Sunday, July 5, 2009

Some Musings for a Sunday Morning

It just gets more and more interesting. Yesterday, Gov. Palin's legal counsel released a sharply worded statement denying that the Palins were under federal investigation for criminal wrongdoing. I am sure of few of this blog's readers are wondering if I know anything about this.

Here's my answer:

I have over the months developed numerous contacts in Alaska. Over the past 6-8 weeks, I have heard a very consistent story. Palin was under investigation, and it had nothing to do with "babygate." It was big, it was federal, and it was financial. Is this true, or is it a rumor, spread from one source, designed to harm the Palins? I don't know. I will, however, add the following comments.

1. I have received many tips during the time I have been running the blog and website. Some have been worth following up, most have been nonsense. But three separate contacts stand out, and that is why, IF this turns out to be something to do with the building of the house, I will not be at all surprised. These three were all surprisingly similar. They were all Wasilla/Palmer/"Valley" residents. I know they are not the same person three times, since in all cases, the people were not only willing but EAGER to provide me with all personal information, name, address, phone number, where they worked. Hell, they would have given me shoe size if I asked, I suspect. All three checked out. And all three told me basically the same thing. They could not help me with the baby story, but what I needed to look at were the issues surrounding the building of the house. At least one of these tips came in before the election in November.

Here's a quote from an email in February. "Forget Trig. The house will put her in jail."

In each case, I thanked the person for the information, but told them that the baby story was my focus, and that I felt I did not have the time, financial resources, or geographic ability to look into this. I referred them, in each case, to someone in Alaska that I felt could help them. If anything came of any of these people, I do not know.

But I can say, with absolute certainly, that long before June 2009, Wasilla residents were willing to go on record - with their real names and phone numbers and personal info - that there were irregularities, and serious ones, about the building of the Palins' house in 2002. Whether they were lying, I do not know. Whether they were wrong, I do not know. But this issue is not some fantasy, created by pajama clad bloggers, after Palin's resignation two days ago.

And this, going on record with a real name, is something I have never been able to get anyone in Wasilla who knows anything about the baby to do.

2. However, the rumors that I have heard have all consistently said that the investigation is federal. Irregularities with building materials and permits in Wasilla would not be federal, it would be state, as far as I can see, though I am not a lawyer or an accountant and perhaps there is something I do not understand. The F.B.I. has released a statement saying that they are not investigating Palin. This, theoretically, would leave the I.R.S. True? Not true? I don't know, and I want to make it clear that I do not, but that's the bottom line. If it IS federal, and the FBI is not involved, then the only plausible alternative is I.R.S.

Here's a second musing for Sunday morning:

I find it beyond curious that after nearly ten months of myself and others stating, with various degrees of certainty, that Palin's birth story was bogus, not one person has ever even been threatened with any sort of legal action. (There were rumors that Palin threatened the Anchorage Daily News with a lawsuit in January, but as far as I know that was never confirmed, and she certainly never had her legal counsel release any sort of public statement on the matter.) Numerous people have gone so far as to call Sarah Palin a liar openly.

And for those who say that it's because the birth story is below Palin's radar, I say, that's a load of horse hooey. Palin has referred to it in interviews numerous times. It is very clear that these stories have bothered her a great deal.

Truth is an absolute defense against libel. You can't just "sue for libel," and state that the other party is lying. You have to prove it. The Palins would be forced to produce a birth certificate, medical records, and probably a DNA test. The defense would be able to subpoena Cathy Baldwin Johnson (YAY!), the flight attendants on the airplane, possibly school records for both Bristol and Willow, any and all previously unreleased photos and video from the conference in Texas... lots and lots and lots of wonderful things.

Perhaps all of the rumors about criminal investigation and Housegate are false. Maybe Sarah Palin did resign as governor simply because, as she said, the negative media scrutiny had pushed her family over the edge and she believes that because of it she can no longer be effective for Alaska.

But sue anyone over "Babygate?" I'm waiting.


Anonymous said...

Damn, you're good, sister Audrey. Cool reason. Ahhhhhhhh. Like a dip in the Pacific.

wayofpeace said...

the IRS! wow.

they were the only ones who could take AL CAPONE down. it always comes to following the money!

check GRYPHEN's latest post, it has the latest quotes from SHANNYN:

Linda said...

I find it hard to believe that the media scrutiny was the reason for Palin's abrupt resignation. Here's the thing, if the media was getting to her and her family, all she had to do was pull back, stay out of the media spotlight and concentrate on her role as governor of Alaska. Palin's disasterious press conference yesterday leaves much to be desired!

Anonymous said...

The most excellent point, Audrey!

travy said...

to me it's baby-gate. nothing else makes sense.

what's still amazing to me however is how the media--msm, bloggers, conservative, liberal--won't touch this story. but, were this a democratic woman making the same wild claims about a pregnancy that palin has made, there would be armies of reporters on her lawn year round.

but as always, iokiyar.

keep up the good work. i think vindication is coming for the baby-gate dead enders...

House of Brat said...

The US Attorney's Office for Alaska could be investigating her. That's another federal agency most people aren't considering. Everybody's thoughts jump to the FBI first. US Attorney's are still part of the DOJ.

midnightcajun said...

I find this quote interesting:

"During the presidential campaign, McCain officials fretted about six or seven areas of personal and professional concern, according to a former official who helped investigate Palin's background after her rocky rollout. This official, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal matters, said the governor's explanations for many subjects never won full acceptance from the campaign, but the stretched-thin McCain staff decided not to pick a fight with the vice presidential pick during the final march toward November."

Six or SEVEN things? Wow. There's Trig. Housegate. Her mid-nineties affair with Todd's business partner. Maybe some Arctic Cat shenanigans. But what are we missing?

Molly said...

I'm enjoying the more frequent posts, Audrey; thx.

My immediate thoughts on hearing about the threatening letter from Van Flein concerning the allegations of "housegate" that all you guys are complaining about? Housegate? There isn't anything else that maybe you'd like people to stop conjecturing about as the real reason for the resignation, that also isn't true, say, like "the truth about Trig was about to come out"?

So, yeah, I definitely thought about why it was that Sarah WILL NOT threaten action against anybody for Babygate speculation, but the minute Housegate was brought up WHAM out with a statement. Also, too, people were speculating that perhaps Sarah, Bristol, or Willow may be pregnant, and that is the reason for the resignation. I would think if Sarah wanted to clear things up she could easily have denied any current pregnancies as well. Also.

The most ironic (and funny-in-a-sad-way) thing I have heard as reason for Sarah's resignation is the suggestion that the reason the David Letterman thing got her so roiled up is because Willow is, indeed, pregnant....(not that I'm saying she is, but,).. that would be so terribly ironic...and sad....and...but it could sure explain the overreaction from Sarah, and could also explain why we didn't see WIllow at the presser/screech on July 3rd.

As has been noted by many, since the reason Sarah gave for quitting midstream is not cutting it for most people, it just is begging for people to come up with their own theories on the true reason.

So, as Shannyn Moore said, "bring it on Sarah", and "suck it up, buttercup!"

hrh said...

I remember the threat to the ADN some months ago. When the editor was attempting to clear up Babygate rumors, Palin & Co proved to be totally uncooperative, and SP reminded the editor of the precarious financial situation of the paper and made an unsubtle threat re a possible lawsuit against the paper's owners.

I read this at the ADN site. Some of the comments after the article were fantastic. I'll bet Patrick & Co will have it archived!

Anonymous said...

Sarah's most recent two tweets this morning:

"Critics are spinning, so hang in there as they feed false info on the right decision made as I enter last yr in office to not run again...."

"so I'll make attempt to keep up w/attaching corrected info. I head 2 West AK villages today, look forward to their busy comm fish activity!"

But in this whole past year she's made no effort to correct the info about who Trig's real mommy is?

B said...

The US Attorneys' office did the Ted Stevens investigation, didn't they? Housegate has some similarities.

If there was nothing clearly illegal about the donations of building materials for the Palin house, the IRS could still say they should have declared the value as income and paid tax on it. I'd love for some Republicans to pay back taxes and penalties after their attacks on Daschle, etc. But jail time for that?

Diana said...

Audrey, I have been wondering if this isn't about Levi.

He was in NY this last week and she may have gotten word that he is opening up about some of the things he knows. Whether, housegate, troopergate, babygate, or even more, the inside details of her family and or marriage and the lies she told about his participation in her family.

She was really pissed at the news conference. There was something going on that "she" couldn't control or stop. I think maybe we have Levi going "rogue", since he doesn't need her anymore. His lawyer will secure his time with his boys, and he has a book deal which will secure his finances.

She can go to hell as far as he concerns. I am sure he is over Bristol. He is traveling now and has the opportuity to meet young women who would love to have an up and coming celebrity in their lives. New reality show, book, maybe even some modeling. Levi's happy and Sarah just resigned!

He is the one that I think pissed her off. I think he is going to spill the beans! Maybe not even in the next week or two. But if she knows she is not going to run again for Governor and knows that in the next six months a book or more information is going to come out, why stay and be humilated out of a job. This way she can have more time to do damage control, set up contacts outside of the office for speaking engagements, and solve the family's crisis she created.

Also, from her resignation speech, when she said she consulted the most important people in her life, in regards to her decision to leave office, all I could think of was thank God she is not in the White house. Because I would not want her consulting with her children on any decisions that a grown up should be making herself.

It seems to me she should have been consulting with other members of her staff and others who know what it might cost Alaska to have a change of guard in the middle of the term.

All I can say, is good bye Sarah. Your lack of judgement is what keeps you in the news, because it is so flawed and shocking.

wayofpeace said...

wow, a WILLOW pregnancy? that sure would be THE straw that would break her STIFF BACK!

Anonymous said...

Morgan and Dekay - I don't know if it's that crazy, those posts at the Sea4Pee yesterday practically had her walking on water already . . .

Can't wait to find out what the "higher calling" she mentioned turns out to be!

hrh said...

Higher calling? Mebbe she's going to meditate on Denali (Mt McKinley) for a while.

Diana, I was thinking the same thing about Levi. Gawd, what that kid knows. DY-NO-MITE!!!!!!

wv: Get ready for this one: belli

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Diana - Levi going rogue is a beautiful image!

This item about Levi meeting with publishers in NYC was published on New York Magazine's website July 2 - hmmm, curious timing?

I wonder the same thing - whether she go word that Levi is telling all.

Or her older kids rebelled at her continuing to make them a national laughingstock - we know Bristol knows how to arrange her own interviews, right? Maybe she threatened to do so?

She seemed quite angry at someone. I did notice that Todd appeared to be smiling quite naturally. Kind of leads me to think there isn't some big criminal thing hanging over their heads. Leads me to think more towards the personal. Bail now, take the book money, the speaking money, etc.

Audrey said...

Maybe she has decided to become a nun.

Anonymous said...

LOL Audrey!!!!

Only if she makes it a reality show!

Rationalist said...

Audrey, thank you for posting again so soon. As I celebrated a hokey, heartwarming 4th of July at my town's little parade and watched the fireworks from the football stadium, I kept surreptitiously checking tweetdeck and my favorite alaskan bloggers' sites for updates.

I simply could not believe that Palin hauled her lawyer into his office on the fourth of July to write that letter to Shannyn Moore - a letter that could so easily have gone out the next day (or better for Palin, not at all).

Then this morning I woke up and had the same startling thought you did - what about Trig? There has been more speculation about him since Friday than there has been about the house thing, but total silence from her on that topic. Why? She responds to EVERYTHING, immediately. Her house, photoshopping, letterman, Miss California. But no righteous indignation about a suggestion that she is not the mother of her own child? Come on.

By the way, note that the video Shannyn Moore linked to her "suck it up, buttercup" comment was the one where she criticizes Hillary Clinton for being sensitive, but it's also the one where she is hunched way over when she is supposedly 7 months pregnant.

Virginia Voter said...

Sarah Palin is well aware of this blog, as evidenced by the Andrea Gusty report back in Jan/Feb. She has never once threatened to sue Palin's Deceptions, so as Sarah has now revealed herself to react to everything she considers damaging, by process of elimination, we can safely say that she is NOT the biological mother of Trig.

More Cowbell said...

"long before June 2008"

Audrey, did you mean June 2009? Otherwise I'm not sure how you only got ONE comment before the election?

I would imagine that one of the "six or seven things" that worried the McCain campaign would be the AIP affiliation, too. Also.

Duncan said...

Well, I built my own house too, also. With the help of a couple of friends we poured the foundation in July 1978, and I'm still not finished.

If the Palin house was complete in a few months, Todd and a few buddies didn't do it.

Lynn said...

Maybe her higher calling comment is a clue she's about to join the national guard! She loves the outfits and tearing up her guts. Sanford did this some time back? Then she could claim national security cred when running for POTUS

Silver said...

Midnight Cajun said:
"Six or SEVEN things? Wow. There's Trig. Housegate. Her mid-nineties affair with Todd's business partner. Maybe some Arctic Cat shenanigans. But what are we missing?"

Todd's membership in AIP. That leaked email seems to show that was a major concern. Sarah said he wasn't really in the party, but had accidentally checked the wrong box while voting.

Manatuska Milk Maid. Shady practices by Palin and the reports that the head of it was hired because she liked cows.

sandra said...

Another federal agency would be the ATF. Did they ever conclude the cause of the church fire?

wayofpeace said...


Her reason for resigning?

Here's where it got really strange. The media was unfair. People were filing ethics complaints against her. Bloggers were making silly photoshops. She didn't want to be a lame duck. The state would be better off without her. We kept waiting to hear the real reason, the reason that would explain it all. We waited for the reason that would come at the end, after all the silly stuff. But it never came. That was it.

We were left scratching our heads. A woman who was the Vice Presidential candidate for the Republican Party, and who has been deemed in some circles to be a plausible contender for her party's presidential nominee in 2012, is quitting her job as governor, 17 months before the end of her first term, because people are picking on her? This just didn't compute.

Even in the wildest contortionist spin of her most ardent supporters, this was not going to improve her chances in 2012. ...

Using the substantial might of the Executive branch of government to bring down unenforceable legal threats on a private citizen in Alaska, and attempting to curtail free speech through intimidation on the Fourth of July?

Not a particularly brilliant PR move. By specifically singling out and naming Moore, Palin has done two things; she has shown herself to be a reactionary immature politician, and she has made Shannyn Moore a lot better known. And she is not the only one in Sarah Palin's crosshairs, mind you. You stand warned Huffington Post, New York Times, MSNBC and The Washington Post! You just better knock it off!

In solidarity with my friend and fellow Alaskan blogger, may I be the next to report to the team of Palin-Van Flein, and to the entire blogosphere at large:


There. I said it.

Sue me.

Anonymous said...

If Willow's preggers, Palin still has the scarves.

Punkinbugg said...

"Six or SEVEN things? Wow. There's Trig. Housegate. Her mid-nineties affair with Todd's business partner. Maybe some Arctic Cat shenanigans. But what are we missing?"

Todd's membership in AIP. That leaked email seems to show that was a major concern. Sarah said he wasn't really in the party, but had accidentally checked the wrong box while voting.

Manatuska Milk Maid. Shady practices by Palin and the reports that the head of it was hired because she liked cows."

How about Troopergate? That came out practically on Day Two after she was nominated for VP. She was forced (probably by the McCain folks) to launch an investigation on HERSELF to end it, costing Alaskans a lot of money,,, and guess what? Her hand-picked panel of investigators found her INNOCENT!

Then she could go out and say, "Yeah, I had ethics complaints, and I was found innocent."

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Thomas Van Phlegm gets paid to expectorate at Sarah’s bidding. He does not have to hold her accountable like Steve Schmidt did when she wanted him to lie for her about Toad’s 6-7 year AIP membership during McCain’s campaign.

"During the presidential campaign, McCain officials fretted about six or seven areas of personal and professional concern, according to a former official who helped investigate Palin's background after her rocky rollout.
This official, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal matters, said the governor's explanations for many subjects never won full acceptance from the campaign, but the stretched-thin McCain staff decided not to pick a fight with the vice presidential pick during the final march toward November."

And ONLY 6 or 7 issues?? There are 25 issues listed at Palingates.
It certainly raises my curiosity which 6 or 7 areas McCain officials fretted about and what explanations Palin gave that never won full acceptance by her own party.
But they were afraid to pick a fight with a narcissistic “whacko” diva!

mlewis said...

A couple of comments:
Todd's smile: maybe he has a better poker face than his wife. We've seen the same smile as he stood behind Sarah throughout the campaign. It doesn't mean anything.

Levi's book, or any other book in the works: It's going to be a very small window of opportunity before the you-know-what hits the fan. It's only worth money while we don't know the secrets. Couple of weeks from now, that many not be the case.

To Audrey and Company: I know the primary reason for this blog was to uncover the truth behind the birth of Trig. But, remember the adage in law "False in one, false in all." We have seen alot of Sarah's lies: telling the McCain campaign that Todd checked the wrong political party box by accident, that they never had health insurance when they did, she said "Thanks but no thanks," she sold the plane on ebay. OK, the political stuff isn't in the realm of this blog, but if she lies with that facility, how hard was it to cover for a pregnant daughter, be "pregnant" for one month and keep up that ridiculous story. And, how strange, considering some of the stuff that's said here, No Lawsuit! (Yet! They don't dare bring attention to PD).

(I am still trying to figure out if Sarah lies to bolster her ego and make herself be more important. Or is it so habitual that she isn't aware of the point where reality stops and the embellished version begins? Or, is it purposeful, meaning she is actually proud of pulling another fast one?)

Neil' said...

BTW beware of a picture going around that's said by some to be Willow. It's really eight year old Piper (so it appears to most.) I would think the shot itself is veridical. The girl's tummy looks a bit convex, but at her age it's either chub or leaning or whatever. In any case, it would be very dangerous for anyone to make anything of it. Some might imagine it's even a deliberate diversion, but it's probably best not to go there either. (As per common sense and what I have heard lately.)

Hey, I thought of a new nickname for Sarah: since she's rather confused and we don't know what's going on, perhaps we should call her "Cariblur Barbie." Well in any case, I actually hope she can find happiness as long as it doesn't make things harder for the rest of us. I have some empathy, maybe from having "gone" as her for Halloween '08 (like so many smart aleck guys)! ;-)

Leadfoot said...

"Six or SEVEN things? Wow. There's Trig. Housegate. Her mid-nineties affair with Todd's business partner. Maybe some Arctic Cat shenanigans. But what are we missing?"

Weren't there rumors of some sexy pictures she took back in her beauty pageant days? Some inappropriate video or photos or something?

By the way -- GOOD CALL on the church fire! I totally forgot about that. Oh how I would love for her to go to jail for arson. Even the C4Pers couldn't excuse that away!

V. said...

There's no doubt something's coming and she's repositioning. ( I'm hoping it's babygate for the sake of the kids. Get that lie outta there!)

The "full court press" analogy is probably spot on but not from a political standpoint. I am absolutely convinced that the hoop she's keeping her eye on is her religious agenda. The "team" that she's dedicated to isn't the republican party or even the traditional conservative party - Instead, it's the New Apostolic Reformation / third wave movement.

Their goal is to infiltrate seven main areas of our culture in order to turn it back to God and to ready for end times. She has been anointed. She has been groomed to be one of their leaders. If they can't get her into a position of political power they will readjust and get her into the media.

If you're interested in learning more go to youtube and search for "seven mountains" and "peter wagner". I'll be launching a news site focusing on this in the very near future. I'll look forward to everyone's feedback!

The Editor said...

Audrey, you are absolutely right about the libel issue. Palin would never sue you as she would have to prove that you lied. I know this from personal experience as a blog I publish has been taking on what appears to be a sleazy land deal. I just received an e-mail from the town planner's attorney threatening a lawsuit if I don't print a retraction. I stand by what I printed and have reported on my blog that I look forward to subpoenaing records to back up my claim. Palin's attorney's threatening letters to HuffPo and Shannyn is all talk - no action. Keep up the great work. We still want to know about Trig.
WV: pical (I already "picked Al," but he was cheated out of the presidency.

midnightcajun said...

Duncan said..."Well, I built my own house too, also. With the help of a couple of friends we poured the foundation in July 1978, and I'm still not finished."

Yes, yes! I was thinking the same thing as I spent the holiday weekend painting trim in my house. We rebuilt ourselves after Katrina. I worked 12 hour days for a year, my husband worked 3 day weekends and evenings, and friends chipped in so we could move back in. We've been back home for almost 3 years now, but we're still doing stuff. And the shell of our house was still there. No way Todd and his buds built that house in a few months on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

C4P just posted this photo of Palin and entourage saying it was taken in Juneau Friday night:

I see Sarah and the two babies in the double stroller - who are the others?

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Looking on the bright side of the most recent Palin debacle, I have to say that covering SP so calmly and accurately has made Shannyn Moore a STAR. No longer does anyone ask me who she is when she appears, say, on Keith Olbermann's show. Shannyn will be the one to whom the MSM turn first for information about Alaska... forever. Shannyn is smart, savvy, a born Alaskan (take that, SP!), and very pretty in a completely natural way (take THAT, SP!). She's the journalist that SP woefully fancies herself to be.

And yes, it did occur to me that Willow, too, in fact might be pregnant. As Alex remarked, SP probably still has the scarves... What's been most infuriating to me about TriG's status is SP's utter silence about him except to elevate him to a holy icon, and herself even more so as "TriG's Heavenly Father [?]"

If there were any evidence at all that TriG is getting ANY physical therapy, I'd love to hear about it. Now's the time. He won't be as receptive to being taught at a later age.

Last of all, the leaked campaign e-mails demonstrate that SP reacts very poorly to suggestions that she stay on message. She prevaricates, gets mad, and adds cc's to her e-mails so that more people are involved than in the initial correspondence. Who'd want to work with her, if she decided to run for office again? Seasoned professionals would just say thanks, no thanks.

hrh said...

Neil writes, "I have some empathy, maybe from having "gone" as her for Halloween '08 (like so many smart aleck guys)!" ;-)

Okay, Neil, now let's see the photos. Flickr awaits!

wv: acriess

Amy1 said...

I don't see this on the Palingates list: I always wondered about when she made her pal the administrator of that fund that distributes annual checks to all Alaskans, and then the computer records for the payout got LOST one year (no back-up), and they were reconstructed by hand. Lots of potential for "error" there. "Oops! look, a lot of extra money of unknown origin in my secret bank account(s)." AM I misremembering this? This would be both a state financial and IRS issue.

indy_girl said...

Sarah will never sue over the Trig story because she has no proof the baby was delivered by her, or she would have produced it by now in one of her little tantrums. Cathy B-J has been silent since the election, because if it was determined by a medical board that she actually advised palin to fly back to Alaska leaking amniotic fluid and carrying a baby with Downs', she could lose her license for malpractice. She hasn't lost it though, because it was perfectly safe for Palin to fly back to Alaska in a hurry for delivery.....why? Bristol was the one delivering Trig. CBJ's licensing board probably already has seen the proof that Bristol was the birth mother, which is why there has been no action against the MD for her dangerous "advice" to Palin.

Bristol might remain loyal to Mommy dearest and keep the secret (especially since she can't even afford to raise Tripp, much less his special needs brother), but there are plenty of other people who know the truth and it will see the light of day eventually. Keep an eye on levi, who was used big time during the election. He's not done talking.

indy_girl said...

"I am still trying to figure out if Sarah lies to bolster her ego and make herself be more important. Or is it so habitual that she isn't aware of the point where reality stops and the embellished version begins?"

MLewis, I have seen numerous comments in the msm this week that Palin shows signs of narcissism. Anyone who has known a narcissist knows that they lie about ANYTHING. The time of day they had lunch, the first car they ever drove, something their kid said that no one even cares about. I was married to one for years and he still lies about things that don't matter to anyone but him. Then on top of that he tells HUGE lies to make himself look more important, bigger, stronger, smarter: "I worked a 20-hour day because no one else could do the job as well as me!", etc. He will continue to insist the lies are truthful even if presented with hard evidence to the contrary. This constant lying looks totally insane to normal people, but to narcissists, making BS up daily comes as naturally as breathing.

Punkinbugg said...

Hey mlewis, we had a saying in West Texas:

"She lies when the truth would suit her better."

Or here's another version:

"Never let the truth get in the way of a really good story."

wayofpeace said...


i think the girl-in-black behind SP is WILLOW. the one behind TODD could be BRISTOL. however that would make W taller than B. it could happen. i have not seen the 2 of them side by side in a while.

B said...

No Palin is pregnant.

One of the worst things about Palin is how her faux feminism has created the opportunity for sexist comments like Rick Sanchez's. She is 45. Besides, after making a big deal about how the TriG pregnancy didn't interfere with her being Governor, quitting for pregnancy would be too great a reversal even for Sarah.

Willow saw what happened to Bristol's life. Willow lives with two infants that need constant care. She's not going down Bristol's road.

Interesting point I saw in Fox's rerun of a Palin special from 9/6/8: Todd is a good dad in part because he raised his younger siblings. That would be Diana, the drug addict and thief he now claims nothing to do with?

Bretta said...

Fantastic bottom line, Audrey!!
Rumors abounded for well over a year and no threat to sue the perpetrators.

Hmmmmm... I still think the federal entity is the IRS. The Anchorage Daily News today posted that there is no current FBI investigation... does that mean an investigation is complete? So what, I think it's the IRS and so much more than just the house but the snowmachines, the per diem, the travel, the cronyism, and the political contributions.

safiya said...

The truth is staring you guys in the face. Trigg's nostril is the same as Levi's. Even though he has Down's and this distorts his image, the tip of his nose and the indentation on the sides are the same as Levi's. Please compare there pictures and you will see the likeness.ALSO TAKE A LOOK AT TRIPP'S.

Leadfoot said...

This is a crazy, but kind of funny prank:

“At the same time, Palin informed her spokesman David Murrow early Saturday that someone using the name “exgovsarahpalin” on Twitter was spreading a false rumor that there was to be a party at her suburban home in Wasilla, outside Anchorage. Palin was afraid her home would be mobbed, and security was dispatched, Murrow said.”

Neil' said...

I'm sure you people talked about it before, but what's up with Levi's book about his encounters with the Palins? Just today, at NY Post:
Heh, he has a "bodyguard/publicist, Tank" - wow!

Pictures of me as SP? Someday maybe ... will let you know! I was Madonna in '85! Yet also Khan and Kruge from Star Trek!

spintest said...

When politicians fall, it's usually over money or sex.

I've long thought that Palin's day of reckoning would come over Alaska's Permanent Fund, when in 2006, under Palin's and Debbie Richter Bitney's (her former friend and gubenatorial campaign treasurer) control, all Permanent Fund claims from Alaska's residents were lost in a computer data entry failure.

Neil' said...

OK, now that I brought up Levi, here is another personal story: I was the first person in the world to call (soon to be ex-)Governor Palin's Office to congratulate her on becoming a grandma! It was the very afternoon they announced the news on radio(?) (Heh, it was never on Drudge! He's in the tank ...) Oh a little tongue in cheek, but with real human empathy too. The young lady who answered (front desk flunky I guess) hadn't even heard, and learned about Tripp from me! What a gas.

Folks, I do understand the practical reasons for keeping our leaders, especially ones that are erratic and against our goals (as it goes), under scrutiny and even frank criticism. I think Ms. Palin in particular has some flaws and doesn't represent the best public interest etc. overall. Yet I don't think she is "evil." I'm just asking for some perspective and for people not to get obsessed and bitter about anyone who is not literally just plain malevolent. I mean, e.g. I hope that post about babies' nostrils was a put-on. I admit that Tripp is a bit enigmatic, but he was on one of the morning shows or etc, I remember seeing him as Bristol talked about this and that. It was definitely not Trigg!

Bonnie said...

Regarding SP lying about easily refuted, trivial matters.

In the book "Before It's Too Late" the author lists about 12 traits, that together are a strong indication of sociopathic behavior. The constant lying is their attempt to control "reality". A big personal score for them is if they can get another person to buy into their "alternate universe" where they can name a blue car red (and themselves as the most important person in this "reinvention").

He ends the book with the sobering message that nothing can alter this personality, but transparency and accountability can alter their behavior for the better.

spintest said...

My point for the comment about Alaska's Permanent Fund is that Palin has never struck me as being a 'true believer' of conservative or Republican ideology. She's an opportunist, chasing bucks. The brass ring. She could as easily be a Democrat, had her family been Democrats.

Ivyfree said...

"The Anchorage Daily News today posted that there is no current FBI investigation"

Maybe the investigation's over and a final report is being compiled.

Maybe it is the Attorney General (federal) doing the investigation.

Maybe it's the NSA- does anybody think that Palin can intelligently keep a secret in a discussion? She was a VP candidate. She is a governor. What secure information might she have leaked?

I keep thinking: it was the house deal that convicted Ted Stevens. If it's the IRS investigating- being given lumber, etc., would count as unearned income.

sg said...

Bretta, Ivyfree:

If a federal indictment were in the works, there would have to a grand jury empaneled to be shown the evidence.

More than a month before Ted Stevens was indicted, the ADN reported that a grand jury was investigating Stevens. And that grand jury was in DC.

So I've got to believe that in advance of a possible federal indictment of SP/TP in Anchorage, there would be leaks that a grand jury was looking at things, people had testified before it, etc. I've haven't read anything anywhere about grand jury activity in Alaska.

Normally Attorneys General don't interfere with the prosecutorial discretion of US Attorneys in the states. Except if their name is Alberto Gonzales.

As other commenters have mentioned here and at TT, the FBI is not the only federal investigative agency. So the FBI's non-involvement doesn't mean no federal investigation. For example, the IRS could be gathering the evidence, not the FBI.

If there's an IRS investigation, it could also be just civil, not necessarily criminal. Meaning that SP/TP are looking at payment of back taxes and fines, but no jail time.

BTW, the NSA is not a law enforcement agency. It's part of the Department of Defense. They wouldn't be involved in the collection of evidence as part of a criminal investigation.

Windy City Woman said...

I don't think Sarah is quitting over "nasty" media reports. She's been whining about them for months; why would they suddenly cause her to quit now?

Maybe there is no federal investigation, but a STATE investigation.

I find the trip to Juneau to "shred" (electronically and otherwise) a credible explanation. Lord knows what she's got in her office and/or office computer. It would have made more sense for the whole family to go to Juneau for a "family vacation" (holiday weekend) and then go to the office and shred, baby, shred.

I don't think it's about Babygate. Simply lying to the public isn't a crime. Politicians (and non-politicians) do it all the time. She wasn't under oath when she said that Trig was her son. If she adopted him, it isn't even a lie; your adopted children ARE your children. Even if the adoption is still pending, wouldn't it still be at least sort of true to refer to your almost-adopted son as your son? What else would you call him? "Well he is just sort of our foster son until the adoption if final; then he'll be our REAL son"?

Although of course all references to her "pregnancy" would then be lies.

Maybe Sarah has been looking thin and haggard lately because she's been stressing out about the stuff that is causing her to resign, and debating whether to do so. It's a big decision.

I can understand why she wouldn't want to sue Audrey and others for libel over Babygate. Not only would she have to prove that it was a lie, it would bring a lot of attention to the subject. I'll bet 2/3 of Americans have never even heard of the baby rumor, or, if they have, think it is akin to the silly rumors about Obama, or akin to the stuff you read in the tabloids (Elvis gave birth to 2-headed alien in a WalMart parking lot).

Remember when Kitty Kelly wrote that VERY unauthorized biography of Nancy Reagan? (Good book by the way.) It contained a lot of VERY unflattering stuff about NR. Mrs. Reagan responded by calling the book "all lies." She did not sue for libel, probably for the same reasons that Sarah will not: she'd have to prove the statements untrue, and it would call attention to things she'd rather not have pointed out.

Angelle said...

I have been reading all of this with great interest. Here is my take:

- SP has the hutzpah to think she is ordained to be president of the US.

- SP's hate mongering on the fall campaign trail resulted in inflaming a vicious minority (e.g. the pallin' around with terrorists statement repeated ad infinitum.) This will be her mantra and base going forward; it will be ugly.

Bottom line she believe she can be president in 2012 and someone needs to squash her ambitions pronto.

My only hope is that the GOP will make her the sacrificial lamb to go up against Obama. It pains me to think I will have to listen to her drivel.

Punkinbugg said...

I think that it's Bristol pushing the double stroller.

Same cleft chin, plus she's as tall as Sarah.

Bristol and Sarah are taller than Willow. See PIC here, for example.

Not sure what it matters, except there's no sign of Willow.

On another note, I was disappointed to NOT see a mention of Shannyn Moore on the front page of KTUU's website. Waaaay down in a corner, it says "Liberal blogger says Palin won't silence her", and it's an AP story, not KTUU's, plus there is no sign of a video of the press conference.


The fact that "McCain introduces Gov. Sarah Palin to the World" is their #1 top-featured video tells you something.

Moomerz said...

Another Babygate? What if the oldest of the minor girl children just came down with the same 6 month mono that Big Sister Bristol had? If so, it could explain a lot. Yes, it's in code and yes, it's just one of those gosh-darn rumors going around.
In addition, see--
Interesting. The post's author states, "My greater fear is that Palin resigned because of some sort of medical issue that she would prefer to keep out of the public eye. No, I'm not thinking that there is another child on the way (though considering her seemingly excellent physical condition, I wouldn't rule it out), but it isn't out of the realm of possibility that a personal or family ailment may require immediate medical attention."

Silver said...

I was pretty sure I had read that the Andree McLeod case was closed, but Alaska CourtView still has it being open.

I don't know if it's behind in updating the online records or if it's still really an open case. It would probably have no bearing on anything, but the next hearings are scheduled for August 4.


Ivyfree said...

"BTW, the NSA is not a law enforcement agency. It's part of the Department of Defense. They wouldn't be involved in the collection of evidence as part of a criminal investigation."

Not for criminal investigation, no. Although the spillage of security matters could easily lead to criminal prosecution. Heck, when my sister was hired by the CIA, they investigated our family just doing a background check. (Side note: having the CIA come to a nursing school makes the instructors very nervous- they told me.) Having people say "federal" investigation can mean different things, depending on what is being investigated.

Truthseeker2 said...

I found two new tag lines for Sarah in on-line articles and added a third: "Quitter on Twitter," "Iquitarod" and "Bi-Polar Express."

I'm sure they are just the tip of the Iceberg for the World's Biggest Whiner.

Molly said...

Can I also ask: was that really Bristol on the photo at the Juneau July 4th event--the one pushing the double stroller? Because I have never seen Bristol wear her hair in a big long braid like that, and I'm not sure her hair is that long, plus this person looks heavier than Bristol did at her Candies photo ops.

Also, in another picture that says it's from July 4th Juneau, Sarah is wearing different clothes--pants and a sweatshirt, and they show (it is labeled) Bristol and Willow(can only see part of her head since she's so short) walking behind S and Todd, behind the double stroller. B also is wearing something other than in the braid picture, and her hair is different.

I guess mainly I'm wondering if that is really Bristol because if it is she looks heavier, again, so of course I'm wondering what the reason for that would be. :)

PS The double stroller proves not much to me re: Irish Twins--if Bristol is the main caregiver to both, and they are all living in the same house, then I think it's just a practical thing. Not that I don't think they ARE Irish Twins, I just don't think the double stroller helps prove anything.

Molly said...


I don't know which picture you are referring to that you say is being mistaken for Willow that is really Piper. I'm quite sure you are mistaken, unless you are intentionally trying to make fun of this situation.

If you are referring to the Piper pic from the resignation speech, I don't think anyone has questioned her identity; someone merely made a joke about the fact that the little girl's dress had ballooned out in the wind and/or she had a little girl pudgy tummy....I have not seen anyone attempt to say that that was Willow. And the two girls standing with the Lt Gov and his wife are obviously the Parnell offspring. Early on in the comments, someone may have mistaken them for Palins.

Also, your next comment about it definitely not being Trig at Bristol's morning TV interviews....seriously, who ever said it was? What are you talking about?

wayofpeace said...

i do think it's BRISTOL pushing the stroller BUT did anyone notice the VERY long ponytail?

LOL wv: foutsp. f***ing OUT sp

midnightcajun said...

The 4th of July photos are strange. I think I saw someplace that the one with Sarah in a t-shirt walking down the street was taken Friday evening. Notice that always cold Sarah is wearing a t-shirt while the girl behind her has a coat on. News outlets identify the male pushing the stroller as Todd, but he has no beard! Could it be Sarah's brother?

On the parade picture with Sarah in the yellow crocheted thing, we see Todd with his beard in place. I'm not convinced the girl behind the stroller is Bristol. She was so thin at the Candies convention, so if it is her, she has packed on a lot of weight, and her hair has grown a lot longer. Could be a new nanny. I suspect that household can't keep hired help for long. Imagine working for the Whack job!

NakedTruth said...

The lady with the long braid pushing the double stroller could be the nanny. Not sure if it's Bristol because of the hairstyle but Bristol does have very long hair.

A commenter on HuffPost stated that the Feds denied any investigations regarding Sarah but did not mention Todd. I need to read the statement for myself but thought that comment was interesting. Could they investigate Todd but not Sarah?

Morgan said...


As longtime readers of this blog know, there are certain topics we don't allow because a.) they contain no basis in fact and b.) they are just too creepy.

Incest and hints at Palin's ties to unexplained deaths and arson, for instance, are among topics that are taboo here.

Other bloggers may discuss these things and if you like reading that sort of speculation you're free to seek those blogs out. Apparently one of our readers has.

To that reader, if you want to speculate on sick insinuations made at another blog, then do it at *that* blog. It's not an uncommon troll tactic to try to tarnish all bloggers with the same brush. I'm not saying that's the case here, but please address your criticisms to the blog you're criticizing. Don't do it here; we're not responsible for what's written on other blogs.

B said...

If there is an iceberg, we'll find out when it hits, whenever. But it's possible Sarah decided not to run again and then decided just to go on and quit.

The job isn't fun, especially in hard financial times; she has more fans outside than inside Alaska; most agree she was an ineffective executive at least since returning from the McCain campaign; the news of her performance will only get worse, as the next legislature will override her stimulus veto and the public will expect her to work with them and actually do something; she'd rather live in Wasilla than Juneau; Willow would rather go to Wasilla High School and Piper would rather stay in the same school for a whole year; and in the meantime there will be more valid (even if rejected) ethics complaints and the release of emails to bring her more negative attention state- and nationwide.

Why not use the expense of those complaints and FOIA requests as an excuse? Her strength is in her personal appeal to some, not her competence. While "Iquiterod" hurts her chances for 2012, it may hurt them less than her performance if she remains in office as an incompetent governor.

sandra said...

There are two pictures of the double stroller circulating. One is old and was picked out of AP archives. It has Sarah in her yellow cardigan. They are on a walk for a charity. I think it was around Easter.

The more recent one was identified on C4P as being taken on Friday night in Juneau. It looks like Todd pushing the stroller, but if so he had shaved his beard after the announcement. It doesn't look like her brother.

denise said...

Has anyone seen this picture of Todd at High School?

Remind you of anyone?

He looks a lot like Levi - don't you think?

Morgan said...

Gwynedd, your link didn't work. :-(

So, to everyone please credit Gwnedd for alerting us to Inside Edition for tonight. Levi's on.