Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So Who are These Folks?

In the past, on several occasions, I've posted a photo and asked my alert readers for help in dating and/or placing the event. I have always been astonished at the speed in which we've gotten answers.

I have one today. These four people were present with Sarah Palin at a meeting at her office in Juneau we believe at some point during the winter of 2008. We have so far been unsuccessful in dating the meeting.

If any of our readers can identify any of these people it will help us date the meeting.



Anonymous said...

Mike Tibbles

Anonymous said...

Mike Nizich is the second person

Gwynedd said...

Mike Tibbles resigned as Chief of Staff as of May 1, 2008, so this meeting must have been prior to that date (unless it was transitional in nature).

Gwynedd said...

Believe I forgot to post the relevant news article re: Tibbles:

Patrick said...

A new very interesting detail regarding “babygate” has emerged.

Ivy Frye, the confidant and “right-hand” of Sarah Palin twittered today:

“@C4P ethics filer mcleod "jumped" gov palin @ gop convent last yr-- a wk b4 trig was born! i distracted mcleod so gov could get to her suv.”

In case the message gets deleted:

Now why would Ivy Frye need to distract Andree Mcleod? Was the Governor trying to keep a distance between herself and Andree for any particular reason? Was Palin having one of her "low fluid days" perhaps?

There is another interesting detail to report: I was in contact with Andree McLeod today and asked her whether she can remember this incident. She answered and explained that this encounter with Ivy Frye happened at the GOP convention which started on Thursday, 13th March 2008 at the Captain Cook hotel in Anchorage.

About this convention:

She also stresses that Ivy Frye's claim that Andree McLeod "jumped" Sarah Palin (whatever this exactly means), is nonsense (..."this is a complete falsehood intended to paint me as a dangerous person and it’s not right at all", says Andree). can Ivy Frye say that Trig was born "a week later" ??? I have the impression that not even the closest supporters of Sarah Palin can get their story straight. Interesting...!

Lilybart said...

Ivy Freye will just say that she meant a MONTH before, not a week.

My word verification is vilatifu

vital fluids?

Jen said...

Are these screen shots from the footage that has been popping up on MSNBC lately, where SP's wearing the black suit and pink scarf? The footage where she doesn't LOOK pregnant but she's wearing her "I'm disguising my pregnancy" uniform?


Lynn said...

I googled Andree McLeod to see what comes up and whether the opposition dominated the public impression of her and clicked on one of the first sites, Alaska Pride, There I read what at first seemed like fairly mild form of Palin worship but kept reading and it turned into a creepy hit piece on Andree McLeod. They did research on her and found she was born in Beirut, Lebanon and from that they decided she was a burkha wearing Muslim extremist. wow. The funny part was their conclusion that she, due to her background, was holding Palin to an extreme standard of ethics. So we should just lighten up on our ethics extremism!! Where exactly do those "family values" fit in?

Daisydem said...

So any pictures that you have not seen from that convention? I googled it, but could only find one picture on Progressive Alaska's blog following her speech. She is dressed in black (suit?) and sitting down at a desk on the stage?

mlewis said...

In regard to Patrick's interesting post: Remember some time ago when people went over Palin's calendar, and there was a period of a week or two towards the end of March where there was no activity, no travel, no appearances. Early on, that was one possible date for a premature birth because no one saw either Sarah or Bristol at this time.

How does this fit with other time lines? Well, it is possible for a really ripe, fertile woman to conceive at the beginning of April, and I count 9 months (40 weeks) to the end of December for a second birth. So, that's an unlikely but possible time frame. (We have some wiggle room here because we really don't know for sure when Trig and Tripp really born).

Another possible scenario is that the baby (Trig) was born prematurely with problems, (I'm still working with the late March birth). Wasn't there a TV interview when Sarah and Todd kept asking if anyone had heard from Bristol??

For a few weeks, it was touch and go, with baby in the ICU, or whatever special area that's designated for premature births. Another speculation regarding the "Wild Ride" is that it was a call from people in Alaska, indicating that baby Trig could be signed out. With short notice, it was a surprise that the "parents" had to sign for the child. Bristol may have entered the hospital, but after a few weeks, and some papers, Sarah and Todd were then the new adoptive papers and legally the only ones who could sign Trig out.

I can remember a long time ago when my kids were regulars at the Pediatrician's office. He usually took phone calls during certain hours before or after office hours. He interrupted our appointment to take a call saying, "You'll enjoy hearing this one." He wanted to give worried parents the good news that their premature baby had finally moved out of the danger zone. The doctor grinned when he told them, "Now, you're going to have a baby!"

In light of this personal story, I can understand that the Palins would use that date, "He's going to be all right; you can pick him up now," as the real birth date for Trig. Before then, it was such an uncertainty.

Ivy Frye would be protective of Sarah because by then, Sarah had announced that she was "pregnant." I doubt that Ivy was in on any deception; she was just protecting Sarah.

As for Bristol having an auto accident in January, it's three months before a late March delivery. With a thick padded coat, it wouldn't be noticed. In January, there are few hours of sunlight, so I am sure the low light only help hid any bulkiness. As for Bristol not showing up in court: she couldn't show up in court in Jan.Feb.March because no one was supposed to know that she was pregnant. Showing up a few months later would be hard due to weight, nursing, whatever. A lawyer just has to show up in court to get a postponement for a her.

This is just a way of taking Ivy's statement that March 13 was a week before Sarah gave birth. It's a strange statement, but Sarah could have told some people about an earlier birth date, explaining that with his precarious condition in the hospital, "We're not making any announcements until we get the all clear sign." Ivy is one of those famous Alaska workers who also worked hard at trying to get Wooten fired using high pressure tactics.

Sorry to go on so long. This is sheer speculation, giving a possible scenario to a new time line. We've considered many of these facts in the past, so it's just sort of rearranging things to fit a slightly different time line. As always, since this is a place for enlightened discourse, alternate opinions are welcome. Please weigh in with your own thoughts.

Patrick said...

Regarding Ivy Frye's twitter:

It's easy to make a "mistake" while speaking, however, it's certainly a difference to mix up "one week" and "one month" in a twitter message. I don't want to overinterpret these remarks, but it's apparent that the "confusions" about Sarah Palin's birth story will continue.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Patrick, and then Ivy Frye added that she was "genuinely concerned" for $P when that scary Republican lady Mrs. McLeod appeared menacingly around the Palin SUV? Why? Isn't $P as tough as she says she is? Field-dresses moose? Slaps fish?

Because haven't anything better to add (as do Kathleen and Gwynedd), here is the Monty Python Fish Slapping Dance:

wayofpeace said...

Jen said... "Are these screen shots from the footage that has been popping up on MSNBC lately, where SP's wearing the black suit and pink scarf?"

you're right, JEN. i remember we had a photo of SP at the table, so we couldn't see much of abdomen detail. the video clip i've seen shows her getting up and walk to her desk. we need a screen-shot of that.

KaJo said...

This is neither here nor there in helping you date the meeting those folks were at, Audrey, but I thought it was interesting to re-visit Phil Munger's Progressive Alaska blog for his March 6, 2008 entry, and look at the picture and his accompanying comments -- it's a picture we've all seen before.

Audrey said...

We have screen shots of that. I'll make sure they are posted at a URL where all can see them.

The problem is that we cannot date this. We *think* it's from some time during the winter of 2008, because Palin has a star in the window, indicating that her child is in service, something that would not have been there during the winter of 2007. She's also wearing what we have come to see as her pregnancy uniform (floppy scarf, long black jacket.) But is it January, or April? Obviously that makes a big difference to our investigation.

We've identified a meeting that might "fit," but the problem is we can see no reason there would have been a news crew present at a very mundane meeting with staff. So we are still working this. Any input is helpful.

Jen said...

The service member flag in the window of the black suit/pink scarf footage has had me confused UNTIL I remembered that Track enlisted on September 11, 2007 and had his deplyoment ceremony on September 11, 2008.... SO, if she could have been able to hang the flag once he enlisted, that flag WOULD HAVE been there during the "pregnancy".


wv: Mater (My son would LOVE that)

LisanTX said...

I think the woman on the right in the bottom picture is Karen Rehfield, who is the Director of the Office of Management and Budget. She has been present during press conferences, including the one covering the Stimulus Package. Rehfield knew more about the stimulus funds than Palin and Palin deferred to her several times in the press conference.

Kevin said...

Karen Rehfield, from Dec 2007

onething said...

I used to work with some people in West Virginia who regularly used the phrase to "jump" someone, not meaning any real physical threat, but just a verbal confrontation.

Patrick said...


Thanks a lot for your good comment!!

Yes, I also had to think immediately about this "it's a boy" conversation that Sarah had with Piper at the beginning of April 2008, after having spoken to Bristol on the phone. This conversation was included in the footage that Fox bought from the Israeli filmmaker Elan Frank (he filmed Sarah for several days around the 8th April 2008).

I have this video in my files and will upload it again, because I think it disappeared in the meantime from youtube, although I might be wrong.

It's a good idea to "revisit" this clip again.

I personally think that Ivy Frye knows very well what's going on regarding Trig - she seems to be extremely close with Sarah and her family.

There is also another bit of information which I would like to bring to your attention: On April 15, 2008 Ivy Frye asked the IT-Director of the administration how to make her yahoo account the default account on her blackberry:

Interesting timing, I would say...!

Those watchdogs with their nasty FOIA requests would have no luck in trying to find out which valuable emails had been exchanged...

KaJo said...

It's too bad a clear view of that phone console/clock cannot be seen in the video or the screen capture still shots.

I'll bet a date is on the LCD screen.

Which reminds me, isn't there a countdown clock in Palin's office, similar to the one on Regina's Palingates blog site? Does anyone know where it's located, and if any glimpse of it can be seen in the video?

sandy beach said...

The name is Karen Rehfeld, not Rehfield. Based on an google image search with the correct name, it does appear to be the woman on the right.

DH said...

Good link nilap. I had trouble with it (clipped in my browser window)... here is a shorten version:

Like others, can't believe we are supposed to believe Sarah gave birth exactly 3 weeks after this.

I wonder if Senator French might have more photos from that roll...