Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I still can't swallow this one...

One of the sections in the website proper speculates about the odd lack of any photos from the hospital around the time of the birth, which would have been an incredibly easy way of dispelling ALL rumors about "Who's Your Mommy?" In fact, all details of the birth have always been a bit "thin." But just recently, Gov. Palin shared with People magazine some touching new info about the birth that has never been shared before. Allegedly, Bristol, Willow, and Piper all did in fact gather "around the bedside" of their new brother, and Willow, according to her mother, noticed that Baby Trig had Down's even though she had not been told beforehand.

As I stated, I by no means am expecting any explicit birth videos. But I know that the vast VAST majority of families in America today choose to take photographs at their births, and many shoot video. (Heck, even the Amish women who give birth at our small local birthing center ask the nurses to snap a few pictures!) The lack of any photos of the whole Palin family at the time of the birth is one of the things that has just made me go "yeah, sure" from the very start of this. It's so utterly implausible, and has become more so now that it's been confirmed that in fact they were supposedly all there! What proud Papa would NOT want a photo of his three beautiful daughters, lovely wife, and new son? What normal teen would not snap a photo of new baby bro with her cell phone? Especially considering that there's a big brother who is far away and whom, we've been told, was participating BY CELL?

But no. Guess no one thought of it. And isn't that just too bad, because this left the McCain campaign only one other option for "proving" that Sarah Palin is "really" Trig's mommy: telling the entire country that 17 year old Bristol is pregnant now.

Yeah right.

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Anonymous said...

yes, especially given that the only photos of the newborn Trig in an apparent hospital-room setting are of him being held by Bristol's boyfriend's sister Mercedes -- one such photo captioned "mommy in law trig myself" (of a photo showing the gov, and mercedes holding the baby) --