Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Welcome... Again

I have posted something like this a couple times before... but I need to do it again. I have had a very large increase in traffic today, thanks to a few good folks on the Internet linking to me. I've seen a ton of traffic come in from Mudflats, as well as Jack Bog,, Cajun Boy, The Token Hippie, and Daily Kos. (Wait! Hold it! Those WIENERS at Daily Kos pulled the story. - More on this later, I promise!) For all of you new readers, welcome! Whether you're here because you're just curious, because you think I'm right, you think I'm crazy, or you accidentally clicked the wrong link, it doesn't matter. All are welcome. We hope you'll stay and read for a while.

Comments on this blog are moderated. I do this to keep out the spammers, the people who have posted huge long comments in an attempt to crash the blog, and those who are simply abusive. I do NOT reject comments that disagree with my position, even when, at times, those disagreements are pretty obnoxious and/or contain egregious grammatical or spelling errors (as so many seem to.) As long as you're not obscene and on topic, your comment will be approved.

Virtually every link that is coming in today, is coming to the blog. I am encountering a problem that I have in the past, which is that new people do not realize that there is a large and well-documented website associated with this blog. In fact, the site was the first venture; the blog was an afterthought. As has happened before, when I see a lot of new visitors, I am swamped with email pointing out things that "I didn't see on your blog." Here's a hint: it's probably on the website.

I am always grateful and interested in new info, and I like to respond to every email. However, when I get fifty plus emails in one day pointing out information to me that is already on the website, it gets a bit challenging.

So, here's the link to the website. There's a lot here, and I am going to add more... a few things that were put on the blog over the last month or so that have never been added to the site.

This issue is important. It goes far far beyond who physically gave birth to Trig Palin last spring. And I'll not drop it until I have some concrete answers.

Again, thanks for visiting.


PalinBaby Question said...

Thanks again, Audrey, for your continuing detective work, common sense and good humor.

PalinBaby Question

Anonymous said...

I've visited other blogs where after it says "leave your comment" on the comment page, the blog owner has a brief message. You could insert a link to your website there and ask folks to please visit it before they submit pictures to avoid duplicates.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Audrey for an informative and interesting blog. One observation on the various women that are pregnant, notice they all have arched their back, apparently to compensate for the weight of the baby, but there is no indication of the same thing for Palin's pregnant photo.

Ellie said...

This is from an article from Huff Post regarding Palins several late filings of gifts she received, in this case paid trips that answer the question of whether Todd was with her at the infamous Governor's conference or not:

"Palin and husband Todd also received travel, food and lodging valued at $4,620.12 to attend a Republican Governors Association event in Texas, in April _ gifts that were not reported until August, according to disclosure forms. Palin and the other governors attending the event also received $1,000 Rocky Carroll cowboy boots."

We've speculated about where Todd Palin was when Sarah was at the convention, so now we know neither parent would have been there w/Bristol if she was in fact delivering at that time. This might account for the mad dash. It's quite possible they did not hear she was in labor until right before or during Palin's speech. I wish we had Alaska Airlines records to see when (and if) they changed flights. If Trig had already been born, possibly the intent was to rush home right after the speech all along???

It raises 2 questions for me:

1)Why would Sarah not go to a hospital in Texas *if she had her husband with her*????? I could understand being scared and alone and wanting to deliver my baby where my husband was. But HE could have flown to her.

Now we find he was there with her, there is no logical reason for Mrs. Toad's Wild Ride. Todd I'm sure would have done what any loving husband and father would have, which is persuade her to go to a hospital in Texas for the sake of her life, the life of their unborn child, and the lives of their children who could become motherless.

So this only adds to the evidence that quite clearly points to Sarah Palin not being the biological mother of Trig.

2)If their daughter was due around the time of their trip, I bothers me that they would both leave. This I think suggests either they are completely insensitive jerks (which I don't want to believe), or Bristol had already given birth, or Bristol actually was due in May and Trig *was* a premature baby like Palin claimed. That may be why she hadn't yet padded up her tummy so much, since she figured she had a month left to gradually have her "pregnancy" show. I was a young mother and my 1st was 8 lbs 3 oz, my 2nd 9 lbs 7oz. A month earlier and they could have been Trig's size or even bigger. However low birth weight is common with Down's Syndrome babies, though not all Down S. babies have a low-birth weight.

Audrey is convinced Trig was born around the 18th of March, so I will stick w/our fearless leader's view. Thus the only 2 remaining options are that the Palins are incredibly ambitious selfish jerks who left their pregnant due any moment teen alone, or Trig Palin was premature. His being premature might also explain why her story was so convoluted, they hadn't planned it that way and she spun it as she went. As you know, Sarah isn't so good at answering questions where she doesn't really know the answers (or in this case the story), and that could be why we ended up with Mrs. Toad's Wild Ride.

I gave birth 8 days after my 20th birthday and I would have been terrified if my mother wasn't there, and I'm sure Bristol would have felt the same way. Men try to help, but I think when you're a young mom there is a security in having your mom who has been through this before with you. When my daughter was born 6 years later I was ok w/just my husband being there. :) Anyway, I'd like to believe the latter (premature birth) rather than the former(Bristol's parents were not very concerned w/her physical or emotional wellbeing) because the latter is too sad to contemplate.

Lady Rose said...

All your hard work is greatly appreicated.

Perhaps put a text widget in the side column at the top, with a brief welcome message and explanation and a link to the blog, saying something like BEFORE YOU SEND ME AN EMAIL check here (website link).

Also there is a widget for followers, if you add that to the side column then folks can click on it to add your blogs to the ones they follow regularly.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Nice blog and website.

This is a fascinating issue. I am a lawyer who practices in the medical legal field. As such I am struck by the omissions in the doctor's letter and the fact that the Palins' didn't do something simple like release the birth certificate or medical records. Why not? Maybe it's because tampering with a birth certificate would be a crime. After all, Obama did release his birth certificate when that became an issue. There must be something under the water here or they wouldn't take such a round about way to try to obfuscate things.

The prom pictures raise more questions. Again, why not just release them? Why remove them from the internet if they are a slam dunk in your favor. That's obviously because the prom in question has to be the last one, as shown by the background in the photos, so it doesn't preclude Bristol having delivered a baby one week earlier.

Then there is the whole plane issue. Airlines are not supposed to even allow women who are near term to fly. Is she saying that she deliberately exposed the airline to liability for having to deliver a baby on board, not to mention endantering her life and that of the baby? It's crazy. No one would do that, least of all the governor of a state. It would be a huge scandal.

Finally, if you look closely at the last photo and blow it up a bit, you can see what appears to be a small tear in the black fabric of her outfit, with white showing through. There is also a whitish looking square showing through underneath which stops abruptly with a straight line on her right side and also stops above and below, like it was a white pad of some sort. It appears to be square in shape and flat on the front. All by itself it would not be much but it adds to the total picture.

If she tries to run for Pres in 2012, the Dems need to be ready with all of this material. It will sink her. At best, she is an irresponsible mother, at worst, a blatant liar and possibly a criminal if any medical records have been altered.

Anonymous said...

Just found your website yesterday, just poking around. Grateful for your tenacity and thoroughness. Please stay the course! I also came across this petition, which often provides a much-needed laugh -- can you share it?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed the Kos story-- again! Next time someone take a screen shot before they get all wimpy on us, okay? What is it with Kos pulling an obvious story--even if they don't think anything is fishy, certainly a large majority of their readership does, based on the poll, which is still working as of 10:25 am EST on 12/4. WHY isn't the fact that so many believe something is fishy newsworthy in and of itself????


Skeptic said...

Playing devil's advocate for Ellie...

I didn't realize there was any question about Todd Palin being in Texas with Sarah, but anyway, his presence there has always raised a troubling question in my mind - what if Sarah's story was more or less true, that she had gone into labor while traveling, and it was TODD who insisted on her getting back to Alaska to give birth?

This scenario is supported by the comments attributed to him about the ridiculousness of a "fish picker" being born in Texas, as well as his association with the Alaska secessionist movement. It's plausible that having his child be a native-born Alaskan was (for him) worth the risks - and come on, someone who races snow machines is not exactly adverse to risk-taking, and he might not have been quite as well-informed as most of us on what bad things could have happened on that journey. There is also some question about benefits that may be available to native-born Alaskans, but I haven't seen anything much more than speculation about that.

On the other hand, it would not explain why they by-passed the hospital in Anchorage, which would meet the requirement of being on Alaskan soil, not to mention Anchorage had the expertise and facilities one would prefer to have on hand in the event of a pre-term, high-risk, special needs birth.

All in all, that 45 minute drive to Mat-Su is the part that just doesn't make sense if she were the birth mother. Upon first hearing her preposterous story about her going into labor in Texas, I thought she was just "embellishing"; that she actually had not gone into labor until she was at (or near) home - but then why did she leave the Governor's conference early?

Regardless of any story she tells about it, and regardless of any plausible scenario for her labor timeline, I just don't see any way of reconciling these facts: she changed plans at the last minute and left the conference early, and Trig was born in Mat-Su, not Anchorage.

Unless, of course, she wasn't the birth mother.

Lady Rose said...

A note about birth certificates - even if one were released it would not prove who gave birth to Trig.

If Palin legally adopted him, the birth certificate would show her as his mother (this is all done legally).

P.S. we are an adoptive family, and the birth certicate we have shows us as my daughter's parents.

So the only actual PROOF would be medical records or someone with first hand knowledge and information that had evidence to back up the information.

palinoscopy said...

Her story is ridiculous. There is simply no way it went down like she said it did. Which, then, begs the question: why make up a story. The obvious answer to the inconsistencies is that she isn't the birth mother and wants to hide that fact, but since she can't stop running her mouth she made up a totally implausible story, not realizing that she was going to get a whole lot of scrutiny from people who aren't as willing as most Alaskans appear to be to simply take her outrageous word.

Skeptic said...

On the topic of birth certificates - I do know the adoptive parents' names are on the certificate, but can the birth date, time, or location be changed as well?

If Trig's birth certificate has Sarah and Todd as the parents, but a time and date that is at odds with Sarah's known location, well, that could be something!

Anonymous said...

I recall reading somewhere that Bristol was completely AWOL for 5 months and probably staying with Palins sister Heather Bruce. This woman would be key to questions still lingering about Bristol and this "pregnancy" , but she is completely covering for sis Sarah. If she opened her mouth on this, she could command some big $$$$$. Otherwise she has to live this the rest of her life living in the shadow of and covering for Sarah. What a sad life.

ABS said...

Lady Rose,
How long did it take to get your birth certificate in the adoption? I understand that adoptions can take some time to process, and I wonder if this could prevent Sarah from being able to produce a birth certificate for Trig yet. If she had one, there seems to be no reason to withhold it since it would silence her foes.

Anonymous said...

People keep asking 'why would SP fake a pregnancy?' and I still believe it is an insurance scam. She faked the pregnancy so that Trig can have state-supplied healthinsurance, which is much, much better than what his (most likely real) mother would be able to provide him with: NONE, since she is an unemployed highschool dropout.
So, again: I think the Palins are scamming their insurance!

Anonymous said...

What puzzles me about Bristol Palin's whereabouts is that there is a photo of her in a Juneau basketball jersey. The high school basketball season runs from November to March. There are announcements and other evidence that BP transferred to Juneau for high school after SP became governor. Juneau is locked in so it would be difficult for BP to go back and forth to Wasilla and to see Levi while in Juneau. You gotta go by plane or boat to get out of Juneau. Any ideas on when BP was at the high school in Juneau? Did she go to 3 high schools her junior year? My guess is that she was terribly unhappy in Juneau and managed to get her parents to allow her to stay with her aunt in Anchorage. She then got together with her boyfriend, Levi and the pregancy started in March which corresponds with her December due date. I don't think she is Trig's mother.

I think both Todd and Sarah Palin are very careless people and took a chance on that fifth baby's birth in having her fly back to Alaska. That is what the "pounding hooves" say to me, horses, not zebras

Anonymous said...

Bristol was in school in Juneau in spring of 2007. Trig would have been conceived when she returned to Wasilla for school the following August or September. -B.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:11, please see this:

for more about the basketball picture/school questions.

Kathy said...

Audrey and staff, thank you so much for keeping this issue alive. This lie about the pregnancy is just another indication of Palin's lying pathology. She's flippin' crazy. In no way should she have authority over the state of AK, much less over this country.

This photo DOES provide the final proof that Palin was NOT pregnant on 3/26/2008. What convinces me? No way can a pregnant woman get a waistband to fall at that point on her belly ... it'd fall below the belly. Check out pics of any "small bellied" 32-week pregnant woman (including Kidman), and you'll see what I mean. Even when you try to wear "regular" pants during a pregnancy, the waistband will "self-adjust" below the belly (or above, if you have very volumnous pants). And it does look as though there is a "pad" there in her midsection, which seems like a pretty poor attempt at faking a pregnant belly.

Yes, I ask myself too: why in the world would she fake a pregnancy? If it's because her daughter was pregnant, again, why? Having a teenage pregnant daughter in this era is hardly unheard-of nor should it be a source of shame. But, for an "abstinence-only" and "I'm a Wonder Woman" mom, her first inclination was probably to lie about it. And from what I've seen (her "the investigation found I did nothing wrong" lie, for example), she bald-face lies with incredible ease. That's the thing with pathological liars: they lie even when they do NOT HAVE TO.

BTW, my sister-in-law is currently 32-weeks pregnant, and her tummy enters the room a full second or two before the rest of her does. She looks like she's smuggling a bowling ball (and yes, it's the same size as a bowling ball). No way was Palin 32-weeks pregnant in that pic. No way.

Anonymous said...

One more small observation: That 'fist picture' of the (great?)grandparents holding Trig... Look at their body language. (Great)granma is not happy AT ALL (look at her clenched closed mouth), and (great)gramps has his arms crossed as in 'I don't want to have anything to do with this (deception?).

Lady Rose said...

In answer to Abs Question - I adopted internationally so the timeline will be different - it took a couple months to our daughter a U.S. issued birth certificate. Proceeds for each state vary only slightly - but basic procedure is, go to the state office in your state that handles the records, give them copies of the adoption papers, they then have a birth certificate issued.