Sunday, April 5, 2009

MySpace Part One

First, this post has been greatly delayed as I struggled – with the assistance of the researchers who compiled all of this material for me – concerning the issue of just how much material to post – and how to present it.

Ultimately, we have made the decision not to release nearly as much information on the blog as we had originally intended. Instead, we will be posting much longer – and more detailed information – on the website proper.

We've ultimately made the following decision that both for this blog post and for the web posting of more extensive data, only Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston, and Mercede Johnston will be identified by name. (The names of all other MySpace teens (regardless of age) have been changed to completely random "fake" names). Bristol, Levi, and Mercede have voluntarily spoken to the press; thus they are now considered "fair game." There is considerable evidence that Bristol has made misleading statements to the press on more than one occasion, if not outright lied.

At this time, I plan on doing three posts concerning the MySpace material: this one, a second which discusses an overview, and a third which considers explicitly whether or not Bristol was pregnant at the time she was announced to have been pregnant (i.e., roughly early April to late December 2008.)

Is Bristol Palin Trig’s mother? This is a question which, frankly, we preferred to avoid as much as possible for months, instead focusing on the discrepancies in Sarah Palin’s implausible tale. The rumors and reports that Bristol Palin was pregnant originated well before she could possibly have been pregnant with Tripp. This is beyond dispute. If Tripp Palin was born the last week in December, 2008, Bristol would have become pregnant around the first week in April 2008. Yet Sue Williams, a Wasilla caterer who spoke to the press within hours of Palin's nomination as VP (and who is NOT a Palin supporter) claimed that Willow's eighth grade boyfriend was telling people in Wasilla early in April, prior to Trig's birth on April 18th, that Bristol was pregnant. So positive was Ms. Williams of her information that she insisted late in August that Bristol was well into her third trimester and due "soon." Sarah discussed (and denied) rumors that Bristol was pregnant with Bill McAllister (at the time a news reporter, though later he became her press secretary) at some point before she announced her own pregnancy on March 5th. In one of my earlier posts, these reports of pregnancy rumors and of her unexplained absence from school were detailed in depth. There has also been much discussion on the blog about Bristol’s absence from any events from late fall until spring, with the possible (and as yet unconfirmed) exception of an event for the American Heart Association on February 15, 2008.

The MySpace material in many cases raises as many questions as it answers. On this blog, I have tried to avoid including information that, while shocking, has no bearing on the central question of who Trig's mother is or the general credibility of the Palin family. We plan on releasing far more of the MySpace material soon on the website itself, largely in a "raw" format. Readers will be free to peruse the information and draw their own conclusions.

One of the first questions that will be asked is how we verified who any of these people are. How can we be sure? For those who are not familiar with how MySpace works, I will give a brief overview. There are two kinds of information that are available on MySpace. The first is material on pages that are public. Public means exactly that. Anyone can see and peruse the entire page. We can see photos, music choices, quotes, and other information he or she has posted identifying him or herself. For those who have never been on MySpace, someone's "front page" on MySpace is a bit like a scrapbook page that is public, created for everyone to look at.

There is no requirement on MySpace that a person use his or her real name. Often people do, but equally often they do not. When a young person posts a picture of himself and says, "My name is Joe Smith and I go to Such and So High School," it is usually easy to verify that that person is who he say he is. Sometimes, of course, the person does not use a real name, though quite often they do identify themselves accurately as to town and school, so there is an additional step that must be taken, (based on photos and friend connections) to identify that "Hot Sue" for example, is Susan Jones. In our case, for example, Mercede Johnston's MySpace handle is "Sadie."

The second way to get information about people is that we can see comments ON public pages FROM the person, even if that person's page itself is private or in some cases deleted from MySpace completely. In this case, it is often very difficult to be sure of what some comments mean, because we are only seeing half of the comments, like hearing half of a phone conversation. Sometimes you can get a very good idea of what the conversation is about; other times, you are lost.

Bristol Palin's page was deleted (or possibly made private, then later deleted) prior to her mother's pick as VP, though we do not know when. In fact, after June 2007, there is only one comment that we can find on anyone's page that mentions Bristol by name, though there are several comments that use her initials that we are sure refer to her. This is very odd, since Bristol was a popular girl who had many friends. Furthermore, according to the McCain campaign and media reports it was common knowledge that Levi and Bristol were expecting a baby in late 2008. Did this warrant a comment on NO ONE'S page? Not one person thought to mention it? Or – more likely – were comments "scrubbed" at some point? Scrubbing is very difficult to prove after the fact, unless one is watching for it prior to the scrubbing occurring. For example, we know comments that had been visible on some of the Wasilla friends' pages through November 2008, were removed in November, after the election. We can prove this easily because we have screen shots of the pages both before and after. But since no one was watching the pages of Wasilla Alaska teenagers prior to late August, 2008, the full story is very difficult to piece together. However, one oddity we noted: one young woman, a close friend of Bristol's, who we will refer to as "Fanny" normally received dozens of comments a month. Suddenly, in a period of more than a month in the Spring of 2007, absolutely none. We can verify Fanny was active on MySpace – she was leaving comments on other friends' pages but her page was scrubbed completely. Proof of anything? No. Mysterious? Very.

So, how do we know what (few) comments remain are actually from Bristol Palin? We can see that the comments come from someone named "Bristol," but how do we know for sure who this is? We can be sure it's Bristol Palin, for the following reason: comments that were made by this Bristol can be indisputably tied to known events in Bristol Palin's life, as follows:

1. On October 12th, 2006, Bristol commented on a friend's page that she would be driving in four days. This corresponds exactly to Bristol Palin's sixteenth birthday.
2. In June of 2007, Bristol made several references to working at Nordstrom's. From Sarah Palin's financial disclosure forms, we know that Bristol Palin worked at Nordstrom's at that time.
3. On one occasion, Bristol makes very negative comments about having to attend an event in Glenallen Alaska. We know from Sarah Palin's schedule that an event, which included the "First Family" occurred on that day.

Does the MySpace page material answer with any certainty whether Bristol Palin gave birth to Trig OR whether Sarah did not? No, it does not. But it gives clear glimpses into the Palin family life, and specifically into Bristol Palin, that are sharply at odds with the all American family that was portrayed to the media. This is particularly relevant coming now, as Levi Johnston has purportedly told Tyra Banks (in an interview to be shown tomorrow) that he was allowed to spend the night openly at the Palin home, even though, according to him, Gov. Palin almost certainly knew that he and Bristol were having sex. I believe that, in spite of Palin's heated denials, this is confirmed from her daughter's own MySpace comments. At one point, she jokes with Levi that he apparently left some clothes at her home.

The view of teen life in Wasilla Alaska gleaned from the fifty or so MySpace pages that our researchers have followed diligently shows a sad, disappointing, in fact, very upsetting tale. If these are the family values that the McCain campaign hoped Gov. Palin would bring to America, all I can say is "no thanks." Drug and alcohol use is detailed, even boasted about regularly, by teens as young as fourteen and fifteen. Young women who are no more than fifteen discuss who is f***ing whom with the ease of a discussion about who will pick up the pizza. Bristol Palin, presented to the country by her mother as an honor student, at age 16 does not spell the word "decided" correctly.

Coming tomorrow: Six specific things the MySpace analysis shows us.


SmacK said...

I'm on the edge of my seat. This is better than TV! Thanks.

jwc said...

Good decision not to pubicly identify kids who have not come forward and are not part of the news story.

AKPetMom said...

So this is just a post about how the teens in Wasilla Alaska are just like the teens throughout the rest of America? Bristol screwed around, probably under the influence of alcohol, most likely at age 16 or younger. They talk about it, gossip about it and score points with each other for going further than the other person did. We did that in 1982 when I was 16, we just didn't have a Myspace to talk about it on. We used phones back then and much gossiping was done without the threat of people being able to find it and use it as "evidence". Granted, my generation tended to have higher aspirations than the current one seems to but they are doing the same things we all did, just in a public forum.

Avvid said...

You've got us right back on pins and needles, Audrey!!!

Mom of One, Esq. said...

Thank you Audrey and team for your hard work. Simple as that.

cooky said...

Audrey - First let me say I don't believe that SP is Trig's birth mother.

Your post, however, already makes some giant leaps; the fact that someone posted under 'Bristol' and that the comments coincided with dated events in Bristol Palin's life doesn't mean it was Bristol Palin at all. That conclusion would be stretch. Do you use social networking sites or have kids in that age group? If not, you may be unfamiliar with the very common tactic and 'entertainment value' (to them) of playing out under other identities. Anyone could certainly have been aware of Bristol's upcoming drivers license, etc. Perhaps there is more solid info coming soon.

Tales of teen sexual activity, wild drinking etc - are not exclusive to Alaska or Wasilla. Too often such talk is meant as damaging gossip that others then expand and react to. It goes viral within a group. Imagine a game of high-tech "telephone". It's "cool" to be in the loop and exaggeration and fabrication are the norm.

Welcome to the wonderful world of tweens and teens in the suburban lower 48. Is this a world you have experience with? I ask because you seem shocked that kids are dishing on sex and drinking. That's common and doesn't mean that most of it ever happened.

Most of us prohibit Myspace and monitor those Facebook accts closely. We all know how to follow the message trail from wall to wall and many of us have found gossip and phony posts & stories involving kids we know. No surprise there, just teen rivals, so-called friends, cliques, someone dumped for someone else and on and on in teen land.

I'm glad you decided not to out the other kids.

Finally, with all due respect, when you have the complete package of information ready, post it all.
As of now this is looking shaky and this piecemeal speculation may hurt the effort to determine if SP gave birth to Trig rather than advance it.

It also feels smarmy (for lack of a better word) to be hanging the scarlet my space letter on Bristol Palin, based on what you have written thus far. Bristol Palin is a teenager under the control and influence of her parents. Maybe we should give her a medal for doing whatever it takes to survive that.

jo said...

The Newsweek story written by Evan Thomas had this paragraph: Palin remained phlegmatic the next day when the left wing blogs began speculating that 5 month old Trig was actually Bristol's child and that Palin was covering for her daughter. When an aid told Palin that he had started receiving calls from "respectable news organizations" demanding physiological proof that Trig was actually Palin's son, she quipped, "What do I have to show them my stretch marks?"

Like that would be proof after four kids of course she has stretch marks. Wow a women can be pregnant with her fifth child and not even have to wear maternity clothes? I think the My Space picture with Trig, SP, MJ, titled Mommy-in-law, Trig, and me speaks volumes along with so much other evidence. I hope LJ and his family keep themselves safe, after just a clip of today's program was out she already made an immature public statement against them, and we know how vindictive she and her family are.

Thanks, for the all the hard work you guys have put into this. She would love for this to be forgotten. Please don't let SP lovers intimidate you, I know how mean and hateful they can be. We are just looking for the truth. The only evidence there is that the baby is SP's is her word and we quickly found out what that's worth. It's a shame she has treated her children like this. Maybe BP can take her child(ren) and move out of state for a while until her mother grows up a little bit. She has a very strange religion that allows any kind of immoral behavior, because after all she is saved.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Way to go, Audrey! The sad state of teen life in Wasilla is most telling, as well as the "scrubbed" MySpace and governor's pages.

Looking forward to additional posts from you and your stalwart researchers!

Gindy said...

If Bristol Plain is an honor student, my daughter (a real honor student) is a Rhodes Scholar.
You betcha Levi knocked up Bristol on her own bed and mamma bear knew all about it from day one.
She fooled the McCain campaign the same way she fooled the Alaskan people who voted for her. Show some one a bright shiny object and they won't see you steal them blind.
The problem for Palin is that all this stuff comes out eventually and due to her high school level amateurish "skills" (or lack thereof), the lies are now floating out worse than Mt. Redoubt's ash plume.

Nova Land said...

It was a long wait for this new post to appear, but it looks to be well worth the waiting.

One thing especially interested me in the post:

"This is particularly relevant coming now, as Levi Johnston has purportedly told Tyra Banks (in an interview to be shown tomorrow) that he was allowed to spend the night openly at the Palin home, even though, according to him, Gov. Palin almost certainly knew that he and Bristol were having sex. I believe that, in spite of Palin's heated denials, this is confirmed from her daughter's own MySpace comments."

I realize this is not directly related to the question of whether or not Sarah gave birth to Trig, but I hope it is something the traditional media will pursue.

It seems to me a legitimate news story to explore how the successes and failures of family values as put into practice by those who would prescribe them for the nation.

It sounds as if Sarah Palin, while advocating "traditional values", found it necessary in her own family to practice some rather untraditional ones. This is something worth covering -- not as an attempt to embarrass Sarah Palin or to titillate newspaper readers and tv viewers, but as a legitimate part of the national political debate on these issues.

I wish the traditional media would do more in covering the story of who gave birth to Trig, but I can see (even if not agree with) their stated reasons for not doing so. But this broader aspect of the story is one I see no good reason for the traditional media not covering, now that it is out there.

Amy said...

Seems to me not much has changed in todays youth from 30 Years ago when I was an honor student. Sex, Drugs, Rock n roll. We just didn't post about it on MySpace. Let's not be horrified by these youngster; nor judgmental.

Thank you for the post~~ can't wait to check out the new pages on the website.

JJ said...

Just curious - what were the dates that Fanny's myspace page was devoid of comments?

passinthru said...

Thanks, guys. I appreciate the care you're taking with this.

recusl. (recuse? lol)

Jen said...

When I first heard of Levi's appearance on Tyra Banks, and no mention of Bristol being Trig's mom, I thought that was a sure reason to stop thinking Bristol is the mom. BUT THEN Sarah released her statement. Now I am more suspicious than ever. I think Levi and his family are throwing us a red herring. They are out there to make us THINK that he'd tell us about Trig if there were something to tell. I think this new act is just that, an act.

(my verification word is "inicult" pronounced "in a cult")


B said...

The teen scene is disturbing. The parent scene (Sherry, Diana Palin) is disturbing. Yet Sarah campaigned saying the small town Republicans were the real Americans. I knew she was wrong about city dwellers and Democrats. Now I know that she wasn't just mistaken, she was lying. Again.

Mom of One, Esq. said...

My WV is "prego"

Dangerous said...

Audrey's post says that the MySpace entries indicating 14/15 yr olds were actively and casually discussing sex. We don't need that to tell us that sexuality among younger teens is rampant throughout the U.S. -- and throughout history. Let's not pretend it isn't normal for teens to want to have sex and to follow through on those urges. One could argue that that's the way G-d intended it. Society intervene with its own mores against biology.

But I'm not about to argue that hot-button point. I really don't care. If young teens have sex some will get pregnant. That's biology, too. My point is that if 14/15 year olds are openly talking about sex, 13/14 year olds are having sex, too. Some of them will become pregnant. In fact, younger teens are less experienced and less cautious, but no less inclined once they reach puberty. That's the biological fact.

Are Bristol Palin and her friends any different from the rest of the country or the world? No. I actually appreciate the internal struggle SP and her brood had to face. I don't think they did it well.

So I argue this: Are Willow Palin and her friends any different? We can't focus exclusively on Bristol and intentionally ignore other Palin girls who could have a child. After reading the impending MySpace posts, would anybody be shocked learn that a 14-year-old Wasilla teen had had a child? I think not. If so, why not one particular 14-year-old Wasilla teen?

By the way, despite some posts that attempt to explain Levi's and the Johnston's silence on Trig, there's no way they wouldn't know if Levi was Trig's father, and at this point there's no way they wouldn't say. You'd never convince an impartial observer of a motivation to keep Trig quiet but dish on Tripp.

Also, if Levi isn't Trig's father but Bristol is his mother, there's no way you'd convince an impartial observer that he wouldn't know about it. With the pending MySpace posts, that couldn't be a secret Bristol could keep from him sufficiently for Levi to start up with her again. I think Bx2 is dead. Continuing to pursue it now is counter-productive and just marginalizes our community.

I encourage everyone to step back and look at the entire set of circumstances with a fresh perspective.


Ivyfree said...

Looking forward to reading further.

I suspect the worst thing that Levi has to say is that Sarah knew that he and Bristol were having sex, because that's the money quote we've been seeing everywhere. If he said anything more shocking, we would have heard it. And I don't think that's so shocking. Sounds like Bristol acted like lots of kids have acted throughout history- why else did chaperones used to exist? Humans have sex, and they start wanting sex as their bodies mature. The only new angle is the MySpace.

My WV is "qetediv" ("quite a diva")

midnightcajun said...

Once again, Sarah makes an idiot of herself, this time by releasing an early press release attacking the Johnstons' "quest for fortune" for going on TB when it turns out they weren't actually paid. Does that lady ever get anything right?

I also find this part of her statement funny: “We’re disappointed that Levi and his family are engaging in flat-out lies, gross exaggeration, and even distortion of their relationship." The way it reads, she evidently thinks distortions are worse than flat-out lies!

Diana said...

From Political Machine: by Tommy Christopher: "Sarah Palin Rips Levi Johnston For Dishing on Sex Life!"

After explaining Sarah's reaction to Levi's interview the article ends with Tommy saying:

"Actually, all things considered, that's pretty mild. Levi's probably watching the skies for Mama Palin hanging out the door of a chopper. An Apache."

Just a little photo humor as we wait:

B said...

Dangerous said, "I think Bx2 is dead. Continuing to pursue it now is counter-productive and just marginalizes our community."

Bx2 is alive and well.

You're right. The fact that 14-yr-olds have sex doesn't rule out sixth grader Willow getting pregnant. Still more likely 16-yr-old Bristol got pregnant.

You're also right that Levi could have confessed to fathering TriG or to Bristol giving birth to him. Maybe those didn't happen. Or maybe he and his family have other reasons for not out-ing TriG. Several recent comments in this blog have given plausible reasons for this.

The increasing evidence that TriPP was born after his announced birthdate supports Bx2, which can explain why Sarah would take the extreme step of lying about Bristol's due date and TriPP's birth date.

Most puzzling: Why now are you trying to silence the Bx2 theorists -- by saying we are counterproductive and harming this blog -- on the eve of new info from Audrey and Levi? Can't you wait to criticize us until we see how the new evidence fits our theories? PD researcher Patrick has seen MySpace evidence and still believes in Bx2. Please hold your horses.

wv is "mocker."

conscious at last said...


Willow Palin was born in 1995. Trig "Von Palin" was conceived in the spring of 2007. Now it is certainly not impossible for a 12 year old to become pregnant--BUT IT IS HIGHLY UNLIKEY.

There are numerous and growing indications that the mother of Trig is Bristol, yet you keep harping on this other, much less plausible conclusion --
Why is that ?

Morgan said...

Dangerous, Bx2 isn't dead. I know you're probably on pins and needles as much as everyone else, and like anyone who clings to a pet theory you've shut your mind to any possibilities and don't relish the possibility that anything may emerge that doesn't fit it.

The thing is, though, that we don't know who Trig's mother is. Not yet. Right now we have a lot of pieces and are putting them together to fill in the picture and we're still don't have enough to know what that picture will be.

The Bx2 theory won't be dead until the picture is complete. On the other hand, neither will the Bx1/Wx1. So take comfort in that and stop trying to kill the discussion just because it's not going where you want it to. That won't fly with this group here, Dangerous. You should know that by now.

ComfyJeans said...

Sarah has made some questionable decisions, no doubt about it. But I can’t believe anybody, on either side of the Sarah debate, would agree with her malicious and petty attack on Levi. What’s next? Sarah passing Meg Stapleton a note during recess asking her to call People Magazine to see if they still like her??

Bottom line, as a caring mother and grandmother, Sarah should hope for a resolution of Bristol’s and Levi’s problems for the sake of her grandchild. Are they going to use Tripp as a pawn for some sort of blackmail against Levi’s family?

Sarah is a governor and once candidate for VP of the United States. Using her official office to attack a teenager who’s the father of her grandchild? Unbelievable. Sarah, you’re the grown-up (supposedly). Levi is a teenager who’s got a lot of growing up to do and will probably make bad decisions along the way (we all did). Good grief.

If Sarah had declined McCain’s offer ("not the best time for our family") none of us (well many of us) would never have even heard of Bristol and Levi, and they might be doing much better than they are today without all this attention.

Karen said...

Thanks for all your hard work. Part of me worries that as time goes on, everyone will forget about this issue & LET IT GO. The deception seems way too unethical for a public servant, to avoid pushing forward, in our quest for the truth. In my opinion, we need to turn up the pressure, not let it slack off.

Have there been threats from others, are there legal concerns? I feel some sense of uneasiness or fear, in revealing all there is. Hoping there are not barriers, such as these, preventing us from finding the truth. Thanks Again.

Ivyfree said...

"Willow Palin was born in 1995. Trig "Von Palin" was conceived in the spring of 2007. Now it is certainly not impossible for a 12 year old to become pregnant--BUT IT IS HIGHLY UNLIKEY."

:::sigh::: I took care of a thirteen year old girl who had just given birth, after aborting two previous pregnancies. Do NOT tell me it's unlikely.

Note: when I assessed the girl (who was only on our unit as she was adopting out the baby) I shocked the hell out of her mother by telling her to get the girl on birth control ASAP- to bring it up and discuss with the doctor at the first postpartum appointment.

I disagree with the Willow theory, because there seems to be no particular evidence supporting it, not because of her age.

Morgan said...

Conscious at Last,

When I was in the hospital giving birth to my second son (in pre-HIPAA days) I overheard the nurses discussing another patient who had given birth the day before - an eleven year old girl.

So while it is unlikely that a twelve year old girl could get pregnant, it is not impossible. I've always thought that it seemed kind of extreme for Sarah to have covered for Bristol, since having a 17-year-old come up pregnant wouldn't really be a career-killer. She may have even been seen as a hero for supporting her daughter and encouraging her to keep the baby.

But if her 12 or 13 year old daughter popped up pregnant, well that's something else entirely. That would indicate a lack of parental oversight, not to mention criminal issues if the father was an adult. Sarah would have far greater reason to cover for Willow than for Bristol.

That's always kind of concerned me. Willow didn't leave a MySpace record, and if she did, then those pages can't be found. I'm not convinced Willow's whereabouts during what would have been Trig's gestation have been completely verified to a certainty, either.

My point to you here is the same I made to Dan. We just don't know who Trig's mom is, and until we do I really would discourage all of you from trying to shut one another up if you don't like their theories.

I think the debate is good and healthy, and getting married to one theory in particular risks leading to a dead end. When we keep all the possibilities open we have more of a chance of finding the truth.

Karen said...

One other comment, I believe others may be correct with regard to Levi's interview. Certainly the focus is placed on Tripp, & accomplishes the purpose of directing attention AWAY from Trig. Which is, of course, what SP wants, very much so.

Maybe it's a red herring to distract everyone from the possibility, of two babies from Bristol or Bristol/Willow. Maybe Levi IS only the father of Trigg, but I find that hard to believe. Not much chance of L & B being intimate, after she just had someone else's baby.

Morgan said...


Would the poster going under the moniker "Noname" email me privately at

Thank you

KaJo said...

Gindy said..."You betcha Levi knocked up Bristol on her own bed and mamma bear knew all about it from day one."

One thing that's puzzled me, ever since I first heard about this Levi/Tyra Banks interview, and some of the comments on various blogs thereafter: Is everybody talking about TriG, or TriPP? Or BOTH?

The first few comments I've seen everywhere seemed to refer to the period of time end-of-2008/beginning-of-2009 when TriPP is purportedly said to have been born -- which would indicate that
1) Bristol and Levi hadn't broken up yet;
2) Levi was indeed living with the Palins when public announcements by the Johnstons and the Palins seem to imply Levi was still "on the North Slope" and about to be canned from his job -- but not yet;
3) no one in the Palin household seemed to care if Bristol got pregnant AGAIN!

Then the story seemed to morph into references that Levi was living or cohabiting with Bristol in the Palin household in late 2007/early 2008 while Sarah Palin was doing all those public appearances with videographers, attending Gov conferences in Washington DC, leadership conferences in LA, flying to Texas to meet with still more Govs...

Who knows, maybe both scenarios are what actually happened. But I'm not so sure the second one above has been verified, has it?


Lilybart said...

Levi said that all of Bristol's friends were at the birth, so many people know the real birthdate for Tripp.

So why don't we have confirmation of the birthdate?

Duncan said...

I don't know who Trig's mom is.

But, I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

WV sanes, eh?

Diana said...

Comfyjeans said:

If Sarah had declined McCain’s offer ("not the best time for our family") none of us (well many of us) would never have even heard of Bristol and Levi, and they might be doing much better than they are today without all this attention.

Could we send that in a email to Sarah? Maybe in hindsight she might appreciate how devastating her decision has been to her family.

Dangerous said...

Correcting a couple of posts, Willow's date of birth is January 21, 1994. Not 1995. That makes her 15 now, 14 in April of 2008, and 13 1/2 in August of 2007.

For those who still push Bx2, please offer a cogent, plausible, evidence-supported basis for how Levi and Johnstons either:

A) Know that Bristol & Levi are Trig's paretns and aren't saying so;


B) Don't know, yet the Palins and the Johnston considered themselves related (per Sadie's photos / captions) in April 2008.

Audrey has documented that the Bristol-is-pregnant rumors pre-date Trig's birth. Certainly Levi and the Johnston would have heard those rumors, true or not. If true, I don't think anyone would think Levi would ignore them with a baby showing up, particularly if he weren't the father.

Bx2 now has so many holes that you can't patch the dam. The Palins and McCain campaign sent you all on a rabbit hunt on September 1, 2008 and you're all still chasing that varmint. Nothing I say will stop you all from following that hare father down its hole into Wonderland, but that's where you find the kind of logic you're employing now to support the theory.

I'll go on record now that it is impossible that Bristol is Trig's mother. I'll take the misstating of Willow's age and year of birth as evidence that many Bx2 proponents would rather accept false 'facts' and circumstances that challenge their conclusion. I'm still waiting for someone to provide a shread of direct evidence that rules out Willow. It should be easy, but nobody's done it yet.


P.S. I'm sure even when I'm proved right, some will not accept it.

Morgan said...


If your recent post didn't appear, there's a reason.

I know everyone is excited about the new material and a lot of people have their own idea about who Trig's mom is or is not.

It's fine to expound on those theories and discuss the new information. But attacks or insinuations about other readers - either by name or in general - will not be tolerated.

Say what you want, but leave the insults and allegations out or your otherwise well-thought posts won't see the light of day. Everyone who is commenting here has a right to their opinion.

If you'd like to repost while keeping that in mind, please feel free...

sandra said...

How many other governors with the end of the legislative session approaching and a volcano erupting would take the time to release press statements that are so vindictive to the family of her grandchild?

The farther this goes, the more immature GINO appears to be. The C4P people are agreeing that she should be in charge of the missile defense. Can you imagine how that would fit in her priorities?

I hope that after the legislature adjourns GINO will take time for a vacation and get her head screwed on better.

Headtrip Honey said...

Hmmm.....according to CNN the Palin camp just put out another statement saying:

A Palin family spokeswoman Monday is continuing to push back against recent claims from Levi Johnston, saying the former fiancé of Bristol Palin told an outright "lie" when he said the two were allowed to live together.

"Levi has never lived under the same roof as Bristol or any of the Palins," Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton told CNN.

In an interview that aired in full Monday on the Tyra Banks Show, Johnston said he moved in to the Palin household shortly before the birth of son Tripp last December.

"I just wanted to be there for her when she had the baby," Johnston said, adding the two were allowed to share a room.

"Do you really think the governor and Todd would have allowed that," Stapleton said in an e-mail.

Someone's getting nerrrrrrvous.

muah said...

I second what MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said

Way to go, Audrey!
You are appreciated.

No theory is dead until the fat lady sings. Think of what crime detectives go through.
They can spend years on several theories. This is a crime about a humongous fraud.

KaJo said...

From this "MySpace Part One" blog entry: ...Yet Sue Williams, a Wasilla caterer who spoke to the press within hours of Palin's nomination as VP (and who is NOT a Palin supporter) claimed that Willow's eighth grade boyfriend was telling people in Wasilla early in April, prior to Trig's birth on April 18th, that Bristol was pregnant. So positive was Ms. Williams of her information that she insisted late in August that Bristol was well into her third trimester and due "soon."

That last sentence, Audrey, reads awkwardly, as if you're saying Ms. Williams believed Bristol was into her 3rd trimester in August -- not the meaning I believe you intended, is it? Rather, that Ms. Williams believed late in August that Bristol was pregnant in April?


Also, have you seen this blog entry by Syrin, from yesterday, on her blog?

Vic said...

Attack Crowes just posted something interesting. Its obvious enough, Fox owns Myspace. But he/she calls it a hint. Does the attack crowe know something?

Ivyfree said...

"Also, have you seen this blog entry by Syrin, from yesterday, on her blog?"

It says she had seen Bristol pregnant in Juneau. Is that 2007-2008 or 2008-2009? It seems that, if 2007-2008, we may have an answer.

CupofNoodles said...

I think there is some confusion going on as to when Bristol was living with her aunt. The Syrin blog is confusing it as well.

Bristol was sent to live with her aunt more than once and the two occasions are continually being mixed up.

She lived with her aunt for a short time in the beginning of 2008when she supposedly had mono or was hiding a pregnancy with Trig, or was being a rebellious teen, in her junior year of high school.

And then she lived with her again during the summer of 2008 and into her senior year of 2008 while she was definately and visibly pregnant with Tripp.

Levi did not state that they lived together and shared a room in the Palin home until after Bristol was way pregnant and about to give birth. He did not move into their home until Dec. right before Tripp was to be born. Not in the beginning of the year before Bristol was pregnant with Tripp.

CupofNoodles said...


Here is what Sue Williams said about Bristol in August. According to Sue Williams, Audreys statement reads correctly.

"During this period is when Bristol, Sarah’s sixteen year old daughter, turns up pregnant. So, it’s kind of interesting to note that the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee and her sixteen year old junior in high school unwed daughter were carrying babies at the same time. Once Bristol’s condition became more obvious this summer, she was whisked out of sight and hasn’t been seen in public until yesterday in Ohio. This is why Trig’s blanket was strung across her entire abdomen and torso, but, when she walked down the stairs from the stage, in a profile shot, it was very clear to see she is well into her third trimester of her pregnancy."

B said...

"I'm still waiting for someone to provide a shread of direct evidence that rules out Willow."

I'm still waiting for direct evidence that rules out Molly.

I'm still waiting for direct evidence that rules out Track's girlfriend.

I'm still waiting for direct evidence that rules out Diana Palin.

I'm still waiitng for direct evidence that rules out Sue the caterer, or Audrey, or Dangerous's sister, or . . . You get the idea.

More Cowbell said...

"I'll go on record now that it is impossible that Bristol is Trig's mother. I'll take the misstating of Willow's age and year of birth as evidence that many Bx2 proponents would rather accept false 'facts' and circumstances that challenge their conclusion."

I believe that Bristol was nursing Trig and that explains her appearance at the RNC. I haven't seen anything that proves it's "impossible" that she is Trig's mother. As for people purposely "misstating" Willow's age, there are various websites with various birthdates for Willow and Piper-- it's easy enough to use the wrong date. I don't think any maliciousness has to be attached to the use of an incorrect date.

Lilybart said...

On Celtic Diva there is a statement from someone interviewed for the book, Trailblazer. Confirms that Bristol was seen very pregnant during the Trig time period. Excerpt:

Lorenzo Benet took what he wanted from the interview and presented it the way he wanted it to be perceived.

His book "Trail Blazer" is pro Palin and an intimate portrait. Heather Bruce, Sarah's sister, came to me in August because my name was out there on the blogs as the one to blame for this information being revealed.

By the time Heather showed up denying everything, I personally had seen a very pregnant Bristol a couple of times, so their denial was for naught.

It was common knowledge in Juneau that Bristol was in trouble.

Ginger said...

Thank you, Dangerous, for your excellent post! Especially the paragraph starting with..."Bx2."

I'd like you to know, however, I didn't go on the rabbit hunt on Sept. 1, 2008, because I didn't think there was a varmit.

Unlike you though, I think Bristol gave birth to Trig. Where did Tripp(?) come from? I don't know but I'll betcha', Sarah could have produced a baby on Dec. 27, 2008, if she wanted to.

Won't it be interesting, Dangerous, to see who's right? You or my Ouija board.

What fun!

Lilybart said...

Would someone help me with tinyurls?

I copy and paste into google, but nothing comes up. What don't I know about to use tinyurls?


B said...

tinyurls don't work in Google. Paste it into your address bar.

B said...

Lilybart said..."On Celtic Diva there is a statement from someone interviewed for the book, Trailblazer. Confirms that Bristol was seen very pregnant during the Trig time period."

She was talking TriPP time period.

Ennealogic said...

Can someone ask Syrin to clarify what dates she is talking about?

That Bristol would appear pregnant in August 2008 makes sense. It would make no sense if she appeared pregnant in August 2007, though, from a Bx2 perspective.

Whoever was pregnant with Trig would not have been showing at all in August 2007.

Also, wasn't 2007-2008 Bristol's junior year? And 2008-2009 her senior year?

Alex said...

Kajo wrote "Have you seen this blog entry by Syrin, from yesterday, on her blog?"

Kajo or anybody-- can you translate for me what this blogger wrote? It is so poorly written, I couldn't make sense of it. What a great source Syrin could be from her vantage in Wasilla, but when the poor child has a great scoop (the real story behind her husband's PEOPLE interview from what I can make out) she can't write one clear, intelligible sentence about it.

For instance, when did she "see" Bristol pregnant?????? That is a $640,000,000 question.

midnightcajun said...

Several interesting tidbits from the TB Levi interview. Levi said Bristol doesn't let him take the baby to his house because she doesn't want the baby around his sister's friends; Mercede later expanded on this, saying Levi used to date several of Mercede's friends, and that's why Bristol doesn't want the baby around them. Bristol is starting to sound more and more like her mom.

Also, another version of the "telling the parents" scene! This time, we have Levi telling HIS mom first; Sherry is very excited; then they tell Sarah, who at first refuses to believe them (if that doesn't sound just like Sarah: "If I don't want it to be real, it's not real."). Not a word about a "friend" being there and telling Sarah.

I'm puzzled by the stunned reactions to Levi saying he moved into the Palin house before Tripp's birth, since I had heard someplace else around the time of Tripp's alleged birth . And didn't we have a later report about Todd and Levi getting into a fight, and Levi moving out? I remember being surprised at the time that more wasn't made of these two unwed teenagers cohabitating in her mom's house. Anyone remember the source of those clips?

Actually, not much here for Sarah to get excited about. These people were fairly constrained, mainly just unhappy that they're not often allowed to see a child they love. I'm wondering exactly what the Johnstons said that Sarah is claiming is a lie? That Bristol only lets Sherry and Mercede see the child once a month? That Bristol is still jealous of Levi's ex-girlfriends? That she won't let Levi take the baby? That moms usually know if their daughter is having sex?

Actually, comparing the Johnston's faces with Bristol's face in her GVS interview, I'd say they were being far more honest than she was.

Dangerous said...

B said:

I'm still waiting for direct evidence that rules out Molly.

I'm still waiting for direct evidence that rules out Track's girlfriend.

I'm still waiting for direct evidence that rules out Diana Palin.

I'm still waiitng for direct evidence that rules out Sue the caterer, or Audrey, or Dangerous's sister, or . . . You get the idea.

B was following up on my challenge to present some direct evidence ruling out Willow. Nothing would make me happier than someone doing that.

The reason I seek direct evidence for Willow, and not the others B mentioned, is that circumstantial evidence, including likely motive for faking, aligns for Bristol and Willow and nobody else. What direct evidence we have (including the arrival of Tripp and Bristol looking quite pregnant for weeks with all eyes on her) leans strongly against her being able to produce an infant on or about April 18. A much earlier Trig birth date creates all kinds of other issues, including likely father, where Trig was stashed, and so forth.

We need to look for direct evidence that alibis or points to likely candidates based on the circumstantial evidence we have. SP faking for any other woman, even in whom she had an interest, makes no logical sense.

Morgan is correct that we don't know who Trig's real mother is, yet. It could be any woman, but we should start with those woman for who SP's motives align and from whom she could not announce an adoption but still ends up claiming the baby as hers.

If it's not Bristol or Willow (and now probably just Willow), we've read the motive and circumstances all wrong. Then she faked either just so that Trig would never know he was adopted, or the circumstances are truly bizarre. Or she didn't fake it at all and was reckless on the wild ride had a one-in-a-million pregnancy.


B said...

Ennealogic said...Whoever was pregnant with Trig would not have been showing at all in August 2007

You're right, if Sarah told the truth that TriG was due mid-May. If Patrick is right that TriG was due in Feb., the mom could have been showing in Aug. 2007.

But Syrin said this when Benet was covering the story, i.e., Aug. 2008, i.e., TriPP.

NakedTruth said...

O.K. I saw the interview with the Johnston's on Tyra's show.

Nothing really new. We already knew that Bristol was not allowing them to see Tripp. The only new information was Levi saying that he lived with the Palin's before Tripp's birth and that they slept in the same room.

This is not surprising. My belief is that Bristol has been sexually active for awhile. Sarah and Todd probably adopted the attitude of other unfit parents. 'If she's doing it, I would rather it be under my roof.' This is sad but so true.

Also, I thought that the comment Sherry Johnston made about the Secret Service hacking her computer was interesting. Why would they hack her computer? What did they think she knew or information she had?

I am still of the belief that Bristol gave birth to Trig. I think that Trig's father is not Levi. Bristol was sent away to hide the pregnancy in late '07 and early '08. (Oh yea, over on Celtic Blue and a few other blogs, they are saying that Bristol wasn't even in Wasilla most of the time during Nov. and Dec. 07. They say that she was spending time in Juneau as well which would support my belief that she could have hid her pregnancy from Levi.)

Bristol told Levi that her parents were keeping her away from him. Levi, being as whipped as he is (he did put her name on his ring finger)believed her.

Bristol resumed the relationship with Levi and the Johnston's after she gave birth to Trig in late Feb. or March 08.

B said...


I learned a few interesting things.

Levi knew about the baby and proposed by late June. So Bristol was at least one month along then. But did he wait till 3 mos.?

Sadie saw TriPP for 10 minutes at the hospital on the day he was born. If he was not born on 12/27/08, Sadie knows. Levi isn't the only one in on the secret.

muah said...

Maybe Syrin and anyone who Syrin may have talked to at the time could formulate a clear time frame and incidents they encountered and create a document for a notary to actualize. Something concrete. I believe they are reliable. Once the time is settled others may come forward.

muah said...

Alex - The SarahPACers won't miss a beat helping Syrin out. I think this is emotional and difficult for her. She needs support. If Wasilla is so far gone maybe someone from Anchorage. I'm amazed this hasn't been scrubbed.

wv surers

Sheesh said...

I guess I'm a bit underwhelmed with the MySpace stuff thus far. All I'm getting from this is that this group of teens isn't all that much different than most of the lower 48 teens I've been acquainted with.

That being said, I think it's pretty interesting that there are huge gaps of gossip that I would expect from any age group, either written or overhead and reported second hand. Just a few instances of someone reporting a rumor that BP was pregnant in Sept of '07. I can't believe that an entire town would just clam up on the subject either to refute the rumors or confirm them. Despite all the great circumstantial evidence out there, this is the one troubling aspect of this mystery...just no loose lips.

Diana said...

Because of Trigs birth it was obvious to Sarah that they were having sex! That is why Levi was so sure that Sarah "knew they were having sex".

Otherwise the comment doesn't make sense. It is obvious she knew they had sex after she found out about Tripp. So the "she knew" had to been a reference from before Tripp.

Diana said...

Ok, now back to being a little more serious.

Audrey, I am excited to see the next post. I know that it will give us much to discuss and go over. However, will it give us the clues needed to determine how the charade of Trigs birth played out? Can you give us your current theory of how this charade unfolded based on all the evidence and information that has been gathered up to this point, including your take on the my space information?

My hope with this new post is that we can stay focused and not go in a million directions about teen sex, drinking and drug use. Or how immature or intimate their behaviors are. What I personally would like us to do, is to use this information and stay focused on finding the proof needed to take this investigation of Sarah's fraudulent behavior to another more public level. Believe me, their are some people who are watching this site and waiting for a delivery of information they can take to the next level of investigation.

If you can layout your current theories and sequences of events, then as we view the new post and information provided, we will have hundreds if not thousands of eyes and minds searching for the ways in which this new information fits into the current theory of this blog site!

We have been gathering information for months and in my opinion we need to layout a sequence of events that we can place this new information into. You did some of that in this new post but maybe a more expanded version will keep everyone focused. I hope you feel, as the leader of this site, you can layout a position of where you believe the sequence of events are at this moment in time and post it. We all are contributors to this site. However, the ultimate responsibility is yours, to pull together the events as you have seen them develop and keep this site focused at this really critical time in our search for the truth.

My thought is that with this new information we not get distracted or confused about our direction because it will grow exponentially as we grow closer to the truth. If you could present a timeline of known facts prior to or included in the next post that will keep the focus on what we know, I think this next post can take us to the next level where we might be able to attract the MSM's attention and others support.

I have enjoyed being a part of this process. I think your integrity and certainty of what is important has lead this site to be enjoyed, followed and participated in, by many. I myself have never engaged in a blog site before but because of the level of maturity, common sense and integrity this site has maintained I have felt comfortable sharing my perspective and participating in pursing information that I hope will lead to the discovery of the truth in this matter.

As we get farther away from the actual events, lets not give up our diligence and dedication and or lose our focus at this incredibly important time. Momentum is an important factor in finding the truth and creates reactions in those we are pursuing the truth from. If we lose our momentum now the pressure that has been building may dissipate. I hope that I am speaking for more than myself when I say we need to lay out our cards for everyone to see. Lay out what we know and use this new information to build and integrate into the solid foundation we have built so far. This is not the time to hold back but a time to unfold all of the insights, facts and information you and this wonderful site have gathered.

I hope with this next blog post that you will not hold back but be bold in what you know! You have instincts that know what is true and what is not and facts to guide you through the process. Follow them and expose the truths that have been uncovered and pave the timeline for everyone to follow! The finish line is now in sight, this is the time to accelerate!

Diana said...

Sarah Palin's sister-in-law Diana Palin, brought her 4 year old daughter with her when she broke into a home in an attempt to rob the home for a second time!

What in the world is wrong with this family! And how can they call the Johnston's family white trash if this is going on in their own family???

Morgan said...

Diana, Todd's sister was just practicing those good old-fashioned Palin Family Values. I mean, really, why let your kid about burglary out on the streets when they can learn it directly from mom.

penny said...

Here, here Diana!


onething said...

I haven't seen the Tyra Banks interview yet, but it looks like Levi was saying Sarah knew they had sex sometime before Tripp was conceived. After that, it makes no sense to mention it.

That he was living at the house right around the time of Tripp's birth was in People magazine, so Sarah can't backtrack on it, and it really isn't so terrible from my point of view - but I am not a church going religious right extremist. People who care about such things are supposed to feel strong pressure to get married before the baby is born. If they can live together in the parental home while not married, they can do so while married also.

That they failed to do so was always a red flag, and although some people seemed to pick up fairly definite marriage plans, what they actually said, even during the McCain campaign, was quite vague.

I think, Dangerous, that having Willow constantly (twice a week) fly in public with Piper while Bristol was out of sight is a problem.

Ivyfree said...

You know what really freaks me out is the scrubbed Myspace pages. Who has the authority to come in and say,"All these pages will vanish"? Look, the President himself could order me to delete my blog and I'd ask him to explain why before I agreed, and I might not agree, depending on his reasons. How can a WHOLE TOWN of teenagers have their Myspace pages scrubbed? Surely SOME of them would have refused to cooperate.

Now, I've read that Fox owns Myspace, but I don't know if it's true. And I'm sure the RNC wanted the Myspace pages gone, but again: how do they get the authority to do that?

Really, I don't care if Bristol was pregnant twice. I don't much care about SP, given that she's essentially trashed herself world-wide and I don't think she's much political threat or nearly as important as she likes to think. (Still I'd enjoy watching her go down in flames, not denying that.) I'd like to know how a whole town was persuaded to shut up and cooperate. And nobody seems to speculate on that. We have Audrey's reporter acquaintance saying that s/he nosed around Wasilla and was struck by how frightened people were of Sarah.

So ask yourself, all of you: you're all on line. I'm sure some of you have joined LiveJournal or Facebook or Myspace or whatever. What would persuade you to agree to this? And they must have agreed- because nobody's complaining about it.

A whole group of teenagers had their Myspace scrubbed... and none of them are complaining. Am I the only person who thinks this is bizarre? And scary?

Morgan said...


Rupert Murdoch bought MySpace back in 2005. I don't think we can assign any nefarious motives to his decision; social networking is huge and the ad revenue from those sites has to be staggering.

But I don't think Murdoch or the rest of the Rovian gang would have any qualms about trampling on free speech rights for the public good.

To play with Dangerous' theory about Willow, I've always thought it was rather odd that no info could be found regarding a MySpace for that girl. By all accounts she was something of a wild child; it seems kind of odd to me that she wouldn't be on a social networking site so popular with "tweens" and young teenagers.

If something did show up that could be damning to Palin's campaign then the MySpace administrator would have no legal problem pulling the information. You're supposed to be 18 to have a MYySpace, but kids lie about that all the time. If a teen had theirs pulled, the admins could always claim it was because they were underage, and what could they say?

I was discussing this whole MySpace with another member of the PD Research Team today and she things like you do, IvyFree, and wonders at the sheer logistics of scrubbing so many comments from so many pages. But perhaps just the most damning ones were scrubbed.

You'd think there'd be a protest at least, if comments were disappearing, but who knows. If they were back in the archives the kids may not have noticed anyway; most of them don't go back and revisit beyond what's on their home page.

I wish I knew more about how the admin stuff works, or what would be involved in taking comments down. But I'm sure it can be done. I know profiles can be deleted. I wonder if and/or how many Alaskan teens who communicated with Bristol and/or Palin had their profiles vanish.

For someone like Murdoch, a business investment in MySpace may have turned out to be a good political investment as well.

onething said...

I wonder if Diana Palin knew the family she burglarized, and knew where they kept their valuables. Otherwise, why go back a second time, and why did the man of the house hide and await her return?

WV: pallall, as in, We are all appalled.

CupofNoodles said...

As to the scrubbing of myspace pages... I would assume their would not be much to scrub.

Keep in mind Sarah had been involved in politics long before she was picked for VP. I've worked in local politics and they can get dirty. I would assume that those girls were already told by their mother to stay off of myspace. The little they were on was probably sneaking.
And they probably told their friends not to post about them long before this went national.

NakedTruth said...

Ivyfree said:

"So ask yourself, all of you: you're all on line. I'm sure some of you have joined LiveJournal or Facebook or Myspace or whatever. What would persuade you to agree to this? And they must have agreed- because nobody's complaining about it."

I agree with you totally. Two answers to your questions, money and fear. If Fox actually owns myspace, it could be that they deleted the information without consent and people or too afraid or just not willing to complain due to a payoff or just loyalty.

I am still wondering why the Secret Service would hack Sherry Johnston's computer. Who gave them the right to do this?

Also on, they are telling more lies. Saying that Tyra did not bring up Sherry's legal problems. That's a lie, she did. They are also suggesting that Mercede and Levi might have something weird going on (hinting to incest IMO).

These people are really low and hateful and it's so unbelievable to me when I see them get so perturbed when others say mean things about SP. They are even trying to eliminate negative public comments about the Palins on ADN website by going after ADN's advertisers! So much hypocracy with these people.

I bet Levi and the Palins kiss and make up real soon. Levi going on Tyra was just a warning to the Palins that more info could be leaked if they don't come around. He still doesn't know the details about Trig but he knows something that he is not willing to share at this time.

Tully said...

I was open to the possibility of Willow as Trig's mom for a while, but her presence at Sarah's 2008 State of State address put that theory to rest for me. From the video and screen shots, it was a very crowded event with lots of local media attendtion. She was dressed in light, dressy indoor clothing. Willow is not a big girl and a 6 month (minimum) pregnancy would have caught someone's attention. I agree with you that there would be more scandal attached to a Willow pregnancy than a Bristol pregnancy and hence more incentive for a cover-up. But I tend to think that the fake pregnancy had more to do with the discovery of Down syndrome than with any stigma attached to an unwed teen's pregnancy.

NakedTruth said...

Noticed a couple of mistakes in my last post but spelled hypocrisy wrong. My bad...hopefully you got what I meant.

wayofpeace said...


So, is all this airing of Palin-related real and alleged dirty laundry drown out her political message?

Pollster Ivan Moore told Kauffman Palin "brought this all on herself by making her kids an issue last year."

But, adds Kauffman, Palins' approval rating is over 60 percent in Alaska, so she's hardly out in the cold among her home state's voters.

Lilybart said...

I can understand how a town could be afraid. I had bad car trouble on old Route 66 in Arizona. The town mechanic was also the sheriff and the mayor, what have you. So he spent one day judging a kiddie parade while i watched, smiling like I was so pleased to be there, so he wouldn't trash my car.

I was told he didn't care for people from, NYC. I bet if I were Jewish I might have had trouble. So, one jerk can make a whole town afraid of him!

Lilybart said...

Diana thought it was "Bring your Daughter to Work" day.

GreetingsFromTheJerseyShore said...


I found it rather strange that there were a few pics of "Uncle Trig" interspersed among the family photos shown on Tyra's show today...both seemingly taken in the Palin's kitchen (in 2008) with the wood/leather kitchen chairs...Sadie and GINO with NB Trig...then a few photos later at about 7:49 on Part 1...Sadie, NB Trig, and Levi...Sadie - same shirt,hair, and earrings as "Triggy-Bear" pic...I had never seen the photo of Levi with Trig at the Palin's - so I was quite taken aback...

NakedTruth said...

O.K. I am listening to the Tyra interview again with the Johnston's. Levi was really giving his mom and sister the eye when they were answering questions. Almost like he was intimidating them with eyecontact. It was like he was saying 'watch it -you are saying too much' or 'make sure you answer just like we planned'. Just thought he looked at them strange on a couple of occasions.

I still believe that Levi is not Trig's father but I will say that I am less convinced about my theory after this interview. Just like I mentioned about Bristol, Levi just might not have been too happy with a DS child either. Sherry talked about Levi always wanting a son to fish and skate with and about how happy she was to hear that Bristol was pregnant with Tripp. Strange, even Tyra thought so. Why would teenagers be so excited (and Levi's mother) about Bristol being pregnant? Was Trig that big of a let down and they wanted to try for a 'perfect' child as Bristol kept saying about Tripp on Greta?

I just keep thinking that it's possible to want another baby to replace a baby that for some reason couldn't be yours. Levi and Bristol as well as the Johnstons just may think that Sarah did them a favor by taking Trig. I am so confused.

Palin Pregnancy Truth said...

Forgive me if this has been posted in the comments. I didn't have time to go through them all yet.

I just watched Tyra's interview with Levi. Notice the picture of Levi, Mercede, and the baby at minute 7:50 of the interview. That's Trig Levi is holding so lovingly. Mercede is wearing the same outfit as the "Triggy Bear" picture.

The picture is used again, only Mercede is cropped out, at 4:21 of the second part of the interview.

I'm not sure if this means anything, but I find it bizarre that the Johnstons would provide a picture of themselves with Trig. Do they not have enough pictures with Tripp (as Sadie implied)? It's bizarre to be posting pictures of your ex-girlfriends baby brother pretending that they are of your son... But at least now we know that Levi was present the same day as "Triggy Bear".

midnightcajun said...

Hey, all you photo sleuths! Look at 7:49 of the TB interview. There's a photo of Mercede with her arm around Levi, who is lovingly holding a newborn baby. The chair is the same one we're familiar with from the Triggy Bear photos. Mercede's hair, sweatshirt, and earrings are the same as in the Triggy Bear photos. In other words, this is a picture of Levi holding Trig from the same photo shoot as Sadie's MySpace page.

teal said...

…just want to make a note of something I found which [in my mind] kinda connects to some of the finner points made here RE: the date of birth for baby #1.

I think, it was mentioned that the baby was already known to be DS [or born] when SP announced that she was 7-months. The info below could link the belief that SP KNEW ‘something & the baby being here already.

In light of the fact that 1 in every 10 and 1 in every 20 children with Down syndrome will also have an autistic spectrum disorder, I found it interesting that SP issued a proclamations RE: proclaiming April 2008 as: Autism Awareness Month, [she signed it on Feb 27, 2008]

FUNNY THING…this very proclamations has been RECYCLED & dated 4/01/09, with the dated mentioned above still in place. I guess her PR person is busy writing REAL FAKE press releases about Levi & family?

On the Gov’s web site - look under the ‘proclamations’ section, and click on this title: 4/01/09, AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH

Yeah, I got a screen shot…

mdlw56 said...

Have not been able to read all the comments yet. So, I don't know if anyone else noticed, but the pictures on the Tyra videos show Levi holding Trig...see the photos where the baby is dressed in blue (short sleeve in January)with dark hair and Sadie standing behind Levi (at 7:49). Sadie has the same earrings and similar outfit as in the one with Trig and Palin. Then looking at the other baby, much lighter hair. Looks like two babies to me. One Trig, one Tripp(?).

Would that explain why Levi kissed Trig at the convention? And would explain Mrs. Johnston saying, "Bristol knew how much that baby meant to me." Like in the past tense? That would be my guess. For whatever it is worth!

Thanks, guys, for all your hard work!

Diana said...

Lilybart said...
Diana thought it was "Bring your Daughter to Work" day.
"Diana Palin"....thought it was "Bring your Daughter to Work Day. :)

What wonderful values run in the Palin family. They use their kids for everything!

Silver said...

The content the teens publish on MySpace is technically theirs, but it's really easy for MySpace to do what they please with it.

Most of that starts at #7.

But there is something very curious to me.

If someone other than the kids scrubbed these pages, why didn't they do more?

The posting of knowledge of illegal acts is a bannable offense. Why would they be allowed to keep their profiles and party content, but not references to one Alaska state governor and her family?

Wouldn't it look better to delete all of it and create your own Lake Wobegon out of Wasilla where all the the women are strong, men are good looking, and children above average?

I really doubt the kids scrubbed the pages. I worked with middle schoolers for the past four years. Stubborn bunch overall. I doubt that all of them at once would remove content by choice.

NoMore said...

OK. The gremlins ate my earlier post. :/
This is what I tried to say:

I have seen the clip on U-tube about Levi insisting that they were always practicing 'Safe Sex', and finally him saying 'most of the time'.

I guess 'logically', if they ALWAYS practiced SS, then Tripp would not have happened (unless the condom slipped...)
Maybe that's why Levi finally said 'most of the time' - because it would not make sense to him (or us) otherwise - but deep down, he KNOWS he used a condom every time...
Here comes my conspiracy theory into play:
MAYBE Levi is NOT the biological dad, and there is another beau in the wings, with whom Bristol maybe had 'ONCE' unprotected sex - or where her beau insisted she could not get preggers if he withdrew before he 'comes'? Maybe that thought has started to cross Levis mind now, too... HMMM... Just wondering here.
If I were Levi, I would demand a paternity test...

Ginger said...

Finally, I watched Tyra's show that I had taped. What really surprised me, were the clips used from Greta's interview with Bristol on Feb. 16th. That was on Fox.

Now, I'm not sure about this but wouldn't Tyra's network have to get permission from Fox to air those clips?

Why would Fox give Tyra's network permission knowing how angry Sarah was over the interview? Even if Tyra's network was an affilate of Fox, why would they do this?

Anyone have an answer?

With all the pull Sarah has at Fox, especially with Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox, couldn't she have stopped them from using those clips?

Mom of One, Esq. said...

Did anyone see this over at Celtic Diva? Todd's co-worker's wife wrote a post about Bristol being sent away to live with Heather Bruce:

"Heather Bruce, Sarah's sister, came to me in August because my name was out there on the blogs as the one to blame for this information being revealed.

By the time Heather showed up denying everything, I personally had seen a very pregnant Bristol a couple of times, so their denial was for naught."

So she's saying she saw "a very pregnant Bristol" a couple of times before August 2008. Even with that bustline at the convention, I would never describe allegedly 5 month pregnant Bristol as "very pregnant."

Is this not a huge break?? What am I missing? Sounds like someone's finally tired of being bullied by the Palins/Heaths and is talking.

WV is "dectiven" like "detective-ing"

B said...

teal, remember that Sarah has a nephew, Heather's son, with autism. TriG could be connected to the proclamation, but not necessarily. Curious that she changed months b/t 2008 & 2009.

B said...

Mom of One, Esq. said,
So she's saying she saw "a very pregnant Bristol" a couple of times before August 2008. Even with that bustline at the convention, I would never describe allegedly 5 month pregnant Bristol as "very pregnant."
Is this not a huge break??

I read Syrin's account as all happening in August when Palin was being (sort of) vetted and covered by People Mag (Benet), and not before. I read "very pregnant" as pregnant enough to be showing and to rule out Heather's denials.

If Syrin is talking about an earlier pregnancy, it would be, as you say, a huge break.

Windy City Woman said...

If Willow gave birth to Trig, the father was likely an adult. When really young girls give birth, the father is often a grown man. Remember that boys go through puberty 2 years later than girls, on average. Remember when we were adolescents, how the girls were interested in boys long before the boys were interested in girls? Yeah, it's icky to think of even an 18-year-old young man sleeping with a 12-year-old girl, but it happens.