Monday, November 10, 2008

You've Probably Already Seen This...

But I can watch it more than once.


Jay Raskin said...

Here's a new interview with Gov. Palin at or tinyurl

At around 3 minutes she starts talking incoherently about the "goofy" idea that she is not Trig's Mom. She seems to suggest that it could have easily been stopped and for some reason the campaign was not letting her release her medical records. She then suggests that she did release her medical records and the media ignored them for days and kept reporting the story.

This is a strange fantasy, as we know that she ignored the newsmedia and public's repeated request for her medical records and only released a statement from her doctor on the eve of the election.

It would be nice to get a straight answer out of her. Will somebody please ask her why she waited until the eve of the elections to release a statement by her doctor regarding this "goofy" idea.

Anonymous said...

I cannot fathom why the reporter doing this film did not pursue further the medical records issue (Trig's Mom) with something along the lines of, "will you tell us where or to whom those records were supplied days before the election so we can put that to rest?". Or was it not in the clip we saw? It seems there is some cutting away here. I am so sad and becoming more and more cynical specifically due to Palin and her stories about the press and their inability to ask the simple questions and report answers back to the public.

sunfish said...

Audrey - Wolf Blitzer is interviewing Sarah Palin on Wed - and viewers can submit video questions - maybe you want to ask her about her labor/delivery story?

Anonymous said...

Jay, good summary.

I posted my transcript of the complete interview segment under the previous topic.

- jwc

sandy beach said...

I hope the next reporter to interview her comes prepared with a Release of Information for her to sign on the spot. Call her bluff!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Anchorage paper "doesn't have" the story Cajun Boy believes it has, because its sources insist on being anonymous and thus the Alaskan media won't print their information. (See below.) After the way Palin used the power of her office to go after the boss of her former brother-in-law, who would feel safe being cited as a source?

November 10, 2008
During a discussion on Monday’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, Larry Persily, Former Editor of the Anchorage Daily News told Matthews a reason why Gov. Sarah Palin has been so testy with the national media is because in Alaska, media outlets don’t accept quotations from anonymous sources. Therefore, when somebody wanted to criticize Palin in her home state, they had to be ready for their name to be tied to the criticism. -B.

Mary G. said...

It is clear that the McCain campaign ordered Palin NOT to say ANYTHING about Trig other than that he was her "gift" and her child. As we saw, the few times she mentioned "early testing" she couldn't remeber if she said 13-14 weeks or mid-way through... Now that she's able to go "rogue" whenever a reporter is around, she may actually spill some useful details. Having seen a few "previews" of the Fox interview, I must repeat how conspicuous Bristol is by her absence.... Mary G.

Anonymous said...

I watched the interview with Greta tonite too, and noticed the absence of Bristol.

Things that make ya go HMMMM!

trish in SW FL

annie said...

Fox News...Did they deliberately say she was in a bathrobe instead of wrapped in the towel she was in?

Anonymous said...

The date on the letter from her doctor is 3rd November so it is impossible for her to say that her 'medical records' were released earlier than that date and that the media ignored them for days.

Anonymous said...
This is an interesting montage of photos from the campaign trail via McCains daughter's blog. There are a lot of pics here, many with Bristol and Trig, and Sarah and Trig. Who looks like they have the maternal bond? Sarah is rarely looking at him or into his eyes. Bristol and Sarah hold him much differently. A mother is a mother. And acts instinctively like a mother.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice in the recent interview that Piper (a seven year old!) was caught by the cameraman carrying Trig upstairs on her own as if he was a doll! Why was she not being supervised? Trig is thought to be seven months old and must weigh about 201bs or so. I am shocked that Trig's parents appear to have so little regard for his welfare. If Sarah cannot supervise him all the time and Todd appears unwilling to then they should hire a nanny to take care of him. Imagine if Piper fell/tripped whilst carrying him (upstairs!!) - the consequences are unthinkable.

Anonymous said...
Here is another pic of Palin at the govenors conference where she would of been 6 months pregnant. I have not seen this one before. It's a high resolution picture and you can click on her for a close up. She doesn't look pregnant here.

Anonymous said...

I think if Bristol does have a baby in December then she could still be Trig's mam. She could be induced OR Trig was born earlier than we are told (as 6lbs 2oz IS NOT a premature birth weight for a DS baby); Bristol may have had him a month or 2 months earlier and gotten pregnant again.

Looking back through all the photos of SP wearing her winter coat; I saw a lady the other day wearing a winter coat fastened all the way up and you could so tell she was pregnant through it. A friend has just had a baby and even when she had the baby she was still pretty big a few weeks later; SP did not even have an oz of fat on her (I know it can happen but a middle aged woman on her 5th child?).

Although all the photo's from magazines a few months before the birth do not show a pregnant looking Willow, Bristol or Sarah.

I don't think DNA evidence would even confirm Trig is Sarah's because Sarah has a huge influence and she could always get them to "modify" the results anyway.


debs said...


As I'm sure you're aware, Greta interviewed the governatal (yes, that's mine). She talked oh so much about a lot of rambling things. Here's a link:

I find it interesting that she goes on and on about those clothes being such a non-issue. That's not true: If she kept them, she owes taxes on them. Plain and simple (and a lot of taxes on them).

Though the interview with Cameron is now being refuted by claims that an impostor planted the story about Africa-as-continent-or-country story, what she did in the first few interviews she had on Friday was claim that the topic WAS discussed in debate prep.

Having to parse through her "English" in a transcript is painful. Just sayin'

Morgan said...

You know, she's since come out - along with her surrogates - to say these were things linked by McCain staffers or other "stinkers" who wanted to bring her down.

But it's really hard not to believe she was as ignorant as the report suggests given how easily she was duped by that radio station into thinking she was talking with Putin, or other interviews that betrayed a total lack of knowledge on everything from geology to the constitution.

Now she's all over the news this morning staging a comeback. I think what she lacks in intelligence she makes up for in vanity.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify--the hoax was the person who briefly yesterday took "credit" for the McCain campaign leak. The actual sources for those news reports (about Africa, etc.) have not announced themselves; nor have those reporters disavowed their own stories/sources. No one has claimed the actual reports (e.g., not knowing Africa is a continent) were hoaxes, and Palin's own commentary (as a poster above points out) suggests that those were actual insider accounts (from "stinkers," she would have us believe, despite our lyin' eyes & ears).

Anonymous said...

When people lie, they tend to repeat the story pretty closely, with very similar if not identical wording. When people tell the truth, they embroider on the edges, different edges, in successive retellings.

This tendency was mentioned in a movie about East Germany's legacy of spying on its own people. Therefore, it is not a scientific fact, but someone else can verify it.