Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Nail in the Coffin

Since Sarah Palin was chosen to be John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate, there has been controversy surrounding Trig Palin's birth and parentage. There is no need to rehash old material here; it's available (probably ad nauseum) on this website and blog, as well as numerous other places. To summarize ever so briefly, within 24 hours of the announcement of Palin's nomination, allegations were sweeping the Internet that Sarah Palin was not Trig's biological mother, but in fact she had faked a pregnancy to cover for her teen-aged daughter Bristol. On September 1, to counter these allegations, the McCain campaign released the information that Bristol was then "five months" pregnant, which would have precluded her giving birth in April. Their thinking was oh so simple. "Prove" that Bristol could not be Trig's mother, and then Sarah must be. No-brainer.

This position splintered this controversy into two prongs: one focusing on Bristol Palin, and a second focusing on Sarah Palin. It was always been the goal of the McCain campaign that the focus be on Bristol, in spite of their pious protestations that "children of candidates should be off limits," because framing this story to be about Bristol as much as possible would keep attention off of where it belonged, on her mother. Not one shred of concrete evidence has ever been released to demonstrate that Sarah Palin is Trig's biological mother. We have received one incredibly suspect letter from her physician (which among other things did not even get all of the birth years of the four older Palin children correct.) It does not state explicitly where Trig Palin was born (though it helpfully tells us where he could have been born), when he was born (well, actually, it says 2008), or who actually delivered him.

Since I began researching this in mid-September, I have focused on both prongs. If Sarah Palin is not Trig's biological mother, and I do not believe she is, he must have come from somewhere. Bristol Palin IS the most likely possibility, and I have discussed her and her whereabouts during the time of the Trig pregnancy on more than one occasion. I also have written about her current pregnancy, which I do believe is real, just not nearly as far advanced as has been put forth.

I've also tried, however, to keep the focus where it really belongs, and has belonged all along, the McCain campaign's bait-and-switch not withstanding: on Gov. Palin. Unfortunately, I have known for a very long time that proving that Sarah Palin was not Trig's mother was going to be difficult. One of two things would have to happen.

1. Someone who knew the truth was going to have to talk. This could either have taken the form of actual "talking," or providing some record - like a medical file - that would have proved the point.
2. Some piece of verifiable photographic evidence would have to become available that would unequivocally show that she was NOT pregnant at a point in time where she would simply have had to "look" pregnant. Photos and first hand testimony were replete from earlier during the pregnancy (the period say, from 25-30 weeks) which showed no evidence of pregnancy, but these have been discounted by naysayers, citing, among other things, tight abs and "fashion-assisted" camouflage. We needed something later, something from a point of pregnancy where biology would require that Gov. Palin "look" pregnant.

I believe we now have that piece of photographic evidence.

The date is Wednesday, March 26, 2008. How do we know this? We have as the starting point that the photographer states that this is when the photo was taken. So where was Gov. Sarah Palin on that date? Quick Internet research shows us the following: An event was held at the Alaska State Museum in Juneau, for Gov. Palin to sign House Bill 259, which established the first week of March as Alaska History Week. Here's a link from the Alaska state website discussing the event. Here's a news video. The clothing and jewelry that Palin is wearing matches. This date is correct.

Gov. Palin would have been 32-33 weeks pregnant at this point, based on a due date of May 15th.

Here is the photo. (You can click on it to see a much larger version.)

I cut out the area of her midsection for easier viewing. Here it is.

There is absolutely no way that this woman gave birth to a 6 lb 2 oz baby only 23 days later. A belly at 32-33 weeks is an entity. It is taut, round, has weight, feels and looks "real." It is, after all, a fluid-filled muscle. At 32-33 weeks, uterus, placenta, amniotic fluid, and baby weigh around 8 lbs. This is the same as a small bowling ball. Go fill a water balloon with roughly 3 quarts of fluid. That will be smaller than a 33 week pregnant uterus in terms of size and weight. There's nothing like that in the picture above. There is no sign of pregnancy here whatsoever. There is no baby.

For comparison, here are some 33 week pregnant bellies. I got these randomly by searching on Google images for... 33 week pregnant belly. Do it yourself. There are lots more. I purposely selected several that I think are a good mix, and quite average. Believe me, some people are a whole lot bigger by 33 weeks!

So what DO we see is in the picture above? I (and about eight other people) have looked at this picture extensively over the last 48 hours. I am sure others here will have their own opinions but here is what I, with my associates, have come up with.

Pregnant bellies have a fullness and tightness and roundness that is completely lacking from Palin's physique. It appears to me as if she is wearing a band of some sort. Look carefully at the area below her breasts. The fabric of the gray knit top bunches for about two inches, then abruptly becomes quite flat and smooth. In fact, there is an area that is uniformly smooth and consistently about 5 inches wide from the left lapel of the coat to the right. There is a lighter square of some sort which plainly shows through the thin gray knit fabric. A pad? A label on the band? I have no clue. However, I suspect that this band may have been intended to ride much lower and pushed up accidentally prior to the snapping of the photo. I believe that she was wearing the band to hold in place some sort of fake pregnancy pillow or small pad.

This lighter section ends very uniformly with a straight line ... it's obviously a square of some sort... about an inch and a half from the right lapel, at which point the "band" is darker. One of my associates has suggested that this might be velcro of some sort or some other kind of closure.

Then, right at the level of the button you can see on the right lapel of the coat, there is a darker band, also running from left to right, very straight, very consistent. I believe that this may be the waistband of the trousers (or possibly skirt, I can't tell) that she is wearing. Below that point, the fabric of the top again bunches up loosely, to the point at which the shirt ends and the black slacks (or skirt) begins. Her lower belly is flat. The fabric bunches loosely to the right side. I think she may have her left leg slightly in front, which accounts for the odd fold of fabric at the very bottom of the picture. (And in case you're wondering, I do not know what the white dot is. I believe it might be a piece of lint on her clothing.)

I'll say it again. Thee is no way this woman gave birth to a 6 lb baby 25 days later. There is also no way that this

became this

in eighteen days.

What will the skeptics shout?

1. She does look pregnant.

No she doesn't. There are those out there who could be shown a video of someone else literally pushing the baby out and Sarah Palin catching him who would still insist that Sarah Palin is Trig's mother. We can't speak to those people. If you think there's a prayer of a chance that she could be 33 weeks pregnant in this photo, you are probably one of them.

2. This photo has been altered in some way.

There is always that possibility. I am no photoshop expert. However, we have discussed the concept of hoaxing before regarding photos. This photo was not sent to me. We found it. It's posted on a personal (but still public) home page in a series of several hundred other pictures from the same vacation. If someone creates a hoax, it's because they want something, they intend to achieve some goal or objective. This photo has been posted since late March or early April, before Trig's birth, with no fanfare and no comment. How do you create a hoax before there's even a controversy? Why would you create one, and then leave it lie until someone just happens to stumble upon it? Neither of these premises makes sense.

So what was she thinking of? Why appear in public with so shoddy an attempt to look pregnant? First, I do think she was wearing some limited "fake pregnancy" item. Whether it's a homemade pad or what, I can't tell. I believe that it is intended to be held in place by a band, which could be something a lot like this

I believe the band rode up during the course of the event and she did not realize it. I also find it quite unusual that she is wearing what is obviously a winter coat indoors, both through the signing of the bill (look at the news video) and for this photo-op. This is NOT a suit jacket or a blazer. This is a heavy winter outdoor coat. I wonder if she had intended to leave it on and closed throughout the event, but for this unscripted private photo, she was careless. We may never know, but I certainly think this is possible.

Is this the nail in the coffin? I believe so. It is a datable photo, taken less than one month prior to Trig's birth, in which Gov. Sarah Palin is clearly not pregnant.

What will happen now?

I don't know.


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Anonymous said...

Could she look pregnant in this photo? Maybe. Could she look 32 weeks pregnant. No way. No reasonably informed person could say otherwise. Period. End of story. Mom of One, Esq.

Anonymous said...

@rhymes with right:
but there's the picture of Palin with the BIG bump 18 days after the picture of her with none. Sorry, your experience doesn't apply.

Anonymous said...

You are delusional and clearly obsessed. Pregnancies, like women, are completely diverse and unique to the woman.

I could show you a picture of my college roommate who was pregnant in high school but had no idea she was until she was eight months pregnant. This isn't to say there weren't signs my roommate ignored, but you can see clearly in her prom picture, which was taken shortly after she found out, that she wasn't showing, AT ALL.

Seriously, get a grip.

Anonymous said...

Rhymes with Right. I have been on your webpage.....I recommend readers of this page to have a look and make up their own minds about your unbiased information. Click on the name Rhymes with Right at 8.05pm.

So let us have pictures of this second miracle pregnancy so we can jusge for ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Rhymes with Right:

Let's grant your claim that Palin could have gone through her alleged pregnancy with Trig without "any significant baby bump." But how, then, do you explain other things: Like the photograph which clearly shows her wearing some sort of elastic wrapping? The fact that in her previous pregnancies she had a large belly just like any other pregnant woman? Her preposterous story of stop/start labor while flying home from Teaxs? One can agree with you that the photograph might not be conclusive as a sole piece of evidence. But in the context of all the other things we KNOW (some of which Palin told us!), the photograph is really quite compelling. I would like to see the skeptics come up with alternative rational explanations for all the mysteries surrounding Trig's birth. But they seem unable to do this. Many of them find it easier to attack Palin's questioners.

Isn't this simply the tactic of killing the messenger?

Anonymous said...

Andrew. Of course the fact that SP lied is relevant - she and others are hoping that she will be nominated to run for the GOP in 2012. For them the campaign has already begun. I recommend TEAM SARAH to you as a site worth visiting. These people venerate SP in a very scary fashion akin to the worship of Hitler. To them she can do absolutely no wrong and they wpould love for her to be President. So, this is why this issue is important and cannot just be shelved. Sarah Palin is a liar and a fraud amd her personality borders on narcissim. Do we really want her finger hovering over the button?

Anonymous said...

Rhymes with right:

I forgot to add that Palin could not have gone through the entire pregnancy without any "significant baby bump," because we have photographs of her which show her to be heavily pregnant, as any late term woman would ordinarily be. So in fact in order for her to be Trig's mother, the baby would have had to have grown substantially in 23 days. It's of course possible that this actually happened, but it's not very likely. Indeed, wouldn't it be something of a medical curiosity?

Anonymous said...

Sullivan just provided this photo to his readers.

Anonymous said...

that's right, andrew, not only did our guy win the election, but we're going to send your lying, dissembling, fabricating snow princess back to Alaska and keep her there. sorry, dude, but it's gotta be done.

Anonymous said...

So my wife was 7 months pregnant, in the semi-finals of a major tennis tournament (lost) and the gal she was playing never new my wife was pregnant. You couldn't tell she was pregnant, unless she wanted you to know.
My wife was 5'6", and weighed 125 lbs.
These pictures mean nothing...I laugh at the "truthers" and their foolish claims..."look I have a picture".
And you women should be ashamed, you know better...

Anonymous said...

God, you people need to get a life.

The reporter in the picture of an obvious pregnant Palin said Sarah was pregnant. In "the" picture, her face is obviously pudgier than it was during the campaign.

If this were true, the MSM would be all over it. They don't spare even the most embarrassing story when a Republican is involved. They aren't.

Otherwise, I vote EVERY female politician who is pregnant must undergo a public prenatal exam and ultrasound, just to make you nutters happy.

Funny how liberals want a "right to privacy" when women go to Planned Parenthood, but that you practically demand front-row seats and full-color photos from the birthing room because of Palin.


Anonymous said...


turtle said...

It's amazing how far into things you are willing to look. I'm one of those who think she looks pregnant in that photo, and I've seen bellies get huge in the last few weeks. But I'm not one of the crazies you're speaking about, and I do think Sarah Palin is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

people, people, people: all of you with wives and friends and significant others whose pregnancies never showed: FIFTH pregnancies? Didn't show one day and showed like crazy 18 DAYS later? Had their water break and didn't have a doctor check their dilation before flying a distance equal to that from Texas to Alaska? Come on. It's the whole picture we're looking at here, you can't undo it with one thin pregnant woman.

This is how the defense got O.J. Simpson acquitted for murder, now that I think about it. They focused on details--gloves that didn't fit--until the jury's minds melted and the whole picture, the real picture, disappeared. Trees and forest, if you will.

NOT saying Todd and Sarah adopting this baby from whomever gave birth to it is a crime, it may be a good thing. But you're using Johnny Cochran tactics to try to turn our attention from the plain facts.

Anonymous said...


Here's a deal...

How about we get complete access to original birth certificates for Trig Palin AND Barack Obama?

That seems reasonable.


Anonymous said...

People keep posting comments about how their wife, their roommate, their coworker, etc. was pregnant and didn't show. How many of those women: 1) were in their 40s for the non-showing pregnancy, 2) were pregnant with their 5th child but NOT showing in late pregnancy, 3) had previously had other pregnancies in which they had HUGE visible bellies, 4) went from not showing at all to suddenly having a big belly in a space of about 3 weeks and then 5) suddenly became NOT so visibly pregnant that they were able to fly from Texas to Alaska, in labor, without the flight attendants noticing?

Really, unless your wife, friend, roommate, coworker, sister's friend's niece, etc can fit all of those categories, your "experience" doesn't match Sarah Palin's "pregnancy" and it does not PROVE that Sarah Palin was pregnant.


Anonymous said...

Rhymes--I'd be willing to be that your coworker was having her first child and not her fifth.

Anonymous said...

If my former colleague could go full term without any significant "baby bump", so could other women -- including Gov. Palin.
Sorry, Rhymes with Right, your argument only works when you're comparing like with like. Was this your co-worker's fifth pregnancy? No? With each pregnancy, the abdominal wall becomes more elastic. Who has ever heard of a woman being able to conceal her fifth pregnancy? Palin's is a historic first.

Anonymous said...

First, let me say that I agree that the whole Palin pregnancy story is fishy. I also should say that I am currently pregnant with my third child, so I have a fair amount of personal experience with the physical/biological changes of pregnancy.

That said, I think there is another possible explanation for the relative lack of belly in this photo. It appears to me that Palin is bending over at the waist to give the girl a slight hug as they are photographed. If that is true, then her abdomen would be tucked back, giving the appearance of a flat plane between her breasts and her belly. Were she to stand upright again, her belly would protrude to its normal position. Honestly, despite my skepticism about the whole fishy story, this is what I perceive in the photo.

One more thought about the mysterious band. It could be one of two things: a fabric band like this designed to smooth the appearance of one's protruding belly button (I wear one now if I am going to wear a sheer or form-fitting top), or a support band like this designed to alleviate lower-back pain caused by pressure exerted on the spine by the pregnant belly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this blog -- and the comments. They're some of the most ridiculously awesome things I've read in awhile.

Zoomed in photos of pregnant (OR NOT?!11!??) abdomen shots? Delusional comments about this "analysis" being the nail in the coffin which launches the political destruction of a sitting governor? Fabulous!

Who needs Deep Throat -- we've got Palin belly and boob shots!

hrh said...

Good grief, Gertie, did you see that photo of Palin at Sullivan's site that shows her EXTREMELY pregnant? Oi veh!

Do women who have multiple pregnancies always look the same with each pregnancy? Meaning, do they "show" the same with each during the same trimester?

Anonymous said...

Annie: "4) went from not showing at all to suddenly having a big belly in a space of about 3 weeks and then 5) suddenly became NOT so visibly pregnant that they were able to fly from Texas to Alaska, in labor, without the flight attendants noticing?"

Good observation (esp. #5). If she went in a real pregnancy from not showing to ballooning in a 3 week period, she would have had excrutiating back pains, and her stance would not be that much at ease. She probably would have had other problems, too - our bodies are not made to accommodate that huge increase w/o revolting some way or another! She definitely would have put her hands on her back quite often to soothe the backpain, and would have bent a bit backwards to compensate for the huge weight up front.

jeanie said...

To Anonymous at 11:05 (circa comment 218 on this thread): It could be a support band like your links show, except that it is resting directly on top of, or even above, where the bulge of the belly should be, rather than supporting it from below - where it should be to serve its intended purpose.

GraceR said...

The picture of SP VERY pregnant on this site and others is SP pregnant with her first child (so I've seen almost everywhere). To me, she looks like she could be suffering some toxemia, as I did (which is more common with a first pregnancy). Are there any other pictures of Palin pregnant with her 3 daughters? It would be very interesting to compare. The only thing I've seen about the other pregnancies is that the babies all weighed 8 1/2 lbs. and more (this was where they were saying how easy Trig's birth was for SP as he was "only" 6 lbs.).

GraceR said...

I will preface a response to Annie by saying that I do have my suspicions but am trying to approach this story from all angles. I agree with just about everyone that REAL medical records would settle it, but I can also see why a woman would not want all her intimate medical records released. That said,here is part of Annie's post:

"People keep posting comments about how their wife, their roommate, their coworker, etc. was pregnant and didn't show. How many of those women: 1) were in their 40s for the non-showing pregnancy, 2) were pregnant with their 5th child but NOT showing in late pregnancy, 3) had previously had other pregnancies in which they had HUGE visible bellies, 4) went from not showing at all to suddenly having a big belly in a space of about 3 weeks and then 5) suddenly became NOT so visibly pregnant that they were able to fly from Texas to Alaska, in labor, without the flight attendants noticing?"

I can answer personally the following:
1. yes
2. yes, but it was my 4th child
3. definitely yes
4. yep, pretty much (and it was a shock)
5. uh...defnitely NO...but I don't know if the flight attendants didn't notice---they just said that SP was "not in any distress"

See my earlier post about my experience, parts of which I am not so proud of.

Craig said...

This obession is at best, goofy, and at worse, sad. Ask OB/GYN's about this and they will tell you it is not at all unlikely that this pictorial and incidental "evidence" would still fit a profile for Sarah to be the mother.

I suppose all the Alaskan media, who saw her every day and would L-O-V-E a scoop regarding a coverup, collectively have missed this one? I read recently of a local reporter who said it was obvious that she was pregnant.

No disgruntled former staffer or political opponent who will give a "Deep Throat-like" tip? Please.

Her doctor is cool with facing the losing of her medical license by giving a false report of Sarah's history?

Why not at least acknowledge the other side of the coin if you really just want the truth?

Step out of the bubble and join the rest of the world. Cover-ups happen, but this ain't one of them.

Craig said...

Oh, and medical records and birth certificates will NOT end it for those determined to find a lie. Whatever is released will be proclaimed as falsified.

And so it will go.

Anonymous said...

I am getting so tired of people wanting to see Obama's Birth Certificate -- it's out there. It has been released to the public and verified. UGH!!! Do we need to slap you in the face with it! Here it is you lazy trolls:


christmasghost said...

You are truly insane. Good God, is this all you have to do?
Seriously, if this is all you have to do then I have a suggestion for you. Why don't you find Obama's birth certificate? You know, the one he has sealed, the one that no one has ever seen because he wasn't born in this country?
How about that? Don't you think that is probably just a wee bit more important than trying to prove that a teenager gave birth to a down syndrome child? Why don't you google the odds of that, huh?
And IF you were to prove that Trig wasn't Sarah's baby [which he is you complete dolt] then what would that give you?
How about the real missing in action piece? Non citizen Obama's birth cert.

Anonymous said...

Now maybe she is qualified to handle the duties of President if those include Bluffing taxpayers into thinking private labor traded for cash is considered "income" as far as the IRS definition is concerned, when in fact their's limits "income" to federal sources like military or Postal workers, etc. Google TruthAttack.org Tom Cryer is the lawyer that beat them at their own game. Appleness

Rhymes With Right said...

Based upon the above comment, I suppose that you must also accept the argument that Obama wasn't born in the US since he hasn't released HIS original birth certificate either.

After all, Barack Obama could have released it by now if it said what he wanted it to say -- and he hasn't.

See how nutty your little conspiracy theory is?

GraceR said...

Actually, if Pres.-elect Obama's birth certificate had been verified and were a non-issue, then the US Supreme Court would not be hearing the case. The certificate released by him is not an official Hawaiian birth certificate from what I understand in reading the lawsuit (actually there are about 9 of them). Clearly a much more important matter for the entire nation (and world) but not the subject of this blog. There are hundreds of other blogs addressing that issue.

Personally, I don't know why he just doesn't release his real Hawaiian birth certificate and save thousands in attorney's fees as well as all the speculation---much like why doesn't he and SP release their medical records? Are politicians just that stubborn?

Anonymous said...

Any birth certificate issued by the state is official. We ordered three for my son and could order more at any time. I do not have mine but could order one at any time.

I think the issue at the heart of the SC cases are about the fact that his dad wasn't American and they question if that makes Barack not really American.


Anonymous said...

@GraceR--the Supremes declined to hear the case. It's a non-issue. Deal with it.

jeanie said...

We're totally digressing here, but this link should clear up any doubts about Obama's citizenship - he certainly meets one of these requirements.


Anonymous said...

Question somewhat off topic: Why has SPs doc lost her rights to practice at Ma-Tsu Hospital?

Anonymous said...

Full disclosure.

I am a conservative. 'A paleo-conservative', not a 'neo-con'.

I am more likely than not to vote Republican, but not always. John McCain was not my top pick for the nomination. 'K?

Ron Paul would have probably been my choice for the Repub nomination, but I digress.

Let's look at the Trig/Daughter/Sarah pregnancy issue.

It seems to me that you may have something here, but in an attempt to help you all see the forest for the trees, let me speculate for a moment.


/speculation mode on

1) In early 2008, Palin was a governor of Alaska. Not a clue as to the way her year would unfold.

Her daughter pops in and tells her, 'Oops, Mom, I'm preggo. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna have an abortion!'

2) Sarah is not a fan of abortion and tells her daughter that if she will have the baby, Sarah will raise it, and promises to *never*, *ever* tell -anyone- about the daughter's pregnancy. Daughter *trusts* her Mom and says OK.

If you think this is an extremely rare event in some family situations, then I believe that you are incorrect.

3) During the months leading up to the birth, the daughter conveniently gets 'sick' w/Mononucleosis and is out of sight for a while.

Sarah uses pillows or whatever to 'enhance' her waistline as the daughter's pregnancy moves along.

She makes a mistake or two in not adding the proper padding in the few weeks leading up to the birth and being the Governor she is photographed in various stages of 'pregnancy'.

The baby is born.

4) Enter John McCain with an offer.

She either told McCain that Trig was hers, or she told him the truth.

My guess is that she didn't tell him at all.


Whatever happened from then on is _very_ public knowledge as she was scrutinized 10X heavier than any VP candidate in my 66 years on this planet. re: This Trig 'investigation' for example.

5) And that brings us to now.

Do the Trig-Truthers REALLY want Sarah to go on national TV and say the following?


Sarah goes on TV (and it is replayed and discussed ad nauseum on every TV channel, YouTube channel and Blog in the world for many days-weeks to come.).

She says this:

"My fellow citizens, Trig is my daughter's child. I am raising him and I couldn't be more proud."

"As her Mother, I *promised* my daughter I would keep silent about her pregnancy if she would allow our beautiful baby Trig to be born."

"*I* took on the reponsibilty of our beautiful child and by doing so, I indirectly gave him life. I would have not done anything differently than what I did. I would do it all over again."

"I believe in life."

"Not even the incredible privilege of running for VP caused me to break my oath to my daughter, who isn't really pregnant now, BTW." [winks]

"My love for my *family* and our *trust* in each other is paramount, and the only reason I am relating this story, now, is that my daughter wants the truth to be known and has released me from my oath to her, which I would *never* break. Period."

"I truly hope you understand."

[big grin] "Golly! Here's Trig now!"

[family walks out to join Sarah. Hugs all around. One tiny tear rolls slowly down little Piper's face as she smiles and proudly hands Trig up to her Mom and her sister.]


"God bless America and God bless my loving beautiful family." [Wide shot. Family waves and smiles. Fade to black.]

/speculation off

Is that REALLY what you want?

You'd better be careful what you ask for, you might get your wish, and Gov. Palin's popularity would SOAR.

In my opinion, of course.

Forest and Trees.


Anonymous said...

One of these people know the truth:


Anonymous said...

E. McKillop,Governor Palin knew that her baby had Downs Syndrome, she had to have had amniocentesis. In some cases amniotic fluid continues to leak explaining a less visibly pregnant belly. She gave birth 3 weeks early according to her doctor. The pictures, even if not retouched, show a heavier Palin. Why don't you people get a useful hobby, like maybe gardening, since an Obama presidency will cause a depression.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous at 2:16 AM, paleo-conservative: thanks. Legitimate food for thought. Frankly, I don't think I agree, I don't think Palin's brain works that way. That would take more discipline and intelligence than she has shown--viz. the Couric interview, the NYC shopping sprees, etc. But, food for thought. Good post.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've read your blog, yet I've also followed the trail of "who is Trig's real mom?" While I would like to believe that Sarah is, (do the math on Bristol having a due date for another baby 7 months from the date of Trig's birth) I also believe that some things about the pregnancy and birth are very, very odd.

Bringing up another comment that makes me feel bad to say so, has anyone thought about the risks she took while carrying Trig and that maybe she thought he might not make it to birth? I read some of her comments about carrying a Down Syndrome baby and put them here in quotes.

"When we first heard, it was kind of confusing," Palin, 44, said.
"Not knowing in my own heart if I was going to be ready to embrace a child with special needs," she reveals, "I couldn't talk about it."
"She called the revelation "very, very challenging" and said she initially felt sad."

You've all brought up the continued exercising, the fast walking, wearing high heels, drinking coffee, traveling from Texas to Wasilla, Alaska to deliver. I just wonder, in doing all sorts of strenous activities, did she ever think that, if this baby doesn't make it, it will be God's Will, but I'm NOT going to change my ways.

An earlier poster said that she continued a strenous exercise program despite being unexpectedly pregnant. I wonder about Sarah's mindset during the pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Forest and Trees has a good point. It would not be too difficult for a good screen writer to set this up. Something will have to happen if Bristol doesn't deliver by the end of this month.

SP would come out looking like a very devoted and selfless mother. With careful governing and getting lots of money for Alaska she would regain the support of her state and be ready again for the national scene.

I wonder how "hot" she will be in 2012 with a bunch of grandchildren. That will require a new director of staging.

I certainly hope that Trig's special needs will get the attention they deserve with education and therapy. It could play out in a positive manner.

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

"E. McKillop,Governor Palin knew that her baby had Downs Syndrome, she had to have had amniocentesis. In some cases amniotic fluid continues to leak explaining a less visibly pregnant belly."

I believe Audrey could speak with more expertise on this subject, but my understanding is that if an amnio done in early/mid-pregnancy causes amniotic fluid to leak, you will be on bedrest. Period. You would NOT be flying all over the country, running hills in Juneau, going back and forth between Wasilla, Anchorage and Juneau, etc.

Oligohydramnios, or low amniotic fluid, CAN cause a belly to appear smaller. I had oligihydramnios for part of my pregnancy, as well as 9 months of morning sickness, which limited my weight gain. BUT, I was still visibly pregnant with a huge belly. It was OBVIOUS that I was pregnant. It's not obvious that Palin was pregnant. Oh, and until my fluid level increased, I was on a reduced activity level, had to work from home several days a week, no exercise, plenty of rest, weekly monitoring, etc.


Eva said...

Re Anon Dec 6 2:16am

Speaking for myself - yes that is what I want. I agree that the situation that is being posited here on this blog is very common in a lot of families and to those that want to keep it private have a right to do so.

In my opinion if what you suggested did happen in the Palin house then SP should have made the decision to either not seek any further office or to tell the truth from the beginning. If she had made a brief but vague statement that there would be an addition to the family, that the baby will be loved as much as the other children, etc, I believe that not one person would be criticizing her about it. NO ONE. She wouldn't even have to mention where the child came from. There would be some whispering but in the end the teenager's privacy would be respected. I don't believe anyone here wishes to harm the teenage girl in this situation.

We all have decisions to make in this life and I don't believe you can always have things your way. I do believe that she lives in a small isolated world and maybe she thought she could get away with it and now she is paying for that decision.

The interest in this issue will not go away and given that the best decision was not made previously she should just come clean.

We do forgive our politicians and the sooner this is put to rest the sooner she can go about claiming her desired position as national figure. Although I don't think she can make it on the national scene as a legitimate candidate. I believe our governer will blow her out of the water in 2012, but this blog is not the place for that discussion.

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody,

it's great to see many new participants here on this site.

I would encourage anyone to continue to search for pictures and further material. There are still lots of open questions, and it should be obvious now to anybody with a clear mind that Sarah Palin has got many secrets to hide. For me it was a revelation to learn from Andrew Sullivan's latest blog that the Palin camp is not able to provide a SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER which could support the claim that Sarah Palin is the biological mother of Trig. Apart from the statement of Cathy Baldwin-Johnson from the 3rd November, of course (who strictly gives no interviews about that matter at all). And why is that? Because there is simply nothing to hand over. Sarah has never given birth to Trig.

By the way, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson wasn't always that shy! In this article from 2002, she proves to be a real chatterbox and seems to have no problems at all to talk to the press:


There is another thing I would like to point out: In this medical statement about SP which was published one day before the election on 3rd November 2008, signed by Cathy Baldwin-Johnson...

...the link is here:


...there is an obvious mistake, which has never been explained or corrected and of course never been investigated by the MSM (...they are just cowards...sorry). The BIRTH DATE of Piper is obviously WRONG!

Officially, Piper was born on the 19th March 2001.

In this document, it says that Piper was born in 2000, which is an apparent mistake...or isn't it? Well, we don't know yet, because the MSM obviously believes that SP is bonkers and hands out wrong statements, even if they are of utmost importance and very carefully crafted. But what is the real birthdate? Would somebody make such a bad mistake in such an important document, which was obviously prepared over the course of several weeks?

Another point: We were lucky to find the picture(s) from 26th March 2008. What we now really need are more pictures from previous pregnancies of Sarah Palin. So far, we haven't got any apart from this one...


...which was officially provided by the Heath family (Sarah Palin's birthname) to the Associated Press. It is reported to show Sarah Palin in 1989 during her first pregnancy.

She looks on this picture like she is smuggling a bowling ball, if I may borrow this expression from a previous posting.

It would be incredibly helpful to find pictures which show SP during previous pregnancies, for example with Piper. During this time, SP was already the mayor of Wasilla. There MUST be pictures somewhere. I am sure that Audrey would be incredibly grateful to receive some of those...! ;-)

Everybody, please keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Well if nothing else Babygate has probably interested a considerable number of people in pursuing some sort of maternal care type of health career !

But this is STILL SO important. Just today a middle aged guy who I thought was pretty level-headed was going on about how great Sarah would be as President because all Obama was doing was talking . . . hello, he's not even president yet and I think his transition team is doing amazing things !

There is this whole other world where Sarah rules.
Yikes. When people look at her and see such different things, I really wonder about the nature of perception . . .

Craig said...

How can anyone suggest that hiding the pregnancy of one's daughter and pretending you are the one who is pregnant (and also including doctors and hospitals in on the charade) is not a highly unusual and bizarre thing for families to do?


And why agree to hide a daughter's pregnancy (and her desire for secrecy) at the Statewide-level, but turn around and announced that same daughter's (fake?) pregnancy on a national-level? If it was a good idea already to hide a pregnancy in the media spotlight of the political arena once, why not keep it up some more? Why would a daughter desire secrecy in Alaska media for her "real" pregnancy, but be cool with the attention of a "fake" pregnancy in a world-wide spotlight?

That makes zero sense logically.

And if Palin came clean and admitted a huge fraud upon the public, which includes her devoted supporters who believed her, she would NOT have soaring popularity. Instead it would be anger at being duped, and a plumeting approval rating (and heated calls for resignation).

And when Bristol does have her baby in a few weeks (based on her full-term due date), will people finally be willing to accept the truth regarding what that will mean about Trig, or will they suddenly switch gears to fit their preferred conspiracy narrative?

I can hear it now: This child was actually a preemie with an altered due date, etc, etc.

Thankfully, since Trig IS Sarah's child, it's all a moot point.

Anonymous said...

@Craig: "How can anyone suggest that hiding the pregnancy of one's daughter and pretending you are the one who is pregnant (and also including doctors and hospitals in on the charade) is not a highly unusual and bizarre thing for families to do?"

Well, that's exactly the problem, isn't it? Why was this bizarre person nominated for Vice President and why are so many still so enamored of her?

This site has demonstrated pretty conclusively that Trig is not Sarah's baby. Bristol may or may not have a baby in a week or so. Either way, Sarah didn't give birth to Trig in the spring.

Anonymous said...

Forest and Trees:

How does that your very well-crafted narrative fit with Sarah's willingness to use Bristol's supposed current pregnancy as a shield for herself? If she had made the vow in your story, why not keep it up, why pretend that Bristol was/is pregnant now?

What you wrote almost makes sense. But there's something really strange going on here, and I don't think you've tied up all the loose ends.

Elizabeth said...

Is it just me or does this picture from surfdaf's set of pics look like Palin's doctor?


Weird coincidence?

Diana said...

I have uploaded as many photos as I could find showing her pregnancy unfold by dates. I have 122 photos. I have deleted some duplicates. I think this is the most comprehensive view of the progression of not only Sarah Palin's "Pregnancy" but also following Bristol and Trig photo trail.

Anonymous said...


If you go to a larger size of the photo and look at the sign near the clock, it says "Alaska time is ship's time". The next photo in the stream is on the deck of a ship. The woman is wearing a cook's uniform (I own one). Note the greenish food stain.

QE (Question Everything)

Elizabeth said...

QE - Thanks. That makes more sense.

OutsiderSA said...

What's wrong with you folk? Don't you know anything is possible with her Lawd?

Seriously, excellent research, come December 18, we shall know, 2 days and counting - I wonder if the "alleged baby" will die of strange circumstances? I would not put it past them.

IF there is a baby, it will put these speculations to rest but my wife looked at all the pics and she could not sit with her knees together at ±30 weeks and women at that stage usually sit with their legs apart, never crossed.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that even at this moment they are scurrying to find a baby for the now-non-pregnant Bristol to clandestinely adopt? She is a bit late, isn't she? Or do the Palins just figure this will all just "blow over."

I commend you for staying on it. If she is on the up and up she has nothing to fear from this harmless search for the truth. However, in a democracy, the search for truth is healthy. She herself has brought much of it on by not releasing pertinent medical records. Probably, as you state, due to her taking certain precsription drugs for her Pentecostal-affected brain.

Anonymous said...

Okay, first off, to the blogger that had questions and comments about her pumping all the time instead of "not spending time with her baby" because she is not latching him onto the breast, do some research. Trig has Down Syndrome. My siste does also. My mother and I were talking and a lot of Down Syndrome babies will not latch on. This goes for a fair amouunt of babies in general. I myself am a new mother and my son would not latch on, so I pumped as well to give my child my milk (best thing to feed a baby, but don't get me wrong, I am not speaking against formula... my son is on soy-based formula for health reasons). So does my son drinking my milk from a bottle make me a bad mother? NO. Put your foot in your mouth and shut up.

As far as her not showing, stranger things have happened... watch TLC's"I Didn't Know I was Pregnant." Educate yourselves. And it has not been proven when the pictures were taken.

Audrey, you're a good writer, but the truth would be nice...

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