Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"The Governor's not a liar."

The source of that succinct quote? Bill McAllister, Palin's former press secretary. The quote came from an article in the Anchorage Daily News on August 31, 2008, as reporter Kyle Hopkins tried to summarize the current "Baby Drama."

McAllister was an Anchorage TV reporter before working for Palin. He said Palin once approached him - before people knew she was pregnant - assuming he'd been hearing rumors.

"She said it's not true about Bristol," McAllister said.

At the time, the rumor would have been that Palin's daughter was pregnant.

How does McAllister know it's not true?

"The governor's not a liar....

Here, specifically, Gov. Palin is speaking directly to the rumors that Bristol had been pregnant and was Trig's mother (which - to digress - I have always wondered about Sarah Palin's thought process here, since in general it's a REAL bad idea to answer a question no one has asked, and McAllister was clear - Palin had approached him...). However, in general this has been an almost universal response to allegations that there might be "something" to the baby story. It's the fallback position, the ace in the hole. Can't explain why we have scores of pictures on which she doesn't look pregnant at all?

Sarah Palin is Trig's mom because Sarah Palin wouldn't lie.

Or how about: Can't explain how a stage of pregnancy that can only described as quite large on one set of photos was nevertheless described by flight attendants not even a week later as: not apparent from observation.

Sarah Palin is Trig's mom because Sarah Palin wouldn't lie.

Or how about: Why has no birth certificate ever been released? Why was the only "official" statement ever released by Cathy Baldwin Johnson a lame piece of crap put out by the campaign less than two hours before midnight on the last day of the election?

Sarah Palin is Trig's mom because Sarah Palin wouldn't lie.

Except she is a liar. I think this is so well-established now that no one can or will even attempt to call me on this.

With Palin's resignation - now ten days ago - some of the more glaring examples had been put on the back burner, but in the week period prior to her resignation she'd been called on the carpet, twice, for what could only be called "whoppers." And not only do these lies show a basic disregard for the truth, reports of them show a bizarrely blase attitude towards the truth once she was confronted. In both cases, Gov. Palin persisted in wanting to stick with the lie, even when she was informed by the campaign that they knew what was really going on.

The first has been widely reported: CBS has released emails between Palin and campaign staffers. Her supporters haven't really been willing to discuss this one; mention is oddly absent from C4P and some of the other pro Palin sites. Why, you ask? Well, in this case we have the actual email. We have Palin's written words, basically telling a big fat honkin' fib. No wigglin' out of this one, folks.

This exchange involved Todd's involvement in Alaska's "Independence Party," or AIP for short. (The AIP's basic raison d'etre is to encourage Alaska to secede from the Union. Period. Although I guess most Alaskans can be pretty cool about this (and, to be fair, apparently there WAS a bit of skulduggery back fifty years ago when the original vote went down, which a lot of good folks in Alaska have never forgotten), in the lower 48, the whole idea is a bit, as my kids say, "sketch." And down here south of the Mason-Dixon line, while all too many might still harbor some secret support for our comrades up north, here's a little tip for y'all: secession didn't work out too well for us. In fact, to be perfectly frank, it worked out right poorly.)

Apparently, Palin had seen a critical CNN report on TV one morning, and then later in the day there was a heckler and a sign or two at a rally. She shot off an email demanding that the campaign do something about it, a suggestion that was rebuffed: it was a non-issue. Why attract attention to something that wasn't really getting much press? In addition, this was all happening on the day of the final debate, a day in which the campaign planned to launch their "big weapon:" Joe the Plumber. So obviously they didn't want anything to distract from that hotly-anticipated moment.

However, that response didn't satisfy Ms. Barracuda, who shot back another email again insisting that something be done - and at this point tried to fudge the story in order to get her way. Todd, you see, wasn't really a member of the AIP for seven years - he'd just checked the wrong box. I mean, that's plausible, right? Could happen to anyone. He thought he was checking a box which said he was "independent" (i.e., unaffiliated with a political party) instead of a member of the Alaskan Independence Party.

Except it was a complete fabrication. According to multiple sources, the box which Todd checked SAYS "Alaskan Independence Party," not, for example, "Independent" or something similar which would be easy to confuse. The campaign staffer who wrote back to Palin stated baldly that "Todd was a member for seven years. If this is incorrect we need to understand the discrepancy. The statement you are suggesting be released would be inaccurate."

At this point, Palin dropped the exchange, and no more was said. Todd remained a secessionist, and Palin remained a ... well, you know.

The second incident was strikingly similar. However, reports of this incident contain a little "Easter Egg" that so far I have seen no one else comment on.

In order to appear in tune with every-day folk, Palin - early in the campaign - told at least one interviewer that she and Todd had not had health insurance early in their marriage. During debate prep, she brought this up again, wanting to practice it as a debating point. However, the campaign then checked with Todd who set the record straight: they'd always had catastrophic insurance. What IS catastrophic insurance? It's regular insurance just with a really high deductible.

When confronted, initially, according to Vanity Fair, Palin stuck to her guns. Catastrophic insurance wasn't "real" insurance, and therefore didn't need to be revealed.

This slippery slope tale is similar to the first story regarding the AIP. Caught in a lie? No problem. Just keep lying - with a handy little rationalization at the ready in case you're called on it.

But what I find really interesting, what jumped off the page at me (and so far I have seen no one else comment on this) is the fact that someone in the campaign, after being told something by Sarah, went and DOUBLE CHECKED WITH TODD. I mean, how 1950s. "Let's just ask your husband, dear, shall we?" I mean, WTF? Am I the only one who finds this really really odd?

Read between the lines here: By the time of Palin's debate (first week in October), the campaign was already so concerned about her truthfulness and reliability, that a simple statement ("We didn't have insurance when we were first married,") which should have been able to be taken at face value, was fact-checked WITH HER HUSBAND. They must have had profoundly serious doubts about her.

Yet, to the outside observer, it was business as usual and smiley faces and glad hands: the Republican Party and John McCain continued to reassure the American people that this person whom they had apparently stopped trusting on even very simple statements was someone that we should still consider a credible candidate for vice president, qualified and ready to take over should something happen to McCain.

And now - since the resignation - yet another obfuscation. It's been covered so many places, (Huffington Post for starters) that I will rehash only briefly. In short, one argument Gov. Palin made for resigning was that all the ethics investigations were costing the citizens of Alaska money. According to Palin, money was being taken away from: troopers and roads and teachers and fish research.

OK, when you stop laughing about that improbable list, read on.

The fact is, it's completely false. State of Alaska Department of Law attorneys and employees are paid a salary. They get their pay checks whether they are dealing with Sarah Palin's ethics complaints, consumer protection issues, mine rulings, or even if they are sitting at their desks with their thumbs up their rumps playing World of Warcraft.

So while it is fair to say that these lawyers are spending their time on ethics complaints instead of something else (possibly in Alaska's better interests), it is patently false that these ethics complaints are diverting funds from troopers or roads or fish research.

So tell me again how we know Trig is Sarah's...


Ennealogic said...

Hey, playing World of Warcraft requires both hands on the keyboard! And setting up macros and typing and clicking really fast at the right time and moving the camera around to see the enemy who is advancing from behind! Ya can't do that with a thumb up a rump.

Just sayin'! :)

One other minor typo, first line in 3rd paragraph from bottom reads, "The fact is, it's completely false. State of Alaksa ..."

Congrats on the new location -- I know from experience how much time it takes to move over tons of blog posts to a different environment. Blogger is pretty nifty and it does have a lot of widgets that add value and interest.

Also, congrats on this post. The very essence of any question about Ms. $arah should automatically include the fact that she has no compunction whatsoever with lying -- a little or a lot, whatever is needed at the moment. She lies. Liar liar! Why anyone at this point repeats anything she says without this disclaimer is beyond me.

"When will we ever learn?"

wv = aphypes = assorted press (outlets) hype us!?

Act Boldly said...

Not a comment actually. Just wanted to suggest you update your Twitter profile to point to the new blog URL.

mlewis said...

If it is possible, please add Alex's wonderful post about lying vs. bullshit here, since the topic is Sarah Palin is a liar.

I know someone who fits the Frankfort definition of being a bullshitter instead of a liar. Some of her whoppers are so grandiose, you have to wonder why she would spin such a yarn that could easily be debunked.

For example, as proof of her noble and important heritage, she claimed that one of the family treasured keepsakes is a silver snuff box that William the Conqueror gave to each of his faithful soldiers to celebrate winning the battle of Hastings in 1066.

When you stop laughing, imagine any general or commander giving each common soldier a silver keepsake. The part that caught my truth barometer was the snuff. Snuff is a tobacco product, and it didn't find its way to Europe until the British colony of Virginia sent the nasty weed to England much later than 1066. More like the 1600's. Even when people confronted her about her often told tale, she never changed her story.

I think serial exaggeration is so natural to Sarah that she doesn't realize how it sounds to people. In the same way that we see her wearing a tacky outfit or unsuitable shoes,she must leave the house without a glance in the mirror. We've all agreed that she didn't see that a scarf is no disguise for a missing maternity belly.

This website asks the question, "How could Sarah think that she could get away with faking a pregnancy?" This is the answer. She's been doing it for so long and along the way, developed so many "people skills" that she's good at it. If confronted, she brushes the truth away like a pesky fly and pushes on through the next door.

Punkinbugg said...

"The Governor's not a liar"

Spoken like a true toadie, McAllister!!

HERE is an exhaustive list of Palin's lies, as of 7/7/09, that is.

B said...

More "The Governor IS a liar:"


mdlw56 said...

Great post, as usual, Audrey! Like the new look, too!

Thanks for sticking with this quest, to uncover the truth about baby Trig. It was horrific to use that baby as a prop for political gain. And, FWIW, I think that NYC trip with Bristol was suspicious in timing. Just because Palin said she was pro-life doesn't make it so.

Oh, and bet she lied to the IRS, too! Wonder how many times; how many years? LOL

Anyway, thanks, again, Audrey & Co.!

Anonymous said...

Yup. Well. Sarah isn't a liar, as I offered up in the comments section of previous post. She's a BSer. Thanks to philosopher Harry Frankfort for the distinction-- and rational explanation for Palin's behavior:

While the liar deliberately makes false claims, the bullshitter is simply uninterested in the truth. Bullshitters aim primarily to impress and persuade their audiences. While liars need to know the truth, the better to conceal it, the bullshitter, interested solely in advancing his own agenda, has no use for the truth. Bullshit is a greater enemy of the truth than lies are. (ON BULLSHIT, Princeton University Press)

(Thanks, mlewis!)

HollyP said...

Thanks for your blog, which I find endlessly fascinating.

Have you ever addressed why there has never been anyone from AK(besides the passing reference by Mike Carey to PBS' Ray Suarez) that Palin faked the pregnancy. Isn't there one person from Wasilla, or Juneau, willing to go on record? I'd love to hear your theories on how the conspiracy, if it is true, has been kept so quiet. There is no actual evidence that SP gave birth, but no public evidence that she didn't either.

Bretta said...

HollyP said... Have you ever addressed why there has never been anyone from AK(besides the passing reference by Mike Carey to PBS' Ray Suarez) that Palin faked the pregnancy?

IMHO SP has a reputation for severe retaliation. Or she knows how to garner deep loyalty. Or both, a la the Mafia.

Any person who knows the truth hasn't found the point where it is more profitable to tell than to keep quiet. I suspect that point will be found in the 2012 election cycle.

wayofpeace said...

a response to the OP-ED she 'WROTE':

John Kerry: Palin Misses Point on Cap and Trade

(Newser Summary) – John Kerry takes Sarah Palin to task for missing the big picture in her essay today against President Obama's cap-and-trade proposal.

Palin, he writes in the Huffington Post, manages to criticize legislation to curb climate change without acknowledging the dangers of climate change itself. "It's like complaining about the cost of repairing a roof without factoring in the leaks destroying your home."

Global warming poses catastrophic long-term threats to our economy and national security if we don't act, writes the Massachusetts senator. Palin, however, chooses to ignore this and instead presents a distorted picture of "certain" job losses under the legislation. "Democrats and Republicans will be better off if Governor Palin joins the debate we need to have—one about climate change as well as energy security—rather than leaving so many important details on the editing room floor."


one more from the BULLSHITTER!

truthrocks said...

Thank you, Audrey! Your excellent research and persistent quest for the truth is remarkable.

Bonnie said...

Thank you for your careful analysis of the "insurance" incident. It is yet another indication of how the McCain campaign descended into nightmarish dysfunction.

One of the reasons I think she quit was to do as much advance damage control as possible before the books currently being written about the campaign are on the shelves in 2010.

wayofpeace said...

a zinger from mo' dowd:

Sarah Palin is the definition of irrational, a volatile and scattered country-music queen without the music.

Her Republican fans defend her lack of application and intellect, happy to settle for her emotional electricity.

Lilybart said...

Is it more curious that no one will confirm her phantom pregnancy? I think so. I have many friends who have photos of me pregnant, who were there for certain events and no for sure. And these friends would go to the media of their own accord to refute the rumors, if it happened to me.

Does Palin have no actual friends?

Yellowgirl said...

My friends now know me as a Palin conspiracy nut, but just thought I'd throw out for consideration what I'm hearing from them (i.e., intelligent women, most of whom are mothers, who haven't followed the Trig conspiracy outside of the MSM):

Why wouldn't Levi come forward if he knew the truth? I tried to tell them that he was likely afraid, shopping a book deal, or both, but that was their main reason on why it "couldn't be". Also of note, they truly didn't understand why I said SP threw Bristol under the bus.... they never realized the timing in SP's reveal, when and why she did, of Bristol's pg.

As frustrating as it is to have such conversations, I think we all should, a lot, to understand where we need to strengthen our argument.


Elizabeth said...

Excellent op-ed on SP's victimhood in Wall Street Journal 15 July 2009. Don't know if it's accessible to non-subscribers.

Maria said...

Hmmm... the Governor's not a liar.

Recently Washington Times reporter Ralph Hallow interviewed SP in Alaska, as a follow-up to her resignation.

Listen to her response on this video when told by Washington Times reporter Ralph Hallow that she looked thinner than the last time he was her.

"Oh, that's because I'm not carrying the fat I had when I was carrying my baby."

I kid you not!

Ivyfree said...

"Does Palin have no actual friends?"

Interesting, isn't it? She seems to hang out with her family, and I once read of a hairstylist who said she was a friend. I don't read everything about Sarah Palin, nor do I do the searches for articles, that some people do- but I don't recall comments about being with friends. I'm not ruling out being friends with a hairstylist, but seeing someone regularly for a haircut and enjoying visiting with her isn't the same as having a friend one makes a point of seeing.

Dangerous said...

Is SP a liar? Yes.

So am I, and so is everyone, given the right circumstances. Nobody tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth all the time. Who would want that? How could we keep others' secrets if we did?

Obama's a liar, too. I'm sure he personally doesn't think the Bush Administration abuse of power is unimportant and not worth investigating, but he also knows that doing so will cause harm to his more important plans. So he lies about it.

Bill McAlaster defending SP as "not a liar" is idiotic, of course, and an very weak defense, which says a lot by itself. If SP faked the pregnancy, she's certainly also lying about it, as is everyone defendant who claims innocence when he or she is guilty.

Which is the entire point, I think. Whether SP was pregnant or not in early 2008 is a factual matter that SP knows for sure whether is true or false. She can prove true, but doesn't. All our conjecture, theories and speculation is pointless. Coulda, mighta, woulda, shoulda and all that matters not at all to true or false.

If the faked the pregnancy and, naturally, lied about it, she did it for a reason, but that reason doesn't matter for the issue at hand. We can't prove it one way or another and probably never will without either an admission from a principal or illegal access to medical records. That's why our constant drumbeat should be, without the extra theorizing and speculation, the following:

"Sarah Palin: Prove you were pregnant. Prove you were pregnant. Prove you were pregnant."

Quite frankly, I'm not interested in anything else related to this affair than that, and all these sidebar discussions just muddy the message.

the norwegian blue said...

Here's a succinct reason why the work here at Palin Deceptions is so important, from a pro-Palin article in this morning's HuffPo:

"The most important fact for the religious conservatives who love her remains that she gave birth to a baby with downs syndrome rather than opting for an abortion. Everything else pales in comparison. She's viewed as a pro-life politicians who practices what she preaches."

BTW Mr. Waldman, it's "Down Syndrome"

wayofpeace said...

i, too, recommend the THOMAS FRANK's WSJ op-ed. here's one of the best lines:

"The piling-up of petty complaints is an important aspect of conservative movement culture.

"For those who believe that American life consists of the trampling of Middle America by the 'elites' -- that our culture is one big insult to the pious and the patriotic and the traditional -- Sarah Palin's long list of unfair and disrespectful treatment is one of her most attractive features.

"Like Oliver North, Robert Bork, and Clarence Thomas, she is known not for her ideas but as a martyr, a symbol of the culture-war crimes of the left."

Maria said...

The link of the Washington Times video discussing Ralph Hallow's recent interview of SP in Alaska.


For some reason it was omitted from my earlier comment.

HollyP said...

There are two things that make me consider that SP is in fact Trig's mother.

First, the video of her fidgeting just before her speech in Tx. I fidgeted like that in the hours before giving birth to each of my children.

Second, I just don't see how she could keep such a conspiracy so quiet. Clearly the woman has made a lot of enemies in AK. Someone must dislike her enough to say something. And I don't think all of them are circumspect enough to want to protect the then-17 yo Bristol.

OTOH, the fact that there is no public evidence of her actual pg or the birth does give me pause.

TruthPatrol said...

There has been a few comments about "friends" of SP. Early on in her "rollout" to America, GMA interviewed her little girl group named the "Elite 6". I'm sure that the interview is out there somewhere on the internet.

Sal said...

mlewis writes For example, as proof of her noble and important heritage, she claimed that one of the family treasured keepsakes is a silver snuff box that William the Conqueror gave to each of his faithful soldiers to celebrate winning the battle of Hastings in 1066.

Cite? I've seen no such claim and can't find hide nor hair w/ a Google search.

sg said...


Good point about SP's little aerobics group. The story was on ABC's GMA, 9/8/08.

Here's a link to the video and a story:


Four of the five other women were interviewed for the story, and their names are given.

The story was mostly about whether the women were planning on voting for McCain-Palin. You get the distinct impression some weren't.

I haven't read of any follow-up with these women since, which is kinda surprising.

KaJo said...

HollyP said...July 15, 2009 11:06 AM: "There are two things that make me consider that SP is in fact Trig's mother. First, the video of her fidgeting just before her speech in Tx. I fidgeted like that in the hours before giving birth to each of my children. Second, I just don't see how she could keep such a conspiracy so quiet. Clearly the woman has made a lot of enemies in AK. Someone must dislike her enough to say something. And I don't think all of them are circumspect enough to want to protect the then-17 yo Bristol. OTOH, the fact that there is no public evidence of her actual pg or the birth does give me pause."

We see a lot of personal testimonies here, HollyP, both pro and con.

However, remember this about $arah Palin -- she TRUSTS very few people, and those people are asked to be her confidants, her advisors, her administrative staff, her lawyer, her PR, etc.

Those she wasn't so close to a year and a half ago, even in the halls of the capital building and the Anchorage state offices, weren't aware that she was pregnant. They really had no reason to look closely at her abdomen, and probably couldn't see very much with her wearing unrelieved black and suddenly draping herself with scarves.

She obviously didn't confide in them, and of course didn't announce it to the world until March 5, 2008, a purported 2 months before she was allegedly going to deliver.

Even Fox News noted the absence of obvious clues.

(I wonder if there's any way to back-check to see if this is ANOTHER one of Palin's lies: "I had Piper on a Monday and I was back to work on a Tuesday," Palin said. "I even brought her to work with me.")

Amy1 said...

Dangerous -- I've been thinking about truth and lies, too, and I realized that I now trust Obama so much that if I knew he was lying to us, I would trust that it's for a good reason, and I would continue to support him. Just as you say.

Whereas all the SP lies -- large and small, left and right, important and not, all criss-cross till Hell won't have it! -- they have left me thinking that if God came down and assured me that a given SP quote was the-God's-own-perfect-truth, I would wonder: "Why is she telling me this? Even if it's true, where's the catch? How's she trying to snooker me?"

And I am also (also, too) not interested in all the sidebar stories -- I pursue them out of frustration and in hopes that one or another of them will lead us to the proof that convinces everyone else: SP WAS NOT PREGNANT.

The reason I found this issue so compelling from the start was that it was the ulimate litmus-test issue, and one with an easy answer: yes, or no. No "a little bit pregnant," or "we accepted only a little bit of free materials to build our house," or "we harassed Officer Wooten just the tiniest little bit because he threatened our father," or any of the other sludgy morasses one immed descends into when pulling apart any of the other Palin-gates.

And even on this issue -- preg or not? yes or no? -- we get one lie atop another.

mel said...

Kajo, not that it makes much difference but the Fox piece you linked to was an AP report.

These early-returns-to-work postpartum that SP brags about are offensive to many family-oriented people, possibly more offensive than the wild ride and its risks. Dr. Laura for one dismisses SP out of hand--"what kind of woman..." etc--for returning to work so soon after Trig's birth. Criticism that's fine by me and much deserved. Another fallback position shld the birth hoax not gain traction with Dr. L's followers, who are legion.

B said...

Sal, mlewis was talking about someone she knows, not about Palin.

B said...

There's no downside for Sarah when she ignores our drumbeat of "Prove you were pregnant."

If her publisher had that drumbeat and wouldn't publish her book until she proved to them what she wrote in it about birthing TriG, that might get her attention.

Now that she's leaving office, even fewer people care whether she faked a pregnancy while Gov.

As an attorney, Dangerous, can you think of an ethics complaint that might require her to prove the pregnancy for the complaint to be dismissed?

AKPetMom said...

You know what, Sarah is probably, and most likely, not Trig's mother, and we all know it. From what I've read today the MSM seem to be forever keeping this under their hats perhaps until she TRULY attempts to achieve national prominence, then they will spill the truth in order to derail her.

The MSM, in the end, will usurp all of your hard work and claim it as their own, only when they feel they need to use it.

Just my take on the situation as I feel that the MSM must be COMPLETELY BLIND to have missed the photographic and other evidence on this site.

Alas, Sarah does have many other problems now aside from babygate.

AKPetMom said...

The biggest "fly in my eye" regarding Palin's pregnancy with Trig was the fact that her most telling and "showing" photo shoot and interview was the one in the empty hallway of the Alaska Capital building when EVERYONE ELSE BUT HER and the camera person and the interviewer had left.

I've thought from the beginning that the gal interviewing Sarah and the man filming Sarah were just there to propagate Sarah's birth myth and they bought it lock stock and barrel because they are journalists and they run around grabbing stories and news.

Neither of them probably know the difference between a purchased pregnancy belly and a real pregnant woman.

Where they came up short was not asking any hard questions and bringing up the question regarding why Sarah hid her preg and for what reason. People had been talking, including a major percentage of the AK legislature. So why not ask her WTF, SARAH, when you had her alone, in the hallway of the capital building with absolutely no one else around?

These two journalists could have had one hell of a story but why did they not pursue it? Instead they did a "fluff piece" and recorded one of the two photo/videos of Sarah actually looking preggers.

Wonder how much she paid them?

teal said...

YELLOWGIRL...I know the feeling. My friends say that they no longer pay attention to SP...they just get updates from me...

Sister Wolf said...

I love you!

Anonymous said...

to KaJo re: (I wonder if there's any way to back-check to see if this is ANOTHER one of Palin's lies: "I had Piper on a Monday and I was back to work on a Tuesday," Palin said. "I even brought her to work with me.")


Actually this has been checked out. It's a stretch of the truth...The truth was Sarah returned to her trailer mayor bldg and forwarded the phones to her home # and then left and went home for awhile (days/weeks).

So while it's true she 'returned' to her work and probably brought a 1-2 day old Piper with her, she did not 'return to work' in the sense she makes us believe.

she's such a liar, i can't stand it!

Joe Christmas said...

Or , Jen, what kind of dumbass brings a 1-2 day old newborn to work? LOL.
I can't stand it because her lies are beyond inane.

anne s said...

Looking hard on Google for photos of DS babies (cute little things!) .. to compare with the Trig photos
Not getting far but did see this one

This little guy is 4 months old
No details given whether he was full term or not.. I would guess not since nothing was mentioned

and here is a GRAPHIC photo essay of a DS girl that had heart surgery
Did Trig have any surgery?
She sure looked weak and frail 5 days after surgery
Even 3 months after .. still thin
Now she is a girl.. and they are usually daintier than boys
But also, no mention this little thing was born a month early like Trig

I think Trig wants to tout her family as having super hero powers
She was an old lady stretched out by 4 pregnancies ..able to not show, give birth to a fat healthy premie with DS under crazy circumstances..water breaking.. all that b.s., and then whisk him into work with her business as usual 3 days later. He's Super Baby and she is Super Pregnant woman