Sunday, November 23, 2008

Prom Photo Dated Conclusively (aka Fun with Photoshop)

In several posts on this blog, we have discussed photos which were obtained from Mercede Johnston's public MySpace page. These images - and numerous others - were scrubbed from the Internet sometime during the late afternoon on September 1, 2008, shortly after it was announced that Bristol Palin was five months pregnant. These photos have been discussed in three other posts on this blog, The Smoking Gun, At Long Last, and The Prom Photo.

Fortunately, the links to these photos had been posted and many people saved them and entire screen shots before they disappeared.

We had identified the series of photos, discussed in "At Long Last," that contained Mercede Johnston, Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, and Trig Palin as having been taken in the Palin's home in Wasilla. The date is unknown, though is almost certainly sometime between April 23rd and the first week in May, due simply to Trig's tiny size. He is definitely a newborn.

The final photo about which there were questions was discussed in The Prom Photo. Here it is again.

Here are the whole series of prom photos, listed on the MySpace page as "Prom 08." It's easy to see that the photo of Mercede and Bristol is squarely in the middle of the series, and Mercede's hair and jewelry match in every photo. There's absolutly no reason to think and no plausible argument to suggest that somehow the photo of Mercede and Bristol was taken on a different date.

But what date? That was the critical question. It's been stated on this blog multiple times that I believe that Gov. Palin has been dishonest about numerous aspects of her birth story. I believe that the evidence strongly suggests that she is not Trig's Palin biological mother. However, if that is the case, then someone else must be. The evidence has always suggested that Bristol Palin, seventeen last April, eighteen now, was the most likely candidate to be Trig's natural mother.

The "prom" photo, however, seemed to raise some considerable questions. Bristol Palin is clearly not visibly pregnant in the photo. Research into Wasilla area proms showed that there were three: Palmer High School Prom on April 5th, Colony High School Prom on April 12th, and Wasilla High School Prom on April 19th. If this photo was taken in conjunction with either the Palmer Prom or the Colony High Prom, AND Trig was born on April 18th, Bristol Palin could not have been Trig's mother. If the photo was taken on April 19th, it would have been theoretically possible for Bristol to still be Trig's mom (since it would have been taken 36 hours or so after the birth), though for practical physical reasons this would be very unlikely. If the dating on the photo was accurate to one of those three days, it would come very close to proving that Bristol could not be Trig's mom.

But I wanted to dig deeper. That made no sense to me. We KNOW that photos were scrubbed from the Internet frantically on the afternoon of September 1, including all of these. The McCain campaign's "big plan" to prove that Sarah Palin was Trig's mother was to prove that Bristol could not be. As we all know, to do this, they announced Bristol was five months pregnant. If a photo existed that could be reliably dated to early April which showed a clearly non-pregnant Bristol, why hide it? Why not broadcast it to the world? But they didn't.

And then I got lucky. I got a tip. There was a fourth prom, held at Burchell High School on April 25th. Burchell High is the Wasilla area's alternative high school. The tipster alerted me to the prom and also told me that Mercede Johnston had been there that night. Now, we had to determine whether or not this series of photos was taken that night.

Luckily, the local newspaper had published an article about the prom, which contained several photographs. Through careful Photoshop sleuthing, I was able to isolate a few details from the backgrounds of both the photos published in the Frontiersman and from the backgrounds of Mercede's photos which matched exactly. (There's something to be said for tacky decorations!)

Here's one of the original photos from the paper.

Here's a detail from over the girls' heads.

Now, here's one of the photos from Mercedes Johnston's page.

There's nothing there at all, you're probably thinking. But you're wrong. You'd be surprised how much detail is in the back of this photo that's just waiting for us to see if we adjust the contrast.

So here's the same photo with the contrast jacked up really high. Take a good look at the wall high over the young man's head. Though there's not much, the match on the black and white squares is definite. Here's a bit more of a close-up on that.

This was not the only match I found. I spotted strings of lights in one of the Mercede' photos that are also visible in the Frontiersman photo and got a match on the gym floor. Furthermore, the group shot of Mercede and her friends is in front of a backdrop that seems to have a faux stone look. We're told in the Frontiersman article that the prom's theme was Medieval Masquerade.

I feel very confident in dating these photos to April 25, 2008, seven days after Trig Palin's birth. While they certainly do not bring us any closer to knowing the truth about what happened on April 17th, 2008, this photo, taken seven days after Trig Palin's birth, does not preclude Bristol being Trig's biological mother.


ABS said...

Wow!!! Great detective work, Audrey!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Audrey, for all your hard work on this. I am yet another mother who found the Sarah Palin labor and delivery story unbelievable. Thank you so much!

I think that it’s scary regarding all the changes made in websites, items deleted from the web, and the fact that the media got quiet on this story. The extent of power used by Palin, the McCain campaign or by some entity is really scary in the context of a presidential campaign.

Thanks again!

momsdonepaying said...

Keep it up...someday, someone will be tired of keeping the secrets and you will know everything. Thanks for staying on top of all this for those of us that really want the truth.

Anonymous said...

Great work Audrey!

I'm in awe.


Anonymous said...

I believe you're right Audrey but even if the prom was held on one of the earlier dates, we received no proof of Trig being born on April 18th. Maybe he was several weeks old by that date...unless there's something I missed and April 18th was confirmed as the birth date.

*Miss Lexstasy*

Anonymous said...

I really thought the pink prom photo was going to put an end to this when I sent you the MySpace pages, Audrey. But that is great that you found the other prom at the later date - so the question and mystery continues to see another day.

Since there were also photos from another prom Mercede went to (dressed in blue) - which could have been one of the other 3 area schools and perhaps from her own school - Colony, this makes sense for this to be the other school, with this boy she calls her best friend - and who may not really be her boyfriend.


Anonymous said...

Please make sure multiple people have all your evidence for safe keeping. Great job!!

Anonymous said...

That's excellent work, well done, Audrey !!!


Anonymous said...

Good work.

Would it be possible to put the myspace prom photos on a link on your main site as well?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad somebody up there who isn't a Palin plant is doing the right thing and spilling the beans.

Mary G. said...

Who knew the Valley had such a busy social calendar each Spring? Great job searching out proms; and, I must say, I'm as impressed with the boys' attire as with the girls'!

BG said...

Oh Audrey!! You never cease to amaze me when I wonder "What will she find next?" Honestly, the prom photo was most perplexing to me, though I never doubted that SP didn't have that baby. This is great detective work.

Anonymous said...

I too was worried about the prom picture and for a bit there after reading this post was still worried about her lack of swelling for a week postpartum. I went back and looked at my postpartum (and I am short and gained a lot of weight) and feel (and I know that's not worth much) that bp could indeed look like that in a big sweatshirt so close after giving birth.

Anonymous said...

While I believe Sarah Palin to be a liar and a dimwit, I have concluded that she is the mother of Trig. I have always suspected that she made up the Labor story in order to bolster her frontier woman creds. It simply did not happen as she describes it. As far as the cover-up possibiities, I think she is too dumb to have pulled off such an outrageous plan. In order for it to work, everyone in her circle and beyond would have had to be complicit. I think people give her too much credit for a faux pregnancy plan. Tis type of cover would require some brain cells firing-this dope is not capable of something so complex.

Anonymous said...

It is a fun and interesting pursuit to track down all these avenues of Palin weirdness, but I have reached the conclusion that Sarah Palin actually is Trig's mother. Her behavior is bizarre, but there is simply no plausible evidence of a thorough-going coverup. We know that she has an abnormal personality and therefore cannot be understood from the standpoint of a reasonable person of ordinary prudence in a similar circumstance.

It is almost outlandish to think, with all of the major exposure the Palin's have received, that something definitive would not have come to light from some source with a coverup of this magnitude. It may be hard to let go of the birth mystery, but it simply has nowhere else to go - other than in people's imaginations and "evidence" such as baby food jars and the like. Most everything on the site these days is manufactured out of wholecloth or of no significant importance from an evidentiary standpoint. Whether it is a few days or a week, Bristol is not post-partum in that photo. The prom 2008 photo should still end any rational speculation about Bristol being Trig's mother. And Bristol was the only person giving any plausibility to the birth mystery to begin with.

I think if we want to be useful we might want to address genuine Palin madness, of which there is plenty. She is a dangerous woman and an even more dangerous icon. We could find more useful ways to keep her out of power.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:05 AM, I couldn't disagree more. Don't let SP fool you--she is no dummy. She is as conniving and manipulative as they come. Sure, she is inarticulate when left to her own devices and certainly not book smart but she is certainly capabable of this cover-up. You say that you have "concluded" that she is Trig's biological mother. Based on what facts and evidence? Please don't percieve this as an attack; I'm just trying to filter out the "Palin Plants" who troll on here and say "Well, I don't like her either...but she IS the mom". Just trying to underscore the point that we don't have enough evidence to CONCLUDE either scenario.

rachel said...

This was a great post.

I've been wondering about the Bristol as mom theory. Is the idea that she lived with her aunt and was basically in lockdown for a few months? I just find it a bit hard to believe that NO ONE saw a very pregnant Bristol walking around. People in her aunt's town must have known who she was.

Thanks for keeping up your blog!

Anonymous said...

I know there are some doubters, but these photos do prove that the photo of Mercedes and Bristol was taken after Trig's birth.

Important to note that since no one has any dated photos of Bristol between January 08, and this one, how do we know what she looked like before Trig's birth? She definitely looks more post partum than Sarah does crouching behind Mercedes holding the baby! I mean for crying out loud...that does not look like a woman who just gave birth to her fifth child...but Bristol looks like one who just had her first.

Think about it...with your first child you show much later, typically about 6 months. With a fifth child, there is absolutely no way Sarah would have appeared so slim (she even looks tan) a week later. Bristol is overall more fuller figured than Sarah, and could have easily hid the pregnancy alot longer. Being that this is Bristol's second pregnancy, she is showing earlier, and is larger. I will guarantee you that she does not deliver her baby on December 18.

FW from VA

Anonymous said...

As a follow-up as to how I concluded SP is the mother of Trig-while intriguing, the cover-up is simply not plausible based upon the degree of deception it would take to pul it off. fake baby belly, physician compliance, friend and family collusion, etc. On top of that, one would have to believe that the National Enquirer would have broken someone by dangling gobs of money in their faces. Judging by the goofballs she surrounds herself with, it wouldn's take much for someone to spill the beans. I still contend that too many people give this dimwit too much credit as being clever and conivivng. Her looks have given her a free pass-plain and simple. I agree with the other poster who suggests we spend our time going after some very tangible Palin Deceptions-next up:House gate. Stop this fooish with with hard-core facts. Who built your hose,Governor?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:27--guess what? I gave birth this past April. Guess what? Less than 5 days after the birth I did not look post-partum. Not only that but I am 28 and this was my second baby. I guarantee that if I show you pictures of me before getting pregnant and 5 days after having my baby, you would not know which is which. I say the same is true of Bristol. SHe is young, had a tiny baby and whittled right back down. And let's just consider SP's behavior those first few days post-partum. She was back at work! Having just passed 6+ pounds of baby through her nether regions, she was back at work! Not-freakin'-likely. Wow--that is two annonymous commenters in a row who have "concluded" that SP is the birth mom right AFTER Audrey gets closer and closer to answering our questions. Odd!

Anonymous said...

Great job Audrey! I think that Bristol also looks very pale in the pic with Mercedes -- that would certainly go along with a little anemia from giving birth!

Eva New Orleans said...

I searched the names of the teens in the article and Eric Larson has a MySpace page and pictures of the prom.

Anonymous said...

I am always stunned by the cart-before-the-horse reasoning that leads people to ridiculous conclusions. Anonymous above concludes that SP must be the mother because it would be too difficult to cover it up? Huh?

A cover up IS difficult, which is why we are slowing cracking the case. But if few people know the truth and are motivated to keep it quiet, and resources aren't brought to the effort (e.g. subpeonas), doubts and misinformation can replace an active cover-up. That's where we are now.

If you are so convince that SP must be Trig's mother, give us your direct evidence. But you also have to explain why a) she didn't look 7-months pregnant when she announced it; b) didn't tell close family and friends about it; c) didn't tell her other children that they brother-on-the-way had DS and d) went into labor in Texas but gave birth in Alaska.

Generalized speculation about her personality traits is hardly evidence. That said, you might be right about her personality and motivation and SP STILL may not be Trig's mother.

In just a little while, when the hub-bub has died down, I'll bet it won't be that tough to get Trig and Sarah's DNA and run independent tests.


Anonymous said...

Good work, Audrey; that is a great find. I had actually been on the Burchell High prom pictures just yesterday, but couldn't find the other prom photos to compare them to. I'm really psyched that you have now shown conclusively that the Bristol-Mercedes "sister-in-law" photo was taken after Apr 18, though I do think there is a legitimate possibility that Trig was born before the 18th and then treated for jaundice at Mat-Su. But like you, I think the Bristol-in-labor on 4/17 makes the most sense. I had kind of given up hope of new insights before Bristol gave birth, so you've definitely made my day! We're getting warmer...

Anonymous said...

Re the date of the photos of Mercedes with Trig and Bristol, I think they were taken within a day of Trig coming home from the hospital. My hunch is that this was Mercedes' first look at the brand new baby. If she is indeed the sister of the baby's father, then she would receive one of the first invitations to see the baby. She also looks like she's seeing him and holding him for the first time. It also looks to me (as a former professional photographer) like the photos may have been taken in the daytime, because ambient light is filling in the shadows from the camera's flash. If these were late day (after school) in Alaska in April, or night, probably the shadows would be pretty black. My hunch is the photos were taken on the weekend, probably right after Trig got home on the 19th or perhaps on Sunday the 20th...not necessarily as "late" as the 23rd. May not be important anyway, but just trying to nail some things down!

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing piece of detective work!

Anonymous said...

Sarah announced that she was pregnant in March. Afterward, she had to wear some padding etc. to appear "with child." The true significance of April 18-19 is not so much the day Trig was born, but that come hell or high (or broken) water, Sarah was going to Texas to give a speech to the Republican governors. This was a very BIG DEAL to her career. Thus if Trig was born even a week earlier to Bristol, Sarah had to delay faking giving birth until after she gave that speech, and then "rush" home to pronounce that she had given birth. She could not have announced Trig's birth, let's say, on April 15th and then justified flying to Texas to give that big speech.

Anonymous said...

Something that has been bothering me is the comment (I can't remember from where) that Todd was seen walking in the halls of the hospital when Trig was born. Why would Todd be walking the halls AFTER the birth? And it had to have been after as they got to the hospital late (no one around) and Trig was born before sunrise (again no one around).


Anonymous said...

Looking at the early pictures of Trig with Sadie, I am struck by the position of his legs. I don't think size is as important as the completely bent legs. The other pictures have him swaddled. Someone with experience with newborn infants may have a better idea on how old he was by these signs.

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

Excellent detective work... this caliber of sleuthing and putting pieces together sounds like it came straight out of a Sherlock Holmes story.

Anyway, I've been lurking on this blog for some time, since discovering the site about 3 days before the election. For the record, I was an Obama supporter going all the way back to the primary (remember that? =), so I'll have to say that this blog simply changed my mind from not liking SP to liking her even less! For much of the fall campaign I simply accepted the official story, not wanting to be a "mean spirited liberal" (an accusation which some other posters here might be familiar with...). I thought to myself, "Well, I've never been present at anyone's childbirth, so I what do I know?" And there were plenty of other less controversial reasons why SP was a real drag on the ticket.

But what really convinced me that maybe this is not just another bunch of loony conspiracy theorists has been posts like these. Also, posts like "Biology Lesson," about some of the more icky details of the process of labor, really were educational... For some time I believed that SP's "wild ride" back home was maybe possible, if you were one tough lady---but now reading about things like the risk of infection after water breaking, the sheer amount of fluid that would need to be contained, the discomfort one would have to endure, and the scene it would make for other passengers and flight attendants---makes that wild ride sound truly impossible.

So I consider the "Bristol is the mother" hypothesis most plausible, followed by the "Sarah is the mother, and she made up the wild ride to sound like a pro-life working mom superhero" hypothesis (but then there still is the problem of why she waited so long to announce the pregnacy, and never looked visibly so). I was going to just let things go---the election is done, Obama won (yay!), and SP could just fade back into obscurity. But she really has a strong ambition and has still maintained a strong presence in the news in the following weeks... enough people still regard her as a rising star, reasoning along the lines of "Just give her a few more years to become more used to the spotlight, and really learn the ways of the outside world, and she'll really be ready to bring back the GOP!" ... that we cannot afford to be complacent. This actually should hold regardless of your political views, since true GOP supporters presumably want honest leaders. That's why really getting to the bottom of this should remain a very urgent matter. (However one other possible reason why people would be keeping quiet about this is because a scandal of this magnitude would be extremely unhelpful to the already badly battered GOP...)

But I do have some additional questions (sorry if this post is becoming excessively long!). First, if I may play a little devil's advocate, the biggest weakness (maybe not weakness, just oddity) in the BP-is-the-mom hypothesis is, well, if all of this is a cover-up for a teen pregnancy, why did SP go ahead and explain it all by......... a teen pregnancy (BP's current one)!!! This is, I guess, what they mean when they say that "BP got thrown under the bus." Maybe a 17-year-old teen pregnancy is less scandalous than a 16-year-old's? Maybe BP got pregnant again and SP got so angry that she said "I'm not gonna cover for you this time!"? In any case, it really is ironic that the lie has grown and gotten so out of hand that it has to be covered up, by the original (kind of) thing being covered up! The finger-wagging moralists so readily accepted the current BP pregnancy story---let's not forget, McCain/Palin did still get a not-so-insignificant 46% of the vote---that one is inclined to wonder if BP's first pregnancy was worth covering up at all, especially considering that she wasn't the VP pick at that time.

My next questions are perhaps more along the lines of a request for more "educational" segments: first, what will finally really make this comment be relevant to this particular post: what is the general post-partum process, i.e. how do typical post-partum mothers look, say, the day, week, and month after? How long is a typical recovery process?

Finally, what do we really know about Down's Syndrome babies? I don't know anyone with DS, am not familiar with its signs, and whether they are detectable from birth. Is the hypothesis that Trig is afflicted with DS really believable? Or is it another concocted thing to make SP look all the more heroic? (I do realize, by the way, maternal age is definitely not disqualifying: the crux of the problem is that "the probability that a child has DS, given that the mother is of age greater than ##" is not the same as "the probability that the mother is of age greater than ## given that the baby has DS").

Anyway, keep up the good work, Audrey!

-- Curious Reader in CA

Anonymous said...

I see that days are already quite long in Alaska in April (sunset at 8:30 pm) so it is possible that the Mercedes-Bristol-Trig photo could be taken after school. I still suspect it was on the weekend, but no proof, obviously!

Anonymous said...

Quote Anonymous (Curious Reader in CA) 3.21am in the BP-is-the-mom hypothesis is, well, if all of this is a cover-up for a teen pregnancy, why did SP go ahead and explain it all by......... a teen pregnancy (BP's current one)!!! This is, I guess, what they mean when they say that "BP got thrown under the bus." Maybe a 17-year-old teen pregnancy is less scandalous than a 16-year-old's?

I agree, I had thought the same thing but maybe they covered the first one and no way could SP pretend to be pregnant again so quickly; or they got so angry at Bristol that they said deal with it yourself.

With the prom photos, everyone said Mercede is wearing the same jewellery in the photo with Bristol; I couldn’t see a necklace on the prom photos (I think it may just be because I can only view them REALLY small) – could someone please have a look and tell me I’m being silly and that there is one. Thank you


Anonymous said...

Regarding any speculation that Bristol may look a little anemic. I think this is an illusion because Mercede has obviously been using a tanning bed. The main thing I would notice in Bristol is that she looks happy.

sandra in oregon

Anonymous said...

"My next questions are perhaps more along the lines of a request for more "educational" segments: first, what will finally really make this comment be relevant to this particular post: what is the general post-partum process, i.e. how do typical post-partum mothers look, say, the day, week, and month after? How long is a typical recovery process?"

Reader in CA,
I was 27 when my daughter was born after an induction and a 25 hour labor. I did really well postpartum, to the point that friends visiting us in the hospital commented on how good I looked (although personally, I think I look half-drugged in most of the hospital pics). I was up and walking around without problems, although I was walking quite gingerly.

I lost all of the baby weight within the 10 days following the birth, but I still had a bit of a baby belly - it takes time for your body to bounce back. I had bad swelling in my lower extremities (edema), and it actually got a little worse in the week or so after the birth.

Another thing to consider is that the amount of blood involved postpartum is HUGE. When I got out of bed the first time after giving birth, blood went everywhere. It was all over the bed and my hospital gown, and I left a bloody trail from the bed to the bathroom. The second time I got out of bed postpartum, it was the same thing.

The bleeding postpartum can last for six weeks, and in those first few days, it's quite heavy. In fact, the nurses usually give postpartum women a squirt bottle to use on the toilet, instead of toilet paper.

THIS is the biggest issue I have with Sarah's claim that she was back at work three days later. At three days postpartum, I had only been home a day. I certainly hadn't gone anywhere. I was still walking pretty gingerly. I had special ice-pads that I wore in my underwear to help that area heal. I was bleeding heavily. I'd had very little sleep. My breasts were HUGE and uncomfortable. Working three days postpartum? No freaking way. As a woman who has been pregnant and given birth, I just don't believe Sarah Palin's story.


GraceR said...

" how do typical post-partum mothers look, say, the day, week, and month after? How long is a typical recovery process?"

That's a tough question. With my first child, I gained 57 lbs., was quite wiped out by the delivery, and didn't get back into my regular clothes for 4 mos. and was out of work for 3 mos. With my 4th child, I gained 18 lbs., delivered him on the Friday of a long holiday weekend, and was back to work on Tuesday in my regular clothes. Go figure. My other 2 pregnancies were both somewhere in-between.

Anonymous said...

After three days a woman's milk changes from colostrum to transitional milk and her breasts become fuller and heavier. Physical exhaustion also kicks in as the woman's body is in the process of building the milk supply. Hardly the time to be returning to work with a preterm, jaundiced child in tow.

Whatever was she thinking? Does this woman ever think through the consequences of anything that she undertakes? And where in this scenario is her consideration for a child who needs special care and attention?

No elements of this story fit....her pregnancy, her wild -trip to Alaska, her labour, her so-called delivery, her actions post pregnancy. As a Downs Syndrome child Trig requires special care during these developing years. Who is providing that care? The same mother who dragged a jaundiced child to work after three days? The same mother who touted a months old Downs Syndrome child on the campaign trail for more than two months - having him appear on stage at all hours of the day and night?

Sarah Palin is a dreadful example of a loving, caring and considerate parent. Imagine if she were one of the people in charge of making decisions for America. I shudder at the thought.


Anonymous said...


As another regular contributor to this blog I've enjoyed your comments. But I don't think the explanation for outing Bristol's current pregnancy makes sense. It might if SP were on her own, but there's no way the McCain campaign, which released the news of Bristol's current pregnancy -- as they explicitly stated -- to refute the unspecified 'rumors' on the internet, would go along with SP's personal agenda with her daughter.

No, their primary concern was defending the SP choice as VP and their woefully inadequate vetting process. They simply did not know about the nascent pregnancy controversy because they didn't even Google her, as all of us did that fateful Labor Day weekend.

Instead, they had to do something to slam the door on the controversy before the MSM picked it up loudly, and what they revealed had to be true, at least to the point of not being disprovable. The Bristol outing was far too clever to have come from SP herself. No, it's a GOP operative/lawyer ploy with all contingencies and issues pre-spun.

If anything, outing Bristol is strong evidence that SP is not Trig's mother because the GOP could have made huge PR gains against the 'crazy, mean-spirited liberals' by first showing the blog postings challenging SP's story, then proving conclusively that she was Trig's mother with a birth certificate or some other indisputable records. But they didn't.

What makes this so interesting is how the MSM didn't just accept their fallacy and challenge SP on the recklessly implied by her labor and delivery story, if true. I think we now live in an age when tough questioning from the media is a thing of the past if there is any pushback from the public figures and their supporters. Media is a business, and no media outlet can afford to lose customers, I guess.


Alie said...

If the exif data wasn't stripped you can also download a free program called Opanda IExif which will tell you everything about the picture. I've used it to debunk a few photos or to see what lense/settings a photographer used etc.

tm68 said...

This is all very intriguing- especially since Bristol's due to give birth, possibly a second time within the next few weeks. Here is my question that maybe someone can give a theorhetical answer to. If SP is not the mom (and I'm inclined to believe this conspiracy theory), and Bristol is Trig's mother, why then, did she go and get pregnant AGAIN? Is this teenage rebellion at its worst saying, "If you are going to TAKE my child from me and claim him as your own, screw you, I'm getting pregnant again- just TRY to take this one?" I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

i can't stand palin. but this is a load of crap. both photos were taken in different parts of the room. it's obvious.
you're hoping beyond hope here. nice try though. unfortunately, all the rubes that now believe this are no more informed than any sean hannity fan.
i think working on the troopergate issue has more substance.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous at 5:35: please indicate what photos you are referring to in "different parts of the room." There are several photos posted.

sandra in oregon

Windy City Woman said...

Why did Bristol get pregnant this time? Lots of possible reasons:

-Too dumb to use birth control

-Birth control failure

-Wanted a baby, since mom took the last one

-Wanted Levi to marry her so she could leave home

HollyP said...

This photo more than anything convinces me that Sarah might actually be Trig's mother.

I just compared a photo of myself 1 week post-partum to the photo of
Bristol. Yes, she could have lost all that baby weight in a week. My face looked normal one week post-partum, though I'd gained 30 lbs during my pg.

However, in the photos of campaign events her breasts are enormous. One must assume that her breasts would have swelled in the first pregnancy too. I have a great deal of difficulty believing that they would have decreased in size a week post-partum, to the point where she appears to have a B or C cup.