Saturday, July 4, 2009

Palin quits. We won't.

Sarah Palin's unexpected and bizarre announcement that she is resigning her office as Governor of Alaska has raised many questions. Is she quitting because she can make more money in the private sector? Is she quitting because - unable to take the heat from pajama clad bloggers - she is fleeing the kitchen? Could it be Levi's book deal? Or - as some have indicated - is she is quitting ahead of a looming legal scandal

Our loyal readers have been abuzz pondering these questions. And they've had one for us, too: Does Sarah's resignation mean the search for the truth behind Trig Palin's birth is over?

The answer to that question is a resounding "No!"

Here's why: Covering criminal scandals is squarely in the media's comfort zone. After all, shady accounting and redirected funds - should that be the case - are far easier to question and report on than gestational and birth issues. They involve adults doing bad things, not children manipulated and victimized by power-hungry parents.

I and many others are convinced that elements of the mainstream media either have known or strongly suspected the truth about Trig's birth all along and have become strange bedfellows with conservative elements of the GOP who also know the truth. 

The media and even some Republicans will likely both breathe a sigh of relief if the current rumor turns out to be true. Criminal activity will be the death knell of their rising-star-turned-party-embarrassment.  She will be done, without their having to wade into that other scandal - the one I'm convinced they know about but are too squeamish to reveal.

But as Sarah weakens, I'm convinced that those who feared her will become more bold, more willing to tell what they know about her claims of birthing Trig. If they do, at some point the media will no longer be able to ignore it. And I think it will prove to be a far bigger scandal that even the one we're hearing rumors about now.

Criminal activity is one thing; passing off someone else's baby as yours for political gain is something else. If it can be proven that Sarah did not give birth to Trig, then the question will then be "What did the GOP know and when did they know it?" 

That's a whopper of a question, and the answer might not only irreparably tarnish Sarah Palin, but also destroy the careers of those who selected her and glibly reassured the nation that she had the experience, character and temperament to lead.

If that's the case, the rumored criminal charges may be the tip of the iceberg; the really damaging part may be what's beneath the surface, that thing they're still refusing to see: Babygate.

That's why we won't quit, even if Sarah has.


wayofpeace said...

i agree, AUDREY: BABYGATE is not a trivial matter.

it exposes the total bankruptcy of the GOP and the hypocrisy of the RELIGIOUS RIGHT: both have contributed mightily to bringing our nation to the brink of disaster.

johnie2xs said...

Anecdotal confession;

Throughout the ascendancy of Sarah Palin to the political stage, I have had an uneasy, oh how should I say this....attraction(?)to her. Now I want you to understand,it did not get in the way of my dislike for her, or my queasiness brought on by her religiosity and political meme.
None the less, there was this visceral uneasiness about her visage that I could not quite explain or truly understand....that is, until yesterday.

A little background;

I have been divorced now for fifteen years.My Ex lives a comfortable 1500 miles away. Over the years I have been lucky enough not to have laid eyes on her, except fleetingly, for all this time. Yesterday my son hooked me up with his computer, whereby I could retrieve, and peruse, his stores of pictures so that I may view the many pictures of my grandson.
Yes. You guessed it. My Ex was among the pictures viewed, and Yes, the resemblance to Palin is strong.....

lion55ess said...

Way to go Audrey! Let the kid gloves come off! Long overdue!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

John McCain owes an apology to this nation for placing this despicable person potentially a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Granted, his silence in not praising her now is a half-hearted apology. Nevertheless, he was careless, negligent, lazy and a 72 yr old white male who succumbed to winky-winky flirtations when he picked her as his running mate. He may have been a military hero in his younger days, but he was a traitor to this country in the 2008 campaign upon learning what a disaster she would impose upon this country. I would like to ask him one question: Senator McCain, did you discover the “Desperate Housewives” lie before or after you picked her? I am taking a guess that she did not tell you until after you picked her, based on the mad dash your campaign staffers had to make to Alaska to mop up what they failed to vet in the first place. They just barely beat the reporters.

Maria said...

So pleased that you're not quitting, Audrey.

And yes, I too think that people in the know will start to come forward once Sarah leaves office.

Bitter Baker said...

I agree that with Sarah losing her grip on power the people she has intimidated into keeping silent may begin to speak and that could lead to a veritable landslide of information about the deposed queen of the north.

teal said...

...It's so good to hear this from you....staying on the case is important!
Thanks Team!

Jeanette said...

First, I am so happy that you and your team will continue with making sure that Palin’s deceptions are brought to light. For the sake of all of us, that needs to happen. I don’t think Sarah is finished with politics if there is any way for her to continue.

Writing a book that is flattering, having a ghost writer that can make her look like she knows something, giving scripted speeches to adoring crowds on behalf of conservative congressional candidates who will then owe her something, learning some rote responses for the few times she does allow interviews and raising lots of money could give her the Republican nomination in a race where no one else has gotten a lot of traction and there are a lot of candidates. Most, or maybe all of the R primaries are winner take all and her base will stay with her not matter what she does or what misdeeds come out unless they are really outrageous.

I agree with many that Sarah was really, really angry in that speech and I think something happened very recently that pushed into making this decision. I also think that it was something she could maybe avoid with the resignation.

I read on another blog that Bristol and Sarah had a huge fight a couple of days ago. My guess is that Bristol told her mother if she didn’t resign to take the light off her child (Trig) she would give the OK to CBJ and/or whomever else may have been her doctor to release her (Bristol’s) records. IMO, among other things, those records likely show the delivery of a baby to Bristol in early 08. Maybe Bristol added other conditions to her ultimatum as well.

It could also be something else that happened but Bristol made the same ultimatum. It was not by chance that Bristol was not there. It seems that maybe even Willow wasn’t there since the two girls have been reported to be Parnell’s daughters. It does seem that if Willow had been there she would have been standing with her father and Piper.

The other icebergs won’t likely go away with Sarah’s resignation although they may not get as much attention. This one could at least for the time being and maybe forever if Bristol signed a legal document.

pearlygirl said...

Oh Johnie2xs, That is a tough one. I don't slam Sarah for being pretty and at least you have a physically attractive ex---not that that helps much. Sarah is very photogenic and her daughters are too. It's nice to be pretty but sometimes it's just the luck of the draw.

It's a shame that the exterior doesn't always match the interior. I've always thought that Sarah always got away with more because of her looks. If she were just plain or average (I don't say ugly because everyone has at least some beautiful features) she would have gone down a long time ago.

I do wish you a speedy recovery and a very short hangover for whatever you need to do.

Also I agree with wayofpeace in that we need to consider how dangerously close religious zealots almost put an incompetent person in power to make themselves feel superior and able to control other people's lives "for their own good" in the name of "god" (All true and loving gods of all religions preach to love/care for and protect our brothers/sisters ---not punish those who do not believe the same--and I'm an atheist--well probably more agnostic--just hate the hypocrisy)

my WV: bigge (as in this is a biggie)

Morgan said...

To ProChoice Grandma:

Preach it, sister!

Amen to everything you said.

Anonymous said...

I think it's very important to continue to stay on top of all these issues w/ Sarah. She may very well think that as a private citizen she can tough out whatever nasty if coming her way and then after regrouping run later and dismiss whatever nasty business as "old political attacks."

This morning I am reflecting on how she seemed really focused and angry about the people that descended upon Alaska to dig up dirt on her. I think they dug some up. And I think she is going to use the very GOP-friendly excuse of blaming the national media for digging it up. She didn't sound a bit contrite over there being any to dig up - but I think all those who have followed her closely would not expect that!

LBL NYC said...


I absolutely agree with you. The phenomenon of Palin has fascinated me as I've been simply amazed that her supporters couldn't see right through her. The GOP, McCain campaign etc. not only were guilty of not properly vetting her, but when she performed so poorly in the Couric interviews and others, they had to belittle themselves by creating spin about it.

I read a brilliant comment to the NYT Collins article:

written by “Hans”:

Palin's incoherence and lack of concentration are her political strengths. The segment of the electorate to which she appeals does not value intellect or eloquence. In fact, these qualities are feared because they imply a lack of faith. A person who is well educated, thoughtful, and can answer questions directly, in complete sentences, is exactly what Palin's supporters do not want.

Now it’s fun watching them spin the latest. The GOP, especially the SP wingnuts need to be exposed. Keep up the good work.

Jeanette said...

Is it true that Sarah is having another press conf this morning? That was posted as a comment on to your "Palin Resigns" piece but I haven't seen it anywhere else. I understand that she had gone to Juneau so that would make it more difficult for press to get there with short notice.

Ivyfree said...

"My guess is that Bristol told her mother if she didn’t resign to take the light off her child (Trig) she would give the OK to CBJ and/or whomever else may have been her doctor to release her (Bristol’s) records."

It's possible, but my sense is that Sarah would fight it out rather than resign. She LOVES being the center of attention. Can you be impeached or recalled (legally) for pretending somebody else's baby is yours? It's not illegal, is it? No; it's a good thought, and I could see Bristol doing that, but I can't see Sarah backing down. She's the one who said "You can't blink." I'm convinced that the rumors of federal indictments are true. She COULD be impeached for legal crimes.

It's probably shallow, petty and despicable of me, but I'm having a WONDERFUL Independence Day, and I'm hoping that SP is living with panic and misery today. The gods know she was willing to dish it when she could.

wayofpeace said...

for what is worth. this is from the dubious NYPOST's PAGE SIX:

July 4, 2009 --

THE battle between Levi Johnston (above) and Sarah Palin isn't over yet. Johnston -- best known for impregnating the former vice-presidential candidate's daughter, Bristol -- "is shopping a book," his bodyguard/publicist, Tank, tells New York magazine.

And it seems the book will focus on the Wasilla, Alaska, political family. "There are still many untold stories about the Palins," he said. Until the tell-all is released, though, Johnston is considering "a leading role" in a movie and a possible upcoming TV "docu-drama."

Morgan said...

I'm not sure, Jeanette. I approved that thinking maybe the commenter had hear something I had not. Off to check the ADN now.

Grace said...

I think whatever it is will be a huge legal scandal with criminal repercussions, and she's worked out an arrangement with her lt. governor where she steps down so he can become governor in exchange for him pardoning her and commuting any possible sentence she could possibly get. This is going to be MAJOR. Troopergate didn't faze her. Having a pregnant teen daughter, a son in Iraq, two school age children, and a very young "son" with special needs did not stop her from stepping on to the national stage in 2008 to run as VP. Whatever is coming down the pipeline is going to be bigger than what the mainstream media has speculated thus far, and Palin knows it. Her demeanor at Friday's press conference shows she is just hanging by a thread - all those lies she told, even when there was no reason to lie,those times when she was just lying for the sake of lying - are catching up with her, and exercise magazine profile or not, she can't outrun it any longer.

Anonymous said...

WOP - that's from this NYmag article from a couple of days ago (hmmm?)

Morgan - I've also seen a few things about another statement this morning - but she is in Juneau today. I haven't seen anything that looks official.

Morgan said...

Thanks, Bree. Honestly, this blog has the most on-point, helpful readers anywhere. I appreciate the heads up. I'll keep an eye out.

Dee said...

I am glad that you will continue to pursue the truth in this matter no matter what becomes of Palin, politcally. However, I am not convinced that babygate would do more damage to Palin's reputations than a crimimal conviction. Many people will still see Palin as a hero for being willing to raise her daughter's special-needs baby as her own, even if it involved a bizzare charade of attempting to pass herself off as the birthmother. If Palin does end up in jail, and babygate breaks wideopen, it will just be another wacky story about that wacky Sara Palin. I don't see any path to this effecting the GOP as whole, unless there are some emails or recordings of McCain staffers discussing it, in which case it would effect those involved in McCain's campaign. It is quite likely that laws were broken, and ethics violate by people who helped Palin to perpetrate this fraud.

Again, I am glad that you are pursuing this. Even if the truth does not mean much to most people, it still deserves to be known.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Thank you for staying on the story, Team Audrey! I've been singing to myself the Don Henley song, "I will not back down! I will not go quietly! No, I will not back down!"

sandra said...

Jeanette and Morgan: I'm sorry. I posted a retraction on the other thread. The press conference report I saw was incorrectly reported from a source on July 3, not today. My face is very red (and white and blue?)

Morgan said...

Hey, no need for embarrassment guys. Thanks for straightening it out. I really appreciate it.

hrh said...

Speaking of the delectable Levi and his anxiously anticipated tell-all (cannot control salivating at the possibilities!), will he reveal the biological parents of Trig? He knows who the mother is, but how sure is he about the father? Then, there's Tripp. How many DNA tests have already been performed? Will SP's promised resignation affect the contents of the book? Inquiring minds want to know!

I still say she resigned because it will soon be revealed that she and Mark Sanford are Blanket's biological parents. And she will fight like a pit bull for custody!

BTW: when I first saw that fab wv a commenter got, gamenz, I had to think for a moment and, at first, could only come up with "gay men's"! Oi vey.

Diana said...

I agree with you Audrey. I think we are going to find more people who will open up now that they don't fear what she can to them.

She is just now beginning to realize the consequences of her abuses of power and her self fueled arrogance. I had visions of her falling apart in Todd's arms last night, crying over what she thought was going to be the rise to fame she had been so determined to accomplish that she nearly destroyed her family.

Sarah just didn't realize that all of her lying would catch up with her and destroy everything she was determined to accomplish.

I can't help but wonder what she was like as a young woman. Was she always a liar? Or was it only as she got deeper into politics and came to "need" the attention and power.

She just doesn't seem to see herself clearly. That is one of the most shocking aspects of who she is. I don't think she can see why she has so many people "hating" on her.

She doesn't realize that she brought it all on herself. She is constantly pointing her finger out at others. That has always the most perplexing part of her personality to me. She just cannot see herself.

Maybe, now she will have some time to reflect. Let's hope so. She has a family that needs a mom who isn't constantly manipulating and bending the truth and or manically falling apart.

Jeanette said...

Thanks for the update Sandra.

On another note, is anyone up to doing an actual transcript of Sarah’s speech? Her official one has been cleaned up and it would be helpful to have the real word salad. For instance, I don’t think the reference to Todd having just flown in from fishing was in the official transcript and that seems to me to be an important statement. It reinforces the idea that this was something very sudden and the decision was made with her children minus Todd.

And did just she and Todd go to Juneau leaving the children alone on the 4th of July? That is what it seems like and that is very strange.

Leadfoot said...

Where is Dangerous. He should be here speculating as to why Willow wasn't at the press conference and suggesting maybe Letterman was closer to the truth than we all thought. ;)

Anonymous said...

thank you, Audrey, for your sticktoitiveness-- the mark of all true greatness.

Narcissism and paranoia go hand in hand. If they don't think I'm great, then they are out to get me. Palin's angry. She may have a "plan," but something forced her haste. No sign of contrition. No sign of maternal love (again she uses her family to make obscure points. Hell, yeah!). And mouthpiece Chuck Heath is as gobsmacked as we are.

Something's coming. But no matter what, Audrey's right. Babygate is its own issue. I feel maligned as a woman when I witness this very public woman female pimp her maternity and children for personal gain.

Bravo, Audrey, et al.

Anonymous said...


I thought the same thing! I never thought I'd miss Dangerous's crowing, but I do!

Morgan said...

Willow was at the press conference. Audrey and I both noticed she was extremely thin-looking. Bristol and "Tripp" weren't there.

And I miss Dangerous, too. He was the voice in the wilderness.

mlewis said...

I'm going to weigh in with my two cents worth. The Sarah that we saw yesterday was not the composed, in control gal that we've seen in the past. She loves the spotlight, and she knows how to wink, tease, smile and deliver her zingers. I still hear that convention speech ringing in my ears. (Make it stop, please!)

Something really upset her and scared her. She was rattled when she gave that incoherent speech yesterday. The microphone picked up every breath; she was breathing hard. From what I've been reading around the internet, my guess is possible criminal indictments involving the Sports Complex and its uncanny look alike neighbor, Sarah & Todd's house.

Other blogs hint at Federal authorities (I can't say Feds) looking over the books and records of the building company who got the bid for the Sports Complex. The thinking is, "I'll grant you the bid. All I want out of the deal is that you leave the extra floor boards, windows and stuff on my big old empty lot." (I'm imagining the conversation).

Todd said that he and his buddies built that gorgeous home on weekends, with no previous experience. Just lifting some of the huge windows is a bit out of the range of weekend buddy building. The windows are a match with the Sports Complex windows. There are some very good articles that sum up this possibility. Palingates did one some time ago. Who knows, maybe some of his week end buddies might turn out to be part of the building company too??

So which story do you think the MSM could handle better: facts and figures about building materials that don't add up or speculation about a wild ride that doesn't add up. I think that they will go with Housegate, meaning, that if the building supply company ordered, say, 50 windows and there are only 40 in the Sports Complex. Then, the 10 look alike windows in Sarah's house are really going to look suspect. Especially, when people like the IRS request the canceled Palin bank account check that paid for the windows. (Check, what check, we paid cash for everything).

The point of my long winded guess is that I think Sarah got a heads up that she is under investigation, meaning something official, a warning to get her papers together for inspection first thing Monday. Or, she and Todd are targets who may be called before a grand jury. Or, however it works. Just a guess, but it makes more sense than "Those bloggers really hurt my feelings," or "This isn't fun anymore."

The good news for PD is that as Sarah is busy fighting her own battle, or just writing her book, appearing on Fox News programs or starring in her latest movie, people might be able to open up and talk in a few weeks. This story just gets better and better.

B said...

Audrey and helpers, thanks for continuing the search for truth.

I don't think the iceberg is Babygate. I don't think it is about Bristol. It's 50-50 whether she could survive the truth about TriG surfacing now, not a definite game-ender worth resigning.

wayofpeace, thanks for citing the $300,000 number for what Alaska has spent on the ethics complaints. She was (ineptly) using those ethics complaints as an excuse. She said she wants to save Alaska from spending because of them. But we're talking a few hundred thousand, not even millions. (Not to mention that she could save Alaska the money by starting to behave ethically.)

I think the iceberg is something like Housegate, and she was laying the groundwork to argue that it is like the ethics complaints, just another baseless attempt to discredit her (even if done by the Feds rather than the bloggers). The Feds won't do anything on the weekend, so she got out on her own terms with a few days to spare.

I had doubted this because she had the press conference at her house, in her backyard. Why would she want to draw attention there if it was about to be a scandal? But the house does not look like a palace (or Wasilla's ice rink) from the outside. It doesn't appear to be a gilded illegal gift but is rather plain, which could help her. So that's my theory.

sew what? said...

Where was Willow? I believe the two dark-haired girls standing next to the Parnells, are in fact their two daughters.

sandra said...

Diana: We got a glimpse of SP's ability to lie in the first biography of her. Remember how her father was so demanding, but the girls learned how to stick up for each other by lying to him. Classic way to learn this.

Morgan said...

Sew what, you are right. I just did a screen grab. Neither Bristol nor Willow were there. Those had to have been the Parnells' daughters.

Cue Dangerous...

wayofpeace said...

a funny and incisive comment by MARK at POLITICO:

Palin does not want to govern, which requires compromise and difficult decisions.

She's a populist and a contrarian, light on knowledge and leadership and long on one-liners and winks. That's her game.

She dumps the gig now, writes her book, shows up on Fox with Karl Rove and Starburst Lowry, and sets herself up either as a

(1) U.S. Senate candidate in 2010 on the logic that a comedian (Al Franken, albeit with a Hahvud education) and a joke (James Inhofe) both holds seats in the Country Club; or

(2) a Conservative presidential candidate in 2012 on the logic that Mr. Family Values is crying in Argentina, that Haley Barbour's a known racist, that Mitt Romney will never get past the Christian right, that Mike Huckabee will never get past Wall Street, and that Bobby Jindal will not get his mother's permission to run for the office.

OR, and this is just a hunch, there really is something (criminal indictment, ethics charge with weight, health) forthcoming from the House of Palin.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Morgan, for working today. I'm still dizzy over this news, and can't stay away as I do my 4th cooking for tonight. I must share my husband's humorous response to the resignation:

Husband said, "Well, it was that foot race she challenged Obama to. He just called in Emmanuel Rahm and said, 'That's it. I've had enough. Take care of it.' And Rahm took care of it."

Jeanette said...

I think the “millions” for investigations figure is partially coming from all of the email requests that were made after she was chosen by McCain. MSNBC did a story about it yesterday. It doesn’t say how many of the requests have been filled but MSNBC’S and 12 others have not and the next due date for them to receive the material, after multiple extensions, is July 30th. They expect that there will be another 10 day extension. Here is a link to the story

The Department of Law says it has spent over $450,000 reviewing the emails as of June 16th. So if one adds the time of extracting the emails from both governmental and private accounts and making copies for the Department of Law to review and redact, add the amount for the Dept of Law to review, add the cost of making copies for the requestor, add the amount spent by the Personel Board, add the amount spend in the legislative Troopergate investigation the total probably comes close enough to 2 million for Sarah to call it “millions”

Of course she tries to make the total amount due to bloggers and doesn’t count in what everyone is paying for the material that they aren’t getting. In today’s world, it shouldn’t be so expensive or time consuming to retrieve this material, but Sarah has no incentive to make easier and less expensive to access it.

It may be that some of the material will be released by this due date and she has just been told some of what will be released. It would have to be something pretty explosive for her to not think she could just explain it away. However, the Vanity Fair story and its repercussions may have proven to her that it is getting more and more difficult for her to “splain” things away. She also knows if any of the material is published the bloggers will go through it with a fine tooth comb and with more knowledge than the MSM.

Galileo said...

You all astound me! I appreciate your attention to detail and accuracy beyond words.
It is the best to hear you will continue!

hrh, I thought gamenz was short for "game ends" whadda I know?

Someone was looking for the transcript to her resignation rant, there is a link @ blow-pop-palin.

I have to agree, there is no way this is a done deal. It is an exciting new chapter. If anything Sarah opened the flood gates for the media. If they can't get on the ball now that will really say something. I'd think posing as what you are not to your constituents would be some kind of infraction. I don't know the law, but sure am interested in seeing how it all unfolds. Not only for Sarah, for the scoundrels who enabled the hoax/fraud.

Audrey, will you be continuing the "Pulling a Palin" series?


allison said...

did anyone notice that in the announcement video trig is wearing a t-shirt that says something about "going to grandma's house"? VERY INTERESTING, no?! sorry for the exclamation point. i was influenced by palin's goodbye speech ha ha.

Amy1 said...

Great to hear you will keep going, Audrey+team! Me too.

Re Todd arriving just in time: it jumped right out at me that she said she consulted with the most important people in the world to her, her children. Not mentioning Todd. But five votes -- and presumably Trig is not voting yet. Typical mish mash.

I think that faking the pregnancy could be easily forgiven by the base and even others, once it comes out. But the REASON she felt she had to fake it, if it ever comes out, would turn off many people. And even as people who know details become less reticent, I think the inherent and almost second-nature denial tactics of SP and her close family will tend to keep that reason secret. Whatever it might be. But remember, it was compelling enough for SP to think she had to perp the hoax of the century, her reason seemed so compelling (to her). And I bet to us, when we know it for sure.

Also, the rumor-mongers on other sites said there was some big bad secret about SP that both Dems and Reps knew about, and there are photos. The context of these rumors implied it might be some sexual pecadillo, but damaging photos would also be consistent with Babygate. Maybe there are even BETTER photos than this site has unearthed that prove she was not PG with Trig.

Yes, indeed. Lots of new loose ends, whether real or bogus. We'll have them sorted out in time.

Go ProChoiceGrandma -- I agree with every word.

Morgan said...

Hey, no problem Alex. I'm just chilling until the cookout. I took some time to go swimming with the kids, so I wasn't obsessing *all* day.

And you repaid my dedication with the best laugh I've had in weeks. I can see Obama saying that. And Rahm making a couple of calls.


Amy1 said...

Alex: I love your husband. The idea that Obama could care! hilarious!! Rahm could take care of anything. Aren't we lucky that that team is dealing wih all our nearly impossible problems, and not -- ahem! -- some other team???

Lady Rose said...

Three cheers for Audrey and everyone who works tirelessly to uncover the truth. I am so glad to know the quest for the truth will continue.

I am also glad that Alaska will finally be free of Palin as their governor in just a few short weeks. But her lies and poison can still do a lot a damage even if she just works behind the scenes and out of politics and there is always the possibility she thinks she can run in 2012. The underlying truth about her and those who withheld the truth needs to brought to light.

Jeanette said...

The transcript on blow pop palin is a link to the official transcript on the Governor's website which is either what she was supposed to say or someone making the best of what she did say. I think we need a transcript of her actual words.

For instance the official transcript doesn't mention her saying that Todd just flew in but she said it.

hrh said...

Galileo, "gamenz" certainly does track as "game ends" in this situation. Please be patient with those of us who take a little longer for that light bulb above our heads to turn on. Must be that damned testosterone! -:)

mlaiuppa said...

Parnell can't save her from Federal charges.

Whatever's coming, it would be in Obama's hands to pardon her or commute her sentence. What irony. That terrorist pal the her supporters wanted to kill.

Bretta said...

If she did adopt TriG rather than birth him, I want to see the legal documents. If the Palins put him on their insurance (through the state, not the native corporation) without appropriate documented proof that he is her son, then that is fraud. I know I'm singin' with the choir; i just want to make sure it is said.

Morgan said...

Good Sarah has posted a note on Facebook basically regurgitating more of the same nonsense she spewed yesterday. Only this time she said the media reaction in a "predictable" and "ironic" fashion. Predictable and ironic? Don't those two cancel each other out?

This woman truly is dumb as a box of rocks.

She got loads of support from her army of LIttle Soldiers, including one that said, "Maranantha." That's the one-word prayer begging Jesus to return.

I guess they're counting on a last minute save by Jesus.

Drew said...

If anyone is hoping to make a buck or two off of what they know about trig's gradmother, Sarah, they had better hop to it!

The more she gets banged around by all of the scandle's, info about her will diminish in value.

Galileo said...

Jeanette You mean the official transcript isn't official? Shocking!
Did you see the full length video?
May be some one will want to transcribe?

Morgan said...

OK. You guys talked me into it. I'll do the transcript. I cut-and-pasted the "official" one, but you're right. It doesn't fully capture her bat-shit speaking style.

wayofpeace said...

her SELF-PITY-SELF said,

"And though it's honorable for countless others to leave their positions for a higher calling and without finishing a term, of course we know by now, for some reason a different standard applies for the decisions I make."


the whole US media--conservative and liberal alike--are still trying to decipher your 'speech' in order to determine what you meant?

wayofpeace said...

from the AP: Where is Sarah Palin?

The governor didn't show up at a 50th anniversary statehood celebration. She wasn't in the Capitol's office. And no one answered the door at the governor's mansion.

The only sign of Palin came on the social networking site Twitter, where she indicated she was watching the Juneau Fourth of July parade: "Lots of celebration of Independence & Alaska's 50th Anniversary of Statehood."

But not even the parade director knew she had attended, and only a few people spotted her on the sidelines.

That left mounting questions about her plans for the future shrouded in mystery. Will she lay the groundwork for a 2012 presidential bid? Will she find a high-profile place in the private sector, maybe on the speech circuit? Will she drop out of the limelight and focus on her five children?

Her constituents, for one, wanted to know, especially in Juneau, where she has struggled to win over residents.

"I think she owes it to Alaskans to tell us why," said state Sen. Dennis Egan, D-Juneau, the son of Alaska's first governor, Bill Egan.


Juneau parade director Jean Sztuk said Palin rode a convertible last year and was invited again to this year's event. She never responded, but parade organizers drew up banners in case she showed and was willing to take part.

As the last of the parade's clowns and marching bands headed past her, Sztuk gave up on Palin. "What governor wants to be at the end of the parade?" she asked.


Palin's departure can't come soon enough for Laurel Carlton, a waitress at the Capital Cafe in the Baranof Hotel, where the city's political movers and shakers meet every morning before walking a few blocks to the Capitol.

"I think she has a game plan that's not Alaska, and hasn't been for awhile," Carlton said.

She noted Palin has a book deal, and seems headed for the national stage.

"If you're really not going to stay and do your job every day, you should leave anyway, and so the sooner the better so somebody can step in and actually do the job," Carlton said.

And as far as Carlton is concerned, Palin doesn't need to explain why she's leaving.

"We don't care. We just want her gone," she said.

B said...

Morgan said, "I guess they're counting on a last minute save by Jesus."

Would that be a blocked shot?

wayofpeace said...


July 4, 2009

Gov. Palin's legal counsel, Thomas Van Flein:

"To the extent several websites, most notably liberal Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore, are now claiming as "fact" that Governor Palin resigned because she is "under federal investigation" for embezzlement or other criminal wrongdoing, we will be exploring legal options this week to address such defamation. This is to provide notice to Ms. Moore, and those who re-publish the defamation, such as Huffington Post, MSNBC, the New York Times and The Washington Post, that the Palins will not allow them to propagate defamatory material without answering to this in a court of law."

Dinky P. said...

I believe Sherry Johnston has another court date at the end of this month. July 27th maybe? I mentioned awhile back when Rex Butler came on the scene that the Johnston family would not spill the beans until Sherry was not going to jail. That Rex would use the info about Sarah as leverage and save it for the right moment.

Also remember after the election there was rumors going around that Sarah might have been invovled in Sherry's arrest? If she used her power to shut Sherry up that could be a big no no!

B said...

By the current narrative, Dangerous was right that Bristol was not pregnant for the AHA luncheon on Feb. 15, 2008. He might say that assigning a much earlier birthday for TriG was manipulating facts to fit our "beliefs." The jury's still out.

Nevertheless, I don't miss his frequent arrogance, which diminished the value of his otherwise valid comments. I suspect he is busy writing the fictional account that he felt would convey the TriG truth.

B said...

I think the angry or nervous Palin misspoke in her speech yesterday. She meant to say that the most important people in her life were her husband and children. Then the five votes make sense, since TriG's voting makes no sense.

LisanTX said...

Here's a link to a picture of some of the Palins at the Juneau parade:

Bristol is pushing a double baby-jogger with both her babies riding. She looks cute and happy.

Jeanette said...

I have been away for a while this evening. Thanks Morgan for transcribing the speech. It will be good to have and maybe the real thing can be sent to the MSM.

Ivyfree said...

"Many people will still see Palin as a hero for being willing to raise her daughter's special-needs baby as her own, even if it involved a bizzare charade of attempting to pass herself off as the birthmother"

I agree. And that's why I think the real story isn't that she took Trig, but why she took Trig. She could easily have announced that they'd decided to adopt a special needs infant and hoped the public would respect the birth mother's privacy. It would actually have made her look good and it probably would have looked better to her followers- "See," they could say, "She didn't HAVE to adopt a child, but she did, because she believes what she says." That has to look better than, "I thought about abortion but decided not." One's a choice- the other means she's stuck.

Windy City Woman said...

What an awful speech! Can't she get a speechwriter? And a teleprompter?

SP thinks the federal debt is obscene, yet a lot of it came because of the Iraq war which she says was ordained by God. Hmm, first she thinks she’s God because she signs a letter “Trig’s holy Creator”; now she thinks George Bush is God because he started the war. Maybe she IS on drugs.

Seriously, I think there could be only 3 reasons for her resignation:

1. Some scandal which is about to be announced, or won't be announced because she resigned (a deal).

2. Some opportunity--Fox TV slot, book deal, etc.--came about and it was something she couldn't pass up.

3. She really wants to prepare to run for president by giving speeches, fund-raising, boning up on her knowledge of the issues, etc. Although I think she should have finished her term to be more credible.

sew what? said...

Van Flein's threat ("we will be exploring legal options this week") sounds very similar to this from last September:

John McCain’s campaign threatened legal action against the National Enquirer today for running a story about McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, allegedly having an affair with her husband’s business partner. "The smearing of the Palin family must end. The allegations contained on the cover of the National Enquirer insinuating that Gov. Palin had an extramarital affair are categorically false. It is a vicious lie," said McCain senior adviser Steve Schmidt..."Legal action will be considered with regard to this disgraceful smear."

Never heard another word about any legal actions against the Enquirer. Seems likely the threats are scare tactics to try and keep the MSM quiet...

midnightcajun said...

One thing that puzzles me that I haven't seen anyone address is, Why the three week gap until she actually resigns? Politicians usually resign effective immediately. What is she waiting for?

I find Sherry's court date curious, but don't see how it can fit in.

I don't picture Sarah crying in Todd's arms. That lady is royally pissed off; I do think that's what was behind the rushed speech, the quick breaths. Pure rage. You have to remember that she believes all her own lies, and she gets furious when someone doesn't believe her. Whatever is coming at her, she sees herself as the victim. She hasn't done anything wrong. And her self-confidence never cracks. She's convinced she can and will handle it, and then take off for the lower 48 to make lots of money and listen to cheering crowds.

One interesting point to remember: Sanford lost his book contract. If Sarah does get hit with a federal indictment, she could lose hers too.

Half Sigma said...

"even some Republicans will likely both breathe a sigh of relief "

All Republicans who care about the party are happy. Now we can focus on smart candidates who actually talk about the issues, like Mitt Romney.

The Editor said...

I think a federal indictment might screw up her book deal. She won't be able to talk about it in the book and no one will want to read a book that doesn't explain the real reason she left office. And, within days of her announcement - or after she leaves office, there's gonna be a s**tstorm of info as people who used to fear her come forward to spill the beans. The puff piece autobiography will soon be irrelevant when the truth comes out. Keep right on keepin' on. When you asked if you should give up the search for the truth about Trig's parentage, we all answered, "Hell no!"

Jeanette said...

Does anyone know who was where after the resignation screech? I think it is agreed that Sarah, Todd, Trig and Piper were at the screech and that Willow, Bristol and Trippe were not.

Sarah Twitters on 8:35 pm on July 3rd that she is in Juneau. Who is there and why did they go there? (I thought that I read somewhere that Todd and Sarah were going to Juneau but can’t seem to find it now.) Sarah had been asked to participate in the parade and according reports she had never said whether she would participate. (Well that is part of a pattern). She did not participate in the parade.

It doesn’t seem that Sarah has had any affinity for Juneau in the past; quite the opposite is true. It seems she pretty much moved the state governmental operations to Anchorage. So why go to Juneau?

A picture was taken of Sarah, Todd, and Bristol with a “twins” carriage with Trippe and Trig at the 4th of July parade in Juneau. It is difficult to identify Bristol but I assume it is her,

So what happened? I am asking all these questions with the understanding that Willow and Piper are not in Juneau. The general gist of the questions would be the same if they were there, but the circumstances would not be so unusual if all of the family was there.

I feel these circumstances should be considered in light of Todd not participating in a short fishing season. According to reports, Todd only came home for the “screech” and so it seems that he would have otherwise been away for all of this weekend. He is now taking time to go to Juneau rather than return to fishing. Why is that?

Was Bristol already in Juneau at the time of the screech? I don’t remember if she has any relatives there.

If Bristol was already in Juneau, why did Sarah, Todd and Trig go there rather than staying at home with the rest of the family?

If they felt it was important to celebrate the 4th in Juneau, why didn’t Willow and Piper go as well? After all of hoopah, it seems that the family would have wanted to spend some time together.

If Bristol was not already in Juneau, did only Sarah, Todd, Bristol, Trippe and Trig go there after the screech? If so, why?

If they stay, why would Sarah, Todd and Bristol need to be in Juneau on Monday? Juneau is the state capitol and maybe certain documents need to be filed there. Anyone know about Alaska’s laws and rules concerning issues relating to the Palins that might need to be filed in Juneau or might be filed in Juneau to fake out those who are watching in Anchorage.

Folks in Juneau, please watch out what the Palins are doing,

spintest said...

Noam Scheiber at TNR talked to Palin's former campaign manager (and former friend), Laura Chase. She has an interesting take on why Palin quit:

I kind of expected it. How is she going to run for president if people keep nagging at her in Alaska? ... Republicans probably had a hand in it. [Democratic State Senator] Hollis French--her nemesis on most of these issues, Troopergate--he announced an interest in running for governor yesterday or the day before. They probably want to get [Lieutenant Governor and fellow Republican] Sean Parnell set up to run for governor with a little recognition under his belt, and she runs for president anyway.

So you don't think she's done with politics--that she's just throwing in the towel?

Absolutely no way in hell. Hell will freeze over before that happens. She’s like a bloodhound. Once she gets the scent, she's never going to let it go. She gets what she wants or dies trying. She wants to be president now that she has a following. ... The thing is with Sarah, she craves adoration. And the people that were sitting there at those rallies adored her. They would walk across coals for that woman. ... Once you have a taste of that--it's like a wild dog getting a taste of rabbit. You never ever go back. Nothing is ever the same, tastes as good …

So do you think it's a case of--whenever she travels outside of Alaska, she's beloved; but whenever she's back in Alaska, she's mired in various ethics scandals and political stalemates? Maybe she just decided, I don't need this abuse...

I think it's more than that. When she comes to Alaska, everyone calls her "Sarah." Out there she’s governor--almost president-elect. She’s not Sarah. They introduce her with pomp and circumstance. Build her ego up, do that whole thing. Here, she comes back, she runs into a buch of Alaskans. It's humbling. It's nothing big to us. They don’t mind calling you on the carpet. It's nothing special. She's just one of us. But she decided she wasn’t going to be one of us…

Do you think she would have resigned if some major scandal were about to break? Would that be her likely response to something like that?

She's too stubborn to allow that. She would have just said, 'Bring it on.'

And FWIW, is reporting:

Palin attorney blasts investigation rumors

Gov. Sarah Palin's personal attorney issued a statement Saturday denouncing rumors that Palin resigned because she is under criminal investigation and threatening legal action for publishing "defamatory" material about the governor.

"I can say definitively I am aware of no criminal investigation whatsoever involving Sarah Palin. Zero," Palin's attorney, Thomas Van Flein, said in a phone interview as he attended the Fourth of July festivities on the Delaney Park Strip in Anchorage.



spintest said...

This is rich:

Palin suggests on Facebook she has 'higher calling'
Associated Press Writer
Published: July 4th, 2009 01:54 PM
Last Modified: July 4th, 2009 07:23 PM

JUNEAU -- Outgoing Gov. Sarah Palin on Saturday laid the groundwork to take on a larger, national role after leaving state government, citing a "higher calling" with the aim of uniting the country along conservative lines. A day after surprising even her closest friends by announcing she would step down as Alaska governor more than a year before her term was up, Palin was still keeping details of her plans under wrap. But in a statement posted on her Facebook account, she suggested that she had bigger plans and a national agenda she planned to push after she resigns July 26.

And Palin's lawyer is going nuts, threatening to sue Shannyn Moore for defamation:

Dangerous said...

Hello All,

It's been quite a while. Suffice it to say, I'll have more words to add soon, roughly 80,000, actually. (Congrats to 'B' on his insight, assuming 'A' didn't tip him off.)

Nobody can saw with any certainty why SP threw in the towel on her political career. It could be the VF article -- the timing seems to fit -- and her comments re Trig are non-sequiters without that context. People attacking Trig? I suppose she could see it that way.

I can say that two people I knew how were skeptical before now think we may be right about the faked pregnancy. For most people facts aren't nearly enough, but I'm glad they've come around. SP's statements and actions in the wild ride, hiding her "pregnancy", taking the VP nod, etc., etc., are not consistent with her having been pregnant, despite the efforts some have made to convince themselves (and us) otherwise. They are entirely consistent with a faked pregnancy, as are the circumstances.

But just as ridiculous to me is so many people insisting that Bristol somehow had two children, without a shred of direct evidence, and the circumstances arguing against it. MSM isn't completely stupid. If some find that arrogant ('B') so be it, but what I think is arrogant is demanding adherence to an theory that assumes facts not in evidence. I've always said that Willow could be Trig's mother, not that she is. Nothing that's happened has changed that one iota.

But I'm not going to argue that with anyone. If you want to exclude Willow on flimsy evidence, that's your prerogative. People can believe anything they wish. But belief doesn't equal Truth, no matter how much we wish it.

I've never had it in for Gov. Palin, as many of the regular contributors seem to. But her resignation is a good thing for Alaska because she's incompetent and a liar about lots of things.

I agree with speculation that the wild ride story in VF and follow- up by Andrew Sullivan could have pushed her to get out to keep MSM from asking further about it. I don't think indictments are pending against her (or MSM would know and report that) and an investigation itself would probably not be enough to get her to quit. But who knows for sure? Maybe she just got tired of it, like it wasn't fun any more, and we had nothing to do with it.

But she's aware of us. That's for sure. The swipe at us for "attacking Trig" is proof of that. Anderson Cooper asked his CNN panel about it and they all demurred.

I'll say that if this is about to break, and it turns out that Bx2 is correct after all, I'll be the first to congratulate you all on your incredible insight and detective skills, sniffing out the truth without any facts to work with. If that is the case, it will be a Truth more bizarre than I could ever create in fiction.


Diana said...

So, Sarah's non-sensical statement....

"How sad that Washington and the media will never understand; it's about country. And though it's honorable for countless others to leave their positions for a higher calling and without finishing a term, of course we know by now, for some reason a different standard applies for the decisions I make."

How did "Washington" get into the story? Washington doesn't worry about Sarah and her mis-adventures.

Sarah is such a sore loser! She is still upset over losing to Obama/Biden.

Punkinbugg said...

Hey --- glad you guys figured out those were Parnell teenagers, not Palins... (I mentioned it on the last post, but not clearly enough.)

Any hoo -- Moving on --

Have you guys noticed how she uses the word "Title" a lot in her farewell speech?

As in, I don't need a title before my name to effect change,, blah buh blah...?

Since when is placing your hand on a Bible and being sworn in as GOVERNOR of a STATE merely a "title"?

Aren't "titles" given to beauty pageant winners? As in, Miss california was forced to give up her TITLE?

She considered her JOB -- the freaking EXECUTIVE BRANCH of her STATE -- some sort of -- "title"...?!?

Vaughn said...

RE:Jeanette said @ 1:54pm

There would no millions spent by the state to search emails because you have to pay a
fee before the search is started.They can waive the fee,but you know they aren't going
to do that if the emails have anything to do with Sarah or any of her minions.
It's also against the law for them to charge anything for reviewing emails to see what
needs to be redacted.

B said...

I believe (cannot confirm) tonight (Sunday) at 8 pm CDT Fox News may rerun a Palin show from Sept. 6, 2008. I saw most of it last night. It had video footage from the taking of the stairwell photo (Audrey's Enough is Enough post). Those of you who know how to capture video may want to catch it.

maria said...

On the front page of the HuffPo, there is a AP picture of Bristol pushing a double stroller with 2 babies in it. Sarah and Todd are with her. Why would she own a double stroller if she only has one baby?? If their story is true, Sarah should be pushing her baby Trig in his own stroller and Bristol should be pushing Tripp in his? Right?? But, if Palin has 2 babies, then a double stroller would be a very practical thing to have. Very interesting picture...

NY tabloid chick said...

*** Leadfoot said...
Where is Dangerous. He should be here speculating as to why Willow wasn't at the press conference and suggesting maybe Letterman was closer to the truth than we all thought. ;)***

I figured his head was exploding at the picture of Piper, who clearly has a baby bump!!! :)

Jeanette said...

According to the LA Times, the FBI is categorically stating that they are not investigating Sarah Palin for anything. Here is the link.

I go back and forth as to the reason the screech took place but seem to keep coming back to an intervention by her children. I know others feel babygate wouldn't be enough for her to resign, but the story would be entirely different if it were told by her daughter.

And, as someone else posted, the issue isn't just that she did it, but why she did it.

Anonymous said...

An interesting thought spurred by a comment on immoral minority:

A pattern of Palin's is her being vague, unclear (or confusing) then slamming the speculations that follow, as the world tries to make sense of her obfuscations.

It is one of her favorite political maneuvers.

Trig's birth.

She makes no sense. We try to. She slams us because we try. I guess it's only way to play the game so she has a chance to win.

Anonymous said...

And if anybody doesn't think Bristol pushing a twin stroller with two babies in it isn't f****** weird, then please explain it to me. It reminds me of those blended polygamist compounds where the children don't know who their real mom is, but what the hell.

If Trig weren't yours, then wouldn't you just want to be with your OWN kid for a change than looking like the family nanny all the time.

hmmmmmmmm. . .

Anonymous said...

NYTabloid Chick: re: piper bump!

I saw it too and laughed, then scolded myself for being too cruel. Then I thought, comfort eating, poor child. Poor poor little girl.

wayofpeace said...

"Sarah Palin showed on Friday that in one respect at least, she is qualified to be president.

"Caribou Barbie is one nutty puppy."

so begins MO' DOWD's NYT column; she who made SNARK an art form:

wayofpeace said...

ALEX, thanks for this HAIKU!

She makes no sense.
We try to.
She slams us because we try.

this the most succinct explanation as to how crazy people make others go crazy.

trying to find sense of what has none, can make a sane person go crazy.

wayofpeace said...

i just saw the picture of B, T, and S at HUUFPOST.

bristol is wearing a t-shirt, which means it might be warm. but look at what SARAH is wearing: it's not just a truly ugly sweater, but it's about 3 sizes too big. it hangs on her.

someone said she looked healthy at the SCREECH, but the red jacket might just have camouflaged her weight drop. and her hair extensions also help take attention away from her neck...

travy said...

just wanted to point out that it's been reported she was reading off a teleprompter during her resignation.

at the time i thought she was clearly flummoxed, but was pulling facts and figures out of her ass better than usual. i think she and todd whipped up the speech at the kitchen table right before she gave it...

Anonymous said...

Morgan said:
"She got loads of support from her army of LIttle Soldiers, including one that said, "Maranantha." That's the one-word prayer begging Jesus to return.

I guess they're counting on a last minute save by Jesus."

This may alienate a few of you with what I am going to say, but it does scare me.

Firstly, I must tie in the 9-11 conspiracy with this in that the same handlers created and maintained Palin's image that smoothed over the rough edges of a very deliberate inside job on the American people.

Secondly, these perps are desperate and emboldened. As extreme as it sounds, there may be a fake second coming of christ in the works. I just wouldn't put it past them. If they can fake out enough people with 9-11, who knows?

Paranoid rant now shutting down, thanks.

Morgan said...

Dekay, as moderator I allowed your comment for its sheer...novelty. And because I want to say that if Sarah tries to pull off a fake Second Coming I really hope she does a better job than she did trying to pull off a fake pregnancy.

sandra said...

I think the picture with the double stroller is from an earlier event. There was a walk for some cause, and I think we saw a picture of the stroller then. I think SP went to Juneau alone (or maybe with Piper) to do the electronic equivalent of shredding. There was no one around the offices, so it was the perfect time to take care of "stuff." She did that when she found the emails her boss had been sending. She is probabkly at it again.

More Cowbell said...

How about this Palin tweet: "Critics are spinning, so hang in there as they feed false info on the right decision made as I enter last yr in office to not run again...."

How can she not see that a decision "to not run again" is not the same as a decision to QUIT???

Doubting Thomas said...
Is it just me...or does Bristol look preggers....again....

spintest said...

Alex asks, "And if anybody doesn't think Bristol pushing a twin stroller with two babies in it isn't f****** weird, then please explain it to me."

They all live together, Alex.

Bristol's living with her parents at their home. I suspect that since she's already taking care of one baby (Tripp) and everyone else in that household either has a job outside the home or is in school outside the home, Sarah's "hired" Bristol to babysit Trig.

When you have two babies in the same home, wherever one goes with the caretaker, the other one usually goes, too.

Ivyfree said...

"I want to say that if Sarah tries to pull off a fake Second Coming I really hope she does a better job than she did trying to pull off a fake pregnancy."

Oh, I don't. I hope it's a miserable failure. I said it months ago, and I don't mind repeating it. I'm here for the schadenfreude.

wayofpeace said...

BUT... is that BRISTOL behind the stroller? did you notice the really long ponytail yet? how can her her grow that long that fast.

it obviously looks like B but the hair tail is weird.