Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welcome to New Readers

Thanks to a link from Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish today, I can see from my traffic stats that I have many new readers. Welcome.

Please be aware that, in addition to this blog, there is a large website. In fact, the website came first; the blog was an afterthought. On the site there are countless pictures, links, and, I hope, a somewhat coherent catalog of a great deal of information regarding this issue.

Since the link from The Daily Dish went live, I have received a lot of email. I appreciate every one. However, many emails asked some very basic questions that have been discussed in depth on the blog and website; others contained pictures or links to information that are on the site, most with notes that say: I didn't see THIS on your blog. As I said, I do appreciate the sleuthing efforts of everyone, but do review the website first. However, then, if you have something you don't see on my site, by all means, send it on! Just today, I received a link to a new video from March of a Palin speech that I had never seen before.

My email address is: info@palindeception.com. I welcome email as well as comments on the blog. We do moderate all comments, but there are two of us checking so typically most comments are reviewed within an hour or two (from 7 AM - 12 AM).

Again... welcome.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this site! I read it daily and follow the links with hopes of the truth. Since the moment I read the facts about SP's apparant pregnancy and birth something doesn't feel right - I trust this intuition. As for the media not biting - there may be many reasons though a quick "Palin baby" google search shows there is some coverage on this issue
link: http://www.bayoubuzz.com/News/US/Politics/Sarah_Palin_Trig_Birth_Still_Mystery_Until_Medical_Records_Revealed__7920.asp

Anonymous said...

One good piece of news today: Mark Begich, the Mayor of Anchorage, has defeated Ted Stevens and will be the Democratic Senator from Alaska which means that Sarah Barricuda will not be able to darken the lower 48 again until possibly running for Lisa Murkowski's Senate seat in 2010! Yeah! Oh how I don't miss seeing that woman on every channel every night!

Anonymous said...

I have just found this site, and read some of it. There is a lot to read. I have a thought, or question. It may be already addressed, but if so I haven't read that far. I have heard that Sarah is nursing this baby. If so, has anyone actually seen this? If she didn't give birth, how could she breastfeed this baby? I know about the sns system as I was a lactation consultant. I cannot believe that she would have time to do the work it takes to induce lactation. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

On a website I had not been to before this evening, I discovered a photo from the night of November 4 (election night) in Phoenix identified as Bristol Palin, Bridget McCain and Piper. I think it is actually Willow, but am not sure. Verify, please. Website is: http://www.daylife.com/topic/Piper_Palin/photos/all/1
Scroll down on left side, she's wearing a dark blue/purple blouse. You still cannot tell much, but Bristol?/Willow looks plump in the middle.

Anonymous said...

To "anonymous" who posted on November 18 at 7:58 p.m., yes, Sarah is "supposedly" breast-feeding. She "supposedly" gave birth, too. Unless we see her unbutton her blouse and see Trig sucking away, we'll never know.

Anonymous said...

Re the breastfeeding, there was some media commentary early, I think during the convention, that she would be breastfeeding during the campaign. More proof to her followers that she truly is the Most Dedicated Mother on Earth (never mind all the evidence to the contrary). However the recent interview with Greta Van Sustern shows her mixing water and formula at the kitchen sink. I think personally that it is yet another falsehood that she put out there to keep the lie going.

--Reader from Ohio

Jen said...

to anonymous:

I have heard that Sarah is nursing this baby. If so, has anyone actually seen this? If she didn't give birth, how could she breastfeed this baby?


there are no confirmed pics of SP breastfeeding/nursing -- there are only pics of Trig being bottle fed, including pics from his baby shower given by some of SP's friends, after his birth. He would have been max "16 days" old, by his announced birthdate of 4/18/08.

I highly doubt she is pumping, she never looked like she was nursing and I gotta say, that'd be one tired woman and none of the pics indicated a woman that looked tired.

So, I am going to believe that for the most part, Trig is bottle-fed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are correct. Nov. 4picture is Willow, not Bristol.

Bristol was seen with her parents earlier that day in Wasilla. I think that's the last sighting. Last pictures were arriving in NYC for SNLive. -B.

Anonymous said...

Posted above:


'Scroll down on left side, she's wearing a dark blue/purple blouse. You still cannot tell much, but Bristol?/Willow looks plump in the middle.'

It's Willow. She looks like a mature woman, and has often been mistaken for Bristol. To all these new readers from Andrew Sullivan's link, while Bristol has receied all the attention, clearly Willow is physically capable of having a child. This fact can't be ignored in all the speculation just because she is only 14.

Andrew S. -- R U paying attention?


Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 9.03.....it is a misprint. That is clearly Willow Palin and not Bristol....and I do not think that she looks at all chubby...just teenage puppy fat as far as I can see.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 9:03 PM -- yes, that is Willow, not Bristol. Bristol hasn't been seen with her family, or even in public, at all in the last couple of months.

Anonymous said...

I am not a new reader but I still get confused as to why I should read your home page at all. I always go straight for the blog. Couldn't you make your blog your home page? That way, if you move all the links from your current home page over to your blog, we would have it all right there to click on. Other bloggers such as Cajun Boy and Token Hippie seem to be doing it that way...? --FIshEye

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm late to this party... but do any of you with more local knowledge of event dates and locations have a chance to go thru the 144 pictures at
scroll down to "Palin and me"
Though most of them are undated, there may be contextual clues that, as a lower-48er, I'm missing. (The baby food jar was a good pickup -- there may be others.)
There are several shots of SP with a baby sling on, and one #125 captioned "Sarah and her nanny" - who is that?
The caption on #130 is clearly wrong!
In #123 Piper has appropriated Trig's binky...

Anonymous said...

According to this blogger, Bristol was en famille, quite pregnant, last week in Florida

Anonymous said...

So Bristol takes long unnecessary flights a month before her due date. Like mother like child?

And Piper still isn't in school. -B.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Audrey for fighting for the truth. Some may not want to admit it but they know that something is just not right about SP's birth story. Trig is not her baby and if I am wrong about this then Gov. Palin was definitely not looking out for baby Trig while he was in her womb.

I believe that Trig is Bristol's baby but there is a part of me that wonders if Trig could possibly be Willow's baby. (An idea that Dangerous discuss on several blogs.) The reason I say this is because I find it curious that reported on this blog that Willow's boyfriend was telling everyone that Bristol was pregnant back in the Spring. This sounds more like taunting. You know how kids are sometimes, misery loves company. Willow makes a mistake and then gets happy because her sister makes the same one.

But then again, my true thought is that Bristol is the mother of Trig and now she is pregnant again. Trig was born earlier than April 18th. Also just to throw it out there, I have met and read about people who have special needs children wanting to have another child right away just to prove to themselves that they can have a what they call a 'normal' child. I know it sounds crazy but it happens. Think this could be Bristol and Levi's case? Sarah took Trig off their hands, why not have one they can keep.

Jack in GA

Anonymous said...

For new readers interested in the topic of SP's judgment: here is the Juneau political context the week of Trig's birth,

Anonymous said...

Your readers might also be interested in a thread on the Mudflats website that posits the idea that Sarah Palin has a personality disorder that contributes to her propensity to lie and her narcissistic behavior. I found it gave a new perspective to how we can think about the bizarre aspects of SP's behavior that we keep trying to make sense of....the url is: http://www.themudflats.net/forum/index.php/topic,2217.0.html. Something to think about, anyway.