Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spin Spin We Almost Become Dizzy

(Actually, the line from "Dancing Nancies" is "Turn, turn we almost become dizzy," but I am sure Dave Matthews, an ardent Obama supporter, would not mind my paraphrase.)

The spin machine continues. Luckily, I am not weak of stomach, because if I were I'd be puking (excuse me: vomiting) by now.

In at least two interviews over the last 48 hours, Gov. Palin has specifically mentioned the Trig Palin birth "question," and promptly dismissed it, at least in one case, as "goofy." The spin that is being put on this... which seems to have started a week ago with Anchorage's Daily News's "Ear" column... is that this is an Internet-created rumor, started by bloggers "in their pajamas in their parents' basements." It did not start until after the VP nomination on August 29th, and (oh, how silly this all is) could have been easily disapproved if reporters "had just done their homework."

Let it be stated as sharply, as specifically, and as clearly as possible that this is a lie. Two lies actually.

FIRST LIE: This story began after Palin's nomination.

1. Sarah Palin's own spokesperson confirmed to the Anchorage Daily News that she discussed the rumor that Bristol was pregnant with him PRIOR to her own pregnancy announcement on March 5th.

2. A post to the Internet "rumor" site, reddit, reported the possibility that Bristol WAS pregnant and Sarah was NOT in early April, two weeks before Trig was born.

3. The Anchorage Daily News, on August 31st, confirmed that they had asked the governor's office about these specific rumors "numerous times" prior to August 31st.

4. I have in my possession emails from a Anchorage Daily News reporter who was working on the story in "mid-summer." As I have pointed out in a previous post, this timing is odd, very odd. It's far too late to be something that the paper looked into "casually" around the time of the birth, and way before her nomination. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that as of midsummer, the ADN clearly felt that there might be something to the rumors.

5. Wasilla caterer Sue Williams stated to the Mudflats blog that she'd heard rumors in Wasilla in April, prior to Trig's birth, that Bristol was pregnant.

No way, no how, was this something started in August. Pajamas or no.

SECOND LIE: Reporters could have disproved this easily if they'd done their homework.

Reality: This is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Seriously.

How, pray tell? How in the name of God was anyone supposed to get any information about this question, in the face of no medical records, no concrete statement from hospital or physician-in-attendance, and the position of the campaign that "Bristol-is-five-months-pregnant-and-families-are-off-limits?"

So why bring it up? Why mention something in at least two interviews that NO ONE had asked about? Here's Audrey's dish on it. Gov. Palin is aware that all of the main stream media's demands for her medical records were back door and thinly-veiled requests for info about the birth. No one (I don't believe) seriously thought she had breast cancer, or multiple sclerosis, or the heartbreak of psoriasis or anything significant that would have impacted her ability (health wise) to serve as vice president. The MSM, en masse, backed off from the Trig story on September 1; I believe that most outlets felt they did not have a choice. With the one exception of Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic, no national media figure has stayed on the story.

But skepticism remained. It's why I've said all along that I doubted that anything "weird" could or would happen to Bristol's alleged pregnancy (Ooops, she had a miscarriage... Goodness, did we forget to mention that?); the scrutiny, while quiet, was simply too high. The failure to produce the records allowed those who were already suspicious to pursue the question in an acceptable context ("We're not asking about the birth... we just want the medical records."); the failure to produce the records caused those who were NOT suspicious before to become so. Bottom line, now EVERYONE is suspicious, and because of this, she's got to talk about it. She's GOT to make an attempt to get her spin out there.

Why? This is complete speculation... I am stating that up front. But since this is my blog, I can speculate if I feel like it. So... why? Because I believe that Bristol Palin is NOT going to produce a baby by Christmas. The story that Bristol was five months pregnant seemed like a good one (translation: they couldn't think of anything else to do) on September 1; now, on November 11th, it's gotten a lot more sketchy. And when Bristol's biology doesn't comply, Gov. Palin's career is in the toilet. Permanently .


leu2500 said...

Not related to this post, but does anybody besides me seems to think it's wierd that it's always Piper holding/carrying Trig?

She's 7, for cripes sake. And Trig's not a doll.

Anonymous said...

Are there any recent pictures/videos of Bristol that could tell us how much she's showing?

Anonymous said...

Assuming some cover-up (Sarah did not give birth to Trig), certainly all the adults/teens in the Palin family (from Willow on up) know about it, but what have they told Piper? She's at the age to barely know what pregnancy is ("babies come from Mommy's tummy"), but not how it starts. The cover-up must be a topic of discussion in the family, and must have been for months, but they would have to keep it from Piper. 7-year-olds cannot keep secrets! Will they tell her some day? Will someone spill the beans in front of her some day? Hmm.

Anonymous said...

I just watched Palin with Greta. She was making some hotdog and cheese "meal" which took at least 45 minutes to assemble. She gabbed the whole time and essentially said nothing worthwhile. Trig topic came up but of course it was on Palins terms. Same old same old. She paraded that poor prop Trig around, Todd held him, the 7 yr old held him as she was wearing high heels. 7 yrs old in high heels and looked like eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner too. I got a headache watching.

There was moose chili for the hillbillies. And the whole time Palin is wearing a black suit, all gussied up. She washed her hands 3 or 4 times, put on hand lotion. OMG this was so scripted.

She was shown in a pink suit jacket and looked like she lost 40 lbs since pictures of her in the last 2 yrs or so. Not baby weight, just dieting for sure. She also wore her red winter coat shown in many pictures and it looks the same as it did in all the other pictures.

We are so fortunate to have escaped having this wacko nutcase as Vice President. Think about her and McCain picking out a possible 2 or 3 Supreme Court justices. They would have loaded the court with fanatics.

One last thing, that baby looks older than 6+ months and I have no clue what that means!


Anonymous said...

IF Bristol is pregnant, who's to say that her pregnancy can't be adjusted to Palin's statements and timeline? As far as Palin has gone to date in hiding facts, I wouldn't be surprised if Bristol was induced at the appropriate time to fit the story.

Audrey said...

Willow and Piper were in Juneau from the beginning of January on. Bristol appears to have been in Anchorage living with Heather Bruce in January and February and then no one knows where she went.

It is not entirely clear to me if the two younger girls would have EVER seen Bristol in March and April, though the fact that Willow's boyfriend was blabbing around Wasilla in early April indicates that Willow may know the truth, whatever it is.

My theory has been for weeks that if Bristol is the mother of Trig, once Sarah made the decision to fake the pregnancy, Bristol was kept very close. Definitely out of the public eye.

It's hard to tell what Piper might know, but my guess is that if my theory is correct, Piper is NOT in on it.

Ellie said...

I totally agree it's odd she allows her 7 yr old to carry her infant special needs child...in heels no less!!! Huffington post pointed out that Piper was wearing high heels in the video & they look like they fit ie are hers. Why would you let your 7 yr old wear high heels WHILE CARRYING YOUR INFANT??? I've only seen the 1st part of the Lauer interview but he says 4 of her 5 kids were there, and I'm assuming Track is still overseas so we can take a look at Bristol.

What's also really sad is that Piper explains that she's missed school and it's hard to catch up...they took the girls around the country and didn't use tutors for them or even do a homestudy program w/them. My 9 yr old is very sick right now since Sep. and is unable to go to school, he has a home & hospital teacher come for 5 hrs a week and I work with him on the rest, despite all the doctor appts. President-Elect Obama and his wife are weighing the options of what school to send the girls to, since education is clearly impt to them. The girls' education and well being has always been their top priority, as evidenced by their words *and* behavior. Bristol's fiance dropped out of school, Bristol herself seems to have also dropped out, and Willow and Piper were pulled out of school and dragged around the country, with no regard for their education or their need for a stable environment. Education and simply the needs of the Palin kids do not seem to be Sarah and Todd's main priority.

I had to grow up quickly, and parent my mentally ill and disabled mother and alcoholic grandfather who lived w/us, and I ultimately became a mother a week after I turned 20. I love my son, but I missed out on truly getting to be a kid b/c of my mom and a young adult b/c I *was* a mom. I see how the Palin girls seem to be required to be mature and self-sufficient, and it makes me sad. No wonder Bristol became pregnant after her mother became governor.=0(

Audrey, your analysis and info is great, keep digging! The line "And when Bristol's biology doesn't comply, Gov. Palin's career is in the toilet. Permanently." is an absolute classic!!! I hope we learn the truth, b/c I really feel Bristol is Trig's mom and I am hoping she can claim him as her own.

Anonymous said...

"The spin that is being put on this... which seems to have started a week ago with Anchorage's Daily News's "Ear" column ...."

Somebody has an ear in um, an unusual place.

Anonymous said...

There is a commenter on the SF chron blogs(If you email me I will give his blog name) he claims he has a lawyer friend in Wasilla, and that he visits frequently and that is was "common knowledge" Bristol was pregnant. He blogged this right after SP was Tapped for VP. He seems to think a Birth cert will show up when "someone wants to get out of Wasilla and retire out of Alaska"

Anonymous said...

Did anyone note that in the interviews, in dismissing the 'rumors' re: Trig's birth - SP does not state that she gave birth to Trig? She states that she is "Trig's mom". She also said that the rumors that Bristol is "Trig's mom" were ridiculous and that she is "Trig's mom". Note, she never definitively states that she gave birth to Trig. If one adopted a child, would they not refer to themselves as "Baby's mom"?

Seems like a pattern of semantics with SP - she also states that she "never forced anyone to purchase anything" Forced? Is that a word you would choose to respond to those charges? Pretty specific word.

I hope some reporter will ask her if she is willing to make the following definitive statement: "I gave birth to baby Trig Palin with Dr. CBJ in attendance."
That's what I'll need to hear. That would of course open the door for CBJ to confirm that she attended when SP gave birth to Trig Palin.

Are there members of the extended family, who do not have health insurance? Another question on my mind.

Anonymous said...

@leu2500: Yes. I think it's bizarre, and I think it's a sign of careless parenting.

Something else that bothers me, too, about Sarah's parenting skills (or lack thereof) comes from the Matt Lauer interview she did this morning. He turned to Piper and asked her if the campaign was hard or fun, and she said both. He asked her what parts were hard, and she said the rallies, and missing her friends, and missing school. Apparently, she missed "a LOT of school," in her own words, and it's "really hard" to catch up.

Why did Gov. Palin bring her children on the campaign trail for two and a half months? Why, besides to use her children as political props? There is no other reason. If she is unscrupulous enough to inflict this emotional harm on her children, I think it's certainly possible that she would be unscrupulous enough to fake a pregnancy for political gain.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about Levi and Mercedes' father? Is he alive? If so, does he live with the family? If not, I'm wondering if all the kids in both families simply regard Todd as their Dad regardless of biological connection.

Anonymous said...

But what about the comment on the last post about Mercedes Johnston? Someone said that photo of her in a pink dress and Bristol in a sweatshirt may have been from April 12 2008. I definitely have my doubts about this story and about Bristol ever producing a baby BUT if that photo is in fact from last April, Bristol does not look 6 days away from having a 6lb baby.

Anonymous said...

Until Bristol gives birth, we have a whole lot of speculation but no new facts. After Bristol gives birth, we will have two babies and a whole lot more information than we had before.

From everything I've read here and elsewhere, we are no closer to finding the truth than we were on September 1. If, however, Bristol gives birth in November or December to what seems like a full-term infant (with everyone watching closely), we better have other suspects in mind or the MSM will drop it once and for all.

But SP did not release her medical records -- which Audrey correct points out was the MSM's method of getting at the story without attacking her. SP deflected that attempt in the obvious manner, and will claim on any follow-up that she DID release her medical records, even though she didn't.

So we know she is covering up something, and it certainly may turn out that Bristol could not be Trig's mother. Then I think everyone will have to reassess my conclusion that Willow is the primary candidate for Trig's mother, no matter how uncomfortable that conclusion might be to our collective sensibilities.

But I'll wait for baby #2.


Anonymous said...

Someone said, "But what about the comment on the last post about Mercedes Johnston? Someone said that photo of her in a pink dress and Bristol in a sweatshirt may have been from April 12 2008. I definitely have my doubts about this story and about Bristol ever producing a baby BUT if that photo is in fact from last April, Bristol does not look 6 days away from having a 6lb baby." ----- I agree but I would think that Mercedes appears to be going to the Prom or some Spring dance. Do we know the date of the Wasilla Prom this past school year? This information maybe able to give us some insight. Also, has it occurred to anyone that Trig is older than 6 or 7 months? Whose to say that Trig was not born in Feb. or Mar. with DS and Sarah faked the pregnancy and delivery in April. I say we definitely need to know when was the Wasilla High Prom.

Anonymous said...

My take on the MSM not making a specific request is that the MSM is run by men and they feel uncomfortable inquiring about these types of things.

Anonymous said...

That was my comment re: Mercedes prom photo. Someone said she went to Colony HS. I Googled a bit and I'm no sleuth but it seems that their prom was in April 08. I have tried to find images of that prom to see if I can find proof that that was the prom she attended. That photo is the only possible "proof" that Bristol didn't have that child. But it certainly is NOT proof that Sarah Palin DID have the child.

suspicious in pdx said...

BUT if that photo is in fact from last April, Bristol does not look 6 days away from having a 6lb baby.

Unless, of course, Bristol had already given birth.

There is no way to accurately date when Trig was actually born -- which, given the high profile of his "mother," is pretty mind-boggling.

Anonymous said...

I agree. If the photo of Bristol and Mercedes is a prom photo from April 12th (Wasilla's prom in 2008 was on April 19th according to the High School's website.) then Bristol was not pregnant and couldn't have had a baby on 4/18. But remember we still have not seen a copy of the Birth Certificate and not exactly sure if Trig was born on 4/18. There is no records of the birth at the local Hospital on that date. I still say that it is possible that Bristol had Trig earlier than April and she is now pregnant again. Sarah faked the pregnancy after the baby was born with DS but had already adopted the baby anyway. Not sure but Trig is definitely not Sarah's baby! She is covering for somebody.

deb said...

I keep making posts but I never see them. I'll try once again:

In the ADN, I believe on April 22, Sarah Palin has an audio of the interview discussing Trig's birth. Listening to it, I was struck with the glossed over details of a birth that took place only 4 days before. Be that as it may, what really struck me was a comment Governor Palin made regarding being in the hospital.

She stated that "yeah, some people from the office stopped by and I signed a bill so it could, so we could get that going because it was important..." I paraphrased here, but that was pretty close. It is just below the picture of Todd, Sarah and Trig, here: (http://www.adn.com/front/story/382864.html)

I checked this site: (http://www.allamericanpatriots.com/news_topics/alaska?page=2)
for any legislation that Governor Palin may have conducted on that day. There is none listed for April 18th.

Doing more searching based on a link that someone else posted here, this one (http://www.ktuu.com/global/story.asp?s=8194634)
The article on this site was written the afternoon of Trig's birth. The pictures on the sidebar of Trig in the arms of Sarah's parents are in the same room as are the pictures of Mercede Johnston, Sarah, Bristol, and Trig: The Palin kitchen. THE DAY OF HIS LISTED BIRTH.

I am quite curious about these particular details.

Anonymous said...


Holy moly.

Sunshine1970 said...

I listened to that clip on http://www.adn.com/front/story/382864.html and noticed she did not mention she was induced. Instead she said the doctor told her she'd deliver that night or the next morning. I'd think being induced would be an important part of the story...

Also interesting is she says you can't tell at this age with Trig that he has DS, yet, somehow Willow (or was it Piper?) said, right after he was born, why no one told them that their new 'brother' has DS?


OnTheOtherHand said...

This whole birth mother story is worthy of a look-see. It is. Many strange goings-ons.

There's nothing wrong with questions. Questions are good. Frisky imaginations that have run completely amok? Well, not so much.

To see consipiracy in everything doesn't serve your mission very well. In fact, many of these far-fetched theories, the ones that depart from any shrapnel of evidence, undermine the very credibility you seem to have so painsakingly worked to build:

The mom is Bristol-no-it's-Willow; Discovery Channel is in on the shellacking; and my personal fave - a fake adoption will be involved if Bristol delivers in Dec. The list goes on and on. Within this ever-so passionate blog/website, fact and speculation get tangled into one big meet-the-light fandangle ball.

Far-fetched is fun and adds to the liveliness of a "citizen investigation" site/blog, but it doesn't need to undermine the credibility. This site doesn't need to be at cross purposes.

Blog entries could be tagged with colored icons, if only to flag a consciousness about, and protective instinct toward any credibility the site may have actually established. You can deem things: "Fact,""Possible Evidence," "Interesting Theory," and "Fun/Wild Speculation" - put those frisky imaginations to work.

I have no opinion. Your basic theory that Sarah isn't Trig's mom may, in time, prove to be true. Stranger things have happened in my rather long lifetime. Say, like Obama getting elected.



Gadfly said...

Why would any 7 year old girl wear high heels anyway, Ellie? Sounds a bit Jon Benet to me.