 2000, my 4th. On New Years Eve, 1999/2000 I was at Disney's Hollywood Studios. When I went to stand in line at the ladies room, it was only with difficulty that I convinced the ladies I did NOT have to rush to the front of the line. But she expects us to believe this malarky, that no one knew she was pregnant, or that these pictures SHOW her pregnant. Didn't happen.

HollyP said...

So what you are saying is... it takes slightly over 2 weeks for the internet retailer to deliver an empathy belly outside the Lower 48?

Jen said...

It's weird how some kids look just like one or both parents. I can see my mom and dad in me and my husband looks a ton like his dad. When my son was born he didn't look like either of us at all. But as he gets older, he looks like a a very subtle mix. So when I would try to figure out who Bristol looked like, I could never see it. But crap! When I saw that picture of Sherry Johnston I was shocked that, without make-up, Bristol DOES look more like Sherry than either parent. Too weird.


sandra said...

Somewhere I learned that we tend to pick life partners who look like our opposite parent (Oedipal maybe?). This is an explanation for why people look so much alike when they get old.

midnightcajun said...

great graphic, WayofPeace.

Several people have commented on how much Bristol looks like Sherry, and Levi looks like Todd. Well, they've done studies that show that people tend to select mates who look like their own family members. It's an attraction-of-like-genes thing. It's why kids sometimes look like one parent and then the other, or why some people will say a child looks like its mother and others will see the father in it.

You wouldn't think it would apply when someone marries outside their own race, but it does. My own kids are mixed race, and people are always saying they look like me, or they look like their dad, or they look like my mother, or my dad, or...

Now me, I think Willow looks like Brad Hansen. Just sayin'.

Punkinbugg said...

A year's worth of research boiled down to 3 sets of pictures.


If only this could get to Shannyn Moore before she leaves New York.

Unknown said...

I just looked through Meghan McCain's blog where she posted pictures from the RNC night when Palin was unleashed from her Alaskan lair ( And one thing really struck me...she does not seem to know how to hold that baby.

Maybe it has to do with the feeling that I have, namely that Palin looks more like a grandmother holding a grandchild when she is interacting with Trig. Bristol just has more of a "motherly" look. In the pics where Palin is sitting down holding Trig, Bristol is intently looking at Palin and Trig, almost the way a mother would kind of watch over anyone holding her baby. Pictures can express a lot of emotions/feelings that exist below the surface.

I'm not a mom myself, so maybe I have it all wrong. But my mom always says that Palin doesn't hold or interact with Trig as intimately as a mom typically does with a baby that she gave birth to. And that Trig seems to play musical arms with members of the family (as in he is held by everyone in the family, most notably it seems, Palin's kids). Which would make sense - the family decided to pitch in together to help take care of teenage Bristol's son. Now that I think about it, I don't really see Todd holding Trig that much. I know he's a guy and all, but as a father you think he'd pick up Trig a bit more.

These are just my gut feelings. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has the same thoughts.

- Ashley

GinaM said...

August 20, 2009 8:18 AM
Now that I think about it, I don't really see Todd holding Trig that much. I know he's a guy and all, but as a father you think he'd pick up Trig a bit more.

I thought this picture of Todd and Trig was so sweet. Trig looks so sweet and happy. Which makes this situation so disturbing. This was taken during the Quitter's Anchorage Gov. picnic. I got the picture from Bree's Palin site.

Daniel Archangel said...

Following up on a comment Audrey made in the second update to this point, I'm curious about people's opinions on two questions:

1) With respect to Sarah Palin herself, which is worse: faking a pregnancy and the deception that went with it, or taking the wild ride and the risks that entailed if she really were pregnant?

A) Faking is worse, no matter her reasons

B) Wild ride is worse, because of the extremely poor judgment and concern for others

C) It depends on her reasons for faking

2) With respect to those who have supported and/or promoted SP's version of events (except for her family and Dr. Clark), which motivation is worse:

A) Blind loyalty to accept whatever she says in order to defeat her political opponents

B) Recognizing but ignoring the obvious inconsistencies to prevent the political consequences

C) Using her political appeal despite doubts about the veracity of her pregnancy story, whether she faked or not

My answers are C) and B) respectively. For question 1) if SP faked and the circumstances indicate primarily personal/political motives, then faking is worse. If her motives were at least mixed, such as defending the circumstances of the real mother, then the wild ride would be worse.

For question 2), willful blindness and intentional attacks to cut off questions about this affair -- whether she faked or not -- is by far the worst circumstances. That seems to be what we have, and the media doesn't seem to want to investigate THAT.

As Andrew Sullivan has correctly pointed out, there's no reason for MSM to ignore the story about the suppression of legitimate questions related to this affair. But they have.


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Please note that TriG was REPORTEDLY born on April 18. But those photos ROCK: I've read thousands of words at this site, to my benefit. But these photos of the 20-day or 30-day "pregnancy" will open a lot of eyes. I also hope they'll make the MSM feel very, very sheepish.

Emily Z said...

Another sweet pic of Todd and Trig.

Now that's how a happy parent/caretaker should look when holding a baby they love.

RNP in CA said...

Gotta respond, Dan.

As a mom, I think it's kind of understandable to fake a pregnancy if it might somehow help the family. The wild ride is homicidally insane, whch is why I cannot believe people accept it as true and even think it shows how tough she is.

Second question: most cynical is to know it's a lie but use palin for political advantage.

hrh said...

From HuffPost:


Sarah Palin has expanded her blogging to include foreign policy, writing a Facebook post on Wednesday criticizing the U.S. Export Import Bank plan to lend $2 billion to the Brazilian oil company Petrobras.

Jumping off an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, she wrote,

"Why is it that during these tough times, when we have great needs at home, the Obama White House is prepared to send more than two billion of your hard-earned tax dollars to Brazil so that the nation's state-owned oil company, Petrobras, can drill off shore and create jobs developing its own resources? Buy American is a wonderful slogan, but you can't say in one breath that you want to strengthen our economy and stimulate it, and then in another ship our much-needed dollars to a nation desperate to drill while depriving us of the same opportunity."

While the Journal lamented the fact that we were exploring for oil offshore in Brazil and not in our own country, it did not suggest the deal would take jobs or income away from Americans. That's because it won't. A spokesman for the U.S. Export Import Bank, Phil Cogan, explained to Politico that the bank does not rely on taxpayer money. Moreover, the bank lends money to foreign companies so that they can purchase American goods and services.

In this case, Cogan said, "the proposed loan would likely finance engineering services, sales of ships to service oil platforms, or drilling equipment.

"This is the government doing what it's supposed to do: Create jobs and make sure that Americans get a fair shot at selling goods and services -- not the British or the French or anyone else -- and to help American workers compete on a level playing field," Cogan said, noting that most developed countries have similar credit-export agencies.

One comment on the post:

"Just as being spineless does not disqualify one from being a Democratic Senator, being brainless doesn't disqualify one from being a Republican president (or, for that matter, a Republican anything) ..."


wv: banesse Ban Saracuda?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I think all three of these graphics are fantastic wayofpeace! I change my mind all the time about which of those three un-pregnant photos is the most persuasive, but I have to come down on the side of the Nail In The Coffin photo - both because there is plain as day no baby bump in that photo and because of the close time to Trig's purported birthday. It is always stunning to see it!

Rogue said...

In answer to Dangerous' questions, I pick B and B. In my mind, the wild ride would always be worse than faking, no matter why she faked, because it recklessly risked the life of an innocent child. I agree with Dangerous' reasons on the second question.

omo said...

As has been said before, the Wild Ride not only risked the baby's life but also Sarah's (would she really risk her own skin like that) and at the least could have seriously inconvenienced everyone else on the plane.

And how would a flight attendant feel if they had to deliver Sarah's baby at 36,000 feet and the outcome, for whatever reason(s) was not good ? I really cannot imagine KNOWINGLY putting a flight crew in that situation, not to mention that it is against airline protocols to climb on a plane while in a medically compromised state (I think early labor would qualify) without at least notifying the flight attendants . . . .

Vaughn said...

Sending these pictures to Shannyn Moore wouldn't get
them to any place but the trash bin.
I do believe I recall her calling us Trig Truthers
on her radio show.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Way of Peace and Amy1,
Here is a fake empathy belly for only $16.95 and ships within 72 hours. And it IS adjustable, you can look 3 months or 8 months pregnant:

Sarah Palin was too cheap to spend the money for the empathy belly you have posted. AND she would not want to lug around the weight of a true empathy belly which is intended to simulate the weight and awkwardness of a real pregnancy. I have said many times that Sarah never purchased any maternity clothing. She always wore the black jacket and different long scarves, but nothing fashionable. As a sitting governor, you would think she would have purchased some really snazzy maternity outfits to look more authentic. But again, she was too cheap. After the Elan Frank interview in early April 2008, she had to dispense with the square pillow and find something quickly. But when she donned the fake pregnancy belly for the 4-13-08 Gusty interview, she over-inflated the belly. I do not believe Palin intended for the Gusty pictures to be used. Look at her eyes, she looks embarrassed. Whoever released the Gusty pictures, they thought they were being helpful to prove Sarah was really pregnant, but I feel it had the opposite effect because it directly contradicts Sarah’s claim that she never showed very much. How could any flight attendant NOT notice the stage of her pregnancy with THAT balloon on her belly? Because it was packed in her suitcase!

Unknown said...

Way of Peace -- love the photo comparisons! As others have said, it'd be great if MSM picked up any one of them!

With those pix as reference, have y'all noticed that former half-term Gov. Palin has not been seen since the reins of AK was handed over to Gov. Parnell on July 26?

That's a full 26 days ago.

Using these photog comparisons, one might conclude that Mrs. Palin could show up at any minute with a new baby! And this time she never had to use scarves to disguise her pregnancy! Woo-hoo!

Or ... she could just be recovering from a facelift. (Hope she doesn't look like her pigtails are pulled too tight!)

Marcospinelli said...

I have two questions:

1) Has anyone come across anyone mentioning that they actually ever felt Sarah Palin's belly after she announced on 3/5/08 that she was pregnant?

I've never heard anyone come to Palin's defense about the question of Trig's parentage by saying, "I felt her belly, and there was a baby in there kicking to beat the band!"

When you're pregnant, people, even perfect strangers, throw convention out the window and ignore personal boundaries. They seem to think your belly is theirs to touch. I've always found it strange, especially given the controversy, that nobody has said anything about putting their hand on her abdomen.

That's also why I've thought she wore the scarves, which made no sense at all to wear after 3/5/08, after she had announced she was pregnant. I've thought she wore the scarves to both obscure the view of her abdomen, but also as an inhibitor to invasive hands wanting to feel the baby.

2) The April 13, 2008 photographs that surfaced in erik99559's Flickr account. Has erik99559 ever been identified? Has he come forward to explain how and why he put those photos up at Flickr?

Those photos are like the baby birth announcements (both Trig and Tripp); just sort of appeared out of nowhere with no validation or verification.

Unknown said...

I'd like to enter the ''no b.s.'' zone for a minute: It's obvious to all by now that the Palinistas know this site exists. Palin has whined, complained, and threatened to sue everything/everybody attacking her EXCEPT this site.

Soooo, why hasn't a girl from homer, akm mudracker (the, and more mainstream bloggers been more foreceful in pointing to this site?

In my opinion, they are just about as guilty as the MSM, just about...

If anyone has a well thought out, no excuses, no b.s. answer please voice it...the rest stay silent, please because I'd really like to know.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Bike @ 3:37 am, my sentiments exactly. With Shannyn Moore frequently appearing on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown, I keep waiting for any mention of Sarah Palin’s fake pregnancy. Fingers tapping…still waiting. When Palin threatened to sue Shannyn, and then Gryphen, the door was wide open for any mention about why Palin has NOT threatened to sue this site. That was a perfect opportunity. The other huge opportunity was when Pat Buchanan slipped and outed his beloved Sarah himself!

Shannyn could simply ask Keith about the date of that video he keeps showing of Palin in her office. Why hasn’t she?

The general public still has no idea that Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig, and those who had heard of it still think it was discounted because of Bristol’s pregnancy with Tripp. Many people even here on PD keep referring to Trig’s “birth” on 4-18-08, instead of his “presentation” on 4-18-08. I guess I am getting impatient and cranky, because it irritates me when someone mentions how Sarah endangered Trig’s life with the “wild ride”. I have muttered some unkind remarks at my computer screen when I read their concerns that Trig’s life was in danger on that plane ride from Texas to Alaska. IMO, Trig was perfectly safe and being cared for by a private NICU nurse from January 2008 until his presentation on 4-18-08.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Spintest @ 1:25 am, I recall someone mentioned that Andrea Gusty has a son or nephew or some relation by the name of Erik who lives in Bethel. The zip code for Bethel, Alaska is 99559.

deb said...

As a clinical psych PhD student (and 30-year LCSW)- I should comment on the statements and pictures which put Bristol in the role of mama. We must know/remember that 75% of cognitive processing is unconscious. Unconscious- usually "the truth"- material is something you guys can use as well as your conscious "premeditated" material. When SP said Bristol was in the bus with her "brother"- and when she(and whoever else)- decided the group shot should have Bristol holding 'the" baby- they were all "screaming out the truth" in so many words. Human flaws like self promotion, narcissism, greed, etc.- can not overshadow our "Human Nature"- which is fairly "innocent and real"- and always eventually exposes fraud/liars. If you just look and listen- you will find additional unconcious evidence of the "truth". SP statements and actions- are telling us " it’s her baby!". The most recent is the "twin' stroller. Now, while saying that- I also must add- if SP was a good person and mother- she would be trying a little harder to shield her poor daughter- unfortunately- or fortunately for you- she is so conflicted- not due to "morality" but emotions like angry and resentful- she just keeps throwing poor Bristol under the bus! The "twin stroller" at the 4th of July parade---are you kidding me! The pathos that have been- and are being- exposed are worth their weight in gold......psychologist know it- it should be able to be used as evidence- and will eventua (when our culture is a little more sophisticated)- in the mean time you could enlist a licensed psychologist- like Nancy grace does- to allow her/him to support some of the less tangible/obvious to the naked/untrained eye- EVIDENCE.

For now- thanks for letting me participate in this earch for truth- and keep up the excellent work! You guys are THE true blue americans!

vera city said...

I read these comments and there is always so much that I want to respond to. Thank you for the feedback that people have given me, it gives me direction on what would be helpful for me to write next. I was writing a comment on why I think Bristol's bolster bosom is very important to this investigation, but I am setting it aside for a moment to respond to Dangerous.

If you step back to contemplate, almost every explanation for the events around Sarah Palin's behaviour breaks down under examination to a reprehensible action. When looking at the competing possibilities of why she did any particular move, one seems to be continuously choosing between various degrees of anti social behaviour. The only way to put a good spin on anything is to blindly take her at her word and ignore all past behaviour. This, of course, means you have to refuse to acknowledge that she is a documented repetitive liar.

In answer to Dangerous' first question: the most reprehensible thing she could have done is exactly what she said she did - the wild ride. If her story is true, she deliberately and knowingly endangered the life of a child. She also violated airline safety rules- potentially inconveniencing and creating financial lose for many. What makes it even more revolting is that she bragged about it and expect to get praise for her actions. What is frightening is that she is so devoid of empathy and lacking any sense of morality that she seems be either unaware of what the consequences of her actions could do or doesn't give a s**t if her actions kills someone.

Based on her actions as governor, the death of seniors from her withholding funding when money was available and the lack of action, or even concern, to help desperate northern communities this winter, we know that she is capable of this. Or consider another example from the campaign: when Palin started rallying the crowds with innuendo that Barack Obama was palling around with terrorists and had a hidden anti-Americian agenda, the secret service registered a marked increase in threats against Obama and plots to commit horrible violence against him and others in the event that he won. I read that the Obamas were briefed on this and that Michelle was quite upset. We can assume that the secret service would also have briefed the McCain team. John McCain started trying to calm the crowd down and counter the horrible things being said about Obama. Palin, who we can safely assume was told what the effects of her actions were, did not tone down the rhetoric. It doesn't seem to matter if people are hurt or even die - as long as Sarah Palin gets what she wants.

To put forward the position that Sarah Palin faked the pregnancy with Trig is actually the less reprehensible of the two options. We are actually being kind to her and giving her the benefit of the doubt. (The subsequently uncovered photo evidence and inconsistencies during Trig's gestation are very compelling that we are right.) Vaughn and bike asked why several of the Alaskan bloggers are not on board about the pregnancy hoax. I think it is because, having closer and longer contact with Palin, they know what she is capable of. I too think that she is capable of doing the wild ride as she states it, but, in this case based on the evidence accumulated, she did the lesser of the two evils.

Anonymous said...

From the Moderator regarding Team Truther:

We've had a handful of comments from people who used the Team Truther forum, which is currently in maintenance mode.

We built the forum on a software package that while having a lot of great features also had some really serious bugs. A number of the members were frustrated with the glitches and complained. There were security issues with the forum and only after it was up and running did we realize that there was no way to moderate comments should it be necessary. So if someone fell under suspicion of being a troll the only way to deal with it was to delete them, which is unfortunate.

We are currently putting together a new forum on a different software platform that is more reliable. We will let you know as soon as we have it up and running and appreciate your patience as we make the transition from the old forum to the new.


midnightcajun said...

Bike, i think I can answer your question about why Shannyn and AKM stay away from Babygate. They are dedicated to exposing ALL of Sarah's nastiness and craziness. In order to do that, they need to be seen as sane and reasonable. Whether we like it or not, Babygate is still in tinfoil land. If they "go there" they will lose their credibility. I think it is more important that they be able to continue their great work than that they go down as martyrs to our cause.

Shannyn, AKM, and Gryphen are friends. He carries the Babygate standard. That is enough. Babygate is one battlefield in a vast war against the craziness and ugliness that is Sarah Palin.

This story will not be broken by deduction or reason, however compelling that may be. Journalists require reliable sources, aka Levi, Bristol, whoever. That's just a journalistic rule. Watch All the President's Men.

mlewis said...

I agree with Deb, and I don't have any special psychology experience. But I do know enough about human nature to know that subconsciously people tend to give themselves away. Expert poker players learn to read other players' "tell," an almost undetected signal that show that they might be bluffing or that they have a great hand. There are "tells" that show when someone has been drinking or abusing drugs, no matter how hard they try to look otherwise.

I think that Sarah was so mad at Bristol for that unexpected pregnancy just when she was getting positioned for the VP nomination that she continued to "punish" her (throw her under the bus) at every chance. "Here, you hold the baby, and cover yourself with this huge blanket!" "Here's your little bundle of joy." I wouldn't treat my daughter that way.

There was a moment in the McCain campaign when the Palin and McCain family posed together for a People Magazine photograph. In one of the first photos, Bristol was holding Trig, and McCain was heard to have snapped at Sarah, "What are you doing, giving truth to those rumors?" Later photos put Bristol in the back row while Sarah awkwardly held Trig.

Now, Sarah is doing something totally uncharacteristic for her, avoiding the media spotlight. Before she left office, she was twittering away, a mile a minute. She seemed to love being photographed handing out hot dogs or picking fish. Now, someone is writing Face Book posts for her (I doubt that she can write well when she speaks so poorly). But where is Sarah?

Unknown said...

I agree with the LCSW/PhD candidate about this family leaking the truth every which way. One might make the argument that with two babies in the house, a double stroller makes sense. But then again, that assumes that those two babies will always be strolled together. Between the jogging stroller and the double one, are we to believe that there are also (too) two single strollers in that garage? I think not.

We rented the Oliver Stone film, JFK, the other night so our teenager can see it/learn about the conspiracy. The case for government entanglement is SO compelling. And it occurred to me that this was an entire U.S. government allegedly covering up tracks, disposing of people, lying and covering its trail, only to hang the entire thing on the head of one guy who was then conveniently killed before any evidence could become public.

So then why can't a small community or a large family keep a secret too? It's entirely plausible when you consider the Kennedy assassination. What do people have to gain by spilling the beans? Especially if there is something stinky to the story? What firm proof can there be unless a doctor or mother is willing to talk? A birth and the fact that it falls in the legally protected realm of medicine is really bullet proof when you think about it.

I fear that the only beans Levi has to spill is more of the "we slept together" and "they fought a lot" flavor. No matter how compelling this evidence, I fear there will be no way to confirm it. Especially if the goal is to protect Trig's dignity, Piper's feelings or some other ugly truth.

And as far as what's worse, the Wild Ride or the Faked Baby, who can decide? We sadly know she is capable of both travesties and that alone is scary enough.

RNP in CA said...

Re: midnightcajun - I think you're exactly right.

Re: conspiracies.

I never buy them, because it's just too much to believe that multiple people would keep a lucrative secret for years. I can accept, maybe, the mafia being involved in Kennedy because they have a track record of keeping secrets. But dozens of regular people? No way.

Same with the twin towers. The number of people who would have to be in on it is huge. No effing way was that a conspiracy, just the inevitable result of ignored intelligence and botched foreign policy.

But this? Only Palin's doctor, the immediate Palin family and the immediate Johnston family would absolutely have to know.

That an epically dysfunctional family can keep a secret - that I believe. It happens all the time. And the Johnstons have to deal with the Palins for the rest of their lives, while coping with legal problems of their own, so I'll buy that too.

And the doctor? She's screwed either way. Approving a 10-hour airplane journey for a 44-year-old woman with five high risk factors, while leaking fluid, is malpractice-worthy. When Palin said she called her doctor, she implicated her in the coverup, leaving her with no choice but to keep the fiction going.

It's the fact that this is NOT a conspiracy, just the sick workings of a horribly dysfunctional family, that makes me believe it's true.

mlewis said...

For people who do not believe in conspiracies, there was a story on Keith Olbermann's Countdown, as well as other news programs, regarding the Bush Administration hyping the terror threat level right before the 2004 election. At that time, Tom Ridge even offered to take a lie detector test to prove that he hadn't done such a thing, calling the bluff of the few skeptics. Now the truth has come out; he did not act alone. Others had to be in on this plan-- a conspiracy.

For that matter, WMD in Iraq was a lie, and it was sold to the American Public, too. Another conspiracy. Even though people were denouncing the Bush Administration for these tactics, look how long it has taken for a few truths to come out. And, I am sure there is a lot more that we do not know about.

So, could a few people in Alaska keep a baby secret? There are plenty of people who find out as adults that the woman who raised them, and they thought was Mother was really Grandmother, and their older sister was really the mother. The singer, Bobby Darin is an example of this story.

As far as the Johnstons, I am willing to bet that some kind of confidentiality agreement was in place as part of Trig's adoption. Of course it would be best for the baby to get the health and financial care from Sarah and Todd that two young kids could not provide. If Levi was in a position to really let loose, he has a pretty sharp team that would have sold that book long ago. He is left to capitalize on the other routes that can earn him money.

I am also willing to guess that they hold some kind of threat over Mercede. With Sherri looking at time in prison, they could either set up Mercede in the same kind of sting or make things even tougher on Sherri. Mercede can't talk right now, either. Not too many other people would be involved. The doctor and hospital personnel cannot talk, either.

I think that it only takes a few people to keep this secret, and a couple of them operate under a threat from the Palins. To anyone who thinks that the Palins couldn't do such a thing, just remember what they tried to do to a former brother-in-law.

mel said...

Laura: "We rented the Oliver Stone film, JFK, the other night so our teenager can see it/learn about the conspiracy. The case for government entanglement is SO compelling. And it occurred to me that this was an entire U.S. government allegedly covering up tracks, disposing of people, lying and covering its trail, only to hang the entire thing on the head of one guy who was then conveniently killed before any evidence could become public."

This is OT...but are you SERIOUS? You want to teach your teen about conspiracy?? Teach him to fear and mistrust his "entire government" by using an unproved case? "JFK" wasn't a documentary, it was a movie. Of all the things a teenager needs to learn--relevant to this blog, surely suggest sex and reproduction--you teach him this? We have a leader now who is trying to help us love and respect governance again. Give your kid a chance!

Punkinbugg said...

OT, but if you're going to rent Oliver Stone's movie about JFK, you also need to rent/buy this video for a balanced view.

I worked 9 blocks from the grassy knoll for 25 years, and it's the best JFK documentary I've seen, really delving into the mind and activities of LHO.

Back to Alaska! I agree that small town politics run that state, and people are afraid of revenge. Rightfully so!

Lynn said...

Thanks, Morgan--I'm glad to hear that Team Truther is just being rehabbed and not disappearing into the ether.

I wonder whether, in all of history, such a colossally dysfunctional family has had such minute scrutiny?!

Having Herself sequestered away somewhere is making me anxious. It reminds me of the scene in Jurassic Park where the kids and some adult or other were waiting anxiously in a kitchen area knowing that soon the attacks would resume. Also the bits about those particularly aggressive dinosaurs "learning" make me think of SP.

Sarah on her own isn't so formidable but Sarah with good advisors firmly in control is something else. We have to count on her inability to give the reins to anyone else..... the hubris of thinking she always knows best.

Unknown said...

Just looking at the Palin Admin. is enough reason to teach children to question their government's actions.
The fact that the MSM hasn't picked this up is enough reason to teach our kids to question the MSM.
Really, now, the MSM reports all sordid manner of questionable matters daily, but not this, to which you say they doubt the veracity of the story or don't want to comment on ''conspiracy theories'', or want to maintain their credibility, to which I roll my eyes at your naivete...
Maybe you've never realized that most of the ''daily news'' is actually opinion and unfootnoted by verifiable sources that ''we'' can go to for verify.

wayofpeace said...

at the PEE ZOO they are all hot and bothered about this:

Charles Krauthammer in today's Washington Post: "We might start by asking Sarah Palin to leave the room. I've got nothing against her. She's a remarkable political talent. But there are no "death panels" in the Democratic health-care bills, and to say that there are is to debase the debate."

GinaM said...

Was reading some of Morgan's "The
Token Hippie" blog and came across this comment:

From the New York Times+

*There was similar confusion when The Caucus spoke with Jon and Wing Witthuhn, owners of Pacifier, a high-end children’s boutique in Minneapolis, where records show two charges of $98, one at Pacifier’s downtown location and another at its store in the northeast part of the city.

Mr. Witthuhn clearly recalled one of the $98 charges because it was the night of Sept. 3, just hours before Ms. Palin’s speech at the Republican National Convention. A woman burst into his store, he recalled, saying she needed outfits for several children, including a 6-month-old boy. Mr. Witthuhn explained they did not carry clothes beyond toddler age but helped her pick out a blue-striped convertible romper by Egg Baby ($60), a matching monkey-ear hat ($32) and Trumpette baby socks ($6).

This was doing the wardrobe business. Notice it says clothes for a "six month boy". Here's the link to The New York Times article:

Wonder who told them Trig was six months old?

Unknown said...

If you've been awake for the last 8 years, then you know all you need to about Government conspiracies...both floated By the Government and About the Goververnment. No need to rent a movie, you've been living it.

B said...


It's possible that McCain staffer meant that she needed size 6 mos. clothing. If TriG was supposed to be 4.5 months old, that's the most likely size he would have worn. I think sizes are Newborn, 6 week, 3 mos., 6 mos., 1 yr. (maybe 9 mos. too).

But it does mean clothing for at least some of the children was being bought at the last minute without the children there to try them on. Could explain gray dress.

NakedTruth said...

Actually baby clothes usually come in these sizes:

Newborn (0 - 3 mos) - up to 10 lbs

3 - 6 months - up to 13 lbs

6- 9 months - up to 16 lbs

12 months - up to 20 lbs

18 months - up to 24 lbs

24 months - up to 28 lbs

It can vary based on brand of clothing but this is pretty much it. Trig at 4.5 months old could have been wearing about a size 6 months but he definitely looked big for a 4.5 month old pre-mature baby IMO.

Ivyfree said...

"Sarah on her own isn't so formidable but Sarah with good advisors firmly in control is something else."

I might be able to visualize Sarah with good advisers, but I can't see her doing what they tell her is best. She would never consider that somebody else might know better than she does.

WV: thetr. As in "political theater." FAKING IT!!!

kari said...

On Dave Letterman's show last night do you think the pregnant woman on the sidewalk was a set up for his jokes that followed? He said something about it being hard to tell she was 7 months pregnant. I think he also said, supposedly unrelated to her, that one of the words people are uncomfortable with is "seepage". Did anyone else see this?

Cornelius said...

A question I've been curious about(apologies if this is answered somewhere else!): Does SP normally drink? Do we know anything about how much she was drinking (or not) in public during the time she should have been pregnant with Trig? Seems like lately I figure out my friends that are pg when I notice they have stopped drinking at holiday parties, etc . . . if we knew she was still drinking at those kinds of functions, it might be another clue.

mlewis said...

Hi Kari, I saw the Letterman Show. It was hot in NY, and Letterman admitted that he was acting like an 11 year old spritzing people on the sidewalk on Broadway with a big stream of water. He hit several people before the poor woman came along.

I don't think that she was a setup. The way that I took it was that he rolled his eyes, uttered something about another lawsuit (he is always getting sued, and he is always joking about it, unlike a very sensitive ex-governor we know). I think that he was truly surprised when he heard that she was pregnant, meaning Big Lawsuit (you can imagine what would have happened if the woman had slipped). He groaned about it several times, sort of joking and not really.

The Sarah Palin reference that I heard was Letterman saying that he would have to apologize again, a pretty clear reference to the fact that he was made to apologize to Sarah publicly to smooth things over. It's too bad that she had that kind of clout. The good news is that Letterman really knows how to hold a grudge, and from time to time, he still makes wicked references to the Sarah. Never a dull minute.

The tabloid, Globe Magazine, is reporting that Sarah is suffering from a nervous breakdown, if you believe the hard-hitting, factual news and reporting from them.

Marcospinelli said...

About secrets and conspiracies:

They tend to fall apart, but only when those involved keep getting grilled about them.

That's not happening with Bush (re: the Tom Ridge comment), and it's not happening with the Palin babies.

Unknown said...

Bike,Vaughn: I agree that Shannyn Moore and Mudflats are avoiding Babygate. Like a hot potato. Or the Fake Palin belly is too hot for them to handle with their new found fame, acceptability and exposure with MSM such as KO, web awards, hipness in the non-tinfoil kingdom.
So much for the appearance of Being In The Know From Inside Alaska and being the on the edge
49th state Alternative mouthpiece. Where There Is A Will-There Is A Way to allude to babygate and the sites which discuss it. We all should start posting there and mentioning Babygate and these related blogs.

What is the correct term for the lightweight, cloth fake belly?
'Empathy' belly seems to refer to the heavy version for the benefit of the wearer to feel the weight.

Yes, Pro C Grandma-"presentation" of Trig on 4-18-09, 'alleged' birth date terms we must use. The kid's names alone are confusing enough to keep track of besides all the misinformation from the Palin gang.
Let us also not assume Levi is the only possible dad if Bristol is the mother of Trig. Hope paternity tests were done before signing any Confidentialty Agreements-Rex?

Pro C.Grandma: In Yukon-Kuskokwim Bush 2009 directory, I found Bethel zip 99559 with one public Gusty listing. Iyana Gusty 543-4085
Regarding mysterious posting on Flickr by Erik99559 of the about to bust Gusty photo of SP. What if someone cold calls local radio? (KYUK 543-3131 or KYKD 543-5953 in Bethel and state you are trying to reach Erik who is related to the Gutsy family..ask who would know him?) As big as Bethel is-it is still a bush village and you might be surprised as to the information given out freely.
Does Andrea have a brother, uncle,nephew, dad with this name? Yearbook from Bethel or the high school (Bethel, Mt. Edgecumbe boarding school in Sitka, Anchorage?) Andrea Gutsy attended which might also show a "Erik?" What is her bio?

Keep it coming. I am confident MSM, Wasilla, SP fans, people with Outing Power all keep tabs on this topic. Those with rubbery spines.

deb said...

I wrote and then deleted this email yesterday (I saved it in word- tho, for some wierd reason). After reading recent posts (i.e. SP having a Nervous breakdown)- I decieded to retrieve and post it- here it is:
"Where is Sarah??- Miewis and others asked- I am so bad with names- but like the women who was "just say'en" when she offered Willow looked like the partner-dude- or the person who assumed that the absence- was due to SP recovering from a 'facelift"- I would have to guess: "nervous-beak-down (NBD). Except- that seems like it would be giving her too much credit. NBDs imply the potential to feel deeply and offer the possibility of "growth". I douth she has that in her- but I guess one could hope.

comeonpeople said...

Thanks for this site and all the work going into it.
i have been following babygate since the beginning.
I am, amazed, I guess is the word, that there is not a single healthcare worker who is willing to write an anonymous letter to someone - anyone to confirm or deny these suspicions of an earlier Trig birthday, or the fact that Scarah was not pregnant. I'm a healthcare worker and I've done alot of soul searching over this issue - and if I knew something - I WOULD make a surrepticious copy of a med rec and send of off to this site or somewhere to get attention to the deception. The HIPPA violation carries a 50k penalty and 1-3 year prison term - but I'd take my chances -
I really would- If I had enough indisputable evidence it would be worth it. This chick was nearly VP and there are people who want her as president. She needs to be outed. Some people of our nation would support the HIPPA violation as an "ends justifying the means" occurance and would rasie funds for the whistleblowers legal defenses. I certainly would contribute to such a fund.
Other ideas I have - Trig was 5 weeks early ( but I beleive he was born probably in Jan or Feb.) But lets go with Scarahs story - Trig was 5 weeks early with a heart defect, but he went home in one day?? I DON'"T THINK SO. He should have been in an ICU as premies with trisomy 21 and ASD or VSD are notoriously poor feeders, can't coordinate sucking a nipple,swallowing fluid and breathing, it is HIGHLY unlikely he was breastfeeding off the bat as this requires alot of coordination and endurance. So, the April date is very likely, in my educated opinion, his "reveal" date not his birthdate. He'd spent time in an ICU, likely tube fed for awhile til he grew some and got used to feeding. Also, as many a mom knows, there is nipple confusion when you go from bottle to breast to bottle, even for a healthy infant, so I really doubt he was doing both, just bottle in my ,again, educated opinion.
Anyone with a little common sense and especially those with medical backgrounds can see the problems with this story. What is wrong with this country that no one will put an end to Scarah Palin. She needs to be gone politically as she is one scary unstable human being. I don't want to have to listen to her anymore.

Unknown said...

Amen, ''comeonepeople''.

It says more about this country than about Scarah, that she is still politically viable.

This site that started it all is the red headed step-child, but will be vindicated, eventually by all...even those ''now evolved'' basement pj bloggers.

Vaughn said...

Eileen said...
Bike,Vaughn: I agree that Shannyn Moore and Mudflats are avoiding Babygate. Like a hot potato. Or the Fake Palin belly is too hot for them to handle with their new found fame, acceptability and exposure with MSM such as KO, web awards, hipness in the non-tinfoil kingdom.
So much for the appearance of Being In The Know From Inside Alaska and being the on the edge
49th state Alternative mouthpiece. Where There Is A Will-There Is A Way to allude to babygate and the sites which discuss it. We all should start posting there and mentioning Babygate and these related blogs.

I doubt If Shannyn and Mudflats avoiding the Babygate issue has anything to do with their new found fame, which is really
not all that new. Shannyn has been on Countdown off and on since Sept.2008 and Mudflats has had thousands of readers
since Sept.2008.
Their blogs are political blogs and that's the way they want to keep them,so no talking about Babygate. Mudflats has a
forum you can join to talk about Babygate.

They know she is a liar and hypocrite as far as her politics goes and that is what they try to inform people about.
I don't fault either one of them for not wanting to get their blogs mired down with the Trig issue.

Whether they believe Trig is Sarah's or not, I doubt if any of them ever saw Sarah after she announced her pregnancy
in March. According to Sarah's schedule she was in the Anchorage/Wasilla area about 10 days all together from
March 5 till the morning she left for Dallas,Tx. Same goes for Gryphen and Phil Munger.

Phil believes she just used very poor judgement in the wild ride and Gryphen believes that Sarah lied and Trig is not
her child. What tickles my funny bone is the fact that Gryphen on his June 2 2009 post stated quite bluntly " But just where did Trig Palin come from? As of today, as of this minute, and after over a month of searching I cannot tell you. I simply do not know for certain.
I do know however where he did not come from. He did not issue forth from Sarah Palin. He may have been conceived inside her house (The jury is still out on that one), but he was not conceived inside her uterus. On that one fact I have absolutely no doubt." Then on July 29 he put up a post where he said Sarah and Todd are splitsville and they threatened to sue him.
She will never sue anyone over the Trig issue because she would have to prove that she gave birth to him.

Anti-Theist said...

Does it really matter? Does anyone really care? Honestly. . .

Sincerely, what is the objective of this blog?

She is already in position to run for president in 2012 if she wants.

Obama won by a small margin and only because we had the worst economic crisis since the great depression.

The fact this woman, the maverick she ran with and the man they both supported are absolutely vile all knowingly lied and possibly broke the law are supported are still 100% supported with unwavering faith by their party.

Look at the health care reform debate. The evidence is available, easily accessible and presented in non-ambiguous terms for those who wish to know the truth.

This is not an argument or debate on facts or lies. People when they choose to support her cherry pick evidence, discount the bad or think irrationally about this.

There is no need to convince any intelligent non-republican person of the obvious truth - these people(Republicans) do not have our best interest in mind and are often vile acting in their best interest only.

Again, if Palin was or was not pregnant is not a necessary to convince intelligent non-republican citizens of this country. We knew about her long before.

The fact is unless you plan to bring this to every media outlet, speak out publicly and spend a few million dollars... Who cares?

This will be shrugged off, her book will make her millions, she will appear on TV and most likely will seek office again.

anne s said...

You know her belly in that super prego photo sure was awfully round.. like that belly pad suit

I dont ever remember my belly being so ball like it was almost more oval like pointed out
and that is her right before giving birth?
The belly drops
It is not up under your boobs (like in the padded suit)

And .. was in my case but is an old wives tale.. you carry BOYS lower

Plus when you are super big you spend alot more time when standing still with your hands on your hips kindof supporting your back

She just doesnt have the mannerisms of a very pregnant woman.. and that odd perfectly round belly .. sitting so high up

Oh crack this case soon .. it is getting ridiculous!

omo said...

Good points, Anne S !

The baby definitely drops before delivery. And if it doesn't, guess what, you aren't going to have 'the easiest labor ever' (as Sarah sort-of said, well for her I guess it was) because the baby has NOT dropped.

You can't have it both ways. Unless you're Sarah . . .

kari said...

mlewis, thank you for your comment about Letterman. He sometimes takes a shot at someone and then covers it up with a line about someone else so I was wondering as I'm sure he's heard the rumors about the fake pregnancy by now. Regardless, I don't think he's going to forget about Sarah anytime soon and her actions have made her a target for jokes from many.

For the past year Sarah has sometimes looked well rested and then within days she has looked haggard again as if she's not getting enough sleep.

If she's had a breakdown it wouldn't surprise me and even with treatment I don't expect her to change much as others will always be blamed. She is what she is.

Unknown said...

I was just reading a movie review (Good Night, and Good Luck) by Roger Ebert which reminded me of Palin and thought I'd share it with you.

"Good Night, and Good Luck.

BY ROGER EBERT / October 21, 2005
"Good Night, and Good Luck" is a movie about a group of professional newsmen who with surgical precision remove a cancer from the body politic. They believe in the fundamental American freedoms, and in Sen. Joseph McCarthy they see a man who would destroy those freedoms in the name of defending them. Because McCarthy is a liar and a bully, surrounded by yes-men, recklessly calling his opponents traitors, he commands great power for a time. He destroys others with lies, and then is himself destroyed by the truth.

The instrument of his destruction is Edward R. Murrow, a television journalist above reproach, whose radio broadcasts from London led to a peacetime career as the most famous newsman in the new medium of television. Murrow is offended by McCarthy. He makes bold to say so, and why. He is backed by his producers and reporters, and supported by the leadership of his network, CBS, even though they lose sponsors, and even though McCarthy claims Murrow himself is a member of a subversive organization."

I hope you see the same nuances I do. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've thought the same thing as anne s about SP's belly in the Gusty photo. It is so perfectly round. It just seems too perfect. And pregnant bellies - just take a look at a bunch on the internet - especially that late in the game - are not that perfectly round. I think that's one of the big reasons that photo has always looked off to me.

Audrey said...

That photo has always looked "off" to a lot of us. I will remind all readers that our photoshop analysis that was done on the photo of Gusty and Palin together in the hall DID FIND anomalies that were consistent with possible alterations, but that no conclusions could be drawn because of the low resolution of the photo.

I will also remind readers that members of our research team - through great effort - were able to PROVE that a higher resolution version of the photo had been first uploaded to Flickr and then, using Flickr's own editing tools - lowered the photo's resolution and then deleted the higher resolution original! As it was a free account with no price or penalty on keeping the higher resolution version available there is no plausible reason to take these extra steps unless someone just plain did not what the higher resolution version available.

There is no absolute proof that that the "Gusty photo" was photoshopped to make her look "more pregnant." But it is a possibility that was consistent with some of the "areas of interest" found on the photo. If Gusty had really wanted to answer questions in January when she addressed this issue in a TV report, she would have made clear:
1. How the photo got onto the Internet on August 29.
2. Who Erik is/was.
3. Why the photo was downgraded to a lower resolution AFTER being put on Flickr.
4. Why she stated early in September that she had NO IDEA how the photo got on the Internet because she thought she was the only one who had it.

She also would have released the higher resolution version.

None of that happened.

Draw your own conclusions. Mine are that this photo has a lot of problems and that anyone who bases any "conclusions" on it is WAY WAY off base.

deb said...

I don't think GinaM's valuable bit of evidence is discounted because the shopper didn't say "and a 4-month old who wears a size-6-months." If she was presenting sizes- rather than identifying individuals that needed clothes- the shopper would have come in saying: I need clothes for a pregant 17 year old, a medium build 8 year old and a 4-month old who is wearing a size 6-month". If what she said was what GiaM quoted her as saying- then, she was identifying individuals- that needed an outfit. I couldn't get the url to work so I will have to find article...but this is potentially an EXCELLENT piece of evidence that should not be so easily discounted- and I think it will be easy to make a case for it.

Besides 2 of my babies wore a size 4-months at 4-months- now I might have bought a size 6-months- so they could get more wear out of it-but if I was dressing them for a one-time national TV spot- I would not be in thrifty mode.

midnightcajun said...

The recent reference to Sarah's comment that Trig's birth was her "easiest yet" got me to thinking: isn't it true that induced labors are actually very painful? Largely because everything is being forced quickly rather than happening slowly in its own sweet time, with the first stages of labor going largely unnoticed? Anyone with expertise care to jump in here?

Kathryn said...

Hey Deb,

Interesting points about the babyware,
Couple of points back:
1) I pretty much had to double my kids ages to get their sizes i.e. they wore 6 mouths sized items when they were 3 months. HOWEVER, they were healthy, full term babies that constantly landed in the 90th percent range of the growth charts.
2) A premie, has a completely different growth chart, if they are born 1 month premature, a 4 month old baby is compared with other 3 month old babies.
3) However, again, I had read that Downs Syndrome babies do tend to put weight on quite rapidly their first year. I will not swear to that and if any of the nurses, midwives and other health professionals hear have other information, please correct me.

Unknown said...

I don't know nothin' about birthin', Miz Scarlett, but can someone tell me why Palin was "induced" at seven months? I just saw Julie and Julia (excellent) and Julia's diplomat husband went through a grilling by McCarthy-fueled investigators and I immediately thought of the trend happening in this country towards that kind of mindset - as led by the Palinistas. We must make sure she never reaches the heights that Joe McCarthy did. I still remember the damage that Phyllis Schafly did to the Women's Rights issue back in the day. I just have to say that I loved Jon Stewart's smackdown of Betsy McCaughey. Almost - but not quite - as good as ER Morrow's takedown of Joe McCarthy. Good Night and Good Luck is a must-see movie.

Emily Z said...

You know, there is a woman in our office who is about a month away from delivering her second child. (Maybe third, but I'm pretty sure second).

She is about Palin's height, maybe a couple inches little taller.

And she is HUGE. Every day I see her it is like she is growing and growing. And this is mostly her belly I'm talking about.

And, unlike the Gusty pic, she is not perfectly round and orb like. Her stomach actually seems more oval, the protruding end almost has a point, like an egg. It is a hard, tight mass with a gravitas of its own.

And when she walks, her back is swayed, she leans slightly back to contend with her center of gravity change.

Her legs are farther apart when she walks.

And you know, she does glow. She looks happy. But she also looks freaking exhausted most of the time.

In short, she appears like an honest to God pregnant woman should appear.

Not how Palin appeared.

GinaM said...

Thanks is the long url maybe this will work for you.

As far as comparing being Induced verses natural birth, I had 4 kids. Three were natural(no drugs) and the last one was 8 years ago and I was 37. I was considered high risk because of my age. I also ended up with high blood pressure, needless to say when I was 38 weeks I came in for my weekly appointment and my blood pressure had reached a dangerous level. My doctor immediately sent me to the hospital where I was induced.

I have to admit my natural child births were painful but they were very quick births. The inducement not so much. The pain was so bad for the first time I asked for an epidural!! Thank god once they gave me epidural I had the baby within the hour!!

Another thing about does take awhile. I was given the potosin around 12 noon and I delivered my daughter at 8:25 that night. I wasn't given the epidural until 7:15pm.

Hope this info helps.

omo said...

As I understand it, an induction is generally at least considered and often done within 24 hours of amniotic fluid leakage (depending on the situation) because of the danger of infection once the membranes are compromised. The curious thing in this case (well, one curious thing among many) is that delivery is by definition not imminent if induction is resorted to.

In other words, there was no need to deliver Sarah in haste at a local hospital not rated for high risk births because if there was time for an induction, there was time for transport to an Anchorage facility equipped to deal with high risk deliveries.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

The Editor @ 8/24 at 10:39 said: “I don't know nothin' about birthin', Miz Scarlett, but can someone tell me why Palin was "induced" at seven months?”

Correction, Palin was pretending to be eight months pregnant, not seven.

When I had induced labor, shortly after the potosin was started the labor was so excruciating for 6+ hours I seriously believed I was dying. This was before epidurals so I had nothing until 3 minutes before the birth when I was finally given a “saddle block”. After the birth, I required so many stitches the doctor remarked “too many to count”. Sorry, TMI, but just to give you an idea that IMO, there is no freaking way “it was the easiest of all of them” as Sarah phrased it. But it does not matter, because Sarah did not give birth to Trig. It was just another one of Sarah’s unnecessary embellishments, as well as another inside joke. Just as the name Trig Paxson VAN Palin was an inside joke using the name from the baby on Desperate Housewives when Bree faked a pregnancy to hide her daughter’s pregnancy and the baby’s name was Benjamin VAN de Kamp Hodges.

Anonymous said...


Hey people, just a reminder. If you have questions about moderation don't expect them to be answered here. Email me at



omo said...

Just wanted to post my word verification :

jubili !

Unknown said...

The personal is political. Elected officials personal conduct should concern voters and that is why this matters and it is political.
Once past labeling it a women only topic,family privacy issue or so bizarre and out of the norm that it is fodder for tabloids sees that at its essence-Palin's hoax is a good old American political scandal with a woman's touch.
In the poised Gutsy shot, Scaracuda looked like she swallowed a lie the size of a basketball.
Bill Maher on HBO-Real Time proposed a comedy sitcom with Palin and Rep. Michelle Bachman. MSNBC's Chuck Todd, Jay Leno sat listening. Bill proposed that SP say: "Hey, Look what dropped outta me-a baby."
MSM, political pundits ARE keeping their eye on this LIE and sizing up Palin AS WELL AS Alaska. It will erupt sometime, the ash will continue to darken those who deserve it the most. It is not only Sarah who leaves a scorched path.

Question to ponder: what celebrity, politician, respected leader, community role models(teacher,Girl Scout troop leader)in their respective spotlight ever did this same pregnancy cover-up for another female? In modern times? Again, the personal reflects on the political.
Once you begin to weave a tangled web of lies....

Surely the neighbors of Bristol's aunt caught sight of her during the time the Palin Gang had her hold up there while she allegedly was nurturing a bad case of Mono?
She never left the apt/house for some 4 plus months? Levi never saw her?
So there are no lower level receptionists,secretaries...from the Anchorage " exile" office that are not otherwise bound by rules who can comment on SP belly? Others who were in contact with her expressed their shock when she announced her expansion. They all can't be Wasilla cronies beholden to her.

I want stronger federal rules regarding release of pertinent, extensive health records from Presidential ticket nominees.
I want AK. Legislature to tighten rules hiring so many cronies whose loyalty is stronger for Gov. versus the state.

Celia Harrison said...

Amy1 said...
Could someone explain this? Could the 3 yrs turn into parole?

If she is sentenced to three years as they planned it could turn into two years. The DOC can take off 1/3 of the sentence for good time. If she gets home detention I don't know if they will still do that, but I don't think she would mind three years at home opposed to two years in prison. The probation is seperate from the time served.

wayofpeace said...

PCG said, "Just as the name Trig Paxson VAN Palin was an inside joke using the name from the baby on Desperate Housewives when Bree faked a pregnancy to hide her daughter’s pregnancy and the baby’s name was Benjamin VAN de Kamp Hodges.:

WOW, i did not know that. i always assumed it was just the VAL HALEN rhymed connection.

that SARAH would dare to rub the public's nose on her deception is one more sign of her shameless disregard for basic human decency.

vera city said...

I agree with the people who have commented and said that Trig's birth date should be identified as alleged. I also think that to keep with one of the objectives of this site, which is to verify the accuracy of the evidence put forward, that the April 13 date for the Gusty photos would also have to be noted as alleged. There are just too many questions around the photos to confidently be able to say that the pregnant Sarah was photographed on that date. Their release on August 31, 2008 makes no sense. Audrey has mentioned that people would have posted pictures of Palin after her nomination was announced, but the circumstances don't fit that explanation. These pictures, at least the main part of the photos, were taken by people who were sympathetic to Palin - one even was hired by her to a position that required that Sarah could trusted him.

Earlier release of the pictures would have been enormously helpful to Palin to dispel the rumours. If they were released on the alleged date they would have been timely and provide a human interest angle of the pregnant governor finishing up the legislative session - definitely news worthy for the news station in question. The footage and or pictures should have surfaced later in the week when Trig's birth was announced and there was no photo op with Palin and Trig - the very pregnant Palin would have been the closest image they would have. It would also have linked well to the five week early birth - showing that this baby was ready to come out. (By the way, I thought that Trig's announced expected birth date was in June, not May 23rd. Can someone clarify this?) The pictures would have been helpful after Trig's arrival was announced, when the rumours swelled up again. By July, Bill McAllister was then Palin's press secretary, a reporter was asking questions about Trig's birth - releasing the pictures would have been a good idea and easily arranged by McAllister, who we know for sure was present three minutes and fourteen seconds after the picture of the pregnant Palin was taken. Instead they didn't get a public viewing until Palin was linked to the McCain campaign.

To be continued with the next comment...

vera city said...

Recently, I have gone back and looked at the Gusty photos and thought about how they fit into this story. There are problems with the what Palin is wearing, other than the sudden appearance, for the first and only time, of convincing padding indicating that money was spent obtaining a real pregnancy belly. An investment which was not used later in the week when she flew to Texas. (Should we assume that Palin was worried about her luggage being searched or that she was too vain to appear that 'fat' when she was out of state trying to look pretty. The other possibility is that the pregnancy belly hadn't been purchased at that time because Palin thought she could get away with it. There is an enormous amount of contempt for the public shown in the slapdash way she padded herself - when she bothered to do it at all.) What are other problems with how Palin dressed that day which doesn't fit in to the rest of the timeline.

1) The shoes. Take a look at them and ask yourself if you ever saw them before or any pair like them. They are the shoes a pregnant woman would wear, if she was not Sarah Palin. Throughout Palin's 'pregnancy' with Trig she wore heels when she wore dressy clothes. High ones - which would throw off her sense of balance, if she was actually pregnant. If you wanted to believably make Palin look pregnant, the heels would have to go.

2) The lack of Palin's trademark wrinkles. In her clothes, not her face. People may refer to her as a clothes horse, but she has only a passing relationship with an iron; the difficulty of getting clothes back and forth to the drycleaner turns out to be part of the break down of her marriage; and, after the election, we discovered that she stuffs clothes she isn't wearing into garbage bags. All of this is easy to see if you review the pictures of Palin while she was 'pregnant ' and after, before she gets a wardrobe person to look after her clothes and she isn't as slovenly in her presentation. The clothes in the Gusty pictures are too crisp and well maintained in comparison to these other pictures and these shots are alleged to be taken late in the day, once everyone has gone home, on the last day of the legislative session. Instead the jacket looks freshly drycleaned and pressed and put on for the pictures. Why is this the only time in her pregnancy that it look like someone helped her get dressed?

3) Her hair is too well behaved. Where is the bumpet or the back-teasing? Sarah likes extra volume and it is missing here. And, look again, in what other photo is her hair this neat? Here it looks conditioned and hangs as a nice mass instead of fly away and tangled as in the other pictures. Are you telling me that for once her hair behaved - at the end of the day for a quick interview that was so inconsequential it was never aired and for a few casual photos for someone else. I noticed, as well, that it seems that in that period Palin left her hair down when she was too busy to put it up (or to pad herself) and dressed more casually on those days. Oh yes, I have been wondering how her fringe bangs - the ones that soften her forehead - suddenly appear half an inch longer than the week before when they were freshly cut and hanging in a straight line well above her eyebrow.

4) A sudden change in style. The jacket is the same, but the purple top doesn't appear anywhere else and conveniently and clearly shows the round of the belly. Throughout this period Palin wore black tops with the jacket. The scarf is suddenly gone as well.

And continued...

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Desperate Housewives Script Plagiarized By Sarah Palin?
Part 1
On Palin’s Deceptions, I noticed many people made reference to an episode of Desperate Housewives in which Bree fakes a pregnancy. I never saw the show and did not know when the episode(s) aired. Out of curiosity, I finally looked it up, and the dates those episodes aired are more significant than I thought. Did Sarah believe she was the only one that watched this popular television series? For those who have seen these episodes, please enlighten me as to what tips Sarah may have used from Bree’s faked pregnancy:

1. Did Bree act like she was in a delicate condition; OR did she thrash her guts hiking through town in high heel FM boots?
2. Did Bree announce her fake pregnancy early; OR did she wait to see who would win the Republican nomination before announcing the very next day that she was 7 months into her fake gestation?
2. Did Bree purchase an empathy belly to actually look pregnant, OR did she fake it using a multitude of long scarves?
3. Did Bree wear several fashionable maternity outfits for the duration of her fake pregnancy, OR did she consistently wear the same black jacket with those long scarves?
4. Did Bree adjust her empathy belly accordingly over several months of fake gestation, OR did she accidently overinflate it on one single day, while on all other days “the stage of her pregnancy was not apparent”, in other words, FLAT or SQUARE.
5. Did Bree have an 8 or 9 month fake pregnancy, OR did she have a 6-week “easiest of all of them” pregnancy?
6. Did Bree send Danielle out of state, OR did she keep her hidden at an Aunt’s or elsewhere until the actual birth?
7. I guess I will have to rent or buy the DVD after all, because I have no idea how Bree staged the faked birth of Benjamin Van de Kamp-Hodge. Maybe there is a clue to be found on Desperate Housewives as to how Sarah was able to sneak Trig into the Mat-Su hospital for his presentation on 4-18-08 for his fake birth.

Please tell me, did Sarah follow the script? Perhaps Sarah went off-script when it came time to stage the fake delivery. While in Texas, she told her father, Chuck Heath, that her water leaked. Either she should not have lied to her father, or she should have included him in on her theatrical production so he would not have enthusiastically repeated to reporters that her water broke! As was obvious by her stammering in the 4-21-08 interview, she had not rehearsed lines for that unexpected scene when asked about her water breaking. (We shall be eternally grateful to Grandpa Heath for telling the reporter about the water breaking. That makes him a national hero IMHO)

And 22 hours later - sort of in labor/not in labor, slowly leaking/not leaking, and after flying from Texas to Seattle (w/2 hr layover) to Alaska during which flight the stage of her pregnancy was not apparent - she drove another hour to her small-town hospital that is not even qualified to handle the birth of twins, let alone a premature DS baby with a heart defect. The comedic screenwriters must be so envious, they would NEVER have dreamed up that material!

The genius of Sarah’s plan was in keeping everyone’s attention focused on the fake “birth” date of 4-18-08. Bristol gave premature birth to Trig in January 2008 and Trig remained hidden at an undisclosed NICU facility while being treated for his heart defect, jaundice and difficulties with feeding because of his Down Syndrome issues. Once the major danger was over, he was kept in hiding until the “Wild Ride” and presentation as a “newborn” on 4-18-08. Sarah, that was brilliant!

The baby on Desperate Housewives was named Benjamin VAN de Kamp-Hodge. Ah ha, is that where the Trig Paxson VAN Palin came from??? As a little inside joke? (snark)

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Desperate Housewives Script Plagiarized By Sarah Palin?
Part 2:
So, without further ado, here is the list of episodes of the fake pregnancy on Desperate Housewives that inspired the Governor of the Great State of Alaska to become a comedic actress and plagiarize a popular television script:

Episode 63 original airdate 3-4-07:
Bree and Orson are about to leave for their honeymoon as Danielle tells them she's pregnant.
[Note: Is this like the “worse than labor” conversation?]

Episode 70 original airdate 5-20-07:
Bree returns with Orson and pretends to be pregnant with Danielle's baby.
[Note: This is about the actual time when 16 year old Bristol became pregnant with Trig]

Episode 71 original airdate 9-30-07:
Bree desperately tries to hide the fact that her pregnancy is fake.
[Note: this would have aired 2 weeks after the 9-14-07 First Family photo session in which Bristol had to wear a dress, and decidedly looked 4 months pregnant. Bristol could have concealed it with big shirts and sweatshirts until now, but Sarah couldn’t help but see that Bristol was pregnant in that dress. Kill two birds with one stone - let’s take Christmas photos!]

Episode 74 original airdate 10-21-07:
Rex's mother, Phyllis, returns and discovers that Bree's pregnancy is fake.
[Note: “Bristol dear, put on that green sweater, ok? Yeh, I’ll just have my friends at ADN change the date to 2006 and we’ll say you were always a chubby child”]

Episode 75 original airdate 10-28-07:
Bree convinces Danielle to let her raise the baby as her own.
[Note: this would have aired 3 weeks after Sarah takes Bristol to NYC for 5 days 4 nights 10/7-10/11/07, where it was probably determined through amniocentesis that Trig had Down Syndrome AND determine his paternity. Oh Snap!]

Episode 76 original airdate 11-4-07:
Danielle gives birth to a baby boy, named Benjamin Van de Kamp-Hodge, and Bree pretends that it's hers.
[Note: This is about the time Bristol has to go live with Auntie Heather and be homeschooled and thereafter stay completely out of sight]

Episode 85 original airdate 5-11-08:
A full scale war erupts between Bree and Edie in which Edie resorts to drastic measures after she learns the secret about Bree's baby Benjamin from Orson.
[Note: Oops, Bristol is pregnant again! NOW what? That was NOT in the script! And I’m supposed to be vetted this month!]

Here is the link to the list of Desperate Housewives episodes:

Original Lee said...

As someone who has given birth both naturally and by induction, I can say that the induced birth was the hardest. I don't think it's a time issue as much as a contraction issue. I tend to think graphically, so this is kind of how I experienced it. In the natural births, if I graphed the contractions, for the most part they were sine waves, even toward the end there was some buildup, even if the slope was pretty steep. But for the induced birth, the contractions were almost square - a very steep slope between "here's another one" and "oh god", so to speak. It was impossible to do the breathing that I was able to do with the natural births. So that was another indication to me that Sarah was being deceptive, but I thought at the time she was embellishing her Tough Frontier Mama creds. (That was before I found this blog.)

Daniel Archangel said...

ProChoiceGrandma's entertaining posts about Desperate Housewives plot parallels miss the point, it think.

It is quite possible that SP got the idea to fake a pregnancy from watching that show, and perhaps even learned some things about the process from it. She may or may not have had the same motive as Bree. We can't say that, we can only speculate.

Proving motive is very, very difficult since one has to prove what was in the mind of someone else. That is why criminal defendents don't take the stand very often because they are subject to cross-examination regarding their motives. Hence, motive is almost always inferred.

Motives are important to proving cases because juries like them. They understand cause and effect and human nature very well. PCG loses me -- and most of the impartial jury as well -- by projecting all sorts of motives and actions that can't be proven.

Make no mistake about it. Right now, today, with the evidence on the record I can prove that SP faked her pregnancy. It's not difficult at all. We have the pictures, the eyewitness accounts and SP's own statements and actions which prove she wasn't pregnant. There's no contrary evidence to defeat the conclusion that SP was not pregnant when she claimed to be.

The problem is not proof. The problem is the burden of proof. I can prove to an impartial jury the assertion that SP was not pregnant, based on a preponderence of the evidence. That's the standard for a civil trial. That is, based on the evidence it is more likely that she was not pregnant than she was.

But I don't think I can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, the standard for a criminal case and the one MSM and most of the public thinks applies. Further, I don't see most of the public or MSM as impartial at all.

What I can't prove at all (and neither can PCG or other Bx2 proponents) is that Bristol is Trig's mother. You can prove to any standard other than self-indulgence that Bristol was even pregnant. You can't even prove she was in hiding. You can't prove when Trig was actually born. You can't prove the "rumors" of Bristol's pregnancy in early 2008 were anything but gossip and speculation. You can't even prove the source of those rumors.

I say we stick to what we can prove and get MSM to lower their standard of proof so that they give credence to our solid case.


comeonpeople said...

Dan: I appreciate the legal insight. But, couldn't you prove Trig's birthday in a court of law with his birth certificate? Or are you saying we can't proove it now with the evidence we have?

Daniel Archangel said...

There is a lot of missing evidence for a case that is based purely on a factual matter. In a real case, medical records would be subject to subpeona and would be conclusive. The fact that the defendant has failed to produce them when promised is a strong basis for an inference that such documents would not support their case.

The only factual element directly related to Trig is his first public appearance on April 18. We can prove that he was born no later than that date. Inferential logic would put an upper limit on his age, but that's not relevant to the issue of whether SP gave birth to him or not. It would be incumbent on the defense to offer evidence to support there assertion that he was born on the day of his first appearance.

SP has been very successful at playing hide-the-ball on all factual matters, and MSM has let her. Right now, they are the only ones with any standing to press the issue in a way that could force disclosure.

If SP ever runs for office again, her political opponent(s) could press the issue since they will have MSM ear, even if it is only to press our assertion. That's why I don't think she will run for anything again. Even if she does prove she gave birth to Trig, the story of her wild ride will destroy her.


Punkinbugg said...

Welcome to the World of Sarah Palin, Comeonpeople!

Her HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER EDITOR asked Gov. Palin to pretty please produce a birth certificate,,, something, ANYthing, to quash these ridiculous Trig's mother rumors swirling around the state, and she responded with....

THREATS. Via email, no less..!

HERE is the link to his editorial.

"Time will tell" --? Yeah right. He never got an answer.

conscious at last said...

Re: Trig's true age/birthdate

We have the "official" photo of Trig's pubic debut- supposedly 4/18/08--- but we also have photos from the Johnstons which show a much smaller baby being held (the "Triggy-bear" photos in the Palin kitchen). These photos appeared well before Tripp was "born," so they can't be confused with his "debut." Thus, there IS some physical evidence that could be used to question the April 18,2008 "birthdate" for Trig.

sandra said...

Vera: The Gusty photo has always been the difficult one. She even backed it up with a video. However, the video was also shot late in the day when everyone had gone home. If any of the legislators had dropped by the building, they would have been astounded to see how much the belly had grown since earlier in the day.

The picture we need in this lineup is one at the governors' conference on April 17. It shows a much more slender SP. As has been mentioned, maybe that was a low amnionic fluid day. Well, it probably was if she had been leaking since early morning.

I don't think we ever got a statement from Gusty on the Three Amigos picture. I always thought the picture of Sarah had been shot during the video (you can see a flash in it), and it was photoshopped onto the picture of the two men.

Maybe Audrey can bring back some of those discussions because of all the new people on this site who missed that.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Punkinbugg, thanks for that link to the ADN article, I had been looking for that!
Another that I cannot locate is the article where CBJ was to appear for an interview but she appeared with her attorney, therefore the interview did not go forward. Would you or anyone by chance happen to know where I can find that?

wayofpeace said...


GREG MITCHELL / huffington post: It was exactly one year ago this week that there was a true turning point in the 2008 race for the White House. And it had little to do with Barack Obama.

One might even say that it boiled down to the media helping to elect him -- but not by supporting him, in the way conservatives often charge. Instead, it involved coverage that very well could have hurt him, but that ended up rebounding in his favor, big time.

Of course, Obama might very well have won anyway, by a very narrow margin. But I believe that a true turning point -- though rarely noted -- actually came in the summer, at the Democratic convention in Denver. ... it was the electronic media's overblown coverage of the allegedly widespread threat by female Hillary delegates, and other Clinton fans, to bolt Obama in favor of McCain.

As you recall, the dissidents, known as "PUMAs," got massive face time on TV and, it was said, represented just the tip of the iceberg. ... There was no firm evidence for this, of course... No matter. Obama's possible defeat because of the possible defections was widely predicted. Why did this matter, since the mass defections never happened?

Because John McCain and his people bought it.. This explains the sudden (though often ill-explained) rise of Sarah Palin to the top of their VP list. The McCainites saw an opening, which really wasn't there, and went completely overboard.

Not only did a female VP suddenly look like a great idea, but she would have extra appeal to the particular type of Hillary primary voters so hyped by the media.

The preposterous media coverage of the (few) unhappy Hillaryites at the Dem convention, which was aimed not at helping Obama but maintaining interest in the affair and the coming campaign, inspired McCain to select as his running mate someone who would virtually destroy his campaign....

wayofpeace said...


i just found this comment at the PEE-ZOO:

Blogger baboonking said... some remodeling has been taking place over at sarah's facebook page:

images all removed accept [sp] for single profile image and new donation tab.

wayofpeace said...


the PALINISTAS are claiming that SARAH will be speaking on thursday in ANCHORAGE. has anybody heard about this???

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Wayofpeace, Regina has a post about the Anchorage appearance on Thursday August 27:

Regina said:
"Meg Stapleton hasn't denied it, so Sarah must be going to this event and will be the first to sign the petition to make sure that a young girl who's raped by a member of her family will have to ask her abuser for permission to undergo an abortion."

Amy1 said...

wayofpeace -- your explanation of the ex-Hillary-supporter media exaggeration leading to the pick of SP makes sense to me. I recall a lot of ink at the time around the issue of why ex-Hillary supporters did not automatically become SP supporters -- an issue that is so obvious to many, but not to McCain et al. It was a subject all on its own, as I recall: head-scratching re why all these uppity pro-feminist women didn't fall right in with SP -- after all, she's a woman. And of course the outrage from the other side that anyone could have thought they would.

But here's where you lose me: when you say McCain picked SP, who "would virtually destroy his campaign...."

My reading of the election is that Obama barely won. If it hadn't been for the economy and McCain's weird thrashing about with it, and if some bad (albeit untrue) smear of Obama had been introduced right near the end, my sense is that McCain might have won. THAT'S WHAT SCARES ME SO MUCH. I thought SP helped McCain's numbers -- certainly at first, but later, too. Most people didn't see SP then as negatively as we do do now.

I remain convinced that if McCain had won, he would have conveniently died (of natural causes, of course -- of course!) at a time geared for max benefit by the far right folks who supported that ticket. SP would have been the puppet president representing their interests. All legal. Or so it would seem.

We came so close to that, and it would have been a logical extension of the Bush years.

Jen said...

First, Conscious At Last, I cracked up when I read your Freudian typeo about Trig's "pubic" debut!! LOL!

Second, I have seen a particular piece of footage twice now, of Sarah at her desk, wearing a bright pink jacket with black fur and a scarf. She "looks" pregnant even though she is sitting at her desk. The only thing I can see to help start with dating the footage is a photo of Track in his uniform behind her desk. THAT photo of Track is not behind her desk in the mysterious meeting footage we've tried dating. I wonder if she had the empathy suit at this point...

The pink footage was at the end of tonight's (8/25) Rachel Maddow during Kent Jones' "Baldwin Bad Enough for Politics?":

Sorry if the footage has been discussed before.


Punkinbugg said...

I'm still looking for the Dr. Baldwin-Johnston story, and I just ran across THIS report from the press conference given when Trig was "3 days" old.

Knowing what we know now, reading what was written then, it's absolutely ABSURD.

It was written by Lisa Demer, who was assigned to do the follow-up with the Gov., and was stone-walled.

I think it was her voice on that audio link (which I don't have right this second) reminding Palin that Mr. Heath first mentioned the amniotic fluid. Much heming and hawing ensued.

Wonder what Lisa Demer's doing these days?

Punkinbugg said...

Well duh. That audio link is on that same link that I just posted.


Unknown said...

''sandra said...

Vera: The Gusty photo has always been the difficult one. She even backed it up with a video. However, the video was also shot late in the day when everyone had gone home. If any of the legislators had dropped by the building, they would have been astounded to see how much the belly had grown since earlier in the day."
This has always bothered me:
Since that big belly pic was 'floated' why has noone who saw her that day come forward to say she was or was not sporting that belly earlier in the day?

I would think this would put an end to all of this speculation. But noone, Not One, will come forward with a comment.

Has anyone from this blog asked anyone in the capital that day? If not, why not? Someone could as easily post these pictures around the capital with the question on the pics and postings. If that joker picture of Obama can go viral so will this once it begins appearing everywhere.

Speaking of which why don't we setup an anonymous tipline. I'll bet a few people would call in with verifiable information. Of course a bunch of kooks would call in, also, but that's how it goes.

comments, anyone?

wayofpeace said...

LOL, a post at IM:

GinaM said...I also found this comment posted @ the See about the Quitter's Facebook photo's

baboonking said...

i was being a little cheeky, no remodeling just a few changes:

her photos are all removed (it was happening before my eyes) and she renamed (or added) her donation tab.

August 25, 2009 8:27 PM

Looks like other commenters weren't too happy about it. Here is one of their comments:

Lipstick said...
Rat legs!

Why did she remove the photos? I liked the photos.

Perhaps since most of them are from the campaign she is "moving on" with her image and will begin posting new photos that are recent and more "citizen Sarah."

August 25, 2009 8:38 PM

Hmmm...the one picture they left of her is from the day she was introduced. The only picture that she left under the photo tab is the same shot except it cuts off her neck. So maybe she has been missing due to some work being done IMO. Why would she remove all of pictures??

Emily Z said...


In the world of politics, Obama actually won by quite a large margin.

The popular vote was 53% to 46%, which may not sound like a lot, but compare it to previous elections.

Bush in 2004 won 51% to 48%.

In 2000, 47.9% to 48.4% (don't even get me started....)

In 1996, Clinton won by 49% to 41%.

In 1992, by 43% to 37% and 19% (Ahh, Ross Perot).

So he won by the biggest margin since Clinton in 1996.

The electoral vote (which unfortunately is the one that matters, but I digress), Obama nabbed 365 to McCain's 173.

I'd call that a pretty sound thumping. As far as presidential elections go, you really don't get huge margins anymore. They used to be common, but not since the 90s.

Daniel Archangel said...

Conscious-at-last wrote:

We have the "official" photo of Trig's pubic debut- supposedly 4/18/08--- but we also have photos from the Johnstons which show a much smaller baby being held (the "Triggy-bear" photos in the Palin kitchen). These photos appeared well before Tripp was "born," so they can't be confused with his "debut." Thus, there IS some physical evidence that could be used to question the April 18,2008 "birthdate" for Trig.

Huh? This seems like a non-sequiter to me. The "much smaller baby" is utterly unsupported. How much smaller? Did you measure the babies between the two pictures? How did you do that?

The facts on record remain that there is no evidence to suggest Trig was born much before 4/18/08. That assertion has always been (and remains) the realm of speculation without support, supposition upon supposition.

Further, the circumstances of the wild ride argue strongly against an much earlier birth date, particularly one where SP would started faking after the baby was already born -- which is too late for any reasonable person to expect to get away with it.


RNP in CA said...

Lisa Demer just interviewed Levi, Rex butler and tank jones for the adn. Seems to me the adn is not interested in pursuing this story.

Anonymous said...

Jen - I don't remember seeing SP in that pink suit with the fur collar before from the footage from Rachel Maddow.

I made a screengrab:

Unknown said...

This powerful account of maternity leave reminds us why we feel uneasy about SP's coming to work after three dayw with a DS premie in tow.,1

And, separately, I just relistened to the audio interview (April 22, 2008, I think). Palin says that CBJ had said the baby would be coming that night or the next day, I believe. Has there been an "official" explanation of why SP was induced?

Unknown said...

It took my family up to five months to have a birth certificate corrected by the Alaska Vital Statistics department. This was about 5 years ago and it involved a Tribal Court error in name of adopted child. I had always thought that department was slow but this situation was frustrating and too slow.
My question is, what makes us so sure that all records coming out of the Alaska Vital Statistics Bureau will be accurate and not altered if they were drawn up by any Palin cronies? Did she appoint or hire anyone in that department during her brief stint as governor?
I always wondered this since she messed with so many other state departments, employees in the performance of official duties and when it became known thanks to the NYT that she appointed so many Wasilla classmates or political pals.
Are birth certificates 100% infallible? What is the guarantee even if Trig and Tripp's birth certificates were ever produced to the public and accurate date of births were recorded?
How could we trust the delivery doctor, midwife or Dr. Baldwin to record the true birth dates?
A bridge to nowhere, 17 minutes of presidential tape recording and a few birth certificate typos, anyone?

Windy City Woman said...

Regarding sizes for baby clothes, all the people I know who have children say that their babies wear sizes bigger than what the labels say; for instance their year-old babies wear 18-month sizes. Does anyone know if babies with DS have a normal growth pattern? I.e. is a 4-month DS baby the same size as a 4-month non-DS baby?

By the way, thanks for changing the colors on the blog. White letters on dark blue--ouch! This is much better.

wayofpeace said...

AMY1, i'm sorry if i left the impression that i wrote the piece you referred to re: obama's election. it was a greg mitchell's blog post at HUFFINGTON POST.

as to how large or small was BO's win? this is how FIVE THIRTY EIGHT''s NATE SILVER saw it:

Today's Polls and Final Election Projection: Obama 349, McCain 189
by Nate Silver

It's Tuesday, November 4th, 2008, Election Day in America. The last polls have straggled in, and show little sign of mercy for John McCain.

Barack Obama appears poised for a decisive electoral victory.

Our model projects that Obama will win all states won by John Kerry in 2004, in addition to Iowa, New Mexico, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, Florida and North Carolina, while narrowly losing Missouri and Indiana.

Gail Zawacki said...

off topic Audrey, but listen to this episode on NPR. Eric Boehrlet who writes for Media Matters was interviewed about his book about blogging. He was dissing Palin bloggers so ridiculously I was just seething! He even brought up that phony picture of SP pregnant and huge 2 weeks after she had a perfectly flat stomach as proof that it's all conspiracy theory equivalent to right wing nut jobs! grrrrrr.....

Somebody needs to set him straight!

I will be posting this at all the Palin sites I know.

Kathy said...

New poster here who's been following and utterly fascinated by this blog. First let me say, thank you so much for staying on top of this issue.

Second, to Punkinbugg, thanks for posting the link to that article. This jumped out at me: "Palin never got big with this pregnancy."

Oh, really? If she never got big with the pregnancy, then how to explain that beach ball under her clothes in the Gusty (or what I now call to myself the Gut-sy) photo?

vera city said...

In my earlier comments, I outlined my questions about the timing of the Gusty photo release and the wardrobe discrepancies in the photos. What do I think this, and the other inconsistencies surrounding these pictures, could possibly point to?

It is my belief that Sarah Palin conned the McCain team when they were doing their vetting process. They would not knowingly risk everything, if they knew what Palin was really like, and they would be doing some due diligence to figure out if she would help them get elected. Although they did not have enough time to do a proper independent vet of her, some vetting was done. (Later they claimed they obtained one from the FBI, which the FBI subsequently denied doing.) They would have uncovered certain things that they would have questioned Palin about when she came down to meet McCain before he announced her as a candidate. Palin would have poured on the folksy charm and flirtatious manner. They would have been impressed with her charisma, but realized she wasn't the smartest person in the room and thus tragically underestimated her cunning. This is a frequent mistake when dealing with people on the psychopathic checklist. Thinking that she would be grateful to be mentored by McCain and politically astute enough to get ahead by being a team player, they felt that they had someone to appeal to the right wing base of the party. During the vetting questions, Palin, of course, would lie about everything, but at this point they didn't know that this is a defining trait of hers.

The rumours about Trig would have been brought up and she would have convincingly laughed them off. (McCain's team was almost all men and they could have been taken in by the tight abs story, just as they wouldn't know why the wild ride story was next to impossible.) There were no rumours, at that time, about Bristol being pregnant with Tripp, so they wouldn't have asked her about it. When they asked her if there was anything they should know, which could come forward during the campaign and cause a problem, Sarah would have kept her mouth zipped. (There are other issues that may or may not come up at this time, such as Todd being a member of the Alaska independence party which could have come up or not and Palin would have responded in the same way, but that is not part of our story right now.)

And still continued....

vera city said...

Does the above explanation of actions around the Gusty photos make it a conspiracy? No.

I have learned through the years that jumping to conspiracies allows the individual on the check list to get off the hook. These people work by exploiting others through manipulation and coercion. The only people out of this group who would have known for sure that Sarah did not give birth to Trig would have been Sarah, herself, and Todd. All the others, to various degrees, probably did not know and would not think that what they were doing was so bad because, in their minds, it wasn't deliberating covering the truth. Nor would many of them be doing this for Palin. On the McCain side they would be doing it because it was their job and for the party. Gusty, the photographer, and the camera man probably did it as a favour to McAllister. After working for Palin for two months McAllister was probably compromised enough that he felt compelled to go along. What was he supposed to do? Tell the McCain team that Palin had lied to them? She would have fired him if he had done that or backed out in any way.

Once they committed the first act of deception, wittingly or unwittingly, Palin would have a hold over them that she could use to coerce them into doing other things for her. Such as the story that Gusty did later on about the pictures and Morgan's blog.

Besides, you have to be a team player to be part of a conspiracy and Sarah Palin has repeatedly shown that she is not capable of working with others.

wayofpeace said...

the already ethically-challenged SARAH just sunk deeper into the MUCK by posting this in her FB:

Sarah Palin is rallying her Facebook community behind Glenn Beck.

In a post on Facebook Wednesday morning titled, "An Invitation," Palin urged her 800,000-plus Facebook fans to watch the Fox News host (via Politico):

FOX News' Glenn Beck is doing an extraordinary job this week walking America behind the scenes of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and outlining who is actually running the White House.

Monday night he asked us to invite one friend to watch; tonight I invite all my friends to watch.

-Sarah Palin


getting on board the despicable BECK EXPRESS is a new low on the way to hateful extremism that BECK represents ...

Amy1 said...

Actually, I thought if we just presented our info right,* I could send a link to the comments section of a long-winded discussion on LYING in the NYT, like this one: --

This seems like the perfect venue for a discussion of SBs big hoax -- this same column had a huge interest in art hoaxes awhile ago -- which lack the importance of the SP hoax re the national interest.

So I sent my pathetic link to them, and of course it did not survive their moderation.

Imagine, all these learned theorists on the subject of lying, impressing each other by staring at their navels (and discussing that!), while the elephant in the room -- the current hoax of the decade -- goes unnoticed, unremarked upon. I don't get it.

*"right" means in whatever way people will receive it, get it, not turn away from it. But it's clear we are not there yet.

leu2500 said...

Dangerous on 8/36 @ 7:43 AM said
"Further, the circumstances of the wild ride argue strongly against an much earlier birth date, particularly one where SP would started faking after the baby was already born -- which is too late for any reasonable person to expect to get away with it."

Ah, but there's the catch. Who following this blog believes that Sarah is a "reasonable person."

RNP in CA said...

Oops. I have correct my last post. It was Julia O'Malley who wrote the Levi Johnston article in the ADN, not Lisa Demer.

Amy1 said...

Dan says: "The "much smaller baby" is utterly unsupported."

Well, not UTTERLY unsupported. Look at the bottom of this page

Chapter 5

and you see the head of Trig as he is being held by Mercede and Levi -- the two at left I flopped horizontally (and enlarged) for a clearer comparison. The photo at right, the one taken at SP's office (the next Mon or Tues after birth) looks a lot chubbier (and dare I say OLDER?) to me. The coloring has changed from that blotchy newborn look to a smooth even tone. But you're right, Dan., it's not proof. Just another example that seems suspicious.

Rogue said...

Windy City Woman - I had the opposite experience. My daughter (6 lb 14 oz at birth) wore 0-3 month clothing until she was 5 months old, 3-6 month from 5 months to 8 months, and 6-9 months until she was almost a year old.

comeonpeople said...

Windy City Woman: Down syndrome kids are typically smaller than non affected children. In fact, their height and weight are usually plotted out on a special down syndrome growth chart and not the regular growth chart used for other kids. They have much shorter stature and infants, often because of feeding issues, are lightert han non affected children.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Jen at 8/25/09 @ 7:55 pm, you asked about the bright pink jacket with the fur collar that Palin wore in the video shown on the Rachel Maddow shown here on this screenshot:

There are two different times I could find when she wore the bright pink jacket with the fur collar. This first one was from 1/2/08 from the Palin’s Deceptions Flickr, but she is standing in a store with a red apron, leaning down talking to a child and I can’t see a scarf:

The second time was the day Palin announced she was 7 months pregnant, the video is on Palin’s Deceptions and begins at 30 seconds into the video, but it appears she is wearing a different scarf from the picture on the Rachel Maddow video:

I was unable to discern if you were being sarcastic when you said: “She "looks" pregnant even though she is sitting at her desk.” For that matter, a man can look pregnant sitting behind a desk with a scarf and jacket.

Joe Christmas said...

vera city, as usual you have inspired me to new heights, esp. your comments on this thread about her antisocial arrogance, i.e. the lie is worse than the crime. That was followed by...

prochoicegrandma's comments about Trig likely being cared for in a NICU for several months....and

Dan, your legal insight

So, here goes, a new tact. Maybe this was discussed in the past and I missed the thread -- if so, I apologize and would gladly be redirected.
But, I was thinking, in the Emergency Dept there are things that supercede HIPPA. Oftentimes, the staff recognizes blatant fraud with patients and these people can be legally pursued.
Since the beginning of Spalin I have argued that this is Insurance Fraud, a criminal act. When a fraud is obvious, as the NICU staff that cared for Trig would surely have noticed, aren't they obligated at least ethically and perhaps legally to report egregious fraud?
Are not there whistleblower protections in place. Or isn't there one courageous soul who observed the obvious fraud and feels morally obligated to report the crime? Perhaps they are reading here and just can't pull the TRIGger.
I would think that whistleblower protection, HIPPA fraud disclosure responsibility, ethical obligations, and doing what is right in general would overcome any fear of reperucussions from an ex-mavericky, quittin' mid-stream, sociopath, from our most backwater state.
So if there is any conscientious health care worker form Wasilla,
Stand up!
You are legally and ethically responsible for reporting this fraud/crime.
Do the right thing.
Joe Christmas

wayofpeace said...


this from from the PEE-ZOO:

Joe McGinniss Shopping a Book to Disparage Governor Palin
By Doug Brady

The left is obsessed with Governor Palin. Geoffrey Dunn, resident moron at HuffPo (one of many), is already writing a PDS-inspired book to attack her. C4P readers may remember it was Dunn who made the ludicrous claim that Governor Palin plagiarized a column Gingrich co-wrote several years ago. R.A. Mansour thoroughly exposed Dunn’s nonsense and even Newt Gingrich called Dunn’s claim “silly”, as Joseph Russo noted here.

Another writer with a notable lack of ability, Joe McGinniss, is now following Dunn’s footsteps in penning a book, the purpose of which is to attack Governor Palin. Presumably Dunn’s purpose is to use Governor Palin’s name in order to spark interest in his musings...

FYI DUNN died yesterday.

wayofpeace said...


ADN: Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton said Wednesday, in response to inquiries from the Daily News about tonight's event , that "this is the first we have ever heard of a speech." [THIS IS A BOLDFACE LIE, at the pee-zoo they claimed that MEG had confirm she'd speak] She said Palin is out of state and won't be there.

Stapleton declined to provide details on where Palin is and what she is doing.

Alaska Family Council President Jim Minnery said it was news to him when a reporter told him that Stapleton was saying Palin had no knowledge of the speech, which his group has been promoting. He said organizers have been talking to Palin "contacts" for weeks about it.

"All we can do is take people at their word that we've worked with in the past," Minnery said. "We've been working for several weeks on the event, promoting it very heavily. It would be a grave disappointment if she doesn't show up but the show will still go on."

He declined to say who the organizers had been speaking to. "I'd just prefer to keep it kind of anonymous right now, especially since you're hearing something that's opposite of what we've been hearing."

Anchorage homes received automated calls this week from former Lt. Gov. Loren Leman, saying, "I'm calling to ask you to meet with Gov. Sarah Palin and me this Thursday for an event to protect young girls facing abortion decisions."

Leman said in a Wednesday interview that he doesn't know what's going on and still hopes Palin might appear. "I'm not the one that made arrangements for the event so I can't speak to exactly who talked to whom and what was said," he said.

Palin and Star Parker, a national anti-abortion advocate, have been advertised as the draws for tonight's "kick-off celebration and public signing ceremony" as well as a private fundraiser to benefit the ballot measure earlier in the evening at an Anchorage home. The suggested donation is $500 a couple.

Palin spokeswoman Stapleton said Palin was indeed invited to the fundraiser.

"She had hoped to be able to attend but cannot return (to Alaska) in time for that private fundraiser," Stapleton said.

She said Palin notified the group that she would be out of town; Minnery said he didn't know anything about Palin saying she wouldn't be in Anchorage.

As of Wednesday evening, Palin's picture was still featured prominently on the Family Council's Web site promoting the public event, with a headline "Former Gov. Palin & Star Parker to Kick Off Campaign." The group's e-mail newsletter last week said that "following her speech on the importance of parental involvement in abortion decisions," Palin would sign the petition. The Family Council describes itself on its Web site as a "non-profit Christian public policy organization dedicated to protecting and strengthening the family."

wayofpeace said...

the feeling of being FOOLED-WITH is beginning to dawn at the PEE-ZOO:

Rachael said... So she's not going to the event? Ugh, whatever.

Win one for the Palin-haters betting on her being a no-show or having a "mix-up" or "miscommunication" ...

Congrats, guys! Credit where credit is due.

But seriously, Palin doesn't owe us anything. However, I'll say it again, as I said a month ago: It's hard to be completely in the dark with ankle biters and PDS sufferers constantly flinging shit at you from behind.

I'm not talking about her needing to do interviews! And... and more interviews! And YouTube videos! And Twitter (though, technically, we were told she would do that)! I understand it's a marathon, not a sprint. But come on. I'm trying to understand the need to completely hide out. I really am. If anyone wants to explain it to me, feel free.

Secrets, secrets, are no fun.

PEC said.. We do have to wonder where Sarah is. Meg says she is out of state. What is Sarah doing and where?

As far as the Sarah not attending, what meg needs to do is post Sarah's calendar for about a month out on-line. If it is blank I really don't care.


Rachael said... PEC, I wonder, too, where they're getting confirmations from. Because either (a) they're all liars, never spoke with anyone in the Palin camp and really suck or (b) someone in her camp is not in contact with her or Meg and is agreeing to things without telling anyone.

I mean, it's stupid to cry "conspiracy" but I have to wonder if maybe there's some kind of contact that isn't legitimately connected with her camp but somehow still in communication as though they were. I know she had a few people leave her PAC (one woman in particular sticks out, but I can't remember her name). Any possibility someone is "out to get her?" I mean, you know, aside from the usual handful of suspects who are most definitely out to get her.


Rachael said... Cookboy, You're absolutely right. However, reasonably speaking if she wants a "future in politics" (hey, if she doesn't, that's cool too) then this kind of thing hurts.

Amy1 said...

HeadtripHoney and wayofpeace: thank you for the better numbers on the election. I stand corrected, and I now realize I was remembering my emotions (worry that O would not win) and not the actual data.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Wayofpeace, FYI, it was Dominick Dunne that died yesterday, not Geoffrey Dunn. Dominick Dunne was the author that covered the OJ trial.,0,3214712.story

Geoffrey Dunn is the journalist who recently met Gryphen when Gryphen was being attacked by the Sarah crazies. Geoffrey Dunn writes on HuffPo frequently.

I do hope Gryphen filled in details for Geoffrey Dunn.

WV: diest Now that is weird!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Wow! This is a switch. Last night, out of the first 48 comments so far on the ADN article posted above, ALL are negative about Sarah. Where are all her beloved sycophants? Could it be they are finally beginning to see what a fraud she is? I also find it interesting that perhaps ADN has lost some of it’s adoration of the EX-Gov Sarah, and did not delete all those negative comments. Maybe Sarah did need a title to impress people.

(Disclaimer: I have not checked the article this morning to see if anything has changed.)

pacos_gal said...

wayofpeace - just to correct the record, Geoffrey Dunn is alive and kicking as far as I know, it wad Dominick Dunne who passed away yesterday. He will be missed by the many who have followed his writings over the years.
Geoffrey Dunn still has time to write his book of tick off the groupies some more.

Anonymous said...

Way of peace @ 11:52 .. Jeffery Dunn did not die yesterday. Dominick Dunn died yesterday. Two different people. Dominick Dunn worked for Vanity Fair for years and was the author who followed the OJ trial and other 'famous' folk's legal problems.

Ivyfree said...

"So if there is any conscientious health care worker form Wasilla,
Stand up!
You are legally and ethically responsible for reporting this fraud/crime."

Speaking as someone who has worked in healthcare for decades, the staff aren't particularly interested in who pays for what. There are discharge planners and utilization reviewers who look into all that, and they just check that it's a covered benefit- they wouldn't confirm whether this baby belongs to that mother; they'd just assume that part is correct.

I've looked at people's official insurance coverage a couple times in the last week or so, and that's just because I wanted to confirm my sneaking hunch that the people dissing what they call "Obamacare" are in fact on Medicare. And they were. Which I find amusing and frustrating. But normally, I just don't even look at the insurance angle. It has nothing to do with the care I provide.

Teh Dokter said...

BTW Way of Peace, it was Dominick Dunne who died yesterday, not Geoffrey Dunn.

Keep up the great work all!

Jen said...

ProChoice Grandma -- THANK YOU for fnding those. When I said she "looked" pregnant, I was thinking she looked like she wanted to look pregnant. She looks bulkier in that jacket. IF that were the day she announced, she may have bulked up a little (with extra layers or something) since she was going to be talking about being pregnant and knew people would be scrutinizing her appearance.

My husband thinks her face looks fuller in that footage. I told him that she often looks fuller and thinner depending on the shot. That's just one more odd thing about her. NOTHING makes sense when it comes to her. I think I said it before on here, she reminds me of Marianne on True Blood.

I definitely don't think she WAS pregnant. But we know that at some points she tried to "look" pregnant.


midnightcajun said...

I find it incredible Palin did it again. Seriously, an organization would have to be nuts to invite her to headline anything ever again. Surely her advisors are telling her she's killing her career with these stunts. So what's up? Someone suggested she keeps thinking she can do these gigs, then gets cold feet or has some kind of flare up (a nervous rash? stomach issues?) at the last minute. What I don't understand is why her minions keep trying to paint the event organizers as incompetent rather than saying Sarah is sick (even if she isn't).

wayofpeace said...

OOPS! thank you ALL for catching that.

Unknown said...

Dominick Dunn also wrote a book about the murder of a young woman that helped break the case after it remained unsolved for years. One of Ethel Skaekel Kennedy's relatives was convicted for the murder. The book was a roman a clef about the Kennedys. I believe it was called "Season in Purgatory." Excellent read. He was a great investigative writer who went behind a story to get to the truth. Someone of his skill could rip the Palin story wide open. He will be missed.

comeonpeople said...

LOL!! Project Runway is doing a challenge to create a pregnancy outfit and there are 15 fake bumps on the 15 models!! They are very convincing. Totally cracked me up though.

GinaM said...

This slipped past us...this is for you Kajo :). Sean Corkerham has a post dated 08/25/09 titled: "Palin's Yankee Tickets: $4250.00" The Yankees tickets were for Palin, her husband, Todd, and daughter Willow.

Here is the link:

Punkinbugg said...

oH. mY. GoOdNess. Did anybody watch the new Project Runway tonight? The challenge was to create a look for Rebecca Romijn, who is pregnant with twins.

To SIMULATE PREGNANCY on their dress dummies and models, they used round, fluffy cushions that tied in the back. They appeared commerically-made, and this reminded me of the first maternity outfit I ever bought.

The shop gave me a round, fluffy cushion to tie around my waist, so that I could see if the outfit would work through the 9th month.

Any maternity shop would have such a cushion for fittings.

GinaM said...

This was posted at Palingates by Melissa:

It's a picture of Palin dated March 08, 2008. It has WAR and the Menard guy in it. Really good quality picture.

trishSWFL said...

midnightcajun @821 am, I saw at Mudflats, the PPheads are blaming Willow for Scarah not doing the 'event'. They seem to be thinking Willow might have accepted for her or something?

Go figure!

wayofpeace said...

too true, you're right, EDITOR.

which is why i assumed it was DOMINICK who was writing and exposing SP. wishful thinking on my part.

but JOE McGINNISS is a good one, too.

on a previous blog i commented that just as in the JFK murder conspiracy, it took writers to first expose the contradictions and truth-deficits of the official report: THAT might just be the case for SP's faux pregnancy.

here's hoping that'll be the case.

AUDREY: i believe that was my very first post on your blog: i asked that you consider writing a book on this. why don't you?

LondonBridges said...

The price for one of those Yankee tickets was $2100+ Thus the Palins received only 2 tickets. This may be correct, but it also indicates Willow did not attend. Rather Willow's name was tossed in to cover the lie that she was at the game.

Jen said...

GinaM - Thanks for the link re: tickets to the game. It raises the question again, if Willow were at the game, who was she with since she wasn't with her parents? I think she just didn't go OR they claimed three tix but only had two.


B said...

Audrey has posted about that peach parka picture before and the date it was taken.

comeonpeople said...

Gina M thanks for posting. Awesome convincing photo. Scarah is not 7mothspregnant inthosephotos. Nohowno way.

Yellowgirl said...


that AOC newsletter is misdated. I think Audrey and team found out it was actually in Feb, not March, iirc.

Yellowgirl said...

Re the Yankee tixs, can we find out the true value of them? Because she claims $4,250 for 3 tix (SP, TP, and WP), but I read somewhere that they are about $2k each.... if so, then it seems that either SP is under-reporting gifts (imagine that!) or that Willow really *wasn't* at the Yankees game........

LondonBridges said...

try this on Yankee ticket prices:

I also remember that Sarah & Rudy were in the most expensive seats!

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Willow must have had obstructed view seats.

I WATCHED that game. In HD on a big teee veee.

No Willow in rooodis 4 seat box.

I searched all of the Internets and found NO independent reports or pics of Willow At the game.

Some local NYC reports billed it as a "double date" for s&t and rooodi and judy.

IMHO, Willow was in Manhattan shopping with her Aunt.

Daisydem said...

Go to Palingates. Look at the video posted of Bristol Palin at MTV in NYC in October 2007!

Lynn said...

I found this article on Yankees tickets. I'm not sure when she went to that game with Giuliani.

Yankees Cut Prices on Most Expensive Seats
Ticket & Attendance Watch
Written by Maury Brown
Tuesday, 28 April 2009 18:34

After six games of seeing their most expensive seats sitting empty, the New York Yankees have lowered prices significantly, compared to their original pricing structure. According to The Associated Press:
The team on Tuesday slashed the price of 48 first-row Legends Suite season seats on the outer half of the dugouts and photo cages from $2,500 to $1,250, and 68 others in the final three sections down each foul line from $1,000 to $650.

Leadfoot said...

Thanks Gina M. I feel like we have seen at least one of those photos before. But maybe we just saw that windbreaker before. She is DEFINITELY not pregnant in any of those photos. Not even close.

And, I will say it again, who wears a windbreaker to an awards banquet?!

Fauve said...

It's interesting that Joe McGinnis is going to be authoring an SP book. McGinnis's book, "Fatal Vision", was an excellent study of Maj. Jeffrey MacDonald, who murdered his wife and 2 young daughters. The book contained considerable insight into MacDonald's mental state, how the heinous crime happened and how MacDonald was able to convince himself that he had nothing to do with the crime. It'll be interesting to read McGinnis's insight on SP's psyche.

GinaM said...

OT but I am about to explode. I was over at See4Pee. Normally I don't comment over there but this just sent me over the edge. There is an article comparing MLK to Sarah Palin!!! So I posted this:

GinaM said...
I'm sure this comment will be deleted but I'm going to say it anyway. Adrienne that was the most disgusting thing you have ever written. To compare MLK to Sarah Palin has made me absolutely speechless. MLK marched and took beatings just so that African Americans could EAT in ALL WHITE diners not to mention the intergration of schools.

What has Sarah Palin done for ANYBODY other than herself to advance African American's cause? She wouldn't even sign the JuneTeenth Proclamation. Please don't give me that crap about "it was a clerical error".

Adrienne you are not a "sellout". You are totally misguided and blinded by a person who is not who you believe her to be. Sister you need help. I will keep you in my prayers.

August 28, 2009 7:58 PM

Those people have truly LOST their minds.

passinthru said...

Just pointing out.
In Alaska, consent of the father is not needed for adoption if the father and mother are unmarried.

Also, that adoption would probably be necessary if a child was going to be carried on health insurance.

Although, personally, I believe Sarah is resting up after a little nip-tuck. Her penchant for disount old friends may have caused her a problem, here (like the tattooed lipliner.)

Leadfoot said...

O..M..G..!! I just watched that video on Palingates of Bristol at TRL in October 2007. That seals it for me. No doubt in my mind. SHE is the mother of Trig.

sandra said...

Gina M:

Although I usually post over there, I had to leave my computer and think a lot before reacting. The comparison of SP and MLK is so absurd. I wouldn't even try to compare Obama to King.

What I decided is that some people need human examples. They cannot understand the abstraction of concepts, movements, ideals, etc. So they latch onto specific people whom they think of as idols.

When you look at the Christian religion, there are many. Jesus may have been one. Certainly the saints are in that category.

It is a developmental stage that many adults do not get through. And that is probably what separates us from many other people.

We are looking at evidence. We are not shrouding it in glory or adortion. They will not understand us, and we cannot understand them.

Jen said...

Have you guys seen this blog? It's HILARIOUS and has several anti-Palin posts.


wayofpeace said...


i periodically lurk at the PEE-ZOO (have never posted though) and i share with you the awe over this astonishing level of industrial-strength delusion: it is truly pathological.

the one that sent me over the edge was when they compared SP to LINCOLN and the original patriots.

no wonder the working metaphor for this kind of cultist behavior is JIM JONES' kool-aid drinking: a whole bunch of seemingly sane people can truly go insane the more they partake of the a strong delusion.

wv: a cryptic one: UNHOLE

deb said...

'm thinking besides the moral and ethical problems with this birthing lie- that those of us who gave birth are just indignant that a fellow "women/mother' would lie about such a thing. I still feel guilty getting "twilight sleep" drugs for my first- and even though I would happily have wimped out and had epidurals for the next two- I couldn't have them in the birthday suite if I had done so- back then- and I was so afraid (back then) - of having them in the regular OB unit- due to the AIDS epidemic and scare going on where I was in Fort Myers Florida. Regardless- we all did the deed and some were truly heroic. I adore and have some much admiration and respect for women.
Even if SP- was protecting her reputation by taking the wrap for her daughter (which was most lily not the reason)- she dissed all women with her antics. I might have actually done the same thing- for my daughter- but, not for ME- and even if I had (done it for me)- my precious reputation- I would have never disrespected other women by trying to sell them such a lame scenario- it's so arrogant. And I think it’s that that we dislike so much.

BYW- my full term 4month old that wore a size 4 months- is now 6-4. The only point I was making was semantics. It is really different if you say- "I need an outfit for a 4-month old", or say "I need a size 6-month". That is easy enough to clear up. I will follow GinaM's new improved link and it should be easily resolved.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Jen at 7:05, thanks for the link to the Margaret and Helen blog! I had seen that once before but had forgotten about it. Fun reading.

GinaM said...

Thank you sandra and way of peace for your thoughts. I did post some things on Adrienne's blog "". She of course responded with stupidity. But it is to be espected considering who she worships. Yes, Jim Jones surely comes to mind when seeing what kinds of things come out of Palin's supporters "mouths".

midnightcajun said...

I was reading a book about evangelical fundamentalists the other day and it was talking about how so many of them form cults of personality around their megapreachers. It seems to be some aspect of the mindset. I think that's what we see with the members of the Pee Zoo and the way they mindlessly worship Sarah. It's a scary , dangerous tendency.

My apologies to anyone reading this who is a fundamentalist; I don't mean to imply that EVERYONE is that way, only that it is a tendency in many who are attracted to that religion.

herkimer said...

I have this thought -- distilled from several recent posts and my own wonderings about her whereabouts -- perhaps Sarah is seeking to pop up somewhere soon a new leader of fun-dies -- as in: a pastor, a TeeVee preacher, a televangelist or a mega-church icon.

Nip-tuck would help prepare her (she seems to be taking the time away from public view this would require);
Some time with a mentor (this person would probably not be credited nor paid for any infusion of knowledge);
Some time with the ghost writer (the idea of a book brings her a voice and adulation without her grating voice and with none or little of her actually writing anything);
Her history with this group and her 'claims' to God and Godliness (I still recall when I was age 10: the rhinestones at ankle level of the seamed stockings on the lady evangelist in front of me, ascending the church steps -- my impression was/ is: 'I am better than you, and your place is to pay for my luxury items, as I deserve, and by the way: you know God says you are supposed to be plain and poor ...take this [publicized] crumb for poor, plain you!).

't'would be to Mrs. Palin's liking, I think.


swain said...

Long time lurker. I want to post a bit about babygate on my own blog ( I wondering of you guys can help me find a link.

The origal DailyKos diary entry that's been removed. Can anyone here provide a link to that? I remember seeing someone posted a tinyurl to cached version somewhere. But now I can't find it.

Could someone please repost?


Vaughn said...

Re: swain
Glad to supply you with the tinyurl you asked for.

Amy1 said...

If you haven't seen the 81 comments on the "Where's Sarah?" post over at IM, you have some good laughs (and some good points) ahead of you.

patricia said...

Sarah heads for Asia?!?

wayofpeace said...

i agree AMY1,

this one for me is the best:

John said, Sarah Palin has been sighted by some experts, hiding in the border regions between Paranoid Delusion and Destructive Narcissism.

Daniel Archangel said...

Leadfoot commented:

O..M..G..!! I just watched that video on Palingates of Bristol at TRL in October 2007. That seals it for me. No doubt in my mind. SHE is the mother of Trig.

While Bristol looks a little chunky in the video, the camera does add ten pounds. It does not make you pregnant, however, and if anyone is convinced by such flimsy evidence, I would not want them on a jury.

There is a lull right now, although we are at the 1-year anniversary of the mystery and we are really no closer to an answer.

I've been considering the idea of trying to prove SP WAS pregnant beyond a reasonable doubt. That should be easy, and really what we want MSM to do. Right now, all they can point to is one picture and SP's own statements. That doesn't constitute any level of proof, but it seems to be good enough for them.

Short of buying an ad in the NYT (which they would probably reject, anyway), MSM truth has a way of becoming fact when it has existed for this long. The clock runs out and it takes historians generations from now to try to untangle the real truth from media truth.


trishSWFL said...

Sarah going to speak in Hong Kong....I have to wonder what her word salad would sound like in Chinese or Cantonese? does it translate?

Of course, she's likely to have a pamic attack and not show up. Like she does so often here in the states!

wayofpeace said...


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin this week will begin accepting and rejecting the more than 1,070 invitations she has received for paid speeches and political appearances since she resigned from office, aides said.

Twenty speakers’ bureaus made offers to represent her. She has signed with Washington Speakers Bureau, which represents everyone from George and Laura Bush to Bob Woodward and Katie Couric to Alan Greenspan, Colin Powell and Rudy Giuliani.

More than 950 requests for speeches have poured in for Palin, and over 120 candidates for office have asked her to appear, including folks running for Senate, House and state Legislature, aides said.

Palin will be doing both paid speeches, which are expected to go for six figures apiece, and unpaid speeches for political and charitable causes, including Christian organizations, groups that support families with special-needs children and military families.

Palin has made no commitments so far, and Washington Speakers Bureau will start responding to the invitations this week.

She’s about 85 percent finished with her book, due out this spring from HarperCollins. Then she’ll begin looking through the inch-and-a-half thick file her lawyer, Robert Barnett, has built of offers for network and cable pundit gigs, documentaries and business opportunities

RNP in CA said...

To Trish in SW FL:

You know, I'm not sure she will make any less sense in Chinese.

Here's a quote from her resignation speech:

Alaska's mission - to contribute to America. We're strategic IN the world as the air crossroads OF the world, as a gatekeeper of the continent. Bold visionaries knew this - Alaska would be part of America's great destiny.

And here it is translated back from simplified Chinese:

Alaska's mission - helping the United States. Our strategy in the air crossroads of the world the world of the African continent as a gatekeeper. Bold fantasy know this - Alaska will be the fate of America's huge part of it.

WV: miscrily - the way SP approaches the English language?

Jen said...

That Washington Speakers' Bureau sounds pretty "elitist". Kind of sucks to slam the elite and then want to be part of it...


Unknown said...

what's really going to be funny, ironic, downright hypocritical is when Palin is ''outed'', finally, and exposed for taking advantage of her state health care benefits for her fake pregnancy and susbsequent treatment for her ds baby...sheesh

She better hope she's been paying personally for all that...

Unknown said...

Yes, I have to agree with Dangerous...unfortunately, this site = FAIL at proving it's premise. Other sites do, also, don't get me wrong.

Kind of reminds me of those who 'talk a good game' but fail to provide the necessary actions to back it up.

I think there are many 'actions' that could have been undertaken, but the people protesting are hindered by their own doubts or need to protect themselves from ridicule or whatever it was that kept them from 'going the distance' instead wallowing in passive protest.

''There's no money in the cure. The money's in the medecine.'' - Chris Rock

Just making an observation.

B said...

Now we know from Chuck that Palin is at an undisclosed location.

But where's Audrey? It's been almost two weeks since this post. I miss her!

B said...

While insurance fraud is possible, we don't know whether Sarah had them cover her alleged pregnancy and delivery.

The same insurance probably covered Bristol as well. If she had TriG, insurance could have paid with no fraud involved. If so, the insurer knows about Sarah's faked pregnancy but by law can't tell.

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