Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Birth Certificate... what would it really show?

Since the very beginning of this controversy, there have been calls for Trig Palin's birth certificate as something that would settle the matter. I have never joined this clamor, because I have known all along that it would not be conclusive. However, there is a curious irony here which has occurred to me only recently: while releasing the birth certificate would potentially prove nothing, NOT releasing it may be telling us a great deal.

What leads to this seemingly illogical statement? In short, how birth certificates are handled in the face of an adoption. I have researched this with the help of an associate who has interviewed an Alaskan attorney who handles adoptions. The path to adoption - and the paperwork involved - is as follows. This outlines what would happen in the case of a closed, private adoption, with the parents and birth mother knowing each other prior to the birth, and making some of the arrangements before the baby is born.

1. A baby is born. An attendant at the birth (can be any facility staff person, not necessarily the doctor) files a “Report of Live Birth.” The birth mom fills out the form with her name and the name of the father. Other info includes the name of the facility and the name of the doctor, if there is one. This document is confidential. In the case of a subsequent adoption, only parties to the adoption ever see this, like the parents (birth and adoptive) and their attorneys. This report is saved for 100 years but it is impossible to get because it is confidential. The adoptive parents would take the baby home from the hospital.

2. There is a hearing within a week or two. This proceeding is confidential.

3. A decree of adoption is issued. Once again, this is a confidential document.

4. A birth certificate with the child’s new name and adoptive parents’ names is issued by the state. You cannot tell by looking at that birth certificate that the child has been adopted so even if it is released, it would be of little value. The birth certificate contains ONLY the following information: the child's (new) name, the adoptive parents' names, the date, and place (city and state) of his birth. Here's an example of an "heirloom" birth certificate you can order for an Alaska birth. It's more decorative than a regular one, but contains all the same info.

Different people born at different times in different places may have other information on their birth certificates. When I was born (long long ago and far far away) the state in which I was born seems to have combined the "birth certificate" and the "report of live birth." My birth certificate contains not only my parents' names, my name, time, place, and date, of course, but the hospital of my birth, my parents' marital status, the number of my mother's previous pregnancies, and the attending doctor's signature as well.

Since the beginning of my investigation into this I have assumed that, if Trig is not Sarah and Todd Palin's biological child, by the time of the campaign, he would have already been long since legally adopted. Therefore, releasing his birth certificate would prove nothing, since it would list his adoptive parents' name, his name, the date, and place of his birth. It would be tell us nothing.

But then I started thinking about this recently. OK, maybe that's true, but then.... why NOT release it? It might not be proof positive for those of us who understand the adoption procedure, but it would have still given the Palins political points. "Look, [eyes rolling] we released the damn birth certificate. They asked for it..." [and many did] "... and we gave it to them. What more can these loonies want?" And those who might have tried to explain about the nuance of adoption law would, at least to many, appear as if they were again splitting hairs. I'll say it again... the Palins could have gotten a fair amount of mileage out of releasing it.

But they didn't. After numerous calls from multiple sources for many months, they still have not. Why not, when they should have had nothing to lose, and potentially at least something to gain? When the document should contain nothing but the names of Sarah and Todd Palin, and the information that Trig was born on April 18th, 2008 in Palmer, Alaska?

Well, here's one answer. Here's why my original statement was that, while releasing it would not have proved anything conclusively, NOT releasing it may be telling us a lot.

What changes when the child is adopted, from the "Report of Live Birth," to the "Birth Certificate?" The baby's name and the parents' names. That's all. What does not change, CANNOT change? The date and place of the birth.

If the child that we now know as Trig Paxson Van Palin was NOT born in Palmer Alaska on April 18th, 2008, his birth certificate would show us that, no matter who the parents are. Could this be the reason no birth certificate has ever been released? Not because they won't, but because they can't?


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Ocean said...

Beck's show is on Fox News at 5 PM East Coast time.

BlueTx said...
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BlueTx said...
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KaJo said...

BlueTx remarked, "Bristol is wearing a tight pair of jeans. Bristol is not exactly a thin girl..."

Even girls 20 pounds overweight wear those same tight jeans. And have you noticed where the "waistband" is on most of today's jeans sold to the teen-age girls? Yeah, just above their pubes.

I remember when I was still fairly young, in my 20s and 30s, "hiphuggers" used to be the In thing. I could never figure out how other young women wore them because I couldn't keep them up. I'd get this horrible sense of insecurity, as if they were slipping off my behind.

I guess that's something today's youngsters get used to. Anyway, there isn't a doubt in my mind that Bristol Palin wears those lowriders regardless of how, how much she weighs.

LisanTX said...

BlueTx--1:23pm You forgot to add:

Bristol is wearing a baggy jacket and Sarah is wearing tight jean shorts in the Mercede pictures.

Young mothers recover their figure so much faster than older mothers, especially those with four other children. I think Bristol could easily fit back into her jeans and Sarah would have taken much longer to recover from a 5th birth at age 44.

BlueTX-what part of "blue" TX are you from? My neighbors all still have their McCain Palin stickers on their cars. I even saw a Palin (no McCain) car driving around recently.

KaJo said...

Oh, yeah, BlueTx, one more thing:

You seem to be under the impression that Bristol Palin is a Plus Size Girl.

Well, I thought Sarah Palin was a willowy tall woman, until a couple of other posters here straightened me out -- she's about 5'3" and according to her body type, probably doesn't weigh more than 125 pounds in an unpregnant state.

All pictures we've seen of both women standing together -- such as that People shot which shows the Palin parents and the 3 girls, along with McCain, his wife, and Meghan McCain (who's the dinky one in the group) -- reveal that Bristol Palin is at most an inch taller than her mother.

In that People picture it's clear Bristol is at most 10 pounds more than her mother, even in her condition (whatever that was!).

sg said...


Re Bristol's appearance in April:

Here is what Andrew Sullivan's associate, Patrick Appel, posted on Andrew's "Daily Dish" blog at The Atlantic on 12/08/09, while Andrew was gone on vacation for a week.

Patrick describes in this link

his involvement with The Dish's Trig birth investigation. Here is a portion of his post:

"The Dish interviewed Lori Tipton, an Alaskan TV reporter at the hospital the day of the delivery. Here's part of that interview:

"Sarah [Palin] was in another room, and they said that she was sleeping when we arrived. And so, we got a little bit of footage of Sally [Heath] holding Trig, and Chuck [Heath] standing next to her. And Bristol [Palin] was in there, and I said to Bristol, "We should get some footage of you and your brother and your grandparents." And she's like, "No I really don't like to be photographed." And I said, "Are you sure?" And she's like, "Yeah, yeah, no." And she didn't have any make-up on or anything, but she was dressed in typical teenage attire, a tight shirt, low-cut jeans, you know, and we had heard the rumors before the delivery of this baby also, that Bristol was pregnant, and so, when my photographer and I got to the hospital and we saw her, I thought, well, clearly there's no way that that girl just delivered a baby seven hours ago. "

NakedTruth said...

"penny in paradise said...
I agree with you Susan, if we could date those photos of Sadie holding "Triggybear," by comparing those with the video of the Palins going back to work on April 21, there is NO WAY Trig is the same age!"

O.K. We must be on to something, a SP Family member, oh sorry I meant BlueTx is weighing in. :-)

I agree, 'Triggybear' appears to look much smaller in the Mercede myspace pictures than say in the grandparents photo (the Heaths) or in the photo with SP and First Dude a couple of days supposely after his birth.

Also just because the photos were updated on a certain date does not mean that they were taken on that date. The date of the actual photograph could have been much earlier.

And as for Bristol having on tight jeans in the Mercede picture, so what, many young teen mothers leave the hospital in their pre-pregnancy clothes. I have seen it happen. Also Bristol has on a sweatshirt so it's rather hard to tell her actual size.

And also keep in mind BlueTx, many believe that Bristol is Trig's mom and I lean to believe this as well. But what I do know for sure is that SP did not give birth to Trig Paxson Van Palin and that if we put too much focus on trying to prove that Bristol is the mother, we may just miss out on proving that SP is not.

The naked truth is always chasing a well-dressed lie.

GinaM said...

Um, SP was just on Glenn Beck's show and she waid Trigg is 8 months old!!!

Michele said...

Ugh. It was a little lovefest between those two. Gross.

regina said...

Well, GinaM... She can't quite remember when exactly she "gave birth" to Trig!

teal said...

She had to make up that crap after all it distracts from the actual [so-called] if to say she went thru all that to have her son...WOW she's amazing!

LondonBridges said...

BlueTx has been doing his/her homework. He/she recognized the Palin kitchen in the pictures of Trig, Mercede, Bristol, and Sarah. Most readers mistakenly think these pictures were taken in the hospital of Trig's birth! Astute observation!
However, since Trig looks much younger than he does in the April 19 pictures with the Heaths, one must conclude that Trig was born a week or two earlier than April 18th!

wayofpeace said...

Say It Ain't So, Sarah!

Palin Uses Government Resources to Publicize Her Pain


... Palin's obsession with her own victimization makes it impossible for her to see how inappropriate it is to post such self-pitying aggrandizement on a government Web site.

From Troopergate to Trig, Palin has always had a difficult time separating public from private. This is part of the reason the media latched on to reports about her family. When you parade your children around as campaign props, you shouldn't be surprised when people start asking questions about their lives.

The press release amounts to a highly personal rant against the media. Palin airs her grievances in an area that should be reserved for official government business. Even if the press release were truthful, it's highly inappropriate.

LondonBridges said...

Um, SP was just on Glenn Beck's show and she waid Trigg is 8 months old!!!

What's a month or two among friends?

Ohio mom said...

Wouldn't Trig be nine months old if he were born on April 18?

I guess I'm not surprised that Sarah can't keep her stories straight, but everyone knows that a baby they called Trig first surfaced on 4-18-08.

Duncan said...

Gina I saw that too, shouldn't he be 9 months old as of yesterday?

I still get a kick out of her saying,
"Progress" something or other all the time.

Wow! My word verification is hydra.

B said...

At least one story referred to Track's girlfriend travelling with the campaign. But I never found a name for her. I assume that she wasn't his first cousin, Lauden! Lauden certainly has been present many times as well, but possibly she stayed in school last fall while a HS graduate went along. Or both were there, more than one companion/sitter. Or maybe various Wasillans traded off.

Punkinbugg said...

When was the Glenn Beck interview taped?

He would have turned 9 mos old just yesterday (1/18/09), right?

B said...

Trig's at least 9 mos + 1 day old.

Or 9 mos. if Gusty's right.

Or . . .

BlueTx said...
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luna1580 said...

blue tx-

bristol palin my not be as thin as lindsay lohan or keira knightley -both of whom run around insisting they are not anorexia as the tabloids chide them for "super-skinniness and wasting away," but in all non-preg pictures she looks like a normal, healthy teen. remember in pre-preg pics she is 16 (or younger, if you think she's had 2 pregnancies) an age when even most stars -like lindsay lohan- showed some "baby fat" as they transitioned into having women's figures.

i feel it's out-of-line for you to knock bristol for being a "bigger girl" even if she were one, and especially when she's so normal! (normal in terms of non-preggo body shape. sadly, with SP as her mom, and the spotlight of strangers like us on her, the rest of her life is probably now far from normal.)

if you think waif-thin movie stars are the standard of women's health, it seems to be another reason to question your judgement.

BlueTx said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
B said...

When Trig was 4 mos. old and Sarah said Bristol was 5 mos. pregnant, I thought, "At least she can count." Appears I was wrong.

GinaM said...

When was the Glenn Beck interview taped?

It was live...she was via satellite in Anchorage.

GinaM said...

Oh yeah, one of the things Glenn Beck said on his show is that Sarah may appear on Hannity tonight "also".

NakedTruth said...


Mercede could have posted/uploaded the pictures May 4th but that does not mean that the photos were taken on May 4th. The photos could have been taken in March for all we know.

Also my thoughts are that Bristol gave birth to Trig at home in late Feb. or March and SP had an urgent need to reveal the baby in April after her convention in TX. Of course when they saw Bristol Palin in the hospital she didn't look like someone who had just given birth because she hadn't. She had given birth to Trig possibly weeks before. Also take note that no one has said that they saw SP in the hospital or leaving the hospital after this birth. I find that to be strange. The Governor gives birth and not one photograper/news organization is at the hospital with cameras?

But I will say it again, what I know for sure is not who is Trig Paxson Van Palin's biological mother but who isn't. And SP is not his biological mother. My eyes don't lie. The 'wild ride' just ain't so, Joe!

LondonBridges said...

BlueTx sez:
Thats if you believe he looks younger in the Heath pictures, which I don't since he is wrapped up so much you can only see his head.
Gee, I said Trig looked much younger in the Palin "sports complex" pictures that he does in the 4/19 pictures with his grandparents, not the opposite.

luna1580 said...

blue tx-

"I've worn those low riders my whole life and I was also a young mother, but I did weigh only 100 lbs before I got pregnant, it took 4 weeks to get back into them."

you have no need to give these details as they are personal, but as you've already offered these personal details to support your evaluation of bristol i'm very curious:

-how tall and how old were you in your 100 lb. days? how much pregnancy weight did you gain and how much did the baby weigh? when you say "young mother" are you talking in the 16-18 years of age range like BP, or just something less than 25, less than 30, etc. (so many women wait until their 30's today that the definition of "young mother" may be shifting.)

again, i respect that this is your personal information, but it would clarify where you are coming from in your above comment immensely.


CasaCalvo said...

there is a tiny town named Blue in Tx in Lee County, east of Austin.

Sheesh said...

Darn! That Obama dude is hogging her airtime Gina!

Mom of One, Esq. said...

Short post, tongue-in-cheek, but Andrew Sullivan linked to the Gawker piece about the MySpace page. I think he's hanging with us, just waiting for the right opening. He took a lot of heat from both sides for pushing this story and I respect him for that.

Also, I wanted to point out that the reason this story did not gain much traction early in the campaign because there was pushback from both sides of the political spectrum. Obviously there was pushback from the right. But the pushback from the left was not indicative of there not being a story here but you have to remember how much was at stake in winning the election. It was too risky to get in 'the mud' so to speak with such a 'distasteful' tabloid-esque story, and there were so many other -Gates to push (and after a few weeks Palin was sinking herself every time she spoke).

It was only after we elected Obama that this story had the potential to grow. And look, only 2 months after the election and we're getting some mainstream coverage thanks to the hard work of Audrey, Morgan, et al.

(BTW, my husband chuckles every time I use the words we or our to describe this site. He is firmly in our camp. He is also someone who as soon as McCain picked SP and there was oohing and aahing from the right and nervous chatter from the left, immediately said, "I think this is going to go down as one of the worst VP picks in history.")

KaJo said...

BlueTx, Bristol was NOT "clearly pregnant".

Just like her mother, her shape changed markedly from large to small; first, the day they took the People cover pictures (8/29/08, I believe)-- when she wore the black lace dress with the white insert at her bodice, she looked pretty stout through the middle -- and then the day (9/3/08) she and Levi and the rest of her family greeted Sen. McCain at the Minneaopolis airport -- her tummy barely protruded below the normal set-in (i.e., not elastic) waistband of the pencil skirt she was wearing,

"Clearly pregnant" is either in the eye of the (projecting) beholder, or the factual statement of someone who's seen the bare pregnant tummy.

In other words, I'm saying there's every possibility Bristol Palin was NOT pregnant at all between March 2008 and December 2008. Or even April 2008 and January 2009.

And getting back to Sarah Palin, that's one reason why this blog got started in the first place.

Doubting Thomas said...

When I was in the Army (and running 5 miles a day). I became pregnant. I am 5'9" at the time I weighed 115 pounds. I gained 18 pounds during pregnancy, and when my son was born (he was 2 weeks early) he weighed 8 pounds 3 oz and was 29 1/2 inches long (yes I typed that correctly he was 19 1/2 inches long). I was able to wear my pre-pregnant jeans (and they were baggy) on the day I was released from the hospital (I then got on a plane and flew from San Antonio Texas to Chicago that day as well, a 4 hour flight with little discomfort).
Also do to being so skinny and fit, I showed a baby bump in about 3 months. As I had little belly fat (or fat anywhere else for that matter) there was no where to hide a baby. From behind you could not tell I was pregnant, I carried all in in front.
The reasons for my long rambling post....
1. you can wear pre-pregnant clothing shortly after birth IF you are young, resilient and did not gain a ton during pregnancy.
2. the more fit you are, the harder it is to hide a baby. There is not fat between the uterus and the belly to hide anything.

Diana said...

Sarah was on Glenn Beck 5:00 Eastern time. No baby....nothing interesting...just her still campaigning! :)

Glen Beck has a DS child and you could see he has a infinity with Sarah because of their mutual experiences. He is very pro-Sarah and just tried to reinforce she is Trigs mom by putting a heading under her that said...Mom of 5...Grandmother of 1.

I wonder why we don't see other politicians needing to list how many children they have and how many grand-children they have during an interview that is not about their family????

Keep on trying Sarah! The old ploy of repeating something until people believe it...doesn't work anymore! You may not understand that now....but you will when you try to run again...and can't because you've lost Americas confidence.

Too many inconsistencies Sarah.... left unanswered! It's too bad...all you needed to do was respect the questions and concerns Americans had around your erratic behavior and actions surrounding Trig....and now Tripps births.

You may think you don't have to "prove anything". But if you want to every run for any office better care how you are viewed. Maybe if you could take some accountability would understand why of so many Americans don't trust or believe in you.

luna1580 said...

anyone who wants to see the SP/glenn beck love-in can watch it here:

if fox pulls it down (doubtful, they still have many SP clips up) just search youtube for "palin glenn beck" and limit the search to things posted today.

it's kinda icky to watch.

oh and my veri-word is "cheasi" how apt!

penny in paradise said...

Good evening all,

The photos on Sadie's Myspace page look to be posted in sequence, before her prom shots, so I am thinking, if that's how they came out of her camera, yes, we would be talking before mid-April, perhaps March.

Don't you just love it each time she opens her mouth? Isn't sure how old her son is? That sounds more like a non-engaged grandparent(I am familiar.) I would love someone to ask her/them what kind of therapy program/schedule Trig in involved with, and who is supervising that.

Wasn't there at least one boy who claimed he had been with Bristol, and could be the father of her child? Were there more? Is this why we haven't seen a photo? What would this do to all the spin Sarah's put out there?

If this is the case, she will never release photos of this new grandchild, so sad for the family! They are so out of touch with the rest of the country.

Celebrate our future tomorrow!


SpecialMom said...

Palin's interview with Beck on Fox had to be one of the most maudlin, self-serving performances Sarah has ever given, and that's saying a lot.

Perhaps, it's because I really am the parent of a child with (severely) "special needs" that I object so strongly to her using Trig to annoint herself for sainthood, and protect herself from criticism or question.

Palin trotted out all the "special mom" cliches:"he's taught us more, than we could ever teach him," and the particularly dishonest: "he's the best thing that ever happened to our family!" (Although if he helps her achieve national office, maybe she has a point.)

As for Bristol, I'm not at all sure she is Trig's mom. But I'm almost certain that Sarah is not.

Trig is just too convenient as a political prop, a badge of sainthood, and a shield from criticism.

I have to wonder if Trig's adoption wasn't arranged for Sarah -- for just these reasons -- by the theocon/neocons who came to Alaska in the summer of 2007.

It also seems just too convenient that the day McCain's candidacy became assured (March 5th, 2008) was also the day Sarah announced her pregnancy.

Perhaps, her handlers and promoters knew for sure on March 5 that Sarah was needed to join and balance the ticket, and so the plan (previously devised) was launched.

If you have read the Jane Mayer interview on Democracy Now
you may recall that Dick Morris, the "cynical" political operative, took Sarah aside for a private chat.

Among the topics purportedly discussed (in summer of 2007!) was Sarah's need to appear to be a mavericky "outsider" -- even though she was being pushed by insiders from the Weekly Standard, the National Review, and their powerful insider fundie friends.

I tend to picture that private chat between Morris and Palin as involving some sort of annunciation scene.

Myblog said...

Don't women who breast-feed get back into shape earlier than women who don't, generally? I have heard that the uterus shrinks faster when you breast-feed.

Audrey, is this so?

conscious at last said...

OK-We can speculate about all the players (and we have every right to do so) But I am quite clear that:

1- Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig.

2- There is no evidence that a child named TRIPP exists

3- Sarah Palin announced her "pregnancy" at the same time that McCain received the GOP nomination because the faction of the GOP leadership that was backing SP for VP told SP that they had enough leverage with McCain to force him to accept SP as the VP nominee.

Dangerous said...

I take a day away and there are 200 more posts to consider.

A couple of poster were discussing the quality of the 'wild ride' cover story. I think that deserves a comment.

The story has all the earmarks of a story concocted in haste. It is full of contradictions and early on the various verious parties were improvising details that made it less plausible. At the time they SP and TP returned to Alaska, they needed an excuse for having left the conference early and in a hurry. (There is contemporaneous evidence that other attendees were stunned as SP bolted from the dias!)

At that point, they must have known the baby's arrival was imminent, so conflating the need to explain leaving suddenly and the arrival of the child, they said that SP's water had broken.

The 'things were calming down' and 'labor was induced' were added later by the doctor and others directly involved.

I'm seen enough Law and Order episodes to see a story that stern interrogation or cross examination will shred. SP's lawyer would have told her to shut up already.

It is the particular inconsistencies in the wild-ride story and Trig's unveiling the next day which, to me, are all but conclusive that SP was caught out-of-town and unprepared to claim Trig on April 17 while she was in Texas. While it is a large presumption to take SP's earlier statement at face value that the baby was due in mid-May, accepting that premise as the truth does explain both the surprise and arrival of Trig when he did.

Based on my analysis of theories involving earlier Trig birth dates -- i.e., before SP left for Texas -- against confirmable facts and reasonable motives/circumstances, I can't construct a scenario where SP's story would be so weak if she were suddenly called upon to return to Alaska and knew that Trig had already been born. If nothing else, all of the principals would have the same story ironed out, and they don't.


Burgermeister said...

The Johnstons and Palins are not close. The Palins will apparently not let Levi's sister or mother see the baby according to Gawker who found an interesting myspace comment. Their posting of that resulted in the myspace being closed but the entry was saved.

sc said...

Did anyone else notice that the judge on Mercede Johnston’s court record was a Gregory Heath (relative)? The timings of the “events” on the court records, I take note of are the arrest date in August 2007 (assuming the April 18th date is close) is right about the time that the mom of Trig would be finding out about the pregnancy. SP certainly would not want the “real” mother of Trig drinking, better make darn sure she knows who is boss and stops drinking also too ;) for the baby’s sake. Then the case was closed in late August 2007. Then the case was reopened ASAP in June 2008; right about the time that SP would know “if” she was close to getting the VP nod. Sherry Johnston’s arrest was on the date of Tripp’s first reported due date. I sure do think “someone” in Alaska is trying to shut up the Johnston women! But the question is why do they need shutting up?

sc said...

Here is another little tidbit of observation, why is it when anyone suggests that the “real” mother of Trig could be anyone but Bristol; the comments get more to try to discredit those theories? Bristol could be the “real” mother of Trig but SO COULD OH SO MANY OTHER WOMEN!!!

Silver Salmon said...

There's one issue with the argument against Trig's Down's Syndrome diagnonis not being known:

At the bottom, it mentions Trig has Down's. This was not in the Anchorage Daily News article that day and wasn't mentioned by them until he was about four days old.

The person who posted that has an email address that ends in

Since you pretty much have to verify an email address for everything these days, I believe that part is legit.

Going to is different. It does not seem to be a Palin politic friendly site as there is a George Bush countdown calendar on the page. Weather is shown at the bottom for Ketchikan, which isn't close to Wasilla, rather it's in the southern portion and close to British Columbia.

Next Chapter said...

I had posted earlier today but I haven't seen it show up. It may have disappeared in blog space or I posted it wrong somehow.

I decided to lend my voice to the masses and try to for the first time put up a web site that deals with this issue. I have put a comparision chart up with the pregnacy and compared each week with a woman who has a public web site up to view. She has photographed herself each week with her 5th pregnancy. It is pretty revealing as you compare the pictures.

Also, the photo of Bristol that has been discreated as being taken in 2006, I have some doubt about. Too many people have listed this picture as being initially listed as 2007, then hours later changed after McCain listed Palin as his running mate.

Even on Audrey's page on the web site under 'Bristol's pregnancy' has the proof of the picture listed under an ADN story orginally listed as being run on Oct 23, 2007, but when you click on it, it has been changed to 2006 and there is no picture with it.

I believe if it can be proved that the date on this picture was deliberately changed, it will be a strong piece of evidence of a cover-up.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

Palin's Peyton Place

B said...

sg, thanks for the reminder of Lori Tipton saying Bristol did not look like she delivered a baby seven hours before.

This is evidence against Bristol having Trig after Sarah got to MatSu. Perhaps she could have had him on the 17th by 4 am, when Sarah says she spoke with the doctor. It's somewhat curious that Bristol was at the hospital and that she did not want her picture taken.

sandra said...

luna 1580: Thank you for posting the entire interview. I thought maybe SP might be learning. Interesting to see a change in hairstyle and glasses. She looked more "grandmotherly."

I get the feeling that the only concern she has for Alaska is the energy issues. Not what you would expect of a state governor.

I'm glad they are looking at Trig's physical handicaps; she says he has glasses now. But of course it "makes him so cute," not helps him to take better concern of his environment.

sandra in oregon

mel said...

Re the Glenn Beck business...

SP says Trig now wears glasses. That reminded me of the many risks and problems DS kids face, not just vision and hearing problems but a very high risk of infections like colds, earaches, and pneumonia. And I think of SP exposing the little guy to every kind of germ circulating in those huge convention crowds and stuffy airplanes and on hands that have touched all sorts of other hands and dirty railings. To me these risks are more real than the risks she subjected him to on the wild ride, assuming he was even on that plane. Assuming he wasn't, her fabrication of the wild ride is part and parcel of her lack of care and understanding of children, from infancy to young adulthood.

I hope you're reading this, SP. You're a terrible mother!!!

onething said...

Quoth BluTx:

"Plus there is that pesky reporter who saw Bristol on April 18th in the hospital, who said she clearly did not just give birth..."

I forgot to point this out before, but that reporter specifically mentioned rumors of a Bristol pregnancy, which is a second proof that the rumors preceded the birth of Trig.

Here's another thought. If the Palin and Johnston families are not very close, then it makes little sense for Sadie to be in with the family and taking those kinds of pictures of Trig with such gushing words, if Trig was Sarah's. But if the relationship was based on Trig being Bristol's through Levi, then it does.

trish in SW FL said...

Thanks for the link, Luna, although I have to agree, it was icky to watch.

Can someone PLEASE tell her the election is OVER already? And, she will NOT make the cut for 2012!

trev said...

Oh come on! A mother never makes a mistake like this.
A mother's response would have been "9 months today or yesterday". How can Palin not know the age of her own child?
The child is not hers.
Bristol did not look pregnant in the hospital because she had already had the baby earlier. I have come to believe that 4/18 or 19 is not the birth date and that accounts for not producing the BC.

I am thinking now that this whole story of the flight could have been made up after the fact. For some reason Palin got an earlier flight and must have thought 'hey we can say we took an earlier flight because my water broke or something'. That accounts for her not mentioning being pregnant to the flight crew and driving past a few hospitals. I am thinking the call must have been 'Sarah you have to get back here right away because we cannot keep this a secret much longer'. Maybe Trig had been delivered from a neonatal unit somewhere else on this date and they needed Sarah back so she could give 'birth'.
The hospital photo op is a fake. The Heaths have lied as have Bristol,Levi and others.
The medical documentation is either true, meaning they cannot show it or if it is fake, then some medical personnel have lied.
Even though I am male, I still remember celebrating each month the first year of my children, that is something no one makes a mistake about. This is HUGE!

BlueTx said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ivy said...

SP gave the wild ride story in a desperate attempt to emphasize that it was SHE- SARAH!!, indeed, giving birth to Trig. Throwing out key words like "leaking" and statements like "4:AM" and "talked to the doctor" were crazy attempts to further deceive the public that SHE REALLY WAS PREGGO and SHE REALLY GAVE BIRTH. Look everyone, I'm Sarah and it is ME giving birth! Pure desperation. Remember, rumors had been going around that she was faking the pregnancy and that Bristol was the one who was pregnant. In Sarah's typical delusional way, she thought she could PROVE she was the mother.

Two ideas about the birth certificate other than the birth date probably being NOT April 18.:

1.The birth mother wants to keep Trig, but in the meantime Sarah is using Trig for political mileage and /or tax-insurance situations until the birth parent can take over. In this situation, a birth certificate would not show SP as mother.
I know someone who is taking care of a grandchild 100% of the time and is certainly not listed on the birth certificate. They do not, however, use the child as a prop, only out of love. They are able to claim the child on their income tax.

2. Whoever gave birth to Trig may not have been able to adopt him out because of who was listed as his birth parents. I will say no more.

Ghostbuster said...

All this discussion about Bristol's jeans?

Many of my friends have had something like these in their wardrobes during pregnancy and AFTER, while shrinking back down to non-pregnant shape and size. Jeans prove nothing.

luna1580 said...

probably many people will note this in the comments that await approval while morgan and audrey sleep (thanks for all your hard work, sleep, and your off-line lives, are well deserved!)

but i'm just stuck on SP telling glenn beck about trig, her chubby lil' glasses-wearin' michelin man (i admit, that's a WAY cute description) now being 8 MONTHS OLD.

as noted above, if born april, 18, 2008 he was just over 9-months-to-the-day as she gave her "live by satellite" answers.

maybe the love of details fades by kid #5, but every mom i know with a kid under 2 years can give their age in weeks, or months, or months-and-days at the drop of a hat! we all know SP is self-centered (and that interview should have come from Emmonak -one of the frozen villages, been after a phone or satellite/webcam conference with those alaskans, or not happened at all...priorities governor!) but so much so that she forgets her baby's age?

i feel it was either a deliberate misdirection to further reinforce the idea that trig cannot be bristol's, or SP is REALLY dumb. suffering stress-induced dementia? who knows? it's very weird.

anyone else know a real-live-mom who gets their infant's age wrong by a month? a day after the month-anniversary of his birth? when she just told whoever would listen that he is so overwhelmingly important that he's changed her whole life?

not to mention, that a visit to a pediatric opthamologist (or whatever type of doctor tests DS infants for vision correction), a few days earlier, would have surely included pulling/creating trig's chart and the doctor reviewing with sarah, "date of birth? -4.18.2008. so he's almost nine months? -yes. wonderful, let's see this big boy :) " or a similar exchange.

even if the doctor's visit was a month ago, it took a few weeks to make baby glasses, and he just physically got to put them on recently, recalling the visit shouldn't be enough to make her forget her baby's age.

women in america seem to universally have strong recollections of the day they gave birth, and almost a physical recollection of how long ago that was -especially the first year. why would SP be any different? unless she didn't give birth 9 months ago, or she actually suffers from a reality-bending mental disorder of a large magnitude.

think it was a significant mistake, or something that could happen to any mom, famous or not?

NY tabloid chick said...

I'm betting that we did see the real Mercede there for a sec.

luna1580 said...

maybe OT, but i HAVE to throw this out there, as i'm too excited/nervous to really sleep.

happy inauguration day to all of america!

may our old president exit with grace and our new president take official office with the same. may both -and their families- do so safely and without malice. and may we all be happy SP has no oaths to take today! whatever our feelings on the current crop of US politicians, i think most of the people here feel SP lacks the transparency and integrity to lead anyone (putting it mildly.)

i am nearly 29 years old, so this was the 3rd time i had the privilege of voting in a presidential election, and i've never been so excited to see where our country can go. to all the international readers/commentors on this blog: it's fantastic to see you care about SP and our politics, for whatever reason -gossip included- (seeing the live feed of what countries log on is very interesting to a night owl like me), let's hope the world economy, and the global conflicts from we all wage or observe, can improve in the next few years. and if they do not, let's not forget our own voices in whatever politics we hold dear. good wishes to everyone, world over.


dipsydoodlenoodle said...

BlueTx has been doing his/her homework. He/she recognized the Palin kitchen in the pictures of Trig, Mercede, Bristol, and Sarah. Most readers mistakenly think these pictures were taken in the hospital of Trig's birth! Astute observation!
However, since Trig looks much younger than he does in the April 19 pictures with the Heaths, one must conclude that Trig was born a week or two earlier than April 18th!

Lol if Blue TX had been doing their homework properly they will know that the photos have been discussed on this site and that there was a blog with all of the photos on it.

James said...

OMG, this headline is just DELICIOUS irony:

"Maryline Blackburn, the woman who beat Sarah Palin for Miss Alaska title, to perform at inaugural balls..."

Here's the link for the story and some pix:

Nice tiara, Sarah....

LondonBridges said...

The 8 months old slip of the forked tongue clearly appears to be a ruse to make it impossible for Bristol to be both Trig and Tripp's mother.

Actual age? 10 months?

Also, since Sarah's political capital is her seemingly pleasant physical appearance, by 2012 it will be Botox gone bad, and what might have been.

CasaCalvo said...

Onething said:

"Here's another thought. If the Palin and Johnston families are not very close, then it makes little sense for Sadie to be in with the family and taking those kinds of pictures of Trig with such gushing words, if Trig was Sarah's. But if the relationship was based on Trig being Bristol's through Levi, then it does."

Yes Onething, I agree and have been trying to get that point across. The two families have no past history and a troubling current history. Sadie and Bristol were not friends on their own, they were friendly because of Levi.

I can't imagine how Sadie got to be in the house so early in
Trig's life and to take pictures....what was Palin thinking? I think the visit and the pictures is an indication of the new blood relationship with the baby and the teen.

And we don't know what the teen was told. At this point she may believe the story she was told.

Example: She was told that Sarah had to pretend to be pregnant to ...(fill in the blank with any idea that we have been discussing, insurance, politics, etc.) but the baby is really Bristol's and Levi's but that it would all be taken care of in the family. I think plenty of people would go along with that. Especially if it was presented as "for the sake of the baby".

I have been wondering why Sadie wants to stay away from the public and I have concluded that not everyone wants to be in that position. Sometimes you have more power when you are quiet. I have been thinking of famous people who lead controversial lives and have silent partners, parents, children, etc.

So I don't think Sadie is necessarily being kept down or threatened, she just may have her own agenda that we don't yet know about.

CasaCalvo said...

Blue Tx said

Geez...LOL Stalking posters now are we?

Oh my dear, I don't know if you realize this but people do have lives, they go places and know people....

I have been a few places in my life and if you are from eastern Texas you should know how many Louisianians live there (think Eva's family members!).

Tully said...

I found the Beck interview nauseating and as much as I would like to nail her on the Trig's age issue, I have to give her the benefit of the doubt. I think SP was saying he got his glasses at eight months.

MomME said...

Tully - I had the same reaction about SP's interview with Glenn Beck:
overall quite sickening, but I interpreted the 8 months statement to refer to Trig's age when he got the glasses, not his current age

B said...

Glasses at 8 mos. I'll go for that explanation. (Haven't taken the time to watch.) Maybe she can count after all.

Caroline said...

Regarding the amnio, in this interview SP said:

'It was rumored when little Trig was born, and now Alaskan governor Sarah Palin has confirmed it. Her newborn son has Down Syndrome. She said she learnt of the condition when she was four months pregnant.'

But before she said she had amnio when she was 13 weeks.

luna1580 said...

okay, if any of it is relevant, i did my best to transcribe the trig part of SP's glenn beck interview, word for word. i listened and compared it repeatedly (that last bit only, thank god.) i've left out a few "ah, uh, ah's" that seemed to have no relevance to what she was saying, but were pure speech artifacts. i included the clear "uhm" that seemed significant.

maybe the 8 months and glasses thing IS meaningless, but i swear i did not knowingly change a word to make it appear so. take from it what you will:

-in response to a mother of a DS daughter, serena from colorado, asking "i would like to know how trig has now changed your perspective on life and if it has changed how you now govern your state?"

"(yes- [heard, muffled, in lead in to answer])

right on, thank you! trig has totally changed my life, he's the best thing that has ever happened to us. i know that i will learn more from trig than he's ever gonna learn from me. and he's really brought things into a clearer view for me. allowed a perspective i think that's very healthy, knowing what really matters, and that is family. that is cherishing life, understanding that every innocent life is created for a purpose, for [a?] destiny. that's what trig, to me, represents -and i'll tell ya, i'm so thankful, he is healthy little michelin man, chubby little kid, and just when i think that it can't get any cuter, here he's eight months old, he got glasses! and i'll tell ya, a little fat baby with glasses i think is the cutest thing in the world! and he brings such joy, and uhm such a blessing, such a wonderful perspective to my family, he's the best thing that's ever happened to us."

CasaCalvo said...

Everyone's talking about the interview so I had to go there. I could not watch but listened.

The thing that bothered me is when Glenn Beck said that politicians had to be in touch with the common people by "going to Wendy's and ordering a Frosty with Oreo crumbs on it". That is not representative of the American people and this is part of her problem. Everytime you try to peg millions of people a certain way there are people who are excluded.

There are plenty of Wendy lovers here I am sure but I have NEVER eaten there and can't imagine what a Frosty would taste like. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Her speech pattern is so odd and hard to understand but I do agree that she meant to say that Trig got glasses when he was 8 months old. It is irritating to listen to her trying to "talk big" with her limited language skills and small vocabulary.

B said...

sc asks, "Why is it when anyone suggests that the “real” mother of Trig could be anyone but Bristol; the comments get more to try to discredit those theories?"

We play devil's advocate against every scenario. People also continue to offer evidence against Bristol as mom, too. There's just more evidence for Bristol and less against her than for anyone else.

Sarah has taken the (illogical)approach that if she can disprove Bristol as Trig's mom, she then proves herself as Trig's mom. That's why it is important to point out that Bristol isn't the only candidate for Trig's mom. At some point we may need to discuss those candidates more.

But when we write about other candidates, we unfortunately invade their privacy. We don't want to invade anyone's privacy, including Britol's, more than we feel necessary.

Sarah didn't give birth to Trig.
Bottom line. Blog topic.

Morgan said...


BlueTx and CasaCalvo, please restrict your personal back-and-forths to private email from this point forward.

As I tell my kids, I don't care who started it. :-)

Ivyfree said...

"uhm such a blessing, such a wonderful perspective to my family, he's the best thing that's ever happened to us."

Now, I've never had a special needs child, and the last thing in the world I'd want to do is offend anyone raising one, but I've never gotten the whole "blessing" thing. I've always thought if it was such a blessing people wouldn't pray to have a healthy baby. My impression is that while parents of special needs children love them deeply, it's extremely difficult and trying to raise a special-needs child. I suspect that most parents would acknowledge that in a question about how it's changed them- and while there would certainly be learning and growing involved, raising a special needs child wouldn't be "the best thing that's ever happened to them." For one thing, there'd be the struggle to ensure that the other children get the attention they need, which must be tough on them. And if siblings are part of the family, I think they wouldn't consider a baby that is going to need a huge amount of attention FOREVER is going to be "the best thing that's ever happened to them."

I think if she wanted to push her prolife cred along with her maternity, some discussion of the difficulties involved would be more accurate. And IMO, if she's learned more about the sanctity of life, she wouldn't be shooting animals from planes.

sc said...

To MyBlog (1-19-09 at 5:57pm): Yes, breast-feeding helped me loss my “baby weight” and keep from gaining while I breast fed mine. Audrey would know more but that was my experience.

Ivyfree said...

"here he's eight months old, he got glasses!"

"I...agree that she meant to say that Trig got glasses when he was 8 months old. It is irritating to listen to her trying to "talk big" with her limited language skills and small vocabulary."

I didn't listen to it- I just can't listen to her talk- but I agree, it sounds like she was trying to say that when he was eight months old, he got glasses.

Tenses, Sarah. Learn them. Love them. Use them.

B said...

trev et al., while the wild ride story was probably made up to explain a quick departure from Dallas, as Patrick has pointed out repeatedly that quick departure wasn't necessarily unplanned.

We don't know if the Palins changed their return tickets that day or at all. They could have come back as planned to make Trig's birth official. Convenient time: Legislature finished, important speech in TX given, no major Gov responsibilities for a while. Maybe Bristol was scheduled to be induced then. Or maybe Trig was a couple of weeks old and ready to come out of hiding.

As for the rush to leave the TX meeting, there aren't that many connecting flights back to Alaska. To miss their flight could cause them many hours of delay. Probably the meeting even ran a bit behind. The meeting was winding down and leaving early meant missing a reception. So the quick departure doesn't prove anything other than trying to catch a plane.

Maybe there was a 4 am phone call that caused Sarah go home ASAP. But not necessarily.

Maybe Nurse Tompkins is right that the wild ride is true and also indefensible. But the nail-in-the-coffin and other photos tell a different story.

B said...

I went back to the CBJ stmt to see what she said about the amnio. I noticed she said that the baby (Trig) was able to go home with his mother at two days old. She didn't say that he did go then. Maybe he waited until he was three days old? Maybe he went home "with his mother" at two days and then came back on 4/18?

CBJ said routine testing revealed the possibility of Trisomy 21 early in the second trimester, which could be Sarah's "13 weeks," and the amnio followed. Amnio was unlikely if Sarah was the mom but more likely if an adoption were scheduled.

CBJ is a respected physician. There is a limit to how much she will lie for a favorite patient, even with privacy laws protecting her. I think in her statement she was relating information put in Palin's record by someone else, and was implying that procedures like amnio and induction that were done on Trig's mother were done on Sarah, without actually saying so.

Or maybe Nurse Tompkins is right.

luna1580 said...

wow, so i just read my "SP transcript" once again and thought, "maybe i messed up. is her speech THAT disjointed?" so i pulled it up and watched the last bit of the interview again for yet another comparison.

-no mistakes, other than noticing just how very many little "uh, uh, ah ands" i'd left out for decency's sake!

i do concede that she probably did mean he got glasses at 8 months and her speech patterns just tripped me up, late night, first listen.

but the whole thing seems odd to me (what SP speech doesn't?) in that she began and closed with literally identical phrasing ("he's the best thing that's ever happened to us."). it also seemed to be hard hitting on her religious beliefs, albeit in an implied way. granted, i DO think SP holds some extreme beliefs about people having babies, so perhaps she looks at this child and sees a symbol, not a son, no matter who birthed him.

sc said...

To B: Bristol’s situation has been discussed thoroughly on this website and others, so in my opinion, most have determined their feelings on that point of view. SP’s fake pregnancy, doctor letter, and wild ride as well has been discussed thoroughly on this website and others, so in my opinion, most have determined their feelings on those points of view also too ;). To determine the why; one needs to know the WHO. “Maybe” the “real” mother of Trig has come to realize that the charade needs to be put to rest once in for all so that all the families involved can go on with their lives; what ever that my become. Also, if the truth is told then SP and her minions won’t feel the need to put out so many “fires” and the people of Wasilla and Alaska can feel some PEACE!

CasaCalvo said...

So Sadie Johnston (SJ) posted to Melissa Wilfong’s (MW) page seemingly under the impression that we weren’t looking there. She commented truthfully about the current situation in the family.

If you believe that Bristol Palin (BP) is the mother of Trig then SJ is a very good truth teller. And so is MW. A month or so ago when I was looking at old threads I came across someone who had saved the home page of SJ’s MySpace page. The last comment on Sept 1st was from MW and she talked about the pictures of Trig and congratulated her on the “wonderful addition to the family”. She didn’t say what family but I don’t think it is an accident that everyone speaks vaguely ALL THE TIME.

I think people are covering for Trig and BP, not for Sarah (SP). That is what is keeping people quiet.

Molly said...

Sorry people; I just listened to the Faux interview, and I heard her say "Here he's 8 months; he got glasses".....I heard it as he is 8 months now, and he just got glasses. SP can put out a correction if she wants to clarify.

Glenn Beck was awwwwwful but they were both idiotically commiseratory to each other.

I think she really believes that she has a special calling from the Big Man in the Sky to be his official parent. She seems to repeat that over and over, even at that interview at her office three days after the announcement of the birth--that she and the first dud are destined to be his parents and everything happens for a reason, and blah blah blah. It makes it seem to me that she sees raising Trig as the result of some deliberative action on her part rather than just the luck of the draw. If she did fake the pregnancy and adopt that baby, I could understand why she would feel that way.

I, a pro-choice, completely NON-bible-thumping advanced maternal age mother, did NOT have amnios for my babies for the very reason that even if the baby had Down's I would not abort so why have the test and risk the baby's life? I did have the extra ultrasounds with a perinatologist; my doctor and I wouldn't want to be surprised, either, with a major defect.

None of us moms has much control over what birth defects our children may suffer with, and we love them regardless. Besides, even "healthy" babies can be challenging for completely other reasons!

Sarah has told many internally inconsistent tales about this pregnancy and birth. One of them is that she said when Trig was born, Willow remarked that it looked like the baby had Down's Syndrome (and "why didn't you tell us?") But in another interview closer to the time of the birth, SP said that "you can't tell by looking" this early on. The second statement is probably closer to the truth--if it's so obvious they wouldn't have to do chromosomal testing to verify it. And if you can't tell by looking, then what accounts for the psychic ability of Willow, presumably not medically trained to look for signs of DS in newborns, other than the fact that her mother most likely just made up that detail on the fly, and can't keep her story straight. If she had an amnio that confirmed Trisomy 21 (so sayeth the doctor summary) then for crying out LOUD why wouldn't she have prepared her own children for that? What kind of mother....????

That kind of stuff leads me to believe that SP would rather appear to Alaskans and to the media to have left her family in the dark, first, about a pregnancy, then, about the fact that the baby would have Down's--a major event in one's family I would think that should require some cooperation and extra understanding and help from the older children--than to admit that her daughter and boyfriend made a mistake but that they will all be loved and taken care of, etc, etc.

The funny thing is, SP ended up doing that anyway with the announcement on Sept 1st that Bristol was, now, in fact, pregnant! Not before, mind you, oh no, not before, but NOW. About 5 months. Yeah, right. So, which was it....Bristol was really about 5 months pregnant on 9/1, or was really pregant on 9/1 but not as far along, or, not pregant at all now but was pregnant with Trig, but didn't necessarily give birth on 4/18...did she or did she not give birth (again) on or about 12/27 of 2007 or is she still pregnant or is there no baby at all........

AHHHHHHH...........I'm driving myself crazy wanting to know the truth, but KNOWING something is amiss. I just don't know for sure which part!!

How is it, Sarah, being a Grandmother? Is that something new for you or is that something that you've been experiencing since, oh, on or about April-ish of 2008?

OT--Yeah for President Barack Hussein Obama!! After eight long years, the end of an error!!

sg said...


Re SP's early departure from Texas energy conference:

SP said during her 4/21 press conference that after the 4AM event/call to CBJ, she decided to skip the energy conference reception. She said she "had Todd check on a couple of flights that were earlier than what [they] had scheduled." After getting confirmed on the earlier flight, SP called CBJ "before getting on the plane" to tell her that she was returning "a few hours early."

Admittedly vague and uncorroborated, but that's what SP said, FWIW.

Ivyfree said...

"“Maybe” the “real” mother of Trig has come to realize that the charade needs to be put to rest once in for all so that all the families involved can go on with their lives; what ever that my become."

Yes, and it would be nice for Trig to grow up knowing who is mother is, too. Because Sarah's made it impossible to know.

lion55ess said...

That SP faked her pregnancy is corroborated by the absence of Tripp.

B said...

I should have said that the only evidence that Palin returned early was her own statements. Which is, as you say, "FWIW!" God may be her co-pilot, but apparently Todd is her travel agent.

luna1580 said...

screw it all, the inauguration made me cry!

i'm very tempted to say let teamsarah worry about SP, they're a self-defined "60 thousand" out of 300 million americans. and Emmonak will be her katrina in AK. i think this woman is toast!

i wish all of her kids and grandkids the freedom to find themselves and their real beliefs without her agenda. and i think her "pregnancy" was an act of gross negligence or outright fraud, but what else can we say about it? the truth will out, all the players can't keep their mouths shut 'till they die -and if it doesn't, i think now she may just fade away from power.

if AK doesn't re-elect her no one but her church will care about SP in 4 years.

all that said, if audrey can really prove SP's negligence/fraud i want her to! but i don't know what else to do about SP now, other than move on.

sc said...

Sorry about my mistakes on the earlier blogs (loss should be lose) and (my should be may). I would like to say that today is indeed a NEW day in American History! I would also like to say that if we don’t stay stead fast on our goal then it will all fade into the background while SP and her minions will grow stronger because they are on a mission. Audrey and Friends, keep up the pressure!

B said...

Yes, "to determine the why; one needs to know the WHO," and I'd love to know who and why. But we don't have to know either to know Palin faked her pregnancy.

I, too, would love for Trig's birth mom to come forward, but do you think she will do that only if this blog focuses on her? I'm just trying to understand your original point.

Dangerous said...

Bristol is the most logical and likely candidate for Trig's mother, if we exclude SP. But she is also the most vulnerable to be eliminated because of Tripp.

As time goes by and there is no direct evidence of Tripp, her scenario as Trig's mother gets stronger, but it remains highly vulnerable.

Alternative theories, including the one I'm advanced with Willow as Trig's mother, have not been entirely ruled out. Stern logic dictates that SP would only fake a pregnancy for one of her daughters, as does the circumstantial evidence.

It could be that SP is simply someone with a mental condition that led her to fake a pregnancy for attention and then adopt a baby from somewhere. That scenario has also not been ruled out conclusively, although others' participation in such a ruse is highly doubtful.

Until we get definitive evidence, we should keep all balls in the air and test every hypothesis against the evidence we have and apply critical reasoning to the investigation of all possibilities.


ilovepoodles said...

Guys, what we really need is a forum with multiple threads and areas for posting files, photos, etc. I wonder how expensive that is? I assume very. I'll see what I can figure out. That way we could make these discussions all more organized and easier to navigate (hopefully avoiding the 600+ comments, ya know!). It's probably not an option, but it just occurred to me so I thought I would throw it out there. I do so love reading your thoughtful comments and hate missing them when I have too much going on to read them all.

luna1580 said...


i meant the inaugural ceremonies made me cry in the best way possible! i bet SP is having bitter tears and dwelling on her (and todd's) ties to the Alaskan Independence Party today.

consider that she really WAS pregnant, and took the "wild ride" because they wanted trig to have natural-born citizenship in alaska when it becomes its own country (in their dreams.) and todd was with her in texas, if you check AK blogs he seems to be pretty famous for going EVERYWHERE with her. and reading/sending his own "state" emails, some call him the "shadow governor."

this really could be something she saw as worthy of risking her own and trig's lives. you can see her video-taped memo to the AIP this past year, august, 2008, here:

granted, this doesn't explain the "nail" pic, but she's so nuts it's worth considering again. just google the AIP if you don't know about them, it's a bit shocking, and todd was a registered member for 8 years. i don't doubt that if she senses that it's no longer her "god given destiny" to rule america she might consider leaving it all together, again.

jwc said...

If Sarah wants to tell the public Trig is a blessing, I don't think we should criticize her for not being more candid about his drawbacks.

Whatever came before, he's her child now. And he'll have to live with whatever she's saying about him. Let it be kind.

Don G. said...

lion55ess said...

That SP faked her pregnancy is corroborated by the absence of Tripp.


Yeah, it's as simple as that!

But this thing is not over as some are beginning to think. In fact it's just begun if one considers that they're sitting on a baby (non-baby right now which they have to produce some time in the future. And they are gathering more enemies such as the johnsons. And likely there will be no wedding if they have alienated the Johnson family. And somebody is going to spill the beans, and so on.

And ain't it going to be fun to see the south end of Sarah Palin and her politics for the last time!

sc said...

One of my MANY points is that if Bristol wants this blog and deception to end; she could end it! She wouldn’t even have to say who Trig’s birthmother is; the first step is always the hardest but if one takes it, the rewards are endless. Bristol should stay with Papa Heath for safety; I don’t think that even SP would harm her own father. I have stated before that I don’t believe that Trig has a Palin birth mother; I do believe that Track is the father of Trig.

SpecialMom said...

To Ivyfree:

Your words about the "blessings" special needs children are right on!

"Special" parenthood is a long and difficult road, often involving great mental and physical suffering for our children and for us.

Most of our marriages end because of it; many of us go bankrupt trying to meet the extra medical and other expenses -- into the millions of dollars for lifelong care; the stress has been shown to take one to two decades off our own livespans; we lose our jobs (that is if we are actually caring for our special children -- Sarah apparently isn't); our other children are neglected. And from personal experience I can say that watching a helpless disabled child suffer has to be one of the worst agonies a parent can endure!

To call all this a "blessing" is, at best, a tactic parents sometimes use to ease inner pain and to instill the energy and confidence to go on.

Sarah does a disservice to the extent that she is offering Trig as a typical special child, or her situation as typical for a special needs family.

Trig (despite the glasses)seems relatively healthy -- unlike many other "special" infants who spend months or years enduring horrible medical treatments and endless surgeries (as our prematurely-born special child does).

Many Down Syndrome children are in this impaired medical category as well, and many don't survive pregnancy, birth or infancy. DS survivors are vulnerable to many very serious organ malformations and degenerative diseases (very early Alzheimer's to give just one example).

Knowing what I know now about the spectrum of outcomes, I would never presume to judge or "guilt trip" any family that made the decision to end a DS pregnancy --as the vast majority of families do when given the option. Sarah would take this option away.

We all love our surviving disabled children, but I, personally, wouldn't wish this on another child or family. Sarah apparently doesn't think anyone should have a choice in the matter.

But Sarah cannot seriously present herself as a government offical or candidate *and* as a special needs mother. She is clearly not Trig's primary caregiver at this point, and his care will only get harder from here on out -- infancy is often the easy part.

Trig seems like he is on the less impaired side of the Down Syndrome spectrum, and, if he was a secret adoption, this is not by accident.

If my theory is correct (and I want to stress that this is only one of many theories), Sarah would have had to wait until a suitable DS baby was born and thoroughly checked for serious complications -- a process that might have taken anywhere from a day to a week.

Can you imagine if she had one of the DS children with severe medical impairments who linger for months in intensive care, making him unusable as a poster child or prop? Well, McCain would have had a different running mate, for sure.

So, if Trig actually was adopted for political purposes, there would have to have been a rigorous triage to make sure he was the right kind of media-ready Down Syndrome baby. Many of them aren't, in real life.

Also, if Sarah had the kind of help with her adoption that I think she might have had -- well these people can forge anything. A birth certificate with a falsified time and place of birth? No problem.

We shall see.

Littl' Me said...

Everybody keeps on talking about the reporter in the hospital who says that Bristol did not look like she just gave birth a few hours before...
What people do not seem to be paying attention to are two distinct things:

a) Trig might have been born earlier than the 18th (maybe he finally was healthy enough to be released from the hospital on the 18th...)


b) THE REPORTER DID NOT SEE SARAH - she was supposedly 'sleeping in another room'! So... NO PROOF that SP is the woman who gave birth to him then and there!

Littl' Me said...

If Trig was eight months old when he GOT the glasses, why is he continuously being shown W/O glasses?
(Remember the 'cute' Christmas-present-baby under the tree, sitting in a box, eating a bow?)

Nah. She meant that he is 8 m/o NOW when she said that. I agree with whoever said she might have said so in order to re-inforce that Bristol could not be his mom, or... she simply does not care how old he is, because - aside from being a prop for her - he does not concern her at all. (After all, Levi and Bristol have been busting their butts at parenting, right?)

KaJo said...

That Lee Thompkins, BSN, person at Celtic Diva's blog is starting to piss me off. I guess I should stop reading the follow-ups to that particular guest post over there.

She's relied heavily on her experience as a nurse and Air Force officer who's been "covered in blood many times", the opinion of "several OB/GYN's" and her "own personal OB/GYN", and what Sarah Palin herself has stated has happened re: "the wild ride" as a true event preceding a real SP delivery.

She has dismissed my opinion (and thus, everyone else who holds the same opinion, I guess) by saying "I'm sorry that you fail to understand that faking a pregnancy...if (sic) far far better than what Palin did."

I contended that I will stick with what she called "the conspiracy cover-up" because the other alternative (fundie abortion) was just too gruesome to contemplate, and that even a nitwit like SP deserved a little bit of benefit of the doubt.

Not so Ms. Thompkins. She's condemned SP based on what she calls SP's "shenanigans" and that the fundie AB is not out of the realm of possibility.

Thompkins never answered my query about her opinion about SP's recognizability by airline staff both in the airport terminal and on the plane, and how likely it would be that she'd have to ask for a seatbelt extension at her stage of "pregnancy".

Then she invoked her own OB-Gyn again in saying, "my own OB/GYN doesn't buy into the conspiracy theory due to the fact that this person was at a function days after Palin delivered, and overheard the governor commenting on the fact that she needed to go because her milk was leaking. Been there, done that! Breastfeeding a child not your own is possible, but EXTREMELY difficult."

I countered with a couple of references I found on the 'Net about "lactating non-pregnant women" which referred to the actual suckling process sometimes being able to trigger the hormones necessary to produce mother's milk.

She dismissed those by referring to her experience as a nurse being superior to my experience as...well, not a nurse. And pooh-poohed Wikipedia, as well (I've found Wikipedia DOES have its uses, sometimes).

She dismissed my query about edema by misquoting me (I never mentioned "a lot" of edema).

Then the capper was, from her: "Ironically I've read enough of conspiracy theorists like yourself that are "promulgating" misinformation."

In other words, "don't argue with me, my mind's already made up". I don't know why she's so intrasigent. Is she a red herring with "credentials"?

At least, here at Palin's Deceptions we are keeping our minds open to all explanations, all data found, and attempting to weigh them as objectively as possible.

LondonBridges said...

Here is a satirical Levi article. I guess it means that Sarah & family are not forgotten.

luna1580 said...

kajo, i hate to say it as you are a great poster, but in your anger with "army nurse Thompkins" you missed something. you say:

"I contended that I will stick with what she called "the conspiracy cover-up" because the other alternative (fundie abortion) was just too gruesome to contemplate, and that even a nitwit like SP deserved a little bit of benefit of the doubt.

[Thompkins dismissed your ideas] by referring to her experience as a nurse being superior to my experience as...well, not a nurse. And pooh-poohed Wikipedia, as well (I've found Wikipedia DOES have its uses, sometimes)."

and you close by saying "At least, here at Palin's Deceptions we are keeping our minds open to all explanations, all data found, and attempting to weigh them as objectively as possible."

BUT you say you aren't considering that the wild ride COULD be real because you find it "too gruesome," so aren't you cutting off a possibility because you don't like it, just as you feel she is doing?

and i'm not a nurse either -my father's a doctor, i happen to know some medical things, but i'm a botanist! so whenever i try to make an important medical point i cite it to a site like the US national library of medicine at NIH, pulled up an old link i used here:

-NOT wiki! i love wiki, but i could sign into it right now and change palin's page to say she's president, anyone could, so we can't really cite it, ever. it's a guide to subjects, never an authority (at this phase in its development).

i respect your knowledge of medical records, but she did have a point that not a nurse is, well, not a nurse.

consider for a moment that palin WAS pregnant on those planes. the only real strike against it is the "nail pic." it's a horrifying thought indeed.

and it's her own story right now! i agree with celtic diva and her guest that if THIS story was pushed into the public eye it would make SP look exceedingly bad -and the only way she can make it look better is to admit she wasn't pregnant! kind of a win-win for us, i think.

and there's no reason that we couldn't pursue more evidence of her pregnancy or non-pregnancy at the same time as making people aware of how irresponsible SP's OWN STATED ACTIONS really are.

like you said, consider EVERY possibility :)

sorry for the long post.

B said...

KaJo quotes Tompkins: "this person was at a function days after Palin delivered, and overheard the governor commenting on the fact that she needed to go because her milk was leaking."

If someone saw milk spots on her shirt, that would be evidence. But no one has said they saw that. Whatever Sarah says is very weak evidence of anything, except maybe of the opposite.

Bet she was ready to leave that function and made up an excuse that no one would ask her to explain further.

B said...

If your Track/Sadie theory were right, Sarah would be in deep doodoo now that Sadie believes she isn't allowed to see Tripp because Palin thinks she is white trash. Why would Sadie continue to cover so much for someone who is dissing her? Sarah would have known she needed to keep Sadie in the loop about Tripp not being born yet.

Ivyfree said...

"b) THE REPORTER DID NOT SEE SARAH - she was supposedly 'sleeping in another room'! So... NO PROOF that SP is the woman who gave birth to him then and there!"

I agree. While I have known women who wore their prepregnant clothes on the way home from the hospital, we do not know what date Trig was born on, so he could have been up to, say, one month old when the reporter saw him. Plus, since Sarah was not seen on that visit, we don't know that somebody else couldn't have given birth to him. I think it's likely that Sarah would only do this stunt for somebody in her family, but I can't rule out the possibility of somebody else entirely being the birth mother.

Ivyfree said...

"if Trig actually was adopted for political purposes, there would have to have been a rigorous triage to make sure he was the right kind of media-ready Down Syndrome baby. Many of them aren't, in real life."

I don't know if I should be amused about this or not, but there is something kinda funny about Trig being subjected to a closer vetting to be a political pploy than Sarah did to be Vice-President.

Aussie said...

Firstly let me thank the moderators and operators of the site for the opportunity to contribute. I find the discourse intelligent and interesting.

The point I would like to make is that I agree wholeheartedly with Audrey and Morgan, that the production of a birth certificate would prove very little, because of the deceitful nature of the person in question. SP has shown little regard for the truth up until now, so why should we expect honesty from her on this point, especially when she has so much to lose.

I wonder why the msm hasn't concentrated on the ex-brother-in-law trooper. Surely he has information he would be happy to divulge, God knows he has enough reasons to be vindictive, and blow this whole this charade apart.

It frustrates me that the msm is soooo ineffective and impotent. No wonder newspaper sales are dropping and blogging is increasing - all over the world, people are searching for the truth.

I think cracks are appearing and with some pressure applied to the right people, ie members of trooper's family and the johnston family, they would be willing to spill the beans all over Sarah Palin.

It's just a thought to add to the pot.

Sheesh said...

I've got to agree completely with you Luna. At this point it doesnt really even matter if she was pregnant or not because anyway you look it at the 'truth makes her look bad and even if she was the birth mother of Trig and the wild ride didn't happen...she looks foolish and unfit to lead. I have to agree with the RN who wrote the article that the wild ride story, if true, is frankly a more damaging scenario than if she was faking a pregnancy.

It is my sincere hope that the attention these citizen journalists, such as Morgan, Audrey and Lee, will clue people in to the obvious problem SP presents as an elected official and when 2010 and 2012 roll around she won't have a chance in hell of furthering her politcal career. She's just damn scary!

Myblog said...

1. Regarding that Palin family picture which some people say was taken in 2006 and some in 2007 (Bristol in a light green sweater, with a tummy showing), I think that if Bristol were pregnant, the Palin family would not have released the photo. They would have had Bristol sitting down, or had Piper in front of her, etc., not with a pregnant tummy showing. Remember, last year before Trig's birth Sarah denied the rumors that Bristol was pregnant; why release photos showing her pregnant if she secretly was?

2. Mr. Heath (Sarah's father) first blurted out the amnio leak story. Why? Did he make that up himiself or was it the planned excuse all along just in case Sarah had to rush back to Alaska?

3. If anyone other than Bristol, Willow, Molly or Track's girlfriend is Trig's birth mother, why would Sarah fake a pregnancy? Why couldn't she just say that she and Todd adopted Trig at birth? That it was a private adoption? That the birth mother wants to remain anonymous? That the birth mother at first wanted to abort (perhaps upon learning about DS) but was dissuaded because of some religious talk or upon finding an adoptive family (the Palins)? This would have gone over with the anti-abortion crowd very nicely.

KaJo said...


to remark on what you said, "BUT you say you aren't considering that the wild ride COULD be real because you find it "too gruesome," so aren't you cutting off a possibility because you don't like it, just as you feel she is doing?"

No, I'm saying that I'm sticking with "the conspiracy cover-up" because I don't think Palin was pregnant.

I hope I'm understanding that the term "fundie abortion" describes a person who wilfully endangers her fetus at a time in its development where it would not survive outside the womb. Looking at it like that, Sarah Palin was not attempting a "fundie abortion" but rather attempting to cause a stillbirth, or an infant born with such high morbidity (systemic infection, for instance, due to prolonged ruptured membranes) that it cannot survive. Not the same thing at all.

The part that is so gruesome to me is that such actions are murderous. I don't think she's that crazy. Let me put it a little more strongly. I don't think she's that INSANE.

And I don't think that she would have the support of her adult family members and her doctor and her church folk and the hospital in such a murderous undertaking, whereas they might stand behind her if she were "protecting" Bristol (not really; we know she's really protecting her political resume, which might be just as worthy a goal as far as her family and church folk are concerned).


Also, Wikipedia was only one reference, on one point that I made. I provided another reference on that point (one more scholarly, but the Wiki entry was more complete). I provided FOUR references on another point that I made in another post.

Changes to Wikipedia: "Inappropriate changes are usually removed quickly, and repeat offenders can be blocked from editing. If you add new material to Wikipedia, please provide references. Facts that are unreferenced are routinely removed from the encyclopedia."

I find that 95% of Wiki medical, geographical, and sociological information is accurate ('cuz I cross check with other references), which is what I used in my references. I would certainly be foolish to quote a Wiki entry on such a polarizing public figure as Sarah Palin, as if it were fact.

onething said...


I think several of us have found the Thompkins position a bit narrow. And yes, even suspiciously so. But I think you should drop like a hot potato any notion that Sarah would for minute breastfeed Trig as a non birth mother. I doubt she would do it as a birth mother. She's just too busy and disengaged. It would take tremendous determination and dedication. Not compatible with her situation at all.

As I've said before, the idea that Sarah sort of hoped the baby would die on the plane is just not credible. It would mean that she actually boarded the plane HOPING to go into labor. Riiiiigght. The discomfort and danger to herself is too great. I agree that if she did it, it would mean she is seriously disordered. I agree that faking a pregnancy would be better. It has nothing to do with my understanding of the seriousness, I just don't think the wild ride is credible. For some reason, Thompkins is very attached to this scenario, and the evidence be damned.

For me, the preponderance of the evidence is slowly congealing:

* The photo of Bristol in the green sweater is indeed from 12/07 and she is almost certainly pregnant.

* There is something wrong with the birth certificate. Either the date, by even one day, or the true mother refuses actual adoption of her baby.

* The wild ride was a story that got out of hand. Parts of it may have been planned, but all in all it probably was not and they were not together on the story.

* The pictures prove Sarah was never pregnant.

* The only other two possible maternal contenders are Willow and sister Molly, with the latter being quite a stretch.

* Tripp has not been born.

dipsydoodlenoodle said...

Luna 1508,

seeing the live feed of what countries log on is very interesting to a night owl like me

How do you view it? I've seen it mentioned before but I can't see/find it?

Thanks :-)

dipsydoodlenoodle said...

From Londonbridges Here is a satirical Levi article. I guess it means that Sarah & family are not forgotten.

That isn't set up at all is it? haha

Morgan said...


While there may be blogs out there that speculate on incest as a factor in the Sarah Palin birth mystery, Palin Deceptions is not one of them. Any comments submitted here that regarding incest in the Palin family are automatically rejected per policy of the blog owner and administrator.

dipsydoodlenoodle said...

If I were Mercede Johnston and I knew some insider informtaion I think I'd be spilling every bean I knew. Especially "IF" it is true about Tripp and the NEFU thing. I'd be making myself a shiny penny and getting myself outta the mess and cover up!

sc said...

Thanks for the satire this morning regarding Levi! So funny, I almost started crying. Audrey and friends, thanks for keeping the pressure on! It is sure getting to those in Wasilla that need to worry about it. “Field” says that some of the actual players in this deception are blogging on this site and others. I have more information but it will take a while to verify all of it. Up to now, I was really impressed by Bristol and that maybe she had the ability to stand up and take care of herself but looks like I’ve been cutting her too much slack. You gotta admire those rednecks sometimes, at least most of them never change their ways.

sc said...

I will state this little fact about my other blogs, I have never made comment about the new Gawker Mercede MySpace comment that was other people. I am with some others here that say they don’t know what to think about the comment. Just thought I’d set the record straight, I have commented on the “original” Mercede Johnston MySpace pages that have been shown on Audrey’s main website and blog.

Sunshine1970 said...

onething said...January 20, 2009 11:44 PM
* The photo of Bristol in the green sweater is indeed from 12/07 and she is almost certainly pregnant.

This photo was actually taken sometime in October (possibly earlier). Audrey has it up on her site on this page: Green sweater pic

I thought it was taken in December, too, but this can pretty much prove it wasn't

Semantic said...

Something occurred to me this morning:

We seem to be focusing on only two alternatives with respect to SP’s parental status with respect to Trig—either birth mother or adoptive mother. Yet there are more possibilities:

1. SP as birth mother

2. SP as adoptive mother

3. SP as legal guardian

4. SP as full-time caregiver (thus another woman would appear on the birth certificate as birth mother and/or adoptive mother). Think of the many situations where a grandmother or other relative assumes this role, yet has no legal parental status.

5. SP as part-time caregiver: Just because SP’s public personae implies her primary care of Trig, it does not mean that she cares for him full time at home (whenever she IS at home.) Indeed, at the RNC it appeared that Bristol was the primary caregiver

6. SP as babysitter: This would be whenever it suits her purposes.

Given one of the latter scenarios above, SP may keep up the mothering charade just as long as it suits her political purposes and as long as it has legs (not unlike the story of Tripp, which by this time is beyond bizarre.)

My feeling is that she hopes that Trig (and Tripp) will gradually fade from the headlines and her children will be able to go about their business-- to return to the spotlight when politically beneficial. And when someone else tries to shine that spotlight in a way unbeneficial, she will, as usual, snarl, lie, threaten, and/or hide “evidence.”

Punkinbugg said...


If SP is really Trig's mom, why were so many pictures -- taken between FEB and APR 2008 -- scrubbed from the official State website? Early on, I saw that there were many, many links - during that time period only - that led to dead-ends.


My suggestion to Audrey, Morgan, Patrick, Kathleen: Compile a list of the facts, bullet-point them for easy reading, add the compelling photographs (especially the brightened ones) and put them on your website's home page.

That way, new visitors to the site will see at a glance what has taken you guys five months to compile.

LondonBridges said...

Sunshine1970 said...

onething said...January 20, 2009 11:44 PM
* The photo of Bristol in the green sweater is indeed from 12/07 and she is almost certainly pregnant.

This photo was actually taken sometime in October (possibly earlier). Audrey has it up on her site on this page: Green sweater pic

This could be a BREAKING revelation!!! At the time Audrey posted her analysis, she was using a May 15 due date. With the newer
theories that Bristol may well have had a 30 or 60 day earlier due date, that belly bump REALLY may be Trig before he got glasses! Do the math!

lion55ess said...

The absence of Tripp makes it clear (among other reasons) that SP faked her pregnancy. Period. That is the basis for this blog which seeks truth from an elected official who poses a danger to our country if allowed to hold even higher office.

That being said, virtually none of the posts question the paternity if Trig. We have taken SP's word (which is worth very little) that LJ is the father. Isn't it possible that a line of inquiry concerning the father would be as valid as analyzing the photos and actions of S&BP?

In short, my question is, "Why do we accept as fact that LJ is the father of Trig and/or of Tripp (sight unseen)? Is it simply because that is what we have been told? Maybe that is the wild card in all of this. Or, is this something which cannot be discussed?

sc said...

Yes, I have always believed the caregiver to be an option. And just another reason that I believe Track Palin is Trig’s father, he is after all in the Army!

Rogue said...

Long-time reader, first-time poster.

Here is the series of questions I would love for a journalist to ask SP. Just some simple questions assuming that Trig really is her son and wanting to understand her thought processes.

1. Doctors recommend that expectant mothers not fly during their last trimester, yet both you and Bristol did so. Based on your schedule, you flew over 18,000 miles during your last trimester, and Bristol both followed you on the campaign trail as well as flew to Florida to the governors' convention during her last trimester. This being the case:

a) Did you have a doctor evaluate your medical condition prior to each flight to confirm that there was likely to be no problems?
b) How necessary was each flight to your duties as a governor? From appearances, it appears that most of the trips were to further your political aspirations, rather than to fulfill your duties.
c) Could any of the flights have been replaced by working from home and connecting by satellite?
d) Would it not have been better for Bristol to remain at home with either your parents or sister during her last trimester, rather than accompanying you?
e) Did you doctor provide you with contact information in your destination cities of local medical practitioners who could help you in an emergency?

2. Most doctors recommend an immediate physical examination if there is any suspician that amniotic fluid is leaking. Can you explain why you relied on a phone call, rather than have a doctor examine you, before leaving Dallas?

3. You were 44 years old and expecting a DS baby, both of which are considered high-risk pregnancies. Why did you choose a family practitioner who delivers less than 5 babies per year, rather than a specialist? (I used 5, but the journalist would need to confirm the number of babies delivered per year)

4. Did you family practitioner ever advise you that it would be best to seek a specialist?

5. Why did you bypass 2 Anchorage hospitals with NICUs in order to deliver a high-risk premature baby at a local hospital without an NICU?

6. I assume you were on prenatal vitamins throughout your pregnancy. How were you able to obtain an adequate supply without triggering pregnancy rumors earlier than 7 months along?

7. What DS therapy was available for Trig while on the campaign trail?

8. If you had it all to do over again, would you have done anything differently?

Of course, the answers might be more damaging than the fake pregnancy rumors. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Trig is her birthson, but she tries to cover up her bad decisions by making a tearful confession that she was just trying to protect her daughter?

Don G. said...

Time for a new entry Audrey, and it sure wouldn't hurt to compile all the evidence as one blogger suggests.

In the zoo picture does anyone know who the girl is who is furthest from the camera behind the leaves which are in front of the giraffe. Can someone lighten up that photo and tell us what all the black area is on the girl's stomach?

And fwiw, the green sweater link certainly does a good job of putting the photo evidence in order. It also begs some important questions and I would suggest that everyone consider it carefully.

B said...


If Bristol is the mom of Trig, I don't need to know who the dad is. Sarah would cover for Bristol.

If I felt the mom were someone like Mercedes, I would want to know who the dad is to know why Sarah would take the baby.

I am interested in whether Tripp is Bristol's and when he is born only because that goes to whether Bristol had Trig. I don't care who Tripp's father is.

Right now it appears Bristol is Trig's mom and so the dad isn't relevant, and that's why no one is talking about it. That's my take.

sc said...

No it would not be hilarious if SP did all this damage to a child; in my opinion, it would be sad! Someone with “family values” should know better! I’ll take our train riding to go home to be with his family VP Joe Biden any day!

Anonymous said...


As Audrey always proves (at least on here), photos don't lie. And that has always looked like a pregnant Bristol to me [in the official family portrait]. I'll be interested to hear from others.

luna1580 said...


to see who (well where, no names) is looking at the blog go to the main blue blog page and scroll all the way down. you will see a white box that says "feedjit" on the bottom and "watch in real time" on the top, click "the watch in real time" spot.


it's nice that you give SP the credit of not being murderous or insane. i don't.

why? because i don't know her! i believe it's possible that she is capable of either endangering herself and her child to get back to alaska from texas, OR capable of faking her pregnancy. one of these things happened, one did not, both are possible options at this point.

i'm sorry folks, we all have opinions here, some very strong opinions, but not a one of us KNOWS for FACT if SP was pregnant or not (unless she herself has been commenting)!!!

it's one thing to say, i look at the suspicious picture, i look at levi kissing trig tenderly, i look at sarah's body language, and i THINK it's highly likely she is not the birth mom.

but once you cross the line from THINK to KNOW without some genuine fact, like say touching her pregnant-or-fake-belly yourself in person last year, or having access to real and abundant medical records and notarized, authorized testimony of her doctors you've jumped into "true believer" or "truther" land!

when people decide they "KNOW" something -which in ACTUALITY remains unproven one way or the other- and refuse to hear anything else as even a POSSIBILITY they get labeled "crazy conspiracy people," lose their credibility, and get written off. AND THEY SHOULD.

everyone, ask yourself why you first cared about palin's birth story. is it that you really want people to know "the truth" about what kind of a person she is based on the judgement calls she makes, whether this means the judgement to leave texas pregnant OR the judgement to pretend to leave texas pregnant (and both are bad judgment) ?

or is it that you want people to know "the truth" that she faked this pregnancy no matter what, because you personally know this for a FACT without even a shred of doubt?

if you answered option two, please tell me about the day you touched or saw her unclothed, un-pregnant belly or how you got to see the medical records, because i'd like "the facts" as well.


B said...

Don G, did you see Audrey's post from the fall about that zoo picture? I don't believe there was ever an answer as to who the two teen or young adult women are. Some people saw Brsitol or Willow or both, or Lauden Bruce, or maybe some random Zoo visitors. There are other photos taken around then of Bristol in which she doesn't look pregnant. The absence of Tripp now suggests she was not 4 mos. along then.

midnightcajun said...

Interesting article on, that shows the thinking of the TeamSarah types (I found the link to the article on their website). Note the admiring line about Sarah's wild ride birth story; it sounds just like what we've been saying! Okay, maybe they use the phrase "medieval peasant" rather than Warrior Princess, but the "tough" image is the same.

"Keep Palin's OB-Gyn records private
Posted by Kathleen O'Brien January 18, 2009
Eric Risberg/The Associated Press

"Sometimes what looks like logic can take us down a road to ugly. That's where we may end up if Sarah Palin decides the only way to silence lingering questions about her last pregnancy is to follow the suggestion to release baby Trig's birth records.

"Palin handled her fifth pregnancy with the toughness of a medieval peasant who stops toiling in the potato fields just long enough to give birth. (Only in her case, it was postponing her trip to the hospital until she'd given a speech to an energy conference in Texas.)

"That, combined with her earlier secrecy, gave rise to internet rumors the pregnancy tale was a ruse to conceal Trig's real mother, Palin's teenage daughter Bristol. I'll give Palin this one and hope she hangs tough, because we really don't want to start quizzing candidates about their personal reproductive issues. That strikes me as a very bad idea..."

B said...

Rogue, good questions. BTW, I don't think Bristol went to Florida with Sarah. That report was actually from Arizona the day or week after the election, when Bristol allegedly was > 7 mos. along, so still third trimester.

cooky said...

Rogue - There is only one question I would like (and expect) any real journalist to ask SP re: Trig's birth. I wonder why they haven't asked it? It's not rude or intrusive, just the facts:

Jounalist: "Governor Palin - will you make the following statement and direct that Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson
confirm it:

"I, SP, gave birth to Trig Palin on 4/18/08 at MatSu Regional Medical Center with Dr. CBJ in attendance."
Also present were MatSu staff members: (insert names)"

Governor Palin: Response (Yes or No)

Journalist: (If yes): "Thank you Governor"

Journalist: (If no): "Governor Palin will not confirm that she gave birth to Trig Palin on 4/18/08 at MatSu Regional Medical Center.

A simple, factual statement - no invasion of privacy, no question about her daughters, her decisions supposedly made in compliance with her doctor.

Ask yourself - why not? Why hasn't that been done by now? Why won't a mother proudly and gratefully assert her claim that she is the birth mother of a beautiful boy? Where is Todd (Iron Man) Palin in this - he isn't willing to affirm his son either?

Terrible, just terrible.

luna1580 said...


i tried to shorten your name to d-noodle, don't know why it came up "ingeod...noodle"


sc said...

Audrey, do what you want; new post or not doesn’t matter to those of us that have patience. Paternity does matter; fathers have rights too! This blog must really bother SP, she “probably” put out all the “fires” that she knew of and it just drives her nuts that she can’t control this blog! So on that note, GO AUDREY GO, stay an anonymous blogger like me (I am even in pajamas).

Rogue said...

sc - I wouldn't think it hilarious that she did the damage to the child. I would think it hilarious (maybe ironic is a better word) if she tried to cover up that she did damage to the child by stating the rumors were true and she was previously trying to cover things up.

KaJo said...

luna1580 said, "it's nice that you give SP the credit of not being murderous or insane. i don't."

Not "give SP the credit"...I said "benefit of the doubt", and even that for me would be pretty limited.

I guess I'm just a cockeyed optimist, as Nellie Forbush once said, and I like to think better of people. Even if the "better" in Sarah Palin's case is delusional rather than murderous.

I admit thinking better of people is hard to do in these times, especially when you hear the things you hear from FauxNEWS and their equally deluded "pundits".

Don G. said...

B wrote: "Don G, did you see Audrey's post from the fall about that zoo picture? I don't believe there was ever an answer as to who the two teen or young adult women are. Some people saw Brsitol or Willow or both, or Lauden Bruce, or maybe some random Zoo visitors. There are other photos taken around then of Bristol in which she doesn't look pregnant. The absence of Tripp now suggests she was not 4 mos. along then."

I did see the comment where it said the two girls weren't id'ed. Now I'm wondering why this lead hasn't been followed up. I don't care really what it proves as much as the fact that I remain in doubt as to why there are few pictures of Bristol and those that do exist seem to consistently not show a clear view of her belly. This is just another one where if the girl is Bristol then it's allowed to remain for us because the leaves got in the way. Fwiw, I don't think a positive ID or lack of IDif it's not here, would hurt a bit. And I do think it's worth lightening up the picture a bit so we can have a close look. Regardless of what it proves or disproves.

jeanie said...

NextChapter -

I agree with you that the family picture with Bristol in the greenish sweater was pre-dated as 2006. I saw the title of it during a 2007 webarchive search, but the photo was unavailable. During 2006 the webarchive search comes up with the other picture (family on stage, Piper with her hair up). Unfortunately, I can't access that anymore, but it was on the Alaska governor's official website, and it was definitely dated 2007...

jeanie said...


I have to agree that Sarah's comments were intended to emphasize the fact that SHE was giving birth.

When I had my kids I missed some work, and I certainly told my boss that I had delivered. But if I had offered up any details about my water breaking or leaking he would have put his fingers in his ears and sang "I'm not listening!".

Who would share that kind of information with the whole country? Maybe she was 'outed' by her father, but I think you're right that she was just overstating her case to make everyone very sure that SHE was having the baby.

sc said...

Audrey and friends, considering MSM & bloggers; has anyone considered Rick Sanchez from CNN?

BlueRidgeMountain said...

AP just issued an article on "Palin and the Media." Here's the link:

Dangerous said...

Sometimes what looks like logic can take us down a road to ugly.

This comment that someone posted from turns the issues around to frame it was real logic and critical reasoning being false, while superficial impressions are what count. 'Ugly' is a characterization of aesthetic value, placing feeling above reality.

In essence, this argument states that it would be uncomfortable to look at the what the facts are telling our logical minds, so we'll question the logic rather than our eyes. I think this statement stands in for why MSM doesn't pay attention to this story. They don't want to show their audience something ugly -- which is what all modern media, including journalism, is all about. They correctly surmise that their audience will turn away, and nobody wants that in MSM.

Logic can take us down a road to ugly. And if we ever prove that SP did not give birth to Trig it will get very ugly very fast. But what we are doing here doesn't 'look like logic', it IS logic. I guess we just have more fortitude than most people, who are afraid of finding the truth if it will be ugly to see.

I've always been confident that our logic in concluding that SP is not Trig's mother is sound. Now I have an explanation why everyone doesn't reach the same conclusion: The truth is too ugly.


Jay Raskin said...

Assuming the fake birth scenario, I think "B" has hit something interesting.

Combine these facts.

1. Lori Tipton says that Bristol did not look like she had given birth seven hours before

2. SP calls doctor at 4 A.M., April 17th with leaking fluids and CBJ does not advice her to go to the nearest hospital.

3. SP waits until 1 PM after she gives her speech to return to Alaska.

4. SP has not released the birth certificate.

What scenario would best explain these facts? How about this:

At 4 A.M. on April 17th, CBJ calls SP to tell her that Bristol's water has broken and she is about to give birth. Since it would take her at least 10 hours to return to Alaska, CBJ advices her not to hurry back, but to give her speech. At 6:30 A.M., April 17th, Bristol gives birth.

Sleeping for the rest of April 17th and all that night, Bristol is well rested by 11:30 AM when Lori Tipton arrives. However SP is exhausted from her overnight trip and is still asleep.

The birth certificate lists April 17th as the birthdate and therefore cannot be released.

B wrote at January 19 7:14

sg, thanks for the reminder of Lori Tipton saying Bristol did not look like she delivered a baby seven hours before.

This is evidence against Bristol having Trig after Sarah got to MatSu. Perhaps she could have had him on the 17th by 4 am, when Sarah says she spoke with the doctor. It's somewhat curious that Bristol was at the hospital and that she did not want her picture taken.

tt said...

Palin is talking about the bloggers being mean to her kids AGAIN....

CasaCalvo said...

re: the latest AP story

She is determined to keep up the attention on this issue. She may come to regret this action.

Morgan said...

I got a couple of comments noting that the links to the AP article on Sarah Palin's latest whine-fest didn't work.

I always check the links before I approve comments and they worked when I checked them, but they're not working now. Which is...weird.

But let not your hearts be troubled. Here's the same article on HuffPo.

Emma said...

Re the latest SP whine to the media (and, yes, Sarah, you are whining). We know that SP is unwilling and/or unable to put these rumors to rest, and as a result, continues to allow her children to be the subject of rumors. But at this point, why doesn't the reporter she is whining to call her on it? If I were a reporter and she continued to whine to me about it, I'd first ask her why she hasn't put these rumors to rest by providing definitive proof, and then ask her point blank to go on record, along with Dr. Baldwin-Johnson and all other physicians and nurses in attendance, stating that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig on the morning of 4/18 at Mat-Su Hospital. And, then tell her that until she provided definitive proof and on-the-record, public statements from her and all medical staff in attendance, I wouldn't waste my time or my readers time by reporting her ongoing whining and hearsay.

(So, Sarah, since we know you or your representatives are reading here, STFU or be prepared to provide proof.)

Anonymous said...

great article-- thanks morgan and tt.

it's a relief to read a major news story that presses Sarah back when she whines.

Littl' Me said...

LOL! She DEFINITELY is reading this blog - NOW, after we have been harping on her that she threw Bristol under the bus and is not doing anything to defend her kids, SHE FINALLY is lashing out 'to defend' her kids...

Is there anything else we could suggest to her? Like, maybe,... COME OUT WITH THE TRUTH, SP!

LondonBridges said...

A large number of comments have been deleted by their author(s). BlueTx?

the TV DJ said...

At the hospital Lori Tipton says that Bristol did not look like she had given birth seven hours before.

Many people seem to mistake Willow and Bristol. Could Lori have seen Willow and made the same mistake?

Molly said...

I'm amazed at the high traffic volume here--thx whomever pointed out the live feed thingie at the bottom of the main blue page. I came in right around the time that someone from Wasilla did. Oh, and I saw Singapore and Bangalore Kanataka (which is in India--I had to google that).

What hath Audrey wrought?

jeanie said...

To Sarah - This Blog in particular has been nothing if not respectful and sympathetic of your poor children! We totally recognize that they are the victims here.

There are really only two possibilities here:

1. You gave birth to Trig, but were completely unwilling to provide any evidence of that fact - effectively perpetuating the rumor that Bristol (or someone else close to you) did have him. You chose instead to announce to the world that Bristol was 5 months along at the RNC. You continue to hide Tripp, and thus enable the speculation to go on.

2. You did NOT give birth to Trig. Possibly Bristol did. We have said NOTHING negative about her getting pregnant, nor against teen pregnancies in general - they happen. And then subsequently faked a pregnancy, tried to pass off the story of the wild ride. Following that, you touted your family values and abstinence only policies, and your virtue as a mother of a special needs child to a (mostly) unsuspecting public as an integral part of your campaign platform. And now you're complaining about the 'unfair' media.

So, which is it? Either the media is making unfair suppositions about your kids, which you have essentially encouraged by offering up such a flimsy story of Trig's delivery OR the media is NOT unfair.

regina said...

The comments on the ADN are quite good. I think she's is going to drop a bombshell any minute now...

Molly said...

RE: SP's AP whine.....

Sarah can keep saying it over and over that people are picking on her children, but that isn't it; we are picking on YOU Sarah Heath Palin....because we think you are a liar and unfit to govern even Alaska.

Personally, I didn't appreciate your lies and your snark and sneer routine on the campaign trail. I was personally repulsed by your behavior, and so were millions of others. So is it any wonder that people think you untrustworthy? Even in things that you'd think wouldn't be such a big deal? Well, we're cynical; we're cynics.....with good reason to have doubts about what you say...that is, if we can figure out what you're saying. Also.

I have looked at pictures of Bristol and have felt such compassion for her. I even feel compassion for poor Levi, And Willow! Piper! Trig!...with glasses!! Who has thrust these people into the spotlight, Sarah Palin? YOU have!

I don't think the majority of people with questions about SP's truthfullness have been "picking" on the children. It's the public figure, SP, who rightly has had the focus on her. And writing a letter of recommendation.. AS GOVERNOR.. IS an attempt to help someone get an internship. How can you say otherwise?

I will state again..."Falsis in unum, falsis in omnibus."

Ambition is great, but it must be combined with intelligence*. I suppose proof of her lack of intelligence is the fact that she accepted "without blinking" the VP spot.

Proof of lack of intelligence on McCain's part was offering it to her.

*See: Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America...Yippee!!

CasaCalvo said...

I glad to finally see this in an article about SP and her whining.

"It's not unprecedented. The children and spouses of high-profile politicians always draw attention."

I believe it happens to every political family either a little or a lot, depending on how it is handled.

I remember how the cast of SNL made fun of Julie Nixon and David Eisenhower and read any book about the early first ladies in this country and you will find spouses and kids have always been in the spotlight.

You need a little perspective SP. It's the parents who control how the exposure is handled and you are not doing so well.

Jen said...

Feedjit (or however you spell it) won't necessarily tell you who is in Wasilla. I am currently showing as Humble, TX. The last time I was on here I was Houston, TX. I am hundreds of miles from Houston and in a big city. Who knows what Wasilla would show up as.


MeiLing_82 said...

Neither the CEO of the Mat-Su Clinic nor Sarah Palin's doctor would be allowed to make any statement regarding the birth of Trig without the consent of his parents due to HIPPA laws.

They are pretty stringent and apply to anyone who works in the hospital, even someone who mops up the hospital floors.

HIPPA laws help to further the deception!

Littl' Me said...

MeiLing_82 said...
"Neither the CEO of the Mat-Su Clinic nor Sarah Palin's doctor would be allowed to make any statement regarding the birth of Trig without the consent of his parents due to HIPPA laws."

BINGO!!! And, since SP is NOT the mother IMO, she cannot tell the doctor/hospital to say anything, because THE REAL mother did not tell the hospital/doctor to say anything!

Margot said...


indy_girl said...

Bristol didn't look 5 months pregnant at the convention.

She did, however, look 5 months postpartum.

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