Friday, September 26, 2008

You Might be a Dimbulb If...

You might be a dimbulb if...

you send me one more piece of email pointing out that "there are pictures of Sarah Palin when she was pregnant."

I know there are pictures of Sarah Palin appearing pregnant.

Apparently these folks are the ones who don't get it. The ALLEGATION is that Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy to cover for her teenaged daughter. That's the premise. That's what this website is about.

How do you fake a pregnancy? Well, just telling people about it is not going to work long-term. By the time a woman delivers, she's carrying around baby, amniotic fluid and placenta that weigh considerably more than your average bowling ball. Eventually ... are you ready for this?... if you're going to pull it off, you're going to have to LOOK PREGNANT.

So the fact that there are now pictures of her LOOKING pregnant is utterly meaningless. It tells us nothing. We would expect there to be such pictures.

Take it out of the pregnancy realm. Let's say you wanted to fake a hurt leg to get out of doing something. So you buy yourself some crutches and an ace bandage and gimp around for a few weeks. Later, questions are raised about your actions. So... you "prove" you had a hurt leg by showing people pictures of yourself with your crutches. Simple. "Look," you say, "I definitely had a hurt leg. Here's a picture of myself with CRUTCHES!"

Now, let's move it back to the pregnancy realm. Let's say you wanted to fake a pregnancy to accomplish something. So you buy yourself a fake belly and some maternity clothes and wear them for a few weeks. Later, questions are raised about your actions. So... you "prove" you were pregnant by showing people pictures of yourself with a belly. Simple. "Look," you say, "I definitely was pregnant. Here's a picture of myself with a BELLY!"

People are trying to prove Sarah Palin did NOT fake a pregnancy by pointing to the very thing she would have done TO fake a pregnancy.

And you might be a dimbulb if you don't realize that.


Anonymous said...

The pictures that show Palin "looking pregnant" are all photos she allowed for the press. In the pictures taken randomly throughout her "pregnancy", she does not even look pregnant. The flight attendants on the Alaska Airlines flight after her "water broke" in Texas said she did not appear to be pregnant at all and she was not in distress. The reason she did not appear to be pregnant on that flight hours before she "gave birth" is that she could not have worn her fake baby belly through security, she could have risked being detained.

Audrey said...

You are not the first person to mention to me that she could not have worn the fake belly through security. I am not sure how that would work. If the device contained no metal I don't see how the security screeners would know it was fake. I can't see why it would have set off metal detectors. People are not x-rayed, only their bags. However, it is quite definite that Alaska Air was emphatic in their statement that she was neither obviously pregnant nor in labor on the plane. This is just so odd

Anonymous said...

Audrey -

You fly a lot, I assume. I fly a lot. We know about the metal detectors. Sara Palin is not a techie, and she doesn't have the slightest idea whether a fake pregnancy belly has metal in it. She's not about to take a chance and have to go through a more "thorough" security screening, so she didn't wear it.

Audrey said...

You're right, I do fly a lot. And yeah, it's very reasonable that there might have been some doubts about whether wearing the appliance or whatever you would call it through security would be the right choice. Even if the chance was only 1% that she would somehow get caught, she would have been so busted if she had been spotted.

However it could easily have been stuck in a carry on and put back on in a restroom after going through security. I don't know what one of these entails but it must be some sort of shirt device (maybe elastic like an ace bandage?) which will firmly hold a belly pad in place. Certainly, these are commonly enough used in theater and film that they are not unusual. I found four or five places on the Internet that sell them.

The TSA is looking for bombs, and cloth, elastic, and something that might have looked like a neck pillow wouldn't have gained a second glance in a carry on.

But I don't think the security screen was the issue. The big problem for her was that she could NOT look tremendously pregnant on the flight. Although Alaska Air has said they don't really have a policy about women needing "permission" from their doctors to fly, my guess is that Sarah Palin didn't want to "test" that by being hugely pregnant. The governor of Texas is on record as saying the Palins left the conference in a big hurry. The flight we speculate she took was a 2:30 flight. Her speech was at 1 PM. This was really cutting it close! She could not risk any questions or hassles at the airport if they were going to make that flight. She had to get back to Alaska, and I don't think her desire to have her baby born on Alaskan soil was the real reason!

But, you know, I think the most critical factor here is that Alaska Air called a news conference to announce that she had not been clearly pregnant OR in labor on the plane. It's as if the flight attendants had all gotten together and said right from the start that something was wrong with this picture.

Anonymous said...

Wait.. then how did she get to Texas? She must have flown and she must have been pregnant then. Didn't she show up for the conference a few days earlier?

Didn't anyone on her flight ~TO~ Texas notice a very pregnant women on the airplane?

And... why would her doctor allow her to fly at eight months pregnant? How important was the conference?