Saturday, October 4, 2008

To a Hammer...

Everything looks like a nail. I know this, and so I know that at this point when I see something I have not seen before, I will judge it from an prejudiced viewpoint. I am trying to be very careful and very judicious because of this.

That having been said, I have a new photo of Gov. Palin that I have not seen anywhere else before. It was taken as part of a photo shoot done by an Israeli filmmaker Elan Frank. I don't know exactly what day it was taken, but it was sometime around the eight of April, within ten days - two weeks of the birth.

I have some video from this shoot in early April, that I had not seen anywhere before. I will be posting this tomorrow, with some additional commentary.

However, tonight I want to post a still photo from this shoot. (Note, if you click on it you'll get a bigger version.)

I have looked at this photo for a long time.

I have spent much of my adult life around childbearing women and this tummy looks wrong to me. I am trying to decide if it looks wrong because I THINK it should look wrong, if I WANT it to look wrong, or if it really does. And... I think it really does. At this point in pregnancy (34-35 weeks), women's tummys are hard and tend to be round. Very round. It is NOT an urban legend that on a few occasions pregnant women have been accused of shoplifting basketballs from sports stores.

But Sarah Palin looks almost flat, like there's something there but it's a flat something. Also, notice at the very bottom of the picture, where the black of her shirt is silhouetted against the bright blue of her jacket. It almost looks like her belly is going in again. This is well above the level of her naval! You don't get thinner below the naval when you're eight months pregnant.

Anyway... comments? What do you think?



Anonymous said...

I agree - it doesn't look real. Plus no boobs,

amy said...

I agree too. At 7 - 8 months pregnant, I was much rounder. Yes, all women do not look the same, but the belly area seems much too high. She also lacks the full, glowing look in the face that pregnant women have.

Silvergirl said...

I wish I could see more of her body. It surely doesn't look like 9 months preggers, that I know.

Anonymous said...

The rumors have been all over Alaska since last December that Palin was faking a pregnancy to cover for her daughter Bristol. Palin had the opportunity to stop the rumors by appearing in public with Bristol. Instead Bristol was awol for 5 months. Pictures will no longer work in answering the questions. Medical records will be the only way to make the rumors go away. Medical records have been called for and the campaign has refused to turn them over yet. We can no longer accept Palins word because she has demonstrated that she stretches the truth. The American people deserve to know if their potential leader has been truthful.

Anonymous said...

Her belly looks soft and squarish, not round and hard, and not big enough to be about 8 months. I'll look forward to seeing the video later today.

MomForTruth said...

My comment is not so much about this picture as your overall effort - THANK YOU for putting this information together. I used to think that it was only crackpot, conspriracy-theory types who believed that she faked the pregnancy, but your site has convinced me otherwise. (I consider you are a TRUE patriot, by the way). My question is directed to you and to other readers: What can be done to get the MSM (main stream media) asking questions about her judgement and truthfulness with the airline in the 28 hours prior to the birth? Even those who want to continue believing she is Trig's mother would have to question the judgement of a 44-yr old woman in a high risk pregnancy who travels 2500 air miles then drives one hour to a medical facility with no facilities to handle the special care her child might have needed. To put the distances in terms more folks might be able to relate to - this would be like a high-risk mom-to-be whose water broke then boarding a plane in NY, change planes in Chicago, land in L.A. and then drive one hour to get to a medical facilty with much less capability than the many she passed by. And - as has been mentioned on the site - she would have had to lie by omission to Alaska Airlines officials in order to get on the two planes she boarded. How can we get MSM to go beyond the smokescreen that anything related to the birth is private and look at what is, at a minimum, her reckless lack of judgement and lack of truthfulness with a public air carrier ? I can't help feel that if enough MSM types started asking questions about this, the truth would break. I would donate money to any journalist or group willing to shine more light into this story. If anyone knows of a place to turn, please let me know. Sorry for the length of this post - but as well know - this is important stuff!

Anonymous said...

If only we could find a record of her visit to


I've been pregnant four times, and I think her stomach looks completely fake.

Veritas said...

Bristol Palin turns 18 on October 18th. She will no longer be a minor and will have some freedom to speak her mind. I wonder if we'll ever hear from her...

Professional Researcher said...

Please write to the Democratic members of the Alaska legislature,


Click on each member's name and their email address will appear.

Ask each one if they can confirm that they saw Gov. Palin obviously pregnant between her announcement of the pregnancy in early March and the birth in April.

These legislators are not members of her party and have no obvious political reason to cover for her. If even a handful of them will state publicly that she was obviously pregnant then perhaps this rumor is not worth spending time on. However, if NONE of them are willing to state this, but are known to have been in the same room with her during the spring legislative session which ended in mid-April, then that adds gasoline to the fires of suspicion.

I emailed every one of them with this question early last week and got NO replies.

You may have better luck if you are an Alaska resident -- even better if you are an Alaska journalist.

Professional Researcher said...

Here is language you can cut & paste for your email:

Dear Rep./ Senator _____:

I am an [Alaska resident / etc.], seeking evidence that disproves the rumor that Trig Palin is not Governor Palin's baby.

I realize that most people have dismissed this rumor as nonsense since the McCain-Palin campaign announcement on September 1st indicating that Bristol Palin was "five months pregnant."

Nevertheless, the rumor persists in some circles. It should be easy to disprove with independent evidence.

One simple way to resolve this is for someone who is not a Republican or otherwise a political ally of the Governor, to state that they saw her in March or April of this year and that she was obviously pregnant.

Presumably during the Legislative session that ended in April, there were matters of Alaska state business that would have required the Governor to be in the same room with Democratic legislators or others who are not political allies.

If you cannot confirm that you saw Governor Palin's obvious pregnancy last spring, can you refer me to any Democrat in the Legislature, or any of their staff, who can?

Professional Researcher said...


You did not see some key info which can be found at the site where PowerLine links:,7340,L-3591532,00.html

Note that the former Israeli Air Force fighter pilot and current Los Angeles-based director Elan Frank states in this article that after he met with Palin for an extended period in his Hollywood office, "a few days later I got an email from a friend in Alaska telling me she was seven months pregnant. I didn’t notice a thing until later, when we were filming.

"I guess she's one of those women you can't really when they're pregnant, and she was probably dressing to hide it a little. You wouldn't know to look for it."

Audrey said...

Thanks for the tip, Professional Researcher. Actually, I am aware of this footage, and have been working with material from this all day. I am putting up two blog posts regarding it soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments of momfortruth- thank you for putting this info together and pursuing it with such careful consideration and integrity. I'm an Alaska resident of nearly fifty years. I did hear the rumors, but dismissed them as being too outlandish to be true. Now it looks like there is something to the rumors, and I encourage you to pursue it.

Many Alaskans are outraged by Palin's lack of honesty as well as her lack of judgement. Crazy as it sounds, faking a pregnancy to cover a political liability "fits" with what I know about her as a politician. Keep up the good and patriotic work, and I will add whatever local knowledge I can provide.

Sarah Insurance Fraud said...

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