Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's official. A threshold has been reached.

For months I have been researching the story of Sarah Palin's alleged pregnancy last spring. At times, I've been serious, at other times facetious, at others sarcastic. But on some level, I always thought this was a serious story.

No more. Today, as I searched for a word to best describe where we are now, my husband suggested surreal. And that's a good word, no denying it.

We are now 48 hours after the news broke on that Triggy Trippin' Track (or whatever the hell his name is) had been born. The birth day and the birth weight have each already changed once, but I think we've finally settled on Saturday, December 27th, and 7 lbs 8 oz. No matter that ... depending on how you count it... either two days or five days in, not one Alaskan newspaper has confirmed the story. Not one Wasilla/Palmer/Anchorage hospital has confirmed the child was actually born there. We have not seen a single photo, even a quick smile and wave from the proud new mom as she carries her little bundle o' joy out of the hospital. And most incredibly of all, the Governor's office has "refused to comment," saying that it is only a private family matter.

Read that again. Sarah Palin's office - five days after the putative birth - has not yet actually confirmed that the child has been born.

So.. how is it again... that we know this then? Let's review: It turns out that the alleged baby has an alleged great-aunt (who doesn't even live in Alaska, but hey, minor details) who got an alleged email from the alleged grandpa and then somehow (this is totally unclear) talked to (So how was it, just out of idle curiousity, that alleged great-aunty got Saturday and Sunday mixed up? Was the initial email from Chuck "Sarah's Water Broke" Heath wrong? Mistaken? Oh never mind. There's no point in even asking.) Great-aunty has actually admitted that she hasn't really TALKED to anyone in the family, but again... minor details.

But then, today, just when I thought surely it could not get any worse, it does. People is now reporting that Gov. Palin called them today... and left a message. Hmmm.

And on that message was the earth-shattering info that: Levi and Bristol are not really high school dropouts. Gov. Palin wanted everyone to know that. She wanted it to be abundantly crystal clear. She even says it right out. "They are certainly not high school drop outs." Hmmm.

Because later in the same article we are told that: Levi, also 18, told the AP in October that he had "left high school" to enroll in an apprenticeship program training him as an electrician. (I don't know what YOUR definition of high school dropout is, but that's pretty much mine.)

And her reason for imparting this pearl? To protect the young folks' reputations. Of course, considering that we are talking about a young woman who supposedly just had a baby (possibly her second) at age eighteen and a young man whose mother just got arrested for drug charges, the word "reputation" probably needs to be applied a bit loosely. If at all.

Oh, and what does she tell us about her darling newborn grandson? Umm, let me check the article again. Ummm. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. Squat. Nothing about how cute and chubby and perfect he is. Nothing about how he smells so sweet that his grandmother just can't put him down. Nothing about how cute he looks in his little sleepers or darling hats. But... Levi's going to be an electrician. Yeah, that's important.

She does reassure us that "Levi and Bristol are working their butts off to parent," an odd statement at best considering that the new (alleged) rugrat is barely five days old, and, pardon me for pointing this out, but many of us believe that Bristol has been parenting Trig for, oh, eight months now.

Which brings me to the conversation I had with my husband on the word that could best be used to describe this absolutely unbelievable morass. His suggestion was, as I said, surreal. And it surely is. But I felt somehow I could do better. Somewhere, there was the perfect word. And then, it came to me.


For those of you who many not remember high school English, I'll give you a refresher on the definition of farce.

A light dramatic work in which highly improbable plot situations, exaggerated characters, and often slapstick elements are used for humorous effect.
Or perhaps you might like this one better.

A low style of comedy; a dramatic composition marked by low humor, generally written with little regard to regularity or method, and abounding with ludicrous incidents and expressions.
Yup. Farce.


Jen said...

my head is swimming with this new information -- this is truly an unbelievable series of events and the MSM is failing in the most horrible of ways -- no wonder this country went down the wrong track for so long.

Thank goodness for Audrey and her team. If this blog does not get the recognition for busting this story open and exposing the media for the utter lack of journalism on this woman, it will be a crime.

time to step up the pressure!

Anonymous said...

To Audrey…you nailed it! I agree and Happy New Year…from Kay (December 31, 2008 at 7:00pm)

Anonymous said...

What I am hearing from people not into this as we are is that the selection of SP as a running mate for loser JMc was a farce. It was a throw away election, and SP was most expendable. Hoping that is true and the damage has been done.

sandra in oregon

Silver Salmon said...

This just screams that the baby hasn't been born yet and isn't expected to be born for some time. It's almost if the Palins saw the window of reasonable time of expected birth start to slip away and planted a seed to throw everyone off the trail.

Where has Sarah been the past few days?

Alex said...

Can SP get any coarser (or desperate)? She's unhinged. Leaving a message for PEOPLE in which she says her daughter is "working her butt off. . ."

maybe it's all starting to unravel.

(thank you, Audrey. Nice use of the word "farce.")

Anonymous said...

ummm... anybody see this yet? Offi cial statement from SP:

gs said...

Now SP comments to the ADN

Still wonder why no pictures or why no one has seen anyone leave a hospital. Keep up the good work Audrey. This is as odd as the Wild Ride.

Max said...

Actually, Sarah Palin's office just released a comment today:

Alex said...

Sounds like somebody read the Mudflats example of a proper official statement and realized they'd blown it.

Still farcical.

RW said...

" Farce
It's official. A threshold has been reached."


After what Ive been reading and seeing....this is taking on Fellini-esque qualities. the least Monty Python.
John Waters?
Midnight Express?
Looney Tunes??

Poor little Pelt, er Truck, er Trapp, er Trigger...whatever the name is...gotta live with these people!!!
...but he wont know the diff having to grow up around these whackjobs.

Ill bet BP is "working" her butt off...she has at least

Anonymous said...

Well, SP has been a busy beaver this afternoon. First the rant to People and now a statement, finally, from the Governor's office. I just read the statement in the ADN. Defensive, much? I think she has been reading all the comments on the news sites regarding Bristol's baby, and she's got quite a bee in her bonnet. She is most intent on insisting that Bristol and Levi are not high school dropouts . . . while explaining how they have dropped out of high school. Oh, please, Mr. Olbermann, please explain how this can be so . . .


Anonymous said...

What is it with Sarah Palin and "eve" announcements? The so-called "medical records" on election eve, and now the birth announcement on New Years Eve. These announcements do seem to be timed to get the minimal amount of media coverage at the time of release.

Anonymous said...

Maybe 'correspondence courses' are different, but every high school kid I know is off for Christmas/New Years break right now. And they also were on the day of the supposed birth of Tripp.
- Journeygal

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! She parades those kids on a national stage to announce the pregnancy but now it is a "private matter" and how can those kids be working their butts off when the baby is not yet a week old? And school everywhere is on break right now.
This woman is a pathologic liar. There must be someone up there in that tundra who knows the truth. What is keeping them from coming forward?

Anonymous said...

"Bill McAllister, the governor’s office communications director, adds: "The governor's office previously declined to comment to honor the family's wishes that the event remain as private as possible. However, the high volume of press inquiries, along with some erroneous information that was published, prompted the governor to make a statement."

Yes, information that came from her own family member - not at all surprising to me! This of course resulted in the high volume of press enquiries seeking confirmation of the said erroneous information. What a piece of work Sarah Palin is. And still no baby photos - but lots of press. Who can deny that the event has taken place now? I repeat again the SP camp are engaged in Rovian tactics and have been for months now.

Alex said...

Definitely JOHN WATERS material here, RW. You are right. . .

(My husband and guest are making dinner and I'm glued to this blog with my champagne glass. It's really better than any mini-series.)

RW said...

Why isnt the ANK media hoping trying get some pictures??
Why isnt ADN looking for some pic of this blessed event...

What do they know about SP that would keep them from doing what all other media does...

Wasilly in general seems VERY quiet lately.

Anonymous said...

...what will she 'try to do' next...

I'm feeling that things are about to come to a head - all it takes is on tripp-up and BAM - all the details about everything spil over and over!

HNY -2009 from Teal

ocean said...

Here is a direct link to the National Enquirer poll.

National Enquirer poll

Anonymous said...

Where are the paparazzi when you need them? LOL

ocean said...

Please click the direct link to the Enquirer poll posted above, even if you have already voted. Clicking on the link will show the Enquirer how many people from all over the nation and the world follow Audrey's blog.

gs said...

It's like the turkey fiasco, she thought she would dispel all question with a wave of her hand ( or a "no comment" in this instance). The woman is completely tone deaf to how she is perceived by regular people. Whatever the outcome of either baby story, she is a strange woman with a strange set of beliefs and a bizarre family life.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think her statement was mean. Bristol is 18 now. And my mom turned 18 just after having me. As the child of a teen mom, I am offended by the heavy negativity loaded on the situation by SP. She peppers with "sweetness" but she is a passive-aggressive mean woman. Whatever the real story -- I wish Bristol, Levi and Tripp (and Trig?) all the best. The first days of motherhood are such a whirl of emotions and I hope she can enjoy the great ones.


Anonymous said...

"Abounding with ludicrous incidents and expressions."

Six words that SAY IT ALL.

Good work again Audrey.

Diana said...

And what do you think motivated this:
DHSS Contacts: Sherry Hill (907) 465-1618, cell (907) 321-2838
Wilda Laughlin (907) 465-1613, cell (907) 723-3802

Governor Palin Introduces the Health Care Transparency Act
(Juneau , Alaska) Governor Sarah Palin today introduced the Alaska Health Care Transparency Act which will provide more effective tools to help Alaskans access affordable health care, and to ensure our health care system is responsive to changing demographics and market conditions.

The Act includes some recommendations from the Health Care Strategies Planning Council and the Health and Social Services Certificate of Need Negotiated Rule Making Committee.

“I thank the members of these two committees,” Governor Palin said. “They worked diligently to evaluate the broad spectrum of the health care system in our state. After reviewing their work, I am establishing the Alaska Health Care Commission to further health care planning from a statewide perspective, by building on the work they have done.”

The bill would establish an Alaska health care information office to give consumers factual information on quality, cost and other important matters to help them make better-informed decisions about health care in the state. Recognizing that health care must be market-and business-driven, rather than restricted by government, Governor Palin is proposing a repeal of the Certificate of Need program (CON).

CON is a regulatory process that requires certain health care providers to obtain state approval before offering certain new or expanded services.

Health and Social Services Commissioner Karleen Jackson concluded that the CON program does not benefit the citizens of Alaska, given the litigious environment surrounding it.

The reports from the two committees are available online at:

Gadfly said...
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Lila J said...

to anon at 7:46--on your question regarding the reluctance of folks up there in the tundra stepping forward with the truth: Think about what it would take to motivate a truthteller. Not just money but lots of it, enough to escape Alaska and the long arm of SP's malicious vindictiveness. I do agree with a previous commenter (can't remeber who, sorry) that Sherri Johnston is the weak link in the chain. Or perhaps Levi will talk if he and Bristol break up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your usual excellent analysis. Yes, it truly is a farce; and the MSM is a key actor in enabling it to continue. How completely useless they are at doing any credible investigation of the so-called facts handed to them by the Palins. Even when the facts are obviously incorrect (like Trig's age), there is no follow up. It's no wonder that news outlets are losing money -- they really don't provide any useful service.

I wish all you truth seekers a Happy New Year, during which I'm sure we'll be exploring even more bizarre stories emanating from the Palin household.

Gadfly said...

My take on Gov. Palin's press release on Tripp's birth.

Anonymous said...

A name and a date but no birth weight, even though she had at least three reported weights to pick from. Also lots of spin lest any voter think she is glamorizing unwed teen pregnancy. Someone can watch the high school for an un-pregnant Bristol next week, but I bet her remaining credit will be an online course. -B.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Sarah's impeccable timing amazes me. New Year's Eve? Really?

This carefully-crafted statement sounds good on the surface. But without some pictorial evidence, this is nothing more than a condescending pat on the head to everyone who has expressed doubt.

Her followers will rant and rave and say that we don't have any right to ask for pictures--we have our proof right there in Sarah's own words. But her words are nearly all we've ever been given. She says she gave birth to Trig, but that statement, compared to the mountain of evidence that shows that she almost certainly did not, shows the value we can place on what she says.

Please do not give up on this! There is more here than meets the eye...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know for sure that the ranting phone message was in fact SP and not a prankster?

Anonymous said...

SP Has a Heroine Complex Multiplied by 1000
I read an article around the time of her VP nomination that "SP is to be admired & respected for her deeds, abilities and courage." Just wait until ‘they’ start examining & paying attention to her ‘deeds and abilities’ like [the majority of us here on] this blog.

Silvergirl said...

I'n happy to hear Sarah is "over the moon". I sure wish she would stay out there in outer space.

Anonymous said...

Wow! So now SP wants to call People and state that Bristol and Levi are actually pursuing high school diplomas. Since when? Levi told AP back in late Oct. that he had dropped out of school and I would bet you that Bristol hasn't been in school since Dec. 07 or Jan. 08. What's up with SP and these lies? How do MSM continue to let her get away with this.

Also, let's think about this. Why would SP feel a need to clear it up with People and in her press release about the birth of Tripp that Bristol and Levi is still in school? Could it be because Levi should not have his apprentice job without a diploma or GED or that Bristol should not be on Sarah's gov't insurance if she is 18 and not in school? It does appear that SP is anxious to make it clear that both are in school. Why?

Also, I agree with other posts, I am not sure if Little Tripp is actually here yet. I need to see pictures soon.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from Kay,
As 2008 becomes 2009, I believe most people will reminisce about how this year “went” and I must say personally for me an interesting year full of more things to learn from. And also a new “character” was hurdled onto the national scene…a Ms. Sarah Heath Palin – the young governor of Alaska. Oh boy does she “excite”…let’s find out some things about her…what is this buzz around her, why her? Ok…I will watch the news for a day and find out…oh crap…that wasn’t what I was expecting. Ok…I will give it another day…oh crap…it’s getting worse. And in my opinion, Ms. Palin just continues to get worse…I know I’m speaking to the choir here. So again THANK YOU AUDREY & COMPANY…you are doing a great job. For me it was hard to not care…she is like oh so many women I grew up around…women both younger and older than I. Oh and add in the fact…I’m currently in a different small town (which I gladly call my home)…and she is like so many women I am currently around…and again, women both younger and older than I. And I know of “ONE” count it “ONE” other woman that I know that feels the way I do about Ms. Palin…everyone else has the “cult-like” idea of her. And might I add they will see it no other way either and that is fine…all opinions welcome. And the men (minus my husband – he agrees with me on the issue of Ms. Palin) in my “neighborhood”…I won’t even comment on it. So at the end of this LONG year…I feel I am blessed in many ways…more and more everyday and one of the many things I am thankful for…not being like Ms. Palin and the others just like her that I know!!! I am thankful that I am blessed to see past all the pretending that has gone on in the small towns that I have lived in! I AM HAPPY TO BE A STAND-OUT AND A BLACK SHEEP!!!
This is for Ms. Palin or whatever “follower” she has monitoring this site and blog…I know how it is to live in a small town and have lots of relatives, to help defend “our own” and I know what bein’ in the country is like and all that it entails…you betcha I do. But I decided a long time ago; to see past the bullsh#% and use my brain…I will not be like all the “others”. But here is a little bit of reality Ms. Palin…your small town ain’t so small anymore. You threw your “hat” into the ring. You lack in parenting skills. You lack in your ability to serve your state as their governor. You will be caught…you are not above the law. PERIOD!!! I have faith but can also think for myself…if God wanted us all to think the same he would not have given us free will. I don’t need someone telling me what to do and think…my daddy, my husband, etc. The golden rule is a good one…Keep it in mind! And you reap what you sow. And be careful what you wish for; it just might come TRUE. And “SINS” of the mother are bound to repeat…and I could go on and on!!! YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE, SOME OF THE TIME; BUT NOT ALL OF THE PEOPLE, ALL OF THE TIME!!! My HOPE is that your children will grow up to be nothing like you! I wish them all the best…may each of them have a blessed, healthy and happy life with lots to be thankful for! (December 31, 2008 at 8:50pm)

Tina in CA said...

You don't need to tell us what time you posted. The blog does that. Also, it would be helpful for you to put your name instead of anonymous.

Just click on Name/URL just above anonymous and type in your name. That way we can glance and see that you have a new post since they are all so interesting.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Audrey and others,

Thanks to everyone who is keeping up on this. Perhaps it seems like a non-story to MSM. There is press release from her press secretary and "pregnant" governer photos. It's not what is being said by Camp Sarah, but what is not being said. Sometimes what facts are missing and why these facts are missing is the real story.

I don't feel like a conspiracy nut for doubting SP being the mother of Trigg. It's like the whole JFK magic bullet story. I don't know what really happened (maybe never will) but I know what DID NOT---no Magic Bullet and no miracle SP pregnancy.

As far as SP's view on the importance of education, she certainly had no problem pulling both Willow and Piper out of school in order to parade them around during the election--at this rate they won't be able to make it through high school either.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Halcro’s blog has a story that has some connections (due to phraseology) to the Bristol and Levi “working their butts off” message that Gov. Palin left for People magazine.

Halcro provided a copy of one of the Alaska Yahoo emails recently obtained as a result of Andree McLoed’s legal action to obtain state emails on which Todd Palin was copied.

The email itself is here:

Two paragraphs in the email exchanges were written by Gov. Palin. The earlier one included this colorful tidbit: “Frank-did you see wesley’s blog on biz lic? Shoot. Don’t know who’s idea it was, but it was all about transparency!”

The best sentence is from Palin’s later response to Frank Bailey:

“A change in tactic must occur or special session and next year will just be another repeat of us WORKING OUR BUTTS OFF and only being able to take the tiniest baby steps towards reform...and we’ll need very IMPACTING MESSAGES TO BE PUBLICIZED ABOUT ALL THESE SHENANIGANS.”

As they say on Mudflats—you can’t make this stuff up! You'll need to read it in context to get the true flavor.


Anonymous said...

We will know when Tripp is born because the Palins will release a photo of him right away. They will say that the photo was taken on December 28th (or whatever day they finally settle on as the birthday...) They will provide no proof as to the date other than their word. And no one will question it because now everyone "knows" that Dec 28th (or whenever) is the date the baby was born. The stories circulating now will confirm the accuracy of the picture and the picture will confirm the accuracy of the stories. People who should know better will buy it all. Sad.

Kay said...

Okay…I do not like to conform but I will…Have a good one!

Mary G. said...

Audrey, as usual, has said it all. I certainly think the term farce is accurate. As Thomas Hardy pointed out: "If you look beneath the surface of any farce you see a tragedy; on the contrary, if you blind yourself to the deeper issues of a tragedy you see a farce."
A Happy and Peaceful New Year to all, Mary g.

Kilia said...

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!

Second, it really irks me how SP can be so callous of a mother the way she is. Too bad for her. What goes around, comes around, 'eh?

Anonymous said...

Sarah is at it again with her conflicting stories. She said previously that Bristol had finished High School early with correspondence courses when asked what the kids were doing about school. And actually I think she has three little drop outs in the family as I believe Track did not finish high school before being hauled off to the army.

Anonymous said...

Further comment from the same person on ADN
"For those who may not know, yes, he played hockey for Wasilla High but attended Burchell High. Burchell doesn't have school sports so their kids can play on the Wasilla High team provided they make the team. The whole thing is a joke that the Governer is arrogant enough to try and white wash what most in Wasilla already know - the kid was and is a dropout. It's commendable he's "trying" to get his diploma but it isn't his idea. He'll get it thanks to the Republican Party and Sarah Palin's blind ambition for power."

Anonymous said...

A poster with the screen name "What" wrote this today in response to the ADN story about Palin's dropouts:

"I voted for Palin but had I known she has a propensity for lying to the public, I never would have voted for her. I know Levi Johnston, he was a student at Burchell High School and yes, he dropped out in March 2008. He left Burchell and never returned. He told all the kids, including my teenager, that he was done with school and was going to work on the slope because daddy is a big wig up there and would get him a job. He did just that and that's the TRUE version of what happened. However, now that mama Palin has stepped in, she's making him take courses online because an aspiring politician with her eyes on the national stage knows she can't get there with a HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT for a son-in-law. Sorry Palin, this is one Wasilla resident who isn't buying your lies. If it leaves school, tells the kids it isn't coming back to school, accepts a job with a private firm on the slope, it's a HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT. Ask any kid who attends Burchell or formal principal Rob Picou-he dropped out!"

Anonymous said...

More interesting information from another commenter on ADN - "The State of Alaska website displays a brochure giving information about how to get into the apprentice program. A requirement appears to be a high school diploma or a GED certificate. If Mr. Johnston is still in High School, however did he qualify for his plum apprentice job up on the Slope? Who is responsible for hiring apprentices up there? They need to know that according to Sarah, Levi is not qualified. Oh, it also stated that you must have proof of successfully completing Algebra I with a grade of C or better. For some reason I find it disturbing that the guy who wired my house may have barely passed Algebra I."

Anonymous said...

The point of the press release, and the "clarification" to People magazine, is that Ms. Sarah thinks that she is being made to look bad, in that people think her daughter and future(?) son-in-law are high school dropouts and that that implies that Ms. Sarah is a bad mother.......why, yes, perhaps it could. I'm sure she has heard the re-buzz about the doubts that she is Trig's biological mother, too. But I think what really galls her is that SOME people (US!!) are unwilling to take Ms. Sarah's word to prove the truth of anything, and we require independent corroboration. But you see, that is what happens when you tell lies. False in one, false in all. That is why we cannot believe her in anything that she says. So sorry Ms. Sarah, but that is the life of a liar.

I also, too....noticed that the "Bristol" statement doesn't actually say that the baby has been born. Huh. Gosh, neither does the "Sarah" statement say that.

So, who exactly sent that email to Colleen?

"How dare they question me; I am Queen Sarah!!"

Anonymous said...

I guess those Palin women *are* a tough lot.

SP goes back to work 3 days *cough* after having Trig and now BP will be returning to High School what 10 days after giving birth?

Who exactly is going to be watching Tripp while she does this? Do they have Piper lined up to babysit this one too?

I had C-sections with both my kids and the "bounce back" from that is likely not as good as a vaginal birth, but I didn't want to do ANYTHING but spend time with my babies until they were at least a month old.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone watch the Jan 31 episode of "The Hour" on CBC? It might be available on the website. About half-way through, the host interviewed Sarah Palin (pretty sure it was taped before Jan 31). One of his first questions was something to the effect of "What was 2008 like for you?" and she didn't mention how she was going to be a grandma. Didn't mention Bristol's pregnancy at all. Mentioned her new baby, and that Track had gone to Iraq, so she did bring the personal into her answer. Just found the ommission interesting.

Perhaps it says more about her as a person than about her daughter's pregnancy though; I felt the host tried to get a look at the "real" Sarah Palin, but her answers were all very superficial.

RW said...

It was mentioned way early on that
I think SP got stumped when Desperate Housewives returned and did not carry thru on the Bree preg story, to any degree.
It sorta simply went away.

SP was doing a Desperate Housewives season replay.
...daughter gets preg, Bree wears a belly pretending its her preg; meanwhile the kid is sorta kinda sent away, for the gestation.

By fall of the next season on DH, however...they did not return and fill in all the blanks.
In fact they left(out) a bunch of plot for the viewer to fill in, to just go along with.
...It was suddenly a later date in time.

It was also...fiction.

If SP began this farce with DH in mind, using that oh so simple TV plot line that no one bothered to give answers for she quite likely thought this would all go simply...go away. Too.

Since seeing her interview on tv after the gov win where she sounded like a robotic Barbie giggling and chewing gum...I did not think she had a good grasp of reality.
There is herself....and then there is reality.
...somewhere...oh, say...over there>>>>
Or there<<<<.

I think SP is a literalist, as her relig would indicate in any event and that she thinks one liners are sufficient.
The meme's.
The sound byte.

'oh sherryJ is a drug dealer!'
'oh BP has had her baby!!'
....goes around the world.
...and out over the US news outlets.

We know the MSM are reading this blog.
They are sitting on their asses waiting for the bloggers to do the dirty work....because no one knows how to deal with this absolutely ludicrous insane bizarre
surreal soap opera taking place the last 11 months, in the least.

On soap operas no one asks questions about changing faces or hanging plot lines or disappearing characters. would the MSM cover a soap?
They wouldnt see any point in trying.
It is not real.

But hey guys...this is real.
And its really scary to think all you MSM folks out there can just let this (in bold) candidate for veep (out of bold) skate on all this total hogwash.
....this is someone who was picked 'cause she was cute and it was hoped she could charm, the election.
....they wanted her NEAR the WH.
And you MSM's went along with it.

And that is what this is about.
I dont think anyone here gives a hoot about the shenanigans in her family.
I just really think we all would like to know that our veep is somewhat stable.
....and when you MSMs let her skate it was more insulting than any of us are willing to take.

MSM, I dont really know why you are off your game, dropping your ball, in denial, pretending all this SP is up to snuff, but it is not, we know it, you know it.

AK Media...Where are you? in every state parks outside pols waiting for one liners, pic, stories.
Not you.

What is everyone so afraid of...

It is just cultural?
....are we afraid to see what blithering idiots we've really become...swallowing sound bite after sound bite?

One question for any MSM:
HAVE YOU SEEN THE PIC OF SP WHEN SHE REALLY WAS....PREG?? know, on the deck in red with that very very large belly??

Anonymous said...

Todd Palin spoke with a local Anchorage radio talk show host and explained how People got the news of Tripp's birth.

Apparently, People cold-called the aunt in Washington state and tricked her into giving the information out.

That could explain the initial confusion about birth day.

The talk show host is Eddie Burke. You can download the show in question (Tues., 12/30) from the show's web site:

The host doesn't interview Todd on the show, he just relays the essence of his communication with Todd.

It's a short segment, about 2:48 into the 3 hr podcast.

luna1580 said...

wow, audrey,

you've never been personally, righteously pissed-off in this blog before. i feel your frustration.

i must say i've spent the past 12-ish hours helping my parents host a dinner party for 20 (i'm 28 and home for the holidays, back to my own life this weekend, can hardly wait...) so i've missed this new SP "non-drop-outs" story. i'll read up and analyze tomorrow.

but it's weird to me that i went out of my way to note how SP didn't seem to take her dad's love of education to heart in the last comment thread -it's around/just before comment 100, beginning "what values do the heaths hold" -paraphrasing that here.

weird. i can't wait to read and think on it tomorrow. but now i need to sleep off my new year's party!

happy 2009 to all! hope you let SP out of your thoughts and just were happy with friends and family for a few hours (as i did).

talk to you soon,

Kevin said...

For once I have to disagree with Audrey. This is not a farce. Farces are funny. They also take skill in both writing and acting to carry the audience from laugh to laugh without time to reflect on how improbable the plot is.

Instead of laughs, SP has had us lurching between moments of skepticism, incredulity, annoyance, and outrage. She has made my jaw drop, but not to laugh. To be funny, SP would have to be like Tina Fey, a good actress, and only pretending to be the Governor of Alaska and Republican vice- presidential nominee.

In theatrical terms, this has not been like watching a farce, but like being forced to watch bad "improv" by slow-witted actors who can't think ahead or coordinate their stories. We, the audience, have long since ceased to believe in the characters, and having realized there is no way the actors can credibly untangle the mess they've created, we are wondering only when they will give up, desperately wishing someone would hand them a script, any script, so that something will make sense. To call this a farce insults those who can actually do it.

PS: Lest I come off as a grouch, I'll add that someone who effortlessly detaches the front half of her abdomen shouldn't be talking about people working their butts off.

Happy New Year!

Half Sigma said...

The changing facts of the story of the birth is simply explained by that People misreported what Colleen Jones said because their employees are lousy journalists.

I was once interviewed by a reporter from the Wall Street Journal, a supposedly reputable paper, and when I read the article a few days later, they had my first name completely wrong!

sissy said...

It seems odd the only misinformation that Sarah Palin is interested in correcting is the high school drop out status of the kids...

Dianne said...

Thank you Audrey and friends for this blog. It's amazing to me the number of people who cannot see that the Emperor has no clothes!!! Especially MSM!! Come on - how much more do they need to see that she is nekkid. Kay - I agree with you that so many people turn a blind eye to what is really Sarah. And you are right when you say there are so many people a great deal like her in their narcissism. A very interesting post BTW.

Anyway, this blog is quite inspiring. Makes me want to go to Wasilly and investigate myself.

Happy New Year Audrey and all!

Marcy said...

Good morning, and a beautiful Happy New Year to Audrey, Morgan, Kathleen and Patrick, and a whole lotta other people who love the truth. Audrey, "a low style" is an apt description! Just imagine, if Sarah Palin were our VP-elect right now: "working their butts off" is a disgusting absence of dignity.

On the news this morning, I found a BBC article about a Ugandan woman, flying from Amsterdam to Boston in her eighth month of pregnancy. She went into premature labor at 30,000 feet and delivered a six pound girl. But we all know that Ms Palin's mighty abs could have overcome pressurized cabin and all natural forces, back in April. Thank you lovely people for your determination and balance; let the farce continue. cheers, grammy

leu2500 said...

All I can say is, I hope People insists on DNA before they pay any $ for baby pictures.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the tower of moose crap Sarah Palin has been contructing over the past year is about to topple.

Her lies, double talk and own conflicting stories are coming back to bite her in the arse! Um, I thought Bristol was not in school since March of 2008 because she completed her courses early.... oh, but she was out of school because she had mono...but she was in a car accident...all the while getting busy with her boyfriend Levi....

That's the problem with telling too many lies...they start conflicting with the ones you already told....Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, you are so busted!I'm sure you or your staff have been reading this blog, and I find it curious that NO ONE had contacted Audrey to ever deny any of the evidence produced here. You even had McAllister contact PETA! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Happy New Year All!

FW from VA

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, everyone! Let's see what 2009 brings in the continuing Sarah Palin soap opera.

To recap: the good news is that we can start 2009 with a much higher level of certainty that the original premise of the blog is correct, and Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig. The photos from March are conclusive that Sarah was not 7+ months pregnant. No objective evaluation of them can come to any other conclusion. Those on this blog who feel otherwise now bear the burden of proof of how a woman with a flat abdomen can bear a 6+ pound child a few weeks later. Also, they should have to explain the mystery of how Sarah's shape varied so much day to day in April. And the "square pillow" shape in the Elan Frank video. And of course the implausible wild ride story, and many more inconsistencies...

The question of who Trig's mother actually is remains unanswered. This is not the central question, but of course we want to know this because it would be the final nail in the coffin. The announcement of Bristol's pregnancy and birth of her son were meant to silence these suspicions; but since there is no independent documentary evidence yet regarding the pregnancy and birth, this is still unresolved. As far as I know, the photos of Bristol looking engorged at the RNC are the strongest documentary evidence that she is Trig's mother. There are a lot of other pieces of information that suggest Bristol is Trig's mother, including pre-existing rumors, anonymous nurse's account, absence from school, maternal behavior, etc. Absolutely nothing has yet been authenticated (including the new baby's birth) to prove otherwise.

However, there are theories about others who could be Trig's mother, some of which may have merit. I believe that those espousing those theories should focus on finding some credible documentary evidence. For example, I have never seen a single photo of Willow that would suggest she was ever pregnant, and there is no evidence that I know of that suggests that she missed school last winter or spring or that any suspicions were raised about her then. Could you show us something that would lend credence to the theory (and the one about Sherry Johnson), rather than just talking about it? That would help, if these theories are ever to be taken seriously.

Another possibility that was raised but has received little traction is that Track's unnamed girlfriend (not Sherry J) is Trig's mother. This may have merit; yet I haven't seen any follow-up about this, nor even any verification of who this young lady might be.

I'm sure with a sincere effort to substantiate the theories, these questions will gradually be sorted out. However, let's remember that they are not the central issue of the blog -- Sarah's hoax is the main issue.

In terms of process, the search for photos and their analysis has proven very fruitful, and I'm confident more will emerge in this arena. Keep up the great work, everyone! Also, the authenticity of the CBJ letter has been questioned, and further investigation of that is warranted. In fact, CBJ is a possible weak link, because her reputation and possibly her medical license may be at risk. The recent questions about her status at the medical centers may be worth investigating, as there seems to be an inconsistency with what the letter said. The questions about the birth of the new baby may shine additional light on the lack of verification of her role.

I wonder if it would be helpful to have a section of the blog devoted to brainstorming about how to acquire more evidence. The photo-sleuthing is a good example of how much can be achieved; but are there other things that we can do to follow up on possible clues? I don't mean to brainstorm, which is fine -- I mean to actually track down and verify information.

In my best scenario, I imagine and hope that there is someone competent who is working undercover to investigate Sarah for this and/or other transgressions. As with anyone dishonest, Sarah will always have to look over her shoulder, and the list of all the little and big things that don't add up will grow. This will catch up with her, certainly in the 2012 presidential primaries, if not sooner.

At some point, someone who is in the know will "sing." Sarah is so manipulative, power-hungry and such a diva that she is bound to offend someone who knows. I'm sure she has done her best to put them all in some jeopardy (read: under her thumb), but she has also made enemies and burned bridges (to nowhere). Sooner or later the rationale for telling the truth will be greater than the rationale for keeping the secret.

Finally, I recommend that Audrey pull the core information together into book format. It would be a great whodunit, and I'm confident would have an audience. Might be a good antidote to the eagerly awaited SP book.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

The reason for no pics could be the exclusive contract for the first pic. Thus, we'll have to wait a month or nine!

Or, perhaps, the baby looks like Ted Stevens or Dick Cheney! ;-)

Sarah's quoting Bristol clearly advocates contraception as in prevention. No way around that statement!

Anonymous said...

anonymous said:
SP goes back to work 3 days *cough* after having Trig and now BP will be returning to High School what 10 days after giving birth?

You do what you have to do. A teenager in my son's high school had a baby, and she went to school til the day before she delivered and was back half days 4 days later. My neighbor teaches at the local comm college, and one of her students had a baby on a Fri night, and came back Mon and sat for finals for 3 days.

Why does it make SP strange to be pushing these 2 to finish high school, by whatever means they can (correspondence, online, whatever?)Why would that be out of line, to know they need that education and push them to get it even if they're being obstinate or making stupid choices, and yes you do have to push some kids? I'm sure she's being insistent with both of them that they have to finish school somehow, someway, I sure would be.

As for SP having the younger kids out of school and on the campaign trail, I think it looked like a good educational experience for them, and school can certainly be worked on without being there. You take the books with you, the teacher gives the parents the assignments, and you keep up with your class.

You all seem to be looking for anything to knitpick on that you can.
She has every right to keep Bristol's birth of Tripp as private as possible and I don't blame her one bit-ITS NOT OUR BUSINESS.

As to Sarah's stomach size 'discrepancies', it just blows my mind how you are picking her size in pictures apart. You can look like nothing one day, and three days later pop out like a watermelon, anyone around preg ladies has seen that.You can also look huge, get a couple weeks before delivering, and actually look smaller when baby moves deeper into pelvis. You can look lopsided, you can look square, your belly takes on a life of its own.The baby can be head up one day, flip, and your stomach shape is totally different the next day.

Why do some gals get stretchmarks? Fast growth, not slow even growth where you could see a stomach looking slightly bigger every single day for 40 weeks. My sister bragged til 4 weeks before she was due that she hadn't gotten stretch marks and looked relatively small.Then within 3 days, bam she was covered and looked like an elephant (turned out she had excess amnio fluid at the end.)YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT A PREGGO BELLY WILL DO.You can't tick off a list as say she isn't following all the rules on this list.

Someone mentioned being seen walking fast during their last last months as 'proof' they couldn't be as far along as they were.Are you kidding me? As a long time runner, I ran through all my pregnancies, and only turned to speed walking at the very end.Does this mean I was faking being 9 month preg at the end, because I was out there walking fast? Should my neighbors have been suspicious that I was faking a pregnancy, because I was walking fast with a big belly????

Kay said...

To Anon @ 6:42am (01-01-09)…Got pictures? I’d love to see them…you can blot the heads out! Were you giving some advice to the spinsters for Ms. Palin? Maybe they’ll use some of it!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon@6:42, you make several good points.

I agree that Tripp is Bristol's business -- except that since Palin/McCain/RNC explicitly used the announcement of his forthcoming birth to deny that Trig was not Sarah's baby, a birth announcement was called for.

The case against Sarah giving birth to Trig is based on circumstantial evidence, yes, but deciding a civil case calls for a preponderance of the evidence. What are the chances that all of the strange things Palin in 2008 happen together? Now that even Tripp's announcement isn't a standard date, time, weight, name, sex but instead is confused and changing, just adds to the case. Each thing taken separately not convincing; together, WTFarce?

This is a blog. People think out loud. The important stuff will keep going and the trivial will not. There's nothing wrong with Tripp's or Trig's names. That kid named Adolf Hitler Jones, or whatever -- that's a problem. Even if Palin overlooked the meaning of "dropout," at least she is finally speaking out in favor of education. The more I've learned of Wasilly, the more I respect her for going away and getting a college degree. Not like that was expected of everyone at her high school. And she was in love with Todd back home. Not easy. I might have taken my kids on a VP campaign, thinking it was a once in a lifetime experience. In fact, the kids seem to do OK around Sarah. It was when she was in Juneau and the teens were back in Wasilla area being watched by family and Trooper Wooten that things tanked. Also too (couldn't resist!), Todd and Sarah have stayed together through many years and changes, and both seem likable.

She isn't ready for prime time, and she hasn't figured that out. That's a big problem. -B.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 6:42...claiming that Bristol's baby is none of our business.

I urge you to read Time magazine Dec 29 people of the year issue article on Sarah. SP uses her motherhood as a political qualification. It is part of her narrative as the supreme torch bearer of conservative family values.

During the campaign and post campaign speeches and interviews those kids were on stage or at her side in most of them. She made them our business whether we wanted them to be or not! She outed her daughters pregnancy to dispell the rumours that she was not Trig's bio that went out around the world.

Sarah refuses to fade into oblivion and keeps herself in the national news weekly with her antics and scandals. When was the last time you read about John McCain?

Tell me now how this is not our business....

FW from VA

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog for a long time, and greatly admire all the time and effort Audrey and co have put into examining this story. I am not a Palin fan by any stretch of the imagination.

Having said that, I agree with Anon 1/1 @ 6.42am.

I don't see anything wrong with SP encouraging Bristol and her baby daddy to finish their HS educations, no matter what poor choices they've made in the past. That's what parents are supposed to do.

I've also been trying to follow the photo analysis, but it's totally lost on me. I can't see any of the little pixely things or strange shadows that people have been talking about. I wonder if people are so determined to find something wrong here that they are seeing what they want to see.

Look, if she lied, eventually she will get her comeuppance. It may take a long time...look how long it took OJ to get his. Eventually her chickens (or slaughtered turkeys) will come home to roost. Just be glad that she didn't make it to the WH. I have great faith that President-Elect Obama and his team will do such a good job getting our country back on track in the next four years that she won't have a prayer of getting near it in 2012. And if Alaskans aren't happy with her, they'll have their say in the next election.

As much as I've enjoyed it, I may have to finally move on from this blog. I live in IL and these days I'm much more interested in getting our own smarmy governor out of office than I am in SP's baby issues.

S in Chgo

Henry said...

I'm a Palin hater, but you give Palin hating a bad name. The farce is that you are still maintaining the hunt for proof that Sarah is not the mother of Trig far beyond the point when any reasonable person would give it up. I guess you would like to stretch out your 15 minutes of fame. Find something more productive to do.

Whitney said...

Well, I read the new story in the ADN this morning:

This is hilarious. Yesterday, SP - the Governor herself - "was in touch with a celebrity magazine, a national news service and the Anchorage Daily News to question reports that her future son-in-law, Levi Johnston, is a dropout."

The only problem is that Levi himself told the AP back in October that he did in fact drop out of high school to take a job on the north slope.

Someone needs to explain to the Governor that even if one has high hopes to one day pass a GED exam, one remains a high school dropout. Thems the facts jack.

How peculiar that out of all the many and entertaining things said about the Governor and her family on the internet, this is what gets her all excited.

And why oh why cannot the woman deal with the facts about so simple and minor an issue in a straightforward manner instead of twisting it all up. As someone else pointed out - why not just say what the whole world can see is the plain truth - yes, Levi dropped out of high school to take a job but is studying to take his GED someday (soon?). K?

Honestly, this lady makes "depends on what the meaning of is is" sound sensible.

Why on earth is she expending her energy to deny reality and get a dropout not labeled a dropout. Ugh - she really is living on another planet.

The lady is a loon. It would be such an entertaining story to follow if she weren't a dangerous loon.

Anonymous said...

anon@11:19 says,
"I also, too....noticed that the "Bristol" statement doesn't actually say that the baby has been born. Huh. Gosh, neither does the "Sarah" statement say that."

Sarah says "Tripp . . . born to Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston on December 27." Clear enough. -B.

Alex said...

Regarding SP using her children, howsa 'bout that quote from Bristol? Pretty hilarious, using your daughter to make up a fake quote about teen pregnancy in the official birth announcement.

This woman will stop at nothing. NOTHING. IF she sees an angle she can work. . .

When did the Desperate Housewives fake-pregnancy storyline occur? Before SP did it, or after? I saw a commercial for a soap opera with that storyline, and laughed out loud. The MM may ignore this, but writers know good material when they see it.

Anonymous said...

And one more thing..if SP 'made' Levi go back to school, I would say that it's nice thing she's doing stepping up and giving that kid some parenting. Even if she has her own ulterior motives, the kid will be better off for having finished high school. Where was his own mother when he dropped out and said he was done with school? Oh yeah, off selling oxycontin.

S in Chgo

Ivyfree said...

"Why does it make SP strange to be pushing these 2 to finish high school"

It doesn't. What makes it strange is that she called People Magazine within days of the alleged birth and made a fuss over the kids being called dropouts saying it might damage their reputations... and ignored the fact that her teenage daughter was pregnant by a dropout who posted online that he doesn't want kids and whose mother has been busted for dealing. Worrying about their reputations is a little late, and she's the one whose reponsible for advertising their situation to begin with. And she said nothing about the new baby at a time when the news media was asking for information.

"As for SP having the younger kids out of school and on the campaign trail, I think it looked like a good educational experience for them, and school can certainly be worked on without being there. You take the books with you, the teacher gives the parents the assignments, and you keep up with your class."

Yes, I posted the same thing. Only that's not what they did. Even little Piper, in second grade I believe, complained later in a TV interview that it was hard to go back to school and catch up.I'm the last person to disrespect teachers, but most adults could coach a 7 year old through her assignments, assuming she doesn't have any learning disabilities. They just didn't bother. They hired a babysitter though, and it didn't occur to them to look for a babysitter who could also tutor a seven-year-old, if they didn't want to do it themselves.

"She has every right to keep Bristol's birth of Tripp as private as possible and I don't blame her one bit-ITS NOT OUR BUSINESS."

Except for the fact that she announced Bristol's pregnancy during her VP campaign. When it served her purpose, she didn't worry about privacy at all. As soon as she realized that the persistent rumors about Trigg not being hers were reaching a wider audience, she announced that Bristol was pregnant- I guess she was stupid enough to think that we'd all say Oh well, if Bristol's pregnant now she couldn't have had Trigg and not realize that it didn't answer the questions about her own pregnancy in the least. She's actually never addressed those questions, either.

"As to Sarah's stomach size 'discrepancies', it just blows my mind how you are picking her size in pictures apart. You can look like nothing one day, and three days later pop out like a watermelon, anyone around preg ladies has seen that."

But you can't have a flat belly a week before giving birth. Not possible. That is why her belly is of such interest- pictures a week before the birth show a flat belly, and pictures a month before that show a large round belly, and some pictures show evidence of padding and some show evidence of photoshopping. And it comes down to the fact that a six pound baby can't come out of a flat belly, and no amount of working out can cause abdominal muscles to be so taut that no belly shows at all.

"Someone mentioned being seen walking fast during their last last months as 'proof' they couldn't be as far along as they were.Are you kidding me? As a long time runner, I ran through all my pregnancies, and only turned to speed walking at the very end.Does this mean I was faking being 9 month preg at the end, because I was out there walking fast?"

And were you walking fast in high heels on ice while pregnant? No amount of running (and nobody's said Bristol is an athlete, BTW) changes the laws of physics.

You sound like you really need to read some of the information on the site, and look at some of the pictures. You don't appear to understand some of the reasons these things have been issues. I'm sure you'd enjoy the blog more if you understand a bit more about the underlying questions.

Whitney said...

I am dazed and amazed at how SP manages once again to take what should be a simple and straightforward event like the birth of her grandchild and make it all confusing and suspicious.

Why did they not have a statement ready to go in a timely manner? She's the Governor - she has people to deal with this. They knew the baby was coming, right?

Did she really think she would just never make a statement about a birth that the whole world has been waiting for? She's the one that paraded the happy couple up on stage at the RNC and made them the poster children for teenage pregnancy. Her own father told how overwhelmed they were with presents being sent in from people the world over. So she knows that folks didn't forget about Bristol and her baby.

And since she is keenly aware of all the suspicion regarding Trig and in fact explicitly used this supposed baby's existence to deny that story, I thought we would see an abundance of happy photos of everyone with the new mom and baby proclaiming its birth on every media outlet in the known universe. How weird that we've seen nothing. Nothing at all.

Now, I guess we can still think, for a little while yet, that they are still trying to auction off the photos and story to the highest bidder?

Once again, the whole thing is weird and nonsensical - in other words, Palinesque :)

Ivyfree said...

"I don't see anything wrong with SP encouraging Bristol and her baby daddy to finish their HS educations"

I don't either, but now that I think about it, is that what she's doing? I thought she called People and said that they weren't dropouts, that Levi was finishing high school online and Bristol was going back. (She hasn't gone back yet, though that might be only because school is closed just now owing to the holidays.) We don't, actually, know that any of this is true, and we don't know that she's encouraged them to continue. We only know she's announced publicly that they can't be called dropouts... not what she's said to them privately.

I'm not sure she is such a spokesperson for education. It took her five colleges to get a four-year degree, and she certainly doesn't present herself as somebody with intellectual curiosity. Now she's worried about her kids' reputation, and we find out that Levi, who supposedly can't get into the apprenticeship program without a diploma or GED, is working on it- but we'll never know if that's the truth or if she just used her influence to get somebody to bend the rules a bit. They've talked about Bristol being an honor student; I don't know if she is or not, but I have read a lot about her being a party girl. (That doesn't, of course, preclude good grades.)

The one thing we do know is that Sarah will say anything that she thinks will make herself look good and further her ambitions.

Kermit said...

Kyle Hopkins of the ADN, once again, does a more professional job than the rest of the MSM. He reports SP's New Year's Eve spin, notes the time frame of her various communications, and signals that legitimate questions remain.

Ever since Hopkins' honest assessment of water-break gate last August, it seems the ADN has kept him on a leash.

Jen said...

Another possibility that was raised but has received little traction is that Track's unnamed girlfriend (not Sherry J) is Trig's mother. This may have merit; yet I haven't seen any follow-up about this, nor even any verification of who this young lady might be.


if anyone other than bristol was trig's mom then the mercede johnston myspace pics would make no sense.

MJ considered bristol her sister-in-law, sarah as mommy-in-law, herself and bristol to be 'family love' and her acknowledgement that she considers Trig someone very close to her 'as referring to him as her 'baby brother' (i.e., the son of her big brother)'

this was all at least by 4/25, before any of us heard of sarah palin or trig or bristol

bristol is definitely the mother of trig -- levi may or may not be the father, but was told he was -- either way, his younger sister feels related to Trig and Bristol through Levi, not anyone else.

kids say the darnedest things :)

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

farce? how 'bout bullshit! it is what it is. it smells, its messy, and it smells some more.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

I wonder if that great aunt has gone fishing like Fredo did in the Godfather?

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

anon said, "We will know when Tripp is born because the Palins will release a photo of him right away"..

I hope they get the EXIF data right!

wayofpeace said...

could it be that what spurred SP into releasing the official statement was this website?

our collective bewilderment and suspicion over an absence of normal procedures forced her to come out with the press release.

Anonymous said...

To the last couple posters who asked what's wrong with Sarah's insistance that the 2 are completing highschool. I'm sure NO ONE disagrees with the merits of's that Sarah has stated in the past that they have ALREAYD DONE THAT. So, the remark is a little confounding.

I'd like to know WHO hooked up Levi with his job. Was it his FATHER, or (future maybe) FATHER-In-LAW? If it was Todd, why would he do him this special favor in March, when supposedly no one even knew Bristol was pregnant (with Tripp) yet?

Kay said...

I found this on from a kewl breeze (12-31-08 at 9:36pmET): “Please leave this woman alone in peace. May God bless her and her children and grandchildren. She was thrust into this limelight and was seduced by the devil.” What I have to say about that comment is…THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO KEEP GETTING TO THE TRUTH ABOUT WHO IS TRIG’S MOMMY! And grandchildren means more than one! Also my little countdown to Jan. 6th and the first court date of Sherry Johnston is…5 days to go!

Anonymous said...

anon@11:19 says,
"I also, too....noticed that the "Bristol" statement doesn't actually say that the baby has been born. Huh. Gosh, neither does the "Sarah" statement say that."

Sarah says "Tripp . . . born to Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston on December 27." Clear enough. -B.


OK, just to be picky, the first sentence is not in quotes, and seems to be introductory to the actual Sarah quote. I re-read it, and yes, Sarah says "the arrival", etc, etc, so, my bad. My conspiratorial head, though, tells me that their being "over the moon over the baby's arrival" could still be anticipatory joy. Yeah, I know it's a stretch, but then, so are a lot of other ideas brought up on this blog.

BTW, Having never heard Bristol speak, I have no way of knowing if her quote is how she talks in real life, but I wouldn't put it past her mother or the press person having made up a quote for Bristol.

Ivyfree said...

"Todd Palin spoke with a local Anchorage radio talk show host and explained how People got the news of Tripp's birth.

Apparently, People cold-called the aunt in Washington state and tricked her....

The host doesn't interview Todd on the show, he just relays the essence of his communication with Todd."

Same thing. No real information. Just a repeat of something that he heard from a source that's known to be friendly to Sarah. I don't believe it. I don't mean I don't believe the host, I'm sure he repeated Todd's meaning accurately- it's Todd I don't believe.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a given the baby has not been born yet - of course SP would have trumpeted the fact if it were true - it's a win on every front for her,

What I think is interesting is the strategy SP & McAllister (her press secretary) have employed. They of course set up the first leak (via email) to the extended family - and then they said her office would not comment on the birth because it was a private family matter. They clearly hoped to inoculate SP against later charges of lying.

But that strategy had to be abandoned, because her very silence on the matter was about to become the focus of attention in the mainstream media, I suspect - note how McAllister said their about-face re privacy was due to press inquiries. I think it's also likely she has made use of legal counsel at each step to minimize risk.

So while it is easy to call her a whackjob, nutcase, etc., her moves over the past week have been very calculated and arguably shrewd under the circumstances. Remember: she is not playing so much to us (the readers of this blog) as to the great proportion of the electorate that is barely paying attention to this latest episode of the Wasilla Snowbillies. (I can't taken credit for that nickname for the Palins, but I love it.)


NCR said...

"Anon 9:26", you bring up a really good point. When did Levi leave school? I have seen posts about his father giving him the "hook-up", but your post brings in a better aspect. Why did he leave school when he did? Why would they help him leave school if he didn't have other "responsibilities"? Whoever helped him had to know something. Very good observation. I never thought of it like that. You definitely might be on to something.

Anonymous said...

I still think we are missing the point here. SP is more concerned with ethics/insurance violations here. I know it varies by state but shouldn't a dependent who is 18 or over be a full time student to be covered under parent's medical insurance? Bristol is 18 now and I am sure the state of Alaska is covering her medical bills. Also on the ethics side, Levi not having a high school diploma or GED should have disqualified him from the apprentice program.

I wonder what the State of AK health insurance policy states for dependents 18 and over? Also as stated, how did Levi get this apprentice gig without a diploma or GED?

SP doing what she does best, abusing her power!

Anonymous said...

Let me point out that Bristol and Levi are both ADULTS in that they are 18. They could speak for themselves, release pics of their son(s) and rejoice to the media for the birth of their new baby.

They were thrown into the limelight by Sarah Palin. No one needed to know anything about Bristol and her supposed pregnancy except that her own mother thrust it into the mainstream media in order to dispel rumors that Trig was not really her son. Well, I still say that so many other avenues existed to dispel the rumors that did not include throwing her own daughter and possible son-in-law under the bus!

So Bristol and Levi, speak out for yourselves. Governor Mommy does not own you, your babies, or your futures!

Best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

Alex said...


You may be right. My first husband was a con-artist. He was brilliant-- scored 1600 on College Boards. While everyone else was making money like crazy in the 90's stock market, he was busy embezzling money from his family. He just thought he was smarter than everybody else. . .

But like Madoff, my ex- was caught eventually, because lies get bigger and eventually spin out of control.

So, while SP may be shrewd enough to keep cooking up the schemes and enmeshing her family, employees, and friends in deception, my experience-- and I'm an old-enough lady to know-- lies will out. Especially in this the Age of Citizen Journalism. Even the infinity of comments on ADN articles cough up nuggets of the real truth. . .

Bullshit is what SP is practising. Farce is what Audrey is making of it, like a dramatist taking the bits and making them all make sense.

Anonymous said...

You guys are picking every little thing apart looking for the one detail that's going to blow it all wide open. It's not going to happen! No one has any idea what the real truth is or what her motives are, good or bad. There's no way to know, and SP is not talking. Maybe the whole 'high school dropout' quite was taken out of context, or she said something dumb. Lord knows the woman couldn't string a coherent sentence together if her life depended on it. Maybe she's playing a shrewd political game...maybe she's just tossing out little tidbits and laughing watching everyone spinning around like whirling dervishes dissecting every word and nuance of timing.

Yes, throwing Bristol under the bus back in August was awful. The wild ride story is ridiculous. The doctor's letter was a joke. Maybe there's some proof buried in the pictures, I have no idea. Audrey and co have done a valiant job trying to get to the truth, but...I think it's just too late for now.

People have said we have a right to the truth because SP thrust her kids into the spotlight. Yes, she did. But did they ask for it? I doubt it. Why should Bristol be out making comments? Why should Levi be out justifying to the country how he got his apprenticeship? Who cares? They're screwed up teenagers just like millions of other screwed up teenagers. Leave them alone, don't hound them just because their mother/m-i-l is a political barracuda.

Our Gov got caught red-handed trying to sell Obama's senate seat. He's been a crook for years, and they finally got what should be the hugest of huge nails in his coffin and they can't even get that story straight and get him out of office. You won't get to the truth about the babies, not in the way you want and not now. It's 2009 - time to move on.

S in Chgo

Anonymous said...

Anon at January 1, 2009 9:47 AM : Right on! SP or 'First Dude must have pulled some strings, because you DO need a high school diploma/GED for that apprentice program.
Re Insurance: I believe the fact that Bristol is only going to take ONE credit has her ineligible for insurance under her parents. I remember, our kid had to be FULLTIME student, and we had to have the school submit proof of fulltime enrollment EACH AND EVERY SEMESTER!
(Besides... Hadn't the Palins claimed way earlier that Bristol had finished highschool early through correspondence courses? I could have sworn I read that in multiple places, that she did not have to go to school in spring 2008, because she had finished HS 'early'...

Anonymous said...

By now, only DNA testing results (with witnesses!) will convince me of the real parentage of either Trig OR Tripp (if he even exists...)

Anonymous said...

Did I read it here or on Mudflats...something about the governor and the governor's family not being allowed to profit commercially in any way from his/her office...which would mean that her family, Bristol, cannot receive $300,000.from People Magazine. Of course Bristol and Levi aren't married; he's not family, not yet, so does that mean that he signed the contract with People Magazine and will receive the money-- when they marry, won't Bristol profit too? Let's face it, the only reason that People would cover them IS becasue of Sarah Palin. Of course, ethnics never stopped Gov.Pain before, for example trying to get Wooten fired.
Just saying.

Windy City Woman said...

Why did Levi leave school in March if he didn't yet know that Bristol was pregnant with Tripp? Maybe because Bristol was then pregnant with Trig (or had just delivered him) and at that point they didn't know that Sarah & Todd would adopt him, so he figured he'd better be able to support his own kid. I'd rather see him drop out of school now and get a job, finishing school on-line or by correspondence, than to see both him and Bristol unable to support their child(ren). When a couple has a baby, at least one of them should have an income.

So Bristol "obviously discourages" teen births. I wonder how she feels about abstinence-only sex ed and access to birth control.

Anonymous said...

To truth seeker at 6:35
I read your posts with earnest.

In your post of 6:35, you seemed to indicate that if indeed Bristol did just have a baby, that would rule out Bristol being the mother of Trigg.

I mention this because I feel it is of key importance.


If Bristol did, or did not have a baby in late December must not distract our investigation. Bristol could, and probably is Triggs Mom, because we dont know when Trigg was born.

Thank you truthseeker for hanging with this important patriotic duty to protect our country from this very dangerous mennace called SP.

Doodad Pro said...

So how many people are supposedly involved in this conspiracy now? Dozens? Family, friends, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, photo experts, documents forgers, campaign staffers, media professionals, and God knows who else.

And none of them have talked. Astonishing. Maybe Palin should run our intelligence services.

Use some logic, people.

KaJo said...

I don't think Sarah Palin's network of willing workers is all that large, but I do believe that they infiltrate a goodly number of positions that control dissemination of information.

I'm amused by the stuttering-stop-start-silence-blurting out, however, that's coming from SP herself on this alleged birth over last weekend.

She can't seem to make up her mind whether to completely shut up, or to say something...then when she does, it's about something completely inappropriate, like BP & LJ's high-school status and their reputations...THEN she finally says something about the alleged birth 5 days after it allegedly happened.

Others of us have mentioned already how the whole Sarah Saga seems to resemble a soap opera.

Honestly, you'd think she was getting her script, especially these last few days, from "Days of Our Lives" or something.

I wonder if she's trying out soap-opera scripting on Mike Harker re: the wonky 2010 budget he wants her to rework.... :)

KaJo said..., "Rep. Mike Hawker"...

Sorry about that.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

FINALLY! we know what SP likes to read. People Magazine!

Anonymous said...

This picture has nothing to do with The Farce, but I found it interesting. Amazing, really.

If the link doesn't work, go to Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis, 'What's Wrong With This Picture'.

Anonymous said...

Liar. Ethics Violator. AIP Amazonian. Fake mom. "Whack Job." And now, officially "Grandmother Governor." That's Alaska's Sarah Palin.

Palin can't deliver on the "family values" image thing anymore for the GOP, and that's all they ever needed her for. Unmarried kids who drop out of school to have babies and pal around with drug dealers cannot be "rehabbed" for a national run. Track, Bristol, and Levi would all have to graduate from accredited COLLEGES--with physical classrooms and live professors (not online schools)--in order to make this group palatable on the national scene again. When was the last time there was a Prez or even a Senate candidate or even a City Council person with this kind of family baggage? Oh, and when is the Palin-Johnston wedding?

Sarah Palin's national career is toast. But I hope PalinForAmerica and TeamSarah people keep donating $$$ to her. Perhaps Palin can use it to start a college fund for grandson Tripp; it seems doubtful that any of Palin's own children can or will be admitted to college. In the 21st century, as children of a governor, that is SHAMEFUL.

wayofpeace said...

most recent posts at HUFF POST:


...It is just a complete embarassment the way it has been handled. What a farce!



If Sarah would just keep her mouth shut, these young people would not be in the limelight all the time.

No one even had to know when the baby was born. Sarah uses her children for her own political gain. I feel very sorry for Bristol. Because of her mother, she has had no privacy. Sarah did not need to bring her and Levi on the campaign trail.

With a new baby who has problems, an unwed pregnant daughter, an unemployed husband and a new job as governor, maybe Sarah should have said "thanks, but no thanks" when the RNC came calling.



Who is hypocritical? The religious right wing "family values" group now saying it's ok to have pre-marital sex, teenage pregnancy and HS dropout?

When it was Jamie Lynn Spears, you weren't ok with it. And how in the world does this make Sarah "classy"?

We are not bashing Bristol, Levi and's the hypocrisy of Sarah, Todd and the religious right wing. I'll keep my family values, thank you very much.



By the way, the baby is how many days old, and Sarah is making a big deal about the kids working hard to parent?????

This is just more of the absurdity that is Sarah Palin.

tinker thinker said...

Wow! Never seen such hate! Just think---Karma baby Karma. Can't wait to see what comes around to you and yours...

Anonymous said...

Alex: I don''t disagree at all with your observations about SP and the likelihood that she will eventually get caught in her own lies. My comment that maybe she was shrewd in her actions this last week was meant only in the very limited sense of keeping the web of deception from unravelling at this time. In a broader sense, she strikes me as kind of wacko - but many leaders in history have been kind of wacko or worse - so I do fear the (remote, it now seems) chance that she could become a national leader - but stranger things have happened. As to the impact of citizen journalism, not too much so far on the Palin front. But we will see - I am very professionally interested in that, as you may have gathered.

Sandra said...

I feel sorry for Bill McAllister. He seems to be the stabilizing force in all this when SP lets him do his job. She should not have contacted anyone in the press directly.

When you consider all the comments and labels that have been given to her children and other family members, it seems the label "drop out" is what gets to her. Does she not think the labels of "partying, drinking, sexually active, etc." are enough for her to react?

I'm curious why, if Bristol needed only one more credit to graduate, she didn't go to summer school last summer when she was obviously healthy. Just travelling with the campaign could have been turned into an excellent course to qualify for early college credits and simultaneous high school credit. What an opportunity that was!

Farces are always fiction with enough reality to maintain engagement. This unfortunately is reality with just enough fiction thrown in to provide engagement.

Remember "Mission Impossible?" At some point, SP will self-destruct. She cannot be contained forever.

sandra in oregon
(thanks for the tips on how to avoid anonymous labels)

ocean said...

Funny headline at Alaskan blogger's "The Immoral Minority" website:

"Bristol Palin warns teens NOT to get pregnant. In related news Sherry Johstons says DON'T sell drugs, and John McCain says don't pick stupid VP's"

The Immoral Minority

Pinky said...

In response to the previous posts about Bristol needing to be a full-time student to get her parents' health insurance:

Thanks to Todd's Yup'ik heritage and the fact that he and his children are all shareholders in the Bristol Bay Native Corp, Bristol qualifies for free federal health care through the Alaska Area Native Health Service. More about it here:

In terms of Levi's apprenticeship, he is not listed on any of the current rosters for the Alaska Joint Electrical Apprenticeship Training Trust at

I've done a little online reading about apprentice programs for electricians, and I haven't been able to find anything that says you can enter a program without a high school diploma (and good math skills). Perhaps Todd was able to pull some strings with connections made through his dad's former post as general manager of the Matanuska Electrical Association.

mc said...

It has occurred to me that we have been looking at Sarah’s “Wild Ride” story all wrong. Sorry for the long post, but this is important.

As sane, rational men and women familiar with the birthing process, we each read her Wild Ride story and thought, “Either she’s certifiably crazy (and unbelievably lucky), or she made the whole thing up.” The next logical question to ask is, “What would cause a woman to make up this crazy story?” For most people, the obvious answer is, “The birth mother in Alaska must have gone into labor, so Sarah had to hurry back to step into her role as Trig’s ‘mother’.”

But there is a fundamental flaw in this thinking. You see, whether true or not, Sarah actually had NO REASON to tell this Wild Ride tale at all. Think about it: even if this Wild Ride story were true, she could have kept it quiet—and no doubt would have kept it quiet IF she had realized it reflected badly on her. Yes, she obviously told Papa Heath this tale, not realizing Papa would tell the press her amniotic fluid broke. But she could have simply said, when later asked about it, “Oh, he must have misunderstood.” (It’s not like Sarah can’t tell a lie or reverse herself or contradict others. Look at all the conflicting info floating around out there about Tripp’s birth)

You see, whatever happened April 17-18, Sarah could very easily have claimed she left the Texas conference simply because she was tired (she was a 44 year old, 8 month pregnant lady, after all). She could have said she went home and then went into labor after she arrived back in Alaska, thus avoiding criticism for endangering the child’s life and potentially inconveniencing her fellow passengers. Remember, she could have said this even if the Wild Ride story were TRUE. The fact she CHOSE to tell the ridiculous Wild Ride story tells us that she thought this tale reflected well on her—the Amazonian Warrior Women, pausing in the midst of battle to birth her young before charging forth again into the fray. She never thought that it would reflect badly on her, making her look like a reckless mother and an inconsiderate human being. As we know, Sarah expects everyone to believe everything she says, and seems completely incapable of seeing herself as others see her; she expected her adoring public to simply to nod along with her Warrior Woman portrait (as many have in fact done).

The only important event at the conference Sarah missed by leaving when she did was the formal event scheduled for that night. Think about what attending that event would have meant. Formal event means formal dress. No long scarves and oversized black 90s jacket to camouflage the belly. You see, in addition to camouflaging her belly, those scarves and jackets served a second purpose—they kept people from touching her stomach. But going to that formal function would have required her to 1) buy an evening dress (an awkward shopping expedition, given that she wasn’t really pregnant); 2) spend money on a maternity outfit (something she seems to have been oddly loath to do, although perhaps not so odd if she only planned to be pregnant for 5-6 weeks), and 3) attend a function in which her body would have been both more touchable and less hidden than by her normal jacket/scarf thing. So I suspect she actually planned to skip the formal function all along—we only have her word for it, after all, that Tod “changed the reservations.”

When you look at it like this, you see that she CHOSE to tell the Wild Ride story. She could have told it differently. The fact she DID tell it, tells us she thought it reflected well on her. So it is perfectly feasible that Trig was born earlier, and she wanted to wait until after the conference to announce his birth. That conference was important to her: she was giving the keynote address, and knew she was in the running for VP. She could not have gone off to Texas and leave a newborn DS baby (esp if it was premature and still in the hospital) without attracting criticism, hence the need to delay announcing the birth. But time was running out on her to realistically present Trig to the world as “newborn.” So she concocted this silly story, never realizing it would make her look bad and attract attention exactly where she didn’t want it. The lady is, after all, not that bright.

Paul said...

Someone asked about the "Desperate Housewives" plot (re: Bree faking a pregnancy to cover for daughter Danielle's pregnancy, and shipping her off to a convent to hide away and have the baby).

Anyway, that plotline happened last year, so it preceded all going on with SP and Trig.

To casual readers here, maybe you think all of us - and Audrey? - are out of our minds, or have nothing better to do than pick on poor, dear Sarah Palin. Naw, that's not it. Not at all....

What this IS about, is that this woman - Sarah Palin - was actually - in reality, not on a soap opera or fictional TV show - chosen as a Vice Presidential candidate. And everyone from John McCain to the right-wing pundits went on TV, and with a straight face said:

"Yes, Sarah Palin is more than qualified to be vice president. And yes, to be president too."

And nearly 1/2 this country pulled the lever for her. THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A MINUTE.

THAT'S what this is about. SANE people watched - in horror - when this woman opened her mouth, and couldn't even answer a question like - "What magazines or newspapers do you ready frequently?" - then, in their snarky way, Republicans called that kind of question as "gotcha media". Are you kidding me?

And that's the point: THEY weren't kidding! This woman was on the ballots for the highest office of our nation, and people actually voted for her.

So yeah - perhaps all this sleuthing about pixels in photos or how big a belly looks or incorrect birth information (or, a la Trig, NO actual birth information AT ALL) seems petty.

But you see, we are dealing with a woman who - like GW Bush - is a sociopath: "Unconcerned about the adverse consequences for others of one's actions" -- And willing to say or do or anything - or LIE ABOUT ANYTHING - to get power and keep power. Even if it means lying about a pregnancy to save face in the public's eye, or score sympathy or whatever from her "believers".

But the other wrinkle is that Sarah Palin is a
MEGALOMANIAC - "Megalomania is a historical term for behavior characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, genius, or omnipotence - often generally termed as delusions of grandeur...."

Me? I would put Sarah Palin's picture in the dictionary next to that definition.

That's why we are all here. That's why we want the truth revealed. Because Sarah Palin should never, EVER be given the chance at a national political platform or higher office again.

And soon enough, this tsunami of lies will hit the shore and it's all going to unravel before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

You know I couldn't figure out why these Bible thumpers allowed a child to be born out of wedlock, when a simple marriage license could have averted that. But now it all makes sense. $300,000 from People for the baby pictures and then another $300,000 or so for the wedding pictures. If the out-of-wedlock parents had had a quickie wedding to legitimize the baby, People wouldn't have shelled out big bucks for the pictures of a quickie wedding.

Small town values at work. What grifters these Palins are.

Anonymous said...

I recently had a conversation with a woman who works for a political organization that opposed McCain/Palin.

The woman told me that her group had been contacted, before the election, by "insiders" claiming they knew Sarah was not the mother of Trig. At the same time, other purported "insiders" also contacted the group saying they knew Sarah was really Trig's mother.

The political group decided not to follow up on this controversy (and the many other negative allegations they heard about Palin) because they felt it was unnecessary. Palin was self-destructing quite nicely on her own, without any help from the political opposition.

Also, it was feared that the story about Trig's disputed parentage was being deliberately put out in order to trap and embarrass reporters, much the same way Rove and his operatives supposedly fed CBS false documents about Bush's military record -- bringing down Dan Rather (even though the story was apparently true about Bush's evasion of service).

No journalist wants to be burned like that again.

Short of reliable DNA testing, the Palin parentage dispute(s) may be impossible to prove in the face of dueling information and misinformation.

I think there probably are people out there who know the truth -- whatever it is -- but have been blown off once and may be cautious about trying it again.

Anonymous said...

I read that Palin would likely win over the current Alaska Senator, the former Governor's daughter, in the 2010 Republican primary and then likely beat the Democrat.

The Senator's supporters may want to keep the Trig deception hush-hush until they can use it against Palin in the primary. The Dems may want to save it for the election, after Palin is the Repub candidate.

But the Alaska media shouldn't yield to any pressure to keep the story on hold. Palin says Tripp is born, so they should no longer worry about an expose of Sarah upsetting a pregnant Bristol. They can start by asking Andrea Gusty why she gave Factcheck a picture with alterations. A story can raise issues, even if it doesn't have all the answers.

Cajun in the City's source, where are you? -B.

RW said...

This SP habitual obfuscation has been widely noted by some in AK.
Dan Fagan is a conservative radio guy SP was concerned about in her private emails, back in July.
"No one is above the truth, even Palin
Dan Fagan
Published: September 16th, 2008 10:52 PM
You really can't experience the full effect of Monday's news conference featuring Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton unless you hear it for yourself. Stapleton passionately attacked former Commissioner of Public Safety Walt Monegan. Her rhetoric was plain, desperate, and obvious. Her tone, pure shrill.
With intensity, urgency, and alarm in her voice, Stapleton described Monegan's behavior as...egregious insubordination, full of obstructionist conduct and a brazen refusal to follow instructions.

..The governor has given so many different reasons for firing Monegan I've lost count.
....The governor also originally said that neither she, Todd nor anyone from her administration pressured Monegan regarding Trooper Wooten. Palin then was forced to admit...But e-mails have surfaced detailing Palin...The governor also originally said an investigation was needed...Then she instructed her employees not to talk to the investigators...herself refused to be interviewed.

Palin can't constantly change her story and expect us to believe her each time she does.
..My question to my conservative friends is simple. Does the truth still matter?
But some...are abandoning truth and closing ranks to help Palin cover up her scandal by attacking the investigation..."

BTW, anyone know who THIS baby is??
Two shots of this baby held by BP and on a plane....

RW said...

Ill put this here for clarity.

Does anyone know who this baby is...
Or the girl sitting next to Track?

RW said...

This is choice.
This is from APRIL 11, 2008.

Juneau, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin yesterday signed Senate Bill 97 before a group of students attending the Alaska Association of Student Governments (AASG) Conference.

Keep in mind....this pic was taken seven days before...April 18...the day of the 'delivery'.

Anonymous said...

There were several interesting points made today -- thank you all! I found the observation that Levi dropped out of school in March to be particularly important. I hadn't realized that -- is that March date confirmed? Since I recall that he himself associated dropping out with his new role as a father, this would suggest that Bristol knew she was pregnant when he dropped out. But there is no realistic scenario where she would have known about the most recent pregnancy in March; she would not have even conceived until the first week of April at the earliest (assuming Tripp was actually born on 12/27, which we don't know for sure). She would not have suspected she was pregnant until late April at the earliest. So that seems pretty interesting, and if there is a way to confirm whether Levi left school in March, that could be a smoking gun.

I also totally agree with Jen at 8:33 a.m. that Mercedes' My Space page makes the most sense if Bristol is Trig's mom. This and a lot of other evidence make me believe that Bristol is Trig's mom -- I'm still in that camp, unless/until there is some authentication of the information about the reported birth dates of both Trig and Tripp. And I agree with Anon at 11:05 that we can't yet rule out an earlier birth for Trig, nor a later birth for Tripp.

The question is, how can we get that information with some assurance that it is accurate? Are there other sources of information about the birth dates that we haven't explored?

Finally, I recall that a cyber-sleuth had actually found that Trig's birth was posted on the Mat-Su site, but later removed. (This is way back on the blog somewhere.) I tested this out at the time, and found it to be true. I still wonder about this, along with an anonymous posting on Nov. 1 from someone who said she was a nurse at Mat-Su, who said: I work at Mat-Su and Bristol is Trig's mom. I was working that night and assure you that Gov. Palin did not give birth, but she did come in to see her daughter. Palin's church owns the hospital and they are covering for her. We put births up on our website and trig is not listed at all, because the doctors did not want to violate ethics rules by placing him up and changing the mom's name." (Is there any way to check whether there is any validity to this?)

This makes me wonder if there is a way to have a repository for evidence that could be provided with a guarantee of anonymity -- as web communications can be traced and may discourage some folks from providing the information they have. Perhaps even a PO Box?

Finally, for those who think we should stop trying to figure this out, what skin is it off your nose? If we are wasting our time, why do you care? No one is forcing you to read this blog, but many of us find this story to be very interesting, and an opportunity to contribute our meager efforts to try to shine a light on what we believe is a fraud being perpetrated on the American people. That's a worthy enough goal for me to devote some time to, especially if it has any potential of stopping Sarah Palin from inflicting herself and her ideas on this country.


gpbag said...

Reluctantly, I'm inclined to agree with 'S in Chgo' at 10.47.
At present, the truth remains out there. I remain highly skeptical of Trig's pregnancy and birth story. Some aspects of it at least, if not all, are exaggerations, half-truths, or outright lies. But there seems no way to uncover the true facts at this point in time, especially since media seems to be ignoring the story.
I hope that in time we will learn the truth.
Maybe there is some real investigative reporting going on under the radar.
Maybe a 'clue' will be found among the pictures and discussions on this blog. Maybe someone who knows something will get fed up with SP.
It even might be 2010 or 2012 before the dirt gets dug up in the context of the elections.
SP is a politically scary person but surely there are plenty of 'political' points on which to reject her without even considering this deception.
In the meantime, maybe we should try to enjoy the ride - it's as entertaining and bizarre as any soap opera we're likely to see.
Keep up the good work Audrey, and Happy New Year.

wayofpeace said...


THANKS for adding another layer to the case against SP.

you just gave us the most credible reason yet for the WILD RIDE.

Anonymous said...

Responding to RW, the photo shows Track, Piper, Bristol and Trig, with an unknown person in between.

Johnathan said...

Audrey, you missed the best definition of farce of all.

"A ridiculous or empty show."

RW said...

MC at 1:28pm
You said quite well what I was not articulating well at all last night.
Thank You!
She chose to leave the conference!!

The idea of having to wear a cocktail dress doing her in is an excellent point.
She had NO choice but to give a Wild Ride Story so she could leave the conference quickly.

Btw I was one who read about the DH similarity, and not one who mentioned DH early on as I mis-edited in an earlier comment of mine. Many others far brighter than I had seen of the DH plot line.

And Paul at 1:31pm...yes, you also far better than I, stated clearly why 'sane' people are looking at this debacle.

Good posts by both of you.

Anonymous said...

"Finally, for those who think we should stop trying to figure this out, what skin is it off your nose? If we are wasting our time, why do you care?"

Maybe because those of us who admire what Audrey has done here don't want her to lose perspective or credibility by going too far in the wrong direction (i.e., after Bristol). This part isn't an entertaining soap opera - it's about a real teenager with a real baby (I'll believe the baby is real at this point until proven otherwise) and a mother who's already put her through the ringer.

S in Chgo

Anonymous said...

RW, Track holds Piper, Bristol holds Trig, and Willow is in the middle. So it's a picture of Sarah's kids. -B.

KaJo said...

Some good thinking here today.

The protests by the Palinista believers seem to be getting more and more feeble. That's a good sign.


So, has anyone figured out who Bristol Palin is a dependent of in 2008? I know it's impossible, but I'd sure love to see their income tax form b/c IF there is an alleged newborn baby, it would be on there, too...


RW (1/1/09 2:42 PM) RE: the Student Government pic 4/11/08

Nice catch.

A couple of days ago someone here noted that the 2nd button on Palin's overlarge jacket was missing on the composite pictures 4/13/08, but couldn't find a picture after the 3/31/08 bill signing picture with Ms. Wilson, where the 2nd button was on the jacket.

It's missing in this picture, too.

Patrick said...

mc at 1:28

Thanks a lot for your great post about the "wild ride" !!

There are a few points I wanted to mention for a while now, and your excellent post now gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.

First of all:

We are always talking about the "wild ride". I think that in doing so, we have fallen into one of SP´s traps (and we can catch her "red handed" at the same time).

There was a report whose exact wording was repeated on several websites. In this report you can find the following remark:

"After the baby was born, Palin told her staff members that her experiences from four previous pregnancies made her comfortable with the signs of active labor. She felt that neither she nor her baby were in any danger, and so she flew home as scheduled."


For example here:

There is no reason to believe that this report is wrong. A report saying that SP actually CHANGED her flights on the way back from Texas to Alaska is nowhere to be found.

But wait...there is one problem. In the recorded news conference of SP after the birth of Trig, which is thankfully is available for listening on the ADN website, SP explicitly said that she "skipped the evening reception" on that day.

The link to the original recording is here - compulsory for anybody who is interested in the birth story:

(click on: "Palin talks about Trig three days after giving birth")

The problem with this ADN recording is that you have to listen to it in full and cannot fast forward. The sound recording has also been uploaded on youtube, but the sound quality is not great, although the voice of Sarah Palin is pretty clear. I am also posting this link because it´s easier to point to some of the remarks of SP.

See this link:

From 0:20, SP explains how she skipped the evening event.

From 4:00, she mentions this fact again and then explains the "water breaking story".

Here is the second part of the interview:

From 3:35, she explains how she wasn´t really in labour before the flight and that she didn´t look pregnant on the 17th April.

She didn´t look pregnant???

What about the Gusty pic then on 13 April 2008??? She looked pretty pregnant in this picture, didn´t she?

This will go down in US history as one of the biggest political scandals ever, in my opinion. It is highly educational to watch it so closely.


Anonymous said...

RW, the airplane picture must be of Trig -- looks just like the baby in the family picture. But the person holding Trig could be Bristol or Willow. -B.

RW said...

"Anonymous said...

RW, the airplane picture must be of Trig -- looks just like the baby in the family picture. But the person holding Trig could be Bristol or Willow. -B.
January 1, 2009 6:35 PM"

See, thats the thingy....that baby does not look at all like what we've seen of trig, or as trig looks like a DS baby.
The baby BP holds in the group kid pic above this one hardly looks like trig.
The one in the plane does not look at all like trig...or what we've seen as trig...

Ivyfree said...

"She had NO choice but to give a Wild Ride Story so she could leave the conference quickly."

Sure, she did. She could have said, "I'm tired. I'm heading home." Since her official position was that she was pregnant, it would have been accepted without any problems at all. I've always thought she used the Wild Ride, fluid leaking story because it made her look all strong and heroic. I never seriously thought it could be true. I think it's a lie she got caught in.

Anonymous said...

Where in the hell are any real journalists, any trustworthy investigative reporters? If Sarah Palin phoned in a story that aliens had landed in her front yard, would every mainstream newspaper in American simply print that too, without verification? I agree with Audrey's husband: This is surreal.
Again, thanks for your diligence, Audrey.

Anonymous said...

RW, I see what you mean. I think the baby in the family photo does look like Trig. He almost looks like he has an oxygen tube under his nose. The baby on the plane has similar hair. Could be a fuzzy, odd picture of Trig, but probably the baby of someone with them on the campaign plane.

ocean said...

Pinky says:

"In response to the previous posts about Bristol needing to be a full-time student to get her parents' health insurance:

Thanks to Todd's Yup'ik heritage and the fact that he and his children are all shareholders in the Bristol Bay Native Corp, Bristol qualifies for free federal health care through the Alaska Area Native Health Service."

Then the Palins will not bill the governor insurance company for coverage. Right?

Anonymous said...

MC at i:28
Your post must become a foundation as we move forward.

I am the one who keeps posting


You are so correct. The wild ride story is a story Sarah planned to tell to imprint a fictious birth date in peoples minds.

It is working like a charm.

Most people are saying: well, we know when Trig was born, remember the wild ride.

The wild ride is the shinny object of distraction. Please faithful readers. Lets not fall for it.

I, for one, am going to cut and paste RW's post so i can find it easily. I feel it is very important.

Oh, by the way, thanks RW. And my name is Pat, an RN who works with babies.

Chris said...

Audrey, you rock! I love how you call BS for what it is.

Sarah Palin was nominated by Time magazine as one of the most influential people of this year, in part for her ability to "make normally reasonable women go insane with rage." You should have been nominated too, but for the opposite reason. Your blog has the ability of "making enraged women feel sane".

Happy New Year to you :) Keep up your GREAT work! This mystery will unfold someday, and I can't wait to see what it'll unravel.

Anonymous said...

Me again-Pat
Sorry, I see the great post was written by MC.
I did cut and paste it to word for quick reference.

But RW, you plenty likable too.

Ginger said...

First time! The Insider program tonight just named Katie Couric as one of 2008's top people.

Lara Spencer, host of the Insider, gave Katie credit for letting us know how clueless Sarah really is.

Good for her!

Anonymous said...

since the troopers were monitoring levi's momma's phone calls you know they have information that could resolve this mystery.

Ms. Johnston being so close to this story surely talked about it to some degree over the phone. I'd like to be privy to those call tapes.

With any luck ''they will somehow surface'' ;-)

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

SP was used to local politics and NEVER expected this level of scrutin. what may have worked in Wasilla is a lot harder to get to play in the real world. no offense to Wasillans. hence the crazy PR about school. How 'bout a pic of Tripp?

teal said...

THE BOXES: they give the impression of being upside down. Lettering on the box = AA, not zigzags. Parts have been altered or behind SP jacket.

jeanie said...

Regarding e-mail links from L (12/31)

Does anyone else find it really odd that Todd Palin is cc'd on all of these government messages?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and find it really intriguing to try to make sense out of the many strange clues. One thing I've thought is that maybe Sarah Palin, despite her public pronouncements about being pro-life in all situations, was seriously conflicted about having a Down's Syndrome baby. I'm wondering if maybe she hoped for a miscarriage and deliberately starved herself and did gut wrenching hikes and engaged in risky behavior such as flying when she knew it wasn't a good idea in hopes of such an outcome. Perhaps she rationalized that if she lost the baby it would be "God's Will". I think having people gossip that she was protecting her daughter by pretending the baby is hers is less threatening to her sense of herself (even laudatory) than having people know she was hoping to sabotage her own pregnancy. Just saying!
Lynn in NJ

indy_girl said...

So why has thre been no verification of baby Tripp yet? Because you can't release a picture of a baby that hasn't been born yet!

marie said...

The question of the dates (and therefore the physical condition of Bristol Palin) of these photos has been very much the topic of discussion, and on more than one website. However, I would like to point the viewer in a slightly different direction. The clothing.

In both photos, one purported to have been taken in Juneau, circa September 2007 and the other in December 2007, the clothing and hairstyles are identical. The only difference in any one of the 6 outfits is Sarah’s red jacket.

The girls are in identical dresses. They have identical hairstyles, down to Piper’s headband. The men are in identical suits, shirts and even Todd is sporting the same shiney red tie in both photos. The men’s haircuts don’t show a three month growth.

And really, ladies, what are the odds you can get 6 family members dressed in the same outfits, with the same hair-cuts and styles, three months apart? What are the odds Sarah could get her frosted bangs to brush the exact same way three months apart?

Sarah must be a far more organized mother than I ever was. To think I could have gotten any of my daughters to find a particular pink headband they’d worn three months earlier so they could wear it in another photo op, three monthslater, would have been a miracle. I was lucky when ribbons or barrets lasted a whole week!

My guess is they photo’d ahead, (if there is such a word) so to have a Governor’s family photo during the Holiday months, which could include Bristol, visibly still not obvious with child. Of course, this would mean the timing of Trig’s entire gestation period was a lie. and not just about the identity of his true mother, but the whole date of his birth.