Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thanks... but no Thanks!

I am posting this in response for the increasing calls that I accept money (mostly via Paypal donations) for the work I am doing on the blog, and also so a P.I. can be hired to go to Alaska and investigate the story.

I am very fortunate to be at a position in my life where I can afford to take on a project like this on my own dime. I originally became interested in this story, not because of any feelings or doubts about Sarah Palin per se ... I had never even heard of her... but because as a childbirth educator and a natural childbirth advocate, I have been disgusted and frustrated through the years over the constant and chronic misreporting of childbirth and childbirth related stories in the main stream media. My original interest in Sarah Palin was very "one dimensional;" I assumed that some moron of a male reporter had gotten that birth story wrong, since, of course, it could not have really happened that way. It was only a bit later -when I came to understand that that was in fact "her story and she was sticking to it," that I started digging deeper, leading to... today.

But I digress.

As I said, I am in a financial position that I can put my time and energy into this, and I am choosing to do so. I believe that by not taking any money at all for anything, I keep things "cleaner," and this is how I will continue to operate.

Just as an aside, on the question of a private investigator: Obviously, hiring such an individual would be an enormously expensive task. I think all would agree that a local "man" could not be used, since, while I am sure anyone who was asked would protest that they were "fair, balanced, and unbiased," anyone from the local area could potentially have strong feelings about Gov. Palin (either pro OR con). Even if the person WAS completely unbiased, no one would ever believe that, and I think results would basically be worthless to the public at large.

This would leave bringing someone in from the outside, an impressively expensive task, considering a plane ticket from anywhere in the "Lower 48" (without, say, a two week advance purchase) would run at least $1000.00... and that's just to start. Then there would be the car rental, the daily rate, the hotel. Such a venture could easily top $10,000... and frankly, I doubt it would have much effect.

I have never mentioned this on the blog before, but I know of a rather prominent and well-funded free lance journalist who, in September, did exactly what we are proposing... flew to Wasilla on his own dime. He poked around for days... going to the hospital... trying to get people to talk to him. He tried to interview anyone from the Johnston family - no luck. He was unsuccessful in getting a single person who was willing to go on the record to say either that they knew Trig WAS Sarah's OR that they knew he was NOT.

After five days, he went home, though his final comment on the experience to me has always stuck with me. What troubled him the most was "how afraid everyone is of her."

So... to repeat... while I appreciate more than anyone can know the level of concern that people have shown (and the many kind letters of thanks I have received) I have made the decision not to accept financial backing of any sort for continuing to do this. Furthermore, many people have mentioned a "book deal" to me. This is the farthest thing from my mind, and not a goal at all, though I am enough of a realist to know that - depending on the outcome here - it's not an impossibility.

So I am making this statement here, now, publicly. Should that ever happen, any revenue I receive from any book will be used as follows: First, I have several "volunteers" who have helped my in my research enormously. Some of their names you know... others have stayed behind the scenes. I would use some of the revenue to provide a benefit to them as my way of saying thank you; a cruise or vacation of some sort for the whole group. However, any additional revenue beyond this will be donated to an apolitical cause that would have relevance to this issue: support for rape victims in Alaska, perhaps, or research on Down's Syndrome.



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Anonymous said...

Regarding this free lance journalist who poked around Wasilla in September but couldn't get anybody to go on the record one way or the other-- did he get any info OFF the record? If so, there might be some clues there. Is s/he willing to share that info?

wayofpeace said...


such integrity and generosity!

Anonymous said...

Can't quite find words to react to your statement, Audrey! You certainly are an amazing individual -- we should have more like you in this world.

I do have one question(s):
What do you mean by "misreporting of childbirth"? Are you talking about medical outcomes or decisions to have natural childbirth, or what? And, how did this connect you to the SP anomalie?

Can't help but be curious about your motive. But, I can assure you that your decision to remain independent is a worthy one.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think that SP is not providing any evidence because this story keeps her name alive. She is playing the poor picked on victim... gives some interviews here and there... and plays it up pretty good. She is a great manipulator. So far its working for her.
There is no reason for her not to produce a BC(even a fake one) if she wanted this story to go away. I don't think she does, and I think she is using all the people pursuing it, to keep her name out there. She wouldn't be mentioning it in every interview if she didn't think it benefited her "poor me, look how they are picking on me" spin. I think she is hiding proof(if it exists) on purpose.

Ohio mom said...

Audrey, thanks again for this site and all you do to keep the investigation alive and moving forward.

I am not surprised that the journalist didn't find anyone willing to say anything. If I lived in Alaska, I would be very afraid of Sarah Palin. She has turned publicly on every political mentor she ever had, including John McCain. For her, it's only about starring in the Sarah Palin show 24-7.

I see that today she has attacked Tina Fey, Katie Couric, Caroline Kennedy and the MSM. It's obvious that she is definitely a legend in her own mind.

Ohio mom

Anonymous said...

Audrey, you rock!

And re the journalist.... Could it be the same source that Cajun Boy kept referring to last fall?

There has got to be a way to get the story out there -- on or off the record...

Anonymous said...

That the journalist picked up on 'how afraid everybody was' of Sarah in just a few days, as an outsider, is reason enough to continue this inquiry.

I am really wondering how Sarah, with her big mouth which manages to get all kinds of people outed for various misdeeds (Levi is only the latest example), has managed to keep her mouth so completely shut in regards to Trig . . . makes me wonder what deeper family dynamics are in play here . . .

Lister said...

Thank you for not taking our $$. I have never suggested it, and appreciate your dedicated methodology and your untainted pursuit of this.

#1) BODY OF EVIDENCE. I know that when the time is right, you, Audrey, will also make your own decision about how to disseminate the information.

For what it's worth, I do not feel this the truth about Palin's Big Fake can be accurately shown in a short viral video. I don't see this body of evidence being honored by sound bytes. It is worthy of so much more; all the reporters I know are very smart and would read A LOT of material if amassed. THEY are the ones who would need to reduce it into the "WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? HOW? WHY?" Not us. That's their job. Let's not sell our body of evidence short.

Did anyone else see "Frost/Nixon"? That film showed how much prep work talk show David Frost did to interview Nixon--and no one thought Frost had the chops for it. He hired a team of researcher-producers for a year. And he was a talk show host, not a "journalist." Keith Olbermann has a very high I.Q. and would definitely read pages and pages of material if amassed. Same for Dr. Maddow; she wrote a dissertation for goodness sake!

2) PALIN'S DOUBT METER HIGH. One more thing: about "Doubt." It is a movie out now; someone else mentioned it about two weeks ago. I have not seen the film but I did see the John Patrick Shanley play.

One of the points of the play is that once "Doubt" is raised to a high enough level, it cannot be dispelled. The reputation in question is lost. I posit that Ms. Palin's "doubt" meter is already quite high, so high, in fact, that it helped the GOP lose the '08 election and now SHE is talking again HERSELF about the Trig rumors (to Ziegler, for example, and "Hot Air").

Palin's poll numbers are way down in AK now. In the 21st century, it would take Palin showing Trig's birth certificate to SOMEONE OFFICIAL who would verify it or show it to us, in order to remedy it. And she refuses to do that.

Therefore, there will always be "doubt" about Palin and she won't be able to shake it. She may have "True Believers" in the lower 48 (they are true tinfoilists, IMHO), but I don't think she will last a Senate run in AK now. She won't last a run again for Governor of AK with these poll numbers, either. And without holding another public office, Palin is definitely toast on the national scene.

#3) KEEP IT GOING. Does that mean this investigation should halt until the Big Fake is officially exposed by some reporter (who we know will have to credit Audrey in a major fashion)? No way. Please, Audrey, keep at this! We need you. The pressure is building on Palin or she wouldn't be mentioning it herself. Palin is living in the shadow of doubt.

FW said...

I would imagine that Sherry Johnston may have changed her tune about going "on record" since September, seeing as she is living off child support, and could not afford an attorney. There are probably many people who would turn on Sarah if the price was right. In early September, she still had power and influence. Now she has been exposed as an ethics violater and a fraud with contantly conflicting stories. Many in her own party have abandoned her.

I find it extremely bizarre that NO ONE would deny OR confirm that Trig was Sarah's bio child. That tells me all I need to know.

Sarah reads this blog, she knows it exists, because she alluded to it in her latest and greatest I agree with anon @9:57...she can make this go away any time she wants to, but doesn't. So either way she is one seriously whacked out individual. Either she faked a pregnancy, or she she didn't and uses the rumours to play a victim of "the elite media" for her adoring fans. Either way it is twisted, and proves she will do and say anything to make herself look good, even at her own children's expense.

palin pregnancy truth said...

LOVE the heading Audrey. ;-)

How lucky are we to have someone so dignified and generous running this blog. Audrey, you continue to impress me. When this is all over you will at least have to let me buy you a drink.

Anonymous said...

I just want to acknowledge and applaud all of the hard, thorough work that Audrey and company, and the dedicated bloggers are doing. When I developed contractions and fluid leaking a month before I was due to deliver my child, my doctor's words were,"Meet me at the hospital as soon as you can get there, I want to check you out." And, yes, I did give birth the next day, but I belonged in the hospital, not on an airplane or giving a lecture. So, it was the crazy birth story that just didn't make sense. Add to the mix, "outing" Bristol's "pregnancy" instead of producing a birth certificate as proof of a child's birth. This makes everything else look suspicious-- doctored (?) and mislabeled photos, few photos of a pregnant governor who basks in the bright lights of cameras, mysteriously scrubbed photographs, facts that just don't add up (didn't mention that she was pregnant to her own mother), we are now familiar with the tale, thanks to Audrey and company. Perhaps when Sarah no longer has the power of her office, or perhaps when someone need money more than anything else, perhaps then we'll be able to fill in the missing pieces to this crazy story. Until then, hearty thanks to you, Audrey!

OutsiderSA said...


Earlier someone asked how to embed links to sites

W/o using tiny url here is how it is done:

Take this site as a link:

< a href="">Link to Blog< /a>

No pre spaces in the < a and < /a>

It looks like this:

Link to Blog

Anonymous said...

I can relate to what the journalist said about people being afraid to say anything against Sarah Palin.

I was married to a man whose Mother was "could still" be the Chief Appellate Court Judge of a small State. I was turned down by over 100 lawyers and misrepresented by 3 because of her power. Lost everything.

These people do not want to move and if they would say anything their life would be hell. But things have changed a little since the lower 48 knows about her. It is just a matter of time before someone could be bought out big time to start talking.

I also see A man named Poe has registered to run for Gov 2010 as of yesterday.

Dinky P.

California mom said...

Thank you once again, Audrey, for your fine comments. As someone who has been involved in pre-and peri-natal research, I'm particularly appalled by the Palin birth story and subsequent events. The short- and long-term effects on that poor child, Trig, of all this confusion, chaos and obfuscation--that she, the mother has inflicted on him--only adds additional layers of complexity to the number of challenges he faces. My heart aches for him. And my level of disgust with Sarah Palin, and her interpretation of motherhood, simply grows with each insensitive revelation. How she could toy with the very essence of this child's well-being, already fragile at best, is beyond me. Especially when it's all been to advance her own interests at his expense. THe research is so clear that babies are not just bystanders, they are involved in the events around them. Trig is profoundly affected by this crazy charade, and he will continue to bear the imprint of the denial, cover-up and uncertainty, and likely never heal from it. So sad for him.

Anonymous said...

I would respectfully disagree with anon at 9:57, that Palin wants to keep this story alive. I think her only hope if for it to die because sooner or later they will have to produce Bristol and her baby. A birth certificate could be produced now to try to kill the story but that only complicates the issue further.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive.

Bristol can't hide forever and neither can Levi remain quiet long enough. This will come to fruition, no doubt in the least. Time is on our side and against them.

From time to time some people may be able to suggest certain strategies to help out our cause here but if they are talked about openly on this blog then the strategy will be revealed to teamsarah spies. Is there any email address where we can contact Audrey privately with suggestions or strategies which we don't want to make public. How about a gmail address or an aol address Audrey?

Don G.

Anonymous said...

I am the 'anonymous' who suggested the Private Investigator.

Well, if that won't work, why not try to get the MSM involved in this?
Go to your local news outlets, get some publicity.

Write a letter to Dateline, 20/20...there HAS to be someone out there with clout who could get to the root of this.

You're not asking for blood. I mean, if someone wanted to find out how and where my kids were born, I would think it would be pretty easy to do...even if I were trying to keep it a secret.

Ugghh....I am just on tenterhooks!!! I KNOW this woman is lying and I - like everyone else here - wants her to face the truth!

Audrey, maybe we'll see you being interviewed on TV one of these days? :)

Morgan said...

Don G., there is a whole Web site associated with this blog. It is

Audrey's contact information is on that site.

Lister, I for one appreciate what you said in your first point. I believe when this comes out it will be because it was put out in the most correct and effective manner.

I, too, have full faith that Audrey can handle this. Look how far she's come so far.

RW said...

Good for you Audrey.

SPs latest in the AT HOME INTERVIEWs...
She blasts everyone but her new BFF Greta.

Everyone is still pickin on her.
And she still insists no one has looked at her record:
...."especially for those in the Lower 48, to look at my my administration's record.."

So, she wants people to LOOK at her record but when they do she thinks she is being pick upon.

I guess the only place her record is at her home.
....where ..get this..."we did the interview at the Palin home. At 9 a.m., without a security guard or handler within sight, Bristol Palin, eight days removed from giving birth, politely answered the door...Palin, not yet fully put together, rushed out to tell me and our crew to make ourselves at home...."

Once again SP 'rushes' out in some state of 'unfinished' and so also therefore BP could answer the door.

Why wasnt to gov of the state ready for the interview?
...was it so the line of BP answering the door would fit??
You betcha!!!

sunfish said...

This is definitely worth a watch - an interview with SP from 1/5 by a conservative documentarian who is putting together a documentary on, surprise, the "liberal" media. I find it VERY interesting that her lead in comment is about TRIG -- yet again. Her body language and her speech cadence definitely tells me that she has something to hide. And why has she deliberately made the Trig "rumor" a centerpiece of ALL of her post-election interviews (Greta/Fox, ADN, this documentary) if it is a non-issue? It just doesn't make any sense to me - she definitely is hiding something. And she specifically says that Trig was born 4 months before -- again underlining the fact that BP was "officially" 5 months pregnant at the time.

Audrey and all of the other volunteers -- THANK YOU for all you do. Maybe now that SP has insulted Katie Couric in this interview, the MSM might actually pursue this story! I have hope that the truth will shine through at some point!

Enjoy this....

RW said...

Audrey, fwiw, I think your decision is quite sound.

ADN blog article

Once again SP 'rushes unfinished' to meet with an interview...meanwhile she has BP answer the door.
"we did the interview at the Palin home. At 9 a.m., without a security guard or handler within sight, Bristol Palin, eight days removed from giving birth, politely answered the door and Governor Palin, not yet fully put together, rushed out to tell me and our crew to make ourselves at home."

Seems if ya wanna talk to SP ya gotta do it at her home where she collects per diem.
I mean BP wouldnt HAVE to be at one of SPs offices now would she.

(btw...i wonder if some reposts are due to some probs with posting...I just lost my entire post after doing the word verify.
I copy them now before I try to post.)

KaJo said...

Thank you again, Audrey. I'm proud and happy to support you in this quest.

I don't think any US politician including Dubya has ever frightened me as much as SP did when I listened to her and watched her rallies during the campaign; I could see she "fed" on the vibes she got from her "base". Yeah, she still scares me.

I was born during WWII. Obviously I don't have any first-hand experience in the tragedy of that war, but I've read a great deal.

There's a parallel here -- admittedly on a very small scale --so I don't want this woman powerful enough to rally the types of followers she has into a position of majority ANYWHERE.

RW said...

Imo, the fear aspect in wasilly is great.
Its a small town full of SP church pals.
...retribution is a word.

Just ask the Johnstons.
Or Wooten.
Or Monegan.
...or others.

KaJo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

" In one case, however, when Ziegler asked about Caroline Kennedy's interest in the New York Senate seat, Palin definitely did appear to be following his lead.

"I've been interested also to see how Caroline Kennedy will be handled," Palin stated, "and if she'll be handled with kid gloves or if she'll be under such a microscope also. ...

The difference, Sarah, is Caroline has written books; there is no clear evidence that you have ever even read one.

lilybart said...

Is Bristol still in hiding, basically, because any photos could hurt a deal they are trying to make to be paid for those photos??

My guess.
But I am also not so sure there is a Tripp yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised to hear that people in Wasilla are afraid of SP. She's shown what a vindictive person she is. The one thing that comforts me is that if she ends up staying in her little corner of Alaska, her political influence will be limited just by distance from the rest of the country (of course it won't be as safe for us as if she had no influence at all). And if she DOES ever come out to the lower 48, as a talk show host or whatever, she'll be venturing out into territory that she can't control. Where her kids might some day have blood work done at hospitals that aren't run by her church. And people in Wasilla might be more willing to speak after she's gone.


ocean said...

Maybe Willow answered the door. Journalist (obviously with Ziegler I'm using the term loosely) seem to confuse Willow and Bristol all the time. Getty photos often mislabels the two girls.

Anonymous said...

Dear Audrey -- You are a champ. I applaud you for keeping the money out of it. Bravo! And thank you for how well you are managing this effort.

And I'm dismayed by your PI friend's assessment of fear of SP. I have surprised myself re how frightened I have gotten upon thinking more fully about these SP issues -- as maybe you could tell by my nutty post about that period just before Hitler came to power. And each new tidbit these days makes me more worried about all the stuff I'm suspecting lies behind the curtain.

Oh, geez, I just looked at the SP interview mentioned a couple posts ago:

Does anyone else find yourself humming Ray Charles' "Danger Zone"?

Read your paper
Then you'll see
Just exactly what
Keeps worrying me.
The world is in an uproar,
the Danger Zone
Is everywhere.

--Amy the first

Ennealogic said...

Audrey, I congratulate you and thoroughly support your decision to leave collecting money out of this. Thank you for making it clear.

For those who want to help, I also fully understand that emotion. I think the best we can do is create or add to our own blogs, and keep researching as best we can. You never know when a random stone will show up that can be turned over to reveal the killer clue.

I was thinking last night about how many people would have to be "in the know," in a scenario where SP is not the birth mother. It would really amount to just a handful, most of whom are members of SP's immediate family. As long as they consider themselves dependent on her in any major way, we are not going to get a leak from there. That's probably why there's nobody out there telling what they know. The ones who do are beholden to or dependent on SP in some way.

I was following some of the links on your site, Audrey, and came across one to This site has a still shot of a frame from the Elan Frank video, where SP thumps her belly. The quality is fairly poor, so I went looking for the video to download myself and all links led to a YouTube video that has been removed. Does anyone have a copy of that video?

The reason the screen grab caught my attention is, I wanted to re-examine how it might be possible to have a large baby bump that is square on the bottom and top. Every pic of pregnant women I've seen shows the contents of the abdomen bulging quite roundly in all directions. Just doesn't seem right, somehow!

If we can't come up with the original video, I'll post what we do have on my own blog and let you know when it's up.

Carrie said...

Audrey, In a world where we are exposed daily to deception, hidden agendas, dishonesty and scams, you are very much an RARE AND WONDERFUL ONE! Thank you for your ethics and straightforthness while dealing with this "issue" that seems so full of lies. Keep up the great work and again, THANK YOU!

B said...

Re: Ziegler interview - Bristol answered the door, "eight days after giving birth."

If that is true, Bristol is unlikely to be eight months pregnant now, though she could look four or so months if post-partum. Wouldn't the interviewer notice the difference? This suggests either Tripp exists or will never exist. Who knows.

Audrey et al., Palin is amateur, but you are anything but. Thanks.

RW said...

Early on this was written about fearing SP..PEOPLE FEARING FOR THEIR LIVES...
"...Understand that NO ONE was saying ANYTHING on the record and the blogs (and the Anchorage Daily News) had to make due with emails and on-line comments. Also understand that there is a reason no one was saying anything and one must appreciate living in Alaska to get the full picture...

...The next reason for silence and has people fearing for their jobs and believe it or not, their lives.

...So, as you can see, Sarah Palin and her the... practice of punishing those they don't like and rewarding those they do. As a result, Alaska MSM......has been putty in her hands. manipulation is just a small demonstration of how she does business in Alaska. The Monegan firing...the attempt to get her ex-brother-in-law fired is...what she does when she perceives... someone has "crossed her." She also has a history of exactly the same behavior.
..she was Mayor of Wasilla, she fired the police chief, Irl Stambaugh saying that he "intimidated her."

...The fear has escalated now that Palin is in line to potentially hold the second-highest position in the country.

A blogger told me that he needs to back off the more sensitive Palin information because he's afraid of getting shot by some of the more fanatical, hard-core "Palin-bots." I've been told that when media representatives attempted to speak to several members of Palin's former church, one member wouldn't speak out of fear of his/her life and the other declined out of fear of potential treatment by law enforcement who are also members of the church...."

Locals in Wasilly FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES.

Anonymous said...

-There's a parallel here -- admittedly on a very small scale --so I don't want this woman powerful enough to rally the types of followers she has into a position of majority ANYWHERE.-

That's the gist of all you lib folks digging, you're scared because you know she's popular.Look at the crowds she drew when she came down here after the elections were over-nobody's forgetting her and it scares the heck out you all.

You ever think Bristols hiding out because she's sick of the nasty MSM? Not giving them what they desperately want, a chance to be nosy.Kudos to her.

Unnamed free lance journalist saying people are scared to speak of her- laughable.Sounds good though, an excuse to why no incriminating evidence.

RW said...

"KaJo said...
RW, try writing your posting comments "off-line" first in a word processing program, then log in your word verification and ID here and post right away."

Thx KayJo, good idea!
If MODS want to delete my second post at 11:44, thats fine.

Anonymous said...

So if Bristol is still pregnant, why would she answer the door?

Anonymous said...

Wow-- Mudflats is reporting a rumor that two people have resigned from the governor's office today.


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Audrey!

Principled, Articulate, Focused, Committed. . . Bless you.

Thank you for the recap of your reasons for pursuing this, as well as the story about your journalist friend. I suspected the fear part long ago-- when I realized how much Alaskans love where they live and how small a place it is, really.

And I completely understand your remarks about the sullying of birth and the birth process. For me, Sarah Palin sullies all that I hold dear about femininity and womanhood.

As a commenter said earlier, when Hitler reigned, people laughed, hid, or ran, until it was too late. Justice can take time, but it absolutely depends on speaking up, no matter what.

Here's to the Palin Resistance Underground!

Sleuth for Truth said...

Yes, it's People magazine again:,,20250904,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

But, to those of you who thought Trig was Sherry Johnston's child, she states she had a hysterectomy eight years ago. She's 42, so that would be at age 36. Just trying to throw out more info to get others thinking.

Sleuth for Truth

Anonymous said...

I respect your decision, Audrey, but disagree.

The best way to get information is boots on the ground. And from a professional spook.

The cost is not prohibitive and I'd bet more than your estimate of a week's fees would be donated in short order.

I certainly hope someone will take up the collection and end this story, soon, since it's inconclusiveness reeks of soap box operas which is beginning to seem like an end to itself...

Morgan said...

Anon at 1:40, I'm thinking Palin would love nothing more than for Audrey to do just as you suggest. Fortunately, she's far smarter than that...

And if you smell anything, my dear, I believe it is Sarah's designer shoe clad feet being held to the fire by this blog...

Anonymous said...

People mag is the msm outlet for both the Palins and the Johnstons? She didn't say much about her Grandbaby, but it's good to hear she can see him, eight years of pain would be enough hell.

RW said...

so, two SP worker bee's resign and suddenly there are a number of anon SP defenders posting here.

If they want discussion why dont they post names.

Has SP sent her bee's out to work the blogs now?
...Im betting you betcha.

RW said...

And so also as to therefore...if this was a 'friendly journalist' coming to her house(again)...and BP answered the door why didnt BP show the new baby?

...certainly SP would want this 'friendly journalist' to see the baby and know it is real..
Wouldnt that fully support SP in the same manner to which she is accustom by her 'friendlies'???

RW said...

I live in a small rural town.
If people magazine were here everyone would know about it.

How come no one in Wasilly seems to kmow about in town.

I get this image of dark window tinted shuttle cars...that everyone turns away from.

The troopers up there must be a swell bunch to deal with...
...I see nuthin...I know..nuthin..

wayofpeace said...



Harvard and Columbia Law School grad

how can SP consider that their situations are equivalent???

Sleuth for Truth said...

Sorry, math mistake. Sherry would have been 34...seems awfully young to have had a hysterectomy.

Sleuth for Truth

purplegranny said...

I still think that baby has NOT been born yet.

And another thought: Here in FL, kids went back to school this week, on Monday. Do Alaska schools get a longer/different Christmas/holiday break than what we have in the lower 48? Shouldn't Bristol be back in school? I seem to remember SP said something about that when she was denying the "new parents" were drop-outs.

Anonymous said...

I think Sarah is reacting exactly the way we want her to in regard to her obvious knowledge of this blog.

I think Audry is doing just fine. Just exposing the facts, and the falsehoods.

Sarah is taking care of the important stuff like keeping the MSM focused on her lies and deceptions.

(Oh yes, she even gave us a little reminder of her trashy exibition of appearing before reporters in just a towel during the RNC) Thanks, sarah. I had almost forgotten about that.

Any way. This blogg must stay high class, and let Sarah self destruct, which she is already starting to do.

A blogger mentioned WW2.
I think it is imperative to remember that HITLER was very religous.

wayofpeace said...

at HUFF POST, they summarized the ZIEGLER interview thus, as to our topic:

Grief Over Bloggers: Palin is still upset with the way the mainstream media treated the birth of Trig Palin. "When did we start accepting as hard news sources bloggers, anonymous bloggers, especially," said Palin to Zeigler, a blogger.

Actually, as a broad topic, it's well worth discussing! But, as someone who was presented with the Trig Palin Conspiracy Story at the outset (and who personally, hasn't found it all that convincing, sorry), I take issue with the notion that Trig Palin Birth Mysteries were featured in much "hard news."

In fact, the matter wasn't given a whole lot of credence by anyone but The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan, who is not, as far as I can tell, an anonymous blogger.

In the meantime, she might find bloggers "scary," but I'm going to have to save my fears for an elected official who continually suggests that an investigation absolved her of ethical lapses when, in fact, it precisely didn't.

Anonymous said...

In the Ziegler interview, SP's whining about "ANONYMOUS bloggers" made me think of a troll a few blog posts ago that made the same idiotic point. Hmmmm....

I wonder if it was the same troll that was accused by a few of sounding suspicious Palin-esque.

-Mom of One, Esq.

Diana said...

Caliornia Mom said....
January 8, 2009 11:19 AM

Well said! It broke my heart just reading your comments about Sarah and her incredible blindness to Trig and her families needs.

Sarah needs to understand the damage SHE is creating for her family and STEP UP to the plate and start being a mom who understands HOW to be there for her kids. She is drowning in her own ego tripp and politial ambitions...and has completely lost sight of her family's reality and needs.

I really do believe that this site...if she does read it... must have some type of impact on her. Whether she publically admits to her wrongdoings or not. It must at some level be tearing down and breaking through her ego driven reality as she sees her life and her actions through someone elses eyes.

Maybe in this New Year she will find what is really important in life and dedicate herself to her family first and her career second.

Don't get me wrong...I am not saying not to have a career...but to keep your career in perspective and always put your loved ones and family first!

So if you are reading this Sarah:

There is a reason why you have the contempt of so many women and men in this Country. I realize that one of the hardest tasks to being human is to see our own intentions and mistakes...but please let go of your ego long enough to hear what is being said. Sarah you need to be able to tell the truth to well as to others! It is what your Christan faith implores you to do...for a reason!

You are building your life on a string of lies which means your family and it's foundation is not strong. The only thing that can happen is for it to crumble...
which has already started.

Sarah...take the time now to rebuild your structure and become someone who people can respect and trust and admire. Maybe then you will have what it takes to further your career and have the ability to understand how and why the world works the way it does.

Right now you can't even run your own family. Why would you ever think that we could trust you with a Country? That alone should tell you the whole story!

If you could recognize and admit the truth about your life instead of the "created reality" that you present... you would be taking a very large step toward healing your family and even the media and the masses who have an intense disdain for you. It is time to tell the truth...even if just to yourself so you can have the life that you and your family deserve.

At the very least maybe you can see that your ego and ambitions have harmed your family and it's reputation... and your political career is reflecting that damage.


Anonymous said...

Oh and the really rich part about SP's comments about Caroline Kennedy is that a lot of the media coverage has been about ... the hard time she's been getting in the media. Not only about her thin resume, but about the interview where she said 'you know' about 200times. Ms. Palin just can't get anything right.

- Mom of One, Esq.

Anonymous said...

""But, to those of you who thought Trig was Sherry Johnston's child, she states she had a hysterectomy eight years ago.

Aahh, your theories are starting to fly out the window :)....

RW said...

"anon@12:38 PM--Unnamed free lance journalist saying people are scared--laughable"

This "unmamed" is the same who today posted a new vid of SP that has gone global in hours. RW.

WayofPeace 3;02 quoted SP:
""When did we start accepting as hard news sources bloggers, anonymous bloggers, especially," said Palin to Zeigler, a blogger."

----Of course she means the repub bloggers as well....Doesnt she???

Sandra said...

According to People magazine, Sherry Johnston has seen the new baby. I guess we can assume this is Tripp she's talking about, not Trig.

It does seem that SP is going to have her hands full with the legislature coming into session and her State of the State address. Following Andrew Halcro's blogs is an interesting window into the complex interwoven lives, agencies, and businesses in Alaska.

Remember Deep Throat's, "follow the money." There is more to this than a pregnancy fraud. (Just as there was more than a couple of break-ins in 1972.)

AS long as there are no pictures of Tripp and no birth certificate we may be following the "shiny object."

sandra in oregon

Mary G. said...

Audrey's latest blog is refreshing and dignified, and brightens my day. I already think much of the information on just about proves that Palin was never pregnant with Trig, but we lack that last, small piece of the puzzle. I sometimes doubt that it will come from the photographic evidence (her lackeys are probably preparing another version of the 4/13 pictures to whip out when a certified expert debunks the ones we have). But the evidence will come.
As for PIs, look, someone worth his or her salt could go to the expense him or herself, and would just about be guaranteed a book contract when they found something. What Audrey and others--even others with their own websites and blogs--have discovered from afar is impressive. There must be some out-of-work gumshoe with a spirit of adventure--where are you, Phillip Marlowe??? (Heck, a decent actor could probably crack this case while on location).
about word verification--yes, it expires, but if you are careful, and don't assume that your comemnt was saved, another set of letters appears and you can enter that. Your comment should still be in this box! Just check to see if it says "comment saved" or if tiny red letters appear under the word verification commanding you to enter THOSE, new letters. Best, Mary g.

Mary G. said...

I just posted, but I forgot to add: with all this talk about people being afraid to talk because of the Palins, etc, it occurred to me: Alaska is a lot closer to Russia than I thought! At least the Russia that Palin thinks she studied in highschool...
mary g.

Anonymous said...

I watched the new Ziegler interview and I think SP says several times, "I am Trig's Mom" which is true if she gave birth to him, or if she adopted him.

nickname said...

When people say they're afraid to talk about SP, I don't think they mean that literally.

Most likely, they just don't want to get involved with something that their friends and neighbors might feel differently about.

Saying that they're afraid to talk about SP is just an excuse.

Anonymous said...

@ KaJo


You wrote:
" I don't think any US politician including Dubya has ever frightened me as much as SP did when I listened to her and watched her rallies during the campaign; I could see she "fed" on the vibes she got from her "base". Yeah, she still scares me."

Exactly the same way I felt and believe me a lot of people(and not only Americans) feel the same way. After watching Sarah Palin at numerous occasions during the campaign, I would guess every intelligent human should be frightened.

It's amazing that she still thinks she can be compared with Barack Obama or his family or his wife. When she still talks behind his back (as if we live in Stone age and Obama doesn't hear anything about what she still says about him), but then ready to "help" him, I gotta laugh. Then she goes ahead and compares herself with Caroline Kennedy. OMG, she is unbelievable!I I, personally, feel insulted when she compares herself with Obama, his wife and Caroline Kennedy. In my opinion, Sarah Palin lost all her credibility(if she had any). She is just someone who is deluded in herself. Yes, at this point, I believe she's suffering from personality disorder. Perhaps that's the reason we will never see her complete medical records.

Anonymous said...

To the Poster who wrote:
"But, to those of you who thought Trig was Sherry Johnston's child, she states she had a hysterectomy eight years ago"

Funny, I read exactly the same thing about Sarah Palin. Isn't it amazing that a woman can still get pregnant?:-| Fertility has no limits:-|

Diana said...

wayofpeace said...
at HUFF POST, they summarized the ZIEGLER interview thus, as to our topic:
Grief Over Bloggers: Palin is still upset with the way the mainstream media treated the birth of Trig Palin. "When did we start accepting as hard news sources bloggers, anonymous bloggers, especially," said Palin to Zeigler, a blogger.
Well...don't we all agree that Sarah's grief is self inflicted!?! She is the captain of that ship and she steered it onto dry land.

Sarah...When did we start accepting as hard news sources... bloggers?!? Duhhhh...Sarah...we should have had collaberative information from YOU!

Except...that is not what you do! You just whine and complain about your treatment because you don't hold yourself accountable for anything! Including lying and destroying your family.
On a another subject. People magazine this month is not featuring Bristol or Sarah Palin with Trig or Tripp. They have a very small picture on the front cover and Sarah and Bristol...shown in separate shots and on page "132" almost the very last page...just a very small generic article about the birth with another generic picture of Bristol and Levi at the RNC.

It was definitely written before the Levi story...because it still says he is an apprentice electrican. NO PHOTOS OF ANY BABIES!

There is a mention that Levi and Bristol "may" get married this year. Instead of the "will be getting married this spring". I personally think the engagement is off!

Maybe it's just too much to ask such a young couple to go through considering all the media attention the mom has brought to them.

Diana said...

Regarding Ziegler interview and Bristol answering the door 8 days after delivery Tripp....

At this point I don't know who I would believe when it comes from the Sarah Palin camp. Was Tripp really in the other room with Bristol? Was is really Bristol or Willow? Was it even Sarah Palin asking a favor for a favor.

Sure would have been easy to stop all of the DRAMA SHE CREATES...if she just had Bristol and the new Baby introduced as most family's would have. Especially when she right there in the other room!!!

I think Sarah....your complaints are too loud and your ability to stop them too apparent.

penny in paradise said...

I appreciate the diverse perspectives and the depth of knowledge of the many posters to this site. Working together, the truth will we will bring the truth to light.
I was criticized in the last thread for speaking from my gut regarding the interview with Levi's father. Perhaps I spoke too quickly, and by calling this ongoing drama a "fairy tale,", I misspoke. I was simply referring to the opening part of the definition, "Fairy tale, An incredible or ficticious tale..." This is a, "...serious issue ..." I "...understand," that this is a serious issue which SP has shamfully abused and twisted to benefit herself, regardless of who gets hurt. I am not, "giving SP anymore power." She has all the power she needs to put an end to all of this speculation, but she chooses not to.
Is there another regular poster/reader here who is not mesmerized by the audacity and outrageous behavior of this woman and her posse? Why else would we come back day after day? To suggest I am some type of tv soap opera addict is ludricrous! I want, what we all want...the truth. I look forward to the day it comes out and we can all say, "Good job and good bye," to each other. I don't live in the US, do not watch much tv, and read primarily non-fiction, specifically biographies. You can learn a lot from history, and we are watching history in the making, make no doubt! I would never want to degrade the integrity of this site, and I, like everyone else here, applaud the valiant efforts of Audrey and her team. If my spontaneous remarks were inappropriate, my bad, but let's not be too quick to judge and criticize, because THAT is what gives SP and her camp power.
Feliz ano nuevo! Penny

Anonymous said...

There have been several occasions, including the latest interview, in which SP professes her motherhood of Trig by stating "I am Trig's mom".

I have a delicious little 3 year old and when I refer to him I lovingly say "my baby". If someone disputed it, the feeling from within would force me to say "he's my frigging kid!" To say (calmly) "I am Leo's mom" while being scrutinized seems unnatural.


Anonymous said...

@ Sandra in Oregon


You are so right about this:
"According to People magazine, Sherry Johnston has seen the new baby. I guess we can assume this is Tripp she's talking about, not Trig."

Also Sherry Johnston would say anything Sarah Palin wants her to say in public. Do you think she has any choice? She is facing serious charges and a possible jail time. She would say anything the Governor of AK wants her to say, unless she wants the whole truth to come out. Does she have the courage to do that?

Anonymous said...

--It's amazing that she still thinks she can be compared with Barack Obama or his family or his wife.

Anyone's better than the two of them. Talk about liars, truth benders,power hungry, on and on...

SP is hard working American who sends her kids to public schools. No I'm better than you are mentality from her, unlike the Obamas, who think America owes them and public school is not good enough for them.Uggh.

Anonymous said...

regarding the video of SP at
if you go to 4:30 (of the 9:24) it shows SP couch....with LOTS of little SQUARE pillows all over it...any connection between her couch and her square pregnant belly?
I think so...

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 5:25PM

"SP is hard working American who sends her kids to public schools."

School (public or otherwise) doesn't seem to be something the Palin kids are "sent" to. Are you not even paying attention to what your darling Sarah has said regarding her daughter Bristol's online courses from home, etc.? Did you not know that Bristol has been AWOL from school since her junior year in high school, at least? Did you not notice her kids all over the campaign trail instead of attending "any" school?

My God ... the rationalization going on here by Palinistas is breathtaking.

Last I heard Ms. Palin is not the President-Elect of the United States of America. (Thank you so much for finally rejecting incompetence, fellow citizens.) So, to compare where (or IF, in Palin's case) their children are attending school is ludicrous.

CC --- who is growing a bit tired of all the Palinistas' ridiculous comments. This is an intelligent blog thanks to Audrey and Co. It most certainly is not RUBES"R"US ... Go to TeamSarah for that.

Ah ... feeling much better now. (grin)

Anonymous said...

"SP is hard working American who sends her kids to public schools. "

...when she's not dragging them around on photo opps and charging the state. And what good does it do for SP to send her kids to public schools when she doesn't see that they graduate?


Duncan said...

For whoever requested a Palin time line, you might check here

Anonymous said...

RE Anon @ 5:25 said "SP is hard working American who sends her kids to public schools."

Ha! That's a good one.

She doesn't send her kids to school, public or private, on a regular basis it seems. No school on the campaign trail; a daughter who dropped out, no wait, completed high school, no wait, is going back to school, no wait, she's home with a new baby; a son who was shipped off to another school, not for education, but to play hockey.

Thanks for the giggles.

Anonymous said...

Just more WHITE LIES from SP…In the latest video release SP says her son enlisted in the Army on September 11, 2007 & he deployed on Sept.11…there was a ceremony but he did not leave/deploy on that date.

Of course in the past when SP was asked about more details about the original date of enlistment…SP always plays the PRIVACY CARD

She tries to fit everything into ‘this nice neat’ packaging & want everyone to accept her as PERFECT.

Kit said...

I agree with Ocean -- betcha it was Willow who answered the door.

Morgan said...

Anonymous Palinite at 5:25

I believe part of the problem with you and your ilk is that while you bought into the "aw-shucks-I'm-just-like-you" act of Sarah Palin, as soon as she got access to someone else's money she went all Gucci- handbags-and-Neiman-Marcus frocks on you. Now I don't know you, but I'd wager from your weak grasp of grammar and spelling that one of those fancy dresses Palin wore on the trail was worth more than you make in a month.

But Palin justified it, and continues to justify it, because she knows people like you will believe anything she says. All she has to do is throw you some red meat and you're happy. And you, like a good puppet, regurgitate it right back out.

Such an easily swayed base helped her rise to power. But there weren't enough of you to put her over the top. And even now Palin's numbers fall.

Soon she will be exposed for the liar and fraud that she is. When that happens, I don't think it will matter to people like you. If a person has no respect for themselves, can they really demand anything better of their idols?

If it makes you feel any better, I'm getting quite a few comments from your kind tonight. Unfortunately, most of the responses are too crude, stupid, off-topic or illiterate to allow.

I did allow yours, though, even though it was right on the line of acceptability. Why? Because I think it's nice to remind or regular readers of what sad folk still clings to the tattered coat tails of Sarah Palin....

Anonymous said...

Sleuth for Truth said...
Sorry, math mistake. Sherry would have been 34...seems awfully young to have had a hysterectomy.

I had a Hysterectomy at age 21, due to Uterine cancer they found when I was 6 months pregnant at age 20.
There are lots of reasons women have hysterectomy's. That is not our concern, what IS our concern is the lies that Sarah Palin have told, namely that Trig is her child.
In the video of SP and Todd coming out of the hospital (supposedly the day Trig was released/born) Todd carried Trig. Sarah would not come close to them and even gives trig and Todd a bit of a dirty look, until she see's the camera's. Then suddenly she does this, leaning over trig thing and touches him and it all looks so...fake. My Hubby was watching it with me and he made the comment, "I bet that is Todd's baby by his mistress, and they are covering up HIS affair because of church and political reasons."
I think maybe he has a point after seeing they way that Sarah was acting around Trig.

FW said...

How is it possible to give an interview with two babies (one a newborn, the other 8.5 months old) in the house with no background noise whatsoever. If Bristol was there, I would assume Tripp was too. I mean you wouldn't take a newborn out in the -15 degree weather they are having up there?

No crying, no diaper changing, Bristol doesn't need any help watching two babies? Come on, this is too much now Sarah.

Lister said...


#!) You know you're doing something right
#2) You know they're worried
#3) You know they know it's almost over

Lisa said...

You must read the governor's latest press release entitled:

Governor Says “There You Go Again”

Here is the link:

Has anyone heard of a GOVERNOR issuing a press release like this? It sounds like a high school kid, whining about a "mean girl" in class picking on her.

B said...

anon @4:38 says of Sherry Johnston's hysterectomy, "Funny, I read exactly the same thing about Sarah Palin."

I assume this is a joke. Certainly some have speculated that could be a reason why Palin didn't want to release medical records, but did you actually see reported anywhere that Palin had a hysterectomy?

Ivyfree said...

"Sorry, math mistake. Sherry would have been 34...seems awfully young to have had a hysterectomy."

Not unheard of at all. Had my hyst when I was in my 30s. Taken care of lots of women having hysts in their 30s. Entirely possible.

Anonymous said...

"When people say they're afraid to talk about SP, I don't think they mean that literally.

Most likely, they just don't want to get involved with something that their friends and neighbors might feel differently about.

Saying that they're afraid to talk about SP is just an excuse."

So... it's easier to say you're afraid to talk about someone than you don't think it's appropriate to talk about your neighbors? That does not compute. At least to me.

KaJo said...

To pick up on what Diana said (@ 3:18 PM) in response to California Mom:

What happens when Sarah Palin gets tired of her Trig charade? That poor child could be at risk.

...Unless, of course, Bristol and the kid go to live with Grandma Heath, so that Sarah can get on with her political ambitions.


Kudos to Audrey and Morgan for letting the spelling-challenged Anonymous (5:25 PM) Palinistas have their say here...

(it seemed like the only sentence with correct spelling was the quote from Anon @ 4:32)


mc-midnightcajun said...

Do read the link Lisa provided to Sarah's bizarre "press release" :

This is just too weird: she's complaining about us! Hey, people; we must be getting under her skin. We're obviously doing something right.

On another note, and did you see that Sherry Johnston mentions having seen her newborn grandson, Tripp?

wayofpeace said...


at the OFFICIAL SP site:

... Meanwhile, bloggers, the Atlantic magazine and even the Anchorage Daily News continue to give credence to the sensational allegation that the governor’s child, Trig, is not hers.

RW said...

YAH wayofpeace!!...Im just trying to post that also!!!

and this:
"“As a public official, I expect criticism and I expect to be held accountable for how I govern,”... “But the personal, salacious nature of recent reporting, and often the refusal of the media to correct obvious mistakes, unfortunately discredits too many in journalism today, making it difficult for many Americans to believe what they see in the media.”"

Hay SP, how about what they SEE in pictures???
This is her attempt at deflection.

...this is a woman taking the offense.
She used the word "splicing" today re Katie's interview.
Funny that.

Ive not heard anything salacious coming from the MSM: None.
In fact isnt that why I am POd?
She has to be talking about these blogs.
...I thought TP was on here earlier!!

Now will ASullivan respond or has his media outlet shut him down?

Anonymous said...

The people who supported SP for VP and who went to AK to recruit her for the position in 2007 comprise a neocon/theocon power elite that still wields a great deal of potentially lethal power.

Anyone who doubts this should read:
Rove's IT Guru Warned of Sabotage Before Fatal Plane Crash; Was Set to Testify

My hope is that Sarah becomes so discredited among the general public that she no longer is of use to these people.

Until that time comes, I don't blame the residents of Wasilla or any other part of the country -- or world -- who are reluctant to come forward with what they know.

This is not so much about Sarah's power, but about the power of the people who are "running" her. (And some of them actually can spell correctly -- making them all the more scary.)

Anonymous said...

"..the refusal of the media to correct obvious mistakes"

I'd be HAPPY if the mainstream media took the time to correct Sarah Palin's obvious mistakes. But then they wouldn't have time to report on anything else.


Anonymous said...

Just finished reading the state press release and watching the documentary clips. Sarah is fuming!! What's ironic is she continues to bring this on herself and refuse to accept any responsiblity.

Thanks Audrey and other for the great work on this site. I'm a regular reader. Here's a link to an article about celebrations in Alaska for their 50th. You can link to SP and Piper at a Gala on Monday of this week (click on Gov. Sarah Palin midway down the page).

What caught my eye is an event in Wasilla that has been rescheduled for Saturday because of poor weather earlier. Wonder which member of the first family will appear and whether we might get any photos?

anon in canada

The scared Alaskan said...

I have to chime in here; I am very thankful and appreciate the effort all of this requires of Miss Audrey. I am a lifelong Alaskan who has family in the Troopers and Military (and not low on the totem pole, if you know what I mean..) and am also very careful about our communication. She is the Queen, that is that. It's been -20 for 12 days and folks are getting antsy! like the other comments have pointed out, time is on our side. Be well everyone, let's keep on keepin' on!!

Anonymous said...


You're an awesome American woman, proud to 'know' ya. We're with you, just the truth -

If Palin's people are so sure of her they should begin a campaign to individually query SP as to why she won't have CBJ make the following statement:

"I CBJ, personally attended Sarah Palin at Mat Su Regional Medical Center where she gave birth to a baby boy, Trig Palin, on April 18th 2008. The following MatSu Medical staff were in attendance and certify that SP gave birth to Trig Palin on the above date: names, names."

If her supporters are so sure of her, why don't they ask her to make that statement? Has any one of them heard SP herself sat she gave birth to Trig? Or just that she's 'his mom'.

If her own supporters won't insist she clear this up, they must have something to be afraid of, some lingering doubt about her story.

So, what are they afraid of? She'll say no to them?

wayofpeace said...

a blogger at HUFF POST nails it:

Palin is right in a way. She acknowledges that she comes out of a semi-working class background. Her Parents were teachers.

There was a measure of contempt for this woman who just barely got a degree, who married a H.S. graduate, and who seemed not to be interested in educating her own kids.

But that was because she had the absurd idea that she was qualified to be VP.

It was McC's fault for enabling her and the morons from National Review who encouraged her to reach way beyond her grasp and accept the nomination.

The ridicule came from people who objected not to her class but to her presumption of qualities that she didn't have. She represented the working class but in the wrong way.

Michelle came from a true working class background and managed two ivy league degrees and was subjected to much less mockery.

Caroline and Michelle come from vastly different classes and yet their accomplishments are nearly equivalent. Sarah kept her class distinctions in her head and expected us not to see them.

The class bias in her case was something she brought on herself.

alaska said...

Well folks, I finally have to chime in. I am a lifelong Alaskan who really appreciated all of the effort put into this. There is a reason to keep on her due to her cunning ways; a lot is at stake, and yes, most Alaskans are scared of the 'Queen'. I commend Audrey for the effort this requires. Thank you all for the support for her. I have represented our collective attitude towards her dishonesty in my own way. Hope everyone keeps on keepin’ on!!

RW said...

I doubt there is a record of any births at Mat Su.
Direct Entry Midwives can legally provide care for most women...
Direct Entry Midwives provide prenatal care, labor and delivery service..

Mat-Su Midwifery Inc
2650 Broadview Ave
Wasilla, AK

Anonymous said...

Saw some of the new SP footage on COUNTDOWN. Sarah Palin does seem like she's about to blow; steam was practically coming out of her ears. Also.

Anonymous said...

Audrey has started the ball. Thank you for all your hard work.

Just an idea?

I think to make anything happen we need man power! To make that happen we need to start a coalition.

Start a sister blog and website and have leaders just like in business.

VP of PR
VP of Education
VP of Membership
Sgt at Arms

Each has a specific duty. For example membership would be to find leaders in each state and accumualte new members. The more people the more POWER.

VP of education would be talented people that are lawyers, photo experts. People knowledgeable on certain matters.

VP of PR would be leaders in each state that work with the media. Such as newspapers, radio, T.V. and anyway they can to spread what we are saying or finding.

Just a few examples. It is all an idea.

Dinky P.

Craig said...

You guys will want to read the latest Editor's Blog entry at the ADN website.

He addresses Palin's accusation that the ADN is still pursuing the Trig story.

Long story short:

We are, but not because I (the editor) believe in the conspiracy, but only because the rumours remain so persistent. However, in trying verify the facts, our reporter didn't get much cooperation from the Palin family. So we don't have much of a story to tell at this time. Thus, a story that could validate Trig's birth and squelch the rumours is unable to be reported.

Anonymous said...

a link to the editor's blog adn

Morgan said...


Thanks for letting us know about that. Hey, I was thinking about you today. As our resident Balance here, I'm really keen to know what you think of that bizarre interview Palin did.

(And to everyone else -- just to remind you --Craig as a right to whatever opinion he has. He's always gracious, even when he disagrees. Be nIce.)

Anonymous said...


About your comment: "Now I don't know you, but I'd wager from your weak grasp of grammar and spelling that one of those fancy dresses Palin wore on the trail was worth more than you make in a month."

I hope that made you (and the others who chimed in gleefully) feel good, to ridicule writing ability.I'm so sorry my writing isn't as perfect as yours.
No college, as I couldn't afford it. Doesn't make me stupid, but you did succeed in making me feel bad for a moment. I'm a lowly organic market farmer and stay at home mom, fyi.

You also said:"I did allow yours, though, even though it was right on the line of acceptability. Why? Because I think it's nice to remind or regular readers of what sad folk still clings to the tattered coat tails of Sarah Palin...."

Digs all received,thanks. Hopefully that made you feel better.

Anonymous said...

This ADN editor is the MAN!!! He told it like it is to SP. He is genuine, clear, eloquent, rational, and not to be denied. Things are now going to happen...that could free up Audrey and all of us to carry on with our lives without this nagging, annoying, angering sense of deception...and of fears about our futures with this insane woman waiting in the wings. May SP RIP.

Morgan said...

Don't sweat it, Anon at 9:04

Your girl Sarah Palin went to five colleges and she can't speak or write correctly either for what I can tell. College education is no guarantee of writing ability.

Per the class card you're trying to pull, could you try and be a bit less obvious.

None of the Palin tactics are effective or (FYI) frightening in the least. Perhaps they were at one time, but a wind is starting to blow and the queen's throne, well, it's a rockin'. Can you feel it?

palin pregnancy truth said...

OMG!!!!! Thank you ADN for proving us not crazy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it appears (to me at least) that Sarah Palin is about to do herself in with no help from the "bloggers in pajamas".

But let us not forget that we live in very perilious times that are bound to get more perilious before we recover. From history, we've learned that these are ripe times for charismatic...NUT gain favor with frightened and disenfranchised people.

I'd like to see her down for good. Proving that she foisted this self-serving foible on the American public should do it. (God willing)

Punkinbugg said...

ANON January 8, 2009 6:18 PM said,

"In the video of SP and Todd coming out of the hospital (supposedly the day Trig was released/born) Todd carried Trig. Sarah would not come close to them and even gives trig and Todd a bit of a dirty look, until she see's the camera's. Then suddenly she does this, leaning over trig thing and touches him and it all looks so...fake."


Video? There's a post-partum video?

Link, please?

palin pregnancy truth said...

So I think we've got confirmation that Lisa Demers was Cajunboy's source. Wonder what happens now.

purplegranny said...

Craig, thanks for the heads up on the editor's blog. Excellent read!

I tend to lose track of time, but I wonder it possible the reporter ADN had on the story that didn't happen, might be the one Cajun Boy had referenced? Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

Are any of the people blogging here members on Daily Kos? I think it's time to turn the heat up on Sarah and Bristol now and demand to see Bristol and some baby pictures. That site has huge exposure and if any people are interested in getting to the bottom of this thing it's them. After all, in all fairness, tomorrow will be 11 days that we've all been waiting to see the new prince. ;-)

Don G.

Punkinbugg said...

Who is this Lisa Demer with the ADN and has she seen this website?

Has she attempted to contact Audrey or Morgan?

"Several weeks ago, when we considered the information Lisa had gathered, we decided we didn't have enough of a story to accomplish what we had hoped. Lisa moved on to other topics and we haven't decided whether the idea is worth any further effort."


Anonymous said...

"No college, as I couldn't afford it."

I couldn't afford it either; I am the oldest of six kids. Neither of my parents went to college. I went on a scholarship and worked at part-time jobs all the way through college.

People here are ridiculing your post, Anonymous at 5:25pm, because of your claim that SP is a real American because her kids go to public schools. And because of your claim that the Obamas are liars (with no substantiation). It's hard enough to believe laughable claims like that (if there's one thing SP does NOT stand for, it's advancing anyone's education) even if you spell everything correctly and use correct grammar and punctuation. When you don't, you leave yourself open to ridicule.

College is not the only way to become a good speller and to write correctly. The worst thing SP did, in my opinion, is to further the idea, already advanced for the last 8 years by Bush, that people who educate themselves and have a thirst for knowledge are un-American.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Palin won't cooperate with the Anchorage Daily News in order to clear her own name. That is just crazy! Why won't she dispel the doubt surrounding Trig's birth, even to a legitimate news organization who favors her? Palin herself has now caused her home state paper of record to doubt her. Does no one with any sense advise her?

Anonymous said...

For those wondering about the Cajun Boy reference: A post on Friday October 24, 2008 regarding info about reporter sitting on an SP piece because the editorial board was hyper-sensitive about being seen as having a piberal media bia tag.

anon in canada

Anonymous said...

January 8, 2009 2:44 PM

Harvard and Columbia Law School grad
how can SP consider that their situations are equivalent???


Classic sociopathic mirroring: "I am just like this other person that you know and respect".
As crazy as it sounds, they only hear what they think it sounds like, and to them, it sounds reasonable.

Audrey, you are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe in Palin and I am very pro this blog.


I really feel that we should be above pointing out the spelling and grammar errors of possibly pro-Palin posts. It is petty and distracting, and I think in this context the criticisms are not constructive. I see stupid mis-spellings in my own previous posts. This is the internet after all and anybody's mistakes are just a quick click away.

Ivyfree said...

"Digs all received,thanks. Hopefully that made you feel better."

No idea how it made Morgan feel, but I really enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

To Chris at 10:11, BRAVO, BRAVO!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, hey: if Morgan lets a comment come through, we must be polite to that person.

And Morgan DID let her through. Morgan: I bet you are tired and cranky from having to delete all the 4-letter-word artists, etc. I want to say thanks for keeping this blog decent and polite, focussed and interesting. I know, I spelled it wrong.

But we needn't criticise anyone's spelling. We've ALL made a typo or two, or even an ignorant mistake -- like some of my very own rants. Sorry, folks. I find I'm just having to say it over and over until I'm healed.

SP is lying (about many things), she has succeeded as far as she did because some fat cats hoped she would be malleable as POTUS, her lies and lack of understanding, wisdom, and integrity make her a v dangerous choice.

She could be discredited a number of ways, but for me the "pregnant or not" issue is the one, because it has the best chance of ending up clear and unambiguous, once solved. None of the other "-gates" can ever be as clear -- and I know we all badly want this to be over.

--Amy the first

And I'm writing in to say that being an organic farmer and a Mom are both things i have a LOT of respect for. And nothing wrong with earning less per week than an expensive dress costs. I disagree with you, Anon, but I welcome you aboard. I bet you would not send your child to public school in Wash DC either -- they are dangerous. Let's hope Obama can change that. Such a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

sorry "liberal media bias"

anon in canada

Anonymous said...

This ios hilarious...scared much Sarah? LOL! The truth is coming out soon...


Anonymous said...

@ Anon January 8, 2009 5:25 PM

I knew you would pick on that.

The words you used in your response such as " liars, truth benders, power hungry" decribe your idol Sarah Palin very well. This is exactly what many people associate SP with.: Power hungry, Truth bender and a Liar.

Why do you Palin fans always need to pick on Obama and his family? It must be something she did teach you well. Neither Barack Obama nor his wife has ever said anything about Sarah Palin or her family. On the contrary..

Sarah Palin would have had the world's respect if she had not gone after Obama during the campaign, in the worst manner. She incited hatred and violence. The whole world knows about it. Please don't come back here and tell me it didn't happen. There are the videos and the transcripts.

Sarah Palin lost because of herself.. She has only herself to blame. She and you can go on with putting the blame on Obama, McCain and the rest. It just makes her look even more foolish.

If you can just sit back and think carefully: you'll see exactly why Sarah Palin lost.

Your other remark doesn't make much sense: "SP is hard working American who sends her kids to public schools. No I'm better than you are mentality from her, unlike the Obamas, who think America owes them and public school is not good enough for them.Uggh."

Remember Sarah Palin's kids were not even in public school until the election because they were busy to attend the rallies with their mom. So, who is attending the public school now? Willow? Piper?

Do you think GWB's daughters went to public school? Do you think with all crazy right wing nuts around who were encouraged by SP at the rallies, it's safe for Obama's daughters to attend a public school? You have no idea what you're talking about. Why don't you talk about all that money SP used for her designer clothes, hair style & make up, not to mention the money she used for the travels(oh yeah she must absolutely have her kids with her whenever she travels. Funny Bristol or Willow did not join her when she went to Texas, by the way). FInally, have you ever thought of her house and how that was built? Some hard working, ethical governor she is.

I refuse to believe that CCs in the U.S. are so easy to fool. Perhaps I am wrong.

Kay said...

Thank you Sherry Johnston…way to give us some of the information we need for solving this puzzle of who is Trig’s birthmother! Okay, that was meant in sarcasm…because are you “effing” kidding me here? All People Magazine would have to do was print a “oops, my bad” retraction! Has anyone (esp. in Alaska) seen any medical records? So Sherry…MAKE SURE YOU BRING ALL THOSE RECORDS AND SUBMIT THEM TO THE COURT…as evidence!!! I, for one, will be waiting patiently…at home in my pj’s…also! Hey Ms. Sarah Palin…DON’T GO AWAY MAD…JUST GO AWAY! Audrey & Co…Keep up the great work and keep the pressure up!!!

Anonymous said...

@The scared Alaskan


I am glad you're here.

When Sarah Palin was talking about Socialism, Communism(using he words that she does not know the true meaning of), she perhaps did not realize that she is a true dictator since the people of Alaska are afraid of her.

I am sorry to hear that she is the queen..

I hope you guys can impeach her soon.

Anonymous said...

The editor of the ADN says:

"I want to be very clear on this: I have from the beginning and do now consider the conspiracy theories about Trig's birth to be nutty nonsense.

If that's true, why has Lisa Demer been asking questions about Trig's birth?

Because we have been amazed by the widespread and enduring quality of these rumors. I finally decided, after watching this go on unabated for months, to let a reporter try to do a story about the "conspiracy theory that would not die" and, possibly, report the facts of Trig's birth thoroughly enough to kill the nonsense once and for all."

Come on, Mr. Editor, "nutty nonsense?" You are shocked, just shocked, that these rumors persist. Even you have to admit tha the pictures of the flat-stomached allegedly pregnant Gov are, um, curious.

Anonymous said...

I gotta wonder what kind of teachers her parents are/were cuz their lessons sure seem to be lost on her. And, coming from a pro-school background the heaths must be chagrin that their grandkids are knocked up, drugged up, and dropped out. It's a real tripp. They must just shake their heads and roll their eyes.

Now, so much for the man in the family, too. Sheesh...what's his role in all of this?

In retrospect, the kids behaviors are not unusual if they are ''acting out''. It's a real cry for help in that family.

Anita said...

Anon at 5:25pm said, "unlike the Obamas, who think America owes them and public school is not good enough for them."

It's my understanding that the Obama's chose Sidwell Friends for 3reasons.

1) They value a fine education. Washington DC public schools are well-known to be pretty bad.

2) The Secret Service helped make the decision, and trying to work out the girls attending public school was a logistical nightmare, both for the SS and for the schools. By not being able to provide proper safety measures, there would be the possibility of danger to the other students and staff of whatever public school they would attend. Yes, Amy Carter attended public school, but then it was in the time when Jimmy and Roselyn were able to walk the parade route, instead of riding in a bullet-proof limo-tank.

3) Chelsea went to Sidwell Friends, and the school has proven that it is able and willing to deal with the extra security and privacy measures needed.

I'm sure that if you had children that could well be the target of loons, nuts and terrorists, you would have the decency to not put others at risk.

Anita said...

""When people say they're afraid to talk about SP, I don't think they mean that literally."

I have NO doubt they mean it completely literally! The entire population of Alaska is less that that of just one burrough of NYC! In various circles, everyone knows everyone.

Have you ever lived in a rural area where people with power rule (think the good-ole-boy Southern Sheriffs of legend)? SP is vindictive and holds all the power right now. Her "morals" include revenge. I would imagine she is in a position to use that power in ways you and I can't imagine.

I'd really be curious for the (at least) 2 Alaskans that have posted here about their concerns and fear, to please explain a little more. It is so foreign to many of us.


Anonymous said...

Well, the editor's comment on ADN certainly belies their denial that a story was in the works in October.

Anonymous said...

Some posters have asked who this Lisa Demer of the ADN is.

LD wrote an article covering SP's first press conference post Trig birth (article dated 4/22/08).

I'd encourage everyone interested in this issue to read the article, and to listen to the audio (link at site).

LD apparently interviewed CBJ for this article, and quotes her several times.

The article is reasonably balanced: LD quotes an ob/gyn who said that flying that late in the pregnancy was risky.

It would be interesting for Audrey or someone else on this site to exchange notes with LD.

Morgan said...

Points taken about the grammar and spelling, Amy the First and others.

However, as someone who actually *sees* the comments coming through, I should let you know that it is absolutely astounding how poorly many of the Palinites spell and write. The difference is really quite stark.

The only way that I can account for is that the people are generally uneducated or consider writing a grammar some sort of elitist badge they've rather not wear.

It's hard not to succeed without good communication skills, whether you're a CEO or organic farmer. So when someone comes on defending Sarah Palin as "one of us humble uneducated folk," I'm not sure if it's out of context to surmise that Sarah Palin's shopping habit seem to indicate she is not "one of them," except for the part about lacking good communication skills.

For me the issue is context. Points made in context are allowed. Points made alone, such as "You're stupid and a bad speller" won't.

If someone is going to brand Obama an elitist and Sarah Palin a champion of common folk and I take the time to respond, I will. And that's what I did. In context.

But it is nice to know that Amy the first appreciates our moderation efforts here. It is interesting, and I don't expect everyone to agree with what we do. And that is fine.

CasaCalvo said...

Wow, I have been following all the issues this week - doesn't it seem like a lot is happening to SP very quickly?

I just read the Editor's Blog response to the statements made on the video and got a chill. She is really in over her head. I can't believe that she or her people could not have known the reaction to her saying those things in her interview. I know it gets said a lot on blogs but that woman is really stupid. She is in way over her head.

She now will have the harsh spotlight on her and will be forced to respond to the ADN and others.

As usual for me I found one small thing aggravating from the interview - her pronunciation of Caroline Kennedy's first name. She pronounced it Carolyn. My goodness, everyone of a certain age grew up knowing the Kennedy children - can she be that sheltered?? (I am the same age as SP)

I think the next few weeks will be interesting times.

Lilybart said...

Anon, you are correct when you say:

"But let us not forget that we live in very perilious times that are bound to get more perilious before we recover. From history, we've learned that these are ripe times for charismatic...NUT gain favor with frightened and disenfranchised people."

Sinclair Lewis wrote a book called it Can't Happen Here, about a charasmatic know-nothing like Palin, inciting people to hate and blame the "other" in the name of God. Lewis says when fascism comes to America it will come as a cross draped on a flag. Quote is not exact, but people like Palin would take advantage of hard times to take power. Scary indeed. said...

Anonymous @ 9:04,

Grammar and spelling are taught in elementary and middle school, even in public schools.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen a link to this posted yet.

The ADN editor's blog addresses SP's bizarre press release and the "trig conspiracy."

The comments were sorta interesting as well

ADN Editor's Blog

jen said...

This may be a little off subject.. not sure where to post but this was the latest story on here..

About the recent "media" interview Palin did

I find it just weird that she chose to do this interview. I read somewhere she did not "snub" Oprah but had so many interviews lined up and didnt have time

But..she makes "time" for an anti-president-elect interview where she can go on and one whining and blaming?

Over the mega huge spotlight of the Oprah Winfrey show where she could revive her image.. if that is what she wants to do?

Spells serious ego issues, not good for leadership.. but also says alot about her..

This negative, looking back blaming interview is how she choses to spend her "limited time"
Strange on so many levels

Just the facts, ma'am said...

However, as someone who actually *sees* the comments coming through, I should let you know that it is absolutely astounding how poorly many of the Palinites spell and write. The difference is really quite stark.

So we only have your word on this, and you are clearly biased towards making Palin look bad.

I would find the information on this blog more believable if there were less bias allowed. You don't have to be a fan of SP to get sick of the snarky comments about her mothering skills, etc. It would be easier to slog through the comments if they just brought up ideas or facts, no need for the bad mouthing. When the people posting seem to have an agenda against Palin no matter what, I tend to just skip over their posts.

Maybe a rant post, so the rest don't get cluttered up with them.

Ennealogic said...

A couple of thoughts:

In order to excuse the doofus that was President for the last 8 years, "stupid" had to become not only tolerated but well-accepted. Look at the "Blue Collar" comedy routine for an example of how this was accomplished. Such a movement fits right in with certain power-hungry people's agenda of dumbing-down the populace, thereby making them easier to control. Education = elitism = something to disdain. What a pity!

And in case y'all haven't run across this fun fact, in light of BibleSpice's new campaign against basement bloggers in pajamas: Remember Joe the Plumber who is now Joe the War Correspondent? He will be reporting for a very conservative, very pro-Israel Web outlet called "Pajamas Media."

Anonymous said...

It's remarkable. She really is cracking under the pressure. First the voicemail to People, then the press release on the governor's site, and now we learn about the e-mails to ADN re the Trig scandal. The editor's blog has now put her in a box hasn't it? He's basically called her out- put out or shut up. I am on the edge of my seat to see what she will do. The smart thing would be to keep quiet but she won't do that I don't think.

What would it take for me to let this go? I think a birth certificate would not make the story die given that she is a governor and had the means to have forged it at issuance (if she had the forethought). Better to have a statement along the lines (as mentioned before) that the following people attest being at Trig's birth and that Sarah is the "biological" mom. Another option is to provide a pictures from the birth with SP in the hospital gown, holding Trig, along with ultrasound pictures that always have dates and the name of the mother.

If she did have Trig, then she either lied about her leaking amniotic fluid (confirming what we all know- that she is either a pathological liar or that she will lie through her teeth for political gain), or she recklessly put her child's life in danger when she did not get checked by a doctor (loss of fluid can cause prolapsed umbilical cord, etc.)

By the way, one sleepless night I did some sleuthing and always thought a possible fruitful avenue would be talking to Mike Tibbles. Tibbles was Palin's chief of staff until May 2008 - interestingly, less than 2 weeks after Trig's alleged birth. In August 2008 it came out that he had done a lot of the calls to Monegan re Wooten. So maybe he got fed up (with a lot of things) and left. When the August story broke, one of the first comments on ADN was from a guy that went to high school with Tibbles and vouched for his integrity. I am sure he, like so many others, are afraid to talk but perhaps if someone wrote to him and made the case, he might consider it.

Finally, regarding the possible earlier birth date and the then "why the wild ride story" question, something to consider is that scheduling wise, it was a very very convenient time. If the baby was born earlier and for whatever reason she chose or was forced to maintain the ruse for a short time after the birth, wouldn't you wait until both the legislative session was over and you had the opportunity to give your big TX speech?

-Mom of One, Esq.

Anonymous said...

I would say you have to take all comments with a grain of salt.Unless they have a picture and a real name, we have no idea who they are. We don't know if someone that uses the name "alaskan" really is, or if the blog has been infiltrated with Palin haters making idiotic posts, pretending to be illiterate Palin supporters.


Morgan said...

Just the facts ma'am

Actually you have it backwards. If we wanted to make Palin supporters look bad we'd post every single poorly-written, invective-laden, off-topic, Obama-bashing, threatening rant that we get.

But we don't. Our job as moderators is to keep this blog running smoothly, not to win popularity contests.

Moderation only started because we had people attempt to crash it or spam it in an attempt to make it unreadable. Since it was announced that this was now a moderated blog we've tried to be as flexible as possible but ultimately rely on our own discretion as to what is approved and what is not.

Stand-alone insults and invective are not allowed. "You're an idiot," will get you rejected. "Only an idiot could believe that airplane ride story" has a better chance of getting through. Make sure your links work. Try to keep to the topic. Respect dissenting opinions.

Those are pretty simple rules. But as I said, if you don't like them there are plenty of other blogs to choose from.

Anonymous said...

I just read this today. Apologies if someone else already covered it.

Sherry Johnston commented this week on her grandson: "Lately, Johnston's spirits have been lifted by the birth of Levi and Bristol's son, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, who arrived Dec. 27. When she saw the baby the day he was born, 'I started bawling,' she says. 'I think he looks just like Levi.'",,20250904,00.html

B said...

Wow. ADN is saying they weren't able to verify that Sarah had Trig.


Craig, thanks for finding that blog entry. I wouldn't have thought you'd tell us. I apologize.

Kay, I still think Trig's mom is Bristol, but I admit that Sherry's volunteering (since I can't believe People asked) that she had a hysterectomy is suspicious.

Mom of One, Esq., said that "scheduling wise, it was a very very convenient time. . . . wouldn't you wait until both the legislative session was over and you had the opportunity to give your big TX speech?"

Yes! This and Patrick's reminder that Palin once said she returned from Texas as scheduled, are why I think Bristol was already scheduled to be induced that night, so Sarah could arrive in the dark of night to claim the baby. The medical record that Trig was induced was true, but Bristol's the one who got the pit. She could have gone into labor then, but the timing seems too convenient for Sarah's duties.

B said...

anon @7:04 quotes Sherry in People, "When she saw the baby the day he was born, 'I started bawling,' she says. 'I think he looks just like Levi.'"

Could she have been telling a true story, but about Trig? He often looks like Levi.

No way Sherry would have said she hadn't seen Tripp yet -- grandma in same town. So not much evidence here.

Bristol answering the door for Ziegler could mean she isn't still very pregnant, but he's a Palin apologist and not a real journalist, so nothing there either.

If Bristol started school 1/5, we'd have seen a picture by now.

Punkinbugg said...

Mom of One Esq said January 9, 2009 6:50 AM:

"What would it take for me to let this go? I think a birth certificate would not make the story die given that she is a governor and had the means to have forged it at issuance (if she had the forethought). Better to have a statement along the lines (as mentioned before) that the following people attest being at Trig's birth and that Sarah is the "biological" mom. Another option is to provide a pictures from the birth with SP in the hospital gown, holding Trig, along with ultrasound pictures that always have dates and the name of the mother. "

I completely agree. The Chinese Gov't produced passports and birth certificates for those teeny tiny Olympic gymnasts well enough to satisfy the IOC before or soon after the closing ceremonies.

Nope - this has gone beyond a piece of paper now - I'm waiting for the picture with the IV tubes, hospital gown, proud pudgy mama (SP? BP?) and shiny newborn baby Trig - like every new baby in the Western World is welcomed. Oh and the ultrasound - great idea.

regina said...

I was going through all the photos of April 2008 on the actual Palin Deception website and this one:

stood out. How did she go from no bump on April 10 to the big one on the Gusty photos of April 13?

Now that she managed to alienate just about all the MSM, and ADN in particular, with the Ziegler interview and the press release, things might start to get hotoutside the blogosphere. She doesn't have a foot left to put in her mouth.

It's very difficult to tell what's really happening with SP. Is she panicking about something or does she have some other agenda? She's not terribly bright, but boy, is she determined! Maybe there are more lies in the offing, who knows?

B said...

Regina said, "She doesn't have a foot left to put in her mouth."

Ha! But she'll find another foot, probably one of Bristol's, and call it her own. And her mouth is definitely big enough for more feet.

Anonymous said...

Audrey et. al.,

I think that we now have a break in the case, as ADN has confirmed that it did attempt to look into the story, as Cajun Boy reported on his blog some time ago. At the time, Cajun Boy was discredited, but it looks like his information and sources were sound after all. Lisa Bemer did try to confirm the facts of Trig’s birth, but wasn’t able to mostly because SP and her minions refused to cooperate. Only then did ADN decide, on an editorial basis that I can’t understand, not to report anything.

From my perspective, when a party refuses to cooperate in an effort that should help them, they have something to hide. There can be no question about that. Since SP seems to demand that the media accept her version of events without question or supporting documentation, no matter how ridiculous it sounded at the time, the only conclusion I can reach is that she is hoping to browbeat everyone into submission rather than simply prove her statements true. The only possible conclusion one could draw from such evidence is that SP is lying about something related to this, and any probing at all will blow holes in her lies. As Shakespeare wrote: “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

Even Craig must now admit that MSM isn’t disinterested, just unwilling to press the issue due to (poor, in my opinion) editorial judgment. ADN’s editor insists that he ‘considers’ the ‘rumors’ – which aren’t rumors but thoughtful evaluations of the facts in evidence – ‘nonsense’. An editor’s beliefs are not enough for me to sacrifice my own common sense and critical thinking abilities. SP, herself, continually come back to this issue on her own accord. MSM does not push it and yet she whacks them as if they do. They give her the benefit of the doubt and she complains. She wants them to call us out as kooks, and they do, and she’s still not satisfied.

She could even satisfy all of us, with the release of routine, redacted medical records of a pregnancy of which she should be proud. But she doesn’t. So who is she still trying to convince?

I am now beginning to realize that the secret she is protecting must be bigger than simply faking a pregnancy but the reason she did so. I won’t speculate on what that could be, but I don’t think it is primarily political. At least in early 2008 it wasn’t. Dr. CBJ is an expert in child sexual abuse. That’s a fact we can no longer ignore.


B said...

SocraticGadfly's blog asks who Audrey and her associates are and whose money is behind her. My system gets hung up when I try to see if anyone has commented. I recall SG's comments here as rabidly anti-Palin. I suspect he is somewhat sincere.

Not many people would make the personal sacrifices Audrey, Morgan and others have and do it so professionally. But I truly believe Palin's story, not Lisa Murkowski, is your motivation, and I thank you for it.

Margot said...

I just noticed that Sherry Johnston gave an interview to People magazine saying she became addicted eight years ago as a result of pain caused by hysterectomy. She's still in pain. Interesting. Wonder what she was paid for the interview. She goes on to say that the new baby brings her comfort and he looks just like Levi.

Anonymous said...

At 6:30 am, anon posted a link to the Anchorage Daily News's editor's blog from yesterday. It is a MUST-READ for everyone interested in this story. The ADN's editor reveals an email he received from SP herself, in which she questions his newspaper's continued sleuthing into the "ridiculous" conspiracy theory. SP's email is incredibly intimidating and condescending, and the editor's rationale for covering or not covering the story is fascinating as well. Please read and respond, or even better, there's a link where you can email the editor directly. He claims in his blog to have gotten only 100 emails that challenge the ADN's compliance with the conspiracy. Perhaps everyone who's interested in Sarah Palin's deception should express their support for this editor whom SP is so clearly trying to intimidate.

Ennealogic said...

My real father's name was, let's say, Tom. He and my mother were divorced when I was 2.

When I was around age 12 my mother's new husband, let's call him Greg, legally adopted me. I was surprised to find out later that my birth state replaced my original birth certificate that showed Tom as my father (and my last name was Tom's last name) with a new birth certificate showing that Greg was my real father and of course, my last name was now Greg's last name.

Just sayin' -- it takes an attorney and little time to get the paperwork done, but it may be too late for BibleSpice to trot out a birth certificate for Trig and have that be the end of the story.

Course, the one thing I doubt any bureau of vital statistics would change on a birth certificate is the date of birth.

Anonymous said...

Audrey...the pressure is rising...please keep up your good work. Palin has been visiting has the most anonymous bloggers than any site I have been to.

Maybe the MSM will now take a critical look at the info compiled here. It should be obvious by Palin's comments that some anonymous blogger has hit the nail on the head. And it has to be here, somewhere within these blogs.

Time to start peeling the onion one layer at a time!!

Complete medical records.

Audrey, and friends, thanks, again.

Anonymous said...

Re Morgan's point:

"The only way that I can account for is that the people are generally uneducated or consider writing a grammar some sort of elitist badge they've rather not wear."

The "elite" thing is always confusing in the USofA, but please SP supporters, remember that "elite" is a GOOD thing -- it just means "the best" and "rising above others." And that's what we must have as our leaders or we will fail as a country.

To be undeservedly among the elite (via inherited wealth or parental pull) is an ugly thing, yes. To use one's elite status to be snarky or rude to those who have struggled with disadvantages -- yes, an ugly, bad thing.

But we do need THE BEST to lead us -- people who are smarter than me, better educated than me, wiser than me -- yes, BETTER than me. A concept we must accept.

Why be led by the kid at the BOTTOM of the class, when we can have the kid at the TOP of the class? Even if it isn't me.

Check this out: Obama and the War on Brains:

--Amy the first.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dangerous: re your

". . . Only then did ADN decide, on an editorial basis that I can’t understand, not to report anything."

I understand their editorial bias: How about BIG OIL. Or RR? Or the ones who are being well served by SP as gov of AK. They, too, wish this would all just go away and we could get back to business as usual.

--Amy the first.

Anonymous said...

Ennealogic - Thanks for your post. You said:

Course, the one thing I doubt any bureau of vital statistics would change on a birth certificate is the date of birth.

I agree and I think this is why we have not seen Trig's birth certificate. I truly believe he was born earlier than 4/18/2008.

Craig said...


I think Sarah needs to chill on the whole victim narrative. I understand the idea that her kids should not have been a focus of the media. But she says "attack me as a public official" then complains about her unfair treatment, and flip-flops on her excuses. Starts sounding whiney.

(Oops, I guess if I'm working for her, the woman who everyone is afraid of just might fire me for that comment!)

It's time that she just takes the high road, even if she doesn't mean it.

Like I've said. I'm not a particular fan of hers. I agree with some things she stands for, but disagree with others. She is a lot of things, but I just don't think she is baby conspiracy perpetuator.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone find it odd that the ADN Editor in his most incredible, delicious blog on BABY(S)GATE outs ADN reporter Lisa Deemer?

He literally gives the green light to the world's MM (not just Cajun Boy) to contact this woman and get her to talk?

He also makes the ADN reek of credibility by telling the world that YES, this investigative journalism really has happened and here's the email and the reporter. He doesn't hide anything-- other than what Deemer may have found.

Is this his way of leveraging action from the Palin camp?

If you don't verify your claims, we'll go with Deemer's reporting? Oh, I hope so.

Thank you to whoever uncovered this incredible piece of the snowballing story! Yes, the ice is cracking, baby.

Anonymous said...

As pointed out by Dangerous at 8:23 and others, the fact that SP continues to allow her children to be the subject of rumors, smears, and I assume, embarrassment and shame, at a national level, and with her own actions, continues to draw attention to the story, indicates that she is unable or unwilling to prove Trig’s birth stories.

Just like the “wild ride” story ultimately has only one of two explanations—either a) it was yet another SP histrionic lie or b) SP willingly risked the life of her unborn child (who she claims she knew was DS, which carries almost 50% chance of heart defects) so she could further her own political ambitions—there are ultimately only one of two explanations for her to refuse to put the questions surrounding Trig’s birth to rest—either a) Trig's parentage and birth stories are more examples of SP lies and therefore she cannot prove she birthed Trig on 4/18 or b) she willingly destroys her own children’s privacy, reputation, and ultimately self-esteem, by withholding proof.

Whether it’s a) or b), it is clear SP is unfit to lead this country, her state or even her small town of 7000 people. The question is whether she is also unfit to parent her own children.

Anonymous said...

To quote L. Frank Baum: "I'm melting! I'm melting!"

Morgan said...

Craig, I guess time will tell whether she's a baby conspiracy perpetrator; I'm thinking we'll know sooner than later.

It seems curious to me that she's not - as ADN points out - providing information to the media outlet practically begging for help in clearing her. It's the equivalent of someone falling in the water due to her own stupidity and then accusing the lifeguard seeking to save her of having pushed her overboard.

And even if Sarah doesn't fire you for commenting here, you might want to go ahead and start looking for another job, cause I'm thinking your boss' future isn't that secure. ;-)

Kit said...

The discussion of Sarah Palin and "class" has made me remember some of my favorite lines in literature:
"The one place where a man ought to get a square deal is in a courtroom, be he any color of the rainbow, but people have a way of carrying their resentments right into a jury box. As you grow older, you'll see white men cheat black men every day of your life, but let me tell you something and don't you forget it - whenever a white man does that to a black man, no matter who he is, how rich he is, or how fine a family he comes from, that white man is trash." ~Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 23, spoken by the character Atticus.
Class is not about how much money, or even education, you have. It is about how you conduct yourself in the world. Palin finds that people disparage her because of her lack of "class". They should. If Palin has an image probelm in this area, it's because she brought it on herself.

Morgan said...

Amy the first,

Thanks for that link about Obama and the War on Brains. That was an interesting read.

I'm of the same mind that you are on the elitist thing. I was really disturbed by the way the class card was so shamefully played during the election. When a candidate trots out someone like Joe the Plumber as representative of their base, it says a lot about the followers.

Someone else here made a good point about grammar being taught in elementary and middle school. Really there is no excuse for not being able to speak and write properly. Passable spelling and grammar isn't something that you are taught in college. My mother wasn't college educated but she was the strictest grammarian I've ever known and wouldn't give me what I wanted unless I asked for it properly. No double negatives in our house.

Same thing with reading. I know college dropouts who are extremely well read, and college grads who never crack a book.

Education is available to all of us and you are right; we should aspire to be the elite. Nothing holds us back, especially with the Internet.

But for whatever reason, this past campaign made fancy book learnin', progressive ideas and an urban address signs of sin. Small town values were suddenly "in," which struck many of us who live in small towns and rural areas as ridiculous. There are plenty of drug dealers in rural areas. My friend lives in a farming community about an hour away and there's a crack house down the street from her farm.

So there you go

Anonymous said...

I’m stumped. Why does SP continue to bring up the issue about Trig’s birth? And sending, unprompted, email to the editor of the local paper to ask if they were still investigating the story? Simply inexplicable. She is a governor for God’s sake! Doesn’t she have better things to do? Oh, say, like govern? If she’s really interested in whether the paper is still investigating, can’t she get one of her staff to check into it without creating a paper trail? Maybe that’s why people in her staff are quitting. The fact that 4 administrative assistants have quit in 2 years is very telling. In my experience, administrative assistants who like their bosses stick around for years, riding their coattails. I wonder if anyone has contacted those that have left?

Craig said...

Here is my thoughts on that editor's blog post.

First, well stated! And he reminds the Palin's of the potential benefit such a story could give them, while leaving the finishing of the reporter's story open-ended, in case the Palin's have second thoughts.

However, here is the dilemma, as I see it. As protective as the Palin's seem to be about such personal information, I think they realize that such a story will be only minimally successful. Why? Because they will likely only allow a reporter access to a limited amount of information. So, if a story comes out in which a reporter says that she has reviewed the official birth certificate and it looks to be in order and authentic, and she gets a quote from Sarah's doctor that she delivered Trig and that Sarah is the birth mother, that is going to satisfy very few people on this blog or any other conspiracy believers.

And I think that the Palin's understand that.

Meanwhile, the bulk of the public and the media will be scratching their heads and wondering why she is trying to prove something that has been generally accepted. "Hmmm, maybe we shouldn't be giving her the benefit of the doubt?"

Frankly, nothing short of a published copy of the certificate, for people to analyze, and a sworn affidavit from the doctor will even begin to meet most people's level of confirmation. Many will still want questions to be answered (and for Sarah to be held accountable) about the "wild ride" story and other circumstancial information that has been thrown around by people.

Once she opens the door to providing information to her questioners, its tough to put a lid back on it and be able to control the scope of the inquiries.

I personally think she was just dissappointed that one of her local papers was giving the impression to her of buying into the conspiracy rumours. And that is why she called them out.

So again, as long as the primary pressure on her to be more forthcoming with documentation is coming from a few low-profile internet blogs, she will probably just suck it up and live with it.

My two cents.

Craig said...

Actually Morgan, with all the creative thinking being done by people here, I'm surprised that no one has considered that at least some of these crude "Palinite" comments aren't really just anti-Palin people trying to make them look bad! ;>)

Anonymous said...

Also on the Anchorage Daily News website ( is a page with a bio of lisa demer. It's easy to find if you search the site, and her bio page contains a link through which to email her. Perhaps she needs to hear some support as well. Maybe it will help her with the intimidation that Sarah Palin is attemtping to scare the ADN with, via email.

Another interesting note: On Lisa Demer's bio, it says that she came to Alaska to "investigate governmetn corruption" . Fascinating.

Anonymous said...

But, Craig, your entire premise is that the Palins are protective of their personal information. Then, why oh why, did they announce Bristol's pregnancy in September instead of providing a birth certificate for Trig? I think they are only protective when they want to hide something.

Anonymous said...

Audrey, you are indeed an upstanding individual. Count me among the many who appreciate your tenacity and integrity.

Governor Palin is obviously very angry. I suppose she was hoping that the truthseekers would just get tired and go away. It's so interesting that your informant found people in Alaska "afraid of her."

I also read the blog and a statement was made about how "small" Alaska really is. Beyond this the state seems to collectively have ALOT of problems (drugs, education, crime, etc).

I can't even begin to understand the mindset there but Mrs. Palin continues to perplex me. She seems to have a tremendous problem with reality.

I still don't believe that Bristol has had a(nother) baby. Until the maligned MSM has been given concrete proof of Sarah's birthing of Trig and Bristol's birthing of Tripp, I will keep awaiting the truth. Please keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Here is an off the wall comment regarding Palin's Trig pregnancy but ..anyhoo

I was walking around the mall today and passed the Maternity Shop and saw all the really cute, stylish outfits they have today..

Got me thinking.. the past couple years have been big with celebrity baby "bumps" and all the fashion that went along with it..

Now maybe I got S. Palin all wrong.. or maybe she wanted to keep the pregnancy under wraps for personal emotional reasons (ds as she mentioned)

BUT... if she's as spotlight hugging as she seems to be
I would think if she was pregnant with Trig, this being her last.. given her age..
I would of thought that woman would of flaunted her stuff with all the fashion stuff .. and would of wanted to be photographed looking all cute and curvy

Even after announcing it.. she wears big padded jackets and frumpy scarves?? .. just doesnt seem her personality to me

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if anyone here has posted this scenario...

The more I have thought about this story, the more I am led to believe that SP really did have Trig. I think that it is much more likely that, when she found out that Trig had Downs, she wanted an abortion. But, being a staunch pro-lifer, she knew that if anyone found out, it would mean the end of her political career. Instead, she kept the pregnancy a secret. She was very active and traveled around. She behaved the way she did in the hours before Trig's birth. In other words, it is very possible that she was trying to have a miscarriage. It's a horrible thought, I know. But it does help explain her irrational behavior.

Of course, this is only a theory which cannot be substantiated in any way. But it certainly makes you think.

Morgan said...


If you send a link, make sure it works or the article your linking to is still there before you send. We don't approve comments if the links don't work.


Craig said...

Oh yeah! I forgot about the complete medical records also needing to be released, as a prerequesite for most skeptics to accept her story.

Ain't gonna happen.

Unless you pry them from Sarah's cold, dead fingers.

Anonymous said...

Craig wrote: "So again, as long as the primary pressure on her to be more forthcoming with documentation is coming from a few low-profile internet blogs, she will probably just suck it up and live with it.

My two cents."

Craig, do you get MSNBC in Canada? Her interview was featured prominently on Olbermann's broadcast yesterday. There will be more broadcast coverage of the ADN's blog today. So it's not just limited anymore to "low-profile internet blogs."

Oh, and by the way, Andrew Sullivan "low-profile blog" is about to become BLOG OF THE YEAR in the Webbies. You can check his site for the link to vote.

mc-midnightcajun said...

Craig, the problem is, Sarah isn't just sucking it up and living with it. She keeps bringing it up, over and over again, despite the fact the MSM abandoned the topic virtually when it first surfaced. Do we see Obama going on and on every time someone sticks a microphone in his face about the Right's continuing obsession with his birth (which is far greater)? No.

Every time Sarah brings this up, it's the same refrain: Why won't people take me at my word? Well, Sarah, maybe it's because you have this hysterical tendency to think we should all believe everything you say even when it flies in the face of reality, as in the "no thanks" for the bridge money you really took, the kids who aren't dropouts even though they dropped out of school, the investigation that you say exonerated you when it really found you guilty of abuse, etc.

If there really was no secret being hidden, why does think she keep talking about it and fretting about it? I sucked it up and sat through the whole 9 minutes of her latest interview. The lady is seriously coming unhinged. Very little of the fake smiles, laughter and perkiness she typically uses so effectively. The anger and meanness was there for all to see, and it wasn't pretty.

As for the press release, that was just weird. Weird and unprofessional. No wonder so many of her staff are bailing on her. The end of this is not going to be pleasant.

Craig said...

anon 10:46AM

They likely felt that they had little choice to disclose Bristol's pregnancy, since the internet buzz was getting loud, due to some major bloggers pushing the Bristol-Trig rumours, right in the critical "first impression" days between Sarah's presentation of the VP pick and the Republican convention.

Plus, if Bristol was going to be any part of the entourage, they were going to have to explain the baby bump eventually.

And, like any politican, you can use or withdraw an excuse at any time, if it serves a purpose.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is her blog to counter all the nay-sayers - claiming to be Miss Popularity and the odds-on front-runner for the GOP in 2012, etc,etc...

Anonymous said...

As long as we're talking about the ADN's investigations, don't forget this report from the time of the RNC.

Admittedly, it's second hand, and it's coming via a conservative reporter for National Review. But it's still interesting.

What is unknown, and would be interesting to find out, is whether there was any editorial dissent at the ADN: maybe an ADN reporter thought Trig's birth was a hoax, but an article reporting such was spiked by the editors.

Byron York, National Review, 9/1/2008:

"Here in St. Paul, I was on NPR this evening with a man named Michael Carey, who is a columnist and former editorial page editor for the Anchorage Daily News. We started talking, of course, about the day's Palin news — the fake baby story and the real baby story. As far as the fake baby story was concerned, Carey told me that the rumors were going around in Alaska a few months ago, not long after the birth of Sarah Palin's fifth child. He told me that Daily News reporters and editors explored the story quite extensively, and, as Carey said on NPR, "could find no basis for it except that people who didn't like Sarah Palin believed it." He told me that Daily News reporters talked at length to the Palins about it — Carey said the Palins were actually eager to talk about the rumor because they knew how much it had spread around Alaska. He also said Daily News reporters looked into the medical angle of the rumor, which included talking to at least one doctor involved, and again found nothing to support the story. In the end, Carey told me, the newspaper became "convinced that it was not true.""

Anonymous said...

The medical records will not be released. Assuming SP really was pregnant, the records will likely show that she had a high-risk pregnancy. And I think we all know that women should not take certain risks, which apparently SP went out of her way to take.

Lilybart said...

The clever thing for Sarah about a Down's baby is that you can't say he does or does not resemble the family.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why they would have had to explain Bristol's baby bump when she has successfully remained away from the public eye, even now, along with the new baby (if he exists). And again, no matter what the buzz at that time, they did not have to bring Bristol into it. All that had to happen was for Sarah to produce a birth certificate, or CBJ to make a statement at that time. Because if Sarah was shown to be the mother, Bristol would have been left alone.

Anonymous said...

To Craig,

SP will not release the medical records because they will show she isn't Trig's birth mother. That's the more reasonable conclusion to draw given the circumstances, and her stated desire for the MSM to kill the story.

And continuing to call our judgment a 'conspiracy theory' is a misnomer. We have concluded that there is a conspiracy to hide the truth, in that multiple parties have conspired to keep the truth from coming to light. We have concluded that SP is not Trig's birth mother based on the evidence. We have various theories as to why she faked the pregnancy, who Trig's birth mother is, and why she has acted the way she has since this story came to light.

It is very convenient and dismissive to call our investigation a 'conspiracy theory'. By labelling it that way those not familiar with the facts will lump it in with lots of wild, debunked notions, such as the moon landing was faked. (It wasn't. See: 'Mythbusters'.)

Evidence, direct and circumstantial, continues to accumulate to support our conclusion. There's been no new evidence -- even if Bristol gave birth to Tripp already -- that shows SP is Trig's birth mother. That, alone, should be a sign that we are correct.


wayofpeace said...

i think the 'fault' under SP's world is widening. just a bit more pressure and the BIG LIE will come down!

our task may not be (primarily) to uncover it all, but to reignite the buzz, suspicion, doubt that was gathering steam until the BRISTOL-is-5-months pregnant 'news' came about.

and to do that (as a graphic designer) i think the most effective way is to CRAFT a simple but compelling tableau of 5 pr 6 images that we already have of SP (from 2/08 to 4/04), date them and ask a simple question, to the effect that it contradicts everything we know about normal gestation.

it may become the home page of the updated version of AUDREY'website.


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Sarah Palin was considering easily hundreds of offers to appear on TV shows and give interviews right after the election. As a regular viewer of Daily Show, Letterman, Olbermann, Maddow, I've heard them all say, more than once, "Gee, I'd love to have Sarah Palin come on the show." And, I shouldn't leave out Oprah. So with all of these offers, why did Sarah chose the unknown Pajama Guy blogger, for her latest interview? Well, he doesn't ask those pesky follow up questions like Katie Couric did-- in fact, when confronted with a Couric-clip, Sarah managed to misquote her (Katie)-- while blaming the MSM for misquoting her (Sarah) and getting it wrong.

It's pretty clear that this is a very petty, emotional woman (Sarah) who carries that baggage into her state office. Examples: leaving a message at People Magazine telling them that those kids (who are not enrolled in school) are not dropouts. She's still clearly upset at the how badly the Couric interviews went, and the fault wasn't with her poor answers. No, the fault was with the basic simple questions (and follow ups), the McCain campaign, and everyone else, expect for the make up, hair and wardrobe people.
We were already treated to her play of emotions getting in the way of state office with Troopergate. And, please tell me why there is a space devoted to First Dude on a State of Alaska Website, come on, she's the one making it personal.

Conclusion: If this website, and others like it (Mudflats, maybe?) are getting to her, making her "respond to her critics" as she did in the recent lame interview, all I can say to everyone reading and writing: "Keep up the Good Work!" Thanks Audrey & Company, thanks to everyone in pajamas, blogging in their parents' basement! And, thanks, too, to the blogisphere as a format for ideas and criticism to circulate.

Ivyfree said...

"I think a birth certificate would not make the story die"

Oh, I'd never accept a piece of paper. Remember the problems with her "medical records" which her campaign released a few hours before voting began? I never knew so many things could be wrong with a letter.

I did think about a statement from the doctor. "I was present when Sarah pushed Trig out of her body." Or one of the nurses. That would not be extremely private information, since all it is, is verifying what SP has said. No details need be included- just "Yes, it happened." But given the level of fear regarding Sarah, and her history of retaliation and vengeance, I couldn't accept that, either, unless (possibly) recorded and under polygraph.

I'm beginning to think the only thing I'd truly accept is DNA evidence.

Craig said...

Sorry for my burst of comments.

I did notice on the ADN Editor's blog post, that he quoted a a part of Sarah's e-mail as stating that her doctor has "already set the record straight for you".

I wonder what she is referring to? And she says "you" and not "your newspaper"? Is this some sort of off-the-record discussion that the doctor had with the editor?

I don't recall any detailed quote being attributed to Dr. Johnson in prior articles regarding Trig's actual birth.

The only such published comment I know of is the April 22nd quote of, "Baldwin-Johnson said she had to induce labor, and the baby didn't come until 6:30 a.m. Friday."

And "setting the record straight" is usually a phrase used when someone clears up a misunderstanding.

Is that April 22nd quote somehow suppose to be what Sarah is alluding to, or is there something else?

I don't know.

And why make it off-the-record?

But maybe it is part of the reason the editor is comfortable saying, "I have from the beginning and do now consider the conspiracy theories about Trig's birth to be nutty nonsense."

Anonymous said...


I really do like you. I do believe you are a palinite but definitely not the worst case kind. :-)

By SP releasing the information about Bristol's pregnancy, it only confirmed that Bristol was not Trig's mother, it did not confirm that Sarah's was. Also with the mystery of baby Tripp, now we can't even verify the Bristol was actually pregnant.

Since you are a decent palinite, please explain to us why SP continues to complain to the media about the Trig conspiracy if this is something that doesn't concern her? And if it concerns her so much why don't she just prove that she gave birth to Trig? This is just what's so confusing. Shut up about it already if you don't care,SP.

SP is hiding something and you know it. Whatever it is, I bet it is damaging.

My mom use to say 'If you worry about something you can change you lazy and if you worry about something you can't change you crazy.

Is SP lazy or crazy?!!!!

Littl' Me said...

Great find, Regina!
stood out. How did she go from no bump on April 10 to the big one on the Gusty photos of April 13?)

People should put those two pics next to each other whenever someone challenges them to the truth!

Jen said...

Craig said...

anon 10:46AM

They likely felt that they had little choice to disclose Bristol's pregnancy, since the internet buzz was getting loud, due to some major bloggers pushing the Bristol-Trig rumours, right in the critical "first impression" days between Sarah's presentation of the VP pick and the Republican convention.

Plus, if Bristol was going to be any part of the entourage, they were going to have to explain the baby bump eventually.

And, like any politican, you can use or withdraw an excuse at any time, if it serves a purpose.

January 9, 2009 11:12 AM


craig, could u please, oh please, get your facts straight.

this story was going around in Alaska in March. March. by Alaskans.

and the rumors of bristol being pregnant started in AK before Xmas '07. I have that information on very good authority.

I know you think you must be right, but Craig, it's obvious, yet again, that you dont have kids, that you are not a parent, and you are certainly not a mother.

Not 1 single person here on this blog or anywhere else on the internet had a clue that Bristol was pregnant when they announced it.

My daughter is 12 yrs old, I have maybe 4 or 5 pictures of me and her together over those years, and yet one thing I do have is a pic of me and my new born as i'm in the delivery bed, I also can produce her birth certificate (even though we moved half way across the country and threw most stuff out) AND i have her footprint card that has my information on it. I can produce that stuff within 10 seconds of you walking into my home. But for some reason, Sarah could not offer 1 thing in all the months BEFORE she got selected.

If you were charged with murder and you didn't do it and you could prove within 10 seconds that you didn't do it, wouldn't you?

Or would you tell the entire world that your 17 yo daughter is the murderer?

how u can, day after day, completely dismiss this fact is astonishing to me. seriously, why do u do this?

regina said...


Bristol could have worn lovely scarves to hide her pregnancy during the campaign, just like her mother. She didn't need to be there anyway, none of the Palin children needed to be there at all. School would have been a good place for them to be, then no questions about any bumps would need to be answered. She still didn't address the question about HER being Trig's mother or not, as the case may be...

I don't think Bristol was pregnant, she was just used as an alibi. Let's wait and see...

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to share a funny. Gotta take a second to laugh at all this or we might be crying!

BTW, I'm totally waiting for the day Sarah discredits the two "obviously pregnant" pics. Easier for her to discredit those two than ALLLLLLLL the other ones showing her minus the preggers belly. She'll cry photoshopped too!

Craig said...

anon 11:06AM

MSNBC/Olbermann is currently focusing on all of Sarah's video pleas of being a victim of this and that, and her flip-flops on her excuses for the Couric debacle.

Not the Trig issue.

True, Sullivan has been the one well-known blogger who has raised questions, but even he publicly second-guesses himself at times and wonders if he is going off the deep end on this issue.

I'm living in Canada? Yikes, I'm an illegal alien!

Anonymous said...

ANON January 8, 2009 6:18 PM said,

"In the video of SP and Todd coming out of the hospital (supposedly the day Trig was released/born) Todd carried Trig. Sarah would not come close to them and even gives trig and Todd a bit of a dirty look, until she see's the camera's. Then suddenly she does this, leaning over trig thing and touches him and it all looks so...fake."


Punkinbugg said...
Video? There's a post-partum video?

Link, please?

January 8, 2009 9:27 PM
as an added bonus, the reporter is...Andrea Gusty (the same reporter in the faked Governor's hallway pic.
This video and the way sarah is acting around Todd and Trigg, is what makes me and my husband think Trigg is Todd's son from a mistress. (cover up because of political and Church reasons)

Anonymous said...

"They likely felt that they had little choice to disclose Bristol's pregnancy"

They said they were disclosing it specifically to rebut the rumors that Bristol had Trig. To me, they didn't "have to" disclose it (Craig, I know you're saying what they felt, not what you think) -- the same point could have been made by offering some kind of proof that SP was Trig's mother. Bristol's privacy could have been preserved for a little bit longer. But no one is safe when SP can use them to further her own ends.


Anonymous said...


After reading the article about Sherry Johnston who talks about her hysterectomy(funny she would mention it, BTW, because it was irrelevant), I tend to believe more that she is actually the mother of Trig. The child was probably born around the same time as SP announced her pregnancy, started wearing long scarfs(? March). Somehow I cannot believe the official photo of Trig as a newborn baby has any credibility unless it was taken a month or so after he was born.
The other day when I read about Sherry Johnston's divorce and that she and the hubby were separated in May-June 2008, I also feel this has something to do with Trig's birth.

Sherry Johnston would talk if she had the courage to leave Alaska. As long as she is there, she can't as there are many things at stake for her. Now, since she is facing serious charges and possible jail time, she has to do everything SP asks her to do.

I saw The Countdown on MSNBC ( Jan 8, 2009) and hope you guys saw it too. I have a question to SP fans: how can you not see that she's lying all the time? A person has to shut off the brains completely not to see she's lying. During that interview with Mr. Ziegler, she looks very nervous because now she can see that the truth is coming out. She is probably busy to make new stories to cover up old lies. Unfortunately, Ms. Palin, it isn't working as you might have noticed. It's better for you to come out and tell the truth, accept your limitations.

By the way, Ms. Palin since you mentioned it once again during that interview, Katie Couric did not ask you in a condescending manner " what do you guys read up there?" I watched the interview and please stop lying. You perhaps think everybody who listens to you is a brainless person. For God's sake, you couldn't even mention your local newspaper Anchorage Daily News.

Here is that part from the interview with Ms. Couric:

"Couric: And when it comes to establishing your worldview, I was curious, what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this to stay informed and to understand the world?

Palin: I've read most of them, again with a great appreciation for the press, for the media.

Couric: What, specifically?

Palin: Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me all these years.

Couric: Can you name a few?

Palin: I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news, too. Alaska isn't a foreign country, where it's kind of suggested, "Wow, how could you keep in touch with what the rest of Washington, D.C., may be thinking when you live up there in Alaska?" Believe me, Alaska is like a microcosm of America."

See, Ms. Palin, we know the truth. You lied once again about that interview with Ms. Couric. Amazing! When will you stop lying so blatantly?

Have you noticed, Ms. Palin, you never answer the questions. If you are an educated person, you would answer to the questions. During the VP Debate you were talking about things that were not asked because you had memorized them all and most of the time you didn't know what you were talking about. It was quite embarrassing.
Intelligent people see you through, Ms. Palin.
I do not believe everyone needs to have a MSc or PhD because I believe personal education is far more important. Unfortunately, Ms. Palin you do not seem to have any intellectual curiousity to educate yourself. So, please do not blame Katie Couric or others. They are doing their job.

Craig said...


Actually, this is the first time in quite a while I have heard her specifically talk about the continued Trig rumours, and for more than one sentence.

(Perhaps someone knows of more times in recent months she has specifically talked about the Bristol-Trig rumours.)

She usually just implies it within a general comment about attacks on her family.

The thing she usually goes on and on about is her political victimization.

Anonymous said...

WOW! The ADN editor's blog posting is quite amazing. Sarah realizes she's about to be exposed and she's panicking. The house of cards is about to collapse and, along with it, her credibility as a major political player. If she had only been as honest as she claims to be, none of this would be happening. People would have forgiven an earlier teen pregnancy or even an abortion, but when you go about proclaiming yourself to be more virtuous and spiritual than the rest, it's a hard act to keep up. Sarah, like most of us, has her weaknesses and demons. Her real "sin", for lack of a better word, was to hold herself up as Saint Sarah and force everyone around her to go along with the pretense, or at least to accept her stories without questioning if they made sense. Frankly, it may even be cathartic for her when the truth is finally out there.

PS. I'd just like to thank Audrey, Patrick, MK, Morgan, and everyone else who's devoted so much talent and personal time to trying to unravel this mystery. We are very close at this point. I feel certain of that.

Liz from NH

Anonymous said...

You know, I *SWEAR* yesterday, I saw way more posts than what they show today - I even posted a comment, and it is gone today... I could have sworn that they showed 55 pages of comments yesterday, and only 42 at this time...

KaJo said...

Craig said @ 10:40 AM...Actually Morgan, with all the creative thinking being done by people here, I'm surprised that no one has considered that at least some of these crude "Palinite" comments aren't really just anti-Palin people trying to make them look bad! ;>)

Hoo, boy, Craig, you sure come up with some doozies for theories!

Speaking for myself only, I have 'way too much to accomplish every day in my personal life to consider being a secret anti-Palin mole pretending to be a Palinite. Besides, didn't we just see that scenario over on (those of us who can still go over there and not pick up a computer virus)


Just for the fun of it, here's a counterbalance article dated nearly a month later, 9/29/08, directly from Michael Carey -- who is, as Anonymous @ 11:28 AM noted, the former editorial page editor of the Anchorage Daily News.

Carey sounds a bit disillusioned about Palin in that commentary.

Anonymous said...

just to clarify, the video that was just posted is at Sarah's Anchorage office the day she returned to work, Monday 4/22, less than 4 days after the "wild ride". Superwoman indeed!

Anonymous said...


You said:

"Not 1 single person here on this blog or anywhere else on the internet had a clue that Bristol was pregnant when they announced it."

What about the famous "Sue Williams" who started commenting in the mudflats thread below, starting 8/30/2008, that it was common knowledge in Wasilla that Bristol was pregnant (with the baby to be named Tripp)?

Punkinbugg said...

Thank you, ANON @ January 9, 2009 12:20 PM for this video!!

What strikes me most: At 00:43, she STRIDES into the room at full tilt. No pain, no careful steps.

How ironic. JUST YESTERDAY at our doctor's clinic, I met a proud daddy holding a NINE day old infant girl in his arms. His wife entered the waiting room, walking at a pretty good pace, but I noticed her steps were wobbly and tentative and she still looked at least 5 months pregnant. I almost said something to my daughter about SP, but she would have said, "Oh Mom give it up."

THERE IS NO WAY SARAH PALIN had all *that* going on "downstairs" just THREE DAYS prior to this video...! NO WAY.

Also, at 01:00, Todd says, "I was trying to have "her" hang in there..." without one flicker of a glance towards Sarah. So who, in fact, is "her"?

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