Monday, December 1, 2008

More coming soon!

I'm back from my holiday... which due to an unexpected family "detour" took longer that I had expected by two days.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, one of my very hard working research assistants has uncovered a piece of evidence which may well turn out to be the final nail in the coffin. I believe it demonstrates conclusively that Gov. Sarah Palin was never pregnant. It has nothing to do with Bristol, or Willow, or anyone else. Because it is so critical, I am proceeding slowly with this one... talking to my attorney among other things. But watch the blog over the next 24-48 hours. You won't be disappointed.

Meanwhile, for a chuckle, please read my friend AKMuckraker's post from two days ago. I haven't laughed so hard in weeks.



Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm excited. I really, really hope this is it ... but, Audrey, if it's not quite it, and if this whole thing isn't ever definitively proven either way, still, thank you. You have done a wonderful job with this blog, and your thoroughness and integrity -- especially when dealing with such messy issues such as these -- is astounding.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, please let this deception break wide open during this next governor's meeting. It is time to get rid of her. Thank you so much for your time and efforts. I feel as I have not done a lot, since finding the picture of her at the Governor's meeting in February 2008, but I have faithfully read this blog every day, time and time again every day. Let's roll!

Anonymous said...

wow, audrey if you're consulting your lawyer this must be big -can't wait to see it.

thank you again for this rational SP analysis site. as many have said before, this is very important because the "real american woman from wasilla" is not going away anytime soon.

if she was pregnant, the "wild ride" and other air travel demonstrated her very bad judgment (particularly for a noted "pro-lifer" who should be looking out for the baby's welfare by her own principles); if she was never pregnant she lacks all transparency and honesty, qualities we should look for in our high-powered public figures.

if this is a big as your "teaser" post leads me to believe what can we do to get the evidence into the MSM? let's all email someone.....once we see it.

you're awesome :)


Anonymous said...


hope you had a lovely thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Audrey! We anxiously await all the news!

Anonymous said...

Re - AKMuckraker

Damm it! I have already forked out $5.00 on that stupid book! Did you know that the original biographer, Amanda Coyne, was replaced by Kaylene Johnson?

You can read Amanda's articles about Palin here -

Makes for an interesting read from someone who obviously got to know the Governor quite well.


Neil said...

Thank you for breaking all of this information and keeping this portal open for comments. I am eagerly awaiting the truth about this highly deceptive woman.

Anonymous said...

Faithful readers of this blog, please post a link to this post on your favorite 'mainstream' website today so more people can have an opportunity to find out the truth!

--Two Blue Jays

notalib said...

Are you peoe all mentally ill or just so desperate for attention you keep this issue a live. I really have to believe that this blog is just a joke site because no one with intelligence would actually believe what they have written here. I love the two "anonymous" replies, did you think up that idea by yourself or did you get help to think of doing that.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere on the internet that the physician who Palin said delivered Trig has only delivered 3 babies, only 3.

I always had the feeling that the baby was being used in a scheme for votes for the purpose of promoting Palin's agenda. Illegal adoption, maybe.

I watched everybody pass Trig to Piper to take care of. So, the true be told, Piper is the mother of Trig. And she can carry him like a sack of potatoes while climbing steps or walking around with high heels on. And every time I just shake my head wondering if Trig is receiving physical and/or occupational therapy.

Anonymous said...

I tripped over a quote from Sarah Palin in one of the early interviews with her and John and Cindy McCain. The question was something about how life is more hectic on the busy campaign trail. John McCain makes a comment about being up in the middle of the night and Sarah interrupts him with a comment about how she's used to being up but not with the blackberry, with the breast pump.

Having nursed 3 of my own I found it odd that Sarah, with Trig at 4 -5 months, would use the pump in the middle of the night on the campaign trail. Why not just feed the bub?

And if Sarah was breastfeeding via pump, how did she manage to not 'leak' in those expensive white jackets?

Anyway, I lost the link and couldn't find my way back to it. But it's a newspaper transcript of an early interview.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! The suspense! You're killing me!

Seriously though, I'm glad that you're talking to your attorney and proceeding cautiously. I'm anxiously awaiting the new evidence you have!


palinoscopy said...

Let's have it.

Anonymous said...

God is with you, Audrey!

Expose this monster and have her cast out of the house of the people!

Anonymous said...

OOOH Audrey! You seductress, you! Gimme, gimme, gimme! Seriously, glad you are talking to your lawyer, and just for your own safety you might want to consider safety deposit boxes for any vital info etc if this is truly something big. (Maybe I watch too many crime dramas).

But please do let us know something soon. We're dying over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Palin happens to be near me in Philadelphia for the Governors' meeting with Obama, so I would love it if you broke the story conclusively today. It would get lots of local attention as a result.

But the MSM still has to pick it up so the evidence better be a bombshell, as opposed to circumstantial.


Anonymous said...

I want you to be thorough but the anticipation is going to be a killer!!


Anonymous said...

So far no one has proved that Palin WAS pregnant. The doctor's Nov. 3 statement tried but failed.

But nothing would be clearer than evidence proving she WAS NOT pregnant. I await your post!

Even if this particular evidence doesn't pan out, Audrey, thank you so much for taking on this search for truth when others would not.

Morgan said...

"Are you peoe all mentally ill or just so desperate for attention you keep this issue a live."

Wow. Without the official McCain Campaign Spelling Assistants, Sarah Palin's writing skills have really gone straight to hell. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Be safe Audrey! We are all hanging on this next piece of the puzzle...

Anonymous said...

Lady Rose said...

**gleefully waiting with barely contained anticipation**

Looking forward to your update :)

Anonymous said...

Speculation: I can think of ONE indisputable proof that Sarah Palin was not pregnant during the latter part of 2007 and the first part of 2008.

Her DNA from bloody tampons... (yes, I know, ugh)

No wonder she insisted on living in Wasilla.

If she'd been living in the Governor's Mansion, there would be someone else emptying the garbage from her personal powder room (which would obviously not be Bristol's or Willow's -- and I think we can logically eliminate poor Piper from the discussion).

A really diligent investigative reporter who'd been following Palin ever since she declared her Wasilla house to be her per-diem Governor's Mansion could have been going through their garbage all along....heh....

Anonymous said...

Audrey I can't wait...

*Ms. Lexstasy*

Anonymous said...

A false pregnancy is the least of the issues to be concerned about.

Heres more:


wayofpeace said...

THANKS Fifitrixiebelle for the link.

wow! scary.

there seems to be a pathology surrounding SP.

all the more reason for the efforts of this site.

Punkinbugg said...

The suspense is killing me, especially since you can't turn on the TV without seeing a new story about SP. CNN said she received a "rock star" greeting in Georgia. And now she's been named Barbara Walters' 4th most fascinating person (and Tina Fey was 8th!). At least she lost out to Frank Langella and Thomas Beatie (the pregnant MAN) HA the irony of that is not lost on me!!

Anonymous said...

Audrey, welcome back!
Can't wait to see what you've got!

Anonymous said...

OOPS! wasn't finished with that response!

AKM: I did read that the other's hilarious!

trish in SW FL

Anonymous said...

This could be the best result: to expose Sarah without getting any dirt on her kids. At one point she said the doctor's report would prove she had been pregnant five times. That seemed to be a weird way to put it as the fifth time could have been a miscarriage.

I've looked at other blogs and thank you for the fairness and good discussion in this one.

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

If you ned to check with an attorney, I am guessing that you have some concerns regarding the publication of medical records which show that Sarah Palin had either a tubal ligation or a hysterectomy before Trig was born, which would be conclusive evidence unrelated to Bristol or anyone else. Since you appear confident that you will be able to make the information public in the next 24-48 hours, I therefore also assume that the information you and your assistant have uncovered has previously been made public, perhaps as part of a long ago medical records disclosure by Sarah Palin when she ran for some other public office or was appointed to some other public position. If this is the case, it is quite commendable for you to be so careful,and bravo for your outstanding detective work!

jeanie said...

Keep up the good work, Audrey. I can't wait to see what you're working on now. And I'm looking forward to reading the book!

Anonymous said...

Found this blog from Mudflats. Very good work you've been doing, all logical and rational with a firm scientific basis.

As far as it having nothing to do with Bristol though...hmm...absolute long shot here, but is Trig adopted? I don't believe it one bit, but that's the only conclusion I can reach if it proves Sarah was not pregnant and it has nothing to do with Bristol (though it could information that only disproves a link to Sarah while not mentioning Bristol).

If in some weird, astounding chance that it is true, this would make Sarah a...saint (blargh....the thought of that makes me throw up a little in my mouth) and everyone who probed into it a monster. Can't say I think its at all possible though.

Anonymous said...

Audrey...this is just mean!

Those of us who still feel outraged that tens of millions of Americans were duped by Palin's aw-shucks-you-betcha-lookit-me-and-my-special-needs-baby
are outraged that she continues with this ridiculous charade. Seriously, I am insulted. That so many people "bought" this and continue to pay their hard-earned emotional and intellectual "money" for this steaming pile just angers me in a way that I cannot adequately explain.

However, news of a possible "for sure" piece of evidence that even her massive cadre of spinners cannot spin is music to my tortured ears, and I know that I am not alone in my baited-breath wait for Palin to stammer, eyes darting, her explanations for "this one".

There was an exceptionally long window of time where Palin could have said "yes, okay...I was covering my for beloved firstborn daughter and in my maternal zeal to help her, I just didn't think things through."

But instead, she insulted those of us who dared question her ridiculous claims and lied about releasing her medical records. I really do not feel that a now zealous desire to see her lyin' derriere nailed to the wall on this one is at ALL out of place.

Austin, TX

Anonymous said...

The WORST possible outcome for SP would be that she faked the pregnancy and it was not one of her daughters who is the real mother. At least if that were the case she can claim -- with some sympathy, even from me -- that she was trying to protect her family.
It would still be incredibly bad judgment in that case, but at least her motives were not wholly personal and political.

But if she faked the pregnancy to elicit sympathy for herself for personal or political reasons, I think she should be brought up on charges of fraud. And the McCain and GOP camps will have explain why they didn't a) know about it when the picked her, b) didn't discover the truth while all trying to kill the story, and c) if they did know explain why they covered it up.

So while I have complete faith in Audrey, I hope that her assertion that the new evidence doesn't have anything to do with Bristol or Willow means simply that the evidence only shows that SP isn't the mother. Otherwise, some of the posters may jump to a conclusion that isn't warranted. Perhaps Audrey can clarify whether her new evidence proves

1) That SP is not Trig's mother


2) Who Trig's mother actually is

I suspect that no matter what the evidence is, unless it does both of the above it can be either dismissed or spun.


Anonymous said...

Oh man... you guys are just TERRIFIED of Sarah Palin. LOL I'm loving this. Just watching you guys disintegrate over the thought of Palin still getting airtime is fucking awesome.

Please, keep it up. LOL

Anonymous said...

It's usually "bated breath" (held breath) but "baited" seems kind of appropriate when speaking about that feisty Alaskan! I, too, assume that somewhere it's recorded that she could not have children after Piper (I'm assuming a manly man like Todd wouldn't want to do the easy thing and get snipped). Can't wait to hear the news.

Anonymous said...

This is slightly unbearable and amazing and almost nerve-wrackingly great.

Waiting to hear what Audrey has to share made me realize one reason that this particular scandal is so
compelling. For the most part it's really not that we're interested in the salacious tabloid-y gossip of it or the daytime soap intrigue or finger-pointing and blame. It's because it seems like a real and viable way to stop her path of destruction. Sure it may be the least of her misdeeds, but it's one we can prove, and it's one that has given her massive appeal with the Republican base.

What separates this from so many other scandals, from corruption, bribery, adultery, fraud, leaks, influencing elections, favoritism, nepotism, or obstruction of justice is not that it's better or wose but that it's just so damn easy to prove one way or the other once someone gets access to the facts. It's reachable. It's graspable. It's something we can picture. It's something we can summarize easily at dinner parties. It's something we can mull over without getting lost in legalese.

Sarah Palin either is or is not the biological mother of Trig. There aren't layers and layers of low-level employees carrying out the wishes of high-level employees or missing documents that may have suggested a plan to lead a possible conspiracy or the murky waters of a potential conflict of interest. Unlike various foreign affairs scandals it's something we can all easily get our minds around. This is not arms for hostages, it's a woman who either did or did not give birth on April 18 of this year. It's simple, it's provable, it's empirical and that has partly been the reason it's so compelling. There is that urgent sense that, even though our friends and families and co-workers may think we've absolutely gone off the deep end, one day it will all come to light and Sarah Palin's web of lies and hypocrisy will be exposed and her chances for nomination in 2012 or any other powerful position will be categorically shattered.

Lower 48

Anonymous said...


Is that correct - is that REALLY the result of an IQ test, stating that her tested IQ in high school was 83???


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this. Given the recent disclosure re Eliot Spitzer and John Edwards, it just doesn't seem a stretch to think that Palin could be the female equivalent...someone full of amazing gall, who believes they really could pull off this kind of deception.

Anonymous said...


Yes, that is TRULY correct. Isn't that terrible? Not because her intelligence is at the low end of "low average", but because somehow according to the McCain campaign, Palin managed to gain more than FIFTY IQ points!

I would almost expect a politician or anyone chronically in the spotlight to pad the IQ test a bit. But IQ tests administered during age 15-18 are most indicative of ACTUAL's because we all tend to analyze test questions too much as we get older. So I believe that her ACTUAL IQ is around 80-85. So why does the McCain campaign report that her IQ is over 120? Sounds to me like they didn't like the REAL data so they pulled some replacement data of of their wrinkled, racist behinds. It's happened with SO much of Palin's voting record/speeches/appearances/mandates/ etc. They didn't like what was officially on the record, so they simply changed it to something that sounded better.

It may be what's at the heart of this whole thing- Palin didn't like the way "pregnant teenager" sounded, so she just lied and said Trig was hers. But then she liked the sound of "fraud perpetuation on mass scale" even less, so suddenly "pregnant teenager" became altogether preferable.

By the by, Anonymous @ can keep coming around with your flared nostrils and your intelligence-damning F-words about how we're "scared of Palin"...but your mere presence here dictates who is actually scared here.

Austin, TX

Anonymous said...

I wonder where this PDF came from:


It doesn't say who put the document together. It looks fake to me.

For example, there is a date stamp on the first page, which looks like the date is 6-24-03. Yet the very last paragraph in the document is about Bristol's boyfriend. Anyone could have faked this, unless we get proof of the source.

Anonymous said...

To follow-up on my prior comment today at 10:58 a.m., I think that the "confusion" sowed over Piper's birth year may be Sarah Palin's attempt to preserve deniability if and when her pre-Trig tubal ligation or hysterectomy is disclosed. She may argue that Piper was born in 2001, not 2000 as her own doctor (truthfully) disclosed, so that any record of a 2000 tubal ligation or hysterectomy had to be a fraud. Since Sarah Palin must have known that the records and information you are poised to produce were in existence, she needed to keep yet another lie in reserve to keep this charade going. But hey, what is the big deal about lying to make one daughter a year younger when you have spun such a tangled web already!

Anonymous said...

To Annie: I read a blog that indicated SP had an IQ of 83. As a former teacher, I can say that the test result may have happened, but SP is much more intelligent than that. I suspect she has always had problems focusing and may have been a poor test taker. I think most people would guess an IQ of 110 or so.

The blog where I read that was supposedly from an investigation in 2003. It ended with information from Levi's MySpace posting. That immediately cast suspicion on the entire post.

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

I always wonder if people who type LOL in emails and postings are really laughing out loud as they type. What kind of maniac laughs out loud at his or her own words? It's seriously disturbing! Not as disturbing as people who need to hang around a website that espouses a point of view they don't agree with. But disturbing nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Audrey!

Thank you so much for your research. You are awesome.

I never believed that Gov. Palin was pregnant or she is the biological mother of Trig. She adopted Trig. I do believe Todd Palin is the father. I do not have any evidence apart from watching her interviews, her body language, different photos, videos, the bizarre story from Texas to Alaska just before she allegedly gave "birth", her father's comments, family videos, photos, etc, etc.. Also I have a higher IQ than 83.

Actually, Gov. Palin revealed herself more than one time during the interviews that she is not the biological mother of the poor child who was being carried around like a sac of potatotes at the rallies. I find it hard to believe that a mother who claims to be pro-life and loves her kids more than anything in the world, would expose her kids the way she did during the campaign. I cannot help but feel sorrry for all her kids, including her son in Iraq and she is still using him for her political ambitions while campaigning for others.

I must say that Alaskans must be the kindest and most patient people in the world. Isn't Gov. Palin paid to be a governor in Alaska? Why isn't she back to her job? Instead she is here and there campaigning for others. Quite unbelievable indeed!

By the way, Morgan, you're right about the spelling:-)

Gov. Palin, I also know you're reading this blog, and making comments. Sometimes, I cannot help but wonder what you see when you look in the mirror. Do you see all those people you walked over in your state to get where you are today? Do you see the little girls of President-Elect Barack Obama and how horrifying it must have been for them when you incited racial hate & viloence at your rallies? Or could it be you are a bit worried about your future, after all Alaskans are seeking for truth now.

By the way, Gov. Palin, it's President-Elect Barack Obama and not Senator Obama. You must have been in Team Sarah's chatrooms far too often. No wonder you're not doing your job as the governor of Alaska. You simply do not have time.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Audrey :) ....

We're DYING!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Perhaps then I should consult lawyers about Barack Obama's birth certificate, or the paternity of his daughters, hmm? Fair is fair, after all.

You people are absolutely dispicable. Nuts, more accurately.

Palin scares you because she is what you'll never be: happy, self-confident, and successful.

And this nuttery is PROOF Palin's doing everything right. I - as a woman - find this treatment of Palin beyond the pale and a clear indication liberals don't really give a shit about women...just the party line.

Of course, noting comment moderation is enabled means this comment will never make it through to the blog, but at least I'll get to vent and tell the blog owner SHE'S OUT OF HER FREAKIN' MIND.

If I were Palin, I'd sue you for defamation and libel.

connie said...

As a Palin supporter, I have to tell you, "I don't care if Palin is the mother of Trig or any other child." You are so focused on her birthing records that you don't consider that this issue is equal to whether Senator Obama is actually the father of Michelle Obama's children.

If it was proven that he wasn't their real father, you wouldn't automatically hate him, would you? No, because you like his political opinions.

And you would think I was insane if I devoted so much time and energy to proving the parentage of the Obama children when only people who *already* disliked him would care.

Anonymous said...

For those who think this blog is simply nutty, I have to ask: what if Palin made up the story about going into labor in Texas and all the associated details of coming back to Alaska just so the baby could be born here? You are not interested in what that would say about Palin? Now THAT would be truly nutty.

Anonymous said...

You morons who equate this to the paternity of Barack Obama's children are more insane than your idol Sarah Palin!

President-Elect and Mrs. Obama have nev-er come out with ANY radical, medically unlikely stories regarding their children, their children's parentage, or the labor/delivery stories of said children. What they HAVE done is release normal hospital photos of both proud parents holding each daughter as she was born- something Sarah Palin has refused to do because she cannot release photos that do not exist.

Lastly, Sarah Palin is known to be viciously arbitrary and damaging toward those she doesn't like or feels have "crossed" her in some way. (Gee, it's SO HARD to imagine that you wackos support such a person) If Audrey had stepped ONE TOE out of line legally, Sir Sarah's enforcement cronies would have been ALL over it.

The fact is this: you're angry because the psychotic baby-napping wingnut basket you've put all your republican-themed eggs has proven to have a false bottom and a ragged handle.

What you need to get is that NOBODY would care who or what Palin LIED about if she hadn't actively duped the entire country. Half her platform is based on this benevolent pro-life halo-perched goodness whereupon she learns of a down's syndrome diagnosis through "early testing" during a pregnancy that bears NO physical evidence of existence and happens to occur well after Palin says she is "done" having children and given away all her baby paraphernalia. (Which happened YEARS ago; the Spring after Piper was born)

If you're so sure this is all "nuts" and "bunk" then why don't you do what AUDREY HAS DONE and provide some PROOF?

Yep...that's what I thought.


Austin, TX

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie,
That would be a good point if there were not so many discrepancies, multiple stories about "facts" straight from Sarah's mouth to cause thinking individuals to question what they are hearing.
Sarah herself exploited her children in her campaign and allowed the public to scutinize what she said.
I myself at first hearing was excited that McCain chose a woman with an apparent good reputation and record. Alas she was too good to be true. She is a narcisstic liar and a woman with very low intregrity not only on this issue but many others. I could go on, but I made my point. Open your mind.

Windy City Woman said...

To Audrey,
I can't wait! The fact that you have to consult your attorney means it should be a bombshell! Are you going to contact the mainstream media?

To Anonymous of 9:21 a.m.,
Now I know why I've always flushed my tampons!

To Anonymous of 1:10 p.m.,
Why should Sarah be brought up on charges of fraud? It isn't against the law to lie to the media. She did not declare under oath that she birthed Trig. Nor, to the best of our knowledge, did she defraud the insurance company. If she lied, she's a jerk, but not a criminal.

To Connie,
What reason would you have to get this info about the Obamas? Did either Barack or Michelle tell an unbelievable story about their children, leading people to think that things weren't on the up-and-up? Did Michelle claim to get on a plane while in labor? Was Barack away from Michelle for a month-long stretch 9 months before the birth of either of their children?

To all,
What do you think the surprise is? Hysterectomy? Tubal ligation? Vasectomy?

Anonymous said...

notice how the palin supporters pop up on here with ad hominem attacks along the lines of "you're all crazy pathetic evil assholes," but none of them make statements like:

"of course she was pregnant, and her trip from texas to alaska was reasonable. flying in such a state with no medical personnel and not informing the airline posed no risk at all to herself, her unborn high risk baby, or the other people on the commercial flight. after all, having trig born on alaskan soil is more important than having him born alive."

they just name call and leave because her actions -if truly pregnant- are indefensible from a pro-life standpoint. hell, they're pretty indefensible from the standpoint of a mom who doesn't want to risk her own death due to birth complications.

i disagree with pretty much all of her political and religious views, but i could forgive her for wanting to help out a daughter and grandchild by raising the baby. it happens, it's happened in my extended family -one of my in-laws has a little brother 20 years his junior who is genetically his nephew. the young boy's grandparents legally adopted him and it has been good for all involved, but it is not a secret or a source of shame to the family. however, i feel that someone who would lie about such a thing to all of us can never be trusted in any position of power.

palin looks bad REGARDLESS of trig's biological mother's identity, and WORSE if she is the birth mom.


Anonymous said...

If integrity is a virtue one requires of their elected officials, that person cannot support Sarah Palin.

When she is proven guilty of deceiving the American people(and throwing her daughter under the bus in doing so), will you still support her? If so, I'd like to know what on this earth is important to you? Without honesty, trust and decency, what else is there? And this isn't just the "Average Joe" we're talking about. This is a person who was about to be one heartbeat away. What is our country coming to?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:50 PM:

As a woman, I completely disagree with pretty much everything Sarah Palin stands for. That doesn't mean I hate women. Or that I hate a happy, self-confident and successful woman. I just don't like Sarah Palin. I think she doesn't really care for anyone but herself, backtracks on her promises and is anything but forthcoming, open and honest.

And if you'd sue Audrey for defamation and libel, its no wonder she's consulting her lawyer.

Marcy said...

While I pray for Audrey, Morgan and all their families, I have to say "Thank You!" one more time. For taking time from your real lives to analyze this very serious political morass Ms Palin has created, and for moderating the blog. Frankly, I'm delighted that you published the stream of knee-jerks from the trolls over this particular blog! You've hit a real nerve there.

Answering the questions and charges of the trolls would be a waste of time. But I'm genuinely glad to see them ranting -- that's fear. More grace and strength to you all; grammy

Anonymous said...

I see this issue as a lot like Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinski scandal. The issue itself is certainly none of our business in both cases. But when the public figure speaks of it (repeatedly) and lies (repeatedly!) then it is the lie that becomes very much our business.

I agree with the anonymous poster, above (December 2, 2008 1:34 PM), who said: "What separates this from so many other scandals . . . is that it's just so damn easy to prove one way or the other once someone gets access to the facts. It's reachable. It's graspable. It's something we can picture. . . .
Sarah Palin either is or is not the biological mother of Trig. There aren't layers and layers of low-level employees carrying out the wishes of high-level employees or missing documents that may have suggested a plan to lead a possible conspiracy or the murky waters of a potential conflict of interest."

Whether we can trust a politician to tell the truth on those issues we can never check on is really REALLY important to me. Telling the truth: I want to know who does and who does not before I vote.

Anonymous said...


All you need to do to determine the likelihood that the vetting paper is real is to go to the root site by deleting everything that comes after ".com."

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

"Palin scares you because she is what you'll never be: happy, self-confident, and successful."

No, she scares us because she is a either a chronic liar and or a horrible mother who took risks with her unborn child, and hundreds of other folks on 3 flights and then paraded her family around for the world to see. Transparency was HER idea. Now she has to live with it.

Anonymous said...

Wow...just, wow.

I guess you are the equivalent of the crazy wingers running around claiming that Obama is a secret Muslim or was born in Kenya.

How often do you have to change your tinfoil hat? How many layers are required to keep the CIA from tapping into your brain waves?

Alex said...

The pdf document on is fake, or to be more specific "art" created by the artist(s) behind the amazing flash site,

Of course, any part of it may be true, or it may be as true as anything created by Palin herself.

Thank you, Audrey, for your work on the truth. As we know, men don't understand the issue; fear it; and/or would run 90 mph the opposite direction not to have to discuss any part of childbirth. That's the beauty of her deception. Palin's shrewd enough (or just plain lucky) to cover up something men (and man-women like Greta Van Sus.) won't touch with a ten foot pole.

Anonymous said...

The link to the IQ thing is not working - is it just me or is there something missing?

jeanie said...

Thanks anonymous at 2:45 - I did LOL as I read your comment! But I can safely say however that I have never LMAO.

Mary G. said...

Right on, Liz from Texas and the other intelligent, reasonable grown-ups who refuse to be taken in by Sarah's smoke-and-mirrors show. The point about Obama made me--if I may use the expression--LOL! My goodness, he hasn't gone up on stage describing the bodily fluids needed to create those daughters, nor has he waved them about at EVERY campaign stop as proof that he and his wife "chose" life! He has never made his children a platform for his campaign and a badge of his honor.
Rational persons who happen to disagree with Palin's politics would not have condemned her for adopting her daughter's child in order to allow her to finish growing up. You people don't get it. You prefer the misty-hued fairy tale of babies in baskets and teenagers in chastity belts.
Mary G.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks - there is plenty to say about Palin - but those test and IQ scores are phony and this was brought to light some time ago. We don't need to spread this kind of stuff on Audrey's site.

MC said...

Scared of Sarah Palin? Au contraire, Anon 3:50 pm, au contraire. Perhaps you meant confused by her? Or appalled at times? Yes to both. But scared? Well, in a way, yes. But not for the reasons that you'd like me to be afraid of her.

No doubt you’d prefer to imagine that I was overwhelmed by the thought of someone so down-home and yet so competent holding one of the highest offices in the land. Notsomuch. Her spunkiness...her winkiness...her “mavericky” behavior. None of that scared me in the least.

Her snideness passed off as folksiness did concern me a little. Her seeming embrace of anti-intellectualism, both hers and in general, concerned me even more. The numerous reports of her unethical behavior while mayor and governor gave me heartburn. Her tendency to “unknowingly” incite violent behavior in some of her followers kept me awake at night.

And what really is scaring me at this very moment is that there are people who are willing to shut their eyes to her hypocritical behavior, even now. I mean, I understand that you all really had no choice but to get behind her when she was nominated. McCain was likely not your first choice for president, after all. And so you supported a woman who, were she a Democrat, would have been vilified from all corners of the right wing, and often rightly so.

You know, Anon, I’m right in Palin’s target demographic. I, too, am a woman. I’m an at-home mother of three--happy and successful at all times, of course, because God forbid I should ever be cranky or wish I was sitting on a beach rather than wiping yet another bottom--and, while my state is blue, my particular area is on the fence.

But as a woman, I am disgusted by the free pass that Palin has received to act however she damn well pleases, as far as I can tell, simply because of her gender. No more. I’ve had enough.

Anon, I would venture to say that it is the Palin cheerleaders here who are afraid. You could do yourselves a favor and stop coming here, and when the truth is revealed, rest blindly in your belief that Palin is still a symbol of all that is good and right. Or do all of us a favor, and next time find a candidate who shares your views and is worthy of your respect.
On a different note, I would actually be very surprised if there are medical records out there that haven’t been found yet. I am hoping that a tipster may finally be coming forward with pictures or something of that nature. I mean, there has to be somebody out there, right?

Thank you, Audrey, for all of your hard work and for remaining as fact-based as possible. It must be so difficult!


Anonymous said...

anon 3:50 says - Palin scares you because she is what you'll never be: happy, self-confident, and successful.

Sorry to burst your bubble - but I'm pretty sure a majority of the people following this story ARE happy, self-confident and successful. If Palin has these qualities, it is because she is a narcissist. I even have to question just how happy and self-confident her own children are, given the way Palin parades them about, pulls them out of school,exposes them as she does, and seems to make it ALL about her.

If she didn't have ambitions to be the leader of our country, we would have let Alaska deal with her.

Anonymous said...

For the Palin supporter who insists everyone on here is Liberal you're really an idiot, and I say that because a vast majority are Conservatives as well. This is about uncovering the truth...about Sarah Palin deceiving the American people. This has nothing to do with attacking her character or how happy or "intelligent" she might be. She's obviously ambitious if she obtained the position she currently holds. So quit the bs about us attacking her because she's a woman as well because this has nothing to do with the feminism aspect.
In regard to Obama, who the hell cares where his birth certificate is from? He was raised in the U.S. most of his life, and if he wasn't the father of those children (which he is because unlike Palin's trashy family they have morals), they've never lied to the public. If birth certificates or dna was requested they would more than happily hand it over…can't say the same for Palin. If she had just been honest with the public she wouldn't be where she is now, but I guess ambitious Sarah doesn't believe being truthful is as important as getting ahead.

*Ms. Lexstasy*

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous @ December 2, 2008 3:50 PM

Of course, if you are back, as usual, you saw again your comment to be published. Obviously, you never cared to understand this simple detail: the blog owner is an intelligent and a very fair moderator. Indeed, I personally thought I would never publish some of the nasty comments but she did publish them and she still does. So, please open your mind. You sound very nervous.

Have you heard of Blind faith? Well, I think that's what Gov.Palin fans/supporters are suffering from. They don't see what is so obvious. Do you really, truly know Gov. Palin? A hint: Start with her time as a mayor, then how she became a Governor. Don't forget to study the Wasilla Project and find out how Palin house was built. Did you miss her rallies where Sarah Palin was inciting anger and death threats from the crowds and she was loving every minute of it. Secret Service blames her. Do you want someone like her in the office? I truly don't hope so.

I don't care if Gov. Palin is the mother of Trig or not. That's not what people are worried about here. The point is if she faked a pregnancy, lied about the whole thing( like she lied about many things such as the gas pipeline, the bridge, the clothes, the travel expenses, her & hubby's association with the AIP), she is capable of lying about anything. It's about her integrity. It's about her credibility. She has proved over and over again that she is not a trustworthy person. She is not qualified to run for the office. Frankly, I don't even understand she is the governor in Alaska(even though Alaska is a very small state). She has no intellectual curiousity. My little nephew knows more about the world than she does. Do you remember the prank call? She thought she was talking to Sarkozy!!! Come on!

Why do you use the words:" Defamation and Libel"? Do you really know the meaning of those words?

There is no defamation and libel on this blog.

By the way, she wouldn't sue anybody due to a simple reason: she and her family could not afford for the world to find out more about their secrets. In a lawsuit everything would come out, and not only a faked pregnancy.

I am on the other side of the pond. I know more about Gov. Palin than you do. I must say that's really shocking.

Anonymous said...

To all the angry, pro-Palin people anonymously posting on here:

McCain's camp labeled Palin a "whack job" the last week in October! Aren't you really mad at McCain's aides--and others in the conservative movement like Parker, Frum and Noonan who also think Palin is crazy? Why don't you post about your anger on one of those sites? (Oh, and is Palin planning to sue them for libel and defamation? Don't think so.) Sarah Palin's wild & erratic behavior is certainly not Audrey's fault! - Mark

Dave C said...

You are taking this Palin Joke site WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to far now..

the first few postings are funny.. but now you are beating a dead horse..

time to move on to another subject and spread your humor there..

if this isn't a joke site.. it's just.. sad.

Anonymous said...

Audrey, after reading your post last night, I was really thoughtful and I made some notes that if no one (Bristol, Willow, et al.) else was involved, then was it a ruse? For her own political gain ... a game? Then who is Trig ... poor baby, sweet little bambino. A ruse, or a conspiracy? This is so hard to fathom, but remember that I am a product of Watergate ... conspiracy theory comes to my mind unfortunately very easily. Did SP want the VP slot, and eventually the Presidency so badly as to devise a scheme of this magnitude, or did Schmidt, and others in McCain's campaign party write this play and hire the actors? Then too, was the plan to win, or to not win? So with thoughts of conspiracies, and thoughts of devious plots in my head, I went to bed. Then I awoke at about 4 am and I had this very basic question in my head: Why did she hide her pregnancy if she were really pregnant? Why if she is pro-life and every life is special as she says time and again, did she not announce to her family, friends, staff, and constituency that she was pregnant with a special needs child, but happy and blessed? Why if she is lovingly supportive of her daughter and her pregnancy and impending marriage, has she "hidden" her for the last 3 1/2 months? Privacy cannot be the issue, for SP has done everything else to seek media attention rather than embracing privacy, parading family members across many stages daily, and passing Baby Trig around as an exhibit of her Motherhood. Why the deception? I want the answer to this question!

Anonymous said...

Well, a couple of things: 1) If Sarah Palin's IQ is 83, then 'Audrey' has an IQ of 38. 2) This site is great for mental masturbation, but nothing else. When you are done with the endless and pointless conjecture about Palin minutiae, you can figure out how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Congratulations, you have brought the dark ages to the internet.

Tina in CA said...

I am so impressed by the well-thought out, well-written commentary by many of the posters on this blog. (except the poor spelling/grammar plagued trolls who drop in occasionally, of course.)

I see a lot of people who just want to find the truth. It's not about Sarah bashing, it's about being a guardian for the American public and exposing Palin for the narcissistic fraud that she really is.

Hopefully, when all is said and done, Sarah slithers out of public view and devotes her life to her children and grandchild(ren) and salvages her dignity.

That is the only way she will earn the respect from this mom!

Eagerly awaiting the house of cards to topple,
Tina in CA

Anonymous said...

I was fearful when I heard sarah was recieving National Security Briefings, especially knowing that Todd is fully briefed on everything by his wife. His AIP membership is concerning. I was shocked that she could be veted due to his affiliations.

So what does Mrs. Palin offer that many American women can't? I think it is her ability to lie with a straight face.

As an RN, I knew immediately that her pregnancy story was not true. So did all the Dr's I work with. Many Dr's are republican, but after Sarah came on the scene, they would not vote Republican.
May God keep America safe.
Thank you for you efforts, Audry.
PS You are far more important tnan proving Sarah's falsehood. Be aware of that. God will reveal all in His time.

Anonymous said...

My goodness but what a sad lot of retards you all are. Dumber than a hat full of assholes.

Stay on your medications, for the good of the neighbors.

(I've considered possibly planning to maybe check with my attorney on this recommendation, so you know it's something you should pay attention to!)

pat said...

I believe what Audrey is stating is that her proof does not depend on Sarah's children.

The precious child could be any bodys, except not Sarah's.

The goal is to reveal that Mrs. Palin is not the mother of Trig.

No need to discuss the matter of who is Trig's mother.

We all have our family circus's, and are too busy with our own lives to try to get in the middle of someone else's.

But we do want our country safe, and Mrs. Palin has proven herself not to be trust worthy.
Just saying

Ellie said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Audrey!!! You are meant to be a detective. I disagree w/the get rid of her posted at the top though. Despite what we might think of her, we are not in her head and do not truly know her motives. We can make guesses unless Bristol were to say "My mom *made* me give up my baby." I think lying to the public is wrong and she shouldn't have done it, that's why I want the truth. However I don't think we should demonize the woman, then we become no better than she was when she attacked Obama. Despite the fact that many of us feel her parental skills are lacking, she is raising Trig, a Down Syndrome baby, whether he is her biological child or not.

Ellie said...

After reading all the comments, I have to add something. Have you noticed the huge spike in Palin-supporters recently and esp. in this post? They truly must be scared.

And to the people who have posting insulting messages, you just don't get that we are an eclectic group who is just seeking the truth (though Audrey is actually doing most of the seeking truth be told :). I don't fit your stereotype, I'm a SAHM of 2 special-needs kids and an Evangelical Christian.

Let me explain why the Trig/Palin story is important. I am truly a little scared of Palin though I do not hate her, I dislike her actions (hate the sin not the sinner?)Palin and I must read a different holy book, b/c we have very different values. The Jesus in my book tells us to love one other (not incite hatred against our fellow man), to care for the poor(not promote policies that benefit the rich at the expense of the poor), to protect the widow and the defenseless (not to deny women rape kits b/c they are too poor to pay and thus not worthy of justice). In the book I read Jesus spent most of his time preaching about love, compassion, grace, humility, social justice, and turning away from the pursuit of power and wealth and turning to Him, for the "meek shall inherit the earth" and it's "easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven." He didn't spend any time condemning gays or throw even a verbal stone at prostitutes, the only people that angered him were the self-righteous and those who were profiting from religion/worship (moneychangers in the temple, yesterday's televangelists).

Last but definitely not least, one of the 10 commandments in the book I read is especially applicable to Palin and to finding out the truth about Trig Palin's birth. It is "Do not bear false witness against your neighbor"(known as the do-not-lie commandment.) Palin authoritatively told crowds Obama hung out with terrorists... and now contradicts herself by saying her supporters should feel safe w/him as President. As a Christian I would have fully supported her adoption of her grandchild b/c she was so young, but I do not support lies. The Trig mystery is very important relative to this commandment, as is Troopergate, the $150 K clothes she supposedly didn't buy herself or keep, how her house was rebuilt...all these are issues that might involve false witness ie lying. To the "morals" voters, how are all these things Jesus actually preached about, (including "bearing false witness", not moral issues?

The people(Pharisees) who thought they were very holy and obeyed all commandments were unable to recognize Jesus b/c of their own pride. Sarah Palin and her Christian fanatics are so confident in their truth that they are missing the real Jesus. The real Jesus loves not just those like them but those who are different, Samaritans, people of color, prostitutes, Muslims, tax-collectors, and even Democrats! Maybe Sarah and you (her fans) should pick up a copy of the book I've been referring to? It's called the Bible.

(A funny aside: Jesus never once told a parable seeking to explain why taxes should be outlawed, He actually said to "give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's" (basically pay your taxes.) How the (R) party of today and Palin itself off as "God's party" is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Audrey, I applaud your efforts and your integrity. I wonder, though, if this whole thing couldn't backfire. Palin is so good at spin, that if it were proved that Trig wasn't her child, and that she adopted him, I can just imagine the next story that comes out--she wanted to spare the feelings of the poor woman who gave birth to him, she wanted to give Trig the best life he could without taking personal credit for it, it was all about being unselfish, sacrificing, and not basking in the limelight about it, taking credit for her generous and unselfish actions, here she is governor of a state and yet she still finds the time and commitment to take on a special needs baby....yadda yadda. You get the picture. And I could imagine then her supporters flocking to her defense with even greater passion and approval. If the child IS Bristol's, I think her minions will be even more protective and laudatory--a woman just trying to protect her daughter.

I think there's no winning with Sarah. Her fans are so rabid and unthinking that I believe even if she were found to be a serial killer they would find some way to flock to her defense. I do not know one person who was originally taken in by SP who has softened their support for her in any way. Thank God it's essentially a small percentage of Americans.

wickedwitchofwesttexas said...

It sure doesn't look to me like she's even making an attempt to look pregnant in that pic. A check of the weather for that day ( indicates that the high was 37F in Anchorage. It's possible she is layering for warmth.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I found this linked at a blog I read. Its kind of fun to see so many psychologically damaged people gathering in one place, not unlike turning over a rock and seeing a mother lode of insects scurry to and fro.

Ellie said...

Anonymous said...

"Awesome. I found this linked at a blog I read. Its kind of fun to see so many psychologically damaged people gathering in one place, not unlike turning over a rock and seeing a mother lode of insects scurry to and fro."

So glad you joined us, because I've been disheartened by the lack of intellectual discussion coming from the psychologically damaged Palinites. Your coming clearly increases the statistical average of the Palinite's edification and psychological soundness factors tremendously. I look forward to truly fruitful and reasoned discourse with you.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely it. I am telling you that I hid my pregnancies successfully and I do not have SP's height and bone structure. I am a lot shorter. The trick is to use dark clothes, wear them in large sizes, non maternity clothes and frame them with a large flapping jacket. Did it all of the time. Find someone 7 months along who is not showing that much, dress her that way and you'll see what I mean.

Also, most pregnant women, when pictured prominently jut out their stomachs to highlight the pregnancy. All of your examples, including the one when SP has finally announced her pregnancy are doing just that. Before the announcement, she is clearly posturing in a way to minimize the abdomen area. Get some truly pregnant women who are 7 months along and not showing that much who are SP's size and ask them to hide the pregnancy. It can be done. I did it. And I had 5 kids just like SP. When I stopped hiding it the last month, people could not believe how far along I was.

Anonymous said...

What caught my eye in the legaluniverse pdf: right on the first page, it says: "Children (WITH TODD PALIN)"... So, do they insinuate that she either has other children with another man, or that she either had (a) miscarriage or abortion(s)?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous December 4, 2008 12:02 PM :
Yes, Sarah Palin! We believe you! (NOT!!!)