Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Interesting Tidbit

I'm watching an interview with Gov. Palin as I type this. She's got Todd by her side as she stands in a parking lot in Wasilla Alaska. It's 11:22 Eastern Time, so I guess it's 7:22 in Alaska.

Her 18 year old daughter decided not to come with her to vote this morning.

How odd is that?


Gryphen said...

If you looked closely you could make out a few Alaskan bloggers in the background shouting questions at Sarah.

She ignored them of course, but I noticed that at least on reporter went over to interview them. So stay tuned to the Alaska blogs.

Mary G. said...

Free Bristol!--Mary G.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bristol has been thinking about voting for Obama.

Sunshine1970 said...

Interesting. Will Bristol be going later in the day, or will she just not vote, I wonder.

Also, didn't Levi say that he wasn't going to vote, or wasn't registered to vote or something like that?

Chirp said...

I linked to a twitter from an ADN reporter who is following Palin (how hilarious she's following & twittering away!)

and she mentioned this about 1/2 an hour ago:

"palin went in the Chevron, with Todd and Bristol and a friend. Bristol looked tired. Her baby belly peeked out from under her t-shirt. 33 minutes ago from mobile web"

Audrey keep up the good work! I still think there is something awry & I think perhaps a Track angle...

palin pregnancy truth said...


"palin went in the Chevron, with Todd and Bristol and a friend. Bristol looked tired. Her baby belly peeked out from under her t-shirt. about 1 hour ago from mobile web"

So someone saw not only Bristol but her belly? The twitter reporter from adn? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Levi said at the time of the Republican convention that he had missed the deadline for registering to vote -- Oops! He clearly wasn't expecting to be in the public eye.


Anonymous said...

Levi is not registered to vote.

Since Bristol turned 18 very recently, she might not have been old enough to register. Regulations vary, but usually you have to be 18 and a resident for 30 days prior to voter registration.

suspicious in PDX said...

It's typical for families to join the nominees on stage after the concession/victory speeches. Since Piper and Willow have been dragged to every other tour stop, we can assume they'll be on hand, but how about Bristol? Her absence on what, win or lose, is an important night for her mother, would be a bit odd.

GraceR said...

Bristol was on the plane going back to Phoenix. We may see her tonight.

Anonymous said...

Bristol is 7/8 months pregnant. She may not want to join family in contUS in that condition. Maybe she wants to spend time with Levi. I think that it's a bit odd that they are not together. Both have dropped out of school and are supposed to be preparing for a life with baby together. It makes sense that they should be together, wouldn't you thing?

Anonymous said...

I was curious about the law in Alaska regarding voter registration, how long before the election you must register and if you can register at 17 if you will be 18 by election day. Here's what I found regarding
Alaska & voting registration

Can I register to vote before I am 18?

You can register 90 days before you turn 18, but you must be eighteen on election day or before in order to vote.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Bristol voted early by absentee ballot in case she was not feeling well on the day of the election?

Silvergirl said...

How odd not to vote for your own mother. My 18 year old daughter was very excited to vote today. She voted for Obama, of course.

Audrey said...

I was probably overly sarcastic here. It appears that Bristol was with her parents at the polling station - at least she was with them a few minutes after when they went into a shop. But it also appears that she was kept off camera. She was not visible as they stood in line to sign in (I watched) nor was she visible nearby or in the background as Gov. Palin gave an interview.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, the year I turned 18, I was able to register at 17 because I was to turn 18 in time for the election. This was Ohio, not Alaska.

Maybe Bristol voted absentee because of her alleged condition, or because she didn't want people to see how pregnant she was or wasn't.

Silvergirl said...

Palin looked sooo disappointed during John McCain's concession speech. I hope we don't have to deal with her again in national politics.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE - palin went in the Chevron, with Todd and Bristol and a friend. Bristol looked tired. Her baby belly peeked out from under her t-shirt.

Not being rude but it’s that bad use of the English language for a reporter? Sarah, Todd AND Bristol AND a friend…It should read, Sarah, Todd, Bristol AND a friend…I also noted palin didn't have a capital P...Ok it may have been blogged quickly but it to me doesn’t indicate very good language skills for a reporter!! (it might have been written by someone else.


Lady Rose said...

the world is celebrating!

now the work begins for all of us to work together to rebuild our nation

and top of the list is helping Alaska get Palin recalled

Anonymous said...

Here is a pic. from 11/4

Anonymous said...

Bye, bye, Sarah Barracuda! Don't let the door hit you in the backside! We will NOT miss you on the national scene! You may be a talented moose hunter and helicopter wolf shooter, but VP or POTUS -- no way!

Now you can keep your secret about who is really Trig's Mom forever -- we will not care!

Anonymous said...

It was only John, Cindy, Sarah and Todd on the stage during the McCain concession speech and no one else from their families. It must have been a "bitter" moment for all of them. They will have to "cling to their guns and their religion!" I feel sorry for John because he has been "screwed" twice by George W. Bush and the Republican Party. But after the negative campaign they ran, it was a sweet moment for Obama supporters like me!

Anonymous said...

Who feels sorry for McCain? His closing remarks in the third debate mentioned the years of service of his dad and grandfather. As if he somehow had "earned" the nomination. He did not earn it.

McCain's mistreatment of the electorate, pandering to right-wing conservatives, smearing Obama, and insulting women by thinking we vote with our gender, not with our brains, contributed to his mismanagement of the campaign and loss of the election.

He got what he deserved. Sadly, he is still senator.

If he truly is someone who can reach across the aisle, now is the time for him to step up to heal and rebuild America, having poisoned and torn down much of what many citizens most treasure: free speech.

Yellowgirl said...

I hope that after the celebrations die down, you keep this blog going. Palin is, of course, positioning herself for a 2012 run. Therefore, the earlier we can get to the truth about this issue the better, IMO.

Thanks for all of your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Its time for a "PalinHouseQuestion" blog. I still thihk the baby question is wide open and totally weird. But the house is where she'll find herself in Ted Stevens-land, aka, Club Fed.

Morgan said...

Anon, speak for yourself. I still care whether she is Trig's mom for the simple fact that finding out the truth will send a message that no one is above scrutiny if they seek to attain the trust that comes with the highest offices in this land.

If she lied, that was no small thing. And remember, Sarah Palin may yet re-emerge as a figure on the national stage. I don't want that to happen until we know everything about her there is to know.

Marcy said...

While I thank God for this election, reality is still looming. Sarah Palin will be in front of the cameras again. People will accept her glib foolishness as political talent, and vote for her. We have a respite for now. But while good-hearted people are focusing on rebuilding the USA, this vindictive woman and her cadre will be planning another reach for power.

Thank you, Audrey. If you can, please keep the blog alive. I feel hopeful: as if some excellent plum of information could drop off a tree into someone's lap! You have made an excellent focal point for a group of people who will not accept Palin's fantastic story. If anyone who is reading finds the plum, we'll need this place to send it. My thanks; and my prayers for you and yours. grammy

Anonymous said...

Bristol on November 4th:

Anonymous said...

In that pic of Bristol from November 4th, unless that picture has been flipped, she is holding her left hand up in front of her. She's not wearing her engagement ring. Now to be fair, maybe her hands are swollen from the pregnancy or she took it off to wash her hands or something at home and forgot it. Or maybe the wedding has been canceled??


Anonymous said...


I dont disagree at all.
My thought is that there has been so much spec and nothing concrete, although i do NOT belive SP for one minute.

The house will get her in jail and will be easier to prove via building materials reciepts, tax returns etc.

In a fight, go for your opponents weakest spot. the baby thing appears to be a bit of a tough nut to crack, dont let up on it, but lets look CLOSLEY at the house, too.
Its a weaker spot for her to protect, no HIPPA regs, no MD's.

The timeline, the contractors for the Sports Complex, Todds buddies, her Ted Stevens 527 association at that time, the architect. Someone knows something in Wassiller!

Anonymous said...


Keep this blog going. Just because she lost last night does not mean she won't be back. Standing in a fishery is more refreshing than anything Sarah Palin does. This woman is opportunist and will continue to exploit her position as governor to front her own career. Evita Peron would have been impressed with this woman.

We need bloggers who continue to "seek to destroy" the lies she "would seek to build" against reason and adversaries. Do your thang, girlfriend!

leu2500 said...

Have you seen these pics on the Anchorage Daily New's website? Bristol is in the 7th picture.


Anonymous said...

I saw the picture .. she has a belly. But she is wearing jeans and .. I've never had a baby but if you're really that pregnant, are you wearing tight jeans like that? And does she really look 7.5 months along? I don't think so personally.

That being said ... a big thank you to Audrey and all here who have tried to get the truth out. I think your efforts have paid off. At least she won't be our vp for now, yay!

Appalled (and relieved its over)

Anonymous said...

The ADN article about Sarah returning home:

" The state also still faces scores of time-consuming public-records requests for internal documents from media and the public."

Could this possibly refer to birth certificate requests?

Morgan said...

"In a fight, go for your opponents weakest spot. the baby thing appears to be a bit of a tough nut to crack, dont let up on it, but lets look CLOSLEY at the house, too.
Its a weaker spot for her to protect, no HIPPA regs, no MD's."

I completely agree, and Audrey and I have discussed this at length. My point is that everything else that's done would just be setup for the Main Event, which is full disclosure about Trig.

My hunch is that now that SP is heading back to Alaska, things are really going to get interesting. Her detractors smell blood in the water, and they are going to go after her in a way they couldn't in the campaign. And it'll be easier because she won't have the buffer of GOP handlers to shield her.

If they can get her on other ethics violations, SP's core protectors may well take a "save yourself" stance and flee her side like rats flee a sinking ship.
It's been fear of Sarah Palin - and loyalty - that has kept many people quiet. If her power diminishes, so will the fear and loyalty. Who knows what this may lead to. Someone investigated for dealings with Sarah and Todd may know something about what really happened with Trig, and may give her up to save their own skins. All it would take is one or two cracks to blow this story wide open.

If that happens, folks, we're not just looking at a big story but quite possibly the biggest political scandal of our lifetimes, and I am NOT exaggerating.

It's a scandal that would not only bring down SP, but also the people who tried to foist her off on us in the first place. If Palin falls that hard, it would injure the Extreme Right Wing so deeply that the movement would not be able to recover for a very, very long time.

And, personally, that's something I'd very much like to see.

Anonymous said...

To Morgan,
Amen sister!


Anonymous said...

With the Palins out of the spotlight, they may let their guard down and let something slip out about Trig/Sarah/Bristol.

Let's see when and if Bristol gives birth.

Let's keep an eye on McCain's health, to see how it goes in the next 4 years, to see if Palin would have become president if McCain had been elected.

Anonymous said...

Audrey, I hope you can keep this up (though on a more limited schedule-- you deserve some time off!) As others have said, SP is still in the political spotlight and I know she has plans for her political future. With Ted Stevens getting so many votes, I'm not sure that she'd be in trouble even if it were proven that she got gifts in the construction of her house. Personally, I think her fanbase would be more upset at any questions surrounding babies. Anything you can do to keep this woman from ever having a future in politics is a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bristol was too busy with pregnancy/ baby/ mono/ boyfriend/ you-name-it to register. Would the voter rolls be public information? If so, can we find out if she is/was even registered to vote, if she cast a ballot of any type (absentee, early, whatever)? Wouldn't it be ironic if she didn't vote when her mom was running? Patti Davis (Reagan's younger daughter) has stated in her biography that she loves her father but not his politics, and did not vote for president at all when he ran. Do we know if the grown Palin son voted?

Anonymous said...


Sure, the baby question goes to her credibility, which to me is non existant.

The house questions get her a stay behind bars, if found to have been built by the wrong buddies and materials.

Big difference.
baby question=huge embarrassment, some potential insurance questions.

housegate (if true)=felony.


Have a great weeekend!

Anonymous said...

I too am happy to see the blog continue, as the truth is not yet known -- but will be someday. It seems that there are few avenues, though, that will yield actual facts to augment the details already known, unless and until someone goes to Alaska and works all angles to find out the truth. This will undoubtedly happen. In the meantime, certainly Bristol's due date is an uncoming event that will provide more insight into the truth... Wouldn't it be great to have an investigative reporter take this on as a 6-month project, resulting in a book? Audrey, your website would be a key source.

A final thought -- you know how Sarah prays to God to show her the door? Well, thank God and the American people for showing her the door, like when someone is fired by their boss! Now if she'll only get the real message!