Monday, April 6, 2009

Message. In. A. Bottle.

Well, not exactly in a bottle. More like on the Tyra Banks show.

Since the beginning of the controversy about who had given birth to Trig Palin a set of pictures that were published some time prior to May 5, 2008 on Mercede Johnston's MySpace page has given those of us who have tried to solve the riddle, basically, fits. The pictures have been discussed in several other posts on this blog, here. Here's one of them, the other two (one of Mercede with Bristol and one of Mercede with Sarah) can be seen at the posts linked above.

The captions - identifying Trig as Mercede's "baby brother" and Sarah Palin as "mommy in law" could never be adequately explained through "known" relationships. Certainly, many people - myself among them - thought that the captions indicated that Trig Palin was something "special" to Mercede Johnston, something far MORE special than just the younger brother of a good friend, though just how that was remained "obscure" as the captions, while terribly intriguing, were difficult to explain.

No matter how one "sliced and diced," Trig Palin was NOT Mercede's brother unless somehow her mother (Sherrie Johnston) was also Trig's mother... and that seemed beyond credibility... or if somehow Mercede's father was also Trig's father. But it never was possible to explain why, in such a circumstance, Sarah Palin would be motivated to fake a pregnancy. If Trig were Levi's son, Trig would be Mercede's nephew, and she did not say that. If he were merely her future sister-in-law's younger brother, Mercede's enthusiasm was hard to explain.

Initially, many people thought the pictures were taken in a hospital setting. After Gov. Palin did several interviews after the election in her home, we were able to prove conclusively that the photos were in fact taken in the Palin kitchen. While interesting, this made the photos in a way more obscure, since now they could only be dated to some point "before May 5th." We know this because on May 5th, Mercede received a comment about them on her MySpace page. Other than that, they could not be dated.

Today, Mercede Johnston, Levi Johnston, and Sherrie Johnston (their mother) appeared on the Tyra Banks show. In the background, numerous still photos were shown.

Including this one:

I've got news for everyone. Mercede is wearing exactly the same outfit, down to the earrings, as the photos released last year. Her hair is identical. The baby appears to be wearing the same outfit. Levi is sitting in the same chair in the Palin kitchen.
Compare for yourself:

This is NOT a photo of Levi with Tripp Johnston, allegedly born December 27, 2008.

This is a photo of Levi Johnston cradling tenderly Trig Palin, allegedly born April 18, 2008. It was taken the same day as the photos that Mercede put up on her MySpace page, some time before May 5th 2008.

Why in the world would this photo be selected for release on the Tyra Banks show unless Mercede is trying to send us a message, loud and clear? Surely, if Tripp IS Levi's child (and Trig is the son of his ex future mother-in-law) there would be no earthly reason to release photos of Trig with Levi on a show that was supposed to be about current events, i.e., Tripp's birth and the current relationship with Tripp's mother. But.. someone in the Johnston clan selected this photo. Of Levi cuddling Trig. Now almost a year ago. Intentionally. So I... and other "anonymous bloggers..." would see it. And we have.

Mercede, message received. Thank you.


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GinaM said...

Oh SNAP!!!

Avvid said...

It is odd that this picture even exists, but I don't think including it needed to be a secret code... the Mercede and her mother specifically said in the interview how sad they were that they couldn't take pictures of Tripp. If all they have are pictures of Mercede standing by Levi holding a different baby, maybe its not so ridiculous that they would use those pictures to convey the mood they want.

But I do agree its very interesting that there is this picture where Mercede looks so overjoyed to be standing next to her brother who is tenderly holding a tiny baby...

Patrick said...

This is the kind of news we want to hear. Another addition to the "Triggybear collection" - with Levi! I have updated my flickr album, here are all the pictures of the "Triggybear collection" together in one set:

Patrick (PD research)

dipsydoodlenoodle said...

You know Merdece could sell the story - say what she knows and make a fortune and be away from Alaska forever if she wanted to! I think I did post pretty much the same thing months back when I first discovered the blog.

Lady Rose said...

Very curious indeed and kinda confirms what I had been thinking.

I have been going over and over about how the Levi interview fits in with the whole question of who is Trig's birth mother.

One theory - If Levi feels helpless against Sarah Palin, and is sincere about wanting to be involved with his son's life (Tripp) - then by going on the show and not telling ALL - truth about Trig or other secrets - he now has a card up his sleeve - he can say look I can do interviews too, I could tell all, so let me see my son (or sons?). But perhaps Mercedes, who seems to be far more willing to open up, perhaps made sure that at least this photo got included to send out the message loud and clear to the Palin's that they mean business and will not be run over by Palin. By having a threat over Sarah, it gives Levi some leverage - so it makes sense they wouldn't spill all the beans now.

Tripp's birth day - in the interview didn't they say a lot of Bristol's friends were there - so that kinda confirms the birthday, I think it would be way way way to hard to get so many people to cover up if it happened on a different date. So that does throw a monkey wrench into some timeline theories a little - exceot for the timeline that perhaps Trig's birthday was earlier then stated.

Sarah's preemptive statement seemed way over the top - it seemed she was a little too worried about what might come out - and the fact that Levi did not do the interview for money really backfired on Sarah - there has to be other reasons he did the interview - yes he said he wanted to get the truth out there about himself but he could have done that with a web page or just a statement to People or some other publication - so why Tyra, why the whole family, why the photos selected?

I don't know what the truth is - but there are so many clues and questions it is definitely something that needs to be cleared up.

Keep up the good work everyone and thank you for your time and careful analysis of everything.

Truthseeker2 said...

Wow, that is a brilliant find -- congratulations! It's definitely another nail in the coffin.

Ivyfree said...

"If all they have are pictures of Mercede standing by Levi holding a different baby, maybe its not so ridiculous that they would use those pictures to convey the mood they want."

Oh, I disagree. If that were the case, they'd say, look, all we have are pictures they let us take of Trig, we'd be so happy if we had pictures of Tripp too.. I mean, why on earth would they be thrilled and excited over Trig? Supposedly, he's not their baby. I can concede a general sense of pleasure in a new baby; I've experienced that, when friends have a baby... and I've experienced the overwhelming joy that comes with a beautiful healthy grandson.

Showing a picture of Trig was weird. There really isn't any reason for it, when they were there to discuss Levi, Bristol, Tripp and the Johnston's relations with the Palins.

Sunshine1970 said...

Not sure if my msg got through. So, let me try again :). Oh wow! Audrey & team you guys are amazing. What a catch! Good eyes!

Truthseeker2 said...

I also noticed that Tyra says that Levi was a 17-year old dad and that Levi is 18 now. Actually, Levi was 18 when Tripp was born, but was 17 when Trig was born.

pearlygirl said...

I caught that one too. One of the first photos shown was a known photo of Trigg not tripp. It seemed so odd especially since the family should have been the ones turning over the photos.
What I don't get it why Tyra? The interview was nothing but fluff and the whole pushing the issue of using safe sex every time was smarmy. Also Sherry was saying that people in her house and were stealing stuff off the computer? Did this ever get reported before? The whole thing was just as weird as Bristol's GVS interivew to show off Tripp.

Oddest of all was not only that Camp Sarah issued that over reactive statement and although everyone claims not to be interested in this soap opera, EVERY major news outlet (even the "serious" news) felt the need to run this story. So either a lot of people are still interested in this issue or it is a super slow newsday considering such "minor" global issues as North Korea missile tests, economic crisis, shootings, etc. because Palin seemed to trump them all as a headliner. Also the gossip/entertainment shows really played it up kind of sleazy as "Levi talks in detail about their sexlife" Even I'm now getting sick of the media, either follow the story or don't but all these side fluff pieces are making me frustrated.

My Word Verification" bereval (be revealed?)

Tully said...

Am I correct that we have a photo of Bristol, Levi and Trig and a photo of Bristol, Mercede and Trig, but not a photo of Bristol, Levi, Mercede and Trig? Someone had to take the pictures. Absence of a picture of all three of them with the baby makes me think that these shots were taken at a time when Sarah, Todd, Willow and Piper were all out of the house. Bristol was alone with Trig, maybe for the first time, and snuck Levi and Mercedes in to see him.

Sarah in SC said...

Gotta love that Mercede--that girl's got spunk!

Wow. Just wow. What an innnnnteresting turn of events we have here.

Wonder what the next press release will say? Somewhere, someone with lipstick is spinning like a top, and there's no way back on this one now.

It's just delicious. And the suspense is killing me!

Punkinbugg said...

Tully remember there is also (too:) a picture of Sarah, Mercede and Trig, where Sarah "Mommy in law" is wearing shorts and a sweatshirt and leaning into the picture.

At first I thought one of Tyra's research assistants had mistakenly identified this baby as Tripp --- BUT ----

We KNOW this picture was given to them BY Mercede, because it matches all the pictures on her MySpace. And it was never out there for the public to view, or I'm sure Patrick would have seen it by now.

What's with the footprints? is that a logo for Tyra's production company? Looks like the old 'Hang Ten' logo.

Molly said...

Oh yeah.....I saw this picture too and I thought the exact same thing as Audrey; that is Mercede and Levi and Trigg and....gosh I wonder if the Johnston's put that picture in there on purpose?

The only thing I noticed is the little black baby feet that are posted on the wall and the chair--are those in the scene or superimposed? That seems to be the only difference.

But yes Ma'am, her hair is exactly the same, down to the highlights. And Levi looks exactly like a father cuddling his son.

Additionally, in the Tyra interview, when she was trying to get him to agree that he could send a message about how if you're not always using safe sex, you can get pregnant, I thought I saw in his eyes that he was not at all down with that notion; previously he had said he was exited to find out that Bristol was pregnant. I think he loves being a Dad and wouldn't change anything, and isn't sorry at all that they have a child(ren), just sorry that Bristol and the Palins are putting obstacles up into his seeing his son(s).

I gotta say, I'm totally on board with the Johnstons at this point, and I'd really like to know what REALLY changed btw Bristol and Sadie to lead to their estrangement. If it is merely that Sadie has friends who are former girlfriends of Levi's, that is an extremely petty (IMO) reason for Bristol's anger.

Audrey said...

Tully, you are not correct. We have a series of four photos. One with Mercede holding Trig, one with Mercede holding Trig with Bristol standing behind her, one with Mercede holding Trig with Sarah Palin standing behind her, and now, one with Levi holding Trig and Mercede standing behind him. So Sarah was definitely present.

As to who took the photos, maybe someone we have not seen at all, or maybe they were passing the camera around. But Sarah was there that day.

penny said...

You know, I spotted that too, but forgot about it, because honestly, I was starting to get discouraged. What a difference a day makes! Great job team!

The point of this interview was to show the Palins, who is really holding the cards. That is why Sarah/Meg overreacted. Let's not forget the smart attorney who is working for Sherry. This interview was scheduled and taped a while ago, Sherry's court date postponed, that picture of Tripp(Trig)was shown and nothing terribly damaging exposed...yet...

Mr. Butler is no fan of SP, and is working for Sherry. Remember how we all speculated what his representation would mean?

I think we just got our answer.



Lilybart said...

Dipseydoodle, you make a good point. But maybe the fact that she tatooted her brother's name on her wrist indicates that she would protect her family first?

Madame said...

Just a hunch out of left field here - is there anything known of whether Mercede Johnston ever dated (or was infatuated with) *Track* Palin? This would really clarify the captions on her MySpace page. I.e., I know when I was a teenager my boyfriend's mom referred to me affectionately as her "future daughter-in-law", and that kind of thing, and it went both directions, I thought of her as my future mom-in-law. Sometimes a teenage girl in love starts projecting about what things would be like if the relationship she's currently in were permanent - i.e., her boyfriend's new little brother would be *her* little brother if they were married; writing "Mrs. Maggie Jones. Mrs. Maggie Smith Jones. Maggie Smith-Jones," in a notebook and the like, calling her boyfriend's mom her mommy-in-law, etc.

Now, again, I have no idea if Mercede and Track have any history at all, but that would kind of be a missing piece that makes the MySpace captions suddenly make a whole lot more sense.

wayofpeace said...

last weekend my wife and i watched the saga of PRINCESS DIANA's butler, who was accused of stealing hundreds of her items.

the day before the last day of the trial, when everything was pointing to a guilty verdict, the BUTLER announced he was to take the stand and tell all the next day.

then, a huge SURPRISE: the QUEEN sends a letter exonerating the butler, stating that she had just remembered that she had approved him taking those items.


is this picture our BUTLER moment?
a message sent and delivered?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

If this were just a casual picture of friends holding Trig, doesn’t it seem peculiar to anyone that this picture of Levi cradling Trig would be decorated with little baby feet? Normally, you only do that with pictures that have a SPECIAL meaning. Thanks Sadie!

Gwynedd said...

I was blown away when I saw this.

The earliest "picture comment" on any of the previously-seen Trig pics is May 4, 2008, so this picture would have been taken no later than that date. This is Trig that Levi is cradling, not Tripp. Then remember that Levi said that he & Bristol became engaged at the end of June, 2008.

So, if you're a mom, this is like letting your daughter's boyfriend (and NOT a boyfriend of a few years as has been stated in the press--nowhere near that long) AND your daughter's boyfriend's sister take this intimate picture with your new son.

Or, if you're a daughter, imagine your new-ish boyfriend posing with his sister, holding your new baby brother. Looking like THIS. Um...awkward??

I am trying to imagine a scenario in which it would be normal for this picture to have been taken if Sarah and Todd are truly the biological parents of Trig. I am trying really, really hard. I could always come up with sorta-kinda-plausible explanations for the MySpace photos in my own mind. But this one I just can't explain away.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Sherry Johnston does not seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed, and it intrigued me about the comment about the Secret Service removing things from her computer. I do believe that would be McCain campaign goons doing the removing. Did Sherry even ask to see Secret Service badges? That does not seem to fall within the duties of the Secret Service.

TruthSeeker said...

I've tried several times to post and am not certain if the comments got thru. I apologize if this is a repost.

First I said, "Oh my!" I did not see the Banks show but my first thought when I saw the screenshot was "oh my!" This is a magnificent catch. The Palin deception wall is most certainly nearing its fall.

This photo is a monumental find, imo. I think this web of deception is amazingly tangled. One theory I have is that there is some deal concerning Sherry Johnston's legal woes that is keeping them from going public with the whole truth.

I agree that the Tyra Banks show was a strange venue for this interview but maybe "desperate times call for desperate measures" as the saying goes, especially if Levi is being denied or given only limited access to his son(s?). (I still think there may not even be a Tripp.) I read something on another blog about a previous interview (I think it was GMA) with Levi. He was in his truck in Alaska and was asked about a picture of Tripp. Apparently he only had an ultrasound picture of the child. ???

It is sad that the Palin drama continues to dominate the news. But like it or not we are a culture drawn to information, entertainment, and reality shows. With Palin as a (psuedo)political figure, her story is a stange mix of all of the above, part information,part entertainment,part reality show.

Hopefully the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, will be uncovered soon.

Keep up the good work Audrey and team.

LondonBridges said...

A couple of things: Sherry made a specific point that the Johnston-Palin clans were "friendly," but not "go to dinner together friendly." So having Levi and Mercede over the house to see Sarah's new baby might be considered a bit odd - were it Sarah's baby.

Second, I don't think guys, in general, have that much desire to hold newborn babies unless they are their own. I suppose an exception might be if begged to do so by a current love interest.

Guys: What do you think about holding newborns?

Mary G. said...

Truthseeker2, good catch on the discrepancies in Levi's age! I also noticed that the photos flashed up every so often during Tyra's interview included ones of Trig, without ever really explaining why.
I don't really know much about Tyra's show, but Levi and his family did not trash the Palins. They were respectful. And it is not a fair fight at all to have spokespersons on the government payroll, on a political PAC payroll, to be pouncing on the Johnstons. The Palin statement is incorrect at least regarding whether Levi stayed over at the Palin household, because in the People magazine article that came out January 19, it states:
"Since the birth of Sarah Palin's first grandchild on Dec. 27, life at the Alaska governor's four-bedroom Wasilla home has gotten a lot busier--and a bit more crowded. Not only has tiny Tripp moved in with mom Bristol, but dad Levi Johnston has been staying over too."

Punkinbugg said...

If there is a Part 3 to that Tyra video, I can't find it. Does anybody have a link?

I noticed it When Levi said, "that time, I kinda knew what it was." --this was when Bristol called him over to tell him she was pregnant. "That time"? Why because she'd told you this once before, in much the same way?

And he said it took a while for them to convince Sarah... He said she thought we were kidding. That matches the UK tabloid account, doesn't it?

Also, I noticed Tyra cropped Mercede out of that Trig photo quite a bit. For that matter, did they ever show a full-size version of this picture?

Lady Rose said...

As an option that has to be considered - what if the photos were put up by the Tyra staff (from what they found on the web and other published sources) - do we know for a fact that the only source for the Levi holding Trig photo would have been from Levi or his family?

I wonder if there any way to find out -- if someone called the Tyra show would they confirm the source or not?

Gryphen said...

In my humble opinion Mercedes, provided ALL of those pictures to the Tyra show. Mnay ofthem come form her MySpace page, and others have never been seen before.

You can trust me on that.

This was DEFINITELY a message to Sarah, and possibly a message to us.

Sadly if Sarah gets the message, and starts to deal wiht the Johnston family more fairly we may never get any more messages from them.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

And Tully, very good deductive reasoning! Many times you can get clues NOT from what is there, but what is NOT there. Even though Audrey has interjected that Sarah was there, it would be interesting for Patrick to re-examine the pictures, because it looks like there is much more daylight in the picture with Levi holding Trig than when the other pictures were taken when Sarah was present. Same day, but not same time of day?

Morgan said...

I think the Johnstons are at least smarter by half than the Palins and it delights me to see Sarah being beaten at her own game.

I'm sure there Mercede has other pictures she's holding onto. She's too savvy to play her whole hand.

I wonder if they're not just trying to work out some kind of visitation not just with Tripp, but with Trig as well. I hope so. It makes me sad to think that he'd be the forgotten son.

Gosh.the more this plays out the more Sarah Palin seems like some Evil Fairy Tale Queen.

B said...

What happened to the post that followed this, about Rachel Maddow?

regina said...

Photos with baby (Trig or Tripp?)

@2:14 Part 1 - Levi with baby (Tripp?)
@7:50 Part 1 - Levi, Mercede, Baby (Trig)
@4:22 Part 2 - Levi with baby (Tripp?)

The photo of Levi with baby is part of the same photo of Levi, Mercede and baby. The baby is Trig.

Why was a photo of Trig as Tripp included?

I think the whole interview thing was orchestrated by Sarah Palin to validate Tripp's birth date. The Johnstons sound like they're speaking for themselves, but are they?

The protesting from SP is just part of the script and it plays well in the context of the interview. The Johnstons' script had to be a bit controversial for effect, but there were no real damaging revelations. On the contrary, it made people move away from the Trig parentage question.

If the Johnstons had been paid it would have been far more convincing, they would have delivered their OWN script and it would have been a very different one.

This "controversial" interview served only to validate Sarah's lies in a roundabout way.

The only truly interesting thing is the use of a photo of Levi with a baby, posing as the loving hands-on dad to Tripp, but that baby happens to be Trig!

Maybe SP didn't think that far and the Johnston's slipped in a photo that raises some questions while faithfully delivering SP's "controversial" script...

Videos here:

TruthSeeker said...

I wanted to add this... There has been alot of discussion over the months about the analysis of photos on the blog,and their pertinence in solving this mystery. Some folks wanted hard, definitive documentation (medical and/or birth records, official MD statements, expense accounts, travel docs, etc.) that would crack this case. While Audrey and the researchers worked hard, investigating every possible angle, all roads seemed to lead back to the photographs.
As for proof positive, we can't get away from the photos. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

The screen shot pic of Levi, baby Trig and Mercedes from the Tyra show together with the RNC pic of Bristol and Levi kissing Trig speak VOLUMES to the truth of this case.

Morgan said...


The decision to take the last post down and leave this one at the top of the page was an administrative one. We just decided that this "Message" post was too important to bump down the page just yet. It deserves to be "above the fold" to use a journalistic term.

Audrey will likely revisit the Maddow piece in a later post, but until then here is the link to the piece she ran on the Palins last night:

penny said...

Good call on keeping this the top post. Although the Maddow piece is fantastic, the emergence of this photo is the best "nail" we've seen in a long time!

Tully said...

Yes, Levi’s presence when those photos were taken is highly significant. If there’s any way they could be dated more accurately it would be great. I know the researchers have been extremely thorough --- but I’m wondering how Mercede’s hair length/cut/highlights compare to her various prom pictures. Have you already gone down that road, Patrick? We definitely have a very tiny, recently born and/or premature Trig in these pictures. (Makes that supposed comment by Willow re: his DS all the more phony doesn’t it?) Interesting that he is bundled up head to toe in the picture with the Heaths and so exposed here with the teenagers.

BC said...

I wonder if there isn't a picture, taken at the same time as this group, that has the "proud parents" sitting together with their son?

ravenstrick said...

I wonder if Sadie has a "Trig" tattoo anywhere.

lexky said...

does anybody remember seeing a picture of levi and his dad and his dad was holding a tiny little baby? i remember thinking that was not the new baby tripp and levi looked so young. i cant remember where i seen it.

Audrey said...

Lady Rose asks an interesting question: could the photo of Levi holding Trig have come from a previously unknown web source?

Possible, I suppose, but extremely unlikely. The crew at has scoured the Internet for months for any information on this story. We watch countless blogs, web pages, MySpace pages, and Facebook profiles. It's hard to envision a way that such a critical picture would have escaped our notice, only to be uncovered by the Tyra Banks production staff when they probably only researched this story for a couple days (at most) prior to the interview.

The far most likely scenario is that someone directly involved gave the photo of Levi holding Trig to the show.

B said...

Punkinbugg said...When Levi said, "that time, I kinda knew what it was." --this was when Bristol called him over to tell him she was pregnant. "That time"? Why because she'd told you this once before, in much the same way?

Good catch, Punkinbugg. (I'd love to hear the whole interview, too. The local station ran a baseball game instead.)

"That time." Maybe TriPP was actually planned by the teens to replace TriG?

I'm not in favor of teen marriage, but when Levi talks, I feel sad. I feel he and Bristol really used to be in love and wanting to marry and live together with their son(s). Maybe letting that happen, even anticipating a divorce a few years down the road, would have been best for Sarah. Bush Sr.'s daughter with young children divorced and remarried when he was President. Palin wouldn't be the first high profile ex-in-law.

Until the Johnstons agree to be interviewed by Andrew Sullivan or Audrey, we won't hear the right questions asked. Tyra did a good job for what the Johnstons would have agreed to. Perhaps they picked the show because they believed her audience would identify more with them than with the Palins, or be less judgmental on the Oxycontin. When the camera panned the audience applauding the unpaid appearance, the faces looked happy with the Johnstons.

DF said...

Can you just see SP shaking in her boots? I bet she was much relieved when Levi said he'd still vote for her! Yes, indeed.

These 2 families are hiding wayyyy too much. It seems that they do a lot of testing the waters to see if anything they say can float.

Ennealogic said...

Where is part 3 of the interview?

In it, Sherry Johnston declines to talk about her pending drug case except to say she is not an addict; Sherry also talks about how their family lost everything in the way of records, pictures, etc. when their two computers were hacked after the media and secret service showed up; and Mercede says something like, some of the pictures that Tyra is showing on the big screen were ONLY on the hacked computers but now are out there on the 'net...

wv foins -- FOIA now!?

Diana said...

Whooppeee! We knew that the Johnston's wouldn't take Sarah and her controlling behavior lying down! And I wonder if their terrific lawyer had their blessings?!

I can't wait to pursue this further!

Dangerous said...

This is an excellent journalistic catch, and a superior job by Audrey and her research assistants. With all the MSM coverage of the Johnstons on TB's yak show, nobody made mention of this. I wouldn't fault TB's producers for putting these pictures on although they don't portray what they said they did.

Well done.

Let's not blow it by drawing conclusions that cannot be proven and will take away from the discovery. I agree that it was probably not a mistake -- Levi & Sadie must have known these pictures were with Trig. But TB probably wanted pictures of her guests with the baby, so they substituted these. If there really is a conspiracy of silence, or even if their isn't, they could say that it was just a mistake.

That there was a picture of Levi & Sadie & Trig is not a real surprise. Certainly Bristol and Levi were a couple then. If Sadie was having her picture with Trig, certainly Levi would as well, since he was the connection.

While some are characterizing the posed photo as Levi "cuddling", a more accurate unbias description is he's holding the infant, as one always does. People are naturally affectionate to infants they are holding, whether they are the baby's parent or not. Male or female.

I put the probative value of this photo and its appearance on TB's show as roughly equal to the video of Levi kissing Trig coming off the plane at RNC. That is: not much.

It IS an opening to raise questions, however, on why they intentionally used a picture of Levi & Sadie with Trig instead of Tripp. It's completely legit to ask why, and someone in MSM should follow up. But their answer can (and probably will) muddy the waters some more. Even so, the opening should allow more questions about this photo compared to the photos from Sadie's scrubbed web site, why the site was scrubbed, what was the nature of the relationship at that point, etc. We'll see if any MSM reporter will pick this up.

I think we all agree that there's definitely some obfuscation happening. We just don't know of what yet. I don't buy the "sending a message" motive for using this picture, yet. Even if it wasn't an accident, we don't know what that message is. If she wanted to give a coded signal that Levi is really Trig's father, why wouldn't they just SAY SO. The Palins obviously have little leverage on what the Johnstons say and do, or she wouldn't let them embarass her and Bristol by going on TV at all.


B said...


The photo of Levi, Keith, and TriPP (we think) was posted by the excellent blogger Gryphen at

Search on levi+dad+photo and you should get the post that contains the picture.

I think Levi's sideburns are longer, like the TriPP hospital picture rather than the TriG picture at the Palin home. Also the background is like the Ziegler interview. So probably the baby is TriPP. (Who knows?!)

B said...

Morgan, thanks for the Maddow link.

Lilybart said...

Were the photos sourced by the show staff, so they got whatever photos they could find on the web?

Also proves their point that they can't take photos of Tripp.

Lilybart said...

Tully, right, if I can't see the Down's markers there is no way Willow would know what she was looking for.

Another lie.

B said...

Dangerous said, "If she wanted to give a coded signal that Levi is really Trig's father, why wouldn't they just SAY SO."

Plausible deniability. The Johnstons really don't want to out TriG. They want fair treatment with TriPP. The photo would be a message to Sarah to be nice to them or they could tell more. For now, if asked, Sadie could say, "My mistake. Meant to do a TriPP picture."

That's A reason why they wouldn't just say so. Who knows if it's THE reason.

Virginia Voter said...

This picture of Levi holding Trig is the nail in the coffin, or smoking gun, if you will.

Think back to when you were 16, 17, and 18. Your life revolved around your friends...hanging out, going to parties, dances, proms, shopping, etc. You did anything and everything to get away from your parents. If my mom had a baby when I was 16, not only would I be mortified, but I would stay away from the house as much as possible so as not to get stuck babysitting. I have a sister 5 years younger, and I had to spend alot of my early pre and teen years watching her. By the time I was 16 and she was 11, I had freedom to go where I wanted.

Having Levi and Mercede over to take pictures with Trig right after he was born, with a very un-post partum Sarah would only happen if there was a family connection...end of story. This is even more telling than the RNC pic. I would bet anything Levi and Bristol gave up Trig for adoption to Todd and Sarah b/c of the DS, and now that Tripp is here he wants to claim his son.

Levi, get a lawyer.

Caroline said...

Another possibility as to why the Levi/Trig photo was included might be because Mercede is trying to create a problem for Sarah. Mercede seems spiteful. Maybe Trig isn't Levi's son but Mercede is making it look as though he is.

Rationalist said...

The picture on the Immoral Minority website of Levi and his dad has to be with Tripp, because Levi is wearing a McCain-Palin t-shirt.

word verification: "coping."

midnightcajun said...

I think the message being sent here was to Sarah Palin. And we can learn a LOT from what was said and very slyly shown.

As a solid member of of the Bx2 camp, I had come to the conclusion that Sadie and Sherrie, and possibly Levi, had been kept ignorant of Trig's real parentage and even, in the case of Sadie and Sherrie, of the real date of Tripp's birth. Now we know that's not true. Levi's family know the truth, but have until now been keeping silent.

Frankly, I think the Johnstons (even with their "aints" and pronoun problems) have far more class and grace than the Palins. Despite considerable provocation and the obvious chances of earning a quick buck, they have been keeping silent for the sake of those two little boys. This TV appearance was both an act of desperation, and a warning shot across the Palin bow--a clear message to Sarah and Bristol to stop denying them access to Tripp, or else. The picture of Levi and Trig was included as a subtle (and clever) way of saying: "Remember, Sarah, there's a lot more we can say, AND we have evidence to back it up." I wonder if THAT's why "they" hacked into the Johnstons' computer? Looking to scrub photo and email evidence of the truth about Trig's birth? I also wonder if that's the reason for the color difference in the photos--Sadie's Myspace pages were uploaded digitally, but this photo was scanned from a print because the original digital file was erased?

I don't believe everything that was said (I think these people kept themselves to a pretty tight script), but Sadie and Sherrie's anger over missing out on that baby's life was real. Levi was actually very respectful of Sarah and of Bristol, except for the frustration over access to Tripp. Compare that to Sarah's short statement, in which she calls him a greedy, lying deadbeat dad. Wow.

IMHO, this photo ranks up there with the non-pregnant Sarah photos as a nail in the coffin, only in this case, it tells us much about who the real parents are. I do not believe there is any other believable explanation for the photo of Levi lovingly cuddling the newborn Trig while his sister beams down at them. Remember, at this time Levi did not know Tripp was in the oven. Can you honestly imagine a teenaged good ole boy cuddling and looking lovingly at the newborn baby of his girlfriend's mother? EW!

Obviously, Bristol and Sadie had a falling out, and I do believe there is more going on there than just that Levi dated some of Sadie's friends and B doesn't want the baby around them. Is it, perhaps, because Bristol knows that Sadie is the weak link? Levi is obviously still in love with Bristol (watch his face when Tyra shows the video of Bristol); Sherrie has her drug issues. But Sadie is a young, angry girl with nothing but love for her brother and nephew to keep her silent. And if she gets angry enough, she may lash out to hurt those who are hurting the ones she loves.

I hope she drives very carefully.

Morgan said...

Dangerous, it is clear from your comments that you are unfamiliar with the concept of the Veiled Threat.

So let me explain it to you. Sometimes if you want to scare someone, smiling at them while you play with your gun can be just as effective as pointing the gun right at them.

After all, do you really *want* to use the gun knowing that the other person would just return fire? Cause, you know, if everyone starts shooting there's a good chance people on both sides are going to get hurt.

So rather than start the war, you flash your weapon and hope that the other side will get the message and give you what you want.

In this case, it's not much. The want to see that baby and these photos are a subtle way of saying, "You need to start playing fair with Grandson Number Two if you don't want the world to know about Grandson Number One."

After all, if Levi is Tripp's dad then he's not only being denied access to one son but two, while Bristol has both of them to herself. I can see why the Johnston's feel doubly hurt, and why they feel the need to start punching back.

Of course, this is a theory. I'm not a huge fan of announcing a case closed until all the evidence is in place.

But Dangerous, for all your protestations this photo is a big smack upside the head to your Willow theory. And you know it.

midnightcajun said...

Dangerous said, "While some are characterizing the posed photo as Levi "cuddling", a more accurate unbias description is he's holding the infant, as one always does."

Have to disagree there, strongly. Look at the way Sadie is holding Trig. THAT's the way you hold an infant that is handed to you. Levi is protectively embracing Trig, holding him close to his chest and to his face. Big difference. Especially when you consider the enormous difference in attitudes towards infants typically displayed by teenaged girls as opposed to teenaged boys.

More Cowbell said...

"Can you honestly imagine a teenaged good ole boy cuddling and looking lovingly at the newborn baby of his girlfriend's mother? "

That's how I feel. To me, the fact that this picture was taken AT ALL is more important than the fact that it was used on Tyra's show. A newborn baby is not generally passed around for pictures with anyone who happens to come by the house. Especially teenaged boys.

Daisydem said...

Wow! and to GinaM SNAP, Crackle, and POP! I have to go digest all of this for a while. P.S. We don't really know Levi and he may have naturally strong paternal or nurturing instincts, but most 17/18 year old boys I have ever known would be so awkward around a newborn and if asked to hold them, would probably hold them like a football, sort of away from the body, like it was going to break. Levi is cradling that baby Trig. And now I look back at the picture of him kissing Trig at the RNC and it seems even more tender. Hmmmm.

Lady Rose said...

Audrey - thanks for clearing up that up about the photo.

LondonBridges said...

I submitted a lengthy post about using the fact that Sarah & Levi were wearing shorts as a possible way to hone in on some possible dates that the pictures were taken. Morgan did you get it? I didn't think it was censorable, but who knows. If not I'll re-construct.

Lady Rose said...

Gryphen posted today about Rachel Maddow's coverage of the Levi interview and include some questions about the photo of Levi with his dad holding a photo -
Levi looks so very young in the photo - is there any way the baby could be Trig?

Levi is wearing a McCain-Palin tshirt - so these would not have been around before fall 2008.

Most likely the photo is of Tripp taken early Jan or late Dec. - but why would Levi still be wearing that tshirt since Sarah lost?

Could it possible, that the photo was taken early fall 2008 - and the baby is Trig at about 6 months?

Link to Gryphen's old post with photo (Levi with his dad and baby)

Molly said...

OK this pic has caused me to re-think the original MySpace labels. Here's my theory (perhaps it's not new):

Sadie knew that Trig was Levi's and Bristol's not Sarah's, but knew the arrangement agreed upon by all, that Sarah and Todd would surruptitiously adopt Trig as their own, and announce it to the world that Sarah had given birth, given that the baby had DS. I agree with the suggestion that Bristol and Levi might even have seen this arrangement as a relief, and been thankful to Sarah. Perhaps Sarah even suggested as consolation to the couple that they could have more of their own in the future (so they went ahead and weren't very careful because they both really wanted one of their own ASAP and what the heck they were gonna get married soon anyway?), and that they could all see baby Trig as often as they wanted and to consider him family (but not on record, of course). In light of this theory, then, the MySpace labels could mean the following:

"Mommy-in-law"...could either mean that Sadie considers SP to be Levi's future mother-in-law, OR, that Sadie considers SP to be the "Mommy" in the legal sense, in that she is adopting Trig, and will be the one officially raising him.

As for "baby brother Triggy-bear", I guess if Sadie at that time considered herself part of the family, and would not be allowed to refer to him as her nephew, that she could call him a baby brother to express how close she feels to him. She obviously does know the term "nefu", but could not use that term openly for Trig, only for Tripp.

And "family love" kinda cements how Sadie felt about Bristol and the Palins. They did all kinda grow up together, correct?

Add all this to the basic fact that this particular baby's birth meant so much to Sadie that she posted those pictures with such emotional captions, and it is beyond belief to think she would have done so if that baby was Sarah and Todd's. Isn't that what we all thought back on August 31st of 2008 when we first saw these pics? Isn't that what we've all been trying to prove since then?

Oh, and, remember that SP has said that this particular story (that Trig is not her son) is "the most asinine story I've ever been forced to comment on". I think she thinks everyone would just go along with her birth story, and maybe thinks people might even kinda "know" what really happened, but cannot imagine why anyone would continue to hound her about it. Isn't this what Good Mothers do? They cover for their pregnant teenage children? How dare anyone keep on her about it!! It's so asinine!! I know you know he isn't REALLY my biological son but leave us alone! If only I hadn't run for VP this story would never have gotten past Alaska!!

I guess in a way I can kinda sympathize a bit with her on that; it is kinda "not our business", and we SHOULD be able to take a governor word for it, except that she RAN FOR VP, and told all those LIES about Obama and about her own record, and claimed that the Palins were the poster people for "family values" and then her 17 yr old daughter is announced to be pregnant and shoot....all bets are off lady!!

Amazing how one picture can give us all so much more to think about.

Silver said...

I think the photo is from a baby book or a scrapbook. The black feet look like stickers.

NakedTruth said...

O.K. I agree with most of you. I thought the kiss that Levi gave Trig at the RNC was staged but after seeing Levi so tenderly holding Trig with Mercede looking over him, I must admit that Levi has a strong connection to Trig. Teenage boys just don't hold newborns especially when they belong to their girlfriend's mother. Well hell, my husband, brother and father won't hold a newborn unless he or she is their own, especially not how Levi was holding Trig.

This is getting good. Yea, the Johnston's by showing this photo were telling Sarah that if she does not come around soon 'we will provide those anonymous pajama bloggers with info that would ruin your life for good'. I bet the Palin and Johnston relationship improves real soon.

KaJo said...

To Ennealogic and ProChoiceGrandma:

Sherry Johnston, in the Tyra Banks interview, never actually said "Secret Service" when she referred to their computers in their home being hacked. She was pretty vague about it, just saying "they".

Also, ProChoice Grandma (your comment 6:22 AM), the little baby feet you see in the border was in the screen capture that was on the video from the Tyra Banks show. No special meaning at all, just an embellishment from the show producer.

To Caroline @ 8:49 AM: I think the possibility you mention -- Mercedes "trying to create a problem for Sarah...Mercedes seems spiteful" has been discussed and concluded over at several pro-Palin sites. They LOVE that theory.

Morgan said...


I didn't get the post you're referring to. Be sure when you hit the "Publish Your Comment" button that a message then appears at the top of the page alerting you that it's been submitted for approval. If you don't see that message there's a good chance it didn't get through.

And just a word about your use of "censorship." Posts are rejected here if they break the rules, but no one is censored. No one here is stopping you from saying whatever you want elsewhere. We just have certain standards here.

Look at it like this. If you came into my house and started spewing profanity, I'd have every right to tell you to take your potty mouth outside. It wouldn't be censorship since I wouldn't be seeking to stop you from going down the street and cursing all you like. I'd simply be letting you know that in my house, certain rules apply. I'm sure it's that way in your house, too.

Think of this blog as Audrey's house. There are a few topics that are deemed off limits, and all she asks is that everyone respect that and play nice with one another.

Simple, really.

Rationalist said...

More Cowbell said:

"That's how I feel. To me, the fact that this picture was taken AT ALL is more important than the fact that it was used on Tyra's show. A newborn baby is not generally passed around for pictures with anyone who happens to come by the house. Especially teenaged boys."

When the McCain campaign announced Bristol's pregnancy and Levi's myspace page was splashed all over the news, a friend of mine observed that he was "frontin', Alaska-style": presenting himself as a badass, as kids do on myspace. I agree that it's hard to reconcile that with the tenderness Levi shows in the photos with Trig and Tripp.

Then why make a point of saying "I don't want kids?" Kids are the last thing on the mind of teenaged boys, usually. Current slogans of teenagers I know are "if only time flew like a dove" and "somebody make me some waffles" and "i just got home from the beach with my bff."

Do we have any idea of the date of that screenshot of Levi's myspace page? Wasn't it up the day they announced Bristol's pregnancy, then disappeared? So apparently he posted "I don't want kids" after Trig was born and while Bristol was pregnant with Tripp. Why?

ravenstrick said...


In the picture w/ Levi and his daddy with the baby Levi is wearing a McCain/Palin t-shirt, so it had to be taken post announcement. Trig was born last spring.

CupofNoodles said...

I think all the kitchen photos came from Sadies camera. She likes to embellish her photos, like the sepia one, the baby feet, and her name across another one.

I don't think the producers put the feet there, I think they were there when they recieved the photo from the Johnstons

anne s said...

Do you think Mercedes/Mama/ and Levi "can't" say anything about baby Trig... say Sarah P. "adopted him" for Bristol.. adoptions have alot of messy legal paperwork.
Possible it was a closed adoption with stipulations in there that noone can say anything or else?

Don't know much about those things.. just was wondering
You'd think if Mercedes was all testy like she seems to be this would of been the first story she would of blurted out..

btw.. if anyone is interested (i'm such a snoop) the Confused Palin love fest website is dying hard.. the only postings these days are old photos for people to gush over.. no story or substance anymore

Punkinbugg said...

I agree with Silver: The picture with the black footprints could be a scanned-in photo from somebody's scrapbook.

And I posted about this earlier, but I must have not clicked on the right button:

I don't think there is a "{part 3}" of the Tyra interview.

According to those who saw the actual broadcast, YouTube's {Part 2} cuts off just as the Johnstons bring up the possibility of taking the Palins to court for visitation rights.

And, ironically, just before Sherry talks about her scrubbed computer.

Lady Rose said...

Rationalist - Levi's webpage was put up by friends when Levi was only abuot 14 - or so he says in the Tyra interview

It is possile he just never did anything else with it and no reason too if he wasn't interested in myspace

LondonBridges said...

We may be able to use the observation that both Levi & Sarah were wearing shorts in these pictures to hone in on possible Trig birth dates.

First, let's assume they were taken between February 14-May 5, 2008.

Second, Sarah tends to be cold, so if she was wearing shorts at this time of year, but with a sweatshirt/hoodie, it is likely she had just come home from a run. In this instance, it would probably have to be at least 40 degrees for her to be running outdoors in shorts.

Third, if Sarah had actually given birth to Trig on April 18, how soon after this blessed event would Sarah be able to go running? Would she have been running within 3 weeks or before May 5?

Fourth, either Levi was living at the Palin Palace or he had come over to visit. If he had come over to visit, it seems unlikely that he would have worn shorts rather than jeans unless the outdoor temperature reached at least 50 degrees that day.

Fifth, I think we also learned that there was a snow storm on April 17-18, 2008.

Six: Is weather & temperature data available for Wasilla during this 2/14-5/5/08 window?

Seven: During this time what are the dates that Sarah was confirmed to be in Juneau or Anchorage, or out of state?

Eight: What are the 40 degree days that Sarah was home during this time frame and able to go running? The answer may be ZERO IF she is Trig's mother, but if not what are the 40 degree days she was in Wasilla?

Nine: What are the 50 degree days?

Ten: an analysis of the possible dates might lead to narrowing down Trig's possible birthdate.

It may lead to answers or it may not, but depending on the weather data, it could be very revealing!

Can anyone access the Wasilla temperature data for 2/14-5/5?

Tully said...

I agree with the predominant line of thinking here-- that Levi and Bristol are Trig's parents and reluctantly gave him up to Todd and Sarah because they knew they didn't have the resources to deal with the Downs issue. In fact, I posted this same theory on one of the threads quite some time ago. I think it significant that the photo of newborn Trig and Levi was left off Mercede's my Space. It would have been way too suspicious. It's normal for teenaged girls to gush over babies, but not so for teenaged boys. Some thought the RNC photo of Levi kissing Trig was staged. I thought it candid and genuine. After seeing Levi on TB's show, does anyone think Levi has a duplicitous bone in his body?

KaJo said...

Rationalist said @ 9:48 AM "...So apparently he posted "I don't want kids" after Trig was born and while Bristol was pregnant with Tripp. Why?

IMO that's not quite correct.

In the Tyra Banks interview Levi Johnston related about his MySpace page that it was put up on the 'Net when he was about 14 years old, and that the "I don't want kids" and "redneck" comments had been on the MySpace page that long.

Which would be most likely just before he met Bristol Palin at that hockey tournament in Fairbanks?

I can't remember for certain (but when I have time I'll listen to the video to verify), but I think Levi said that his buddies wrote those sentiments as a joke.

Like some people here and on other blogs have noted, apparently that's a characteristic of kids who have MySpace pages, to write fake comments. IMO, that's why Audrey and her research team have taken so long to post what they know about other MySpace pages for the "featured players" in this Palindrama. (excuse the pun)

They want to make sure what's been written is verified as true, by crosschecking.

Ennealogic said...


Part of what we saw (which should be on a Part 3 of the interview that is not 'out there' yet) was Levi talking about his MySpace page where he said he didn't want kids.

He said, IIRC, that the page was put up by his friends when they were like 14 years old. So the f'in redneck comments were not necessarily his, and certainly not current.

Ghostbuster said...

The promos for the Tyra Banks interview used pictures of Levi with Trig - the RNC pics. And of course those pics have been used all over the place (e.g. People magazine) to illustrate stories about Levi and Bristol and Tripp, before and after the birth. So I don't think that we can read too much into the use of Trig photos per se.

Personally I don't think the existence of a photo of Levi holding Trig is in itself proof of anything. Especially since there is the pic of Mercedes holding the baby too - it could be nothing more than his sister telling him it's his turn to hold the baby, and we know the camera was already out. I've got pics of my then-boyfriend holding unrelated babies, and believe me it wasn't on his own initiative. There's no smoking gun in there in my opinion.

What is interesting here though is the provenance of this new Levi & Trig photo.

We know that a producer for Tyra's show didn't just find this on the internet. (Because if it could be found that easily, we'd already have seen it here!)

We also know that they didn't absolutely need more pictures of Levi with a baby (any baby), because, in spite of the Johnstons complaints about the no photos policy, there were photos of Levi holding Tripp that accompanied the story. And if they wanted Mercedes/Sarah or Mercedes/baby pics, those were available on the internet already (e.g. on Patrick's flickr site ;-).

This pic of Levi with Trig was NOT on Mercede's myspace page (at least not publicly) so it was presumably given to the Tyra Banks show, perhaps as a set of photos - perhaps a scrapbook page, perhaps a non-public web page.

(My first thoughts about the footprints were that it could be one of those photo cards or announcements you can order from the photo counter at Walmart etc., but on second thought it looks more like rub-ons or stickers or stamps used in scrapbooking. Or perhaps more likely, a myspace graphic or some other web-page or software picture enhancement. It's highly unlikely that the footprints were added by Tyra's crew - none of the other pics have been similarly embellished and the footprints are mostly cropped out of the close-up versions of that photo that were shown on the show.)

If the producers asked for pics of the Johnstons and the Palins together, I suppose Mercedes may have handed over the whole set of myspace pics from last spring, including one that was not public on her website (that brings up the question why if was private). Or they may have been stored on her computer (but didn't they claim those pics were deleted or stolen?) Or perhaps still on her camera - but then how did the footprints get on there? Or maybe they were printed out, maybe in a scapbook that was shown to the Tyra folks. ???

The story about the computers being hacked - not sure I buy that one at all. That may be their cover story for the pics or other info getting out into the public realm. Or it might be a sincere complaint, in which case I'd be taking a long hard look at McCain staffer who claimed to be a "family friend" when the media first showed up at Levi's door.

Silvergirl said...

I love that photo of Levi tenderly holding baby Trig. It speaks volumes.

Mercede is a beautiful stylish girl. I'll bet she changes her hairstyle very often, so these 2 pictures were no doubt taken on the same day. It looks as if she is a proud aunt in these pictures, too, or at least has some relation to the newborn baby.

I think this is a great find, but will someone in the MSM pay attention to it? I would love it if Rachel Maddow would do some analysis on it, but she might think it is not worth her time until something more conclusive is presented.

Does anyone think Sarah and/or the Johnstons read this blog?

Meanwhile, spin, Sarah, spin!

WV: cation (as in vacation - Sarah take one away from defending your lies.)

Rationalist said...

Thanks, folks, for clarifying Levi's comments about his myspace page. I watched Tyra on YouTube, not live, so I didn't see this part.

Well, this makes even more sense, then. Whether he wrote "I don't want kids" or his friends did, Levi would not be the first guy to change his mind about kids once he had one of his own.

onething said...

It seems to me that the mystery of Mercede referring to Trigg as her little brother while showing deeper enthusiasm for him, is explained by them having already decided to present Trigg to the world as being Sarah's son, even on Myspace. Which would make him, more or less, Mercede's little brother-in-law, but the emotions displayed were for a nephew.

Lilybart said...

The only thing I am clear on is that Palin* was NOT pregnant. In the Aug 18th photo, why was she NOT wearing a huge scarf? Tells me the photo was staged by Palin* and since we know she is vain, why wear huge scarves and big coats indoors, making you look even bigger, AFTER you told everyone about the pregnancy? Women in business will try to hide it as long as they can if the boss is a jerk, but she is the GOV. Who was goin to fire her for being pg?

And the other item that will not go away is the rumors of Bristol's pregnancy during the Trigg gestation period. Those kinds of rumors are almost always true I have found.

So I know Palin was not pg.
* And I refuse to call her Sarah because that is what she wants, to be so famous we only need her first name, like Cher and Charro.

midnightcajun said...

LondonBridges, I don't think Sarah just came in from running-look at her hair and makeup. She could have been getting ready to get on a home treadmill, or work out with weights. I've also known vain women who liked to portray themselves as "sporty" and who had nice legs to simply run around in shorts and a sweatshirt at home even when it was snowing outside (and did we all notice that Sarah is wearing a University of Idaho Vandals sweatshirt! At 44. Jeez. Is she THAT proud of the fact she finally managed to graduate college?) Levi could be wearing slacks, and if it was hot enough in the house for Sarah's shorts he probably pulled off his sweater. Bristol and Mercede are wearing jeans and heavy sweatshirts.

onething said...

Sheesh! I try very hard not to mix up Trig and Tripp, but I just mispelled Trig's name as Trigg on my last post. They are trying to Tripp us up!

WV: angstic
Yes, it is.

B said...

Someone (maybe Luna) commented long ago that "don't want kids" was one of the canned lines a MySpace user could choose. Levi's friends didn't even have to think it up. I found Levi's current desire to be a dad genuine. But he needs to pay child support, even if it means selling his truck.

I hope the MySpace research will give more clues on whom to believe.

Ghostbuster said...

For Londonbridges -

Weather history for Wasilla, April 2008:

It got up to 60 F on April 23rd and then again on May 2nd (two days before a comment was posted on Mercede's myspace page).

Is that shorts weather for AK?

lexky said...

B and Ravenstrick thank you very much for answering my question. i didnt even notice the mccain/palin tshirt.

B said...

How to know if your comment was sent:

"Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval" appears atop the page,
the "Leave your comment" area becomes blank.

If no message appears, your comment should still be with you and you just need to enter another word verification and Publish.

This happens to me a lot.

BC said...

Again The most important picture taken that day is the one we haven't seen. Levi was there Bristol was ther and it was about family. Where is the picture of Bristol and Levi with Trigg??
As for that matter have we ever seen a picture of Levi and Bristol and Tripp??
Wonder why not?

CupofNoodles said...

Have you seen these new videos by the Johnstons yet.

Mercedes message to Bristol

Levis advice to teen fathers:

Morgan said...


I didn't approve your last comment because the photo was misidentified and I didn't want to deal with a string of comments correcting it.

That's not Trig. That's picture was taken at a rally in Minneapolis. The little red-headed kid she's holding is a 2-year-old named Ricky Thibault.

Just an FYI.

mdlw56 said...

Thanks...Audrey and associates! What great work!

Well, for whatever it is worth,

I think that Palin and Bristol went to NY for a reason other than a meeting as stated. But then Bristol decided to give the baby to Palin instead. It should be obvious that Palin was using Trig to promote her own political agenda. Because she announced a pregnancy only after McCain's March 5th announcement that he was running for the presidency.

I think maybe the Johnstons are not allowed to see Trig. Why else would a grandmother say that "Bristol knew how much that baby meant to me." Maybe the Palins don't want Sadie's friends to see Trig. And I have noticed that the interviewer said the name "Tripp" more than the parent (both interviews, both parents), extremely odd.

Oh, and Levi said that he told his mom first, but Bristol said his mom was told maybe the next day?? And engagement in June would fit Trig more than Tripp. Sorry for my rambling.

All the pictures in a row, what a story they behold. Hey, it rhymes!!!

Again, great job to all!!

Dee said...

I believe that there is overwelming proof that Trig is not Sara's child, but there is only circumstantional evidence that the baby is Bristol's and Levi's. The picture is interesting, but proves nothing. I don't think it was a message to anyone, and frankly saying so, doesn't help the credibility of this blog. My guess would be that the Johnstons supplied the picture, perhaps to show how they use to be close to the Palin's but are now being kept from Tripp. The producers saw a picture of Levi holding an infant and thought that worked with the show. They either didn't know or didn't care that it was actually a picture of Trig.

There have been a lot of comments in which people make assumptions about other people's emotional states and actions based upon how theyselves might act in similiar circumstances. This proves nothing. People vary widely in their emotional responses and what they consider proper behavior. Just because you weren't crazy for baby's when you were a teen or don't know any teenage boys who would gently hold a baby that was not related to them, doesn't prove that is the only way possible for a teenager to behave. Personally, from my life experience, I don't see anything odd about the pictures. In my world, friends visit other friends homes when there is a new baby and everybody politely takes a turn holding the baby and looking like they really think it is adorable even if they are bored silly, while other people snap photos. However, that hardly proves that Levi and Bristol aren't Trig's parents, anymore then other people's belief that their behavior was odd for a baby supposedly Sara's, proves that it is their baby.

sandra said...

Isn't the picture of Levi holding the baby the same as the one shown on the van Susteren interview? That one had a hospital ID bracelet on Levi's wrist, but the cap on his head seems to be the same.

I also keep thinking back to an interview with Levi in the fall of 2008 when he said something about, "My first son!" That seemed to be a strange statement at the time.

B said...

After Sarah met McCain in Feb. 2008, maybe she had McCain/Palin T-shirts printed for family to wear around her house. Power of positive thinking and all that.

Just kidding. The photo shows Keith, Levi, and TriPP Johnston.

NoMore said...

I haven't read any of the posts yet, so, sorry if this is redundant!

Yes, for us PJ-clad basement bloggers, this is a sign - and proof IMHO - that Trig is Levi and Bristol's baby (unless a different daddy was in there, laying his cookoo egg...).
Unfortunately, most people out there have NOT seen Audreys site, and thus they will just assume that the pictures are pictures of Tripp...

Dangerous said...

Here we go again.

One picture of Levi and Trig and everyone sees it as proof that he's the father. Or evidence he's the father.

But just a few days ago all the speculation was that Trig had someone else as his father.

Can anyone tell what was in Levi's mind while this picture was taken? Appearently so. Many have convinced themselves of their supernatural abilities by concluding from a photo that Levi is Trig's father because he is showing fatherly love. Excellent. Are you all available for kids' parties too?

If anything, these pictures continue to put the "nail-in-the-coffin" for Bx2. Morgan mentioned the picture's public airing as a 'veiled threat'. (Yes, I am familiar with that concept.) But to make that work, they have to continue to deny Levi is Trig's father. So does he lovingly care of Trig as his son or not? All they want is better treatment with Tripp?

Others are saying that SP is holding something on the Johnstons to keep them quiet. Huh? So who is threatening whom exactly.

All your theories fall apart with the most obvious questions they raise. So no, this picture is not a blow to Wx1 / Bx1. They submitted this picture because it was one of Levi, Sadie and a baby and it's the only one they had readily available, probably.

Now, if you had a picture of another potential father holding Trig, such as another Bristol boyfriend, then maybe you'd have something. In this picture, however, all you have is a men holding a baby, and a whole lot of conjecture.

* * *

On another thread, someone posted that Willow traveled in public during Feb and Mar 2008, and that is evidence she wasn't pregnant. There's only a little probative value in that because a) we aren't sure she actually travelled and b) we don't know what she looked like at the time.

But I don't ignore evidence that may not fit the theory. People don't expect to see a pregnant 14-year-old, and if they didn't know her for quite a time she might be able to disguise her condition.

Meanwhile, Bristol got in a car accident, remember? Do you think that was the only time she drove during the period? I doubt it. So she would be out in semi-public as much as Willow.

On that basis it's a draw. Willow's school attendance is the key. Let's get some data points on that.


NoMore said...

One more thing I don't understand: The Johnstons are complaining about not having pictures of the baby, yet SJ said several times that the baby was in her house off and on. So, why couldn't she take pictures then? If I was in that position, I sure would have...
Doesn't add up for me.

B said...


Levi has longer sideburns in the TriPP photo shown on Greta than in the "accidental" TriG photo.

wv: downsin. Downs. Sin.

B said...

mdlw56 said, "engagement in June would fit Trig more than Tripp."

Why? In June 2007 TriG probably hasn't been conceived. In June 2008 it's too late to make him "legitimate" and he's been adopted by Sarah. However, Bristol is 1-3 months along with TriPP, a likely time to commit.

Karen said...

WHY WOULD THE SECRET SERVICE hack Johnston's computers, Aug-Sept 2008??? Surely this is above & beyond normal prodedure. Makes me feel TRIG INFO on their computers, was a risk to Sarah.

B said...

Dangerous said, "But just a few days ago all the speculation was that Trig had someone else as his father."

If Bristol is TriG's mom, Levi may think he is TriG's father, even if the Palins know it was an older man (statutory rape) Bristol dated before Levi or simultaeously.

We get a tidbit, have a feeding frenzy, then settle into a reasonable understanding of the evidence. Not to worry. This is typical. We still need to see the awaited research and why Patrick thought Levi may not be TriG's dad.

Tully said...

Bristol was in a car accident. Emphasis on the word "accident." She did not plan on being "semi-public" as you put it. Plus, she was outside, wearing a heavy winter coat, no doubt.

Willow, on the other hand, was clearly and deliberately on display at the State of the State speech. Very public, indoors, and sure to be seen by many people.

There are other possibilities for Trig's birth mother, but just suppose, for argument's sake, that the field is narrowed down to only two: Bristol and Willow. Which one could have more easily concealed a late second trimester or early third trimester pregnancy? Bristol, outdoors in heavy winter clothing seen by another (young?)driver who probably did not know her and one police officer? Or Willow, indoors, in light clothing, seen by hundreds of folks, many of whom knew her and had cameras?

Do you know if Bristol ever even got out of her car at the time of the accident?

NakedTruth said...

B said in response to Dangerous:

"We still need to see the awaited research and why Patrick thought Levi may not be TriG's dad."

Thanks B for this response. You are exactly right. This is a deception that requires us to review and discuss in detail all evidence presented to us. We all have our ideas and theories on what transpired with the birth of Trig but none of us know for sure.

I am 100% sure that Sarah is not the birth mother of Trig, 80% sure that Bristol is the birthmother and 50% sure that Levi is the father. Before this Levi/Trig/Sadi picture I was 80% sure that Levi was not the father of Trig. I do not think at all that Willow is the birth mother of Trig.

Those are my thoughts and I am sticking to them. That is until more evidence presents itself.:-)

NoMore said...

Londonbridges, April 7, 2009 10:19 AM: I don't know why you are concentrating on the outdoor temps. I believe the Palin house was/is quite warm inside - especially with a newborn around - as can be seen in some other pics, where the kids are shown to be wearing short sleeves, even though it is wintertime...

Morgan, re. those posts that seem to never make it: I *always* make sure that my post is accepted and that the "Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval." shows up before I go on to other things. If it does not, the intended msg stays in the answer box, and a new wv comes up (like it did just now).
Still, my posts disappear regularly into cyberspace... :(

Jen said...

YES!!!!!!!!! I wish I could type that in BOLD, RED letters!! YES!!!!!

I just watched it and immediately recognized that setting and Mercede's hair, earrings, etc! I got on here as soon as I could and was not at all surprised to see this new post!



sg said...

I agree with Dee and Dangerous that this speculation about a hidden purpose/motive for the Levi+Trig picture is unsupported.

It was confirmed in the Tyra interview that the Palins have imposed a total blackout on pictures taken by outsiders (including the Johnstons, but excepting the GVS interview) since the day of Tripp's birth. So there were no pictures of Tripp available for the show to use. Either the producers didn't know, or they didn't care, that the only baby picture they had was of Trig. They obviously felt they needed to show a baby picture, and ran with what was available.

Plus, the picture fit nicely into one of the "themes" the show was presenting: namely, that the Johnstons are a close-knit and caring, baby-friendly family (really!) that are being harshly shut out of Tripp's life by the Palins, especially that petty, jealous Bristol.

jeanie said...

London Bridges - or 11: Perhaps Sarah has a treadmill in the basement for inclement weather?

Jen said...

I want to add that I am seriously concerned about Bristol possibly suffering from post-partum depression. Listening to Levi, I am hearing some major red flags -- especially when Bristol told GVS that Tripp is a poor sleeper. Let's hope someone can help her if that's the case...


BG said...

Okay so I appreciate that this is significan enough to warrant a post albeit inconclusive. So where are the 6 MySpace findings that were supposed to be posted yesterday?

Morgan said...

Nomore, my advice to you is save your posts and if they don't show up then try posting again. If they don't show up after that then email me at to see why they weren't approved

As a number of readers will tell you, if your post was rejected I have absolutely no problem telling you why.

NY tabloid chick said...

WOW! Nice catch, Audrey and Co.!!
I don't consider any individual bits of info and/or analysis to be slam-dunk on their own, but boy, this is adding up to death by a thousand paper cuts. I wish I (or any of us here!) could've done the questioning instead of Tyra, sigh... I assume they picked her because they knew that she wouldn't probe too much in an interview.

I'd been leaning toward Levi not being the father of Trig, but now, I'm not so sure. There's a certain tenderness that you don't often see in young men his age; again, not proof in and of itself, but certainly worth thinking about.
These are certainly very odd pictures. I 'get' a group pic, everyone all around while someone holds the baby. I 'get' a baby pic, where mommy/daddy holds the baby. I 'get' a picture of mommy, her good pal and the baby. I don't 'get' friends of the mom's other children posing with the family. (And what about the way Sadie's hand is covering Levi's hand in the Tyra photo? Odd pose.) And add in that this is a newborn special-needs preemie; the photos just get stranger.

Sadie strikes me as one of those people who is always taking pictures, maybe doing scrapbooks. The Triggy-bear Myspace labels, the little footprint stickers, the comments about how sad she is that she doesn't have pictures of Tripp ... I think she's got plenty more pix, and now SP knows it. I'm intrigued by the Johnston's claim that all of their pictures were taken off their hard drives; I wonder if they're trying to set up an excuse for SP if any pix end up in the press? I'll bet Sadie has scrapbooks with quite a few pix that SP would rather not see published. And now SP knows that Sadie could embarrass her even more.
If Sadie knows the whole truth, and is holding back a full-on attack on SP so she can help her brother see his baby(ies), I'm really impressed! It must take a lot of restraint to not let this all out at once. I also have to give her more credit for her smarts. If she really planned this out, using the wrong photo and sending a message to SP, she's quite the protective mama bear (I hated when SP called herself that when, after throwing her kids under the bus, she then whined that MSM was talking about them. But I think it fits Sadie's behavior).
When Tyra asked Levi about using protection, he first said, all the time. Is he the worst liar ever, or what? He couldn't even look her in the face. I think that the Johnstons are another death-by-paper-cut problem for SP. Individually, none are that bright or likable, but together they're a rather formidable team. I think this was a huge step forward for this family; I can see why SP is lashing back so hard even before the show aired.

NJESQ said...

Has ANYONE seena phot of Tripp, or confirmed a sighting of Tripp, since the GVS interview?

I have not. I continue to believe that "Tripp" does not exist, and that the baby shown there in the GVS Anchorage hotel was borrowed for the occasion.

LondonBridges said...

Blogger NoMore said...

London Bridges, April 7, 2009 10:19 AM: I don't know why you are concentrating on the outdoor temps.


I still think Sarah as a runner would tend to be cold and I don't think her habit of wearing coats indoors was exclusively during her faux pregnancy phase. It's not comfortable wearing shorts indoors in the winter. Runners who come in after a run may stay in their shorts for an hour or so until they get cold. Seems likely the photo session was going on when Sarah walked inside after finishing her run. Given that she is a hard core runner, she likely was running that day.

However, I likely mistook all the Levi in shorts pics with Tripp for the Levi with Trig picture. Since Levi is wearing shorts in his Tripp pictures, that could be an indication that he was residing in the place where the pictures were taken as it was December or January, an unlikely scenario to be outdoors, in transit, unless running, in shorts.

It is unclear whether or not Levi was wearing shorts in the Trig-Levi picture. Do we have any full size pics of Levi wearing pants or shorts that resemble the ones in the picture.

I will still analyze the outdoor temperature data, to see if it provides and clues, later today.

Karen said...

B, Thanks for the info about posting, & how to tell if a message was sent. I've started to sign in with Google before even trying to send, & this usually helps. Thought you said once you're a dietitian, if so, I am as well. Karen

eastcoast said...

Tyra Banks and her network should respond as to why they used a photo of Levi, Mercede and Trig when the show was clearly about Levi, Mercede and Tripp.
Were they aware of their error? Do they acknowledge their error?
Do they value their credibility?
Were they duped?
Do they care?

Tyra seems to want to be taken seriously.

Dangerous said...

Unfortunately, there is never enough time nor space here to refute every possible challenge to my conclusions or challenges to others conclusions. We all face that dilemma.

For Bristol's car "accident", she was in public, unless you asserted she drove from Anchorage to Wasilla on a joy ride. She obviously didn't intend on the police officer or the other driver seeing her, but she was almost certainly likely to be seen by others when she got out of the car at her regular destination, which many people felt was shopping center right there.

My point is it seems unlikely that this was the only time Bristol drove during the key time period. So she wasn't in total hiding, either. We just don't the wheres and whens. With Willow, she probably flew, but her condition may have been disguised. It would have been easier for her since people wouldn't have been checking her. They may have just thought she was chunky, if they considered it at all.

We know Bristol wasn't in school, or at least there some evidence she wasn't. We don't know Willow's school situation. We do know if Willow travelled she missed several weeks of school in Juneau, including from March 28 on. She may have gone to school in Wasilla, but a possible alibi is not an alibi. Bristol's situation is nearly identical, but nearly everyone's accepted it as fact, without direct evidence.

I'm with whoever says that we need more evidence. The new photo is new evidence, but changes nothing as to the ultimate conclusion. If there was new probative evidence which didn't require conjecture to interpret, I'll change my conclusion.

FYI -- I just spoke to a pregnant woman who told me that, in very rare cases, a woman already carrying a child could get pregnant again and actually carry that child to term. Hence, the children could be born less than nine months apart. her doctor told her that. Is this what happened with Bristol? These possible circumstances support the Bx2 theory, but I doubt anyone would believe them without extraordinary proof.

Bx2 is rapidly approaching the level requiring extraordinary proof.


NY tabloid chick said...

I just had a thought about that Trig photo. Sadie and Levi know it was Trig in the picture, but they presented it as if it were Tripp, a child everyone's acknowledging as Levi's. Sarah knows it's Trig as well. SP has every right to say to the Johnstons, "Hey, stop putting pictures of MY son Trig on TV without permission." But if she DOES complain (or more likely have her taxpayer-paid spokesperson Meg Stapleton complain), she's practically inviting the Johnstons to reveal more details about Trig's birth (imagine Levi saying, "No, SP, I have every right to show pictures of MY son."). If she doesn't complain that these people, who she considers to be way beneath her, are showing pictures of her son, she doesn't quite look like the protective mama grizzly anymore. And the Johnstons have made it quite clear that they're acting as a team and are ready to talk. I'm sure Sherry's lawyer is behind the Tyra appearance and the photos chosen. Well played!


NY tabloid chick said...

*** NoMore said...
One more thing I don't understand: The Johnstons are complaining about not having pictures of the baby, yet SJ said several times that the baby was in her house off and on. So, why couldn't she take pictures then? If I was in that position, I sure would have...
Doesn't add up for me.***

My guess? SP told them she was working to sell the pics and they'd get a cut of the money, so she couldn't risk having any photos out there until after the magazine shoot.

Betsy S said...

Perhaps SP is not allowing any pix of Tripp because of the internet's and MSM's use of the pictures of Trig, vis Mercede's page and Star Mag etc. Btw, if Trip was ever let out with his dad (to visit Sherry) I can't imagine that
Mercede wouldn't get out her trusty camera to record the event. As a grandmother, I feel for Sherry Johnston, who must truly wish to hold either or both Trig and Tripp. It is a celebration for her, in spite of the other difficulties of her life.
wv: untsk--not a tsk? I think plenty.
Great job, everybody.

NakedTruth said...

Dangerous said and I agree:

"Bx2 is rapidly approaching the level requiring extraordinary proof."

I would also add that if Bx2 requires extraordinary proof then Wx1 requires even a higher level of proof considering that the evidence we do have show that Willow traveled more and was seen more than Bristol in the timeframe of Trig's gestation.

Tully said...


I am saying that we have direct and confirmable evidence of two sightings, one each of Bristol and Willow during the critical time.

I am asking you, if one of them was pregnant at the time of her respective, specific sighting (the traffic accident or the State of the State address,) which one could have more easily concealed it?

More Cowbell said...

"FYI -- I just spoke to a pregnant woman who told me that, in very rare cases, a woman already carrying a child could get pregnant again and actually carry that child to term. Hence, the children could be born less than nine months apart. her doctor told her that. Is this what happened with Bristol? These possible circumstances support the Bx2 theory, but I doubt anyone would believe them without extraordinary proof.

Bx2 is rapidly approaching the level requiring extraordinary proof."

Really? It's more believable that that's what happened to Bristol than that she either had Tripp a month a few weeks early (if you believe that Trig was born in April 18) or that Trig was born before April 18 (since there's no proof of when he was born)? I find that amazing.

Rationalist said...

re: pregnant while pregnant - an italian woman claimed this, but it turned out to be a hoax. According to my brief googling, the only way to get pregnant while pregnant is to have two uteruses. (uteri?)

Elizabeth said...

(Morgan, I just submitted this accidentally on the Myspace post. Can you put it here instead?)

I apologize if someone else has already caught this, but I noticed that in the Tyra interview, Sherry mentioned that Bristol and Levi's first date was a hockey trip to Fairbanks. I know there has been some debate as to when, exactly, they started dating. Perhaps this trip, if it was as part of a team event, can be independently verified?

NakedTruth said...


I wonder too when Levi and Bristol started to date. I have heard that they dated throughout high school (from 9th grade?) but we also keep hearing about Bristol having another high school boyfriend (s?) and Sadi said in the Tyra interview that she is still friends with Levi ex-girlfriends.

My guess is that they were an on again and off again type of couple.

onething said...

I'm confused. What or where is the Maddow post?

I only saw two Tyra videos. Is there a third?

There's definitely more to the story re Bristol-Mercedes. After all, the girlfriends were there before.
Florida seems to have worsened the situation (it must surely be the myspace message that got out) but it was already strained by the time of the birth, which should be because of Sherri getting arrested?

Jen said...

I also thought it was interesting that the only "stories" Levi said he thought were ridiculous and all over the place were drug use and cheating. I think we all know of a different story that is circulating that he didn't mention..... ;)


Truthseeker2 said...

The photos of Levi with Trig, along with the statement that he was 17 when he became a father, along with his Special Olympics coaching and the tender kiss at the RNC, all add up to Levi being Trig's father. The Johnstons are not-so-subtly saying to the world that Levi has two sons.

AKPetMom said...

To those of you discussing the indoor/outdoor temps vs. clothing choices. I've posted about this before but will share again. I live in Wasilla.

Indoors when lounging, etc I wear capris or shorts, cotton t-shirt and hiking sandals. I exchange long sleeves for short sleeves and capris for shorts in the summer. This is my lounging outfit as well as my "run to the store really quickly if the walkway has been shoveled and I can get to the car without snow in my sandals" outfit.

I'm not alone; kids wear shorts to school all year, it's a toughness statement. Kids eschew proper coats because it's cool.

It's been 45 for the last two days here, summer has arrived. People were at the grocery in shorts and short sleeves, there were lots of bare toes in sandals. I had to wear the short sleeved t-shirt for my dog hike as the long sleeves were too hot yesterday. This is what 45 degrees above means to us. We begin to strip down and take our shoes off.
75 is a hot summer day in Wasilla, we don't have more than 10 of those a summer, our average is 60-65, that is our comfort zone.

In closing, most people I know wear the same thing indoors all year round as most folks keep the heat at 70 or above. 70 is warm, really warm for us. It's not unusual to go to someone's home when it is minus 20 outdoors and find them indoors wearing shorts. People even run from the gym to the car and drive home in shorts if they are too lazy to change. Even when it's below zero.

I just wanted to help people from warmer climates put our clothing choices into perspective and show that the short sleeves and shorts from the photos aren't really indicative of what season it is.

Aussie said...

An opinion. My view is that the reason SP has been so defensive about Levi cohabiting at her house is because it was acceptable to her fan base when there was a suggestion that Bristol and Levi were about to marry. Now that there is no relationship however, it all appears very tacky and sleazy and no longer palatable.

Grandma Nancy said...

Here is some interesting information:

It is said to be easier to get pregnant right after birth mostly because you can not easily tell when your fertility has returned. You ovulate before you get your first period, so your fertility can return silently when you think you are "safe".

The above is from:

Grandma Nancy said...

The captions on the photos make sense to me for the first time -- Mommy Inlaw could indicate Sarah Palin as the adoptive mother of Trig, and Baby Brother could be the only way any of the kids (including Levi, Bristol or Mercedes) could then refer to him. Family Love would indicate that Trig now made both the Palins and the Johnstons family. I also think the photo was a subtle message to the Palins that there is more to tell, and although they are still keeping quiet and respectful, unless communication/custody sharing of Tripp (and Trig) there is more that could be shared.

Also interesting to see the photo of Levi with Trig on the same day as the other photos. Levi and Bristol are the only two I've seen photographed who are looking at Trig with what seems like visible paternal/maternal pride and emotion, holding him as a very precious being and needing special protection.

More of the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. Good work!

eastcoast said...

Governor Palin is obviously aware of all the blogging discussions going on regarding the sexual activity of her own daughter, and of the national media attention of how regularly she practiced safe sex.
If a mother (of any stripe) could put a quick and immediate end to these public discussions regarding her own daughter with a single document...don't you think she would have? (or maybe a complete medical profile all other candidates provided more than one day before the election?)
To hell with being a "Mama Grizz", this wasilliabilly is is a "mama groundhog" just hidin', and hunkerin' down hoping it all will blow over.
And to think her State spokesperson, on the State's dime, is sent out to ruin her own reputation to patty-smack her Governor's grandson's father & family.

It is time to call Governor Groundhog out.

If the Governor has an ounce of respect for her daughter, her grandsons or the truth, put this discussion quickly to rest by providing the medical documentation and records needed.

And speaking as a father of two daughters, I am shocked that Todd has allowed this to go on as long as it has.

git 'er done Todd.
step up, manly man.
Come out of the garage...your family is getting slapped around.

If something's not the truth here you ought to be pissed.

Provide the evidence that's needed to allow so many to stop discussing your daughter's sex life.


But if you're covering up all these lies that your wife's gotten you into just so she can finally shake off that hurt from her second place finish in that beauty contest and finally be president of the United States which means you will actually have to live in Washington DC year round, which has about as much snow mobiling and hanging out with your buds as some some island off Juneau.............
maybe we understand.

Martha said...

I'm surprised that this story hasn't been picked up by more media. USA Today is about it, and they barely touch the surface.

Martha M

Morgan said...

East Cost, I've often thought the same thing about Todd. For all his snow-mobilin' and posturing when it comes down to it he really is a wuss.

There's no doubt who wears the pants in that family. It's Sarah. Todd Palin is a neutered lapdog.

Grandma Nancy said...

And yet from another site:

How soon can you get pregnant after childbirth?

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
You can get pregnant straight away, most likely because females are extremely fertile just after giving birth.

CupofNoodles said...


SP providing any documentation isn't gonna help Bristol at this point.
The attention Bristol has been getting of late is seperate from the babygate stuff. The babygate stuff isn't even mentioned so Bristol has her own holes to dig out of now.

Sheesh said...

Eggcellent point East Coast! I couldn't agree more. I know if it was my family in this situation my husband would be just as vocal as I would be in defending and refuting these stories.

I didn't see the Tyra Banks interview but have to congratulate those who realized that the Trigg pic with Levi was at the same time as the Mercede MySpace pics...a significant addition to the photo evidence. I'm not seeing this as a 'message in a bottle' though rather the only pic the Johnston's could come up with to show a tender moment with his son. The show's production staff would most likely have no clue about all the photographic evidence thus compiled and that they had a pic of Trigg instead of Tripp. What this does show though is that Levi's tender moment with Trigg at the RNC was not isolated. Methinks we're getting closer!

JJ said...

Here is a new National Enquirer article about Bristol's new boyfriend (who was also her old boyfriend pre-Levi):

It also features a picture of Willow instead of Bristol, yet again!

Rationalist said...

Couple of things about the tyra show: not only does Levi say "that time, I kinda knew what it was," but Sherry quotes Levi as saying "when I get my kid" he'll be riding skateboards etc. This is supposedly BEFORE he knew Bristol was pregnant with Tripp.

Not conclusive, but more little nuances to the story.

Rationalist said...

Also - about the baby pictures - I just watched the Tyra show again and there were tons of pictures of TriPP. They didn't need a picture of TriG to convey family closeness. I'm sure the Tyra staff got some of the pictures online, but the only way they'd include a previously unreleased picture of TriG are:

1. The Johnstons just gave a scrapbook to the Tyra staff and let them pick any pictures they wanted. Hard to imagine, considering the gag order they claim to be under.

2. They chose that picture deliberately.

Matt said...

I follow this blog probably more than I should. I really like it even though my wife thinks I'm nuts.

One thing that is really getting irritating is the constant teasers with nothing!

"Coming tomorrow: Six specific things the MySpace analysis shows us."

Tomorrow has come and gone and still nothing...

Anonymous said...

Wow. Take a half day at the beach to surf and sun-- and what happens? PD explodes! I should do that more often.

I agree wholeheartedly with you, Tabloid Chick, Morgan, and just about everyone here but Dangerous.

I think the key to the Tyra interview is African American superstar lawyer Rex Butler. There is NO WAY (and please correct me if I'm wrong, you lawyers out there) that a good lawyer would allow his clients to get themselves into trouble before an important case. Just wouldn't happen. Every move Sherry J is making is being micromanaged pre-trial by Butler and his team.

This was a very subtle manuever. We-- those of us saturated in Palin deception lore-- get it. Yes, the producers might have just posted any LEvi baby photo, but WE know when it was taken and who that baby is. And so do the people in that room on that day. Mercede is not the mastermind here; Rex Butler is. Levi doesn't need a lawyer, he has one.

Yes, indeed, there is a photo in Mercede's possession of Bristol, Levi, and Trigg. And everybody is smiling because the families united, in deception, for the good of the young parents and their physically-challenged baby. AND-- I'm sure the Johnstons loved being yoked with the Palin-power family forever.

The commenter who said that Sarah COULD speak up and demand they cease showing the photo of her son, Trig-- but of course she can't. It's checkmate, folks. Sarah's move.

Death by paper cut? Nope. Death by camera phone. One photo at a time. No wonder Mercede's photos didn't make sense when they first appeared-- she released just a few on her myspace hoping they'd squeak by. (Girl just cuddent keep a secret!) But she had no idea, poor girl, who she was dealing with. Not her dear mommy-in-law, but mommy dearest.

midnightcajun said...

Alex said, "I think the key to the Tyra interview is African American superstar lawyer Rex Butler."

I agree. I understand Sherry had to apply to the court for permission to fly to the interview, so he was well aware of what she was doing.

It amazes me how obedient the Johnstons are--Sarah tells them not to talk to the press, and until the last few weeks, they don't. Sarah tells them no pictures of Tripp, and they don't take pictures. Even now, they're being very careful.

Of course, if the Johnstons get what they want, we won't get what WE want, i.e. the truth.

TruthSeeker said...

I see several comments that concern me and just have to say one thing... This blog is not a paid or public service where people can expect or require results or information or anything else. I do not know and am not in any way connected to the author of this blog or any of "her" assistants. But it concerns me that anyone would think that we could put the author and/or her assistants on our timeline. I would remind everyone that maintaining this blog, researching the evidence and composing these entries is a huge task. The blog owner and assistants are persons with lives and families and other responsibilies I'm sure. This is a voluntary and time consuming endeavor. I think we should all remember that.

Anonymous said...

Double wow.

That Rachel Maddow commentary on Sarah Palin. Holy cow! Finally,finally.

A must see, everybody. Maddow commentary here.

Thanks, Morgan!

eastcoast said...

Iron Dog or Ground Hog?

In a lot of worlds, a father would step up and come to the defense of his daughter and wife and grandchild.
Maybe provide some real evidence to end such public discussions.

Todd doesn't seem to have that family value.

He obviously can't even begin to teach the father of his grandson to step up and defend the honor of his sons mother.

Am I confused, but are the Palin family's family values very different from my liberal, democratic family values?

Ennealogic said...

Wow, Alex. I like how you think, and I want to believe you are right about the choreography being directed by Rex Butler.

Dayam. One day this story is going to make a helluva good book!

Rationalist said...

Midnight Cajun said:

Of course, if the Johnstons get what they want, we won't get what WE want, i.e. the truth.

I'm not sure that's true. I'll explain in a roundabout way.

First of all, thanks, Alex, for reminding us about Butler, because I'd forgotten about him! If this appearance was masterminded by Butler (and considering Sherrie's pending charges, it had to be), it's brilliant. It alerts the Palins that Levi Johnston is ready to go to court for custody, something the they apparently didn't even consider, but which he is entirely in his rights to do. It's hard to imagine the grounds on which any judge could deny Levi joint custody, even though his mom has pending charges. Sherrie might have to supervised with Trigg, but she is already.

Then, there's the Princess Diana story, brought up by wayofpeace, involving another butler. If Levi is suddenly allowed to spend more time with Tripp without going to court, we'll know the gambit worked.

But I don't see how that would satisfy the Johnstons. How could it? If the coverup was a mutual agreement for the best interests of a Downs Syndrome baby, surely it's clear by now that growing up in the Palin household is not the happy scenario they pictured in the Spring of 2008. If the Johnstons succeed in getting access to Trigg, what leverage could the Palins possibly have to prevent them from telling the truth about Trig?

Surely the Johnstons hold the better hand.

NakedTruth said...

I love reading These people just make me laugh. They see no fault in Palin, absolutely none. This kind of stuff really scares me regardless of the party affiliation. We've got to hold our elected officials accountable. I don't care who they are.

Well with that said, we have talked much on PD about the people in Alaska, especially Wasilla, being afraid of the Palins. On one of Palin's Alaska supporters stated that Levi will never get a job in Alaska again after going on Tyra's show and that he knew that for sure. I know that this is just one guy but it's really sad if people of Alaska think this about Palin and she still has a 60% approval rating. So sad.

I really hope Alaska wakeup and see this lady for the liar she really is.

Audrey and team, I am ready for MySpace Part 2.

wv: delar = the liar Palin is.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Looking at the picture of Levi holding Trig, it looks like Trig has jaundice. Trig looks very “tan” compared to Levi who looks white as a ghost. It was not very noticeable when Mercede was holding Trig because she obviously had been hitting the tanning bed, but it is much more noticeable when Levi is holding Trig because the lighting is much brighter.

B said...

NJESQ said...
Has ANYONE seena phot of Tripp, or confirmed a sighting of Tripp, since the GVS interview?

Good point. But Gryphen showed us a photo of Bristol at the Iron Dog that showed very post-partum abs, not showing at the Greta interview because she was seated. And her Oct. 12 picture at WalMart looked like a genuine pregnancy. TriPP has existed since late Jan., imo.

Lynn said...

My mind is reeling with all this new information. I wonder if anyone has any explanation for the writing on Levi's arm in the photo with the baby and Mercede. I was able to look at it closer on my iPhone than on my computer and it looked like it might say "Johnston's child". Is that something added like the little footprints?

I was looking at the t-shirt Levi is wearing in the photo with his father and baby Tripp. There's a town name on there, Petersville, Alaska, and I googled it and found it is inland from Anchorage and there is a lodge there as well as vacation houses. The lodge photos include many dead animals sprawled on the snow. Also this appears to be where the Palins co-own property. Looks like a pretty Palin-friendly crowd out there. I guess it would be a good place to hide out from the press.

I was surprised in the Tyra Banks interview at Mercede's demeanor and timid little voice. She sounded much more confident and coherent in the little added video "message to Bristol".

I agree with other posters who have said Levi shows unusual tenderness towards Trigg. I had earlier been thinking that the big dark secret was really that SP was hoping to have a miscarriage and lose the baby by starving herself and exercizing to thrash her guts as she said. Now I'm not so sure based on these photos and all the circumstantial evidence.

In any case I feel certain they lied about the due date and actual birth date of Tripp in order to finesse the rumors. Isn't it true that breastfeeding can delay the beginning of ovulation and helps to keep a woman from becoming pregnant too soon for her body to recover. It looks to me like this is not a La Leche type family and bottle feeding would be the norm. Thus lending more credence to two pregnancies close together as a theory.

B said...

onething said...
I'm confused. What or where is the Maddow post?
I only saw two Tyra videos. Is there a third?

See Morgan's 7:16 am comment for the explanation and link to Maddow.

Haven't found a third Tyra video to cover the end of the interview. Keep checking YouTube.

B said...

Matt said, "Tomorrow has come and gone and still nothing..."

Nothing? Sadie slipping Tyra a TriG photo is nothing? I'm glad Audrey got this photo info out immediately and preempted the next MySpace post. Had she posted both today, one discussion (probably this one) would have been shortchanged.

Grandma Nancy said...

I'm also sure new information and these discussions also bring to the forefront other considerations, so things to be posted need to be reconsidered and doublechecked in light of new perspectives. Let's all have patience.

Morgan said...


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Audrey and those of us who comprise her team don't write about our personal lives but you are right; we are as busy and face the same complications and interruptions as I'd imagine the readers do. And no, we're not getting paid for this. Palin Deception is part quest, part labor of love, part civic duty. But it has to be given its rightful priority and sometimes we do promise things we can't immediately deliver because either we get sidetracked with real life or something we planned to post requires more time and research or double-checking than we realized.

I, too, am sometimes baffled at the griping of people who expect this blog to be their own personal reality show with daily installments delivered in episodic regularity.

Fortunately, those demands are balanced by our understanding readers like you who are patient and respectful of the fact that we are real people who really want to get this right and do so as time allows not because we want to make the readers wait but because we have kids and jobs and other obligations outside this project.

To you and others like you, Truthseeker, all I can say is "THANK YOU!", because you are the reason we are doing this in the first place. Our gracious readers are such fabulous motivation.

NakedTruth said...

Another thing I noticed in the Tyra interview that I thought was telling. Tyra asked Levi how did he know that Sarah knew that he and Bristol weren't practicing abstinence. He said something like I am pretty sure she knew. Tyra then followed up and said how was he so sure. Levi stuttered a little and then answered that Mom's just know.

I think in this exchange Levi was wanting to say that Sarah knew for sure that he and Bristol was having sex before Tripp was conceived because they already had Trigg. And having a baby most definitly proved that they were not abstaining.

Check out that exchange and see if it is awkward to you.

muah said...

Long tatt: In the photo released by Tara of Trig and Levi. Levi's tattoo is longer. Can anyone make out what it says? Did he have part of it removed?
This photo is May 2008

Short tatt: A photo in The Star of is to be of Tripp and Levi. Levi has a tattoo on his arm that says Johnston only.
Tripp was born late December 2008.

Kimberly said...

It's a tattoo on his arm.

Doubting Thomas said...

LondonBridges said...
We may be able to use the observation that both Levi & Sarah were wearing shorts in these pictures to hone in on possible Trig birth dates.

First, let's assume they were taken between February 14-May 5, 2008.

Second, Sarah tends to be cold, so if she was wearing shorts at this time of year, but with a sweatshirt/hoodie, it is likely she had just come home from a run. In this instance, it would probably have to be at least 40 degrees for her to be running outdoors in shorts.

Third, if Sarah had actually given birth to Trig on April 18, how soon after this blessed event would Sarah be able to go running? Would she have been running within 3 weeks or before May 5?
Here is website where you can look up not just what the temp was in Wasilla on ANY day, but wind, and precipitation too.

Anonymous said...

Wow #3.

Naked Truth! I kept wondering about that stuttery part in the interview. "Moms just know" is a very lame answer.

Duh. Moms whose daughters have had one baby kinda do know those daughters are havin sex. You got it, NT.

Ginger said...


Remember, several threads ago, I made a comment that I thought we were the only two on here that thought "Tripp" does not exist?

On another blog I left this comment:

Congratulations, Sarah!

You have 90% of the people believing Tripp exists. Now, stop the dog-and-pony show and get back to governing the State of Alaska.

Now, another topic. After watching the Tyra show, I made a late night post that ended up on the last thread. No one has responded to me so I am going to bring it up again.

The Tyra show used clips from Greta's interview with Bristol that aired on Fox.

My question is... how could Tyra's network use clips from Fox without permission? We all know how thick Sarah is with Fox. Knowing how angry she was over the interview, why would they allow this?

Someone help me understand!


B said...


Check out Levi with TriPP in Patrick's flickr photos:

His arm says JOHNSTON. I think that's what it says in the TriG photo too. (Also on Patrick's site.) I see the TON at the end.

wv: tiumph
All we need is one more "r"

Rationalist said...

Lynn said...

"My mind is reeling with all this new information. I wonder if anyone has any explanation for the writing on Levi's arm in the photo with the baby and Mercede. I was able to look at it closer on my iPhone than on my computer and it looked like it might say "Johnston's child". Is that something added like the little footprints?"

How about that? It's hard to read. It could say that, although that would be incredibly bold. Are there any other pictures of Levi's left arm?

mistsp - as in don't miss it, sp?

B said...


FOX would give, or sell, Tyra permission. It's publicity for them. And many FOX stations carry Tyra. Murdoch may like Palin but he likes money more.

Rationalist said...

Okay, my last post crossed paths with the comments about the Star photo. Sorry to be redundant.

But this is interesting. Are we sure the Star photo is of TriPP? Levi's sideburns look like they do in the TriG picture. Sideburns aren't proof - obviously they can change in days - but still. And also - was the Star picture available on the internet before the Star ran it?

We know the Tyra picture is of TriG, and it's from sometime before May 2008. If the Star picture is of TriPP, then either Levi had a longer tattoo that was removed before TriPP was born (unlikely), or the Star picture is of TriG and Levi hadn't gotten a longer tattoo yet, or someone wrote something on the picture that was given to Tyra.

So how about this: the Johnstons gave a picture of TriG to the Star, trying to force the Palins' hand re: custody of TriPP. When that didn't work, they upped the ante and released another one on the Tyra show.


Dinky P. said...

I want to thank Audrey and company again for continuing the search for TRUTH. I don't post much, but read the blog daily. There are plenty of people gathering evidence and doing research.

The people that are making comments about the speed of discoveries and postings are obviously Palin supporters. TIMING is the key to this deception and finding the truth.

At first when Rex Butler came on the scene I thought right away bad for Sarah. But then I had moments of not knowing who's team Rex is on. But I knew when Sherry and the family were going to be on Tyra's show, Rex had to be the major chess player in this move.

I am sure Rex knows alot! But he is not going to risk letting the dirt out until his client Sherry is not going to jail. That is his first thing to accomplish. He used this show as leverage over Sarah.

I am sure Rex would also tell Levi to get a paternity test to make sure (if there even is a TRIPP) that it is Levi's baby. But that is not going to happen until Sherry's case is out of court.

Kids in both families made comments about Trig being a baby brother. Track and Mercedes. That could have been a decoy or the truth.

I am sure the research team see's patterns and timelines. I still think their could be the possiblity that Levi is not the dad to any of the babies (if there even is a Tripp). I look forward to the mystery of this deception and the future truth to be told. Enjoy the ride!

muah said...

Lynn I just saw your post. I also thought it looked like it said "child". The footprints are also the on chair. Very possible that ft prints and "child" were both added to a photo.

"Mommy Inlaw Trig and Myself"
and "My self and my new baby brother, TriggyBear:)Most adorable little man ever

sg said...

eastcoast @ 4/7, 4:51PM

Consider this:

Once Andrew Sullivan went on hiatus re babygate, shortly after the election, no one in the national MSM has been pushing the matter. The ADN tried to revive the issue in December, but they were cowered into submission by SP. We've discussed at length why the MSM has been so meek; I don't think we've arrived at a consensus. My personal belief is that the identity of the real birth mother of Trig needs to be nailed down. But that's just my opinion.

Yet the fact remains: no MSM reporter is asking SP now to account for Trig's birth. Given that, why should she or Todd or anyone else "in" on the hoax offer any new information to feed the beast? It would make no sense from her perspective.

So we can hector or demand from our soapbox that SP provide proof to dismiss babygate, or that Todd "man up" and defend those close to him. But it's pointless. Why bother?

IMHO the next step (be that via the myspace info Audrey et al. will disclose or something else) would be to identify some specific person (outside the Palin-Johnston cabal) who can corroborate the hoax or the real birth mother's pregnancy. THAT will force a defensive response from SP.

Vaughn said...

I totally agree with Alex who said:
Yes, indeed, there is a photo in Mercede's possession of Bristol, Levi, and Trigg. And everybody is smiling because
the families united, in deception, for the good of the young parents and their physically-challenged baby.
Sarah would have known that Trig would not have been covered on her insurance as her grandchild.What better way to
take care of him the rest of his life than to claim him as her own and then adopt him.
Not that I,m saying she might not have had some other motive also.She was actively going after the VP bid and
we all known that.
As to Mercede,s My Space page with the pictures of Trig with her little captions.Sarah probably had no idea about
that.She probably just thought Mercede would go home and download them to her computer.Did,nt we just see an interview
where they said stuff was taken off their computers.
Back in April or May 2008 no one but a bunch of teenagers would have been interested in that page anyway.But that sure
changed on Aug.31 2008.

sg said...


You've asked how the Tyra Banks Show could use clips from Fox News. You assume that was done without permission. I doubt that. Haven't you seen one network use clips from another network? I have, many times. I suspect that the TB show requested permission to show that short clip. It's in Fox News' interest to permit it, as it advertizes that Fox News obtained a news-worthy interview

Alternatively, since the clip was so short, it might have fallen under US copyright "fair use" provisions. In which case, the TB show would not have needed explicit permission.

You also ask how or why SP could have permitted it. Despite SP's friendship with GVS and her having met Rupert Murdoch, I seriously doubt SP has veto power over what Fox News chooses to do with its videotape. Think of all the politicians Fox News interviews throughout a typical day: do they have "veto" power? I think not.

LisanTX said...

muah-I think it's the same tattoo--it's just the perspective that is different and makes one look larger than the other. In one picture, his wrist and elbow are almost pointed toward the camera. In the other picture, his arm is stretched out, with the length of his arm facing the camera.

But one interesting detail in the Star picture with Tripp
there is another baby's arm in front of Levi. It is not Tripp's arm. It looks like he was holding another baby in his other arm.

Jack Bog said...

Did Bristol really give birth to Tripp? I seriously doubt that Sarah gave birth to Trig, and I'm wondering if the whole Tripp thing wasn't a hoax of some kind.

Journeygal said...

Here's a link to Part 3 of the Tyra interview:

Nova Land said...

A couple of people have suggested that the Tyra Banks interview was part of a strategy by SJ's lawyer Rex Butler.

I think it would be good to keep in mind that Butler is representing SJ on drug charges. His job is to defend her on six felony charges that she possessed and sold oxycontin. Period.

Questions of maternity, paternity, visitation rights, etc., have nothing to do with that.
Whether or not Levi is Trig's father, and whether or not the Johnston family is being treated fairly by the Palin family in regards to their being allowed access to Tripp, is way outside Butler's brief.

If this were a movie or a beach novel then it might be an interesting plotline to have a sharp lawyer come up with a manipulative scheme to win the case by putting pressure on a powerful politician in order to get her to make the charges go away. But that's as unrealistic as the old Perry Mason tv shows in which the murderer would break down under questioning on the witness stand and confess to the whole thing.

For Butler to attempt to put pressure on Sarah Palin the way some of you are suggesting would probably be illegal. And while fictional lawyers might be willing to pull legal shenanigans which would get them arrested and disbarred, I don't think it usually works that way in real life.

Silver said...

Was able to get a bigger picture of Levi's arm from the Tyra show (YouTube in high quality + full screen)

There is no other part of the tattoo. It just says 'Johnston'.

Just a weird angle on the picture.

And for everyone's entertainment, part 3:

I didn't watch it, so I'll let someone else give the grand report.

Sophie said...

Tyra Banks appears daily on the FOX network.

Anyone else smell something?

Ennealogic said...

Muah, I think there is no difference in tattoos. The both take up the same amount of space on Levi's arm, and I can make out "TON" at the end of the one that at first looks longer.

I think they both simply say "JOHNSTON."

Grandma Nancy said...

USA Today has Tripp as 4 months old already:

Johnston, 19, said former fiance Bristol,18, sometimes allows him to see their 4-month-old son Tripp "but won't let me take him anywhere."

Wonder if anyone has any idea when this baby was born.

Windy City Woman said...

Could it be that Levi was paid for this interview, and was paid extra for showing that picture of Trig?


If Sherry's computer was hacked, or had stuff erased from it, wouldn't all photos still be in the camera or on the memory stick that holds the photos in the camera?


Maybe Levi's "I don't want kids" remark was made just when he found out Bristol was pregnant, and he didn't want to be a dad. What 17-18-year-old boy does, at least in the near future? Maybe he was hoping for a miscarriage or an abortion.


I don't see why Levi or any other Palinite wouldn't still wear a McCain/Palin t-shirt after the election. I still wear t-shirts from college, which was years, not months, ago. I also still have my "Obama for Senate" button. but I don't still wear it. (I'm from Illinois.)


Do the Palins and/or the Johnstons read this blog? I think so. Teens love the internet. I think a lot of the people who still support Palin & want her to run for president also read this blog. They have to know, and be worried, that if she is proven to be a liar about being Trig's mom, it will make her look very bad.


Sarah was made-up and not sweaty in the photos. She could have been on her way out the door for a run, rather than just back from a run. I don't think she would allow anyone to take pictures of her sweaty or otherwise un-glamorous.


I agree that info about Trig, which could harm Sarah, would be a good reason for "them" to hack into Sherry's computer. Another reason was her drug situation. Remember, it came out recently that law enforcement purposely postponed Sherry's arrest until after the election. Maybe the hacking (if it happened) was related to that.


Can someone supply links to the Tyra interview?

Windy City Woman said...

I did find the post to all 3 parts of the Tyra interview.

Did you notice that Sherry said that Bristol is going to school AND working? So why can't Levi do the same? Then he can pay child support. Or maybe they will work out the child support issue when they work out the custody issue. Would these be done together?

I don't see how the Palins can prevent the Johnstons from taking pix of Tripp for their own personal use. I can see perhaps an agreement (contract) saying they won't release any to the media, but what is the harm of pix for their personal family scrapbook?

SillyRabbit said...

Our Audrey can make her posts as long as she wants, of course, but in these comment sections there's just too much to read carefully anymore. I know I am not alone about this. Is it time to introduce a word or character limit? (I don't care whether you post this or not.)

Diana said...

muah said...
In the photo released by Tyra of Trig and Levi.... Levi's tattoo is longer. Can anyone make out what it says? Did he have part of it removed?

Muah is right. There is a longer tatoo on his arm in the photo where he is holding Trig but I don't have the tools to make it clearer. Help anyone!!??

Here are the two photos one with him holding Trig and one where he is holding Tripp:

Betsy S said...

Could somebody really clever with photoshop get a good look at the picture of Levi, Keith, and a little baby? It was assumed to be Tripp as Levi is wearing a tshirt with "McCain * Palin" on the front, and these supposedly were not available until later in the year. I seriously think that this was an added-on artwork toan existing printed tshirt. If you look really carefully, the "McCain * Palin" is not located in the exact center of the neckline, and it's a strange typeface that in no way matches the design of the shirt. Let me know what you think. (I can't find the link on this blog to the photo, I found it again on Gryphen's website--the type in the background is reversed printing from the previous page in Star Magazine.)

Nova Land said...

muah asked about the apparent different length of Levi's tattoo in two different pictures.

Someone else will likely have posted this already, but I believe they are the same.

In the Star magazine picture we can see it clearly saying JOHNSTON. In the other, there is a slight gap between JOHNS and TON making them appear to be two words rather than one. But if one looks closely one can make out that the part on the right is TON and the part on the left is the right length and number of letters to be JOHNS.

Both tattoos appear to me to start at the same point near the wrist and to end about the same place near the elbow. So I think the only difference is either the camera angle or a slight bend in Levi's arm making a gap appear between the S and the T, creating the illusion of two words and greater length.

sunfish said...

When I turned on CBS this am, there were the Johnstons on the early show! I didn't see the whole interview - but they were definitely continuing to elicit sympathy from the public about not having regular access to Tripp. They flashed pictures - the ones I saw did not include any of the Trig pictures from Sadie, but perhaps I missed them because I tuned in late. Check it ou - there are some interesting statements from Levi.

denise said...

I just watched the whole Tyra interview. I have to say that as much as I want the "Trig as Levi and Bristol's" theory to be true, I really don't think these people could have gotten through an interview without a slip up.

There's no way.

If I lied on such a collosal scale, or knew that Sarah had - there's no way I could go on a show without some serious tells - or virtually having a nervous breakdown. Levi looked nervous and was quiet but I think that's his personality.....

Sorry - I so wanted it to be true. It's the nail in the coffin for me on that theory though.

B said...

LisanTX said...interesting detail in the Star picture with Tripp
there is another baby's arm in front of Levi.

You're right!!! Is the arm big enough to be TriG's? I think it was a photo of Levi with both babies and TriG was cropped out. Levi is fond of TriG and TriPP.

Punkinbugg said...

HERE is the link to Levi's interview on CBS This Morning. There are words from Sherry and Mercede, too.

Now he's considering acting or modeling, if the electrician thing doesn't work out.

Ennealogic said...

Denise, this is just my take -- the Johnstons have had a year to get used to the fact that they can't consider Trig to be part theirs. That does make it particularly hard on them, though, since it seems the Palins are trying to push them away from Tripp, too...

Since Tripp's arrival is relatively recent, I don't think it's unreasonable that the Johnstons focused their answers so as to refer exclusively to Tripp.

And FWIW, yes, I do believe there is a Tripp, and he is, indeed, Bristol and Levi's son. Their second son.

B said...


Thanks for the heads up. CBS Early show video:

Wonder when it was done? Anchor says TriPP is three months old; by the 12/27 date it should be recent.

Levi says TriPP is starting to giggle and roll over. How old does that suggest?

Anchor says Levi is working odd jobs (to be able to support his son, I think) until he can get established in a career -- maybe as an electrician but not opposed to modeling or acting. Perhaps there's another motive to the interviews besides showing he's not trash. (Have you seen Gryphen's picture of Sarah with the "Proud to be Valley Trash" T?)

wv: cofam, as in co-family

penny said...

LisaTX spotted the second arm in this photo, Great work!!!! Levi holding his two sons? The other thing I noticed was in part 2 of the interview, at 7:00 Sherry is asked about her time with the baby, she says Levi would bring him over and she was going to watch him three days a week...and before long, at about 7:27 Levi gives a tense look to her and Sadie. I bet she did spend time with Trig, that was long before the family split and her arrest. It seemed like they they were trying to stick to a script, and Sherry might have made a little slip up that was very telling, IMHO.

Dave said...

While Mercede's MySpace profile is private, even on a private profile the profile picture can still be seen. Within the last 24 hours, Mercede posted a new picture as her MySpace profile pic. It shows her (I think) holding a baby and standing next to Levi (I think):
Who is in this pic? Is this another message?

Punkinbugg said...

Thank goodness they finally posted {part 3}. So much for the conspiracy theory! :)

I noticed at 4:20 when they are discussing the 'white trash' issue, Sherry nor Mercede have "any idea" how the MSM picked up that phrase.

'scuse me ladies, but you know EXACTLY how that phrase hit the airwaves - Mercede posted that 'white trash' comment on that Florida woman's MySpace account - and it wasn't set to private..

What the heck happened in Florida, I wonder...?

B said...


Thanks for the link. The baby Merced holds is TriPP. The young man is not Levi, though. Maybe her boyfriend?

B said...

Mercede's mood is "determined." I think that's a message.

TruthSeeker said...

I watched the three YouTube Tyra videos. I believe Bristol is Trig's birth mother and I'm not convinced there is a Trigg, BUT I agree with the poster who wonders how the Johnstons could get thru that interview with nary a slip-up. It seems highly unlikely that they could keep the stories straight enough to not misspeak at some point. I'm seriously stratching my head on this one.

However in part 3 (at 5:46)of the Youtube video of the Tyra interview, Sherry makes perhaps the most telling statement of all when she says,

"There's a lot of different things that has twists to it."

One thing's for sure, this is a mess of enormous proportions. I'm off to find the GMA video from today.

midnightcajun said...

Those of you who missed it, has up the third part of the TB interview, plus this morning's Johnston family interview on CBS.

LisaTX, good catch on the Star photo! That's definitely another baby's arm; Levi is holding both his sons on his lap. They simply cut Trig out of the picture. How sad.

Actually, since watching the Johnstons, I've started to feel that this is less of a mystery and more of a tragedy, with Palin playing the part of the villain. I don't think the Johnstons know about this site. Sadie sounds clueless as to how her pictures got on the Internet, or how the "white trash" line got out there. The Johnston kids sound like basically good people, but not very bright and oddly obedient. The kind that are putty in Palin's hands.

Ivyfree said...

"I, too, am sometimes baffled at the griping of people who expect this blog to be their own personal reality show with daily installments delivered in episodic regularity."

I suppose it depends on how things are presented. "Coming tomorrow" I would reasonably believe to be coming tomorrow. "Coming soon" means, in my interpretation, to be less than a week. If I'm reading that something is coming soon or tomorrow, I think that's what I'm going to see. Especially since the homepage says the blog is updated daily, which probably ought to be changed but I can believe was forgotten, what with everything else.

OTOH, "We're working on" and "We're still here,but this is a big job we're squeezing into our free time, and we are triple-checking everything" tells me that work is ongoing but it's not known when it'll be posted.

There are, occasionally, really interested comments or questions that come up. Occasionally, one of them might be pulled out of the comments section and posted for open discussion.

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