Monday, March 30, 2009

My name is... (what?) My name is... (who?)

In the world of social networking for young adults, MySpace is one of the leaders in the field. Sharing pictures, comments, videos, and music is incredibly easy. MySpace profiles can be personalized in hundreds of different ways, letting people express their individuality freely, if sometimes chaotically. Indeed, looking at some pages is enough to bring on an instant migraine.

With all of the fun to be had at the click of a mouse, it’s easy to forget the warning: don’t post anything on the Internet that you wouldn’t want your mother (or, for that matter, your spouse, boss, or local law enforcement agents) to see. During the past week alone, MySpace use has contributed to the investigation of an animal control officer in Virginia,

the arrest of a 14-year-old girl for posting nude photos of herself,

and a stabbing at a Texas middle school.

Clearly, people post much on MySpace that, in retrospect, they may wish they had kept to themselves. Often, this information is viewable not only by those on one’s “friend list” but by the entire world, should we all care to look. Such is the case with the MySpace research on this blog. Everything to be published here was accessible to the general public at the time it was found. We have screen shots of all pages. Nothing was obtained by "hacking." Much of this information may still be public.

In order to make some sense out of the hundreds of comments received, we had to determine which (if any) had been left by Bristol and/or Levi. A curious aspect of MySpace is that comments posted are not necessarily deleted, even if the person who wrote the comments has cancelled his or her MySpace account. Many times, these comments remain visible for months, and, though the user name and picture may be gone, the anonymous comment will still link back to a page that contains the user’s MySpace ID number. Since there were no comments that clearly identified either Bristol or Levi right off the bat, the assumption was that we were dealing with deleted accounts.

In Bristol’s case, we received a tip on two comments that were made by a deleted account holder, but which linked back to the same MySpace user ID number:

Oct 12, 2006
surb what up?? haha yeah i know i know, you were right, but six days!!! waahoo, then ill be driving your lovley ass everywhere :)
love ya sruuuub - yo busump

June 19, 2007 (portion of comment)
ha ha yeah he changed my password on this to b-ris p. and I always think of him for sure.

In the first comment, the writer appears to be referencing her upcoming 16th birthday on October 18, 2006, which corresponds with Bristol’s 16th birthday. The second comment speaks for itself. There were other comments received as well that corroborate this particular account as belonging to Bristol.

At around the same time, we also received a tip on a comment left by a “levi” on the MySpace of a young man in the Wasilla area. It was a fairly routine comment, but it linked back not to a deleted account, but to a MySpace profile page that could only be described as “well-scrubbed”: no graphics, the barest of personal details, just three friends (two of which led to deleted accounts), and two comments (one of which was spam).

Although the personal details matched what we know about Levi (e.g., this “levi” is from Wasilla, his Zodiac sign matches Levi Johnston’s birthdate, and he states “I don’t want kids”), there was no easy way to tell if this was the Levi we were interested in. His is a popular name in Alaska, and after the news of Bristol’s pregnancy was released in September, fake Levi pages popped up on MySpace.

Then we realized that the only worthwhile comment remaining on this Levi’s page…came from the user ID number already identified as belonging to Bristol.

More on that to come in the next post.


Micky-T said...

What a tease!
Tell us more.

B said...

Keep it coming!

B said...

"yo busump" =
your bosom pal/buddy?

Nova Land said...

"More on that to come in the next post."

Wow! Now that's a cliff-hanger worthy of the old Saturday morning serials!

I'm very much looking forward to seeing what new information you can bring to light.

penny said...

Audrey and RD team,

We all appreciate your tremendous efforts to get to the bottom of this! I can't imagine all the information you have had to wade through and try to decipher. The topic of this blog still has a number of us "engaged" and checking in daily, and I hope we are getting close to seeing something substantial soon. While we are waiting, SP and her cronies continue their skullduggery in AK politics, and provide us with lots of other opportunities for outrage.

Please don't make us PD devotees wait too much longer, thanks!


Virginia Voter said...

With all the Sarah political gates piling up weekly, babygate still remains, and justifiably so.

We have learned post election that Sarah and her folks pat very close attention to this and other blogs. Why? I believe she is hiding something big, medically, otherwise there would have been no reason to have been so cagey about medical records and access to her doctor. We as mothers all know her pregnancy and wild ride are unbelievable, and I do hope you all were able to get some good information!

Micky-T said...

Penny is right, there is plenty of fodder out there for looking into the (mis)doings of SP.
She needs to be taken down. If she is, with the efforts of a blog like this and others, it will hopefully keep more pressure on polititions to do "the right thing" for the people, not themselfs.

Mary G. said...

Yes, this is suspense!!! And if you think the comment was about abstinence education or an ice-cream social, boy, will you be surprised! But I suppose we would not have arrived at this point if these teens had been discussing such matters!
Vive la internet!

Dianne said...

One of my favorite and most looked at blogs.....however.....since MSM isn't doing it's it for them. If you have the information to blow it out of the water, do so.

Gwynedd said...

As one who has been working on the MySpace information, I have to give credit to everyone for being so patient with us! Audrey and Morgan, too, have been very patient, and as they are the most public "faces" of the blog, they have had to take the brunt of any criticism for our slow (or, with a positive spin, thorough) progress, and for that I thank them.

Because of the sensitive nature of these comments, we all wanted to be as sure as we could be that we weren't being led (and thus leading you all) on wild goose chases of one sort or the other. The comments that we are publishing are just a small sample of literally hundreds that we were sent or tipped off to. Often paths that we went down turned out to be unrelated to the issue at hand.

The subject matter occasionally made it hard to continue, as well. Taken all together, the comments that we read presented, IMHO, a very disheartening view of the state of teens in this part of Alaska. Bristol's comment in the GVS interview that she really knew of no other teens in Alaska who were or had been pregnant is disingenuous. If true, she must not have ever been let out of her house in the past few years. Sitting here and counting on my fingers (and toes), I can remember at least a dozen who either already had or were having babies in their teens--at least a couple of whom were in what I would call her close social circle.

The rest of the information that we plan to publish will come in several segments, and will include more than this first post. This one was mainly intended to establish that we believe our research to be credible. And, as written in the post, absolutely nothing that we found was obtained by "hacking". We verified that it was all in the public domain.

As much as possible, we've tried to keep our own interpretations off of the upcoming comments. We each have our theories, but they may not be yours (and we don't always agree amongst ourselves, either).

Again, thanks for your patience with our efforts. You may need it again at some point, but rest assured we are not trying to be difficult, just as accurate as possible.

dax said...

First time commenter here finally compelled to jump out of very long time lurker status to comment:

...shaking fists... "Damn you Audrey - the Queen of Tease" :)

Seriously though, thank you for all you and your team have done; it has been heroic. I can't hardly wait until the next reveal.

TruthSeeker said...

I am back from a much needed break, having been on Palin-farce overload. Audrey, you and your research team deserve kudos for your tireless efforts. I'm looking forward to the next installment...

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

This is great citizen-journalism, and as I say (and say and say), the so-called mainstream journalists will fall upon your cached posts with cries of joy should SP try to run for ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. My job is to remind them to credit Audrey and her research assistants!

I have told my sons that anything they post on Facebook or any other online site can come back to haunt them, should they post foolishly. Bristol Palin & Co. are responsible for their own actions. I don't have a clue how to do the kind of research you've been doing... well done!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

AAaarrrggghhh! Lucy just pulled the football out from under Charlie Brown! Plleeaase tell us soon!
Well, I suppose if it makes Sarah suffer to wait for the news, then I am ok with waiting.

Words cannot express the gratitude for all you have done, Audrey and the whole PD team.

My WV is "wootin". I am wootin' for ya! You betcha!

ny8910 said...

Another longtime reader who has never posted until seeing this word verification: "press"

luna1580 said...

hi all :)

while i totally trust your conclusions that the 2 accounts you posted about today did most likely belong to bristol and levi, one of them confuses me:

"ha ha yeah he changed my password on this to b-ris p. and I always think of him for sure."

if this is bristol, what does "my password on this" mean? because no one would post their own new password for myspace itself on myspace, it would let anyone who read it log into your profile as you and do anything they wanted.

it's not uncommon for significant others to know each other's passwords (myspace or facebook), either because they were told them -or because they secretly hacked the other account to look for signs of cheating/online flirting (far more common, i know married people who've done this -more than one of them).

so maybe she was saying that her boyfriend changed her password to "b-ris p." (a cute nick name similar to frisbee?) and she'd already changed it back to something undisclosed, but it was cute when it happened?

that one seems pretty inconclusive.

just saying this as someone who's used myspace and facebook for years.

i look forward to whatever you've found moving this investigation along.

Grandma Nancy said...

I have nothing to add here, just waiting patiently. My word is l out p

trev said...

Well, who said Bristol was smart. I was appalled at her lack of english grammar and sentence construction in the interview. I wouldn't put it past her to post her own password.

trish in SW FL said...

Deepest thanks to all who are working so hard on this!

I can hardly wait to see the next posts!

dipsydoodlenoodle said...

Luna 1580, I assumed it meant some "he" changed the password for the suspected Bristol's account, but she'd changed it to something else and she thought it was cute enough to share with friends

Patrick said...


I can understand your point, but this is just a portion of the whole comment, as we explained, and there are several pieces of corroborating evidence which prove that these comments came from Bristol's account. We will explain this in the following posts. This matter is complex, and several people of our team have worked very hard on this. Thank God we have an uncensored internet. In earlier days without the internet, SP might actually have pulled her "fake pregnancy stunt" off, but those days are over...

Patrick (PD research)

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Hi Trev
You said: “Well, who said Bristol was smart. I was appalled at her lack of english grammar and sentence construction in the interview.”

Methinks that is because Sarah wrote the script!

KaJo said...

I think someone already observed this here or elsewhere, but:

I don't believe it's a coincidence that the neocon press (Fox) is stalking another Alaska blogger, and an Alaska state representative "outed" another blogger just this past week.

The "loyalists" feel the pressure, and if they can disparage bloggers more than Sarah Palin has already tried to do -- despite all the good bloggers have done in Alaska these past few months! -- they will.

The fruits of this investigation by the Research Team may be dangerous, so, protect your anonymity as long as you can, Research Team and Audrey and Morgan.

Alex said...

for those who may not know-- there's one huge difference in myspace and facebook. One is about a constructed or coded identity known only to your friends. And the other (facebook) is more about your real name, your real life, and your real history. (you can create a false name and page on facebook but the idea is that people can find you easily and connect.)

That's my oversimplification. But it's not unusual for people to start on myspace and "grow up" to facebook.

My experience with myspace is that it's much dirtier, casual, and juvenile.

Thank God for the researchers doing this work in the muddy and vile trenches of our current culture. I can imagine it's not a pretty picture. Does anyone remember their mother (or grandmother) saying something about "Fools' names and Fools' Faces are found in Public Places?"

Secrets are never pretty and myspace may be the vault of truth here.

We're all fools when young and now the internet can amplify that. Good work and can't wait to hear more.

jeanie said...

I (for one) appreciate the 'mete it out a bit at a time' nature of the latest posts. Work is crazy, and I just don't have time to read every last post like I used to. It's nice to have a digestible amount instead of the "576 posts" of previous threads.

But, like everyone else on here, I'm extremely interested in the next installments! And I have to say that I am even more impressed with your integrity for sitting on all this info for the sake of the minors. I'm not sure what you've got for us, but I suspect it's pretty conclusive. And I definitely agree with you that it's time for the kid gloves to come off!

Keep up the excellent journalism!

B said...

I agree with Jeanie: I'm impressed with your patience in waiting for the right time to reveal what you've gleaned from MySpace. Made it more likely you were able to glean, and save, info.

Alex, does your MSM friend still believe babygate isn't news because Palin is history? I was more inclined to think that in Nov. Now her base seems to love her more with news of every major misstep. How big is that base?

Perhaps timed release of evidence will convince someone to spill the beans before Audrey can. If I were Bristol, Levi, or Sadie, I'd be checking here often. (I'm checking and I'm not one of them.)

Alex said...

Yes, B, I don't even mention Palin to my MSM friend anymore-- because he believes the economy has eclipsed all. (AND that the fringe people who support her are not worth worrying about.) And to make it worse, my extremely liberal 27 yr old daughter who turned me on to Obama and who first called me with the Bristol-is-pregnant news last year-- she won't let me say anything either. "M---o----m, get a grip. Palin doesn't matter."

So now this blog is my secret addiction/pleasure?/civil duty.

Both my daughter and my friend believe it will be Palin's performace and blunders in total that will pull her down. Not one thing.

BUT this I know: perseverance is mighty. And so is single-minded, focused, disciplined practice. This blog exemplifies that. (And bless Morgan who never lets us forget it.)

My WV is "musendos" which is a new word that describes exactly what I write on here.

Doberman said...

Hmmn, interesting strategy. You are obviously dribbling out the information to see if Sarah or someone in her circle cracks first.

Does it matter? It still scares me that someone so devious as to concoct this cover up came so close to the second highest office in the land (and a heartbeat away from the highest office).

And of course, the cover up is always worse than the crime. It turns out the nation bore well Bristol's (disclosed) unwed motherhood. It turns out that the right doesn't care about unwed teenagers as long as they don't abort, and, in fact, even likes to turn the girls into heroines for not aborting. And while non right-wingers can snicker about the hypocrisy of Palin and her "abstinence education," it didn't really matter to them either.

But query whether back in August 2008, McCain would have chose Palin as his VP if it had been known at the time of the selection that Bristol was already a mother?

Palin gave us claptrap during the campaign about breaking through glass ceilings. I guess she has now made the world safe for politicians with unwed pregnant teenage offspring, since I suspect the next one won't get much attention, the barrier, so to speak, having already been broken.

Still, what a human interest story - a politician so conniving she would fake her own pregnancy.

wayofpeace said...


our girl's 'boat' keeps taking water.

Republicans Disinvite Palin From Major Fundraiser, Trash Her In Private / AP

WASHINGTON — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is out, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is in as keynote speaker at a Republican dinner this spring.

Palin, the party's 2008 nominee for vice president, had been slated to address the annual Senate-House Dinner in Washington on June 8. The dinner, sponsored by the House and Senate Republican campaign committees, is one of the GOP's biggest fundraisers.

Palin will be replaced by Gingrich. Both are popular figures with the party's base.

A spokesman for the Senate GOP committee, Brian Walsh, said Palin's team informed the campaign committees that her responsibilities in Alaska prevented her from committing to the speech until the end of the legislative session.

"We completely understand and respect Governor Palin's focus on her official state business; however, there is obviously an enormous amount of planning that goes into this annual event. For that reason, we invited and are honored to have former Speaker Newt Gingrich join us as our speaker," Walsh said in an e-mail.

A spokeswoman for Palin denied that she had ever confirmed her role as a speaker, even though the NRSC and the NRCC issued a joint press release two weeks ago trumpeting her appearance.

"Enthusiasm during a scheduling meeting among SarahPAC members to discuss events that we thought the governor should consider attending was misinterpreted as a confirmation of attendance," Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton said in an e-mail.

A GOP official trashed Palin to Fox News and insisted that her camp wasn't telling the truth. "She was a disaster," the source said. "We had confirmation."

Palin catapulted to fame last year as Republican presidential candidate John McCain's running mate and is widely believed to be eyeing a presidential bid in 2012. The leadership committee is intended to help serve as a vehicle for Palin's political activities.

Asked about possible miscommunications between the leadership committee and the governor's office, Stapleton said: "We are always working hard to make sure the bright line exists between official and unofficial business as we respond to thousands of requests for Governor Palin's time."

Amy1 said...

So Morgan did it again: saved me from myself. I submitted my (long-winded, as usual) true-life experience monitoring my inner circle of neighborhood kids on MySpace about a year ago, and my utter shock at what I found. I gave examples. Morgan deleted it ("offensive links" -- you bet they were). Thx Morgan.

Does "Lil Wayne" mean anything to any of you? Obscene in about 10 ways new to me. Morgan gently pointed out that most of the rest of you would probably KNOW all that. Already. From raising children. And I see you do, and you have gone beyond it. I am just in the early throes, and perhaps I will get over it too.

luna1580, you seem to have survived prolonged contact with MySpace just fine. Alex mentioned "the muddy and vile trenches of our current culture." And she seems able to cope nevertheless.

When I saw a dear sweet innocent pal of my children there in the muck, I became censorship's greatest friend for about 10 minutes.

I wrote in here about it because the context of whatever is about to be presented next is truly vile. CAN BE truly vile. The context. I hope I will give the minors who participate in MySpace a little slack because they are young, we all make mistakes, aping the stars du jour (like L'il Wayne, to take the one example) is so typically a teen thing.

And yet, the potential vile-ness of it is perhaps a blessing in disguise -- a solid real-life warning for our children to learn early about the need for discretion and privacy.

I have no answers. To me, the web is a wonderful thing, and I don't care much about the stats that it is used more frequently for porn than to read the NYT. When the sleaze part got too close to home, though, I freaked (and am still doing so).

I guess I just have to wake up and smell the coffee. New world. Plusses and minusses.

Amy1 said...

WAYOFPEACE! Thx for the wonderful news about SP NOT being the keynote speaker at the GPO fundraiser.

Alex said...

Amy 1 - Aren't we lucky to have Morgan monitoring us? I've lost count of the "musendos" I've dashed off, sent in, then been totally relieved about when they never showed up.

Way of Peace - yes! thanks for that bit of good news.

Lilybart said...

To whomever said that keeping the pressure on Palin is a civic duty, has it right. She is dangerous because she will say or do anything to get ahead and get power for Jesus.

I plan to keep participating because it is pressure that will bring her down.

Someone said: in crisis, style dissolves into substance. She will shown to have no substance.

B said...

Lilybart said, "She will say or do anything to get ahead and get power for Jesus."

Invoke Jesus to get power for Sarah, I think.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Lilybart, I think you're spot on. And though I'm not a Christian, I can't help but think but much of the hoo-hah supposedly put forth In His Name would make Jesus puke.

One of my favorite authors, Anne Lamott, is both a recovering alcoholic and a Christian, and she writes about both with wit and clarity. She ruefully remarked about one bad day, "I have thoughts that would make Jesus drink gin from the cat's dish."

I'd like to think that if Jesus lives and he's coming back, he might want to have a heart-to-heart with SP about important things like telling the truth and not taking his name in vain.

midnightcajun said...

I do hope you all plan to deliver on this, and soon. Lately we've had a few too many "more soon" and "to be continued postings" that simply fade away into nothing. I've noticed comments and blog regulars are falling away, and we can't let that happen. When it comes to exposing Sarah's baby lies, this has become a one man band, and we're it. So please don't wait too long. So many things happen that are discussed in the comments section but are essentially lost because never make it to blog posts, although they are worthy of that degree of attention. So enough of the teasing and long dry spells, okay? (Yeah, I know everyone has day jobs, but so do many of the regular commenters here.)

Duncan said...

Hey MC,

I'm still here everyday. I don't have a day job and I've read every post since the first one.

I don't post often, but I'm still watching and waiting.


More Cowbell said...

I have to admit that I don't see why there are "coming soon" posts followed, up to a week or more later, with the post itself. I understand that everyone has lives outside this website. But in that case I don't see why work is spent on the "tease"-- it seems like it would consume less time to just post the new information when it's ready. And I know that saying so makes me an, Palin.

Patrick said...

Hi folks,

do not worry: Several posts will definitely follow very soon, and you will not be disappointed in the end. :-)

The posts are complex and it takes a while to put everything together. I know that it is difficult to wait after we have "teased" you so much, but all I can say is that it will be worth in the end, and there are some pleasant/unpleasant surprises ahead (depending on the perspective!).

We ourselves have been patient for several months, you see...

Patrick (PD research)

passinthru said...

"One of my favorite authors, Anne Lamott, is both a recovering alcoholic and a Christian, and she writes about both with wit and clarity. She ruefully remarked about one bad day, "I have thoughts that would make Jesus drink gin from the cat's dish.""

Too funny. :)

Well, they speak very vulgarly, sometimes, but that doesn't mean they're bad kids,Amy1. Learning when to speak and when to be silent is a skill most of us work on. ;)

I look forward to the research y'all are doing. :) In the meantime, anyone know anything about this?


SillyRabbit said...

More Cowbell and MidnightCajun, here's my "Amen." Thank you for expressing my sentiments so well.

Amy1 said...

Yes, I'm eager to get on with it too.

We seem to have formed a pattern. A "Coming Soon!!!" announcement, followed by lots of "oh thank you, we are all so terrific to stick with this, what would we do without each other," followed by a revelation that only sometimes matches the excitement of the anticipation.

I don't see the point of the announcement followed by a delay. The idea of a delay encouraging confession seems far-fetched and ego-maniacal: we are unlikely to determine the process, only to nudge it to a greater or lesser degree.

There will inevitably be dry spots. I can live with that.

Why not release whatever it is whenever we have it -- in this case NOW, add caveats where appropriate.

Amy1 said...

Still, who am I to criticize or second-guess your approach? Look at your terrific use stats, esp the 358k hits yesterday compared to the 327k hits that are the 3-mo average?

muah said...

I have another life. Do what you gotta do and I'll keep checking back here.

B said...

From HuffPo:

"Todd Palin Is the Man for America Now," will appear in [Esquire's] "How to Be a Man" issue, on newsstands April 14th.

There's a video clip "preview" with pictures of Todd and catchy captions. In that clip there's a picture of Todd holding a baby (maybe Willow?) with a boy kissing the baby (maybe Track?). The screen that makes me think he'll feed us more lines about Trig's birth is one that just has some quotes listed, I assume from Todd. Among them: "Sarah likes to go fast." "What did they say at the hospital?" "I was there when he popped out." (Yes, Todd, but popped out of WHOM?) "We're in the middle of the investigation." "One centimeter dilated!" "Why are they digging, digging?" (Does he mean US?)

sg said...

Amy1 @ 12:41PM

I'm afraid you're misreading those site statistics. The numbers given are site RANKS not site HITS. So the higher the number, the lower the rank (bad).

So yesterdays' 358K rank was actually 5% below the one month average.

On the other hand, the most recent one-week rank was 4.5% higher than the one month average.

KaJo said...

I'm patient. That's why I've been pretty much in the background, lately -- I haven't got much more to contribute as far as brilliant theories go ;)

And I'm sure the Research Team has some pretty good resources I've never even heard about. So, I'm patiently waiting.............!

Stardove said...

I too have been reading, but this is my first post.

I did email a picture some time ago of SP at a sports events during the time she was suppose to be pregnant.

The old saying of "if it smells like a pig, looks like a pig, then it is a pig" comes to mind.

Thanks for all the hard work the team has been doing.

Peace Love Stardove

Dangerous said...

I made a post a couple of days ago, but didn't make it through, probably due to technical problems. There wasn't anything in it the Morgan would block.

The point was that the pending revelations are probably not going to be conclusive. Bristol will be shown as "socially" active, like most teens these days, and that other possibilities for Trig's father from Bristol will emerge.

The problem is that if WE can find out about these discussions, months or years after the fact and after scrubbing, many others would be aware at the time in Bristol's circle. Hence, if there was anything conclusive they would also know about it and would have spilt the beans already.

Further, if Bristol was involved with someone else in Wasilla before Levi -- which seems likely -- he certainly would have known about it. If she got pregnant as a result, the likelihood that he would start up with her immediately after she gave birth to someone else's child seem remote at best. Not impossible, but remote.

From Sadie's scrubbed pages, we know that the families were very close in April 2008, with her thinking Bristol and Levi were, at a minimum, engaged. So for the Px2 theory to survive the coming Myspace posts, you have to explain how Levi wouldn't know about Bristol giving birth to Trig as someone else's child (unlikely), or wouldn't care (implausible), and find himself engaged to her a couple of months later. Um. No.

My verify word: 'smacle'


sg said...

Oops, I got my math wrong.

The seven day rank was actually 13% above the one month average, not 4.5%.

Amy1 said...

sg: better to get your math wrong by a few % than to get my vectors reversed completely! Thanks for the correx!

wayofpeace said...

Sarah, Greta & Scientology: Van Susteren Doth Protest Too Much. by Geoffrey Dunn

HuffPo's Rachel Weiner has already reported on Greta Van Susteren's defensive response to a Politico story today, which cited an anonymous source saying that one of the reasons that Sarah Palin has been caught up in a "series of public relations gaffes" is because she is "taking advice from Greta and her husband."

In her Fox News blog, Van Susteren vehemently denied offering Palin any advice.... But what Van Susteren does acknowledge in her "brief" on the subject is equally troubling:

1. She acknowledges that her husband, John Coale, has been advising Palin, that they are in weekly contact, and that he played a central role in the formation of her national political action committee, SarahPAC--all while she has been covering Palin for Fox News.

2. She acknowledges that her husband met Palin through Van Susteren's media contacts with the governor. In short, he used his wife's journalistic access to Palin to gain his own political access.

There are some serious journalistic conflicts of interest taking place here...

Since my first story appeared, several people have contacted me with more troubling information on the subject.

Coale's extensive training in Scientology is a matter of public record. He has completed the organization's course OT-VII, Scientology's second most powerful level.

Moreover, Coale has been a major player in national political circles for nearly a quarter century. The Gawker recently obtained a chilling and revelatory document--"How Scientologists Can Take Responsibility for and BE AT CAUSE OVER the Fourth Dynamic"-- signed by Coale, which not only in riddled with Scientology jargon, but also provides troubling insight into his overall political strategy....

Earlier this decade, Coale and Van Susteren also participated in a bizarre Ponzi scheme, according to the Los Angeles Times, in which they were forced to pay back $700,000 of the $939,000 they netted in the crooked deal, which apparently had links to Scientology.....

If Van Susteren's husband is directly advising Palin on what is clearly shaping up to be a national bid for the Presidency--as Van Susteren herself acknowledges--then Van Susteren has some serious conflicts of interest going on here as well. When are the Fox News execs going to call Van Susteren on this clear-cut breach? The Bard was right: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

CupofNoodles said...

Hi All,

Quantcast is much better for determining web traffic than Alexa.

Currently Quantcast shows PD at about 4500 visitors a month.

Of those 4500, 64% are passers-by and make up 20% of the visits. (probably searching Palin in Google and PD pops up)

Of those 4500 36% are regulars and make up 80% of the visits.

So approximately 1620 people across America regularly visit the site.

It only tracks in the US

wayofpeace said...


i, too, love anne lamott!

wv: dredge

wayofpeace said...

correction, it was actually
who mentioned ANNE LAMOTT...

that's what happens when one reads the posts from the bottom up.

Amy1 said...

Thx CupofNoodles. Glad I blundered in -- and learned all this good stuff.

MsTBBB: I went to hear Anne Lamott talk once, and she was grousing at the outset about some bad altercation she'd just had with a dear one, and then she brightened up and said to the audience (an audience of aspiring writers): "But no problem, I tell myself. I can use this. I can use this in my writing. the harder it is on me, the better it will be for my work."

So for all of us who want to move ahead faster and are getting a little testy (like me): this is hard. It's supposed to be hard. If it was easy, they wouldn't need us.

sparkster said...

I have been a regular for months now but have only recently started posting. At times I desperately wish all knowledge were a bit more forthcoming. On the other hand - I also assume that one must make sure all ones ducks are in a row before making an assumption that people will likely get all up in arms about. And since bloggers in Alaska seem to be getting some negative attention I can understand the PD research team making sure everything is in order.

And so I wait... and hope that the next time I come to this site there is more info.

Or at least more posts!

Craig said...

AMY1 said;

"Still, who am I to criticize or second-guess your approach? Look at your terrific use stats, esp the 358k hits yesterday compared to the 327k hits that are the 3-mo average?"


SQ seems to be right as far as these specific numbers representing ranking rather than actual hits on the site. Does anything show actual hits? If so, what are they typically?

Craig said...

Nevermind, I just saw cupof noodles comment.

Ginger said...

To: Wayofpeace

Thanks for the HuffPost article. You mentioned the Fox executives noticing how often Greta gives Sarah air time.

Well, Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox, is just as enamored with Sarah as John Coale.

At a fancy dinner in New York, he ushered her around the room and introduced her to all the celebrities.

I've watched Greta's show just to see if she could do one without mentioning Sarah's name. At the time, I didn't know about her husband's connection to Sarah.

Now, it looks like she is not going to do anymore PR for Sarah because of the uproar. Last night O'Reilly mentioned her and I wonder if he'll take over for Greta.

~~Olivia said...

Geez, people, just wait... Based on prior postings from Audrey, I'm sure it worth it.

Thank you team...!!

Word verification is "mists"... as in shadowy? ha ha ha

Lilybart said...

I appreciate that you are taking the time to make sure you have the correct posts from Facebook, because we want our evidence to be solid.

LondonBridges said...

Doling out new info a little bit at a time might be a good way to watch the Palin-ites squirm and maybe even squeal! Maybe even get some useful fedback.

wayofpeace said...

my take on the delay:

i believe that with this next posting, the whole endeavor to expose SP escalates to a new dimension, AND so do the credibility and liability of those involved.

i am perfectly fine with the wait, if that means all possible assertions are crossed referenced, etc.

we've come too far to be tripped (no pun intended) by not properly vetting the facts.

Micky-T said...

It seems to me that Sarah is doing a pretty good job of crash and burn all on her own. I'm sure sites like this and others have contributed to her frenzy. She is becoming more and more an embarrassment to the republican party. You guys are going to have a best selling book for sure.

Palin Pregnancy Truth said...

While I want to know what Audrey's got as much as the next person, I appreciate that any minor misstep could be fodder for the Palinites.

That's why its so crucial that Audrey continue to trust her judgment and take her time. I'm willing to sacrifice up to the minute info for in depth research and good quality postings.

Keep in mind that part of why it is so hard to paint this blog as a "crazy liberal smear" is because of Audrey's professional and well thought out posts driven by fact. This will be even more crucial for sensitive material from myspace.

I hope that everyone will respect and understand this. I know it feels like a tease but I appreciate the updates letting us know what they are working on and that we can expect it soon.

Audrey and co, continue to do what you are doing. You've been doing it right since day one.

penny said...

1,621 people worldwide this site regularly!


Punkinbugg said...

Exactly. Patience is a virtue.

When Obama was on Leno, my daughter and I watched the entire interview. 99.9% was brilliant...then he made a faux pas.

Well GUESS WHO wasted NO TIME in weighing in with HER 2 cents' worth the next day, wiping out all references to the 99.9%?

Our pal Palin!

We can't afford anything but 100% validated proof... no matter how long it takes.

vt: sPALp no kidding!

More Cowbell said...

My question about the "teases" has nothing to do with patience. I'd be fine if there were no "coming soon" posts at all, only a post when all the information was ready to be presented. I just don't see what purpose the "coming soon" posts serve, and I wondered if anyone could enlighten me.

Amy1 said...

Here's another viewpoint that the MSM won't cover -- SP's religion, described today in HuffPo.

Actually, our issue seems minor compared to this, esp if you look at the videos. Yikes. I saw some of this ages on YouTube and thought it was too weird to believe.

Sound familiar?

B said...

More Cowbell,

I think the intermediate posts are to let us know what's in the works. If elapsed time between posts were several weeks, to allow assembling everything before posting anything, it might seem that Audrey was idle or had quit. There're no ads or money-makers on this site, so the "teases" are not to increase the number of visitors.

Wonder what Todd was talking about with "One centimeter dilated?" The progress of Sarah's alleged labor with Trig when they arrived at Mat-Su? Would she have felt some distress on the plane (or during her speech) while dilating a cm? Only one cm upon arrival, if that's what it is, suggests she was induced, allegedly, because of the the 24 hours since fluid leaked, making the leaking fluid important to her version of labor.

SillyRabbit said...

I just noticed B's posting of March 30, 3:12 PM again, and I think "yo busump" could mean "YOUR (yo) BRISTOL (b) OF (u) SOME (sum) PALIN (p)." Consider a certain famous singer who preferred to say "hell to the no" instead of just "no." Our Bristol would never settle for a simple "Your BP" when affectionately addressing her SCRUB (surb, sruuuub) friends.

Dangerous said...

Unlike many posters, I don't find SP or her religious or social viewpoints the least bit threatening. She's never going to go beyond a political sideshow because she isn't taken seriously -- with good reason. She's not a serious person.

It's not just that she isn't the brightest bulb in the lamp. And she's not particularly clever, either. I think superficial is a fair adjective to apply to her. Her church may want to take over the world, but that's a pipe dream and just a way to attract an audience. MSM doesn't talk about it because its against their rules which say religion is off-limits.

MSM has lots of rules now. There's so much money involved and nobody wants to risk their career by openly violating them. I've come to realize that there are certainly some in MSM who know our conclusion is right. They may even know who Trig's real mother is. I'm guessing we don't hear about it from them because it violates some unspoken rule. For the rest of MSM, they don't report because they have willingly accepted the lie.

But, please. How many women do you know who went into labor in Texas and gave birth in Alaska? Seriously. Wouldn't happen. Didn't happen. You have to willingly choose to believe such a ridiculous story. "All of the people some of the time" comes to mind. Or, I should say almost all of the people. Some MSM people wouldn't believe it either, if they chose to think about it. Instead, they don't.

Until we make them. I have come to conclude that unless we go public with our real names as a group, and lay out our case as regular, normal American citizens, and openly indict (in a metaphorical sense) SP of lying about this whole thing, MSM will not report it. For all our efforts, without medical records we won't be able to prove it. So we'll have to take the chance that we might be wrong, in which case SP will have to admit she was utterly reckless in travelling back to Alaska while in labor without being checked by a doctor. Either way, she's toast.

I really hope we crack this, but once we do MSM will rush in and steal the story to make money on it. That's what they do. In the interim, watching SP slowly crash and burn is good enough for them.


Rationalist said...

You know, in light of those church videos, what this blog is doing feels like indicting Al Capone on tax evasion charges. Participating in a coverup of her daughter's pregnancy is nothing compared to the most dangerous things about her. But if bringing it to light is enough to give people pause about her, I'll take it.

This, from the Huffpost piece, is especially chilling:

"Because of that, there exists the danger that the Democratic Party will be blindsided in the 2012 presidential election, as the New Apostolic Reformation / Third Wave Christianity gambit - of peeling away ethnic constituencies that have traditionally voted for the Democratic Party - comes into play."

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Amy1, thanks for the link to the excellent HuffPo article on SP’s religion. Everyone should read it. It was the Pastor Muthee video that first alarmed me about Sarah Palin, and since then I have researched and read so much about these frightening “religions” until I am bleary eyed. And somehow I happened upon Palin’s Deceptions. I feel Sarah’s fanatical religion has everything to do with why she came up with the idea to fake a pregnancy. She could not let her 16 year old daughter’s pregnancy ruin her quest for political power to turn this nation into a theocracy.

Maria said...

I'm one of the 1621 people worldwide who (according to Penny) visits this site regularly, in fact every day. Hi from Cape Town, South Africa, from a PD addict.

I was in the States last year for 6 months and witnessed on TV the coming out of Sarah Palin, her subsequent TV interviews and her behaviour on the campaign trail.

Let's just say that I'm 'antifora' my word verification, as in 'pro for her NOT'. I felt compelled to make my first post when I saw that wv.

And I wait expectantly for Audrey to reveal what her awesome research team has diligently uncovered.

Ennealogic said...

Take a look -- Levi and family go on Tyra Banks show Monday April 6.

Yup that's Mercede and Levi and sure looks like Sherry Johnston all sitting on the Tyra couch. Levi says, he's "pretty sure" that GINO knew that he and Bristol were intimate when Tripp was conceived. I wonder why...

penny said...

Hey maria,

Great to see long time lurkers become first time posters! I came up with that figure after CupofNoodles posted that there are 1,620 regular readers across America. That tally only tracks in the US, so I thought I would just try to let Audrey, etc. know how many more of us there are worldwide, so counting there's 1,622!

penny (Costa Rica)

Grandma Nancy said...

Just saw on tv that Levi will be on Tyra Banks show on Monday. The segment has already been taped.

Alice Rooney said...

I read this site at least twice a day. Can't wait for things to unravel further!

Just heard that Levi, mom, and sister will be appearing on the Trya Banks show--MSNBC just played a teaser.

Someone catch this for us, please!

Ivyfree said...

Just noticed that there's an article on Huffpost about an interview Levi Johnston did with Tyra Banks. Apparently, he blamed a "wardrobe malfunction" for the Tripp pregnancy- apparently a condom failure- but when Tyra pushed him, he admitted they didn't always use condoms. I wasn't able to watch the interview; I'm on my coffeebreak at work. I think Levi's not as much under the Palins' control as Sarah might like to think.

Lady Rose said...

Levi Johnson interview this coming Monday on the Tyra Banks show - can see a clip of it on the show's web site here:

Topics he will discuss:
his relationship with Bristol, what it was like to be thrust into the spotlight at the Republican National Convention, and why his engagement with Bristol Palin ended. Levi shares intimate details about his relationship with Bristol, what he really thinks of Gov. Palin and what it's like to be a teen father.

trish in SW FL said...

A little OT, but interesting: Levi (along with his Mom and sister) will be on Tyra Monday: Read the story here. Hope I did the link right!

SP can't be happy about this, LOL

Rationalist said...

Regarding the Tyra Banks interview: it's looking more and more like Levi & Co are NOT in on Palin's pregnancy coverup. It's just hard to believe a chatty girl like Mercede would be able to keep something this gossip-worthy under wraps.

Also - thank you, Dangerous, for the reality check about Palin's church. Yes, it seems scary, but you're right that just because they want to take over the world doesn't mean they can. I mean, I've been criticizing the Bush administration all this time about inflating fears about radical Islam. Just because Osama bin Laden wants to destroy the West doesn't mean he's capable of it. Still, it's really creepy to me.

Maybe Obama was craftier than we realized, having Rick Warren speak at the Inauguration. Having someone from that movement close, and therefore somewhat accountable, is pretty smart.

Duncan said...

"Most of the time."

Yeah, that's why my son was born 10 months after we got married.

Lady Rose said...

Quote from Levi Interview

"Sarah Palin Let Bristol and Me Share a Room ." He believes Sarah Palin knew he and Bristol were sexually active, " "Moms are pretty smart.""

I have one question: How many mom's (regardless of whether or not they are Christian) would allow their teenage daughter to have a teenage boy share a bedroom?

more info here:

muah said...

How many times did it take Tyra to get him to say "most of the time" when he was trying to convince her they practiced safe sex? How can he be believed about that subject?

Amy1 said...

Geez I hope he/they are getting a lot of money for this. Otherwise, why would a normal person go public like this? With the most intimate details of their lives.

Rationalist: it's not so much SP who is scary to me but the MANY funders and supporters who are. Both the wealthy, influential ones and then the uneducated sheep, too, because there prove to be so many of them.

To me, she is the tip of the iceberg. Just like the failed unemployed housepainter in Deutschland in days of yore. Don't those videos make it seem like we as human beans (sic) are like lemmings: we have to have these orgies with hideous-ness every so many years.

penny said...

People magazine went even further discussing the upcoming Tyra interview:

"Meanwhile, now that they are just friends and not romantically involved, PEOPLE has confirmed with a source that Bristol is not dating but has been "texting and chatting" with a high school boyfriend she had before Johnston.

Johnston's mom, Sherry, and sister Mercede, join him on The Tyra Banks Show, talking about the gag order imposed on them during Palin's vice presidential campaign. "We were supposed to say that all questions need be brought up to the McCain campaign. Other than that we had to say 'no comment,' " explains Mercede."

Rationalist said...


"orgies with hideousness" is right. Clearly, in this world, self-righteous conversion movements have been very effective from time to time. (Crusades?) Not sure if the conditions are right at the moment, but it's wise to be wary, no matter what.

B said...

Sanity Rant blog sent me to for this tidbit:

"In an interview that airs Monday on The Tyra Banks Show, Levi Johnston admits he and Bristol Palin were allowed to share a room at Sarah's Alaskan home even though she probably knew they were having sex."

Does that mean Sarah let him spend the night at her house in Bristol's room? Even if in the fall of 2007 and Bristol was already pregnant, that sounds bizarre. Maybe he just means they could spend time in the room with the door closed.

Palin wasn't watching her state when she should have. Looks like she wasn't watching her kids, or having an adult watch them, either. Or maybe she approved.

muah said...

If you can tell a liar because they blink, LEVI LIES!
MSNBC has a video & more to say.
See firedoglake:
Levi Johnston: We Practiced Safe Sex!

Ivyfree said...

"Johnston's mom, Sherry, and sister Mercede, join him on The Tyra Banks Show, talking about the gag order imposed on them during Palin's vice presidential campaign. "We were supposed to say that all questions need be brought up to the McCain campaign. Other than that we had to say 'no comment,' " explains Mercede."

How exactly would McCain/Palin have the authority to institute a gag order? I don't think that would be legal. All they could do is ask politely for the Johnstons to do them the favor of not talking to the press. Am I wrong about this?

NakedTruth said...

I said on a previous post that my belief is that Levi was not the father of Trig. Bristol was seeing someone else when she became pregnant with Trig.

When SP shipped her to Anchorage to stay with the Heath's in Dec. 07, Levi was told by Bristol that her mother was sending her away to get her away from him. Bristol was o.k. with the deception because she wanted to hide the pregnancy from Levi.

Bristol went to Anchorage and gave birth to Trig probably in late Feb. or early March. I do think that Trig was about a month premature.

I also believe that Bristol kept in touch with Levi via phone/e-mail while in Anchorage but I would bet that Levi did not see her until after Trig was born. I wish we could hear from Levi about the status of their relationship in late '07 and early '08. This information could answer some questions.

Once Trig was born, Bristol was allowed to see Levi. I am sure that Levi and Mercede both were excited about SP (Governor of AK) welcoming them into the family (embracing the relationship) and this is probably why we saw the 'mommy in law', 'baby brother' lovey dubby stuff on Mercede's myspace page. She was proud to be associated with the Palins.

Well all this love got Ms. Bristol pregnant again and now we have Tripp. It's possible that Tripp could have been born in late Dec. 08 but I still believe that he was born later.

Levi and his family have no clue who's Trig's birth mother. They were kept in the dark just like the rest of us. But I have this really good feeling that the Johnston's may offer us some details that we desperately need to make our case.

The naked truth is always chasing a well-dressed lie.

LondonBridges said...

Today at the drugstore, I was scanning the tabloid covers, and the National Enquirer has a cover story about a feud between Michelle Obama & Sarah Palin. Anyone read it?

Chi Town Mom said...

Levi is going to be on Tara Banks on Monday. Can't wait! Of all the media outlets, why Tara?

Dangerous said...

I'd like to posit a new theory, although it is not one I endorse but it should stimulate some discussion. Perhaps Craig will like it.

Perhaps SP decided that the family was going to adopt Trig, but she didn't ever want Trig to know he was adopted. Because she is so high profile, she may have faked the pregnancy so that later on Trig would have no independent way to verify that he was adopted.

If any reporter gets too close to the truth that SP wasn't pregnant, perhaps they hint at that motivation to get them to back off.

In short, SP faked it for Trig's benefit.

The advantages of this theory is none of the evidence contradicts it, and it explains why MSM doesn't touch it and ADN's editor-in-chief behaved the way he did.

The disadvantage is that it hardly makes sense to hide the adoption from a DS child, although perhaps that might be even more important to do.

I think we might all feel differently about these circumstances and our continued efforts if this turns out to be right.

We've all been fixated on the faking and negative motives, and we should always re-examine our assupmtions lest we end up with egg on our faces.

Like I stated up front, I don't think this theory is correct, but I encourage people to debunk it based on evidence, or we have to consider it a possibility.


jeanie said...

Re - Maria, Penny and other internationals. Just did a random sample of 1 and found using the live feed map (options at the bottom of the home page) that 88% of the current online traffic is from the U.S. As I said, that is a very small sample, but you can probably add at least 5 - 10% to the 1620 to get a better idea of the overall traffic.


Alex said...

readin' the promos for upcoming Tyra show with Levi et. al-- and can't help wondrin' if this wasn't a maneuver brokered by Sherry's lawyer. Call me crazy.

ilovepoodles said...

Check out the top story at
(Todd Palin's half sister arrested for burglary)

wayofpeace said...

as to SP's SCARY religious affiliations:

here's a bit from CHRIS HEDGES.
who has written extensively on it:

"This movement will not stop until we are ruled by Biblical Law,

"an authoritarian church intrudes in every aspect of our life,

"women stay at home and rear children,

"gays agree to be cured,

"abortion is considered murder,

"the press and the schools promote 'positive' Christian values,

"the federal government is gutted,

"war becomes our primary form of communication with the rest of the world ..."

Amy1 said...

Dangerous said: "I'd like to posit a new theory . . . ."

Not new, Dangerous. I posted that theory in Dec, when I was looking for benign explanations, and I was still calling myself Amy. (Although I now see, from reading way back before I joined the blog, that this other Amy actually posted way before me. Not that anyone but me cares.)

I'm reprinting that Dec post below because it still answers, for me, your "egg on our face" question: the deception might well have started out in some benign way (I bet Bill Clinton would say his did too!), but lying on this subject afterwards is too important for a wanna-be VP or pres for us to tolerate it.

Here's the post:

From "Lowest Common Denominator"

. . . I would suggest an Option C: [the following is supposed to be SP's team, justifying the deception. --Amy1] "Sarah Palin is the adoptive mother of Trig. She simulated a pregnancy and his birth because she wanted Trig in his later years to feel as welcomed to, and as integral a part of, her family as possible. While that may now appear to some as an unwise choice, it was undertaken to guard Trig's best interests. It is with enormous regret that we allowed Bristol to play a part in this deception, which we all thought was for the best." There's probably a better way to put Option C. I'm trying to incorporate the view of many, including myself, that this deception might have started with the very best of intentions to benefit Trig -- only Trig and perhaps other innocent bystanders -- and then it took on an unfortunate life of its own, as deceptions often do.

And among the reasons Dr CBJ has not responded, I would leave room for the possibility of some other reason, a good reason, one that we might all support. Because we don't know the whole story, let us leave room for the benefit of the doubt. Even though I may not believe that "reporters saw Palin pregnant," nor all the statements in the Tipton interview, my reading of the last Appel column made me think immediately of some other scenario -- perhaps even a benevolent one -- when he implied that our knowledge of the exact circumstances of Trig's start in life might be too sensitive to go public with, and that those circumstances, if known, would not tell us any more about SP than we already know from other issues and facts. So we may be best served, all of us, to back off and let at least SOME sleeping dogs lie.

Of course, the intense feelings this issue has aroused are not the result of gabby gossips, voyeurs, or nosy busybodies. They are the result of SP's stance on the controversial pro-life/pro-choice issues. The idea that HER choice (especially if she were to become President) should deny others THEIR choice on these enormously difficult issues. Not only her stance, but her use of her family to advertise that stance. Yes, other candidates presented their families in the election period too, but no one to such an excess as SP. The irregular details of Trig's birth were thrust upon us in support of a very threatening SP agenda to deny other women a choice over their own bodies and families; the thought that these details might contain a huge LIE added a heap of insult to the very real injury that SP's views would do to men and women who do not share her values. It is for this reason, a reason of SP's own making, that many of us have pursued this trail to learn the truth.

December 9, 2008 1:11 PM

Betsy S said...

I am shocked, shocked that Levi is going to be on Tara Banks. Obviously he wouldn't do for Oprah, and even he must be aware of how tacky this must look. Why not Dr. Phil? When Tyra gets him to admit that he only used protection "Most of the time", she does a whoop and he rolls his eyes and blushes in extreme mortification. At least I hope that's what he's doing. On the couch with him are his mom and Mercede, made up to the nines, and in the split second I saw on Tyra's trailer video, look just about as happy as two human beings can get, grinning away and at last being celebs a sort of major NatTV talk show.
Huffpo has 22 pages of snarky comments on Levi's appearance on this show three days in advance of its showing, I wonder how many they'll collect by Monday. Even People Mag has shots of the show.
How is it possible that SP can let such damage hit
the fan?
Oh Morgan, how can you handle the comments now? This has become Springerville.

wayofpeace said...

from ADN:

Todd Palin's half-sister arrested for burglary

From Zaz Hollander in Wasilla:

Todd Palin’s half-sister was arrested Thursday after police say she broke into a Wasilla home for the second time this week to steal money.

Palin is the husband of Gov. Sarah Palin. He declined comment.

Diana Palin, 35, entered a home near Wasilla’s Multi-Use Sports Complex and attempted to steal cash from the owner’s bedroom, police said.

She also broke into the same house on Tuesday and stole $400, they said.

She was arrested Thursday morning on felony charges of first-degree burglary and misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass and theft, police said. Friday morning, she remained jailed at Mat-Su Pretrial Facility in Palmer in lieu of $10,000 bail and court-approved third party custodian.

Clovis said...

Perhaps Audrey & Co could give a rough time frame of how long it will take before more is posted? I'm getting bored with Sarah Palin. Nevertheless, I'd like to read anything that purports to make sense of actions that seems senseless from almost any angle. Frankly, my enthusiasm at first in hoping to see Ms Palin outed stemmed from the fact that it seemed she had taken outrageously unfair advantage of her children. But the more that's revealed, the more it appears that the whole family are willing participants at this time in whatever is going on. BTW, looking at Sarah's face reveals that she has quite high testosterone levels (as evidenced by the square jaw). This means her actions are best interpreted without bias as if she were a man. She seems to see her children as props (my mother was the same, though it took me decades to emotionally and intellectually understand what that meant). Children tend to inherit their IQ from Mom and their basic personality from Dad. The children of mothers like Sarah tend to be devious and slow to mature (my experience, anyway). I know very little about Todd's personality, but my assumption is that Sarah's kids can be okay - in the long run (assuming they don't die young). Sarah will never "learn" anything about herself, because that is borderline impossible for her to do (the process might destroy her). I no longer seriously feel she will get anywhere on the international stage and she may even do good by pointing out to "normal" people just how outre her type (and their religions) can be. Nevertheless, I would still like to know the "answer" to the logic puzzle that is Sarah. Time frame, please? Thanks!!

Ivyfree said...

"the National Enquirer has a cover story about a feud between Michelle Obama & Sarah Palin. Anyone read it?"

No, and I can believe they're not born to be BFF- but I doubt if the First Lady thinks much about Sarah Palin.

Diana said...

I think I have something to say on Tyra's Post. Be back soon! :)

ProChoiceGrandma said...

What is the problem with the Blog? Nobody can link to the new post!

Morgan said...

**From the Moderator**

Relax everybody.

Our blog has not been hacked. After we were alerted to the posts I went to the "known issue" of Blogger and found out that hundreds of Blogger blogs are displaying the "Eeyore is cute" post.

Apparently, Google has been hacked.

I managed to fix our blog and all seems well now but we're going to withhold publication of the much-awaited new post until tomorrow just to be sure there are no further snafus.

MJ said...

I read that Levi tells Tyra that he moved into the Palin house 1 to 2 weeks before Tripp was born. Remember that Levi quit his North Slope job on January 5th after it was revealed that he did not meet the HS diploma qualification of his position. Hmmm...this revelation makes the 12/27/08 birthdate unlikely.

B said...


I confess. I looked at that tabloid over a week ago. I believe Michelle is upset with Sarah because Sarah was fawning over Obama when she met him. Or something manufactured like that.

I also confess that I was trying to decipher the hacked post about eeyore. Was that Bristol's ID#? Was that her message to Levi? (How can she spell eeyore when she can't spell anything else?) Now I merely regret the timing -- postponing Audrey's next post!

Palin's response in to Levi's interview suggests he's not paying child support for Tripp. Surprise. Sarah's once again speaking for Bristol -- Tripp, school, preaching abstinenece.

NakedTruth said...

This is the response from SP via SarahPac spokesperson, Meghan Stapleton per

After talking about sex on The Tyra Banks Show, Johnston – the 18-year-old father of Bristol Palin's baby – was hit with a blistering response from Bristol's mother, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

"Bristol did not even know Levi was going on the show. We're disappointed that Levi and his family, in a quest for fame, attention, and fortune, are engaging in flat-out lies, gross exaggeration, and even distortion of their relationship," says the statement from the Palin family rep.

"Bristol's focus will remain on raising Tripp, completing her education, and advocating abstinence," the statement continues. "It is unfortunate that Levi finds it more appealing to exploit his previous relationship with Bristol than to contribute to the well being of the child."

The statement ends, saying, "Bristol realizes now that she made a mistake in her relationship and is the one taking responsibility for their actions."

Now I am confused. Bristol said on GVS that abstinence is not 'realistic' and now they are saying that she is going to continue to 'advocate abstinence'? What the h*ll? Makes no sense to me and I think that SP is again caught in another lie.

I really hope Tyra asked the right questions. We may just learn something new after this interview.

Windy City Woman said...

Yes, condoms have a tendency to fail when they aren't used.

Thanks for the analysis on the dates: Levi's job ending & Tripp's birth.

Sunshine1970 said...

lol At least the 'eyeore is cute' post was kinda cute, and not something horrible. :-)

Morgan said...

Somebody pinch me. Watching the Palins is like tuning into some white-trash reality TV show.

Stay tuned for next week's episode, when Bristol explains that "safe sex" means not waking your parents in the next room.

Am I alone in thinking that after dealing with that crazy-ass family Levi is more pro-abstinence that Bristol?

If he only knew what he was getting into when he was getting into it...

Diana said...

Morgan said: Stay tuned for next week's episode, when Bristol explains that "safe sex" means not waking your parents in the next room.

If he (Levi) only knew what he was getting into when he was getting into it...

So true Morgan!

Now why would a mom allow her daughters boyfriend, who impregnated her daughter, move into her house, sleep in her daughter’s bedroom, without the commitment of being married??

Does she understand how stupid this makes her look when she tells everyone that Bristol is an advocate for abstinence!

Sarah doesn't know how to tell the truth and she certainly doesn’t believe in anything she preaches, including abstinence.

Ginger said...

Does anyone really believe that the Johnstons would go against the Palins?

Sherry J. has a court date coming up and Sarah is the govenor...for crying-out-loud!

This is all theater!

NoMore said...

LOL! Well, DUH!!! Levi is not working, so he has no income, so he cannot support Tripp (Trig? I am by now getting confuddled here...) Besides: Before he ever pays ANY childsupport, he definitely should insist on a DNA test!

LOL! My wv is 'sechiali' (sexually?)

KaJo said...

It just occurred to me that, now that the Johnstons -- son, daughter, and mom -- all appeared on Tyra Banks' show, and that previously Bristol Palin appeared in an interview with Greta VS -- Sarah Palin and her Palinista fans have absolutely NO grounds to complain about "privacy for the kids".

I can't believe the soap-opera flavor to this family's life -- could it have always been this intense?

muah said...

Sarah, Meg SarahPac saw the show already?
Too many lies and everyone talks like a crazed loon.

Bristol didn't know, heh? As if she'd tell her Mom.
Sarah sent a message to Levi, "his previous relationship with Bristol than to contribute to the well being of the child".

Sarah is a control freak. Let Bristol talk for herself. Who will believe a SarahPac release that Bristol is advocating abstinence? Sarah is trying to squeeze Bristol into Sarah's dogma. She will fail. What Sarah has is a little girl too afraid to face the world, like most unwed teens must do. It is too cushy in that big house that Todd and friends built.

Levi blew the part about a "wardrobe malfunction". He wanted to give the impression they were acting somewhat responsible? He thought he was protecting Bristol's image? Weird. He won't need to do that for the next interview, he is toast as long as Bristol is a Mommy girl. He could go for custody soon, check DNA and get a job first.

It is not a good week for the already failing Governor. The half sister-in-law didn't only burglarize, it sounds like she took her daughter along for the ride. Are there any child services in the area? Sarah's baby Dr. is an expert in child abuse and drugs, right? If any of these people want to change the direction of their lives, they need to stop with the secrets.

A new post and Tyra tomorrow!

Morgan said...

If this is theatre, what would the benefit for Sarah be? She's already on the ropes politically. I can't see how it benefits her to have her family embroiled in this Springer-esque feud. They all might as well have flashing "Trash" signs above their heads at this point. With each passing day she looks more ridiculous, more incompetent, more unable to handle not just the state house but her own house either.

At this point I think Sarah is walking that line between delusion and desperation. Even though she is surrounded by yes-men and women, she has to see how her reputation is crumbling on all fronts. Now even her Christian-mom cred is eroding. There's not much left propping this woman up.

So she continues to pump out statements that try to make her sound superior and above it all, even though she has to know no one believes it.

For someone who longs to hob-nob with the elite (and regardless of what she says about small town value that is exactly what she wants) these latest developments must be pushing her close to the edge.

Everything she's ever wanted is slipping further away day by day, including her reputation as a mother which - ironically - is what she may have been trying to protect when she faked her pregnancy.

But a person can only bear up under the weight of all those lies for so long. I think we're seeing the result of her own handiwork. And I for one have no pity for her at all.

Diana said...

A quote today from Mudflats blog:

I don’t know which family is the Hatfields and which one is the McCoys, but I believe we are witnessing the beginning of a family feud that will go down in the annals of Alaskan history.


Yes! I do believe you are right!

vw: judgener...judging bet! Hopefully in a court of law!

Dangerous said...

To Amy1:

I did not recall you posting that theory before. So it was new to me but clearly not new to the blog. I defer to your earlier post.

I have to evaluate this theory as superior to Bx2, particularly as more and more comes out about Levi and Bristol. The main inconsistency is the absence of Bristol and Willow during the critical time period. If she was faking only for that reason, their would be no reason to hide the daughters from the public.

On that topic, has anyone looked into getting copies of any printed newsletters from Fairbanks AHA? They held a luncheon so there may be pictures of the event published in a way not easily scrubbed or trasient like a web site. While Bristol's communications will be interesting, Feb 15, 2008 remains the critical date, IMO.


Sunshine1970 said...

who needs reality TV when there's the Palin/Johnston saga almost every week?

luna1580 said...

did y'all have a new post up "eeyore is not cute," but pull it, or something"

because there is a broken automated blogroll link to it over at gryphen's (immoral minority), listed as posting 3 hour's ago.

i got all excited seeing it, and it's not here :(

Ivyfree said...

"But a person can only bear up under the weight of all those lies for so long. I think we're seeing the result of her own handiwork. And I for one have no pity for her at all."

Wow. I'm straight- but that came across TOTALLY hot. :::appreciatively:::

wayofpeace said...

during the hack-job,
i visited AUDREY's main website.
i have not done so in months.

it's been renovated.

the PHOTO EVIDENCE and the comments are very persuasive: a great job, audrey.

wv: an ominous, noneS[arah]

JJ said...

I was just thinking about MJ's excellent analysis of Tripp's birthdate, and how a birth date of Jan 2009 correlates with some other facts. If Tripp was born in Dec 2008, shouldn't SP have included him as a dependent on her financial statement? That would mean her number of dependents should have been at least 5 (Bristol, WIllow, Piper, Trig, and Tripp).

wayofpeace said...

here's a post on the arrest story at the HUFF.POST blog


What's most sad is the fact that there are some people in this country who want this family in the White House because they "represent" normal Americans.

Folks, I beg you to come up north.... and find out that the Palin's are, in fact, NOT normal.

If you see "your values" in this family - you've got much, much bigger problems than ideological dissatisfaction.

Alex said...

If Sherry is under the care of her high-powered lawyer-- wouldn't you have to assume he supports Levi's appearance on Tyra? That the Johnston family speaking up is some part of a plan? That lawyer, Mr. Butler, is said to be very smart.

Alex said...

In the past I've posted about Sarah's Annus Horribilis-- the bizarre litany of trouble, gossip, family hijinx of 2008. And I've said, Who do YOU know who lives like this?

Now there's more: a burglar sister-in-law and boy/girl teen sleepovers (according to Levi) in the home of parents who promote abstinence.

No, this is not a bad year, it's an entire life of careless living, a Vita Horribilis-- and I really don't know how it can possibly square away with Sarah being God's chosen. Job was brought to his knees and took responsiblity for his actions-- and Sarah, in her pride and ego, will never.

tennesseeteacher said...

I completely agree with Ginger, who said, "Does anyone REALLY think the Johnstons would go against the Palins? This is all theater!"
Even though, as you said, Morgan, having this Springeresque feud makes them look trashy, looking trashy is still superior (in Sarah's mind, who honestly doesn't seem to know the definition of trashy) to looking like someone who faked a pregnancy. If this interview with Levi gets tons of press (which it already is, before being aired) and in the press, the story is re-iterated that Levi can't see his 3-MONTH-OLD BABY TRIPP, then all that 90% of the public hears is the reinforcement of their deceptive story.....Levi and Bristol have one baby named Tripp, born three months ago.
I firmly agree with Ginger that this is pure theater.

Seriously.....does anyone REALLY believe with Sherry's trial coming up and all the political power that Sarah has, that the Johnstons would choose this time to piss her off? We've seen what this woman does to her enemies.

I firmly agree with Ginger. Very likely in response to Audrey's post that she has forthcoming Myspace revelations, Sarah has hurriedly gotten Levi on Tyra Banks to continue spouting the party line, to get the message out once again to the press that Levi and Bristol have ONE THREE-MONTH OLD CHILD whom they are fighting over, and I think all of America is falling for it and lapping up the lies.

tennesseeteacher said...

okay....maybe I wrote too soon about sarah deliberately putting Levi out there on a talk show for theater purposes.

I just read all of the previous posts, and realized that Levi admits on Tyra Banks that Sarah allowed him to sleep with Bristol in their home? Wow. Maybe it's NOT staged......Or maybe Sarah IS nervous about what's about to appear on this blog, asked him to go on this show, refocus everybody on their one supposedly 3-month-old child, and she didn't think about the possibility of what other stupid things he might say. It wouldn't be hard to believe that she didn't think things through, but

Morgan said...

Way of Peace said:

"Folks, I beg you to come up north.... and find out that the Palin's are, in fact, NOT normal."

EXCUSE ME???? Come up north? My dear, as a southerner let me assure you that this is not the norm for people below the Mason Dixon line.

Dysfunctional families can be found everywhere, and a lot of southerners are turned off by Palin.

I'm not sure if your intention, WOP, was to imply that southerners admire the Palins. But if you are, then I can't even begin to tell you how wrong you are.

Vaughn said...

Re:JJ said

I don,t think SP would legally have to put Tripp as her dependent on her disclosure
statement.He is legally Bristol,s dependent.

wayofpeace said...

sorry for the misunderstanding MORGAN,

that was not me talking.

it was a blogger from ALASKA
posting at the HUFF.POST.

as to myself, i am DEEP in the south,
in fact as south as one can get ;-)

onething said...

Apparently there was a new post yesterday which was then pulled because of a google glitch and was supposed to be reposted today?

Where is it?

onething said...


Are you actually considering that Sarah, out of the blue, decided to adopt an unrelated Down syndrome child and then was so worried he'd one day find out that she faked a pregnancy while being constantly in the public eye as governor?

Or did I misunderstand something?

JJ said...

I guess that is the question... do you HAVE to put all dependents on the financial form or not? Because if Bristol is SP's dependent, then so is Bristol's baby. I remember that someone posted what the requirements were for a grandchild to be declared a dependent, and Tripp certainly does meet them (who supports him and where he resides were the two main conditions, if I recall)

ProChoiceGrandma said...

“Governor Sarah Palin’s Office asked for another two months of additional time to release official e-mails sent and received by Governor Palin in 2007 and 2008”
Palingates referred to the report at

“In addition to the Democratic Party, records requestors affected include NBC Nightly News, CNN,, The Associated Press, Mother Jones, and several individuals.”

These requests have been pending since 9/22/08. The ACTING Attorney General is Rich Svobodny. So, when is W.A.R. supposed to become the Attorney General? Is Sarah thinking W.A.R. will be able to do something to stop the release of the emails, and that would be why she wants the extension? Yes, we at Palin’s Deceptions are also quite interested as to what mentions have been made in those emails…

onething said...

The comment about coming up north to see that the Palins are not normal has nothing to do with southerners. It simply means, "Come on up here and see that most of us are not at all like the Palins."

That Bristol and Levi were living together under one roof if not in one bedroom was already obvious from the People magazine stuff last January in which it was already stated Levi was living there and helping care for Tripp. I had pointed that out, how outrageous that is, for people of their religious outlook.

I don't know whether this is theater or not, but if I were Sherry I would go with my smart lawyer, not rely on staying on Sarah's good side. Sarah has apparently been, (and really she must) distancing herself from the Johnstons anyway. I don't think Sherry can hope for much there by simply refraining from pissing her off any further.

She has serious charges to face, possible prison time, and a judge and/or jury to face. How much can Sarah help her with that? Sarah won't even be in the courtroom.

I don't think Sherry's lawyer is afraid of Sarah, and while Sherry may not realize it, surely her lawyer does - that Sarah is a fool who cannot handle a real one-on-one debate. Her mind is too scattered and her lies too numerous.

Tripp is not legally Bristol's dependent. He is the dependent of whomever is supporting him, in this case, Sarah and Todd.

VanillCustard said...

Dangerous wrote: "I'd like to posit a new theory, although it is not one I endorse but it should stimulate some discussion. Perhaps Craig will like it."

But then later you seem to be deciding to support that theory when you said:

"I have to evaluate this theory as superior to Bx2, particularly as more and more comes out about Levi and Bristol."

I'm just wondering if you support this theory more than you support your Willow being the mother theory. And if so then would it not be as likely that Bristol is Trig's mother as it would be that Willow is Trig's mother, considering that you have now seemed to abandoned the Willow is Trig's mother theory? Or in other words, is there any reason why you choose to not even ponder the idea of Bristol X2?

B said...


Not only does Levi's (alleged) comment about moving in a couple of weeks before the birth suggest a late January birthday for Tripp, but the whole idea of his moving in and living there before the birth just reinforces that Tripp wasn't born when Sarah announced that he was. Levi was under Palin house arrest until there was a baby to show.

Either they marry and he can live with Bristol at her house, or they don't marry and he can attend the birth and then visit like any other baby daddy could. There is no compelling reason for Sarah to have Levi move in, whether into Bristol's room or another room, if they aren't married yet. Her church wouldn't approve, her political base wouldn't approve, her parents probably didn't approve. I believe Sarah did it to keep Tripp's true birthday a secret.

Levi is not a skilled, experienced liar like Sarah. She doesn't slip up much; those around her may.

seawolf08 said...

Not to be a debbie downer, but I have a couple comments about myspace comments. To start with, the comment supposedly made from Bristol's account about being excited to get her license and driving her friend's "ass" around 6 days before her 16th birthday doesn't make any sense. In Alaska, teens cannot carry passengers are age 16 and are really, really excited when they turn 17 and can.

I was probably one of the biggest myspace users in high school before I graduated to facebook. I had at least 3-4 accounts at any one time. A lot of my friends had my passwords for some of the accounts. There's a lot of mischief with myspace. At sleepovers, we would create fake myspace accounts for people we weren't very fond of at the moment, and then we'd post all kinds of crap about them on their "friends" pages. Also, 2 of my friends' parents forbidded them to have myspace accounts, so they opened myspace accounts under my name but then told their friends that it was them and not me. No one else knew but their friends and me. My boyfriend my junior year almost broke up with me because this girl who was upset with me for supposedly dissing her wrote stuff on another guy's myspace about me sleeping with him, pretending it was me because she created a fake myspace account in my name, and my boyfriend read it. And didn't this mom in Texas do something like that to harass an enemy of her cheerleader daughter and the girl she harassed committed suicide? So, all I'm saying is myspace posting isn't necessarily proof of anything. Myspace is way too easy to play around with and hack into which is why everyone I know now uses facebook.

Silvergirl said...

For me, the biggest question right now is, can Sarah keep Tripp's real birthday a secret?

If she did not claim him on her 2008 tax form, and he was born in December 2008, what's up with that?

If he was born in January, how can she deal with his status as a dependent?

Time will tell, I'm sure.

Keep up the good work, everyone.

WV: deinkilr

Ginger said...

To: Tennesseeteacher

Thanks for your support. I agree that all these interviews have something to do with making sure everyone knows about...three-month old Tripp.

I was going to list all the T.V. shows, interviews etc. since Jan., but there were too many.

Someone said Tyra's show was taped three weeks ago. Prior to that, Sherry J. had to go to court to get permission to leave the state.

Sure would like to know the date they started planning all this. Also, when did Levi and Bristol "really" break-up?

The show is going to be interesting!

penny said...

I read on a mudflats comment, that Sherri applied to a leave the state three weeks ago, just after her trial had been pushed back to
May. This makes me think her saavy lawyer may be helping to orchestrate this, and may be why SP chose the liberal leaning judge instead of the obvious-like-minded conservative. What does one have to do with the other, you ask? It was that conservative judge who agreed to pushing back the court date. I've said this before, but SP does not like to be crossed, and is famous for lashing out without thinking about the long term consequences. No one could believe she appointed the liberal leaning judge rather than a valley-church "homey." Perhaps she suspected something was up with the postponement, boy was she right!

I think there will be tons of fodder after Monday, and we may be able to connect more dots! Topping off her embarrassing array of mis steps with proof of her not birthin' no baby last April 18th, will be very satisfying indeed!

Martyrion said...

Won't it be fun when Levi finally realizes that Bristol is the mother of Trig!

Vaughn said...

JJ said...
I guess that is the question... do you HAVE to put all dependents on the financial form or not?

On the disclosure form it has a place for the number of dependents and it states biological children,stepchildren,adoptive
children.Trigg is her grandchild so he would not have been listed on this form.

People in the Legislature have to put down the non-dependent children that live with them but the Governor and Lt.Governor
apparently do not.

NakedTruth said...

More info on why Bristol was sent to Anchorage to live with her aunt in Dec. 07. Got this from


The March 30th People Magazine article on Gov. Palin contained this revealing paragraph:

Tom Whitstine Jr., a longtime co-worker of Todd's, believes the Palins have also opposed the Bristol-Levi romance, at least in the past. Last year her parents sent her to Anchorage to do her junior year of high school and live with Sarah's sister Heather Bruce. "Basically, they were trying to limit her contact with Levi, trying to be good parents," says Whitstine. "The method didn't work out. Now he's part of Tripp's family forever."

Interesting. My belief is that SP sent Bristol away because she was pregnant and Levi was not the father. If they actually sent her away to limit contact with Levi, why did they bring her back in March/April '08 to allow the relationship to continue? Why not have Bristol finish the school year in Anchorage? What was the deal with the Mercede pictures on myspace? These pictures didn't show the Palin's trying to limit contact.

I think the Palins used Levi and his family to take the attention off Bristol's real 'baby daddy'/Trig's father. I wonder who he could be. He just maybe the real reason why Sarah faked a pregnancy! My thought is that Bristol is a patient of CBJ.

Molly said...

I am trying to be patient but it's hard. However, so many other GINO-related stuff has been going on of late that there is plenty of material out there to peruse. And stuff, BTW, that will do much more damage to HRH than her having faked a pregnancy (loony as that was).

Didn't see the clip of interview with Levi yet, but yeah, if he said he moved in a couple of weeks before Tripp's birth and we know he was still on the slope until early January, that is kinda a problem for GINO and her coverup. And funny, also.

onething said...

Does anyone besides me think that now that Todd's half-sister has engaged in burglarizing a home (twice) that it evens the white trash score of Sherry's drug dealing?
Can they be friends again?

B said...

If Bristol dated Levi in the fall, wasn't "sent away" until the Dec., and had TriG in April, Levi should have at least suspected she was pregnant. If TriG was due in Feb., as some claim, Levi had to know.

Is Bristol really TriG's mother? I hope we will soon find out.

I saw an amusing comment on some other blog: he should have kept his Johnston in his Levi's.

B said...

seawof08 makes an interesting point about drivers under the age of 18. Perhaps Bristol was writing to someone who was 21 or older, a permitted passenger? Or she was getting access to a car with her license and planned to break the law?

I'm confident the PD people have more reasons to believe this was Bristol than just the license and the pw of b-ris-p (or whatever).

B said...

Silvergirl said...
If she did not claim him on her 2008 tax form, and he was born in December 2008, what's up with that?

We may never see a tax return to know if she claimed Tripp as an IRS dependent for 2008. But you are not required by the IRS to claim someone as a dependent.

The confusion here is that the Alaska dislosure form also asks the candidate/office holder for the number of dependents, but not the names. Sarah had 4 for 2008. No one has asked her if that was Bristol, Willow, Piper, and TriG.

The further confusion is that she lists salary info for Track even though he's not a dependent and she may include Track's income for being Alaskan and Native American. She doesn't list names on those.

B said...

onething -- funny, but sad. Crime in Levi's and Bristol's families. Pot calling kettle. Is illegal drug use especially rampant in Alaska. Even if drugs should be legalized, mothers of teens and young children shouldn't be dealing and stealing for them.

Alex said...

Nice work, Naked Truth. The way you lead up to the Mercede/Myspace "happy families" photos. That's always been a niggling unresolved piece of this puzzle for me-- until your post.

IF the Palins thought the Johnstons "white trash" and wanted to squash the Bristol-Levi connection, then WHAT IN THE WORLD cause Sarah to pose with big friendly smile -- and with consent!-- in photos that would seem to belong to Mercede?

My fave conclusion, which I made some posts back-- is that the Palins struck a deal with the Johnstons about Trig. Something like: OK, the kids messed up. We'll [Sarah/Todd] step in and fix this. Both families agree. Trigg becomes Sarah's for the baby's well-being. Did the Johnstons get a payout to agree to this arrangement? Or did the Johnstons like the prestige of uniting in secret to the Palins?

If so, my most fervent wish has been that Rex Butler, Sherry's lawyer, is saving all the goodies for the trial. (Can you imagine??!!? Using that venue to reveal these secrets?) Please, oh, please Mr. Butler, don't settle out of court!

TruthPatrol said...

Hello Everyone, I have not posted anything in awhile. Audrey & Team, please keep the pressure on SP and can’t wait to see the new post.

penny said...

re: the financial disclosure form, it is not her actual tax form, just what is required by the state for elected officials, and the rules are different. i think this topic has been discussed on this blog, in depth, already.

TruthPatrol said...

It’s me again – “IF” the Tyra interview was taped 3 weeks ago then once again “interesting” timing. The Star and ABC interviews of the Johnston family were….yes, 3 weeks ago and in the ABC interview it stated something like the Star got the information from a plane trip. A plane trip from where to where?

Caroline said...

I don't think Levi's comment that he had moved into the Palin's house 2 weeks before the birth of Tripp necessarily means Tripp's birthday must be later than Jan. 5 (when he quit the North Slope). The people working there go back and forth on a schedule and they have to live somewhere when they get back to 'civilization'. Is there proof that he didn't live at the Palin's on his 'out' days?

Windy City Woman said...

Todd's half-sister's arrest is going to be as embarrassing for Todd and Sarah as is Sherry Johnston's legal problems, IMHO. Do you suppose she will use the same high-powered lawyer whom Sherry is using? Hmm, Sarah should have him on retainer, for all the legal problems this extended family is having.

Someone mentioned that Levi may not know that Sarah is not Trig's mom. If Bristol is Trig's mom, I don't see how Levi couldn't know that. Hadn't they been dating for a while before Sarah's leap to fame? And they knew each other for some time before that? And he never noticed that she was missing, then looking odd (postpartum) and lactating? He thought she naturally had Dolly Parton boobs that eventually shrank to more normal size? What excuse did Bristol give him for living at a relative's home for months? Auntie was sick? Had a fight with mom? I think he knows.

Ivyfree said...

I don't mind the "more coming" posts but I wish they were more in the line of "We are continuing to work and collate information; we realize it's been a while since we've posted, but we haven't given up. We want to make sure information is verified and makes sense to us, before we ask you to examine it and give feedback. Talk amongst yourselves." This throwing out a hint or two, saying this is coming, and then waiting at least a week becomes annoying.

NakedTruth said...

Windy City Woman said:

"Someone mentioned that Levi may not know that Sarah is not Trig's mom. If Bristol is Trig's mom, I don't see how Levi couldn't know that. Hadn't they been dating for a while before Sarah's leap to fame? And they knew each other for some time before that? And he never noticed that she was missing, then looking odd (postpartum) and lactating?"

I mentioned that I don't think think that Levi is aware that Bristol is Trig's mom. In my previous post I included information on Bristol being sent to her Aunt's in Anchorage to keep her away from Levi. I think it was to keep Levi from noticing her pregnancy.

I know you may think it's hard to believe that Levi didn't know that Bristol was pregnant but I know for a fact that young men can be clueless when it comes to a woman's body changes. Also keep in mind that Levi and Bristol knew one another throughout high school but it has been stated by Patrick and even on that Bristol had another boyfriend in high school.

I, personally, don't think that Bristol was that into Levi. I think that he was a 'for show' boyfriend. It's possible that he was not intimate with her for awhile until after Trig's birth. Would he have noticed changes in her body?-maybe and maybe not.

IMO Levi and his family can't tell us much about Trig's birth because they don't know much. It would be very interesting to know if Levi was able to see Bristol when she was sent to Anchorage in Dec. 07 until say March 08.

Sarah Palin would never risk the Johnston's knowing that she faked a pregnancy. They are not in this together. But I could be wrong, I've been wrong before.

Silvergirl said...

To B:

You are right. I guess I'm just looking for a way to determine whether Tripp was born before the end of 2008 or after the beginning.

In the whole scheme of things, I think Sarah has many more problems that will take her out of the political arena before the public ever finds out that she did not give birth to Trig, but I'm still hopeful that we will have definite proof someday.

PD Research team: Thank you again. I know what you reveal to us in the future will be interesting, and I can be patient.

WV: heathlo (OOooh, Sarah's maiden name imbedded in that one.)

The Editor said...

Despite all the information coming out about Palin, there are still many Palinistas out there. Today on CNN, they interviewed people in a diner in a town in Tennesee that has an auto plant. None of the people in the diner voted for Obama. When asked who they thought would be a good candidate in the future, many named Palin, saying that she has gotten a bum rap from the press and that they like her values and that she's "willing to fight for them." So, there are people out there still drinking the Kool-aid. You must get to the bottom of this and, hopefully, get the definitive proof that will end her dreams of world domination. Puleeze.

Vaughn said...

IMO no information will given by Levi in this upcoming interview.He,s in this up to his eyeballs.
He may be mad at Sarah and Bristol,but if he ever said anything that opposed the Trig is Sarah,s thing he,d
probably never work in Alaska again.Well that is unless some one that hated Sarah would hire him.

NakedTruth said...

This was in the "Bristol Palin's Ex Talks Sex with Tyra Banks" article on

"Meanwhile, now that they are just friends and not romantically involved, PEOPLE has confirmed with a source that Bristol is not dating but has been "texting and chatting" with a high school boyfriend she had before Johnston."

As you can see from this statement, it appears that Levi was not the only guy Bristol dated in high school.

JJ said...

Hi Morgan,
On Friday, you mentioned that the new post would appear Saturday. I understand that there must be a reason for the hold up, but can you give us any information on why the delay, or when you expect it to be posted?

luna1580 said...

p.s. google or blogger itself wasn't hacked, nothing was hacked. an internal test post mistakenly went public, but it originated within blogger itself:

"During routine testing, a bug caused a small number of FTP blogs to publish a test post. No systems or accounts were hacked. We have corrected the original bug, and are working to remove the test data from the blogs. In the meantime, republishing your FTP blog will also correct the problem. We apologize to those bloggers who were affected - we are looking at mechanisms to prevent similar occurrences in the future."

now we know some engineer at google likes eeyore :)

Dinky P. said...

Audrey and Co. timing is everything and I have absolute faith in you and your team. Thank you for continuing to pursue Sarah and this deception.

When Rex Butler came to Sherry's defense I was not sure if that was part of Sarah's game. But after seeing over a 1,000 of the same comments "Stop the Smears" and a couple others on ADN this weekend. It is obvious someone is Mad and Nervous!

Patients is a virture and timing is evrything.

Nova Land said...

On April 5 at 7:40 am, Alex wrote: "My fave conclusion, which I made some posts back-- is that the Palins struck a deal with the Johnstons about Trig... Did the Johnstons get a payout to agree to this arrangement? Or did the Johnstons like the prestige of uniting in secret to the Palins?"

May I suggest a simpler explanation of why Levi (and Sherry and Mercede) would want to keep quiet about Trig's parentage?

Let's suppose Bristol did become pregnant in 2007, and that Levi was the father (or at least believed he was. I think the pictures Mercede posted, her obvious excitement and delight about Trig, lend support to that idea.)

Okay, picture yourself in Levi's shoes. Scary enough being a teenager, enjoying your freedom, and then suddenly discovering you're going to be a father (with all that entails). Then picture him learning the baby -- which Sarah will NOT let them abort -- is going to have Down Syndrome. How much is this going to cost him in child support -- each month -- month after month -- for the next 18 years?

18 years! That is, quite literally, a lifetime to him -- for as long as he already has been alive, that long he's going to be how long he's under this crushing burden.

And then Sarah Palin says, essentially, look, this is more than you kids can handle [soto voce: and it sure as hell ain't gonna do me much good, getting McCain to pick me for veep, if word of this gets out] so let good ol' Mama Sarah fix it all for you. I'll pretend Trig is mine, no one will be able to prove differently, and you kids can live your lives without getting crushed by that.

Levi = drowning man who has just been thrown a life preserver.

Bristol getting pregnant a second time would have been an unpleasant surprise. Now Levi's on the hook potentially for two babies.

The expenses for the second one -- Tripp -- he could probably handle. Especially if the Palin's don't go after him hard. (Note that, even during the times when the Palins and the Johnstons appear to be on the outs, there hasn't been outburst from the Palin camp about how they hope Levi isn't going to be a deadbeat dad and how he better cough up the money to support his kid properly or they'll be coming after him...)

Given the hypothetical situation I've described, it seems quite reasonable to me that Levi -- and the rest of the Johnstons -- would prefer the secret of who gave birth to Trig remain secret.

Yes, they could get a one-time payoff, likely in the tens of thousands, for spilling the beans to a tabloid. Yes, they could embarrass Sarah Palin and likely damage her political career by revealing what they know. And then Levi faces 18 years of child support for both Tripp and Trig.

I don't think Sarah would need to offer any other bribes or any other threats to keep Levi, Mercede and Sherry quiet. If Trig is Bristol's baby, then having the truth about Trig come out would possibly be even more frightening for Levi and his family than it is for the Palins.

B said...

penny said,
No one could believe she appointed the liberal leaning judge rather than a valley-church "homey." Perhaps she suspected something was up with the postponement,

I read that Palin had the choice to appoint either the judge in control of Sherry's trial or a judge who had sided with her sister Molly in that dispute with Wooten. She chose the latter.

If Sherry's case had anything to do with Palin's choice, it's as likely to have been to avoid further postponements as to have been punishment or revenge. Both judges were pro-choice. To please her groupies, Sarah needed to refuse to choose between the two options she had been given.

Alex said...

Thanks, Nova Land. You make a good case for the alliance theory. Much better than I could have!

NakedTruth said...

My guess is that Audrey and team are waiting until after the Johnston's interview on Tyra's to post the much anticipated information.

I see on that they are now going after Tyra Banks. I am not sure what Levi is going to say but Palin supporters are extremely nervous about this interview. Levi has gone from 'working his butt off to parent' to not caring a thing about his son, Tripp. Man, how things can change in just a couple of months. These people are unbelievable. It's really scary to see blind faith in action.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Nova Land (4/5/09 at 4:32) talked about Levi having to pay 18 years of child support for Trig.
When there is a special needs child, such as Trig with Downs Syndrome, child support can extend into adulthood for a special needs child. I pulled up this one example:

“Your Alaska child support order will terminate when the child:
Reaches the age of 18 and graduates from high school
Has a change in legal custody
Is emancipated by court order
Enlists in the armed services
Gets married

Child support, however, may not terminate in the above listed situations, if the child has severe special needs that cause him or her to remain dependent past the age of majority.”

Daisydem said...

Has anyone else read Syrin's Blog? What does it mean?

Kevin said...


If Levi had been shocked by the thought of being required to support Trig, don't you think he would have been more careful? He's a teenager, and not that responsible and future-oriented.

He probably doesn't think he's at risk with respect to Trig, because Bristol can only sue him for support by saying under oath that she is the mother, which means calling her mother a liar.

With respect to Tripp, unless he has income or assets of his own, he can't be made to pay support. Since his only possible source of cash right now would be spilling the beans on the Palins, it would be absurd for them to make demands.

Probably his mother's criminal charge has been a blessing in disguise, in that he's learned from her lawyer that he has as much leverage over the Palins as they do over him. If he doesn't spill all he knows in this interview, don't be surprised if the Palins suddenly change their tune, lest he tell the rest of it.

Dangerous said...

Onething asked if I believ that SP faked so that adopted Trig wouldn't know about the adoption, and that as a high-profile person he would certainly find out about it later in life.

I think I made it clear that I DON'T believe that theory, and that it doesn't make a whole lot of reasonable sense. However, it does explain why the media has so little curiosity. That's a story which, if shared quietly, would induce silence. She didn't do anything vile in faking; her motives would be pure (if irrational).

The thing is, this theory is just as good as Bx2, Wx1/Bx1, or any other because there's no evidence to refute it.

If we as a community decide that we should go public -- with our real identities and conclusions -- we can lead with that theory to avoid blow-back from the press, avoid labels of crackpots, and leave the Palin girls out of it. Also, this theory doesn't rely on challenging the media 'truth' that Bristol can't be Trig's mother (and I don't think she is). Challenging media truth in the media is a ticket to oblivion -- even if you are right.

Further, by leading with that theory -- which might be right -- rather than Bx2 or Wx1/Bx1, we don't have to get into all of the weaker circumstantial evidence related to Bristol's and Willow's whereabouts. We CAN present all the strong evidence that SP faked the pregnancy, and approach the issue of extreme recklessness on SP's part if she really was Trig's mother.

Unless we uncovered conclusive evidence of Trig's real mother, this is the only way I can think of to present the story with what we have with a theory that cannot be immediately dismissed or viewed as mean-spirited.


Windy City Woman said...

You said that Levi cannot be forced to pay child support because he has no assets.

He can always get a job. I bet they have McDonald's in Alaska. We know they have coffee shops.

I don't think unemployment is an excuse for lack of child support, at least in the long run. Otherwise, every single guy who knocked up his girlfriend would manage to get fired from his job to avoid child support.

Even if the Palins now hate the Johnstons, and Sarah is pissed at Levi for knocking up Bristol at least once, she could get him a job so he can pay child support for Tripp. How do you think he got that other job?