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The Purloined Letter...

…is Edgar Allan Poe’s famous story of the theft of a potentially damaging letter, and the clever way in which the amateur sleuth C. Auguste Dupin recovers the letter. Perhaps we “pathetic bloggers” are modern-day incarnations of Dupin, using our wits (and the Internet!) to try to solve the mystery of Trig Palin’s birth. In this spirit, let’s turn our attention back to another letter – this one is not “purloined” but is suspicious and certainly deserves more attention than it has received in this real-life “detective story.”

The Purloined Letter, like the CBJ letter, is a wonderful play between revelation and concealment. CBJ's letter would appear to be something simple but close examination reveals that the structure and contents are actually highly suggestive (one could say convoluted) and open to many interpretations.

To review: after delaying for weeks, at 10:30 p.m. on November 3, 2008, barely hours before Election Day, the McCain-Palin Campaign released a letter regarding Sarah Palin’s medical history. The odd timing of the release of this letter ensured that it would not receive any scrutiny prior to the election, and given their election defeat the next day, it has received little scrutiny since. In fact, ask most anyone who could be considered "pro-Palin," and they will tell you, indignantly, that of course Gov. Palin released her medical "records." In fact, she never did anything of the sort.

Questions surrounding the letter were raised several months ago on the blog, but I did not have the opportunity at the time to investigate or address them in any detail, so frankly, this issue went on the back burner. Then, in early January, there was an extraordinary email exchange between Governor Palin and the editor of the Anchorage Daily News, Pat Dougherty. These emails made clear that ADN had assigned reporter Lisa Demer to report on the conspiracy story itself, to document how, what Dougherty calls "nutty nonsense" has nevertheless persisted for so many months. In conjunction with this, Demer was to try to “report the facts of Trig's birth thoroughly enough to kill the nonsense once and for all.” The amazing thing is that the emails reveal that, despite contacting Dr. Baldwin-Johnson (and others), Demer still – as recently as two months ago - did not receive the information ADN needed to “put this nonsense to rest.”

How is one to interpret this? Reading between the lines, I believe that ADN contacted Dr. Baldwin-Johnson to corroborate the birth story on several occasions – but she has not, ever, in clear, simple, unequivocal terms, been willing to do so. This is - in fact - astonishing.

Cathy Baldwin Johnson has never given a simple statement that Trig Palin was born at Mat-Su Hospital on April 18th, that Sarah Palin is his biological mother, and that she - Dr. Baldwin-Johnson - was physically present at the delivery. She would not do this at the following junctures:
1. Back in April, when Trig Palin was allegedly born. She gave ambiguous statements to the press about the circumstances of the birth (several of which contradicted explicitly statements Gov. Palin made) and then she clammed up.
2. On August 31st (when announcing it would have scotched the necessity of announcing – the next day – seventeen year old Bristol's pregnancy);
3. In the letter released before the election
4. To the ADN in December when they asked AGAIN.

The questions that this leaves are astounding. Dougherty states unequivocally that he has no personal doubts that Sarah Palin is Trig Palin's mother, yet never is willing to confront – head on – the rank inconsistency that the Governor's own physician will not corroborate her birth story.

As a result, I decided that it was time to delve further into the questions raised by the letter, and Dr. Baldwin-Johnson’s involvement in this case. I asked one of my research assistants to summarize the problems with the letter; that summary is here. We are releasing it in pdf form as it is quite long - five pages - and contains numerous legal citations.

To summarize this pdf: This letter is the only documentation that has ever been provided by anyone about the circumstances of Trig Palin's birth. Yet it was not released by the doctor; it was not actually signed by the doctor; it has never been authenticated by the doctor; it contains information which the doctor could not know first-hand; it contains erroneous information; and most notably, it does not ever say that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig Palin. The letter's unprofessional appearance, modified electronic signature and lack of clear factual statements give rise to numerous questions about its legitimacy, and some have suggested that these may be a deliberate ploy to allow Dr. Baldwin-Johnson “deniability” – that is, grounds to claim that she is not legally responsible for the letter.

The problems with the November 3rd letter raise new questions about Dr. Baldwin-Johnson’s involvement, not only with the letter, but with the entire mystery of Trig’s birth. It is time to explore the medical, ethical and legal issues regarding this case.

To be continued…


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wayofpeace said...

from the

Palin must pay tax on past per diem, state says

Governor received meal money while living in Wasilla.

February 18th, 2009

Gov. Sarah Palin must pay income taxes on thousands of dollars in expense money she received while living at her Wasilla home, under a new determination by state officials.

The governor's office wouldn't say this week how much she owes in back taxes for meal money, or whether she intends to continue to receive the per diem allowance. As of December, she was still charging the state for meals and incidentals.

"The amount of taxes owed is a private matter," Sharon Leighow, Palin's spokeswoman, said in an e-mail. "If the governor collects future per diem, those documents would be a matter of public record."


The payments became a touchy issue for Palin last fall when she was running for vice president and campaigned as a budget watchdog.

The Washington Post published a story in mid-September that said she had charged the state almost $17,000 for meals and incidentals while staying in her own home.

The state considers Juneau, where she lives in the Governor's Mansion, to be Palin's official duty station.

Palin billed the state for 312 nights spent in her Wasilla home during her first 19 months in office, according to the Washington Post.

KaJo said...

Ivyfree said...7:23 AM "I believe Audrey has posted that a journalist she knows has snooped around in Wasilla, but he reported that everyone there is seriously afraid of Sarah. Not to dis all churches, but some of these fundamentalist churches really do produce wackos. And there's a lot of forest up there, yanno? There's a lot of places to dump a body. And I am not being extreme. The kind of belief system that produce clinic bombers is the kind that creates killers."

When I read about the horrible death of that Mat-Su hospice nurse Darlene Miller, in a fire at her home January 5, 2009 only 3 weeks after the Wasilla Bible Church fire, I was wondering if there was any connection to matters we've discussed here and elsewhere.

Darlene Miller's profession was described as "a nurse with Mat-Su Regional Homecare and Hospice, an organization that provides in-home care for terminally ill patients and support for their families" (remember Sarah Palin's quote in that Esquire article, "A courageous person is anyone who loses a child and can still get out of bed in the morning."?)" -- and Dar Miller's nursing career "started out as a neo-natal nurse practitioner".

It was determined to be too speculative elsewhere, so I dropped the subject. But I have to admit, the coincidence really made me (and still makes me) uncomfortable. Of course I'm not familiar with what needs of the Palin family go beyond what they have provided over the months and years, so I could be way off base.

OutsiderSA said...

Congrats Dianna.

IMO the data just does not show SP as the mother and likely the BD for Tripp was later than the 27th, seems some report as 28th so there is still confusion.

Based on all I have read, I say BP is the mother of both but as suggested, the DS of Trig was probably something BP was not up to to handle. That said, it still appears that BP did most of the care giving, kinda like a Moses/Pharaoh's daughter story.

It does however seem that SP has screwed up her chances as the other stuff is coming out. The Palinites think she just has to go against PBHO but forgets that she will need to go against the others in the Primaries - that will be where the real fight is.

Furthermore, even if the economy tanks over the next 4 years, no one will be looking at her to fix it. Her ignorance is an established fact.

Just sad that there are still many dumbed down Americans that see leadership in her - weird.

B said...

Off topic, but see:

Palin owes BACK TAXES on that $60 per diem she still takes from Alaska when she lives and eats at home. (Not that she expects the government to take care of her.)

A similar situation over a car and driver just kept Tom Daschle from being in Obama's Cabinet. I can't wait for the right wing to repeat their same jokes about tax dodging when the perp is one of their own.

LondonBridges said...

Recently, I heard a story about the great singer-actor, Bobby Darin. When he found out, as an adult, that his 17 years older sister was really his real mother, he was totally devastated. Sound familiar?

From Wikipedia:

Darin was born to a poor, working-class Italian-American family in the Bronx, New York. The person assumed to be his father (but actually his grandfather) died in jail a few months before he was born. It was the height of the Great Depression, and he once remarked that his crib was a cardboard box, later a dresser drawer. As a result, his mother had to accept Home Relief to take care of her infant son. It was not until he was an adult that he learned that the woman he thought to be his sister Nina, 17 years his senior, was in fact his mother, and Polly, the woman he thought to be his mother, was his grandmother.[2] He never knew the identity of his birth father.

questionsandanswers said...

I did a little exploring on youtube, and this is one of the things I found:
(I hope it works- this is the first time I've used tinyurl)

It's a video of a 7 week old (who just so happens to be named Tripp as well- also?). They also have videos of their baby at each week- I think the most recent one is 8 wks, but it gives something to compare Tripp Palin/Johnston in the GVS interview to.

The Editor said...

The same is true of Jack Nicholson, if I recall. It was a way for some families to cope with a teen pregnancy and still save face. There was just such an instance in a distant relative's family as well. The news, when they find out as adults that their "sister" is really their mother is always devastating.

Morgan said...


I shouldn't have to do this, but apparently Snark is spreading even among commenters who should be above it.

I really don't like have to reject comments for just being rude, which is what I just had to do. Again. Please let me remind you that we strive to keep this blog civil. That's what sets it apart from others that are more Snipe than Discussion. It's not that hard to be nice, really. To me that's far more important than whether someone puts two "p"'s in Tripp's name.

So without naming names, if you're wondering why your comment didn't appear, that's why. And if you'd like to rephrase your comment nicely please try again.

We should all be able to agree to disagree, people, without taking this personally. As it is, some of you are making the moderator quite grumpy by acting in a manner I fully suspect is beneath you.

TruthPatrol said...

I had to play catch up over the last few days but here it goes: in small towns I’ve noticed that a tactic in deception is telling false rumors. I believe there was a false rumor made about Bristol being pregnant in late 2007 and Bristol most likely agreed to the rumor being spread around. Then I believe that in February 2008 that the rumor about Bristol was proven false (accident and attending the luncheon etc) but a Palin woman had to be pregnant so SP took over the role. Why would a Palin woman have to be pregnant? I believe it is to cover for the father of Trig. I believe that the adoption (if there is one) wasn’t an option because the people of Wasilla would have asked too many questions about the parentage but if someone was “pregnant” no problem in most of the town folks minds. Oh SP is pregnant; okay that explains it! Why such a late SP “pregnancy”? Maybe the parents were going to keep Trig until they found out the baby would have DS, I don’t think anyone in the family shows true “love” to baby Trig.

Can’t wait to see what Rex Butler has up his sleeve! Was glad to read about Levi and Mercede Johnston being with Sherry in court!

The FAB (NOT) News interviews w/ the Palin family: interesting! My two cents: Tripp is cute, Bristol looks healthy and happy enough, Trig looks the same as always, and SP just can’t shut the eff up can she. I do not think that Bristol should be an advocate of absolutely anything. What does she have to say to young women? Nothing positive or helpful, in my opinion! I would also like to add that I don’t think that Tripp looks too young in the video.

Audrey, your post is excellent in regards to that infamous doctor letter!

Littl' Me said...

CONGRATS, Granma Diana! All my best to Mum and new baby, as well as to the rest of the family!

B said...

TruthPatrol, if Bristol wasn't showing in February, and that was enough to squelch the rumor of her pregnancy, then why wouldn't the fact that Sarah wasn't showing in February or much of March squelch the rumor of her pregnancy? And do you really think Bristol would take on the burden of that false rumor for the sake of her brother?

Craig said...


That is an interesting theory. My main problem with that though, would be that it would require some pretty substancial and direct lies and omissions in the Doctor's summary letter.

I assume there may be varying levels of congenital heart defects, so the fact that the letter implies that there were no "significant" heart issues, may be Dr. Johnson's escape clause. However, why mention the jaundice without mention of the heart issue that supposedly cleared up without surgery? Even if the heart issue was relatively minor, the omission of it would seem to be serious enough to warrant some professional ethics concern.

Plus the letter specified that Trig went home WITH SARAH when the child was TWO DAYS old. If that is true, then it would seem that any concern by Sarah that it would look bad if she left for Texas despite a newborn with serious difficulties, would not have been a true concern in reality, since the baby was released after two days.

Otherwise, one may have to believe that the letter is a direct lie regarding the seriousness (or existence) of a heart problem, or in regards to when the baby was released and to whom he was released to.

So, for this theory of yours to be true there would have to be a number of significant outright lies and misrepresentations in Dr. Johnson's letter. Not that she would be the first doctor to commit fraud, but she would be now be knee-deep in complictity and would seem to be set up for disbarment, I would think.

The idea that the letter was constructed, in part, for the doctor's "plausible deniability" would likely be blown up at that point.

Frankly, I'm wary of putting too much credence into the "facts" of this new book. It would be interesting to see who the source was for the "heart defect" info. Sarah's sister is already distancing herself from the book and painting the author as misleading her. That doesn't mean that whatever she told him isn't true, of course. And it could be that she is getting pressure from the Palin family to now discredit the author and the information.

But is it also plausible that this author has actually been deceptive in his dealings with sources, which can also bring his published findings under some question.

As I say, identification of the source for that nugget would be important.

At least there is something new to talk about!

Betsy S said...

Don't waver, folks, we're nearly there. Think again of the photos, and the grand work Audrey has done to collect the evidence of a non-pregnancy. SP didn't even buy maternity clothes!
In GVS's 2nd interview, who was holding Trig? Was it the Nanny? Beautiful Bristol chucks him sweetly, asks, "Can you smile?"
And he's whisked away.
Trip could easily be less than seven weeks old, he still grabs out when lifted.
GVS has no womanly mien when talking about babies--it should be automatic: "How old is he now?" "Are you feeding him?" "How's that going?" "Did you get tons of presents?" Her affectionate manner is completely false.
SP, hanging in there like a spider, seems jealous of
GVS' job--she could have been there in the chair instead, after all, that's what she went to college for. Poor Bristol lost her chance, Mom went at it a
blue streak, undermining if not actually refuting Bristol's attempts. I'm still not sure whether Bristol wants to be an advocate for "abstinence" or perhaps something more realistic, in the way of instruction in birth control.
What happened to People's offer? What did GVS offer? Why did they do this? Human interest soft core in the face of budget disasters, dropping oil prices, staff quitting, Iron Dog pollution? It's a chance for SP to muddy the waters again, and
I still feel the Palins hope that in time, no one will question that lack of pregnant stance, the "one-month pregancy", that wild ride, that curious MD non letter, the no mentions in hospital records--if SP had provided BCs in the first place, none of this would have happened.
With this TV interview, everything's open for the MSM. Huffington Post, Salon, etc shown the TV interview, but no comments include any mention of
SP's non birth of Trig. Both babies were successfully hidden for some weeks, I venture.
The big shock that BP had to tell her parents was OF COURSE! her immediate and second pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

New Idea

Would you say that SP gave birth before or after the announcement that she was pregnant on the 5/6th March 2008? If you think that SP possibly gave birth before the announcement then that means that Trig would have been born at least eleven weeks before his official due date of 18th May 2008 or at least 6 and half weeks before the "official date" of his birth on the 18th April 2008.

If so, are you therefore also suggesting that SP left a very premature, downs syndrome, newborn baby in an NICU unit in order to attend to her political career and that she callously conceived a "gameplan" pretending that she was still pregnant in order to allow her to do so?

For me your idea does seem to be
technically plausible but I will add that I find it difficult to believe that even SP would abandon her newborn child in such a fashion and I hope that it is not a theory that will be proved true.

Off to do some digging.......

Kathleen PD Research

Morgan said...

Kathleen, I agree that of all the theories, the one NewIdea advances is the most distasteful. And it's the one I hope *can* be completely debunked for the sake of that child.

But there are certainly things that lead me to believe Sarah is capable of dumping her son in NICU, the most telling the obvious disconnect she seems to display with him in public. Trig seems little more than a prop, and as a mother of a special needs child myself - my 18-year-old son is autistic - I have always been very concerned at how she exposes that baby to bright lights and noise.

It would appear to me that she's never really bonded with him, possibly because Trig failed to meet her standard of perfection. He's useful to her politically, but for a woman like Sarah who doesn't seem particularly maternal with her older kids it doesn't surprise me that she'd be so distant to a child she didn't plan and possibly didn't want.

Could she have delivered him early and dumped him in NICU? I only allow that the possibility exists and should be explored along with other possibilities. It's disturbing to think we may have been barking up the wrong tree with Bristol and I think that's got a lot of people frustrated and on edge here. But if there was ever a time to explore every angle it's now.

To me, the one thing that would undercut the theory of Sarah staging the last phase of her pregnancy to cover up for the fact that she let Trig languish in NICU is this: While HIPAA laws keep medical professionals and hospital personnel from divulging patient information, it would be highly unlikely that someone would not have noticed the Governor or her family visited Trig and alerted the media. UNLESS she just deposited him there and never visited, which I think would be an awful and almost unimaginable thing to do.

NewIdea said...

One possibility. SP has due date of 5/18. Trigg is born preemie in early April. SP doesn't want to miss her shot at national exposure. Conceals birth. Travels to TX with fake pregnancy pads. Something happens in AK that threatens to expose Triggs birth. SP rushes back, without pregnancy pads on plane, announces birth of 4/18, shows off Trigg.

I don't know if it all fits date wise, but I recall someone saying there is a 2 week period somewhere in Spring where no one sees SP. Could this have been when she gave birth?

The CBJ letter, I believe is being given too much weight here as a legal document. It's not a legal document and it cannot be condsidered a legal medical record. It is a Dr's summary of a patient's health history. It is not under oath, there is no fraud. Fraud requires a victim damaged by reliance on the false info.

I don't think Bristol is Trigg's mother. I don't believe she has the inner strength and control to deny her own child, even if he does have special needs that might be better met by someone with money. I just dont' see it.

TruthPatrol said...

To –B: Bristol Palin could have ended this circus a long long time ago; I believe that she is in on the deception 100%. Yes I do think that she would cover for her brother or any other family member, seems that the fam-dam-illy sticks together. Why did the rumor never “die”, maybe because Bristol really did get pregnant with Tripp. Oh and just because it is my opinion that Bristol is not the mother of Trig and that I don’t believe SP to be the mother of Trig doesn’t mean that they aren’t; just my opinions!

TruthPatrol said...

More than two cents from me is this: “if” Bristol is Trig’s mother, why would Bristol go to live in Anchorage with a family member that had young kids that could spill the beans? Bristol could have stayed at her own home. I don’t think that Bristol went to live in Anchorage until the summer of 2008 and the family already knew she was pregnant with Tripp. Bristol might have been “working her butt off” this summer at a summer job or two. Maybe she has also lived off and on with her aunt and grandparents etc during other times, years etc. When I was a teenager and had summer jobs, I lived with relatives in other towns.

AKPetMom said...

I think that New Idea might be right on track as I had posted a few months ago that I think that Trig was born to Sarah very near the time that she announced that she was pregnant. I think that Trig was a premie with major health issues and that Sarah continued to govern, but from Anchorage so that she could be close to him in hospital. (hence the "where's Sarah buttons" the legislators took to wearing near the end of last year's leg. session)

I've had two friends that birthed pre-term babies, albeit, back in the 70's and they went back to living life and visiting the child every few days until they were given the "all clear" and the baby could come home. Nothing that they could do would change the outcome for the babe; just let the professionals handle it and hope for the best.

Perhaps Trig was allowed to come home after a few weeks, and he had top notch home care and Bristol was assisting as she was already no longer in school, for whatever reason. (I still think that Bristol "rebelled" somehow in winter/early spring of 2008 and was sent to live w/relatives in Anch. Perhaps because SP wanted to distance her from Levi, considering what sort of household he was from)

I think that SP had Trig in early March, she hung around and did her governing from Anchorage to be close to him, and he was being cared for first at hospital then at home. Bristol took this opportunity to be forgiven by Mom and helped care for Trig along with medical personnel from home. Bristol had plenty of time then to be in Wasilla and spend time with Levi and this is when she became pregnant. (she would have conceived at the end of March for a full term birth to Tripp on Dec. 27)

Sarah had unfinished business and Trig was being cared for.

This still does not explain the "wild ride", though. But as others have noted, Sarah was returning home as scheduled and perhaps Papa Heath was not informed as to her plans and blurted out the water breakage in Texas story and Sarah just went with it to make her look like a tough Alaska gal.

Once again, without the national scrutiny placed on this birth story, it would have very easily "died" in the Alaska press and no more would have been said. That right there is what I think she was banking on.

NakedTruth said...

NewIdea said:

"I don't think Bristol is Trigg's mother. I don't believe she has the inner strength and control to deny her own child, even if he does have special needs that might be better met by someone with money. I just dont' see it."

I can understand how one would think that Bristol would not be able to deny her own child. She comes across as a caring and loving mother. But because she is so caring and loving is exactly why I believe she went along with this deception. Bristol really thinks that she is doing what's best for Trig.

I am sure that SP has convinced her that this is the best thing for all parties. Trig would be able to get the best medical care with Govt. insurance and Bristol could still raise him because she lives with SP.

Now Bristol getting pregnant with Tripp was definitely a shocker and was not part of the plan. But SP still found a way to make use of this situation by announcing that Bristol could not be Trig's mom because she was pregnant before Trig was born.

I do believe that it hurts Bristol not being able to claim Trig but now that she has a 'perfect' Tripp, my thought is that he (Tripp) is like a replacement for Trig.

Bristol is a teenager and probably a little immature. Perfection is very important to young people and to quite a few old ones as well.

Laura said...

As I've said before: there is little to no privacy in a NICU. They can change the name on the warming table or isolette, but word gets around.

Also, as horrible as it might be for the lay person to believe, people DO leave their infants in NICUs all the time. They don't visit, they go AWOL, they abandon them, whatever. Even people with money and people with education. I know stories that would either straighten or curl your hair.

So, I'm just saying, that stranger things have happened than a woman finding something else more interesting than hanging around with a premie in a NICU. Especially a woman with a speech to give and plane tickets burning a hole in her pocket. L.A. in S.F.

Tully said...

Kathleen, Go for it! We'll be eager to hear about anything you turn up. I would say Newidea's idea is possible, but sparks a lot of questions. WAs that convention in Texas really such a big deal that if SP didn't attend, her vice-presidential hopes would be dashed? The decision was really up to McCain and crew, wasn't it? Also, don't you think even Todd would have had the cajones to stand up to Sarah if she tried to pull off that stunt with his preemie son? Further, I think the birth would have to have been considerably earlier than April 18to jive with the photographic evidence, i.e, the non-pregnant, non-padded pictures.

Anonymous said...


I am sorry but the facts do not fit in with your suggestion that Trig could have been born premature sometime in early April.

I have looked at Sarah Palin's schedule and it is full of appointments every day from 1st April until Trig's birth on the 18th. Here is the download link if anyone would like to read Sarah Palin's official schedule for that period.

Trust me there is no way possible that she could have given birth during the first few weeks of April 2008.

Kathleen PD Research

LondonBridges said...

The 7 week old YouTube Tripp seems to require less assistance holding his head up than the Johnston-Palin "7 week old" Tripp. Unless YT Tripp's parents are merely less cautious. Hmmm.

wayofpeace said...

i wonder if Rebecca Traister
(who wrote the SALON article
on the BRISTOL interview)
could be the one to investigate
and write on the BELLY-gate?

i just read her piece and she's beyond pissed with SP?

Morgan said...

Kathleen, per Palin's schedule. Has it been verified that she was in attendance at every event she was scheduled for? I think that may needs to be verified as well before we can say with any degree of certainty that an itinerary is proof.

While the earlier birth seems highly unlikely, it still strikes me as even more unlikely that the child wouldn't need some sort of specialized care given his condition.

Even if Trig were born prematurely to Bristol at Mat-Su and his DS condition came as a surprise, some sort of testing was obviously done to determine he had this heart condition. Is it so unlikely that they would have transported him to a hospital where he'd have gotten specialized care and any medical support unavailable at a small community hospital?

Even if he were born early to Bristol and Sarah with this undiagnosed condition, whoever attended surely would have advised Sarah to seek additional treatment. I can't see she'd have a choice, either

If she still wanted to give the illusion he was hers, she may have faked the final part of the pregnancy while he was in the hospital recovering under an assumed name. CBJ dealt with at-risk children; perhaps she was able to admit him under an assumed name.

But the wild ride is still problematic. Perhaps they were able to keep Trig's identity under wraps for only so long, and the rush to move him back to Mat Su was due to keep the media from getting wind of where he was. The decision to give back and "give birth" may have been part of a plot.

Again, a rather wild plot but given the Palin's is anything too crazy? I dunno. I just know that we have a video now of Bristol with an infant that looks to have been born when the family claims. And like it or not that means we may need to start exploring other possibilities, like it or not.

Littl' Me said...

wayofpeace said 3:04 PM
i wonder if Rebecca Traister
(who wrote the SALON article
on the BRISTOL interview)
could be the one to investigate
and write on the BELLY-gate?

i just read her piece and she's beyond pissed with SP?
Wouldn't hurt to toss her an email with some pictures attached... ;)

One more thing: Bristol, in her second part of the interview, insists that she will graduate this May WITH HER CLASS... Somehow, I was under the impression, that she pretty much hadn't been in school the last year at all?

KaJo said...

Indeed, Molly (re: your comment 9:03 AM), if it was possibly so embarrassing for Bristol Palin to talk about her "big surprise" pregnancy with Tripp, what was she doing on national television talking about it?

Re: Baby weights -- I found this at a Googled topic site:

"The first weight check at your baby's two-week doctor visit will be an important factor in knowing how well your baby is gaining. By that visit most babies have regained their birth weight and sometimes even exceeded it. Don't be alarmed if your baby is a few ounces shy of birth weight by that time. All babies are different and no number can tell you where yours should be. After that point, babies can gain as little as 4 ounces per week and as much as one pound a week. It all depends on how often your baby nurses and really, what your baby's individual growing pattern is."


NewIdea, I'm afraid I have to disagree with some of your suppositions (your comment @ 12:39 PM).

If SP gave birth to Trig in early April as you suggest (a difference of only 2 weeks from actual claimed birthdate), that makes the March 26, 2008 "Nail in Coffin" picture even more damning, as are other, earlier, pictures.

WHAT would happen in AK that would "expose" Trig's earlier-than-announced birth, yet never surface again for an entire year afterward? ....Unless you consider some of the revelations in the "Trailblazer" book and the oddities blurted out by Bristol Palin and Greta Van Susteren in the weekend taped interview to be that belated exposé.

Lastly, I feel Bristol HAS no "inner strength and control", at least as far as asserting herself with her mother, anyway. Unless one considers getting pregnant (serially, twice?) asserting oneself...but that's immediately nullified by her utter dependence on Mom, Dad, aunts, cousins, etc. for care and support.

KaJo said...

Maybe I should be asking you, NewIdea -- as well as Morgan and AKPetMom, who seem to be ascribing to your theory -- just how preemie do you all think Trig really was?

A birthdate of March 7th would put him at 29 weeks gestation, if all the other reported dates are true (as the CB-J letter "verifies"). Obviously his birth weight wouldn't be 6 lb. 2 oz. -- more like...see below.

Average weights for 29 week old fetuses are about 2.5 pounds. Even a 35 week preemie infant is on average 5.25 pounds (and 40 week term infants are on average 7.63 pounds...very close to what Tripp was reported).


I haven't weighed in on any Track Palin discussion because I believe his story is on the far periphery of the Sarah Palin Saga -- but, PA Mom, I do believe that his hooliganism, his hockey "career" in Michigan, and his enlistment were consecutive attempts to break free of the Palin Dynasty. I'd be surprised if he returns to Alaska when his enlistment is up (unless forced to by Army assignment after early return from Iraq).

Windy City Woman said...

You asked why the Palins would lie about Trig's birth date, not knowing at that time that Bristol was going to conceive Tripp.

Remember, if Sarah was faking her pregnancy, she could not say in February that she was due in February, March or April; she had to claim a due date (May) that made her non-pregnant-looking tummy credible. Even with the date she announced, one of her staff said, "You're kidding." Remember the comment, "Where is she hiding the baby? In her pocket?"

Do other people (besides me) think that Sarah's ultrasound story is a lie? Besides the fact that I don't think she was pregnant, why would she be so stupid as to leave it lying around the house if she was going to conceal the pregnancy even from her own family? Why would she conceal the pregancy from them anyway? Unless she was planning to abort....

Another possibility was that it was an old ultrasound from when she was pregnant with Piper, or an ultrasound from the real birth mother of Trig (Molly?), and she wanted to plant the (false) notion that she was pregnant in her children's minds. I assume Todd knew the truth.

If Bristol can't be Trig's mom because he was born too close to Tripp, and we aren't comfortable with Willow, and we've surely ruled out Sarah, why not Sarah's sister Molly, or someone from her church?

Morgan said...

You were exactly right about that, Luna1580. Good catch. It's been taken care of.

jeanie said...


Congratulations! Also, the baby is almost exactly the same weight as Tripp supposedly was 12/27. I'll be interested to hear your opinion on Tripp's current age in two months when your daughter's little one has grown some!


Anonymous said...


I was referring to NewIdea's theory that Sarah Palin had given birth to Trig in early April. I did not mention Bristol because I believe that she is still the most likely candidate as the mother of Trig.

I would like to see us discussing for example the contradictions in Bristol's interview with Greta or the interesting new details which are mentioned in the biography about Sarah Palin because it seems that some of those events mentioned there do not apply to Bristol's pregnancy with Tripp but would rather fit together with Bristol being pregnant with Trig. (eg the change of school and other details attributed to Heather Bruce and Trig's CHD issues at birth). But that is just my opinion and I am in no way rejecting new ideas in general but they do need to be examined according to the available facts.

I think that that document, which is her official schedule, carries the assumption with it that it is correct. It has been released as an official government document and therefore can be regarded as genuine and truthful. Sarah has released information in an extremely careful manner in the past. We know this because for example she is holding back the release of hundreds of official emails and she has also not released the official birth certificate of Trig.

This is of course not an absolute guarantee that the schedule is 100 per cent precise but it is likely that it is very close. Given this I cannot see where Sarah would have found the time to fit in giving birth over the period of early April that NewIdea proposes.

Kathleen PD Research

jeanie said...

Dee said...

"I think the danger of insisting that Bristol is the only possible mother of Trig is that many people are going to believe that Tripp proves she can't be and that means Sara must be the mother of Trig. After watching the interview, I have no idea if Tripp is 2 weeks old closer to 8 weeks. Baby's vary alot in size and awareness levels at that age."

I hate to sound like a broken record, but doesn't anyone else think a possible scenario is that Tripp was born on 12/27, but several weeks premature?

It would make pinning his age down especially difficult, because he would have a while to develop outside the womb, but on the other hand, he would have started off smaller and younger looking that average.

It would also explain why there were no photos - having a tiny NICU baby about 4 months after the "Bristol is 5 months pregnant" announcement would have been less than convincing!

Okay, I'll drop it now, and Morgan, if you're sick of hearing it, I wouldn't blame you for rejecting the post!


And if that were the case - (not to 'blame the victim', here, just her mother) - but Bristol's schedule touring with the campaign all fall could not have been especially restful and conducive to carrying to term.

Truthseeker2 said...

I was just checking on some prior posts and other sources regarding Bristol's whereabouts last winter-spring, because it seems there may be some revisionism creeping in regarding this question. Audrey posted on this topic around Oct 26-28. It is pretty well established that Bristol was in school in Wasilla in the fall 07, but that she transferred to Anchorage West HS in December or thereabouts, and was living in Anchorage with Heather Bruce during late 2007-early 2008. The NE said this was because SP had kicked Bristol out when she found out she was pregnant. Now we know that could not have referred to the Tripp pregnancy, because SP didn't find out about that until the summer, according to Bristol herself.

NE wasn't the only source on this. ADN contacted Heather Bruce about this on September 1st and HB confirmed that Bristol had been living with her last spring and said she was attending West HS: see So we know again that we're talking early 2008, not the new school year in September.

But now we have a new statement from HB saying that Bristol was pregnant when she was living with her and attending West HS. That's a pretty interesting new wrinkle that is another nail in the coffin that we are talking about the Trig pregnancy, not Tripp.

I also noted in reading those old threads that Willow was listed on the 7th grade honor role in Juneau on 4/16/08 (see So, as Audrey pointed out at the time, it seems hard to imagine how Willow could have been pregnant and given birth in that immediate time frame. We're talking 7th grade and the governor's daughter -- that would not have escaped notice. Can we eliminate Willow now, please?

Taking this information about Bristol's whereabouts last spring, along with the photos of Bristol at the RNC, I don't see how there is any reasonable conclusion except that Bristol is the mother of 2 little boys. It's entirely possible that Trig was born earlier and Tripp later than reported. There is really little point in knocking our heads against the wall to try to explain dates that are completely unverified. But now you know why you haven't seen the birth certificates, and won't.

Windy City Woman said...

Midnight Cajun,
That is sad about the girl in New Orleans who threw her baby in the lake. Here you can drop off a baby (permanently) at any police station, hospital or fire house, no questions asked. They should have laws like that everywhere.

Do we know what that girl in N.O. looked like? Was she slim and fit like Sarah? If she was obese (many teens are), she would be much more likely to be able to hide her pregnancy from her family. And I would assume it was her first pregnancy, not her fifth!

So Bristol wants to be an "advocate" for teen moms. Hmm, maybe she can team up with Nadya Suleman (aka Octopussy) and have a show on The Learning Channel called "How NOT to Have Children."

Morgan said...


I'd like to see those things discussed, too. But I don't want us to get into the practice of discouraging discussion of other ideas or attempting to redirect discussion away from ideas that might not fit with what we want to believe happened.

Dangerous, for instance, has long held that Willow may be the mother. He's taken substantial heat for that but I for one am grateful that we have members willing to think outside the box, even if we don't agree with their premises.

Surely a situation as twisted and murky as this one can support more than one discussion or theory at a time! I think there's room for all comers, provided - as you say - they are willing to back up what they say.

Per the itinerary, I can't help but to think that a governor willing to hide official emails might be willing to alter a schedule after the fact. And until it's been verified that Sarah Palin was where the schedule said she was, there's room for doubt.

Windy City Woman said...

Birth control pills fail a lot more than 0.1% of the time. With the newer (last couple of decades), lighter pills, the "theoretical" failure rate is 2%, and that's if they are taken properly, and the woman doesn't take antibiotics, which, for some reason, can make the pill fail.

Even the earlier, stronger pills failed more than 0.1% of the time. Earlier pills (decades ago) failed less often, but, then again, they were much more dangerous. There were cases of 29-year-olds dying from pulmonary embolisms caused by earlier BC pills.

About Bristol's babysitting experience, remember that lots of teens babysit outside the family, and maybe she helped take care of Piper; remember there is an 11-year age difference there.

More Cowbell said...

"I hate to sound like a broken record, but doesn't anyone else think a possible scenario is that Tripp was born on 12/27, but several weeks premature? "

The reason I don't subscribe to this theory is that someone (was it SP's father?) gave Dec. 18th as Tripp's due date months earlier.

Dangerous said...

Kajo said:

Willow being the mother of Trig
isn't logical.

Please explain what isn't logical about it. She has no established alibi. She is of child-bearing age and physical development. Willow being pregnant is a scandal everyone would rally around to cover up. Dr. CBJ is an expert in child sexuality.

Lacking any direct evidence ruling her out -- such as an alibi, I strongly disagree that such a theory is 'illogical'. It is completely plausible, if uncomfortable to admit due to the ick factor.

Luna said:

... it's unclear exactly how long levi and bristol have been a couple ...

Clarification on this would help to settle Trig-early-birth theories. I had always thought that Levi and Bristol started together at the beginning of the school year in Wasilla, not before, even if they may have known each other.

onething said:

I have never been averse to Willow being the mother. Just a couple of months ago, a 13-year-old gave birth downstairs (I work in a hospital). It does happen.

But there is little supporting evidence for her being the mother, and quite a lot for Bristol. And then too, I take certain more intuitive things into consideration rather than just relying on bare facts.

A lot of evidence for Bristol? You must know something the rest of us don't. There no direct evidence that Bristol was pregnant in early 2008. Of course, there's no direct evidence any of the Palin women were pregnant at that time, although we know it exists, unless the tale is more bizarre than any of us can demonstrate adequately now. Someone needs to explain exactly where Trig came from and back it up with that direct evidence. So Willow begins just as likely as her mother and older sister.

But we have direct evidence and lots of circumstantial evidence that SP wasn't pregnant, even though she says she was. We have pretty good direct evidence that Bristol is Tripp's mother and the calendar and circumstances don't work well for her (although the debate continues).

I'm still waiting for direct evidence that Willow was not pregnant, and the two-second video is not at all conclusive. We can't even be sure it's Willow.

B said:

Naked Truth says, "There is sadness about Bristol."

And there always has been. This, in addition to no evidence to the contrary, continues to convince me that even if Bristol is not Trig's mom, sunny Willow certainly isn't.

Thanks. I feel even better about the Willow theory if this is the best you can do to dismiss it. FYI -- when my wife saw Willow on TV at the RNC, she said Willow looked 'melancholy', so that trumps your 'sunny' assertion for me. But both are 'strong' evidence.

Windy City Woman said:

If Bristol can't be Trig's mom because he was born too close to Tripp, and we aren't comfortable with Willow, and we've surely ruled out Sarah, why not Sarah's sister Molly, or someone from her church?

"Aren't comfortable with Willow"? Again, someone please give a better argument against the theory. Are you all afraid to consider it? I'm not comfortable with it either. Can you imagine how the Palins would have felt it it's true? They'd do anything to cover it up -- which is what it looks like they've done.

Truthseeker2 said:

I also noted in reading those old threads that Willow was listed on the 7th grade honor role in Juneau on 4/16/08 (see So, as Audrey pointed out at the time, it seems hard to imagine how Willow could have been pregnant and given birth in that immediate time frame. We're talking 7th grade and the governor's daughter -- that would not have escaped notice. Can we eliminate Willow now, please?

Sorry, no. Who was she living with then? The Palins didn't live in Juneau, although that's where the Gov. mansion is. Get independent confirmation that she attended school there and I'll yield the theory. But if she wasn't going to school there -- and it doesn't seem likely for reasons I'll state in a minute -- that's very suspicious.

1) Wild-ride was Thursday April 17. There was a huge snowstorm in Juneau, knocking out power. Willow should have been in school the day before, right? So in the middle of all that, they arrange for Willow to get from Juneau to Wasilla/Palmer for mom to deliver Trig? I don't think so. She had to already be there. (P.S. -- Willow is credited with being the first of the Palins to see Trig's DS.)

2) Mom's all over the place, dragging Piper everywhere. Dad's all over the place. Bristol is in school in Wasilla then Anchorage, but Willow continues at public school in Juneau?

Proof, please. That's all I ask.

Morgan said:

Dangerous, for instance, has long held that Willow may be the mother. He's taken substantial heat for that but I for one am grateful that we have members willing to think outside the box, even if we don't agree with their premises.

Thank you. I will gladly accept apologies and accolades when the Willow theory turns out to be right.

Long post with lots of things to respond to. I'm going to take a hiatus pending some new evidence. I'll read but not respond to any challenges to the Willow theory that don't contain evidence of logical reasoning.

Last time: Someone please get Willow a solid alibi.


midnightcajun said...

In pondering the CBJ letter, it seems to me that we can view this piece of evidence in one of two ways. 1) either we accept that it's factual because "doctors don't lie," OR, 2) we accept that the CBJ letter contains several significant misstatements of fact.

If we go with #1, we have to believe that Sarah delivered Trig at 35 weeks and took him home two days later--however much logic and the evidence we've seen with our own eyes in the form of photographs, etc, contradicts that.

If we go with #2, then I also see two scenarios. Either a) The letter was altered after CBJ authorized it and sent the Repubs her electronic signature, but at that point she did not dare cross Scary Sarah by publicly disavowing the letter, OR, b) CBJ is in Sarah's thrall and agreed to tell a few lies to help her friend get elected, while trying to limit the amount of false information she provided, i.e., no birthdate, place of birth, attending physician, etc. Her fear of opening herself up to disciplinary action has prevented her from making these false statements directly to the press

I lean toward 2b.

Do others see it this way? Am I missing another option?

(And Windy City Woman, I think the young woman who threw her baby in the lake was tall and heavy, although how heavy is difficult to tell from a mug shot. And we do have a "don't ask, don't tell" law here that allows women to drop off babies. She simply didn't know about it.)

Windy City Woman said...

New Idea,
About the idea that Sarah gave birth to Trig earlier than April, we still have the issue of her not looking pregnant. Regardless of when Trig was born, it is very unlikely that she could go through the pregnancy and not show, unless Trig was VERY, VERY premature. When would she have given birth? How far along would she have been when he was born? Babies who are VERY premature often have A LOT of problems, and I don't mean DS, which is genetic, not based on prematurity.

uu said...

Funny how GVS never asked about Bristol's 5 month absence from school because of "mono". FIVE months. Wasn't the absence/mono date right around what would have been the date of conception (end of March/beginning April). You think she could have said "gosh, you got pregnant right after you got over mono?, You had mono, right? that is what we were told about your 5 month leave from from school.
According to a WaPo article I read a while back, Palin took 2 youngest girls with her to Juneau while the leg. was in session last winter. But not Bristol. She was left "in Anchorage". Why??? And remember that car accident Bristol had in *Wasilla* in Feb 2008? If she was in school/working 2 jobs in Anchorage, how'd she find time to drive up to Wasilla on February 11 2008?? In front of that medical clinic, no less.

B said...

TruthPatrol said, "“if” Bristol is Trig’s mother, why would Bristol go to live in Anchorage with a family member that had young kids that could spill the beans?"

Doesn't Heather Bruce have a daughter, Lauden, around Bristol's age and a younger autistic son? Neither would be likely to spill the beans. And it is easier to stay inconspicuous when pregnant in the city of Anchorage than in the town of Wasilla.

Anne said...

Re: Truthseeker2
I agree with everything you said.

FWIW In my personal experience from my 4 kids, I think the Tripp we saw on Fox was closer to 4 weeks old than 7 weeks old.

Not a big difference perhaps, but I think Trig was born at the start of that two week window when SP went missing from Juneau during the legis session - which is why she has not produced his birth certificate.

My personal theory is that CBJ quietly delivered Trig, and they stashed him and Bristol somewhere until the unveil on April 18 - not that difficult to imagine with that extensive family. Am I correct that we have no verified BP sightings in that time frame?

I think the wild ride story came about from Sarah's habit of elaborating her abilities without challenge and throwing in a few extra details just to make it seem more real.

I think SP took on the role of Trig's mom both because she thought the teenage preg daughter would hamper her political aspirations with the right-wingers/religious voters and because she thought being a teenage mom with a DS baby would be too much of a burden for BP.

She probably had been watching Desperate Housewives and had an AHA! moment.

I think BP really fell in love with her baby Trig as evidenced by how we have seen her behave with him. I think she then went on to get pregnant with Tripp out of these maternal feelings and/or cluelessness on her and Levi's part as to her likelihood of getting preg so close after giving birth but she probably wasn't actively trying not to either.

I think BP would do whatever her mom tells her to do. At this point SP has all kinds of people telling her that she has a bright future in higher office so I'm sure they all think she's going to Senator or the first female Pres someday. And if that falls through (or on the way) she surely will go for a tv career and the big bucks. There is no way that BP is going to blow off all of that for a trailer with Levi. They all had a big taste of the high life on the campaign, and I can't believe any of them are going to be content hanging out at the Walmart in Wasilla forever.

I'm open to more twisted theories - because I truly believe SP is one twisted woman - but I think this is where the circumstantial evidence seems to fall.

I sure can't wait for Sherry's trial to begin!

Mom of One, Esq. said...

Regarding NewIdea's new idea:

This theory might be plausible if there were not too many photos to disprove it. The March 14 photo. The February 5 Super Tuesday photo.

Perhaps if there was an indication of a pregnancy earlier in time, and then an indication of a fake pregnancy later in time (as with the Elan video) it might work but there is no earlier photographic evidence of any (even just second trimester) pregnancy. Any such theory would have to account for no pregnancy in January-March, to a fake padded pregnancy in April.

While it's hard to base things on motive I tend to agree with B: "Did she start faking the pregnancy after she gave birth until she could claim him? I doubt he would have survived being born at less than 6 mos., and a 43-44 year old pregnant with her 5th child would have shown by then. If she was going to claim him anyway, why go to extremes to hide it?" And I agree with Craig that, if true, it would mean very blatant mistruths in CBJ's letter when the pattern has been to not state anything too brightline that could be pointed to later as a complete lie (and that's why she won't put the Trig rumors to rest once and for all when asked by Lisa Demer).

penny said...

Remember the story that appeared on Andrew Halcro's blog about a day in the life.. In that story, the heroine was not above embellishing her schedule so no one would question it vacuousness. Caribou Barbie's executive secretary/scheduler last sping, went on to quit in early January, suspiciously, that article on Andrews blog surfaced shortly thereafter. hummmmmm?


B said...

NewIdea, I'm with Craig (maybe for the first time!). I believe the CBJ letter was designed for plausible deniability. There is some basis for her statements. May be a different mother, but Trig went home with someone at 2 days. A theory that requires *totally* disregarding the CBJ letter is less likely to be true.

jeanie said...

More Cowbell -

Thank you for clearing that up for me! I had totally forgotten about it while I was on my tear, but now I do remember - yet another '18th'.


jeanie said...

More Cowbell -

Sorry - Just had to add that Chuck is not the most credible source IMO. And if 'they' claimed that Bristol was 5 months pregnant, they'd certainly have to come up with a 'due date' that agrees with that. I think Levi said something about the 20th, too, if I'm remembering correctly. In any case, I may be just fitting pieces into what I believe, but so be it. I still think the possibility exists that Bristol gave birth early on 12/27.

Mom of One, Esq. said...

OK, folks. I think I've got something.

I was reading comments on Immoral Minority and someone mentioned they had read about a different "telling mommy I'm pregnant" story. Sure enough here's a link to the story.

Grandma Johnston says that Bristol told Sarah by waving a pregnancy test in front of her and SP didn't believe it and laughed hysterically. I believe this is a British rag/tabloid BUT what is lends it credibility is that the pictures that accompany the piece are ones I've never seen before of the Johnstons. In fact, some of them esp with Sherry and Sadie posing for the camera seem like they were taken by a reporter that fall.

If true, then it really does all fit together nicely. The story Sherry tells is the real Tripp pregnancy revelation- because wouldn't YOU think it was a joke and laugh if your daughter who just recently gave birth was waving a positive pregnancy test in front of you. The somber story Bristol tells is the first pregnancy Trig revelation. And guess what that "game plan" Bristol kept mentioning in the GVS interview ended up being?

This is just too good.

My word verification is "goofon." Indeed.

Morgan said...

Kajo said:
"Maybe I should be asking you, NewIdea -- as well as Morgan and AKPetMom, who seem to be ascribing to your theory -- just how preemie do you all think Trig really was?"

Just an FYI, willingness to discuss a theory is not an endorsement of it. It simply indicates an open mind which we should all keep since none of us really knows what happens and we're all speculating to a degree.

Now, per how premature Trig could have been. It's hard to say without knowing. If he's Sarah's son (unlikely) at some point she sported a very pregnant, albeit fake-looking, belly. Prior to the sudden bump, she didn't look pregnant at all. That would indicate he was quite premature, which really doesn't add up since the Trig we see now, while obviously special needs, doesn't have the appearance of a child who was that seriously premature.

If Bristol or someone else gave birth to Trig prematurely, which I think is pretty likely, then he still could have ended up in NICU just the same under an assumed name. Perhaps during this time the potential adoptive parents, if they existed, backed out of the deal and Sarah had to create a fallback plan and announced a pregnancy with intentions of "giving birth" to a full-term looking baby. I never thought Trig had the appearance of a newborn in those early photos, so that may be why.

Again, there are so many variables in all of this and while the idea of Sarah giving birth to a severely newborn Trig is unlikely (and unpopular, it seems) it can't be entirely discounted. As Penny pointed out, the secretary who did Sarah's scheduling quit. Can any of us be sure that her reasons had nothing to do with creative or revisionist scheduling?

sandra said...

No where have I seen a concern for Piper. Piper would be the innocent observer in all this. She may not have known it was normal to feel "the baby kicking" inside mommy, but she would have known that Bristol "got really fat." shipping Bristol to Anchorage would have eliminated that observation.

I wnder if she is always close by so no one can ask her anything.

sandra in oregon

B said...

I said Bristol's sadness and Willow's sunny disposition "in addition to no evidence to the contrary" convince me Willow isn't Trig's mom. Dangerous replies, "I feel even better about the Willow theory if this is the best you can do to dismiss it."

I said IN ADDITION TO NO EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY. Give me evidence of a Willow pregnancy. There were at least rumors about Bristol and a disappearance noted by two school principals. Isn't your case for Willow that you believe Sarah would fake a pregnancy only for a daughter, so if not Bristol, then Willow?

My experience is that 13 year old girls don't have unwed hidden teen pregnancies and emerge unaffected physically or psychologically, so yes, my observations of Willow and my personal experiences weigh into my opinion (and it is just that) that Willow isn't "it."

Remember, Audrey started this whole thing because Sarah's story didn't comport with Audrey's *personal experiences* with pregnant women. At this point, I don't think you could sell your Willow theory to a jury that contained women. Just my opinion.

mdlw56 said...

Once again, great post, Audrey!

What I found interesting about CBJ's letter was her discussing Trig personally as if the letter was to answer any doubts about Trig rather than reflect SP's medical records, i.e, tests, etc.

Regarding the Greta interview, while discussing abstinence, Greta asked Bristol about what happened at school. Bristol answered, “Oh… was during summer. And school had just gotten out.” Her answer was obviously off topic…talking about conception? If so, Bristol could not have been talking about Tripp. On the other hand, Trig could have been conceived in June and born between March 14-29, 2008, when SP stayed in the Anchorage/Wasilla area.

B said...

Benet was on MSNBC earlier today.

He said that Levi lived with the Palins after Tripp's birth but now lives at home with his mom and sister and visits every day. I bet Sarah started letting him go home around the time she started letting the Johnstons see Tripp, which would have been as soon as he no longer looked like a newborn who couldn't have been born 12/27.

He also said the Palin house is a little less crazy now that a couple of people have left, that Sarah is in Juneau and she usually takes Piper and Willow with her. (Not her infant Trig?) That would suggest, but not prove, that Willow was in school in Juneau in spring 2008. Maybe she and Piper went to Wasilla after Sarah and Todd left for Texas or after Juneau lost power (assuming they had a sitter in Juneau).

I cannot figure out how Piper and Willow ever go to school when they are in Wasilla in the fall and Juneau in the spring and travel around with the Gov so much. Always switching and missing schools sounds horrendous. Perhaps Benet is wrong about this semester and is basing his info on last spring or the year before.

I also couldn't figure out why Bristol would travel to Fairbanks with Tripp when surely she wouldn't take him outside to the Iron Dog finish line. But she mentioned Todd's dad and stepmom were there for the race, so maybe she brought Tripp rather than having them stop off in Wasilla to see him. Alaska is a big state.

mdlw56 said...

@Kajo 10:14

I had the same feelings regarding the nurse. And her partner would not speak to the press, I believe that is what I read.

B said...

Mom of One, Esq.: Great find!

Craig said...

I think, timing-wise, NewIdea's theory works best if Trig was delivered by Sarah only several days prior to her Texas trip. The farther back you go in time, the less difficult the potential conflict of interest becomes (i.e., the early days of a DS newborn versus a key political appearance/speech).

And then, of course, is the problem that the theory would result in some blatant lies in the medical summary letter.

B said...

Mom of One, Esq., It seems Sherry knows enough to cause cracks in the Palin version of the story. I don't believe Sarah will let her go to trial. Prosecutors will drop charges or allow "no contest" and probation. Sarah may be behind the hiring of a criminal attorney who knows what he's doing, rather than an overworked, underfunded public defender. In exchange, mum's the word, so to speak.

B said...

mdlw56 said, "while discussing abstinence, Greta asked Bristol about what happened at school. Bristol answered, “Oh… was during summer. And school had just gotten out.” Her answer was obviously off topic…talking about conception? If so, Bristol could not have been talking about Tripp."

I assumed she meant when she found out she was pregnant or when she started showing, which could have been noticed at school. If so, it could have been about Tripp's pregnancy.

Mary G. said...

Palin went back and forth to Juneau for the (shortened) legislative session from Jan. 2008-April 13, 2008--she lived in the Governor's mansion with Todd and Willow and Piper during the week from about January--April. She and the family flew home almost every weekend.
Bristol is conspicuously absent from that group. So Bristol was surely staying elsewhere with relatives. Whether it was with Heather Bruce and her three children (Lauden, Landon, and Karcher) has never been substantiated, and now there are even doubts due to the new "unauthorized" biography of Palin by Lorenzo Benet.
Anyone, by the way, can fill out a freedom of information act request for Palin's schedule, travel records--and even emails, although they are tied up in a court battle.
I think more info about Palin and her family's travels (which included Willow, who was doing her schooling in Juneau at least until the legislative session ended) will be presented here soon! All in due time!
As for Palin's per diem reimbursement requests--any time she claimed to be "on duty" in Anchorage (or Fairbanks--she always seems to have business there during the IronDog events)--say on a Friday afternoon, or Saturday with the "First Family" she filed per diem requests and billed the state for travel. Let us devoutly hope she gets caught for that waste of tax payers' money and for asking the government to subsidize her!
Oh, and thanks for reminding us of the News of the World article, Mom of One--I always thought it was interesting that that came out right around the time the police supposedly started watching Sherry J. for "drug dealing". I think Sherry had something much more lucrative to sell, don't ya think???

luna1580 said...


i know you've said you'll not be responding to people for a while, so i'm not expecting a response, but haven't you yourself called for people not to be wedded to their own "pet theory" and to see all possibilities?

i know i've repeatedly called for people to remember what evidence we do have, how we got it, and what is unfounded (but creative and acceptable as a brainstorming exercise) speculation.

so isn't "I will gladly accept apologies and accolades when the Willow theory turns out to be right." a bit of a baiting statement from you? i'm not saying you're wrong, but it seems that the total "evidence" for willow being the birth mother of trig is such:

*based on her current physical appearance (and appearance in older, firmly dateable pictures?) we assume she was biologically capable of giving birth to trig on april, 18, 2008.

*no one has proven that she wasn't pregnant. (just like no one has proven ghosts don't exist.)

*she's so young that if she were pregnant it would pretty much demand a cover-up so SP could save face (this is an assumption on our part -a logical one to be sure- but still an assumption.)

unless i'm really missing something, the above is all that supports this theory -which doesn't mean it's wrong- it just means it seems (to me) certainly not to be more likely than any other theory. all you've really got is an assumption from looking at her that willow was physically capable of having a child a over a year ago, that's it.

using trig's original due date he should have been conceived at the end of august, 2007. if willow's birthday is january, 21, 1994, she was 12.5 years old when trig was conceived -how do we know for a fact she had indeed completed puberty at that age? heck, i have a cousin you was wearing a padded bra and bragging about having "big boobs" at eleven -because she thought that was important for a girl, she didn't really get her period until she was over 13!

just saying (probably because of the smug "accept[ing] apologies and accolades" thing)!

KaJo said...

midnightcajun, I go with 2b also. Doctors more often tell lies by omission rather than commission, but from what we know of the Palin Family (as in "Soprano" or "Corleone" type Family), doctors, lawyers, cops, even priests/ministers could be "in thrall", some quite willingly. I imagine it's a power thing, or being in the orbit of power.


Well, dang, Dangerous, I guess I don't have anything "logical" to PROVE Willow's not the mother of Trig Palin except "ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS" -- I don't expect a response from you because this is not "logical reasoning", it's just what I SEE:

Check out this photo, this photo, this photo, this photo, this photo, this photo, and in particular, this photo with Bristol.

If Willow Palin is the mother of Trig, hard to imagine how much LESS engaged with the infant she's holding that she could appear to be. Contrast that with the way Bristol holds Trig (we've seen many more photos than the one I've linked to).

Most of the Willow pictures I found seem to show her more interested in her surroundings than interested in the infant in her arms. The above are examples of only a few.

This one dated 11/2/08 (Bristol had long since disappeared) is the rare exception, and it's obvious why: I'm sure Trig looked adorable to anybody...

mdlw56 said...

Newidea @ 12:39

I agree that Trig could have been born earlier, everything staged around SP's conference. However, even in December SP did not look pregnant. There are pictures at the governor's mansion Christmas open house, and SP was wearing a red coat buttoned up and loose fitting. But when you look at the family photo that has Track in the picture, which was made in Juneau, BP looks more pregnant in that picture than any of SP's pictures, except for that one picture in April of SP with the news reporter.

Two babies back to back...I cannot comprehend. But Bristol and Levi have been the only two adults I have seen show any affection for Trig. Maybe SP talked the kids into giving Trig to her...and just maybe BP decided to have another one of her very own. That would be sad.

trish in SW FL said...

Dianna, HUGE CONGRATS on the grandaughter! Enjoy every possible moment with her, they grow sooooo fast!

KaJo said...

mdlw56 said @7:30 PM...(@Kajo 10:14): I had the same feelings regarding the nurse. And her partner would not speak to the press, I believe that is what I read.

I didn't look it up before, but when I read your note, I found out Michaele Hannam, Dar Miller's life partner, is a Wasilla resident and graduated from Mat-Su College in 2005.

No wonder she wasn't talking.


I just read that "News of the World" UK article dated 10/18/08 about Bristol's pregnancy announcement as told by Sherry Johnston.

Wow. The story iss almost funny, 'cause it sounds like some of MY teenage adventures!

I can remember closeting myself up in my bedroom with my first boyfriend when I was 13...getting into sexual mischief under my mother's nose with the man I later married...but in the first instance we just talked, we didn't even kiss (OK, I was really young), and in the second instance thank goodness he was smarter than me! Never got pregnant, and eventually wised up to the power of hormones.

(ha, ha, my word verif. is "allhe")

midnightcajun said...

Mom of One, interesting link!

Notice that Sherry gives Tripp's due date here as Christmas Day. That's three due dates: Dec 18th from Levi, the 20th from Chuck, and now Dec 25th from Sherry. There is no way you'll get me to believe these people couldn't remember that baby's due date. I can remember my next door neighbor's due date! It's obvious there was some fudging going on.

It is possible that Tripp was born premature, just like Trig. Some women simply can't carry a baby to full term. I do not believe the baby (excuse me, "The Joy") Sarah showed Greta was a seven week, full term infant. There is a reason we didn't see pictures of him until now, nearly 2 months after his "delivery". Did everyone notice that Tiger Woods came out with a tasteful picture of his newborn child, just a few days after its birth?

Ann Hedonia said...

I believe it's possible that Tripp was a preemie. He looks awfully tiny in those photos where he's wearing a hat and Levi is holding him.

Goodness, will we ever know the truth? All these posts are making my head spin. Gotta stop reading them.

Craig said...

In case some people haven't read the link on the ADN website, here are a few Q & A's from a chat with the Trailblazer author (with some comments from me):

Virginia Beach, Va.: Is there proof that she gave birth to Trigg?

Lorenzo Benet: I will bet Sarah's name is listed on his birth certificate as the mother. That said, for Sarah Palin to have pulled off what you suggest in your question would have taken a massive conspiracy that would relatives, hospital officials, etc. It also would finish her politically, so I'm 100 percent sure Trig is hers.

*** The author is clearly taking the commonly-held view on this topic. He obviously came across nothing to contradict it.

Washington, D.C.: Did she really get on a plane in Texas and fly to Alaska after her water broke when she was pregnant with Trig? It seems to me that if this is true, it was incredibly reckless behavior, especially with what she knew would be a high-risk delivery.

Lorenzo Benet: Many doctors would agree with you and I quote one in Trailblazer who goes into detail about the risks that the governor was taking by making that decision, which, by the way, she chose to undertake after getting clearance from her own doctor.

**** Hmmmm. Clearance from the doctor? Seems to me that it was carefully stated in earlier reports that Sarah did not ask specifically for her doctor's approval.

Richland, Mo.: Why did Governor Palin choose to release a letter from her doctor rather than her actual medical record? and in that letter the doctor stated that Trigg was born healthy, yet now you say in your book he had a heart abnormality?

Lorenzo Benet: I don't want to comment on the letter since I don't have it in front of me but babies with Down syndrome are rarely born healthy and face years of therapy to build their intellectual and physical skills. Gov. Palin has discussed Trig in the press and indicated he is undergoing therapy of this sort and growing stronger. They also are monitoring his heart and overall health.

***** Hmmmmm, once again! This would seem to have been the perfect time for the author to verify the credibility of his sourcing for the heart defect revelation. The avoidance seems suspicious.

London, U.K.: I was shocked to read that she didn't reveal her last pregnancy even to her family until a few weeks before the baby was born. Do you know if that was because she was considering adoption, and so didn't want her family to become attached to another sibling? (I haven't heard anything to that effect, but that is the only reason I can think of for not letting the rest of the family know. They, too, were going to have a huge adjustment to make.) And, relatedly, how didn't her family notice?

Lorenzo Benet: Sarah Palin was keeping Trig. She wrote a letter 11 days before he was born that I quote in the book about Trig's larger purpose in life and with the Palin family, so she was keeping him.

**** I'm not sure if I've ever heard about this letter before. Maybe it was circulated among family?

Sophie said...

Anyone else notice what appears to be a wedding band on the left ring finger of Levi in the "sleeping picture" of Bristol and Levi (see "News of the World" article)?

Also, anyone see the movie "Juno"? The "telling the parents" scene included the best friend. Coincidence or just not very creative?

Hearty Congrats to Diana - being a grandma rocks!!

Diana said...

Thank You....for your words of congratulations at being a new grandma! I am loving it!

Jeanie you are granddaughters birth weight is what Tripps was supposedly at birth. And you can bet that I am watching to see how her size progresses in the next couple of weeks. I was also watching my daughter's stomach grow versus how "Sarah's" supposedly grew.

My daughter is a little taller than Sarah but she has a really small frame and doesn't have an ounce of extra weight. By 5 months, everyone could tell she was pregnant and by 7 months it would have been impossible to hide it. She also had the pregnancy walk and sway that we never saw with Sarah...but did see with Bristol when she was carrying Tripp.

Katherine you talk about it not being early April because her schedule was full. But why have you ruled out March? She had plenty of time available and was in the same place where Bristol was staying which was Anchorage. It would address his medical needs after birth and give her some room to grow her story. :)

Again the wild ride story is only a wild ride because we call it that. To Sarah her life is one big drama and that is how she lives and talks. Nothing is strange about the story when it comes from Sarah and her obvious inability to articulate her lies in a believable way.

Please keep in has unfolded just as we said it would. February presentation. We don't know what the true delivery date was for either boys. We only know when they were "presented" the way they were for a reason. Trig was most likely earlier than stated and Tripp was possibly a couple of weeks later. Either way both were "presented" to suit Sarah's needs. Most of us seem to agree that Sarah was never pregnant!

We need to take the dates and fit them to what we know.... Sarah did not give birth. Bristol is the most likely and practical person so now let's go through the details and put them together.

If we rely on what was said...we won't get anywhere except to go in circle. We need to take.... what we all here believe.... that Sarah did not give birth to Trigg and find out how Bristol did!

Let's don't doubt our ability to discern the truth and find it. Let go of what was said by Sarah...and let's put this story together according to how it fits based on our research and photographic evidence. We know Bristol was in Anchorage, we know that she left school before the holidays and never returned. We know that she was rumored to have been pregnant November 2007. We know that Sarah pretended to be pregnant. We know that Bristol was missing and no one has any proof that she was seen anywhere until after the delivery of Trig. We have good reasons to believe that she gave birth to Trig and to Tripp.

We need to put together a timeline again of what we know and throw out anything that has not be verified. That eliminates a lot of what Sarah has said!

Here is the timeline that I had put together. Please email me if you have any corrections. Information may have changed since writing it.

However, most of it should be correct and what discrepancies you find I will correct and put it up again until we have our answers. If we can put together a timeline of known facts and obvious information it should help fix the sequence of events. Please make sure when you add what is missing you include something that can collaborate it if possible.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to the Brit tabloid journalists to go to Wasilla and get a damn story! Great link, Mom Of One, Esq! It made my evening. It's also interesting to compare that same tabloid's earlier interview with and photos of Sherry in Sept o8 a month earlier. On their second trip to Wasilla they brought in a make up person and a better photographer.

I find it a little too coincidental that a month later Sherry Johnston gets brought down. It sure does seem she was being warned or silenced.

I can't wait for that trial, and I'm saying a little prayer, Rex Butler will take it all the way. No plea bargaining or settlements. And a second little prayer that some Trig/Trip beans get spilled.

Diana said...

My daughter who just gave birth...both times...came 2 weeks early! Not unusual!

My second child came two weeks early as well.

Also I believe the final established date for Tripps birth was Dec. 28th.

So if he was due mid to late January and was born early it gave them the fudge room they needed to convince everyone that indeed Bristol couldn't have birthed both Trig and Tripp.

Either way I am convinced we are correct we just need to prove it.

James said...

I'd like to make a few comments on the Greta/Fox interview video.

1) Tripp is a beautiful baby! And Bristol - while not the sharpest or most versed 18 year girl I've ever heard speak - seems like a nice young woman, and a loving mother.

2) It struck me very odd the way that Trig was suddenly brought into the room right away (by who knows), and immediately it felt like:
Here's my other baby. I don't want him to feel left out of the spotlight. I absolutely felt a motherly energy and vibe from Bristol towards both babies! Did anyone else sense this? Seriously - what could possibly be the reason to include Trig in this interview??

3) Sarah Nutcase Palin. They way she covertly inserts herself into the room/situation, like
'Hey, look who I just found in the basement! It's Bristol's baby Tripp. I'll just sneak in and pretend I don't crave every nanosecond of attention, so I can ramble on like like an ignoramus. I'm sure you want to know my opinion on abstinence, as I want to be an advocate for unwed, teen mothers. Golly, you betcha. Do you like my winter coat?'
Seriously - that was beyond painful to get through, and the look on Bristol's face - and her eyes - near the end, spoke volumes!

4) Anyone else notice that Tripp only fussed and cried a little when Granny Sarah was flapping her gums? When it's just Bristol, Greta, and Tripp, he's sleeping as quiet as a mouse.

5) I also found it odd, the way Greta tried to off-handedly ask "So how old is Trig now? 6 months? 8 months"? And Bristol was very sketchy in answering, "Yeah. 8 months, I think". This just struck me as odd, again. Here we are talking about Bristol Palin and her new baby Tripp, but let's make sure we reiterate how old Trig is.

That's all I have for now. I still have to watch the 3rd video. I could barely get through the one with Sarah Palin. But I will say this with confidence:


Word verification: essehor
Next up? meediahhor

onething said...

"Everyone should be abstinent or whatever, but it's not realistic at all."


"...SP did say that Bristol had transferred to a high school in Anchorage (which would seem to contradict the mono story). But that was news to the school administration in Wasilla. And I think it then it came out that she never attended the Anchorage high school."

As a person who has moved her kids during the school year a few times, I can certainly attest that if she had been enrolled in a new school, they would have sent a request for transcripts to the old school. So the Wasilla school would have known about the move.

A really good point someone made is that when Bristol was asked in the interview what upset her about the media, she said she was upset that people thought her mother made her have the baby (Tripp) and never mentioned the rumors that Trig was hers. Whereas, if I were a 17 year old and was widely rumored to be the mother of my own brother, I would find that pretty darned icky, if it were NOT true.

Anyway, they have changed tactics, and aren't talking about the Trig rumors.

teal said...

This might help date the where a bouts of Bristol 2007-2008...

From an article in the Feb 2008 issue of Alaska Mag...

...Todd and Sarah have four children of their own: The oldest, Track, 18, graduated from Wasilla High last May and then enlisted in the U.S. Army. Next is Bristol, who is staying in the Valley to finish high school. Willow, 13, and Piper attended school in Juneau during Palin’s first year in office, which made the transition easier for the whole family. But despite her fame and new job requirements, Palin is still a mom first.


or PDF File:

the PDF Link has a very intersting pict of a 'belly-less' SP. [I should mention THAT I don't know the date - that the picts were actually taken]. However, the story includes Bristol 'returning home from shopping & getting ready for 'some party later that night...

Amy1 said...

I'm back. BOTH the Amy1 with more profile hits and the one with fewer were me -- I just changed email accounts midstream. But good vigilance, Kathleen; it's good to know you run a tight ship here!

Anyway, I want to weigh in with a thought that has bothered me for awhile: I say give SP a little slack for being the breadwinner in the family. Sure her husband has contributed, but the big bucks, the big fame, the big future are all of SP's making.

So no matter how callous it might seem, SP's going back to work a little too soon, keeping her eye on the political possibilities maybe a little too compulsively -- that's what it takes to try for the big gold ring. A working-for-money woman who is the main one to fund a family has to make some tough choices. Like letting others care for her children -- that seems the most heart-wrenching one, and so many of us have done it. And also, some of us think that that may be the role we contribute best in -- NOT as hands-on Mom but as bringer-in of the bucks. Tough choices, and pretty presumptuous to second-guess someone else's trade-offs in making them. So I say give that one to SP, or at least give her a little slack.

Not that I want to stop the various comeuppances that are inevitably in the works for SP. I do want her out of a governmental leadership role. And the far greater scrutiny that will just holy-hell dump itself upon her head like a giant Katrina (if/when she runs for anything else again) will make this blogosphere annoyance of all our questions seem like a bracing morning mist. I think there's just too many of us now (and there will be more!), and it seems certain that the people who will eventually knock her out for good DO know all the same issues we are noodling here. I bet they read too. Perhaps they have some add'l facts that we don't. I'm thinking of Romney, McCain, and the other Rep leaders. They have to be pretty pissed also. And they surely have a plan or two on how to bring closure to some of our concerns.

So SP: how you gonna get out if this, huh?

I say come clean! write the book! be real!! The kind of thing you hired CBJ to help with repeats in families (as you well know!) unless you open it up, shed light on it, wrestle it to the ground. You could do that in a book.

Sure, after you are done being gov of AK. Or maybe even step down -- esp if the going gets any tougher. Poor baby, so many non-adoring constituents, all of a sudden. Who needs all this aggravation!

Just imagine: The woman who pulled off the HOAX OF THE CENTURY tells all! Repents! Seeks in-depth help!! TURNS HER LIFE AROUND!! HEALS HER FAMILY!!! Gives advice on how you, too, can heal the boo-boos in your life. A motivational speaker! Big bucks. And that's after the humongous book deal. Such a gravy train. No pesky accountability, either.

MAny millions of bucks, all the more so if you wrote the actual, real truth. THEN it could be a classic, not just a pot boiler like the dopey book that just came out. Get a writer who has the skills to hold your toes to the fire. And you would liberate your family! No more secrets. And you would have your giant nut of many millions just in time for the big uptick of the market, and you could have a new life of financial independence, education, and REAL contribution, without needing to do all that petty larceny. I would buy that book, if you told the actual truth.

And what a fine example to the rest of us. Do the right thing, esp after a big-time mistake: what a concept! What a maverick! Whatta woman!

Silvergirl said...

My theory is that Bristol originally was going to give up Trig for adoption. As part of that theory, she had him in February 2008.

It then took Sarah a while to figure out how to handle the fact that Trig had DS, and was not going to be adopted by anyone else. She concocted a story and began telling people she was pregnant in March.

Trig was either a premie or small or both, and he had to stay in INCU for a month or so.

I'm not sure why SP gave the wild ride story, because it sounds so suspicious, but then, I don't think she really understands how wacky her stories sound to others. She doesn't know that mothers who are in labor don't take chances like she said she did.

I think Bristol is a lovely young woman, and her son Tripp is adorable. I wonder if she will still marry Levi, as they don't seem to be talking about it much now. I feel sorry for her and the babies, because Grandma Sarah is nuts.

Just my 2 cents.

onething said...


I hope you do not consider my opinions illogical. Illogical would be theories that lack sufficient motivation for a governor to fake a pregnancy. When I look at emotions and behaviors on film, I would not consider that a logical argument of the factual type, but neither is that illogical.

I consider my impression that Willow is disengaged from Trig and yet does not seem uncomfortable around him either, while Bristol obviously loves him very much, to be a piece of evidence. Now, there are many girls who are very maternal - I have two girls and one is and one isn't - so this could account for Bristol's affection. Piper is also such a one.
I even wonder if it's because you are a man. I do believe some pretty good studies have shown that women can read more into faces than men can.

As to evidence for Bristol, there are so many scattered ones throughout these posts. From them I glean that Bristol was almost certainly at her aunt's house in anchorage last spring, she was almost certainly absent from school.

And by the way folks, it seems better to keep Bristol at Heather Bruce's house with Lauden and the autistic brother than at home where Piper could see her. Piper is exactly at an age that would be dangerous for her speaking out the wrong thing.

People, I do not think we need to give up so easily what with this new film footage. There are really only about 6 weeks to adjust. Without the need for extreme prematurity and long stays in a NICU, it seems quite plausible that Trig was born 2-4 weeks earlier than April 18.
The interesting question for me has been: What happened around early March to cause Sarah to announce? It had to be either something to do with Trig, or perhaps she got an exciting phone call from Cheney and decided not to have an unwed daughter with a baby.

Whatever it was, Sarah had to come up with a date that would allow the fake to take place, and also produce Trig at a time not too far off from his real age. I do not think she could have picked a time much earlier than her stated mid May, and of course she would have planned that we would be "early."

Dangerous, while you are one of my favorite posters and are indeed generally logical, your ignoring of the obvious possibility of the above, and insistence that Sarah was telling us the truth about a May due date, isn't particularly logical.

As for Tripp, yes he appears to be about one month old, but c'mon people, no way was he born on 12/27, or they would have shown him then. Just as we said they would, he was born in secret and brought out when sufficiently fattened for show.

In fact, what I saw of the video makes him quite young looking. It was the still shots (of a mug that does not look like a Palin-Johnston baby if you get my drift) with him almost holding himself up on his arms and looking up at the camera - that looks like a solid two moths. I don't know that they are of the same baby.

So-it seems to me we have 2-4 weeks wiggle room on the birth of Trig, and 2-4 weeks wiggle room on the birth of Tripp, both entirely reasonable without the need for any extremes.

luna1580 said...


i think my math was off. do i have willow's b-day correct as jan. 21, 1994?

then that makes her 13.5 years old in late august 2007, not 12.5 as i posted before, right? sorry.

so, can many 13-14 year olds in america today physically get pregnant? probably, it's a very average age to have a first menstrual cycle. but puberty is related to genetics, personal diet, and total body weight. so even though we can look at willow back over the course of the campaign trail and assume, bluntly, "she developed breasts, she has reproductive potential," it's all another assumption!

so in late august of '08 she appeared well developed -first, you are aware of the AMAZING things different types of bras can do for bust size right? in this same period we see willow has dyed her hair slightly red and wears make-up and high heels, so i wouldn't be surprised if she picked out an "enhancing" style of bra. second, a year could make a lot of difference in how developed one is reproductively speaking, a lot can change at that age in one year.

so again, all we have is an assumption that willow was indeed of reproductive age in august 2007, and "no evidence against" her getting pregnant.

this doesn't sound like a home-run "it MUST be right" theory to me. it sounds like a "probably technically possible" theory.

and i think all my points here are logical (i missed that other little jab in your "not responding" comment earlier.) i'm not ruling out your idea because i find it "distasteful." i'm not ruling it out, period -at this point. but it's more like a door that's probably not locked in this mad house than it's like a clearly marked fire escape.

Amy1 said...

midnightcajun: re the CBJ letter. I start from the one piece of bedrock evidence: SP's flat stomach in the several photos.

So we know that the CBJ letter has its fake aspects. Did CBJ write it? Did SP write it? Did SP alter something that CBJ wrote? Doesn't matter. The letter reached the McCain campaign and was released.

Once the letter was public, CBJ either said to SP: "Good job." or "You did WHAT?!?" Doesn't matter which, because we know that, either way, CBJ decided (on her own? on advice of lawyers? per threat of SP? -- doesn't matter!) to say nothing more. As others have noted, CBJ was not under oath, the letter is not a legal document, etc. CBJ's actions have said to the world: "leave me out of it."

Far from calling sanctions or any kind of peer criticism upon herself, CBJ knows she is safe unless she is asked to comment under oath. Don't we all know that MDs oh-so-rarely criticize or sanction one another, even in grievous open-and-shut cases of malpractice.

Isn't it obvious (considering CBJ's specialty) that there is likely to be a victim in this picture, someone who is CBJ'S patient, who CBJ is ethically required to protect, no matter what. Perhaps up to and including perjuring herself to protect that patient's confidentiality, in the view of CBJ and also of sympathetic MDs who undoubtedly know the score via the AK medical grapevine but will never tell.

In my personal view as well: If I were CBJ, I would perjure myself and risk a lot to protect my patient's rights -- otherwise I could hardly ask future patients to trust me to keep their issues confidential, even under duress.

Peer sanction in a complex matter like perjury in this case (if it ever came to that legal point, which it surely has not, not yet) would never happen. Too complicated, too much patient's rights in the equation. CBJ's first duty is to her patient, not to the electorate, nor to bloggers like us, nor even to the legal system. To her patient! -- that would be her line of thinking, esp in her specialty.

So: a peculiar letter that says or implies something we KNOW is not true: that SP was preg with Trig, when we know she was not. Will this knowledge help us? Not at all.


So I am agreeing with your 2b option, midnightcajun, but not "CBJ is in SP's thrall." Instead, I say that SP and CBJ have bigger fish to fry, which are: keeping confidential whatever the fake preg was aiming to keep quiet. The embarrassing family reason why a fake preg with all its minusses was deemed a better solution than letting the issue come to public light. Again, no need to define what that family issue was, if we even could.

No need to speculate on "she decided," "she believed," "she wanted," or any interior monologue at all, which we will NEVER get right (and even if we did, we could never prove).

Let's just stick to the obvious idea that SOMETHING was big and bad enough to make a fake preg seem like a good idea, and still seems to be an abundantly adequate motivator to stick with the fake preg, in spite of the photographic evidence documenting that there was no SP pregnancy re Trig.

Amy1 said...

Anne: I had to laugh at your "She probably had been watching Desperate Housewives and had an AHA! moment." Don't we wish she had been reading the NYTimes or the Bible, or the KORAN!, or even Miss Manners, when she had that AHA! moment?? Just anything better than gum-chewing TV sit coms.

Mom of One, Esq.: G R E A T FIND! That does really fit! It esp fits my personal scenario, in which the tiny group (maybe only two people, Ms X [the bio-Mom of Trig] and SP, or maybe one or two more people) that was pondering the Trig pregnancy at its first known date was shell-shocked by it: Just devastated -- for reasons greater than SP's campaign, although that too.

So Ms X (the birth Mom of Trig) went through a real ordeal, what with SP faking the preg; Ms X having the pregnancy, birth, and then having that baby [Trig] taken away from her (albeit still being within the family -- not the same); and coming to terms with the DS issue. All very big, sad things. Lots of grieving. During that time Bristol needed some TLC, someone who could tenderly, lovingly help her with her grief, and Levi was there, and thus Tripp happened. Not at the exact times/dates we have been told, but close. It all fits for me.

So nice to see a really pretty photo of Sherry. And remember, there will be no Sherry trial, with all the oaths and testimony and publicity that would entail. That's why SJ hired Rex Butler, remember. In his article, it identified how often things get settled out of court, perhaps with sealed records. So that's Sherry saying to SP: I'll do what it takes to settle out of court, but Rex will protect my interests and you (SP) better offer me something I want, or I'll refuse to settle, and we will be in public court swearing and testifying criss-cross and everything will fall apart.

Dangerous: come back soon. I have always liked reading your thoughts. You belong on the team.

Yes, the nurse death and the church fire sure are big loose threads that no one is pursuing.

Sorry to have hogged so much air-time tonight. Insomnia.

Truthseeker2 said...

Dangerous, did you say there is no evidence of Willow in school in Juneau in early 2008? If so, then you didn't click on the link to the 7th grade honor role published on 4/16/08. I had referred you and others to it earlier, when I suggested it might be time to ditch the Willow theory. Please explain how she could have been on the honor role published 2 days before Trig's reported birth date, yet given birth in the exact same time frame, with no one having reported that she was pregnant.

Headtrip Honey said...


Re: "don't ask, don't tell," that's the term used for gays in the military.

What you're thinking of are 'safe haven' laws.

And they're different in each state (for instance, here in PA, you can only leave infants at hospitals - a woman recently left hers at a firehouse, called it from a payphone to tell them the baby was there, and there was actually talk about prosecuting her for not leaving it at a hospital. They didn't, of course....just an example on how laws differ) - and they may reserve the right to come after the mother if the infant shows sign of abuse or neglect, IIRC.

The more you know!

sg said...

Lorenzo Benet, the author of Trailblazer, did an interactive chat at the Washington Post website Wed., 2/18/2009 (i.e., readers email in questions, and he answers them in real time).

There were some good questions submitted (maybe even from readers of this blog!). However, I found many of Benet's answers unsatisfying, based on opinion rather than fact.


Virginia Beach, Va.: Is there proof that she gave birth to Trigg?

Lorenzo Benet: I will bet Sarah's name is listed on his birth certificate as the mother. That said, for Sarah Palin to have pulled off what you suggest in your question would have taken a massive conspiracy that would relatives, hospital officials, etc. It also would finish her politically, so I'm 100 percent sure Trig is hers.

Journeygal said...

Here's an interesting online interview with Lorenzo Benet (Trailblazer author). There are a few questions related to SP's pregnancy. It's worth the read!

Mary G. said...

I would like to investigate aspects of Trig's birthdate more carefully (I am curious about people's comments regarding Palin's schedule that Kathleen posted), but I wanted to record here some puzzling facts of the surveillance and arrest of Sherry Johnston at a time when she was also gaining a larger audience in the media:
Sherry Johnston's Fall
1. Second week of September--2 suspects arrested with a package of 179 oxycontin pills
2. Suspects agree to go along with police in offering Sherry Johnston 80.00 per pill for 10 oxy pills
3. Oct. 1--officers and informants contact Johnston and arrange a deal
4. Oct. 11 Informants are given $800.00 by police to pay for 10 oxy pills. Wired, they meet Johnston in a parking lot, also arranging a meeting for either Oct. 12 or Oct 22 (depending on the newsreport)--see
5. Oct. 13--Levi steps out of his house to give an "impromptu" interview to journalists declaring his intentions to wed Bristol, furnishing a duedate (dec. 18),and saying he is not being forced to do any of this:
6.Oct. 19--News of the World story with pictures comes out:
7.Final deal for pills arranged for Nov. 26--informants wore wires and this was apparently videotaped by police
8. Dec. 18 (baby's original duedate!) Officers execute a search warrant and arrest Sherry Johnston
9. Early Jan--Johnston pleads not guilty
10. Feb. Johnston gets decent lawyer!
hope my tinyurls work!

TruthPatrol said...

I will try to be a little clearer in regard to my statements! By “young” kids I mean any person under the age of 21! And I was speaking about the Palin/Heath/etc clans in GENERAL, meaning in general there always seems to be young kids around the fam-dam-illys! So Bristol could have just as easily stayed in her own home! I was trying to say that it seems like there is lots of family, extended or otherwise, for the Palin kids to stay with from time to time.

Tully said...

Dangerous, I have to agree with onething and others, that there is quite a bit of evidence pointing to Bristol as Trig's birth mother. It is all circumstantial, not conclusive by any means but when you consider the whole of it, it is rather compelling. She was known to be a couple with Levi. She was out of school for a long period of time -- no reason ever given other than the unsubstantiated mono rumor. She missed all the proms that Sadie and other friends attended. (If you have raised teenaged girls, you know that's just not normal, especially for a pretty and popular girl like Bristol.) There were widespread rumors of a Bristol pregnancy. And the ridiculous way those rumors were countered -- announcing the "about five months" along pregancy. Then there are the campaign photos of Bristol (and Levi) with Trig. They speak for themselves. I know that none of this would "stand up in court," but do you have anything equivalent that points to Willow?

B said...


I don't see the different due dates as a big deal. If Tripp's due date really were late December, the exact day could have changed along the way. Or Sherry could have remembered Dec. 18 as "around Christmas" and the tabloid turned it into Xmas Day. (Yes, that article probably made up for the lost oxycontin pocket money.)

I bet the due date was late Jan. Sarah picked Dec. "18," exactly 8 months after Trig's official birthday (providing Bristol's easy answer to Greta's question). She may have even told Levi, Sherry, and her dad different days so she would know who the press got a date from.

The timing of the Greta interview reaffirms my belief that Bristol is the mother of Trig and Tripp. I wish her the best. I hope life provides her second chances eventually.

Sarah was never pregnant with Trig and she has heaped lie upon lie rather than just admit that and move forward. Likewise, she has rushed on politically without stopping to learn the issues and to deal with serious problems. She is more qualified to be a Fox News anchor -- pretty, perky, mouthing platitudes -- than a national political candidate. She could change that, but I doubt she will.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

UU, BINGO! another major hole...

"Bristol. She was left "in Anchorage". Why??? And remember that car accident Bristol had in *Wasilla* in Feb 2008? If she was in school/working 2 jobs in Anchorage, how'd she find time to drive up to Wasilla on February 11 2008?? In front of that medical clinic, no less."

Anonymous said...

Fantastic link, Mom of One, Esq! And even more interesting if you compare the photos of Sherry J in it-- with the same tabloid's earlier interview photos of her a month earlier.

That means those lovely English tabloid journalists returned to Wasilla with more money, a pro make up person, and a better photographer. They knew they'd nabbed something big. (You gotta love the English tabloids!)

And given the excellent timeline provided by Mary G. (above) you can see how Sherry J's gabbing (and photos) might have really rattled Sarah-- enough so, that force may have been used. In Sarah's world, nobody gets more publicity than she does-- especially talking about potentially damaging things. . .

Ivyfree said...

"UNLESS she just deposited him there and never visited, which I think would be an awful and almost unimaginable thing to do."

Oddly, "awful" and "almost unimaginable" are the words that come to mind when I think of SP.

TruthPatrol said...

to Mary G – I think that you should add to the list little sis Sadie’s court dates in your summary!

TruthPatrol said...

More fun sleuthing – when looking at the comments on the Mercede Sadie Johnston MySpace comments on the TriggyBear pictures: does anyone else find it odd that the few comments are GENERALLY that friends didn’t know Sadie was related and haven’t seen you (Sadie) in awhile?

luna1580 said...


a slightly belated congrats on the new grand daughter!

i also just reciprocated on flickr making you my contact too. you always have great pictures in your stream :)

Anonymous said...

@Truth Patrol

What court dates for Sadie?

TruthPatrol said...

Anyone else out there find it odd that pictures on Sadie’s newest boyfriend’s MySpace public page picture comments that the happy summer pictures have comments on them that say GENERALLY oh when did you go there and who took those pictures Sadie’s mom or Bristol. Also in the early pictures of the young couple Sadie is sporting a ring on her LEFT ring finger and then in later October pictures of the young couple Sadie is not sporting a ring on her left ring finger.

wayofpeace said...

Silvergirl said... "My theory is that Bristol originally was going to give up Trig for adoption. As part of that theory, she had him in February 2008.

"It then took Sarah a while to figure out how to handle the fact that Trig had DS, and was not going to be adopted by anyone else. She concocted a story and began telling people she was pregnant in March.

"Trig was either a premie or small or both, and he had to stay in INCU for a month or so."

this narrative sounds plausible and it's one that explains BRISTOL's second pregnancy without the tight timing constrains.


AMY 1, like you, i wish SP would just take your advise and put all her cards on the table and walk away from the crazy story she's been living.

if not for her own well being, at least should do it for her children and her 2 grandsons.

KaJo said...

Diana, referring to your posting 9:51 PM yesterday:

I have to admit, aside from Audrey herself, you have to be the most clear-eyed and observant, logical-thinking, process-oriented commenter on this blog.

I agree with just about everything you posted in your timeline at Flickr, including the suppositions not based on direct observation (Bristol out of camera range at 2008 Iron Dog).

Picky detail, though -- You outlined: "Sarah withholds the information that she is 7 1/2 months pregnant...including from her children, friends and co-workers. Feb. 2008
Sarah is photographed and talked to co-workers and friends at 7 1/2 months pregnant and no one is able to tell she is pregnant. Feb. 2008"

When Palin announced her pregnancy March 5, 2008 (supposedly 29 weeks), didn't she say she was due in May 2008? (the birth Apr. 18 was supposedly at 35 weeks gestation)

So, shouldn't the timeline in the above be "6 to 6-1/2 months" in Feb. 2008?


You might also add in your commentary at the bottom of the Flickr timeline that despite SP's numerous complaints about the media distorting her statements and "attacking" her children, SHE persists in announcements and appearances designed for national exposure, and this Feb. 2009 Bristol interview was her latest use of her now-adult child as a tool for yet another political statement.

Mary G. said...

Truthseeker, can you fill me in on Sadie's dates? I have not kept up with that aspect of the case.
Congratulations, Diana!
And thanks to everyone for their intelligent commentary. As we have seen, it is worthwhile going back over some earlier newsreports, as they have some great and juicy details.

midnightcajun said...

Does anyone know the age of Heather's third child? There are three, right? The ever-present L, an autistic boy, and a third. How old is the he/she?

It does make sense to send a Bristol off to stay with sis in Anchorage for her pregnancy, thus avoiding having to leave a 17-yr-old alone during the week, plus keeping her away from 7-yr-old Piper and away from neighbors.

And Amy1, I have no problem with women being the main breadwinner of a family. I've always believed a marriage can generally only tolerate one "star", and Sarah is definitely the star in her marriage (so, ahem, am I!). What annoys the hell out of me is the false portrait she projects of herself as the quintessential hockey mom, living for her kids. I remember some fan with a microphone stuck in her face blathering, "I love her because she's just like me, a stay-at-home mom with lots of kids she's taught good, Christian values!" And I thought, WTF?

TruthPatrol said...

This link in regard to Sadie Johnston has been on the blog before but here it is again!

Lilybart said...

THAT makes NO SENSE. Why would a radical Christian with a large family and a secure job* keep hiding her belly?

*some women in business would hide it for their career, but a Gov can't be fired for being pregnant and supposedly she is proud of her large God-approved, go forth and multiply family.

KaJo said...

James asked, "Anyone else notice that Tripp only fussed and cried a little when Granny Sarah was flapping her gums?"

The poor infant's eardrums must be as sensitive as mine.

Ever since I first heard Sarah Palin's voice last September, I could barely bear to listen.

There's a certain shrill timbre to her speaking voice that just cuts right through me.


Amy1 (in your comment 11:30 PM 2/18), I can tell you one thing -- I'd have a lot more sympathy for Gov. Palin in her role as chief Palin breadwinner and trading off good parenting for her "servant's role" as Governor if she weren't such a blatant USER of people, ABUSER of people who don't agree with her -- a narcissistic liar and a media hound.

If she'd humbly declined the VP candidacy, saying she was looking at Alaska's future and seeing the direction of the economy would command all her attention for the remainder of her term as Governor, I could admire her for that -- but I probably wouldn't have noticed a selfless demurral like that because I never heard of her before last September.

P.S. I also agree with your conclusion in your answer to midnightcajun (@ 4:05 AM, yeah, you sure were insomniac! It happens to me a lot too).

Windy City Woman said...

Mom of one,
Thanks for the link to the British tabloid article! I don't often read tabloids here in the States, but would the American tabloids have equivalent articles about British politicians?
I am revisiting my theory that Sarah did not hire Sherry's lawyer because he is a non-Palin fan. Maybe she bit the bullet and hired him, knowing he's the best, in exchange for Sherry shutting her mouth about what she knows about Trig and other "family secrets." Blackmail, anyone?
Or maybe Track's girlfriend gave birth to Trig whom she gave to Sarah and Todd in exchange for that plum, "executive secretary" job.
Of course Sarah is annoyed about the unauthorized book that just came out. It reduces any interest the public--and a publisher--would have in any book she might "write" (have ghost-written), thus reducing the money she'd make off it, and reducing her next big opportunity to toot her own horn.
Regarding Willow as a candidate for being Trig's birth mom, when I was in middle school, 2 8th graders got pregnant, so it is possible. One was of average build (and came from a dysfunctional, "trailer trash" family); the other was obese. Don't know how far along the obese girl got, but she supposedly miscarried when falling off equipment in gym class. Of course that may be a false tale. I think the first girl dropped out; they used to make you do that back then. (OK, I'm showing my age.)

Amy1 said...

midnightcajun -- I could tell fr yr posts you were a star -- really! And I agree, that comment does belong in the WTF column -- except for the sad fact that so many people believe the same thing, identify with the image she has created.

TruthPatrol, thanks -- I completely missed the Mercede police thing.

But listen -- am I wrong in thinking that this link (documenting TWO pregs for BRistol) is just HUGE?

luna1580 said...


how the heck are you accessing sadie's current myspace? has she made you a "friend?" i haven't been on myspace in maybe a month, and have never searched for her, but i'd be dumbfounded if she, levi, bristol, everyone connected to them didn't set their pages to private a LONG time ago. i'd doubt that a page anyone could view was even legit at this point.

TruthPatrol said...

On a side note: I always thought that “churchy” people don’t like “shacking up”? If it is true that Levi was living at the Palin home isn’t that “shacking up”? I guess maybe SP isn’t as “churchy” as she wants everyone to think that she is!

Mary G. said...

Sorry, TruthPatrol for calling you Truthseeker--you are both informative posters!
The Lorenzo Benet interview is gold! I think I will have to read that book at some point--does it have any new pictures?
The answer Benet gave regarding Palin writing a "letter" 11 days before Trig's birth, outlining his "larger purpose" in life (how weird!) is a great revelation! Perhaps it is the longer version of the piece Palin wrote, signing off as "your creator" or whatever. But the timing is delightfully suspect! How does Benet know it was 11 days before Trig's birth? Does this mean his actual birth or the reported one? Maybe Trig's actual birthdate is 11 days before April 18.
I want to "dig" up some answers for Kajo and others who are wondering about Palin's whereabouts at the end of March--she was not exclusively in Anchorage or out of the public eye. She pretty much maintains a schedule of weeks in Juneau and weekends in Anchorage during the legislative session, with side trips to Fairbanks, L.A., Washington, D.C., and, of course, Texas!
By the way, it would not surprise me if Rex Butler is working "pro bono" for Sherry Johnston at this time....

Amy1 said...

The preg announcement story of Bristol's reported by SJ in the Brit tabloid could not be more different in every way than the one Bristol recounts in the GVS videos.

I think this is big. I wonder what the spin to deny that we are talking about two separate Bristol pregnancies will be.

Lilybart said...

My post got cut-off when I copied and pasted!

What I wanted to say was, the one thing I cannot get past is why Palin would continue to hide her pregnancy with scarves and coats on indoors, AFTER she told everyone.

She is proud of her large family, it is her claim to fame, so why hide another child?

jeanie said...

B said...

"She may have even told Levi, Sherry, and her dad different days so she would know who the press got a date from."

High-five, B! You're thinking on a whole other level of devious!! I like it!


B said...


1) Sarah probably felt she would be taken more seriously as Gov if she didn't emphasize being pregnant. Some men would be uncomfortable with a belly emphasized; many men would marginalize her, just as still happens throughout the workforce.

2) Sarah wanted to hide her belly even after her pregnancy was announced so that no one would notice it was fake.

jaddy said...

I was totally creeped out when SP talked about "loyal" friends. eww, who says that. And why do all the new baby pictures seem to be taken with a crappy camera phone? Maybe they learned their lesson on that front.

Does anyone think there's any importance to the obviously new-born Tripp with Trig in a Steelers sweatshirt? Was that a gift from Pennsylvania Republicans or some super-bowl partying? I also think it's pretty telling the lack of Christmas decorations around the new-born. And the fact Tripp was never brought out at that Jan interview.
If tiger woods can have publicity photos in ten days, what's up with the Palins? And don't forget the two babies are "8 months apart" so there is absolutely no way they could both have the same parent. Please can something happen, I don't think this dam hold anymore water.

Amy1 said...

I think one of my posts got lost: My most important post ever:

We now have TWO stories of the announcement to parents of Bristols's pregnancy, and they are so wildly different that they must be referring to TWO DIFFERENT PREGS -- of Bristol.

The one is the "harder than labor" announcement, reported on the CVS videos, where Bristol is nauseated, unable to speak, does not speak, the friend blurts it out to the parents, who are v serious.

The other is the one reported by the Brit tab per SJ's report: Bristol saying "ha ha I'm preg," waving the preg test around, a disbelieving SP giggling, etc.

So this means two pregs for Bristol! Who reported the "harder than labor" announcement as being for Tripp, when it must have been for Trig, with all the dark facts undoubtedly surrounding his conception. The dark facts that make SP maintain the fiction -- even now -- that she was preg with Trig.

Only the Tripp preg could be announced by the "ha ha I'm preg" story.

So if Bristol has announced two pregs to her parents, and if SP had one preg, and there are only two babies . . . .

I think this is it -- the next dot that connects to the "SP was not preg" photos and supports that reality with further data.

Am I right? Or am I right?

(so this time my word is "diaster." Yep: almost disaster -- for SP.)

Ohio mom said...

If it weren't for the lightened, supposedly pregnant photos of Sarah, I would throw up my hands and say, "Whatever!" However, those photos are impossible to ignore. I think everyone who posts here agrees that there is no way that flat belly could belong to a 44 year-old woman in the seventh month of her fifth pregnancy.

So, who had Trig?

Bristol? The ages of both babies can be manipulated so Bristol could be the mom. My friend had two full term babies 10 months apart, so it does happen. Once it was determined that Trig was a DS baby, life-long health care became an immediate concern. Sarah can provide that.

When Sarah told the reporter in late February that Bristol wasn't pregnant, perhaps she should have said that Bristol wasn't pregnant anymore. Perhaps Trig was a premie born very early at Mat-Su, not expected to live and transferred to the NICU in Anchorage as Baby Boy Doe. Maybe 16 year-old (at time of conception) Bristol had been taken advantage of by some older man, thus explaining Dr. CBJ's involvement and protection of her patient.

Trig survive's and thrives. Now Sarah has a baby to explain, decides to claim it as her own so Bristol can go on with her life and not be forever tied to whomever the father is. Sarah makes up or her father mistates her reason for the hurried trip home, not realizing that doctors and mothers everywhere would find her story preposterous.

Meanwhile, Bristol has been through hell. She returns home at the same time Trig appears. She misses the second semester of school - it's too late to go back now, but they'll say she's been taking correspondence courses, which seems to be de rigeur in Alaska. Levi either knows the whole story and has been supportive or has no idea what happened, but is happy that Bristol is back.

Bristol shocks everyone by becoming pregnant again. Sarah is still very worried that it will come out that she faked a pregnancy and that Trig is really Bristol's. When that rumor needs to be explained by the campaign, illogical Sarah plays her ace in the hole. Bristol can't be the mom cause she is pregnant right now with a baby due in December.

As Sarah challenges people to do the math, she doesn't realize she looks as crazy for "throwing her daughter under the bus" as she did for taking her "wild ride." (We are all very lucky that this woman is not making life altering decisions for all of us. I hope Alaskans can survive her governorship.)

If Dr. CBJ is protecting Bristol or another patient, her fuzzy, imprecise letter and continued silence make perfect sense. (I doubt that she would ever be forced to perjure herself to protect a patient. She could explain herself in the judge's chambers or testify in closed court.)

It's great that this blog has readers from Alaska. Could one of you please contact Anne Kilkenny in Wasilla and ask her why she is so sure that Sarah is Trig's mom? Is everyone protecting an underage mother (not necessarily Bristol) who may have been abused?

B said...


I agree the two conflicting accounts of the announcing of Bristol's pregnancy are a big deal.

Sherry's version will be explained away as "Tabloids make things up," perhaps together with hints like, "Remember, she's on drugs."

Truthseeker2 said...

Amy1, you are right and I agree that this is another important indication that they were talking about two different pregnancies -- just like the discrepancies in the Heather Bruce account of Bristol living in Anchorage and going to West HS when she was pregnant. I am at this point convinced that Bristol was pregnant twice.

jaddy said...

just posting this because it has been misquoted twice:

VAN SUSTEREN: What is -- trig is what, about 8 months older, 6 months older? April to December?

BRISTOL PALIN: Yes, I think he's 8 months older.,2933,495306,00.html

It is still a strange exchange and Bristol's response is tinged with a sort of sadness. Almost as if that the answer is the one made up by SP and not the truth. I also thought her response to where Levi was "today" seemed a bit convoluted and sad. If they are getting married, why wouldn't they both be interviewed especially since she says earlier that he is a hands-on dad who sees Tripp every day?

Mom of One, Esq. said...

Not for nothing, but I do agree the two vastly different pregnancy revelation stories is a huge thing. There is no way to spin that unless you say the interview didn't happen, SJ was misquoted, or SJ lied. HOWEVER, my understanding is that British libel law is much tougher than US law and so I would think that even tabloids might operate under strict standards.

Somewhat off topic, but IMO Ms. Delusions of Grandeur was treated so much better by the media than she ever deserved. Which makes the Ziegler documentary and her interview for it so much more infuriating. If anyone got a free pass it was her. No less than three times did she exhibit a fundamental lack of knowledge of what the VP position required or entailed. At one point she even thought her role would be to get together with Congress and make laws and policy. She is a dangerous moron and I always thought her selection by McCain was best described as a near-treasonous farce.

Anyway, what led me thinking about this was that one of my favorite articles on her farce of a candidacy was a British Guardian article right after the VP debate, first couple of paragraphs below for your enjoyment. Thankfully we had Hilary or young girls everywhere might think SP is what a female politician looks like.

"At least three times last night, Sarah Palin, the adorable, preposterous vice-presidential candidate, winked at the audience. Had a male candidate with a similar reputation for attractive vapidity made such a brazen attempt to flirt his way into the good graces of the voting public, it would have universally noted, discussed and mocked. Palin, however, has single-handedly so lowered the standards both for female candidates and American political discourse that, with her newfound ability to speak in more-or-less full sentences, she is now deemed to have performed acceptably last night.

By any normal standard, including the ones applied to male presidential candidates of either party, she did not. Early on, she made the astonishing announcement that she had no intentions of actually answering the queries put to her. "I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear, but I'm going to talk straight to the American people and let them know my track record also," she said.

And so she preceded, with an almost surreal disregard for the subjects she was supposed to be discussing, to unleash fusillades of scripted attack lines, platitudes, lies, gibberish and grating references to her own pseudo-folksy authenticity.

It was an appalling display. The only reason it was not widely described as such is that too many American pundits don't even try to judge the truth, wisdom or reasonableness of the political rhetoric they are paid to pronounce upon. Instead, they imagine themselves as interpreters of a mythical mass of "average Americans" who they both venerate and despise."

TruthPatrol said...

to luna: for clarity sake, I spoke about the TriggyBear picture comments that were posted on different links and such back in September 2008 and I spoke about Sadie’s boyfriend’s MySpace page that is still public! I won’t comment on anything else that you asked!

Littl' Me said...

One more thing about SP and her putting her kids/grandkids into the limelight:
WHO was it that brought in Tripp during the GVS interview? WHO was it that supposedly grabbed him out of the arms of 'the other' grandmother??

Anonymous said...

Nice summary, Ohio Mom. Only thing I'd add is that I bet you anything Bristol was breastfeeding Trig and didn't think she could get pregnant again. . .hence the hysterical laughter following her announcement of the second pregnancy.

Every once and a while, I need these summaries (Thank you all.) to keep my head on straight, as the spinning continues.

LOVE the Guardian quote. The writing is almost as fine as Audrey's.

I also enjoyed the mention of the multiple due dates from Sarah (never sticking to the same story twice is an old con man's trick) AND the note about the release of photos of Tiger's new son. Tiger knows which way his bread is buttered, and he performs his media duties with grace. But of course, he is a Stanford graduate.

Amy1 said...

I bet part of the pre-plea-bargain negotations or whatever it is Rex Butler will do, that he does so well to get the best deal for the guilty -- I bet it will be getting SJ to agree to say she didn't say the "ha ha I'm preg story" to the Brit tab, and then SJ will want something back from SP ($?, right to see her grandkid[s]? a little help to let the drug dealing business operate unhampered? who knows with such a convoluted, evil life?).

So they (SJ, SP) will agree, SP will pay Rex, SJ will agree to whatever legal punishment without blabbing, and no need for a public trial, and terms and conditions are sealed, away from the prying eyes of the great unwashed, like us. Is this right, lawyers?

But I can't believe the luck! and the sharp eyed skills of Mom of One, Esq, for finding this article. It just puts the almost-proof of two pregs for Bristol right into our laps, and adds another set of reinforcements to the photos that SHOW CONCLUSIVELY that SP was never preg.

Unless there is a third baby. I bet SP is shopping around for one right now.

midnightcajun said...

I could buy the whole hiding-her-pregnant-belly-to -be-taken-seriously thing if she didn't make it a point after April 21st to drag that baby around with her every where she went. What about "men" not taking a woman with a baby in a nursing sling seriously? Or how about constantly dragging the whole gang up on stage with her?

Everyone see how she's now going to go out to the starving Native Alaskan villages with Telechristians in tow, making a big media splash of playing concerned governor to a situation she's ignored for five weeks? (picture me gnashing my teeth here; you just know the media is going to let her get away with the pose)

Her kids are her badge, her proof that she's a pro-life, go-forth-and-multiply Christian. If she'd really been pregnant, she would have been flashing that belly at every chance she got.

B said...

As to Palin hiding Bristol's first pregnancy to keep her VP hopes alive, Trailblazer has her meeting with McCain about it in February:

***According to the new book, the Alaska governor learned that she was on the vice-presidential shortlist at a February 2008 governors’ meeting in Washington — six months earlier than recounted in a statement released in August by the McCain campaign.

But Benet’s account has been disputed by Palin . . .

“She had spent the previous few weeks increasing her national profile,” an advance copy of the book reads. “She had traveled to Washington, D.C., for the National Governors’ Conference, where she met privately with John McCain and learned she was on the short list as a running mate.” ***

B said...

midnightcajun, I don't think Palin drags her kids around the legislature. That's where I think her pregnancy could have hurt her authority -- if it wasn't already hurt enough by her incompetence.

Truthseeker2 said...

Not that it matters too much, but based on Bristol's story, I think that the announcement waving the test results must have been the first pregnancy, not the second. I suspect the first time, Bristol might have been pure acting out in classic teenage fashion -- but the second time would have been pretty mind-boggling after the trouble SP went to, to feign being pregnant. Given Sarah's fearsome reputation, I can only imagine how scary it must have been for Bristol to tell her that she was pregnant again. I doubt they would have treated this as a joke, especially knowing that the first baby had DS. Fortunately, by this time Bristol and Levi had seen Juno, so they had a better idea of how to break the news...

(I think Levi is father to both kids because I don't see him kissing Trig if he were someone else's child -- and the timeline fits for when they were seeing each other and for comments by people who knew about their relationship.)

I also don't buy the idea that SP hired Rex Butler for SJ. Why would she hire someone with whom there is no love lost? Too risky to put the highly-charged information that the Johnstons have about Sarah into the hands of someone who is part of the political opposition. It is more likely that SJ and family arranged this to put SP on the defensive herself so they could leverage some of what they want from her. Or Butler may have approached them with an arrangement on fees that worked for their situation (like deferring fees until the case was resolved or unless/until they sold their story to NE).

The idea that CBJ is covering for her teenage patient and that is reasonable justification for lying is pure spin. If Trig's father is Levi, it's my understanding that the legal situation is one of consenting minors -- not child abuse. The idea that this very typical unwed mother situation (which is not new to the Heath-Palin family) somehow would justify all the lies and intrigue is weak rationalization. If it's a hoax, CBJ bears the responsibility for her role in perpetrating it. Whereas I agree that most doctors won't push this with other doctors, I think the loaded politics of this situation may cause someone, sometime to blow the whistle. Then CBJ's reputation will be in the gutter.

Mary G. said...

In the spirit of reviewing some older evidence (and comparing it to Bristol's words recently in the Greta VS interview), I recall this article which sets out a strange timetable--both the "rumors were rampant last summer" and the "last January Bristol transferred to a different school without explaining this to the principal": Of course, we all recall that Bristol was seldom sighted, let alone heard from, during the campaign.

Amy1--Sherry J will probably do a plea bargain, as that is typical, but the governor will have nothing to do with it. So trying to extract a promise of silence from Sherry Johnston will not occur in that venue, at least. The lawyer seems to have been a critic of Palin in the past, so I don't know why he'd mediate this kind of deal (even though I don't think it would be possible).

Bristol actually changed her pregnancy revelation story even in the course of the interview--from the sobbing hysterically then best friend (un-named--shall we help her out here?) blurting out, to "we were all surprised." I love the fact that astute readers noted the similarity of the first scenario to a movie! I like the director's cut better--flinging the "positive" pregnancy stick at her mother.

jeanie said...

Transcript from the Greta/SP exchange:

"And I'm proud of Bristol for accepting the help, too, that's being offered her by her grandmother, her great-grandma, her great-great-grandma"

Okay, SP is 45 - let's do some more math and see how old that fifth-generation is. We have SP's parents at 69 and 70, their parents at, conservatively, 89 or 90? and one of THEIR parents at - hmm 109? Wow! Either SP has some great longevity genes, or the tradition of teenage pregnancy goes WAY back in that family!!

Is there really a fifth generation helping out? Or is SP just confusing Bristol's great-great-grandma with what is actually Tripp/Trig's great-great-grandma?

Betsy S said...

A wonderful wrap-up from Ohio Mom.
There's an item that I can't remember being brought into play. The disastrous weather on April 17th in Juneau and a massive power failure. Might this have been a trigger for the wild ride--I know hospitals have generators, but if Trig had been sequestered at home in some apparatus, it could be an excuse for a sudden change of scenario, and an instant disclosure of the hastily presented Trig. A few additions to the story (leaking amnio) would promote the Hardy Pioneer Mom image. We all can agree that it would never do to have a potential VP candidate with a very pregnant unmarried teenager, particularly a candidate with such fundi leanings.

NY tabloid chick said...

*** Dangerous said...
In an 'unauthorized biography', the subject typically has not been interview by the biographer. He or she may take already published quotes and repeat them, and they may interview others who claim to quote the subject.

The point is there will probably be little documented evidence of anything, and I would be suspicious of quotes of quotes of quotes. People quoted the book; they don't have to check the accuracy of the any assertions or quotes made in the book.

In casual parlance, 'unauthorized biography' is equivalent to fiction based on a real person, especially one of a living subject that gushes -- as the title suggests. Even the publisher doesn't need to verify facts, since it represents the author's conjecture. They would probably just try to be sure that there is nothing libelous. Simply getting something wrong is not sufficient for liability.***

Ordinarily yes, but.... Sarah has a good relationship with People. Benet, the writer, is a People editor. Benet interviewed SP's family and friends to write this book. This is not the distance that's common in an unauthorized, no-cooperation type of biography. If SP repudiates the book, she is by proxy repudiating People's writing staff, who are the only MSM folks (who aren't right-wing tools like Faux) who've stood by her and fawned over her. This is rather huge; if she turns against People she's losing her only non-wingnut allies. I work for another tabloid; I have been pushing hard to convince them that this whole fraud is a story that's worth telling. I have been showing around the pix and timeline and talking up this site and others (and among the people I've shown this to, not ONE believes SP birthed Trig), and I'm hoping that a rift between SP and People might just open up an opportunity for this story to go somewhere... not just where I work, although I do believe it's going to take a tabloid to get this out there a la John Edwards.

NY tabloid chick said...

*** Tully said...
I remember that Sarah said something during the campaign about hoping that Bristol would adopt an "advocate" role regarding teen mothers. Interesting that Bristol used that same word in the Fox interview, especially since the word doesn't really fit. SP has written the script and continues to direct as well as star in the production. ***

And how about this one from the Greta transcript, which is word-for-word from Sarah's press release when she announced Bristol's (second) pregnancy:
BRISTOL PALIN: They were scared just because I have to -- I had to grow up a lot faster than they ever would have imagined.

luna1580 said...


palin and her supporters have made several references to her having piper at her office in juneau (famously the in the one about "dick cheney being on the phone.")

who knows what she's done since with trig, i'm hoping the piper references weren't from times she should have been in school, but who knows?

also, everyone i don't know how much stock we can really put in the varying "telling mom" stories -the brit rag is quite a tabloid, and the greta interview shows clear signs of many potential fabrications.

not trying to be a kill-joy, just reminding that we're pitting "gossip" against another questionable story (it's not like levi, "the best friend," or todd confirmed either story.) so we have sherry's "reported hearsay" of some event, vs. a bristol/sarah "story" of some event.

looks like further proof that at least one story is a lie or has been misreported, not necessarily proof of 2 truly reported events.

luna1580 said...

Betsy S-

we're operating on the assumption that trig must have been born in the general anchorage area (mat-su valley/wasilla is basically a suburb 45 minutes away.)

juneau is a plane ride away- i don't think anyone thinks trig was born there. the idea was if willow or piper was in school there it would've been hard for them to be with SP at mat-su regional medical center in palmer (another mat-su "suburb") at the time of trig's reported birth.

Becky said...

Re: Possibility of Willow being the mother.

I worked in a middle school. There is no way Willow could have hid a pregnancy. Every states has HRPA laws, but news like that always travels around a school.

Teachers and staff probably wouldn't keep quiet about it and if any single one of the kids found out, it'd be all over the world.

Middle school is very social. No one is a lone wolf by their own choice.

Re: Bristol transferring schools.

Around here, we would enroll a child in school without a transcript, but we had to have proof of residency. Grades sometimes didn't come in on kids until a month later.

Standard protocol would be for the Palins to officially withdraw Bristol from Wasilla's school. There were a few times a child jumped ship and we found out a couple of weeks later when a transfer request came, but that was rare. There is paperwork to filled out to withdraw a child.

If she was never formally withdrawn and/or a transcript was never requested, Wasilla would have been woefully neglect not to notice she's missing. Part of No Child Left Behind are strenous attendance checks.

TruthPatrol said...

I guess I took the Bristol (Fox interview) and Sherry’s (Europe tabloid) versions of Bristol telling the pregnancy news of Tripp differently than some of the posters here so here is my opinion on that subject. I think that the stories are similar and here is why: Bristol, Levi & friend are trying to decide what to do with the news and the pregnancy test is in hand for proof, Bristol is goofing around with them about it but then the time comes for the telling to her parents and she just sits there silent, then friend bursts out the news to Bristol’s parents, SP just starts laughing for whatever reason and doesn’t want to believe it (some people react with laughter when things are sprung on them), Bristol has a moment of go for it and says yes mother my friend is telling you the truth and pops off the couch and waves the pregnancy test in front of SP, then whatever and the kids tell Sherry a condensed story of the events because she wasn’t there and that is the story that Sherry tells the tabloid.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Teal at 2/18/09 at 11:25 PM came across something that I think will add several clues to the list. Teal had a link to the Alaska Magazine article for the February 2008 issue. Here is the link again (I don’t know how to do a tinyurl yet, sorry!):


or PDF File:
I have used underline and bold font to point out the information I believe has significance, and my remarks are in parenthesis.
The first paragraph describes this interview taking place in Sarah Palin’s kitchen in their Wasilla home: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin stands in her kitchen wearing a black skirt and silver-sequined sweater, dressed for the gala she is about to attend. In front of her are a BlackBerry and a cell phone, devices that rarely leave her side. It’s her favorite room in the large but unpretentious home her husband, Todd, designed and built five years ago. In the kitchen, 6-year-old daughter Piper’s artwork dominates the décor in an otherwise modern, black-counter-topped room that opens into the rest of the living space. (This interview had to be between late December 2007 and probably mid-January 2008. I do not know Piper’s birthday, but she was 6 at this time.)

The fifth paragraph of the article states: Across the room, the front door bursts open and Bristol, 17 and the second-oldest of the Palins’ four children, rushes in. She’s a younger version of her mother, with the same striking, dark eyes and hair that have earned Palin a reputation as “the hottest governor in the country.” (So Bristol is at the Wasilla home during this time period, not at her aunt’s, and apparently not terribly will with mono, but probably wearing a winter coat upon bursting through the font door. I wonder if the interviewer, Melissa DeVaughn, happened to notice anything about Bristol?)

And further in the article: When a reporter and photographers from Vogue magazine came to Alaska in December to do a story on her, Palin was sure she disappointed them. “In the interview you could tell that the writer was trying to get me to focus on the gender and appearance issues, but I kept talking about energy and national security, and not relying on foreign sources of energy,” Palin said. (This leads me to believe that this Alaska Magazine interview takes place in January 2008 since Vogue was there in December.)

And further in the article: And she has gained notoriety online as well., a political blog, seems obsessed with Palin, admiring not only her appearance (she’s a Tina Fey look-alike, the blog claims) but appreciating the simple fact that she is not, as it reports, “one of those creepy old men” in politics. Another blog,, likes her so much it has started a grass-roots campaign to get her elected as the nation’s next vice president. (From this article of this February 2008 magazine, Sarah Palin KNEW that there was a grass-roots campaign for her to run as vice-president. It was no secret to her as far back as January/February 2008, and perhaps this is the ultimate reason she decided to make the drastic decision to fake a pregnancy to hide the political embarrassment of her teen daughter’s pregnancy.)

Further in the article: In her office, Palin continues to pace near the television screen, watching the legislators while she conducts her usual, day-to-day business. An aide brings a letter for her to sign, which she does after reading it closely and clarifying one point. Representatives from the National Education Association present her with a framed promotional poster that shows the governor sitting in a chair, reading a story with Piper on her lap. Later, she has an impromptu meeting with the British consul from San Francisco, here on a cruise vacation with his wife. (Can we find out what day the British consul from San Francisco visited Sarah, or when the NEA presented her with the poster?)

And further in the article: On this day, Todd Palin is preparing to change into work clothes and help oversee construction of a community playground in Juneau. (I was hoping I could find something about this playground and if there was any publicity for Tod Palin.)

And further in the article: It is the last day of the 25th Legislative session, and Palin sits in her office watching lawmakers at work via a television mounted in a mahogany-colored cabinet. (I think the interviewer misspoke by saying the “last” day. Maybe she meant the first day beginning January 15, 2008 of the special session. Can any of you Alaskans clear that up?)

And further in the article: Bristol, upon returning from a shopping trip in Anchorage, received Palin’s nod of approval for the $15 dress she bought for the night’s gala they were about to attend. No need for a $300 gown, Palin said. But when Bristol revealed she spent $30 on leg waxing—“That was supposed to be gas money,” Todd Palin said disapprovingly—the governor wasn’t too happy, either. (What gala were they going to that Sarah wore a black skirt and silver sequined sweater – see first paragraph above- because apparently Bristol also went to the gala because she just bought a dress for the gala. Can anyone find a picture of this gala and Sarah wearing that outfit? And any pictures of Bristol at that gala????)

And finally, here is the last paragraph of the Vogue February 2008 article in which it is again mentioned as early as December 2007/January 2008, whenever this article was written, about Palin as a Republican vice-presidential candidate. Sarah KNEW back then that she was a hopeful for vice president: There's a small but vocal cabal (the press calls them "Palinistas") who like to mention her as a national star, maybe even a Republican vice-presidential candidate. That seems unlikely—with only 670,000 residents, Alaska delivers fewer voters than a medium-size city in middle America. Whatever the plan, Palin herself isn't saying. "Right now, I'm just so grateful to be serving out this term. Beyond that? Dang, that's a long time away."
"Sarah Palin" has been edited for; the complete story appears in the February 2008 issue of Vogue.

I apologize for the length, but there was so much information from just this one article that I think we can narrow down dates and places. I have discovered that bold and underline does not show up upon preview.


Truthseeker2 said...

One thing that jumped out at me in the GVS-BP interview was how Bristol is obviously a liar-in-training but has not yet graduated from the course. She's very uncomfortable in this role and it shows. It always seems so "interesting" when someone like Sarah, who would impose her religious righteousness on others, doesn't have much in the way of core values. I mean, telling the truth is a pretty religious tenet,isn't it? Yet Sarah is apparently running boot camp for lying, and her daughter is the number one recruit.

penny said...

Bravo (Truthseeker2)Diana!

You nailed it!
A new abuela, and a smarty pants :)!

I'm thinking SJ was not on SP's list of "friends" during the second pregnancy revelation, and this would not have been an announcement that ANYONE would have found amusing. I'm thinking SJ thought how the kids announced Trig's pregnancy was pretty tame news which coild easily be inserted into the current pregnancy saga. She could get paid for this interview, being that it was European paper, heck no one in Alaska can see them from their houses! I think SJ felt like she was desrving of some of the good life everyone else was getting treated to. This little interview wouldn't ruffle too many feathers. I guess they have never delt with the likes of Mary G!!!

This interview was timed to coincide with the release of the book about SP, and she just couldn't help herself! Had to stick her "face on hunched-over body" into the shot and talk about those helpful centenarian great-great grandparents.

When this book first came out, I found it was published by "Threshold Editions, a conservative publishing imprint of Simon and Schuster, owned by CBS since 2005." Perhaps all you legal eagles can lend your input, but let me give it a go...Sarah is interviewed for this book through her scripted (by SP) relatives and other mouthpieces. It is an unauthorized biography, simply so there would be no conflict of income. I think she really thought this was a great idea, and she could really get some of her truths out, once again, not thinking them through, oops! Now that lies have begotten more lies, their contradictions are in the spotlight and it's time to deny and back peddle. She had her cohorts blast the book, and now she is blasting it. Not good, as you say, NYTabloidchick. The gullible MSM outlets who have continued to support her may not appreciate that.

Rex Butler certainly does not sound like he would take this on, only to settle quietly, I'm thinking he saw his opportunity to be the one that helps give the world the ultimate "reveal!"

I admit, I wanted to believe the CBJ theory of protecting someone in a situation that she was well-versed in, just because you would think there might be a good guy somewhere in this mess, but Levi just gives Trig too much daddy-love for that. CBJ has been dragged out to sea in Riptide Sarah. She made some bad decisions and will have to pay.

If you have not browsed over at Immoral Minority, please do. Our brave hero is wading through the latest tome, so that we can all learn what other contradictions it contains. Plus, this fellow is so funny! We all need a little chuckle each day, so please check it out!

It feels like our team is working like a well-oiled machine and the end could be near for Bible Spice!

Congratulations again Diana!


Anonymous said...

Tabloid Chick--

So glad you're back. I feel better knowing you're out there somewhere pushing the story. Nice explanation on the "unauthorized bio." That would happen, wouldn't it, if you'd talking and talked, and then what you said came back to bite you? Being Sarah, that does seem to happen more often than not.

Also, it seems to me that there are more AK residents than ever on here. Another reassuring sign.

To those of you who hope that Bristol will someday spring free: she's steeped in the religious indoctrination that parents know best. But couple that with constant indulgence (waxed legs and appearing at galas with mom) and i'm afraid Bristol's fate is sealed. She's totally enmeshed in her family's lies and culture of deceit. Just look at the family tradition of unwed pregnancies. . .

midnightcajun said...

I think we've seen enough journalists confuse Bristol and Willow that the Alaska Magazine article reference to "Bristol" coming in with a new dress needs to be taken with a grain of salt. There seems to have been a window in there, 2007-early 2008, when Willow very quickly went from being the kid we see in the B-in-green sweater, to getting her braces off, having a growth spurt, and suddenly looking like a very pretty young woman. I've even seen a picture of Willow in a red sweatshirt and braces used to illustrate an article about Bristol being pregnant (bet Willow loved that). But I agree, it would be worth it to hunt up the Palin women in those clothes.

And Headtrip Honey, I KNOW they're called safe haven laws. I'm from a family that's made the military a career for four generations. The phrase was in quotes because a policeman at the scene used it, and I thought it was oddly fitting.

Blogger is acting up, so my apologies if this is going through twice.

TruthPatrol said...

My opinion on the Alaska Magazine article is that it was Bristol since the reporter talked about gas money. Bristol was driving age, Willow was not.

LisanTX said...

Dangerous and others:

Here is a link to a large picture of Willow in Alaska Magazine from the article discussed in recent posts:

I believe that the picture was taken in Juneau when Sarah walked outside the Governor's Mansion to the bus stop to meet Willow coming home from school. The publication date was Feb. 2008, so it is likely the picture were taken in Jan. 2008.

There is other information that has been published; it will just take awhile to find it again.

LisanTX said...

If you don't already check the Alaska blogs for info. on SP, today there is a post on Andrew Halcro's blog about the connection between Greta VS, her husband, John Coale, and Palin.

Knowing this type of background information can be helpful to the readers of this blog, as we search for the truth regarding the pregnancy and birth story. Having the big picture in mind helps when trying to put the puzzle pieces together.

Here is the link:

Lots of new information floating around!

Mom in PA said...

"The interesting question for me has been: What happened around early March to cause Sarah to announce? It had to be either something to do with Trig, or perhaps she got an exciting phone call from Cheney and decided not to have an unwed daughter with a baby."

I believe what happened was that Palin met McCain at the GOP gov's convention in late Feb 2008. It may have taken a few days to figure out how to best spin the situation, and playing the prolife, even with a DS pregnancy, bought her a bunch sympathy and respect from her "base".

I'd read months ago that Palin claimed to have had an amnio in early Dec 2007, and found out at that time that Trig had DS. Which raises the question: Why have a procedure that could cause spontaneous aborting of the fetus that late into the pregnancy? Even if Trig was "due" in May, Palin would have been into her 4th month at that point.

Of course, such speculation presupposes that the amnio story has any truth to it, which in Palin's case is a huge leap.

Original Lee said...

There are definitely some good theories here.

I'll have to confess that I was originally very skeptical about the fake pregnancy story and just assumed that SP had attempted an Irish abortion, but after reading a couple of blogs and seeing Audrey's photo timeline, I am now very skeptical that SP is Trig's mom. It's still possible, but it's very unlikely, and I would actually have more sympathy for her covering up for her daughter than for her endangering her baby.

One question: is there any video of SP walking from early 2008? I think Dee has a good point that we should check to see (if possible) if SP was moving like a pregnant woman or not.

Willow vs. Bristol as Trig's mom: while Dangerous has constructed a good theoretical case, I think Occam's Razor leads us to Bristol as Trig's mom, rather than Willow. Don't forget that Willow would have been well below the age of consent at the time, and the doctor would have been required to report the pregnancy to law enforcement. Given how many LE officials don't feel real kindly toward SP right now, I think it would be extremely difficult for the report NOT to leak out by now.

Additionally, the Palins just need to fudge the birthdays a couple of weeks for each baby in order for their version of events to be plausible. If Trig was born a little early in late March 2008 and Tripp a little early in early January 2009, it is very easy for Bristol to be the mother for both.

As to motive, SP knew she was on the GOP short list for VP back in February 2008. Even if she didn't land the VP slot, she could have expected a nomination at DOE or Commerce; in a majority-GOP Congress that was a logical expectation back then, an unwed teenage mom in the family would have not been a resume-enhancer. Prior to SP gaining attention at a national level, it wouldn't have been as big a deal - IIRC, the teen pregnancy rates in Alaska are quite high. Which is why, I think, she announced her pregnancy when she did but started wearing "pregnancy camouflage" somewhat prior to that.

Just my 2 cents.

Dangerous said...

To LisaTX:

Thank you for the link to the picture. At least it's new evidence, though hardly conclusive.

January in Juneau? Probably not since it is Alaska and the kid's in a T-shirt. I'm guessing it was from a few months earlier. These article can be in the works for months before publication.

In the second picture, the girl identified as Willow I don't think is her. But it could just be an older picture, since they would have moved into the mansion in January 2007, not 2008. So the pictures could be from any time after that, but certainly before January 2008. If so, it's unlikely Willow would be showing anything a sweatshirt couldn't cover.

If anyone else can produce new evidence, I appreciate and will comment on it. If Willow went to school in Juneau from Jan-May 2008, there should be lots of people who can confirm it. I agree with the other commenter who said that she couldn't hide a pregnancy while attending school. Therefore, proof of school attendance during that time(not an honor roll listing in the newspaper, which is hearsay) would be proof she isn't Trig's mother.


Ivyfree said...

"Lorenzo Benet: Sarah Palin was keeping Trig. She wrote a letter 11 days before he was born that I quote in the book about Trig's larger purpose in life and with the Palin family, so she was keeping him.

**** I'm not sure if I've ever heard about this letter before. Maybe it was circulated among family?"

What would be the purpose of such a letter? Sarah didn't tell her family that the baby was Down's; she claimed she had to work it through. Famously, the family found out after Trig was born. So who did she write a letter to, and why would such an avid pro-lifer feel it necessary to discuss the baby's "larger purpose in life?" Who would need to be told this, to the point where she'd write an 11-page letter? (She's not really very articulate and while I haven't read much of her writing, her grammar and spelling is a bit idiosyncratic.) Wouldn't a fundamentalist Christian prolifer believe that everyone has a purpose in life? (I ask because I honestly don't "get" Christianity in general and fundamentalism in particular.) So she wrote a letter... why? Would she say that the baby has Down's and this is what his greater purpose is? This baby is ours and his greater purpose is? If you got an 11 page letter from a family member, discussing her expected child's larger purpose, wouldn't you go WTF? I would take it as meaning that this is a pregnant woman who is seriously conflicted.

KaJo said...

In ProChoiceGrandma's link to the ALASKA MAGAZINE article, I noticed in the PDF on page 4 that one paragraph starts with "Thinking For Herself: It is the last day of the 25th Legislative session, and Palin sits in her office watching lawmakers at work via a television mounted in a mahogany-colored cabinet..." that right? The article is in the February 2008 issue of ALASKA. I Googled that date, and guess what? The first item in the Google list is the Flickr picture of "Myself, Governor Palin, Press Secretary McAllister" supposedly dated April 13, 2008.

How weird is THAT?

I also noticed that Audrey wrote about this ALASKA MAGAZINE article in her blog post of October 13, 2008. Her notes are quite informative, as are "Amy's" comments thereafter. See this blog by "Joe".

Truthseeker2 said...

Just so we can keep each other straight, Diana is not me... (and congrats Diana and hope you are enjoying your new grand-baby).

wayofpeace said...

NO WONDER SP is not all that happy about the book.


All we need to know about Sarah Palin may have been demonstrated on the Wasilla middle school basketball court.

More from the book "Trailblazer"

"She ran around like a rabid little thing" (Cheryl) Welch recalled. "She did not like to lose and sometimes cried after losses. She was very petulant and formidable -- there was no stopping her.

We'd be practicing and drilling -- she wanted the ball so badly she would get red in the face and scratch and claw until you just wanted to say, "Here, take the ball."

When i heard they nicknamed her Sarah Barracuda after the way she played on the basketball court, I thought, "Wow, perfect."

Welch said that even after she left middle school, her experience with Sarah Heath stayed with her forever. "She struck me as too competitive and didn't strike any balance in her life.

What she wanted, she really wanted, and no one was going to tell her no. She acted like she was everyone's favorite." (Chapter two pg. 28-29)

B said...

NY Tabloid Check, I'm so glad to see you are still with us! Thanks for your efforts. Palin's people denounced Benet's story that Palin met with McCain in Feb. and knew she was on the short list. Maybe they will denounce more and have a falling out with People.

B said...

Bristol's choice to "advocate" and "grow up too fast" aren't the first time Sarah has written her script. The Tripp announcement quoted B as saying something like he was perfect and she couldn't imagine life without him. Whatever the words they were carbon copies of what Sarah said eight months earlier about Trig.

I heard that Gov. Palin advocated comprehensive sex ed that included abstinence. If so maybe there's not as much irony/hypocrisy with Bristol's situation as I thought.

B said...

An experienced lawyer like Rex Butler will try to make the charges against Sherry go away quietly if possible. That is best for Sherry, and happens to be best for Sarah as well. It's even best for his reputation and marketing.

If there is a trial, it will just be negative attention that Palin would rather avoid, not the chance for all lies to be revealed. I don't think dirt about the Palins would be relevant to whether Sherry sold Oxycontin.

B said...


I think Sarah misspoke and meant that the help was from Tripp's grandmother, great-grandma, and great-great-grandma, not Bristol's. I've seen a photo in the book Sarah of the girls with Todd's mother and her mother (the Yupik).

Aleya said...


I have been following your site closely for a few months now and really admire the investigative reporting that you present. I think Palin should be subjected to the scrutiny and in the past you have made excellent points about her wild ride story and her subsequent secrecy around Trig Palin and no evidence of the birth of Tripp (whats with these names anyway?).

However, I have to say that I disagree with some of the conclusions you and your research assistant is making about the analysis of the CBJ letter. First, lets take the issue that CBJ didn’t release the letter the McCain Palin campaign did. However, since CBJ’s medical reputation and license were on the line, she had a medical ethics obligation to refute anything incorrect stated with her name assigned to it. Palin openly stated in her emails to Pat Dougherty that CBJ was indeed the author of the “medical summary.” This assertion was published in Pat’s paper and therefore it is public knowledge. Now if it is CBJ’s argument that she was not the author of the final version or that there are inaccuracies in the final version that she did not authorize, then it is her responsibility to speak up. Intentionally remaining silent will indeed be hazardous to her medical practice as your assistant pointed out several medical ethics provisions.

In your analysis of the CBJ letter, you pointed out that the language was ambiguous about Sarah’s motherhood of Trig. However, it is my position that the language was consistent with the way Sarah’s biological connection to her other kids were defined the same way as her biological connection to Trig Palin. The letter’s language was, “She had four term deliveries in 1989, 1990, 1994, and 2000 and one pre-term delivery at 35 weeks of gestation in 2008.” Thus, the statement made about Sarah’s giving birth to her previous children is the same as her giving birth to Trig. I agree, though, the statement does not indicate the presence of CBJ at birth. But the statement is direct in stating that Sarah’s biological relationship with her other children is identical to her biological relationship with Trig.

Finally, you have questioned certain ambiguous language of using “she” and not Sarah Palin and thus leaving it unclear as to who the “she” might be referring to. I would contend that since the letter is contextualized to give medical information of Sarah Palin that any reference to “she” should be about Sarah Palin. Should the good doctor try to hide behind pronouns, then yet again, it would be considered willful and intentional misrepresentation, tarring the good doctor’s name and perhaps license.

Similarly, the phrase, “recovering well from the birth of her last child,” imho implies Palin’s health recovery which was contingent on the birth of Trig. It states that her recovery is connected to the event of the birth of her last child, who, according to the statement made in the letter is Trig. Again, any deceptive intentions would put CBJ’s career on the line.

While I have mostly agreed with your other investigative analysis, I find that this analysis stretches the interpretations more than it should. However, the question I find that keep coming up is the one you have asked earlier, “why the secrecy?” There is more to think about around the secrecy since the Palins and CBJ would definitely benefit from a transparent documentation of these alleged rumors. Therefore, I am with you in terms of the need for putting pressure on Palin and keeping this issue alive. However, I don’t think the issues raised out of the analysis of the CBJ letter are as tight as your other issues. Just my two cents.

Mary G. said...

Becky, that is interesing to speculate about No Child Left Behind laws and Bristol's absence from school. Clearly, schools are under a lot of scrutiny these days. But it occurs to me that children over 16 years of age have some autonomy--isn't that the age when they can drop out? Not that Bristol is a "drop out," according to her mother!
I also think that Palin has arrogated a lot of power to herself--she seems to move her children from one school district to another--to correspond to the legislative sessions. I do think that Piper and Willow were in Juneau schools from Jan -mid April 2008, and then finished up in Wasilla. They seem to be used to this type of up-rootedness. In fact, I should perhaps check the last term's honor roll--we know that Willow was on one last Spring--how about last June? Maybe that would be the Wasilla one. Alaskans???

Mary G. said...

I have been thinking about these pregnancy revelation stories and I recalled some of the early accounts--things like the comments to ADN articles--they were full of great insights about the Palin family soap-opera. A pretty interesting interview that occurred in September gives a bit more nuance to the bizarre strategy of revealing one pregnancy (Bristol's with Tripp) to negate the rumors in Alaska and on the blogs that Trig was also Bristol's... If you haven't read this, it's quite fun--the relevant passages appear near the end--

Robyn said...

I think it's interesting that for most of us who believe that Bristol is the mother of both babies, the GVS interview only confirmed that rather than disproving it.

I thought she seemed very uncomfortable when they brought Trig in and asked about the age difference. I noticed she stared down at Tripp during these times.

I thought it rather telling that she named the baby Tripp because of the other T-names in her family. It would have never occurred to me to name my baby a name that would go with his uncle's name. If anything as a teenager I would have wanted something different. When they announced the baby name I immediately thought she had named him that so it went with brother Trig's name so nicely.

Also as mentioned here before the fact that they were all surprised about the pregnancy. Of course they were all surprised because she had just given birth and no one thought she could get pregnant that quickly.

My whole theory that Bristol is the mother of Trig is based on pure feeling. Every picture and video of her with him shows that maternal love for him. The GVS interview just reinforced that feeling for me.

It's nice to have the more articulate posters lay it all out with facts and timelines and have it make sense. I really think that we are on the right track with this.

Punkinbugg said...

Original Lee,

HERE is the famous video of SP hiking from the Gov. Mansion to the Capital Bldg in Juneau. It was shot between 2/12/2008 and 2/20/2008, because the interviewer wishes her a belated happy birthday. Her b'day is 2/11.

She is 44 years old, pregnant with her FIFTH child at approximately 30-32 weeks of gestation. Her baby was born about 57 days later, weighing 6 lbs.

HERE is a slender, average-height woman at 34 weeks. She had her (2nd) baby at 40 weeks, and he weighed 8 lbs.

LisanTX said...

Thanks for reminding us of Audrey's earlier post. It's easy to forget that Audrey has covered most of the material in previous blog entries.

Regarding the cover picture and the link to the photographer's blog---the cover photo was taken by a different photographer than the pictures accompanying the article inside the magazine. They are credited to a couple of different photographers and so those pictures could have been taken in a different month than the cover shot. The one with Willow in a sweatshirt is credited to Chris Miller/CSM Photo.

Windy City Woman said...

Perhaps Sarah wanted to cover her belly with scarves and jackets so people wouldn't be able to see it and she that she wasn't really pregnant.
Tiger Woods issued family pictures because he and his wife don't have anything to hide. They must be the real parents of their children!
Ohio mom,
Perhaps Sarah figured that once was enough for her to cover for Bristol. Or maybe she figured that, being in the national spotlight, she would not be able to fake another pregnancy. People would think that a pregnant woman couldn't or shouldn't keep that grueling schedule, or that a woman with 2 babies couldn't be VP, or it would just be too much work to wear a pillow while campaigning, or 300 million people would be focusing on her tummy and her pregnancy, not just Alaskans. And she couldn't wear her tacky aqua windbreaker at the convention.
Regarding whether Bristol laughed when she told her mom she was pregnant...Sometimes people laugh in place of showing other emotions. We hear people laughing at funerals, when they really want to cry, or don't want to cry. Maybe it was a "nervous giggle."
Bristol is a "liar in training"? I bet she was coached by mom for the GVS interview. What a good teacher she has!
Regarding the new Palin book, since it's an unauthorized biography, I guess Sarah doesn't get any money. No wonder she's pissed!

Diana said...

One thing that I thought didn't get the attention that it deserved was when Bristol was talking about how abstinence wasn't really effective because kids her age accept sex as just something that everyone is doing.

Isn't that the excuse kids use when they think "everyone" is shoplifting, or doing drugs,or drinking or whatever the behavior is that "they" are doing. They think everyone else is doing it so why shouldn't they.

I would agree that more kids are having sex earlier and without as much guilt. However, most are on birth control.

If Bristol thinks sex is just a part of a teenagers life...than two pregnancies in a row is easy when you aren't using birth control. It doesn't sound like she only had sex once and had a surprise pregnancy. She believed that having sex was acceptable and had what one would expect... a unplanned pregnancy....and then another!

When your taught that birth control is not an option yet believe sex is a normal part of a teenagers's not a wonder you end up pregnant twice.

It's a hard lesson that run's deep in her family. I hope Bristol will end this cycle that seems to reoccur in her family with her own children and teach them how to know when to use birth control.

Maybe when Bristol gets away from the control of her mom she will be an advocate for birth control for kids who choose to have sex instead of an advocate for abstinence for kids who are already having sex.

I just hope that she doesn't let guilt take her down the same path as her mom and grandmother.

Guilt keeps women from being responsible and conscious about their choices of how and when to use birth control if they decide to be sexually active! I hope the lesson is finally learned!

Craig said...


Unless there is more context to this within the book itself, the letter was apparently written 11 days before the birth, and was not 11 pages long.

It could be that this letter was written by Sarah to summarized her resolved feelings, and if it was ever distributed, it went out to some family members after the birth (again, the book may elaborate on this).

On a seperate note, the two different stories about how Sarah and Todd were informed about Bristol's pregnancy, is an interesting discrepancy. It would be nice if someone could independently verify that story beyond the original source of that British tabloid.

penny said...

Lo siento, Truthseeker and Diana!

This blogging thing is all new to me, but what I don't get is why Diana's picture is up at Truthseeker2's photostream? It looks like the same person. I wondered why one person would use two monikers. While we are on the subject of "silly" questions, what do we use people's verification word for? I really appreciate all of you kind and helpful folks helping us nubies learn how to be a better blogger!

Morgan said...

The word verification is part of the extra step required when Palin Deception was switched from a blog where anyone could post anonymously to a blog requiring an ID.
While most of the posters here are thoughtful, we have the crazies and at one point we were having a problem with spamming. Word verification really cuts down on that and while that - and moderation - make a bit more work for readers and moderators alike it's worth it to keep the conversation moving along.
Morgan (Moderator)

LondonBridges said...

I think what Penny is asking is why some posters tell us their verification word. It is not necessary to do this, but the posters do it because they feel there is some irony between the Sarah Saga and the word that has come up for use during their post.

As Sarah might say, "It must have been specially chosen for me by god!"

Truthseeker2 said...

Sorry for the confusion, Penny. The photostream is Diana's (she has it labeled Truthseeker222); but for the blog posts she is Diana. I have used Truthseeker2 for several months now, and I am not Diana.

Caroline said...

This comment was made by Anonymous on Gryphen's Immoral Minority:

When I read Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's election eve medical report on Sarah Palin, one thing struck me as very odd: The doctor made a point of stating she did not perform any liver enzyme panels on Sarah. Since I never considered tests like this to be ones performed in routine physicals, I wondered, why it was even mentioned?

I did a little research and found that liver problems were a common side effect of taking certain anti-depressant medications.

The doctor goes on to say, "Governor Palin is on no routine prescription medications ..." Not quite sure what this means, but I would think taking an anti-depressant is not a "routine" form of medication.

Interesting, no?

KaJo said...

Craig said, "It would be nice if someone could independently verify that story beyond the original source of that British tabloid."

Meaning someone other than Sherry Johnston? Yeah, it WOULD be nice, but it ain't gonna happen.

I have a feeling that if Mercede or Levi are going to say anything, it will only happen after Sarah Palin is under indictment for one of her fraudulent "-Gates", or is otherwise in the defendant's dock in a federal case of some kind, like "Uncle Ted".

In other words, as long as Sarah Palin is free to coerce and "make an offer that cannot be refused" and call in other favors, no one is going to say a word.


And to Penny -- to add to what Morgan wrote...

Sometimes we add the "word verification" at the bottom of our comments just-for-fun, because they're a play on real words, ironic and oh-so-close to topics of discussion. It's like an emoticon, a bit of humor.

Like, for instance, mine this time is "undess" (play on words such as "under duress")

Truthseeker2 said...

I was thinking about Greta VS and her wealthy husband John Coale, and found myself wondering whether GVS paid Bristol for the interview that Sarah took over. That way Sarah wouldn't be bound by state law prohibiting outside compensation. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Coale's name under the donors to SarahPAC. I encourage blog readers to google GVS and her husband to see who they are connected to. GVS's father was apparently campaign manager for Joseph McCarthy, and the two of them have some other interesting associations.

Neil said...

Okay I just watched the whole interview. I have a tough time believing that baby was her baby. She seemed to get frustrated when the baby wouldn't stop crying. More importantly without the baby she seemed to be reading from a tele-prompter.

Ann Hedonia said...

I watched that video of SP hiking at 30-32 weeks gestation. There's no way in Hades she was pregnant. What I found interesting is the way she always holds her hands in front of her belly, usually clasped together. Her daughters do this too. I wonder if it means something in body language terms...It's a very odd thing to do. I don't think many people stand around like that with their hands clasped together awkwardly in front of their stomachs. It's as if they're guarding against being "found out."

I found this quote on a site about body language:

"A liar might unconsciously place objects (book, coffee cup, etc.) between themselves and you."

Here are a few more signs of lying:

"The guilty person may speak more than natural, adding unnecessary details to convince you... they are not comfortable with silence or pauses in the conversation.

Words may be garbled and spoken softly, and syntax and grammar may be off. In other words, his sentences will likely be muddled rather than emphasized.

If you believe someone is lying, then change subject of a conversation quickly, a liar follows along willingly and becomes more relaxed. The guilty wants the subject changed; an innocent person may be confused by the sudden change in topics and will want to back to the previous subject."

I've read that putting the hands together in a "steeple" position indicates authority - and I betcha SP has read that somewhere and is consciously doing it to trick people into thinking she has power over them. I say this because she seems to be forcing herself to hold her hands that way -- it doesn't seem natural.

Amy1 said...

Morgan: This might be a duplicate. My computer just hiccupped funny nd I either deleted or sent. --sorry.

I am treating one of my sons plus two of his friends to a rather luxurious skiing weekend, while I catch up on my laptop in the lodge, sitting here with a wonderful view of a gorgeous day and perfect snow.And I am thinking also of the people with hardship in the Alaska villages.

Tomorrow night at dinner, I want to spring on the boys a little 10-min project that we can do right at the restaurant table, and take each boy's entitled little mind off me-me-meeee-meee for a couple of moments.: we can each pack up an aid-to-an-Alaskan-village envelope with a check, a letter, and our best wishes. Plus we can discuss a little bit about hard times and helping others.

So I looked on the web for what to send and to whom, and got a little confused: please, those of you who are following this more closely: To whom do we send? Can we include a short letter from each donor?

Because I don't want to mail bulky objects around, from here to AK, I am thinking of sending our letters plus check to this outfit, and asking them to send the package on to the addresss in Alaska.

Actually, I would prefer a vendor who could add some packages of hot chocolate, extra rich for children. I can find that.

But who is a good clearinghouse/distributor of such donations in Alaska? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. I just want one address.

Amy1 said...

penny, some of us put the word into the post, sometimes, as ze leetle joke: we have just spent a fevered few minutes pouring our heart and soul and 110% of brain contents into our post, and when it comes time to preview or send it, up comes this random word, out of the ether, and it's amazing how many times it seems so apt, so much like it is offering some oracular wisdom or comment to us.

For example, on my last post, in which I was feeling guilty for delaying until now to send some help up to Alaska, to help with a possibly global-warming-related hardship (the more frequent extremes of weather now), at the very end, the security word that comes up is


Yup, that's me. So I laugh as I type it in, and I might have shared that little joke with the others on the blog. A while ago, I had "diaster" after Mom Of One Esq gave us the second Bristol version of how she announced her preg to SP: And I had to chuckle that "diaster" was ALMOST "disaster," which is where SP is as a result of Mom Of One Esq's sharp-eyed find: Almost disaster for SP. Doesn't that make you think there is some higher power behind these words?

Oh, geez, what did I just say! my word now is "mocuda," and I just finished ordering a mocha coffee while writing about SP the barracuda. See what I mean? Hard to resist laughing. Just shows how desperately our mind tries to connect the dots, even if theretruly is no pattern. Of course, that thought has worried everyone on this blog at one point, re our effort here.

So, as with many things, there's less to this than meets the eye.

jeanie said...

Hi Penny -

Welcome aboard! The other thing about the word verification is that occasionally your randomly generated string of letters seems particularly fitting or ironic. (I had one a while back that was "toterm".) That's why some people mention theirs at the end of the post.

BTW I was in Barnes and Noble today, holding the new SP book in my very hands, but I just couldn't bring myself to purchase it. I don't know why, but anytime someone writes a quote from her, I actually hear her voice in my head. Hopefully that will fade in time! That whole election process was traumatizing for me!

More Cowbell said...

"First, lets take the issue that CBJ didn’t release the letter the McCain Palin campaign did. However, since CBJ’s medical reputation and license were on the line, she had a medical ethics obligation to refute anything incorrect stated with her name assigned to it."

I'm a lawyer and that's simply not true. There's no such thig as a "medical ethics obligation" to refute information put out about a doctor by a third party. You'd think that a sensible doctor would WANT to refute anything like that, but there is NO obligation to do so.

Punkinbugg said...

...and sometimes the verification word is really ironic. That's why bloggers end their post with the word... feel free to use it if it fits!

Tully said...

I wish the researchers could establish firmly if Bristol was supposed to graduate in 2008 or 2009. I know she told Greta she is graduating with her class. In that Alaska mag article published Feb 08, however, it said "Next is Bristol, who is staying in the Valley to finish high school." That seems to imply a Spring 08 graduation date, because "finishing" high school usually means going through senior year. It shouldn't be too hard to establish when she started high school. Also, basketball rosters generally list the status of the players. Can anyone clear this up with certainty? We've established that in Alaska, children are supposed to be six before Sept. 1 to start first grade. But sometimes children do start early or skip grades for some reasons.

Ginger said...

Are NJESQ and I the only two on this blog who think there is no Tripp?

Not showing him until the middle of Feb., on purpose, has everyone trying to guess how preemie Trig was or how old "Tripp" is.

What a great strategy and way to distract everyone by trying to figure out when each child could have been born and somehow confirm her lie during the campaign that "Bristol was five months PG."

What a saga this is!

luna1580 said...

to everyone making a big deal about the "tradition" of getting married pregnant on SP's side of the family.

even if our date calculations are correct and SP was 1-2 months pregnant when she got married, she was also 24 and had finished college, at that point she appears to have been involved with todd in some way since high school -she was probably going to marry him anyway.

a 24-year-old college graduate getting pregnant is totally different than 17 (or younger) high school drop-out getting pregnant, imho.

audrey, aren't you going to make your own post about seeing tripp and trig together?

WhiteDog said...

Palin's Evangelical Base Slaps Down Bristol

Mary G. said...

I was looking up some additional info on Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, when I came across this older article (it may be linked on Audrey's website, too) from 2002, discussing her famous AAFP award:
What jumped out at me this time is that CBJ was medical director of the Mat-Su Region Hospice back then.

Windy City Woman said...

Aren't liver problems common side effects of many medications?

B said...

Ginger said, "Are NJESQ and I the only two on this blog who think there is no Tripp?"

Maybe. I believe there is a Tripp and that I saw him on TV. I believe he was closer to one month old than two months old.

If no Tripp, was that a borrowed baby? Who will Bristol show for a son when her mom runs for Pres.? I can't believe Sarah would have Bristol -- at age 18 -- adopt a baby and consequently have to "grow up fast."

Doubting Thomas said...

If I post this twice, I am sorry, as I hit the submit button, I lost internet connection!

I hope one of the "Gates" breaks soon, as it is very clear that Sarah is NOT going to go away.

mdlw56 said...

Great posts, everybody!

If Trig was found to be a grandson, Palin probably planned to use that old grizzly mama bear story to excuse her behavior, right into martyrdom. Irregardless, personal political gain was the reason to fake the pregnancy since she announced the pregnancy the same day John McCain announced his run for the office of the presidency. Chances are she would not have done so had she not been on his list of VP picks. What arrogance and those involved with the fraud should be just as guilty.

Only a DNA test would prove that Palin was the biological mother of Trig. Can you hear Palin saying, “gotcha!?”

Well, keep exposing Palin’s deception. Nothing less than a positive DNA test that Palin was the biological mother of Trig would take the black cloud away, the thorn in her side…Palin, can you hear pajama bloggers saying, “gotcha!?”

mdlw56 said...

Ginger @ 4:46

While watching Bristol with that baby, I thought her behavior was more like a babysitter. I never heard the Palins call the baby anything but "joy"; only GVS kept repeating Tripp's name. And the pictures GVS showed were lousy and fuzzy.

Duncan said...


You can send help using this info.


wayofpeace said...

Geoffrey Dunn - Huffpost Blogger

Anne Coulter said:

"I think [BRISTOL] should give the child up for adoption or marry the father....

"I think the people who should be revered aren't the baby mommas, they are the people who have shotgun marriages.

"Apparently a lot of those shotgun marriages worked out because they used to have them a lot and the divorce rate was lower."

I don't think either Bristol or Sarah would be too happy with that comment, either.

So where's Sarah coming out to Bristol's defense against Coulter?

She doesn't take on her base.

They can, apparently, slap her kids around all they want. It's only when the MSM mentions them that she takes umbrage.

teal said...

Tully:::That seems to imply a Spring 08 graduation date, because

Maybe she means the ‘class’ she [re]started school with…?
In all my reading, it seems that she’s been out of school since 2007 [should have graduated in 2008]…remember the baby was announced late last year – long after the summer vacation period was over.

Ivyfree said...

"The doctor goes on to say, "Governor Palin is on no routine prescription medications ..." Not quite sure what this means, but I would think taking an anti-depressant is not a "routine" form of medication."

Medically, it means that Palin is not taking any prescription medication on an ongoing basis. For example, a daily blood pressure pill would be a routine medication, because it would be taken routinely, every day. It does not refer to short-term medications given for temporary conditions, such as antibiotics.

Ginger said...

I'm wondering what's up with the Republican party. All the governors were in D.C. for their annual meeting and the big dinner tonight at the Whie House. All the gov's except Sarah, I guess.

SP said she didn't go because of duties in Alaska. Well, we all know her well enough to know she'd crawl there on her hands-and-knees especially to have one-on-one contact with Pres. Obama.

Could it be she wasn't invited? A blogger on the ADNews said she had been told to lay low and stay off T.V. What does she do? She puts her daughter, Bristol, on T.V. with Greta at Fox on the pretex she wants to be an advocate for teen-sex.

Clever eh? And Greta re-airs it on the same night as the dinner at the WH and the Academy Awards.

One other tidbit that I found interesting. Lisa M. is a senator from Alaska. She is running for her second term in 2010. There has been speculation SP would run for her office and not run for gov. in 2010. Since both are Repub's the fight would be in the primaries.

Recently, the Rep. senators in the senate gave Lisa M. a very important committee to chair. I was surprised because there were other senators with far more seniority. This position gives Lisa a lot more power and makes her a more formidable candidate if SP decides to run against her.

So, anyone here in on what the Republicans are doing? Is Sarah getting a little too mavericky for them? You know with SarahPac and that rich guy...Malek!

Lilybart said...

RE: The liver enzyme test: I also thought that Palin might be on meds for bi-polar disorder or some other mental problem, which, if the baby stories are true, would be a HUGE reason not to release any medical records.

penny said...

Thank you all for clarification on the verification word, I get it, and will pay close attention to my future "other-worldly" messages!

Lest we get distracted, I want to share some of SP'most recent antics. I believe everything she does and says gives us insight into her motivation for faking Trig's pregnancy.

On February 20, SP made a LONG OVERDUE trip to the Alaskan villages desperately struggling to survive this winter, and in the future. SP had been very publicly called out on her lack of action, so she created this big photo op of staggering gall. Billy Graham's son arrived in one of his private jets to whisk her off to two villages which had not been linked to her negatively...yet. Every bit of this fiasco is ego driven, and shameless. Her comments are barely comprehensible, but it is impossible not to recognize her familiar condescension, lack of understanding, and FOS talking points. Watch the interview, because it claifies who she is, and what her goals are very clearly! She disrespects the elders of the these communities, encourages their young people to leave their ancestral homes to work in a white man's world, so that their land can be exploited (IMHO.)

I am posting a segment of it so you all can see why Alaskans, and all the compassionate folks around the world who have offered help to these hard-hit communities, are outraged!

From AKM at Mudflats,

"When he asked if Palin thought that the villages would be able to sustain their current populations in 10-15 years, she replied:

Some of these areas … they may need to see some change in leadership within the community, also. For the leaders whom are looked to for guidance with the young people, that these leaders show them where opportunities are also. So they can, as I just mentioned, seize opportunities for jobs, at the same time being able to be such a strong part of their communities still. It is possible.

Would anyone like some fresh ground pepper on that word salad? (grinding) Just tell me when to stop. The point in all of Palin’s verbal gymnastics and Johnny-come-lately photo ops with an evangelical on each arm is this: none of this is Palin’s fault, the state’s fault, the government’s fault or due to the fact that the Rural Advisor position sat vacant for months after its last occupant left in frustration that she wasn’t able to schedule a meeting with the governor in the ten months she held that position."

Comments on Mudflats,

"0whole1 (21:59:06) :

> CO almost nativeNo Gravatar (21:02:35) :
> I’m not sure any of us are fluent enough in Palinese Wordsalad, a very obscure dialect, to translate correctly. I’m guessing- she’d like to get rid of some of the leaders (the ones who criticize her), find new young leaders who will encourage them to move the entire population elsewhere. But I’m just guessing-


Let me take a whack.

> “Some of these areas …

I didn’t bother to learn the names to the villages.

> they may need to see some change in leadership within the community,

This is not my fault.

> also.


> For the leaders whom are looked to for guidance with the young people, that these leaders show them where opportunities are also.

It wasn’t my problem to begin with, and it isn’t my problem now.

> So they can, as I just mentioned, seize opportunities for jobs, at the same time being able to be such a strong part of their communities still.

If they just got up off their goldbrickin’ asses everything would be alright. That said, everyone should follow established authority, of which I’m the biggest.

> It is possible.

Trust me. (Have I mentioned it’s not my fault?) [Emotional overtones of the movie "Rudy" here, which as we know is her favorite. Also.]


That about right?"

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority says,

"PALIN: I’m not saying it’s a lack of leadership, I’m just saying with new ideas, with new energy in some of these communities, with people not being afraid at all to just call it like they see it and let people know perhaps what their own experience has been in terms of finding success and being a part of the community, at the same time, having income -- there’s nothing wrong with that. And in some of the communities I would say that perhaps new leadership would help provide solutions.

(Once again I seem to have misplaced my Palin to English dictionary and have no damn idea what she is trying to say here! You know Governor you cannot simply string a bunch of words together and call it a "sentence" it has to kind of make sense! Those are the damn rules!)"

OT, On Larry King Live, Ann Coulter says Bristol should marry or put the baby up for adoption, because single mothers source of all evil, basically.
The National Abstinence Education Alliance, who put bristol on a pedistol during the campaign, are now pushing her right off that pedestal after her interview with GVS!

OOOOH, justs keeps on getting better!


Punkinbugg said...

If Bristol started school at age six, never skipped a grade, and was never held BACK a grade, she should be graduating with the Class of 2009 in May.

Bristol's birthday is 10/18/90.

She is exactly 51 weeks older than my daughter, who is a junior this year.

And yes, Alaska goes by the Sept. 1 cutoff date for six year olds entering school.

B said...

Gee, and they say Democrats eat their own.

How sad it is that in order to keep her Republican VP hopes alive, Sarah had to force her teen daughter into hiding and undertake a massive fake pregnancy deception that even now she still has to lie about.

Then to further cover her lie, she had to give her next grandson a false birthday, put her daughter and the baby daddy under house arrest, withhold the baby from the baby daddy's family (because there was no baby to see), etc., etc., etc. -- not to mention putting her daughter on a national stage in the spotlight with the Scarlet A.

At least if Chelsea Clinton had been unwed and pregnant when Bill ran for reelection, it would have been the opposing party rather than his own claiming that the situation somehow reflected badly on Bill.

Bristol's the one who had sex with Levi. Bristol's the one who decided not to have abortions. Bristol's the one who hasn't gotten married yet, or at least revealed that she is married. Bristol -- not Sarah.

Sarah could have been supportive without injecting herself into the drama by claiming to be Trig's mom and dragging her family and doctor and others into the morass.

But apparently despite all the right wing praises for her policies and practices and energy expertise and ethics reform, at heart her party was so mean spirited that she would be blamed for Bristol's problems and her political future destroyed. Or so Sarah believed. And so here we are.

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