Monday, December 22, 2008

Late Night Update

I know we've gotten many comments today inquiring about what the Photoshop expert has said. Unfortunately, we may need to wait a bit more, but hopefully not more than a day or so. I got the report in today - and yes it does raise some questions about the pictures - but in asking the expert a few questions, I discovered he had used the photos from my blog post for analysis instead of going back to the original photos on the Flickr account. It appears as if one of the photos from my blog post was NOT the original from the Flickr account but something that I had downloaded from another site in September.

While we have NO reason to believe that his conclusions will change with the original Flickr photos, those were the ones that he needed to be looking at. I have asked him to review his conclusions vis a vis the Flickr photos; I am hopeful that I will have a "final" word from him tomorrow.

Meanwhile... I am swamped with letters asking me when Bristol is going to have her baby. People, (should I say, "My friends"?) I have no earthly idea when Bristol is going to have her baby. The Palin family is not updating me.

However, enough people have written suggesting a Christmas day "miracle" that I thought I should address this here. This comes straight from my email, and is typical of what I am receiving:


Christmas Baby for Bristol?

I think it's very likely that that we're going to see a press release around Christmas Eve or Christmas Day announcing the birth of a son to Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin.

I'm almost completely certain that it won't be true, but will have been deemed a necessary political move by Sarah Palin and Co., who realize that the longer Bristol's "pregnancy" continues, the more likely it becomes that this girl could have given birth to Trig, which Sarah now claims as her own.

If Trig is Bristol's, the child she carries must be delivered by no later that two weeks after Dec. 20 for her to be ruled out as Trig's mother. Dec. 24/25 would be an optimum date for Sarah's political purposes. First of all, it would put this child one week overdue, which is not extraordinary for a first pregnancy. Second, having this baby arrive on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day would have symbolic significance for Sarah's fundamentalist Christian base. A son born to this persecuted Christian family on Christ's birthday? How appropriate. They'd say it was a sign.

Let's also consider the practicality of the timing. Sarah Palin wouldn't be the first politician to dump a big story on a distracted public, and let's face it: The period between Christmas and New Years is a time of distraction for almost everyone. As we entertain friends, run to the store for those forgotten batteries or mediate disagreements between visiting relatives our newspapers pile up unread and the television remains ignored.

By the time the Christmas tree is withering on the curb and we're recovering from that New Year's Eve hangover, Bristol and Levi's son will be a week old. Then and only then will we find the press reports of his birth, which no doubt will contain a note about how the first time parents are requesting privacy to bond with their son.

For Sarah Palin, who learned how effective timing can be when she released that dodgy letter from Dr. Catherine Baldwin Johnson on Election Eve, timing will be everything.

Are there risks involved? Sure.

If Bristol Palin remains pregnant, then she'll have to be kept out of sight until the baby is really born. Any photos showing her with a newborn will be carefully posed ones of her cradling something in a blanket ( a doll, another newborn). And she won't resurface until her new baby is large enough to where its size - like Sarah's baby bump - will remain a matter of speculation and date matching.

This will, I think, be Sarah Palin's Hail Mary Pass. Because if Bristol Palin is Trig's mother and is now carrying her second child, then Alaska's governor has no choice if she's to carry on this charade.



Do I think this is possible? I return in my mind to the McCain campaign's shocking decision to release an absolute joke of a letter from Dr. Baldwin-Johnson at 10:45 PM Eastern time the night before the election. The next morning, as people rushed to the polls, I watched CNN for almost two hours with nary a mention. As my correspondent indicated, a Christmas morning timing of the birth would be an omen for her religious supporters... and would cause the story of the birth to be buried somewhere behind the Christmas Day parades for most people. So, yes not only is it possible, but based on past history (the medical - ahem - records) it would be a strategy that has been used before - with surprising success.

However, I do not know for sure. I continue to receive an equal number of letters insisting that Bristol is not expecting at all... the entire thing is a fake. (I don't agree with this position, but there are surely those out there who believe it fervently.)

And... it is entirely reasonable to suggest that Bristol could be expecting a child... any day. I believe strongly that the photographic evidence is absolutely conclusive; Gov. Sarah Palin was not pregnant last spring. And, as I have said in the past, while Bristol is by far the most plausible "other mother," she is by no means the only alternative. Bristol could have a baby by the time we wake up in the morning, and the other evidence does not change.

But whatever the truth, I ask all my readers to remember this. Bristol Palin is eighteen years old. She is barely out of childhood. Quite probably, very soon (whether this week or next month or the month after) she is almost certainly going to become a mother. Maybe for the first time, maybe for the second. Whatever the truth about Trig Palin's birth, this young woman deserves our good wishes, kind thoughts, and our prayers.


Diana said...

I have posted some new photos I have found of Bristol that I hadn't seen before:

Elizabeth said...

That definitely sounds like a possibility.

I hate to say it, but I have also wondered - if Bristol is not actually pregnant (this time) - if they will say that the baby didn't make it? I would hope that they would not stoop so low, but I don't know what to expect anymore. If they went that route, they would be able to ask for privacy at such a difficult time, and no one would be able to ask any questions without looking like a heartless jerk and incurring complete censure from the rest of the nation.

Anonymous said...

According to, Bristol was due on the 20th,,20246806,00.html

Windy City Woman said...

A baby announcement around Christmas makes sense for the reasons mentioned. Here in Chicago, our mayor announces things that people won't like to hear over the weekend, when people are less likely to be watching the evening news.

Re Diana's photos: does anyone besides me think it is weird for Bristol to be lugging Trig around on an outing with her teenage friends? How many teens lug around their infant siblings when they hang out with friends?

Anonymous said...

Windy City Woman

I believe that the photo that you are referring to is of Bristol and her siblings, not her friends.

In the photo she is sitting in a park (?) with Track, Willow and Piper and Trig is on her lap.


Anonymous said...

Audrey & Company,
Good post…I hope that everyone has a FUN Christmas. It is my favorite time of the year. I for one think that Bristol is currently pregnant and I do think that there are “people” staying on top of the fact. She is young still but an adult and that is all that matters to some. I believe there are pictures to the fact and they will surface once whatever “announcement” is made. I believe that the media is just holding on to them for now, probably with already written articles that only need a few extra lines. I personally hope that the young lady gets the heck out of Alaska and heads down here to the lower 48. All she would have to do is sell “her” story to a news organization or publisher and start over with a clean slate. She could get protection too. I am still sticking to my theory that Trig belongs to Track Palin and Sherry Johnston. Partly because I don’t think Track would be in the Army now if he hadn’t of done something really “horrible” in Mommy Sarah’s eyes. Otherwise, he would still be doing the same old things in the same town or “off on an oil rig” like Levi. On a side note…you would know more about this than I but I don’t think “anyone” is breast feeding Trig. In my opinion, I just think it would be easier to “get” formula than “hide” breastfeeding. Enjoy these holiday evenings! Kay (December 22, 2008 at 11:05pm)

Anonymous said...

Windy City said: Re Diana's photos: does anyone besides me think it is weird for Bristol to be lugging Trig around on an outing with her teenage friends? How many teens lug around their infant siblings when they hang out with friends?
What photo(s) are you talking about? I don't see any of the pics on Diana's 7 pages of photos with Bristol being with anyone but family.

Anonymous said...

unmarried pregnant teens often do not get tested to rule out DS.

I think Sarah Palin's pregnancy announcement came a day or two after her daughter gave birth to a DS baby.

DS babies are often premature, and I think the Palin family was told the baby would be in the hospital for some time.

Therefore, the date that Bristol delivers will prove nothing either way.

I see the date of delivery as being totally immaterial.

I wouldn't be suprized by a December 25th birthday just to maintain the spot light.

Too bad Grandma Johnson has thrown a negative light on the fairy tail.

I am eager to learn the results of the photo expert, although it seems there might be a couple pro's right here on the blogg.

What really got me thinking was the picture of Mr. and Mrs, Heath holding trig all bundled up, and ready to go home from the hosp. on April 18th.
You just dont take a four week early DS baby home the day he is born, or the day after, and that baby they were holding was not four weeks early.

Anonymous said...

To Windy City Woman:

I don't see any photos of Bristol lugging Trig around on an outing with her teenage friends - maybe you could link directly to the photo in question?


leu2500 said...

I think they have to avoid Xmas & New Year's, because those babies' pictures are always in the newspaper. A birth announcement with no accompaning picture of the new family would raise too many questions.

NJESQ said...


It seems very unlikely that Bristol is in fact pregnant, since she most likely is the birth mother of Trig. Nonetheless, a press release declaring that Bristol has given birth, within about two weeks of December 18th, is a necessity.

I find the timing of the arrest of Sherry Johnston to be too coincidental. However, I find the speculation about her as the birth mother of Trig to be merely plausible, not reasonable. Bristol's prolonged absence from high school, away from Wasilla, while Trig was in gestation, clearly points to Bristol as Trig's birth mother.

So, it is my opinion that the arrest of Sherry Johnston was calculated to set up a context in which the Palin family declares that Bristol cannot raise this new baby in such a troubled environment, and of course she cannot marry into that family. Accordingly, the Palins will announce that the baby has been placed in a "closed adoption" with a loving Christian married couple, who were unable to have children of their own. The Palins may add that giving such a gift is the most precious gift one could give to another, especially at Christmas.

Of course, "closed adoptions are just that -- "closed" -- so that, not only must the Palins not speak about any details, but the press cannot inquire into the details without violating the privacy rights of the adopted child and the adopting family. Indeed, it may be illegal to pry into such matters. To put it succinctly, for the Palins it would be "case closed."

So, Sarah, if you are reading this entry, be warned, we are wise to you!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Vic is spot on with his theory of faking a Dec. 25th (pretend) birth for Bristol's (second) son. All Bristol has to do is stay secluded for a few extra weeks, as Vic and Audrey have opined ... until the real due date comes around.

A few months down the road, when her handlers allow her to be seen in public, she can opt to use a wrap-around scarf just like her mother did. It'll nicely disguise his size.
If the baby looks small, they can say he is not gaining weigh rapidly. Who will be the wiser? Lots of babies gain weight slowly. Right?

One of the many scarfs that Sarah used to is here at the Flickr site that the first poster Diana offered:

Is there a real baby in there?

The prop - errr - I mean the baby, in this next photo does show a head, with hood.

So I could be well be wrong. Interesting to me though is that SP is using this same type of Baby Carrying Scarf so often. What is she hiding?

I used similar means to carry my newborns (with a place for their little heads to stick out). I think it's a good idea to keep our babies close. But in SP's case, this whole baby fiasco is too riddled with irregularities. It makes me suspicious.

And to think, all this guessing game nonsense could STOP ! if only SP would show Trig's birth certificate. She chooses not to do so.

I feel sorry for Bristol if indeed she has to carry out this charade.
Deception indeed!

Notalib said...

I was so disappointed that the photoshop expert report was not posted on Dec 22 as promised. Now Overblown and Madcow will have to wait another 24 hours to report it at pMSnbc. Is this delay a larger coverup by the Palin klan? Have they maybe gotten to the expert? Why is not the NY Times not investigating this obvious coverup?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I couldn't resist and I visited "notalib"'s blog. He/she/it (say that real fast!) takes someone here's tongue-in- cheek comment about beliveing "obama is the messiah" and quotes it as if it was NOT a joke. Is she/it/he really THAT stupid, or just playing so on TV for the "converted"?

I'm all for dissent-- and while Craig is at times annoying on here, at least he makes cogent arguments and tries to debate like an intelligent human being. Notalib? Notsomuch.

I am afraid of several of the scenarios postulated about Bristol's birth coming true--

she gives "birth" on Xmas and media scrutiny is on holiday; or

she has a sad loss and we are heartless bastards to keep asking these questions; or

she adopts the "baby" in a closed adoption b/c of the Sherri Johnson scandal.

One of the above is very likely to come true. And to think (all you Palin supporters, this is for you), Palin could have cleared up all this "nasty speculation" with Trig's birth certificate and a few medical records showing Palin's prenatal care. That she chose not to.......... well, it tends to lead one to certain conclusions, doesn't it?


Mary G. said...

Thanks to all who have kept investigating and questioning! I was so hopeful about the photoshop results.... but it is such a crazy-busy time of year, we'll be lucky to hear about them soon. It is best to be scrupulous with the evidence.
By the way, Diana, your photostream is excellent!! Do you know anything about the June 5, 2008 event you show Sarah at in photo 17? Just curious, I don't know if I'd seen that before.
Great job all! and some laughs from notalib (who was probably quaking in his/her boots about the photoshop results--such ironclad evidence, those two photos, right, notalib?).
best, Mary g.

wayofpeace said...

like AUDREY--as i've been examining BRISTOL's pictures lately--i've come to feel a great deal of sympathy for her. she looks sad most of the time, resigned to her fate of having a mother with all the symptoms of a narcissist.

here's a snipped bit on narcissism from psychology today. does the "shoe" fit SP?

But narcissism isn't just a combination of monumental self-esteem and rudeness. ... Real-life narcissists, however, desperately need other people to validate their own worth. "It's not so much being liked. It's much more important to be admired. Studies have shown narcissists are willing to sacrifice being liked if they think it's necessary to be admired," ...

Deep desire to be at the center of things is served by extreme self-confidence, a combination that makes narcissists attractive and even charming. Buoyed by a coterie of admiring friends and associates—protected by the armor of positive self-regard—someone with a mild-to-moderate case of narcissism can float through life feeling pretty good about himself.

Since they feel entitled to special treatment, they are easily offended, and readily harbor grudges. Yet narcissists are often very popular—at least in the short term.

The beauty of being a narcissist is that even when disaster stares you in the face, you feel neither doubt nor remorse. In a study, researchers asked a pair of participants to undertake a task that was rigged to fail. Most people tend to protect their partner, sharing either the credit or the blame. "But the narcissists would say, 'It's totally the other person's fault.' They're completely willing to step on someone," says [a] narcissism researcher...

Intensely narcissistic people often live tumultuous lives, as few people can tolerate them for long. But having a milder version of the personality type comes with many side benefits. Subclinical narcissists are happy. They are less likely to be depressed, sad or anxious, and rate their subjective well-being more highly. They're less reactive to stress, and recover more rapidly from it.

A narcissist can be hard to identify, in part because he is likely to be much more fascinating than you would expect for someone so self-absorbed, and in part because you wouldn't think someone with such self-regard could be so defensive and needy.

wayofpeace said...

i am sure we all here have different and multiple motives to wish this hoax exposed.

i--for one--feel SP represents the very worst of our country's political tendencies: racism and religious intolerance with a dash of authoritarianism/fascism!

here's a link to a huffington post article on TEAM-SARAH'S website and the disturbingly violent and racist remarks by its members.

Anonymous said...

To leu2500:
You forget that SP does not read the newspaper. And, I just learned last night on Air America that SP thought that if Mark Begich had not won, she could have appointed the next Senator! Don't forget who is in the center of this freakish dilemma!!!!!

Alex said...

If Audrey (And Diana, Patrick and Kathleen) are the pros at photo analysis, I am more of a behaviorist. I think of the episodes that wave red flags at me in the public life of the Palins. One such episode-- in regards to Bristol's sadness-- was SP volunteering Bristol to babysit for Tina Fey on Bristol's birthday. Volunteering her daughter, an 18 year old on her birthday like offering someone a casserole. Fey refused kindly by saying she knew Bristol had better things to do than babysit on her birthday.

That seemed inordinately insensitive to me-- and a sign of how SP will use anyone around her to further her own end. Her children, her associates, and really, face it Alaskans, the entire state. When you check out the ADN website, scroll to the bottom, and you'll see they have a whole section DEVOTED to Palin. Not to state government but to the woman herself.

California's bad. But no paper in my state trumpets out governor in such an amateurish, tabloidy way.

I fear we're stuck with many more years of this woman, as she bulldozes everything in her path.

mc said...

I just went to rewatch the Elan Frank segment of Sarah slapping her belly and contradicting herself over her pregnancy behavior ("I hid it-I didn't hide it--but I hid it") in Fox's "American Women" segment, and found Parts 3 and 4 have been taken down from You Tube. Anyone know what's up on that? Is there someplace else this segment can be viewed?

After watching this woman a bit, I've noticed that she affects this weird little girl ditz act whenever she's tangling herself up in her lies (as opposed to trotting out lies she's prepared in advance) or is asked a question she doesn't know how to answer. She has this whole routine of tilting her head and exaggerating her accent and doing something weird with her mouth. It's really quite strange and out of character when compared to the pitbull-tough, take-me-serious persona she adopts at other times. A habit from her earlier beauty pageant days that she's never shaken, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

IMO - Bristol is pregnant and, looking at the very maternal photos of her with Trig, she is not about to "adopt off" her baby. Sherry Johnston's situation has nothing to do with a woman wanting to keep her own baby - or not.

Some of the theories are here are getting too far out for me. You are just feeding trolls like Notalib.

Anonymous said...

Scary Alaskan poll out that says Sarah would handily beat Sen. Murkowski for her senate seat - 55 to 31.

The world is not done with Palin in politics, so we do need to make sure all her peculiar and questionable actions are brought to light.

I for one think that if Trig is Palin's son, the reckless birth story should remain under scrutiny and she held accountable. Remember, the next campaign Palin undertakes - whether for re-election as governor, senator or president - SHE will be the main focus. She won't be the number two as she was with McCain. And all her baby, house, and other "gate" stories have every right to be thoroughly examined. Audrey is helping lay the groundwork here.

Yes Notalib - we are afraid of her. But not for the same reasons that you seem to admire her for!

MC said...

Sarah increasingly reminds me of a woman who for many years was a central figure in my life, through marriage into my husband’s family. It was only after the eventual divorce and disentanglement that we were able to step back and see this woman as suffering from some sort of narcissistic disorder.

She is often charming, fun, and she has many talents. Those are her pros. The negatives? She had a very narrowly defined image of how she wanted her life to be. Everything said and done (and many things NOT said and done) were interpreted by her according to how well they played into this image. You could say one thing, and she could turn around and swear you said the exact opposite. What we came to realize is that she actually heard things the way that she wished to hear them. If it didn’t make sense in her world, it was often simply discarded as if it had never been said or done.

The VERY odd thing is that we all enabled her in this, because we were afraid of what it would do to the family if we didn’t. At the time, we often didn’t even realize this, or if we did, we’d say, “well, that’s just how she is.” When I married my husband, he and his siblings used to joke about the “point system” in their father’s family, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that it was no joke. Being a part of it looked good, but felt bad.

Our collective protection of her desired image insured that, to this day, her own children have gone 20 years without knowing that their mother was an instrumental figure in the breakup of my husband’s parents marriage, though my husband and his siblings pieced it together as they grew up. Eventually, my browbeaten father-in-law decided that the best way for him to get out was just to pack up and leave a note one day while she was at work. She blackmailed—yes, blackmailed—him into returning for a while before he finally gained the courage to go. Her relationships with her children are strained and her finances are in ruin because she can’t adjust her view of how her life actually is from what she wants it to be.

I imagine SP as being very like this woman, but with political power and a fervor that turns religion from a source of peace and comfort into something to be feared by those who do not believe exactly as she does. Couple that with a group of people already in high places who would support her for their own nefarious reasons; add in a growing base of sheeple who believe the "libs are scared of Sarah because she's SO good" pablum they are fed by their rah-rah sites, and you’ve got an interesting situation a-brewing. While we should send kind thoughts and prayers Bristol’s way, we may want to a spare a few for ourselves.

BTW--I see someone here is also posting as "mc" so I will stick to my original capital letters username... :)


Notalib said...

Odd I have been called a troll,which I am not. I saw this blog listed read it and started to comment on the post, is that not what the "leave the comment" box is for. Unlike a vast majority of posters here I do not post anonymous, I don't hide in fear of what my beliefs are.

I have been accused of Admiring Mrs Palin, I guess I am not sure what I have posted to make you think that.

I post here because I just find it so odd that so many are so worried about something that really does not have any importance! I just find it hard to believe that something like this. You all start with doubts Trig was ever Sarahs and now you are moving towards conspiracy of a adaption.

It is just weird that so many people are so worried about a families business and really don't understand why such hate.

Anonymous said...

Just a note to say that the count of comments on the prior blog section keeps increasing, but no new comments are actually appearing. Is there a glitch?

Anonymous said...

For Diana and others -- would you mind trying the website? It's very easy to use -- you just copy your long url into one box, and it automatically assigns a "tinyurl" in another box. There is nothing more frustrating than typing a long url (as it is often not possible to simply copy and paste these links)and then finding it doesn't work for some reason... which happens often because they are often truncated on the screens. I appreciate your help on this!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the end of this ''Gate'' so we can move on ''House Gate''.

There's just so much ground to cover, here, and it really shouldn't take up the next four years of Obama's

Morgan said...


I've not been one of the ones to call you a troll and I'd strongly discourage people from doing that.

I help Audrey moderate this blog and personally know that she doesn't want this to be an echo chamber. As far as I'm concerned, your comments are more than welcome here and you are quite right; no one should try and silence dissent.

Over the last few weeks we've had to reject some comments for that reason.

So to those of you who are doing the name-calling, PLEASE refrain.

That said, I do have to take issue with you Notalib, on your assertion that the people here hate Sarah Palin.

I personally don't care for her either way. I do think she was unfit for the vice-presidency. Most Americans agreed; she polled terribly and dragged John McCain down with her.

Those of us who refuse to let this drop aren't carrying on out of any personal animosity towards Palin, but because if - as we strongly suspect - she staged a phony pregnancy for political reasons and lied to the American people then that is the sort of thing that should have been discovered by the man who tapped her to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

If we as citizens can find the truth and bring it to light, the exposure will serve as a harsh lesson to any future politician who promotes himself/herself or another person on style without first examining that person's past.

A lot of questions about Sarah that should have been asked were never asked. We're asking them now. It's not because we hate, it's because we have a right to know.

Eventually, we all will, Notalib. Even you. Just out of curiosity, if it turns out that Sarah has been lying will it change your view of her?

Anonymous said...

If you aren't seeing all the new blog comments - you are probably not noticing the "newer and newest links". The comments have gone to a second page, but only the oldest/first comments show on the first page.

Anonymous said...

"I for one think that if Trig is Palin's son, the reckless birth story should remain under scrutiny and she held accountable."

That was the moment when I went "whoa!" Either that story is true, and Sarah Palin is guilty of extreme poor judgment, recklessness and selfishness, or it is false, and she is a liar.

Frankly, I think she wasn't pregnant, rushed back to Alaska for some other reason (possibly Trig's birth), and told the story of the amniotic fluid leak because she thought it would explain her rushed travel and make her look plucky and brave- without realizing that it was a senseless story. I think the story took on a life of its own, and SP was trapped in her own lies... something that would never have happened if she were an honest person.


Anonymous said...

Notalib...the reason Trig's birth story is public domain, is because Sarah Palin made her family part of her political narrative, and used them (her parents, kids, and husband) to further her ambition.

Palin has trotted those kids out on countless occassions even before she was the VP nominee, and had the state of Alaska pay tens of thousands of dollars for their and Todd's travel, when they were not invited to attend events. She took her daughters out of school for two + months on the presidential campaign, and had them sit on stage with her during those hate filled rallies. Sarah also carried Trig like a sack of potatoes onto every stage then handed him off to her closest daughter or campaign aide. She did interviews with Fox News, and Matt Lauer with the kids by her side and Trig in her lap.

Palin made policy speeches about how the McCain administration would put her in charge of advancing the agenda for children with special needs, and always brought Trig. Sarah used her pregnancy and birth of Trig as a Christian conservative credential, since she carried him to term knowing he had Downs Syndrome.

Even at the RNC she made her famous hockey mom/pit bull joke and talked about her time in the PTA. So yes, she has used her family to further her political career in a way I have never seen any other female politicians use their kids. She made Trig, Piper, Willow, Bristol, and Track our business by putting them out there as part of her political qualifications. Personally, as a mother, I found many of the things she did to her kids appalling.I would never throw my own daughter under the bus like she did to Bristol, and expose her pregnancy just to prove she could not be Trig's mother. That in itself tells me all I need to know, and speaks volumes about Palin's character.

So we will continue on questioning until the issue is finally proven one way or the other...

FW from VA

Anonymous said...

Interesting article in the WSJ on the last weeks of pregnancy and why it is so important for babies NOT to be delivered too soon by induction or C-section:

KaJo said...

Morgan, I really don't like to derail the discussion at hand to address the issue of Notalib's comments, but it seems like something should be said to counter your welcome comment @ 11:15 AM.

Notalib said in his/her comment 10:54 AM today that he/she isn't a troll.

Perhaps it's true that he/she cannot figure out why some here think he/she "admires Mrs. Palin" from what he/she has posted, or that he/she doesn't believe that Audrey's entire purpose for this blog has "any importance", and he/she finds it "weird that so many people are so worried about a families business and really don't understand why such hate."

I suggested in one of my previous comments on Audrey's prior blog entry (Dec. 18, 240+ comments to date) that Notalib WAS a troll, and to ignore him/her because some people like that get a "tingly down the leg" pleasure at being acknowledged in any way.

I based my suggestion on Notalib's FIRST entry Dec. 21st, which reads, "I just love how afraid the leftwing blogs are of Sarah. I guess they know the messiah is a one term resident of the White House so they need to do things like this site to discredit a real women."

I found those first remarks of Notalib to be off topic, disingenous, spelling-challenged, sneering to liberals, and insulting to Audrey.

Perhaps you, or better yet, Audrey, should revisit the definition of "troll".

Notalib said...

First yes if she is lying that would change my opinion, but until someone provides facts instead of just what if's there is no reason to doubt she is the mother. Second John McCain was long dead before Sarah came along, he was not the conservative choice for president and he had no chance from day one, he was way to middle of the road, not what this country needs. Sarah actually brought life to the campaign. Her chances of being the candidate in 2012 are average, there are a number of strong conservatives who will give her a run for her money if she decides to run.

Someone said they are going to keep perusing this until the truth comes out one way or another, I guess I need to ask what fact will provide that truth? will you accept the fact if it is PROVED that she is the other, is there any proof that any of you would believe, I have my doubts.

Anonymous said...

Again, Notalib, with the "hate" for Palin when people ask perfectly reasonable questions. On your own blog you bring this up: Blog title "Left Wing Blogs". Notalib says:

"It really is amazing how hateful and actually ignorant the left in this country really is. They still are trying to attack Sarah Palin, even though their leader was selected in November. Sadly though it is not just Sarah but her son Trig and her daughter. For example read what was written at a far left blog recently called CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

How she felt labor pains while in the lower 48, had her water break, boarded a plane for an 11-hour flight to Alaska when any hospital is equipped to handle births, is just weird. Even for Sarah Palin. Why Palin waited for more than an a day to get to a hospital (her account of the story) makes many wonder just what happened in Palin Land. Was she ever was pregnant with this child? And if not her, then where did it come from? Her daughter?

This was obviously written by someone who has never been able to partake in the birth of child? For those of us who have we understand that it’s not a 5 minute event and then back to the flower shop.

But what is even sadder then his lack of understanding of the beauty of life, is what is really behind such a sad and shallow statement, his hate for Sarah Palin. This is something we have come to see as the norm for many so called progressive blogs

You guys want a real mystery to deal with, why has your messiah never produced a birth certificate?"

The only people I have ever heard refer to Obama as "the messiah" are right wing nuts. Obama's not my messiah. He's my president. Oh yeah, yours too. You scare me.

Morgan said...


You're more than welcome to complain to Audrey about my moderation if you'd like. In fact, if you disagree with me I encourage you to write her at the email address listed on the Web site.

Notalib is more than welcome to admire Sarah Palin if he wants. There's no litmus test for posting here, my dear. Not that I know of, anyway.

Personally, if Notalib admires Sarah and thinks we are just a left wing blog that is all the *more* reason to let him comment. Without the Palinites we'd be sitting around agreeing with each other, and what fun would that be?

Besides, KaJo, if we believe that Sarah isn't telling the truth, then how could we be threatened by someone who says we're off base? Notalib can say all he likes. He can deny the evidence all the wants. That doesn't make him right. It just makes him entertaining. Which is why I actually like having people like him around.

Audrey and I have had trouble with trolls, and generally we think of a troll as someone who just hurls insults without adding a single thought or question to the debate.

"Your a liberal idiot" as a message by itself is deleted as a troll comment.

"I think obsessing over Sarah Palin is liberal idiocy because..." is a matter of opinion and if followed up by some reasoning - even if we disagree with it - a valid comment.

Again, you may not like this, KaJo, and as I said you are more than welcome to complain if you disagree. If Audrey concurs and wants me to step down as moderator, I'll happily do so.

In the meantime, that's all I'm going to say on this. We all know the rules and for the most part this blog has been an excellent forum for thoughtful, spirited discourse on this controversy.

I, for one, hope to see it remain as such.

Fran said...

I wonder if Trig was acutually born at home a week or two earlier and it was his need to be hospitilized to be treated for jaundice which triggered Palin's need to get to Alaska lickty split so she could be at the hospital with him. Maybe the plan all along was to have him born at home and then introduce him when convient. It sure would be a lot easier to switch the birthmother if Trig was not born in a medical facility. I am convinced that Palin did not give birth to Trig, but I am not convinced that Bristol did. Sara was sure quick to announce that Bristol was pregnant, so it seems odd to me that she would fake the pregnancy for her, unless it was finding out that the baby had downsyndrom that triggered the decision so that Sara's insurance would cover what will be a lot of extra medical exspenses for years to come. I can't help thinking there is something worse for her hide though. I've wondered if it could be Molly's baby and she did it to to cover the baby and hide the embarressment of her sister having an out of wedlock baby or to stop her sister from aborting. I've even wondered if it could be Todd's baby with his sister-in-law Molly - he sure did seem obsessed with protecting her from her ex-husband.

Morgan said...

Notalib, I'm not so sure McCain was dead before Palin came along. I think he was seen as an outsider and would have given Obama a run for his money had he truly been a maverick and chosen someone capable, rather than capitulating to the Rabid Right and hastily selecting an unqualified running mate.

McCain let himself be strong-armed by the Neocons into choosing Palin, who proved to be a drag on the ticket.

I find it rather telling that you eagerly dismiss Sarah's negative poll numbers during the campaign as readily as you now dismiss the growing body of evidence that she likely lied about what she claims to be her fifth pregnancy.

But at least you admit that your feelings for her would change if it proved she was lying.

If nothing, that is a light in the dark for me given that there are some rabid partisans on *both* sides of the aisle who are so party-loyal that they'd still back their candidate of choice even if they knew they were lying.

Morgan said...

The whole Obama birth certificate thing is an attempt to divert attention away from the matter at hand.

Audrey and I were talking about this recently and agreed that if anyone things the birth certificate thing is an issue and has experience in uncovering such documents, then if they feel that strongly about Obama then by all means, start a blog like this one and do your own investigation!

For Audrey's part, her field of expertise is childbirth. The outrageous account Sarah gave is what put Audrey's nose to the scent of this story in the first place!

It has nothing to do with hate. It has everything to do with the right of every citizen to question their leaders.

Again, I don't think anyone here really hates Sarah. I think we're just disgusted and disappointed.

If someone is interested in hate speech they might want to join Team Sarah and read some of the comments that have been made about Obama...

Morgan said...

Oops. Typo alert:



Anonymous said...

Trig definitely was born before April 18th. I would not doubt Sarah had it planned out. Attend the Texas convention (which was a catalyst for the VP nomination). Change the flight back like it looked like something unexpected, but really wasen't. To fly into Alaska late in the evening when it was dark and not to many people around at the airport. Meet up with whoever the babies mom is at the hospital and declare Trig born.

Going to the convention pregnant also gave people the impression she was pregnant. She had to show the world what she was telling them even if it was not true.

That picture of Sarah and Piper touring Mat-Su medical center. Is like her checking out where she will be in the future when the plan all goes down. Also her facial expressions in that picture look scared and uneasy "how am I going to pull this off".

KaJo said...

Morgan, I'll accept Audrey's and your definition of a troll as "someone who just hurls insults without adding a single thought or question to the debate."

That's why I called Notalib a troll after his/her first comment, and why I consider his/her comments at 4:40 AM today to be a bit specious (troll-like) regarding "Overblown and Madcow" at "pMSnbc", with a disingenous flip-flop referring to "the Palin klan".

As I once similarly commented to Craig, it's not a case of me "not liking" Notalib's comments; I just felt they added nothing to the discussion and were a distraction.

JMO. I'll cease and desist now.


Adding one comment to what you said to Notalib about Sarah Palin's decreasing poll numbers during the campaign:

Some pro-Palin and rightwing blogs are, as recently as this week, quoting Sarah Palin's popularity in Alaska as 80%+, even after her rollout of the 2010 budget, and the revelation of her salary increase commissions's findings.

They don't seem to acknowledge that the political picture in Alaska and the USA has changed since Nov. 4th.

Anonymous said...

NJESQ @ 11:16, your theory is RIGHT ON!

I, for one, completely concur with your hypothesis.


Anonymous said...

Correction to my last post-

NJESQ's comment that I referred to was at 4:12AM.


Alex said...

Do I hate Sarah Palin? Yes, I probably do-- I despise how she has mocked childbirth, motherhood, and the family. She has corrupted the image of womanhood and true spiritual femininity. My feelings and opinions come from observing her on stage, listening to her interviews, and reading her words.

Morgan said...


Your points are well-taken.

The sophmoric comment about Overblown and Madcow and PMSNBC was trollish, but sometimes we let that stuff slide to remind folks here of what we're dealing with.

People who regurgitate things they hear on talk radio are hardly capable of having an original thought. So it kind of stands to reason that they lack the smarts to question Sarah Palin.

Sometimes you just gotta let these people through. Notalib, bless his heart, is our Palinite Ambassador.

Bottom line, if it looks like a troll and yacks like a troll it's a troll. The best way to deal with them is not to feed it.

As it is, Notalib is probably all tingly to have gotten so much attention from us today as it is. But whatever. He can consider it an early Christmas gift

Morgan said...

Yeah, Alex. I hate what she's done too. I hate what she represents.

I've often wondered what she's really like, in her heart I mean. I have a hard time getting my mind around the idea that someone could be so ambitious that they'd go to the lengths that we suspect she's gone to in order to achieve power.

Maybe it all depends on what you value. But what strikes me as being so ironic about Sarah is that the very thing she claims to value are the very things she's been willing to sacrifice to succeed politically. The biggest irony of all? Her platform has her claiming to value the very things she seems to care for least - Family and Personal Morality.

Anonymous said...

It seems that sometimes we lose sight of the idea of hating the "sin" and not the "sinner." It is so easy to fix our emotions on a person rather than an idea. Emotions can get in the way of thinking, and only thinking will lead to rational discourse (and maybe even to truth).

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

Ok everyone let's chill. We are almost there. Keep the eye on the prize. The truth.
Trolls or no Trolls, ignore or address them, they are not going away. Don't feed them just stick to the evidence. Don't take any of this personally.
They are probably sitting in their parents basements reading every comment. . . as we may be. Enjoy the holidays.

Morgan said...

Pajamas. You forgot to say they're wearing pajamas.

Overall, I'd say we're remarkably substantial in our comments. It's kind of staggering how many this blog gets, but it goes to show that people still realize that this is a story whether they want to or not.

As Mulder says, "The truth is out there."

Anonymous said...

Has anyone contacted eyesforlies (or similar) about the videos? I believe if someone sends her any of the videos, she might be able to analyze it easily!

Ginger said...

To Anon: Track joined the military because he was involved in a school bus vandalism along with some other boys from Wasilla. The Judge gave him the option of going to prison or join the Military.

Some of the theories here are really getting weird. We are here because we are pretty sure Sarah did not give birth to Trig. By now, I think she has adopted him. Her church has an adoption agency that is run by her doctor.

Personally, I don't think Bristol is pregnant now nor has she been since giving birth to Trig. Anyone read about Levi, the boyfriend? He's an admitted "redneck" that I'll bet went crazy when he found out about Trig. Can you imagine Bristol having another one right-a-way? It doesn't make sense.

By the way, did any of you know that plastic surgeon's offices in L.A. are having problems with robberies? Not for money or drugs but for "Medical Records." Seems the tabloids are paying big bucks for this information on movie stars, celebs, politicians, etc.

One more thing, last time I read the ADN (Alaska Daily News), Sarah's popularity had dropped from the high 80's to the low 60's, and falling.

Merry Christmas!

Eva in New Orleans said...

To: notalib

Concerning the subject of this blog. It is clearly about one subject. Not all blogs are dedicated to one issue - yours is an example of one with different and various topics. This one is to discuss the issue of SP's pregnancy. I would guess that most people here visit more than one blog and wouldn't try to go off topic to distract from the subject at hand.

I don't understand why you are so offended that people are questioning your presence here when you have not yet discussed any aspect of this issue. I mean you know you are here to be disruptive and to generate visits to your site.

In my opinion it seems to me that you are projecting all of the hate you feel on the people posting here.

I am not personally interested in SP's political agenda, (I have stated in earlier blogs that she will never beat our governor in a national election)but I do believe that she faked her pregnancy and I think that is wrong. I don't hate anybody, in fact I kind of feel sorry for her.

And to those people who have posted regarding her political agenda: I have never read a hate filled rant from any of the regulars who are here to discover the pregnancy.

You are projecting my friend.

Anonymous said...

Eyesforlies has a policy of staying out of politics/political issues/people. I asked her to do Blago and got that response. Too bad - she is excellent.

Eva in New Orleans said...


I meant to say - discover the truth behind the pregnancy.


Anonymous said...

To Alex (from 12-23-08 @8:41am) – re: Ms. Palin offering up Bristol for babysitting on her birthday…my thoughts exactly!
Now back to my theory…I still think Trig is Track Palin and Sherry Johnston’s baby. I could be wrong but that’s just my little theory…I’ve had a hobby my whole life…analyzing small town behavior. I DON’T FOR ONE SECOND BELIEVE THAT MS. PALIN GAVE BIRTH TO TRIG!!! SHE MAY BE HIS MOTHER THRU ADOPTION BUT NOT HIS BIRTH MOTHER!!! That is why I want Audrey and Company to keep up the great work and to stay strong…the truth is out there, we just have to keep digging & digging & digging until “someone” comes forward. I believe they will. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all…from Kay (December 23, 2008 at 4:20pm)

KaJo said...

wayofpeace posted a comment @ 6:34 AM today that got me to thinking about the outward affect of narcissists -- about delving into auras, reading chakras, empathy, and/or reading body language (I don't do this myself, or have had it done to myself, but I do believe these techniques are of value):

A woman by the name of Rose Rosetree goes into great detail about what she saw in the video of the Palin/Biden debate. See what she had to say 10/3/08 about Sarah Palin's "Palin Pounce" @

Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks are two "relationship experts" who, as part of their methods helping folks understand and improve their relationships, dissect the nuances of body language. They have written 3 articles on John McCain, the Obamas, and on Sarah Palin during the recent presidential campaign.

What they found regarding Sarah Palin's body language echoes the findings of Rose Rosetree above. They said in their opening remarks in the Sarah Palin article, "In our work we call body language the Five Flags, because there are five major ways human beings react when they're not speaking the authentic truth. Twitches and jaw-clenches are examples of Flag #1, Body-Flags. To understand Sarah Palin, though, you need to understand Flags #2 and #3, Voice-Flags and Attitude-Flags "

Read the whole article @


I brought this up because I'd like to see what the Hendricks and Rose Rosetree would have to say upon evaluating an interview of Sarah Palin discussing the aspects of her "pregnancy", the "wild ride" from Dallas to Alaska, and the entire outing-Bristol's-pregnancy affair.

Isn't there just one recording, visually and verbally, of Sarah Palin discussing her pregnancy -- the Elan Frank video? Hasn't it been near-impossible-to-impossible to discover documentation from Sarah Palin herself about any other part of the Sarah Palin Deception saga?

I wonder if there's any way it could be arranged that one of these body language experts review that Elan Frank video. Heck, while they're at it, have them "read" the body language of Bristol and Willow Palin, too.

hrh said...

Kajo: I was about to write that the Troll-of-the-day who denied being a troll was most certainly a troll, and that could easily be confirmed by reading Troll's first posting here. But you beat me to it. Damn!

As much as I admire Morgan ("When the merconium hits the fan," ensures her place in blogistory), your thinking on trollism, and the Troll-of-the-day, is dead on. That goes for your other postings, too. Love them.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic but Related:

Check out PETA & Palin

Palin to PETA: Drop the Snowball or We'll Sue!

Check it out!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:53 am

I think you're spot on with that assessment. I don't think Palin ever had an amnio because what would she do with the information? Unless there is a history of some sort of inherited disorder which can be treated in utero, any other diagnosis might carry with it the possible decision to abort.

No...I think you're correct. Bristol had Trig which then prompted Palin to announce her own pregnancy. Trig was hospitalized during that time and the 'birth' was really the discharge date. There is simply no way a 4-week early infant, let alone one with DS is discharged the day after their birth.

This scenario can explain any birthdate from today through the end of the year.


ocean said...

"An affidavit filed in court Monday in the case against Sherry Johnston says investigators were watching her drug sales at about the same time her son’s fiancee’s mother was running for vice president."

Mary G. said...

catiching up on so many comments! Ginger, you mentioned an adoption agency at Palin's church run by her doctor--can you give more details? Very interesting.
Mary g.

Windy City Woman said...

Some of you have asked where the photo is of Bristol with Trig and her teenage friends.

Go to Diana's link. At the bottom of the page you see that this site has several pages. Go to page 2. The photo I'm talking about is on the far right of the second row and is labelled "family1."

All: Trig is a little cutie, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Just as an aside, especially regarding comments from notalib and Morgan, there is no legal reality to the Obama birth certificate. Any child of an American citizen is automatically an American REGARDLESS of where the birth actually took place....just ask anyone who works overseas or the military. An child born to an American in say Germany, would have legal automatic American citizenship and also qualify for German citizenship by birthplace. Obama could have been born on Mars and would still have be a native born American due to parentage unless he legally renounced it at 18. How do I know? I am American, my husband is French, our kids have duel citizenship until they make a choice at 18 regardless of where they were born.

KaJo said...

I was going to post my new theory about Trig Palin, but I just saw the post from Anonymous @ 7:45 PM.

Arrrgh. I'm not aiming this at you, Anon@7:45 PM. It's just that the question shouldn't even come up.

There is no question as to the authenticity of the COPY OF THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE for Obama. It's just another tinfoil conspiracy theory by neocon nitwits.

They keep "hammering" away about the "original birth certificate", as if each and every one of THEM has their ORIGINAL in hand, so "why doesn't Barack Obama publish HIS original birth certificate?"

Those obsessed fanatics have COPIES of their birth certificates. We all do. ORIGINAL birth certificates aren't released to anybody. They can be examined by the proper authorities (or like the person whose name is ON the birth certificate, or a legal rep), but they aren't released.

Question for all the conspiracy theorists on this matter: Suppose you lived through Hurricane Katrina, and all your legal papers including your birth certificate COPY were destroyed. If it were the ORIGINAL, you'd never get it back. It'd be gone forever. The Social Security Administration might not send you checks when you reach SS age without that document (just kidding -- sort of). But you're saved! That was a COPY you lost, and the ORIGINAL is safely in a fireproof, waterproof, floodproof vault along with millions of others, and all you have to do is ask for another copy.

And chances are, it'll be printed up just like Barack Obama's COPY of HIS birth certificate, on a form designed in 1995 or whatever, and printed via a state-of-the-art laser printer.

I'm senior citizen age, and I have a COPY of my birth certificate. But my mom obtained it in the early '50s before we moved from the state of my birth. It has an official seal stamped on it, and it's in the form of a if someone took a 35mm picture of my ORIGINAL birth certificate, and printed up the copy from the negative.

Anonymous said...

It is a sidetrack from the substance of this website; but the question re Obama's birth certificate has already been addressed satisfactorily to all except those who refuse to accept reality. I think the question stems (in part) from the requirement that the Constitution specifies that the President and VP must be not just "citizens" but "natural born citizens."

Tina in CA said...

Windy City Woman,
I'm sure LOTS of people are going to post this, but the people in the photo you are referring to are (from Left) Track, Piper, Willow, Bristol & Trig. Her family.........

Poor Bristol doesn't get a chance to hang out with her friends. She will never get to experience a regular 18 year old's existence.

I feel bad for her. She's such a pretty girl and she should be living the best years of her life.

I do wish her well.

KaJo said...

And now -- ta DA! -- my new Trig Palin theory.

I've been thinking about Trig Palin's appearance in the soon-after-birth pictures, and the ones that patently show him to be suffering from DS.

My answer to that question might also be the answer sought to explain why Bristol Palin was out of circulation for a period of time, why Sarah Palin hastily traveled back from Dallas, why the subterfuge between March and April-that-was-supposed-to-be-May.

My supposition: They used two babies.

One was a normal slightly pre-term infant several days old that is seen in the newborn pictures.

Meanwhile, Trig was sequestered since his birth, which likely occurred a month before. His perinatal exams and treatment were ongoing.

That's probably why Sarah Palin thought she had lots of time to go on the speaking trip to Dallas; they knew a pregnant mommy would have the "backup baby" ready to go at the expected time/date.

But something went wrong, and Sarah had to hurry back from Dallas with the ill-conceived subterfuge. What caused that haste? The mother of the normal newborn infant giving birth ahead of time?

That would explain several things:

1) How Bristol was able to get pregnant a second time; she probably actually had a menses between Trig's birth and conception of the infant she's due to deliver any day now.

2) Why Trig Palin's name didn't appear on the published list of births for the Mat-Su hospital. He probably wasn't on the list anyway, but how about looking for another baby boy born April 16-17, 2008?

3) Willow seeing the several-weeks-old Trig and the normal newborn at the same time, and remarking on Trig's DS. Isn't it true Willow's remark wasn't recorded at the time; we only have Palin's word for the statement (see People mag. story)?

4) Trig Palin being on baby food at (supposedly) 3-1/2 months August 1, 2008 (picture of SP and Piper, baby food on desk).

5) Trig Palin being a rather LARGE baby at (supposedly) 4-1/2 months in the pix of him at the RNC.

6) Who would be party to such a ruse? My guess is that one of Sarah Palin's dearest friends would be willing to serve as surrogate mom in this manner, loaning her newborn infant out for a few days.

They'd need the loan of the normal newborn infant for publicity pictures only until the Palin baby shower; after that the older, larger Trig was sequestered in the baby sling, wrapped up in a blanket, etc. etc.

If a copy of Trig's birth certificate was ever obtained, I'll bet it shows a birth date of March 15th or so.

Pretty convoluted, eh? But hey, I think this theory has legs. :)

palin pregnancy truth said...

To anonymous 7:45: the constitution states that you have to be a "natural born citizen" born on American soil, not just to American parents. Being born to American's is good enough to be a US citizen, but not enough to qualify for president.

There has been doubt about the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate and whether he was actually born in Hawaii (vs. Kenya).

However, Barack Obama released his birth certificate and got Hawaii’s Department of Health to state it was on file. verified it (however they also "verified" the Gusty pics). You certainly have a right to assert that the birth certificate was faked, but Obama has provided a HECK of a lot more credible evidence for his birth in Hawaii than Palin has for her birth of Trig.

Obama's birth certificate issue is not for this site. To the people who continue to bring it up: At least Obama provided a birth certificate and had an independent party verify its authenticity. Why hasn't Palin done the same?

Anonymous said...

Actually if you look at a pregnancy calculator ... there are a lot of them available on the Internet... we can rule out Bristol as Trig's mother if she gives birth to a full term baby any time before early February. This is of course assuming he was really born on April 18.

Here's why. The earliest a woman can get pregnant after giving birth is about 35 days. This would mean Bristol couldn't get pregnant before around the 23rd or so of May which gives a due date of mid Feb. However, of course, if the baby would be very small then he might be premature and all bets are off.

But the biggie is not so much as if or when Bristol has the baby. It's more than if the McCain campaign and Sarah Palin lied. They said on 9/1 that Bristol was "five months." If you take this to mean 22-24 weeks, this does give a due date of around December 20.

If it goes much beyond the first of the year, it will be obvious that the McCain campaign lied on September 1. so even though there would be a larger window that would rule out Bristol as Trig's mom, they'd still be left explaining why they lied.

Anonymous said...

Kajo at December 23, 2008 8:33 PM Maybe there is something to your 'convoluted story'... Check out the 'official' birthannouncement. Something about that picture has bothered me ever since I first saw it: The baby looks NOTHING like Trig in the 'supposedly' day-after-birth pics with his grandparents, nor in any of the pics with SP right afterwards!

Notalib said...

OK ladies I will just leave you all alone to your little investigation. I will no longer question your motives or try to challenge your agenda. I will still pop in to see if you ever accomplish what you are trying to, but somehow I am not holding out much hope.

Good Luck ladies have fun and Merry Christmas to all of you and may God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

"I feel bad for her. She's such a pretty girl and she should be living the best years of her life."

The scary thing is, these may very well be the best years of her life. Nothing in that family's history leads me to believe that she has been raised to do anything but party and do drugs. I suspect that for her, it's all gonna be downhill from here on.

suspicious in pdx said...

They said on 9/1 that Bristol was "five months."

Oops! Our bad! We meant "five weeks!"

Seriously, they're all playing this thing by ear, no rhyme or reason to their stories except what benefits them in the immediate moment.

Ginger said...

To: Mary G.

You asked if I had more information about the adoption agency tied in with Dr. Catherine Baldwin Johnson, Sarah's doctor.

First, you must know this doctor is well known for her work with abused children.

In the Alaskan Daily News, I read an article about a woman who had her child taken away from her by this doctor on what the woman claimed was "trumped-up-charges".

Her child was placed up for adoption thru this doctor and her church. It has taken this woman years to take the case to court and get her child back.

The ADN article was very brief and gave no details. Apparently, the woman won the case.

Anyway, this was my source of information. It really doesn't have anything to do with our blog but if you wish to pursue this story, I suggest you contact the ADN.

Notalib said...

Ok I said I was not going to post but that post by kajo is just too out there not to say something. TWO BABIES? Are you for real? Is that like the second shooter theory on the grassy knoll?

There has got to be someone in the hospital that has the same dislike for Sarah as all of you, why have they not come forward with the "truth"?

But to come out with this theory is just too bizarre.

Anonymous said...

To Anon, 12/23 @ 8:58PM
Do you have a link to the photo of Trig used in the "official" birth announcement? I'd like to compare the baby pics that you've mentioned - thanks! (Something has always seemed odd about them to me too, but now I can't relocate them to do a side-by-side comparison...)

Anonymous said...

From Anon 7:45

Kajo, I was not trying to get off track. (no pun intended) I wanted to dispel that counter argument since notalib brought it up. I have always believed in the validity of Obama being born in Hawaii. Also I appreciate the Palin Pregnancy revealed comment about wikipedia. I looked it up and on that page it mentions that McCain was born overseas (in Panama) so it's really silly that anyone even brought up the Obama birth. However, although I LOVE wiki, please remember that it is a community effort and information does rely upon people's individual knowledge which is collectively decided as fact. The information has been off at times and needed editing. One used to be able to not just only add to a page but to delete a whole Wiki page and put up anything--now it is a more controlled process. Intentional incorrect information was a concern but the founder believed that people be more likely to be protective of something that they build themselves rather than intentionally destructive. This has held true. Wiki is a great source but not gospel--much like everything.

Also Kajo, having gone through immigration and several other government systems for various reasons, I have 5 "Original" birth certificates in my possession. If you write to your courthouse they will issue as many "originals" as you need--all official copies are considered government "originals" Pretty silly, huh? I'll never forget a line in the immigration paperwork to get a fiancee visa. It said "send this form with a copy of you original birth certificate, but since it is illegal to copy official government documents just send the original and it will be returned to you"

I have been a long time supporter of this whole suspect pregnancy. I believed it since she first announced Bristol's pregnancy--even when there was not a lot of info and this sight was new. I'm really on your side. I also volunteered as an office manager for Obama's campaign in NH the day after Palin gave her speech.

As a mother, I feel so sad for Bristol. She has been betrayed on such a heartbreaking level. Palin treats her children as possessions and accessories. It's obvious that she has virtually no decent support system in her life. It's not her fault that he mother is such an self-centered person.

Anonymous said...

To Notalib

"I was so disappointed that the photoshop expert report was not posted on Dec 22 as promised."

I was soooooo disappointed that Bristol did not have her baby on the 18th or the 20th December as promised but realise in life that not everything can go to plan.

Anonymous said...

The "two baby theory" has a nice ring to it! Perhaps the phrase, "stand-in baby" is more acceptable. I still think my "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" theory has merit: Sarah faked "her" pregnancy in order to adopt a readily available DS child in order to cover up an abortion that Bristol had. She had to explain Bristol's well-know about-town pregnancy and the fact that she did not have a baby. If Bristol had an abortion, that is the only event that Sarah could not and still cannot tell the truth about and still be president. (Bush's girlfriend was rumored to have had an abortion arranged by Poppy's henchmen, but that was kept under lock & key and likely serious threats,) Having the whole world think she faked her pregnancy to adopt Bristol's child is clearly a more acceptable scenario for Sarah's career. While this theory may not be true, it explains everything far better than any other theory. The exception may be why Bristol appears to have better maternal instincts than Sarah when she is with Trig. Perhaps, maternal instinct is Sarah's Achilles' heel.

Fran said...

Regarding "palin pregnancy truth saying that "the constitution states that you have to be a "natural born citizen" born on American soil, not just to American parents. Being born to American's is good enough to be a US citizen, but not enough to qualify for president"

No! No! No! It says no such thing. It does not mention the words "born on American soil" I am so sick of people making up things that are so easily verifible.

Under Article. II. - The Executive Branch -Section 1 - The President

"No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."

Note that "natural born" is no defined and it has been left up to the Legislature to decide what it means. After all, does anyone seriously believe that a child born to American parents in the military stationed in a foreign country should be considered less of a natural born citizen then a child born to a Mexican women who manages to stumble into the US minutes before giving birth to her baby?

The irony of all of this is that thanks to the clumsy way a law was written back in 1937 to fix an unintended situation, McCain is not technically a "natural born" citizen but a "naturalized" citizen. McCain was born in the Panama Canal zone in 1935. The US law at that time stated that you were stilla "natural born" citizen if you had a parent that was a citizen and you were born in a nation outside us juridiction. That meant that babies born to citizens in place like Panama fell into a greyzone because they were within US jurisdiction, but not US soil. Ooops. So in 1937 the law was changed and all babys born in Panal were now "natural born" citizens but they forgot to grandfather in all of the already born babys who been born between it came under US jurisdiction and the law taking effect so those baby's became "naturalized citizens". Ooops. McCain is technically a "naturalized Citizen", although I think it was certainly not the intent of law and would never advocate that he not be allowed to President because of it.

palin pregnancy truth said...

To Fran, I wasn't quoting the constitution, I was trying to sum up the argument about the anti-Obama birth certificate people. That's why only "natural born citizen" was in quotes. It has been interpreted to mean born on American soil by many people and that is where the lawsuits come in that I quote from wikipedia about Obama not being eligible. They also say that McCain would be ineligible by this interpretation.

My whole argument was that the Obama birth certificate issue is pointless and we ignore the trolls who bring it up. The point of this site is to find the truth about Palin's fifth child.

Mentioning Obama's birth certificate (just like saying that Bristol is 5 months pregnant) is a smoke screen that hides the real issue: that Palin's pregnancy story does not add up and she has yet to address it.

Fran said...

To: palin pregnancy truth

I'm sorry that I misunderstood your intent. I read the comment you referenced and it sounded like you were in the camp that has the mistaken belief that "natural born" is defined in the Constitution rather then Congress. I agree that it is all a distraction and prefer to focus on this site's, topic which is Palin and her weird pregnancy. Now I return to my regularly scheduled activity of wrapping x-mas presents:)

Anonymous said...

To anon December 24, 2008 7:06 AM :

With the 'official' birth announcement, I mean the one posted here earlier, and posted on Dianas flicker account (

Anonymous said...

KaJo at 5:11 pm on Dec.23 mentioned Rose Rosetree's blog and her article on Palin.
I've read most of Rose's books and have personally experienced her ability to read people. Rose is extremely accurate. -L.

KaJo said...

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, everybody!

...especially Audrey, and Morgan and other mods, for their stamina in maintaining this blog, and their ability to stay focussed and on track.

Diana said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words and for letting me know about What a great site. I will use it from now on. Also when you link into the site...make sure you go into the SETS. They break the pictures into groups and show them in sequence by dates...making it easier to follow the sequence of photos. There is a set for Sara pre and post for just Bristol... and one set of Trigs photos.

I think it is amazing what we have uncovered so far. I personally believe Trig had an earlier delivery date then we were told. Sarah was just buying time with her fake pregnancy to pull together a birth time and date that she thought they could pull off.

Since Trig was born supposedly a month early... with downs syndrome... he would be a special needs baby. He would need monitoring and tests that would need time to be taken and then be reviewed. He NEVER would have been released so quickly from the hospital. Nor could I imagine any doctor who would recommend Trig...a premie with downs syndrome... be in contact with other people so soon after his birth. I think Trig is presented to the media on April 18th but that is not his real delivery date/birthdate....and the reason there is no record of his birth!

I don't think Sarah realized the scrutiny that she would receive on her pre-delivery story. Hey...I think it all made sense in her head. But as outsiders looking in... it is clearly a story that is not believeable... to say the least. It's Christmas...and I am trying to be kind. Even Santa knows she is not telling the truth...he whispered it in my ear just last night. :)

What is really sad to me is that she's not even aware of how irresponsible she is towards her family and children. She is clueless to her own ambition and ego and it's horrific effect it has had on her family. Her family is falling apart and she is still searching for the cameras to wink and smile at...and stroke her ego. My Christmas wish for Sarah and her family? Sarah: Put your family first...stop using and manipulating others for your own benefit...acknowledge the truth about yourself...and stop telling lies to cover your trail.

Happy Holiday's to my fellow truthseekers. It is a pleasure to seek the truth with you!