Thursday, October 2, 2008

Political Post - The "Thing" about Sarah Palin

In keeping with the theme of my website and blog, I have focused on the issues that I set out to cover - namely the rumors, questions, and concerns about the birth of Trig Palin in April 2008 and Sarah Palin's part in that. I have steered away from making any general political comments, though the temptation has been strong.

The debate is now less than an hour away. The microwave popcorn is at the ready. My 22 year old son and his buddies have already purchased an entire case of beer to prepare for the event. (This is terrifying in ways I cannot even put into words.) My younger sons want to order pizza, and even though it a school night I will probably say yes.

And I am going to make a general post here that has almost nothing to do with the pregnancy issue. This is the "thing" about Sarah Palin...


Obviously, I have a huge problem with someone who would deceive the entire nation about who gave birth to a child in order to preserve a political position, i.e., that abstinence education ever works or is a good idea. But you know, that's not the real "thing" about Sarah Palin as I have observed her over the last month.

The real thing is that she is a phony. A complete and utter phony. She's not actually stupid. She's similar to our current president in that sense and I have to assume she's probably a bit above average in intelligence, though perhaps not by much.

But like "W," she is both ignorant and lazy. She's never bothered to learn the things she does not know. She's not intellectually curious and apparently sees no need to be. She's never even bothered to try to obtain the discipline to speak correctly, to say "running," instead of "runnin'" and "you" instead of "ya." She couldn't even MAKE UP the names of a few magazines when asked by Katie Couric what she read. Lie, please. Just say "Newsweek" and "Time" and no one could ever have proved otherwise. Keith Olbermann referred to one of her rambles the other night as "the sentence to nowhere." There is no better summary.

Sarah Palin is a prom queen. And like all prom queens, this is all about her. This entire race, everything we're watching, it's just another beauty contest for her, with Todd as her main cheerleader. Everything else, her children, her policies, her beliefs, they are all just props. I doubt she even believes much of what she spouts. In her time and place, you stand on stage with your palms upturned, and pray to the Lord, be pro-life, talk about the last days, and speak in tongues. She does it because it makes her popular. I bet her church is the most popular one in town. If the Catholic church was the biggest in the county, she'd be on her knees saying the rosary with the best of them.

The most chilling proof of this is the question Katie Couric asked her about Supreme Court decisions she disagreed with. Likely many of you are not aware of this, but in June - JUNE! - the Supreme Court overturned a key decision which had direct impact on Alaska. It governed compensation in the Exxon-Valdez case. Palin did press conferences in which she condemned the decision, expressing sympathy to her fellow Alaskans who'd been impacted by the decision.

Yet, less than four months later, she could not even remember this decision when asked. Why? Because some aide prepped her to say the right things at some press conference. She'd been told to act warm and fuzzy and by God she did. And it never even penetrated her consciousness.

I doubt whether she really understands that as VP she might have to actually understand, say, North Korea. That if John McCain croaks, she might actually have to negotiate with Vladimir Putin, the former head of the KGB. Just typing this gives me chills.

Because to Sarah Palin, it's all a beauty contest. Go to debate camp (band camp without the music) and cram enough to make it through the Q and A. And then get on with what's really important - the swimsuit competition.

Well, gotta go. Time to call Pizza Hut.


Cat said...

I just wanted to say, yet again, how much I enjoy your blog. Your points, insights and questions are spot on.

Also, any ideas where Bristol was tonight? Why didn't she appear on stage with Palin's family after the debate?

Paula said...

She's a rock star- I mean Karl Rove is a rock star. It was genius the way she side-stepped the questions. All I could think of was "Televangelist/Mary Kay Lady". You'd think they'd have spent at least a few minutes practicing the pronounciation of "nuclear," given the past 8 year. Ya betcha!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%, but I really think you should keep the blog focused on the Trig deception. There are so many other places on the 'net for political posts, and people will only use political posts against you to show that you have an "agenda."

The American people don't like being lied to, whether by John Edwards or Sarah Palin. The cover-up is always worse than the crime.

Audrey said...

Thanks for your insight. Don't worry, I have no intention of posting any other purely political commentary. I can't say I never will - tonight's debate was a special occasion - but it will not become by any means my focus. I will return tomorrow to my website and blog's main point.

And I don't know where Bristol is. She definitely was on the campaign with Palin for perhaps a week or so at the beginning. I saw her several times - but now, again, nada. I guess we are again playing Hide the Teenager.

Anonymous said...

I liked your political post, thank you, very insightful! It was really more about Sarah Palin's character, or rather lack of character, than it was about her politics, anyway, and that's what makes this matter.

I can imagine how a woman even today in some places could (as in the past) see the need to fake a pregnancy to protect an unmarried woman close to her, a daughter or sister.

But Palin did in a time and place where no such protection was necessary, for patently selfish reasons that are damaging to her daughter and other children. I think she is also the kind of manipulator who enjoys seeing people around her swallow her lies. That makes her feel more powerful.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when Bristol Palin's due date is, based on the statement that she is "about" five months pregnant?

The only way that I will ever believe that this is not a huge cover-up is if Bristol Palin actually delivers a baby in a time frame that definitely proves that she can not be the mother of Trig.

I would agree that there is no way that she looked 5 months pregnant at the RNC.

Anonymous said...

Audrey, I come to your site every day. You echo my thoughts exactly. You've done a fantastic job demonstrating beyond a reasonable doubt her fundamental lies about being the mother of this child. Thank you so much for putting the site together... it gives me comfort to know that someone credible and knowledgable out there is shining the light on her bs.

I am mystified how the Repubulicans can proceed down the path of impeaching Clinton for a sexual favor between two consenting adults which caused us, the taxpayers, to waste a ton of money proving he lied about it. (who cares?) But something as fundamental as claiming parentage of a child apparently is "off limits". How is this not 100 times worse than what Clinton did? Any way you slice it, Palin's motives for concealing Bristol's pregnancy with Trig are so incredibly selfish, and the part that makes it so disgusting is that she doesn't even support policies that might help others in their same shoes. It is just beyond wrong.

I wonder where Bristol was tonight. I would have liked to have seen her "pregnant".

Also, in order for Bristol to be pregnant now, she would have had to get pregnant when she was out sick with Mono. Seems odd, doesn't it? Too sick for school, but not sick enough to be out getting pregnant with boys...? I wonder if Levi was ever sick with mono, considering how contagious it is.

Keep up the great work, and I *love* reading your blog posts!

Free Bristol said...

I love you so fucking hard right now. This? Made me cry.
The real thing is that she is a phony. A complete and utter phony. She's not actually stupid. She's similar to our current president in that sense and I have to assume she's probably a bit above average in intelligence, though perhaps not by much.

But like "W," she is both ignorant and lazy. She's never bothered to learn the things she does not know. She's not intellectually curious and apparently sees no need to be. She's never even bothered to try to obtain the discipline to speak correctly, to say "running," instead of "runnin'" and "you" instead of "ya." She couldn't even MAKE UP the names of a few magazines when asked by Katie Couric what she read. Lie, please. Just say "Newsweek" and "Time" and no one could ever have proved otherwise. Keith Olbermann referred to one of her rambles the other night as "the sentence to nowhere." There is no better summary.

Silvergirl said...

Hi - I just came across your blog because I have wondered where Bristol was at the debate. I thought I had missed her.

I totally agree that Trig is Bristol's baby. I have expressed that on a message board, but of course, it was not well accepted, even by the liberals on that board.

When I see Sarah, I see a big phony. Lots of grandmothers through out history have done the same thing to protect their pregnant daughters, but Sarah's motives are more about her political ambitions than anything else.

The only way the pregnancy story Sarah put out makes sense, is if Trig is really Bristol's baby.

I'll have to go and read your previous posts. I'm so glad to see someone who agrees with me.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hide the Teenager, I just read that Levi Johnston's mother says Bristol is due in late December and Bristol and Levi won't marry until next summer.

I find that truly odd. Why are these "family values" people planning an out-of-wedlock birth just like some Godless Hollywood movie star? Don't they want to legitimize their child? Is it because Bristol Palin can't be seen in public at the moment because she doesn't look more than six months along?

Sounds very fishy to me, like everything else about this story.

Anonymous said...

Bristol wasn't there because she's not pregnant, and refused to put on her mom's old fake pregnancy suit?

I LOOOOOOVE your blog, before I found you I could not stop thinking about the pregnancy cover-up, and could not understand why it seemed everyone had let it go, when it says so much about Sarah Palin as a person. I'm so glad you haven't let it go. Will the truth ever come out? Why don't more people care???

Anonymous said...

The more I think about, the more it makes sense. Of course, there won't be a wedding until next summer. If there is no baby that Bristol is currently carrying, there is no need for the child to be born in wedlock. And after the tragic miscarriage, the kids won't have to get married at all.

Anonymous said...

Palin's treatment of her daughter, hiding her away and forcing her into marriage, is child abuse. At her age, Bristol needs parents who help her believe in herself and plan for her education so that she can achieve her own dreams. Instead she's being sacrificed to her mother's ambition. What responsible parent would wish for her daughter to marry an immature boy simply because she is pregnant with his child? Wouldn't it be better for everyone to offer your home and support to your child and grandchild, and let your daughter continue to process of growing up until she is mature enough to marry responsibly?
Imagine the horror of being 17 years old and utterly in the control of this selfish woman.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

you would think that SOMEONE in Alaska would pony up some information. You would think the National Enquirer qould offer huge money for a nurse or someone to give a story about the Trig deception. Or even Levi J.'s family. Money talks people....

Anonymous said...

Hey - has anybody ever thought of this? The baby is always asleep. Has anyone ever seen a picture or video when the baby was awake? I'm thinking even the baby is a fake. Nobody ever burps, plays, interacts with the baby. The baby is now 5-6 months old and he is never awake. How weird is that? Either the baby is drugged or it is a fake baby. Comments?

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking of the air plane ride from Texas to Seattle to Anchorage. In the picture dated April 13th, Sarah looks visibly very pregnant. And yet, a week later, the stewardesses on the airplane did not notice she was even pregnant!!!

"April Flight attendants stated after the news of the birth was released the next day that they were surprised because "the stage of her pregnancy was not obvious" and "she showed no signs of distress." (This is throughout two flights, totally nearly eight hours in the air.)"

I know that you speculated whether she took off her "baby belly", but why? When the word was out that she was pregnant, and she left the conference because she told people she was in labor, why would she hide her pregnancy on the plane? Or why would she become "unpregnant" on the plane?

Or... better yet... If she was truly pregnant and in labor, why didn't any of the air plane staff notice AT ALL?

Look at the picture and tell me that no staff person notice she was pregnant on any of the flights she took over a two or three days period?

She whips out her belly for the camera and it disappears a week later for the plan ride????


Audrey said...

I'll answer you speculation, Emma, as best I can. I believe, if my hypothesis is correct, that she needed to get back to Alaska because Bristol was in labor. If she had looked too pregnant or - God forbid - IN LABOR - there may have been a slim chance that she might have been challenged and not allowed by Alaska Air to get on the flight. If she didn't look pregnant enough there was the chance that people who had recognized her on the flight that night would wonder the next day after the miracle baby shows up, Which I think they did. The fact that Alaska Air called a press conference basically to announce that she did not look pregnant speaks volumes.

It also has been suggested that she could not - repeat not - wearing the appliance through security. Even a 1 in 100 chance that she might be patted down and it would somehow be revealed would have been catastrophic. So she opted for what she knew would get her on the airplane - and took the risk of not being "very" pregnant.

Just my speculation, but... there you have it.

Silvergirl said...

Good call on the reason for her not wearing the baby belly on the plane, Audrey.

I think she had no idea Bristol would deliver when she took that trip to Texas. Maybe Bristol miscalculated the date of her last period, and was more pregnant then she thought? I am trying to figure out why Sarah would chance going to Texas, and get into the situation she found herself in. She had to lie about the water breaking, so she could fly back home to her state. It just would not do to have the mother in one state while the baby was being born in another, now would it?

Do you think the birth certificate has Sarah as the mother, and Todd as the father? If so, why would Levi's sister know it was really her brother's child? I'm kind of confused on some points, but maybe it's the hour.

Keep rocking it!

Audrey said...

I think this baby definitely came earlier than expected. She had announced that this was her last trip.

Whether they were wrong about dates and the baby was actually born on time, or whether he really was 4-5 weeks earlier, there's no way to know.

But I do not think she would have taken a chance going to Texas if this had been the known due date. I believe the date they had announced - mid May - was when they really thought the birth would happen.

Anonymous said...

Hi...You have hit the nail on the head regarding Sarah Palin...the fact that she cannot even speak proper English bothers me to no end.

I have said it before on Gryphen's blog, and will say it again here...John MCcain's campaign has been brilliant in one aspect...he has proven that the so called religious right will vote for ANYONE, I mean anyone that will further their agenda. You can lie, commit fraud, and backstab, as long as you are a believer.

Obama should really thank McCain...the VP nomination of Sarah Palin has motivated me and so many others I have been working with on the democratic campaigns this year in Virginia. I donate whenever I have an extra $5 or $10.

I do believe Sarah is not the mother of Trig for two main reasons:

1. The pregnancy and birth stories are too bizarre to be real. It just physically could not have happened the way Sarah has retold it.

2. Palin has to this date not released any medical records while all other pricipals in the campaign have.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting all this information. I had picked up on this a few weeks ago. I have seen no evidence to "prove" Sarah is in fact the birth mother. Posts brought up on your site even bring more information to make it seem very plausible Bristol is the birth mother.

It is amazing that this isn't out in the mainstream. It is so scary a person who is running for VP of our country could lie and be in such a very possible coverup. What is more scarer is that she has so many people supporting her. After reading one of comments I can see why the Obama camp is leaving it lie.

Why is Trig never awake? I took care of my now one year old granddaughter this last year not once did she fall asleep on my shoulder. She was always paying attention and reacting to everything. When she is with her parents they are always interacting with them.

I have never seen Mr. Palin hold or look at the baby. I have only once seen Sarah hold Trig. I can't imagine a real parent taking this time away from their newborn.
The baby seems like a prop. One in the movies that never moves.

I believe Palin is a stepford wife and redneck Barbie doll all wrapped up in one body. She scares the h--- out of me. (sorry for the language.)

Thanks again for your site.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, while I was at work today, I was talking with another colleague who made a comment regarding Trig's care. Since I do not know any families with a Downs child personally I was unaware of the special early interventive physical care they need. She does and stated that in infancy he needs daily physical and occuaptional therapy so he can reach developmental milestones. There are health risks for him that cannot be met travelling around on a campaign plane while his family plays pass the baby on stage.

I think Alaskans need to start putting Bristol's face on milk cartons, because she has been MIA like Sarah's doctor.