Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I have been a bit scarce the last week due to a death in my husband's family. And it was a big week - with Gov. Palin becoming again plain old Mrs. Palin.

I've got some interesting things in the works. First, an update:
1. We have been working to date the shots of Former Gov. Palin walking across her office. We have NOT abandoned this, but it is proving much harder than we thought.
2. I do intend to finish the series I began "Response to Progressive Alaska." When finished, I will move all parts of the post to the website proper as well.
3. Here's a teaser: We have some interesting material from October 2007 that no one has ever seen. No more hints, but it's coming soon.
4. I have promised for months that we would do a post concerning the Heart Association Luncheon in Fairbanks on February 15th, 2008, which was supposedly attended by Then Gov. Palin and all three of her daughters. There are numerous questions and discrepancies that have come to light about this event, and another that occurred the same day. I - and my researchers - are frankly at a dead end with this, so we intend to post what we have (which is actually quite a bit and rather amazing) and hopefully someone in Alaska will help us fill in the blanks.

But... for tonight... I offer a summary of what I consider the best videos. I am sure that many of you have seen some (or most) of these, but if you have not, here you go:

First, from our friends at BreePalin. This is a very good summary. Pass this on to as many people as you can.

Second, from our friends at Palingates.

I think that John Stewart's video on Palin's resignation is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Put your drink down before you watch it. (Be sure to watch all the way to the end, where Stewart discusses Don Lemon's CNN coverage of Palin. The quote of the century is found here, in response to Lemon's request for some "positive" comments on Palin. (Apparently they weren't getting many.) The clincher: You want a positive comment on Palin? I'm positive she's an idiot.)

For some reason I cannot get this video to embed on blogger, but here is the link:


Leadfoot said...

Frozen wolf patties! LOL!

Dangerous said...

These photos are examples of evidence. They present only two possibilities:

1) She faked it.
2) She really was pregnant and it was 1 in a 1000, or higher.

Add her labor and delivery story, and the odds are too high to assume she really was pregnant.

But neither of these excellent presentation of the evidence offers any indication of who Trig's mother might actually be. Why hasn't someone put together a video (or written presentation) to demonstrate as clearly that Bristol is Trig's mother?

I'll answer that non-rhetorical question. You can't. That, alone, should tell Bx2ers something. You don't have a case.

Start over and represent this evidence with ALL possibilities in play and no particular assertion. When pressed to identify Trig's real mother, the answer is: Some other woman.

B said...

Thanks, Bree and Regina (and Audrey). I'm circulating them!

B said...

For your reading pleasure?

This has to be Dangerous's oft-mentioned fiction inspired by Babygate. Perhaps Youtube will influence some people and the printed page others. (I am saving my pennies for Levi's book.)

Alison said...

I, too, laughed out loud at the Jon Stewart segment, especially the CNN/Don Lemon clip!

Looking forward to the new posts!

(WV: poofed -- I can think of so many ways this is relevant!)

wayofpeace said...

Media barred from Palin’s post-gubernatorial debut / Steve Gorman

Sarah Palin is expected to make a visit next week to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in California, in what would be her first public appearance outside Alaska since resigning as governor, and the sponsors said on Wednesday the event will be closed to the media.

Palin, the self-described hockey mom turned politician, is slated as “our expected guest” on Aug. 8 for a 50th anniversary gala hosted by the Simi Valley Republican Women, Federated, a nonprofit group of GOP volunteers, according to an e-mail from the group’s president Peggy Sadler.

An accompanying notice states bluntly: “No press or other media allowed.”


“Expected guest” may be the operative phrase since Palin’s personal representatives say she “has not confirmed her attendance at any event” and that the Simi Valley party is “one of hundreds of outstanding invitations” she has received.

Morgan said...

This is encouraging. A new poll says 67 percent of Americans do NOT want Sarah Palin to be president. Some are taking advantage of her negatives by including her in ads as the face of GOP opposition.

There was one this morning for clean energy that used her face and quotes.

And apparently William Shatner gave an encore performance last night on Conan by turning her Tweets into beat poetry.

midnightcajun said...

wayofpeace, I saw that she is dithering on her Reagan Library appearance! How can she be so dumb? If she reneges on this one she'll never get another lucrative speaking gig. She'll never live that down. Organizers just can't afford to be left empty handed at the last minute.

And did we all hear that she is looking for a radio gig? Maybe she's hoping to be the next Rush. Can you imagine that awful voice screeching over the airwaves for hours at a time, spewing nonsensical talking points? I find it bizarre that she she's looking for radio rather than TV, given that her biggest asset is her looks. Did Pox News fall through? Or is she looking to radio in addition to Pox TV?

pearlygirl said...

WOW! You all are AMAZING! This is exactly what we need. Short, fun and right to the point. picture is worth a thousand words and you guys are speaking volumes---Sarah uses a thousand words and doesn't even get a single thought together.

my WV: Litisea (As in literacy?)

HollyP said...

Dangerous has an excellent point. The focus of any case built needs to be on SARAH Palin, and Sarah *alone*.

Not Trig, not Bristol, not Willow, not Track. Otherwise you get bashed (and rightfully so) for putting the focus on minor children.

And the case also needs to highlight the ethical misdeeds of Sarah Palin, relative to any lies she told about her fifth child. Did she make fraudulent claims on her health insurance? Were there other ethical lapses directly related to the birth that cost Alaskan taxpayers or others?

And only then can you question, "if she lied about this, what else might she lie about if she is elected to higher office?"

Dangerous said...

To the PD community:

There is little point in obfuscating what everyone might figure out for themselves, based on the thinly-veiled identities.

I wrote and have arrange for publication of Two Babies. To her credit, Audrey has known about it for some time now, and graciously kept the information and the earlier draft (with typos and warts) to herself. I've kept her aware of developments as I progress.

Two Babies is a work of fiction inspired by the actions of then Governor and GOP VP nonimee Sarah Palin. It is also inspired by all of you and this community's often clumsy efforts to get at the truth about the affair. The novel's first-person/journalistic narrator, 'Dangel', is inspried by my seemingly curmudgeony role within this community.

But I repeat that it is a work of FICTION (and a good one, IMHO -- each of you can decide for yourself). Any resemblence to anyone specific is for dramatic effect.

I sent an advance copy to Andrew Sullivan, since one character is based loosely on his actual role in the Palin controversy -- and I know he cares about the story and its themes -- and didn't hear from him at all. Then, yesterday, he posted a link on The Daily Dish -- again without telling me first -- so our web site was not entirely ready for the general public to hit it so hard. The novel has not been released yet (I don't even have copies, though I will shortly) and I had planned to start advertising it in about 10 days.

It is up to each of you to decide whether to purchase it or not. It is up to each of you to decide whether you like it or not. I'd hope you'd divorce your personal feelings about SP and me, and focus on the novel's themes:

Superficial, easily manipulated MSM;

Media truth versus the real thing;

People's opinions growing stronger than the facts;

I suspect that many people will not be able to see the differences between fictional Susan Fox Rutledge (SFR) and real Sarah Palin, but on their potentially shared circumstances, I don't think either's behavior, if what we suspect about the woman Sarah Palin is true, is particularly fiendish. In the real-life saga, MSM's role -- and that of SP's GOP handlers -- is much, much worse.

Naturally, I WANT people to see the parallels. To the extent that it sheds light on this huge, unreported story, that was intentional and I think everyone in this community can get behind that, no matter what they think of me or the novel or the characters and fictional plot of the novel.

This is a great story and, without a clear ending to the real-life saga, a fictionalized version was the only way to go.

Two Babies is not my first novel. It is actually my third, although I haven't published one of them yet, although I completed it before Two Babies. I also don't think it's my best work, although several people I know who have read all three liked it the best. I had already written and published the novel Travelers Rest using the pen name 'Daniel Archangel' when I decided to write Two Babies. You should check out "TR" on Amazon. It has much more interesting themes, than this small faked pregnancy story, although as a commercial venture, Two Babies is a hands down winner.

Daniel Archangel

Gwynedd said...

Another great video that was made a little while back:

It's from Ennealogic, and it has a very telling side-by-side in it...

Lilybart said...

It is hard to date that video for the very reason we suspect there was no pg --- all evidence or lack of was scrubbed from the ADN and the State website from jan-April 2008.

That fact alone is one of the two reasons I always use when convincing newbies of this deception. The other reason is the story debunking the rumors that ADN wanted to do and got no cooperation. The strange photos are just icing.

Paula said...

Congratulations Daniel Archangel! I just ordered the book from Amazon!

Anonymous said...

Audrey - Thank you for sharing my video. I am a long-time reader and admirer of your work here, and it pleases me to no end that my video passes muster.

Dangerous - I think it is great that you are using your talents to bring attention to this story.

I think if everyone does what they can in their own way to bring this story to light eventually Sarah Palin will be held accountable for this farce.

We are not kooks or misogynists or whatever other names people blind to Palin's foibles will throw our way. I venture that most of the followers here are women like myself who have been through pregnancies and from the get-go saw through the implausibilities of the Wild Ride and the preposterousness of the photo evidence of the Trig pregnancy.

And again, thank you Audrey for your diligence and thoughtfulness in this matter and for providing this forum.

Lilybart said...

There is only one photo needed, the one where you lighten it and it shows a flat belly at 7 months, 4 weeks before the fake huge "I really am pregnant" photo-op. The Super Tuesday photo is totally a nail for me but if you only have time to show a doubter one photo next to the April 13th photo, that is the one.

Laura said...

You know there is a fun British television mystery series called The Last Detective in which the main character is called "Dangerous" by his wife, friend and colleagues. The name is ironic b/c he is so easy going and sweet. So, in that vein...

Dangerous, I haven't agreed with your reasoning or hypothesis, but I can see that you are an intelligent thinker and solid writer. I hope you get much positive attention on your endeavor. It is indeed a great story. Best wishes. And Audrey and co., thanks for keeping on this. Look forward to future posts. If nothing else, SP missed an excellent opportunity to tell the world she needed to spend more time with her special needs baby and her growing kids (growing fatter if the little girl's recent appearance is any indication.) Everyone would have swooned and applauded. But she can't b/c there is no connection with that baby. I can only think of one person I know who had no connection with her baby and like SP, did whatever she could to be away from him as much as possible. The woman's a sorry head case. Keep up the good work!

NakedTruth said...


I will definitely buy your book. Good for you. Maybe your book can get the MSM's attention. I just wish that there could be some real dialog in the MSM about babygate. Sarah should not get away with this.

Also, have you thought about sending a copy of your book to Michael Moore? It would be nice if he could do a documentary on the Rise and Fall of Sarah Palin and include babygate as one of her many deceptions. Just a thought...

Vaughn said...

Interesting information on Tenn. email case. SP would have known before her
quitter speech that the defense attorney had asked for those emails. A motion was filed on May 11 2009 by Wade Davies the defense atty.
A motion was filed by the prosecutor on June 8 2009 to try to stop the
supoenas.It was reported on July 17 that the judge told the defense to narrow
down the request and have in back by July 27.The trial is supposed to start in
Oct. so I would think the judge would rule on this supoena thing pretty quickly.

Mr. Kernell requests that this court set a date certain for the production of the
material to be subpoenaed at least 30 days before the date that the defendant’s
expert report would be due, July 31, 2009.
Respectfully submitted this 11th day of May, 2009.
/S/ WADE V. DAVIES___________
WADE V. DAVIES [BPR #016052]
606 W. Main Street, Suite 300
P. O. Box 1126
Knoxville, TN 37901-1126
(865) 637-0661
Counsel for David C. Kernell

Yesterday when I was reading some of TwoBabies I had a hunch that it was written by you.Glad to see I was right and hope you sell lots of them.

wayofpeace said...

well, DUH!

HUFFPO: Broadcasting & Cable's Paige Albiniak casts doubt on Sarah Palin's radio prospects, and says that her sources claim Clear Channel has already turned Palin down out of fears that she can't sustain a regular three-hour radio show:

"The main objection to Palin as radio talk-show host is that she would have to hold forth for three hours a day."

allison said...

i'd like to address dangerous' question "who are trig's parents." i offer this theory. feedback anyone? what do we know about keith johnston? are there any pictures of him anywhere? remember too, also, that he got levi the job on the slopes without levi having his h.s. diploma.

so again, what's with mercedes johnston calling trig her "baby brother" on her myspace page before it was scrubbed?
mercedes Johnston's myspace page quote under a picture of her and trig:

"My self and my new baby brother, TriggyBear:) Most adorable little man ever."

the one thing this quote does indicate is that bristol is not the mother of trig UNLESS mercedes' dad got bristol pregnant. after all, sherry did separate from her husband of 21 years in may...a MONTH after trig was born...coincidence?

People Magazine, Jan. 19

In her first interview since a Dec. 18 arrest on charges of selling OxyContin, Sherry Johnston said that she got hooked on the prescription opiate after a hysterectomy eight years ago, which led to seven additional surgeries. "I'm still in pain," says Johnston, who in May separated from her husband of 21 years. Out on bond, she pled not guilty at a Jan. 5 arraignment. She has taken some solace in the joy of Tripp's birth. "He looks just like Levi."

and here's another interesting quote from sherry in that article:
Levi's mom says that Bristol isn't the only one with experience. After the birth of Trig, who has Down syndrome, "Levi would help out."

why would levi help out with trig? probably because trig was living at the johnston home at first because trig is levi's BROTHER.

and if this theory sounds far-fetched, somebody please explain why mercedes johnston calls trig her baby brother. maybe she meant nephew...but i doubt it.


Hammer and a Feather said...

Dangerous ~

I visited your webpage, last night (linked from 'the Flats'), and totally got where you where headed with it right away! Awesome! I was hoping it would be available for a download e-book, too.

Back to reality: For some reason, i feel like Todd is Trig's daddy. It has occurred to me that BTQ$ is covering for Todd and a blackmailing, financially hard-up mistress.

The little detail that gives me this feeling is that somewhere, sometime ago, i read that BTQ$ was giving Todd a very hard time and very dirty looks when they were taking Trig home from the hospital.

BTQ$ is not very good at hiding her feelings. Has this possibility at all crossed your mind?


B said...

There's a new website that investigates celebrity rumors. Readers can ask them to investigate particular rumors, so how about the rumor that Palin faked her last pregnancy? Write to Maybe send whatever picture or video you've found most convincing.

Also, now that the MSM is finally writing some stuff criticizing Palin's erratic behavior, perhaps someone will write about the erratic way she handled both her pregnancy and delivery. They could do this without even suggesting a fake pregnancy if that is off-limits, and still help our cause. If you read one of these articles, or columns like Maureen Dowd's, why not write to the author about the hidden pregnancy and wild ride, to show that her being flaky is nothing new?

Sherry goes to court tomorrow, but I doubt she is about to squeal.

wayofpeace said...

$P WON'T be going to CALIFORNIA after all:

Meghan Stapleton: As repeatedly stated to several in the media over the last week, former Governor Sarah Palin is not committed to attend the Simi Valley Republican Women’s event at the Reagan Library and in fact is not attending the event. Neither the Governor’s state staff nor SarahPAC has ever committed to attending this event or speaking at this event, and even requested that the Governor's name be removed from the invitation several weeks ago. The Governor has other work and commitments to take care of at that time. She looks forward to visiting her friends in California soon.

pearlygirl said...


I'll happily buy your book even if it's just to say thanks for all your input and for sticking with us all this time whether people agree with B X 2 or W X 1 or Trig having been left on the doorstep by aliens---anything but from Palin's womb.

Besides I'm sure it's better than any book about Palin which also seem to be works of fiction ;-)

wayofpeace said...

and the PEEPERS are restless and bewildered by SARAH & MEG:

"What disconcerts me is the seeming inability or unwillingess of the Governor to give a firm yes or no to these groups until the last possible moment.

"These events do take a long time to set up and it is only courtesy to give a timely answer."

perhaps delusions are melting?

wv: sploonc, as in SP's lunacy becoming more evident!

ilovepoodles said...

Meg S. just confirmed that Palin is not speaking at the Reagan thing! I wonder why there is so much confusion regarding her speaking engagements. Weird!

And thank you to Dangerous/Daniel for confirming the rumors and providing some back story.

tasha said...

Daniel (Dangerous): Congratulations on the book! It IS available already on, and I look forward to reading it.
I have not ordered it yet, as I have hopes you will offer it on kindle. Is that possible?
To all: Wondering WHY Meg would tell the Simi Valley ladies that Palin's appearances must be approved by her attorney. Curious, indeed. IF she is under some kind of indictment, then attorney would need to get permission from the Court for SP to leave the State (like Sherry Johnston did). Pure speculation. Wishful thinking?

Punkinbugg said...

Hey Audrey,

I am so sorry to hear about your family's loss. Please pass along my condolences to your husband.

Also, thanks for checking in and putting up the videos this week.

Best regards,

pearlygirl said...

Oops. Sorry for being such a cad, Audrey. I too offer my condolences to you and your husband's family. thanks, Pumpinbugg for reminding me of my manners.

NakedTruth said...

O.K. here are my thoughts. I still believe that Trig is Bristol's baby. I am convinced that Mercede and Levi do believe that they have a connection with Trig (Mercede calling him baby brother - Levi kissing Trig at the RNC - Sherri saying that Levi helping to care for Trig - Pictures of Sadi and Levi holding Trig shortly after birth and posting the pictures). And we know that Bristol is definitely Trig's primary caregiver. This was stated in the Esquire article on 'First Dude'. Of course, they say that Todd is the other primary caregiver but who do we see most with Trig - yea, Bristol.

Also someone mentioned above that it was said awhile ago that Sarah was really giving Todd the 'evil eye' after Trig was born. Have we thought about that maybe Sarah could have blamed Todd for Bristol's pregnancy considering that Sarah left Todd in control of the kids while she pursued her career? She could be pissed at Todd for allowing the pregnancy to happen. He should have been watching the kids closer.

I believe that Levi thinks he is the father of Trig. I am not sure if he is but he IMO thinks so. As for Sadi calling Trig baby brother - yea, this is strange but she also called Sarah 'mommy-in-law'. I think both were code for something else.

HollyP said...

Laura, be kind about Piper. Many kids grow outward right before growing upward.

Sarah said...

Congratulations, Dangerous! Looking forward to reading your book. :-)

B said...

allison, Audrey had a post about Mercedes use of "brother."

Ohio mom said...

I saw the link to this picture over at The Immoral Minority, Griffin's blog.

Check out the picture of Sarah.

It was taken during one of the resignation picnics and it looks like she is wearing a wig. (I think it's from the Anchorage picnic because she has on the same purple fleece.)

Maybe she resigned because her hair has fallen out? I think if I were trying to pull off as many deceptions and questionable acts as Sarah, my hair would probably fall out, too.

Leadfoot said...

Allison said...

"what do we know about keith johnston?...
so again, what's with mercedes johnston calling trig her "baby brother" on her myspace page before it was scrubbed?...
the one thing this quote does indicate is that bristol is not the mother of trig UNLESS mercedes' dad got bristol pregnant. after all, sherry did separate from her husband of 21 years in may...a MONTH after trig was born...coincidence?...
why would levi help out with trig? probably because trig was living at the johnston home at first because trig is levi's BROTHER."

Allison -
This is something I've never considered before, but you make some EXCELLENT points! This theory also answers two mysteries we have pondered since the beginning:

1) Why CBJ? Why use a doctor that specializes in child sexual abuse to deliver a baby? Your theory would answer this question perfectly!

2) Those who have been here since last year will remember that at one point someone briefly joined this page, claimed to be "an insider" and urged us to examine "ALL the connections between the Palins and the Johnsons." That person then disappeared. We thought that maybe they meant Mercedes or Sherri were the mother. But we never considered Keith!!

I actually think this answers A LOT. I'm going to be tossing your theory over in my head during my entire drive to Yosemite today!

Kathryn said...

Dangerous, That is terrific about your book. I absolutely look forward to reading. I have to second Tasha, however, is there any chance you can get it to Kindle? I put in a request to amazon (Tasha I suggest you do the same if you haven't already). If that's not possible, let us know and I'll order the old fashioned copy:)

Dangerous said...

Thank you to everyone who posted comments and congratulations on Two Babies. I appreciate it very much.

Please read through for an important point below. (Audrey will have more soon, I suspect.)

As I wrote above, the link on The Daily Dish caught us off-guard since we had not started to advertise the book and we were still getting things ready, including the Amazon page. We ran into a snag with our Amazon account and couldn't add the book to their catalog, so we created a new, temporary account to do so.

We had Amazon up in regular preparation on Monday, but Andrew Sullivan posted the link on Tuesday. We weren't expecting to take any orders. Why? I DON'T HAVE BOOKS YET. Andrew Sullivan received an advance PDF.

I'll have books and start fulfillment through my company on Monday. If anyone who ordered via Amazon reads this, thank you for your patience.

Now for the really important stuff. Audrey sent me an email with direct evidence which all but conclusively rules Willow out as Trig's mother. I won't steal her thunder by going into details, but all I wanted all along was evidence. It's a photo, and while you can't tell for sure due to cropping, its circumstances and timing (March 2008) lead me to conclude that Willow was not pregnant when the picture was taken and, hence, cannot be Trig's mother.

I'm quite relieved, for many reasons. But that's what evidence (versus conjecture), particularly direct evidence, is supposed to do. The same standard needs to apply to Bx2, and even SPx1 / Bx1. Or we're be the subject of as much derision and the birthers.

Assume nothing. Ignore nothing.


Morgan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wayofpeace said...

OHIO MOM, i noticed the same thing: the visible part of the scalp shows VERY thin and short hair. there are other pics from around the same time that confirm it. i just don't remember where i saw them. TT? maybe someone there posted a link.

anne s said...

s.p. is either wonder woman or a complete fraud
The former is why she has a huge blind following.. the latter seems more relavent

I am with you guys
Unless she wore scarves on her BACK .. the baby needed somewhere to go.. i don't buy it

and then add her snarkiness smirk of tight abs at 44? After 5 kids. Whooptie she's a runner.. it's not like she's an olympic body builder that just has no room for a baby to grow

and a 6lb baby that came out in the photos as fat and chubby??? I'd like to see photos of prego women that gave birth to a preemie.. the little babes that are the size of your palm

If Ole' Sarah had done that maybe I'd believe it. Would be sad though to see her gloat so much on being able to hide it and then her baby suffer..

No, she isnt a wonder woman
Her 5 kids show major signs of neglect as does her husbandn as does herself. She is looking old and withererd and now hides behind some whacko lawyer before she can do anything..

Her true self is coming out.. and with that.. I hope this facade of I gave birth to a bouncin' baby boy, with DS, happy, healthy.. I was able to put his life at risk flying while my water broke.. I took him to work a few days later despite a hole in his heart..

She is super creepazoid.. pahleese keep at it.. she needs to be exposed. I don't so much want to see her have a nervous breakdown afterwards.. but moreso want her followers to see.. When it seems to good to be true.. probably is!

Morgan said...


I've had a couple of comments today beginning to the effect of "I know this may not get approved but..."

If you know that, then please do me and Audrey a favor and don't send it. Maintaining this blog is something we do aside from our other duties. PLEASE don't make it any harder by submitting stuff you already know won't get approved. If you want to vent, call your mother. If you want to be insulting, find another blog without moderation and participate there.

For those who need a reminder about the rules, they are simple. Don't take disagreement personally. Be civil.

Amy1 said...

Dangerous -- Congratulations! I was impressed by the snips you let us see as previews and am eager to read the whole thing. How will I keep myself from skipping ahead to the ending!?!

What a great accomplishment to get a book born! And it will surely be an important push forward for our goals here.

I hope it sells like hotcakes!

NakedTruth said...

Wow! So there is a picture of Willow dated March 2008 that doesn't show her pregnant? Now if only we could find a picture of Bristol from Oct. 07 - Mar. 08 showing her not pregnant. It's really amazing that there are no pictures of Bristol during this time. And let's not forget about the fact that Bristol did no traveling with the family during this time period either. Oh yea, I forgot about the luncheon she was supposed to have attended in Feb. 08 that no one can seem to verify that she attended - no pictures were taken. Oh that's right, Bristol couldn't travel with the family and couldn't participate in photos because per Levi's GQ interview she and Levi were being home schooled at the Palin's home during this time period. I wonder why? Bristol even gave up sports while she was being home schooled but Levi continued with hockey until Feb. 08 and then decided he was going to quit being home schooled and get a job in March 08. I wonder why?

So many questions and just not enough answers but looks like one of our questions has been answered - it wasn't Willow that gave birth to Trig.

B said...

Nov. 11, 2008, "At Long Last..."

allsion, this is Audrey's post about Mercedes' comments.

She doesn't discuss Keith Johnston as a possible dad for TriG. Although that would explain "brother" it wouldn't explain "Mommy-in-law."

Keith has been mentioned as a possible parent before on this blog, as have Sherry, Todd, Molly, Track, and others. While Bristol was the leading candidate, most of us have kept an open mind. TriG came from somewhere, but not from Sarah.

I've heard no evidence of Keith as dad other than Sadie's reference to her "brother." Maybe she wrote that because she couldn't spell "nefu."

wayofpeace said...

did any of you watch TWEEDY MATTHEWS tonight?

he has a HUGE crush on sarah... makes me ill the way he goes on and on and on as to how attractive she is. never mentions how DUMB she is.

he's always been a light-weigth, but the tingle for sarah is making him even more of an air-head!

LisanTX said...

Sherry Johnston's hearing was pushed forward again:

"The following event: Change of Plea and Sentencing: Superior Court scheduled for 07/31/2009 at 11:00 am has been rescheduled as follows: Event: Change of Plea and Sentencing: Superior Court Date: 08/19/2009 Time: 8:30 am Judge: Smith, Eric Location: Courtroom 7, Palmer Courthouse"

tasha said...

Allison - that has been my theory since I saw Mercede's facebook page (referring to Trig as "baby brother) - Keith and Bristol.
Trig born Jan. or Feb. 2008 and in intensive care until April. CBJ did not deliver him - hospital likely in Anchorage. Levi's affection for Trig because Trig is is baby brother (and baby of his girlfriend, Bristol - who partied hard at the Johnston home). Keith kicked out by Sherry due to all of this. I DO think this will all come out, but by Sherry (when here legal issues are done). I do not think Levi will spill it due to loyalty to his dad.

wayofpeace said...

this level of delusion leaves me stunned and speechless!

just a brief visit at the PEE-ZOO yields these:

PEC said: Sarah is remining me more and more of the Statesmen that existed early in the US. I think our nation has not seen one in 100+ years so it doesn't know what to do.

narciso said: True, PEC, Teddy Roosevelt, with his fights with the Stalwart faction, Lincoln, in a lot of ways, and Andrew Jackson, are the closest parallels

Steven said: PEC, You couldn't be more right. It seems to me that Sarah is what the media tried to hype Obama into being. She is a once in lifetime figure in terms of her character, integrity, grit, compassion, and common sense. She always gets to the point of an argument and she is very flawless in her public appearances.

Molly said...

Sorry to go back to the beginning, but, I *just* had an insight (OK, a "hunch" if you will) that:

In the pictures of Levi and Mercede holding teeny tiny Triggy Bear, what if THEY DIDN'T KNOW YET that Trig had Down Syndrome! What if nobody knew yet? What if those pictures were taken BEFORE he was presented to the public, ie, beFORE April 18th? BeFORE his DS was discovered? How would this change matters?

I know this has been speculated ad nauseum, but, WHAT IF the Johnstons were sworn to secrecy/bought off-- as part of the deal of Sarah and Todd agreeing to adopt him once it was discovered he had DS?

The reason I am re-hashing this is because I listened again to Sarah give her "wild ride" interview and she stated that you can't tell by lookin' at him that he has DS, which, as we know, is internally inconsistent with her own other story that Willow noticed it right after he was born--HA! So, either a) early testing was done, DS was discovered, but Sarah inexplicably fails to inform her own children of this fact, or b) no early testing was done, nobody knew immediately after the birth, because you can't tell by lookin' and the Willow story is a lie, the birth date is a lie (when the ADN reports the birth on April 18th, they say an unnamed source in the Palin family says the baby may have Down Syndrome, so, obviously someone knows something by April 18th (and if the baby was born beFORE April 18th, certainly BY April 18th, his DS was know), and it is then confirmed by Sarah on the 22nd in that taped interview at her office.

I'm not willing to believe that Sarah and Todd would NOT have told their own children that baby Trig would have Down Syndrome, if they did know (ie the Willow story). I just cannot believe, given the angst she claims she went through in "deciding" to go on with the pregnancy, plus her declarations that the family would be very loving and supporting and help to raise him, that she would not have informed her other children. It is beyond belief, and therefore, I reject the Willow version of her not telling the children, and of Willow noticing in the hospital that he looked like he had Down Syndrome, and "why didn't you tell us?" This is inconsistent with Sarah knowing ahead of time about the DS.

The question then is WHY did she lie about Willow noticing the Down Syndrome and "why didn't you tell us?"? The ONLY answer that makes sense to me is that she HAD to lie about it because she, Sarah, did not know ahead of time that Trig would have Down Syndrome, because she, Sarah, did not have prenatal testing, because she, Sarah--the advanced maternal age woman who may have decided to have "early testing" if she were actually to have been pregnant--was not pregnant with Trig. It might even be true that Willow (that spunky kid) noticed something about her nephew, and it was brought up to the MD's, and followup was done. But this had to have happened beFORE April 18th. Which makes the April 18th birthdate not do-able.

Molly said...

Dang. Too bad those MySpace photos aren't dated.

I can certainly think of one or two questions I'd like to ask Mercede:

1. When were the pics of Trig and you and Trig and Levi in the Palin kitchen taken? Did Sarah look like she had just given birth?

2. What exactly did you mean when you labeled the pics "Mommy in Law" and "my new baby brother"?

3. Did you see Bristol anytime between, oh, say, late December of 2007 through April 18th of 2008, and did she look pregnant to you?

4. Were you invited to a baby shower for your new "baby brother", and, if so, who was the honoree and when did it take place?

5. Did your mother in fact get a hysterectomy years before Trig was born?

Feel free to add any more questions for Mercede. I think of anyone, she seems MOST likely to want to TALK. and TALK.......

Morgan said...

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midnightcajun said...

Molly, I've often thought that Sarah's failure to announce she was pregnant with a DS child at the same time she announced her "pregnancy" makes it very likely that as of early March no one knew about it yet. Otherwise, I can't see her missing the opportunity to cover herself in "pro-life" glory. This faux angst story is one she has been spinning as time goes on, as it occurs to her (maybe while she's out running? She comes up with her best lies while running, ya know).

I have read that DS babies are sometimes not diagnosed until weeks after birth, particularly if it is a "mild" case which seems to be the situation with Trig. I would think this would be especially likely when one was dealing with the child of a teen mother born very premature with other problems in a small hospital.

Mercede's strange MySpace labels can be explained as a) code, since she couldn't tell the truth--i.e., "baby brother" ="my brother's baby" and "mommy-in-law" = legal mommy. Or it could be teenage-speak (my teenaged daughter says it would not be unusual for a certain kind of girl to refer to a friend's supposed baby brother as her baby brother).

I keep thinking about that comment Gryphen made, to the effect that some of the things he knows but is sworn not to tell yet would make the National Enquirer delirious with joy (actually, he used a more crude guy description but I don't want to get this censored). This tells me there is more to this cover up then the obvious. (And for those of you who didn't read his note in the comments, he said nothing he'd learned yet involved the dreaded "inxxxt") Oh, to know the truth!

Anonymous said...

Excellent catch Molly! (Honestly, has the woman ever said *anything* that wasn't contradicted by her own self or others?)

I too have never bought the story that she knew about the DS ahead of time and just didn't tell anyone until Willow picked it up. That's just cracked. And yes, MC, I think she would have taken advantage of the full mantle of maternal heroism if she could have.

And even Sarah can't keep her story straight about what happened :)

Also, in the speech she gave to the Illinois pro-life group, didn't she claim to have had an amnio done at what would have been a very early stage? That story didn't make sense either.

mlewis said...

Please read about the Palin Soap Opera over at Immoral Minority.

And, if the story is true and the Palin's are Splitsville, what does that say about Trig's therapy? Was he getting any before? What are his chances now?

And the big question: Who might be willing to talk and finally tell some tales???

Morgan said...

More on the breakdown here:

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Gryphen at The Immoral Minority has updated his post to include this:

OMG, Todd left behind in a sort of "Home Alone" moment, I can just see him with his palms on either side of his face! (good visual, AKPetMom!)

Yi said...

Palin is already a private citizen, not an official, so leave her alone. Don't beat a dead horse. Palin birthers and Obama birthers are just the same kind of conspiracy theorists. Stop trying to pin on a child.

Sometimes mysteries in life make life more interesting. Palin's childbirth is like such a mystery. Leave it as a mystery, please.

Inspector13 said...

she must have worn a girdle the whole pregnancy until she announced she was 7 months pregnant which was an obvious lie since she then would have given birth to a month premature child which she did not.

who is the babies real daddy?

i knew the entire birth story as a fake ten minutes after her name was announced by mccain and i googled her and found the interview she gave about the birth of trig. the kid is hers, todd just ain't the daddy. he was on the north slope working when she got knocked up. that is the ONLY reason to lie about how far along she was. the entire story about going into labor in the morning and then flying home that night was a LIE. how much do you want to bet that the mysterious doctor at the mysterious hospital induced labor?

mel said...

Inspector 13" "she must have worn a girdle the whole pregnancy until she announced she was 7 months pregnant..."

A girdle?? Where might that have pushed Trig, up into her throat? That's as believable as "tight abs." It's a baby, not baby fat...neither of which SP had in 2008.

Grandma Nancy said...

I'm sure that this has been suggested many times before -- but in my opinion, "mommy-in-law" may be a reference to Trig's being adopted by the Palin's and which, if true, would make her a "mommy-in-law". And that would now make Trig Bristol's baby brother. And if Levi and Bristol had a committed relationship and plans to marry, this would at that time make Trig Levi's baby brother as well, and in turn, Mercede's. A little convoluted, kind of like that old song, "I'm my own Grandpa."