Thursday, October 30, 2008

More from Cajun Boy

Cajun Boy has a long post this morning on the purported existence of a significant article from a major publication concerning the inconsistencies surrounding the birth of Trig Palin in April, 2008.

He had given all of us a teaser about this article about a week ago, but would say nothing of who had it or even what the topic was, though most of us who had been reading the blog assumed it was something to do with "Babygate" instead of "Troopergate" or "Travelgate," since our Boy had done several posts on the baby-having questions. He'd indicated that there was a possibility that we'd see the article last weekend.

Well, no joy. (Maybe the article is trapped in the same vortex as her medical records.)

Now, today, however he gives us new hope with new details. He confirms that

there will most certainly be a host of new questions to arise about Sarah Palin and the odd circumstances surrounding the birth of her young son Trig, as the faint scent of deception will likely intensify into a rather strong stench.

(Sounds like what little old Audrey has been saying for a month... but never mind.)

He also confirms that the publication that is sitting on the story is the Anchorage Daily News.

Here's the link to his full article. I strongly suggest everyone reads it in full. Cajun gives us some ideas and options for encouraging the Anchorage Daily News to release the info they have.

I sure hope they do it today as opposed to the day before the election.

Or they could just give it to me.


Anonymous said...

Time is running out and ADN either has to publish this on Friday or release it so it can be published elsewhere for it to have any effect on voters.

Thanks for the update!

Mary G. said...

Clearly, I cannot sleep or think due to this story.... not that Palin is worse than people like Dick Cheney--but she puts an acceptable, even "motherly" face on their deeds. And this story really suggests some deeper issues.... On another note, Palin is "positioning" herself for a future in national politics--at a recent rally, there were shouts of the "N"-word regarding Obama, and she did not stop it nor decry it. Let's start really cleaning up politics by removing these hate-mongers. Mary
PS I do think Audrey is sooo close to spilling this, that she deserves to break the story!!! or at least get substantial credit.

Anonymous said...

The Monkey wants to leave this alone until after Tuesday.

Nothing good can come of this. She will just deny everything and play the victim until then.

It will be spun as an attack on her family which they will play up to their advantage.

Don't take the bait. We can and will win on the issues.


micky-t said...

I called the newspaper the moment I saw the number on Cajun Boy. We all should! I only left a message. If they have infomation about that birth, we better get it before the election. I also mentioned Palins Deceptions because Audry has worked so hard for us she should get some credit also. I hope you don't mind Audrey, if there is any truth to the deception of this birth WE MUST KNOW before election day.

Jay Raskin said...

The medical records have not been released. It is clear that they do not intend to release them before the elections.

After the election,there will be no reason to release them.

I intend to write this to as many internet articles on the election that I can between now and Tuesday:

Sarah Palin promised to release her medical records on October 22nd and now refuses. Why is she hiding them? Could it be that they show that Trig is not her biological son and she faked her six-week public pregnancy last March?

Please feel free to copy and use.

Anonymous said...

A bit of humour to add to the whole thing

(its a link from cajanboys site)


Anita said...

be sure to read the comments section after Cajun Boy's blog entry - a reader gives even more contact info for the newspaper, so that we can address the issue at every level of the newspaper's management.

Please! Everyone follow-through and express to the paper why it is SO terribly important that they do the right thing and lead with the story!

any day now said...

can't wait to see how this plays out.

Karla said...

Here's the contact information for the ADN:

Anchorage Daily News

Pat Dougherty, Sr. VP & Editor,

Julie Wright, Managing Editor,

David Hulen, Asst. Mng. Editor,

907-257-4301 (City Desk); 907-352-6711 (Mat-Su/Wasilla); 202-383-0003 (Washington, DC)

I don't know if it's best for them to publish the story or not--what if it backfires and people don't have time to evaluate it on its merits, and so think instead that it's just a baseless left-wing smear?

Anyone have other opinions on this?

Anonymous said...

I sent the following to all the emails listed below (Alaska Daily News):

The public deserves to know the truth about Sarah Palin before we vote!!

If you are withholding information it is immoral and unethical. If you have factual information, then the public needs to know before we make the decision to put her one heartbeat away from the presidency. As an American, I implore you to release the story immediately. You will be responsible for America's fate should she become president.

Please fellow Audrey fans, send something similar to the following email list: Paula,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

I agree with the talking Monkey. (Did I just say that?)

Everything now points to a substantial Palin defeat. If the status quo for the next few days holds, she loses. If the status quo is disrupted by anything, including a personal bombshell about Palin (which may not be fully substantiated), then the chances are increased that she wins. Even if the story is ugly. Maybe even more so if the story is ugly, due to the backlash effect.

I want to know what the paper has as much as anyone, but it will be better if it comes out after Nov. 4. That way, the paper won't be accused of meddling and the story will have more credibility. She will have lost anyway, and perhaps her future political prospects will be damaged.

NYC Hope Monger

kayro8 said...

I've been practically living for the Palin mysteries to come to light.

But I worry like Karla about the not-small possibility that this could backfire.

Publishing a scandal this late (damn, why did they wait!) could well inflame her fans more. I don't think they read much anyway...just react. They'd be quick to scream media bias.

If and when they DO publish, I sure hope their facts and sources are water-tight!

Silvergirl said...

I think that maybe the Monkey is correct in thinking this could backfire.

The only way McCain/Palin can win this election is if they "steal" it - through voter fraud, which is what I suspect happened in 2000, and again in 2004, though I have no proof.

I think even the most staunch Republicans realize it's over for them.

Wasn't Obama looking Presidential in his 30 minute ad? I know he will win, and be a good President. He will have a lot to contend with, so let's give him our full support as he navigates the new job responsibilities. He will win!

Anonymous said...

Agree with the posters that the story should be held:

1) CB's information is that the story is very suggestive, but not conclusive on this issue. Simply raising additional questions at this point will be viewed as blatant politics, and not a search for the truth.

2) Palin will be able to use the (not conclusive) story as a sympathy ploy - "more lies and smears against my family."

3) Some number of people will actually admire her for this "She sacrificed herself to protect her daughter."

At this point, I think that a highly suggestive, but not conclusive, story should be held until after the election.

->Fingers Crossed (also posted at CB).

colorado voter said...

The story needs to be run. If the facts have been checked and are accurate, then the story must be told before the election. I am emailing the contact list provided in the last post and am asking ADN to publish the story and/or give it to AP or another news service as well. Please do the same today!

Colleen said...

I sent a plea to all the contacts listed on the blog....I just got a response from It simply said, "There is no story." Bold face, large font. Doesn't look to me like they will break under our pressure. It's killing me that Sarah Palin is going to get away with fraud!

MC said...

I, too, emailed the ADN, but if the "faint scent" of deception is only developing into a "strong stench" it leads me to believe that not all questions will be answered.

I'm torn...I don't want a sympathy backlash, but it sounds like the story may paint a picture of questionable integrity or dishonesty rather than out-and-out accusations of a coverup, so maybe that would not be so bad to release before the election.

sandy beach said...

A poster on Mudlats ( says that they spoke to "sr. v.p. & editor of the ADN (Pat Dougherty) re the ’story story’… He categorically denied the existence of any such story & says the blog post pointing to the ADN must be conjecture."

Of course they would say that, right?

Lady Rose said...

I've posted about it - urging folks to write to the paper.

I also sent links and requests by email to friends.

Doing my part to spread the word and fight to get the truth out.

If the paper has facts - Palin can't cry over being attacked. The truth needs to come out NOW, not after the election.

Audrey said...

Although I was as excited as everybody else when I first heard about this this morning, I think most of the comments are correct: unless it's iron clad (like a doctor saying, 'I was there and the baby was brought in in a basket," or something equally "final," almost everything else could cause a backlash that might help her.

The ADN endorsed Obama. In addition, there would have to be a level of personal pique that would be present in Anchorage over the fact that the hometown crowd had been lied to and duped for so many months. IF it's true that the article exists, I believe they would go with it if they possibly could.

Anonymous said...

ADN's politics blog has posted a statement the "There is no story". Link:

GraceR said...

My thoughts are that if there's no conclusive evidence but merely suggestive evidence, the ADN is not going to release anything. There has already been enough "suggestive" evidence to keep this thing going--but unless something conclusive arises, the paper is risking its reputation in running it, especially if it refers to "unnamed sources"--I can never believe any articles based on anonymous people.

Anonymous said...

The quote below exemplifies what's so infuriating about the fact that Palin may have lied about giving birth to Trig or about knowing he had Downs Syndrome "through early testing." This personal story is an enormous part of her appeal and she's put it at the center of her campaign. If it's not true, Americans need that information.
“She is able to talk about the life issue without talking about abortion, because everybody knows her personal circumstance,” said Janice Crouse, a political commentator from Concerned Women of America, a conservative nonprofit public-policy group that opposes abortion rights.
“She is able to talk about issues just with her personal life,” Crouse said, “without having to bring up the political kind of rhetoric that people are so tired of. Instead, she talks about it from a personal standpoint, and that makes it very palatable for people.”

Lower 48

colorado voter said...

I just went to and in the upper left corner of the webpage, Pat Dougherty the ADN Sr VP and Editor emphatically says there is "no story" and that he has been blanketed with emails from around the country that allege ADN is sitting on a story. He attributes this email from a blog that alleges ADN is sitting on a story.

Once on the ADN webpage however, I found 131 reader submitted photos of Sarah Palin. Interestingly enough, none of the photos show a pregnant Palin, although all the photos published were taken during her role as Governor. Photo number 129 (here is the link: shows Palin with Trig at a running race on May 31,2008 (I checked the date of the race on-line). I thought she looked remarkable for 44 year old woman who had just had her 5th child. Women I know in their 20s do not rebound from birth as well as this woman did. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Also .... posts at CB say that ADN is categorically denying that there is any such story, and denying that they are holding any such story.

-> Fingers Crossed

Anonymous said...

I agree with Audrey and Monkey. Hold it. Get more confirming info, and let this get addressed after McCain/Palin lose. Let it help get her out of office. But now, ADN needs to stay out of the fray if this is still only speculation. They will have their work cut out for them to deal with Ted and Palin after the elections.

Alaskans have shown they are taking notice and the tide is changing. Live to fight another day!

MC said...

OK, I know I'm probably being dense, but can someone post the link to the statement on ADN's website? I don't see any link on the front page, and I typed in a search or two and got nothing.


Anonymous said...

We should point the public from the adn site to audrey's have to register to post a comment. I can't do this from work but will from home tonite if no one beats me.
Lower 48

ocean said...

Andrew Sullivan continues to demand Palin's medical records, especially proof that she gave birth to Trig.

Anonymous said...

I believe if there is a story it needs to get out BEFORE the election, and here is why:
If by some miracle McCain wins, and then the truth comes out about SP and she is asked to step down, who do you think will be asked to step in? Joe Lieberman .. God forbid! I'm from CT and his politics are slimy. If he gets in .. I don't know what I'll do. Kill myself I think.


Jay Raskin said...

Since the Alaska Daily News has denied the story, I do not think that there is any point to emailing them.

I do think that raising the point that Sarah Palin has broken her public promise to release her medical records before the elections is important. Andrew Sullivan ( and ABC News (O has done some good work keeping this issue current. Hopefully, all the MSM will be asking about the missing medical records

Anonymous said...

I am dying to know the truth, but seriously...why take the chance of the story getting enough "sympathy votes" to mess up the election? Too risky, I think.

I prefer to sit on my curiousity, until after Obama has been elected.

Trish in SW FL

Anonymous said...

I received an e-mail reply from Pat Doughertey too, he said "there is no story".
I hope that Cajun Boy coughs up what he knows. I think it's unconscionable to withhold news.

sarah.hoax said...

I think it is very bad manners to ask readers to blanket a newspaper, like Cajun Boy did, All based on rumor. ADN has a job to do and they have enough work w/o being worried about being pestered. This is not what this "country" is all about.

Sleuth for Truth said...

Photos of Palin and ADN readers, submitted by readers. There were 131 when I looked, maybe there are some from early 2008?

Mary G. said...

Well, I'm beginning to feel like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin... I *want* to believe that someone, somewhere has proof and will share it. I would like the thing to come out before the election...
Although I don't have any particular feelings about ADN getting "bombarded" with emails, I am wondering if we shouldn't bombard Mat-Su, asking about their policies toward high-risk pregnancies and other such questions... Maybe THEY should lose their license. Really, covering up crimes and abetting deception cannot really be permissible behavior. As for Baldwin-Johnson--we may just be seeing her--finally--as the next Surgeon General. Dejectedly, Mary

Anonymous said...

Here is something I posted to Cajun Boy on his site (

Hi Cajun Boy,

I think you owe your readers some explanation of the bombshell that wasn't.

You say you still trust your source. Obviously you can't and shouldn't reveal the source, but I think you owe it to your readers to find out and explain how it was that your source got it so very wrong...

Did s/he make an honest mistake, or were they faking you out, or what??

You implied in an earlier post that your source was an actual reporter on the story. (You said s/he was going all over Alaska knocking on doors.) If that's the case, can you explain how they so misunderstood the nature of the story that was being investigated? Are you even sure of the identity of your source? Maybe it was someone posing as an ADN reporter who got in touch with you?

Anonymous said...

I've been out of town, but thrilled to see that we may be getting close.

Living near Philadelphia, I, of course, am a huge Phillies fan and offer this parallel to the just-completed Game 5 of the World Series which MLB suspended for 48 hours.

Just like MLB Commissioner Selig, the ADN board does not want to be put in a position of taking the heat when, if the situation arises, it may not have to. Just as MLB hoped for a tie by the Rays in game 5 in the rain so they could legitimately suspend the game without impacting the outcome, so, to is ADN prepared to release the truth -- if they have it -- after McCain/Palin lose on Tuesday. Otherwise, this story would certainly sink the GOP ticket and dominate coverage in the final days, while they will almost certainly 99%+ go down to defeat anyway.

What if McCain/Palin pull this out? That's a hard question but one I'm sure ADN is willing to take given the long odds.

Speaking of odds, what do we think the chances are of who the real mother is? My handicapping:

Willow -- 50%
Bristol -- 40%
Sarah -- 1%
Someone else -- 9%

Any other guesses? If it turns out Bristol is not pregnant, she becomes a 10-1 favorite.


Anonymous said...

OK, the ADN denies that a story exists. Could it be that they are working on it and it just isn't ready yet? SP evidently wants to run for prez next time. If the ADN story comes out after the election, will everyone have forgotten about the issue in 4 years?

Anonymous said...

Hey Audrey, I went to your main site and looked at the pre-March pics. I didn't see that you had this one (link below) which is a still photo from the day that Sarah Palin did the video hike to her office for Alaska HDTV. That was in late February I believe.

Here is the commentary from the pic (posted on ADN) from the film's producer or director or ?

"We were making a video in Juneau, featuring a hike with Gov. Palin. We hiked from the Governor's Mansion to her office at the Capitol Building. She was very gracious--what you see is what you get, IMHO. You can see the video here: . We also found out the Governor really likes chocolate. I brought some along for her staff--they were very helpful setting it up. None of them wanted it, but they encouraged me to share with Gov. Palin...which I did."

And here is the link (it's long so put it altogether without breaks):

There are a lot of other pics in there on ADN. They are having people send in their pics of themselves with the governor (to back up their story they are holding???) but I was kicked off without a registration before I got halfway through. The pics aren't always dated, but if they mention the name of the event, then the date could be tracked down.
= = =
tcb in Colorado

Anonymous said...

I find it more than a little creepy that "Dangerous" is so fixated on the possibility that a 13- 14 year old who unlike her big sister was never reported to be missing from school, who was not called "sister in law" on Levi's myspace page, etc., might be the mother of this child.

Enough with posting on that speculation, please. There's absolutely no basis for it, and it seems prurient. And frankly disgusting.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I think Cajanboy is just pulling everyones leg. If he had details on one of the biggest stories of the year, do you really think he would keep it so quiet.

Also if McCain gets elected and Sarah is VP could she not be dismissed (or whatever) for lying?


Lady Rose said...

The paper has published that there is NO story, they are not even working on a Palin story.

However, that doesn't mean that folks interested in the the truth have to give up. Someone, some where has the truth and it needs to come out.

There is a lot of other information that needs to reach the lower 48 states - such as the Wasilla Project. they have done an awesome job producing well done videos that document Palin's failure as mayor of Wasilla and reveal just how unqualified she is.

Before this election - we can all make a huge effort to get out what FACTS we do know for sure like this videos.

If we can't find the truth out about Trig's birth till later - that is ok, we have to keep trying.

Palin is not going to go away. Hopefully she will lose on Tuesday, but she will try again in 2012. All the facts have to come out to prevent her from holding any public office ever again.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 11:20 PM last night,

There is nothing creepy about considering and investigation and speculating that Willow could be Trig's mother. As I've posted MULTIPLE times, despite the "ick" factor she is certainly mature enough to have a child. It would also a highly motivating to cover it up because of that, for Sarah Palin, the Palin family, the doctor, and even the MSM. That's why we can't rule it out because if it is the TRUTH and we look away simply because it is "creepy", the cover-up will succeed.

Considering only Bristol as Trig's mother because it is less "creepy" could lead to dead-ends and false conclusions. As Audrey has pointed out, I've contacted her directly on this and she does not object to pursuing all reasonable avenues of speculation and discussion so long as it is approach professionally -- which I have done.

The police would not rule it out during an investigation simply because it was too "creepy" to consider. We can't either. In fact, I think it is important to investigate it specifically to rule Willow out, but all evidence must be examined with the same level of scrutiny for Willow as we do for Bristol and Sarah.

Just because there is no evidence so far that Willow was out of school during the period, doesn't mean that such evidence doesn't exist. So far, the only evidence we do have is a second-hand listing in the Juneau Empire about Willow being on the honor roll for the winter quarter. That's hardly conclusive, and perhaps the school cooperated in the cover-up willingly or unwillingly. Or maybe it was just a mistake.

It should be simple to prove, however, as there must be dozens of other 7th graders and their teachers that can confirm that Willow was in school and not pregnant in Feb/March of 2008. I hope that's the case for her sake.

But if that evidence is not brought forth nor confirmed, Willow becomes a prime suspect as Trig's mother because the rest of the pieces certainly fit, even moreso than Bristol.


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to this Sarah really did give birth to Trig. We in the lower 48 only have a little internet evidence and photos of Sarah's "flat belly", but there have been dozens of reporters in Alaska digging on this story for months and have found.... nothing. Believe me, this would be the story of a lifetime and newspapers/magazines would publish it IF they had anything to publish!

Sorry guys, I'm jumping ship!

katanalori said...

Possibly, the story that Alaska Daily News was "sitting on" came out today, check out front page and open the pdf files. Lots of dirt re Stevens and Valco (sic?) - nothing seen so far on Palin, have not read through the FBI docs yet.

Anonymous said...

hi, tcb's photo link does not work this page no longer exists. Tcb did you by chance download a copy of the pic?

Anonymous said...

If Bristol is due on December 18th as Levi said, then by election day she will have completed almost exactly 7 1/2 months of her pregnancy. Will she still be flying as her mom did? Yes, she is younger and not having a special needs kid, but still, it is not the best idea to be putting your body and the kid under such pressure changes among other things.

Anonymous said...

"There is no story" ...

... means when and if they have a solid story, they'll run it.

We can wait. Let's not harass them. Or we will seem like whack jobs ourselves ...

... which we are NOT!


Anonymous said...

I think it is pretty sad that everyone can be taken in by cajun boy. His website reeks of the neediness of an immature nerdy boy in need of attention. The "fuck" patois is a dead giveaway.

Having said that, I also think we all believe in our hearts that something is very wrong with Palin's story. It simply doesn't add up. Either she was not the mother of the child or she was extremely negligent to the fetus of a child that she claims to have known would be born a Downs baby. So she is hiding her medical records.

That is why we are willing to gobble up handouts from a silly kid who would clearly have no information. He's enjoying the uproar he has caused immensely, I am sure.

Anonymous said...

One thought I have had why she is not releasing her medical records is that she may have had a tubal ligation as many do after having a large family. You can fill in the blank from there to how this would be troublesome.
Another pure speculation, she might of had some work done on her her little chin. These days her chin is looking nice and trim. There are plenty of pre 2007 pictures where she is a bit heavier has a little double chin.

Tina in CA said...

Cajun Boy = Con Artist

MC said...

Although I'm disappointed that nothing came of Cajun Boy's reports, I truly think he was hoping for a break in the story as much as anyone. His blogging (along with Karion's at Res Ipsa Loquitur)was some of the first I read about Babygate and was at that point the most extensive. I think he deserves credit for that. He seems to be fairly well tied in with a certain segment of the blogging community; whether that would make his source for the story more credible (and whether he should have posted anything about it) is debatable. I didn't get the feeling he was trying to con anyone, especially since he had really backed off of this whole issue for a few weeks.

I don't know him personally, so this is all IMHO. I could be completely wrong. Just because you don't care for his writing style, however, isn't grounds for dismissing what he has to say. That should be evaluated on its own merit.

Marcy said...

It appears to me that it's too late for any kind of story about Sarah Palin to have an effect on this election. Her political support looks like an irrational visceral reaction: that can't be influenced by facts!

If she did, indeed, fake the pregnancy, how can it be proven? DNA tests would be preferable. But who would have the legal standing to order them? Maybe the medical insurance company that pays Trig's bills. However: if one of Sarah's daughters is the biological mother, the mitochondrial DNA will not reveal that. And even if the insurance company does all the necessary testing, including the Y chromosome, all they can do is charge Sarah & Todd with insurance fraud.

Good start. But too late to influence the election.

This woman is a real danger to this country. And she is a real danger to everyone who opposes her, too. I've added Audrey & family to my prayer list, asking for 100% protection. And I'm praying for wisdom: what can we DO? grammy

Anonymous said...

Dangerous - How is it professional to post odds that Willow is the mom? How trashy.

You've been claiming that you are only interested in a dispassionate examination of all possible theories.

But you have totally discredited yourself with this callous post.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has been assuming that either:
1. Someone other than Sarah (such as Bristol) is Trig's mom, or,

2. Sarah is the mom & that crazy story about the birth is true.

Another possibility is that Sarah is Trig's mom, but that some of the details of the birth story are false. OK, we know that she gave the speech in Texas and flew back to Alaska, but maybe there was no leak of amniotic fluid. Maybe there was another reason she gave birth early. What do you guys & gals all think? Maybe the amnio story was created to make her look like a heroic mom, a eal "trooper" (pun intended).

Anonymous said...

There was an interview with Palin (I think with Katy Couric) mentioning Track's leaving for Iraq. Palin definitely said "My only son, Track, is leaving for Iraq" Why would she say my only son if she has another son Trig? If I can find the link to this interview, I'll post it.

Anonymous said...

I see a "breaking" story today about Obama having an illegal "half" aunt in Boston. Seems like a concerted effort towards more smear.

The Babygate issue has been so frustrating but it does involve the "off limits" areas of family and health records- which are legally protected thru HIPAA. There would be no way anyone could "leak" Sarah's health records or insurance info. I have no legal expertise but I'm assuming that unless the info came from Sarah, even if they did had proof from either of those sources the media couldn't do anything with it, could they?

I think it's a good speculation that Sarah might have had a tubal ligation. That would be a problem...

Come on Tuesday! Arrrrrrgh :}


Mary G. said...

I have written this before: I am convinced that some valid evidence is lurking on the pages of Audrey's website! She has done such a great job. I went back to the Website,, the No Palin family birth photos?entry. I decided to check that early Washington Post article (9/7/2008, linked on Audrey's page), where they *somehow* quote a five month old to corroborate Palin's presence in the hospital. The entire article is worth reading, first of all due to that special source, Haylee Davison, who WAS incontrovertibly at Mat-Su April 18--being born, that is. The paper's correction a week later rang false (we switched baby and mother), especially since the mother never said what they quote--no one ever said they saw a laboring Palin on April 18--that's a fact--no one has put their name to this. Another name in the story, a Rani Roby (sounds fake, doesn't it?) is quoted to "prove" that Bristol's pregnancy was a "thin secret"--"My kids knew about it, like, the day after"--so who is she? bloggers? google-searchers? All I get are real estate hits and some weird myspace stuff. Is she made up too? Gosh, I sure wish the Washington Post had the same standards as the Anchorage Daily News!sleuthingly,
Mary g.

Jay Raskin said...

Brian Williams mentioned Sarah's tardiness in providing her medical records on his broadcast a few days ago. Here it is:

Anonymous said...

Yesterday on NBC news, Brian Williams mentioned that 10 days earlier Sarah Palin had said that the campaign would release her medical records. Williams said that the campaign had not done so, and MBC was told that the records would be released "when they were ready".

That was the entire report. From what I can gather of networks news CYA, they know something is up with her -- which can only be the Trig pregnancy, since she is otherwise the picture of health -- so they are on record of having asked if and when they ever are released (or leaked later).

We aren't wrong about this. To the one anonymous comment that they are leaving the reservation, please enjoy your delusion.

A baby at seven months -- about 5 lbs plus amniotic fluid -- is larger than a jug of milk. Could she possibly have hidden that in her regular clothes. Pahlease.



Anonymous said...

The medical records could pose so many more problems for the campaign line in such simple ways. For example, what if she had an annual exam shortly before someone gave birth to that baby and Sarah Palin was, say, 100 pounds at the time? Or what if she was on some medication that just isn't recommended for a pregnant woman? She said the records were coming, once again inviting all kinds of speculation when they weren't.

MC said...

After all this time and nothing breaking in the MSM yet, I might be willing to ignore all of the other evidence (including Bristol's mysterious disappearance last winter, the "outing" of her pregnancy this fall, and the lack of medical records)...

...except for the fact that, as I understand it, MatSu Regional is NOT an accepted facility for a high-risk birth, and this particular birth had SEVERAL factors making it high-risk.
Now, couple that with the fact that SP has publicly stated that she was aware well before her due date that Trig would be born with Down's Syndrome.

If those two things are true, that means that this birth almost certainly could NOT have occurred in the manner that has been outlined by the Palins. Any doctor delivering there with the knowledge that he was going to be a premature baby with a known high-risk condition, being born to a mother of advanced maternal age, would be at huge risk of malpractice if something horrible had happened, and so would the hospital, wouldn't it? Or am I missing something here?

Anonymous said...

Mary G, I looked up Rani Roby and found a wesite called with her phone number:
(907) 841-8089. Anybody dare call?

Anonymous said...

So what are the odds of Willow being Trig's mother in your opinion? Zero?

Dispassionate analytics can certainly include mathematical speculation on probabilities. I don't care about your approval, anonymous poster. I don't CARE if Sarah or Bristol or Willow is Trig's mother. I only care about the truth and based on the evidence available, I set my probabilities and use them as a guide for the search for the truth. Others disagree with my analysis and are welcome to their opinions. Just because I put them out there is in no way "trashy".

You obviously have a low threshold for the truth, so I suggest you stand aside and let the adults do the work. Since I doubt you will believe the truth when it is ultimately revealed.

Willow is old enough to have a baby. Piper is not so her odds are zero. If Piper were 13 and mature at the time, she would have odds, too. But if Bristol has her child in December as stated, the odds of her being Trig's mother drop to almost zero, so then where will we be? Just take Sarah's word for it?

That's professional, if not tactful. But I'm out of patience with the stonewalling to be delicate. The Palin's and their apologist lost that privilege by continuing to hide the truth.


sarah.hoax said...

I talked to a neonatal nurse and she told me it would not have been out of order to have a Down's baby in a small hospital.

MC said...

sarah.hoax--Did your friend say why it would not be uncommon? If Down's Syndrome children are more likely to be born with complications that could require an NICU, would it have to be a small hospital with that capability (and does that even exist)?

Also...I'm staying out of the Willow argument, but I would like to ask Dangerous--if this turns out to be a coverup, can you really assume that the baby was born on April 18th?

My husband pointed something out to me when Ted Stevens was convicted. After reading Palin's (non-)statement about whether she agreed with the judgment or would continue to support Stevens, he said: "She only says something definite when she know it can't come back to be used against her."

Whether that has really been the case throughout her career, I don't know, but it got me to thinking...when was it that she made her statement to that reporter last winter that the rumors about Bristol being pregnant were not true? Wasn't it just before she announced her own pregnancy?

What if the rumors about Bristol being pregnant really WEREN'T true at that point (but had been before)? I can't imagine, assuming that there is something to this, that she would have "announced" her own pregnancy without being totally and completely sure that she had to do this. Awful as it may sound, what if something had happened to the baby at the birth? If SP had already declared her own pregnancy, what would she do then?

So what if Trig was actually born say, right around March 1st? Right before her official announcement? (Tinfoil conspiracy hat firmly on here...)

Anonymous said...

"Sarah.hoax" said that a neonatal nurse said that having a DS baby in a small hospital would not be "out of order." OK, what does that mean? Clearly a small hospital is better than none, like giving birth at home. Think of how women in 3rd world countries give birth. Maybe it's OK, but is it optimal...when you have access to larger hospitals in Dallas, Seattle or Anchorage with neonatal ICUs? Whoever gave birth to Trig did so at that hospital (assuming that is where Trig was born) for a reason, like privacy. If part of the story was fake (like Sarah being the mom), it's easier to do so at a hospital that doesn't have oodles of people traipsing through it. If she (whoever is the mom) gave birth in Anchorage, a bigger hospital would have had more people around, all of whom would have recognized Sarah (in labor or not), and some of whom would have blabbed what they saw (if they were not medical personnel, but were, say, visitors or employees of the cafeteria or gift shop). If Bristol is Trig's mom, did Sarah arrive at the hospital wearing her fake tummy? Are those things soft like pillows or are they inflatable? If inflatable, she could have deflated it and saved it for Bristol to wear now.

Anonymous said...

Only part of my post responding to Dangerous appeared this afternoon. The rest of my post was cut off inadvertantly. My point is that posting 'odds' on who is Trig's mom is using the language of gaming. Danger**s is discussing this topic in terms that belong on That is why I called it trashy.

If either of these teens is Trig's mom, it's a tragedy that their mother's behavior -- using baby Trig as a campaign prop -- would force a young girl with a personal dilemma into the public eye. It's sad, not something to gloat over.

Sarah made the baby part of her campaign persona, so Sarah is the focus here. If Sarah failed to protect the privacy of her daughters by her actions, it doesn't mean that it's open season for others to make up casino style odds that their lives are about to be put on display for the global media.I objected to your callous gaming language. Your patronizing response is sad. It's one thing to be willing to explore all possible avenues. It's another to use gaming language to turn a family into a spectacle. Shame on you.

Audrey said...

A comment about a Down's baby being born in a smaller community hospital: I have posted about this in the past.

IF a mother who knew she was carrying a Down's baby had had the appropriate prenatal cardiac ultrasound, and they had been able to confirm that the baby did not have one of the heart defects that would necessitate immediate surgery, then that birth per se would not be considered high risk.

But don't forget that in Gov. Palin's case, four other risk factors existed:
1. she was 44 (anything over 40 (some sources say 37) is considered "elderly."
2. She was considered "grand multiparous," five or more viable pregnancies.
3. She was in labor 4-5 weeks early.
4. At the time she arrived at the hospital, her membranes had been ruptured nearly 24 hours.

So while it's accurate to say that a full term Down's syndrome baby would not be considered a high risk birth necessarily, there are many other factors in this case that change the situation.