Friday, November 21, 2008

New Policy

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while has probably realized that I am new to much of the "Internet" thing. I have said more than once that my original idea was to do a website that would contain an archive of the photographic material that I and others had collected regarding this issue, along with links to articles, etc: A reference work.

The blog was something I had never even thought about doing, and I only added one to the site after my daughter insisted "You need a blog." I wasn't quite sure why I (or anyone for that matter) "needed" a blog. But I did add one to the site and I am glad I did.

Because of my inexperience, I wasn't quite sure at the onset about how to handle comments. Initially, comments were unmoderated; we changed that after lengthy spam posts, intended to crash the whole blog, started to come in. Now, since comments are moderated, I have to make a decision about each and every one. After I published an analysis of the photos that were copied from Mercede Johnston's MySpace page, many readers have added to the discussion by reviewing MySpace pages of other teens.

These teens' pages, as I understand it, are public. They are open on the Internet for anyone to see. For a minor to have a MySpace page at all at some level has to be a decision made by the teen and the parent, and I believe it is the parents' responsibility to set guidelines for Internet usage by any child (thought it's quite obvious from the open and blatant discussions of alcohol and drug use as well as sexual activity, that many of these "Valley" teens have minimal supervision in their lives.) As part of the discussion some readers of the site have posted links to certain pages, discussing some teens by name.

In spite of the fact that the pages are NOT private, I have made the decision to no longer approve any comments that mention any teens, minor or not, by name, or provide links to specific pages. If readers wish to "poke" around on social networking sites, that's their decision, and if something is discovered on a page that is directly germaine to this discussion, I hope the reader will pass it on to me privately. People are also still free to post comments along the lines of "Wasilla high school students seem to party a lot," etc. But comments that mention specific young people by name will not be approved.

I believe that questions about Sarah Palin's pregnancy are a legitimate news story and because of that it is not possible to leave her own children out of it. Bristol's current pregnancy status is directly relevant because it is the primary way that Gov. Palin and the McCain campaign chose to prove that Sarah Palin is Trig Palin's biological mother.

But, moving forward, any investigations that readers wish to do on various social networking sites need to be kept off this blog.


Marcy said...

Thank you, Audrey. This action is a beautiful standard for grown-up, civil behavior.

In the past I have followed some unmoderated blogs and been repulsed by some barbarian outbursts. It's easy to abandon reading them. But this Palin story is not going to be easy to set aside. Thank you for raising the bar. I'm sorry that it requires so much of your time, but grateful that you're willing to give that! Bless you: grammy

Anonymous said...

Bravo! That's exactly the way to handle those situations.

Anonymous said...

Good call, Audrey. And keep up the good work.
Cindy in WI

momsdonepaying said...

You are an amazing person. Thank you for setting a fantastic example of wonderful ethics. I am certain everyone reading your webpages will agree with your decision. Keep up your awesome work and I wish you the best everyday. Carrie

MC said...

I've been consistently impressed by how civil the commenting has remained, especially given the politically- and culturally-charged subject matter.

Thank you, Audrey, for setting that tone.


Anonymous said...

Audrey, I agree with you new policy. Thanks for all you do. Do we know anything about this Anne Kilkenny from Wasilla. She wrote an interesting article at the website this website. -

She appears to have an immense amount of knowledge about SP. Interesting she states the following in her letter "She is “pro-life”. She recently gave birth to a Down’s syndrome baby.
There is no cover-up involved, here; Trig is her baby." I would definitly like to know more about Anne and why she is so convinced that Trig is SP's baby. What's your take on this?

Anonymous said...

I just read SP's medical statement from her personal family physician, Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson. I tell you, it appears that SP is much more connected in Alaska than we will ever know. Also noticed that SP's daughter, the 7 year old Piper, could have been named after the street in which the Providence Alaska Medical Center is located on. Providence is the medical center that Dr. Baldwin-Johnson is presently an active physician. The street address is 3760 Piper Street in Anchorage, AK. Thought that to be rather interesting. What do we know about this medical facility? Does SP have any connections with it?

ABS said...

Thanks Audrey!!!


Anonymous said...

O.K. I am confused. I keep reading the letter from Dr. Baldwin-Johnson on Palin's medical history. The LA Times has a PDF copy on its website. In the upper corner of the letter it shows an address of 3760 Piper Street.

When I look the address and phone number up in the whitepages, it shows that the phone number of (907) 562-2211 is registered to a Steven Kilkenny (any relation to the Anne Kilkenny who wrote the letter mentioned above about Palin?. It also states that Steven works with Providence Hospital and the address is not Piper street but 3300 Providence Drive. What's the connection between the Kilkenny's, SP and Dr. Baldwin-Johnson. Why the mix and match of address and phone number? Strange!

Jack from GA

Sunshine1970 said...

@ anon November 21, 2008 8:34 AM

The name 'Piper' comes from Piper airplane. I believe Todd has one.

leu2500 said...

Anon @ 8:21.

The Anne K letter has a sentence about Sarah not endorsing her mother-in-law when she ran for mayor.

Interesting. I don't recall seeing any pics of the paternal grandparent(s)with newborn Trig. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Audrey.

Good Idea, from now on I'll just read until this mystery is solved.


Sarah said...

You're a class act, Audrey!

mary g. said...

A very civilized decision. Most posts have been thoughtful and searching. I do think, however, that some of the extraneous material dealing with teenagers is not necessarily for a wider audience (not that some of these teens seem aware of how public their profiles are!). Some of the folks who have been researching can probably best share their information privately, and what is relevant to this investigation for the truth will certainly be made public.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving these teens some adult supervision.

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

I'm so curious....Have there been any Bristol sightings since the convention (other than at the SNL taping)? Does she even appear to be pregnant? How are they keeping her in hiding? It seems surprising that none of her friends/acquaintances are talking. Or is anyone even attempting to interview them?

Anonymous said...

Audrey, good call. These teens need us to be their responsible adults.


Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 8:34 - I noticed the Piper Street address, too. After your comment I went back to the history of MatSu and found that the new facility was constructed in 2003 - which would have been after Piper was born. Perhaps it is the other way around and the street was named for Piper?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ November 21, 2008 12:22 PM

Another posting states that Piper is named after Piper Airplane.

I cannot find a street called Piper in Wasilla where MatSu is located but there is a Piper St in Anchorage but the #3760 does not appear to be valid. I still don't understand why this address would be on the letter if it is not valid and why the phone number listed belongs to Steven Kilkenny when Dr. Baldwin-Johnson supposely wrote the letter. Also I do see that Steven Kilkenny is a Dr. and that that lady, Anne Kilkenny, who wrote the SP hate letter mentioned above is a Dr. according to some searches I've done but she says she is a home maker in the letter. (maybe not the same person)

I wonder if Anne and Steve are related. Also, Anne's hate letter appears to me to be an attempt to squash the Trigbabygate rumour in an indirect way. What better way to shut down rumours by stating that you in so many words 'hate' Palin but you know for a fact she is pro-life and gave birth to a DS baby. Sounds like Ms. Anne is trying to trick us all. Maybe she is part of the Trigbabygate conspiracy and trying to use this reverse logic to support SP's claim that Trig is her child. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Sighting Bristol:

Anonymous said...

I of course fully support your decision, as this is your blog. But I do wonder about all the comments on those myspace pages. I went there to look myself, and couldn't even do a search for anyone under 18 years of age-- so I wonder does Myspace make you claim you are 18 years to set up a page? If so, of course, it is not well enforced.... Personally, I don't see how using those pages, which are clearly public, is any different than using any other site, although I suppose it might give fuel to the detractors of this site that we're picking on kids. (Kids, mind you, who must represent themselves as 18 to Myspace, but kids nonetheless). I do hope those that were pursuing this path continue to do so, and email Audrey with any major finds. This is too good of an avenue to leave alone, even if it does seem to "sully" things. Of course, the Palin crowd would have you believe this entire website, the issues involved, is dirty.... and I refuse to think a healthy request for any and all public and legal information is in any way wrong. But I respect your opinion Audrey. Keep the faith!


Anonymous said...

I just saw a piece on washingtontimes dot com I think that talked about the palin family at the biltmore in phoenix (I think that would be around election day) and it said bristol was there with sp and piper by the pool and was pregnant. As much as I don't believ trig is sarah's I tend to think bristol is pregnant again.

Anonymous said...

Re the poster who inquired whether there have been any Bristol Palin sightings since SNL, another poster linked to a blog by a Washington Times reporter who saw a pregnant Bristol poolside in Miami recently, accompanying Sarah (I guess again at the expense of the taxpayers of Alaska) to the recent Republican Governor's convention in Florida.

I can't seem to find the link at the moment. The blog entry said the author ran into the Palin clan poolside, that Palin's sister was there (and offered the blog writer a hamburger because Sarah had ordered too much food) and that the Palin kds were unruly. And Bristol had a big belly with a t-shirt with a picture of Texas, and I believe Alaska, and the t-shirt that covered her big belly said something about big. Classy. Like usual. Not.

Anonymous said...

Here is one link to the blog entry about preggers Bristol poolside in Miami.

"Palin spent Wednesday poolside at the luxurious Biltmore Hotel Resort and Spa, surrounded by her children, would-be “first dude” (aka husband Todd), and a slew of family and friends.

Her unruly mob of children, led by the precocious Piper, 7, spent much of the day slipping down a huge water slide. “Piper! Piper!” the other kids yelled as she led a gang up the steps to the top of the slide. They hardly slowed for lunch, and apparently, the governor over-ordered…

(Palin’s sister walked over to your blogster and said,

“Do you by any chance want a cheeseburger? Sarah ordered way too much food and I hate to see it go to waste.” Your blogster ate said burger, dubbed by another reporter on hearing the story a “Palin Burger.” No, it wasn’t moose).

Daughter Bristol, 17, who is pregnant, was also poolside. Her very large belly was barely covered by a T-shirt that had the outline of Alaska on one side and the outline of Texas on the other. The text below said: “Size Matters.”

I wonder if she really had the nerve this time to stick the taxpayers of Alaska with the bill for Bristol, Piper, etc. Wouldn't doubt it. Sounds like state business to me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:30, a comment to another post in the last couple of days mentions a blog entry by a Washington Times writer who saw the Palin family by the pool in Florida last week and said Bristol's T-shirt barely covered her pregnant belly. She was also seen on electiopn day in Wasilla.

Anonymous said...

In relation to "have there been any sightings. . ." yes, Nov 4th, there is a picture of Bristol in a gas station with Secret Service, after that there is mention of her at the hotel where the governers convention was (last week) which spawned criticism of Sarah having her daughter fly so late in her pregnancy. In regards to the phone number 907-562-2211 it is one of the general numbers at Providence, put the number in Google if you would like to check. Piper Street is the correct address, I think any connection to Piper Palin, is purely coincidental.

Anonymous said...

Excellent observation, leu2500.

Just what in depth information is available on Jim and Faye Palin (Todd's stepmother)? This is one area that I do not think has been explored either in relation to Trig, or to the Palin family's activities.

The only official campaign appearance of the Palin grandparents that I am aware of was in Nevada on October 30th, an event called Meet the Parents. Interestingly enough, Faye Palin gave an interview on August 31st and stated that she liked listening to Barack Obama speak and that she wasn't sure who she would vote for in November. She also says that she is not sure what Sarah brings to the ticket. Ouch. But then Faye sets the record straight on Sep 3 with an interview on Inside Edition where she stated "We have consistently supported her in her political efforts all the way up to today, and will continue to do so". Faye says she was 'horrified' that her words were 'twisted'. Or rather she was horrified when she got a call from the McCain campaign asking her just what the h*ll she was talking about!

From the Wiki entry on Todd (which I am sure has been HEAVILY edited...should anyone choose to, you can easily research the changes and who made them--you will NOT be able to delete those changes, so don't try):

Todd Palin was born in Dillingham, Alaska, to James F. "Jim" Palin and his first wife, Blanche (Roberts) Kallstrom. Jim is a native of Seattle, Washington, and is a former general manager of Matanuska Electrical Association. His mother, a former secretary of the Alaska Federation of Natives, was one-quarter Yup'ik, and his maternal grandmother, Helena (Bartman) Andree, is a member of the Curyung tribe.

Faye Palin ran unsuccessfully in 2002 for the position of Mayor for Wasilla, Alaska, to succeed Palin's wife, Sarah, who was term-limited. Faye Palin, who is pro-choice and a registered Democrat, lost to a candidate endorsed by Sarah Palin.

Family loyalty trumps in the end, and there is some righteous family pride and outrage also in this pro forma post-campaign interview with Jim and Faye:

You might note that the Palins are snowbirds, WINTER residents of Palm Desert since buying a second home there in 1998, meaning it is unlikely they were around in April, still essentially the Alaskan winter, to actually witness the birth of their fifth grandchild Trig...or at least there is nothing in the MSM to note it.

--Reader from Ohio

Anonymous said...

DMS said @ 5:55 PM ...In regards to the phone number 907-562-2211 it is one of the general numbers at Providence, put the number in Google if you would like to check. Piper Street is the correct address, I think any connection to Piper Palin, is purely coincidental.

Thanks for your input but I am still confused why this Piper Street of 3760 is not in Mapquest. Is it a new address? There is a Piper St. in Anchorage but 3760 cannot be found. Also if you go to and put in the (907) 562-2211 in the reverse lookup, it shows that the number belongs to a Dr. Steven Kilkenny at Providence Health. Why would it show his personal information and not just the clinic information if this is not his direct line. Still wondering if this Dr. Steven Kilkenny is related to the Anne Kilkenny in Wasilla who criticized SP but adamantly stated that Trig is SP's baby. Like I say, I think SP is very connected to the medical community in AK and this trigbabygate is a coverup for many. What do you think, DSM?

Anonymous said...

This is off-message, but I just cannot resist laughing out loud about that ridiculous news clip of Sarah pardoning a turkey up in Alaska and then getting interviewed in front of a guy chopping off the heads of the rest of the turkeys. This woman has to be from outer space!

Yet today I saw a TV ad of people THANKING SARAH for what she did during the campaign. Are these people as out of their minds as she is? Obviously yes!

Anonymous said...

I guess there are THREE TV ads out there THANKING SARAH! I just saw the one congratulating her for raising a son who is so patriotic that he is serving in Iraq. I guess these fools didn't get the message that the reason "Track" is in the Army is to get him away from his wild life of drugs, alcohol and sex that was an embarrassment and detriment to his mother's political ambitions!

Anonymous said...

So if Bristol was sighted as visibly pregnant in November, then what of this whole theory? Does it kill it? Is she faking a pregnancy in the same way Sarah might have faked hers? (which I really believe she did. I don't think there is any way that it's physically possible for a 44-yr-old woman to hide a 5th pregnancy until 7 months. I agree that NOTHING in this story makes sense.) But......what's up with Bristol right now? And how in the world have they silenced the whole gaggle of teenagers who must know the truth? I teach high school myself, and teenagers can not keep a secret. Any thoughts out there?

Anonymous said...

I think the reader who suggests a connection between the Kilkennys (Steven and his wife, Anne, who wrote the pseudo-hate letter, which "confirms" that Trig is really Sarah's), Sarah Palin, and Cathy Baldwin-Johnson is on to something. Someone smarter than I am should dig into that.

Also, am I correct that no official birth certificate for Trig has been produced? I thought birth certificates and death certificates were public record. Why can't anyone access it?

Anonymous said...

With a lot of searching I found a reference to Anne Kilkenny's husband. He is retired, disabled, and has a different surname. Steven Kilkenny is a cardiologist. I don't think the Providence websites are up to date, so I wouldn't rely on much there.

Dr. Baldwin-Johnson has focused on her role in child-abuse issues, and probably has a separate office on Piper St. Use a map search, and you will see that the Providence Medical Center is large with many streets involved.

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

1. If Bristol is really due 12/18 and Trig was really born 4/18 then Trig is not Bristol's baby. Trig is someone else's baby, not necessarily Sarah's. There are other candidates for biological mom.

2. If Trig was born before 4/18 or Bristol is due later than 12/18, Trig could still be Bristol's baby.

If Bristol were faking a pregnancy (no one has seen her belly in the flesh, and she could borrow Sarah's belly pads), then Trig is probably Bristol's baby. But Bristol will either need to "lose" this baby or adopt another. Unlikely. So options 1 or 2. -B.

Anonymous said...

Alaska birth certificates: "A person may obtain only his or her own birth certificate, except for parents who may obtain their own child's certificate. Access to birth records becomes available to the public 100 years after the event." -B.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Bristol is faking her pregnancy. I think she is pregnant with her 2nd child. A handful of people know the truth. It is definitely a huge cover up going on here and one day the truth will be known.

The naked truth is always chasing a well-dressed lie.

BG said...

I just want to comment on the irony of those who are so convinced that SP faked a pregnancy but these same people say "Oh, Bristol was spotted looking pregnant? Well then she must be!" As Audrey has said many times, if you are faking a pregnancy, you would be expected to appear pregnant! I'm not sure whether Bristol is pregnant or not but if simply appearing pregnant is the only criteria required, then I guess SP had that baby too! (Of course I do not believe that she did. Just sayin'!) So maybe Bristol IS pregnant. Maybe she is not and this entire scheme is much more elaborate than any of us thought. And gee--I wonder where in the heck Bristol Palin might get her hands on a prosthetic pregnant belly...

Anonymous said...

There do seem to be birth records available - for a fee. You can access a few sites by googling "Alaska, birth records". It even acknowledges that a record for Trig Palin exists. I am tempted, but not quite willing to fork over $35. It seems to me that if things have been covered up so far, then altering birth certificates would not be a huge step.

As far as Bristol's current pregnancy - we'll just have to see how soon she delivers and if anyone comes forth with the real story. I'm sure someone will want to blab sooner or later...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 2:13 pm: I could be wrong, but I believe that Anne Kilkenny is the birth name of the lady who wrote the letter about Sarah. I found this article by Derk Richardson in the San Francisco Music Examiner in which he says he wondered if the Anne Kilkenny who wrote the letter about Sarah Palin was the same Anne Kilkenny he grew up with in Pleasant Hill, CA, in the 50s and 60s, so he exchanged several emails with her and it is the same person. I guess she could be married and still go by her maiden name, but he knew her as Anne Kilkenny in elementary and secondary school.

Also, in Alaska, only the parents or the person himself if he is of age can obtain the birth certificate. By state law birth certificates are not public record.

Ohio mom

Anonymous said...

Just double-checked on that birth certificate site. Here is the link:

When you type in Trig Palin, you get a "yes" on records exist. Then if you hit 'proceed', you need to sign up for access. It is 29.95 via this route. There are a few variations on this - but this seems to be the government site. I'm curious, but still cheap - and again, I'd take the results with a big grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

Mercy Sister Kathleen O'Hara assists people with disabilities at the Joy Community of Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. Two days after Palin gave birth to her son, members of the Joy Community and their families gathered to celebrate Mass at the hospital.

March 18/08 photo:

She looks pregnant. Hmmm. I think she probably did have Trig, she just made reckless and idiotic decisions along the way.

Anonymous said...

I did a little Google research on Anne Kilkenny and found more than one reference about her spouse:

It’s easy to see Kilkenny as Palin’s culture-war antithesis. She grew up in San Francisco and holds a degree from Berkeley. She proudly calls herself a social liberal. But Kilkenny isn’t so easy to stereotype. Her husband, Pat Johnson, hails from a conservative Wasilla family that’s been close to Palin’s for decades.


Anne Kilkenny has been vetted now as a life-long “Bezerkly” democrat who is married to a man named Pat Johnson. Johnson is a local politician himself, sitting on that area’s planning (platting) commission.

So her married name is Johnson and her family is from California. Therefore, I'd be cautious about assuming she is related to this Dr. Kilkenny. As enticing as it sounds.

Anonymous said...

I believe Anne Kilkenny is married to Patrick Johnson. It is possible that Steven Kilkenny is a former husband or relative, but they are not currently married.

If there is a conspiracy, I don't think Anne Kilkenny is in on it. You can see from her writings that she does not like SP and disagrees with her on fundamental issues. There would be nothing in it for her to be in on a cover-up.

Anonymous said...

If you go to the website for Providence Alaska Medical Center, 907-562-2211 is listed as the general number.

The website also shows that Piper St. is the address for the Hickel House hospital guest housing.

Piper Street is clearly shown on the campus map for the hospital

Come on people, basic research skills.

Anonymous said...

I just reread Dr. Cathy's letter.

On the one hand, it is quite strange that she just didn't say that she personally delivered both Piper and Trig (if that was the truth). I mean if she said, "I delivered Trig and Sarah was the birth mother," you could call her a liar, but you couldn't convict her of parsing words.

On the other hand, she does say in the letter "At the time of her most recent medical evaluation, she continued to be in good health and was recovering well from the birth of her last child, Trig." Baldwin-Johnson is quoted in the ADN as saying she personally induced Sarah's labor.

So, Dr. Cathy is on record (unless she is going to claim that ADN misquoted her) as (1) have personally induced labor; and (2) stating that her patient has recovered well from her last pregnancy.

The letter is curiously written, but I do think Dr. Cathy has put her professional reputation on the line for Sarah.

As hard as I find it to believe Sarah's birth story and as much as I do believe Sarah is a pathological liar with a DSM Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I find it equally difficult to believe that a reputable physician would risk her career for Sarah Palin. It is one thing to tell a "white lie" to the ADN - it's another thing to repeat it on hospital letterhead.

It's possible that Dr. Cathy is telling the truth. If she is not, if the truth does ever out, I hope Dr. Cathy's career goes up in flames.

GraceR said...

Just to correct a little misinformation re: Bristol. She was not in Florida last week with her mother when the pictures were taken of Sarah at the pool; Sarah was in FL with only an aide. Bristol was in AZ the night of and day after the election with the rest of the family. They all spent November 5th at the pool at their Phoenix hotel. That is where the blogger indicated that she looked like she might pop, or something to that effect. They all flew home on the campaign plane, so she would not be precluded from flying due to her condition I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Link to a blog by Cindy Kilkenny (not relation to Anne Kilkenny who was purportedly able to contact Anne) if you read through the posting and comments there are links and comments to the NY Times when they “vetted out” Anne Kilkenny. So she is real, who she really is may be another question.
This NY Times link discusses and Anne Kilkenny
Snopes take on the letter and Anne

Relative to the address, go to Google put in the entire address 3760 Piper Street Anchorage, AK 99508
You will see it comes up to Doctors offices. If you then click on maps it Google Maps will show you where this is.

I have been working on looking at connections to Anne Kilkenny. Will the poster @anonymous Nov 22, 2:13 please tell me if you have information that Steven's wife is Anne or is that an assumption? I have not seen that connection in what I am looking at.

Anonymous said...


I am not sure if this is the appropriate thread yet I wanted to inform you all about this blog site:

I found about it when I was reading the thread at:
Posted by katanalori (11:08:50)

The thread is about Turkey Gate - The Fiasco That Wouldn’t Die
Anyho, katanalori (11:08:50) is urging people in Alaska, to contact the Legislators via this Call to Action: (Where you can get the legislators' email addresses).

I am curious whether they are also looking into the Wasilla Project and how Palin house was built.

Anonymous said...

Bristol is climbing pretty steep stairs:

at about 2:18

Anonymous said...

Off topic but important......

Please sign the petition asking Sarah to kindly shut-up!


Anonymous said...

I found some information on various Kilkennys.

It does not appear that Steven and Anne live in the same household (look up Kilkenny in AK on

Anybody else find anything?


Anonymous said...

Anne Kilkenny's husband is retired, disabled, and has a different surname. Steven Kilkenny is a cardiologist in Anchorage. This I found from various google sites.

Also, when you look up Providence Medical Center, you will see that it is a large complex sprawling over several streets including a short one called, "Piper."

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

I doubt that Anne and Stephen Kilkenny are married. This link goes to an article in the San Francisco Music Examiner in which the author Derk Richardson says he grew up with Anne Kilkenny in Pleasant Hill, CA, during the 1950s and
1960s. After Anne's letter about Sarah Palin started making the rounds, he emailed Anne to make sure she was the same Anne Kilkenny he knew in grade school in California. I suppose Anne could be Stephen Kilkenny's sister or she could be no relation.

Birth certificates in Alaska are not public records.

Ohio mom

Anonymous said...

One point that was always bugging me about the whole story was why Bristol Palin never did an interview with the media to clear up all the mysteries...

You think that Sarah wouldn't allow such an interview to happen because she wants to protect her children's privacy? Well, you might be wrong. Actually, Sarah Palin has got no hesitations to let her children go on air if it SUITS HER AGENDA. Most of you were probably not aware that Sarah let PIPER do an "interview" with Sarah's favourite (hardcore right-wing) talkshow hosts. See here:

By the way, here is an especially nasty example of Sarah doing an earlier "interview" with those radio jockeys - if you watch that clip, all sympathies which one might has left for Sarah will go out of the window forever:

I was for three days at my parents, who don't have internet, and it was GREAT not to hear about Sarah Palin for a few days!! I will be very relieved when all this is over.

Look out for my next post in several minutes. Kathleen and I have found something... :-)


Anonymous said...

So what do you guys think about all the teenagers in Bristol and Levi's circle who must know the truth? How are they keeping them silent? Maybe no one is asking them questions b/c they're minors? Teenagers can not keep a secret. How is this happening?

Mary G. said...

It does seem that if any connection exists between Dr. S. Kilkenny and Anne K., it has not been publicized (he could be a relation, although it may not matter). And as long as we are tossing out various possibilites, could Pat Johnson, Anne's husband, be related to that other mysterious doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson (or her husband)??? It is obviously a very common name. I am just finding it supremely weird that, given how FEW people have gone on record about the Palins, of the ones who have, they all seem to have the same names! 2 Johnsons, 2 Kilkennys, 2 Johnstons (or more), etc.

Anonymous said...

OK, we have discovered some new "stuff"!!

The credit for the following has to go to my dear Kathleen...she spotted it. :-)

If you go to the website

and type in "sarah palin", then you are in for a surprise!!

Here is Sarah a few months after the birth of Paper in 2001:

Another picure:

Well, she doesn't look very slim on those pics...

But there is more:

Sarah Palin pregnant with Piper:

How do we know that she is pregnant with Piper in this picture?

Well, that's why:

Piper Indi Grace Palin was born March 19, 2001 at 7 lbs., 13 oz.
[Anchorage Daily News (AK), 3/29/01]

(thanks, Sleuth for Truth!!)

The picture was taken "at the end of the 2000 Iron Dog Snowmachine race, Fairbanks, Alaska".

This race took place on 18 February, 2001: (source:

Therefore it was taken exactly one month before Piper was born.

You can easily spot the baby bump in this picture! Also the face looks pretty round to me.

Here is another picture from this day:

It's not the case the Sarah was in general much chubbier in those is a picture from 2002:

Ok, what else do we have...

There was report in To the experienced "investigative blogger", this information raises our heartbeat:

"Levi has been dating Bristol Palin for about a year. INSIDE EDITION was told that Bristol often cheered for her beau and the other Wasilla Warriors from these stands at the town's hockey arena.

Halfway through the school year, about the time Bristol discovered she was pregnant, she transferred to another high school."


Don't we know for sure that Bristol switched high schools in end of 2007/beginning of 2008?

There is another (older) CBS clip which is interesting and which not everybody might have seen yet - there are pretty good TV pictures of Sarah Palin at the conference in Texas on 17 April 2008 included in this clip!! Here:

Look at this screenshot:

And another one: Sarah Palin get's interviewed on 3 March 2008 by KTLA, not looking pregnant at all:

Last but not least:

Somebody was asking for the link to the Newsweek video - you will find the links in the comments to this picture in my flickr account:

That's it for today, folks! Boy, I am glad when all of this is over. ;-)

Patrick & Kathleen

lk said...

Anon @ 12:49 AM

Do you know when this video was shot? I saw the user posted in on Friday...

I know Bristol is wearing a coat but she doesn't look very pregnant at all... and is climbing up a ladder something a woman can/should be doing if she'll be giving birth in less than a month??

Anonymous said...

Patrick, following up what you said, when the controversy wasn't completely put to rest by the "5 months pregnant" story, wasn't it convenient for the VP candidate's purposes to have Levi trotted out just once to make sure the supposed December due date got out, only to completely disappear again?

Anonymous said...

Folks - I watched the video of the Governor's mansion - it was filmed 2 years ago - just after she was elected. They were welcoming her for the first time, commented they were glad she was elected, and said she'd be living there for the next four years.

Or not. They don't spend much time there, for sure!

Bristol doesn't look very pregnant -because she isn't!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 1:39:

Yes, I would definitely agree with that. It was very convenient, and the absence of any interviews or official appearances afterwards speaks volumes.


leu2500 said...

re Ik said

at about 2 minutes in you can see one of the girls, who I beleive is Willow, wearing braces.

Also, the crowd was waving Palin/Parnell signs, not McCain/Palin.

Palin took office (gov of Alaska) on 4 Dec 2006, so I'd say all signs point to this video is 12/06, well before Trig's conception.

Anonymous said...

Following my long post from today:

Look how slim Sarah is then again in Summer 2002:


Anonymous said...

People have been asking about Anne Kilkenny, & her spouse. Property records show the owners of their house in Wasilla are
(& their house was recently assessed at $148K)

Micky said...

After reading just the last to posts and comments....Sarah might want to wait on that book deal. If all this ???? comes to light, she could be in for a much bigger and profitable book deal than anyone could imagine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anon 11/23 at 1:04, for your work digging up some new photos! Caution re Iditarod -- you say the race is a month before she delivered Piper, but isn't it the 2000 race, not 2001? Also, I noticed that a few of the dates are wrong -- like for example there is a photo of Sarah when Piper was a baby, dated 2001, and similar photo, obviously taken same day, dated 2002. It is good to be able to put a date on the family photo in front of Todd's plane -- apparently from 2005. In some cases, you can "measure" the kids by how tall they are compared to Sarah... anyway, it's helpful to see some new images to help put everything in chronological order. One thing is for sure -- Sarah sure does like to be the center of attention and to be photographed!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous, November 25, 2008 2:05 PM:

Yes, you are right: The two pictures of which I thought that the might be from the Iron Dog race in 2001 (which took part in Feb 2001), are not from 2001. Further research showed that they are actually from 1999. Therefore there is still no picture of Sarah Palin available so far which shows her highly pregnant with Piper (who was born on the 19th March 2001).


Anonymous said...

Patrick--the Alaskastock has a treasure trove of pictures!! My search pulled up 174 pics which I am enjoying. (Including one from June 2008 showing Piper with a pacifier in her mouth!?)


Anonymous said...

To L.: It never ceases to amaze me what you can find on the internet. The internet a great tool, and through it we will find the truth in the end (and we need the internet, as most members of the mainstream media obviously cannot be bothered to do the job they are supposed to do - to investigate and ask questions...).

So we have to do it on our own.


mo said...

If anyone, kid or adult, puts something on the web, it's there for anyone to see who wants to. That is the reality and the sooner everyone gets it through their heads the better.

Anonymous said...

The thing that stood out in the so-called medical report on Nov 3 was the dr's assertion that Ms Palin had 'tests' to ensure that it was OK to deliver said DS baby at said hospital. Aside from the fact that that is just weird, it's my understanding that there is no such testing. The best research results I found were from England - re pediatric cardiology - and they concluded that no testing available made any difference to whether or not a pediatric cardiologist would need to be consulted.
I am not a medical person, but I understand plain English.

Anonymous said...

Too much time on your hands! Wether the baby is hers or not is her and her families business. What possible good can come out of all this effort to prove it one way or another. Her and McCain did not win. Hopefully Obama can really make some change for our country. Why dont the people who are putting all this effort into proving this worthless fact try and put that energy into helping people who need it. Donate the time spent on this to charity or schools. That positive direction of all this negative energy will do more good than proving or dissproving this.

AtomAnteater said...

If the rumors are true, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson would have been the doctor who delivered the baby (Trig) from Bristo in March or April. She would have been one of original inside group of hoaxers. Therefore, obviously, a letter from her is useless as any sort of evidence. Now, at the end of December, did we see a baby? No, we only saw a press release from Sarah's office, and a phone call from her aunt to People magazine. If pictures do someday appear, how can they be dated? If Tripp is born in 2009, the original announcement of Bristol's pregnancy, stating that she was 5 months pregnant, is invalidated. Therefore, there has been no evidence at all, other than statements by Palin, her family, press office and doctor-in-cahoots, to counteract the orignal rumors.