Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Material Mysteriously Disappears

Or maybe not so mysteriously.

In September, Fox News compiled a five part series on Gov. Palin. I discussed these videos on this page of the website.

As of perhaps a week ago, all videos were still available on YouTube and working. Now they are gone. When you click on them, you get the message that they have been removed for terms of use violations.

That's all well and good, except for one teensy-weensy little thing. Parts 1 and 2 are still available on Fox's website, no problem.

Parts 3-5 (which include the long segments from which we got our screen shots showing a suspiciously square belly and the screen shots which show her hugging up tight to Piper's back with no "baby bump" in sight) are gone from Fox as well.

Never fear: I have archived copies. They have not disappeared completely. However, I cannot legally post them.

One has to wonder why Fox would ask YouTube to take those down, when, for example, all the interviews that Greta Van Sustern did with Todd Palin are still up on YouTube and playin' just fine. Draw your own conclusions.

The Photoshop report should be available tomorrow.


(Update: Numerous people have pointed out in comments that the links to the Frank videos that I posted from the website had been posted by a private individual who may have had his account terminated for legitimate reasons that had nothing to do with the posting of these videos, and other copies of the videos are available on YouTube. I will research this this morning and hopefully find new links.

HOWEVER, there is no doubt that when you go to Fox and search on Sarah Palin, parts one and two were there (as of last night) and three through five were gone.)


Mary G. said...

Unbelievable. I am glad that the material is archived safely. Does this mean it may not be available, say, in libraries? Ahh, censorship masquerading as private property!!! Rupert Murdoch, come out and explain yourself!
I suppose this is a warning to the rest of us to save things like crazy!

Anonymous said...

Wow. This removal is the best argument for why the truth needs to come out and why SP & Co. need to be exposed. Chilling, stunningly so.

Jim Shoe said...

It's no mystery. Fox is a right-wing organization and is thus likely pro-Palin, so naturally they won't supply info that may bring her down.

Anonymous said...

SP & Co. should know that nothing is ever really gone or disposed of or swept under the carpet so easily.

Anonymous said...

Fox is beyond "likely pro-Palin"

I think it's safe to say they are definitely pro-Palin!

Wonder if they got orders from some Palin minions?

trish in SW FL

Anonymous said...

Oh the HEAT IS ON...can you feel it? Sarah Palin can…from Kay (December 23, 2008 at 8:00pm)

Tina in CA said...

I just saw on YouTube part 3 where Sarah is in the kitchen with Piper and Sarah says "It's a boy" and tries to convince Piper she likes brothers.

A YouTube poster called BornTwyce has all segments posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi Audrey,

I just watched clips 4 & 5 here:


8:17 pm PST


mc said...

One wonders who, exactly, put the screws on Fox News, and what excuse they used. Obviously you're making Sarah sweat. You go, girl!

Midnight Cajun

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting video of SP (Dec. 18th) being asked about the upcoming baby due "soon"... she dodges the question and moves on to talk about what she is doing over the holidays. If someone bothered to ask my mother about my pregnancy she would tell them way more than they wanted to know. All SP says is "should be soon and uh spending the holidays though"... one would think she would at least act excited about her first grandson!

Check out her avoiding eye contact with the guy asking the question. I have never tried to attach a video so here goes. Let me know if it doesn't work.


Lisa G

Anonymous said...

You did fine with the link, Lisa.
Was able to see the video of Dec.18th.

Silver Salmon said...

Audrey, the videos you linked to were from m1media.

I double checked the embed urls from your page and one from the page that used to host the video and they matched.

m1media had no affiliation with any news channel.

Here is the cached version of their YouTube page, as their account is currently suspended:

Before we cry conspiracy, it sounds like m1media's account was suspended because of a legitimate Terms of Use violation. He/she/it was posting copyrighted videos.

If Fox had made a copyright claim, I believe that message would be showing up on the deleted videos. I'm positive I've seen that message before. Besides, this user had SNL stuff posted as well and only the Fox videos would be gone if it were as simple as that.

So, this doesn't look like a copyright claim was pursued against m1media.

There are a whole host of things m1media could have violated according to YouTube's Terms of Use:

Let's not jump the gun and say that the Palin clan and/or Fox is/are responsible for the disappearance of the videos. From the list of stuff I saw that was posted under m1media's account, it could a whole lot of other reasons.

Anonymous said...

China all over again!


Next Chapter said...

I've tried to get to the area that you posted about but it says that it's 403 Forbidden. Is there another way to get to the link?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I almost convince myself that, with regard to the Sarah Palin fake pregnancy story, there's no there, there.

And then something like this happens and convinces me that there is indeed something there. Because this is beyond bizarre and consequenty, exactly suiting to Palin.

A Mom Tired of said...

I can't wait Audrey! If higher-ups know about this deception (Trig as her bio son) then in time the truth WILL come out. In general people cannot hold such a big secret w/out confiding in someone. It could take months or years for the information to trickle out. But I believe b/c of your tireless work Audrey, the deception will be exposed much sooner. This must have been an exhausting year for you Audrey, I'm a seamstress and would love to make you a little something, or possibly we could create a fund to donate toward the expenses you've incurred this year? (If that hasn't already been done and I missed it!)

Dionysius said...

Lisa G.

Bravo, excellent find. I agree with your thoughts about her quick diversion from talking about the anticipated birth to generic holiday small talk. Its a classic liar's move. The unsteady eye contact confirms it. She appears uncomfortable and struggles to sound sure about what she's saying.

"spending the holidays, though" indeed.

The Gate Key said...

Here's Elan Franks Production Company. Someone should just call him.


The Gate Key

Anonymous said...

i checked the interviews on borntwyce youtube posts but don't see her patting her belly in part3 or 4. Has it been edited?

Also, Greta says Bristol is planning on marrying Levi this year. Seven days to go!!howrisms

sue said...


Anonymous said...

That interview is freakin' scary. What a head case.

Anonymous said...

OK, I was just trying to get to the Elan Frank Screenshots/video, but couldn't find them anymore...
One thing I DID find was this picture on the Israelu site, which shows Palin 'obviously' pregnant:


I have seen the pic before, but only cropped to the top...
(Picture taken from http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2008/09/021449.php )

Anonymous said...

Powerful article in HuffPo by Jeff Schweitzer. Dated 12/23, it's entitled "Sarah Palin Playing the Blame Game: Missed it by One R".

Schweitzer pulls no punches! Good review for those of us who know there will be politics served up with pie and coffee tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

QE (Question Everything)

Morgan said...

Warner just pulled all their material from YouTube. If anyone is still posting Warner stuff, SNL stuff or any other stuff the owner doesn't want on YouTube then they can get their account suspended.

Still it is kind of curious that those particular clips disappeared. If the same clips begin to vanish then I think we'll have good pause to be suspicious.

Meanwhile, a little bird tells me that Sarah supporters are actually *praying* for a Christmas baby from Bristol.

Anonymous said...

Lisa's find is amazing. Here's a tinyurl to that video:


SP is very nervous and evasive when asked about her family and grandchild.

Something's going to happen soon... it's just hard to know what... but problems must be brewing mightily at the Palin ranch.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Sarah's reaction in the new video shows she is lying; but that won't be definitive to a lot of people. In the big picture, there must be enough people now who know the truth (at least an inner circle in Alaska + some Republican operatives in McCain campaign) that the truth will come out. Hopefully soon, but perhaps not until someone gets angry enough (like if Bristol and Levi split up) or if the information becomes even more valuable, like during a future campaign. To the extent that money is being dangled to a credible source to reveal this information, well, that could speed things up.

Lady Rose said...

It just gets more and more curious.

If Bristol's baby is born a few weeks from now - I would bet the Palin clan claims it was born earlier, but they kept it quiet for privacy sake.

The interview where Sarah is blaming everyone else - but takes no responsibility at all for anything that was done in the campaign is a classic example of a narcistic personality - no surprise there.

Anonymous said...

Pls note what Silver Salmon 9:40 said. He is right. I've seen this happen with youtube often. It's routine.

We have many reasons to be suspicious, but we don't serve our goals by over-reacting.

--Amy the first

Tina in CA said...

Anon @ December 24, 2008 2:33 AM

The belly patting scene is on Part 3 at point 5:10 in the video.

Anonymous said...

If the pregnancy is fake, how many people would need to be part of the cover-up and what is the liklihood of them keeping quiet?

Sarah and Todd
Bristol and the rest of her siblings... And their friends.
The aunt who housed Bristol during pregnancy and her family members.
Kathy Baldwin
Nurse at hospital and probably a least a few personnel.
The Johnston family... And friends of Mercedes who saw her myspace page?
McCain campaign members? They might not have known at first, but once she had to release a medical statement, they surely found out.

Is there any way so many people - especially those outside the family, would stay quiet? Why wouldn't the teenagers be spreading rumors that could easily be picked up on blogs or the national enquirer? Even the hospital staff, they can leak something off the record. Or McCain's campaign. They had no problems leaking damaging info about her.

I can't stand Palin and wouldn't be shocked of she is lying. But no legitimate answer has been given regarding the lack of sources willing to say something on the topic-even anonymously. And as time goes on, the conspiracy theories posted on the comments are getting weirder and weirder.

I'm begining to lose hope in busting Palin. Maybe she was pregnant after all.

Jay in Dallas.

Anonymous said...

I feel a little like a member of a posse, following the lead of an honest, upstanding and persistent sherriff and her deputies. We're on the trail. We won't quit 'til the case is closed.

In the meantime, though, I am going to revert to my everyday persona as mom, and so I'll sign off for a couple of days and wish you all happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

The argument that too many people would have to know about SP's deception for it to be kept quiet, repeated in the post above by 'Jay', does not by itself prove anything. Nor do we have to explain the motives for each set of parties that Jay enumerates, although I think their motives would be obvious.

Keeping any secret requires co-conspirators that have a stake in the lie. At minimum, that stake could be not wanting to harm the primary participants. This is certainly the case for the Palin and Johnston families, and anyone else who had to be included in the scheme to keep it quiet.

The doctor's motives could be to protect the mother's identity, at the mother's wishes. She does specialize in child sexual abuse, which requires high confidentiality, and SP's high profile may have required extraordinary deception on her part balance her medical oath and legal obligations.

As far as the GOP operatives are concerned, once they found about it they had to participate at the time or John McCain would have gone down HARD, along with his entire staff who should have known about it before. Now they have to protect themselves from the earlier deception becoming public, as they would have questions that they couldn't answer. Many are lawyers who are also used to confidentiality and lying on behalf of clients, if necessary. Disgusting, but true.

Mercedes friends probably don't know anything beyond what Mercedes told them, if she did at all. I agree that the Johnstons are a weak link in the deception, but as Mercedes captions indicate, they consider themselves as close as family. The secret may be important for them to keep as well. If they know.

To those who conclude that they must know because they have concluded that Bristol and Levi are Trig's parents, we don't know that conclusively, but if it were true they probably have their own motives for participating in the deception.

The direct counter-argument to Jay is that just because a secret hasn't been revealed yet doesn't mean it isn't being kept.


KaJo said...

To Jay in Dallas:

You have to remember Sarah Palin and her family are a very close-knit group, and they belong to a faith-based organization that's just as close-knit. Is it so hard to believe that ALL of the people you named belong to that close-knit group?

I would extrapolate that the family and the larger group would do just about anything to help one of them out, from giving a bag of groceries to a hungry family, to letting another family move in with them for a while, and in the case of a high-profile much-admired former beauty queen, one of their own:

...Protect the reputation of that much-admired former beauty queen who's now their governor because her daughter has failed to live abstemiously (or perhaps something worse, something unmentionable), which reflects badly on the governor's staunch personal beliefs and her future ambitions.

I can see one of her very closest friends that she's grown up knowing, or someone in her church group whom she's BFF with, volunteering to go this far to help her out. And I could see that friend and other volunteers swearing never to ever let the secret out, never talk, and mobilizing to scrub visual evidence from MySpace, etc.

The only things that have prevented the whole "Sarah Palin pregnant with Trig" scheme from flying under the radar and being completely accepted by everyone are the number of voids of ignorance relating to such things as amniocentesis, DS infants, prematurity, feeding 3-mo. old babies baby food, amniotic fluid leaking, when to wear an empathy belly and why not wearing it to fly is not consistent for appearances' sake, and so on, and so on.

Anonymous said...

I don’t discredit anyone's theories because the more people put ideas out there the better…I’m pretty sure Ms. Palin is or has someone close to her monitoring this website. So I say put everything out there and watch the “spinners” spin it up. That way they will get caught sooner rather than later. ‘Cause from what I can tell, Ms. Palin isn’t so good at “thinking on her feet”. Keep going strong Audrey & Company…
And my conspiracy theory goes on because I won’t give up (I am a patient person…I’ll wait years if I need to)…regarding people in her town or should I say “towns” believing that she was pregnant. It doesn’t surprise me because I didn’t let anyone except my husband (and of course doctors) touch my belly when I was pregnant and think about it…would people really want to touch the governor’s belly “to check”…gee that wouldn’t cause a “fuss” or a law suit? Ms. Palin wouldn’t mind right, I’m sure she was more than happy to let just “anyone” touch her pregnant belly…no problem she’s transparent. Ya right!
Hope everyone has been GOOD this year…Santa Claus is coming tonight! Kay (December 24, 2008 at 9:50am)

Anonymous said...

Jay at 8:01

Yes, there are a number of people (in the circle around Sarah and her close family) in Alaska who mustknow the truth, HOWEVER, you should not underestimate how small and tight-knitted the communities are up there and how much power Sarah Palin currently has. It would be very, very risky for anybody at this moment in Alaska to talk about the truth - firstly, such a person would probably be seen as a "traitor", and the consequences could be severe.

Secondly, even if for example a teenager spoke out and said that he saw Bristol Palin pregnant before the birth of Trig - who would believe him? Especially if the teenager could provide no further evidence?

It is likely that somebody will talk eventually, however, the fact that there has been no "deep throat" so far is not surprising at all!

Thirdly: Apart from the fact that severe retribution is likely for "traitors": Lot's of people in Alaksa profit immensely from Sarah Palin and have a great interest that she remains an important and influential politician (including many journalists in Alaska!)

Therefore hard evidence would be required to shake the foundations.


Anonymous said...

"If Bristol's baby is born a few weeks from now - I would bet the Palin clan claims it was born earlier, but they kept it quiet for privacy sake."

If the Palins do do that, you'd expect someone to claim the baby as a dependent on an income tax return. Also, I believe that the new baby will qualify for a permanent fund dividend if he's born before Jan. 1. So if the Palins claim that he was born in 2008 but they didn't announce it, I'll be interested to see if they try to get the benefits to which a 2008 baby would be entitled. Or will they forego making fraudulent claims? I assume the latter because according to the PFD website "Persons found guilty of PFD fraud may be sentenced to jail, fined up to $3,000, or both. They may have to repay all the Permanent Fund Dividends ever received, and forfeit the right to all future dividends." But SP seems like a person who hates giving up entitlements.


Anonymous said...

I have a little theory about why Sarah, if she herself or her daughter was indeed pregnant with a DS child, might have been conflicted, ashamed and therefore secretive about the child. Add the unwed angle and her holier than thou image would suffer greatly. Her church, which is affiliated with the New Apostolic Reform (NAR) believes that bad things that happen to you are curses you "earn" by your heart not being good enough with God and are therefore marks on your Christian character. They also teach that families can be cursed for generations if they did not lead righteous lives. Hence, the purging of demons, etc. My daughter spent 5 terrible years in an affiliate church in California and I have quite a bit of knowledge about how they operate. It's like a giant pyramid scheme for Christ. In the end, it's all about money, power and control.

Anonymous said...

I have followed up on the New Apostolic Reformation links and couldn't make myself read through all of them because the movement is very frightening. It would well explain why the Palin secrets are being kept if she is involved with this movement.

I have also tried to find any reports on the church fire, and it seems to be a non-news item.

There are enough videos still on line of SP's address to the graduates at Wasilla AoG and her receiving blessings from Rev. Muthey to see her apparent involvement.

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

Awesome recent posts…keep the ideas coming, I find them interesting! I want the truth told about Ms. Palin because I don’t want any child esp. girls (& yes this includes her own) to ever say, “I want to be just like Sarah Palin”. I could care less about her politics…I do however care a great deal about how she portrays women. I will also stick to my theory that Trig is Track Palin and Sherry Johnston’s until proven otherwise…and telling me that he went into the Army because of vandalism in 2005 will not do it! Only people in an inner circle would know about any decision that was “made by a judge”; when it has to deal with a minor. And from the research I have…Track Palin went to boot camp in September 2007 and yes “COULD” be the father of Trig. And with Mommy Sarah on her trip to the Middle East in July 2007…boy I bet her kids were being little angels while she was gone. Merry Christmas Eve from Kay (December 24, 2008 at 11:55am)

Anonymous said...

"I have also tried to find any reports on the church fire, and it seems to be a non-news item."

It's odd that there hasn't been any followup. I would take any bet that anything that made Sarah Palin look good, or victimized, or some such, would have been blasted through the news... so I suspect that her attention-seeking "apology" wasn't relevant.

Really, the more I find out about her and her family, the less respect I have of her.

KaJo said...

To add one more explanation/supposition to my list of 6 over on Audrey's "Late Night Update" blog entry (@ 8:33 PM yesterday if anyone wants to revisit it)...

7) IF I was right about 2 babies in the Trig Palin birth saga....there's nothing to keep The Palin Conspiracy from trying that ruse again to make sure Bristol Palin delivers "on time" to supposedly give credence to her mother's supposed pregnancy (my guess -- that is paramount; any 2008 entitlements are secondary).

In other words (cue Sarah Palin's thought process): check around with your church group, find another one of your dedicated fans who's pregnant and due to deliver soon, who'd do ANYTHING for you and your family...any time between now and the first week in January would be a-ok, and Real Mom would get her baby back after the baby shower...stay close to be the "wet nurse" because Bristol isn't ready... :)


Ack. Honestly, I've never even been a mom, and I find that scenario distasteful.

But I wouldn't put it past a fanatical group of people who admire a person like Sarah Palin, who see in her everything they think is good and great -- never seeing the cues and giveaways that reveal the inner Sarah Palin to everyone else.

How simple it would have been to tell the truth about Bristol Palin's promiscuity in the first place -- no one would even remember any of it by now.

Anonymous said...

A little bit more from Kay… “Early testing can reveal paternity”!!! (December 24, 2008 at 1:50pm)

Anonymous said...

I also agree with the theory that Ms. Palin would not have early testing done because of her “religious” beliefs…but…I bet Sherry Johnston would to provide “proof” to Ms. Palin! And it would only benefit Ms. Johnston to keep her mouth shut…unless…like I said before, “Ms. Palin wasn’t holding up her end of the bargain!” from Kay (December 24, 2008 at 2:45pm)

Anonymous said...

Not to beat a dead horse, Jay in Dallas, but to flip your theory on its head--NONE of those people you listed have stepped forward to confirm that SP DID give birth to the baby. Not the doctor, or the husband, or the friends. Not a nurse, not a neighbor. NO ONE has said ANYTHING which makes the story that much stranger and the whole cover-up that much more believeable.

Anonymous said...

The video from Dec. 18 is very telling. Watch the way she starts rocking from side to side and avoids eye contact with the reporter when asked about Bristol's baby. Her body language definitely suggests she was lying.

Anonymous said...

I would bet that Ms. Palin only wanted to have boys…women do feel this way, they just usually don’t admit it. But daughters can be made out to be “lesser” than the boys in families…it happens. I heard Ms. Palin on a TV show one day say that her son Track said that he was happy to finally have a brother. In my opinion, it is his son by birth but brother threw adoption. In my opinion, it shows why she uses her daughters to “serve” her and why she only shows love to Track (even though he screws up…she can see past that…he’s her only boy). It also explains why she doesn’t show love towards Trig…it isn’t her son by birth; only thru adoption. She couldn’t “get” another boy on her own and it is something she tried oh so hard to “get”. Just part of my little theory…Kay (December 24, 2008 at 3:30pm)

Notalib said...

Thursday, December 18, 2008
I heard from the Photoshop expert, and we should have an in depth report from him on 12/22. It will be published in full on the blog.
Monday, December 22, 2008
Unfortunately, we may need to wait a bit more, but hopefully not more than a day or so
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
The Photoshop report should be available tomorrow.
Wednesday, December 24, 2008
No sign of the "report".

Anonymous said...

Kay - Sarah treats Piper like a little princess. She even set up a radio interview for her with her favourite radio hosts. I think that Sarah does love her children but she does not appear to have the same emotional connection with Trig as many people here have observed.

Although I am sure that she loves her children I do not necessarilly believe that she has exhibited the best of parental skills. Her older children are said to have been involved in drugs and alcohol parties and there has been suggestions that they were out of control. Bristol's current pregnancy would also seem to confirm that idea.

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way…I’m not going away…I’m stubborn that way!!! So yes, of course, she “treats” Piper like a princess. I would too if I needed the little “sweetheart” to be distracted…give her everything she wants and she won’t notice everything else going on around her. Little ones are that way…as long as they are getting everything they want…does it matter what anyone else is doing? Not to them, I guarantee it!
A little twist on my conspiracy theory…I think that “maybe” Bristol has already had her child. That would explain a lot! Here let me explain…Sue Williams said that the rumor was Bristol was in her third trimester. Could be true…she “kindof” looked that way at the RNC and after! Would also explain the “doesn’t look pregnant anymore” from the church fire video – she is post partum not pregnant!!! She “might have” had the baby before the election…hence the “whack job” comments from the McCain campaign. Oh and of course, let us not forget my theory about boys vs. girls in families…that is why Ms. Palin “COULDN’T” throw Track under the bus but she “COULD” throw Bristol under the bus…we hopefully will find out the truth!!! Merry Christmas and enjoy your families…I DO!!! Kay (December 24, 2008 at 5:20pm)

Anonymous said...

Notalib - patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait.

Have a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

BG! said...

Wow Notalib--because the Photoshop expert is the ONLY proof we have, right? Right?? No, actually, it's pretty much proven beyond a reasonable doubt that she was NOT pregnant. Do you have a wife? Or have you given birth yourself? (Not sure of your gender; my guess is male) If so, take a look at the pictures of anyone, ANYONE, pregnant with their 5th kid and then come show me PROOF that it is biologically possible to grow THAT MUCH in 18 days. Please. As a skeptic, I am open to ANY PROOF that demonstrates otherwise. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to show some proof that we may be totally off our rockers. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Bristol--6 days late?? 4 days late?? (Depending on what due date we use) Pretty unusual for a first timer. Isn't it?? Hmmmm....

Fran said...

Regarding the theorie that if it were fake too many people would have to know so someone would have to let the cat out of the bag by now: I don't think all that many people had to know. Sara has to know obviously. One would assume her Todd as well, but we don't really know any details of their married life, so it is possible (like more then a few spouses) they are no longer intimate on a regular basis. I have known women who have kept pregnancy's from their husbands until it was too late to do anything about it, so it possible that a women could fake it to even her husband, but I presume he new. Now who else. If it is Bristol's then obviously Bristol. It it is not her baby, then none of the children needed to know. If the child was born at home - which I suspect - (my theorie is that Trig needing to be treated for jaundice in the hospital is what triggered the premature announcement of his birth - then only one attendent would need to know. If the baby was adopted from some Mother other then Bristol then nobody maybe able to make the connection between that baby and Sara's fake pregnancy. So it is possible that only Sara and Todd know if it is not Bristol's or if it is Bristols then Sara, Todd, Bristol and one attendant who also helped sneek Trig into the hospital and attended the fake delivery of Sara and helped create the impression that Trig was just born there. If Bristol delieved Trig in that hospital then I agree it would be hard to believe that everybody who would have to know about it would be able to or interested in keeping it a secret.

Anonymous said...

"Although I am sure that she loves her children I do not necessarilly believe that she has exhibited the best of parental skills. Her older children are said to have been involved in drugs and alcohol parties and there has been suggestions that they were out of control. Bristol's current pregnancy would also seem to confirm that idea."

There's also poor little Piper, back at school after the campaign. She was interviewed and said it was hard to go back to school, she'd missed so much. Well, taking the kid along on a political campaign is an educational experience, but it would have been simple to have had lessons and assignments faxed or emailed to them, so Piper could keep up. The fact is, she didn't care enough about Piper or about Piper's education to make those simple arrangements. But then, she doesn't seem to value education much anyway.


Lady Rose said...

I agree with the comment above that really NOT that many people would have to know the truth of Trig's birth - no one in the McCain camp would need to know, they would believe Palin (even if they had doubts, they would not know facts so wouldn't say anything).

and those that do know would have a ton of reasons to keep it quiet secret - it would only take two staff members (a nurse and a doctor) at hospital who would need to know, and the hospital is run by folks loyal to Palin and her church, others are either family and loyal or under threat of some sort by Palin (i.e. loss of job or Palin has some dirt on them she could reveal).

Any one asked to remove photos or videos from internet was probably told to do so because of privacy reasons. Teens and others who know rumors about Bristol have no proof - and to keep spreading the rumors in a small town about a respected and well liked governor's daughter would not be a good thing for any one -- too much social pressure.

So actually it could be a very small, closely knit group of folks who know the truth.

Anonymous said...

I believe that SP started wearing those scarves soon after finding out that BP was pregnant, but didn't start padding until she made her own pregnancy announcement in early March. I believe this is when Trig was actually born, and also when they found out he had Down Syndrome. I think that he was probably born at 35 weeks, but SP had already scheduled things she had wanted to do, thinking that she had until mid April for the birth. One of those things was the conference in Texas, so as soon as that was finished, well, ... we all know the story from there. I know that we can't rule out other birth mothers, but I can't get past the physical evidence of BP at the RNC, her body language with Trig, and what appears to be nursing breasts....

Anonymous said...


People all round the world are waiting with bated breath... When is the darn expert report going to get posted?... This delay is prompting Notalib et al to post uncharitable comments, much to most others' chagrin.

Also, does anybody have a word about Bristol's delivery anywhere? Been scanning the MSM, but nothing there yet...

Anonymous said...

As someone on this blog said, adoptions can be done thru Ms. Palin’s church and her doctor. I do not know if this is true or not but if it is…it could explain the fire; if “paperwork” needed to be destroyed. How is that investigation going?
As someone on this blog also said, ADN is “friendly” to and Ms. Palin does “favors” for reporters there. I do not know if this is true or not but if it is…it could explain the Erik on the necklace pictures…if it was Erika Bolstad who is a DC political reporter for the newspaper. I have always thought the Erik was a girl because I don’t know any man named Erik (usually Eric) but I know quite a few girls named Erika.
Hope everyone is having a joy filled day and may it continue into the New Year – from Kay (December 25, 2008 at 6:30am)

Anonymous said...

anon said, "I can't get past the physical evidence of BP at the RNC, her body language with Trig, and what appears to be nursing breasts...."


Audrey says she is a lactation expert. Is Bristol pregnant or nursing in those RNC pics? She looks to be nursing but I am a single dude with no kids so what do I know..


Notalib said...

Good Day everyone and Merry Christmas. Just a quick note, we cannot expect the expert to have results today for even if he/she/it does not believe in the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, they still take the day off, just like most people.

I did have time to update the Sarah Palin conspiracy page and added a countdown clock to help those who are keeping tabs waiting for the big moment.

Again have a great day everyone!

Tina in CA said...

Hummmmm.... do you think that maybe Audrey is celebrating Christmas...... maybe??

I can just see it, "Sorry kids, I can't watch you open your presents because I need to post a report on my blog."

Or perhaps the expert who was reviewing the photos was tied up for the holidays. It happens.

Don't forget, these are real people, with real lives.

Merry Christmas Audrey! Enjoy your family!

Anonymous said...

Audry, Your site is begenning to loose credibility due to all the speculation.
This is a very important site, because our beautiful America must be spared further destruction by the likes of Mrs. Palin.
The site is being over taken by vicious and unfounded gossip, and is becomming laughing stock, instead of an information gathering site.
I respect the origional purpose, and hope the site will survive.
I felt S.Palin set back the cause of women, motherhood, science, amd education.
Now, I feel this site is begenning to resemble Palin, and her unprofessional antics, rather than a scientific, respectable disclosure of fact.
I feel whistle blowers would be more apt to respond to a scientifically based site, rather than the ugly gossip colum this site has become.
We are becomming that which we are trying to eradicate.

wayofpeace said...

if i may be permitted to swerve a bit on this blog's main topic.

i'd like to offer (on this date when we celebrate the birth of the REBEL JESUS) the following quote, since it is my main motivation for exposing the fraud that is SP:

"it is important that our churches be courageous and creative, not sanctuaries for frightened americans,

"which is to say recruiting grounds for authoritarian figures and movements that bear the earmarks of an emerging fascism."

–william sloane coffin

Anonymous said...

To Anon@ 8:28 on 12/25.

Merry Christmas! Audrey needs to keep on doing what she is doing and not let negative people like you discourage her. Audrey's site is based on sound facts. People do come on and blog about speculations and gossip but this has nothing to do with Audrey. Just those individuals' opinions.

But keep in mind that if SP won't tell the truth then it leaves everything open to speculation. Most of us that blog on this site only want the truth and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Some things that are "rumors", are true. Some people are afraid to come forward but they are more than happy to start a rumor, and that "rumor" just gets the ball rolling. If the "rumor" is told enough it usually doesn't get traced back to the originator. Then usually there is someone "snoopy" enough to sleuth out the truth one way or another. Don't be afraid of rumors everyone, they can led to the truth.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 8:28, science is based on speculation. Often the most outrageous ideas are later found to be possible and probable. Imagine someone suggesting the world is round or that the earth revolves around the sun!

Some of the ideas that have been suggested on this forum are equally unlikely, but they are suggestions, not related as factual.

Allowing alternate ideas is the best way to find the "truth."

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

Well, I must say, Todd Palin surely isn't a model for men everywhere. It's curious he sits as a lap dog in the Gov's office everyday and is portrayed in the news and media as her lackey.

Supposedly, he works on the Slope and plays lego logs with his ''builder buddies'' and plays snowmobile games occassionaly. Otherwise what do you imagine a day in their house is like.

I'm equally surprised he hasn't come out to defend his wife.

This whole drama is surreal.

I just wish some of the 'evidence' would somehow see the light of day, so we'd all know.

One thing is for sure: The Troopers know what's what since they were surveilling thesse suspects.

Anonymous said...

Points to Ponder:

Where will the whistleblower come from? Clearly not from the inner circle - between the fear of retribution and the "drinking of the Koolaid"- BUT I think we can look to some of the factions in the GOP for this gift of truth-- Why? They know SP is radioactive anywhere beyond her base. So far McCain, Gingrich and even the toxic Mr. Rove have publically distanced themselves from her. Higher ups in the GOP know that SP cannot bring the party together- she is bad news for them and sooner or later someone will finish off her national political career by shining a light where it is currently dark-- you know--- like PHOTOSHOP !!

Happy Holidays to all

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:28 said: "Audry[sic], Your site is begenning [sic] to loose [sic] credibility due to all the speculation. This is a very important site, because our beautiful America must be spared further destruction by the likes of Mrs. Palin."

I disagree.

The "speculation" is an airing of ideas in the search for truth. Audrey does not declare as fact what she or others speculate. The ideas have informed this search and led to focus on various evidence, like the empty-hallway photos.

This site was not intended to necessarily destroy Sarah Palin politically. It was intended to find the truth about Trig. Voters ultimately decide.

Audrey and her helpers are very level-headed and coherent. The site is legit. Be patient. -B.

Ginger said...

Has anyone else questioned Trig's birth weight? All we have is Sarah's word that he was born five weeks premature.

I'll bet Bristol had a full-term baby (over seven pounds) but maybe a few days early. Hence, her rush to get home.

The birth announcement had his weight at six pounds two ounces. This was as close as they could get and make it seem like a preemie and coincide with her bizarre story.

Trig sure has chubby cheeks for a six pounder!


wayofpeace said...

"Points to Ponder" Anonymous,

WOW, you are SO right.

the GOP has had it with

they've come to know that the only chance they have left to be competitive in future elections is to find candidates that will appeal to the moderate independents.

their pandering to the religious right is proving itself a diminishing-return strategy.

which is why your speculation is so true. her own party will pull the plug at the hour of their own choosing.

it could come as early as SP choosing to challenge the incumbent alaskan senator.

Mary G. said...

Hope everyone had a pleasant day whatever they celebrate.
I agree that Trig's birth weight is really not that of a preterm baby; I think they may have been unsure of the dates--another issue that calls into question Palin's assertion of "early testing" and such--I believe it is actually easier to date a pregnancy if testing is done before the 20th week.
Also, Ginger, thank you for responding in the earlier post, but if you could possibly narrow the time frame for that ADN article I would really like to read it. A year, range of months, anything would be great. Mary g.

Anonymous said...

Well...here is something new. Maybe it was Sarah who turned the Secret Service onto Sherri Johnston?!? Maybe she just couldn't have her daughter marry into a family that sold drugs. I think the marriage will be off now that Mother in law to be is a drug dealer. Maybe that is why she is letting Bristol decide for herself...and they have decided to wait for the spring to marry. I don't see wedding bells for her future...do you?

Great article about Sherri and her drug bust and how she was under Secret Service protection...and then opps...she wasn't.


Anonymous said...

yes ginger....trig ALWAYS looked older than what SP stated, imo.

like his birth was late january or early feb.

BP had more unprotected sex mid march...
mid april SP faux's a birth...
at the time BP's preg tests would confirm.

this would make it nearly a year between one BP birth and the other.

Ginger said...

To: Anon...."Kay"

You are right, Kay, Track joining the military would have no bearing on your theory.

Poor Track seems to have had a few run-ins with the law. I mentioned the bus incident because it seemed to be the most egregious. He was a minor at that time and up until he joined the military, and had the right to privacy. People interested should Google "Track Palin in the Army." It was a rumor and I should not have posted it.

However, I'd like to add an article from the paper that sheds some light on this....

Sept. 13, 2007

"The Anchorage Daily News and other outlets have reported that Track Palin, 18, son of Todd Palin and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, has enlisted in the U.S. Army. Gov. Palin has declined to comment. The Palin family wants to keep private some aspects of his decision, spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said."

Now, let's get back to what this post is about.

I.F. Stone said...

Has anyone seen any recent photos of Bristol being "pregnant" ? As in, the last week or so ?

Sept 1 she could have been breastfeeding, and still carrying a lot of her pregnancy weight gain. If she looks the same or smaller in the last week, I will be expecting the tragic announcement of a 'stillborn' Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Palin.

Or do you think they might 'double down' and borrow someone's newborn to show off to photographers till they go away ? But that would be a huge problem in four years if Sarah plans to try for the Whitehouse.

Due Date was December 18, then December 20... it ain't over till it's over.

If Trig was really Bristol's, isn't that felony Health Insurance Fraud ?

OutsiderSA said...

Mary G. said...

Hope everyone had a pleasant day whatever they celebrate.
I agree that Trig's birth weight is really not that of a preterm baby;

I agree with that. My first child had a head shaped like a elongated rugby ball and was this way for a long time before it normalized and he was a full term baby. Those baby pics are of a baby at least 8 weeks or more.

But then again with the Palins, who can defy gravity, have full control over their uterus muscles, can swell and shrink their tummies any which way they choose for photo ops, I suppose in their bizzaro world, anything is possible.


Anonymous said...

It is officially not Christmas anymore…onto the next holiday even though my favorite holiday is over. Everyone please be responsible during the New Year celebrations and every other day.
Audrey & Company, I personally want to say “Thank You”…NO MATTER THE OUTCOME! I found this website and blog from almost the beginning and it is very informative and very compelling at times. I have the “fabulous” dial-up internet so I can not see any kind of video that is posted, I have to see it on national TV or I don’t see it at all. That is why your knowledge in the field and all the pictures that have been posted or linked are helpful. So from me to you…I APPRECIATE ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND DEDICATION! The truth will come out!
There is some personal history again…to be clear. I am a wife and a mom of two children (and yes, I can 100% provide proof of it too!). I am from and currently live in a small town in a different state; both towns are in the lower 48 states. That is why I don’t care about Ms. Palin’s politics “anymore”…the McCain/Palin ticket didn’t win. If I lived in Alaska I would care about Ms. Palin’s politics. I care about the “faked” pregnancy because I do NOT wish her to be on a national ticket again. I do care about how she portrays women. I know what living in the country is like and what the stereotypes are too; most would be surprised to know what it is “really” like. I would not even begin to try and tell someone what it was like to live in the city…I’ve never lived in one.
Why does my theory revolve around Track Palin rather than Bristol? I felt it was missing in the discussion (early, early on) and I have always felt that it was not Bristol who gave birth to Trig. In my opinion, Bristol seems to be a sweet natured young lady, with a little bit of rebel thrown in. Bristol most likely does like to party when she gets out of the house… “Freedom” from taking care of little ones goes overboard sometimes. A parent can NOT “have their thumb on” a child 24/7. To be clear on this point…I do NOT believe Ms. Palin gave birth to Trig so it was “someone” else. I can and will admit it, if I am wrong but I will not apologize for having a theory…because it is just a theory, the concrete facts are not known to most of the American population yet. So, I will continue to watch, listen and use my many years of being in small towns to help guide me. Also, I enjoy discussion very much and I can “see other points of view”…so here it goes: I CHALLENGE ANYONE WHO WISHES TO - PROVE TO ME THAT ANY PART OF MY THEORY “COULD NOT HAPPEN”! from Kay (December 26, 2008 at 1:40am)

Anonymous said...

Hey Audrey,


Sick of refreshing your blog in my browser... Don't we guys deserve an update at least...

Or you have conceded and see this long inaction as the easiest way to ratchet it down...

Don't anyone give me the 'Christmas' excuse... I have been hitting F5 all through the Christmas myself.

Anonymous said...

time for the expert report. and BPs baby.

Eva in New Orleans said...

I also agree with the discussion on the weight and face of Trig in the pictures of him from April and May when he is newborn.

I stated in an earlier blog how I came across pictures of me and my twin babies the day they were born. After looking at and studying Trig's pictures here I paid attention to how my full term c-section delivered 6 lb and 7lb babies looked that day.

As I stated then, their faces looked flushed and stressed from what they had just been through. (But can I say that they are the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!! I don't have any grandchildren yet!)

I don't think he was born too much earlier than the stated birth date but I also believe that the hospital would not release him right after birth. He was probably born a week or two prior to the offical date.

And he shouldn't have been paraded around so early after birth. I didn't want to go anywhere my first week at home. I was trying to recover from childbirth and I was 21 years old at the time. Now I would need a month to recover!!

Anonymous said...

As a nursing mother, I do find the appearence of BP's breasts at the RNC to be odd but what would be even odder, I think, would be if BP had the baby, SP assumed parentage but still had Bristol breastfeed? Breastfeeding a kid is an around-the-clock job and I just can't imagine that 4 months later, Bristol--who we're supposed to believe is NOT the mother--would still be nursing. I don't know. Besides the fact that DS babies typically have problems latching on. Maybe I could believe Bristol was pumping--maybe--but still dooutbfully.

Anonymous said...

I took a test for detecting microexpressions last week and scored 80%. What I see in the 12/18 video (which I watched with the sound off because I can't stand her voice and her words are not informative) is frequent, consistent flashes of fear. They are especially prominent in the first half of the video.

Delta said...

Random thoughts in no particular order:

One of the characteristics of a Down Syndrome baby can be a "full face" so you can't really base an age guess on the fact that he looks older in his newborn pictures.

Baby food at 3 months isn't proof of anything. Mine never ate baby food out of a jar, but they were eating mashed potatoes and smashed black eyed peas off the back of a spoon at that age, so I can't see why baby food would be out of the ordinary.

I have no idea what the "usual" period of time is to keep a Down's baby in the hospital after birth, but with all 3 of my healthy kids, we were discharged in less than 24 hours and I had them out with me in public within 12 hours of discharge. After 9 months of being uncomfortable all I wanted to do was get out and walk, so I did, baby in tow.

Any sort of wild guess theory or determining any "nail in the coffin" information based on your own personal experiences is an exercise in futility. There are way too many variables in prenancy, labor and childbirth, expecially with a special needs child, to ever be able to say something should be a certain way across-the-board with any degree of certainty.

Anonymous said...

ahhh...is it me, or is BP 6 days overdue? The tension is building...

wayofpeace said...

the term "inattentional blindness" can explain how the MSM, and the general populations as a whole, can be so clueless and uncurious as to SP's hoax pregnancy, etc

watch this video, DO THE TEST:


luna1580 said...

audrey- what's up your photo-shop analyst? i'm still guessing that even the original flickr posts were not high enough resolution to be conclusive of anything, but at least post about what s/he did have to say.

hope you had a pleasant holiday.


Anonymous said...

To Delta:

I am the mother of a "special needs child" and a medical professional.

A 35-week preemie who has Down Syndrome and leaves the hospital only a day or two later? Highly improbable!

There are huge potential medical problems with that degree of prematurity. Add to it Down Syndrome, and the story, as retailed by the Palins, is almost certainly false.

In this day and age all such babies (except in cases of home deliveries)would be kept for observation, at the very least, for longer than that.

Of course this assumes a rational and competent physician is in charge of the case.

Been there.

Anonymous said...

When BP arrived at the airport her chestal area looked defined, somewhat like Madonna cones(sorry, its what the pic show).

Then when inside at RNC her chest area looks like its padded with depends, or something rather large that makes her chest protrude way out beyond her stomach, up to nearly her neck....Sorry but her appearance is more than a bit unusual and certainly makes her appear to be both nursing and preg trying to hide any potential leakage from the nursing child she is holding.
You know how nursing babies can trigger leakage.

SP certainly didnt grow a larger chest when that baby was born.
But BP did.

There are shots of BP showing the cut of her bra line and she is quite literally bursting out and over the seams...and she was not a large chest in earlier pic.

Poor trig couldve come from nearly anyone...sherryJ, BP, mercedes, but it wasnt SP.

With the alarmingly high rates of child sex abuse and neglect in the wasilla area nothing would suprize me about this family.
The repeated comment released by state troops re wasilly being meth capital has no stats to back it up: There are stats tho on the HIGH rate of sexual abuse, and neglect.

And now we have sherryJ busted at this point in time---not earlier, or later--but NOW.
Her CREDIBILITY is gone...now.
Not before, but NOW.
No babysitting: She is OUT of the pic.

Last I read about levi he was working north slope...guess he didnt come home for the birth or the holidays.

there are no coincidences...only the illusion of coincidence...

anyone who thinks SP is not clever enough to manage all these lil crisis is naive...ya just keep plowin thru them...


Anonymous said...

To those who are critical about the delay in the report from the photoshop expert, I only wonder where your righteous indignation was when SP delayed releasing her medical reports for several months -- and then, late on election eve, finally released a two-page letter which purported to be from her doctor, but showed signs of having been altered, has never been authenticated, and did not directly and unambiguously answer the key question about whether Sarah gave birth to Trig.

Give Audrey a break -- this is what she does in her so-called spare time, and at her own expense. Patience is a virtue, right? If nothing else, this case will test everyone's patience and perseverance. Some of us are in this for the long haul, if that's what it takes to reveal the truth.

In the meantime, let's all "get a life" and enjoy the holidays!

wayofpeace said...

L M A O !!!

2 bloggers at HUFF POST:

–Just a side question here....
Did Bristol ever deliver that baby ????????????????

–Reply: yeah, a little less than a year ago...number 2 is due any day now

Anonymous said...

Actually if you start the count from the day it was announced we are now 8 days late with the announcement.

I guess the question that needs to be asked is, what are the credentials of this expert? What makes he/she/it a expert?

Another real annoying aspect of this blog is they allow anonymous postings, that is just a cowards way of not taking responsibility.

So once again according to the countdown clock at my blog we are 8 days late.

KaJo said...

I was just about to post some convoluted response to Delta's post this morning, but happened on Anon@10:31 AM's comment first...

Short story: I second that!

...in terms of the comment about "A (I believe it was 37 weeks, not 35 weeks) preemie who has Down Syndrome and leaves the hospital only a day or two later? Highly improbable!"

Twenty-four hours is hardly enough to test for preemie organ or blood disorders, lung capacity, etc. or to put the infant on an enhanced preemie formula and to monitor the infant's acceptance of the diet.

Even if I'm totally wrong about my "two babies" theory about Trig Palin, the picture of that infant being held by Sally Heath (see http://ktuu.images.worldnow.com/images/8194634_BG4.jpg ) doesn't look both preemie and <24 hours old.

Anonymous said...

I personally am not expecting much about the photo from the expert - an opinion that a shadow makes it possible for being doctored or something. But any of you that think this is going to be some big conclusive statement, will likely be disappointed.

I do have to laugh at Anonymous at 11:56 AM complaining about people being allowed to post anonymously. You are cracking me up!

Regarding BP's delivery. First time babies are often late, and the family just might not release any info to the public for a few days, given the state of the one granny's recent arrest.

I was one who immediately thought those were nursing breasts on BP at the convention, and never saw one photo of Palin looking like she was breastfeeding.

I also can't imagine a preemie DS baby being released from the hospital that quickly. Especially since he had jaundice issues. Just more of the whole convoluted birth story that doesn't match the slightest bit with medical common sense.

We do all need to remain patient and let this all play out. It will, in its own good time.

Anonymous said...

Here's a message to Bristol and Levi. I wish the best for you and your new family. But you will never be able to make your own decisions and run your own lives until you stand up to Sarah and set yourselves free from her schemes. It's your life -- no one is going to live it for you. This is not a dress rehearsal. The most blessed and Christian gift you can give is to be truthful. Otherwise, your whole life, and that of your children, will be a lie, and you will never find peace.

Anonymous said...

Audrey & Company…don’t release any Photoshop expert report until Ms. Palin decides she can make an announcement about Bristol’s current pregnancy. Or even wait until after Sherry Johnston has her first day in court. Those of us seeking the truth about Trig’s birth will wait…I personally would not let Ms. Palin use the Photoshop expert report as part of her spin. Just a thought from Kay…stay strong. (December 26, 2008 at 2:20pm)

Anonymous said...

"Another real annoying aspect of this blog is they allow anonymous postings, that is just a cowards way of not taking responsibility."

Massively ironic coming from someone who posted anonymously, don't you think?


Ginger said...

To: I.F. Stone

Re: Felony Ins. Fraud

My theory is that Bristol (17 at the time), was covered under her mother's gov. state ins. That could have covered the cost of the birth. Notice I said, "Could."

As I have mentioned before, I think Sarah has adopted Trig and if she has, he would legally be covered under her insurance. What a smart move! I hear it is very expensive to raise a DS child.

To: Mary G.

Re: Article on Dr. C.B.J.

The article was around the middle of Oct., or first part of Nov., of this year. I started reading the ADN sometime after Audrey started this website. Her name caught my eye and I know how secretive these people are. If you come up with something....let us know.

Lastly, I watched that ADN video where the reporter asked Sarah about the baby coming soon. She said, "Yeah....Soon."

Well, folks, I think we have a long wait. After the holidays, she could say, "Bristol got her dates all mixed up." After that, another excuse. Until, she has pushed the envelpe so far she will have to come out and say, "that darn McCain campaign made me say that Bristol was five months pregnant because of those rumors. There is no baby and it is all "their" fault!"

And you know what her supporters will say? "So What!"

What a mystery! Can't wait for the outcome...whatever it is.

Doodad Pro said...

Heh - personally I think that Bristol Palin already had her baby, and the press is being shut out. If I were the father or mother, this is how I would treat nosy busybodies like the people at this blog.

It will be funny to watch how fast this blog implodes once the facts are out. Or is there a backup theory that Willow or Piper is Trig's mom? Maybe Track is really a woman and is Trig's mom?

Anonymous said...

I would bet that the Palins might announce the birth of Bristol's (2nd) baby weeks from now and say that the baby was born on time, but that they wanted privacy for the newborn and mother for some reason (who knows what). They will show pictures of the baby that have been carefully arranged to give no hint as to what date they were taken. In that case, it would be helpful to have some record of Bristol during this time. For example, did the Palins go to church on Christmas Day? Was Bristol with them? Was she pregnant looking? Is there any record of Bristol out there at all?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the question raised by Jay in Dallas: How many people would need to be in on the secret if Trig were Bristol's? Too many casual acquaintances to keep it secret?

I think it actually could be a tiny number of people, people who are perfectly capable of keeping this secret.

At a bare minimum: three people. The fake pregnant mother (Sarah), the actual pregnant mother (assume Bristol), and anyone who gave medical care to these two (assume Dr. Baldwin-Johnson). With a home birth, yes, the number could be as small as three.

But we might want to assume three more. Sarah's husband (who presumably, though not necessarily, sees her nonpregnant body). And perhaps -- though not necessarily -- the birth father, presumably Levi, since he acts affectionate with the baby. And finally, the aunt who sheltered and hid Bristol, who needn't know but probably did.

Now we're up to just six highly motivated secret-keepers.

With Bristol living away from the family, the other siblings probably weren't told. Sarah herself claims she didn't tell her kids that she was "pregnant" until a week after she told her staff, at the seven month point. That's a bizarre story. But the idea that Bristol's pregancy was kept a secret from her siblings is no more bizarre than this story Sarah Palin actually told of keeping her pregnancy secret for seven months from her children living under the same roof.

The two biological parents would be the weak link regarding who else knew. However if Bristol was away and could keep a secret, she and her self-described "I don't want kids" boyfriend could keep this private. If they informed any others, such as Levi's sister or mother, those would also be close, highly motivated family members.

What about any other health care professionals? With a home birth under Dr. Baldwin-Johnson, Trig could show up at MatSu hospital for jaundice treatment and release as Sarah's child, and who would know otherwise? And if Bristol had prenatal care in Anchorage where she was living with her aunt, well, Dr. Baldwin-Johnson also practiced there.

So the number of people who had to be in on any coverup here would be very small, as few as three to six.

There's no telling if these are the facts. My point is, we can't draw conclusions based on the notion that lots of people would have known and couldn't have kept a secret.

-- jwc

Anonymous said...

Sarah's bizarre story that her own children didn't know for seven months that she was pregnant is very revealing of the fact that this is a family big on denial and secrets. Don't ask don't tell in that household.

Add this story to the equally flat-out unbelievable tale of the liesurely 6,000 mile day and night journey from Dallas to Wasilla leaking amniotic fluid all the way.

Throw in the equally unlikely remark about middle of the night breast pumping. (Why on earth??? If the baby's sleeping, you SLEEP!)

These were the three things that struck me as blatantly false last fall when Sarah Palin's name first came up, the weekend before she was nominated, when I casually hit the internet to find out a little about her.

Then and now, the only explanation that makes any sense is simply that the baby wasn't hers.

-- jwc

BG! said...

This from the Sherry Johnston article of Huff Post:

Johnston is the mother of Levi Johnston, 18. Sarah Palin announced in September that her daughter Bristol, also 18, was pregnant and that Johnston was the father. Their child was due to be born Dec. 18, her grandfather Chuck Heath told the Anchorage Daily News recently.

Didn't Chuck Health JUST tell People mag that the due date was 12/20???

Anonymous said...

There is so much evidence that Sarah Palin is not Trig's biological mother -- but the pumping in the middle of the night is not a piece of it. I pumped in the middle of the night. I had to go back to work when my son was only a few weeks old, leaving him in day care during the day. I had a hard time pumping at work (stressful jobs can make it hard to relax enough to pump much milk.) So when he start sleeping through one of his usual night feedings, I pumped at that time, when I was more relaxed, to make sure that I had enough milk stored for him during the day when I had to be away from him. I would have loved to have been asleep then, of course, but it was the only way that I could provide adequate breast milk for my child, so I was happy to do it.

Anonymous said...

"It will be funny to watch how fast this blog implodes once the facts are out."

The facts could have come out any time in the past several months. But Sarah Palin, one of the few people in possession of the facts, has refused to release them. She could have stopped the speculation long ago by releasing real medical records or a birth certificate. But she hasn't. So I don't think the blog will be imploding any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Doodad Pro - I'll stop being a "nosy busybuddy" when the threat of Palin ever holding an office higher than governor of Alaska is dead in the water. Until then, as long as there are folks (perhaps like you) who find this woman fit to be the leader of the free world, I'm going to keep examining just who Sarah Palin is and the justifiable questions there are about her.

Anonymous said...

At best, the photo expert finds the photos have been altered and the MSM, I hope, asks why the campaign released such pictures.

As Audrey has mentioned, the expert can't say when the photos were made or altered. Sarah could have added enough pads to look really pregnant back in April (but not for the meeting in Dallas) or in August for an "April picture."

So the expert report will be interesting, whenever, but please, fellow posters, don't blow it up to be something it is not. -B.

Anonymous said...

To KaJo:

You said you thought Trig was born at 37 weeks. However, 37 weeks is not officially considered preterm.

Other sources, including the website that goes with this blog, have mentioned both 35 and 36 weeks as Trig's purported gestational age at birth.

Ginger said...


Maybe this will help with your theory..........

On Sept. 22nd, I e-mailed Lori Tipton, at KTUU in Alaska, asking if she knew of any documentation verifying Trig's birth. She replied:

From: Lori Tipton
Sent: Monday, Sept. 22, 2008
Subj: Sarah Palin


I couldn't agree with you more...I get so many e-mails each week from conspiracy theorists who write to complain that I need to "blow the lid" or "investigate this issue."

To be honest, it's a tough story to cover. There are so many rules and regulations under HIPAA to protect the privacy of individuals...no hospital or its staff members will give us any information. Mat-Su Hospital, where Gov Palin delivered, wouldn't even confirm she was a patient at the time of her delivery. We had to camp outside the entrance and wait for her family to walk by.

But I assure you, I will keep trying...Thanks for writing.

Lori Tipton
Ch 2 News

Later on, I e-mailed her again but she never responded.

KaJo said...

To Anon @ Dec 26, 2008 4:53 PM,

...about SP's pregnancy in weeks; you're right, I was wrong, and I was wrong to mis-correct Anon @ 10:31 AM, too.

Audrey has the info right on the front page of the Web Site/Summary.

"By the time she arrived there, she met five high-risk obstetric criteria:
*she was 44 (anything above 40(some sources say 37 or 39)) is considered high-risk due to maternal age;
* she was carrying a known high-risk infant;
*she was considered "grand multiparous" (five or more viable pregnancies);
* she was in labor at 35-36 weeks (anything before 37 weeks is considered pre term);
* her amniotic sac had been ruptured nearly 24 hours."

So much to remember... :)

GraceR said...

Has anyone heard anything definite about Bristol having the baby? Two people have emailed me that Bristol was in labor on Christmas eve day and went to the hospital; her family went with her and missed church services that evening. Both said the baby has been born but didn't know if it was before or after midnight on the 24th. Nothing's been reported on the news that I know of. Anybody hear anything?

Anonymous said...

Re: "Sarah Palin announced in September that her daughter Bristol, also 18, was pregnant and that Johnston was the father."

Actually, if you read the September 1 announcement carefully, it doesn't say specifically that Johnston was the father. It refers to Levi as "the young man she will marry" which is not necessarily the baby's parent.


I have no doubt that the birth announcement was as carefully worded as the "medical records" letter.

If there was any other announcement by Palin, I am unaware of it. The Palin announcement also never included any timeline or date. The "about 5 months" pregnant story came from a McCain campaign aide.


Mary G. said...

Grace R--according to the script discussed by many people in the last few weeks, Bristol would have had her baby xmas or xmas eve. So, perhaps your emailing friends are bringing us all glad tidings...
Perhaps the xmas baby is Bristol's "get out of jail" pass.

Anonymous, I have also noticed how carefully worded the McCain campaign statement was--it did not say Levi was the father of the supposed current baby. He did have a look of bemusement at the convention.

Anonymous said...

Grace R (Closet Palinite :-)) stated that she heard that Bristol went into labor on Christmas Eve. Isn't that odd, we may have that 'Christmas baby' just like some have speculated?!

Isn't it strange that when Britney Spears' little sister, Jamie, was pregnant, MSM followed her everywhere; even to the hospital when she was going to deliver. But with Britol no one is following or watching or is it? Just find that strang since she is 18 now and had a very public pregnancy.

It will be interesting if we hear more about this from the MSM or if like one blogger stated, in 3-4 weeks, pictures will just show up claiming that Bristol had the baby on Christmas Day when the baby is actually a newborn. So many lies with this family. Just don't know what to believe.

GraceR said...

Anon@8:25, the people who know my posts should know I am not a closet Palinite. Like most everyone here, I just want to get the truth here with clear evidence that will prove beyond a doubt who is Trig's mother. Without clear proof, people will call us all nutjobs, and you all know that. I was only asking if anyone else heard about Bristol's having the baby---I don't know whether or not to believe the people who emailed me. One man does live in Alaska and supposedly attends the Palin's church but I don't know him well enough to be sure he's telling me the truth. He claims there's no "official announcement" yet because they are trying to avoid more negative publicity regarding the other grandmother, that the timing is very bad. Whether or not the media in Alaska is following Bristol around or not, who knows. We certainly haven't seen any pictures of her. If no one else has heard it, then maybe I'm being duped. I just want to know.

Next Chapter said...

I came to this website and blog late in the game, but I would like to say, 'Thank you for doing this'.

I have gone to many other web sites regarding this, and I have to say, this one is the most comprehensive, organized, and well-thought-out site that I have found.

I have gone through every post that you made, and almost every comment. ( I just started last week, I plan on reading all of the comments.)

The reason that I mention this is maybe as a christmas gift. :)

When you first started this web site/blog, I think you had maybe 4 people comment on it. Some blogs you did, nobody commented.

There where blogs you did where you questioned yourself. But you realized, 'No, it doesnt add up. And you understood there were others, in the medical field, that said, "It just does not work!"

After Nov 4th, when Obama won the election, you questioned, "Should I continue this blog?"

I would just like to point out, to this point in time, there are curently 112 post to this blog.

Yeah, we still want to know!


Anonymous said...


I will say that I am a member of a Wasilla group on teamsarah.org, just to keep an eye on things.

Comments on teamsarah.org are not moderated, though some might be deleted after posting. I have been checking that group quite regularly for the past week, as often as every hour or so during the day. Many posters there are members of Sarah Palin's church.

Not one word or breath there that Bristol Palin is in labor or has had a baby.

I'd say it's false.

Anonymous said...

So GraceR has given us an inkling as to what the Palinites are thinking, and the peculiar timing of Levi's mother's arrest. Not only will it "excuse" Bristol from marrying into that family, but they will claim that the baby was born right after this arrest so they didn't want to taint the birth announcement with the arrest news. Maybe they will claim the Christmas birthday, but wait to announce it, with the above spin.

Anonymous said...

It seems that two simple birth certificates would put an end to all rumors and speculation.
I would have no reservations of producing the birth certificate of any of my four children if someone accused me of not being their parent.

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything in the comments about this, but do you think it is unusual that the National Governors Association Photo Gallery documents many, many meetings... but nothing for the April meeting where Sarah sprung a leak?


Anonymous said...

Scratch my last comment about the NGA (Though you can't see anything but the scarf on their 2/08 meeting portrait). But I still can't find any photos from the 4/08 meeting of the RGA.