Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Q and A

Is West High School the only high school in Anchorage? Or are there possibly two? Is "Misty" talking about West?

Answer: According to the Anchorage School District website, there are eight high schools in Anchorage. Anchorage is a large city, nearly 250,000 people. It has almost half of the people in Alaska. Yes, Misty is talking about West High School.

Where does Heather Bruce, Bristol's aunt live, in the West High school district in Anchorage, or another one?? I'm not clear also on whether the Palins maintain a home in Anchorage or commute from their Wasilla home? And how many high schools are in each town?

Answer: I do not know Heather Bruce's physical address, but she does live in Anchorage. Gov. Palin has a satellite government office in Anchorage, and during the course of her term, she has worked out of Anchorage more often than Juneau, the state capital. The Palins as far as I know do not have any residence in Anchorage. Gov. Palin commutes from Wasilla to Anchorage (a bit less than one hour). There is one large public high school in Wasilla (about 1200 students), and another school which is listed as public but alternative (with about 200 students.) (Update: An alert reader has provided me with two possible addresses for Heather Bruce, Sarah Palin's sister. I will not publish them here, however, they have been checked for proximity to West High School. Both are less than two miles from West. If either of these addresses are accurate, it is reasonable to say that Heather Bruce probably lives in the West District.)

Also, it sounds as if you're suggesting that maybe Bristol has dropped out?

Answer: As far as can be determined from ANY source, Bristol dropped out of school sometime last winter (during her junior year) and has never been back.

Last, I looked at all those 500 news photos of the recent Palin campaign on the site recommended by a commenter on a recent post. Willow and Piper are in almost all the wide shots on the stage...but never a sign of Bristol. Where are they hiding the poor girl?

Answer: Bristol was seen with the campaign before and during the RNC and then a few times between the RNC and when her mother returned to Alaska around September 10th. She was spotted at her mother's rally in Anchorage on September 14th though as far as I know there are no photos. Between September 14th, she was mentioned a couple of times as being on the campaign, but there were no photos until she was spotted briefly in New York on October 18th. As far as I know she has not been seen since.


Anonymous said...

Could this possibly be an accurate date?

Flickr says this was taken on 4/8/08, and Gov Palin does not look pregnant at all. I'm not sure it's accurate since the username is clearly pro-McCain.



Anonymous said...

Someone posting on Mudflats seems to claim that Bristol is in Alaska with her grandmother


Go to those comments and do a word search for *Sandie* who claims to have recently ran into Palin's mother and you will find this quote - *Sarah’s mom said she was flying out Monday to join Sarah and see the kids. The oldest daughter was there with her.*

Lady Rose said...

I wish we could do something for Britol's birthday - put together a collection of goodies or something to let her know folks care.

It's a bit late - but I just feel so sorry for her. Especially after reading that while at the taping of SNL - Sarah Palin told Tina Fey that Bristol could babysit for her - geeez not only was Bristol stuck at the studio, but her mother was going to make her babysit too! geeez