Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spin, Baby, Spin

Sarah Palin appears quite aware of how poorly some of the information regarding her pregnancy and birth "plays" when subjected to any sort of critical scrutiny. But she has a solution... we're going to rewrite history. We're going to spin, baby, spin. And because everyone is so afraid of the hot potato baby story, no one is calling her on it.

We saw several very good examples of this "history-morph" in two places in the last two weeks: the article in People magazine in the September 22nd issue and a long article published in the Dallas Morning News. For the first time, Gov. Palin speaks at length about why she waited so long to announce the news of her pregnancy publicly and did not even tell her immediate family she was carrying a Down's baby. In the "People" article, she repeats her prior statement that she knew Trig had Down's in December. However, while in numerous previous articles (published in April and May) she speaks only of being briefly "sad" at the news, now, we get lots more info: to People and the article in Dallas Morning News, she describes months of angst as she acclimates to what it will be like to have a special needs child, angst that prevented her from telling anyone (other than Todd) that she was even pregnant! I quote, "Not knowing in my own heart if I was going to be ready to embrace a child with special needs... I couldn't talk about it."

And from this, comes our second spin... the reason that no one noticed she was pregnant. I thought it was because SHE DIDN'T LOOK PREGNANT, but apparently not. Now we learn it was because she was CONCEALING it with "an elaborate game of fashion assisted camouflage," via scarves, shawls, loose-fitting blazers and "artfully-draped" accessories. (Hmmm. Here's the picture taken on Super Tuesday, in early February, 2008, when she would have been 26 weeks pregnant. Just a flat-chested no-tummy Gov. Palin in a running suit, with nary a shawl, scarf, blazer, or accessory, artfully-draped or otherwise, in sight.)(Unless you count the Blackberry. That's kind of an accessory. Maybe her tummy is hiding behind that.)

We're told that at the Vogue photo shoot on Wednesday, December 12th, she was photographed wearing an "enormous green parka." She would have been 16-18 weeks pregnant at this point. Huh? The Super Tuesday picture, above, was eight full weeks later. Why would she have needed a parka, enormous or otherwise? Is she trying to suggest now that she looked MORE pregnant on December 12th, than she did on February 5th?

Here's another photo taken when she would have been around 32 weeks. (Boy, that's some impressive pregnancy-concealing scarf. When I was 7-8 months pregnant with my fourth child and looked like a whale, I sure wish I could have had one of these!)

And then, our third spin. Why did she finally reveal the pregnancy? According to the Dallas Morning News, because "Alaskans were beginning to talk," i.e., speculate that she was pregnant. Really? In every news report from every paper and TV station in Alaska that we can still retrieve, the statement is the same: utter shock, complete disbelief, astonishment. Staffers being quoted that they had no idea. A state legislator who was also pregnant saying the same thing. No one, other than Sarah Palin herself, has ever suggested that people were beginning to notice. Here are two quotes from fellow state legislators, both saying the same thing. No one knew or even suspected. And it would be reasonable to assume that if anyone had heard gossip or rumors, it would be folks in the legislature, who worked with her professionally on a regular basis.

""Really? No!" said Bethel state Rep. Mary Nelson, who is close to giving birth herself.

"It's wonderful. She's very well-disguised," said Senate President Lyda Green, a mother of three who has sometimes sparred with Palin politically. "When I was five months pregnant, there was absolutely no question that I was with child." "
(Of course, note that this is a misspeak on the part of Ms. Green... Palin was actually representing herself to be SEVEN months pregnant at this point, NOT five.)

Spin, baby, spin.


Morgan said...

That scarf she's wearing at 32 weeks may have done a better job of obscuring the non-bump if it had actually reached her stomach. I can't believe people are actually falling for this!!
Excellent post.

Denise in California said...

You go, Girl! You are the only one out there doing any research on this topic. Your website is great and presents all the facts in an organized fashion.

It's sad to say, but exposing Sarah Palin as the liar she is could be the only thing that saves this election. I sure hope the Enquirer is going to catch onto this story and break it wide open. It is so obvious that she is lying about this whole pregancy, and no one seems to care. The "legitimate" media is not touching this story. We need someone to dig, dig, dig and get witnesses at the hospital to talk. We are expected to just accept the explanation that her daughter is 5 months pregnant -- no way. In light of what Sarah Palin's colleagues say about her controlling nature and her secrecy, it is not a stretch that she would attempt to cover up her daughter's pregnancy to avoid a family embarassment while promoting "family values". Oh, the hypocricy!

Keep up the good work. I will be visiting the site often for new information and hoping that this story catches on in the media.

Audrey said...

Thanks Denise. I am on a lot of things, including some good info from the hospital and some first hand material on what was being said in Wasilla back in April. Stay tuned please. Meanwhile, what everyone can do if you are as concerned about this story as I am is post links to it wherever that's permitted... no spamming or anything like that, of course, but if you go to a blog where there is still some discussion of this, do link to the site. Even if this means having to go back to an older thread, people are still reading these. And the more links we can get up, the better! It will bring us up in the Google rankings and help anyone who is doing a search on any of our "keywords" to find us.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Audrey--I've enjoyed reading through your site--guess I've always loved a good mystery/conspiracy!

Question--have you read any of the messages from poster "Sue Williams" on the blog Mudflats? She apparently lives in the Valley and commented several times 2 days before the Bristol Palin pregnancy news broke nationally, on a post entitled "In the Land of Palin" (8/30/08). She said (to the ire of some other posters!) that not only was Trig indeed Sarah's child, but that local word was Bristol was currently pregnant and had already married her high school BF in a quickie wedding. She turned out to be correct about Bristol, so maybe she is right about Trig, too. She doesn't seem to be a Sarah disciple, which may lend additional credence to her statements.

One strange thing in her comments is that she states that Bristol is well into her third trimester, and that someone (I forget who) was already saying back in April that Bristol's pregnancy was common knowledge, hich would fit with the 3rd trimester piece. But why wouldn't the Palins just say she was like, 8 months pregnant, (ir whatever), rather than five, which does leave the whole "Bristol's second pregnancy!?!" angle a little more open to argument?

Also--have you read anything on the blogs by Cajun Boy in the City or They both have really gotten into this story (they are apparently acquaintances), and have backed off for now--but both wrote that there was a lot of stuff that they heard/learned/whatever, that they never ended up putting on their sites, presumably because it was not verifiable.

Anyway, enjoying your stuff! Even if this turns out not to be a conspiracy, it still sounds like SP is a piece of work, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Also meant to add that a wedding that has already taken place would make sense of some of the comments on Sadie Johnston's myspace page - the "In Law" stuff.

Building Castles said...

I know some people are going to say none of this Palin baby stuff matters, but if she's really going to try to doom us in 2012 as President *shudder*, this information will become very important to people. I'd also like to say that I'm a life long Alaskan and I never voted for her.

Kelly - PTT said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks so much for the thoughtful investigation of this matter. I have been trying to figure out, though, who photographed Sarah with Trig for the magazine cover (was it US weekly?) He looks quite young in the photo, so I was curious. There is a Google search that takes you to this page, but the article has been deleted:

The cached words in the Google search read:

"The Nail in the Coffin - Bristol Palin - Zimbio
It does not state explicitly where Trig Palin was born (though it helpfully ... point that the photographer states that this is when the photo was taken. ..."

I think this would be interesting information. I thought maybe the photographer was a family friend or someone else they could control.