Monday, December 15, 2008

Elan Frank Screenshots

Many questions have been raised about these particular screenshots, and I have decided to share them here.

Because the images are taken from an online video source, the resolution is very poor compared to higher quality jpeg images that can be downloaded. Nevertheless, some detail is clear, and, with brightness and contrast adjusted to emphasize detail, what we can see is very odd.

Israeli filmmaker Elan Frank filmed Gov. Palin for four days in early April this year, 2008. I have contacted Mr. Frank's office to determine the exact dates, and have not received an answer. However, we know for a fact that one of the four days was April 8th. In other words, this footage is from approximately ten days before Trig's birth, and within one week of the "April 13" pictures that we have discussed at length.

I originally discussed one still shot available from this shoot in this post. Here is the shot. Here is a Flickr page with some larger versions of the photo. (Interesting to note that this photo was originally released by the Governor's media office, though now it's no where visible on the state website. It's also interesting to note that many places that are still showing this photo are showing a cropped version that stops just below her neck.)

In my original post on this picture, I stated that while it is clear that there IS something there, the "something" looks wrong. This looked then, and still does, like some sort of flat pad. This "tummy" lacks the taut roundness that pregnant bellies typically have by 33-34 weeks gestation. I also stated, at the time, that I was very bothered by the fact that if you look carefully at the very bottom of the photo, as her belly is silhouetted against her blue jacket (our right, her left, closest to Frank) it almost appears as if her belly is getting slimmer again at the very bottom of the picture. But if one tries to envision anatomy, you realize that this is roughly the level of her navel. Now do a Google image search for pregnant women at 33 weeks. See the problem? Pregnant bellies at this point do not look like a flat pad whose "bulk" is mostly above the level of the navel, and then get thinner below.

This screen shot was taken on the same day as the photo above, based on her outfit and accessories which are identical.

Anyone can get this same screen grab. The embedded Fox videos from YouTube are on this page of my website.

As before, at first glance, it doesn't seem like you can tell much. Just another mass of black. But even in the poor quality screen grab, there is additional data that you can't see at the median settings. But by adjusting the brightness and contrast, all of a sudden, more becomes available.

Here's an intermediate adjustment.

A delineation begins to be visible below the bottom of the belly and the legs.

Now a second adjustment.

Yes, it's hard to make out exactly what you're looking at here; the initial screen grab just doesn't have enough date to make a really clear shot. But the overall impression here is that we are looking at something that is rectangle shape. While indistinct, a clear "corner" can be seen on the left side of the belly. There is a line ... a STRAIGHT line ... at the bottom this belly that is not consistent with a normal pregnant woman's anatomy. I have personally seen thousands of pregnant women in my life. Fuzzy or not, I have never seen anything that looks quite like this.

A reader sent in this (rather odd) photo of a young woman dressed up in a costume, with a pillow under her shirt to make her look fatter. Look familiar?


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Anonymous said...

Morgan: I think that is a wise decision. We can get way off track with that one.

We seem to be focusing on this one thread, and I have a brief comment on another one, the "picture" of SP being interviewed by Andrea Gusty on April 13th. Ms. Gusty indicated to FactCheck that she owned the picture. This seems strange because obviously she didn't take the picture. It was posted on a Flickr account Erik99559. I just found another photographer named Erik. He is Erik Hill, a photographer for the ADN. I wonder if he is from Bethel (zip 99559).

sandra from oregon

Morgan said...


There have been a recent spate of comments that haven't gotten approved, due in large part to the increased frustration of both the Palinites who don't want to see what is obvious and the frustration of those here who are growing impatient trying to understand why people are wilfully ignoring the obvious.

As long as people stay on topic, their comments get approved regardless of how frustrated they are or where they stand on the issue. But when the comment consists of name-calling or other invective without a shred of substantial input regarding the topic then they just get dumped. So far we haven't had to ban anyone, so that's good. Usually when folks' comments don't make it through they wise up and either calm down or go away.

I had a reader complain about the moderation, and advised him that the next time he feels angry or frustrated he should do what I do. Write the most scurrilous comment you can. Feel free to insult your opponent which can include speculating on his inbreeding, lack of morality, absence of intelligence and probable poor hygiene. Call him every name in the book if you want. Wish a flesh-eating disease upon him if it makes you happy. But once the comment is written and you have it out of your system, rather than hitting "post" just delete it instead.

I know we all get frustrated, but ultimately we need to realize we aren't going to change everyone's mind. And those who love Sarah, for whatever reason, are probably dealing with a lot of fear at the moment, and we all know that fear breeds contempt.

The other comments that aren't getting through are being penned by a rather special group of people who are pretending to be supporters of this blog with a lurid fascination for Sarah's body. When you get half a dozen comments that are all written from the same angle it's pretty sure that someone is working from posting points specifically designed to discredit what we're doing here. Those comments consist of things like, "I can't stop staring at Sarah's crotch," or "Please post more pictures. I love Sarah's beautiful body."

I guess it takes all kinds, but really Sarah. With friends like these....


wayofpeace said...


here's the picture of BRISTOL on the tarmac...

the blurb:

"Levi Johnston (C) walks with his girlfriend Bristol Palin (R) after U.S. Republican presidential candidate John McCain arrived to attend the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota September 3, 2008.

"...The campaign has announced that Bristol is five months pregnant and plans to marry Johnston."

i find it hard to believe that she is anywhere near 5 months pregnant:

Anonymous said...

Haven't we ALL wondered if we should just stop? I sure have, because it affects the family, it deals with children, it's not a straight "policy" issue.

But then we all come back to the sorry fact that SP might have become president. That she was chosen by McCain. That she is still viewed as a viable politician (esp by herself). That she is still very dangerous. The election was not won by a wide enough margin to suit me. I wonder what might have happened if the market had not crashed right then. Remember when we thought the election might be close? That's the puzzling thing: how could so many people be attracted by the "war on brains" that Palin represented? Tooooooooo scary to imagine Palin trying to deal with the things Obama has on his plate at this moment and in the next years. That WE have on OUR plates. I want the Harvard magna cum laude addressing them, not a liar.

To me, this issue is so like the Clinton/Lewinsky case: so many people were repelled by its nature, and by that sordid stuff becoming a public issue. (I rush to add that Baby Trig is certainly a sweet innocent and his special needs status makes the lying about him and using him all the more repellent.) The parallel is that both issues were ones many thought were/are off limits, yet it is not the issue itself but the LYING that was the showstopper. Lying that was heartily denied by the perp (look at this on YouTube for a giant dose of nausea):

Bill lying:

Hill lying:

Couldn't many of us tell (intuitively, without proof, right from the beginning) that Bill's denials were a lie?

I think part of the difficulty in the SP case is that so many of us Moms have had this profound experience that changes us, and pregnancy and childbirth are not first-hand experiences for men. And out of that difference came the instant awareness of SO MANY women, me included, that they knew immediately that something was waaaaaay off: the way SP holds Trig, the lack of adoring looks at him, the Texas trip and every normal woman's frame of mind upon water breaking, the milk-pumping at night, the lack of visible signs of pregnancy (I don't mean just the abdomen, I mean the exhaustion, posture, discomfort, swelling -- all of it that every Mom remembers). As we know from this blog, plenty of perceptive men see it too, but for them it's a more rational, less intuitive perception. For Moms, it's not just the logical inconsistencies, it's nails scratching a backboard; the jab of an electric current; the pain of sugar on a bad tooth.

So I can see why the skeptics are skeptical: "You already had your mind made up, and then you went looking for the evidence." That is correct -- in my case, anyway. I was shocked at what I intuitively grasped, right from the first. Couldn't believe my own perceptions. Just like with Bill. And then I learned that so many other women had all those same feelings. Just like with Bill.


Just one more point about the MD letter. After listing for myself all the things that were odd about it, I realized that there can't be any way to "prove" that it's fake or altered. If CBJ says it's authentic, then it legally is. Even if it IS a fake or altered. Because whatever a forger would do, it is possible that CBJ might have done in order to create the letter, or might have authorized someone else to do, or approved the final letter as it was, odd features and all.

If we compare it to the old days, when Sherlock could prove that the signature was forged, the paper was not available at the time the letter was supposedly written, etc., we see how things are different with our new tools. And yet it comes down to the same thing: if the person whose testimony we are seeking claims the letter is valid, then it is. Almost 100% of the oddities can be explained away.

I challenge anyone to name ONE oddity of the letter that can't be explained away if CBJ says it is indeed her authentic letter (even if it is not and she is lying).

As we know, Dr CBJ ain't talking.

Why should she? It's a can of worms no matter what she says.

So: the letter won't have legs. And as we have seen, the varying size of the pregnancy does not convert the faithful SP supporters. So what do we have to work with?

Re the requests to SP to provide proof: why should she? the burden of proof is on others, to prove there is a problem. And time is on her side. If nothing else surfaces, in future years when she is challenged with this lie, it will be fine to say "It was all so long ago," or "I did it for the best," or "It wasn't proved back then, why dig it up now."

So we are back to the basic issue of WHY so many people support this poorly educated (in terms of national leadership requirements), mis-speaking, LYING woman with her peculiar world-view? I think it comes back to something really ugly, like "I want someone like me in office -- someone poorly educated, who can't make a sentence, who insists the world is flat. Like me."

So, Sarah, I know you are reading this. Checkmate. You've got us. For now. But we all KNOW. And you will be looking over your shoulder forever more. Not so much at us, but looking for that one person or fact that will eventually trip you up.

Who will prevail in the end -- truth or your version? We'll see.

--Amy the first

Anonymous said...

In the Elan article it says Elan was surpised, that Sarah had The Israel Flag hanging in her office!

"He was surprised by that he said." "Sarah stated that some friends gave it to her and she hung it in the Gov's office!"

I thought one of the churches she belongs to tried to degrade jews?

It is obivous what she wanted from Elan. Exposure! I doubt she had a Israel flag in her office. She bought it right before he came into town.

Sarah definiely had botox on the lips and something done to her face before this visit also. Look at the picture of Sarah with Elan and any others. There is a different look.

KaJo said...

Google is your friend, Anon. @ 2:56 PM.

Check this month-by-month rundown on Palin's attitude towards being in Washington DC and being the VP:

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo behind in reading these and can't read anymore because I have to sleep. But I do want to THANK the poster who said that a baby with DS doesn't necessarily look like they have DS at birth. I have thought that he doesn't "look" like he has DS in the early photos and many people have even speculated if he does because of that. So the article that says Willow asked about it is weird. OK, there are a million weird things about all of this, but I wanted to thank that particular mom for posting that.

I want to add that Trig is a cutie. All of her kids are beautiful. I hate that we are discussing all of this crap about them. But I do believe SP brought such hatred to this election and I'll be damned if she has a chance to run again and spread hateful rhetoric. I don't want her children to suffer because of her choices but I also don't want my son to suffer an environment of hate created by "that one" ever again.

Moms hate being judged but we are also good at judging. And in my opinion, SP has done a lot of things that offend me as a mom. If part of her "qualifications" are being a mom, then I am going to scrutinize the heck out of that just as I would her being a money-loose mayor and an absentee governor.

Admittedly, I have had some wine and so I apoligize for ranting and hope this reads well.


Anonymous said...

OK, another post from the crazy wine-o...

From what I have seen, most of the members of Flickr are avid photograpers or at least care about photography (i.e. the woman who photographed SP with her daughter where SP doesn't look pg at all). So why does Erik99559 only have these 2 photos? Why Flickr? I hate speculation based on "I would have" or "that doesn't seem normal" but for the first time, that really jumped out at me.

And if I have broken anything new on this comment, I will drink too much wine every night until we figure this whole thing out.


Anonymous said...

To Ohio Mom, who wrote:
"At first I thought that Sarah's wild ride, then bypassing two NICUs was her attempt to kill the baby."

Actually Sarah by-passed three excellent NICU's: Dallas, Seattle, and Anchorage (where her MD also practiced, in addition to Wasilla).

It makes no sense.

-- Mom to a "special needs child"

Margot said...

Hi all, I saved a lot of Palin "stuff" in my blog called

I didn't start it for conversation. I meant it to be a "box" to contain things I wanted to share with friends. You might go rummage around and see if you find anything interesting. I've sent my blog location to every newspaper I can think about and no one seems to pick up on it. Audrey's work is far better than mine. Perhaps we should start a campaign to send her site location to every news organization we can think of.

Please tell me how to find the video of the Palins going to temporary church this past.

Anonymous said...

To Margot:
It's on the KTUU website, alongside a story called "Wasilla Bible Church carries on after fire". Click on the top photo in lefthand column, where the banner says Video Gallery.
Here's the actual link:

regina said...

To Anonymous 2:56pm December 17th:

The date of the famous "What does the vp do?" video is July 31st.

Anonymous said...

In a Dec. 17 at 330 post Morgan said the only emails not posted were ones containing invective or lewd comments. This is misleading. I sent in a post yesterday questioning the point of focusing only on the pregnancy issue rather than other matters of official misconduct. I pointed out that lying to the media is not a crime and that Palin is under no obligation to release a birth certificate. My email was not posted. I wonder how many similar ones are ignored. You are turning Palin into a martyr.

luna1580 said...

@ anon 9:01am,

perhaps your other post was not published because the POINT of this particular blog is the "(probable) deception" involved in the birth story of trig palin.

not to put words in her mouth, but from reading and posting here i've gathered that audrey is a lactation expert who has also attended many births, and chose to focus on these issues due to personal interest and expertise combined.

since questioning the whole stated focus of the blog adds nothing productive to the discussion, perhaps this is why your comment wasn't published.

if you want to start your own blog about some other palin issue of interest like her house, her charging the state "per diem" cost of living to stay in her own home, flying her children to events on the state dollar when they aren't even invited, the fact that there were two trooper-gate/abuse of power investigations and only one cleared her, etc. go ahead.

if you start a quality blog based on evidence and grounded debate i'm sure many here would visit it.

if you just want audrey's blog to go away because you disagree with it then just stop reading it, you'll feel better.


Quincy said...

If it quacks like a duck...err, pillow - it's a pillow.

Anonymous said...

What caught my eye in the 'reporters' report from the hospital, besides the fact that she thought Bristol 'did not look like she delivered a baby several hours ago' was that she actually never got to SEE SP...
SP was supposedly 'sleeping in another room'. So, her 'report' was actually hear-say!

Anonymous said...

On December 17, 2008 4:37 AM
Anonymous said...
Take a look at this Sarah Palin is up for a raise! Unbelievable. I can not believe Alaska.
Well, in true SP fashion, she handselected the little committee. They could not *NOT* give her a raise...

Anonymous said...

Please investigate the possibility of the baby Trigs mongloidism as a possible result of either parent taking the drugs of Levi's Mother.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... very interesting indeed. Wasn't this just like Desperate Housewives where Bree faked being pregnant to save face?? The truth is bound to come out. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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