Friday, March 27, 2009

Taking off the kid gloves

For some time now it has been the policy of this blog that although some teen pages on MySpace are open to the public and available for anyone to see, I would not allow comments that mention any teens - minor or not - by name, nor provide links to specific pages. This policy still remains the same and readers are most welcome to contact me at  if they discover anything which they believe to be pertinent to the investigation. 

However after the events of the past weeks and after a lot of consideration, I now believe that the situation with regard to Bristol Palin has substantially changed. Bristol is now eighteen and since she has placed herself directly in the media spotlight by allowing herself to be interviewed by Greta Van Susteren and since it appears that she may have deliberately misled viewers in that interview as to the state of her relationship with the father of her child (among other things) I have decided that it is time to take off the kid gloves and apply the same treatment with regard to her as I have applied to her mother.

From the outset of this investigation we have focused on casting serious doubt on whether Sarah Palin was pregnant in 2008. To that end I think that we have achieved that through photo analysis, by the close scrutiny of her many conflicting statements regarding the pregnancy, by noting her contradictory behavior on numerous occasions and lastly through the revelation of the sheer implausibility of the wild ride.

Despite these considerations, and because Sarah has the benefit of doubt on her side, some people remain unconvinced that she did not give birth to Trig and that she is indeed his natural birth mother. Because of this I have no choice but to try to prove something more difficult, which is, who actually did give birth to Trig. 

I believe that we have some compelling evidence which, at least, points us in the correct direction as to who did.

Over the months Palin Deceptions has received a vast amount of information from readers gleaned from MySpace pages which have provided remarkable insider views of the circumstances and happenings in Bristol Palin’s group of friends and acquaintances from 2006 until recently.

My research assistants have spent many hours evaluating the information to determine what could be presented publicly on this blog. Indeed some of the comments have been substantiated by corroborating evidence taken from the Palin family travel expense accounts and Palin’s Financial Disclosure Form for 2007 which were both recently released. Of course, all this information was publicly available on MySpace pages at one time, and some of it still is as I write. However, we must remember that many MySpace pages were changed to private and/or scrubbed when Sarah Palin became the GOP Vice presidential nominee at the end of August 2008 – and, remarkably, additional scrubbing took place after the end of the campaign in November. More recently, in February many previously public MySpace pages suddenly switched at the same time to private ones and so we cannot take it for granted that those that still do remain public will not switch to private accounts.

Bristol, Levi and Mercede have all spoken publicly to the press; and since they have chosen to do so, I feel no need to shield them from disclosure of the content of their own messages or those that refer to them. To address our concern for the privacy of the rest of the kids, who are caught up in this situation not of their own choosing, but because they are (or were) friends with Bristol or Levi, the research group has assigned codes to the people who are not already known publicly. This makes everything a bit more confusing, but we feel it is necessary. The researchers have also paraphrased or scrubbed some comments to remove or condense long parts that are not essential to this investigation. We are releasing only a small portion of the information, rather than all. Undoubtedly, those close to the situation in Alaska will be able to figure out the identities of some of these kids, but it is our request that their identities not be revealed.

There is more than the usual number of caveats with the post. First, the research group has tried to retain as much original text (even with many misspellings) as possible, but has paraphrased some messages; these are in italics. Second, most of the messages are akin to hearing only one side of a telephone conversation, so we do not claim to know the full context or response. Third, although Bristol and Levi put their own sites on private and scrubbed their messages or used anonymous profiles, we discovered some information that enabled us to verify their identity in the posts that we will present. Fourth, there are two boys named Levi in this group of friends; we have tried to be careful not to mix them up; we believe all the comments here refer to Levi Johnston. Finally, please bear in mind that the comments sometimes betray strong feelings of the moment or may be the product of an “altered state” – but let’s remember that these are (or were) kids and MySpace is an outlet for them to blow off steam. They may be angry with someone one day and in love the next. Let he (or she) who never made a mistake cast the first stone.

Stay tuned. MySpace material to follow shortly....


tennesseeteacher said...

So where is the MySpace research that Audrey references? Is it posted on the home page? I can't seem to find it.

Mary G. said...

This information should add a new dimension to the investigation. Having many eyes look at it and offer interpretations will surely stimulate discussion on this blog. I look forward to the post and to the lively exchanges that will doubtlessly ensue!!
Meanwhile, if you haven't been keeping up with the various scandals taking place in Alaska regarding Palin's past and present actions, I recommend that you visit Immoral Minority, the Mudflats, Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis, and/or the Huffington Post while awaiting the Myspace material!

Morgan said...

That will be released in a separate post, TN Teacher. It's been in the works for some time by the research team and is being finalized as we speak. This post is simply a precursor to explain what is being done and how.

Patrick said...


The results of the myspace-research will be posted here on the blog soon. We felt that it was necessary to have an introductory post, and don't worry, very interesting details will follow in due course. :-)

Patrick (PD research)

Punkinbugg said...

Having 3 girls between the ages of 17 and 23, I was certain the answers would be found on MySpace or Facebook. Those sites, plus Perez Hilton, are my girls' universe of information.

A long time ago, I did a little poking around and only found comments made by Mercede on her friends' MySpace pages. Nothing about babies, but I saw a whole lot of her character (mis)spelled out there for the world to see.

This should be interesting! Thanks for your hard work!

B said...

Patrick -- Finally! Has been frustrating knowing you have more facts to play with than I/we do. Thanks for all your and others' hard work.

Duncan said...

Thanks guys,

I'm sure the research team has been hard at work. I can't wait to see the results.


Lady Rose said...

As always the hard work of everyone is greatly appreciated - looking forward to the additional info that will be forthcoming

midnightcajun said...

I'm glad to see this. With Mercede, Levi, and Bristol running around giving interviews, and Levi and Bristol trotting out on stage to back up Sarah's lies, they made themselves fair game.

Isis M. Nocturne said...

Soon... I can feel it - We're gonna crack this case wide open, and be able to conclusively prove that our suspicions are correct!

Diana said...

Wonderful! I can't wait.

I am sure it is full of teenage drama, but real and revealing! I am sure that Sarah must be squirming!

We have been needing more information for a while. Now maybe we will have something that will help fill in the missing pieces.

Daisydem said...

It has been awhile since I posted on this blog, but I visit and read every day. Thank you researchers for your preseverance and hard work. I have been busily reading and posting at Mudflats, Immoral Minority, and others relative to all the other scandals surrounding Palin right now. If you have not been on those blogs last night or today, and have not heard, Fox News is back in Alaska. Could be about Mt. Redoubt? Maybe? But the feeling is they are there to ambush the bloggers especially Celtic Diva about the ethics charges against Palin. Everyone be careful. Support each other if possible. I will be faithfully watching, reading, and waiting.

Dangerous said...

As much as I disagree with some of Patrick's analysis of the evidence, I very much respect his and Morgan's research skills. I hope the new evidence encourages everyone to take a fresh look at the entire set of evidence.

Also, I hope that there was at least a little research conducted on other potential candidates for Trig's mother. Otherwise, the expression "when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" comes to mind.

I suspect that Bristol's school absence and fights with the Johnstons will be a major topic of the research.


ilovepoodles said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the new info! This is truly exciting. My heart is actually pounding. Thanks as always for your tireless efforts!

Karen said...

Well, I guess it is not too early...
SP is attacking bloggers now, and her bots follow her dutifully (check out Celtic Divas blog! :/ )

Lynn said...

Well, I'm glad--I read the posts about Levi's interview in his truck and after watching it my impression was of someone kind of smirking at the clueless questions of the reporters. That sort of insider amusement we used to see on George Bush's face sometimes. I would really like to see the curtain pulled aside and the real Oz revealed.

Morgan said...


A point of clarification. As much as I would like to share the stage with Patrick, Kathleen, Mary G and the other researchers, my main function is blog manager.

Don't get me wrong, that is more than enough work. But I can't - nor would - begin to take credit for the hours and hours of amazing work the other members of the team have done.

They never fail to disappoint, and I am in awe of them along with you and the other readers.

JJ said...

Thanks research team! Any idea on the ETA for the myspace analysis?

sparkster said...

I am on pins and needles... I am going to Celtic Diva Blue Oasis right while I try and wait patiently!

sandra said...

This certainly has become an interesting day. First the stalking of Andree and Linda. Now the identity of AKMuckraker has been outed. This blogging about SP seems to have legs of its own.

mdlw56 said...

Trying to send someone into a complete spin? GINO has been having a bad week!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Thanks Daisydem for the heads-up about Fox. Perhaps Bilbo the Clown sent the same producer to lurk around Alaska that he sent to stalk the young woman blogger in Winchester, Virginia that was on Rachel Maddow’s show in the last few days. I wouldn’t know since I have not watched anything on Faux Noise since mid-October 2008.

I am busting at the seams waiting for the new information! If I could have a dream come true, I would love for Keith Olbermann to break the babygate story on MSNBC.

Morgan, could you make a last posting on the current thread to let us know when a new chapter is being opened? Then I wouldn’t feel like such a ditz waiting and wondering why there are no new posts! Doh! :-)

Morgan said...

Sandra....I can't believe Doogan did that to AK Muckraker. I hope there's an uprising against him. Completely shameful....
And poor Celtic Diva. Of course, all Team Sarah seems able to muster in the way of an insult is to call someone "fat."
Why do I get the impression that those women don't leave the house much...Methinks they should make an effort to get better socialized.

House of Brat said...

I hope you guys took screen shots of all the MySpace pages. You must know they'll be scrubbed after your post appears.

Windy City Woman said...

Audrey and staff,
Please capture all you can from Myspace/Facebook as soon as you can, before all the relevant people (friends of the Palins and/or Johnstons) make their pages private!

Morgan said...


Will the original "Karen" please email me at

I do not take moderator questions through the comments section.

If you have a question, email me direct.

teal said...

Thanks for staying on the case! I visit 5 out of 7 days, sometimes it here and glad we are free to post our opinions, and to agree or disagree...T H A N K S!

Daisydem said...

I believe that Doogan will be taken to task for the outing of Mudflats. I and several others have questioned his use of governmental email and a paid for by the state of Alaska newsletter to out her to his constituents. Some of his constitutents have already emailed him back with their displeasure and disbelief at his actions. Something has several people around the Governor very worried it seems. Could be this blog?

Daisydem said...

I don't know if my post just went through .... basically it was that Doogan may have to answer for using state email and a newsletter paid for by the state to out Mudflats. It feels to me like there is something persons around the Governor are really worried about. Maybe this blog has something to do with that?

Virginia Voter said...

The gloves should have been taken off along time ago. Glad to see this blog "progressing", also, too!

Videmus Omnia said...

Sorry to throw cold water on everyone here, but I think this is vile.

Some other commenters have talked about how wrong it was for Doogan to invade the privacy of AK Muckracker. I agree.

I'm not sure how you can oppose that, and justify invading the privacy of children.

I don't know what level of function Trig Palin will have as he grows older. But I'm sure other children at school will dig up the things said on this site and elsewhere. The same goes for Tripp Johnston in a few years - kids in school will throw these evil allegations in his face.

You guys should all look in the mirror and feel ashamed.

midnightcajun said...

I agree, Videmus Omnia, that what Sarah has done to her children and grandchildren is vile.

We, however, have told no lies about children. We are merely seeking to expose the bald-faced, self-serving lies of someone who thinks she's fit to be president of the USA, and who paints herself as "moral" and holier-than-thou, all the while behaving in the most despicable way imaginable.

We are not exposing Tripp Palin's illegitimacy; Sarah did that. Some day, even if we do nothing, Tripp will discover that his "Uncle Trig" is really his brother, and he will suffer tremendous grief and disillusionment as a result. Sarah will have done that, too. The sooner her lies are exposed, the better for both of those poor innocent little boys.

Morgan said...

Really, Videmus Ominia?


It's not been the bloggers who've used Palin's children as props.

It wasn't the bloggers who forced Levi and Bristol to hold hands on stage, and touted their upcoming marriage only to have the couple become a laughingstock after news broke that things had fallen apart.

It wasn't bloggers who kept Piper out of school to use as a campaign accessory, or who drug Piper out on the ice at a hockey game hoping she'd be a barrier against those inevitable 'boos' that came anyway.

It wasn't bloggers who lied about Bristol's being in school, thereby prompting reports that she and Levi were really drop-outs.

It wasn't bloggers who refused to release medical records that could have shut down this whole debate back when the issue of Trig's parentage was raised at the beginning of the campaign.

The person behind all those exploitations of the Palin children is your gal Sarah. She's used her kids to her advantage, first as symbols and then as human shields. She's also the one person who could shut us all up - and spare her children any further perceived undue attention - by releasing medical documents proving that she gave birth to Trig Palin on April 18,2008.

Sarah opened the door for this. And what was it Sarah once said about open doors? I think it was something along the lines of "Dear God, don't let me miss an open door."

I happen to agree, and since Sarah opened the door by urging Bristol and Levi into the public eye for her own political gain, she can hardly shut it again when others decide to step through it.

Oh, I'm afraid it's too late for that now...

Ivyfree said...

"Sorry to throw cold water on everyone here, but I think this is vile."

That's okay. You have that right. If SP hadn't behaved vilely, none of this would have even been an issue. It's like those ethics complaints she waxes indignant over- if she behaved ethically, there wouldn't be complaints.

Sarah could stop this now, by releasing the truth with supporting evidence. If she did, it would hit the papers, be a nine-day wonder (they only last about five days nowadays) and it would be over. When the littles get to school (supposing they go to school, which apparently isn't a priority for that family, considering how often the kids are out of school) it would be old news, and nobody would care.

There's really only one person to blame for this. Well, maybe two. Sarah Palin started all this, and she can end it. John McCain made her national news. Otherwise, believe me, most of us would be happy to let Alaska deal with her.

I'm totally enjoying watching her shoot herself in the foot, over and over. I've said it before: I'm here for the schadenfreude. Want popcorn?

Rose said...

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
--Thomas Jefferson

Morgan said...

Indeed, Ivyfree, except for the nine-day wonder part.

If Sarah released her medical records and proved unequivocally that she is Trig's birth mother and that he was indeed born to her on April 18, 2008 then it would not just silence her critics, it would demonize them.

With such proof out there in the open, Palin could rightfully claim that she was not only right all along, but that her children were the targets of unfair and baseless allegations.

Some will say that Sarah has nothing to prove to us and therefore she shouldn't release her medical records on principle. To that I say, "Bullshit."

I can tell you right now that if I were a public figure and someone questioned my blood ties to the most important people in my life - my kids - I'd have those medical records out there to every media outlet and then sit back and wait for the networks to savage my critics for even daring to raise such allegations.

If Sarah took these measures, that's exactly what would happen, and instead of growing up under a cloud of doubt the kids would grow up with the reputation of having a brave, caring mother willing to put aside her personal pride to fight for them.

It's a shame Sarah won't do this, because if she did it would go beyond a nine-day news cycle, especially on FOX, which could get a good nine weeks out of it at least.

But Sarah won't do that for her kids. I'm sure it's not because she doesn't want to. I'm sure it's because she can't.

(Oh lord. I just noticed my WV is panti. Looks like someone's getting exposed. ;-)

Silvergirl said...

*grabs a handful of Ivy's popcorn*

I can hardly wait to read the latest information. Thanks in advance, Research team!

wv: nulerdis

conscious at last said...

Re: Morgan and Ivyfree suggesting that SP should simply show us Trig's birth certificate--

Well folks- I must respectfully disagree here. SP is a not an honest player. If she needs to, she might be able to get a "birth certificate" that shuts us up. But too much time has gone by. We have seen too many flat bellied photos to believe that she is Trig's birth mother. If she hasn't furnished the documents by this point, anything she cound present now would be a forgery.

... and yes, she has put her children in the limelight to further her own political goals. She is extremely delusional to blame others for this exposure.

Publius said...

Morgan is the voice of sane reasoning yet again.

Only Sarah Palin can make the whole Trig story go away definitively in seconds - or she won't because she can't.

Morgan said...

Conscious at Last, you need to read more carefully before you comment.

I never said "birth certificate," and neither did IvyFree.

I said "medical records," which are far more definitive and harder to fake.

But since you brought it up, I don't think faking a birth certificate is as easy a fix as you seem to think. If it were, then Sarah would have done that long ago.

I think she has not taken that risk because falsifying such a document would go beyond the unethical realm into the criminal and it would require compliance of others who are unlikely to stick their neck out to that extent.

More Cowbell said...

"But I'm sure other children at school will dig up the things said on this site and elsewhere. The same goes for Tripp Johnston in a few years - kids in school will throw these evil allegations in his face."

Videmus Omnia, thanks for giving me the best laugh I've had for a week. The idea that Tripp or Trig will be spending enough time in school to worry about what "kids in school" will think about ANYTHING is very amusing! It's been obvious for years that Sarah Palin is very casual about how much time she thinks her kids should spend in school.

conscious at last said...

Re: faking official documents

Again I must respectfully offer another view.. and Morgan, I think that starting your reply to me by suggesting that I "should read more carefully" is unnecessary.

If you noticed I had "birth certificate" in quotes-- my point could refer to faking any official document. I think we all know that there are ways to accomplish this if you have the cash and the contacts and the nerve. IN FACT -- THIS WEB SITE HAS ALREADY SUGGESTED THAT THE CBJ MEDICAL LETTER MAY HAVE BEEN "ALTERED."
... and I tend to agree with that. Guess what- has anyone gotten into any trouble over that yet ??

My point is this-- right now SP is in big trouble politically-- on many fronts. There will also be more info coming forth about "babygate." It is not unthinkable that SP's handlers may try to protect her by furnishing her with bogus documents. So it would be, perhaps less than wise to "dare" her to do something like provide medical records or a birth certificate. She is not honest and anything she comes up with at this point will not be real-- But it will give her base and Faux News lots of red meat to play with for a while-- WHY GO THERE ?

Morgan said...

Conscious at Last, it's OK. Yesterday I said "tomato" when I clearly meant "orange." ;-)

Releasing the vague, lawyerly worded letter by Palin's physician never was and never could be as risky as a faked official birth certificate or the detailed medical records that accompany a birth. I don't know if you've had a kid or not, but if you have and ever looked back at your medical records then you'd see they're pretty detailed, even for a low-risk birth.

Yes, Sarah is desperate, but she knows that any such faked documents released now by her handlers would be examined with a fine-toothed comb.

Somewhere a birth certificate *already* exists for Trig. It has to. The name of the mother and/or the date of birth are likely different than what Sarah is telling us it is. To produce a forgery of an official document simply to prop of the governor's story seems would - as I stated - be an far higher risk.

No, I don't think even her camp is desperate enough to try and lob that kind of Hail Mary pass. That's why the best they've been able to do is the CBJ letter, and why we will see nothing more.

They won't release the medical records as long as they have HIPAA to shield them. And they won't release the birth certificate because they can't.

The letter is the best they can do.

Craig said...

Well, it appears that the "what will or won't satisfy people of the truth" discussion has come around again.

Since it has, I guess I can submit my two cents on this one more time.

Let me start by saying that there probably are a segment of doubters who might be convinced that a conspiracy didn't happen, if certain medical documents and a birth certificate were offered for review.

The problem is (and likely a factor in why the Palin's won't release them) that a number of people will not believe anything that comes from any official source that results in supporting Sarah's story. On this blog itself, a number of commentors have said that only a DNA test will convince them or even that nothing at all will be believable.

Many people believe that Sarah's church controls the Mat-Su Hospital, so it can be claimed that any records from there can be altered if needed.

And if any of the original documents are filled out by hand, lord help us if even one box is missed, or a figure even looks changed. It will call the whole document into question by anyone who wants to find fault and keep the narrative alive!

Meanwhile, the bulk of the public and media who had accepted that Trig is Sarah's birthchild, will now start wondering why Sarah is now going to so much trouble to answer a group of people who she has protrayed as nutty.

Some may wonder, "Why would she suddenly go to this much effort if there wasn't actually something to hide after all?" While others may think, "What a bizarre and paranoid reaction when she knows she is right to begin with!"

So its quite possible that the result could be that a few people become convinced by her proof. But now even more people (and media) either start to question the Trig story or at least begin to question her judgement in handling issues.

Let me also suggest that she may not want to revisit any attention to her flight home from Texas just before giving birth. It is a valid and arguable point that she took a risk that was at best a measured risk, but at worse an unnecessary or reckless risk, with a special needs baby. She was lucky that this point wasn't emphasized too much during the campaign. I don't think she really would want to risk having it pop up now.

So, she seems to have little to gain politically from addressing this issue, but much more to lose.

Unless of course, the dynamics change. And I've already made clear how that could happen.

Doubting Thomas said...

Alaska Law states that once a child is formally adopted. The adoptive parent can have a new birth certificate issued with the adoptive parents names as birth parents.
"Within 30 days after an adoption decree becomes final, the clerk of the court shall, if requested by the adoptive parents, prepare an application for a birth certificate in the name of the adopted person. Upon issuing a decree terminating parental rights on grounds set out in AS 25.23.180 (c)(3) the court may order the preparation of an application for a birth certificate in the name of the child without reference to the parent whose parental rights have been terminated. The clerk of the court shall forward the application"

HOWEVER, adoptions take a very long time, especially one concerning a child of Native American Heritage.

I think Miss Sarah is waiting for the final decree, new birth certificate,so she then can wave it around and say "I told you all so"
"Rule 16. Records
(b) Substitute Birth Certificate. At the request of the adoptive parent and upon payment of fees and completion of forms, the clerk of court shall send a request for a substitute birth certificate to the appropriate state's vital statistics office.

(c) Indian Child Adoption Reports. The court shall send a copy of the decree, a report providing all information required by 25 U.S.C. Section 1951, and an affidavit requesting anonymity, if any, to the Secretary of the Interior. A copy of this report must be kept in the case file.

(d) Confidential Files. Access to the court file prior to a decree of adoption is limited to the parties unless ordered otherwise by the court. Access to the file after a decree of adoption is limited as provided by AS 25.23.150, subject to informational requests under AS 18.50.500, AS 18.50.510, and 25 U.S.C. Section 1917. "
"AS 25.23.190. Subsidy For Hard-to-Place Child.
A hard-to-place child in the permanent custody of the department in a foster home for not less than one year may not be denied the opportunity for a permanent home if the achievement of this depends on continued subsidy by the state."
While waiting for the adoption to go through, Sarah can get Gov moneys for raising lil triggy bear too!

ROFL, my WV is "stabacus"

Morgan said...

Doubting Thomas,

The one thing Sarah couldn't fudge even on a birth certificate issued after an adoption is the birth date. Which is another reason why I don't think we'll ever see a birth certificate. Wild ride aside, there's some good reason to think Trig wasn't born on the day she said he was.

NakedTruth said...

SP won't release the BC of Trig because she is not shown as the birth mother or his birthdate is not April 18, 2008 or both.

No need to discuss this any further in my opinion. If SP could show a BC and shut some of us up, she would. PERIOD!

All other arguments as to why she won't show a BC make no sense to me and are most likely being made to only justify the lie in the mind of the ones making the arguments.

Saying that SP is not releasing a birth certificate because she thinks that it would only satisfy a few of her critics and create some doubt in her believers is just a way of giving an excuse for something that IMO is just inexcusable.

SP would love an opportunity to prove us pajama bloggers wrong by putting out a BC and/or medical records but for some reason she can't and regardless of your stance on this deception you must admit that there is something suspect about why she can't just produce a BC.

Ivyfree said...

"It is a valid and arguable point that she took a risk that was at best a measured risk, but at worse an unnecessary or reckless risk, with a special needs baby."

It wasn't a measured risk.
I've read here, in another thread, that Sarah Palin risked giving birth in the aisle of a plane. That really isn't the problem. Messy, and embarrassing, but that's not the problem.

The problem is that when a woman starts labor, it is not a controlled, volitional process. It can't be a measured risk. There's no way to say, well, if I take this flight, there's a 15% chance I'll go into active labor, or there's only a 5%chance that the baby will have major problems, or I'll have major problems." There is only risk. That's something that some people just don't seem to wrap their brains around. There is NO WAY to calculate the risk she took with the baby's life, or even her own. That's why her story was so stupid.

Not every condition shows up in a prenatal ultrasound. Trigg might not have been in a condition to support independent life at all, or only with immediate major intervention.

When labor starts, your body takes over and does what it wants. You cannot predict an easy, uncomplicated,labor or serious problems. Even a woman with several uncomplicated births cannot know, when the contractions start, if she will have a safe delivery or not. Any woman who has gone into labor and given birth will attest to that: it's not just pain one deals with, it's the knowledge that any number of serious complications can arise without warning.
You may have a rapid, easy labor, or head into 24 hours of exhaustive pain without result and require surgery. You may have a tetanic contraction and the baby die. You may hemorrhage. You may have an elevation in blood pressure and a stroke. You may have seizures. You may have a baby that is in an unexpected position.

Don't try to tell any woman that Sarah took a measured risk. There is no measurement or calculation possible. There is only cross your fingers and hope. Sarah Palin is far too fond of herself to risk her life, and especially not for a silly reason like "you can't have a fishpicker born in Texas."

I don't know why she felt it was necessary to come up with the lie, but I am absolutely convinced she lied about that flight. Maybe she wanted to make herself look like an Alaska Frontier Pioneer Heroine, shooting her moose and birthing her baby, but all she really did was attract attention to her dishonesty.

CupofNoodles said...

Long time reader, first time poster.

I agree with Craig that SP has good reason now not to provide proof.

This story is confined to the blogs. The only way she will try and provide evidence is if the MSM picks it up.

As long as she can keep it isolated to the people as you say "she deems nutty" she gets away with it.

I'm am quite disapointed in the media and the general public. I feel the evidence is there but they aren't buying it. The media doesn't care to investigate, and the general public buys the story or just doesn't care.

As for the media though, I do see that they would carry some risk in reporting the story. If they did, then SP provides proof, they look foolish. They will have then ruined their reputations, which is important in the journalism world.

Palin Pregnancy Truth said...

To Craig,

You raise a valid point. She has absolutely no reason to comply and given the nature of the request, I understand the argument that it is demeaning and sexist.

But why then ACTIVELY complain in interviews and threaten the ADN. If it was completely unfounded she should just ignore the extremists.

You are right that some people won't even believe her, even if they do a DNA test themselves. But there will always be people who don't believe something, despite the overwhelming evidence. There are still holocaust deniers out there. Should we stop teaching the holocaust because some people won't believe it no matter what?

It's not that she hasn't provided a birth certificate, its that she has actively attempted to suppress an investigation. Yes, she claims that she doesn't want her children harassed by "crazy bloggers". But it is perfectly legitimate to have a major newspaper interview a politician's doctor about a her health. If the doctor said "no comment" then Sarah has no business threatening the ADN with the story. That's is all legit. If she'd had chest pains and a reporter interviewed her doctor to see how she was doing, that would be a legitimate story. The doctor has the right to decline to comment, but the newspaper also has the right to print that the doctor declined to comment.

If she was really so offended by these requests, she could release more information. Obama released his birth certificate. Yes, there are still a fraction of people (much larger than the trig conspiracy people I might add) that don't believe him even in light of this. They believe its fake and scrutinize it. But he can now ignore those people, saying he has nothing to hide and has complied with all reasonable requests.

Honestly, it is sexist and unreasonable to ask for a minors birth certificate (even though I want to see it). But its her actions of actively trying to dissuade people from investigating the issue that speaks volumes. If she wanted the issue dropped she should just ignore it, its only about .01% of the population who actually believe this blog. She should not bring it up to the media and attempt to suppress an investigation while claiming these people are hurtful and upsetting. She could easily provide more information, otherwise she should ignore the small minority of people who say this. I've seen almost no coverage in the MSM besides Andrew Sullivan so its really unfounded for her to argue that the whole media is trying to slander her.

Keep in mind she has been accused of being a racist, but I haven't seen her take nearly as much an interest in dispelling this issue to the press while it happens to be a much more believable story. There is even a lawsuit about it:

sfwilliamson said...

I appreciate your blog and especially your insistence that everyone be civil in their comments. I've been a lurker for a loooong time but haven't posted before.

Just one suggestion or request. Would it be possible to number the comments? There are often so very many and as one who seldom has time to wade through them at one time, it is difficult to find where I left off. Maybe it is not possible to number them but some way to identify them?

Thanks for your consideration and for your hard work and that of your researchers and mods. You are all appreciated immensely.

phoebe ben and gus

Grandma Nancy said...

I'm also wondering if the Doogan "outing" of AKM was indeed intended to be a warning to Audrey as well of what can happen if you continue to discuss Palin and blog. Think it backfired bigtime instead. I am so very proud of Celtic Diva, AKM and Audrey for not being silenced by bullies!

trev said...

I think the combination of no birth certificate released and Trig not being listed on her 2009 disclosure form is significant. There are so many possibilities, but I have to think that they are hiding the father of Trig, what else could it be? Is that baby really Bristol's? Does that baby not belong to the Palin family? Why fake the pregnancy then?
I love this site but it confuses me more than anything.

Amy1 said...

Videmus Omnia -- thanks for posting your thought. It's one all of us have struggled with.

I appreciate the responses to you, too. They remind me why I'm still here. Even though I think most of us are really sick of it now and would like it to be over.

But if we stopped now, it would be like say saying "oh poor Hitler, everyone is being so mean to him, accusing him of heinous crimes -- Let's give him a break." Don't like the comparison with Hitler? Think for a moment about all the choices SP would like to deny you -- she and her supporters. Her wealthy, powerful, supporters.

And even if you don't buy the forgoing thought, are you saying we let a hoax of this magnitude pass, just because it will be hard on her children? It WILL be hard, but that's just one reason among many why normal people think of their family first and don't perp hoaxes or crimes.

mdlw56 said...

Suspense is getting to me...

Thanks, you guys...I really do appreciate all your work! Not trying to put any pressure...

Windy City Woman said...

Regarding Morgan's comment to Doubting Thomas on the fact that even a new birth certificate (because of adoption) would not have a modified date of birth, it also would probably not have a modified birth location or weight. A relatively large birth weight would make it harder to believe that Trig came a month early, and a birth location other than Mat-Su (where Sarah said she birthed Trig) would poke giant holes in her version of Trig's birth story. In these days of home computers which can do everything but make pigs fly, I'm surprised that Sarah hasn't yet had someone with superb word processing skills make a nice fake BC for Trig to contain whatever she wants it to contain. How hard could that be? Or maybe I shouldn't post this and give the Palins any ideas? You'd think they could have thought of this themselves by now. How would it look if, say, next month, around Trig's supposed first birthday, Sarah held a press conference at which she presented this document, waving it around for all to see (only briefly, the way John McCain released his medical records to the media)? Would that appear contrived? ("Oh, NOW she presents Trig's BC?)

Morgan said...


Please refrain from posting about what blogs other readers may frequent and contribute to. We have no litmus test here. Anyone - regardless of political persuasion - is free to contribute here so long as they are civil and have something to say.

This isn't a political blog. It's not a partisan blog. This is a blog about the actions of one politician - Sarah Palin - and whether or not she lied about giving birth to her fifth child.

So if you think you are being helpful by "outing" another reader's political leanings, you are not. You are simply wasting your time by writing a comment that won't get posted.

B said...

Ivyfree said,
"Don't try to tell any woman that Sarah took a measured risk. There is no measurement or calculation possible. There is only cross your fingers and hope."

Thank you for explaining this so well.

NakedTruth said...

Palin Pregnancy Truth said:

"Keep in mind she has been accused of being a racist, but I haven't seen her take nearly as much an interest in dispelling this issue to the press while it happens to be a much more believable story. There is even a lawsuit about it:

SP has no interest in dispelling this issue because in her mind its not an issue. She is proud of her record with minorities. It directly supports her base of both Republicans and Democrats.

Remember her race baiting rallies on the campaign trail? She just doesn't strike me to be a very inclusive person. But I did read somewhere that Bill McAllister is African-American. He's her right hand man but my intuition tells me that she keeps him around because of what he knows about babygate.

I look forward to the new information that Audrey and team are planning to provide. I think it's time that Bristol is treated like an adult. Bristol IMO has always been a willing and active participant in this deception.

B said...

trev said...
I think the combination of no birth certificate released and Trig not being listed on her 2009 disclosure form is significant.

I believe it is Track who is not counted as a dependent on her disclosure form, but apparently I have not convinced you to consider this possibility. If it were TriG who was not counted, then, yes, that would be significant. Maybe you could write Lisa Demer and get her to ask whom SP was counting.

Diana said...

B said...
Ivyfree said,
"Don't try to tell any woman that Sarah took a measured risk. There is no measurement or calculation possible. There is only cross your fingers and hope."

Thank you for explaining this so well.

Ditto. It is amazing to me to find myself understanding all of this in stages. Like the dawning of the birth date not being the true date. It took some time before that dawned on us. The same is true of the calculated risk. It is certainly a story that keeps unfolding our awareness and understanding of Sarah and her motivations and actions.

Again, I am so impressed with the quality of the posts and the insights presented.

Can't wait to see what's next!

Mary G. said...

Yes, a great post, Ivyfree! I actually enjoy reading all the comments. It is true that this tale of deception has dragged on much longer than I ever would have imagined (I am tired of it, too, Amy1), but it will be all the more damning when it finally emerges.

B said...

Naked Truth,

Bill McAllister is the oldest in the famous Three Amigos picture. I can't find anywhere that he has identified himself as part of the African-American community.

Nevertheless, in looking for that, I found an article from earlier this month at reporting that sometime before the election he learned he has non-Hodgkins lymphoma. He has a wife and, I believe, three daughters not yet in high school.

I have previously described him as mean, and I apologize. I might sound irritated too if I were having chemo and looking at more chemo for the rest of my life.

I'm not sure what his battle says about his future working for Palin, but it reminded me why I was happy to get my cheeks swabbed to enter the national bone marrow donor registry. Check online for a drive or donation site near you.

Vaughn said...

B said

The disclosure form says they were paid $19614.00 for 6 in the family.Part of that would have
to include $3269.00 for Track because Trig was not born until 18 days after the end of the
application period,which was March 31 2008.

Amy1 said...

Ivyfree -- great summary of why the wild ride made no sense to anyone who ever had a baby (and maybe to an MD or two, too). I remember going into my relatively-risk-free twins delivery fervently hoping that all of us would come out of this alive.

And speaking of holocaust-deny-ers, PalinPregnancyTruth, I'm thinking of another wrinkle to that term that thank goodness we don't need to think about very often. Apart from those who today deny the holocaust, my parents have told me the story of holocaust deny-ers in Deutschland at the time: They were there in 1944-1949, and during part of that time, the holocaust was in full swing.

Did people know about it? They said NO. Or so they said in public at the time. It was denied in the papers, of course. Even in papers in the U.S. until rather late into the events.

And then my mother adds, "but it was common knowledge that it was true, that it was going on." Just not something the MSM addressed. Or that polite people addressed. Why not, a naive teen-aged me asked, years ago. Because it was so preposterous, my mother said. It would be like today, saying "The Democrats are secretly murdering and burning Republicans: who would believe a ridiculous thing like that!" And of course it's important to remember how terrified everyone was at that time -- people like my parents, who were 20-yr-old refugees in various makeshift arrangements in Germany, people without a country, lost everything except their educations (which were hugely interrupted, however) then later in Displaced Persons camps on their way to some new world. People who were starving. My mother was Vogue-model thin, and my father lost all his teeth from malnutrition, which actually was the least of their problems.

But the fact that is relevant here, re SP, is one that we discussed here at some length early on: How nutty to think anyone would fake a pregnancy. Who would think she could get away with it? It's just too far-fetched to be true. A preposterous idea. All comments that people applied at first and even later to the holocaust, even as it was dawning on them (or they already fully realized) that this far-fetched thing was the reality.

So we disbelieve the evidence before us (which was pretty scant at first, except for what turned out [thx, Audrey+team!] to be a massive collectve intuitive sense of things not adding up -- which many of us said we thought we were alone in sensing at the time). In Germany, then, one risked one's life and one's family's life to speak up.

But folks, WE ARE NOT IN PRE-WAR GERMANY! (at least not yet.) We can speak out! We must speak out. Yes, I feel very sad about the children, very sad, but this is a waaaay larger issue than SP's children. And it is not the discoverer of a crime that injures the innocent bystanders -- it is the perp. Don't blame the detective for how disruptive the criminal's actions end up being.

Even if it turns out that SP's hoax is not of Hitlerian magnitude, it is still a v large deal.

And remember, when you prevent a problem by taking some controversial step, critics have a field day shouting "over-reacted!" -- because there didn't turn out to be a problem, did there????

So I'm perfectly happy to over-react -- to expose this hoax, to keep after it until that happens, because "Deutschland Uber Alles" does not appeal to me. No thanks. Been there, Done that. Not good.

I agree with sfwilliamson: I've often wished our posts were numbered for the same reason.

wayofpeace said...

TROUBLE is SARAH's middle name:

Staff infection: Allies rip Palin team / ANDY BARR & JONATHAN MARTIN / POLITICO

A seemingly unending series of public relations gaffes has Sarah Palin loyalists frustrated and worried she is diminishing her stature. And they blame an inner circle they say is composed of not-ready-for-primetime players.

Interviews with Alaska and Washington-based GOP political professionals who are familiar with the Palin operation describe the governor’s team as a gang that couldn’t shoot straight, a staff whose failure to execute basic political maneuvers too often entangles the governor in awkward and embarrassing situations that could have easily been avoided.

The state of confusion is compounded by two separate Palin spheres that don’t communicate with each other, one based in the governor’s office and another based in the D.C.-area, where Palin’s political action committee is located—and the incongruous presence of a high-profile Democratic trial lawyer among her political advisers.

The lawyer, John Coale, is a former supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign who became a Palin confidante as his wife, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, interviewed the former GOP vice presidential nominee and her family numerous times during and after the election.

Their presence around Palin has become Topic A among many of her allies as well as other Republican insiders who are mystified as to why an anti-abortion rights conservative who ran against Washington elites is now turning to a pair of capital insiders for counsel.

A well-heeled personal injury lawyer, Coale has been a major Democratic donor. It was his suggestion that Palin create a PAC to pay for travel and avoid ethics complaints in Alaska.

Coale told POLITICO he first met Palin during his wife’s taping of a September interview with the Alaska governor and explained that he was “extremely pissed off at the way Hillary was treated” and believed Palin was being subjected to the same “sexist” treatment. Coale ultimately endorsed McCain in the 2008 campaign.

“I’m just a friend of hers. I’m not on her staff and I’m not paid,” Coale insisted.

He said he and Palin “email back and forth about once a week.”

A former Palin aide said Coale “was positioning himself for this gig from the first interview,” always there with his wife when she would sit for what were invariably friendly sessions with the governor.

Another former Palin ally still in touch with the governor was blunt when asked to explain Palin’s missteps since the election: “Taking advice from Greta and her husband,” said this source.

for more:

i don't what that could possibly mean but it may point to re-election shenanigans!

NY tabloid chick said...

Thanks to everyone behind the scenes; the entire research team, Morgan and Audrey all deserve a round of virtual applause!

I've always found it astounding in an age of MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, that this bunch of teens and young adults seems to keep such a low online profile.

I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the behind-the-scenes work.

The Mudflats outing has a lot of people really angry (I discussed this with friends who think I'm a bit over-the-edge about the baby mama stuff; they are now reexamining their feelings about dirty dirty AK politics and its connections to SP).

This should be a great week!

NY tabloid chick said...

Craig said:
***It is a valid and arguable point that she took a risk that was at best a measured risk, but at worse an unnecessary or reckless risk, with a special needs baby.***

I have to disagree with the 'measured risk' concept! A measured risk is, oh, I've got a blister on my heel and I'm 3 blocks from home and it really hurts but I think I can make it home before it pops. Worst case contingency, I'll stop and buy band-aids on the way. I'm not risking my life, the life of a ready-to-be-born baby and the inconvenience of hundreds of fellow travelers. SP had no contingency plan at either end of this trip. A more 'measured risk' would have been a situation where (a) flight attendants were informed of her condition; (b) hospitals at all stops along her planned route were informed of her condition. Even so, I'm not sure you can ever make SP's actions reach the level of 'measured risk' when you're talking about a woman about to give birth.

Aside from that, I don't know how you'd reconcile flight attendants who say her stage of pregnancy wasn't evident with the Gusty photo which makes her stage of pregnancy really, really evident.

NY tabloid chick said...

***Videmus Omnia said...
Sorry to throw cold water on everyone here, but I think this is vile.

Some other commenters have talked about how wrong it was for Doogan to invade the privacy of AK Muckracker. I agree.

I'm not sure how you can oppose that, and justify invading the privacy of children.

I don't know what level of function Trig Palin will have as he grows older. But I'm sure other children at school will dig up the things said on this site and elsewhere. The same goes for Tripp Johnston in a few years - kids in school will throw these evil allegations in his face.

You guys should all look in the mirror and feel ashamed.***

I think by the time Trig and Tripp get to school, this will all be over, either completely out in the open or completely dispelled. Of course, the reason we even know the names of these children is that SP made them a cornerstone of her campaign. She's the one who wanted to enjoy the fruits of their presence and existence; she's the one who robbed them of a right to privacy.
If you're talking about the older children, as they reach 18 and have public records (including for several, police records), again, had SP not put them out there for scrutiny, they wouldn't be under scrutiny.

But I'm not sure why you'd equate outing an anonymous blogger with talking about people who are not anonymous. A civil servant used taxpayer time and resources to invade the privacy of a private citizen exercising their constitutionally protected rights. Absolutely no way to equate that to a discussion about public figures.

Ivyfree said...

"A seemingly unending series of public relations gaffes has Sarah Palin loyalists frustrated and worried she is diminishing her stature."

Stature? It's a measure of how out of touch with reality they are, that they think SP had any stature to lose. She did a poor job as mayor; she did a poor job as VP candidate, and she's doing a poor job as governor. She's only fooling the people who value appearances over reality.

Incidentally, for those people who want numbered posts: that would be nice, but I find I do okay if I start at the most recently written post and read them in reverse order, until I get to a post I remember. Yes, sometimes people answer posts I haven't read yet, but it's not that hard to figure out.

NakedTruth said...

Hi B,

Thanks for the info. I did not know about Mr. McAllister's illness. My heart goes out to him and his family and I, too, am a donor.

Below are several articles that mention Bill McAllister being African-American. They are very interesting and definitly caught my attention.;wap2

B said...

Vaughn said...
The disclosure form says they were paid $19614.00 for 6 in the family.Part of that would have
to include $3269.00 for Track because Trig was not born until 18 days after the end of the
application period,which was March 31 2008.

Vaughn, The issue was whether Sarah included Track or TriG as a dependent child. Not including Track as a dependent does not prohibit her from including his income. You can disclose more than necessary, just not less.

If you and trev are convinced that Sarah's disclosure form proves that TriG is not her dependent child, then email Audrey and convince her. Or write to Lisa Demer at ADN or Palin's office, make your case, and ask which of her five children was not included as a dependent in the disclosure.

Betcha it's the son who was 19 and working full time for the Army.

Nova Land said...

Naked Truth wrote: I did read somewhere that Bill McAllister is African-American.

So he apparently has claimed. But you know how it is with things that Palin and her associates say.

Here's a picture of Bill McAllister from the KTUU web-site:

The story that Bill McAllister is African American appears to stem from this incident:

Summary: blogger ebonymom wrote a post criticizing Sarah Palin for not issuing a Juneteenth proclamation. McAllister wrote her claiming Palin had issued the proclamation and that he himself was an African-American.

Here is the text of the blog post:

Today I wrote a post about Sarah Palin’s hiring practices and the fact that minorities need not apply. Well I heard from her communication director, Bill McAllister who is a black man. He also said that Palin signed the Juneteeth proclamation this year. So today I stand corrected and I thought the correction was worthy of its own post. Here is his comment:

I am Gov. Palin’s director of communications and press secretary — that is, one of her senior staff — and I am black. In addition, the governor signed a Juneteenth proclamation this year. These lies need to stop.

McAllister apparently made similar statements to others at this time.

Sounds clear, doesn't it?

But wait. According to a comment on that post,there is an official complaint which has been filed with the Alaskan attorney general regarding Palin's failure to issue such a proclamation and regarding McAllister's claim to be African American.

Here's a link to a PDF of the complaint:

And, for those of you who don't want to take the time downloading a PDF, here are a couple of relevant passage:

"Furthermore, in an effort to quell protests over her failure to issue the proclamation, overall race relations and hiring practices, Governor Palin’s office may have falsely claimed to the public in August 2008, that her Press Secretary, Bill McAllister who is arguably visually caucasian , was in fact, an African American or a person who historically identifies himself as African American."


A colleague from KCOO who worked with McAllister laughed at the assertion and emphatically stated that "the Bill McAllister I knew who used to work here was white". Another colleague at the St Cloud Times who at first stated that she knew McAllister over several years would not confirm that McAllister was an African American. Journalist Brady Gervais who did a feature on McAllister for Twin in person and entitled "Palin's spokesman swept up in the story" in September, 2008, did not recall that McAllister was African American nor did he speak of any issues that would infer such. There seem to be no published statements of affiliations corroborating McAllister's claim of racial
identity, as set forth by the Governor's office.

This is from October 2008. I don't know how it was eventually resolved. But from surface appearances in the little I have read, it sounds like another, um, Palin deception.

midnightcajun said...

Ivyfree, great post. There may be women out there who go into childbirth oblivious to the fact they could die (a woman I knew hemorrhaged to death a week before I delivered my first), but do we really want someone that stupid in politics?

And "Bill McAllister is African-American" is even less true than "Todd is Native American." Yes, he has a small percentage back there on his family tree, but it's so small that no one would know if Sarah didn't keep telling everyone. As far as I'm concerned, both men are "white"; if you look white, and work for or are married to a white racist, you're a "white" man. She waves them around to "prove" that she's not racist, and the court stenographers formerly known as the press corps dutifully write, "Todd, who is part Native American," or McAllister, who is African-American." This farce has been annoying me for some time, because Sarah's blatant, nasty racism is one of the things I find so distasteful about her, yet once again the press have allowed her to get away with her little charade, rather than calling it like it is.

And lest anyone think I'm racist, let me add that I am "part Native American" (I have as much NA in me as Todd, and even I didn't know it until recently) and my children are half African/Asian (one looks it, the other doesn't). Being "part" minority is only significant if you LOOK like the minority in question--that's when you suffer from the resultant bigotry and racism.

Punkinbugg said...

Here is how I keep up with the posts: I keep a notepad on my desk and make a quick note about the last post. Right now it's at 73 (comments), and the last post is dated 3/30, written at 7:23am. So I'll write 73, 3/30, 7:23a.

Next time I check it, I'll know how many posts have been added, and where to start reading.

Amy1 said...

I'm betting the issue of McAllister being black or white is going to be another dead end, red herring, blind alley.

In the 1990s, it became the policy of some government institutions to clarify how one should fill out that optional "ethnicity" category on employment forms. It was an attempt to validate the reality that many people are of mixed race, and yet they might most strongly indentify with only one part of their ethnic heritage, or none of it, and that would be legal and fine.

The examples given at the time went like this:

--If you are 1/1000th black, but you were raised by black parents, whether adoptive or in any other arrangement, you can (if you want) consider yourself black, and you are entitled to do so, and entitled to say "black" is your ethnicity on govt forms.

--If you are zero part American Indian, raised totally without that culture's influence, but late in life, seemingly out of the blue, you discover that this is the most meaningful part of your identity, you can call yourself "Am Indian."

--If you are nearly 100% black, and you were adopted by a non-black family, and you fully integrated and accepted their identity as your own, you can call your family's ethnicity yours, if you want.

These examples were meant to illustrate that your ethnicity is anything you say it is -- in contrast to the rules years ago that said if you were 1/16th non-white, then you HAD to claim that nonwhite racial background as you primary ethnicity.

It is assumed that most people would tell the truth as they see it), and that there would of course be approx the same proportion of respondents who try to game the system.

Some of the employees where I worked at the time could accept this approach, others were just up in arms. No question that there is no one perfect way to determine/define ethnicity, so saying "your ethnicity is whatever you say it is" seems as good as any approach to me. Like the pronunciation of your name: the correct way is whatever way YOU say.

So McCallister looking caucasian and claiming to be black is not an interesting issue for me. SP saying she arranged for Juneteenth to happen when she did not seems typical of her. She has lied about so many things, why not Juneteenth?

Not a big deal to me, except we can add Juneteenth-gate to our list.

Palin Pregnancy Truth said...

My point in bringing up the race issue was not to draw attention to her stance on race relations. I don't think it matters whether McCallister identifies as black.

My point was that there are equally damning attacks to Palin's character, yet she has gone to extreme lengths to attack the press on the babygate issue. Why this issue and not the multitude of others?

I want to again summarize my response to craigs logic. You are right that she has nothing to gain by releasing a birth certificate and that in itself could draw more attention. But if that was the issue, why bring up the "crazy bloggers talking about Trig" repeatedly in interviews? Why continue to press the issue with the ADN? This is creating attention. If she really considered it ridiculous and unfounded, then she would not discuss it and consider it case closed. Her obsession and persistence with the issue it leads me to believe she has something to fear and is doing all she can to suppress further investigation.

The internet is a large place with tons of rumors and smears (where is her outrage at the Nailin' Palin pornography?). The troubling thing is that she seems particularly concerned with this specific rumor.

sg said...

Nova Land:

When I read the Juneteenth proclamation ethics complaint, my first reaction was that it was on thin ice. Even if SP failed to issue the proclamation, the ethics act requires establishing that there was an element of personal gain involved in her not issuing the proclamation. The best the plaintiff could muster in that regard was this:

"Governor Palin withheld this action consistent with her personal interests, i.e., a demonstrative attitude, agenda and or ideology which promotes indifference toward African American people and culture in the state of Alaska."

Sure enough, the ethics board found no remedy was available--due to no personal gain involved.

So, that same plaintiff, Gregory Charles Royal (who, by the way, lives in Washington, DC, not Alaska), has since filed a civil suit in federal court, on 3/5/2009:

The complaint itself is here:

The finding of the Alaska Personnel Board re the ethics complaint is mentioned in paragraph 4 on page 2 of the federal complaint.

One other curious thing: plaintiff (who is a jazz musician) allegedly met SP in 1991 when he was touring Alaska. He says he had a "racial encounter" with her. Par. 21, p. 8.

Vaughn said...

B said
Nowhere in my comment did I say anything about dependents.
all I said was that she inclued Track,s PFD income in that 6 in the family income for the PFD.

She listed Tracks income from the Army but did not list his PFD.Instead she listed it as part
of the 6 in the family.
Trig was not eligible for the PFD that year.I did not say that he was not her dependent.

Thinks Too Much said...

I regret that I have nothing to add to the conversation, but the verification word is "palin." Scout's honor and I took a screenshot.

As always, many thanks to the PD team for all your efforts.

LondonBridges said...

Here is the original "I don't mess with black men" article:

If it is true, Palin's statement is clearly differentiating "messing with" light and dark skinned black men.

a sample:
Royal said that in 1990, when performing with the Duke Ellington Band in Anchorage, the trombonist struck up a conversation with a woman at a fast food restaurant who initially identified herself as Sarah. During that conversation, Sarah volunteered that her last name was Heath, Royal said, after he mentioned the acclaimed jazz musician Percy Heath. Palin’s maiden name is Heath.

Royal said the conversation went smoothly until some of his fellow Band members came over to the table. Sarah’s entire demeanor changed.

While Royal is a light skin black man sometimes mistaken as white by whites, his fellow jazzmen causing Heath’s attitude shift were dark skin.

“You could see it…the body language. There was a visceral reaction,” said Royal who asked Sarah if something was wrong.

According to Royal, Heath’s response to his inquiry was, “Excuse me, but I don’t mess with black men.”

Royal said he told Heath, “I’m a black man” and Sarah responded, “But, you’re not really black.”

Royal, who admits trying to “hit on” Sarah, said he ended the conversation telling her not to worry about it and have a nice day.

B said...


Since you started your previous post with "B said" I assumed you were discussing my answer to trev about dependents. Sorry. But now I'm not clear what issue you were speaking to.

Trev says TriG was not counted as a dependent child on her latest disclosure form. He says instead Track was, because Track's salary and PFD and Native American income were included.

I disagree. I think TriG was the 4th dependent child and Track's incomes were extra info (with the Army salary listed possibly to help Palin politically).

sg said...

More on Juneteenth matter:

3/27/09: Federal District Judge Reggie Walton (of Scooter Libby fame) of the DC District assigned Royal v. Palin to the District Court in Alaska.

Plaintiff claims this is a positive sign: at least Judge Walton didn't dismiss the case.

I'm not so sure it's that positive. From a jury perspective, it's definitely a negative. A jury of DC residents would be highly sympathetic to Royal. An Anchorage jury, I'm not so sure.

Royal's original complaint was flawed, because, by his own admission, he himself wasn't harmed by the absence of the 2007 Juneteenth proclamation.

He has wisely decided to turn his complaint into a class action suit, and add additional plaintiffs from Alaska who might have valid claims of injury.

NakedTruth said...

Palin Pregnancy Truth said:

"My point in bringing up the race issue was not to draw attention to her stance on race relations. I don't think it matters whether McCallister identifies as black.

My point was that there are equally damning attacks to Palin's character, yet she has gone to extreme lengths to attack the press on the babygate issue. Why this issue and not the multitude of others?"

And my point was not to dwell on McAllister's race but to point out that SP is not concerned about attacks to her character unless they are damaging to her image with her base.

Being a racist is not damaging to her image because IMO many if not most of her base are racist or divisive as well so they in some sense admire this about her.

The babygate issue is important to Palin because she uses the birth of a DS baby to solidify her pro-life image. By her knowingly giving birth to a child with DS she has proven to her base that she not only 'talks the talk' but she 'walks the walk'. This is extremely important to the base. Now what happens if they learn or start to really think that it's possible that SP faked her pregnancy and lied about the events surrounding her pregnancy? Now this could be damaging. This is why she complains the most about babygate. It's the gate that can really become a big problem for her.

B said...

Thinks Too Much said...
the verification word is "palin."

Wow. This is a good sign.

Truthseeker2 said...

Naked Truth -- you're right. This is why Palin is so intensely reactive about babygate. And because she thought it would just go away, and never expected that there would be this persistent examination of all the fallacies and inconsistencies in her claims.

Vaughn said...

B said

I guess I really am confused.

If you mean that Trig was the 4th dependent child on the 2 Native Corp.dividends that I might
agree with.

He could not have been listed as the 4th dependent child on the PFD because he was born after
the application period was ended on March 31 2008.She really just muddied the waters on the
disclosure form by not putting the childrens names down as she did the year before.

IMO it was done that way so nothing could be proven one way or another.

B said...

Sorry again for the confusion. I meant 4th dependent child at the begining of the form, where she had to give a number of dependent children. I agree that the PFD and Native American stuff probably includes Track, though. Now I'm off to read Audrey's NEW post!

Nova Land said...

Regarding the Juneteenth proclamation ethics complaint, my interest in it is essentially in what it displays about the veracity of Sarah Palin and her close associates.

We have two assertions that Bill McAllister made, presumably with the knowledge and approval (and quite likely at the instigation) of Sarah Palin:

(1) that Sarah Palin signed the Jeneteenth proclamation;

(2) that Sarah Palin is not racist, as proven by the fact that one of her chosen close associates is black.

The first would seem like a simple factual assertion. Either she signed the proclamation or she didn't, one would think.

But if she did make it, surely it would be a simple matter for her to show that she did. Sort of like how, if she really did give birth to Trig, it would seem to be a simple matter for her to show that.

Instead of producing a birth certificate, or statements from people who attended the birth, she "proves" she is the mother by revealing Bristol is 5 months pregnant. Instead of producing, say, news accounts of her signing the proclamation, she has Bill McAllister proclaim he's black.

I suspect there is something less than truthful about McAllister's assertion that Palin did sign the proclamation -- and hope some Alaskan familiar with the matter can clarify what's going on with this.

The second also at first glance appears to be a simple factual statement. But from the photograph and the statements of McAllister's colleagues, this too starts to look less-than-honest.

McAllister's letter to the blogger makes it sound as if Palin had knowingly employed someone visibly black, thus showing both that Palin is not a racist and that the bloggers were so ignorant they weren't even familiar with who all was in Palin's inner circle.

But from the photo we can see that McAllister does not look black, and from the statements we can hear that McAllister did not seem to self-identify as black and that none of his associates seemed to be aware he had any black relatives -- until this situation arose and it became politically convenient for him to declare himself black.

If his colleagues did not know he was black, then there was no reason for bloggers, reporters, the general public -- or Sarah Palin -- to have known this either. His indignant response to ebonymom, and his statement about how "These lies need to stop", read a bit differently when that light is switched on.

While this doesn't reveal anything about who did or did not give birth to Trig Palin, it does reveal something about Palin's associates and statements they sometimes make on her behalf.

NakedTruth said...

Nova Land,

I agree with you about Bill McAllister. I, too, think that it was very convenient for him to all of a sudden become 'black' when Palin was faced with racist complaints. Just like it was strange that he would be apart of the only visibly pregnant photo of Palin on April 13, 2008. Keep in mind that he is the one that reported Palin telling him in Feb. 2008 that the rumors about Bristol being pregnant was not true. He was also part of Bristol's alibi on the supposed date of Trig's birth, April 18, 2008.

Bill McAllister is an accomplice to Palin's deceptions and I really wish we could explore their relationship more. He knows something about babygate and Palin feels a need to take care of him because of this.

Windy City Woman said...

Regarding the incident with Mr. Royal, the black musician who tried to "hit on" Sarah in 1990...Sarah SHOULD have said that she didn't mess with men, period, as she was married and a mother at that time. According to Wikipedia, Track was born in 1989. Did her status as a wife and mother not matter? Mr. Royal's ethnicity mattered more than her family status? No wonder there were rumors about an affair between her and her hubby's business partner. Family values indeed.

KaJo said...

Nova Land said @ March 30, 2009 7:23 AM: [Naked Truth wrote: I did read somewhere that Bill McAllister is African-American.] "...But from surface appearances in the little I have read, it sounds like another, um, Palin deception."

Something just made me laugh, about this "Palin deception". I'll bet it was news to Bill McAllister himself that he was African-American until Sarah Palin told him! "Oh, yeah, sure, Gov, I'll go along with that if you want me to.."

She probably based her opinion on his tightly curled hair.

passinthru said...

Well, I'm not running for national office, but if someone said I wasn't the mother of one of my children, they could look at birth pictures, if they wanted. :D Why should I care? go wild. @@

She lied about giving birth to that boy. That's Occam's razor.

verification word, wayers.

Windy City Woman said...

I wonder if it was news to Bill McAllister's wife, kids, siblings and parents (if they are living) that he is African-American.

NakedTruth said...

I can't find the video now and I've looked everywhere but there was a video of SP on the campaign trail being confronted by a black man asking her what should be done to get more minority (black) participation in the Republican Party. SP went on and on about how she understands because Todd (First Dude) was part Eskimo and his minority status made her really understand the need for inclusion. Yea, it was a whacky answer to say the least and never really answered the poor guy's question.

I came away from that video thinking that this lady just really has no clue. I agree, Kajo, I bet she told McAllister to say that he was black. It's her way of doing things. She will tell a lie to coverup another lie or to simply hide the truth.

semperubisububi said...

SP is the mother of Trig. In your research, you completely overlook the MySpace comments wherein these young girls want to call each other and be like "sisters." As such, Trig would be Mercede "brother" in a theoretical sense, i.e. She and Bristol are great friends, so much so they are "sisters" to each other (or were). The pics in Palin kitchen are all consistent with Levi holding Trig merely because he was there and everyone was holding Trig in April of 2008. Note Bristol "hiding" behind the chair perhaps covering up her pregnancy. Not a bad idea to have Levin hold the baby considering he will be a father soon anyway. JMO.

photos said...

hi Audrey,

do you have a link, or the photos that go with the Time magazine article that shows the Palin and McCain families together?
I have a screen shot of the photo with Bristol holding Trig. I haven't been able to locate the article about the photo shoot, but remember that McCain was angry about Bristol holding the baby, and made Sarah take him (for the shot they eventually used). I can send you my screen shot if you send me your email.