Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bristol's birthday

Bristol has reappeared, in NYC. It is not clear whether she's been traveling with the campaign all along, or where she has been. As far as I know it's been over a month since anyone else has seen her or photographed her.

Here are three still shots captured from a video.

Here is the video.

Watch carefully, right at the :15 sec. point what appears to be a bodyguard (non secret service) moves Bristol into the hotel.

From these shots it's very difficult to tell if her stage of pregnancy has advanced in the six weeks since she was photographed at the RNC. You decide.


Anonymous said...

She does look a lot bigger than at the RNC. Can't get a good look at her stomach.

Silvergirl said...

Geez, she doesn't get to wear any cute maternity clothes, just baggy sweat shirts.

I wish someone would catch her saying something in public like, "Hey, Mom! Can I hold my baby now?"

Anonymous said...

Definitely looks preggers. Either that or she has gotten fat.

Sandy Beach said...

There's no way she's going to appear in public and NOT appear more pregnant than she was in August, so you can't really draw any conclusions. I'm just happy for her they let her out once in a while!

Anonymous said...

I just read that Joe Biden is going to release his medical records before the election.

And here is the quote from Sarah's spokesman about whether she will release her medical records:

Spokesman Ben Porritt said only “we have no announcement at this time.”

No matter what, I can't shake the feeling that she is hiding something. As a young and vigorous 44 (unlike her running mate who has had a host of health problems and Biden who has also had some health issues), you would think that Sarah would be anxious to release her medical records for the world to see what a fine physical specimen she is. Something just feels really wrong.

Anonymous said...

Cute diaper bag she's carrying around!

Anonymous said...

I don't think she looks pregnant in the stills or video. She looks like a young girl who is eating a lot because of the unhappy condition she finds herself in ... being forced to be on the road with her mother. If Sarah is mother of Trig, this poor girl is being abused and used. If Sarah is not mother of Trig, this poor girl and her baby should be at home!


Sunshine1970 said...

Looking at the stills, I don't think she looks pregnant, at least not 7 months along. Perhaps a good comparison would be Amy Poehler, on SNL, the short cute blonde who does the weekend update is pregnant. I'm not sure how far along she is, but it has to be somewhere after 6 months. She's very big and round.

Most of the SNL skits can be found on

Morgan said...

She's pudgy, so it's hard to tell.

Anonymous said...

i think it's strange to note that it's her birthday... her 18th in fact..

i also think it's exceptionally strange that she's carrying the diaper bag! she is abnormally attached and attentive to that baby if he is in fact only her brother.

where the h*** is todd in all this!?! while i'm sure the pictures are out there, i cannot remember, even once, seeing him carrying trig around or caring for him! isn't he supposed to be the one taking care of the kids so sarah can be on the trail? why isn't he carrying the diaper bag, and holding the baby during events?!

Anonymous said...

I believe the only reason Bristol is not in Alaska resting is because she needs to breastfeed Trig.

Tina in CA said...

I think she looks rather round, but then again, in the video everyone seems to look larger maybe due to the aspect ratio of the broadcast or maybe that extra 10 pounds that the camera adds? I don't know. Even Trig seemed much wider than a 6 month old should.

If Bristol was having a happy pregnancy, why wouldn't she look happier and cuter? I mean, they are in NYC getting ready to go on the set of SNL. I would have been dressed up just in case I ran into anyone interesting! She's wearing a sweatshirt. A boring sweatshirt.

And that sad look on her face...I didn't even notice a small grin. Poor Bristol.

Whatever the truth, she's not having the kind of fun, carefree existence that should be the case for a young lady her age. She should be at home in her senior year of high school getting ready for the homecoming dance or something. It's sad............

Jay Raskin said...

Wonderful to see Bristol again.

We really can't tell anything from the few seconds she appears on camera here. She could be seven months or five months pregnant.

There should be lots and lots of shots inside the NBC studio. Hopefully people will post them.

Anonymous said...


You've certainly spent a lot of your time you've spent speculating, capturing and blogging. You seem fairly intelligent and somewhat civic minded. Have you considered redirecting your zeal into volunteering at a homeless shelter or center for pregnant teens?

Curious but not Furious

Anonymous said...

Jay -- I believe they shot Bristol going into a hotel. She is not with Sarah when she gets back into the car, plus there are garment racks outside. I live in NYC and that's not NBC studios in Rock Center. Poor Bristol probably had to watch SNL from the hotel room while she was nursing Trig.

Anonymous said...

Praise the lord that someone is taking on this unholy sinful mess that Sara Paline has created and says she is a born again Christian. Hah. Jesus should smite her down. That baby is headed for a life of beg time problems just like those other kids. I heard from a cousin who live near Suttons in Alaska and he says Sara only pretends to be a pentacoastal and has not even been able to speak in tongues or prophisizing like everyone else who has been filled with the Holy Spirit. witch is a sure sign.
I just pray to the dear lord that someone will come and loose the demons that have posesssed her in the NAME OF JESUS!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Curious but not Furious:
Audrey's a little busy now trying to save an ENTIRE COUNTRY from a lying, cruel, stupid b that wants to become VP, which is only a heartbeat away from the presidency (literally). I think that is most significant and charitable!! When was the last time you volunteered at a homeless shelter?


Anonymous said...

Saint Audrey, patron Saint of Gossip.
I'm impressed and

Apalled, Too

Be sure to submit her fine work to the Nobel committee for consideration next year.

Anonymous said...

To: Appalled
From: Appalled Too

Here is a web site you ought to LITERALLY checkout:

I'm thinking you are probably Joe Biden's backup speechwriter.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

that Yesterday was from me -

Curious bnf

Anonymous said...

Appalled Too:

Hey, I only used "literally" once! But just because one is "appalled" at Sarah Palin's deceptions, doesn't mean they are supporters of, or even speech writers for the other team! These are just the people that are shoved down our throats by the mainstream media.


Anonymous said...

I've read your response, literally, like, uh, you know, um, 5 times and all I can say in reply is like, HUH?
Whatever~I'm wit' ya girl. A pox on the mainstream medias(Metaphorically speaking, of course)Cos remember that I am.........

Appalled Too

Anonymous said...

Bris-tol is chub-by. Nah-nah-nah-nee-nah-nah!

I can post the pic-tures -lah-lah-lah-lee-lah-lee!

Trig is her real ba-bee! Wah-wah-wah-wee-wah-wee!

I'd continue to play with you guys, but you are just MEAN!

Fed up


If sara is right about the god thing, you guys might be going to hell.

Anonymous said...

It's poignant to see Bristol in a college sweatshirt. I hope she gets a chance to complete her education.

-- jwc

Anonymous said...

You know I can't help thinking that someone like Sarah who lives in a glass house should have blinked before accepting the VP nomination.

Anonymous said...

I think Audrey and everyone else on this blog is doing a public service by ensuring that Sarah is sent back to Alaska.

I suggest Sarah and Todd use their down time after the election to pray and reflect how is it that they paid so little attention to their children that the son ended up on Oxycontin and their teenage daughter ended up a pot-smoking boozer impregnated by a high-school dropout who was "surprised" that unprotected sex led to pregnancy.

Maybe if Sarah and Todd pay more attention to their kids, the other ones won't end up on pregnant by high-school dropouts, to say nothing of underage drug and alcohol use.

Anonymous said...

Who says we want her back?