Thursday, November 13, 2008


If you read nothing else today, read this from Andrew Sullivan.

If you do nothing else today, please write to Mr. Sullivan. Tell him how much you appreciate his staying on the story. Tell him you agree with him. Tell him not to stop.


Anonymous said...

Audrey, I am on my way out the door right now....but when I get back, I'll definitely go there, read and write to Mr Sullivan.

Thanks for the heads-up!

trish in SW FL

Anonymous said...

Read DailyDish at your recommendation and it was GREAT. Keeping Mr. Sullivan as a favorite to keep a watch on "the Alaskan" so I can be prepared when she leaves that "country" again. Sent Mr. Sullivan a note to keep up the good work, and you do the same. Keep up the investigating so we can let people know what the REAL Guvnor' of Alaska is up to.

Lori said...

I did it - and thanked Andrew Sullivan profusely. I think Barbie Palin's 15 minutes are nearly over; The Press Corps sent their best reporters to Florida GOP Governor's convention today, and SP answered only 3 questions. Press will be furious methinks. She seems to be inviting questions re Trig - in a taunting way. Bring it on.

ocean said...

Even after Dr. Baldwin-Johnson released a very brief summary of Governor Palin's medical history, there remains questions about Trig's birth. To end the continuing discussions about Trig, Bristol and Dr. Baldwin-Johnson, I urge Governor Palin to release the records of the perinatology consultation and amniocentesis, along with all follow-up perinatology evaluations.

If Governor Palin has nothing to hide, she'll lease those records. Do it Governor. For your daughter and for your doctor.

Anonymous said...

lori posted above...palin taunts.
I often found it flaunting, too.
she flaunts a baby obviously older than age stated...she flaunts and taunts.

the media is on her like paparazzi, trailing her like britney, waiting for the good one.
...she craves the limelight
...gotta have it cant let it go

Anonymous said...


I KNEW I had read somewhere that TODD was with her in Texas when she started "leaking." If your husband is with you...why would you have to fly all the way to Alaska to deliver....Not like your delivery coach isn't right next to you IN BED!

From Texas to Alaska before delivery

In mid-April, Palin and her husband flew to Texas for an energy conference with fellow Republican governors. The trip was planned long in advance, but with days to go, Palin, a little-known governor from a faraway state, was asked to speak to her peers, filling in for Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. of Utah.

Around 4 a.m. on the day of her presentation, Palin stirred in her hotel room to an unusual sensation. She guessed she was leaking amniotic fluid, she told The Anchorage Daily News. She woke her husband and called her doctor back home. Go ahead and give the speech, said the doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, who declined to comment for this article.

Anonymous said...

I read it too Audrey, and emailed AS, thanking him for being the only one with enough balls to say what the rest of sane America is thinking.

FW from VA

MC said...

Done. Thanks for the link!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the possibility exists that there is now an amended birth certificate showing Sarah and Todd as the parents and that's why she's gloating. It may have taken a while... and the original birth certificate gets sealed.

Scott said...

Sullivan obviously has been leaked a story of some sort.

He lists Bristol, Levi, Heather Bruce , Sarah and Trig together. I think it's safe to say our basic understanding of this is right.

Bristol and Levi are the parents, Heather Bruce hid Bristol during the pregnancy and Sarah faked it.

This will leak soon I assume.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Trig's jaundice, suppose he was born (of Bristol) within hours after Sarah got the call in Texas, i.e. sometime on the 17th-early 18th.

And then was treated in the hospital for a couple of days, and then at home.

I don't see the conflict therefore in him being released on the 19th, and her returning to work on the 21st.

Audrey, can you explain why this time frame is not reasonable?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 9:23 PM. the reason the time frame is not possible because according to SP Trig was born on the 18th. Which doesn't correspond to a fews days in hospital before being released on the 19th.


avocadoinparadise said...

That was a good article. It rekindled my interest in finding out the truth about her stories. I hope it rekindles the interest of the national media too.