Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Blessed Event

So it's official. Or is it?

People Magazine announced Monday evening that Bristol Palin gave birth Sunday to a 7 lbs. 7 oz. baby boy named Tripp. The source of the news? Not the parents themselves or the proud grandparents. People said the birth was confirmed by Bristol's great aunt, Colleen Jones, the sister of Bristol's Grandma Sally Heath.. 

Curiously, People has since revised its online article to say the birth took place on Saturday. Hmm. The birth date provided by the NY Daily News is even sketchier. Their report simply says the baby was born "over the weekend." The NY Daily News gives a different birth weight, too. They put the little bundle of joy at 7 lbs. 4 oz.

Really, people, how hard is it to get it right?

But at least the print media is trying. Well, some of them. 

While the NY Daily News actually had a staff writer do their story, the Alaskan newspaper of record, the Anchorage Daily News, apparently didn't think the story was even worthy of a byline, so they just ran a blurb announcing the birth and cited their source as People Magazine. To their credit, however, they did note that an attempt to get a statement from the governor was unsuccessful this time, while noting she issued a press release in April after Trig was born.

Over at Fox News, they announced the birth via an AP report that includes a most curious error at the end:

Sarah Palin and her husband Todd have five children ranging in age from son Trig, 7 months, to son Track, 19.

Wasn't Trig born on April 18th? If he was that'd put him at eight and a half months of age, not seven.

What about family reaction? The birth of a baby is a beautiful thing, right? It's hard for parents, grandparents and great grandparents not to brag. 

But as ADN pointed out, there's no word from Sarah Palin other than a tersely worded statement from her press secretary, Bill McAllister, stating that the governor's office would not comment on this "private" matter. 

If Sarah or her First Dude were there by their laboring daughter's bedside, they aren't saying so. For that matter, we don't know if Tripp's father Levi Johnston was there. The New York Daily News says it isn't clear whether he even attended the birth.

There's no comment from Levi Johnston's parents either, although in their defense the arrest of Levi's mother on drug charges may make any sort of public statement awkward. And what about Sarah's parents, the Heaths? It was Chuck Heath, after all, who told the world that Sarah's water had broken in Texas. It was Chuck Heath who gave Bristol's due date as Dec. 20th. Now, apparently, he's not saying a word and is referring all questions to the governor's office. 

The only one who's talking is a great aunt, who gave two facts - birth date and birth weight - with neither being yet reported to any degree of certainty.

So where does this leave our investigation? As far as this blog is concerned, as long as questions remain we'll stick around to answer them. And this "birth" raises plenty.

Why was the birth announced on Monday, with conflicting dates and birth weights given and/or reported. Again, how hard is it to get this right? 

No reports state where the baby was born. Usually when a celebrity or public figure gives birth, some hospital flack will issue a press release confirming the birth. So far, no hospital has identified itself as the birth place.

If the baby was born Saturday or Sunday as claimed, it certainly is convenient to announce it on Monday. With healthy babies and mothers discharged within 24 hours these days, Bristol & Son have had ample time to get home, or to some other undisclosed location.

There are no pictures and likely won't be until the family decides to release them. A lucrative deal with People has been reported, but if the family changes their mind we may never know.

It's hard to believe with all the attention the Palins are getting that photographers weren't stationed at every hospital in the area waiting to get a shot of Bristol either going in or coming out. 

But again, nothing.

And finally, let's not forget one important point. Even if Bristol gave birth to Tripp on Saturday or Sunday - and that has yet to be verified via photos or official reports - it does not mean that Sarah gave birth to Trig.

Sarah Palin's wildly unbelievable birth story and photo evidence of what indicates a staged fifth  pregnancy still leave ample room for speculation regarding a saga that only grows more twisted with time, especially with the latest chapters of a mysterious church fire, Sherry Johnston's arrest and now this vaguely detailed birth announcement.

So stay tuned. If you read the comments on this and other blogs it's abundantly clear that doubt persists. As long as it does, so shall this investigation.


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Margot said...


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, Audrey. I can't believe how every single story revolving aroung SP gets so screwed up.

Anonymous said...

They're for sure hiding the truth...or trying to.

Anonymous said...

What is really strange is a comment I read on The Mudflats (see Palin Second Most Admired Woman of 2008 thread www.themudflats.net).

On Monday, 12/29, someone mentioned that they heard the baby had been born. A poster named Wasilla Maternity Nurse wrote at 11:24:36 am: You got it right - last night at 12:27am.

If this was indeed an "insider," it would make the birth on Monday, just after midnight, not 5:33am on Saturday. A 2 day difference. Why is everything having to do with this family so weird?

Note: There was some talk that the commentor's had a NYC IP, but this person later commented:

Wasilla Maternity Nurse

I am not in NY, I am in Alaska. I surf through a proxy server based in Atlanta, Georgia, so I don’t know why it shows up as NY.

MSM will pick it up soon enough, so what do I care?

Anonymous said...

Really? Still on this? I'm as happy as the next that Palin isn't anywhere near the Whitehouse, and the birth story certainly is out there, but it's about time you gave it up here.

VintageRedhead said...

My feelings exactly. I thought the same things when I read these contradictory so-called news stories. I've been following your blog with interest, Audrey, because I was so ashamed of John McCain's choice of an untested, incurious vice-presidential running mate. (Even my own daughter had a passport and had visited France by the time she was in the 7th grade!)

Sarah Palin doesn't speak for me and certainly doesn't represent me as a woman. I believe SP is capable of almost anything to forward her agenda. Unfortunately so are many American politicians, both male and female.

Half Sigma said...

"Even my own daughter had a passport and had visited France by the time she was in the 7th grade!"

Congratulations on being rich. Most children don't have that opportunity.

Whatever legitimate reasons there are for opposing the idea of Sarah Palin as a national leader, her failure to go on expensive travel vacations is not one of them.

RW said...

SP was quoted by the female people mag reporter on CBS this morning...as saying....oh were not lookin for handouts...

Oh but wait sara....didnt your dad chuck heath mention the rooms full of 'hand-outs' pouring in from around the world, so much stuff no one knows what to do with it all.

btw, these interviews this morning with the people mag reporter and one male editor were nothing but repeats of the same info thats been out over 24hrs now.

sara sara why so quiet...


Sunshine1970 said...

Ahhh, the Palins...The gifts that keep on giving...How the heck can it be so hard to pinpoint a baby's birth? Especially coming from a family member--extended family member, but still I'd expect them to get it right...I did read a post on Mudflats which gave some ideas where the name Tripp came from: The name Tripp and where it may have come from

Keep it up Audrey! You're a voice of reason out there!

bacci40 said...

seems that people mag paid for an exclusive on the birth including pics....which may account for all the discrepancies, as every other news outlet is getting info second hand.

whatever....i wanna see a dna for both tripp and trig and whatever other t's this hillbilly family spits out.

Anonymous said...

I find this mention on the Huffington Post most interesting -

"MSNBC is reporting that the Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston may receive up to $300,000 for the first pictures of their son Tripp.

The price didn't soar immediately, according to the sources, because Sarah Palin stories just didn't sell all that well for the weeklies on newsstands....
The drug-related arrest of Johnston's mother, however, caused the price tag for the photos to go up."


Anonymous said...


The original information that Tripp was born on Sunday came directly from People magazine - People changed the day of birth themselves.


Anonymous said...

I am very skeptical of this latest birth announcement. It is very strange that Bristol has not been out in public for over 2 months, the birth of Tripp went undetected by the media, and that there is confusion about the birth date and weight. It is expecially curious that "People" is saying that little Trig is a month and a half younger than he is. None of this passes the smell test.

GinaM said...

That family is a cult (Heath/Palin) they protect their own. Levi will not see a penny of that money. I think the real truth is about to come out about that family. Money and jealously will “rear” it’s head and somebody is going to start talking. My guess is that money is to pay for the “infant” that they purchased from some poor girl. I think Bristol is still pregnant and not due till the end of January. Well that’s just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I've been an avid reader for the last month or two. I still find those pictures of Sarah make it hard to believe she was pregnant with Trig.

That said, this announcment makes me very skeptical that Bristol was Trig's mother. Too many people would be required to be in on that conspiracy for me to believe Sarah could have pulled it off.

I haven't seen evidence that made me think anyone other than Bristol or Sarah could be Trig's mother.

So at this point, I'm still curious, but I'm starting to think I may have been wrote, and Sarah Palin does just care more that she tries to have her kids in Alaska than that she tries to have them healthy...

Morgan said...

Anon at 10:45:

In People's defense, it was the AP report run on Fox News that put Trig at the wrong age.

leu2500 said...

1st: Audrey, big round of thanks for all the time/energy/money you've invested in this web site.

2nd: to Anon at 10:24AM. USA Today just released a survey, in which SP is the 2nd most admired woman in the US. THAT's why the doubters on this website are pursuing this. Because SP isn't gone yet. We have so little to go by in picking a president. Either Sarah is lying or she, and the people around her, are incredibly sloppy. (I mean, really. They can't get the birth date/weight consistent? Come on. It's been 40+ years since I was born and I'd bet my mom could still rattle off my date/time of birth, weight, length, etc. And they would match the info on my birth certificate. )

Anonymous said...

Let me play devil's advocate here for our girl Sarah...maybe the $300K is for an exclusive photo spread/interview with People mag. If the family gives ALL the details before the mag hits, the value of the story/pictures goes down. Maybe SP is just being media savvy (NOT).

I'm with Audrey...this birth does absolutely nothing to give credibility to SP's bizarre Trig pregnancy/birth story. What we have that is credible are photographic evidence that SP staged photographs and wore a pregnancy/empathy pillow or some other type of fake belly.

We knew Bristol was due on/around 12/18, and now she has given birth, according to one great aunt. Let the rest of the story unravel with time, these things usually do....

FW from VA

Mary G. said...

This birth isn't a private, for-family affair; it's a private, for-profit affair.
I suppose they need the money. Couseling can get expensive.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see the AP included this line in its story about the alleged birth (as carried in the New York Times):

"Palin family members, hospital employees and spokespeople for the governor's former running mate, John McCain, either would not confirm the birth or did not return messages from The Associated Press."

So the AP was willing to inject some doubt as to the veracity of the story by highlighting the lack of confirmation - and the reporter had this fairly high up in the story.

So, what do you all think? Induced early delivery? Or more lies? (Question for Bill McAllister: Do you ever regret taking that job as SP's press secretary?)


Craig said...

You're not likely to see pictures or much info until after the People magazine's photos/article comes out, since they would appear to have an exclusive deal.

I say: Good for them! I don't begrudge two young kids with a newborn the opportunity to take advantage of a rare situation to get a windfall of money to have some solid financial footing early on in raising a family.

It's really not unusual for "breaking news" that gets rushed out to have some basic errors that get corrected with some quick revisions. I have no idea exactly what time the baby was born, but could it be as simple as someone saying the baby was born on Sunday initially because there may have been some confusion as to whether it was specifically Saturday night or Sunday morning (i.e 11:45 PM or 12:15 AM)? And a three ounce difference in weight isn't something worth sweating about.

Sometimes you have to consider looking at things from outside the conspiracy bubble and realize that not everyone is being hypersensitive about getting every detail of an event precisely communicated. An error can simply be a human error and not an unintented slip within a manipulated ruse.

Anonymous said...

Back to the photos...

The boxes left for the cleaning crew in the first photo...when you empty boxes, you put them in the hall at the end of the day for the cleaning crew...after office hours, the cleaning crew will remove the boxes, which would usually be after 5 before 9 in a small office building. So, the photo could not have been made on Sunday, unless someone was unloading boxes over the weekend and the boxes would have to remain in the hall until Monday evening, which would be considered a fire hazard. My guess, it was a workday after 5 when the picture was taken...before the cleaning crew made it to the 2nd floor.

As someone said before, I think, there are no shadows in that photo at all. There is another photo made in the hall, with lights all around and there were shadows from all the people, on the floor and wall. The carpet was a lighter color, but there should have been shadows.

Also, the jacket Palin is wearing is missing the second button from the top. I tried checking other photos with the jacket...a March 14 picture has that button. I could not tell if it was on the jacket in Texas.

And I think it is odd that Palin's feet are different color...the light in on the side of the darker left foot...odd.

Well, I am not an expert, nor can I see very well.

And as far as the birth announcement, the news did not misprint. They were told the wrong information from the family...on purpose...the joke is on the news media. And we all know Palin dislikes the MSM.

Keep up the work, Audrey...in my 20s, I delivered two babies 7 years apart, a boy 7.9 lb and a girl 7.7 lb; both were 19-1/2" long. I lost over 20 lb when I became pregnant with my son and gained back 12 lb the 7-8 month. I was still bigger than Palin when I delivered. My water broke with both of them, and within 6 hours the pains began. They were both 4 weeks early...I did know the day of conception...I don't know why, only 2 ounce difference, but maybe because they were both 19-1/2 inches long...my body said...time to go....

GraceR said...

Anon@10:45 a.m.: "It is very strange that Bristol has not been out in public for over 2 months"

Actually there was video of a definitely pregnant Bristol walking into a school where church services were held a couple weeks ago after the fire. There was discussion on the blog as to how close to delivery Bristol looked; I think consensus was that the baby hadn't dropped yet.

If People did pay $300K for an exclusive, I wouldn't expect any details until their next issue. I just hope Bristol and Levi put the money to go use (like buying a house, saving it for the baby, etc.).

Anonymous said...

They claimed they were so supportive of Bristol. Presumably, claiming prolife status, they love their grandson. But no pictures? No public statement? Okay, maybe People magazine has an exclusive on the first photos, but no public statement? When has Sarah Palin EVER avoided the limelight?

I suspect that Bristol is still pregnant, and won't give birth for another 4-6 weeks. In that case, we wouldn't see pictures until a couple of weeks after the birth, and they'll claim he's 6 weeks old or two months old and small for his age. That's why we haven't seen her.

I wish I knew where she is, and if she's there under her own free will or not. I can't imagine any normal 18 year old woman who really wants to live in seclusion with elderly relatives.

And if Levi is so thrilled about being a dad, as he claimed during the RNC, where the heck is he?

Sunshine1970 said...

Brad: I say induced--if pregnant at all that is.

There was a video of Bristol not too long ago (what, 2-3 weeks ago or so?) and she did not look 9 months pregnant at all (she was walking into church with her family--sans Levi and Sarah). I've never seen a very pregnant woman walk so fast, on ice to boot. Also, it looked like she had lost weight since the RNC, which was weird....

There's a post over on the Photoshop thread the second page that has a link to an Australian article: Clicky for the article. Look for a post by 'frank burns' I don't know if he's just pulling people's legs, or knows something, but it seems plausible (With the Palins, I don't put anything past them any more. They're just too weird of a family.)

Anonymous said...

Well ...

To all the speculators who will undoubtedly post theories of how Bristol is the mother of both Trig and Tripp, consider the Cover-up 101 basics:

1) If you want to debunk a theory without revealing the truth, one must attacks it at its weakest point -- where it's wrong.
2) It doesn't make sense to cover up one lie with another. If either lie is broken, then both are broken. Instead, you either muddy the waters with half-truths or find the factual flaw in the theory and defeat it with the truth. That sheds doubt on the entire theory.
3) Don't say any more than absolutely necessary.
4) Don't turn over any documents; shread what you can.
5) Attack the theorists with ad hominim arguments and question their motives.
6) Close your eyes and hope the whole thing blows over.

The weak link the the SP-isn't-the-mother theory was determining who the real mother was. We had and have no direct evidence. Now that we do, it looks like speculation that Bristol is not Trig's mother is wrong. That would be consistent strategy #1 and #2.

Since the Palins and their handlers have employed the rest of the Cover-up 101 strategies, it is reasonable to assume they would follow #1 and #2 as well. Any theory that Bristol is not Tripp's mother just leaves the entire theory and the theorists open to more attacks.

I think we all have to accept as fact that Bristol is not Trig's mother and is Tripp's. Otherwise, we get unsupported speculation that Trig was born much earlier of Tripp's mother is some unknown woman and Bristol faked a pregnancy.

As I've posted many times, I didn't think Bristol was Trig's mother, and the evidence leans strongly against SP being Trig's mother. So we better embrace a theory and seek evidence to prove or disprove it based on demonstrable facts. If not, we'll all be labeled as kooks.

Here's a simple one: there are three Palin women and two Palin babies. Bristol can't be the mother of both. SP doesn't appear to be the mother of Trig. Do the math. And someone please give me a confirmable alibi for Willow from January - April 2008.

That's been my theory since Sept 1, 2008. Tripp's birth does nothing to dispute it. In fact, it makes it more likely. And it follows all the Cover-up 101 basics.

Someone please prove it wrong, so we can get on with our lives.


Punkinbugg said...

I was the last to post on the last thread, but it bears repeating:

Of all the millions, errr thousands of Alaskans, Sarah Palin's PRESS SECRETARY is the ONE person who is IN CHARGE OF SENDING OUT CORRECT INFORMATION to the PRESS, and he refuses to do so !?!

He could have handled this announcement, by saying simply "Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her husband Todd are pleased to announce the birth of a healthy grandson to their daughter Bristol at ... o'clock on December ... weighing ... and ... inches in length." PERIOD!

How hard could that be, McAllister? It's your JOB! Unless you are kowtowing to People magazine, too?

Sounds like a snarky (non-People) reporter had the great aunt's phone number and got her to spill the beans. If that's the case, GO SNARKY REPORTER! Uhhh why don't you get more information while you're at it?!!

Anonymous said...

The mis-information and errors in reporting about the birth are business as usual for the Palins. It is interesting that the script was predicted by several bloggers here.

I wish Bristol and Levi well, but they will both have to grow backbones if they are going to be able to take control of their own lives. I suspect that the $300,000 may cause some infighting -- money does that to people. It is ironic that, in our society, the ultra-moralistic politician, who it turns out lied about her own pre-nuptual pregnancy and many, many other things, has a daughter who becomes an unwed mother -- and that qualifies them for fame and fortune. Whereas all the hard-working kids who manage to study hard and not get pregnant struggle to figure out how to make a living or go to college. That's family values for you.

Anonymous said...

did we already do this one?
I cant recall.

VIDEO - Sarah Palin at 7 months?
"I put together this video from news reports of Sarah Palin’s pregnancy announcement, and a March 2008 appearance, all of which were shot while Sarah Palin was 7 months pregnant. You tell me if she looks 7 months pregnant."

This vid no longer avail...copyright claim by Newsweek.

Anonymous said...

Tripp and Trig -- the Irish twins from Wasilla!

Anonymous said...

"Johnston, who dropped out of high school to take a job on the North Slope oil fields as an apprentice electrician, said he was a little shocked to learn that Bristol was pregnant.."

So, again we read that levi didnt know BP was preg til SP announced it

Anonymous said...

Craig @ 11:10 said: "...Sometimes you have to...realize that not everyone is being hypersensitive about getting every detail of an event precisely communicated. An error can simply be a human error and not an unintented slip within a manipulated ruse."

There's something called journalism, which, at its very core, is supposed to be about truth, precision, thoroughness, objectivity, and timeliness. We should expect and get the right information, first time around, from a reliable, cited source. We're not talking about a lot of complicated data here! Just a few numbers about weight and date! As Audrey put it: how hard is it to get it right??? And if places like the NY Times run a correction at the bottom of their story, they should say where the correction comes from and why they got things wrong first time around.

Joe S said...

Sherry Johnston is Trig's mother.

1) Similar odds of Down Synd as Sarah
2) "Hung out" with Track (drug buddy)
3) Punish BabyDaddy Track - military
4) Palin adopts Trig from SJ at birth
5) Adoption records sealed
6) Gov. insurance coverage legal?

Does anyone have any evidence Sherry Johnston could not be the mother???

txindygirl said...


The discrepancy isn't late Saturday/early Sunday, which would be understandable. People states the birth time as Satuday 5:33 am, which pushes the labor process a full day to late FRIDAY/ early Saturday. That is kinda weird.

Plus, there is a Wasilla Deep Throat source (Wasilla Maternity Nurse) who posted to Mudflats on MONDAY that the baby was born "last night at 12:27 am," which makes it late SUNDAY/ early MONDAY.

I'm just sayin'.... it's all smoke and mirrors with that bunch.

Best wishes to all the kids caught up in the narcissistic drama of Sarah and Todd. Another lie to cover up the previous lie.. it just doesn't stop.

I wouldn't care except that this dangerous, phony fraud is going to run for prez in 2012... If Alaska can't do the right thing and toss her out, we should all stay vigilant.

Morgan said...

Craig, I'm still trying to follow your logic. Are you saying if something is ignored by the media then it didn't happen?

You seem to put a lot of faith in the media.

Just as an FYI, a lot of bad things happen in places that lack a free press, things that are never reported. In those societies, a brainwashed populace mirrors your reaction - "Well, if it had been that important, wouldn't we have read it in the papers?"

And those things - those awful things - are only brought to light by people brave enough to get the truth out, despite the grave personal risk.

And while the Palin scandal doesn't rise to the level of the types of atrocities that go unreported in less free societies, as citizens in a free society we have an even greater responsibility to make sure our press is held accountable when it refuses to do the job it is supposed to do.

If we don't hold our press accountable, we run the risk of becoming a nation that lacks a free press.

Anonymous said...

"Bristol can't be the mother of both."

That's not been proven. Even if the released birthdate for Trig is correct (and many people think the pictures show a baby who doesn't look like a newborn DS baby, it's barely possible. Personally I don't think Bristol has given birth yet at all, to any babies. But the way the Palins release information about birthdates, we'll probably never know.

Anonymous said...

I am writing to suggest Sheri Johnston as Trig's mother, but instead of Track, how about Todd? Scenario would be that they would go for a quiet adoption and not spook Sarah's active bid to be VP nominee. At a point in the adoptive process, the test indicated DS (or pick your birth defect revealed in the amniocentesis,) thus squashing any hopes of a quiet adoption. At the last minute, Sarah saw the advantages in taking on the baby as her own, decided to tell everyone at 7 months, you know the rest. This would explain Mercedes' odd captions about Trig being her baby brother. Sherri's drug arrest is to scare her and keep her quiet-- imagine not arresting her a month ago because of the Secret Service!!? Would account for DS; Sherri is in her 40's. Also explains Levi kissing "his brother" so tenderly-- altho those pictures of Bristol at the convention sure made her look like the nursing mother. I'm counting on you, Audrey, to solve the mystery; it's better than anything on TV! Happy New Year!

jeanie said...

Well, there was a baby boy born at 5:27 a.m. Saturday at good old MatSu. I don't know how often they update their baby posts, but if another one shows up on Monday at about 12:30 a.m. that would be mighty strange.

I have no idea where the birth supposedly took place, but it would be a wildly unlikely coincidence if there were two different birth dates given, and there just happened to be baby boys born within five minutes of each one...

Just speculating - hang in there Audrey, this is definitely not over!

p.s. Morgan - thanks for keeping us on track (no pun intended). It is too easy to get sucked off topic into venting mode against the trolls. Glad to have you there to redirect us!

KaJo said...

Just as an aside, somewhat OT but to follow up on another OT comment:

Half Sigma said @ 10:30 AM 12/30, Congratulations on being rich. Most children don't have that opportunity, in response to VintageRedhead's "Even my own daughter had a passport and had visited France by the time she was in the 7th grade!"

You don't have to be rich to go to Europe. VintageRedhead's daughter may have gone the same way my nephew did: about 15 kids in his grade school class were able to form a group to travel to Europe in July 2002 (not the peak tourist season), and it cost my sister less than $2000 TOTAL for both of them to go, airfare and everything.

Hubby and I live on SS, and we've cruised up to Alaska twice, thru the Panama Canal twice, to Hawaii roundtrip, and to destinations in Mexico twice in the past 9 years.

Anonymous said...

"Here's a simple one: there are three Palin women and two Palin babies. Bristol can't be the mother of both. SP doesn't appear to be the mother of Trig. Do the math. And someone please give me a confirmable alibi for Willow from January - April 2008."

And you know? Willow is pretty damn young. Having an older teenager get pregnant can be chalked up to "you know how these teenagers are." Having a young teenager get pregnant starts people thinking about sexual abuse, because typically, it's sexually abused girls who because sexually active early. And that becomes statutory rape. Dangerous, the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. SP would be more apt to hide a pregnancy of Willow's, being so young, than she would of Bristol's.


Ginger said...

When I watched the video of Bristol going into the shool/church, I noticed she had a hand in each pocket pushing the front of her jacket out. She looked slimmer to me than she was at the RNC.

Is there a baby? Will there be a baby? No comments...no pictures...and requesting privacy when there is a birth doesn't make sense.

Could the People Mag story be a stall tatic? One ADN blog said that a contract was signed in August and because of the kids' age, SP had to sign.

Somewhere, I read that in Alaska, no high offical can use their political position to profit. Like appearing on T.V. shows...things like that. Would it be legal for her to sign such a contract? Can anyone familiar with Alaskan law shed some light on this?


Anonymous said...

"Oh look at that shinny object over there."

Why are we all so distracted all of a sudden?

Because that is exactly what was hoped would happen.

Now, back to the previously scheduled program. Photographic, an
other evidence that S.Palin did not birth Trig Palin.

Please, every woman who has ever had a baby, we don't need to hear your birthing experience.

Ive had eleven, so you better hope I don't get started.

Meanwhile, lets keep up the excellent work with photographic evidence.Some whistle blowers would be great, also. (Just had to add that)

Anonymous said...

And re: the passport, plenty of people (I was one) get one even before they can afford to travel. It just shows to me that Sarah's interests are really narrow. Not the kind of perspective I want to see in someone who aspires to lead the free world, or however she'd put it.

Anonymous said...

I would think that the primary revenue for People magazine is the advertising in their magazine. The impending sales with an article on the Palin/Johnston baby would improve the revenue. If People does not have an exclusive, the sales would be less. No one will risk that exclusive unless they have nothing to gain from it. The aunt and the Wasilla nurse are so far the only sources, and they had no risk.

When we see hard copy on the birth, we will be in a better place to speculate.

It's interesting how when things on this site get busy there is something in the news to provide a distraction (e.g., church fire, Sherry Johnston arrested, Tripp's birth). The pressure is on, but credibility must be maintained.

I would suggest that newcomers spend some time at least reading the blogs. (The comments are now too numerous.) Many points of speculation have already been well discussed.

I agree with many other posters that this is "addictive." We may have to develop a twelve step program for it :-)

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

Why, oh, why, oh why aren't the Associated Press, the Anchorage Daily News, etc., etc., more interested in verifying the accuracy of this story? Why in the world weren't reporters staked out at every hospital around Anchorage for the last week? I would bet my mortgage that this whole baby mess is a big fat lie....any sensible person can easily see the ridiculous discrepancies in the story....but I DO NOT understand why the media isn't more interested in the story. They're interested in EVERYTHING ELSE about Sarah Palin! I don't get it that even the National Enquirer doesn't have reporters staked out. Any clues? I totally understand the Palins' motives for deception, but how have they convinced the ENTIRE MEDIA to believe their lies? Seriously, I would be interested to hear others' theories on this.

Anonymous said...


Thank you. At least someone else acknowledges that the evidence doesn't exclude Willow, and the circumstantial evidence supports -- but in noway proves -- that theory.

I also want to make it clear that I am not alleging sexual abuse. In fact, I think it more likely that young girl curiosity would lead to an unwanted pregnancy. Adolescent (and adult female) sexual desire is strongest at the time of highest fertility. It is on record that Willow had a boyfriend. She's very pretty and is often mistaken for Bristol. So she's mature enough. Stranger things have happened.

To Anon at 12:28, I'd say the evidence is conclusive that Bristol is not the mother of both Trig and Tripp. I also think the evidence is conclusive that she is Tripp's mother. If she faked it and pulled a switcheroo with everyone watching, she's got more talent than anyone could expect. Now she and Levi are going to raise a stranger's child as their own? Is that the theory?

If one argues that Trig was born much sooner, and his birth was kept secret to allow SP time to complete a faked pregnancy, why did she rush back to Alaska? Any answer is more far-fetched. Why? Because at the time it occurred, there's no way SP could know that Bristol would have another child to deliver in December, under the watchful eyes of the entire country.

The evidence, both direct and circumstantial, must be considered on a contemporaneous basis. That is, why would people do things then.

I can defend the Willow-could-be-Trig's-mother theory against all counter-arguments. Until new evidence comes out, I'm sticking to it.


Anonymous said...

to HalfSigma at 10:30 AM
Your comment about only rich people travelling is ridiculous. The Palins have higher income than our family, and we have taken our children to Europe twice. We consider it an important part of their education, we save and scrimp to make it happen, and we are curious about and interested in the greater world. The Palins have spent tons of money on Todd's snow machine racing, not a cheap hobby. Sarah had a prof. career after college, she could have travelled. Travel has to be a priority and an interest, and when someone lacks that interest it speaks volumes about who they are.

Anonymous said...

cbs news reporting that Tripp was born in Palmer, Alaska - is that where Mat-Su hospital is?

Anonymous said...

So I read in an article online that Tripp was born in Palmer Alaska. When you look up hospitals in Palmer it shows one Valley Hospital. When you go to this website http://www.valleyhospitalfasthealth.com/staff/show_speciality.php?speciality=Obstetrics%2FGynecology
Guess who's name is there? That's right! Cathy Baldwin-Johnson! Think she delivered the second baby. Humm...too fishy of a story.

**Ms. Lexstasy**

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joe S…that is what I’ve been saying for awhile now. I also think that Sherry Johnston is the mother! I made a challenge a while back that asked anyone to challenge my theory and so far no one has…or no one has that has been posted. Kay (December 30, 2008 at 1:30pm)

Anonymous said...

Regarding the short video footage of several Palins entering the school/church after the church fire...is it possible to get a still from that video?

I saw the video and it was SAW quick there was no sure way to identify anyone. But the media did say that at least 3 Palins (minus Sarah) are in the video.

If the one who quickly scooted ahead of the others was in fact Bristol...then I agree that even in the brief viewing she appeared actually slimmer (to me) than she had in earlier pregnant photos. I'd have thought she'd be HUGELY pregnant based on earlier showing.

Anyway, just wondering if a still shot is obtainable of that video.

Stephanie said...

Ginger, is there a link to the video of Bristol that you're talking about? thanks

Anonymous said...

This is getting more interesting. According to the managing editor of People mag, they do not have a deal for the pictures. Here is the link:


So, why all of the secrecy and "family matter" stuff? I presonally do not think there is a baby yet.

Anonymous said...

We've suspected for some time that the birth of Bristol's baby would be another opportunity to muddy the waters, and apparently that suspicion was correct, since they can't even get the birth date, time and weight straight, nor Trig's age. The press are at least negligent, and some may be complicit.

But, as was true on September 1st, the Bristol pregnancy is really meant as a huge diversion, so that the attention won't be placed where it belongs -- on Sarah and her lies about being pregnant last spring. The key task of this site is to show that SP was NOT pregnant, not to prove who was. Audrey and her helpers have done through photographic evidence, and the work is continuing and will continue to seek further proof. The site has also demonstrated that NONE of the so-called evidence of SP's pregnancy can be independently authenticated. This should be better publicized.

I feel we should get back to that focus, or else we run the risk of getting lost in Sarah's corn maze (as Tina Fey might say).

Anonymous said...

HS Dropout and absent dad Levi Johnson: $300,000! For BABY pictures? Wow! How much is that in OxyContin?"

HS Dropout and stage-prop mom Bristol Palin: "Dunno. Ask Rush. He's on your mom's speed dial."

Levi: "Does this mean she can make bail now?"

luna1580 said...

Associated Press - December 30, 2008 4:34 PM ET

"ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - A People magazine executive is slamming media speculation that Bristol Palin made at least $300,000 for giving the publication first shot at photos of her newborn son.

The reports come a day after the magazine broke the news that the 18-year-old unmarried daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin gave birth to Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston on Saturday.

Managing editor Larry Hackett says the magazine has had "conversations" about photos with a Palin representative.

He says he would love to get photographs, but adds that no deal has been made and no money has been given to the Palins.

Hackett won't elaborate on the talks, however, if they are continuing or how much the magazine would be willing to pay.

The governor's office has not released information, saying the baby's birth is a private, family matter."


Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting quote from the Anchorage Daily News:

"Palin's father, Chuck Heath, declined to comment Monday, referring questions about the baby to the governor and her husband."

I never heard of a new proud great-grandpappy not being able to say ANYTHING about a new baby. No comment at all? Wow. Not even, "Mother and Baby are doin well." Wow is all I can say.

Craig said...


I'm saying that if a prior-revealed story was sitting out there in plain view since April for any political operative, journalist or blogger to use for easy political fodder during the ugly mud-slinging of last Fall's presidential campaign, there seems to be only four explanations available.

One, that the story was missed by nearly everyone. Impossible, given the amount of resources (professional and amateur) that were working on every detail of Palin's personal and professional life. Research 101 involves looking at local new reports, where this story was readily available.

Two, that "dark powerful forces" stifled the story. Again impossible, as no one holds sway over literally every person with computer access, or every media outlet (unless you're in North Korea and such!), since at the very least the blogosphere would tag this low-hanging story, and if it had true legitimacy (as a can't-miss example of hypocritical and reprehensible behavior by Palin) it would snowball across the internet and be pushed into the public consciousness even if the press were somehow cowed into silence.

Three, the media decided it was too personal of a story and killed it. Highly unlikely, since, at minimum, the blogosphere (and the news rags) has no such concerns about ethics and limitations (as shown by being the ones to either break or expand upon some of the more unsavory talk that became widely circulated during the election). Besides, during the feeding frenzy of this past Election news cycle, some personal revelations were already being published so why arbitrarily stop there?

You could possibly argue that the Alaskan press was a little too timid to pursue it initially in April, but come September, it would have been no holds barred.

Four, the story was not considered provocative or controversial enough to warrant a second look. Certainly the most reasonable of the four options. I have suggested that the force of medical opinion was just not going to be compelling enough for this story to have enough weight. If there was, it would have been the worse nightmare of the McCain campaign to wake up to this headline:

"Pro-life advocate Palin intentionally endangers her special needs baby while in labor!!!"

Many people contest my view of the medical opinion on this issue. Fine. So then, what is a logical reason for the near silence of this angle during the election?

Anonymous said...

I have only been reading this blog for a few days, around the time I started wondering when Bristol would deliver her baby. It's been an entertaining read thus far. And as a PR professional, I agree with earlier posts that the lack of an official statement regarding the birth of Tripp, one that includes firm details, is strange.

I admit that early on I found the stories of SP's pregnancy and birth of Trig dubious at best, and even suspected that Bristol could be the mother. But I've come to doubt this possibility because there are just too many players involved and it's unlikely that all of them would be willing to go along with a cover-up of this magnitude.

Instead, I have to assume that, in fact, Trig is SP's baby, and the result of an unplanned and probably "unwanted" pregnancy. She could have been in such denial for months and hoped the pregnancy would just go away. When she learned through amniocentesis that her fetus had Down’s syndrome, she probably freaked out even more. I mean, for any 44-year old woman with 4 kids already, and with a rising political career, having a fifth child with special needs would be a shock - and for some, a disaster.

So I wonder if she just didn't take care of herself on purpose, which may explain the lack of weight gain and small baby bump, and her bizarre behavior once her water broke in Texas. And as a mother myself, it also seemed beyond weird that she went back to work 3 days after giving birth. I've always had a career, but I could never imagine any new mom heading back to work 72 hours later.

Lucky for Trig that he has been embraced by SP's family and appears to be deeply loved. I'm glad for that.

Anonymous said...

Facts and fantasy:

The chances of having a Down Syndrome baby are one in forty for a 44-year-old mom. For a 17-year-old, they are one in 2,000.

If Bristol somehow bore Trig, against those long odds, she could not get pregnant again as quickly as she did.

Was there a good reason to induce labor? You bet. If the baby was born before January 1st, he would be eligible to receive a Permanent Fund Dividend, $2,069 this year, a year earlier than otherwise. Also, between Christmas and New Years is a slow news week. If you're selling a story there's less competition.

Colleen said...

Just as Trig was born 2 months earlier than the Palin's assert, Tripp will be born 2 months later. They have become adept at birth falsification...mopping up one mess with another mess.

Look for a couple staged photo opps of Bristol with a swaddled bundle hustling from car to house. Then in a couple of months Sarah will become so proud that she just can't keep cute little Tripp from us any longer...."introducing my 2 month old (but born yesterday) grandson Tripp!!!"

Anonymous said...


Have you coinsidered Lauden Bruce as the potential birth mother of Trig?

Morgan said...

Craig, respectfully I'd submit that there is a fifth and more likely reason - a press too ignorant and squeamish to investigate the details of the birth process.

Audrey and those of us who aren't squeamish about birth - and who have an understanding of it - have been willing to tackle those issues here. Just what happens when a woman's amniotic membranes rupture? We know that the amount of fluid you leak can soak several menstrual pads. As you have contractions the stuff gushes out. If too much gushes out too quickly the baby's head drops into the cervix, dilating it. If the cord is between the head and the cervix and becomes compressed, the baby's heart rate can plummet and it can die.

The fluid is more than just a cushion, though. Once it starts leaking, the opening allows bacteria to get in, which increases the risk of infection.

A vaginal exam is necessary, immediately, if a woman's water breaks.

I could go on, but I'm sure all this talk of vaginas and stuff leaking out of them is not something the media wants to talk about. For Sarah's birth story to be examined, however, those things would have to be discussed. And despite the openness of ours society, we are still very prudish in some areas, which is why people walk past a men's magazine showing breast without a second thought but freak out if a woman nurses in public.

There's a sixth reason, too. The Palins did a good job of hiding behind their kids. To pursue this story would have meant going after a minor girl and digging up whatever dirt there was on her sexual past.

Obama even weighed in on this, and said candidate's kids were not fair game. That put investigating Bristol off limit. Trig was seen as even more off limits. After all, he's not only an infant but a special needs infant.

Per dark forces, the only ones at play were the GOP who I think worked hard to obfuscate and scuttle any attempts to learn the truth, hence the eleventh hour release of the records.

I have a theory that McCain - at some point - found out the truth. Perhaps someone tipped him off when things were going sour with Palin. There are reports that he stopped talking to her altogether on the campaign trail, and he refused to endorse her for 2012 when asked. What must have happened for him to go from her biggest advocate to those uncomfortable interviews in which he appears to distance himself from her.

My biggest disappointment through all of this is not the political games or even Palin herself. My biggest disappointment is the press, which is more afraid of being called "mean" or embarrassing itself or offending the delicate sensibilities of readers to do its job.

I don't know if that answers your questions, but as always, Craig, I appreciate your debating this. I personally do not see you as a troll and I've moderated a lot of comments on this blog.

We may not agree, but I think it's a good thing to go head to head when we don't.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.. great work Audrey and friends.. I think you are getting closer to the facts.. I have emailed Ms. Gustey.. but have not heard back.. surely she knows who took those pictures and who posted them online.. and why won't she come forth and say more at this time when there is so much to discredit her and her professionalism.. it just seems strange.. I do not get involved in issues that are none of my business, but if my honesty and integrity are questioned I bristle.. why isn't she?.. also, pasted below is a story today from CNN about a hoax perpetrated for decades.. some people questioned it, but it was never uncovered until now, when the man has decided to speak.. so yes, lies can go unchallanged for a loooong time.. I am glad that this site continues to pursue SP and her story.. keep working on it gals and guys.. the truth is getting closer and closer.. and I am sure we will all be so happy to finally discover that no one is above the law .. the spiritual law of truth..

http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/12/30/holocaust.hoax.love.story/index.html thanks.. Pam

KaJo said...

Speaking from the POV of one who didn't go back and read nearly every blog entry of Audrey's back to September, and managed to rehash quite a few of Audrey's talking points...

It ought to be "Required Reading" for some of you Anonymouses to go back and read at least the introductory "Sarah Palin's Lies" site Audrey has on the Web, and if you have time, slog through at least the last 2 months of blog topics.

Some of these questions asked and conclusions reached could easily be answered by doing that, including the much discussed ??? on why it's MORE likely for a 17 year old PG woman to have a Down Syndrome baby than a 44 year old PG woman (hint: there's more of the former than the latter).

Anonymous said...

To anon@1:05,
It is because they, the media, are in on it. Or complicit in that they have not confirmed or denied the rumors. Its a little late now. Do you think Bill, Andrea, Elan and others want to stake their careers by admitting on their part, even if by omission, help on this coverup. I think they were in that camp of this will soon blow over.
To Anon @ 10:24, you seem to want to appear like you just popped in and can't believe we are still here? Why drop by, keep your suggestion. There are only more questions to answer now.

Anonymous said...

Who is Lauden Bruce?

"Track's girlfriend" traveled with the Palins as a babysitter this fall, but I never heard her name.

Morgan said...

Anon at 2:49 - that is a very good point. Among the press' shortcomings is it arrogance, and this comes from someone who spent years as a working journalist.

The longer this story goes on, the harder it will be for the media to admit that they missed it. While very good at analyzing others, journalists are terrible at analyzing themselves.

And with some journalists in Alaska likely in Sarah's camp and/or even advocating for her, such a revelation could shake the local journalistic network to its core and cast doubt on its overall credibility.

I personally think that while the MSM is outwardly condescending to citizen journalist bloggers like Audrey and others, behind the scenes they are reading here just like everyone else. And they're probably glad to have someone willing to do their "dirty work."

When and if the truth finally comes out, look for the MSM to swoop in like vultures to pick the choice cuts for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Brad, I see you have posted here so I will mention photos #1 & #2 on this string. I still believe 3Amigos could have been staged in August, but I now think it less likely after viewing Patrick's flickr picture of Palin on Apr. 13 at the AK lege -- same hair and clothes and (probably) jewelry. So the photos of Sarah may be from Apr. 13, but the one with Gusty shows a larger belly than she had below her scarf in Dallas a few days later. (Same coat, btw.) Part of the alterations could have been to adjust the size of her belly, maybe by reducing other parts of her, like her head. I need to study the photo expert's report. Since photos #1 & #2 are in different hallways with different people, I doubt they could have been taken as they are only three minutes apart. -B.

Anonymous said...

Responding to the question of why SP would have rushed back to Alaska... of course the birth of Trig is one likely possibility. But another plausible explanation that has been posed by several bloggers is that Trig needed to be hospitalized for jaundice, and Sarah needed to be present when that took place. I don't claim to know what is correct, but I do know that Trig's birth date has never been verified. Reasonable questions have been raised about his appearance on 4/18, where he really did not look like a newborn, let alone a premie; so it is plausible that he was born earlier.

What I DO now know, with absolute certainty, is that it is not possible that Sarah gave birth to Trig in April, because the photos of her taken in mid-March and late-March conclusively show a flat abdomen, and I know enough about human gestational development to recognize that she could not have given birth to a 6+ pound infant a few weeks later. It is simply not possible; so those of you who want to believe that she did so need to explain why you're believing Sarah instead of your own two eyes.


Anonymous said...

Super analysis, Morgan. You're right - SP hid behind her kids. And the press today is complacent, craven, and oh so easy to manipulate (in most cases) by someone as brazen and unscrupulous as SP. Her psyche is a scary thing.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lauden Bruce is family...

Diana said...

Thanks for all of your hard work Audrey. It is incredible how many of us are committed to seeking the truth. I for one am taking a break today from writing and instead am reading blogs on the internet regarding Tripps birth. Here are my favorites!

1).Something is sooo wrong with this country. A couple of teenagers get pregnant and drop out of high school, and we reward them with a big magazine spread, a shower of tens of thousands of baby presents, and $$$$$$$? Kinda reminds me of the small town girl who got knocked up so that she had to get married, used the power of a crazy church that spews all sorts of vile nonsense to become, first, mayor of her small town then governor of her state, where she engages in all sorts of questionable conduct before becoming a VP candidate who incites her followers to racism and violence, for which she gets a $7 million book deal. I’m loosing heart.

Oh, and I also think that by selling their story to People, the Palins have put that baby and the entire circumstances of its birth into the public domain. Ditto Sarah’s book deal. There’s a reason it’s called “selling your soul to the devil.”


2). If you would like to provide feedback to People magazine regarding the fact that they’ve supposedly paid $300,000 to photograph an illegitimate child of a yet-to-graduate mother and a high school dropout father, whose paternal grandmother is an admitted drug dealer, please call:

1-212-522-6699 and enter prompt #1.

Sarah Palin, if she had any morals or family values, would have turned the money down, or announced it given to charity. Her children are not just props, they are pricey props. Shame on her.

And shame on anyone who buys that issue of People. I wouldn't be caught dead reading a People magazine.

And....one of my ultimate favorites:

3). Four aspects of Bristol’s situation stand out to me:

First and perhaps least importantly, I wish Tripp’s young parents had spelled his name differently. I can picture people asking how to spell his name and the poor little lad having to say, ” t-r-i-pee-pee.” “T-r-i-double p” works for adults, but not little kids.

Second, how many parents would seriously encourage a daughter who’s abused drugs and alcohol and become an unwed teen mother to marry the baby’s “dad” after the birth, a dad who also abuses drugs and alcohol, whose parent is a known drug dealer, and who stated in print that he didn’t want children? Am I the only one who would want to send my daughter as far away as possible from such a boyfriend in order to give her and her child a healthy, fresh start in life? Marital status should be secondary to a healthy, drug-free life for mother and child.

Third, again and again the contrast between the Obama/Biden “family values” against the McCain/Palin family values, is stark. So many examples…such as Malia and Sasha going to school even the morning after the election compared to poor Piper climbing onto public stages every day during the campaign. Admittedly, I'm intolerant of those (mainly republicans) who believe they are better than others (mainly democrats) because of their so-called “family values.” Actions can speak louder than words.

Last, Bristol is eighteen and an adult now so I think it’s fair to comment that there was absolutely no decent reason she should have sold her newborn’s photos at any price. Any and all media would have happily printed baby photos if it was attention she wanted, which I doubt. If it was money, which I suspect, then I blame Sarah and Todd for dropping the ball there as Sarah certainly could have said, “If it’s money you want, Bristol, hang in there until I get an advance for my book, and then we'll give you the $300,000. During the campaign you sacrificed your anonymity under difficult circumstances. We appreciate your sacrifice, we love you, and we want to help you and Tripp have a good start in life.”

What selfish, short sighted, narcissistic parents Sarah and Toddhave been. Poor Bristol has no good parental role models here. I sincerely wish her all the best.


4). Do you really think that a woman that is in the public eye repeatedly, did several photo shoots with famous photographers, on her 5th pregnancy, being 44 yo, with a DS child and being able to hide it from thousands of people that would have seen her over those 8 months, as well as her co-workers (every single AK elected official, numerous tv and newspaper people) and her entire family (including her mother) -- while travelling over 18,000 miles from just feb-april on multiple airlines and never being anywhere NEAR wasilla for almost all of jan/feb/march AND april -- was also able to go to prenatal appointments -- while her good friend the NON-obgyn doctor who specializes in sexual abuse physicals not even able to say SHE witnessed the birth of Trig, is MORE plausible than

Bristol giving birth to Trig, who probably was born earlier than 4/18 -- maybe a month before, and got knocked up about a month later...

also, sarah's breast never got large -- bristol's sure did... pics of sarah on 3/14 show NO pregnancy at all and yet she was 7.5 months pregnant and just 1 month from giving birth to a 6 lb baby.... who btw, was NOT premature. babies are only around 4.5 lbs at 35-36 weeks and DS babies are 10% less than avg weight -- so how did sarah have a 5 week premature DS baby that weighs more than most babies at 35 weeks AND still barely show?

as for this:

Sarah Palin is capable of a lot of things, but coercing a doctor to violate medical ethics and endanger the life of a child in order to protect her image isn't one of them. (Besides, if you're going to admit to one teenage pregnancy, why would you cover up another?)

she did coerce a doctor to violate medical ethics (if her story is true) by her doctor friend telling her it was ok to fly without getting checked out by a doctor in Dallas...

also, they HAD to admit to the 1 pregnancy because it was their way of showing Sarah didn't cover up

it's not the pregnancy, IT'S THE COVERUP.

you obviously do not get what kind of personality Sarah has if you dont believe Sarah wouldn't try anything to make herself look good.
- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -- -
We sure have some great commentaries going on!! I am glad we are pursuing this and not just accepting the statments and information provided. We are all aware we haven't recieved the truth of this matter yet! Have no doubt...the truth will come out only if we stay committed to finding it.

Anonymous said...

Well, for having her baby "late", it sure was a small one. Every story that surrounds SP gets screwed up........."transparency" is what she does not understand. "Palin's Deceptions" fits her a lot better, because she is good at it.

EternalSkeptic said...

One thing that occurred to me early on was that Bristol would "give birth" at the tail end of the window - which is exactly what we have here. A birth that was 10 days late, according to the date that Levi gave.

Hollywood celebrities schedule c-sections @ 38 weeks all the time to avoid gaining those extra pounds. Additionally, I actually have a friend whose physician scheduled an induction for her @ 38 weeks, since the physician planned to be on vacation on the friend's due date! (I found this absolutely unacceptable, as did my friend, and chose another physician, FYI).

Now I ran this theory by Audrey via email, and her comment was that while the dates almost matched up if things were handled this way (early induction for Bristol @ 37-ish weeks to keep the timeline on track), she indicated that it would cost way more money than the Palin's have to get the right physician to sign onto this plan.

Add in the $300K from people mag....And hey - we have a deal.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Lauden Bruce is the daughter of Sarah´s sister, Heather Bruce.

(Bristol Palin stayed with Heather Bruce in Anchorage from about Jan-April 2008 - the exact dates are not 100% confirmed, especially for March and April).

Lauden Bruce was also present at the GOP convention when SP was nominated.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog for a few weeks now and have reviewed Audrey's website info as well. While I don't hold SP in high esteem and find some inconsistencies in her birth and pregnancy story, I just can't get behind some of these conspiracy theories. Maybe part of the reason her stories don't add up is because it is impossible to follow the logic of any unscripted sentence out of her mouth. But does that mean there is a clever and complicated cover up? I doubt it.

Either way, best wishes to Trig, Tripp, Bristol and Levi and all the kids involved.

suzietee said...

I've got three words for you. GET A LIFE. I don't know why I came to your page, but seriously who cares. This is the kind of crap you find in the Star. There are way more important issues going on in this world to care whether Sarah Palin's baby is hers or her daughters. Whether Bristol's baby was born on this day or that. If it was important things they were hiding that's a different story, but this is their own personal business and has nothing to do with anyone else.

Anonymous said...


No need for your presence here. Go to teamsarah.org.

We have lives and believe in Truth an Justice and the Integrity of our Leaders.

We will be investigating until the TRUTH is OUT!

Anonymous said...

Thx for the blog.. i for one will continue to stay tuned to see what Audrey comes up w/next...

My gut, like many of your readers, have been telling me from day 1 that something was not kosher w/Palin's story..

Anonymous said...

In theorizing who is Trig's mother,
K.I.S.S. - Keep it simple stupid (or Sarah!). Bristol was seen around town obviously pregnant AND was kept out of school for mysterious reasons. That is why it is hard to imagine she is not the leading contender to be Trig's mother. If these condition were not present, then theories like the Sherry theory would have more Traction!

P.S. The site has has some really hard-core spin doctors visiting, lately!!!

Ginger said...

To: Stephanie

The video showing the family going to the school/church was on KTUU in Anchorage. It was difficult to make out as it went by fast. I remember playing it two or three times because the news said that Sarah did not attend because she had to go to Juneau. But, to me, it looked like Sarah was there wearing a yellow jacket.

Later, I found out she was still in Wasilla and hadn't gone to Juneau until Monday. Go figure.

Don't have a link...wouldn't know how to get one.

Re: People Mag Story

Great research on finding out that PM had no deal with the Palins. However, in my last blog, I'm telling you exactly what the ADN blogger said. He seemed to know what he was talking about.

Now, remember that PM was in Wasilla at the Palin's home in August (the time the blogger said they signed a contract). They were doing a photo shoot and an article that appeared in their Sept. 22nd issue.

Do you think PM is denying any contract because SP was furious this info got out?

Just wonderin'...

Could they have made some kind of deal while they were there but are denying it now?

Anonymous said...

I find it truly amazing that Sarah Palin is a grandmother for the 1st time and she does not want her picture with the new grandbaby. For
most grandmothers this is one of the most exciting days of their lives! Sarah also did not want a picture with Trig until she was out of the hospital.

More importantly she took a picture supposedly the last day of legislation with two guys. A camera man and a reporter. Not a congress man or representative.
The two amigos!

Anonymous said...

This is Lauden Bruce:



Although she is not my personal "prime suspect" for the Trig pregnancy, she is still a highly interesting person as she is VERY close to Bristol and Willow, a fact which was uncovered with 100% certainty during our research. She was, amongst other things, on the campaign trail with Sarah Palin.


johnell said...

As a citizen of the lower 48, (Missouri), I'm perplexed at the AK flexibility on 'vital statistics'. Doesn't AK require registration of live births which are certified as to date, birth weight, parents ID, attending physician, etc. I believe that in MO, these documents are public records.

I can see that there is plenty of incentive for any AK parent to claim that Jan. births actually occurred in Dec. in order to access not only the permanent fund, but to declare a new dependent on Fed. Income Taxes. I'd appreciate some enlightenment.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up the investigation! Eventually, the truth will come out. For some it may seem trivial to seek the truth about this family and their misinformation, but for many of us, it is like pulling a small thread on a very large and tangled ball of lies. The small thread reveals the greater story!

For those of you who couldn't find the video of the March 2008 interview of Palin, try the following:
You'll see her leaning over (way too far for a pregnant woman) and easily crossing her legs in all of the video clips.

Let's hope that the Palin sycophants grow tired of her after witnessing the unraveling of her family's scandals.
--Linda in AZ

Anonymous said...

More thoughts from Kay…
Boy oh boy there are some “angry” people out there. Like I’ve stated before, theories are just that…THEORIES. They are things that “COULD” happen, not concrete facts. I have never stated that anything I write is fact, just my little conspiracy theory. Are some of you “angry” because diversionary tactics don’t work on people like me…TOOO BAD…go cry me a river somewhere else. I do not believe Ms. Palin was pregnant with Trig, so therefore someone else was. I know that for some people it is hard to “imagine” that Sherry Johnston could possibly be the mother…but she could be. Stranger things have happened in this world! Audrey & Company…stay strong, we all together will get to the bottom of this, TOGETHER! (December 30, 2008 at 4:45pm)

House of Brat said...

Thanks for all your hard work Audrey! I really appreciate it. Personally, I'm hoping for Levi or his mother to sell out to the National Enquirer. Probably too much to hope for but money can make some people squawk.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Chuck Heath sure knew a lot about water breaking on Trig's brith and the due date of Tripp and now he dont know nothin'. sure.

Morgan said...

Nice muzzle, Mr. Heath. Is it new?

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that on election day, I didn't think that there would be much opportunity to learn anything new, at least before Bristol gave birth. I was so wrong. The work that Audrey and others have done to find new leads and apply more sophisticated analysis to the existing information has really advanced our knowledge; so I tip my hat to them. Those who have honest eyes and brains now know conclusively that Sarah Palin was not 7-8 months pregnant in March and April. I expect progress to continue -- heck, some new photos turned up just a day or two ago, and they are quite revealing of how non-pregnant Sarah was at the beginning of April.

Also, there is no doubt that some of those in the know will eventually become disillusioned with Sarah's diva ways, or they will have a falling out, or they will use their knowledge for monetary or political gain. I think it is likely that some of the McCain campaign staff know the truth; and they may be working for the opposition in the next election. Even Levi, poor chump, will have to either grow up to be a man, or live under him mother-in-law's thumb.

I think the various theories as to why this could not be a scam are very naive. Have you already forgotten about Bernard Madoff, and how many people believed him? Con artists like Sarah can fool some of the people some of the time...but the evidence is really irrefutable at this point that she did not give birth to Trig. As someone commented about Madoff, "too many things didn't add up." Sooner or later, the house of cards will fall down.

Fran said...

Palin did not give birth to Trig. I think the evidence for that is clear and overwhelming. Who gave birth to Trig and what Sara's reasons were for the charade are a separate issue. I don't know if Bristol gave birth to Trig, although we still have no proof on that one way or the other. We don't know Trig's birth date and we don't know if she has given birth yet. (Two of my step-sisters were born only 39 weeks apart, so it hardly impossible.)

Still, I have always had doubts that Bristol was Trig's birth-mother. We know the media is very interested in the Palin's, so the question is how could Bristol be escaping the camera's eyes. Bristol is a legal adult, as is Levi. They were placed in the national spotlight during the Republican Convention, so Palin's claim that this is a private family matter rings hollow. Her family is very public when it suits her political needs. I don't imagine that the press is moved by any claims to privacy. I wonder if some of the reporters have come across evidence of illigal behavior that might include minors and if they have turned the information over to law-enforcememt. I don't know what the truth of the matter is, but everything about this reeks.

Anonymous said...

And on I go…
The story of Sarah from an earlier post…read the names the author thanks…an ERIK!!! Hummm!!! I will say it again…focus on the players in the photos!
A side note or two…the story of Sarah also claims that Ms. Palin is a stubborn woman…well ME TOO…bring it on! Also Wasilla was an “actual” small town when the family moved there, so I can imagine that the family is like “royalty” there…hence my posts in the past…people may be loyal to Ma & Pa Heath not Ms. Palin. And most small towns don’t like “outsiders” and some people are probably protecting “the town’s image” and not necessarily Ms. Palin. From Kay (December 30, 2008 at 5:15pm)

Tina in CA said...

I have a still photo of the church going incident.

I don't know how to post it though. I'm sure Audrey has one too.

It's not so great. But you can see that it's Todd and what you assume is Trig and a clear shot of Bristol. Piper is covered up by the stand in Sarah in the yellow.

Gees, I wonder if this is a Sarah body double?? Or maybe her sister??

Anonymous said...

Interesting choice of name for the baby. Tripp....Trig...is there a connection we've not been told about? You betcha'! Keep up your fine work, Audrey.

Anonymous said...

I would bet money that Lauden Bruce is the person between Sarah and Bristol in the zoo picture.

wayofpeace said...

why is it that with the PALIN family every normal/conventional event like gestation, public birth records, pictures of a just-born son or grandson, knowing the exact date and time and size of a newborn, jubilant first-time grandparents????

instead, we get persistent obfuscation and dubiousness!

Anonymous said...

OMG on MSN they are saying Sarah Palin won the award of Celeb Neighbor! This is crazy! What a stupid award never heard of such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know if Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson is related to the Levi Johnson family?

moseyon said...

Some where on this site there is a
picture of Bristol [the convention I think] with Trig on her chest on the stage Sarah comes up behind him and takes him from Bristol.
The first time I saw any reaction from the little guy.
Isn't it true that a baby can smell its mother especially when she is breast feeding.Bristol sure looked like a breast feeding mum.
I agree with Audrey.
Also when that picture was posted in the supermarket in that outfit
I'll bet it was an old one not Trig in that sling.As Govenor she would never have dressed like that.

Anonymous said...

To any of Palin's minions who are posting on this site:
Those of you who want to just "forget this whole issue" and wonder why we still care, here's why: This mean-spirited, vicious, proven-to-be-deceitful woman has high political ambitions and thousands of naive supporters. It is of the utmost importance to expose her mean-spirited, vindictive, duplicitious behavior. Quite simply, we continue investigating this matter b/c we are concerned about the future.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fellow Palin Watchers,

I hope what I have to say is not a repeat. I'll try and make it brief. Personally, I will not believe that there was a baby born this past weekend to BP, until a couple of years from now when two children and two moms are on the (say) Oprah show and there is clear and positive proof that the children belong to them.

That being said, my main problem with SP from the beginning is that I feel cheated out of what should have been a legitimate election where we have two sets of legitimate, capable, ready-to-be- public-servant candiates for a country in such desperate need! How is SP, who supposedly has FIVE children (of which one is in trouble with drugs and the law, one knocked up at 16 years old, and one brand-new baby with special needs), how is she supposed to manage a country when her own family that she is supposed to be managing is a complete mess? It makes me so angry that she was even allowed to be considered. That is my problem with her. I feel cheated and want her exposed and taken down off her little ego tripp. I want new laws in place that would keep someone like her from even being considered eligible to be one heartbeat away from running this country. You should at least be able to manage your own family!

I really appreciate all that is being done here to try and get this thing exposed. I find it highly suspicious already that People Mag has been given exclusive rights to the tripp photos.

Anyway, good luck to Audrey and all those pursuing this great cause. Thanks again and let's roll!


Anonymous said...

"I also want to make it clear that I am not alleging sexual abuse. In fact, I think it more likely that young girl curiosity would lead to an unwanted pregnancy."

I'm not alleging sexual abuse either, only that it is a frequent cause of early sexual activity in girls. Willow is young- at the very least, such a young girl being pregnant argues a sad lack of supervision. Older teens tend to have more freedom so Bristol's pregnancy is more generally acceptable than Willow's would be, so Sarah would have more reason to conceal Willow's pregnancy. I don't know! All I know is that Sarah didn't give birth to Trig.


Morgan said...

Anon at 5:30

It's Cathy Baldwin-JOHNSON



That little "T" makes a big difference.

Anonymous said...

To B re true date of 3 amigos pic (#2 pic from expert's analysis): I still lean toward August as the date this was staged. She and McAllister would have been smart enough to try to match the clothing that she had worn on the day in April that Gusty did her videotaped report. She did not need a "killer" photo (one that would kill mainstream media speculation) until she got the VP nod or at least realized she was high on the list of potential VP possibilities. I lean toward this later date also because those two pics are so singular in the size of pillow she used. If she had been that cautious in April, she would have prepared more shots. The two big belly pics - because they are so different from everything else - were the act of a woman desperate to save her chances.

Craig said...


Thank you for your response. It's nice to be referred to without the anger or insults.

I totally get the uneasiness about the whole female reproductive thing. I'm sure most men are out of their element in talking about it. I would submit, however, that a large number of bloggers and reporters are women, and most of them would feel less inhibited and more personally insulted if they felt that a high-profile female was not being straight with the public about their pregnancy. And thus would be doggedly determined to corrrect a possible falsehood.

Besides bloggers don't have to worry about some uptight male editor rejecting their findings! And frankly, last Fall, delivering a devastating political trump card would still outweigh any squeamishness on the media's part.

As far as the "hiding behind kids" thing, the story about flying home from Texas would not directly involve any of them. It would be all about Sarah and her supposed reckless judgement in endangering her special needs baby. It's only if you add the further conjecture that she may not have been pregnant at all, that you would start to involve any of her kids.

I can't stress enough just on much damage control the McCain/Palin staff would have had to do if this political talking point was used. This would have forced her doctor out of "hiding" to defend her own justifications, and then the double whammy of whether Sarah was pregnant at all would have brought out demands for a birth certificate. All the chips would have had to been on the table to prove "was she or wasn't she".

That is why, to me, it just doesn't compute that a story that, if accurate, could have almost single-handedly brought Sarah down could just sit out on the website of Alaska's leading news outlet since April without hardly a peep made of it by anyone!!

Therefore, that is why I believe that the "flight home" story was actually looked at and judged as not being as medically unsound as others want to define it.

I realize that I'm virtually alone on this (on this site), but that's my conclusion.

ratfish said...

The Alaska Executive Ethics Act does not allow a "lucrative deal" for the Palins.

No public officer (inc. Palin) or family member (inc. Britsol, Todd, Chuck, or sally) can accept compensation or gifts if the money or gift is a result of being related to the public officer.

No one would (other than her loving family- probably not including Sarah Palin) would give bristol a dime if she were not the governor's daughter.

Another ethics mess in the making, if it happens.

Anonymous said...

Here's yet another detail undermining the credibility of reports of Bristol's baby's alleged birth. The only source identified for the birth claim was People Magazine, which says it got the story from Great Grampa Charlie Heath's sister, Colleen Jones. It's really odd that someone so distant is the only cited source.

Well now Jones has admitted to the press that she hasn't spoken with anyone in the Palin family first-hand. She just heard about the "birth" via an email from Charlie Heath.

Let's be clear. She hasn't seen any baby. She hasn't even heard a family member say there is one! But she's the only credited source for the story. This is truly bizarre.

As the New York Times noted, they found no one in the Palin family, the governor's office or any hospital to confirm the birth report.

Pretty flimsy evidence for what is normally routinely confirmed by everyone involved, with photos, press releases and all the hoopla.

I think it's quite striking that People Magazine says it would love to have photos but doesn't have any and that, notwithstanding the story from MSNBC, it has no commitment from the Palins that it will get any photo.

I'm a lot less of a believer now than I was when the "birth" news broke yesterday.

This is all in the story at:
http://www.fortmilltimes.com/ 124/story/406526.html

- jwc

Anonymous said...

First of all, Bristol most certainly could have borne Trig and Tripp! The DATES that have been revealed to the public have been fudged, the oldest trick in the book. Down's syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality so would have no bearing on Bristol's future fertility.

All one has to do is LOOK at the photos of Bristol, Levi, and Trigg at the RNC to see that THOSE ARE HIS PARENTS. Not to mention the gigantic breasts of a nursing mother.

Occam's razor indicates that Bristol is Trigg's mother, not some "mysterious unknown woman." Common sense dictates that SP would HAVE to pull the charade of the false "pregnancy" the way that she did in the case of her own daughter's illegitimate child but not in the case of Sherry Johnston. Also was the mysterious "mono case" that lasted 5 months with Bristol pulled out of high school and sent off to live with her aunt in another town.

Some of you seem to have forgotten the big picture of this case in your zeal to pursue tangents. There is a MOUNTAIN of evidence -- timelines, photos, etc. -- that Bristol is Trigg's mother.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the infamous pregnancy pic No 1 (Gusty interview) - I have found something...!!

I have manipulated the pregnancy pic No 1 in a way that was suggested by Hany Farid, Professor at Dartmouth and worldwide leading expert for detecting digital photo forgeries in this research paper:


I have opened the pic in IrfanView, re-saved it with a JPEG quality of just 30% and then changed it to "negative" and afterwards changed the contrast and zoomed into the neck area without changing the picture - the result was quite a surprise: On the neck area suddenly very strange, highly suspicious "spots" appeared! (the same area in which the photoshop-expert which was instructed by the palindeception blog also detected pixel cloning and other alterations).

When I say that I "zoomed into the neck area without changing the picture" I mean that I didn´t use a "special" program for zooming which would then "straighten" the pixels again after zooming.

Therefore the pixels were not changed through the zoom. Hope that I have explained this well enough.

Here is the link to the manipulated picture:



P said...

Wow. I reading all of these posts and Audrey's blog and my head is spinning.

Thanks for the work you are doing. I wish the MSM would have the guts to pursue this, but the time to do that was before the economy tanked, the Big 3 were almost bankrupt, Israel wasn't at war with Gaza, etc. I don't think they'll give it ANY play now.

Anonymous said...

Kay @ 5.21

You are so right. When The Heaths moved to Wasilla the population was only approx. 400. The town has greatly expanded over the past 40 years and this likely has contributed to the rising influence and "good" standing of the Heath/Palin families.


Diana said...

I believe this is a clear photo of Lauden Bruce:


luna1580 said...

what kind of values do sarah's family -the heaths- hold?

here is an interesting excerpt from kaylene johnson's book (i found it at the link posted by someone above, no way i'm spending money on it) :

"The domestic scene in the Heath family was not without its squabbles. The children fought fiercely over the usual sibling issues and had no qualms about physically taking their differences right down to the green shag carpet.

When things got out of hand, however, they agreed on one thing.

“We had a pact,” Heather said. “If any of us got hurt, or if we broke something, we promised not to tell.”"

so at an early age the 4 heath kids were "squabbling" to the point of injuries and breaking stuff, but keeping it all secret from their parents. so sarah and her sisters and brother put loyalty to each other above honesty from the beginning.

this speaks to the idea that if any of her siblings or their kids are factors in trig's parentage, no one in the family is EVER going to talk about it. it is likely this sentiment runs deep through the whole family on her side.

maybe someone should ask TODD'S side about the 2 newest babies.

we do know that todd's step-mother, faye palin, is a pro-choice registered democrat who told the MSM she hadn't decided who to vote for in the presidential election. and she ran unsuccessfully in 2002 for mayor of wasilla after term limits prevented sarah from running again. she lost to a candidate endorsed by SP.

maybe faye wants to talk about trig and tripp?

the kaylene johnson book excerpt online also notes that "it was never a question" that the heath kids would all go to college. chuck was a teacher and must've taught sarah that education was important.

so why didn't sarah insist her own children finnish at LEAST high school in a timely manner? and she's -supposedly- supporting bristol marrying a drop-out. there's no sign that track, bristol, (or levi as her potential son-in-law) EVER even thought about college. when did the love (or at least merit) of learning chuck heath tried to instill in his daughter sarah go completely out the window?

must be those great "small-town-christian values" hard at work.

although people magazine has said there is currently no picture deal (i posted the AP story above) they could use the money. a drop-out slope worker who "might" become an electrician and another drop-out who "may" be finishing school by "correspondence course" don't have great earning potential, and there is zero proof that sarah is just so pleased with them that she'll shower the new family with cash forever, even if she has the resources.

i don't know what the truth is with either trig or tripp's real birth dates. but asking andrea gusty about the photographer, etc. of the "belly pics" can't hurt. and asking todd's parents/step-parents about their youngest "grand baby" and great-grand baby isn't a bad idea either.


Anonymous said...

Just curious whether anyone has played with the brightness, contrast, etc. on the photo of Bristol's belly at the RNC. I remember some people thought it looked like a belly pad.

Likewise, has anyone played with the pictures of Sarah's belly in 3Amigos or Gusty, to see if it really looks like a baby belly rather than pads or pillows?

I am Photoshop-impaired. -B.

Anonymous said...

I'm still convinced that Bristol is the mother of both and that Trig's birthday is when Palin announced her own pregnancy. There is simply no way Palin could have been pregnant given the photographic evidence compiled thus far.

The one factor that complicates the issue for me is how many people would have to remain quiet for them to pull it off.

I'll admit to a morbid curiosity of this complicated soap opera but more than anything it galls me that this woman has so little disregard for her own family and that a significant number of Americans were transfixed by her and thus giving rise to the possibility that she truly could have been a heartbeat away from the presidency. Still gives me shivers to think that could have been possible.


KaJo said...

Tina in CA (5:23 PM), one easy way for you to upload your photo to the Web is to sign up for a free Photobucket account --> http://photobucket.com/

They walk you through the steps for browsing your computer image (and other graphic) files, uploading them, and after that you can downsize them so they load faster for other viewers, too. Then you just put the URL they display under your picture in whatever blog you want... :)

Just don't "upgrade to pro", I think that costs money.

There are other free image hosting sites out there, too.


moseyon (5:43 PM), I panned that silly looking pink outfit Palin wore in the grocery store, too, until I found out the story behind it.

She was apparently in native regalia attending a blanket-toss event (I'm not sure where), and she wore it meeting and greeting later.

Jim Shoe said...

Bristol's baby is named Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. If he had been named Tripp Easton Mitchell Palin Johnston, he would be TEMP Johnston...temporarily a Johnston? The couple will marry and then divorce?

Windy City Woman said...

If an actual nurse at the hospital where little Tripp was born ("Wasilla Maternity Nurse") released medical info without the patient's consent, he or she broke federal HIPPA laws.

Eva in New Orleans said...

I have stated on another thread that I don’t believe that Sherry Johnston is the mother of Trig and since it was brought up again here I will go over my reasons again on this thread.

Sherry had no reason to go to Palin and present herself as “in trouble”. If anything telling SP would get her “in” trouble in a number of ways. So let’s say that in August of 2007 Sherry finds herself pregnant.

First off if she is married – which I believe she is - the child is legally the dependent of her husband. Even if everyone on the planet – including dna - says that the child was someone else’s in the eyes of the law the husband is the legal guardian and protector of the child. So in this situation she can tell her husband that he is not the father or not tell him and together they raise the child without anyone else’s knowledge or permission, they can get an abortion without anyone’s knowledge or permission and they can put the child up for adoption without anyone’s knowledge or permission.

Or secondly she can tell Track that she is pregnant and he is the father. I can’t imagine him jumping up and embracing her – saying what wonderful news this is. What I can picture him saying (and what I believe Sherry would picture him saying) is that it isn’t mine, aren’t you on birth control, aren’t you too old to have kids, it is probably your husband’s baby, how do I know how many other guys you are sleeping with, I’m only seventeen – I don’t want to take care of any kid, my mom will kill me if she finds out so let’s go get rid of it right now. And if this is the scenario she will still have to deal with her husband.

You know that if Track is told by Sherry that she is pregnant he would never, never, turn around and tell his mother. Would he tell his father? If Sherry is sleeping with Track and becomes pregnant, what is her motivation to go to Palin?? What can Palin provide for her that her own husband and family cannot provide??

And thirdly Sherry knocks on Palin’s door and tells her her son will be a father. In spite of the legal situation with the husband or the resistance she receives from Track she confides in Palin. Or does she confront her? Either way I think Palin reacts the same way Track reacts. Prove it lady; you are here to bribe me because I am the governor. What would Sherry want from Palin? Track to marry her? Palin can’t make that happen. Track to support his child? The government enforces that.

Did she alienate her husband by telling him the truth about an affair with a teenage boy, alienate the teenage boy by demanding active parenthood from him and then go to Palin to demand…….what?? Did Sherry threaten Palin with going public? If so why not call the police and have her arrested for bribery.

If Sherry didn’t want the baby she didn’t need Palin to do that….if she wanted to put the baby up for adoption she didn’t need Palin for that either….what does she need from Palin?

Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to remember that SP wasn't only leaking amniotic fluid; she was also having contractions in Texas. Her own admission. http://www.adn.com/626/story/382864.html

You don't get on a plane in either event.

Jen said...

Tina in CA said...

I have a still photo of the church going incident.

I don't know how to post it though. I'm sure Audrey has one too.

It's not so great. But you can see that it's Todd and what you assume is Trig and a clear shot of Bristol. Piper is covered up by the stand in Sarah in the yellow.

Gees, I wonder if this is a Sarah body double?? Or maybe her sister??


actually we believe it is actually lauden bruce -- sarah's neice.

Anonymous said...

What puzzles me is that the Bristol we saw striding into church two weeks ago simply did not look like she was more than 7 months pregnant.

I don't care how fast she walked. I climbed a tree two weeks before my son was born, and harvested fruit.

That said, her gait was also consistent with her not being pregnant at all.

I think it is indeed possible that Trig was born earlier than stated. It has always seemed to me that Sarah made the decision to fake the pregnancy very late in the game, for whatever reason.
So they may have needed to buy time. And the unnecessary information/drama of announcing that her water had broken and so forth, may have been a poor liar's way of drawing attention to the fake birth date, to make it seem she really had this big event and gave birth a month early, when in fact Trig was a month old (or thereabouts).

As for Sherry Johnston being the mother, it's plausible enough except that no one has ever said WHY it would be necessary to create such absurd drama surrounding a birth which would have gone absolutely unnoticed by the world, and no one would have any reason to suspect Track as the father. This is the second time I have asked this question.

If Todd is the father, it still makes no sense unless Sherry said she would not raise (would abort) a DS baby, but why not quietly adopt in that case?

Of course Willow could be the mother. But she finished her school year, didn't she? She seems very disconnected from Trig, but very young mothers can be that way, especially if they do not want the baby. But we have no reason to suspect Todd as the father.

Anonymous said...

I would bet that someone who is skilled with Photoshop could reconstruct the full images that are partially obscured (apparently deliberately) in the zoo photo. This could be helpful in ascertaining whether (1) it is Bristol in the background and if so, (2) whether she is as postpartum as she appears and (3) how this compares to how she looked 6 weeks later at the RNC (eg smaller).

I also believe that the person in the center is Bristol's cousin Lauden Bruce -- based on Patrick's photos posted on his flickr.com site. Looks just like her. Not sure where this leads, but it's nice to check off some of the mysteries and questions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Morgan,
A vaginal exam is necessary, immediately, if a woman's water breaks. "

That seems a little over the top. Most of the time, the water breaks either before labor starts, or during labor. That's normal. And a woman with broken water can stay home for a few hours if her contractions don't start, and then longer if they do start but are mild, early contractions. The do get nervous after about 12 hours, if labor hasn't started. A vaginal exam only increases the risk of infection, so they would be kept to a minimum.

I, for one, do not believe our media is squeamish, although perhaps ignorant. Rather, our media is not the free entity that it once was. It is managed by very few, corporate owners.

If they are embarrassed, it might be that they don't want to emphasize how foolish they were in upholding the pretense that Sarah was an adequate - to put it delicately - candidate for political office.


Next Chapter said...

Was Trigg born in Palmer Alaska? Sorry, I can't find the commenter right now and it is hard to go through all of the postings again to try to find it. The person who posted it said they saw an article about it online.

I clicked on the link provided and sure enough, Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson is the first MD listed. She is also listed under the OB GYN section.


Couple of questions:

1. Does anyone know who Bristole's doctor was?

2. In the report that Dr. Baldwin-Johnson provided as her medical records, it stated that she was removed from active status on June 1st, 2008. Does anyone know if that has been reinstated or not? Where would you find out?

3. If it has been reinstated, does anyone know if she has staff privledges at this hospital? I don't know how to find out about that. Could someone explain how to look that up?

Thanks in advance!


1. Has anyone else found

Anonymous said...

Did everyone see this story about Palin lobbying Chertoff to override Homeland Security's decision to end Japan to Fairbanks JAL flights? http://tinyurl.com/4ln2mn

In December 2008, even though Homeland Security officially stated they did not have the proper staff to secure the Fairbanks airport for international flights, Palin lobbied Michael Chertoff to reverse a security decision, because of potentially lost tourism revenue for Alaska.

Hey, what happened to guarding the USA's airspace, Sarah? We're in a international recession/depression; budget cuts must be made. Are you "watching Putin" for us from your house, while you inappropriately let in thousands from other foreign countries, via JAL to Fairbanks, without enough TSA or Customs folks on hand? Hmm.

As her daily actions show us, Sarah Heath Palin is an Alaska Independence Party girl, through and through. She always puts "Alaska First."

Could Palin's AIP allegiance be a motivation for her improbable pregnancy? Could AIP-related issues also be part of the strangeness of the birth announcement of Tripp?

Let's not overlook the influence of the AIP culture on Sarah Heath Palin.

Anonymous said...

Go to this website and read the article about Palin and the baby.



Anonymous said...

OK, let's try to come up with some alternative reasons for what has happened.

SP is indifferent to details. Hence she would exercise little control over information and dates and times.

Also, I expect that AK is in a different time zone than the reporter for People. Hence "today" could have been considered "Sunday" by the reporter for People while it was still "Saturday" in AK.

SP, although a publicity hound, is actually deeply ashamed of BP's pregnancy and does not want to emphasize this. She can't be too keen on the drug-dealing Johnstons, either.

...Or they're trying to keep all the baby pics for money, of course.

Whatever. I hope the whole horde remains in AK...

ocean said...

If Trigg was born in March, I believe he would have been in the neonatal intensive care unit in Anchorage for some time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for keeping this blog going, Audrey!

I agree that as much as SP has been in the headlines in recent months, it seems like the press would be stationed outside every hospital near wherever the heck Bristol is living. Other celebrity moms-to-be (Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Posh Spice) have always had the paparazzi tailing them to the delivery room.

- Oriole

Anonymous said...

I haven't read any comments yet...
But $300,000 for the first baby pix... Great job for a highschool dropout!

Anonymous said...

After the failure of the report one would think this would come to an end. Guess not.

Jon said...

I cant believe anyone still cares.

Ginger said...

To: ratfish

Thanks for taking the time and sharing your legal knowledge with us.

I thought it was a violation of Alaska's ethics law if she made a deal with PM and profited.

Stay in touch in case we need you again!

Anonymous said...

According to comments on your blog's entry on November 3, 2008 (interview with Misty), word had it then that Bristol had graduated by "long distance". But according to the reports of the last couple of days, she's still trying to get her GED from home.

Has Misty been discredited?

Anonymous said...

More thoughts from Kay…
Since people like to comment after the sheer mention of Sherry Johnston being Trig’s mother…I am going to cause a little bit of trouble and mention my conspiracy theory again…for the new people reading this site that don’t want to go back and look at the other comments. I am from and currently live in a small town (both in the lower 48) & I do NOT know any of the “players” involved…I don’t know anyone from Alaska! Here it goes:
Track Palin (in 2005) and some of his good time buddies got themselves into a little bit of trouble (vandalizing some school buses); oh man Mommy Sarah was sure disappointed in her ONLY son, her first born. And darn it Track…you went a little overboard with that one…the troopers (including Uncle Wooten) had to get involved in that one. Can’t lie your way out of that one…Mommy Sarah is going to have to “DEAL” with this one. You should have just kept flying under the Mommy Sarah radar! And did you have to get into this mess when Mommy Sarah was going to try and become the Governor? So Ms. Palin sends her little “sweetheart” to Michigan so that he can be out of sight for awhile…oh darn it I’m sure it was for hockey (YA RIGHT!)
Well Track got an injury so he had to come home. He found a new drug after his injury that was far better than the other ones he had tried and he found him a dealer. Wasn’t too hard to find…Bristol knows them and we’ll cover for each other…Mommy Sarah won’t catch on. BECAUSE IF TWO OR MORE PEOPLE TELL THE SAME LIE…DOESN’T THAT MAKE IT THE TRUTH??? One day good ‘ole Track hooks up with Sherry Johnston…didn’t have cash on him and she offered…or some other scenario. That con artist Sherry Johnston might have been thinking up the scam for a long time…you never know about those druggies. Oh and those kids I’m sure they were behaving when Mommy Sarah was gone overseas…I’m sure of it!
A little time goes by…oh about a month and Ms. Johnston gets her one of those home pregnancy tests and bingo, time to tell Track. Oh sh#$...Track is going to have to tell Mommy Sarah because if he doesn’t she is going to. Mommy Sarah is pissed off big time…how dare he do it AGAIN…she has dreams of becoming VP…don’t ya know! She wants proof that Track is the father…so “early testing” reveals two things: Track Palin is the father and the baby has Down’s syndrome. Mommy Sarah and Sherry Johnston strike a deal. It is easy for Ms. Johnston not to tell anyone except her kids because she is benefiting from it and she doesn’t want to be a "new" mommy. I don’t think Mommy Sarah didn’t have to tell many people…I think that Todd, Track, & Bristol Palin; along with Sherry, Levi & “Sadie” Johnston knew…maybe the sister and niece. Her doctor and some “trusted” hospital staff knew (they all go to the same church – small tight knit community inside of a small community). The adoption took place the day baby Trig was born…already had the correct last name. Bristol had to leave the house for awhile because Mommy Sarah wanted her away from that “bad” Johnston family for awhile…she could come home when it was time to babysit again. Seems to me Ms. Palin likes to send her kids away for others to deal with…out of sight, out of mind. Track Palin says that he is sorry to Mommy Sarah and she says that all is forgiven but he will now “HAVE” to go into the military. And with this little deal she will gain favor with her precious Republican base…DS baby and a son going overseas. Mommy Sarah probably was super pissed when she found out Bristol was pregnant, she couldn’t “fake” two pregnancies…Bristol’s on her own and we’ll always say it is a private family matter. Track Palin was absent for all of it because he was in the Army (boot camp start in September 2007)…easy for him to keep quite…he doesn’t want a baby.
I think that Bristol and “Sadie” were babysitting Trig one day (you know when Mommy Sarah was in Texas) and they took some pictures…did a little bit of fun Photoshopping on the picture with Ms. Palin and posted in on MySpace. A little bit of teenage fun! Ms. Palin didn’t find out about the pictures until the whole VP thing hit and America was watching and snooping around.
I believe the rumors didn’t start about Bristol until she actually became pregnant with whomever’s baby…it hasn’t been proven that Tripp has been born or that Tripp belongs to Bristol and Levi! In my opinion, I think that Bristol has come “clean” to her grandparents (Ma & Pa Heath) and they are trying to protect Bristol…and that would be a good thing if that is true (someone has to “try” to parent Ms. Palin’s kids…she sure the heck doesn’t).
So that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it…unless anyone out there can PROVE that Bristol or someone else is Trig’s birthmother! But it sure as heck isn’t Ms. Palin…in my opinion! Thank you to everyone who is helping with the photos, videos & medical knowledge…we’ll get to the truth! (December 30, 2008 at 11:10pm)

Anonymous said...

Just think - the only two pictures of Palin where she's obviously pregnant were taken with newscaster Gusty at the end of the AK's legislature session. Her huge belly is fully displayed as she stands in profile for the camera. Yet three weeks later, when one would think she'd be even bigger and even more noticeably pregnant (ya know, 'cause she was only hours away from giving birth), none of the flight attendants on her flight back to Alaska from the Texas governors' conference could tell she was even pregnant. She was in labor and none of the flight attendants could tell that she was even pregnant. They did not see any hint of the belly so obviously displayed just three weeks before in those two pictures.

Funny that something so huge could go unnoticed so easily. One would think a woman with a belly that large would need a seatbelt extender, ya know, along with a cervical exam.

Curiouser and curiouser, these are the only two photos that show SP with a fully pregnant belly. The only photos for the entire eight months she was pregnant. A public figure, pregnant, and only two photos over eight months where she looks unquestionably, decidedly pregnant.

And yet, no one knows who took the photos, the photos are posted to an anonymous flicker account on August 31, 2008 - just in time to coincide with the RNC and SP's nomination, and newscaster Gusty herself can't say how they came to be posted on the internet. But they are accepted by factcheck.org with Gusty's backing, and every major media outlet follows factcheck's lead and accepts without question the photos' legitimacy.

In what world does a pregnant lady progress from having an obviously, hugely, prominently pregnant belly to one so flat as to go unnoticed by trained personnel on not just one, but two flights? Personnel whose job it is to scan the laps of each passenger to make sure their seat belts are fastened? The flight attendants did not see the slightest hint, suggestion or clue that SP was pregnant. None of them. Three weeks after those photos were taken, not a hint of that hugely big belly was present.

Where did SP's pregnant belly go during her flights home from Texas? Her earlier explanation that her tight abs helped her hide her pregnancy for seven months from her staff and family can't apply at this point in the tale. Her hugely pregnant belly was already there in full display in the photos three weeks before she boarded those planes. She could not have appeared more pregnant if she'd posed naked on the cover of Vanity Fair.

But where did that huge pregnant belly go when she flew home from Texas? No one working those flights could tell she was pregnant. No one. For goodness sake, the airlines held a press conference to say they did not know she was pregnant.

And yet, every major news outlet accepts that those two photos, the only photos that indisputably show SP to have been pregnant, are 100% legitimate and accurate, and consequently that her pregnancy was real and that SP is Trig's mother.

The truth is obvious. The only question is if people want to see it. There is no way a hugely pregnant woman could suddenly pass as non-pregnant... unless it was necessary for her to do so in order to pass through two airport's security checks... unless she could remove that ginormous belly at will. Those two photos are staged. They were posted to the internet just to provide some badly needed evidence to support her pregnancy story.

But she would have been better off without them. If she would have just kept to her script that she was too fit to show her fifth pregnancy, she would have been able to dismiss the flight attendants' oversight as normal, as an oversight that occurred with everyone who saw her. But staging these photos was her mistake. She made her pregnant belly so huge and obvious in those photos that the flight attendants could not have missed it three weeks later. But they didn't see it. Not a one. Because it was not there.

Anonymous said...

Without a picture of the newborn Tripp it will be hard to determine if he's a full term baby.

While 7 lb 4 oz might have been a good, full term birthweight 50 years ago, medicine has come a long way and the average birth weight has gone up. It's not that unusual to have a 12 or even 13 lb full term birth. So the question is now....was Tripp a full term baby? Without pictures or hospital info etc. there is no way of knowing. And if Tripp came early, Bristol could still be Trig's Mom. Could Palin be influential enough to get a doctor in a hosptial somewhere to induce Bristol early?

Anonymous said...

If no person may accept gifts that are a result of s. Palins govenorship, what about the baby gifts?

Anonymous said...


It seems to me that you are simply trying to argue against reality. And you are depending on the media to tell you what reality is. I don't need the media to tell me how much of a risk it is to get on a plane with waters broken.

When women go into labor, the water breaks, either a little before or somewhere into the labor. If the water breaks and labor does not start within 12 hours, they like to induce because of infection risk. It does not matter whether she was having contractions or not, or what kind they were. When the waters break, labor is imminent, and if it does not begin, that is a problem. The expectation is that labor will begin shortly, and no one can predict when.

By the time Palin even got on her first flight, she was nearing the time when labor ought to have been induced.

One reason why the media might have been muzzled is that if they exposed Sarah and ruined the McCain candidacy it would have deflated the entire election and left only one viable candidate, which would have angered and confused the populace.
I'm glad it went the way it did, and Obama legitimately won.


Eva in New Orleans said...

Good morning Kay,

I just want to say that you and I have different ideas about what happened between Sherry and the Palins but hopefully we can spark an idea or clue in each other or someone else.

I don't mean to pretend that I know anything for sure, I am supposing based on things I know about life and I guess you are too. We are working together to get to the truth and I am glad we can all share our ideas.

Anonymous said...


The Chicago Tribune article on Dec 5 is the answer to your assertions. They lump together the SP birth issues with the Obama birth certificate issues and label them both wild conspiracy theories that have been debunked. That is true of Obama's citizenship status -- having received independent evaluation of documentation AND court review -- but certainly not for Sarah Palin and HER OWN STATEMENTS.

Please show me one instance where anyone in the press has challenged her to explain her actions thoroughly related to her crazy trip from Texas to Alaska? There are certainly plenty of unanswered questions with those circumstances. Perhaps you can explain to the rest of us why the media doesn't follow up on it, if nothing else than to determine whether she has the judgment to be a national officer, much less a mother.

We take their silence and refusal to look into this controversy as their failure, not ours! The MSM is a herd with a herd mentality. They are like cows that all face in the same direction, with the wind at their backs. There are iconoclasts like Andrew Sullivan, but in general they don't want to rock the boat. Media is a business and they don't want to offend. Careers are at stake.

Just because the MSM doesn't report something doesn't mean they aren't aware of the issues. Again, see the ChiTrib story. What is shameful is that they would MISREPORT the basis for our conclusions about SP's birth story.

I also want to remind everyone that WaPo's coverage of Watergate was panned as a political hatchet job, until the stories were shown to be true. That went on for months and months.

The Palins and their handlers have very successfully muddied the waters, as even a casual reading of the blog reveals. That's all that's necessary to confuse the public and their media. But you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

Consider this: if SP really is Trig's mother, she's done a great job of failing to prove it.

In an attempt to unmuddy the waters, any speculation regarding alternative mothers for Trig must provide a plausible and reasonable motivation for SP fake it for that person. It's plausible she would fake it for one of her daughters, but for anyone else the speculation is highly dubious.


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:34 --
The Gusty full-belly picture was allegedly taken April 13, just four days before labor allegedly began Texas.

The flight attendant did not say Sarah's *pregnancy* was not obvious. S/he said the *stage* of Sarah's pregnancy was not obvious. If "stage" meant eight months along, then you are right, and I think Sarah's game would be over.

But if "stage" meant fluid leaking and delivery imminent, Sarah may still have shown a full belly. (How does security let a person through with hidden pads? Are pregnant women searched by hand and not forced to go through x-ray-like machines?) -B.

KaJo said...

I watched "Baby Mama" on DVD last night...that's the movie with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (of SNL)...in her role Poehler put on one of those empathy bellies.

You can really tell the difference between something that realistic and the odd rectangular pillow-like pads we've detected as being under Palin's clothing in several March 2008 photographs.

No wonder Palin wanted her "proof" pictures.


More thoughts on the alleged birth of Bristol's baby:

IF it was indeed born this last weekend, how serendipitous that it WAS on the weekend (just like I was speculating a couple of weeks ago).

Low staffing, most patients who could be discharged probably were on the Friday before....not many witnesses.

Mat-Su Regional Medical Center is a pretty high-falutin' name for a 74-licensed-bed facility with only 85 active staff and 52 courtesy [docs who come out occasionally, sometimes to perform diagnostic services using leased equipment]. I see it IS a JCAH hospital, which elevates the standards over a non-accredited hospital.

Of course I'm still skeptical that the baby WAS born. I think it's still gestating, and I don't think paparazzi or anyone else will have a Bristol sighting until February.

Eva in New Orleans said...

In an attempt to unmuddy the waters, any speculation regarding alternative mothers for Trig must provide a plausible and reasonable motivation for SP fake it for that person. It's plausible she would fake it for one of her daughters, but for anyone else the speculation is highly dubious.


I agree, and the reason I do is that SP seems way too selfish and self involved to do something of this magnitude for just anyone. If this deception was done to cover for any family issue then she benefits from the cover-up. If the deception is for a non-related woman, what is the benefit for her?

BG! said...

Read this: http://tinyurl.com/8uwh9w
So the newsbreaker, Colleen Jones, states that she hadn't even spoken to any of the Palin's about the new baby. These people are WEIRD!


sjk said...

no pics yet, puleeeease.

EternalSkeptic said...

Anonymous - "It's not that unusual to have a 12 or even 13 lb full term birth."

Are you kidding me? Any infant weighing 12-13 lbs at birth would be completely off the percentile charts. 7lbs 4oz is a perfectly average birth weight for a full term infant.

here is a link that gives you a birth weight chart for boys:


KaJo said...

I was curious about what I'd find if I Googled "Wasilla Maternity Nurse", and I came up with several listings for midwifery services, two in Wasilla, specifically.

"Wasilla Maternity Nurse" doesn't necessarily have to be a nurse that works at Mat-Su RMC.

If my speculation about Bristol's baby still being "in the oven" is accurate, I wonder if Bristol actually might deliver at term in one of these quiet little midwifery clinics instead of in the probably-more-closely-watched Mat-Su RMC? After all, HER pregnancy is presumably low-risk.

Anonymous said...

BG @ 6.38

What is weird is that the mainstream media has accepted Colleen's account as proof that Bristol has given birth.

Anonymous said...

Lauden Bruce is a relative of SP's. She is SP's neice and the daughter of Heather Bruce.

Anonymous said...

Why have the Palin family not released an official announcement? making an official announcement is not disturbing the privacy of the family.

Is there something wrong with this baby too?

mc said...

As someone who's been interviewed dozens of times over the years (I'm a fiction writer), I wouldn't attach too much importance to the discrepancies in the birth reports. I have never had an article written about me that didn't make mistakes--it's really quite ridiculous. That said, how hard is it to get the date, time, and weight right? The problem is, evidently, they are getting this news third hand, rather than from an official announcement, so great-aunt's memory may be at fault.

Sarah and Co. would be taking a huge risk if they were simply pretending that Bristol has had her baby by now. I suspect there are reporters up in Wasilla, and if one were to see Bristol still PG, the game would be up. That said, we know Sarah doesn't blink when it comes to taking risks, and successfully fiddling Trig's birth date may have emboldened her.

As for the MSM seeing this as in the same category as Obama's birth, the problem is: 1) it's a conspiracy theory, and those always make people snicker; 2) it deals with intimate details of a woman's body that make male reporters and editors uncomfortable, 3) stories like teen births and a fake pregnancy are more typically tabloid fodder, and 4) it's such a crazy thing to have done that I suspect most people can't believe anyone in Sarah's position would have done this--which of course is the whole point for us. We know she did it, and it shows that she is far too unstable to ever be allowed to even think about running for the White House.

As for alternate birth mothers: Willow was in the paper for making the honor roll the relevant semester, remember? As for Track, I think the old double standard would work against a girl friend's pregnancy (even a Mrs. Robinson) reflecting badly enough on Sarah for her to feel the need to do this. Sarah did this for Sarah, full stop.

Stephanie said...

To Ginger - thanks, I'll try googling it. I'll post a link if I find it. :)

Punkinbugg said...

Anon at 6:13pm DEC 30 states "That is why, to me, it just doesn't compute that a story that, if accurate, could have almost single-handedly brought Sarah down could just sit out on the website of Alaska's leading news outlet since April without hardly a peep made of it by anyone!!"

...and Craig (2:15) says: "I'm saying that if a prior-revealed story was sitting out there in plain view since April for any political operative, journalist or blogger to use for easy political fodder during the ugly mud-slinging of last Fall's presidential campaign, there seems to be only four explanations available.

One, that the story was missed by nearly everyone. Impossible, given the amount of resources (professional and amateur) that were working on every detail of Palin's personal and professional life. Research 101 involves looking at local new reports, where this story was readily available...."

ABOUT IN THE ADN? Could you provide the link, perhaps?

Martyrion said...

Bristol hasn't delivered yet, so there can be no proof of delivery. That also means there won't be any People magazine photos. So now the stink is so overwhelming that the mainstream media can no longer overlook it. Sarah's web of deceit has inextricably ensnared her. Oh the sweet karma of it all.

palin pregnancy truth said...

I do not believe for a minute that Bristol gave birth to Tripp. I suspected all along that they would have to back up their story with an adoption (or pregnancy announcement at the very least).

This blog has shown that the pregnancy wouldn't be forgotten about and that a miscarriage would be regarded with suspicion. The Palin family HAD to produce a baby or at the very least baby announcement.

The limited and varying details about the birth with no official announcement, photos, or witnesses are in line with what we would expect.

Three things point to Bristol not being pregnant:

1) Being 5 months pregnant - the perfect amount. She is able to be the fewest months pregnant (more believable, more time to figure out the birth, post-election due date) while also precluding her from being Trig's mother.

Also suspicious that the original due date was an 18th. So that it was EXACTLY 8 months after Trig's birth.

2) NO PICTURES DURING THE PREGNANCY!!!! I do not believe that Palin wants to respect her children's privacy. She has dubbed them the "first family" and there are pictures all over the Alaska website. She has let Piper give Radio and TV interviews. She spent how much tax payer money taking them on trips around the country to events they were not invited to, under the auspices of state business? That's not privacy.

The fact that Bristol has been an utter recluse during a highly public campaign is suspicious. Especially since there are reports that she was on the campaign trail not back in Alaska.

3) The Announcement.

I doubt McCain would have picked Palin, who was supposed to bring in the religious right, if he knew Bristol was currently pregnant. If he did, why didn't they announce it right away as "full disclosure" so that their opponents couldn't air it first.

Instead, they waited for rumors to bring it to light. It's as if, "We weren't going to tell you she was pregnant, but these rumors forced us to tell you". The whole phrasing and timing (after the explosion of the rumors on the internet)is suspicious.

I think its highly curious that McCain did not want to address the "Trig is not Palin's Baby" rumor head on. His campaign in 2000 was derailed by very vicious rumors of fathering an illegitimate child. If the rumors about Trig weren't true, why not provide proof (like a birth certificate) even if Bristol was also pregnant to further dispel the rumors?

Anonymous said...

From Kay,
In my opinion…Ms. Palin wants everyone with conspiracy theories to “believe” it was Bristol. That was the “plan” she and her minions came up with…I WILL NOT BE DISTRACTED! I know how small towns work…that is my contribution! There are others in Audrey & Company doing stellar work with the pictures, videos & everything else. I just want someone, anyone to “PROVE” to me and others that Bristol “WAS” heavily pregnant before Trig’s birth; oh lets say in late February, March & early April 2008…with concrete hard facts (exact dates and such). Come on…ANY TAKERS??? Have a nice day everyone…I’ll be back later! (December 31, 2008 at 7:30am)

Anonymous said...

Another thing from Kay until later…
Or we can go this way too…I just want someone, anyone to “PROVE” to me and others that Bristol “WAS NOT” heavily pregnant before Trig’s birth; oh lets say in late February, March & early April 2008…with concrete hard facts (exact dates and such). Come on…ANY TAKERS??? (December 31, 2008 at 7:53am)

Anonymous said...

New here; have been reading, I have many questions surrounding all this. One is SP's ability to fool staff and even her mother by not revealing Trig's pregnancy. None of this my business, but it seems a mother/daughter relationship would be strained if a woman kept this secret.

How and why would a woman go to all that great length to try and fool a public and wear a fake belly? What does that tell me, or anyone about what goes on inside her head? If this were true, then she would have some serious mental or emotional issues, hence would this woman be able to lead a State, or a Nation? Sarah as a christian would know that, The truth will set us free, and that we can't begin our day without being honest, sincere, in everything.

I just don't know what to think about all this. It appears unfortunately like the photos disclose this could have been staged.

Again, what type of an individual would have the energy, with 4 kids, one on the way, a high-profile job, and conjure up this kind of a hoax? I would say someone with some serious mental problems. Let's just hope this ain't so.

Like Miss Marple, I am trying to figure this one out. Thank you Audrey for this site. The truth will set us free!!

Alex said...

The handling of Trigg's birth details can be attributed simply to Palin's lack of polish. Everything about her is low-class and uneducated. All you have to do is read the sample Press Release that AKMuckraker offered as what should have happened regarding the official birth announcement. Had we been given an official statement, the birth is then OVER. There is a formality to being in public office that brighter, more experienced politicians understand. Citizens deserve clear communication from elected officials. Not Palinized muddy MUCK.

That said, I'd like to repeat something I posted weeks ago. A famous detective once said that to solve a crime, you must always ponder the WHY and operate from that point. Why would Palin perpetrate such a bizarre fraud as a faked pregnancy? Clearly, the best motive is to protect her political position-- either as governor or as future VP candidate.

OK. So what heinous mistake/crime would warrant such a bizarre action?

1. Todd has an affair and there's a pregnancy. Woman is even more low-class than the Palins. Motive: humiliation, sin, lack of control of own family, possible blackmail.

2. Track has an affair and a baby results. IF the mother were young like him-- not a biggie. Just another AK teen pregnancy. Not worth covering up. BUT if the mother were an older drug dealing neighbor or Track's own cousin-- YEP, that's pretty hard to pass off to the Press.

3. Willow gets pregnant. Big YEP. A pregnant middleschooler would be political suicide for Palin. Even the Christian fundamentalists would be stunned.

4. Bristol gets pregnant at 17 by a boy Palin deems unsuitable (drug dealer mom). Maybe. I still wonder if that was a big enough reason to risk such a big fraud. Teen pregnancies seem pretty routine in AK. But maybe. And maybe if the baby was known to be special needs. But why not just adopt the child openly and look even more saintly?!

5. Chuck Heath impregnates a younger woman, and because he has such a big mouth, he's a Political Cluster Bomb. (farfetched, I know)

These are the only WHYS I can come up with. No other reasons seem dangerous enough to justify such a big risk. No other reasons would be big enough to enlist the aid of Dr. Cathy or the other co-perpetrators.

But, I must say, having seen what Palin is capable of-- I believe there could be something even more horrible behind this. Something we'd never guess, either because it's so perverse or it's so silly.

For those of you who don't like speculation, I say, it's all part of the muddiness Sarah Palin has created. When you don't tell the story, others will tell it for you. Thank goodness, Audrey (and Kathleen, Patrick, Diana and others) work on the proof. And Audrey gives me a place to Ponder the Why.

OutsiderSA said...

**Breaking News**

Faulty scale found as reason for birth weight discrepancies...


Happy New year everyone

Patty said...

1st time poster here.

The thought that Willow might possibly be the mother has crossed my mind. That would explain why Palin used the services of Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, who's area of specialty is child abuse cases.

Kudos to Audrey et al!

Anonymous said...

There are other unsung heroes working with Audrey and I would like to take a second to applaud their efforts and contributions - you know who you are and I love you all!


Anonymous said...

As for alternate birth mothers: Willow was in the paper for making the honor roll the relevant semester, remember?

Bristol was in the papers for a traffic accident, but nobody said that excluded her from consideration. Willow's was amongst many names in that listing, and that is not proof of attendance. We need a more solid alibi than that to exclude Willow.

As for Alex's analysis of alternative mothers, Dr. CBJ's participation can only be explained for Bristol or, even moreso, Willow. Despite some rumblings to the contrary, Bristol doesn't look like a good candidate any longer. I would, of course, reassess if new evidence came out that she, too, faked a pregnancy.

If someone can prove that Bristol wasn't pregnant as SP announced, that would, I think, prove the entire caper. Good luck. That faked pregnancy would be far easier to expose than the first, so I can't believe that they would suddenly decide over Labor Day weekend that that was the best way to defeat the rumors that SP wasn't Trig's mother.

Come on, people. Let's use our heads and not get caught up in illogical and unsupported speculation. That just defeats the search for the truth.

Similarly, arguments about SP's unfitness or politics don't help, unless they can be shown to support motives for her actions which, in turn, are supported by the evidence. Audrey and her assistants try very hard to stick to the facts and testable hypotheses. Let's work with them, instead of in favor of our own agendas.

We can start by accepting for now that Bristol was pregnant and just gave birth, eliminating her, pending new evidence, as a candidate for Trig's mother.

We can try to develop evidence that either suggests or eliminates other potential mothers for Trig. If we eliminate everyone else, then SP must be Trig's mother, despite the evidence and that would make her perhaps the most reckless woman in labor EVER.


Anonymous said...

Outsider SA

Thank you for reminding us that a sense of humour is mucho important!


Mary R said...

To Audrey - I have been reading your blog for quite some time and I want to tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing. Please don't give in to those who are trying to brush this off and say it's of no consequence anymore. It is. You don't get to run in a presidential campaign and not be scrutinized for something that says so much about who you really are. I appreciate your tenacity - Happy New Year
Mary R

Anonymous said...

Alex's analysis of SP motive to fake:

1. Todd has an affair and there's a pregnancy. Woman is even more low-class than the Palins. Motive: humiliation, sin, lack of control of own family, possible blackmail.

None of these motives would lead to SP faking pregnancy, particularly blackmail. I'll spare you the analysis.

2. Track has an affair and a baby results. IF the mother were young like him-- not a biggie. Just another AK teen pregnancy. Not worth covering up. BUT if the mother were an older drug dealing neighbor or Track's own cousin-- YEP, that's pretty hard to pass off to the Press.

Motive to adopt maybe, fake a pregnancy, no. Why would the woman (Sherry Johnston, in this scenario) not give up the baby for adoption or abort? Or keep it? Having SP fake the pregnancy and the Palins keep the baby doesn't help her. SP faking would be a high risk endeavor. It would make more sense to have Bristol fake it

3. Willow gets pregnant. Big YEP. A pregnant middleschooler would be political suicide for Palin. Even the Christian fundamentalists would be stunned.

My opinion on this is clear. I agree. Here is the strongest suggestion I can make to explain all the confirmed circumstances. Bristol was going to cover for Willow -- which is why she was out of school and there were rumors Bristol was pregnant -- but that wasn't going to work so mom, SP, had to take over, no matter how silly it might look.

4. Bristol gets pregnant at 17 by a boy Palin deems unsuitable (drug dealer mom). Maybe. I still wonder if that was a big enough reason to risk such a big fraud. Teen pregnancies seem pretty routine in AK. But maybe. And maybe if the baby was known to be special needs. But why not just adopt the child openly and look even more saintly?!

This analysis neatly explains why Bristol might cover for Willow, and also why SP would deny early rumors about Bristol for so long. And move her to a new school so people wouldn't see that Bristol wasn't pregnant.

5. Chuck Heath impregnates a younger woman, and because he has such a big mouth, he's a Political Cluster Bomb. (farfetched, I know)

Beyond farfetched.

The only other theory that I don't think is farfetched is that they were going to adopt a baby, and SP faked it anyway because she's nuts.


Alex said...

How do you think SP might feel about this statement from the SCOOP blog @ MSNBC?

According to one source, bidding for the baby photos began at $100,000. People won out in the end, but In Touch was the only other weekly to make serious bids, according to several sources involved in the process.

The price didn't soar immediately, according to the sources, because Sarah Palin stories just didn’t sell all that well for the weeklies on newsstands.

Anonymous said...

The naked truth is always chasing a well-dressed lie.

This unofficial birth announcement is just strange. I agree, Bristol is either still pregnant or was never pregnant.

Just as one blogger said on a previous post, we shouldn't be surprised if People Mag has an exclusive photo shoot of Bristol, SP and the baby (First Dude and Levi might show up)around late February or Early March claiming that the baby was born in Dec. and is about 2-3 months old when the baby actually would be 4-5 weeks old. Just as we blogged about how much older Trig looks we will be saying how much younger Tripp looks. Trig and Tripp,mmmmhhh, sounds like those names came from the same parents. :-)

Anonymous said...

i agree with one of the posters above. Palin family is completely game for discussion and have no expectation of privacy since they've always been paraded in public by the heads of their family. Something is being hidden and everyone in their family is a co-conspirator against us, the public. We should rightly feel indignant because we are being played to some unknown extent, we know we're being played, they know we know we're being played, but they still continue to treat us as fools. For this everyone involved in this ruse - family members or otherwise - deserve our scorn.

Shellknob said...

Anchorage Daily News: People denies offering Bristol Palin money for baby pictures

Anonymous said...

So the questions remain: Was Baby "Tripp" born on Saturday or on Sunday and was he 7 lbs. 7 oz. or 7 lbs. 4 oz.? Thank God Sarah didn't become VP and these yokels would be getting ready to move from WASilla to WAShington, D.C. There are enough nutcases already in D.C., but these hillbillies would have taken it to the nth degree!

Shellknob said...

Several news sources said that Bristol's baby was born in Palmer Alaska (about 13 miles from Wasilla). The "online baby nursery" for Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Palmer does not list her baby's birth.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow!
I am as eager as any to reveal the truth about SP, but some of the posts on the blogg seem counter productive.

Just like SP set back the cause of women, and motherhood, I feel some of the posts are alienating professionals who could provide information and suggestions.

This airplane thing is getting old. Actually, air flight is often the safest way for a pregnant woman to travel, and there are many circumstances that require pregnant women to travel.

Size of babies at birth. Give me a break. Twelve, thirteen pounds. I quess the hosp where I work is behind the times, because we still deliver mostly 6, 7, 8 lb babies.

If I wasn't so convinced that SP didn't deliver Trig, I would abandon this site because of the nonsense.

Could cross her legs, couldnt cross her legs--What the heck is that all about. Like I say, Ive had eleven. Never had a problem being able to cross my legs.

Lets please not drive intelligent people away by foolishness. We need all the help we can get.

Why is it important to me to expose SP? Because I love my country, and I fear for our country, and our childrens future if this radical woman is not stopped.

Anonymous said...

"We can start by accepting for now that Bristol was pregnant and just gave birth, eliminating her, pending new evidence, as a candidate for Trig's mother."

I haven't seen anything that would convince me of the truth of either of these claims. Still waiting.

palin pregnancy truth said...

I don't believe Bristol was pregnant. We've seen absolutely NO evidence besides Palin's statement to the media.

I would also like to propose an alternate theory about Trig. It might have been mentioned before. I've never been able to reconcile the fact that he looks so much bigger than he should.

What if Bristol gave birth in February and they had planned to set up an adoption. This fell through since it was a down syndrome baby. Instead, they decided (after the birth) to have Sarah claim she was pregnant. They made a deal with a woman who was 7ish months pregnant. She gave birth earlier than expected and that prompted the wild ride. They used this baby for the early photo ops and then switched in trig?

Maybe I'm totally out there now...

Anonymous said...

I am sure this has been posted, but I couldn't read all the comments. This has to be the strangest birth announcement ( from the ADN article):

" Colleen Jones, the sister of Bristol's grandmother Sally Heath, said she hasn't spoken with the Palins about the newest addition to the family. She learned about the birth in an e-mail Heath sent to family members.

She hasn't even spoken to anyone and is going off an e-mail? Why was she the one to leak the story? Who would even know to contact a great aunt for the scoop? And no official statement from SP or blabber mouth grandpa Chuck? A private matter when she announced it to the nation? This is the strangest thing I have ever seen from start to finish.

What a tangled web indeed. If Bristol did have her baby I wish her nothing but the best. I have always felt bad for her and I think SP has been "punishing her" ever since the RNC. It's almost like she was scrubbed from the family. She's never mentioned by SP and never included in the family photographs. Somebody should offer her & Levi some real money for the real story.

mc said...

Re: "We can start by accepting for now that Bristol was pregnant and just gave birth, eliminating her, pending new evidence, as a candidate for Trig's mother."

Sorry, I don't agree. I do accept that Bristol was pregnant--those of you still doubting that need to read the November Washington, D.C., newspaper report that had her cavorting near the hotel pool in a t-shirt that barely covered her swelling belling (a t-shirt that said, as if someone has a sense of humor, "size matters"). I posted it in a comment a week or so ago.

Until an official announcement is made, I won't believe Bristol had the babe; at the moment, it's just a rumor from a great-aunt who doesn't even seem to know her relationship to the infant. And until I see proof of Trig's birthdate being April 18, I won't believe that, either.

Given all the speculation flying around Alaska last spring that Bristol was PG, why didn't Sarah move to squash it by appearing in public with her obviously unpregnant daughter, or releasing the birth certificate? The only obvious reason for me is: she couldn't because it was true. (and to say Bristol was pretending to be PG to cover for Willow is just reaching too far--one scandal is only a little less "shameful" than the other!)

OutsiderSA said...

What could settle the whole Texas flight debacle would be CCTV footage seeing that security is so tight at airports.

Probably by now, whether digital or tape, the recording media will have been recycled. The flights are known so it would not require a long analysis to say check out the check in and security check points.

It may be an angle worth pursuing if one knew for how long they must archive records.

All it would take is a flat tummied SP at one of the airports.

Anonymous said...

About Willow being on the honor role: My son switched schools three weeks before the end of the quarter (long story). Even though he was only in his new school for three weeks, he was still given grades for that quarter and he made the honor role. His name was published in the paper just like everyone else's. So Willow making the honor role doesn't mean that she was in school for the whole semester -- she may have been there for a very short time.
Soemone above mentioned that maybe they were planning on having Bristol fake a pregnancy to cover for Willow and were laying the groundwork for that when something happened to throw that plan off and Sarah had to step in. Maybe the thing that happened was that Bristol really got pregnant and the dates wouldn't work out that she could be the mother of both the babies and *that's* why Sarah had to step up. Kind of ironic.

sjk said...

once again, the Palins fail to pass the smell test. new baby, no pics? no announcement except for the great aunt?

Anonymous said...

Following up on Alex's possibility #4. "Bristol gets pregnant at 17 by a boy Palin deems unsuitable (drug dealer mom). Maybe. I still wonder if that was a big enough reason to risk such a big fraud. Teen pregnancies seem pretty routine in AK. But maybe. And maybe if the baby was known to be special needs. But why not just adopt the child openly and look even more saintly?!"

What if the situation were a bit more unsavory - 17 year old daughter pregnant and unsure who the father is?

Anonymous said...

I just want to point out one more time that SP had a VERY good reason to fake a pregnancy for Bristol, if Bristol truly IS the mother of Trig (which I believe she is) : If Bristol is the mom, that means she had him when she was 17, which means BRISTOL WAS 16 WHEN SHE BECAME PREGNANT WITH TRIG - which, in turn, would bring tons and tons of legal ramifications, even for SP, I believe!
So, SP chose to cover up for her underage daughter. However, stupid as she is, she did not avail her daughter to sex education, so Bristol knew nothing about Birth Control - probably thought you cannot become pregnant if you breastfeed (WRONG!!! I have a couple of friends who thought exactly the same and got pregnant while breastfeeding...) and went ahead and had more unprotected sex - and became pregnant again.

Anonymous said...

The reason there was no press release from the governor's office is probably that Sarah recognized she'd be in legal trouble by using her office to perpetrate another lie.

The hard evidence still supports Bristol as Trig's mother, though the date is less conclusive. The photos from the RNC are the most compelling evidence that Bristol was a nursing mother at the time, and of course her constant, loving attention to Trig supports that premise. Everyone else in the Palin family treats Trig as someone else's child except Bristol. I don't buy the Willow theory at all, and I also don't buy the Sherry theory; but those who do are welcome to their opinions. It's just that there is no supporting evidence...

We still don't have ANY official evidence of the new birth, just like we don't have any such evidence regarding Trig's date of birth and parentage. It's ironic that this scenario -- the birth announcement but no other evidence to support it -- was predicted on this blog. That's probably where Sarah got the idea.

Let's be patient, persistent, conscientious and thorough. The truth will be revealed in good time, perhaps when it is least convenient for Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Given all the speculation flying around Alaska last spring that Bristol was PG, why didn't Sarah move to squash it by appearing in public with her obviously unpregnant daughter, or releasing the birth certificate? The only obvious reason for me is: she couldn't because it was true. (and to say Bristol was pretending to be PG to cover for Willow is just reaching too far--one scandal is only a little less "shameful" than the other!)

SP did appear in public with Bristol and Willow on Feb 15, 2008 in Fairbanks at the AMA luncheon there. I'm hoping someone has pictures.

Bristol covering for Willow is only slightly less "shameful", that true, but much more likely to succeed. SP is closely watched.


They were also in Fairbanks for the Iron Dog race end, and their video with SP and, presumably, Willow, with Bristol off-camera (?), but in think winter coats you can't tell anything.

palin pregnancy truth said...

To those of you who say that Palin's family is a private matter:


There is a whole page dedicated to Trig on the AK state website. That's TAXPAYER MONEY being used to create/update a website about her child.

Hypocrisy much?

Anonymous said...

There is no evidence to support the theory that Bristol is Trig's mother. All we know is that she changed schools then appeared to drop out in the time frame we've analyzed. The remainder is speculation.

Bristol's alibi is flimsy -- which has fueled speculation, naturally -- but we don't have any direct evidence that she was pregnant at the time. No pictures, no documents.

Willow has no alibi. We have no idea where she was, except on Feb 15-16 in Fairbanks with the rest of the family.

Let's refocus on that, critical time frame, not what may or may not have happened last week.


Anonymous said...

Interesting comment from the ADN Bristol Palin blog:

"Kallie wrote on 12/31/2008 08:21:04 AM: wrote: Interesting name for the baby...Tripp. Tripp and Trig, am I missing something?...You're not missing anything. That's Bristol rebelling. She was a minor when her 1st child was born and taken from her, so she did what any other rebelling hell raising teenager out to show her stupid parents whats up, she got pregnant again. Waited until the last minute (Sarah says she doesn't believe in abortion, but she has repeatedly proven herself to be a liar) announced she was pregnant again. Palin played it off like her sweet young innocent child had gotten caught up in the moment and made a mistake. Bristol is telling the world that Trig and Tripp are her children. If this Levi is also the father of them both, then ms. Sherry has a big fat Ace in the hole."

wayofpeace said...

i am with AUDREY on BRISTOL's pregnancy being the ONLY way that SP would undertake this lunacy.

add to that ANON's (@ 11:02) suggestion that BP could have been 16 yo at conception: and that becomes (for me) the most credible scenario.

so, if that's the working premise, the apparent conflicts are the dates of the births of these 2 babies.

my gut tells me TRIG was born right after the WILD RIDE. the second (weaker) scenario is the jaundice treatment emergency being the reason for SP rushing back.

so the known unknown is: has BP birthed TRIPP yet? i think not!

to me this is the most reasonable assumption being that there's NO official anything. their whole way of handling this so far gives credence to this assumption.

as has been mentioned here already: they can keep BP and baby secluded for months and just spring him on us months from now when determining age from pictures would be difficult.

for me this is the best working hypothesis. IT cannot be ruled out just because someone says that TRIPP was born saturday, or sunday, or whenever.


Anonymous said...

Palin is more AIP than GOP. It is important to see her not just a malevolent narcissist, but a narcissist with a hero complex--someone who has been "ordained by God" to "do special things," like helping Alaska secede from the USA and to bring about the Rapture in her lifetime. She is more warrior than mother, more Amazonian than maternal.

The birth story of Trig is a major example of this; that's one reason it is so outrageous and doesn't ring true to most women. The way Palin campaigned is another example of her Amazonian persona: she used her children throughout as "weapons" in her "arsenal" of qualifications for the job. Her kids were mere arrows in her political quiver; Trig was something she could hold up high to show the crowds, as a symbol at her rallies.

If you are looking for Palinian motives to hide a pregnancy, you have to go beyond what you might deem psychologically "normal," unless you, too, think you are on a political mission ordained by heaven. Palin is a true theocon. The clues to her psyche are more in line with Margaret Atwood's THE HANDMAID'S TALE than Mother Goose.

Anonymous said...


WE dont know when TRIG WAS BORN

If Bristol did, or did not have a baby this month PROVES NOTHING, because we dont know when Trig was born, and that information is what has been denied us.

I think it is highly probable he was born the day Sarah announced her pregnancy.

I think A Downs Syndrome baby which required intense medical care, and long hospitalization was not anticapated, and Sarah made an irrational, spur of the moment decision which she could not back away from. I think Trig was released from hosp.two days after the Texas trip, but born much earlier.

My only problem with this theory is if this child requied hospitalization for some time after birth, how can the family sling him around like a sack of potatoes now. (Except for Bristol)

Bottom line remains


Anonymous said...

This is my version of the Sarah Palin Deception: Bristol is Trigg's mother. But Trigg was not born in April, but more likely in February. And how could a 17 year-old single mother raise a Down's baby by herself? Sarah probably decided to raise the baby herself, which would also spare Bristol the embarrassment of being see as an unwed mother. I believe Trigg was born earlier than April for two reasons. If he were born in February, it would have given Palin time to come up with a plan before announcing her pregnancy in early March. Also it gave Bristol time to get pregnant again.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dangerous!

I believe SP is not the biological mother of Trig nor is BP(though she may have given that impression at the convention).

I always believed Trig's father is Track and the mother Sherry Johnston, based on the following:Track's reported drug problems, Sherry Johnston's drug-related arrest, Sadie Johnston's Myspace pics and captions and Trig being ?DS child. I also think Track was enlisted in the army and sent away to Iraq, was not because they happen to be one very patriotic family. But because that was the best solution in order to get him away from Alaska and of course SP knew she would largely benefit from having a son in the army( didn't she use her son being in the army a lot during the campaign?.. well no surprises there).

Now, your theory is very interesting as Willow being the possible mother of Trig. Who is the father then? I cannot remember to have seen Willow's name mentioned in Myspace or any other place on the Internet. If Willow is the mother of Trig, who is the father?

You know, I find this whole story and everything around Palin family so strange. There are even discrepancies with respect to the birth of this new baby Tripp(weight, date, Gawd knows what else) By the way, what a name!!.. What were they thinking when the future mother in law was arrested for drug charges?. I guess Palin family must absolutely have their boys' name starting with T.. Very interesting:-|

Nothing surprises me anymore about SP, really, truly:-|

What I believe now is that under current poor financial circumstances, someone in Alaska is going to provide the hard evidence for all this Deception. Someone who needs money and is tired of corrupt politicians who preach about honesty & integrity yet build their mansion like house for ?almost free. As we speak, this might be happening. We don't know what reporters are doing. They can pay on behalf of their agency, big bucks also if the information they receive will be a bombshell.

What SP and her family did underestimate was and is the power of the Internet and persistent, intelligent people who are tired of corrupt politicians.


Dangerous wrote:

There is no evidence to support the theory that Bristol is Trig's mother. All we know is that she changed schools then appeared to drop out in the time frame we've analyzed. The remainder is speculation.

Bristol's alibi is flimsy -- which has fueled speculation, naturally -- but we don't have any direct evidence that she was pregnant at the time. No pictures, no documents.

Willow has no alibi. We have no idea where she was, except on Feb 15-16 in Fairbanks with the rest of the family.

Let's refocus on that, critical time frame, not what may or may not have happened last week.


December 31, 2008 11:40 AM

Lila J said...

to anon at 12:10: you're correct in stating that we don't know the true date of trig's birth and that's a real stumbling block for this investigation. We can't depend on SP to speak the truth about anything. We don't know WHEN Trig was born, or IF Tripp has been born but one fact that most of us are sure of is that SP was never pregnant in 2007-2008. To Audrey and company: Thank you so much for all the diligent work on this matter. You are very much admired and appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Whether Bristol's child, if and when he arrives, is a public matter should be left up to Bristol and Levi. Trig having his own state-funded webpage would have been up to his alleged parents, Sarah and Todd. -B.

KaJo said...

Anon @ 11:45 AM 12/31

I think you nailed it! I love the Amazon simile....some kind of Warrior Goddess...with her worshippers, too.


Anon @ 12:20 PM 12/31

You mentioned you have a problem with "this theory...how can the family sling him around like a sack of potatoes now"?

I don't blame you, I have a problem with that, too.

I guess I can understand why it bothers us -- I have an 81 y/o husband who had a brain-damaging stroke 9 years ago, and...well, he gets around, but there isn't much he can do, and he says and does less and less every month. In another year or so he just might be "a sack of potatoes". :(

Trig Palin might be what the medical people call profoundly affected by Down Syndrome, i.e., in later years he might be much less able to function than those we usually see being mainstreamed.

I don't know if the Palins medicated Trig to make him somnolent at the convention and the various rallies, but he sure seemed practically vegetative in every picture and video I remember seeing...

Except that once at the RNC he actually lifted his head from SP's shoulder and looked around (ha!! anyone know a 4-1/2 month old that could do that???).

So your observation about him being slung around like a sack of potatoes is probably too true; that's probably what he seems like most of the time, sad to say.

Anonymous said...

"First Gentleman Todd" has his own webpage on the State's server as well:


It's a family affair, it's a family affair . . .

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