Thursday, December 18, 2008

What's going on at Audrey's...

Just wanted to give people a quick update on what I am working on as of this morning.

I heard from the Photoshop expert, and we should have an in depth report from him on 12/22. It will be published in full on the blog.

Second, I am taking a bit of time today and tomorrow to update the website. As I have said before when I began this project, it started as a website, where I would archive and link to all info about this issue. As things evolved, this blog (which I had never intended to do) became the dynamic part of the site.

While the blog is great - and I am definitely glad I did it for the "What's NEW?!" aspect of it - the nature of it means that things have gotten lost way down back in October or November. I was shocked when I went to my own website the other day to look for something and discovered that this fairly important piece of information had never been added to the site. It was only on the blog.

We have obtained several more photos of Gov. Palin during the critical March / April time frame which are going to be added to the site. Some we've never even posted here on the blog, so it will be new material. I'll post an update here when the site update is done, along with links to any pages that we've changed.

Thanks for continuing to read and post here. I hope to have some new information for everyone soon.



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Mary G. said...

I can't wait to see the new material! And to hear from the photoshop expert!
Even if you haven't updated the website in a while, I still check there occasionally and there is so much information that it is always a worthwhile visit!
Mary G.

Anonymous said...

According to a recent Greta Van Sustren program, Sarah Palin is in Juneau preparing for the January legislative session. I am wondering if she and her family will be there for the holidays and also what is the status of Bristol's pregnancy as TODAY was reported to be her due date. Wouldn't Sarah want to be with her daughter during her "first" experience with childbirth?

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder:
One of the things I find quite important is SP's flight from Texas. I wondered if you could find the airline policy regarding pregnancy and link it to your website. Thank you for your consideration.

Anonymous said...

I love your site and the blog. I check it every day. I also am curious about the status of Bristol's pregnancy. Wondering if a very small one-month old will be introduced next month.

Stephaniekb in Denver said...

I'm pretty sure one of the commenters at one point noted that Alaska Airlines has no policy about flights during pregnancy, since people from rural parts of Alaska frequently are forced to fly during late stages of their pregnancy to reach an appropriate medical facility.

Also, I just sat in a meeting with an 8-month pregnant woman about the same size and figure as SP. Granted she's a first-time mom-to-be, but I was struck by how many times she touched or rubbed her tummy tenderly (not slapping, which would have hurt her more than the baby I think), made faces when the baby moved, and sat with legs wide apart (crossing her legs appeared undo-able.)

As a very skinny woman, she was all baby in front, and for someone to say "the stage of her pregnancy is undetectable" would have been lucicrous.

Lady Rose said...

Bristol's due date got changed to Dec. 20 (only a two day difference) - but it will be interesting to see when it really happens.

Thanks Audrey for all your hard work and determination!

Anonymous said...

Here are policies I found online for various airlines. It's a couple of years old, though.


mc said...

I, too, am looking forward to the report. At first the idea that the "April 13" photos were staged in August struck me as crazy. Why would Team Sarah do that, given that they already had the Frank video from April? Yet at the same time, the "April 13" photos have so many problems that I find myself returning to them. Apart from the strange straight lines that appear where various figures overlap and which I assume your expert will go into, there are other problems, namely:

1) a much bigger belly than Sarah displayed either immediately before or AFTER the photos were taken (i.e., at the governors' convention in Texas);
2) these photos draw together in a deserted hall a strange collection of 3 newspeople (but no one else) who worked at the time (April) for two different stations;
3) a strange setting--why interview the Governor in a deserted hallway instead of surrounded by all the bustle of the legislature, which would have made for much more interesting footage?
4) Sarah isn't looking at the video camera. One could say she glanced away, except that her entire BODY is turned away, as if to deliberately show the belly that has been so carefully hidden up until then (except for the slapping the pillow shot in the Frank video). This is a lady who's interviewed all the time; she knows what she's doing, and would look at the camera.
5) The "cameraman" is wearing a white dress shirt he has simply pulled out of his pants and left hanging. A strange thing for a cameraman to be wearing. The real cameraman in this melange, Carpenter, is wearing a suit, also strange.
6) whoever took these photos knew enough to turn off the flash and use the light from the video camera, but not enough to focus on his subject? Possible, I suppose, if he was rushed. But why was he rushed? And why then upload a bad photo onto flicker? A pro would be ashamed to let a bad photo be seen (I'd be ashamed to upload such a bad photo, and I'm not a pro). Yet given that Carpenter IDs himself as "myself" in the 2 dude photos, surely the inference is that Carpenter took the other photo.

I wish we had a real AP photograph of Sarah from that day, showing her clothes, if her hair was up or down, etc, but we don't. (It would also be interesting to compare the length of Gusty's bangs)

The answer to "why fake these photos in August?" goes back, I think, to the scrubbing of so many photos from the Internet after Sarah was selected as VP candidate. Why did they do that? Because anyone with any skills studying those photographs would quickly see what Audrey has revealed: that where Sarah "showed" she was really just wearing a pillow, and when she wasn't wearing the pillow, her scarf and big jacket simply threw shadows that could be seen through with contrast adjustments. Hence the need to dress Sarah up in a real empathy belly (which she was too vain to wear when she should have) and take some snaps of a noticeably "pregnant" Sarah with "witnesses."

My take on the "April 13" photo is that McAllister is the man holding the video camera. In April he was working for KTUU and obviously dying his hair. By August he was her press secretary and was not dying his hair. Carpenter, who still works for KTUU, took this photo. Gusty then took the photo of Sarah with the two dudes. Gusty works for KTUU. All three are HUGE Palin supporters and old friends. The camera's clock has obviously been altered. Hence there is no reason to believe the shots were actually taken 3 minutes apart (giving the press sec time to change his shirt and put on his jacket and tie.)

Another interesting point re "erik's" flicker page: 99559 is the postal code for Bethel. Gusty was born in Bethel. (We're not talking about a big place.)

Compare Sarah's hair in these photos with real photos taken in April. Her April hair was very highlighted; by August it was much darker, as it is in these photos.

When I first heard the rumors about Palin and her "pregnancy", I almost stopped looking into the issue when I saw these two photos. She looks sooo maternal. Then it occurred to me that anyone who is faking a pregnancy would, well, FAKE it, so I kept looking and came upon the mountain of other evidence we all know. The point is, these photos surely were enough to make many people go, "Okay, I believe it." Which is why they were staged.

Anyway, looking forward to the report from someone with the programs needed to analyze the photoshopped aspects of these photos.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing the updates, and the report from the photoshop expert.

Instinct tells me, the truth is getting closer and closer.

Thank you Audrey, for all your hard work, and keeping "on top" of this!

trish in SW FL

Alex said...

Audrey, I wholeheartedly support and believe in your work. The Palin truth is compelling to me because it involves a woman and her deception of a birth. This is new territority for political skullduggery and a highly feminine one. And yet at the same time, mistaken identity is as old as Greek tragedy and Shakespearean drama.

On the other hand, your announcement about reordering your website is exciting. I believe a more professional-looking website will give even more credence to your campaign for truth. Your blog is VERY professionally conducted. But the entry through the website makes it look a little like-- forgive me-- it might be run by a crank. You are anything but.

Your writing and reasoned argument- presentation in the blog is journalism at its finest. In my opinion, the entire website should reflect that.

Keep up the good work! You are a true patriot.

Bonnie said...

Audrey, Morgan, Patrick, Kathleen, and many others who have put so much time and energy into this search for the truth: Thank you!

mc said...

Sorry, in my previous post I meant to say Gusty works forKTVA, not KTUU

Ellie said...

Audrey, my bday is Dec. 21st so it'll be a nice bday present! I too visit daily(actually your page is one of my 5 homepages that opne whenever I open my browser.) :) Thanks for all your work! And mc, AWESOME commentary, esp. on her hair in April vs these photos!

Anonymous said...

I caught a repeat of an episode of last season's Desperate Housewives last night. In the episode, the mid 40-something character Bree is pretending to be pregnant to cover up for her pregnant teenaged daughter. Certainly could have provided a bit of inspiration for the Palins when it originally aired, which I imagine was about a year ago. There was a funny scene where Bree is running around with a knife in her "belly" because she obviously can't feel it. Bet anyone who spent any time with the Sarah Palin during her last "pregnancy" has a tale or two of odd things like that.

Anonymous said...

mc at 9:02

Thanks a lot for the excellent analysis of the pictures from the 13th April !

These pictures, together with enlargements of them and lots of other pictures of Sarah Palin from February to April 2008 can also be found here:



Anonymous said...

MC - Your analysis (9:39 a.m., 12/18) of the "April 13" photos rocks! I agree completely.

Audrey - you wrote in the BREAKING NEWS post:

"Today, I am going to focus on the most famous picture of all, this photo which was taken on the last day of the Alaska State Legislative Session (Sunday, April 13th) , in Juneau, with Andrea Gusty, a reporter for KTVA Channel 11 - CBS affiliate in Anchorage)."

In line with what MC wrote (and which I suggested earlier), it is starting to look likely that the two photos that show SP looking very pregnant were taken later than April, maybe in August - therefore, you might want to insert the word "purportedly" or "allegedly" in front of "taken" in the above sentence.

MC's strategy of focusing on the hair, etc., of the characters in the photos is a great idea. Let's see if we can find photos of all actors in those photos from April and August and see what differences there are.

Those two pregnancy photos are what have stopped lots of folks dead in there tracks - it's just unbelievable to most people that a sitting governor would stage such a thing - and thus the very outrageousness of the action has worked to SP's advantage. Keep chipping away with more evidence, all you sleuths. MC: You get the Agatha Christie Award for today.


Jack Bog said...

Good idea to get the basic site back up to full speed. Blogs are fun and informative, but it's sometimes hard to find things on them later. Having a full repository of all the information on the basic site is a real service.

Anonymous said...

mc: great analysis. One comment -- the man with the video camera in the shot with Gusty appears to be a KTVA videographer. He was seen on the state videos of SP's homecoming.

The white shirt and the suit on Carpenter make us think there was some news or press event that day (if they are the same day). McAllister's more casual appearance seems to be his usual "dress up" clothing.

The interview in the empty hallway is in a transcript in another part of the blog. The transcript is of Gusty on 4/13 talking about how empty the hallways were after the legislature adjourned.

The hallway, however, may be of executive offices instead of legislative officials. The one of the trio is in front of the Secretary of State. So she may have just gone to another and empty hallway for dramatic effect.

Strange that there is no interview reported with the governor on that day.

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

I was wrong about the Secretary of State's office in my previous post. The placard is for the office of the Speaker, so it would not be an executive floor of offices.

sandra in oregon

KaJo said...

Mc, now you got me going back to those (alleged, purported) April 13, 2008 end-of-session pix with the Gov., Carpenter, McAllister, etc.

To me, the only difference between Palin's belly appearance in these 2 pictures and the screen captures from a week hence in Dallas is that these pictures are the only ones in March and April where she's in "public" without one of those danged long scarves -- well, except for the "nail in the coffin" picture...

IMO there were 4 people at that April 14 session. I believe the curly/gray-haired cameraman is the same one who along with Dan Carpenter was filming Palin on her arrival back in AK Nov. 7, 2008.

No matter whether or not there were actually 4 people doing the 2-pic session/interview, or whether there were 3 minutes between the's interesting that Sarah Palin holds her hands clasped down in front of her EXACTLY the same way in both pictures.

I would presume that pose with her hands was purposely done to emphasize the roundness of her belly.

It seems to me a more natural pose for a relaxed, confident pregnant woman would be to let her hands hang down by her sides like a relaxed, confident non-pregnant woman would.

I think it's probably apropros of nothing...but it's always struck me how "spaced out" the expression on Sarah Palin's face is in the Gusty picture.

Diana said...

Well the New York Post has an article saying that Bristol is due Dec. 20th and she is having a boy. Hmmmmm....let's see what the real delivery date is?!

jeanie said...

Just trolling through some older photos - pre winter of 2007 - and it's remarkable the difference in SPs choice of attire. NO scarves, NO big coats.
Along with a timeline of her style/hair during the supposed pregnancy, you might include a pre-pregnancy sample just for the contrast.

Keep up the great work!!

Audrey said...

Just wanted to make sure people understand. The photoshop expert is looking at those two photos and nothing else. He is looking for any signs that the photos were composites or altered in any way.

He is NOT comparing these photos to any others, and looking at things like how her hairstyle changed or whether Gov. Palin had highlights in her in these photos which were consistent with her hair three days later or earlier.

So I am still relying on alert readers to do that!

colorado voter said...

Sorry if this question has been discussed recently, I have been out of the loop. My question is: "What is the date range for the birth of Bristol's child?" I am thinking it is sometime between now and mid-January. Someone please respond. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how Sarah commutes back and forth to the State Capitol of Juneau which is located 1,925 miles from Wasilla and takes 2 days, 2 hours to drive that distance! Was it really such a smart move for her to sell the private plane that Murkowski used when HE was the governor of Alaska? Is she going to be home in time for the birth of her "first" grandchild and why was her father, Chuck Heath, so careful to report that this was indeed her "first" grandchild?

Emma said...

Sandra at 1:24 says:

"The white shirt and the suit on Carpenter make us think there was some news or press event that day (if they are the same day)."

I seem to recall reading a transcript of a report by Andrea Gusty talking about the end of the session referring to empty hallways and it being past midnight (1 something am sticks in my memory). Someone mentioned it is posted on this blog/site, but I can't find it.

If she did report at 1 something am, would it be odd that a) SP was still there, but no other legislators were referenced in the article and/or pictures (as MC at 9:02 said) and b) would there only be those 2/3 news crew, and c) at 1something am, they would all pose for pictures? Odd.

Another thing re hair. I had the same thought the first time I saw the 4/13 photos--she looks post-RNC-funded-stylist, both in terms of hair and makeup. But, I haven't done a full comparison of pre and post-stylist photos. It would be good to look not only at hair color, but length, most common styles (how often did she wear it down vs in that weird clipped beehive thing), makeup, coloring of skin (summer vs April), etc.

One more thing. No theories or new info, but just more encouragement to continue to "think outside the box". Lots of folks on this blog are doing that. Keep it up. With every bit of info and photos, i.e., was baby really born 4/18, was baby really born at Mat-Su, etc as well as question all comments, i.e., why did SP say she had a test done at 13 weeks in December, when in December she would have been at least 16 weeks even with a 5/15 due date; etc. And, continuing to preach to the choir, here, just because someone said it or it's on a website, doesn't make it true or indicate the date at which it was said/photo taken, etc. I remember the morning I heard McCain announce Palin. I looked at the was literally empty, maybe a handful at best of positions with the vast majority of sections empty. Throughout the day and next several weeks, it was continually updated with quotes, etc from previous years.

Looking forward to PS analysis.

artful_dodger said...

Anon 1:24, you wrote:
"The interview in the empty hallway is in a transcript in another part of the blog. The transcript is of Gusty on 4/13 talking about how empty the hallways were after the legislature adjourned."
Do you have a link to this transcript?

KaJo said...

Audrey, just to be clear -- by "those two photos", you're talking about the 3/14/08 picture with Parnell and his wife, and the 3/26/08 "nail-in-coffin" picture, right?

Or are you talking about the Elan Frank video screen capture picture 4/2-8/08 (blue jacket) in addition to the 3/26/08 picture?

There are so many dates swirling around that I'm getting confused...

Audrey said...

Sorry, Kajo, that I was not clear. The answer is none of the above. The two photos that were turned over to the Photoshop expert are the two photos allegedly taken on 4/13, the one with Palin being interviewed by Andrea Gusty, and the one we, in house, refer to as "The Three Amigos."

Our guy will be looking for inconsistencies within the photos themselves that would indicate that the images were tampered with in some way. He will NOT be comparing them to other photos in the same time frame, looking for inconsistencies in hair, NOR will he have any opinion about whether they were actually taken on that day. With the date on the camera set wrong, he has no way of assessing that.

Anonymous said...

I have been intrigued by this whole situation ever since McCain first named Palin as his running mate, and have just recently stumbled upon your site. All the speculation aside (and being a mother of two with my last delivery being complicated to put it mildly)I have little doubt the pregnancy and delivery of said baby did not happen as claimed. However, without hard proof by way of an admission by one of the parties or medical staff etc, or medical evidence, how is this every going to be more than just mere speculation? Photographic evidence in todays modern world with photoshop etc could never be considered proof of anything so where do you go from here?

Anonymous said...

Audrey, while you update the website, could I suggest two things?

1) Add to the heading of the blog page a reference to your website, and a statement that it's the main place for information (as you keep telling new readers), and

2) Add to both the blog home page and the website home page your individual email address related to this site, for use for messages like this one. :-)

Just a suggestion to make things easier for you.

- jwc

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 4:38, who asks, where do we go from here?
My idea is that eventually, with the accretion of photographic and other evidence here and perhaps elsewhere, mainsream media will be induced to pick up on the story. I think if we dislodge some rocks on the hillside, there might eventually be an avalanche.

Anonymous said...

to: artful dodger

The transcript was posted by Patrick. It is so far back, I don't know how to find it.

My posting skills are minimal, so it would be good if Patrick can call that up again.

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

Gee Alex - Audrey said she'd be updating the Website - not "reordering it". I think it looks just fine - especially for a woman doing this all on her own, for no profit, and one who also has to consider time for her family and career. She has a good reputation for her thoroughness and descriptions. No need to knock the "look" of her Website.

Anonymous said...

Ski-Daddle posted this comment on December 8th on the original hallway photo post. The Gusty article she wrote that night exists - you just have to pay for it in the archives. The question is, was there still or video footage used with the article - or just report? If someone wants to pay, you might find out.

This is the search result for the Gusty news story of April 14, 2008, so there was a report filed the day after your photo. (I don't know what the article says, as I didn't buy a copy.)


"90-day session wraps with more than 700 bills introduced and less than half voted on"

Author: Andrea Gusty, CBS 11 News Reporter
Article ID: 8925182
Date: April 14, 2008
Publication: KTVA - (Anchorage, Alaska)

The halls are silent in our state Capitol after a bustling 90-day session wrapped up late Sunday night.

More than 700 bills were introduced and less than half were voted on. Those that did make it are headed to the governor's desk for approval.

The halls that were bustling just Sunday, are now silent. Lawmakers have finished the state's business in 90 days. It was a jam-packed 90 days. All in all, 186 bills passed. Most lawmakers call the session a success, but

Anonymous said...

A search in the KTVA archives shows 27 articles mentioning or featuring Palin from March 1 to April 18. Several are from Gusty. They are all listed at the link below, with the date/info and first paragraph. Again, you have to pay to read the rest and there are no photos included.

It is interesting to see how she was occupied in that last month and a half. It includes the pregnancy announcements.

Diana said...

Here is a photo from March 11, 2008that I think is really telling. How can Sarah zipper the bottom of her jacket. No way is she carrying a baby that is born just a little over a month later. No Way!!

Anonymous said...

Regarding Bristol's upcoming delivery, assuming that her pregnancy is real:

Nine months from April 18, 2008, Trig's asserted birthdate, is January 18, 2009. It is virtually impossible to become pregnant immediately after giving birth. Conception would have to wait at least another month, so we can extend a baby #2 birth date to mid-February and STILL rule out Bristol as Trig's mother unless one or more of the following apply.

1) Trig was born earlier -- There's been some speculation, little evidence, and nothing remotely conclusive to suggest a much earlier birthdate.
2) Baby #2 is pre-term -- Birth weight and delivery date will help to settle that issue.
3) Bristol is not currently pregnant and baby #2 is not hers --There is no evidence of a secondary cover-up, and the opportunity to pull of another ruse, with Levi et. al. participating, is close to nil.

While I'm sure that a Bristol delivery inside the time frame that would seem to exclude her as a candidate as Trig's mother will produce lots more wild speculation on each of these remote possibilities, we should all consider other possibilities for Trig's birth mother.

If not, and the Bristol-is-Trig's-mother theory still predominates against all the available evidence, this blog will be marginalized by the wider community, including Andrew Sullivan et. al. Remember the bloody glove that let OJ Simpson get away with murder.

Someone posted that we should think outside the box, and this is one area. I've read speculation of other potential birth mothers for Trig besides Bristol, including other Palin family members, and Track's girlfriend, among others. I've regularly suggested that nothing excludes Willow from consideration except the natural discomfort because of her age.

But any theory of SP not being Trig's birth mother needs a plausible explanation of why she would fake it for anyone except one of her daughters. Adopt yes, fake no. This applies even for a theory of Track's girlfriend. Adopt yes, fake no. It would be an extraordinary theory, so it would require extraordinary proof.

I'm a great believer in Occam Razor. There are three Palin women and two Palin babies. The facts seem to indicate that SP isn't the birth mother of either, and the facts may show that Bristol couldn't be the mother of both. DO THE MATH.

I'm done with posting for a while as I'm heading out of town for the holidays. When there are some developments I'll comment again.


KaJo said...

The archived story headline and opening paragraph of the story explains the glazed-eye expression on Sarah Palin's face that I noted in my earlier comment today...

Anonymous said...

I think she is just sticking her belly out more in some photos and wearing one of those "bellas" for the belly. They would make you look like a box. Take a look at them. If she wasn't that big, she could wear the ones that are supposed to be used during the earlier part of the pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

I was the one who actually purchased the text of the KTVA Gusty/April 14, 2008 news article and posted it on the Dec. 8 and Dec. 9 blog entries; here it is again. But first, let me tell you about the photos (no videos) accompanying the story. There were 3 photos originally with the story, but all 3 were deleted from the archived copy of the story. HOWEVER, another KTVA archived story on April 14, 2008 (really it was a short teaser for the Gusty news story) had one picture accompanying it AND IT WAS STILL EMBEDDED WITH THE STORY. It was a photo of the Alaska State Capitol building. Also, another story near that time used the same photo of the Capital building. So there’s another anomaly: the 3 photos were not included with the Gusty story, but a photo of the Capitol building was still embedded with 2 other stories.
I emailed the archives to ask for copies of the photos and got this response:

You have reached the host of the online archives and photos are not
included. You would need to contact KTVA directly at the following link
with your inquiry:

Here is a copy of the article from the archives:

KTVA - (Anchorage, Alaska)
Date: April 14, 2008
Section: News
Article ID: 8925182

90-day session wraps with more than 700 bills introduced and less than half voted on
Author: Andrea Gusty, CBS 11 News Reporter

The halls are silent in our state Capitol after a bustling 90-day session wrapped up late Sunday night.
More than 700 bills were introduced and less than half were voted on. Those that did make it are headed to the governor's desk for approval.
The halls that were bustling just Sunday, are now silent. Lawmakers have finished the state's business in 90 days. It was a jam-packed 90 days. All in all, 186 bills passed. Most lawmakers call the session a success, but they admit they had some disappointments as well.
We saw approval for forward funding for schools, municipal revenue sharing, several crime bills and an effort to save a record five billion dollars.
"We took the task on of working, not on Republican issues or Democratic issues, but on Alaskan issues. And I think that was the key to the success of our group," said Senator Lyman Hoffman (D), Bethel.
"We did some things I didn't like, but we did some good things. And overall, we are going down the road in a good direction," said Representative David Guttenberg (D), Fairbanks.
Along with its successes, the shortened 90-day session had its disappointments for lawmakers: bills that just could make it though because of time constraints.
"We found out this year that there is only time to work on the really big ideas: we worked on savings, education. We worked on the budget. And a lot of little ideas just didn't make it through the system," said the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Senator Hollis French.
Of the 731 bills introduced, only 186 made it through. There wasn't even enough time to get some to a vote, like funding for Denali Kid Care and an energy credit bill for all Alaskans.
"I don't care what anybody else says, chopping 30 days off the session means you get less done," said Representative Mike Doogan (D), Anchorage.
As always, the budgets were hotly debated by lawmakers. In the end, they approved record spending: more than 13.9 billion in the operating and capital budgets. Governor Palin says both are too high.
"This is where the checks and balances come in. If I take some actions that lawmakers are not pleased with, in terms of vetoing, streamlining or creating efficiencies, if lawmakers don't like that, there is always the veto override that can take place," said Governor Sarah Palin (R), Alaska.
With the session now in the books, the next phase of the work begins: deciding to either institute the new bills and laws, or to veto.
Governor Palin now has 20 workdays to veto any piece of legislation, including the budgets. As for lawmakers, they're now looking toward the upcoming gas pipeline special session, which is set to convene in about a month. But they could call themselves right back to Juneau before then and get back to work.
To contact Andrea Gusty, call 907-273-3186.




(c) 2008 KTVA. All rights reserved. Reproduced with the permission of Media NewsGroup, Inc. by NewsBank, Inc.

Note: Here is the error message I got when I clicked on the photo links:

The page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
Please try the following:
• Make sure that the Web site address displayed in the address bar of your browser is spelled and formatted correctly.
• If you reached this page by clicking a link, contact the Web site administrator to alert them that the link is incorrectly formatted.
• Click the Back button to try another link.
HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found.
Internet Information Services (IIS)


Anonymous said...

Hi Audrey, thanks for bringing all of this information together. I have a question for you--how does Trig's reported birth weight of 6 pounds 2 ounces comport with typical birth weight for a preterm Down Syndrome baby? I recall reading somewhere that Down Syndrome babies often have a low birth weight and wondered if the reported birth weight fits into a normal distribution. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Time magazine, 12-17-08, mentions this issue in paragraph 6 of this article:,31682,1861543_1865103_1865106,00.html

"The most stunning accusation was not about her experience or intellect or attitude; it was the allegation that she had committed a stupendous moral fraud, faking her infant son Trig's birth to cover up her teen daughter's pregnancy. Throughout the weekend after her selection, the rumor moved from Daily Kos to the Times of London at Internet speed . . . ."

--Amy the first

Sleuth for Truth said...

I don't know if anyone has looked at these photos. They are not from March/April '08, but formal portraits she had done on December 6, 2007.

I don't remember when I posted about these images on, but it now maybe worth someone's efforts to look at these portraits of Palin taken on 12/6/2007. Perhaps Photoshop experts can examine them more closely?

Look specifically at images 82601849, 82601846, 82601842, 82601867, 82601898, 82601819, 82601796, 82601793 which show her in a close-fitting suit with arms crossed in front of her or 82601813 with her hands on her hips. 82601791 shows her showcasing her flat and "tight abs."

Anonymous said...

I haven't been reading the comments for a little while, but wasn't Bristol due yesterday (18th December)? Is there any news on that?-being in the UK we wouldn't hear about it either way.


Anonymous said...


I just read this:
Sarah Palin urged to speak on racist 'Barack Obama state-government circulated emails

No surprises there. We knew it during the campaign and now it's all coming out.

Anonymous said...

Hello again!
Please read what SP says about Gov. of Illinois:

"PALIN: Yes, I am. And I'll tell you, now is the time for not just governors but all elected officials to really try to start shoring up some trust with the electorate, to let people know that -- you know, you cannot be in this business to get rich, for one. You cannot be in this business of public service with anything but a servant's heart. Otherwise, you know, you need to get out. So watching what's going on there in Illinois and wondering how long the guy thought he was going to get away with it and -- quite interesting, what's going to happen next."

Quite amazing, isn't it? I guess she has forgotten about her multimillion dollar book deal and their house that was built after she got into the politics. Perhaps there is more. So, how is it different from Blago? I guess she thinks she is all about integrity and honesty. Oh Please... I think she and her dad should not speak much because it seems the more they speak, the worse it's for them.

By the way, is it only me or anyone noticed this: I have always seen 2 SP during the entire campaign, at different interviews, on SNL, on the RNC. She looks so different that I wondered if she has a twin sister.

Anonymous said...

The Anchorage Daily News is reporting that Levi Johnston's mother was arrested on drug charges (manufacturing or distrbuting). That's very sad, especially because Bristol's due date is tomorrow.

regina said...

Somebody asked the date of the video "What exactly does the VP do?"

July 31st.

On the 2 photos in question: her hair is definitely darker, more in keeping with RNC grooming. Her hair was much lighter and full of highlights right up to the Governors Meeting in Texas, when she went into "labour".

(by the way, I'm British, hence the alternative spelling...)

Anonymous said...

To Colorado Voter:
Bristol should have baby by January 3rd or 4th or something is amiss. (They induce if you go 2 weeks past due).

To one of the Anonys:

I made this point in one of the very first blog posts Audrey did.... but worth noting again: you cannot drive from Juneau to Wasilla, or, for that matter, from Juneau to anywhere. Juneau is reachable only by plane or boat.


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the article about Levi's mom. We heard, during the campaign, that Alaska has a big meth problem...


Anonymous said...

The average birth weight of a 35 week baby is around 5 lbs. All the sources say this. According to the American Pregnancy Association, Down Syndrome babies may be born of normal size, but they don't grow at a normal rate after birth.

Anonymous said...

I have entertained the possibility that Track and an older woman could be the parents of Trig. Mercedes Johnston's captions My Space page would confirm this theory, and perhaps the possibility of down's syndrom with an older mom is possible. What a mess, especially with her new arrest for narcotics! Any thoughts everyone?

penny in paradise

Alex said...


The ADN link does not work (for me)-- or no longer works. Wow.

If it's true, then that's just one more amazing coincidence in this web of mystery and lies. That Palin's neighbor and the person who openly spoke to the media about Bristol's baby (remember her report about Palin hearing the news for the first time!) is in drug trouble.

I always speculated that it was her and Track who were parents of Trig-- and that his birth would have been very humiliating and evidence of real family problems.

As one of you (and alice) says: curiouser and curiouser.


And Audrey, I meant no offense about the redesigning your website. To suggest it might look more professional was undue comment on my part. May I plead Christmas blues or menopause? You go, girl!

Alex said...

Sherry Johnston ADN drug story here:


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any information about what exposure to meth fumes would do to a baby in utero? If Bristol spent time significant time at Levi's house while pregnant, what would the effect be on her baby? I really worry about these innocent children...

Sunshine1970 said...

Oh, man. Sad news for Bristol & Levi regarding Mrs Johnston and the drug dealing/supplying :(

I feel for the kids, and the newest member of the family soon to arrive. Not exactly a happy family, that's for sure. And, why arrest a soon-to-be Grandma (for the second time) two days before the due date of the (next) grandchild? That seems a bit strange (Oh, and the news comes out on a Friday--bad news usually comes out on Fridays so by the next news cycle it will be basically gone--or so that's the theory)

And, if Bristol & Levi still get married, Gov. Palin will, through marriage, have a drug dealer in her family. Karma's a b*itch.

I wonder, if part of any type plea deal or reduced sentence, Mrs Johnston will let anything slip regarding Trig...or anything else about Sarah...(ohpleaseohpleaseohplease...)

Anonymous said...


Just google "sherri johnston arrested," there area plethera of articles!


Morgan said...

In defense of the Wasilla Wannabes, we don't *know* if Levi's mom's arrest had anything to do with meth, so let's hold off on that kind of speculation until we know for sure what kind of drugs she was busted for.

Seeing people to the worst possible scenario makes me cringe a little. I expect it from the conservatives who so desperately want Obama to fail. I'd like to think we're a little more reasonable than that. Or at least that we're patient enough to wait for more evidence before we start coming to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

The headline about Sherry Johnston is on the home page of today's Anchorage Daily News:

The full story is at

There's a lot we don't know yet about the relationship between these two families.

Alex said...

OR since we're thinking outside the box. . . remember what happens to people who cross Palin. I'm sure an arrest could be arranged to shut someone up.

Sunshine1970 said...

Alex, I thought the same thing. Palin's retribution for something.

Strangely this seems like an episode of the Showtime series 'Weeds...' only the reality show version...

Margot said...

Breaking news - Huffington Post

Levi's mother arrested on multiple charges of selling and maybe even making drugs.

KaJo said...

Anon posted @ Dec 19 @ 7:01 AM: The average birth weight of a 35 week baby is around 5 lbs. All the sources say this. According to the American Pregnancy Association, Down Syndrome babies may be born of normal size, but they don't grow at a normal rate after birth.

I didn't know that.

Since I'm assuming that means that they grow SLOWER than normal, then howcum Trig Palin looks like he weighs about 20 lbs. in the Aug. 31 RNC picture (@ 4+ months) where Bristol in the black lace dress is holding him while SP is feeding him?

I thought when I first saw him in that picture that his little arm looked awfully pudgy for a 4 month old...

artful_dodger said...

The arrest and conviction of Levi's mother will be the death blow to Palin's national political career. The GOP base will have a hard time rallying behind her with kin like this. They will struggle to fit all of this into their own code of ethics and family values but, eventually, they will come to the conclusion that its time to move on. I hope she enjoyed it while it lasted.

Anonymous said...

A quick suggestion for the web site:

As someone who has not had much exposure to pregnant women, I found the comparisons between pictures of Palin and pictures of standard pregnancies very compelling. If possible, I would highly reccomend including some of similar comparison to various stages of Palin's "pregnancy."

mc said...

Re Anon at 8:30, I suspect Bristol's pregnancy is the reason the MSM dropped this: they're waiting to see how--and when--that pans out. We may see the Enquirer touch the story again after Bristol delivers.

Some here are understandably hesitant to involve an 18-yr-old girl in this kind of speculation, but a news organization knows that this story will make sense only if they can present a believable reason as to why Sarah would have perpetrated this huge "moral fraud", and covering for a daughter (not a son--the old double standard--under normal circumstances) is the only reason many will find believable. However, the more recent suggestions involving Levi's mother are interesting--especially since they make sense of both Mercedes's weird MySpace captions and Levi's tender kissing of the child.

Whether Mrs. Johnson or a teenage girl is the mother, it is possible that Trig was born prematurely, perhaps even as early as around the time Sarah announced her "pregnancy." Discovering the child had DS and was therefore not acceptable to the couple who had planned to adopt him, Sarah faked her pregnancy (to protect her own image rather than her daughter or son's). The rushed trip to Texas may have been built around the looming release of the baby from the hospital--the neonatal doctor in charge, perhaps not comfortable with the whole charade, may have announced he/she planned to release the child on Monday, hence Sarah's need to hurry home.

In my experience, even people who lie frequently (like Sarah) are not particularly inventive. The entire premature delivery, water-breaking-induced labor (perhaps because of a prolapsed cord) scenario may be what actually happened to Trig's mother, just not to Sarah. If Trig was 6 pounds when released from the hospital but born 4-8 weeks earlier, he would have been held in the hospital until he reached a higher weight and more stable condition. Correct me if I'm wrong (Audrey? I have little experience with babies beyond my own two), but aren't babies born a month premature generally held in the hospital for longer than 2 days? And wouldn't a DS baby require even more close observation?

Depending on the mother, the baby may actually have been born in Anchorage, and then transfered to Wasilla for its last few weeks to be nearer the family. I know this sounds tortuous, requiring TWO deceptions--mother and birth date--but it makes sense. And would explain Bristol's pregnancy now.

The arrest of Levi's mother is interesting. I've always thought his family was the weak link in this conspiracy. She may decide to sing. We can speculate and come up with scenarios and analyze photos all we want, but until someone like that spills, no one else will take any of this seriously.

If the child was born to Mrs. Johnson, the truth highlights why anyone who would perpetrate this kind of fraud should not be in office. The blackmail potential is horrific. As someone with connections to the world of intelligence, I can tell you that these kinds of secrets are typically used by spies to recruit double agents or pressure government officials.

Anonymous said...

Here a quote I saved from Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson about Wasilla and the Mat-Su Valley:

"The doctor said Alaska has the highest rate of substantiated child abuse in the nation: three times the national average. Reasons are multiple and include isolation, a transient population, and a high incident of alcohol and drug abuse. 'The Valley's No. 1 cash crop is marijuana. There are a lot of methamphetamine labs out here. It's easy to make and inexpensive. It's a huge problem. Also, there's a lot of folks under financial pressure. About 40 percent to 45 percent of my practice qualifies for Medicaid or Denali Kid Care.'"

Sunshine1970 said...

Anyone going to look into the new Sarah Palin 2009 calendar? With over 50 never before seen photos? I wonder if there are any good ones from any time in Dec 2007 through April 18th...?

Article found here: 2009 Sarah Palin Calendar

Anonymous said...

Alex, I have to admit, that was my first thought as well - did Sherry Johnston really commit a crime, or is this another Palin abuse of power?

I highly doubt Bristol and Levi will get married, whether they want to or not. I think if they were going to marry, they'd have done so already. That they never did made me suspect that either they didn't really want to marry or Sarah and her family didn't want the marriage to happen. I can't see Palin being thrilled with her daughter marrying the son of an accused drug dealer.


sjk from the belly of the plane said...

SJ was arrested by AK State Troopers. I wonder if Trooper Wooten dropped a dime on her? Just another tanget.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the poster above who said that we shouldn't just assume that SJ's arrest involves meth. We also shouldn't assume she's guilty just because she was arrested (innocent until proven...) But I do think that we can gather information about some of the possibilities that this raises. For instance, one comment at Cajun Boy says that meth use messes up people's chromosomes and that if Levi or Bristol were using meth, that would certainly be a reason for Trig's DS. Is that true? Does anyone here have any medical knowledge about this?

KaJo said...

@ mc:

I've been assuming all along that the doctor is a willing participant in this fake-pregnancy scam, thus Sarah Palin sleeping off her "wild ride" in another room in the hospital while Bristol is fending off the reporter and photographer, the vague letter on questionable letterhead, and absolutely NO comments since from the doctor.

For that reason I don't think that the doctor was "uncomfortable with the whole charade" and "may have announced he/she planned to release the child on Monday". The only thing that might have prompted a routine discharge of mother (whoever) and child would be, obviously, 1) no complications to either, and 2) requirements of the hospital's discharge planning to comply with insurance/gov't benefit programs. If the hospital is JCAH approved, they're very strict about this. Insurance companies and the government agencies that pay for hospital care practically run hospitals these days.

But I do agree Sarah Palin would have had to hurry home Sunday for that reason.

KaJo said...

Sunshine1970, did you read any of the comments at the linked calendar article?

Out of 24, there is only one remotely Palinistic, and that one is complaining about the other 23 messages... :)

Sunshine1970 said...

@ KaJo Yeah, I read a few. Good for a laugh, that's for sure. :)

@ anon December 19, 2008 11:16 AM..I saw that post, too. He made a pretty good argument for SJ to have been the birth mother of Trig...And if that's the case then Mercedes' comment about her 'baby brother' make a bit more sense..:)

Anonymous said...

Even a single use of Meth can have disastrous consequences for an unborn baby, particurlarly in the early stages of a pregnancy, including severe damage to the DNA:


Anonymous said...

The Palin and Johnston families are great role models for America:

"Levi Johnston's mother hit with drug charges"

"Sherry L. Johnston of Wasilla was arrested Thursday at her home by troopers with a search warrant in an undercover drug investigation. Her son is the father of Bristol Palin's baby, due this weekend."

wayofpeace said...

from the

a blogger at HUFF POST on the bust of LEVY's mom,

too funny and a possible opportunity for SP to learn how it feels to play the guilt-by-association card:

"There must be an investigation, the American people need to know of Palin's associations with drug dealers.

"Is Palin a drug dealer?

"I heard her VP candidacy started in the drug dealer's living room!

"The American people have a right to know about her ties to drug dealers.

"Is the drug dealer a Muslim?"

Anonymous said...

"I made this point in one of the very first blog posts Audrey did.... but worth noting again: you cannot drive from Juneau to Wasilla, or, for that matter, from Juneau to anywhere. Juneau is reachable only by plane or boat."

yellowgirl: Thanks! My point is how does Sarah get to Juneau? She made a big thing during the campaign about saving money by selling the governor's private plane, so, as you say, she must still have to get there by plane! What a despicable woman she is!

katie e. said...

and after this drug bust story has been circulating for a few hours, now msnbc is telling us that bristol is "expected to give birth tomorrow"

luna1580 said...

wow, the calendar makes me laugh!

look at the site that's actually producing/selling the thing

sarah! sarah! sarah! every single day

the photog was palin's vice mayor during the wasilla years, her name is judy. wanna bet she goes to palin's church and they've known each other since grade school?


GraceR said...

Anon at 1:56 p.m. I know most of us here have a somewhat negative opinion of Palin, BUT selling the former governor's jet was one of the best moves anyone could have made for the people of Alaska. That jet cost the people of Alaska over $480,000 a year to maintain and operate. No commerical airfare could possibly approach that. Palin also got rid of the governor's driver and cook and does these things herself. So while we all doubt the birth story, let's concentrate on that issue here. SP has a high favorability rating in Alaska because she HAS saved the state a lot of money so far.

The only first-hand experience I have had with a DS baby was when I had my first child. A neighbor in my former neighborhood had given birth to a baby girl with DS 3 weeks before my son was born. We got together to compare notes and just talk weekly. That little girl was huge for her age--much bigger than my son--during her first year. She was also overfed, IMO, but that's another issue.

Anonymous said...


Judy Patrick also offered to help SP during her campaign for Lt. Governor. She was involved in advertising and campaigning - taking photographs and producing business cards for SP.

Her payoff is obviously the production of the 2009 calendar which seems to be selling very well over there on Team Sarah.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Bristol and Levi getting married, I don't think it will happen either. But if it does, the reason to wait till after Bristol gives birth (if she does) is so the Palins' insurance can cover the childbirth expenses. I think Bristol would not be covered under the Palins' policy once married.

Anonymous said...


Wayofpeace, thank you for positing this from the KARMA NEVER SLEEPS department.

This is exactly what I thought when I first read the news about Mrs. Johnston's arrest. She is the future mother-in-law of Bristol Palin( if of course Bristol and Levi ever get married). No matter what, Mrs. Johnston is the grandmother of Bristol and Levi's child even if they decide not to get married. Sarah Palin and Mrs. Johhnston are grandmothers of the same child. This is not even paling around. This is a family bond.

Now, Karma is really interesting, isn't it? What goes around comes around. SP did so much wrong and hurt many people during the campaign. She said so horrible things about President-elect Barack Obama. She did all these horrible things just to win the election. I do believe in Karma more than ever now. Don't ever try to do evil things, especially while hiding behind the religion and in the name of Jesus. The evil things you do, will come back and hit you with a speed that there is no way to escape.

BTW, I still do believe Track Palin is the father of Trig and the mother is ? Mrs. Johnston.
I think those photos on Mercedes Jonston's Myspace page were quite revealing.
If I were SP, I would leave the politics. She has no chances, not in two years, 4 years or 8 years. Because this story will always haunt her. SP fans still think there is no deception, no fraud???

Next Chapter said...

I have been lurking here for a few days and have been very impressed with the amount of evidence that has been collected. I admit, when I first heard this story, I pretty much just dismissed it as being too far fetched. But as I slowly began to come across more information on the internet, I began to believe that there might be something to this. This blog is now one that I go through everyday. I had two questions myself.
1. Even though I have check, I cannot find any pictures of Sarah Palin being pregnant with Piper. In 2000 and 2001, she was the mayor of Wassili. It is stated that she had Piper on Monday and was back to work on Tuesday. If that was the case, She would have been in the office and at various events in where her picture would have been taken. Has ANYBODY been able to find ANY pictures of her taken around that time?
2. On the flight that she took to get back to Alaska from Texas, the airline staff said that they were not able to tell that she was pregnant. If she looked like she did in the April 13th pic, It would have appeared to them that she was pregnant. Is there anyway to get any of the names of the staff that worked that flight? Would there be a way to contact any of them to email or send them a link of that pic to see if that is how she looked when she got on the flight?
Just speculating here. But I would love to see a pic of her last pregancy with Piper. I bet that together with her pregnancy picture with her first born son would give a good picture of how she normally looks in her last trimester.

Anonymous said...

Hello GraceR!

Thank you for your comments.

I am a bit puzzled though. You wrote that SP got rid of the governor's cook and driver. While watching the video of Palin Family with Matt Lauer, we saw a woman walking around, up and down the stairs. That woman didn't seem to be a part of the family but rather like a housekeeper. I don't know if she cooks but most housekeepers do.
Also I am wondering when exactly SP got rid of all these people: the driver, the cook.. Does it coincidnce with " her pregnancy"? If it does, I would rather think that SP did not want anyone stranger in the house if she was faking the pregnancy.

Also I've read at several sites that SP is not that popular any longer in Alaska( like she used to be)

While it may seem like she saved some/a lot of money for the state of Alaska, how much did Palin family save when they built their own house?:-|

Anonymous said...

I know I read somewhere that Sarah Palin did not actually get rid of the cook, she just reassigned him / her to another job within the state. (Executive chef at a legislative dining room, I think. Maybe Audrey has that link. I can't find it.)

And as far as getting rid of her driver, I'm not very impressed with that. I don't know how things are set up but I've read a big problem people had with her was that instead of moving to Juneau where things are pretty close together she chose to live in Wasilla and drive into the state office building in Anchorage, and that it was about an hour drive.

If Sarah Palin was entitled to a state trooper or a limo driver to drive her, think about how much work she could get done in the back of a limo while she was being driven. It's a lot more efficient for the people of Alaska to have their governor sitting in the back of a car, on the phone or on her lap top, doing her job and having a $15.00 an hour guy driving her, instead of her driving herself two hours a day. If I lived in Alaska I would not begrudge her that at all.

It occurs to me that she wanted privacy. She wanted as few people around as possible. Why?

Anonymous said...

"why arrest a soon-to-be Grandma (for the second time) two days before the due date of the (next) grandchild?"

I really don't see the difference. If there are grounds for arrest, what difference does her grandchild's due date make? And if they put it off because she's expecting a grandchild, then why wouldn't they put it off because she's a new grandma and just had a grandchild? IMO, it's irrelevant.

"now msnbc is telling us that bristol is "expected to give birth tomorrow"

I wonder if they're referring to Bristol's announced due date, or if Bristol is in early labor? My daughter was in labor, was sent to the hospital, and after testing, was told to come back when her contractions were five minutes apart, which everyone thought would be the next day, but actually took 36 more hours. Unless there's a c-section scheduled, how do you say someone is expected to give birth on a certain day?

Jen said...

re: the calendar

i put out the money to get the calendar, and there were only a few pictures in march at an event -- sarah was sitting and wearing her giant scarf so you can not tell anything

i also can not find any other information about the event --

here is the caption if any other people want to investigate it:

Governor Palin attended a luncheon for inaugural event sponsors in March 2008 at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage.

regarding the SJ pregnancy theory -- it's just not really plausible...SP would not have faked a pregnancy for anyone other than a daughter.

regarding sadie johnston's myspace -- the captions make less sense if her mom is Trig's mom -- because she views Bristol as her sister-in-law and Sarah related to her -- she would not be unless levi/bristol are the the couple.

also, regarding the 'baby brother' comment -- i've made this point before -- often young teens, especially a girl that adores her big brother -- would refer to their children as their little brother/sister, as opposed to nephew/niece, because the teen is also a child. most teens dont refer to themselves as aunts/uncles.

i don't understand why the original due date got changed from 12/18 to 12/20 -- levi told everyone the due date back in october, there'd be no real reason to change the due date once given unless it was way off either way (too far along or not far enough) and 2 days makes no difference when there is really a 4-week window in which a baby could be born at term (38-42 weeks).

if no bristol baby by the end of december, the door is wide open to more speculation.

Anonymous said...

According to many sources, including Sarah's acceptance speech, and the McCain website, Sarah "fired" the professional chef, and also did her own driving. While these steps were characterized as money saving measures, they also conveniently provide privacy from intimate family time. It would be much more difficult to conceal Sarah and/or Bristol's pregnancy and/or deception if there were staff around daily at every mealtime, and with Sarah as she entered and exited vehicles.

I don't see the initial motivation as related to the pregnancy (s), because the chef firing was reported in June 2007, before the pregnancy timeline. But since the chef firing didn't truly save money (she was just reassigned) it seems another plausible motivation was to preserve her privacy, for whatever reason.


Anchorage Daily News reported on June 29, 2007 that:
“Governor Sarah Palin told Stefani Marnon, the personal gourmet chef at the Mansion that the “Governor’s Mansion in Juneau won’t be needing a professional cook until the legislative session” during the coming winter. The Governor knows how to cook, and her children can make sandwiches, she said. The family will prepare its own meals. At a time when other departments are asked to make reductions, the Governor felt this was an important step for her family to take.


"Upon taking office, Governor Palin took common-sense steps to trim the size and cost of her office. She sold the state's luxury jet, eliminated the personal chef and got rid of the personal driver."

wayofpeace said...


thanks for this insight:

pictures of SP while pregnant with PIPER would be very revealing, and also right after giving birth.

we could contrast both pregnancies.


ANON at 4:31 PM:

i am also beginning to consider the scenario of TRACK and Ms J being TRIG's parents:

the scandal of her teen-son and a middle-age mom having a baby would be way-to-offensive to those religious-right sensitivities.

also, if Ms J was considering an abortion: that would have sealed the deal!

Jen said...

to NextChapter re:

1. Even though I have check, I cannot find any pictures of Sarah Palin being pregnant with Piper. In 2000 and 2001, she was the mayor of Wassili. It is stated that she had Piper on Monday and was back to work on Tuesday. If that was the case, She would have been in the office and at various events in where her picture would have been taken. Has ANYBODY been able to find ANY pictures of her taken around that time?


Actually, Sarah Palin misled us once again regarding that to justify how she was so easily able to return to work after having Trig.

A couple things:

#1: When Sarah had Piper, she returned to the Wasilla office the next day to switch the phones and her email to home. That is all.

She also took some sick leave.

When she announced on March 5, 2008 and everybody was shocked. She simply stated this:

Palin said she's not aiming to take any time off from her job as governor, assuming all goes well with the pregnancy. She said when she had Piper -- Palin was mayor of Wasilla at the time -- the baby was born on a Monday and she returned to the office on Tuesday.


Here are excerpts from the original article written March 22, 2001.

The population of the city of Wasilla edged up by one on Monday, when Mayor Sarah Palin gave
birth to a daughter, Piper Indi Grace Palin, at 11:37 a.m.

Wasilla City Hall reported Wednesday that the mayor didnot officially take leave for the birth of her baby, who
arrived punctually on her projected due date. "Not only is she so perfect and amazing, but she's so convenient,"
Mayor Palin said Wednesday. "She's right on time and she's just every thing that we dreamed of."
The mayor said she had been to work Tuesday, but only to redirect e-mail and phone messages to her home.
She plans to use some of her sick leave, but otherwise would not be taking much time away from her duties.

Deputy Mayor Judy Patrick and Deputy Administrator John Cramer would fill in as needed, she said.

The mayor said the busy family was going to slow down and "savor" the first few days with Piper, because after three children they know how special and fleeting time with an infant can be.


So you have Sarah misleading everyone into believing that she actually went right back to work the next day, when she didn't.

And while she wasn't officially taking off time, she was going to use some sick leave (that's still official), she did not with Trig, which makes it all that more suspicious.

What mother, who can so easily do so with both means and ability, does not take at least 1 day off work to be with their newborn, especially a premature, DS baby.

the original article can be found here:

Anonymous said...

If there is a wedding it will be
A Chemical Wedding - haha!

hrh said...

I remember reading in an article about the child protection agency in AK, that about 25% of the children in schools in the Wasilla Mat-Su area suffer from respitory conditions due to breathing the gunk from the meth labs in their homes.

I wrote earlier that the evidence against SP being the mother is mounting and so is the evidence that BP is. Someone disagreed that the evidence re BP is also mounting.

My thinking is that as the evidence against SP grows, someone else is bound to be thrust into the emerging who's-the-mother vacuum. BP is the frontrunner by by a mile. There is no plausible alternate theory to my mind. That's why I said what I did. Not that anyone really cares! -:)

Anonymous said...

"young teens, especially a girl that adores her big brother -- would refer to their children as their little brother/sister, as opposed to nephew/niece, because the teen is also a child. most teens dont refer to themselves as aunts/uncles."

Oh, I totally disagree. I've never known a teenager or even a child to refer to a sibling's child as their brother or sister. All the kids that I've run into who were aunts or uncles are proud to announce it. And certainly teenagers know the difference between a sibling and a niece/nephew. Heck, the seven-year-old boy across the street came and told our son, his classmate, that he was a new uncle.

Has anybody besides the OP ever run into a kid who was developmentally normal who called a niece or nephew his brother or sister?

KaJo said...

Anon @ 5:07 PM said I wonder if they're referring to Bristol's announced due date, or if Bristol is in early labor?

and Jen said @ 5:13 PM [...] i don't understand why the original due date got changed from 12/18 to 12/20 -- levi told everyone the due date back in october, there'd be no real reason to change the due date once given unless it was way off either way[...]

1) I highly doubt that Bristol is in early labor, although it could be claimed that she is.

2) I can think of one reason why the due date was changed from 12/18 to 12/20: Bristol will be induced. That, and Cesarean section are the only two ways a due date can be stated with certainty.

I hope the infant is fairly close to mature (37 weeks), for its own sake (not because I want Palin to have her alibi).

If Bristol is being induced to protect her mother's alibi, this is another ethical black mark against the Palin family -- since if the infant is gestationally premature, it would indict the claim that Bristol could not have been Trig's mother.

Anonymous said...

KaJo at 8:53 am:

I too was really surprised by how big Trig looked at the RNC convention. The reason I was surprised was that I saw Sarah, Todd and Trig on July 26th at the Governor's Picnic in Fairbanks. At that time Todd was carrying Trig nestled in the crook of his arm, I think they call it the 'football hold. Trig's entire body, head and all, fit between Todd's elbow and the end of his fingers. He was, of course, asleep. I could not hardly believe I was seeing the same baby on tv one month later. He seemed to have grown as fast as Sarah grew in the last month before his delivery. But whatever . . .

luna1580 said...

i think it's very unlikely SP would have covered for anyone other than a daughter. not for a kid fathered by track.

the reason is simple, if track got somebody pregnant his family could just say "it isn't his, he's a good christian boy, that (pregnant) girl is lying." and move on. you can't do that for a daughter (unless you can fake a pregnancy or arrange an adoption and hide the daughter away somewhere, of course.)

the only way the track scenario makes sense is if he got somebody pregnant and she had proof of paternity (dna) and then she blackmailed SP to take the child. and the family of the actually pregnant woman (be it parents or kids, be she young or old) would have known at some point she was expecting, and thus must also know something about any blackmail scheme (she would've had to explain why she wasn't keeping a baby at the end of it all.)

if such a crazy thing had occurred, couldn't this woman have gotten the same benefits (whatever she was seeking by blackmailing sarah and all....) by having SP just adopt her kid in a sealed (from the public) adoption?

what i just wrote is too improbable for me to believe, it's just too weird. but it's the only way i can see a "trig is track's" having a hope. i'm not supporting this idea, it's TOO nutty with no evidence.

something that IS known to be true (and weird) is that track lived in michigan his senior year, supposedly because it gave him opportunities to advance in hockey that were lacking in alaska. but he didn't go pro after graduation, he joined the army (that's IF he graduated, bristol "finished early with distance learning courses" and levi got a job on the north slope and dropped out of alternative high school, so who knows.)

who did track live with in michigan? what school did he attend? did they have a good hockey season? who knows, it hasn't been published.

it is known that when SP first campaigned in michigan for VP she said she'd never been there before, something like "golly, track's in trouble for never telling me how nice it is here! the stinker! (big smile, folksy wink!)" yes, really something like that.

depending on when his b-day is and if he moved there in summer before the school year to prepare or not, he was 17 or even 16 when he moved. isn't it weird that his mom WOULDN'T visit michigan with him, check out the program, housing etc. before just dumping him there?

would you send your only son, as a teenager, to live 3000 miles away in a place you'd never been to, and then never visit him? just another weird SP story, i guess.


Tina in CA said...

Sherry Johnston article

"WASILLA -- Wasilla resident Sherry L. Johnston, mother of Bristol Palin's boyfriend, faces a Jan. 6 court date for an oxycontin-related arrest at her home by Alaska State Troopers."

What it it??
OxyContin is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. It is similar to morphine.
Nothing there that would have affected Bristol's pregnancy unless she was taking it.

Sunshine1970 said...

Convenient? Piper was convenient? What a weird way to describe a birth...I'm gonna guess it was a c-section and not vaginal...Not that it really matters, but the wording is just strange

luna1580 said...

sherry johnston update:


the drug sherry johnston was "involved with" is oxycontin.

if you don't know, this is a prescription opiate used as pain medication. addition to it is nearly identical to heroin addiction on a physical level and produces the same withdrawal symptoms. many people who use it need methadone programs and other treatments associated with heroin abuse treatment to stop.

there were rumors (it was in the enquirer, i think) that track was using a lot of oxycontin and this was what led to his michigan-then-the-army travels. may just be rumors, but i also think levi and track are the same age, one year older than bristol. is it all related?


Anonymous said...


I watched Keith Olbermann.
He talked about the arrest of Mrs. Johnston. He said " Palin is palling around with drug dealers". It was kinda funny(though I find it sad) that Christian Finnegan said if the baby is a girl, the name will be Crystal and if it's a boy, it will be Methew.

You know, this is indeed such a sad story for a young couple like Bristol and Levi. They should never be in the middle of this, but they are, thanks to a mother with lots of ambitions( not as a mother) but as a power hungry person in the political arena.

Now, of course, everybody is talking about this and will be talking about it. Should we now call SP a Junkie because her daughter's future mother-in-law has been arrested for drug charges(for the second time)?.

So, Gov. Palin, do you think Guilty by Association will apply in your case? I doubt it. Of course, not in your case. You do not pal around with AIP and you do not pal around with drug dealers.

Gov. Palin, your spokesman, Bill McAllister, issued this statement: "This is not a state government matter." If this is not, what it is, Gov. Palin? Do you mean Federal Government should send the Feds to Alaska, to investigate this case? Please do not tell us that you had no idea about Mrs. Johnston's drug problems. Even I, who is thousand thousand miles away, know that Alaska is a small environment and everybody knows what everybody else is doing. This is a big issue and should be the most important, if you, at least, care about your own family.

What horrible news must be for your daughter who will give birth tomorrow or soon. My heart goes out to your daughter Bristol as well as your other kids.

Sunshine1970 said...

An interesting blog comment on the character of Palin:

Hillbilly Succubus or Simply a Magnet for Corruption

Anonymous said...

@ Luna 1580


If it's true that Track Palin was on drugs or had problems with drugs, sending him away to Iraq was the WORST thing that Palin family did for their son.

We all hear the stories about drugs in Iraq and Afhganistan. The war, the military life is tough enough, and just imagine if a 18-19 years old boy who had some drug addictions end up in those countries? Oh My Gawd, I cannot believe Palin family actually did send him away to Iraq. What were they thinking? Oh well, we know what SP was thinking. Wasn't it a great thing for her to have a son fighting for the freedoms of Americans? and another son with DS? I wonder how long she has been planning all this to fit it all into her political ambitions.

Wasn't it Rush L who said Palin=Guns, Babies, Jesus.. I guess he can now add the drugs too.

Anonymous said...

To those speculating on causes of Down Syndome: there is no known association between drug use of any kind and Down Syndrome.

Sunshine1970 said...

Luna: Here's the Enquirer's piece: Palin Family Shocker

I do admit to reading the article in print...while waiting in an airport for my flight...hiding in a corner so no one could see me reading it...but sadly, I don't remember much more about it.

there are some links on the bottom of the page which lead to other Palin articles. All are pretty interesting :-)

Silver Salmon said...

Article on Track Palin in Portage, MI:

Another from Springfield IL:

Something strikes me as slightly strange. I'm not saying there's anything to it other than being strange.

Track was dedicated enough to go to Michigan for hockey. He wanted to be noticed by college scouts and played with a higher level, higher profile team there.

A few months later - judging by the article - Track was scheduled to play for the Alaska Avalanche. He separates his shoulder and quits for the Army. This was in October when he joined.

A shoulder separation probably wouldn't be the end of a hockey player's career. Rotator cuff tears aren't the end of a player's career now. Unless the injury wsa chronic, I don't know why he wouldn't devote more time to coming back from it.

Could there be more of a reason why Track abruptly ended his hockey dreams?

Anonymous said...

Sarah's popularity in Alaska has indeed dropped since her run for the VP. Just take a look at the blogs on the Alaska Daily News to see all of the derogatory references to her as "the Queen" and "Red Riding Hood!"

Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused. Did the Palin family ever give a due date prior to Mr. Heath's People interview or did the collective "we" just calculate a due date on our own? I don't EVER remember knowing an exact date until the 20th came out. I just always thought we were given a general timeline.

Also, I think some people are getting way too hung up on the due date changing slightly. Sometimes, and I would imagine especially with a teen, a date may change because the pregnant woman can't remember when her last period was. Sometimes a date can change later in the pregnancy as the doctor is able to see the growth of the baby in the sonograms.

Either way, her due date hasn't changed so drastically as to cause all the speculation.

I just think the focus on this date vs. that date is frivilous. I don't mean insult, I just mean that due dates are not an exact science and therefore not a smoking gun.

NOW, if she delivers 4 weeks late, that will be something.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to share this picture with everyone. We focus so much on Sarah's stomach that you may not think to really look at Piper in this one, but DO. This kid cracks me up!!

We need a little humor in all this.



Hi all, I read the NE piece then contacted a friend I've known for thirty years. Don was editor of several newspapers so I sought his advice about the veracity of NE article. Don told me that the NE pays reporters very well and also pays a staff of lawyers very well to keep the NE out of trouble. bottom line - believe them. They are snubbed by the MSM because they pay for information. They got the John Edwards story right didn't they?

Anonymous said...

Another blog said that trac the oldest palin child is the father of trig....trig could actually have been born with something such as fetal alcohol syndrome/or other drugs/physical appearances of the children are very similar to Downs....I worked in the substance abuse field for about twenty years....since there have been so many reports of trac using drugs, etc and being forced into the military...this could be the piece we need....any takers??????

Anonymous said...

OXYCONTIN - does there ring a bell...?

This was the drug that Track Palin was addicted to - apparently for a very long time, as the National Enquirer found out.

The best quotes from the Enquirer's story:

* "Before joining the Army last September, Track partied all the time. I saw him do so many keg stands, and all he ever talked about was getting stoned."
* "Track was a master at playing people and paying them to get drugs, alcohol, steal car rims, Xbox games, you name it."
* "All the girls loved Track, but he was more into drugs and himself. He used his local celebrity status with the other guys to get them to steal things he wanted."
* "I've partied with Track for years. I've seen him snort cocaine, snort and smoke OxyContin, drink booze and smoke weed. OxyContin was definitely his drug of choice."
* Track was a full-on OxyContin addict in 2006 and 2007, the Enquirer says, and was mainlining the drug. Which is very bad.
* "I've smoked weed with Track many times. He was one of two kids in school that had a fake ID."

So...could it be that Track Palin has in fact a much closer connection to Sherry Johnston than we know...?


Margot said...

Audrey, Go back to the early pictures of Mercedes and Sarah and baby Triggy Bear. The captions make sense and reveal the truth. Track is the father of Triggy Bear and Ms. Johnson the drug dealer and supplier is the mother. we've known the truth all along.
Track was a known drug user and I bet she was his supplier.
Sarah had to cover this up from the beginning.

Anonymous said...


Please go to:

Photoshop is an amazing tool.

QE (Question Everything)

wayofpeace said...

i found this photo-bucket collection of palin family photos, from a person who seems to be a family friend.

not a one of SP pregnant, though.

there's one of the whole family, piper must be just months-old. track was barely a teen.

innocent times.


jennifer, i found the one of PIPER giving the finger to the boy.

she's what? 3 yo? a quick learner!

wayofpeace said...


the drug connection has provoked me to think that there may be something to your comment:

"So...could it be that Track Palin has in fact a much closer connection to Sherry Johnston than we know...?"

Anonymous said...

So if the theory is that Sherry Johnston is the mother of Trig (by Track)then would someone not notice if the woman had been pregnant during the questionable time?

I just don't see that one as plausible unless someone can verify some significant body changes.

Jen said...

Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused. Did the Palin family ever give a due date prior to Mr. Heath's People interview or did the collective "we" just calculate a due date on our own? I don't EVER remember knowing an exact date until the 20th came out. I just always thought we were given a general timeline.

Also, I think some people are getting way too hung up on the due date changing slightly. Sometimes, and I would imagine especially with a teen, a date may change because the pregnant woman can't remember when her last period was. Sometimes a date can change later in the pregnancy as the doctor is able to see the growth of the baby in the sonograms.

Either way, her due date hasn't changed so drastically as to cause all the speculation.

I just think the focus on this date vs. that date is frivilous. I don't mean insult, I just mean that due dates are not an exact science and therefore not a smoking gun.

NOW, if she delivers 4 weeks late, that will be something.



the original due date came from Levi in October.

Your statements exactly prove my point. The 2 days difference is so insigificant that the change in it is puzzling.

i would think levi would have a better idea of when his baby was due than a great-grandfather.

but you're wrong -- the due date change does cause speculation, because there was no reason to change from 12/18 to 12/20 unless they are trying to buy some time...

next we'll hear, on it was really the 25th and then suddenly what looks like just a few days is another full week.

just saying...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the link was cut off, here is the right one:


Delta said...

Jennifer at 10:30 said:
I just wanted to share this picture with everyone. We focus so much on Sarah's stomach that you may not think to really look at Piper in this one, but DO. This kid cracks me up!!

We need a little humor in all this.

This photograph has been altered.

GraceR said...

Jenner, that's a photoshopped picture of Piper. Here's the article and the real picture:

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if the drug-related bust of Mrs. Johnson, Levis mom, is related to the fact that him and Bristol were supposed to get married BEFORE she had her baby - which is due any time now - and they are NOT YET married...

Anonymous said...

Jennifer--re: pic. of Piper--

It's possible that picture has been altered. I saw a comparison of it to the "original" online once when I was following links to various websites.


Anonymous said...

Payback from State Trooper, Mike Wooten. The Alaska State Troopers arrested Sherry Johnson for drug use and distribution after a lengthy investigation. If the investigation of Sherry Johnson was indeed a lengthy one, why pick Dec. 18th as the date for the arrest by the state troopers?

Dec. 18th was the original date mentioned for Bristol Palin's due date. If Mike Wooten had some reason to believe that Bristol was still a month or more away from her delivery date, he would know that a Dec.18th arrest of Sherry Johnson would produce news reports that would link the arrest to the imminent delivery date for Bristol.
How embarrassing it would be to revive publicity of Bristol's supposed due date and the resulting explanations of the non event if a baby was not forthcoming then.

The Dec. 18th arrest date may have only been a coincidence but,
it certainly also fits with an attempt to create publicity for a suspected non event.

luna1580 said...

thanks silver salmon :)

the kalamazoo gazette

says "Track, lived with the Holmes family and attended Portage Central High School for several months of his senior year in 2006......Track lived here until hockey season ended in March of 2007, and then he went home to graduate from his own school in Wasilla."

this NYT
article has other information.

"The dream for Track Palin unraveled, too, starting when he separated his shoulder in Michigan. By March 2007, he was back with his family and that spring graduated from Wasilla High School. He had shoulder surgery, and the Avalanche offered him a playing slot, said the team’s general manager, Jamie Smith.

But that summer, Mr. Smith said, Track Palin called him and said that his shoulder was not better and that he was going to enlist in the Army instead.

Mr. Palin ’s coach in Michigan, Mr. Lowe, said he thought the shoulder was fine."

the NYT's article conflicts with the Kalamazoo Gazette saying that he returned to AK due to injury, not just the end of the season. it also says he lived in Kalamazoo, not portage -but the towns are only about 5 miles apart, separated by interstate 94.

the NYT article also has more details about how the palin & johnston families knew each other through hockey (not well) -and it has a VERY interesting note about how well SP knew her daughter's life, around the time she would've been getting pregnant!

"Adele Morgan, a longtime friend of Ms. Palin’s, said that she would ask her what was going on between Mr. Johnston and Ms. Palin’s eldest daughter, Bristol, and that Ms. Palin would say they were just friends. But people at the hockey rink said they had been dating for well over a year."

-wanna bet super-evangelical-sarah didn't give 16 year old bristol permission to date at all, and the whole relationship was hidden from the parents till the pregnancy? i'm betting on it.

it also states levi is a year younger than track (like bristol).

so, unless the newspaper's have been duped, track really was playing hockey in MI (not secretly locked in rehab or something) and that doesn't square well with the Enquirer's "Track was a full-on OxyContin addict in 2006 and 2007, the Enquirer says, and was mainlining the drug."

i've seen addicts fool people for awhile, but it's hard to be an athlete and a junkie at the same time. however, it is not completely impossible, just very unlikely.

who really knows? anyone near kalamazoo remember him being on your -or your kid's- hockey team?


Sunshine1970 said...

Jennifer: The Dec 18th due date was given around the time the announcement came out that Bristol was pregnant with her current child. I don't have an article handy, but I remember reading it somewhere.

I find the oxycontin connection very interesting and it leads tons of credibility to the Enquirer's piece....and is beginning to make me think there is more to Track being the for Trig's mom, there's a high probability it could be Mrs. Johnston...I can see there being a huge cover-up now. Sarah finds out her son is using drugs, discovers Mrs Johnston is providing, and is now pregnant with Track's son. And instead of having a huge drug scandal in her family, she works to protect them by sending Track away, and covering for Sherry by going to adopt Trig.

Am I going too far or does it seem somewhat plausible?

If this is possible, then this really needs to be brought to light because Sarah is more dangerous than anyone thought.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the arrest wasn't a way to blackmail Sherry Johnston. She may have been threatening to tell the truth about Trig. So Palin had an informer tell about the drugs. It's also curious that it went down right before the birth of the grandbaby. Maybe Palin didn't want Sherry there. So she pressured the troopers again (think Troopergate)to take care of another family matter. I think the national enquirer should get to Sherry Johnston. She might really need the money now.

Alex said...

A famous detective once said that to solve any case the first question-- and the one to come back to over and over-- is WHY? That's always what I came back to when I pondered Palin's birth deception. Covering for a teenage daughter never seemed enough to warrant the huge risk of fraud, deception, and trusting that others could hold secrets. I believe that there had to be other, far more serious pieces, connected to the cover up. Otherwise, Palin would never have gambled her entire career, no matter how grandiose her delusions are.

That said, I can't help but believe Sherry Johnston and her arrest are part of the WHY? The coincidence is too great-- that someone that close to Palin happens to get arrested and charged days before Christmas and the birth of Palin's grandchild.

You KNOW that if Palin had wanted to interfere in the process to protect her daughter, she has that power. So clearly, she did not want to interfere.

OR-- and my husband (and maybe someone else here?) offered this theory: this is payback from the tight clan of Alaska State Troopers. A Pay Back.

So back that to that WHY? I still can't answer what larger part Sherry J plays in the Trig coverup. But I guarantee you, when the truth comes out, SJ and SP will be linked.

Anonymous said...

I do recognize that the arrest of Sherry Johnston and gossip about Track's prior drug use are tantalizing subjects, but I fear that they are waylaying us from the task at hand -- assembling evidence that SP herself was not pregnant in spring 2008. I think Audrey and helpers have already proven this, by the key photos from mid-March and late-March that unambiguously and indisputably show that it is not physically possible for the same person to give birth to a 6+ lb baby a few weeks later. This is real proof. There are many, many supporting pieces of information -- the preposterous wild ride story, the questions about the authenticity of CBJ's letter and the doctor's silence, the lack of supporting medical records and birth certificate, the scrubbed photos, the "throw Bristol under the bus" response, the Mercedes photos and captions, and more. Then there is a raft of sidebar issues about Bristol, Track, Sherry etc. that are intriguing, but they can easily distract us from the key task. I lean toward assembling in order of conclusiveness all the evidence we have; and then assembling the speculative stuff separately.

Craig said...


Keep in mind that none, some, most or all of that info regarding Trak is true, since it is based on unidentified sources in the Enquirer (and no other confirmed source that I know of).

Important for everyone to remember.

Anonymous said...

The drug-dealing and addiction stories lead me to wonder again about the lack of vetting by the McCain campaign, which -- had they been elected -- would have put this country's security in jeopardy. It bordered on criminal negligence on McCain's part, IMO. These drug associations, along with the Palin's association with AIP, are real security risks. Could Sarah and Todd and the children have even gotten high-level security clearances? I dread to think that SP has probably had briefings and access to sensitive information. One can only hope that this is a lesson that future campaigns will learn.

Diana said...

Dec. 19, 2008 10:39 PM

Piper and her photo...

Regarding the photo of Piper giving a little boy the finger. I have seen two versions of this. One is photoshopped but I have a feeling it isn't too hard to tell which one. The other version is her giving the peace sign...but I think the expression on her face says it all....she is giving him the finger. :) It actually is funny. Just another piece of the Palin puzzling and out of control family.

Next Chapter said...

I was looking through the internet and came across this website of a radiostation:

The DJ, Dori Morrison, spoke of this website and said that it was going to interview you (Audrey) on Dec 4th at 2:00. I didn't see anything about it here so I assume he didn't go through with it. (By the way, 'My Nothwest' appears to be a conservative radiostation.)

I had another question about the doctor giving the "Ok" to fly. What doctor would not just be worried about a possibily of infection, imminent birth (on a plane, possible heart condition), but also, lung maturity? A doctor would probably insist on having an amnio to assure that the baby's lungs were mature enough to support life. If there is a problem, 2 steriod shots can be given 24 hours apart to help the baby's lungs mature. If she had gone to a hospital in Texas, there would have been time to receive both shots.

All of this tells me one of two things:

1. There is some type of major cover-up going on here that involves her doctor, or...

2. Her doctor is crimminally stupid.

Personally, I believe it is the first option.

Anonymous said...

"The drug-dealing and addiction stories lead me to wonder again about the lack of vetting by the McCain campaign, which -- had they been elected -- would have put this country's security in jeopardy."

Yes. But there wasn't a vetting process, was there? McCain got all huffy and insisted that she had been properly vetted, but really he just took some extremist Christianist right-winger's recommendation. While there are certainly many sincere and lovely Christians, there do seem to be a number of the politically extremist types who really don't care what a person is so long as they mouth the right words.

The choice of Sarah Palin didn't affect my vote; I wouldn't have voted for McCain anyway. But it certainly shows how easily influenced he is and how poor his judgment is.

Anonymous said...

"the only way the track scenario makes sense is if he got somebody pregnant and she had proof of paternity (dna)"

There is DNA evidence. There is Trig. It doesn't have to be tested if Track says "yes, it's mine." All they have to do is offer to have a DNA test if Track denies paternity. And imagine the scandal if someone is saying, "My baby is Track's baby and I'm willing to have him DNA tested to prove it and they're not cooperating because they know I'm right." Only I doubt if Trig will ever be DNA tested, because there is DNA that comes only from the mother. Mitochondrial DNA, I believe. (Anybody who is more knowledgeable about these things, feel free to jump in!)

Really, the only thing that makes me doubt the Trig-isn't-Sarah's-Baby scenario is the fact that adopting a special needs child is a good thing to do. Sarah would certainly do everything possible to make political hay of that. In fact, she does.

Alex said...

@anon 8:49

If you read my comment, you'll see why I think ALL the speculation matters. Thank Goodness Audrey steers the straight and narrow. But the rest of us can speculate out the wazoo-- because that's the creative barnstorming process.

Speculating on the WHY-- which a famous detective says is the key to solving any mystery-- will spur our scenarios which may lead to answers.

Audrey keeps to the high ground so the rest of us don't have to.

Regarding the National Enquirer's reliability, read the Griffin's comment above. The NE gets stories because they pay for them. The MM doesn't do that. THe NE also almost NEVER loses a lawsuit. They are scrupulous in their fact checking. My sister lived and worked in Hollywood for ten years and said that all stars feared it-- because the NE told the truth 2 wks before People got the stories. And they will run distasteful stories that no one else will. They also will run what they want and are rarely sensitive to pressure from powerful people.

The NYT and WaPo had the Edwards story months before they dared print it.


KaJo said...

To add to my previous comment about the 12/18 vs. 12/20 due dates being so precise because of the chance/likelihood that Bristol will be induced....

I also thought of something else about why the due date was changed to today, 12/20:
It's Saturday.

Staffing at most hospitals is reduced on weekends to some degree, even the delivery room and OB nursing staff.

Fewer witnesses...


Like the buttons some Legislators were wearing in the last session: "Where's Sarah?"

One of our posters wrote 2 days ago (at the top of this comment list) that it was reported that Palin is in Juneau preparing for the January legislative session.

Is Bristol there with her, or in Wasilla, at CB-J's clinic, or at that Mat-Su general hospital?

Hard to believe Sarah would be in one place and Bristol in another right now.

Anonymous said...

Here is a great article on Sarah and what influenced her choices for Bristol and Levi lives.

luna1580 said...

so reading all these comments, my new thought is what if track went back to wasilla in march 2007 from portage, michigan -not because of an unfixable separated shoulder, but because his host family there had caught on to a drug addiction? this would also explain why he turned down a paying slot on a hockey team and joined the army instead.

it's certainly possible that he could have partied and used drugs while away from SP's watch, and kalamazoo-portage is a college town (western michigan U and kalamazoo college) of over 300,000 people, so i'm sure high school seniors there can find drugs and parties if they look for them.

it's also possible that if he came home hooked on oxy/heroin and sherry johnson was dealing that he used her as a supplier.

all of this is assuming he had a drug problem, and it wouldn't be the first time a teenager from a religiously conservation middle/upper-middle class home started using drugs, i personally know many people in that boat. but, the only real source on this whole idea is the enquirer, which needs to be taken with a pinch (not just a grain) of salt.

BUT even if that all turns out to be true, it certainly doesn't mean he was sleeping with levi's mom! that's a big leap.

for my argument, please read my earlier comment, this thread, about why it's fairly ridiculous SP would cover for anyone but a daughter. if it all SOMEHOW played out that way and sherry called sarah and said "your kid got me pregnant, do what i want or i'll call the papers," wouldn't sarah just say "prove it. wait, if you even try i'll call the DEA on you sherry." it would be a dead-lock of threats, or one in sarah's favor.

i'm sorry, the possibilities are real that the drug angle is involved in the palin clan's lives in ways still undisclosed to the public, but that doesn't mean sherry was track's dealer and he knocked her up. we can speculate anything (and look like nutters) but this is way out there on no more proof than a rumor in the nation enquirer. remember that.


mc said...

Sorry if this was discussed before, but there is an interesting article in the November 06 issue of the Washington Times, “Superstar Gov. Sarah Palin spent Wednesday poolside at the luxurious Biltmore Hotel Resort and Spa, surrounded by her children.” The article goes on to say, “Daughter Bristol, 17, who is pregnant, was also poolside. Her very large belly was barely covered by a T-shirt that had the outline of Alaska on one side and the outline of Texas on the other. The text below said: "Size Matters." “

Interesting, given that with a 18/20 December due date, she would have been almost eight months pregnant at that time, and quite far from home. Didn’t anyone ever tell the Palin women you’re not supposed to fly after 7months for a reason?


Anonymous said...

And anyone ... correct me if I'm wrong... but wasn't Sarah still in Juneau as of a day or so ago? If my eighteen year old unmarried daughter was home on the verge of having her "FIRST" baby, I'd be by her side, instead of a multihundred mile plane ride away!

Of course, maybe that's wrong on two fronts? Maybe it's not her FIRST and maybe she's not all the close to having it. We'll all see, now, won't we?

Anonymous said...

To those who think Track was in rehab or left MI because of drug issues, I think that's unlikely. I made contact with the man who coached Track's Portage hockey team. He wrote the following back to me:

"Track played for me the whole time he was here in Kalamazoo. He had to go home in Feb in order to get his shoulder repaired. He went to Portage that was the school he attended while he was here. Never played hockey for the high school. As for him leaving hockey to go to the army that was his decision and I don't know why he did that. The reason he went home early was to get his shoulder better for the following season in the NAHL so it was a surprise to me and his friends that played for me again the following year. Track is a great kid and the family is even better. I am surprised you are asking question but no worries."

I'm providing this info now because I don't want readers to get distracted with things that may not be accurate or relevant. That stilldoesn't mean Track couldn't be Trig's father, but it does show that his time in Michigan was genuinely to play hockey.

hrh said...

Sunshine 1970: Thanks for the link to that article. It was fun reading. That is, after I stopped guffawing at "Hillybilly Succubus"! That's even better than Moose Barbie and Bible Spice.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Luna - the Track/Sherry thing is too far out there.

regina said...

Whichever way you look at it, it's ugly. Best case scenario, Bristol is Trig's mother, she delivered him earlier than April 18th and so on and so on. Now she will go on to deliver a baby... or not... (within an acceptable time frame). Worst case scenario: Trig is Track and Sherry's son. That means drugs, blackmail, who knows what else? In any case, I think SP had very short notice to become pregnant and then go on to deliver a pre-term baby (it fits the timeframe better). It's so horrible, no matter how you look at it! While SP was the highest power in the land, in cosy Alaska, all was well and she could get away with it. But once she left the realms of her sheltered state, things changed alarmingly. The national and international media are not so forgiving, bloggers in pajamas are not so forgiving. Her ambition might turn out to be her own undoing after all.

regina said...

By the way, the Sherry Johnston's arrest story has hit the national newspapers in the UK...

Anonymous said...

I posted the picture of Piper because it's funny -- whether or not it's fake. Some folks need to just enjoy something funny and not be so serious.


Anonymous said...

Craig at 8:58

The story in the National Enquirer about Track was never disputed by anybody - including the "pitbull with lipstick".

Craig: Do you really believe that Sarah Palin would not protect and guard her family - IF SHE COULD DO IT?

But she cannot.

So SP did not sue the National Enquirer, and, by the way, she never sued anybody so far who said that she didn't give birth to Trig (and will never do it).

Case closed.


Anonymous said...

Now the Track story lacks credibility. Why wouldn't a shoulder injury that precluded college hockey not preclude joining the army. Are we that desparate to recruit soldiers?

Also I recall SP once talking about how the family jumped in an SUV and drove to visit Track when he was in Michigan. But she said she'd never been there?

One thing about lying is that it is difficult to remember what you said. Their lives certainly are complicated.

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

As for the two dates, a lot of weight is being put into a statement that was made by a 17 year boy that could have been miscorrectly reported (reporters make errors) and a great-grandfather's date that may have been misreported. My dad, my son's gradnfather, could not have told anyone my exact due date.

I find it baffling that so much weight is given to something like this. As if a 17 year old, a great-grandfather and two reporters are error free and therefore their word is gospel.

Some things are just interesting but in no way going to be the crack in the case. The due date(s) are a ballpark. As I said earlier, until that due date is missed by weeks rather than days, I find the two day discrepancy insignificant.


Anonymous said...

A couple things:
You guys/gals are killing me with all the speculation on this drug thing. First with the meth, now with the Track ;-)
It is kinda interesting though that SP ain't said shit, but good laaawd she must be pissed.
When are the transcripts gonna leak like with Rahm and Blago phone call?
The connection between SP and Johnston is oh so much closer than Ayers and Obama, so, can't wait to hear the 'spin'.
Damn, this year has been like attending Politiking School. I'd have to guess bloggers, the internet, and 24/7 news coverage is/has been a real equalizing force for politicians.
I bet Ted Stevens is having fun with this.

Anonymous said...

Hello Audrey and Company,
It sure is getting interesting out there in Palin Land. I had a comment posted on the Elan Frank Screenshot comment page on December 15, 2008 at 8:00pm. I also sent in a comment the next day that was not posted…that is fine. I will try again though…as stated before I am from and currently live in a small town (lower 48) and this is my little conspiracy theory. I believe that Track came back from Michigan with an injury and pain meds. Then Track got hooked and he found someone that would supply him with some more…Sherry Johnston. At some point Track got Sherry Johnston pregnant (he probably thought that she “couldn’t” have kids, etc). And yes, I have first hand knowledge of people being that na├»ve. It would be easy to hide the pregnancy because it was winter in Alaska (big coats, big sweatshirts, just gaining the usual winter weight). The “couple” probably tried to hide it and when they found out it was a DS baby they didn’t know what to do. They asked Mommy Sarah for help and she was shocked because that was the good boy, right? But you see she lives in Pretend Land and it took something that drastic to make REALITY hit her in the ass and wake her up. Because the baby would probably require lots of medical attention it was too expensive for Track or Sherry…so along comes Mommy Sarah to the rescue and if it would help her politically with the base…why not? She most likely called in a bunch of “favors” to get this accomplished. The Palins probably have adopted Trig and if it wasn’t a messed up family that would be a good thing for the baby. Then low and behold…Bristol gets knocked up…oh smack that one had to hurt! No way, Mommy Sarah can’t fix it she is going to be VP! Throw Bristol under the bus…that’s what we’ll do and with Track leaving for Iraq that will work? No one will find out, right? Ms. Palin probably didn’t “hold up her end of the bargain with Sherry Johnston” and she was threatening Sarah. So Ms. Palin makes sure that Ms. Johnston gets busted…that will shut her up. That would show that “hussy” how much power Ms. Palin has. Or like my husband said…it could be Trooper Wooten getting revenge. If Sherry will drop a dime then the charges will go away. Then no victory for the McCain/Palin ticket and time just goes by…Bristol is now 18 and has a little time to think about things. She is emotional one day and is with her grandparents and she tells them “EVERYTHING”. Mainly because sooooooooo many rumors on soooooooooo many blogs, etc. They are oh so surprised and want to protect their granddaughter. And yes, I have first hand knowledge of a grandparent protecting a grandchild over their own daughter. So Grandpa Heath does an interview with People Magazine and tells them “it is Bristol’s first baby” and let’s hope that Bristol is getting some pre-natal care and she does know that today is supposed to be the due date and that it is a boy. Mommy Sarah got an ass chewing from her dad and has decided to go to Juneau and pout. And it is decided that it will stay in the family and hopefully go no further. Well, that’s my little theory…season’s greetings to all and keep up the great work. Kay (December 20, 2008 at 1:35pm)

GraceR said...

Diana, the picture of Piper giving the finger is the photoshopped one. I saw the original along with the photoshopped one on the website of the person that photoshopped it and admitted to it. It was back in August and I'm trying to find the site. I'll post it when I do. Actually, the original was on the ADN site. A reader had taken it and said something like Piper was indicating the number "two" to the little boy in response to a question.

Anonymous said...

"the 12/18 vs. 12/20 due dates being so precise because of the chance/likelihood that Bristol will be induced...."

I bet we hear it was a c-section owing to breech position. No, I haven't heard anything officially.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading when Palin was first selected as VP that Sarah's mother in-law (Todds mom) and Sarah did not get along. Her mother in-law is a democrat. In the article it said her mother in-law was not allowed to talk to the media or press.

Even Sarah's own mother in-law has been denied free speech. She probably does not have a life anymore due to Sarah. What a nice son Todd is.

Anonymous said...

Interesting on the shoulder separation story. I read this about a knee injury commented by the Heath family.

Keep digging...

Anonymous said...

After reading this site for months now, I'm teetering on the edge of believing that SP faked her pregnancy. I just can't believe that a doctor would be an accomplice to that fraud. Why risk her career? Would HIPPA cover her butt for not exposing Palin for lying to the public? many questions.

Here's a handy website for alaska court records. Just an FYI.


Anonymous said...

Keith Olbermann is on the case regarding Sherry Johnston:

Anonymous said...

As the mom of a 17-year old daughter, I think the biggest lie of all is SP's claim that she is like a "mama bear" defending her cubs. The opposite is true -- she is exposing her kids to ridicule to further her own ambitions. There has been rampant speculation here and elsewhere that Bristol, or Track, or even Willow is the parent of Trig. Their actions and character have been the subject of scathing criticism (especially Bristol and Track). If you were a parent, wouldn't you do everything in your power to stop such accusations against your children? Sarah could do so easily by producing irrefutable proof of the circumstances of Trig's birth. This exposure of her children, as much as anything else, indicates to me that Sarah is not Trig's birth mother. Combined with the irrefutable photos of her not ready to give birth (nail in coffin and fun with photoshop), this is proof enough for me.

Anonymous said...

CBJ is probably under counsel's advice not to speak at all about this case. She may be in too deep and feel she is in some legal jeopardy; or she may feel too beholden to SP for the favors bestowed upon her previously. Perhaps she wrote a letter as requested, but it was changed by SP or the campaign (which would explain why the letter appears to be "cut and pasted and the signature is not original). If there is a fraud regarding the letter, it would be great if CBJ would reveal it; but I don't believe she is under any legal obligation to do so. As far as I know, no one has even asked her whether the letter is legitimate. (Where are the NYT or ADN when you need them?)

luna1580 said...

@ anon 11:36 AM

if you'll read my other comments on this thread you'll see that i believe it's possible track used drugs, at some point (it's possible for any person, particularly teenagers away from home) but there is only a rumor, no evidence. and i believe it's very unlikely -to the point of being nutty speculation- that trig is a product of track and sherry johnston.

that said, if you really contacted track's coach, why not tell us his name?

your story doesn't match the new york times or kalamazoo gazette stories at all. your "coach" says track went back to alaska for surgery in february, yet "it was a surprise to me and his friends that played for me again the following year." and that he "Never played hockey for the high school."

what in the world does that mean? multiple mainstream newspapers say track went back to wasilla, and graduated there, in march of 2007, so "played again for me the following year" (what march 2008? the kid was in basic training) must be a lie.

and "never played for the high school" -uhm, the whole reason he moved to michigan (according to mainstream newspapers, again) was to play at Portage Central High School and hopefully come to the attention there of college scouts.

you are making your story up. you are a troll, or a palinite distraction agent. please stop posting crap when you can't back it up with source-sites and attributed quotes, please.

thanks, luna

luna1580 said...

p.s. anon @ 11:36 AM

if you are well meaning, i'm sorry i was harsh. if so, just get the coach's name, possibly email, and something else reliably published to back your time frame -and contradict the newspapers- and post it here.

also, if track wasn't playing school hockey in MI please tell us the name of the team he did play with, so it can be verified as real.

don't mean to beat you up, just demanding evidence to move this discussion along.


Anonymous said...

One commenter at Anchorage Daily News wrote today that Track Palin is back from Iraq and in Wasilla right now. If so, that is interesting timing, re: the OxyContin drug bust story. Does anyone know if this is true?

luna1580 said...

this has nothing to do with SP, directly, but i feel i have a confession to make:

i love alaska. (and i'm from chicago.)

yes, i've been there. only anchorage, seward, kenai fjords national park, and the points in between, and only for 3 weeks. but everyone i met there was interesting, most where fantastic, and the land is intensely beautiful.

i just clicked over to the ADN site to check something mentioned here and i was overwhelmed by memories of being there.

so, if anything, i think the people of alaska deserve to know if their governor is as corrupt of character as we have speculated here, or not. if real proof ever does come out, for OR against the deeds and misdeeds of sarah palin, the people of alaska and of the rest of the states need to know. that's part of what "government of the people, by the people, for the people," means. isn't it?

sorry to be sort of OT, but i had to say it. i hope that's why this blog/site continues, not just to point out sarah's family's flaws because she infuriates some of us (and i'm one of the infuriated.)


Anonymous said...

Can anyone check out the births at Ma-Tsu, staring, maybe, April1,2008, and look for the name of Johnston )or her maiden name?)

Anonymous said...

Anon, December 20, 2008 7:59 PM mentions that Track is BACK FROM IRAQ??? How is that possible? What kind of special treatments does he get? As far as I know, once you are deployed to Iraq, you will NOT get to go home within a couple of months of your deployment - you are stuck there until your time is up, which is a year or two at a time, to be re-deployed after a couple of weeks of R&R.

Silver Salmon said...


Track played for nXi, an AAA level team in Portage. He is mentioned on 8/29 for Sarah's VP nomination.

He is also mentioned on the roster in the left column for this game against the Marquette Electricians in Chicago.

I have yet to find the 2006-07 schedule of the Midget Major team of nXi, but based on this year's schedule there is no way he could have played for both Portage Central and nXi. Lots of travel.

If you're familiar with traveling AAU teams for baseball or basketball, this is very similar.

It's still a bit crazy to me that he and his family invested all this time and money in hockey, yet he gave up very quickly on it following shoulder surgery in March 2007.

Anonymous said...

I found this article about Track living in MI and playing on a AAA hockey team and living with a host family. He didn't play on the HS team. In many places, there are teams like this for hockey that are much more competitive than any HS team. The family describes Track as a very exceptional young man.

Perhaps many are wrongly demonizing the kid. No doubt he was a partier. And drugs and drinking are obviously a problem in Wasilla and everywhere that that are teens. He apparently did some pranks or worse to break the law. Who knows who NE got for their quotes about Track that were so condemning.

Just saying. I do agree Palin doesn't do much (or anything) to bash the rumors about her kids. I just feel pretty dirty when things are getting this nasty at this end without any kind of proof.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to clarify that I posted and believed that I had read about a knee injury. My mistake, it was only stated as "an injury". However, here is more information regarding Track as a hockey player in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about Track's use, abuse or not of any drugs. However, I do know that he did injure his shoulder and had to get medical treatment for it. I know a mom whose son also went away to Michigan to play hockey in hopes of making it for college and pros (and he made both!). Track was not of the caliber to make it at that level and he was not college material without the hockey. Did not want to go to college.

Yes, the army will take those who cannot make D-1 level of sports or the pros. That level of play is very particular. It was not the injury, however, that was the only thing. He was not going to get where he wanted to go with the sport and was not really that into continuing at school.

I think the simplest explanation for Trig is that he is SP's child. She did not want the pregnancy to distract from her and her career so she kept things as low key and quiet as possible. She had to show that she could keep right on "truckin' " even after the birth of a special needs baby. SHe knew she was being considered for VP and wanted to show that she was superwoman.

Also, realize that a down syndrome diagnosis is a tough pill to swallow. Though most moms fall in love with their babies with disabilities the initial news is usually something that needs to be absorbed. It always hurts to hear that your child is going to have disabilities. Many moms with ds babies have a tough time at first.

Anonymous said...

The more I think about the Mercedes photo captions, the more they make sense as Sarah being Trig's mom.

- Calling Trig her "little brother" would be because she considers Bristol to her her sister-in-law, and the brother of her sister-in-law, is her brother (in-law).

- Calling Sarah "mommy-in-law" would be because both because Sarah is a the new "mommy" of Trig, and because Sarah is the implied mother-in-law of Mercedes' brother, and hence also of Mercedes.

None of this to me rules out that Sarah didn't give birth to Trig, and Mercedes either (1) doesn't know, or (2) views Sarah as Trig's mother because Sarah is adopting him (informally).

I guess its just hard for me to think of those captions as evidence that Sarah is NOT the birth mother.

Anonymous said...

Following to what I have said before, I would like to stress that the theory that Trig is Track's and Sherry's child is pure speculation right now.

All the information and evidence we have still strongly suggests that Bristol is the mother of Trig, in my opinion.

We should keep an open mind, but at the moment, I think it's more more likely that Track and Sherry had a "connection" that was related to drugs. Although of course this is pure speculation at this point, too.

However, I have the feeling that this incident with Sherry Johnston will "accelerate" the solution of the "Trig case", because it's pretty clear that the Johnston's are involved in the "Trig birth story".


Lady Rose said...

I bet I can guess what we all want under the xmas tree this year - absolute proof of who is Trig's birthmother.

As far as a due date's - Bristol's due date (this one or for Trig's if she is his birthmother) could be off a bit (a few weeks) for a lot of reasons - for one thing it is possible to have a period for the first and even second month of pregnancy - and compound that with a teen who is in denial and undereducated about sex and pregnancy -- and other factors, an exact birth date is almost impossible to predict.

I had forgotten about Sarah's mother-in-law till someone mentioned her - I wonder how much she knows, and if not about the pregancy then other matters - such as how the house got built for free, etc. Now with the election over, I find it surprising that someone hasn't been able to contact her and get some more info. I bet she is a resource of a lot of details.

Anonymous said...

A recent comment makes so much sense to me. If Sarah truly gave birth to Trig, she would move heaven and earth to refute what would then be unfair and defamatory speculation about not only Bristol, but Track and Willow as well. Outing Bristol's (current) pregnancy has obviously not stopped these rumors -- so why not address them by proving them wrong? That she has not done so by producing irrefutable evidence that she gave birth to Trig speaks louder than words. As Audrey surmised early on, it's because she can't do so without revealing that she did not give birth to Trig and that she has perpetrated a fraud on Alaska and the American people.

Anonymous said...

Re: Mercedes Johnston: "Calling Trig her "little brother" would be because she considers Bristol to her her sister-in-law, and the brother of her sister-in-law, is her brother (in-law).

- Calling Sarah "mommy-in-law" would be because both because Sarah is a the new "mommy" of Trig, and because Sarah is the implied mother-in-law of Mercedes' brother, and hence also of Mercedes."

Both of those comments make sense if Mercedes Johnston is planning to marry Track Palin. Anybody know anything about their relationship? Pure speculation here, but that was my first thought when I read about her comments- that Mercedes is planning to marry Track (if they haven't already created some less formal liaison) and that would make Sarah her mother-in-law, and Trig would then be her little brother (If Sarah was in fact Trig's birth mother, although under those circumstances he would be her little brother even if adopted by Sarah).


Craig said...


So the "best" case is for Trig's mother to be Bristol? The "worst" case is Track and Mrs. Johnston? So what would that make the idea of Sarah being the mother? The "most impossible"? The "most unacceptable"? The "most disappointing"? The "least entertaining"?

And Patrick;

You do realize just how much nonsense is published regularly by the National Enquirer regarding specific people? You'll notice that people don't sue them over every story with its "undisclosed" sources. Its pointless and just serves to bring further attention to the Enquirer and to a typically baseless story (same thing with the "Sarah had an affair with Todd's business partner" story) So, your deduction that it is a "closed case" simply due to a lack of direct response, is not true, other than on the basis of an individual's opinion. It's amazing how easily pure conjucture switches to accepted fact around here.

That being said, they have broken a fair amount of scandal-type stories that eventually have some meat on them. Which is EXACTLY why the more reasoned view of the story is that, without confirmation, this story is either totally false, slightly true, mostly true or completely factual. And given that nothing has ever come of such an explosive story at this point (especially during the hypersensitive election cycle), I'd venture to say that "mostly" or "totally" true is very unlikely.

luna1580 said...

thanks for the corrections on what kind and the name of track's michigan hockey teams.

i wrongly thought it was a school team because the 2 articles i found (and previously linked to) just noted the school and nothing else, and i assumed from that, sorry.

however this does not negate my comments to the "i talked to his coach person" referring to the time frame of track's michigan play. here's the poster's quote:

"The reason he went home early was to get his shoulder better for the following season in the NAHL so it was a surprise to me and his friends that played for me again the following year."

i was wrong about it being a school team.

but i can find no reference anywhere of track "play[ing] for me [in michigan] the following year" which must mean post-march 2007. that doesn't fit the time-line of him enlisting 9.11.2007 and then deploying 9.11.2008 (nice dates for sarah to mention and ring the 9.11 bell everytime.)

not that it matters so much.


KaJo said...

Picking up on what Lady Rose just said above....

(I suppose this exercise has already been done, and re-done by others, but I wanted to run through it myself)

I was just doing a little "due date" calculation, using Wikipedia's definition of "at term pregnancy" as "at least 37 weeks but less than 42 weeks (= between 259 and 294 days since LMP).

OK, let's suppose a person gives birth on, say, April 8 to a term infant with DS and perinatal jaundice. The infant is treated for a week for the jaundice, bottlefed. If that person ovulates 28 days after giving birth (thus, not having a LMP which would be 2 weeks after that), that would put the ovulation date as May 6. Suppose she's impregnated that day or within a day or two.

She'd be at 17 weeks in early September (such as Sept. 3rd in MN); 33 weeks on Dec. 23 (2 days from now); 37 weeks on Jan 20 and at 40 weeks on Feb 10.

Could Chuck Heath have gotten the day right but the month wrong?


I've found a number of pictures of Bristol Palin in that light-colored (no disguise) skirt at the MN airport waiting for John McCain to arrive 9/3/04; they show a slight lower tummy bulge (see and )

However, in one of the family-group pictures at the RNC Sept. 3, 2008, Bristol's tummy bulge in a black dress is distinctly higher than earlier in the day when she was in the light-colored skirt. Weird...

(I'm looking specifically at and )

Bristol looks completely different (bigger) in that black lace dress worn for the late August 08 People magazine photo shoot ( - I'm not sure if the group pic of the Palins/McCains ever got published).

Trying on the "empathy" tummy?

Anonymous said...

Hello! I was Anonymous on 12/20, 7:59 p.m.

Just to clarify, and because I respect the precision and concision of the owner and users of this site: I do not know if Track Palin is really back from Iraq. If you read my original post, it says that some commenter posted that info on the Anchorage Daily News website, and I wondered if anyone could verify it. I am not trying to say it is a fact. I do not know.

FYI, if you haven't read some of the comments on the ADN Alaska Political Blog before, it can be very informative...

leu2500 said...

re Lady Rose's comment

Should Bristol's due-date be so uncertain? Her mother outed her at 5 months, so there's no reason for her not to have been receiving prenatal care for the past 4 months. Her OB has a number of tools at his/her disposal to determine the due date. And Bristol's grandfather basically confirmed the original due date released (18 Dec) when in his recent interview(s) he provided a due date of 20 Dec.

But then, the due date is driven more to "prove" that Sarah is Trig's birth mother than by the progress of Bristol's pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

I saw this article in the Desert Sun (Palm Springs, CA area) where Todd's parents have a winter place. It doesn't say much and they defend Sarah (I guess they don't have much choice) but they do mention Bristol's due date.

Anonymous said...

Luna: I've been a constant reader of the blog since the beginning and believe that SP is not Trig's mother. I'm not a troll, just trying to protect the privacy of someone who doesn't have anything to do with the Trig mystery (Track's coach in MI). I found the coach's name in a news article a few months ago and did some sleuthing to find a possible e-mail address for him. I sent a message to him, trying to understand whether Track was playing for a HS team (Portage) or some other kind of team in the area. It turned out to be the nXi team that Silver Salmon mentioned. I had been skeptical about why Track went to MI in the first place, but the coach's response convinced me there was nothing sinister going on. He was nice enough to reply to my e-mail out of the blue and I didn't want to bother him again. I copied the info he gave me into the posting here. Use it as you will but I don't want to drag him into this. He seems like a regular guy who just happened to cross paths with the Palins.

Anonymous said...

Also Luna, as I read the coach's remaarks, he was not saying that Track played for hthe MI team again next year, only that the players who came back the following year were also surprised that Track apparently gave up hockey and chose to join the Army instead.

Anonymous said...

RE: Track, it's very possible he 'presents' as a 'nice kid' and it's equally possible that he has a very dark side which is not at all known to those who see him as a
nice kid, which in fact he (partly) no doubt is.

I have known LOTS of guys like that (yes, young ones too) over the years, you would NEVER know what they are secretly up to unless you saw it with your own eyes, at which point they would probably say 'who are you going to believe, you or your lying eyes ?' Or as my husband told me once, in all seriousness, "What you see and what you know are two different things."

My point being that this seems to be a very duplicitous family. As per above, I married into a family like that and they are very good at 'playing to appearances', it seems to be an inborn skill. (Naturally, or we wouldn't all be here discussing Sarah's 'playing to appearances'. ) I do wish all the kids involved in this the best, they have definitely been through the wringer . . .

BG! said...

KaJo at 12:54-- This link you posted:

It looks like Bristol's dress is oddly tucked into her boobs or something, doesn't it? That bunching below her boobs is odd. Can anyone play with the coloring on this shot to see if anything can be revealed?

BG! said...

As an aside, I have always been very curious about Levi's "Bristol" tattoo on his finger. Seems like a strange thing for a high school kid to do, doesn't it? I read somewhere that Bristol gave him a promise ring that he lost so he decided to go the tattoo route. Any way to find out WHEN he got it? Seems like it might be a way of pledging love to the girl you got pregnant---with a DS baby to later be passed off as her mother's. Just sayin'

GraceR said...

Anon@7:59...there was an Alaskan National Guard unit that just returned from Iraq in the last week, but that's not Track Palin's unit. He's with the Army Stryker Brigade and I believe they are still in Iraq. The article on the return of the Guard unit though made it sound like all Alaskan units had returned but that's not true.

Eva in New Orleans said...

re: the captions on Mercede’s MySpace pictures. I am not convinced that she mislabeled how Trig is related to her unless the situation was kept from her. But in either case she would have seen the pregnant party – her mother or her friend BP. I do not believe SP was pregnant.

The idea that Trig is her brother is weighed out by her captions and I cannot get past that but why would SJ need to have SP cover for her? I am sure her husband knew, apparently Mercede knew and if SJ wanted to have an abortion she could just have one and not tell Sarah. She could just have the baby and raise it with her husband and tell SP or not tell SP. SJ is a grown woman with a home and a family – probably extended family too – not a teenage girl; easily influenced.

If SP had to convince her or pay her off to carry the baby to term then that means a lifetime of keeping her quiet. That doesn’t seem like a smart choice, especially if the drug problems were known, talk about a loose cannon.

And the prenatal situation is different in this case. When Bristol says she’s pregnant well there is no question……..but when SP is approached by SJ or told by Track that it is his baby then……..well determination will be made after birth. If SJ is a married woman she is presumably having marital relations with her husband and well if she is sleeping around how do we know she just slept with only one? (Let me say right now that I am not disparaging SJ or supposing any of this is true. I don’t know her and am not judging but am trying to work out how what is being suggested could be true. If you are reading this SJ please accept my apology. emc)

For that matter was Todd Palin at home nine months before the due date?? I understand he works away from home?

I believe that after Piper, SP was ready to move to a bigger political stage and used prevention/sterilization – she intimated that is a couple of her quotes from that time. The idea of having a small baby when being considered for a VP spot is not the position SP wanted to be in. And we know she started working on getting the VP nomination before the pregnancy (whoever was really pregnant). It had to be really, really worth it to fake a pregnancy and not just adopt a child after birth from another mother.

I am not convinced that medical coverage is an issue; this is not a poor family. If that was the reason to fake a pregnancy I believe SP would have gladly paid – and paid more rather than pretend to be pregnant. She never looks happy or engaged with Trig when she is holding him. She holds him awkwardly and is looking away from him in every picture I have seen.

Anonymous said...

Just read the Time's Person of the Year articles, and SP was one of the runners up (as was Tina Fey). I copied this quote: "The most stunning accusation was not about her experience or intellect or attitude; it was the allegation that she had committed a stupendous moral fraud, faking her infant son Trig's birth to cover up her teen daughter's pregnancy. Throughout the weekend after her selection, the rumor moved from Daily Kos to the Times of London at Internet speed: the fact that it spread as far and as fast as it did signaled just how much the two sides of our cultural divide distrust each other. When the Palins were forced by the rumors to announce that daughter Bristol was, in fact, currently pregnant and due to be married, it merely replaced one frenzy with another."

Hopefully the MSM will get back on the case soon, when Bristol's baby is born. Otherwise, I'm not sure how to elevate the issue to reach the national consciousness -- maybe an aspiring documentary film-maker or journalist will take it up. Funny to think someone would pay SP $7M to write a book, when the real tales to tell are about her chronic deceptions.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Sarah covering for Sherry Johnston's pregnancy is that there is absolutely no need for it. Even if it were true that the father of her baby was Track, there would not really be any need to say anything at all, no real tendency for suspicion to fall upon Track.

Some of Sadie's Myspace captions would be solved with Sherry Johnston as the mother of Trig, but others are not.

KaJo said...

BG! said @ 4:45 PM "It looks like Bristol's dress is oddly tucked into her boobs or something, doesn't it? That bunching below her boobs is odd.

I noticed that in the pictures in and around the RNC date (8/31/08 to 9/3/08) the clothing that Bristol's wearing really emphasizes her breasts (and they seem huge compared to earlier pix, but some of those earlier pix are from last year, a younger girl).

Nevertheless, I DID take a lightening/contrasting look at the picture you mentioned.

1) It looks like the dress is too small for her -- tight under arms, tight across breasts, tight from belly down to hips.

2) There are 3 odd "creases" in the fabric (some kind of dk gray plaid). One is horizontally about where she would crease if sitting down, but the other 2 are vertical, just under the puckers of the dress on her right and left side. See my pic at

I don't have a definite opinion about what we see here. The vertical "creases" could merely be part of the pattern of the fabric -- or they could be her mom's giant bandaid.

Someone with better imaging software than I have should take a look.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...


Bristol looks to be nursing in the RNC pics. Megan Mccain had lots of blog pics. Not sure if they are still online. Trig CLINGS to her not SP in all of the pics from that timeframe. SP and TP look like beaming gran-folks. The Levi pic, etc...It is what it is. pics dont lie. Keep the pressure on and someone will "crack" or "meth" or "oxy" up the truth!

Sunshine1970 said...

Eva in New Orleans brings up an interesting point...was Todd Palin home for SP to conceive with Trig, if, she is indeed the biological mother? Any way to find out his schedule?

Windy City Woman said...

To Anonymous at 12/20 @ 10:27 p.m. & Anonymous 12 12/20 @ 10:55 p.m.:

How can you still believe that Sarah is Trig's birth mother after seeing those photos in which she is obviously wearing a square pad under her clothes?

To Audrey and others with medical knowledge:

Would it be considered unethical for a doctor to induce labor for Bristol's baby for "convenient" reasons, such as to make everyone think that an 8-month baby is full term, so that she "could not be" Trig's mother?

Regarding Sarah deciding to use birth control or sterilization after Piper: yes, very likely. Of course all women know that no form of birth control is foolproof. Sterilization (of male or female) is very common for couples who have decided that their families are complete. Of course, if Todd had a vasectomy, and Sarah had an affair (just saying "what if?"), pregnancy would be easily possible. And both M & F sterilizations are not foolproof either. But one would think that if either got sterilized 6 years ago, a failure would have happened sooner thatn now.

Anonymous said...

I agree that that charcoal gray dress that Bristol was wearing at the RNC looks way too tight across her chest. The underarm seams are straining. It is not clear if she is wearing a bra that is also too small, but her entire chest area looks painfully smooshed. That almost reminds me of a breastfeeding mother that is smooshing herself into a much too small bra. Or a breastfeeding mother that was wearing pads stuffed into her bra to make sure that she didn't leak onto the dress. Certainly pregnant women's chests do get larger with the pregnancy. But with my first pregnancy my chest did not get substantially larger until nearly the end and then of course afterwards. It is strange that the dress appears so uncomfortably small on her. One would think with all the attention they were giving to Sarah's wardrobe they would have made sure that Bristol wore an appropriate dress - knowing that much attention would be focused on the pregnant girl - everyone wanted to get a look at her. And surely it was a new dress. It looks incredibly uncomfortable and awkward.

Palin Pregnancy Truth said...

There are pictures of Bristol posted on Meaghan McCain's blog of Bristol before the announcement and she looks considerably slimmer than the next day (day of the pregnancy bombshell).

There was a link posted in comments awhile back but I can't seem to find it now. I'd be interested to see that shading of that picture.

Anonymous said...

To the poster who said:
However, in one of the family-group pictures at the RNC Sept. 3, 2008, Bristol's tummy bulge in a black dress is distinctly higher than earlier in the day when she was in the light-colored skirt. Weird...

and the post about her dress bunched under her breasts. I blew it up adjusted the levels in the photos make what you want of it john mccain is still in the photo and his jacket is even all over. Ill try and check out the other pix soon if anyone has a pic similar of a real pregnant woman ill do the same thing to it and see what it shows.

Notalib said...

I just love how afraid the leftwing blogs are of Sarah. I guess they know the messiah is a one term resident of the White House so they need to do things like this site to discredit a real women.

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