Saturday, June 27, 2009


Although many others who blog about issues concerning Sarah Palin have mentioned this already, I sure cannot let it pass.

The political blog, Wonkette, yesterday, while jumping with both feet onto the Desecration of Holy Child Special Needs Trig bandwagon, casually called him Bristol Palin's son.

Yes, that's right. "See that photoshop up there of Governor Palin with Bristol Palin’s child, Trig? "

Not one of the comments (and there are many) have yet called them on it. They've not bothered to "correct" it. Not even, an "Oops, our bad. It was just a typo. LOL."



wayofpeace said...

SARAH PALIN just stepped into a nest of the toughest, political-savvy bloggers in the internet.

they got CRED to spare and they love nothing more than bringing hypocrites down.

and now that PD--and perhaps TT--is on their radar: watch out; WONKETTE might just be the way this lie is taken to the MSM.


as an aside, i've noticed that posting and log-in traffic has gone untypically down at the sister site. i wonder if it has to do with the problem i've been having posting. it's been on and off for me since last night; mostly off. i type my post and when i hit the 'reply' button, it just erases the post and tells me i'm not logged in, which is not so.

i thought i would pass this along. maybe we've been hacked?

B said...

Some Wonkette comments were amusing, like calling Palin a "special needs governor" (she does demand more attention than most)or calling the photo "i-comic."

Perhaps this is the way Babygate will end. More and more sites will refer to TriG as Bristol's son, and people who are not in Sarah's base will just assume they've always known that.

Virginia Voter said...

Wonkette has always been doubtful that Trig is Bristol's child...they have often referred to Andrew's posts about Trig in the past. That blog shows no mercy to anyone, as it should be. I wonder if Stapletongue will unleash some venom on them...if she does, she better be prepared. The images readers have photoshopped onto Trig's body are hilarious.

Wonkette is widely read, and brought a record number of readers to Celtic Diva's blog, and as a result has opened up a whole can of worms for Sarah.

Patrick said...

Haha! I wonder what Megaphone Stapletongue will say to that.

(rhethoric question...)

She will say nothing, because Wonkette got it right.

We are approaching the "end-times" - the Godzilla from Wasilla will go down soon...

The rapture is coming! :-)

mlewis said...

Sarah Palin is having a hard time getting into the Main Stream Media. Her outrageous comments about David letterman made it, and she played it as long as she could. But look at her competition today-- Sanford, Farah, Michael, Iran. Can't a girl get a break? I'm afraid that it's an open invitation to the internet photoshop people to produce more just to provoke a response. There reaches a point where she might have to be a grownup and just let it go. Nope, not a chance!

midnightcajun said...

Audrey, did you miss the second wonkette posting that linked to you?

And yes, wayofpeace, I've had trouble with comments on TeamTruth disappearing, too. Obviously something is up. Patrick?

Sarah in SC said...

I think someone should send a link to Wonkette's column directly to the Guvner & Megolamaniac and ask for comment.

Then when they are outraged, we can ask why they don't just put it to rest with documented proof.

Aspiecelia said...

Well, I guess someone has done some research. The truth will set you free.

Truthseeker2 said...

I think wonkette is on to something. Let's all simply speak what we now know to be true -- that Trig is Sarah's grandson. No more maybe. The more we and others do this, the more likely it will be that the truth will be publicly acknowledged. The fact is that there is no longer any reasonable doubt, so the language we use should no longer be conveying the "benefit of the doubt." Repeat after me: Trig is Sarah's grandson. Sarah is Trig's grandmother.

Betsy S said...

I think B has just about got it right. Time will pass, and more and more "slip-ups" will occur, until not even the tabloids will think it such a big deal that
SP adopted her first illegitimate grandchild. She can
even play it to gain nobility points--Bristol couldn't
manage a Down syndrome baby and needed to complete her education....

the problem child said...

I wouldn't read too much into Wonkette's characterization of the mother of the icon. It is a satire/ political comedy site, and while widely read by Washington insiders, taken seriously as a news source by none. Sort of the like the onion, but inside the beltway.

Nonetheless, they are helping to keep the question on the table, and boy, Sarah & Meg better not try to mess with them!

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

wayofpeace, you just described Wonkette to a T: "a nest of the toughest, political-savvy bloggers in the internet." That's the folks at Wonkette. They've seen it ALL: they can be tasteless, they can be rude, but I do not recall a single instance of them being factually wrong. In one of their most famous scoops, Wonkette broke the story of the young woman staffer on the Hill who was blogging about her sexual exploits, some of them for money.

"Surely not!" brayed the so-called Mainstream Media (MSM).

Surely, said Wonkette, and they were right.

I have long thought that except for Andrew Sullivan, the MSM has left the TriG issue alone because they are squeamish about amniotic fluid, trying to be high-minded, and believing that in the end, SP's other baggage will sink her. Bringing down GINO is not how some of the most aggressive specimens of the MSM (believe me, Mr. B and I know them personally) want to make their name. It's not what they want in the headline of their obituaries, the way "Watergate" will be teamed with the deaths of either Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein.

In addition, the unspeakable questions of changing levels of social class are badly handled in Washington in instances in which women are involved. The beaming, incompetent Alberto Gonzales was a show horse for the Bush administration as a "credit to Hispanics." Yet many of the same people who thought Gonzo was so swell currently are insisting that Sonia Sotomayor graduated second in her class at Princeton solely because of "affirmative action."

Would SP ever have attracted so much attention if she hadn't convinced tools like Rick Lowry of National Review Online that she was "winking right at him" during the VP debate?

After all this time, after all these years, Washington still does not know how to handle women of talent and intellect. Hillary Clinton grew a thick skin for the sake of survival. And during their tenures as Secretary of State, both Janet Reno and Madeline Albright were totally trashed by the MSM because of their utilitarian looks and dress.

Then take a woman like SP, devoid of genuine intellectual ability but possessing an uncannily lizard-level sense of personal space and survival. Criticize her, and she (or Meg, or Cee4Pea, or Eddie) will scream "Desecration! Sexism! How dare you!"

Since before her fancy-pageant-walkin' days, SP has had a voracious appetite for attention. This appetite has reached a pathological proportion. Not a week can go by without poking her painted face into the news, by whatever means are necessary--Letterman a week ago, trashin' Biden and Kerry in Kosovo this week. Surely I'm not the only one whose gran advised, "Pride goeth before a fall"?

wayofpeace said...


another thing to consider is that the original WONKETTE, a woman named ANN MARIE COX, has moved up the media ladder after she sold her blog.

perhaps you've seen her. she is a regular visitor in the RACHEL MADDOW show. i am sure she still cares for her blog-child, so i would be surprised if she does not keep up with its content.

what i am saying is she overlaps the 2 worlds: hip-but-obscure blogs and the MSM.

but MRS TBB, as you say, our girl SARAH has so many targets on her back, they'd rather go for the more political than the more icky personal one: who is triggy-bear;s mom.

here's hoping: from our mouths to ANN MARIE's ear!

wayofpeace said...

ANN MARIE'S wiki page:

allison said...

a thought came to me today when i was driving from florida to chicago. what do you think? palin is going to lose weight until she looks very sick. then she is going to say she is sick. then she is going to say she can't care for trig. then she is going to say that she is giving him to bristol to raise. there. problem solved. it's just that she can't keep up this charade forever. in the pix on her twitter special olympics video, bristol is holding trig every time. bristol can't possibly want her mom to raise her son. oh well. it's just a theory. we'll have to wait and see how it works out.

B said...

A Wonkeete comment:

Piper Indy Grace Palin . . . Only the cruelest of parents would name their kid with the initials P.I.G. Palin. . . . Willow Bianca Faye Palin. Hmmm. W.B.F.P.?

Joe Christmas said...

Wayofpeace, I totally agree...Those comments are hilarious. clearly the 80 % of people who see thru spalin's antics are out there.
We need to merge these two websites, facts and humor go a long way.

The Editor said...

Mark (Don't Cry With Me, Argentina) Sanford's e-mails to his Latina lover were outed by her former boyfriend months ago. They were forwarded to the MSM and authorities, yet neither presumably did anything about them until Sanford went for his hike along the Appalachian Trail. Same with the John Edwards scandal. It took a so-called sleazy tabloid, the National Enquirer, to break the story. The NE has already reported on Palin's affair with her husband's business partner and Trigate, and they haven't been sued or called out by Palin in the national media, so one could make the assumption that they've got the goods on her. Between bloggers and some tabloids, the MSM is becoming irrelevant.

Tootsie said...

Another thing about Ann Marie - she covered McCain-Palin during the election and was there the morning after, around the pool in AZ before Palin went back to Alaska with her tail between her legs. I heard Ann Marie discuss it on Rachel's show that night.

Love Ann Marie. I'm sure she observed a lot of Palin family antics during the campaign - that she might share - some day. One can only hope.

Amy1 said...

Take a look:

wayofpeace said...

a GREAT point, EDITOR.

several MSM's outlets may have the goods but for some reason do not want to risk it... OR maybe they need a first person account/confirmation. someone who was there and has evidence.

which is perhaps what VANITY FAIR has been able to do in their month-long stay in AK.

TOOTSIE, you're right, ANN MARIE covered the JM/SP campaign. so she may know more than she lets on, may be passing it along to her former blog.

NY tabloid chick said...

I watched last night's SNL, which was a rerun (James Franco; Kings of Leon) from last fall... there was a lengthy SP skit in which one of the lines was "And what about Todd? You know her husband is doing those daughters!" I know this was discussed in the Letterman days of rage thread, but I was very amused to see it again last night!

mel said...

B said: "Perhaps this is the way Babygate will end. More and more sites will refer to TriG as Bristol's son, and people who are not in Sarah's base will just assume they've always known that."

I dread this sort of ending. That the truth of Trig's parentage just sort of dribbles out and becomes accepted, without anyone calling SP on her lies. But I do think that there's more than enough on record now that any politician can bury her with it if and when he/she chooses. If SP never runs for office again, she might well survive by continuing to alternately stonewall and lash out. I could live with that, but not with her in office with the lie still denied.

Alex said...

I had a different reaction to Wonkette's line stating Trig is Palin's grandson. It is redolent of the way educated Easterners think of her: dismissively.

Like: She's an idiot. Done. Move on.

In history, the scariest folks, in my opinion, are the ones who don't give up. And before you know it, what??!! Richard Nixon is president?! How did that happen??!. George Bush got reelected??! How did that happen?!

Stating Trig's Bristol parentage as fact is as dangerous as not proving it in the first place.

Alex said...

Yes, well, I almost have to retract my previous statement above. The World may indeed stop SP by driving her mad. . .

A Jillion Photo-Shopped Babies with Smug Sarah Looking On

mel said...

Alex, I find those photoshops so profoundly funny I really wonder about myself. I've been visting them every day. God bless the internets for striking at the heart of SP's inanity, and insanity!, with creativity of the basest order.

Truthseeker2 said...

It was great to see that Maureen Dowd included our Sarah in her list of the Republican's "sanctimonious pantheon":

"The Republican Party will never revive itself until its sanctimonious pantheon — Sanford, Gingrich, Limbaugh, Palin, Ensign, Vitter and hypocrites yet to be exposed — stop being two-faced."

mlewis said...

Here's the thing about Wonkette's quote. If it is repeated, the public can either begin to accept it as fact or just as easily reject it. If no one is buying it, the statement won't resonate, no matter what.

OJ was found not guilty after four hours of "deliberation." Given how long the trial lasted, and how much evidence there was, we can pretty well accept that that was not an in depth deliberation. Jokes were made about OJ for the last 12 years; the jokes stuck-- no one laughed them off saying, "You don't know what you're talking about." You'll notice that OJ never sued anyone for those outrageous comments.

Another example: The recent elections in Iran. Millions of paper ballots requiring hand counting were cast, and the results were known within 3 hours. Some of the polls hadn't even closed. No wonder that the world rejects those results. Count or no count, it's public perception.

So, if comments like Wonkette's are repeated, it's the public's choice to accept the comment or reject it. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, it is interesting to see what Sarah and her spokespeople respond to. Nasty jokes were made during the campaign, but McCain kept her on a short leash, and she probably wasn't allowed to answer people back. Today, with so little attention being paid to her, she responds to trivial comments for the publicity, yet neglects some of the really strong material. No law suits either. Hmmm.

KaJo said...

B said June 27, 2009 8:07 PM..."A Wonkeete comment: Piper Indy Grace Palin . . . Only the cruelest of parents would name their kid with the initials P.I.G. Palin. . . . Willow Bianca Faye Palin. Hmmm. W.B.F.P.?

That was me, B.

I tend to get around... :)

You left out the best part! About my observation that Tripp's initials (if he were a Palin) would be T.E.M.P.!!

regina said...

Your footage "Sarah Palin an American Woman" was scrubbed. There will be lots of people looking for the Elan Frank bits coming from Palin Hoax.

I found the same videos, still working, on youtube:

midnightcajun said...

I suspect the recent spate of faux outrage directed at anyone and everyone who can possibly be construed as "going after the poor, innocent children" is a very calculated move dreamed up by one of the brains in Sarah's corner (not sarah's little self-obsessed brain). What we are witnessing is advance damage control for the day the truth about Sarah's nonpregnancy comes out. There will be a concerted effort by the Pee Team to construe the story as an attack on the children and on sarah's sexuality and therefore off limits. The palinists will continue to worship her as a wonderful mother who adopted her daughter's DS child and completely overlook the fact that she could have done that without lying to everyone. The MSM is populated by such lazy idiots that they will in all likelihood follow along like the silly little puppets they are. That is the danger.

What we need to do is somehow get them to frame the story from the get-go so that it is all about Sarah's lies, Sarah's deceit, Sarah's incredible lack of judgement, the ugly vindictiveness directed at anyone and everyone who expressed doubt about her veracity. Because in reality, that's what's important here. This isn't about Bristol or Trig or anyone except a self-absorbed mentally deranged woman whose political future MUST be destroyed for all time.

Do we have anyone out there skilled at putting together a video montage? Now is the time to draw together all the lies she has uttered--The video where she's pretending to be pregnant and talks about people who think a woman can't be pregnant and govern; the Ziegler interview where she sneers at the Truthers, where she says "Do they want to see my stretch marks?" Maybe interspersed with stills like the Gusty photos and quotes of some of her nastier anti-truther statements such as the ones she wrote to the ADN. If we could get something like that posted on YouTube, it would have the potential to go viral.

midnightcajun said...

Sorry for posting twice, but I had to share this gem with you! It comes from the blog of a palinist who left a string of angry comments here a few months ago (I won't link because I don't see any reason to send her traffic). Anyway, she has finally figured out what drives us: we are all suffering from Post-Abortion Syndrome!

That's right. Says Lisa, "I believe that many women attacking Sarah Palin do so because they had an abortion themselves, or multiple abortions, and Palin's story which touches many so deeply in a positive way actually brings them personal shame. With shame comes pain. [This is the] reason so many hate Sarah Palin with the most vicious disdain imaginable, and it's the reason they laugh and sign checks when they see a photoshopped Trig Palin.

"The impact of abortion on women would naturally lead to disdain toward any woman who has managed to become a successful person while rearing several children, particularly if one of the children has a very challenging disability like Down Syndrome."

So there you have it: we're all losers who never got over our abortions and hate Sarah because she is a mother who has a successful career AND her very own DS arm candy.

In monitoring the palinist sites these last few months, I have been struck by the way these people seize upon a crazy assumption and then extrapolate from there a long string of deductions that have absolutely no relation to reality. The above astonishing conclusion makes so many assumptions, where do you start? 1) women who have abortions never go on to have other children; 2) women who have abortions all suffer lifelong guilt; 3) any woman who hates sarah is an unsuccessful childless loser; 4) all women want children; 5) it is impossible to dislike Sarah simply because one dislikes her politics and ethics, therefore one must have an ulterior motive. This is why you can't argue with these people: they are arguing from so many false assumptions that they practically need to be sent to a re-education camp before they can even begin to have a logical conversation with anyone.

I also find it funny the way they go on and on about Palin Derangement Syndrome, when they are seriously suffering from ODS--Obama Derangement Syndrome. Or, more accurately, BPOS--Black President Derangement Syndrome.

And now this loser needs to get back to work!

Morgan said...


That comment of yours was one of the best I've ever read here.

I've grown used to rolling my eyes at the other "I-Know-Why-You-Hate-Sarah" explanations. We're all jealous because she's hot. We're all jealous because she's a successful working mother. We're all threatened by her because she's a hot working mother.

But this abortion thing? This just left me temporarily gobsmacked.

I mean, seriously. Of all the asinine speculations this has to take the cake.

So we've all had abortions now? That's a lot of abortions, if I do say so myself.

I guess when the truth comes out that she didn't even give birth to Trig the new thing they'll say we hate her for is her bravery. After all, none of us have the kind of balls that would lead us to believe that we could fake a pregnancy and pass off somebody else's kid as our own.

If Trig happens to be Bristol's we'll be double jealous, since it takes even more balls to steal your daughter's kid and pass it off as your own.

Yea. We hate her because she's hot. We hate her because we've all had abortions. And we hate her because we all have ball envy.

Good grief.

Ennealogic said...

Regina, thank you so very much for the link to the "American Woman" Fox videos.

A lot of that footage was taken between April 6-8 -- just 10 days before the "wild ride" -- by Elan Frank who sold his interview footage to Fox.

There are two outfits Sarah wears during the Elan Frank filming: One, a long black jacket with a orangey-reddish-white floral scarf. Two, a light turquoise blue jacket with a black form-fitting top underneath. This footage is crucial because it was shot so close to the date Trig was supposedly born, and because it does NOT show a woman who is 33 weeks pregnant.

I've saved the 5-part video, and will try to get some frames from them.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

midnightcajun and morgan, wooooo! Cheers and applause!!! Two of the greatest posts EVER! I remember Lisa, and yes, that would be quite a passel of hypothetical abortions. I don't want SP serving even as dogcatcher why? Because she's utterly unfit AND a liar? And it would be unfair to the dogs?

It is not possible to argue with these people, but heaven knows, they want to argue with us.

I also find the "hot" concept rather funny about SP because I don't know a single man who's said, "Hell yeah, I'd hypothetically do her." Glued-on doodads on the toenails are not very Washington, D.C. power-brokerish.

Jen said...

Hmmm... So we hate Sarah because we've all had abortions and she didnt? So that must also explain why we roll our eyes at the Octomom and Kate (of J&K +8). We don't like them because they had a lot of kids, not because of their poor judgment or anything... So the more kids a woman has, the more we dislike them, I guess.

NakedTruth said...

Those SP followers over at C4P detest TT's. I wonder why they did not address Wonkette for pointing out that Bristol was holding her baby, Trig.

It's really strange why Sarah and her groupies never attack anyone for mis-identifying Trig as Bristol's baby. Think about it. Trig has been shown as Bristol's baby on The Tyra Banks Show, LKL (During the Johnston interviews) and in various other news outlets when referencing Bristol the unwed teenage mother. Why is there never an outrage by Sarah? You would think there would be considering that there was and still is a very wide spread rumor that Bristol is Trig's birth mother. Where the hell is the outrage? To me this is a million dollar question. We now know just how petty Sarah is. If there was absolutely no truth to babygate, I think that these mis-identifications would have been addressed a long time ago.

Dangerous said...

Um. That's Willow holding Trig on Wonkette.

LisanTX said...

Here is a wonderful comment from the recent Progressive Alaskan blog about the Wild Ride. I highly recommend reading the entire post and comments:

Hmmm.... Living in this community also - and knowing CBJ and Sarah personally - I am starting to see this through a different prism. Anon at 7:38 is right - CBJ is a healer - and Anon at 6:17 is right - she is totally professional ---- but, if she won't speak honestly and openly about Sarah's choice to fly across the country with ruptured membranes, then Lee Tompkins at 6:30 is also right - Cathy should not be pitied.

CBJ - where are you? Your good name and the reputation you have in this Valley as caring for those who are voiceless is unmatched. Don't allow the silence to answer for you any longer. Who cares about gas lines or any other lines.

Sarah was in charge of her unborn son's life line - and if indeed her account of having started leaking fluid in Texas - but waiting some twenty hours later to deliver him in AK is correct - then she put him at serious risk.

Please speak up and tell the truth. Sadly, Sarah is not someone we can expect to hear the truth from in this matter. And no, it's not a private matter. Sarah desperately wants to be the "example" - iconic or otherwise, of mothering a special needs child. The example of her birth account deserves the truth. For Alaskans - and now, after 8/29/08, for Americans.

There are several comments from people who are patients of Dr. CBJ. Very interesting.....

wayofpeace said...

precisely, NAKED TRUTH! excellent point.

any normal person with nothing to hide would have requested an apology. the fact that nary a word from DOPEY MOTOR-MOUTH speaks volumes.

Truthseeker2 said...

The Vanity Fair article is on-line at It is relatively effective in revealing Sarah Palin's character (or lack thereof) and weaknesses, but it does not cast any doubt whatsoever on the circumstances of Trig's birth.

B said...

Truthseeker2, not only does VF not cast doubts on TriG's parentage, I'd say it goes out of its way to present Sarah's account as true (e.g., TriPP as "only grandchild").

Perhaps this was strategic, lest that topic distract from the compelling political narrative. (When the MSM eventually admits to Babygate's deception, the article will document some of Palin's continuing lies about the situation.) It is a good read.

Maybe Palin should have someone proof her Tweets for Twitter, though confusing "affects" and "effects" is not uncommon.

midnightcajun said...

Well, the VF article might not expose Babygate, but it has to be one of the most devastating destructions of a political figure I've seen. And it does mention the claim that she was leaking amniotic fluid all the way back to Alaska.

For some reason, as I read it, I flashed on the horror with which most women would have reacted to that situation. How can any woman who has ever been pregnant believe that an eight-months pregnant woman who discovers she's leaking amniotic fluid would not immediately seek medical care? You're in love with your baby, nourishing it carefully within you, and suddenly see a sign that indicates something is going wrong. Yet you just shrug, give a speech, and put yourself beyond medical help for hours at a time on a plane? You're either crazy or a liar. Which is worse? I think crazy is worse. And I think that's the point the VF article was making--she's crazy.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Although I was disappointed that Todd Purdum kept to the high road regarding TriG's parentage, I wasn't surprised. He did point out that after the alleged "wild ride," SP drove another "45 minutes" from Anchorage so that TriG could allegedly be born in Wasilla.

Two big oopsies there: One, TriG reportedly was born on April 18, 2008, at Mat-Su Hospital, the 40-something-bed facility in Palmer, not Wasilla. And two, if it was so dad-gummed important that TriG be born in Alaska, why did the "wild ride" bypass the NICU in Anchorage? That's still Alaska.

Purdum is in the innermost circle of MSM Washington journalists. His wife is Dee Dee Myers, and one of his neighbors is Karl Rove. In fact, when Purdum interviewed Rove a couple years ago, the chat took place at Rove's home, and Purdum was served sausage made from a deer that Rove's son Andrew shot. Purdum did a pretty good job demonstrating SP's unfitness for office. And believe me, he doesn't want to have TriG-Gate attached to his obituary.

Shelby said...

Two things in the VF article that make one go hmmm... Why the 'Desperate Housewives' reference? The Palin saga is really not Wisteria Lane except for Bree's fake pregnancy.

Also, why the blow-by-blow description of the Wild Ride?

My guess is these are both not-so-veiled messages to Palin and Company that no one is buying her story.

I think the VF article made one thing very, very, very clear. This woman has some serious mental problems.

But here is the question as I see it. Either Palin birthed Trig or she didn't. It is that simple. If she did, great, no worries, show a birth certificate or some hospital pics or let Dr. KB give a real interview and move on.... Really very simple... Wonder why that hasn't happened?

Now if she didn't.... Well that is a little trickier. Because no matter where Palin goes or how high she elevates herself through pure unadultered chutzpah through the elite ranks of the Republican party - that lie will always be there right smack in the middle of the room - bigger than any elephant the Republican party could ever dream up.

IMO, Palin is on borrowed time. The Republicans may try to squeeze every cent out of her or use her as a place-holder until a legitimate candiate emerges, but in the end she is more radioactive than an A-Bomb and she will be dumped quicker than yesterday's garbage when her limited usefulness finally wears out.

No one is being fooled by Sarah Palin anymore, except of course, Sarah Palin.

Kathleen said...

Dangerous -

Wonkette's point is that Sarah Palin dressed her son in an elephant suit and used him as a prop for the GOP party and that she was quite comfortable in doing so. There are NO photos of Trig with Bristol in that costume that is why they used the one of Willow. They were not implying that Willow is the mother of Trig, rather they did say this

"See that photoshop up there of Governor Palin with Bristol Palin’s child, Trig?"

Bristol's child - Not Willow's child.

JJ said...

Oh wow!

check out andrew sullivan's response to the vanity fair article:

Alex said...

Thanks, JJ. But when you read Andrew Sullivan's mordant response to material in the new Vanity Fair Palin story, make sure you read all four posts. I almost didn't see them.

He's on a tear! Hooray!

mlewis said...

I think that long time fans of PD were disappointed when Vanity Fair named Tripp as Sarah Palin's first grandchild, when we suspect that someone else beat him to that honor.

I think that there is a good way to followup the Vanity Fair article, namely, the Letters to the Editor that are published next month. (A question for our publishing-smart posters, I don't think that the magazine cares all that much about the on-line comments. If I'm wrong, and you think that's another good avenue, please weight in).

Also, I'd like to suggest sending both Todd S. Purdum, the author, and also the Editors of Vanity Fair a CD of everything on the PD site-- photos, timeline, lay out the proof. (My favorites are the "pregnancy" photos with flat stomach, then with the cushion in Elan Frank video). Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of MSM recognition?? Hope so.

Doubting Thomas said...

This is a MUST read....
Sarah Palin, a "Little Shop of Horrors"
Since her sudden arrival on the national political stage last August, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has seldom missed an opportunity to make herself the center of attention. Even now, with the 2008 presidential campaign in the rearview mirror, Palin has kept herself in the spotlight -- though arguably not for the right reasons. She's feuded with David Letterman, befuddled some Republican fundraisers with her behavior, and refused stimulus cash only to later accept it. These incidents, coupled with her family's continued tabloid dramas, seem more like the actions of a celebrity desperate for attention than a 2012 presidential hopeful.

There may be a reason for this. In a devastatingly critical piece in Vanity Fair's August issue, Todd Purdum paints Palin as a narcissistic egomaniac unable to take the advice of others. Purdum writes:

More than once in my travels in Alaska, people brought up, without prompting, the question of Palin’s extravagant self-regard. Several told me, independently of one another, that they had consulted the definition of "narcissistic personality disorder" in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders -- "a pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy" -- and thought it fit her perfectly. When Trig was born, Palin wrote an e-mail letter to friends and relatives, describing the belated news of her pregnancy and detailing Trig's condition; she wrote the e-mail not in her own name but in God’s, and signed it "Trig’s Creator, Your Heavenly Father."

Purdum, a national editor for Vanity Fair who's also the husband of former Clinton White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers, connects Palin's ambitious personality to the perception held by McCain staffers that she was constantly selfish during the campaign.

Purdum spoke to numerous people who have worked with Palin, both in Alaska and during the presidential campaign. The former McCain staffers, who all spoke anonymously, seem to have a special loathing for Palin. A longtime McCain friend describes Palin as a "Little Shop of Horrors," and Purdum says that many of those who served on McCain's team are now experiencing what he terms "survivor’s guilt." Purdum writes of the former members of McCain's campaign:

[T]hey can’t quite believe that for two frantic months last fall, caught in a Bermuda Triangle of a campaign, they worked their tails off to try to elect as vice president of the United States someone who, by mid-October, they believed for certain was nowhere near ready for the job, and might never be. They quietly ponder the nightmare they lived through. Do they ever ask, What were we thinking? "Oh, yeah, oh, yeah," one longtime McCain friend told me with a rueful chuckle. "You nailed it." Another key McCain aide summed up his attitude this way: "I guess it’s sort of shifted," he said. "I always wanted to tell myself the best-case story about her." Even now, he said, "I don’t want to get too negative." Then he added, "I think, as I’ve evaluated it, I think some of my worst fears … the after-election events have confirmed that her more negative aspects may have been there … " His voice trailed off. "I saw her as a raw talent. Raw, but a talent. I hoped she could become better."

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LisaG said...

WOW!!! All I can say is Wow! Andrew Sullivan is on a roll, he has several posts about SP. Hopefully this is picking up steam!

wayofpeace said...

THE list of SP's attributes BY ANDREW SULLIVAN:

HER narcissism,

HER pathological and incessant lying,

HER viciousness,

HER delusions of grandeur,

HER vindictiveness,

HER fathomless and proud ignorance,

HER opportunism,

HER vanity,

HER white trash concupiscence

HER fraudulence in almost every respect


i do believe he left nothing out!

Jen said...

Andrew Sullivan is ABOUT TO BREAK THIS WIDE OPEN!!!!! I can't wait to see what he has been holding back...

What a genius way to write it: lies were told and here's a picture of what she looks like pregnant. Hmmmm.....

I hope you guys get the credit you deserve when he takes this mainstream.


wv: flato (like SP is gonna fall flato on her face-o)

Ohio mom said...

Wow - Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo has a post up quoting from Purdum's Vanity Fair article.

But the surprising part is Marshall's own comment in which he says, "I have little doubt and some direct knowledge that we'll be hearing new shocking details of who this women is for months, perhaps years, to come."

What do all these inside bloggers know that we don't?

Kevin said...


Thanks for passing the word explaining that I despise SP because I feel guilty for having had an abortion. I had entirely repressed all memory of having had an abortion, repressed it so deeply that I even had no recollection of ever having had a uterus.

I do remember learning during my wife's first pregnancy that when a woman's water breaks, she can go into labor at any time, and I also remember the harrowing twenty-minute car trip after my wife's water broke, when we weren't sure we were going to make it to the hospital -- and that was her first pregnancy, not her fifth.

So when I heard SP's story, I had to choose. Was she (a) so insane, and her husband so insane, as to accept the risk of giving birth on an airline flight, endangering her baby's life and her own, or (b) was she lying with a straight face, thinking the public would believe whatever she said? Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I chose (b).

But now I understand, it was really my long-repressed shame over that abortion I somehow had that made it impossible for me to empathize with her deranged, failed attempt to induce the late-term abortion of a viable fetus at 30,000 feet, which is apparently how her "pro-life" supporters prefer to see it. Right?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I previously posted this on TT but meant to post it here as well:
The timing has changed my opinion of CBJ:
We all used to believe that CBJ was complicit in the conspiracy to fake the pregnancy. But that was when we were confused about the smokescreen “birth” date of 4-18-08. From more information that has come to light in the past couple of months, we now have even stronger reason to believe that Trig was born to Bristol sometime in January 2008. I don’t think CBJ had any idea that Sarah would fake a pregnancy and was probably stunned when Sarah announced she was pregnant (3-5-08) the day after McCain won the Republican nomination (3-4-08).
CBJ’s silence was deafening, as well as bringing an attorney with her when she was to be interviewed. Wish I could find that info right now, but do not have it handy. Anyone remember where that was? Now realizing that Trig was born much earlier than Sarah’s announcement, the CBJ letter is even more suspicious, if in fact it was written by CBJ. I do believe that CBJ’s good reputation was thrown under the bus by Sarah, but CBJ can’t say anything to defend herself because of HIPPA.

Truthseeker2 said...

Check out this story from Politico on the in-fighting among the Republicans over our dear Sarah. She certainly does inspire behavior just like her own -- cut-throat and vindictive.

B said...

Kevin said...
I had entirely repressed all memory of having had an abortion, repressed it so deeply that I even had no recollection of ever having had a uterus. ***

My first laugh of the day. Thanks!