Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Section of Website Opening

As I mentioned several days ago, I have been working on linked "calendar" pages on the website proper. These pages, one per date for which we have news, events, pictures or video, will be accessible through a straightforward "calendar" interface.

The initial group of pages have been uploaded. More will be added daily.

In general, I will be working to update the website. The initial goal for this endeavor was that the website would be an online repository, easy to use, of all material we could locate on this topic. I have fallen dreadfully short of that goal as this blog has become the core of the endeavor and the website has languished.

But - as I said - we are moving to correct that. New material, whether it's already existing data that is scattered all over this blog and the Internet (just what I hoped to avoid by STARTING the website in the first place) OR new material that we actually prepare de novo for the website, will be added regularly. We will begin moving aggressively towards my goal of making a truly usable archive for this information.

To access the new pages, simply go to the main page of the website, and click on the "Palin Pregnancy Photos" link.


Matt said...

It is looking great! I really like the stock photos used as a reference.

When will the forum be released? How will it be moderated?

Gryphen said...

I love it Audrey! Very user friendly!

Diana said...

It is wonderful Audrey. It works great and what a easy way to follow the story. Great Work!

allison said...

i have read every post of your blog. it is riveting stuff. i've always wanted to comment and recommend that you make this calendar. it's so brilliant and amazing. i hope this gets people to finally listen to you. sometimes i feel like horton hears a who. i've already sent the link to all of my friends. i'll keep my fingers crossed for us. thank you for all of your hard work.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Wonderful! Still working my way through the calendar.

I would like to suggest 2 additions to the March calendar with links to news articles:

March 4, 2008 – McCain’s nomination as Republican Pres. Candidate
March 5, 2008 – Sarah Palin announces she is 7 months pregnant

These two dates are extremely significant in that Sarah Palin waited until McCain received the nomination before she made the final “go or no go” decision to announce her fake pregnancy.

dipsydoodlenoodle said...

I think the calendar is really good. I especially like the pregnant woman to give people an idea of a "normal" pregnancy.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

4-18-08 Trig Palin born
Should be ALLEGED birth date of Trig Paxton Van Palin.

I hope you will also add a link of the 4-22-08 ADN article and audio of the interview along with the transcript of the interview.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Audrey, will you also include a January 2008 calendar? I would like to see the 1-15-08 State of the State video included. (Bristol not there, Willow in sleeveless dress)

Oh, so many questions! I feel like Hermoine in the Harry Potter movies, raising my hand!

Will you be making a separate calendar for all the information on Bristol going back to at least May 2007 to include links to all of the MySpace material, links to the travel authorizations, etc., or will this be integrated in the main calendar? It is always so hard for people to locate the travel information for both Sarah and the children. Maybe add Travel Documents as a separate entry on the side list of the website?

Instead of the title on the website “Palin Pregnancy Photos”, can you change it to “Calendar of Photos & Events”. Using “Palin Pregnancy Photos” seems to legitimize her “pregnancy” instead of bringing attention to the fact that it was a fake pregnancy. Maybe “Calendar of Palin’s Fake Pregnancy”. Anything to make sure a person new to the site understands it was a FAKE pregnancy.

wayofpeace said...


the most telling:

when one compares photos of a REAL pregnancy of the same body type as SP's and sarah's LAUGHABLE attempts: the deception is obvious.

wayofpeace said...


"Absolutely not necessarily."


also, she claimed that WILLOW was at the game with her.... i have not seen her in any of the pictures.

CliffK said...

Excellent job, very compelling.

One mistaken link: the entry for 2/10/08 points to the 2/12 page.

This format is very helpful.

wv: unisais - speaking with one unified voice!

BG said...

The calendar is excellent! But I have to admit--SP did a better job faking her pregnancy than I realized. There are a few nail-in-the-coffin shots but she really must have been wearing some type of belly or padding more than I initially realized. The loose, flowy scarves, big jackets, hands clapsed loosely. No wonder a lot of people dismiss the claims. But nevertheless, no doubt in my mind!

BG said...

Look carefully at the "three amigos" photo. At the bottom, on SP's "belly". I can make out something near the top button and again between the two bottom buttons. Whatever she is wearing to hold the padding looks to be the same shape as whatever is under her shirt in the "nail in the coffin" photo. I'm not sure how relvant that is but I know for a fact that pregnant bellies don't wrinkle. It is too low and off center to be her belly button. (Which, by the way, where IS her belly button, which would surely be an outie at that stage of PG in the Gusty photos?) I tried to fool with the lighting/shadows but I'm not too skilled at that.

KaJo said...

dipsydoodlenoodle said June 12, 2009 2:40 AM..."I think the calendar is really good. I especially like the pregnant woman to give people an idea of a "normal" pregnancy."

I agree...and as there are a significant number of pictures of Bristol Palin "en flagrante" with her TriPP pregnancy, it wouldn't be such a bad idea if these same "generic pregnant woman" pictures be posted alongside Bristol's dated pictures as comparison for HER, too.

Rogue said...

BG - when I was pregnant, I put a bandaid over my outie so it wouldn't be obvious. I'm sure other pregnant women do something similar to keep the outie from being readily apparent. Lack of an outie in any picture is not a conclusive factor. But since we have so many other conclusive factors, that's not a big deal.

midnightcajun said...
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NoMore said...

FWIW, I just wanted to bring attention to another woman who is reaping the wrath of former followers now that HER deception has come to light:

Maybe there IS some hope for us out there that SP will reap the wrath of her sheeple once her deceptions come to light, also, too! ;)

wayofpeace said...

another jewel from sarah:

"That's not the way that we're going to secure our nation and progress our nation and ..."

she has never thought through these ideas thus she does not have the language.... no wonder she needs to use newt's phrases (attributed or not).

Doubting Thomas said...

BG - I do not want to rain on your theory but.... Not every woman gets an "Outie" when pregnant. I didn't when I was pregnant, and I know of several other women that did not either.

wayofpeace said...

MARGARET CARLSON hits it on the head, in a THE DAILY BEAST piece:

Letterman's joke was indeed tasteless—he even owed A-Rod an apology. But I doubt there was another soul in the world who didn’t understand the joke to be about the older Palin daughter, who lapped Jamie Lynn Spears as the most famous pregnant teen in the world once she was trotted out at the Republican National Convention in August.

Not that Bristol should have been left at home in the dark, but if you want a “zone of privacy” around your daughter, do you have her appear on stage with her then-fiancĂ© hinting at prospects of a White House wedding waving to the crowd like Charles and Diana of the Klondike?

And exploiting Bristol as an unwed teen mother didn’t stop with the campaign.

Back in Wasilla, where Bristol could have been sheltered and given space to rebuild her life, the Palins arranged to send her out like a vaudeville act, traveling the country to talk about teenage pregnancy under the sponsorship of Candie’s, a clothing company known for sexually provocative outfits for tweens.

The Bristol “do as I say tour” had a rocky start once she admitted that abstinence was not “realistic”—apparently she was against it before she was for it.

Note to mom: When you become the ambivalent poster child for unwed motherhood, you attract off-color jokes.

wayofpeace said...

another lucid editorial
on the SP / DL tussle:


In Letterman's defense, Bristol has become a public figure on her own, whether that was being prodded by her mother or on her own free will, in support for abstinence.

If she had stayed in the background, and worked hard not to make waves, especially in a hypocritical fashion such as promoting a behavior (abstinence) she herself did not do, the jokes would have been seen as being much worse.

This isn't to say that misogyny should rule by any means, and that Letterman shouldn't take some flak from his joke about the governor herself: "Bought makeup from Bloomingdale's to update her "slutty flight attendant" look."

But comedians make jokes about politicians, and politicians should develop thicker skin about themselves. The Alaskan governor could have learned a few tricks from her running mate, someone who is self-deprecating enough to know jokes come with the territory.

Contrary to Gov. Palin's views on the subject, comedians don't instinctively go after children of politicians.

But no politician in modern memory has done more to unnecessarily expose their children to public scrutiny more than Sarah Palin, and this disturbing pattern sadly continues.

If Sarah Palin is really concerned about the way the media treats her children -- and there are serious doubts as to whether that is true -- then she should address the person responsible for starting this mess. That person isn't David Letterman, it's Sarah Palin.

Ginger said...

Terrific work, Audrey, especially the Bristol photo's together!

This morning, Sarah was on the Today Show talking to Matt Lauer about the Dave L. incident.

I heard her say to Matt, "my 14 year old daughter." Isn't Willow 15? In an old post you show her birthdate as "Jan. 21, 1994."

People Mag. last Sept. said she was "14." Dr. CBJ said SP had a birth in 1994 but she was off a year on Piper's birth.

It's all over with everyone saying she is 14...


anne s said...

Doesn't help much with the "search for truth"
But I was talking to someone today that said her son had colic as a baby and the doc's offered her to give him meds that made him sleep...she declined but it struck a chord in me
Did Trig have Colic?

If so .. his comotose state could of been attributed to a little extra colic meds?

Not trying to insinuate but I could see the good gov easily convincing the doc he has colic or even if he did.. asking for an extended prescription since she travels so darn much and can't be without


mlewis said...

@midnightcajun I found the National Right to Life Website, April 17, 2009 Today's News and Views
(when I type the tinyurl, the first character of the 6 characters is the lower case letter "l" not the numeral "1" They look almost the same when I type it into "leave your comment.")
In their article, they do describe Sarah's speech..."including finding out that she was pregnant at 44-- and later that the baby would have Downs Syndrome." They have a link to the speech,too.

On one website I found out that Sarah's birth date was in Feb.1964, meaning that she turned 44 during Feb.2008. This certainly doesn't match the story she told about learning sometime the previous fall/winter 2007 about the pregnancy, wrestling with it, not know what Downs Syndrome was. It makes as much sense as Willow is 14?

mlewis said...

PS Did I just write Willow or Bristol is 14? Sometimes I can't tell them apart? Sorry, I meant to write Willow is 14?

Vaughn said...

Sarah's interview on April 21 2008:

Reporter: Just a clarification – you flew commercial Alaska Airlines?

Palin: Yeah, yeah.

Reporter: And did -- This was something else I think I heard your father
say I just wanted to clarify. Did you have to hide your pregnancy because
you were so far along?

Palin: Well, you know I never felt nor do some people say I ever looked
like I was that far along, um, so no purposeful way or need to hide that
I was pregnant. Um, some, I know that some airlines would have uh, some
hesitancy on letting maybe a nine month pregnant person get on board but
it wasn’t nine months so, um, it was…

I have a good laugh out of this statement every time I look at the Andrea
Gusty photo that Audrey has posted on the April 13 calendar entry.
Apparently Andrea Gusty didn't remember Sarah saying this when she posted
that picture on Flickr.Ever since she went on the news back in Jan.and said
these pictures were taken with her camera I have believed that she is the
one that posted them on Flickr.

I don't for one second believe that she took pictures from her personal
camera and downloaded them onto a work computer.I would think doing that
would't set well with her employer.
So I really do think she posted that picture all by her little self and
then made sure it got to someone to put on some conservative blogs.

I really do like these calendar pages.I don't know how many times I've
gone from post to post looking for a picture and it took what seemed
like forever to find it.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I think Sarah just gave us a clue! She and Tod are making a big to-do about Letterman’s joke (actually they make a big RE-DO of his joke, changing “knocked-up” to “statutory rape”). But Sarah and Tod are referring to 14 yr old Willow. But Willow is 15.

Here is that official press release for the birth announcement of Trig:

It said Willow was 13 when Trig was born. Her birthday is 1-21-94. We have already determined that Trig was born much earlier than 4-18-08. Bristol was not obviously pregnant at the traffic accident of 2-8-08, and the several delays of her speeding ticket from August 2007 until finally heard on 1-19-08 leads us to realize Trig may have been born prior to 1-19-08 (when Willow would have been 13 until she turned 14 on 1-21-08). We know that little Piper was kept out of the loop about Bristol’s pregnancy with Trig, but Willow had to know about it, and probably assisted with Bristol’s care while she was “politically quarantined” by Sarah.

Thanks, Sarah and Tod, for bringing Willow’s age back to our attention right after learning about Bristol’s speeding ticket hearing on 1-19-08. Thank you to “Silver” for the discovery about the speeding ticket delays on CourtView.

Mlewis @ 6/12/09 at 10:14 pm just brought out another clue: “In their article, they do describe Sarah's speech..."including finding out that she was pregnant at 44-- and later that the baby would have Downs Syndrome." They have a link to the speech, too.”
Sarah turned 44 on 2-11-08. She did not decide to fake her pregnancy until after the mysterious 2-15-08 AHA and Iron Dog weekend, afterwhich she began her ‘wearing of the scarves pregnancy’. So in reality, Sarah had just turned 44 when she decided to have her 6 week scarf pregnancy with Trig.

midnightcajun said...

Thank you, mlewis! So she did say she was 44 at the time she found out she was pregnant, when she was actually 43 until February. I can see making that slip 20 years after the fact, but a year later? I don't think so. She was 44 when she decided to fake the pregnancy.

I can't believe the way she's just thrown Willow under the bus. It's even more despicable than what she did to Bristol. I can see Sarah rationalizing that Bristol's two pregnancies put her ambitious mom in a predicament (not that I'm implying that excused it!). But Willow did nothing to get herself forever associated in everyone's mind with statutory rape. What kind a of a sick human being does that to her own daughter? Piper, beware.

Molly said...

I was falling asleep last night and a shocking thought came to mind: SP is Trig's mom, but she still faked the pregnancy! What? Here was my scenario (later thought out to be prit near impossible, but hey, it was fun while it lasted): SP finds out she is pregnant, but, thinking ahead to the presidential election (or whatever other reason), doesn't want this baby because it'll ruin her plans, so she tells no one, not even her husband, because she intends to get an abortion. However, when she is examined, she is further along than she knew, and cannot get an abortion easily, plus she goes ahead and gets tested since she is "so old". She is told that the baby has Downs, and she is in shock for a few hours, a few days, then GOD SPEAKS TO HER and says "Hey Sarah, this is SUCH A BLESSING, because when you have this baby everyone will love you and admire you even more....yadda yadda" and SP is now elated at the prospect, and then, voila, the baby comes way earlier than expected, and she has no time to come forth before the birth with this wonderful news and make it into a Sarah-as-saint play, so she hides the fact that the baby is already born and announces the pregnancy, knowing full well the baby has Downs and she will be seen as a saint for not aborting him. She wears amateur scarve camoflauge, graduates to spongebob square pillows, then "someone" helps her out with an actual prego belly for the last week in public, and, then, once Babycakes is grown to the appropriate size and it is safe for him to be discharged, her "water breaks".

I realize there are tons of flaws in this scenario, and I totally think BX2 is much more probable, but I have to say, I had fun writing it! Oh, and it would be a better story if the father is someone other than Todd, which could also explain the lack of telling him until so late in the game.


Dinky P. said...

I read this article today on the daily kos about Bristol.

Someone also posted on huff post today that Sarah filled for a divorce and then when she was selected for VP she had it closed and sealed up.

Windy City Woman said...

Audrey, the calendar is a great idea.

Sarah is back to her whiny ways, complaining about the media. She actually implied that Letterman's joke could even be about Piper, as if a 9-year-old (or however old she is) could get pregnant. (Maybe some could, but Piper is clearly prepubescent.) Does she really score points with the "me as victim" approach?

Something I have been thinking of recently...Sometimes you see U.S. Senators opting not to run for re-election, so they can focus their time and energy on presidential campaigns. There has been talk that Sarah mighy not get re-elected. If this happens, won't it free up her time to go on talk shows, write "books," and otherwise publicize herself for a possible presidential or vice presidential campaign? So her defeat as governor could backfire? Or she could use the time to raise money for her causes, such as a campaign to force women to give birth against their will

sarahlies said...

regarding the latest Letterman/Willow bruhaha....

NEITHER daughter was at the ballgame. this is made up and false hyperbole by sarah palin to keep herself in the spotlight.

Truthseeker2 said...

Pro Choice Grandma, I was curious about the conflicting reports of Willow's age and birth date. The Wikipedia entry (for Sarah) says Willow was born in 1995 and that Piper was born in 2001. This differs from the CBJ letter, which says 1994 and 2000 respectively, and from other sources that say Willow was born in 94. I don't claim to know which is correct, but it seems pretty odd that the Palins would get Willow's age wrong, both in the press release for Trig's birth announcement and in the recent contrived controversy about Letterman. Of course, there is nothing about the Palins that is not odd.

More Cowbell said...

I certainly haven't seen a picture of Willow at the game. But even if she were there, here's an interesting comment from a Palingates commenter:
"According to this phrase in The New York Daily News -- which'd I'd read before, I just didn't realize the significance of it -- "the Palins left sometime in the sixth inning for the [Independent Group Home Living Foundation] award ceremony honoring Palin."

The Yankee game started at 1:10 PM EDT on Sunday June 7th. It wasn't a nighttime game.

The 6th inning was around 3:00 PM in the afternoon, which would have given the Palins lots of time to get to the awards ceremony.

Therefore, even if a photo of Willow being at that game ever does surface -- if the Palins left in the 6th inning, they wouldn't have been there for the 7th inning, which is when a Palin daughter was supposedly being "knocked up" by Alex Rodriguez!"

BG said...

I went back and watched the speech (and have the bleeding ears to prove it). SP said "having a baby at 44" and not that she found out she was pregnant at 44.

c said...

I have an old button from the Bush presidency that says, "If you are not OUTRAGED you are not paying attention." I think Sarah must have heard about it and decided that if she just acted outraged all the time, people would think she was paying attention.

I really could care less who's having what baby when. It serves only as entertainment, a distraction from pressing issues, most of which Sarsh Palin is on the wrong side of. Her praise for Exxon when they announced last week that they are going to be involved in the building of a natural gas pipeline in Alaska. The Governor did not spend a single second reminding Exxon of their responsibility to be a good steward of the environment in our precious state and at least publicly asking for their assurance that a disaster like the Exxon Valdez oil spill would not happen again. But to demonstrate her cluelessness she did spout off about ending Our dependence for energy on foreign countries. Of course if you know anything about the natural gas pipeline plans, it is entirely dependent on the foreign country of Canada and it is quite likely that all the natural gas will end up being sold in Canada while Alaskans heat their homes and run their electricity generator with imported oil.

People up here don't talk about it much because Alaska is the biggest small town in the world, but we are not deceived by Sarah Palin. We all know why she was elected Governor and that it will be suspect if she is elected again.

mlewis said...

All of the thanks go to midnightcajun who remembered Sarah saying that she found out she was expecting Trig at age 44. The speech was easy enough to find. What is wonderful about this website is that it is a collaborative effort. Someone remembers and detail, and someone else follows up with a photo, a quote or a verification, the result of alot of people working together. Plenty of thanks to go around.

Someone (Palingates?) mentioned that at the end of one of Sarah's recent interviews (where she is made up to look like a severe school marm), she was asked how Bristol is doing. Sarah reported that Bristol is fine, going to college (already?) and taking care of her young family. FAMILY? What does that word mean to you? Mom, Dad and the kid? There's no Levi in the picture on a regular basis. She's taking care of Tripp, or the baby-- is he a family? Two babies might be a family?? Any ideas?

(Also a shoutout to silver who first looked into that traffic accident thing where we discovered that Bristol stayed out of court for six months, the same six months that she disappears from school and any other mention).

Ginger said...

Re: Bristol's Pregnancy Photos

The picture of Bristol shopping at Wal Mart with Sarah...I think on Oct. 14th, is missing.

This is the one where she is wearing the light grey dress and looks the most PG.

Just thought I'd call it to your attention.

wayofpeace said...

sarahlies said...

NEITHER daughter was at the ballgame.


wow, the MSM--as far as i know, and i've followed this closely--has not mentioned this.

do you have link to this story?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Re: the Calendar
1. Under March 29, 2008 photo:
“We chose to do a bit of photoshop enhancement here, by carefully taking the black scarf and making it white. The line of the scarf as it falls down her body is almost perfectly straight. This is three weeks prior to Trig's birth.”
I would suggest changing that last sentence to: This is three weeks prior to Trig’s alleged birth on 4-18-08.
In fact, the entire website keeps referring to Trig’s birth on 4-18-08, which just reinforces Sarah’s “pregnancy”. Can you do a sweeping change to the entire website to add “alleged” to every place where you give Trig’s birth as 4-18-08?
2. Patrick, the links at the top of the March 1 and March 29 page to “Return to March page” do not work.
3. “NoMore” already mentioned it, but the calendar link for 2-10-08 “*Iron Dog Start (photos and video) is not there. Instead, it has a 2-12-08 photo and link to the Podcast.
4. The screenshot of Sarah on 4-8-08 taken by Elan Frank (which has the Hebrew writing on it) has not received nearly enough attention, IMO. It never has a labeled date clearly identifying it as taken on 4-8-08, just 10 days before the alleged birth on 4-18-08. Even though it is on the front page of the website, it is so tiny and not dated, therefore it does not bring to anyone’s attention that this was the picture taken closest to the alleged birth on 4-18-08 that clearly shows she is not pregnant. I think it would be helpful to see a separate link to an enlarged photo of this screenshot, like the enlarged photo of the 9-14-07 First Family photo.

hrh said...

HuffPost has a story about comedians other than Letterman who have told jokes about SP's pregnant daughter. Guess their timing was off; they didn't meet her need for a new infusion of publicity.

wv: putho (Oh, the possibilities!)

mlewis said...

@BG I read an article by Ruth Marcus, Washington Post, April 20, 2009 in which she praised Sarah's courage as she listened (with rapture, not bleeding ears) to Sarah's speech. Ruth wrote: "Once she discovered she would be a mother at 44, again several weeks later when she discovered that her baby would have Down syndrome"

At first reading, I thought, well, she will be giving birth at age 44. But it's that phrase, "again several weeks later when she discovered" puts us at the amniocentesis which was 13 (16?) weeks into the pregnancy. I grant you, given Sarah's talent for Word Salad, sentences that run on with no end, it would be easy to mix the future and past tenses in one sentence.

There is another article about Sarah's Choice from the New York Daily News (written by Olivia Smith, Friday April 17, 2009). I don't give this paper as much credit because they write that she gave the speech in Evanston, Indiana when the speech was in Evansonville, Indiana. They also describe how Sarah went through the thought process:
"There, just for a fleeting moment, I thought, I knew, nobody knows me here. Nobody would ever know. I thought, wow, it is easy. It could be easy to think maybe of trying to change the circumstances...No one would ever know."

The very next paragraph continues, "Palin was 44 years old with four children already. Less than a year into her tenure as governor, she had trouble imagining "putting down the BlackBerry and picking up the breast pump," reported." (Attention calendar people: you'll have to do the math).

"It was her faith, she said that made her realize that ending her pregnancy wasn't any answer..."
Somewhere, they had the idea that the woman undergoing this agonzing decision was 44 years old????
Like you, I was really hoping that midnightcajun's discovery was WOW! This Is It! I am afraid that it is not conclusive either way. I know that this website is dedicated to complete accuracy and authentication, so I am giving you all sides of the 43/44 debate. If we are done in by anything, it is Sarah's garbled speech pattern, giving her talent to ramble on. Other websites are suggesting that Sarah is looking frantic, thin, and possibly medicated which may contribute even more to her inability to convey a simple story.

On another topic, Willow at the Yankees Game last Sunday: I looked at the NY papers with pictures of the event. Every caption wrote about Sarah and Rudy, while the 2 spouses chatted-- or they described the two couples. Not one paper included a daughter. There is no picture of Willow at the game. They've had plenty of time to photoshop a picture. Plenty of people came up to photograph them during the game, and still, not one picture. Hmmm?

NoMore said...

Well, I think SP gave the cat away in her interview with Wolf Blitzer by saying Bristol was "going to college and taking care of her YOUNG FAMILY".

Two things that immediately came to my mind:
a) Which college is in session NOW, at the beginning of June*? Also, wouldn't a 'regular' high school graduate start college IN FALL?
b) "taking care of her young FAMILY"??? That implies that Bristol has two kids, doesn't it? Because she does not have a husband. If she just took care of Tripp, she would be 'taking care of her young baby' or 'her young son'...

(* time of her interview)

wayofpeace said...


some first-time freshman students enroll in summer school.

how about PHOENIX U, the online college?

BUT, since it's SP saying it, WHO KNOWS... the woman would not know the truth even if it'd bite her in the ass!

bike said...

I have read a couple times, here, that Willow wasn't at the game. Can anyone prove this?

If so, someone should alert the media because Palin lied on national t.v. when she said Willow was at the game with her.

Suzette said...

On the super Tuesday photos and web link, was the interview with MTV done in Feb 2008 or Aug 2008, the link to the video is confusing on the actual date os the interview...

Truthseeker2 said...

I totally agree with those who say that the Letterman joke was a bit over the line, but the reference was obviously to Bristol. Since no one has been able to confirm that Willow was at the game, despite trying, obviously there is no way that Letterman would have known whether Willow was at the game or not. Sarah, the ultimate opportunist, knew that he meant Bristol but manipulated the situation to smear him.

But Dave apologized -- fair enough -- and if it comes out more definitively that Willow was not at the game, I'm sure he'll be able to use that as fodder. Given the ugliness of what has happened between them, I cannot wait to hear what he'll have to say when Sarah's huge lies and hypocrisy are fully exposed and publicly recognized. That will be a show worth watching!

In the mean time, I hope that the re-working of the website is not done, and will soon include redesigning the home page so that it highlights the photos that actually tell the story. The ones on there now are not very informative, and it would benefit from a face lift.