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Anonymous said...

just wondering if you've seen this?

Lori said...

Thanks - and same blogger has another, wider timeline on Palin (through the years from birth) here:
The comments that follow are also worth reading.

Morgan said...

That is a brilliant breakdown of the timeline leading up to her "delivery". I'd not thought about weather. It makes her actions seem even more reckless, if possible.

jeanie said...

Here's a link to the alaska government website. There is a link to hundreds of congratulatory notices about Trig. Seems odd to me that this is so pronounced on a government site - seven months after the birth! I did do some googling on those who had written. They seem to be legit - strong pro-lifers, of course - but a quote from Macbeth sums it up - "Methinks the lady doth protest too much!".

wayofpeace said...

lori & morgan,

wow, this weather crisis just adds more fuel to the absurdity of their story!

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that they woud choose to DRIVE under those conditions?

it is altogether reckless, and the only way to explain it is if they were being driven by a much bigger crisis, one of their own making.

there is no other explanation.

THANKS JOTMAN for offering one more piece of the puzzle.

Anonymous said...

That record cold and snow was in the capitol, Juneau, 600 miles away. You'd need to check out Anchorage.


Anonymous said...

"HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that they woud (sic) choose to DRIVE under those conditions?"

"I'd not thought about weather. It makes her actions seem even more reckless, if possible."

Say WHAT conditions? Clear with a high of 33 degrees in Anchorage and Wasilla on April 17, 2008.

Know your geography. Know the facts before you spot hysteria.

The only thing that's reckless is the way all of you carry on over every morsel and try to make it venal.

sandy beach said...

Just to clarify: Juneau is over 700 miles from where Trig was born. The weather in Juneau (where I live) would not have affected the Wild Ride at all. I think the point Jotman is raising is that she should have skipped the Governor's Conference altogether to focus on the crisis in Juneau.

Anonymous said...

the geography is not so much the issue as events occurring in her state when she left to give a speech in texas - her state was facing state of emergency and she needed to be in the limelight....

Anonymous said...

sandy beach - Until I read jotman, I had not realized that there had been a severe hydro-electric power disruption in Juneau. Why do you think Gov Palin did not declare a state disaster emergency? Did the citizens of Juneau feel that she had stiffed them?

Ohio mom

Mary G. said...

Yes, it does see that she should have skipped the conference where she was serving, after all, as a last-minute fill-in speaker (really to forward her own career). I think it's pretty clear that I question the birth story and I subscribe to the theory that Bristol is the actual mother of Trig, so this news from jotman makes me think she had two huge reasons to leave Texas immediately on the 17--the emergency in Juneau, and possibly hearing that something was not quite right with bristol--the 4:00a.m. doctor call she claims she made, clearly referring to something. But also , re the storm in Juneau--ain't there a lieutenant governor?? officially the gov. was giving birth, but can't the lt. gov do the state of emergency stuff? Of course Palin did find time to sign a bill *in the hospital* and then attend an-all important meeting about her famous gas line, with no word about Juneau.--mary g.

Anonymous said...

"I think the point Jotman is raising is that she should have skipped the Governor's Conference altogether to focus on the crisis in Juneau."

Of course he was just concerned about that - apparently being able to see well into the future. Sarah Palin should ask to borrow that crystal ball of his well in advance of planning any travel. I can't believe how irresponsible she is to leave the state without consulting the spirits. While we're at it - maybe she should consult with Sandy Beach too since he/she knows what Jotman is thinking. There's some real talent out there. I hear the state pays good wages. SB should apply as the travel planner for SP so the governor can avoid this type of embarrassing fiasco. How DARE SHE LEAVE!

Maybe Jotman and SB can also share this divine divining ability with the amateurs at the National Weather Service since this 'odd' storm took the 'allegedly' trained meterologists by surprise. Who would ever think Juneau would set a record snowfall in April?

Answer: Jotman (He HAS to be right since he gets his information from Wikipedia!!!!!)

Keep up the brilliant detective work everyone. Between spending hours on examining the lids of baby food jars and gnawing on the tiniest bit of gossip - I'd have to say it makes YOUR actions seem even more ridiculous, if possible.

Anonymous said...

It was in Hamlet that the queen said "Methinks the lady doth protest too much." It is during the play within a play where actors play out the murder of Hamlet's father in front of his murderer, who is Hamlet's uncle.

I do find it interesting that Palin's deception is playing out in this fantastic public forum, and even in front of Palin and her co-conspirators' eyes.

The bloggers in pajama comment she made could have easily been, "Methinks the lady doth protest too much."

Bravo Audrey for all that this blog has done . . . so far.

Silver Salmon said...

I still think Mat-Su Regional Hospital took down the Trig birth announcement at some point, but it was in the Anchorage Daily News.

Article was posted May 2. No, it really doesn't prove anything one way or the other. In all likelihood, the Mat-Su Regional listing didn't include anything of interest, either, as all information is optional and can be entered exactly how the parent(s) want it.

The Daily article also includes a few other births that weren't on the website. The newspaper would be working from what the hospital gave them and is probably quite elective, too, and could be listed how the parent(s) wanted it.

Anonymous said...

I've been a regular reader of this blog but just thought of something. It has been widely publicized that, 3 days after Trig's "birth," Sarah went back to her office with a crib for Trig. Would it be acceptable for a newborn to go to an office? Granted, she has a private office, unlike a cubicle farm like mine where there are lots of other people to cough and sneeze all over, but really? A newborn? Would it be acceptable for a "normal" baby but not one with Down's? Are DS babies more susceptible to infections? If this would not be recommended, it's more fuel for the idea that Trig was born before he was said to have been born. If someone other than Sarah gave birth to Trig, but Sarah and Todd adopted him, OK maybe the adoptive parents' names are on the birth certificate, but they wouldn't change the birth date, would they? Maybe that's the real reason the birth certificate has never been made public.

Anonymous said...

Good reasoning that the parent's name would be changed but not the birth date!

In many states it takes from six months to a year for an adoption to become final and for the birth certificate to be changed. But maybe if you're the governor of Alaska, it only takes six days. Who knows? Alaska does seem to be a very strange place.

Ohio mom

sandy beach said...

Answering questions about our energy crisis last April: It was very expensive but not life-threatening on a short-term basis. It seems totally inappropriate to remotely compare it to Katrina. When the power lines got cut off, the city switched to diesel, thus bumping energy costs by some 500%. It was very scary and people immediately reduced consumption drastically. Suddenly, everybody turned off everything, dried clothes on racks, quit using their stoves and ovens. We started cooking everything on our propane grill!

It turned out that Juneau immediately cut its power usage by 30%. Nothing like that had ever happened before, anywhere. Local government stepped up to give people relief by averaging the high rates over a long period of time and offering grants to low-income people.

The governor's response? She favored giving everyone $1200. Juneau people, presumably, would use the money to pay their electric bills. People in the Bush could use it to pay the insane cost of heating oil.

I remember that was the first time I realized how lame she was/is. First glimmers. This was a flat payout to rich and poor alike. No credits for conservation, incentives for power saving technology. Nothing. Just a flat payout.

In the end, the emergency was over way ahead of schedule. They fixed the power line in record time and not too many people suffered for very long. And the lasting legacy is that power use is still down. Not the full 30% but somewhere around 20%. People all over the country are writing dissertations on how the little town of Juneau learned how to conserve, overnight!

Should Sarah have stayed home for our sakes? It would have been a nice gesture but we already know that she doesn't like us or our city. We have a big empty mansion right downtown to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Those who protest, do not offer anything else than protesting with Gov. Palinwise talk(which has no value in this case). I wish those who protest(including Gov. Palin, her relatives, family members and friends) did offer something solid, something valuable.

All the facts point out that there is a mystery around Trig "Palin"'s birth.

I don't know about you but I have never seen anybody with so much mystery around their child's birth.

Is everybody playing detective? Some do, You Betcha! For good reasons also.

Unless Gov. Palin proves otherwise, Trig's birth will always be a mystery. If Gov. Palin wants to run for 2012 or later, she should solve this mystery, once for all. Otherwise I am afraid it will haunt her and her ambitious political career for the rest of her life.

Personally, I don't care whether Trig is their son or adopted son. What I care is and what I expect someone who wants to run for the highest office in the world, is truthful and trustworthy.

For the record, I am typing this in my jeans(not in my pajamas)

Anonymous said...

Maybe SP is telling the truth about the 'delivery' date.

Maybe Bristol (or whoever) gave birth to Trig a month or so early then Sarah adopted him and the adoption was going ahead to be official by the 18th April - then she wouldn't be lying about "her delivery on the 18th?"


wayofpeace said...

OK, anonymous, i stand corrected.

i DO agree with you:
my knowledge of the geography of alaska is poor.

however, you seem to be 'straining the gnat BUT swallowing the camel'.

please address/counter the facts of this story--as documented by audrey.

Handle that Scandal! said...

On the link that silver salmon provides it says that Trig was born on April 16th! Very suspicious! Granted this article is from May 2nd,
but still maybe this is a clue. Maybe the real date was April 16th!

Anonymous said...

"What I care is and what I expect someone who wants to run for the highest office in the world, is truthful and trustworthy."

I agree with you; however it worked for George W. Bush to be mysterious about HIS past even though he was the son of a famous person and former president. We shall never know the TRUTH about his use of cocaine, paying for an abortion for a woman he got pregnant and going AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard!

Anonymous said...

"Unless Gov. Palin proves otherwise, Trig's birth will always be a mystery."

Maybe, maybe not. SP and her family can keep a secret with enough motivation, and I suspect that many people who claim to know things only are aware of cover-up facts, not actual facts. Hence, the various pictures showing SP pregnant (in clothes) are accepted as proof she is Trig's mother by many who don't want to dig any deeper. The REAL fact is that when SP announced in March that she was pregnant, nobody could believe it because she didn't look pregnant at all. This fact alone led to rumors of Bristol.

That might not have been enough to continue the controversy, however, had SP's story of Trig's labor and delivery not been so farfetched and full of holes. Also, the story clearly paints SP as sich a reckless person -- not even seeing a doctor in Texas before a crazy trip back to Alaska -- that nobody would freely admit to such behavior except as a cover for something far worse.

For example, why didn't she just say that she decided to return from the meeting earlier to deal with urgent business. Then, when she arrive in Anchorage, she felt labor on the return to Wasilla and went straight to the hospital and it was a quick labor.

That's a much better cover story but I suspect that there would have been real facts out there which would have proven her a liar. And, perhaps, the doctor would not have gone along with it.

SP's story is what police and prosecutors call 'unnecessary embellishment'. More telling is how she kept her 'pregnancy' secret from even close family and the other kids (!!) and how she supposedly knew about the DS but also told nobody. Such behavior is impossible to explain away -- as revealed in the full transcript of her April 22 interview. The most likely explanation for the conflicting stories is that nobody knew Trig had DS until after his birth, and their planned cover story now looked completely reckless with such a high-risk pregnancy, but they were stuck with the story.

Clearly, the Palins are confident that the MSM will not pursue the Trig birth story, not matter how bad SP would look even if what she has admitted to were true. But back to the original point. With enough shoe leather, a clever detective could crack the story. You just need to track the Feb-Apr movements of the three most likely women to be Trig's mother: Bristol, Sarah and Willow.


Lady Rose said...

This is a dumb question, and\or already asked and dismissed -

Do we know for certain that Trig has Down's? I don't know enough about Down's to know if from what little folks have seen of him that those with more expertise on the condition can confirm it.

I found myself wondering what are affects of fetal alcohol syndrome - and wondering if it were a possibility because of reading how much drinking Bristol was known for (of course that may not be true either)

Anonymous said...

There are several tangents that seem to have some relevance.
1. Follow Andrew Halcro's blogs. He had a lot to say about the Troupergate incidents, but earlier there was a problem with the takeover of the state dairy. That scene was pretty interesting and certainly was a classic socialistic experiment. One person prominent in that takeover was Kristan Cole.
2. Track apparently was sent to Michigan for his senior year after getting in trouble in Alaska. He was involved in some vandalism but the record was sealed because he was a minor. He joined the army on 9/11/07. This was after the conception of Trig.
3. I can't help but think the physician added the information about Trig's jaundice because Sarah had never mentioned it.
4. On Kristan Cole's blog about Trig he is being passed around to be fed with a bottle. With his mother there, why wasn't she breast feeding him? I don't think she ever did in spite of her comments about a breast pump in the office. The party seemed to be all female except for Todd, so feeding naturally would have been accepted.
sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

This is a video from Feb. 20, 2008 where Palin is hiking and says she likes to "thrash her guts". Odd comment from someone who was 6 months "pregnant".

Also, in the February 25th, 2008 at 9:32 pm posting below the video, someone asks the man who apparently shot the video with Palin this question:
"I know that her son is in the army. Is he currently in Iraq?"

The answer, also on Feb. 25, 2008 at 10:17 pm is "Yes! Sarah Palin’s son is serving in Iraq."

I thought he went to Iraq on Sept. 11, 2008 as Palin claimed. One article I read said he left exactly one year after he enlisted which would have been Sept. 2007.

One other thing, I don't think I have actually heard that Baldwin-Johnson was the actual doctor who birthed Trig or that she was even in the room (wherever that was) when Trig was born. It has only been alluded to. BJ doesn't admit to it in her letter released on Nov. 3, 2008 and Palin just refers to her as her doctor. Well, a person can have a number of doctors performing various procedures while keeping the general practitioner.

Poor little Trig- no one will come forth and surround him with the honesty and dignity he deserves.


Anonymous said...

to handle that scandal! The page from ADN on May 2 has the birth under April 18. The subtitle is not in bold, and at first glance it appears to be April 16.

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

Correction for Nov 17 at 11:41


I meant to say that it was reported that Track JOINED the service around Sept., 2007, not that he left.

Also, why in the world would Palin invent such a cockamamie Texas story? She could have just skipped the rest of the conference after her speech and gone home and done her fake birth and no one would care or question.