Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just came to Me via Email - Go to church!

Here's an idea that just came to me via Email. I thought I'd pass it on:

Go to a church you've never gone to today-- a right wing, evangelical or a megachurch. Monitor them to see if they do endorsements. DO it with a concealed recording device. Let's cover this abuse of tax exempt status. At the least, let's find out what churchgoers are told the Sunday before elections.

You've already gotten an extra hour of sleep!



John said...

imho you need to chill out. going to church to surreptitiously record? I hope you have more important things to do with your life than "investigate" a church's tax-exempt status.

Anonymous said...

Oh Audrey. To suggest Americans avoid any discussion of moral/ethical position in their churches because it may compromise tax exempt status? This is why folks are worried about Obama. Needlessly so, i might add. Until someone posts something as intrusive as this. Please reconsider.

Mary G. said...

I can't bring myself to set foot in an evangelical church... But I don't really disagree with Audrey's sentiment. One cannot maintain a tax-exempt status while at the same time being a recruiting ground for a political party. And many of these churches are just that. They actually aren't very keen on freedom of religion because they want to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. I do think there is a unity among news organizations today to dispel the suspicions of Palin's ludicrous birth story. So, if she got into a car accident in Texas I suppose she could stop the bleeding long enough until she arrived at Mat-Su Regional? Labor is not a process that one can start or stop at will; and leaking amniotic fluid is not a safe condition. Mary g.

bacci40 said...

you dont need to go to is a right wing wacko rabbi (who has a synagogue and a tax exempt org) endorsing mccain, and telling people to pray for his election over obama

levin was once a supporter of pat buchanan....thats how crazy he is

if you have any questions regarding some of the things he says in hebrew or yiddish, i would be happy to translate

usually, we jews dont like showing our dirty laundry to the world, but its time for my people to cleanse themselves of these far right idiots.

he is as fake as the phony evangelicals

to hell with all of them

Silvergirl said...

Our church has stated their policy of not endorsing political candidates, and they do so every election. That doesn't stop people from bring politics up from time to time, but the church leaders do not tell us who to vote for.