Monday, July 27, 2009

Exit stage right

What did she say? Nothing, really. And it took her twenty minutes to do it.

I did find this one quote rather amusing:

I took the oath to serve you, I promised…remember I promised to steadfastly and doggedly guard the interests of this great state like that grizzly guards her cubs, as a mother naturally guards her own. And I will keep that vow wherever the road may lead. Todd and I, and Track, Bristol, Tripp, Willow, Piper, Trig…I think I got ‘em all
She thinks she got 'em all? Well let's hope so. We'd hate to see any of Mommy's Little Props left out.

And then to use a maternal analogy in regards to Alaska? Given what we've seen of Sarah Palin, Alaskans may want to say, "Thanks, but no thanks."


Ivyfree said...

Since my google-fu is inadequate, I can't locate the source of the quotation, "Nothing in his political life became him like the leaving of it."

wayofpeace said...

ON THIS TOPIC: be sure to check VERA CITY latest post on LANGUAGE & the PSYCHOPATH: VERY eerily insightful.

Elizabeth said...

"nothing in his life
Became him like the leaving it"

Macbeth, Act I, scene IV

And often (mis)quoted in reference to other deaths and abdications.

Jack Bog said...

A real grizzly doesn't fake having a cub.

vera city said...

Since my two posts yesterday and today were about this farewell address, I will repost them here. - Vera

I have just finished watching Palin's good-bye salad from the position of governor. Over at Mudflats, many of the commentators mentioned how much she was using her hands. Since most of you have also watched it and it is still fresh in your minds, I will turn to Robert Hare who advises us, when we think that we are dealing with someone high on the Psychopathy Checklist, to "watch their hands." Hare tells us:

"Most language-related hand gestures convey no information or meaning to the listener. 'Empty' hand gestures called beats are small, rapid movements that occur only during speech or pauses in speech but are not part of the 'story line.' Like other gestures and body movements, they are often part of the 'show' the speaker puts on .... But beats occur for other reasons as well. For example, many people make these hand gestures while talking on the telephone. The listener can't see these gestures, so why does the speaker make them?

"The answer may be related to evidence that the brain centres that control speech also control the hand gestures made during speech. In some unknown way - perhaps by increasing overall activity in these centres - beats seem to facilitate speech: they help us put our thoughts and feelings into words.......In some cases, a high rate of beat gestures appear to reflect difficulty in converting thoughts and feelings into speech.

"Beats may also tell us something about the size of the 'thought units,' or mental packages, that underlie speech. A thought unit can vary from from something small, simple, and isolated - a single idea or word, a phrase, a sentence - to something larger and more complex - groups of ideas, sentences, or complete story lines. The ideas, words, phrases, and sentences that comprise large thought units are likely to be well integrated, tied together in some meaningful, consistent, or logical fashion to form a script. Beats appear to 'mark off' these thought units: The greater the number of beats, the smaller the units.

"Recent evidence suggests that psychopaths use more beats than do normal people, particularly when they talk about things generally considered emotional - for example, describing the way they feel about family members or other 'loved ones.' We might infer two things from this evidence:

" - Like a tourist using high-school French to ask directions in Paris, psychopaths have trouble putting into words emotional ideas because they are vague and poorly understood. In this sense, emotion is like a second language to the psychopath.

" - Psychopaths' thoughts and ideas are organized into rather small mental packages and readily moved around. This can be a distinct advantage when it comes to lying. As psychologist Paul Ekman pointed out, skilled liars are able to break down ideas, concepts, and language into basic components and then recombine them in a variety of ways, almost as if they were playing Scrabble. But in doing so, the psychopath endangers his overall script; it may lose its unifying structure or become less coherent and integrated than if he was dealing in large thought units."

Hmmm...seems to describe the video I just watched with the frequent rapid hand movements made by Sarah Palin.

Joe Christmas, you asked me several good questions in the last post and I will try to get to them. I have a deadline for the end of the month, so I will pick up where I can.

vera city said...

Mudflats has just put out a transcript of Sarah Palin's farewell address. The reading is a pretty tough slog, according to the comments, because of the loose grammar, tangential connections, and lack of logic. Perhaps it would be enlightening to do a comparison. Once again we turn to Dr. Hare:

"It now appears that the communications of psychopaths sometimes are subtly odd and part of a general tendency to 'go off track.' That is, they frequently change topics, go off on irrelevant tangents, and fail to connect phrases and sentences in a straightforward manner. The story line, though somewhat disjointed, may seem acceptable to the casual listener. For example, one of our male psychopaths, asked by a female interviewer to describe an intense emotional event, responded as follows:

"'Well, that's a tough one. So many to think about. I remember once - uh - I went through this red light and there was no traffic, right? So what's the big deal? this cop started to hassle me for no reason, and he really pissed me off. I didn't really go through the red light. It was probably only yellow ... so what was his - uh - point? the trouble with cops is they are - most are on a power trip. They act macho, right? I'm not really into macho. I'm more of a lover. What do you think? I mean, if I wasn't in prison ... say we meet at a party - uh - and I asked you out, and, I'll bet you'd say yes, right?'

"This narrative was accompanied by expansive hand movements and exaggerated facial expressions - a dramatic display that blinded the interviewer to what was happening. however,the videotape of the interview clearly revealed to everyone - including our embarrassed interviewer - that the man not only had gone off track but had trapped her in a flirtatious exchange.

"Psychopaths are notorious for not answering the question posed to them or for answering in a way that seems unresponsive to the question. For example, one psychopath in our research, asked if his moods went up and down, replied, 'Uh - up and down? - well, you know - some people say they are always nervous but sometimes they seem pretty calm. I guess their moods go up and down. I remember once - uh - I was feeling low and - my buddy came over and we watched the game on TV and - uh - we had a bet on and he won - and I felt pretty shitty.'

"Psychopaths also sometimes make it difficult for their listeners to understand parts of their narrative. 'I met these guys in a bar. One guy was a dealer and the other was a pimp. They started to hassle me and I punched him out,' said one of our psychopaths. but was it the dealer or the pimp who was 'punched out'?

"Of course, minor breakdowns in communications are not uncommon in normal people; in many cases they represent little more then carelessness or a momentary lapse in concentration. but in psychopaths the breakdowns are more frequent, more serious, and possibly indicative of an underlying condition in which the organization of mental activity - but not its content - is defective. It is how they string together words and sentences together, not what they actually say, that suggests abnormality."

This shows up not just yesterday and in the quitter stream of consciousness she spewed out on July 3, but also in the interviews she did while running as VP. "In what way, Charlie?" was her response to straight forward questions. It has also been the way she has talked about Trig's birth and failed to respond to enquiries about it.

Yet more on language to come.

Ivyfree said...

That's really interesting, Vera City. She certainly does seem to fall into the psychopathic end of the spectrum of human behavior, doesn't she?

Laura said...

Wow, "veracity"! I love reading an explanation of EXACTLY what it is she has been doing re: these speeches and inability to speak and write normally. There are classic uses of poor English, such as double negatives and singular/plural noun/verb combinations, i.e. "I ain't got none" or "there's apples on the table." But what SP has is soooo beyond anything even the most uneducated of people have/use for speech. It will never cease to amaze me that people fantasize about this hillbilly being POTUS when she cannot write a simple paper (speech.) That she is so disordered in her thinking and presenting...does this not alarm her family? Does this not cause her staff and family humiliation? Has NO one told this woman to, uh, maybe not write that. Or, how 'bout we edit that. Meantime, we know that something else happened and we know that it can't be good. I just hope it comes to light.

mlaiuppa said...

Didn't she take an oath and promise to serve Alaska for a full term of four years?

I'd advise Sarah to stay away from that.

The Editor said...

I was annoyed/fascinated by Palin's valedictory speech - especially by the venom she spewed toward the media and Hollywood. The remark about tiny, talented starlets and their ads to "take away our second amendment rights" was like the meme she used in the campaign that Obama "palled around with terrorists." Her affect is very strange and I tend to agree that she is pathological. I believe she will try to follow the Newt Gingrich Formula for Success. Who would have thought that crook/adulterer would resurface as amajor spokesman for the GOP?
WV: sablitch. Sarah Blitz Bitch = sablitch

Bretta said...

Vera City, that was amazing!! and helpful.

SmacK said...

"Todd and I, and Track, Bristol, Tripp, Willow, Piper, Trig… I think I got ‘em all" - Yep, she included both her grandsons.

Silvergirl said...

I love the title of this post, Audrey. I hope we don't keep hearing more and more about SP. I have really had enough, but unfortunately, she's great fodder for the media. People just can't stay away from a train wreck.

WV: ratie (ratings for the MSM)

jeanette said...

So of all the opportunities Pat had of how Palin felt she was treated so badly by the press would he choose this one? I wonder what does he believe? Does he believe Sarah is the mother or does he believe Bristol or someone else is the mother? If he believes the latter why is he raising the issue now? Is he trying to get others from staying away from the story by raising it in this forum where everyone will reinforce the fact that is something to be believed by only the “tin hatters”?

In any case, I find it interesting that it was raised by a Republican who seems to be a Sarah supporter the day she resigned after it being an issue that couldn’t be discussed since September. Lets look at other who may use this as an example of “irresponsibility of the press”

mlewis said...

I thought that Sarah was really really angry when she admonished the media to leave Sean Parnell's family alone. It seems that when it was convenient for Sarah, she used her children as political props. It was shameful to exploit Bristol as the proof that Sarah gave birth to Trig (when publicly humiliating Bristol didn't prove any such thing).

ProChoiceGrandma said...
Did anyone watch Hardball 7/27/09? Start watching the above video at about 5:30. Chris Matthews asks Pat Buchanan what has been said by the media that is not true about Sarah Palin.
Pat Buchanan said the allegation was floating all over the place reported by the media that Bristol’s child, or rather the child she was born with down syndrome was actually Bristol Palin’s.
This is the very FIRST time I have heard anyone mention the “allegation” on television, and bless his little black conservative heart, it came from Pat Buchanan!! Sort of like a Grandpa Heath moment with the water breaking! ROFLMAO!

Headtrip Honey said...


Look at this poem posted on HuffPo.

It's about the birther conspiracy but is also mentions Sarah's own birth conundrum:

dianedp said...

It's like she takes all the right wing garbage,listens to the right wing hate mongers(Limbaugh, Hannity Beck, Bachmann, Coulter, O'Reilly and countless others)and then writes a speech just including words not thoughts.
Her speeches always include the military and her disdain for the media.
She can't miss, she includes all the extreme right wing paranoia.
And like a paranoid person, the thoughts are not coherent.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

The majority of people have NOT heard about “babygate” because it is NEVER mentioned. I did not know anything about the fake pregnancy until I happened to stumble across Palin’s Deceptions sometime after the election. It was never mentioned on television news, nor in newspapers. To this day, it is rare that you can get any comment past the moderators even on Huffington Post, and not everyone reads the comments or it is buried among the hundreds of comments. Sure, everyone here and on Mudflats, Immoral Minority, etc. knows about it, but I did not discover the wonderful world of Alaskan bloggers until January of this year. Furthermore, the subject is taboo among any Palinistas or Palinbots and if it is mentioned, they quickly shoot it down with Trig’s supposed birth date of 4-18-08 and Bristol “about 5 months pregnant” at the RNC. That alleged birth date had many or all of us at Palin’s Deceptions thrown off until we realized Trig was born much earlier. I never saw the Desperate Housewives episodes about Bree’s fake pregnancy, which I believe gave Sarah the inspiration.

One more thing, I believe Cathy Baldwin-Johnson did not know Sarah was going to pull this incredibly stupid stunt until after Trig was born in January 2008.

Pat Buchanan opened the door by mentioning babygate on Hardball last night.
This is a prime opportunity for MSM to swing the door wide open.

Dangerous said...

ProChoiceGrandma wrote:

That alleged birth date had many or all of us at Palin’s Deceptions thrown off until we realized Trig was born much earlier.

You all "realized" this? I think it is more concocted because you couldn't satisfy your theory any other way. Where's your evidence of this conclusion?

This sort of results-oriented "realizing" is exactly what the Obama Birthers do. They "realize" that Obama was actually born in Kenya, and "realize" that they snuck him into the U.S. and "realize" that the entries in the newspapers were planted and "realize" that the birth certificates were fake.

Pat Buchanan can safely mention the "allegation" that Bristol gave birth to Trig because of this "realizing". Because of this Birthers get far more air time than we do, despite our evidence of the faking. It's because this community (with a few exceptions) steadfastly hold to an unproven and unsupported orthodoxy that Bristol must have given birth to Trig. You obviously don't care that the evidence says otherwise.

Stick to what you can prove, or at least demonstrate with confirmable facts. We might actually get someplace with getting MSM attention if we offered alternate theories that Palin and others would have to at least try to debunk. These could include SP faking because she's loopy, and adopted the child from some unknown woman (who may not even know, having given up her DS infant for adoption), or Willow.

Otherwise, she'll never have to answer and everyone in MSM will say that the theory has been debunked which, for Bristol, is true.


Daisydem said...

So where are we on the blog that began it all. What can we do to advance what we believe to be a basic truth about the Sarah Palin story? Who is on Facebook and Twitter (friends of Bristol's, Levi, Willow?) Is anyone talking about the resignation on Facebook, of MySpace? and the reasons for it? I too find it odd that of all the ways that Palin feels the Press has mistreated or misrepresented her or her family, that Pat Buchanan when directly asked would bring up that one example, that no one in the MSM has brought up for months and months now. Only the bloggers. I have personal reasons why I want this truth to be found out and made known. What can we do to pursue this?

wayofpeace said...

ONCE AGAIN, what passes for GOP intelligentsia are using every chance they have to get her (and keep her) off the bus:

HUFFPO: In the wake of Sarah Palin's resignation, even conservative magazine editors are getting tired of her relentless anti-media shtick.

Charles Krauthammer said Monday on Fox News that her complaints have a "whining quality." Fred Barnes of the "Weekly Standard" agreed:

"There is a way to deal with the press. Look at the way Ronald Reagan did. He didn't attack the press. He teased them. He made fun of them. He jokes about them, embarrassed them. It was great. People loved it and it didn't have that edge, that whiny edge that you always want to avoid."

KaJo said... we go again...

The evidence is right in front of you, but you fail to see: Palin's treatment of Trig from the moment his alleged birth date was announced.

The so-called newborn infant, this child with a congenital heart defect and jaundice, was not under phototherapy lights and not in an isolated incubator in a NICU later in the day of his alleged birth, but was swaddled in a wrap and knit cap in the arms of his alleged grandmother in Palin's own home.

What reputable hospital would allow a high-risk infant like that to be taken out of their care, even if it was "against medical advice" the very same day the infant was born? ...Knowingly allowing the infant to be subjected to less than pristine conditions, a bevy of people breathing on the infant, touching it (possibly without washing hands), passing it from person to person, being taken to a office milieu only 3 days after birth...

It's sad and shocking to think this was the truth of Trig's birth. To claim this is what happened is to condemn the Palins of newborn child abuse.

Therefore, it can't be.

Trig, according to the evidence of his thriving physically from the date of his alleged birth in April 2008, can only have been born weeks or even months prior to that date. He was HUGE at his alleged 4 month birth date, in the first pictures at the RNC.

Since he WAS bandied about in a public setting immediately after the alleged birth date -- in the Palin home with visitors, at Palin's office, at the baby shower 18 days later -- he evidently had had a chance to recover from the congenital heart defect (it's been documented that it healed "on its own") and from the jaundice. Let me repeat, to claim otherwise is to condemn the Palins of newborn child abuse.

BTW, there is this myth: "Keeping the child under a tube light at home is helpful" -- the Palins have shrugged off the jaundice issue by stating this was done.

However, the home remedy treatment is refuted: "Phototherapy is specially designed set of tube lights of a specific radiation wavelength kept at a specified distance from the newborn and it is a specialized technique and a short cut of putting the child under a tube light at home is simply deceive oneself. If the baby need for Phototherapy then it has to be done under guidance of a specialized doctor in a Hospital."

You might remember that the only recorded doctor caring for Trig Palin was not a specialized doctor, nor was that hospital he was allegedly born in equipped for specialized infant care.

TruthPatrol said...

I like it when Dangerous comes back into the conversations. I am in the minority as well in regards to Bx2 but I don’t think it is Willow. My opinion is that Track Palin is the father of Trig. Track stays out of the media but she praises the troops because she can use the, “you’re picking on the military” angle when it all comes to light. Just my opinion, but the most progress this blog made was in late December 2008 and early January 2009 when there were other “angles” being looked at for the birth mother. That was when some in the Palin clan spoke out the most and when the Johnston family started defending “their” own.

mlewis said...

Way of Peace: You're right! Reagan handled the press with humor. It was obvious from her failed interviews that Sarah was no match for the national media. Her bitterness and thin skin dominated her dreadful speech. (Is she writing that stuff herself? Can't wait for the book). In addition to the media, she didn't know how to handle Ashley Judd's calling attention to the Wolf Shooting Stuff. She responded poorly to Levi's public appearances, a joke from Letterman (he won't stop making jokes about her now), a rumor repeated by Shannyn Moore, nothing escaped her notice. She clearly wasn't ready for prime time. As Harry Truman famously said, "If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen."

Punkinbugg said...

RE: Slideshows

Bree Palin's WEBSITE has a terrific slideshow on her home page. It has a time line of Sarah's "pregnancy", and the captions are not too snarky.

It's not too long, not too short -- just right, Goldilocks...!

Now set it to music and put it on YouTube!!

Dangerous said...


Conjecture is not evidence.

Palin's treatment of Trig from the moment his alleged birth date was announced. Total conjecture. Not at all proof that Bristol is the baby's mother, as is any conjecture about how Bristol behaves toward Trig.

The so-called newborn infant, this child with a congenital heart defect and jaundice, was not under phototherapy lights and not in an isolated incubator in a NICU later in the day of his alleged birth, but was swaddled in a wrap and knit cap in the arms of his alleged grandmother in Palin's own home.

How is this probative at all regarding his supposed date of birth? You can't say if he was or wasn't in a NICU, you just suppose he wasn't if born early. Newborns are swaddled all the time!!

What reputable hospital would allow a high-risk infant like that to be taken out of their care, even if it was "against medical advice" the very same day the infant was born? ...Knowingly allowing the infant to be subjected to less than pristine conditions, a bevy of people breathing on the infant, touching it (possibly without washing hands), passing it from person to person, being taken to a office milieu only 3 days after birth...

Most babies go home within a day or two, some even with minor issues, which haven't even been proven yet. You just rely on Dr. CBJ's letter, but she was certainly NOT the baby's doctor, and never claimed to be.

Meanwhile, please explain these circumstances:

1) Bristol in school in Anchorage in January (per earlier first-hand reports). They may be wrong, but you can't reject this direct evidence out of hand.
2) Pictures of Trig newborn size on April 18.
3) Trig's whereabouts from his birth until April 18, where the Palins could be sure their faking wouldn't be blown at any moment.
4) Levi embracing one child, but not accepting the other.
5) Deciding the fake AFTER the child was born.

There are so many holes in Bx2 that I don't have time for them all. Hold onto that theory and we'll never get anywhere. I'm more inclined to attribute Trig to some girl that Track impregnanted, since at least there no calendar and circumstantial evidence to contradict it. I'm also more inclined to think that maybe SP DID give birth to Trig, than somehow Bristol managed to squeeze it into her busy schedule.

Is it that Bx2ers can't accept that you might be wrong? I can accept I might be wrong about it all. It's wherever the evidence leads for me, and the evidence says Bx2 is wrong.

HollyP said...

KaJo, I can't speak specifically to the heart defect issue, but I don't think the other issues specifically rule out an April birth for Trig.

My daughter was a preemie who was *just* barely big enough to go home with me 48 hours after her birth. She was jaundiced, so we sat for several hours a day under a skylight so she could get sun to help cure the jaundice. I took her out to the mall, and to a large family get-together when she was less than a month old. By the time she was 4 months, she had grown significantly and was nearly the size of a normal newborn.

The Tripp angle is an interesting one.

wayofpeace said...

check FEDUP's latest post at TT.

it links to photo evidence that suggests that SARAH is wearing a wig, which is no big deal except that what you see of her scalp is very thin, short hair.

wayofpeace said...

thanks Punkinbugg & BREE PALIN: great slideshow.

one suggestion: the caption of the last slide should refer to baby delivered 24+ hours after this pic was taken. the WILD RIDE is a term we in the know use and may not be as well known by the public we want to persuade.

Redhead said...

So when will you do something? Any Alaskans here willing to put thier name to an ethics complaint. babygate is a fraud against Alaskans. The ethics board will be forced to investigate it by law. Sarah will have to provide the ethics board some kind of evidence. Do you want to continue on like this, in babygate limbo with no end.

You must do something? Anything. What will you do to advance this issue. Are you content with just discussing it on a blog? If so then do nothing, just like you have been doing. But if you want to push this forward, if you want an answer, if you want someone to take notice, then you have to make them notice.

An ethics complaint will make them notice and force them to make Sarah comply with an investigation. Are there any Alaskans who will stand up, it will cost you nothing. You still have time to file. Whether it is dismissed or not, it will get news. You must make the news, the news is not just going to happen.

Any Alaskan ready for this to be over? Or are you content with simple blog discussions?

JJ said...

Isn't today the day that Sherry Johnston gets sentenced? Hope that frees Levi up to start spilling....

CAC said...

I was just stunned when I went to post a a comment on a piece by Eugene Robinson on the Realclearpolitics site and was told my ip address had been blocked. The only reason I can imagine is that I posted a comment several weeks ago about Palin, mentioning the Trig birth suspicions and my belief in them (also with reference to this site). I thought it was a reasonable comment and not at all shrill. I can't believe they would ban me for this! Has something like this happened to anyone on any other media site?

wayofpeace said...

ROFL: HUFF-PO claims that "Sarah Palin may be prepping for a career as a radio star.

"Radio journal Inside Radio reports that, according to sources, Palin's reps "have been quietly testing the waters to see how much interest radio syndicators have for her."


her WORD SALADS would be served daily!!!

the upside: the fodder of stupidity that she will produce!

wayofpeace said...

went for a dip into the PEE-MUCK and found this post. very telling:

Yogi41 said... I'm sure Palin is prepared for this, but yesterday, someone posted a clip of Chris Matthews asking Pat Buchanan to name specifics as to the lies made up by the media about Sarah Palin.

I don't think Pat was ready to answer that, because Chris threw it out there at him without warning.

My point is this. If Sarah does do mainstream media interviews, she will have to have a list of examples in her head, because I guarantee every member of the media will ask her for specifics as to when they "made things up" about her.

mlewis said...

Way of Peace: We must be reading the same stuff. I was struck by that note about Sarah on the radio, too. Before I saw the video of Sarah's famous Sunday resignation speech, I heard bits on the radio. Grating voice. A great deal of Sarah's charm (the thing that appeals to her kind of people, and turns me off, way off) are the cute little gestures. She has non-stop hand movements, finger pointing, fist thumping and emphasizes catty and snippy remarks with that trademark Bush smirk, as if to say, "So there." Every time I see a repeat of that speech, I am reminded of the mean girl in high school, spiteful, nasty, saying mean things to get attention and to hurt people.

So, I think that Sarah's appeal is more likely TV. We know that she'll love being made up, have her hair fussed over, wardrobe, bright lights. If she's off there in Alaska (while Todd keeps fishin' and huntin') that whiny voice isn't going to carry the same way on the radio. I don't want to be picking her career for her-- I think it's a much cheaper trial to see how she goes on radio. TV is a much bigger gamble, both in terms of the money cost, and the cost to Sarah if she fails.

Punkinbugg said...

Ooooh nice -- Ed on msnbc's The Ed Show just interviewed the leader of the Alaska Democratic Party. Sorry I missed her name.

She said basically not so fast, Palin -- we are still after your emails... especially your Blackberry emails.

She also said that an attorney in California who requested her emails under FOIA has reported that they were heavily redacted (think Black Sharpie).


wayofpeace said...

L O L GRYPHEN: The US House of Representatives passed a resolution Monday recognizing the 50th anniversary of Hawaii's entry into the Union, which also included a statement declaring that "President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961."

The resolution passed by a vote of 378 to zero... Well there is absolutely no room for ANYBODY to question Barack Obama's birthplace now....

I wonder if this will give Sarah Palin any ideas? Maybe she can ask Don Young to introduce a resolution for little Trig.

leu2500 said...

Dangerous - I respectfully disagree that the Trig was born earlier than 4/18 is rationalization for the Bx2 theory.

We know that Trig was born NLT 4/18, because of his TV appearance. But we have nothing more than SP's word that he was born on 4/18. She has presented no verifiable evidence of this birth date. And her word is not to be trusted.

Then we have Tripp, who was allegedly born on 12/28. Again, no verifiable evidence of this. (Unless you accept heresay from an aunt in Wash. State who was not present at the birth). Then we didn't see Tripp until the GVS interview, 6 (8?) wks after the alleged birth. So if the 12/28 birthdate is true, then it is possible to keep a baby under wraps.

If SP had provided Trig's and Tripp's validated birth certificates supporting the alleged birthdates, then this believer of the Bx2 theory would be like the birthers. But unlike Obama, who has presented proof of his birth validated by Hawaii officials, we have no such evidence for Trig and Tripp. And SP's testimony on it would be impeached in court due to her penchant for lying.

Neither Bx2 nor Wx1, Bx1 change what I believe is a basic tenant of this site: that Palin's Deception makes her unfit for public office.

wayofpeace said...

you're right, MLEWIS, she will SUCK on radio BUT in her grandiosity she may see herself as the female RUSH.

as for TV, can you imagine the myriad of video clips that will yield? her verbal idiocy would be ridiculed on a daily basis. thus i say; FOX, BRING HER ON!

mel said...

Relevant to BX2 or not, see this pic of Trig from last weekend. If you object to examining pix of the kids, don't look.

Maybe someone with a better sense of 15 months v 18 months can weigh in. Or can maybe take a closer look at teeth. I looked at 18-m-o and 15-m-o kids pix on the internet and cannot tell where T falls. All I can say is he seems to have a really mild version of Down syndrome. And he's not small.

Silvergirl said...

Mel, that is just the sweetest picture of Trig. If I were his grandma (or his real dad), it would just break my heart not to be able to see him on a regular basis. I hope the Palins are working things out with Levi.

mlewis said...

One of Sarah's legal problems which holds some future interest for us is the case of the kid from Tennessee who hacked her personal blackberry during the 2008 campaign. What he turned up were government emails being exchanged on a private account in violation of open records acts and maybe the agreement signed with Yahoo. The defense in TN requested lots and lots of records, including the birth dates for all of Sarah's family (I can't imagine why, but I am not the defense lawyer). The stuff was supposed to have been turned over on July 27. Depositions are scheduled for early August. We'll have to see if the birth dates make it into defense hands, and if we get to hear about it. The never ending story.

LisanTX said...

Here is an interesting comment from Suchanut on Progressive Alaska blog that gives a reason why most people don't see the huge pregnancy deception by SP:

"The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, for the vast masses of a nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them a more easy prey to a big lie than a small one, for they themselves often tell little lies, but would be ashamed to tell big lies." from Mein Kampf

jeanette said...

In reading today’s blogs, I realized that I evidently only copied part of my post about the Hardball discussion that included Pat Buchanan. I usually compose posts in Word and then paste into the site and evidently did not copy all of my intended post.

Since then others have reported on how the story started, but my take after Pat talking about the rumors of Bristol being the mother of Trig was somewhat different than others. It read like this.

When Pat made that comment all Chris Matthews did was to keep repeating (really shouting) “what MSM reported that?” He was so wrapped up in his own ego of trapping Buchanan, that he missed the very rare (up until now) opportunity of discussing this issue without being the one who raised it.

Why couldn’t he have said, “ I know the rumors seemed far fetched, but why didn’t Sarah just produce a birth certificate rather than announcing to the nation that her unwed teenage daughter was pregnant?”

The answer to that question would have been interesting and may have led to the opportunity to probe more.

But no, Chris squandered the moment, the interview moved on and the opportunity was lost. By that time I was screaming at the TV. If the MSM misses an opportunity like that they really do deserve to go away.

On another note, of all the opportunities Pat had to show how Palin felt she was treated so badly by the press, why would he choose this one? I wonder what does he believe? Does he believe Sarah is the mother or does he believe Bristol or someone else is the mother? If he believes the latter why is he raising the issue now? Is he trying to get others from staying away from the story by raising it in this forum where everyone will reinforce the fact that is something to be believed by only the “tin hatters”?

In any case, I find it interesting that this issue, which was one that couldn’t be discussed since September, is now being raised by a Republican who seems to be a Sarah supporter on the very the day she resigned. Maybe it was a mistake he made, maybe not.

Anonymous said...

OK, thanks to the kind words about my slideshow and the pleas for a video, I finally prodded my 12-year-old to show me how to do it. This is my first attempt - as you can see I focused on just a few photos to make the point:

When I have a chance tomorrow I will experiment with making a couple more. I will do one with the whole series of photos in my slideshow. I also think it would be very persuasive to intersperse photos of actually pregnant bellies at the same stage of pregnancy, but I have been having difficulty finding photos to use.

Please let me know what you think. I know everyone seems to have their own opinion about what is the most persuasive photo. These are mine.

B said...

I repeat what I've said before: An ethics violation by Palin must be a violation of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act, not just unethical behavior such as the fraud of lying to Alaskans. Please read the law and find the violation. That would be great.

B said...

Jack Bog said, "A real grizzly doesn't fake having a cub."

Love it! (I bet the First Dude doesn't eat quiche either.)

B said...


You are right that "realized" doesn't mean "proved." But you yourself (mis)use "evidence" and "proof" interchangeably.

There's evidence Bristol had TriG, just no proof.

I believe the photographic evidence that Sarah did not have TriG rises to the level of proof.

Palin's Deceptions will be a gold mine of info whenever the MSM decides Babygate is relevant.

Bretta said...

wayofpeace said...US House of Representatives passed a resolution Monday...also included a statement declaring that "President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961.
...resolution passed by a vote of 378 to zero...Maybe $P can ask Don Young to introduce a resolution for little Trig.""

PTL and pass he popcorn. LOL

More Cowbell said...

I assume that the "hacker's" defense lawyer asked for birthdates because it's possible that Sarah used a birthdate as a password or as the "secret answer" that you use to get your email password if you've forgotten it.

Some "Palin Pregnancy" Youtube videos are up-- if you click on one you usually get more on the right hand side with related videos. Here's one link

Bretta said...

""Redhead said... Babygate is a fraud against Alaskans. The ethics board will be forced to investigate it by law. ... An ethics complaint will... force them to make Sarah comply with an investigation. July 28, 2009 1:24 PM""

We don't have evidence to forward an ethics complaint at this time re: TriG.

The ethics complaint process is specific to a politician's activities regarding personal or political gain as a result of the office.

The effort to track Sarah Palin's deceptions and lies may be to show a preponderance of evidence of a person who *could* behave unethically.

If we have proof that TriG is not the biological child of Sarah Palin, and that she claimed him on her state health insurance as her Son without having a Birth Certificate to make the claim legitimate, then that would constitute an illegal act, as in fraud.

That in itself would not be an unethical act in terms of her position as an Officer of the State.

If TriG is claimed under Todd Palin, he has full medical as a Native Alaskan, in which case, it is not fraud, if he is indeed related to Todd.

The fact of the volume of evidence of no pregnancy shows that Sarah Palin is willing to lie, but why? For political gain? We don't know. Was it to protect one of her underage daughters? To take a child who might otherwise have been a terminated pregnancy? Why not be honest about it?

With all due respect, Babygate, in the terms you put it forward for an ethical investigation would never make it through the first step at the Personnel Board.

At least I don't see how it would.

Bretta said...

KaJo said..."Keeping the child under a tube light at home is helpful" -- the Palins have shrugged off the jaundice issue by stating this was done....""

I have to weigh in on this: both of my children were born with the blood incompatibility that required phototherapy.

The first one was in the hospital for four days and under light therapy at home for another four days. The second was treated at home with a photoblanket, which was ineffective, so I switched to the technique used for the first child: Halogen lights.

The baby's eyes have to be protected with a dark mask, and the baby kept naked but warm to the best of your ability to expose as much skin as possible.

The enzyme is most available in the largest body organ, the skin, until it can be produced in sufficient quantity by the liver at about two weeks of age.

The enzyme that helps the blood convert the harmful compound to a water-soluble (and excretable) form, is activated by sunlight, or an artificial but similar spectrum as in the Halogen lights.

The pharmacy's photoblanket was not effective enough to reduce the amount of bilirubin in the bloodstream.

High bilirubin titers in the blood stream can cause brain damage to the cerebellum (affecting muscle control) - it can increase so quickly that brain damage occurs before it can be treated.

If the bilirubin titre does not decrease rapidly enough, the doctor has the authority to hospitalize the baby.

The older treatment was blood exchange, usually within 48 hours of birth.

If the Palins offhandedly claim the jaundice was treated at home, and "that was that," well, it differs from my experience, which was intense, with a lot of anxiety and worry, including daily (sometimes twice a day) blood tests, which involve a blood draw from the baby's foot, not a small thing because it is hard to do with the baby crying all the time.

Plus she has a funny color until the issue is resolved.

Noah said...

In today's news, a peer-reviewed study concluding that, essentially, tanning beds are as dangerous at the cellular level as mustard gas or arsenic. Might not this affect the odds Audrey presented in her recent statistical post? Could use of a tanning bed increase the risk of chromosomal damage to a fetus carried by a hypothetical pregnant teen?

wayofpeace said...

MAUREEN DOWD shatters SARAH into splinters: Sarah, who was once a blazingly confident media darling, came across as aggrieved, paranoid and press-loathing in her new role as bizarre babe-at-large, a Nixon with hair extensions ranting about “American apologetics,” which sounds like a cross between apologists and Dianetics...

The Alaskan who shot to stardom a year ago as the tough embodiment of Diana the Huntress has now stepped down as governor and morphed into what the Republicans always caricatured Hillary as — preachy, screechy and angry...

Sarah, lacking Hillary’s cerebral side, has decided to wing it, Quayle-style, and go only for the visceral. That’s why she now sounds like a demagogue, embodying grievances and playing to people’s worst impulses...

In her cuckoo speech in Fairbanks, Sarah warned Alaskans to “be wary of accepting government largess. It doesn’t come free.” Funny coming from a woman who charged the Alaskan taxpayers every time she worked from Wasilla....

As McCain pal and Republican strategist Mike Murphy so sagely observed recently: “If Sarah Palin looked like Golda Meir, would we even be talking about her today?”... she’s all cage, no bird.

Chi Town Mom said...

Idea: The lovefest for $arah is over. Since the MSM is starting to openly discuss S.P.'s actions are crazy, wouldn't now be a great time to link her current looney tunes adventures with her wild ride? "See, she has been doing strange sh*t for a really long time. She almost killed her kid!" We all know the wild ride didn't happen, but it would get people talking about it and QUESTIONING it.

wayofpeace said...

jeanette, i watched the exchange between a PAT and TWEEDY BIRD MATTHEWS, who is constitutionally incapable of listening well or on-topic follow thru. i usually have his show on mute while waiting for KEITH.

i think it significant that PAT had that FREUDIAN slip, defined by WIKI "as an error in speech that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of some unconscious ('dynamically repressed') wish, conflict, or train of thought."

Dangerous said...

B wrote:

There's evidence Bristol had TriG, just no proof.

There is ZERO evidence tht Bristol had Trig. Not a single shred of direct or even circumstantial evidence that one can use to even infer that Bristol is Trig's mother. There's not a thing that you sight that would be admissible in court. That's the standard, not what people "believe" or "think" and say so on blogs.

You cite supposed, unattributed rumors that Bristol was pregnant. Inadmissible.

You cite Bristol's supposed disappearance. Inadmissible speculation. (Plus, direct evidence that she wasn't entirely in hiding.)

You cite her behavior toward Trig. Inadmissible conjecture.

You cite her changing schools and not living at home is because she was pregnant. Inadmissible speculation.

AND SHE HAD HER OWN CHILD IN DECEMBER. Admissible, and practically conclusive, affirmative defense.

If you were my lawyers and this is the case you wanted to present, I'd fire you.

On the other hand, the evidence that SP was never pregnant and, hence, faked her pregnancy and lied (and continues to lie) about it, is quite strong. But that doesn't mean the real mother must be Bristol. It just means some other woman is Trig's mother.

I agree that SP liking faked to cover for her daughter. That's the most likely scenario. But she has 2 teenage daughters, neither with a good alibi for the period in question, but only one without an solid after-the-fact alibi that fits the other circumstances.

But SP might have had another motivation for faking, which would lead her to the extraordinarily risking endeavor to fake a pregnancy. Or she didn't fake it -- despite the evidence -- and is reckless and crazy.

The big mistake in August of last year was identifying Bristol, without sufficient evidence, as Trig's mother. We all should have not stuck with only the assertion Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy, with multiple possible real mother candidates, and let MSM do their work. Instead, we all (including me) assumed Bristol was Trig mother, and got hammered for it. We've never recovered.

wayofpeace said...

BREEPALIN, a great video! the picture of just born (yeah, right!) TRIG hits it out of the park.

as to other pregnant women images, a video by PALINGATES (i think) shows pregnant celebrities.

i believe side-by-side pics of them next to PHONY SARAH would be great.

wayofpeace said...

more on the FREUDIAN SLIP, linked by PATRICK at TT:

midnightcajun said...

It's interesting how after Sarah's last two rambling speeches (the announcement that she would be quitting plus her Fairbanks parting shots) that many in the media seem to have taken off the gloves with her. I wonder if they feel that since she's already being so ugly about them they might as well let her have it? Or have they finally noticed what the rest of us have known for months--that she's both crazy and laughably ignorant? It's a relief because I've felt up until now that she had done an amazing job of muzzling them, since any time they even hinted that the empress had no clothes she and her followers screeched "sexism".

I was watching a video that compared her exaggerated Fargo accent of the past 11 months with interviews she gave while campaigning for governor, and I was struck by the fact that she made more sense then--not brilliant, but not batshit crazy, either. Made me wonder if it's the effect of her anorexia, or weight loss drugs, or if she's gone off the drugs that used to control what ever her mental problems are? Or is it simply that she knows nothing about national or international affairs and therefore simply spews garblelygoop talking points with poise and confidence? Anyone else notice a difference?

CAC said...

Has the Buchanan clip been edited since it was originally aired? I don't hear the cited dialogue in the clip after watching it twice (once directly on MSNBC). Where I suppose it should be, right after she says "stop making things up" Matthews goes on to ask about her style. Can somebody please tell me at what point in the clip the pregnancy rumor is discussed?

Punkinbugg said...

Hi Bree,

I like your slideshow just like it is.. Short. Sweet. No snark, just the facts.

NOTE -- Your March 29th picture says 2009 instead of 2008.

I hope your "tween" helps you get it onto YouTube soon!!

Doncha love em?

Oh and speaking of CORSAGES, don't leave out this one! Ann Richards (D) of Texas. Lordy I miss her!

wayofpeace said...


GRYPHEN: Recently somebody asked in a comment whether I am still working on the babygate story. And the answer is "you betcha"!

However I have stopped giving updates because that they sometimes raise more questions then they answer, I am often asked not to share them (yet), and I am looking for more sources to back up what I have already learned.

I will say this, NOTHING I have learned has made me question my original hypothesis that Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig. Beyond that I have learned things which absolutely make my head spin. I have been in long conversations with people who reveal blockbuster after blockbuster, that would make the National Enquirer orgasm in their pants, but I have to wait for certain things to be completed and people to get to safety before divulging.

I will post EVERYTHING when I have all of my ducks in a row.

Elizabeth said...

When Chris Matthews presses Pat Buchanan about what lies the media had been telling about SPalin, Pat offers up (at 5:38) the rumor about Trig being Bristol's child. He says that it was "a horrible, ugly thing," that Mike Barnacle had told him (Pat) while they (Pat and Mike) were out in Denver. This really got my attention Monday night (July 27)--wow! The clip is still available today, Wednesday, at the above link.

anne s said...

im sure everyone has been to for sarah photos

this one is dated 2008 but no clue if it was around the time of her pregnancy

i was on team sarah and someone posted a photo from Alaska Stock which I can't find anymore. I put in the photo id .. no luck
The poster said "early 2008"
Palin is in a jacket so not a good look at the tummy but it's another pretty flat belly photo
I can email it to someone if you want it.. or go to team sarah if you can sign in
One of Missy from Mississippi 's

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the kind words - here is the first one:

and the second one:

And for reasons that thus far escape me that is the only song I can get past the YouTube filters. I'm working on it!

I can think of at least half a dozen different takes on a video so I'm going to keep working on them. I really appreciate the feedback!

ss in ca said...

Bree (& anyone else working on a video), I think it is important to remember to talk about the pregnancy and birth date(s) as "alleged" or "supposed" or "reported." Also (and I may be thinking about the video on the Palingates blog), we should put all dates in context (i.e. "March 14, 2008...5 weeks before Trig's alleged birthdate" or "March 14, 2008... when SP was allegedly 7 months pregnant").

I also think it is very effective to have some of the pictures side by side--to really highlight differences.

Finally, and completely OT, I was listening to Evita yesterday... check out the lyrics of this song. Substitute Sarah for Eva and Alaka for Argentina, and we've got something!

Rainbow High
lyrics by Tim Rice, music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
There again I've more to do
Than simply get the message through
I haven't started
Let's get this show on the road
Let's make it obvious
Peron is off and rolling


(Eva's dressers:)
Eyes, hair, mouth, figure
Dress, voice, style, movement
Hands, magic, rings, glamour
Face, diamonds, excitement, image

I came from the people, they need to adore me
So Christian Dior me from my head to my toes
I need to be dazzling, I want to be Rainbow High
They must have excitement, and so must I

(Eva's dressers:)
Eyes, hair, mouth, figure
Dress, voice, style, image

I'm their product, it's vital you sell me
So Machiavell me, make an Argentine Rose
I need to be thrilling, I want to be Rainbow High
They need their escape, and so do I


All my descamisados expect me to outshine the enemy
I won't disappoint them
I'm their savior, that's what they call me
So Lauren Bacall me, anything goes
To make me fantastic, I have to be Rainbow High
In magical colors

You're not decorating a girl for a night on the town
And I'm not a second-rate queen getting kicks with a crown

Next stop will be Europe
The Rainbow's gonna tour, dressed up, somewhere to go
We'll put on a show

Look out, mighty Europe
Because you oughta know whatcha gonna get in me
Just a little touch of
Just a little touch of
Argentina's brand of star quality

Molly said...

So, now that tanning beds are shown to be carcinogenic, ya think HRH will stop using it?

Molly said...

I'm glad Gryphen is still pursuing Babygate, too.

BTW, Audrey, did you ever get a confirmed date on the video from the last blogpost where Sarah doesn't look pregnant?

ArmchairJane said...

Can you let us know where you saw the video comparing the Fargo-accented Sarah with interviews conducted of her while running for governor? I would like to watch that video.

One thing I do remember is that those debating her in the governor's race said that she was very good at not answering the questions she didn't want to answer. She did the same thing in the V.P. debate, even announcing in advance that she wasn't going to give the media the answers they wanted.

I feel that she is deeply ignorant of topics outside of her narrow interests, but that she also enjoys avoiding giving direct answers to interviewer questions unless they are the fawning GVS/Hannity type of interviews that mostly ask how she manages to be such a superwoman.

Ivyfree said...

"You cite supposed, unattributed rumors that Bristol was pregnant. Inadmissible."

The rumors were sourced by Palin spokesperson Bill McAllister, from Sarah herself. She called him to tell him the rumors were false. So the rumors did eist.

We don't have to prove it in a court. We are primarily interested in showing that Sarah did not give birth to Trig. Officially, I don't think anyone really gives a rat's patoot who gave birth to him; the pictures (firmly dated) show she could not have given birth to him. Who did, therefore, is basically irrelevant, but interesting.

I think it's likely Bristol, because there actually is a fair amount of circumstantial evidence. Again, we don't have to prove it in court. We actually have enough to go to the press, and if Sarah wants to go to court, then she can conclusively prove, through DNA tests with a verified chain of evidence, that she DID give birth to him.

Geeze, that would be so easy for her to do, actually. I bet if Sarah agreed to DNA testing, enough people would chip in to pay for it. She won't. She won't do anything except insist, semi-hysterically, that she's being picked on and her children abused. That's all she can do, because if she does anything more, somebody might ask her why she won't prove it.

So far as I know, only the ADN has tried to prove Sarah's POV, and they got no change from her at all. So either Sarah enjoys being "abused", or she's afraid of the truth.

Actually, those are not mutually exclusive positions for her.

Dianne said...

In reference to Sherry Johnston's sentencing, this copied from the Alaska Court Docket -

Change of Plea and Sentencing: Superior Court 07/31/2009 11:00 11:10
Smith, Eric (Judge)
Courtroom 7, Palmer Courthouse 435 S Denali St Palmer

winkwinkWA said...

First time poster, long time watching--I truly believe Todd is the father of Trig, Sarah is not the mother and I don't Bristol is either. So who can the mother be?? someone who didn't want or couldn't take care of a disabled child, Todd had to step up, and I believe that someone is being paid to keep their mouth shut, Sarah had to fake the pregnancy to cover for Todd and her reputation since she had word she maybe chosen for the VP position and make her kids believe she was the pregnant one..this may sound far fetched but it is the only conclusion I can come up with, I also don't believe Tripp is Levi's baby either, he was being used as a cover up for Bristols pregnancy. WHAT A WEB WE WEAVE, WHEN WE TRY TO DECEIVE..

trev said...

There is a new post on IM explaining the missing Buchanan footage. I think it is still available.

This morning on MSNBC the 2 anchors got confused on the number of children Sarah had and ended up saying 'well she has either 4 or 5 children', I was getting dressed and started laughing to myself.
It appears that the story is slipping a little bit, I would love it if it got a big push.
Where is Levi? His mom? What happened in her court case?

Ivyfree said...

"If the Palins offhandedly claim the jaundice was treated at home, and "that was that," well, it differs from my experience, which was intense, with a lot of anxiety and worry, including daily (sometimes twice a day) blood tests, which involve a blood draw from the baby's foot, not a small thing because it is hard to do with the baby crying all the time."

And my experience, admittedly 32 years ago with my daughter, was a very mild episode and we went home from the hospital on schedule with orders to give her a sunbath every day for a few days. We simply sat in the sunshine with her head in the shade for 30 minutes. Maybe if it was winter they would have used a bili light, or maybe she just wasn't severe enough. But I find Palin's statement credible. But I do find it odd that with her tendency to dramatize, she minimizes this.

Punkinbugg said...

There are several really good slide shows over at Bree Palin:

Especially love the 1:03 and the 2:31
YouTube presentations.

Popping popcorn now!

More Cowbell said...

Bree Palin-- I thought your Youtube slideshow was excellent. If I could make one tiny suggestion, it would be to note that the "big as a house" picture that was supposedly taken on the last day of the legislative session, wasn't released until August 2008 (I think that was the date?) I hope it gets a million views!

sg said...

Andrew Sullivan is pushing for President Obama to release his original, long-form birth certificate, the one referenced recently by Hawaiian officials (contrary to CNN, the original was NOT destroyed in 2001). I found this curious, as Sullivan has derided the birthers, like SP wannabe Rep. Michele Bachmann.

I had a hunch why, which Sullivan confirmed in this recent post:

"On The Birthers"

So many readers are furious that I have dared to ask the president to show the original copy of his birth certificate. The reason for demanding it is the same reason for demanding basic medical records proving Sarah Palin is the biological mother of Trig.

Because it would make it go away and it's easily done.

I'm tired of these public officials believing they have some right to privacy. They don't. It's the price of public office. If you don't like it, don't be president. And for goodness' sake, don't run for president on a platform of transparency.

tasha said...

Another suggestion for BreePalin:
Perhaps a shot of how Sarah looks when she is REALLY pregnant - that one that we have all seen (in the red shirt, with her sister) when she was pregnant with Track.

B said...

Has anyone asked Palin what she's talking about, what "facts" she believes the media made up?

If she mentioned Babygate, the media could ask her to prove it isn't true, to prove that someone made it up, starting with TriG's birth certificate.

This is fantasy. Palin isn't taking questions these days, and she never answers questions anyway.

B said...

Dangerous said,
"AND SHE HAD HER OWN CHILD IN DECEMBER. Admissible, and practically conclusive, affirmative defense. . . .
[Sarah] has 2 teenage daughters, neither with a good alibi for the period in question, but only one without an [sic] solid after-the-fact alibi that fits the other circumstances."

Finally I understand your Willow argument.

I disagree about the alibi (e.g., State of the State, spring honor roll). But your major argument is that you find Sarah Palin and People Magazine "practically conclusive" as to TriPP's birthdate. Wow. If we're in court, as you insist, show me TriPP's birth certificate.

Audrey has new post.

Lilybart said...

wink wink: I think in the end you may be closer to the truth of Trig's mother than other guesses. It must be in the family somewhere. This is too big a thing to do for strangers and even I don't think she went out and found a DS baby to burnish her pro-life bona fides!

Lilybart said...

Molly, Miss Wasilla won't need the tanning bed anymore, she can pay for all the custom spray-on tans she wants.

And they can use the spray to create shadows so you look like you really thrashed those abs!!

Dangerous said...

Go ahead, 'B'. You can misstate my arguments as much as you want. I can't stop you, but I'm not going to take the time to correct them, either. This isn't court, and my arguments can stand on their own.

You are correct that there is no definitive proof of Tripp's birthdate. Maybe he was born later than reported. Maybe he was actually only about two weeks old when we first saw him. You simply can't prove otherwise. I agree that if Tripp's birthdate was very different from what was reported, and you can prove it, then Bristol is Trig's mother.

But that's supposition upon supposition. A theory, with only conjecture to back it up. You can't build a case on that.

My theory regarding Willow doesn't suffer those same problems, or any of the calendar problems. It also doesn't require a huge additional cover-up regarding Bristol's alibi. I'm not stating affirmatively that Willow is Trig's mother, only that she could be, given the evidence.

You cite Willow's honor roll reference. That's no proof of school attendance. Get me that, and Willow's excluded. Travel records indicate Willow was NOT in school in Juneau for many weeks during the critical time period. If you're going to discard that evidence, but place such emphasis on a hearsay newspaper account, you're the one picking and choosing.

The Jan 15 S-of-S picture and attendance are also proof of nothing. You can't see Willow's abdomen in the picture, and at that stage of a potential pregnancy, you may not be able to see much, depending on what she wore. People might have thought she was just a little chubby, if they thought it at all. People don't immediately assume that a young teen girl with a little bulge in the mid-section is pregnant. Result: Inconclusive.

At best, taking the most liberal view, the Bx2 evidence is inconclusive to weak. The constantly shifting potential Trig birthdate -- as we discover Bristol wasn't in hiding as much as we all thought -- isn't helping your case at all. Would a jury accept such a shifting theory? I don't think so.

Consider the MSM and the public -- not this community -- as the real jury. They've decided that Bx2 is wrong. They might be wrong, but your burden now is proving error, as with an appeal. And I'm just the messenger telling you that you're not there, and you should consider alternate theories. That includes some other unknown woman being Trig's mother. Ignoring Willow, or ruling her out on flimsey evidence just to battle me, is a losing strategy.