Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New information on School situation; an important piece of info about Willow

Thanks to alert Internet miners (BIG THANKS to Silver Salmon), I have some new info to share this morning.

First, it appears confirmed that, as I suggested, the first winter Sarah Palin was governor (2007), all three of her daughters went to Juneau and attended school. As proof, we have, for Bristol, the basketball photo shown below plus a listing in the honor role for Juneau High School. For Willow, we have a honor role listing (sixth grade). We also have this article from the Anchorage Daily News that discusses family plans and makes it clear that all three daughters are at that time with the family in the state capitol. Only Track is left behind in Wasilla.

Now... here's the larger piece of news. But first - a brief digression. For some weeks, there has been considerable speculation on this board about the possibility that Willow Palin was Trig's mother. Many people have complained about this line of reasoning. I have continued to allow it because I have felt that the individual who has mainly suggested this has kept his reasoning consistently logical. While there is the "ick" factor (in his words), the fact is that if Sarah Palin is NOT Trig's mother, someone has to be. And the only people that Gov. Palin would be willing to cover for would be someone for whom she had a very strong reason for doing so: like a daughter. I also had to concur that the motivation for covering a very young teen's pregnancy would likely be a lot greater than covering for an older teen. For these reasons, plus the fact that the poster has identified himself to me in private email using his real name...and has shown himself willing to have reasonable dialogue about this... I allowed the speculation to continue.

Now, we do have one --- small --- but still telling piece of info about Willow: A listing on Juneau Empire's list of seventh grade honor role, dated 4/17/08, for the third quarter. (Ironically the day before Trig's birth.) This would indicate that Willow did go to Juneau with her mother, her father, and Piper for the legislative session of 2008, and was in school. While it is certainly not "proof positive" it is a far clearer indication that Willow was in school in the period of time immediately preceding Trig's birth than we have ever had before, along with a location: she was in Juneau. While this is not absolute - it would sure be nice to have a photo of her at, say SOME official function - in my mind it certainly pushes the logical speculation back to Bristol's status: Willow appears to be in school and in Juneau, Bristol's whereabouts remain a bit of a mystery.

This is just an aside, but these school grades make me wonder anew about Willow's actual age. As I said in a post many weeks back, when the issue of Willow's role in all this came up initially, I was confused, because she is listed on numerous reliable places as being born in 1995 and others in January of 1994. Now, I am not suggesting any mysteries surrounding Willow's birth (!!!!!) but a 1995 birth year would be far more consistent with her being in seventh grade last year and eighth grade THIS school year. If she is turning 15 in January, it's hard to see her still in eighth grade. Not a big deal, but I thought I would mention it. (I turned 15 after my freshman year in high school.. I think this is pretty typical.)

Oh, and thanks so much to all the people who wrote to me in private email and on the board about my dog. Unfortunately, he had surgery yesterday morning and did not survive. He was a good dog. We will miss him very much.


Anonymous said...

Oh Audrey, condolences on the loss of your dog! The warm thoughts of all your readers are with you.


~Emma said...

Track was in Michigan for the 2006-2007 school year.


He supposedly graduated from Wasilla High in June 2007, then joined the army September 2007.

Anita said...

I'm so sorry about your fur-friend ... I hope you find some comfort in the Rainbow Bridge story http://www.petloss.com/rainbowbridge.htm

Anonymous said...


I very much appreciate the info related to Willow and your calm addressing of the speculation I have posted here and other places that the evidence cannot rule out Willow.

I agree the Juneau Empire school posting of Willow on honor-roll is important, but not conclusive, evidence. I am nothing if not dispassionately logical -- as you inferred -- and only want the truth to come out.

Does the Willow honor-roll listing turn speculation entirely back on Bristol? No. We need more facts about both. And it could still be possible that Sarah Palin is Trig's mother, although that seems like a longshot.

To make honor-roll in most middle schools, one must simply maintain a B average. That's not that difficult to maintain even if you are missing school because you are "traveling" with your Governor mom. And I also wonder how diligent they were about that. So I'm still not convinced. If she was in school, any number of those other honor-roll identified 7th graders would be able to confirm she was there in the spring, as would the school. So I'll wait for more information before I continue with the Willow-is-Trig's-mother speculation.

Can you cross-reference any of the travel reimbursement records for Bristol and Willow to the spring term of 2008? That could be revealing.

Thanks for responding to my request, Audrey.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your dog.

In your main post you say that Sarah would have to cover for someone special to her. What if Todd had an affair which resulted in a baby, and to save the families face she made up the whole story. Maybe the other woman only let on so late in the pregnancy, hence all the rush?


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your dog!!


Sleuth for Truth said...

I see that someone beat me to it about the honor roll info, but here is my current list of info to share:

Fierce Palin critic's blog creates waves – posted August 19, 2008


Since Andrew Halcro is such a critic, maybe his blog sheds light on some of the questions raised on this blog.


Sarah Palin’s Campaign for the White House – A Special Online Section of the Juneau Empire (huge selection of articles about Palin dating back to July 2008)


Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School is proud to announce its third-quarter honor roll. Listed is Willow Palin for 7th grade honor roll. Third quarter would be roughly January to March 2008.


Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School announces its third-quarter honor roll students. Listed is Willow Palin for the 8th grade A honor roll. Third quarter would be roughly January to March 2007.


BTW, the Dzantik’I Heeni Middle School is in Juneau. This indicates that at least Willow was enrolled in a Juneau school for both the January to March time frames in 2007 and 2008.


Juneau-Douglas High School announced the names of honor roll students who received a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher for first semester. Bristol Palin is listed. The first quarter would be roughly August to September 2007 I believe based on the other items listed on this page.


Here is the website for Juneau-Douglas High School:


Anonymous said...

I read the following link posted on the homepage of this site (I’ve split it)


I think it’s a very good article, the letter states

“Fear of retribution has kept all of these people from saying anything publicly about her.”

•“Hockey mom”: true for a few years
•“PTA mom”: true years ago when her first-born was in elementary school, not since
•”a Greenie”: no. Turned Wasilla into a wasteland of big box stores and disconnected parking lots. Is pro-drilling off-shore and in ANWR.
•pro-infrastructure: No. Promoted a sports complex and park in a city without a sewage treatment plant or storm drainage system. Built streets to early 20th century standards.
•pro-tax relief: Lowered taxes for businesses, increased tax burden on residents

I think it just probes a bit more about how truthful she is.


Silvergirl said...

Audrey, I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

One quibble: you say that Palin would be willing to "cover" for a daughter, but no one else.

I think she'd do this only to cover for herself, as the pregnancy is humiliating to her. A good mother would help a daughter deal with her situation and plan for her future, not force her into purdah and shame, or a backdoor existence as an unofficial nanny.

Sorry about your dog, too.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Furkid...I lost my Boy in a similar situation, he had been sick and finally needed to have surgery and sadly did not make it. The sudden Loss is devastating.
{{HUGS}} to you and him/her at the Rainbow bridge...

PalinBaby Question said...

Our pooch is getting on in years, and I am not looking forward to having to tell friends the same sad news that you've had to share. It is remarkable how attached we become, and how much the loss means - my condolences!

Marcy said...

hugs and commiserations on the loss of your loving pet. grammy

Anonymous said...

Couldn't you be on the honor roll and do the work at home? My daughter had chicken pox and then pneunumonia and was out a lot of one grade but we got her work and she was on high honor roll and no mention of her illnesses, except for her attendance record. In high school she again missed a lot of school and if i called in since she had a chronic disease-asthma, her record didn't even show these "excused absences"!! Again on high honor roll and good class rank for a kid who didn;t attend a lot!!

Yellowgirl said...

Sorry about your dog. Always sad news when furbabies die.


Saw this and wondered at the timing.... a couple at a "prom" making fun of Bristol and Levi for Bristol's pg.... flicker dates it in January 2008. Is that possible? If so, are these kids from Alaska? Can anyone track them down?



Audrey said...

You could be on honor role and be home bound.

But given the Palin's family situation, IF they had wished to somehow hide Willow, it would probably have been much easier to tell everyone in Juneau she was back in Wasilla, tell everyone in Wasilla she was going to Juneau with them, and then really send her to stay with relatives somewhere. I don't see why you'd register her in a new school (when you wouldn't really have to) only to then not send her.

As I said, while this is not absolute proof that Willow was in school in Juneau and could not be Trig's mother, I'd say it goes a very long way towards convince me.

Anonymous said...


Regarding your post above, I'm not sure which would be easier to carry off as a ruse: pretending to transfer Willow or keeping her in her current school but having her do work on the road (or at home).

Do we know where the Palin adults were during the key times? I think it would be better to NOT change schools since the school she left would want to know where to transfer the records, and would probably follow up. So it may not work.

I agree that we now know where Willow was enrolled in early 2008; we just has to confirm she was there, which should be simple.

Regarding speculation that Sarah Palin would cover the pregnancy for any woman other than one of her daughters, no normal human motivation I can think of would lead her to do so. Further, to claim a pregnancy so late in the term when it might appear to be a ruse to those around her, and her being in such a high-profile position, the motivation had to be HUGE to even attempt it.


bacci40 said...

why do people keep using the term "covering for"??

palin doesnt cover for her kids, she uses them for her greater good

the only reason she would accept parentage for trig is because it benefits her politically

for an evangelical anti sex ed governor to have an unwed pregnant teen in the house, could mean political suicide

and if track was left alone in wasilla, no wonder he got into drugs

colorado voter said...

Sorry that this post is not associated to today's topic about school enrollment, but this question has been with me for several days. Here it is: if indeed Bristol is pregnant and is about 7+ months pregnant, what is she doing flying around in a private jet? Please someone, correct me if I am wrong- but isn't air travel in the last few months a no-no? Or is that just a rule used only by commercial airlines to avoid crisis in the air? Bristol is traveling with the family to care for Trig. There are photos of her on the campaign trail, in the background. Is she really pregnant? Why would anyone in her family or her doctor want her to put her unborn baby at risk through travel; unless of course, she is not pregnant at all and is free to travel.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the photo dated April 8th, where Sarah is holding the notebook tightly to her non-pregnant mid-section, yet the next photo we have of her is April 11th and she miraculously looking very preggers. Is the the April 8th photo date accurate? If so, it would seem to be glaring proof of her deception.
Next thought: What about her protecting her son, Track? The poster who suggested that Trig could be the child of Track and Levi's mother, sounds plausible. That would make the caption of Mercedes, Levi's sister, then accurate. I have found very little I can pull up on Sherry Johnston, anybody think this might be worth looking into?

Penny in Paradise

Paula said...

I'm sorry for your loss Audrey :( Paula in Miami

Anonymous said...

I was similarly concerned that Bristol is flying about at a time one would think she should be home. Is she trying to emulate her mother on this with her famous last minute dash? No role models here, that's for sure.

And I'm still wondering about Trig, and whether the poor little boy has Down's Syndrome or Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. Now that there are a few more photos floating about of Trig is it possible to judge by looking at his face? It seems there are some similarities between DS and FAS in facial features but I'm not expert to judge.


enigma4ever said...

Gryphen told me about your site....I have Watergate Summer, and a seperate blog on my blogroll "Questions In the Night" about questions about trig's birth...I will explore here- very interested in what you have gathered- about Willow- she was breifly interviewed when Katie Couric interviewed Palin they were in a hallway walking and she said she was 14 almost 15....that was in ? Sept? when ever the Katie Interview happened- I think it was the 2nd night...

I am so sorry about your dog....so sorry...
keep up the great blogging...

Audrey said...

Regarding the photo dated April 8th, yes this date is accurate. It was found on a photosharing account of one of the young women in the photo. It was taken at the swearing-in ceremony for an Americorps group in Alaska.

This was ten days before she gave birth.

Here's the link again.


Here's a link to another news story about the event.


Hmmm. Now it looks as if this even was actually April 10th, not the eighth. Have to check my notes... I wonder why I thought it was the eighth. Regardless, it was definitely during this week in April.

Mary G. said...

I just read about a "Baby Shower to Go" held for Bristol in Lancaster, Penn, during which she received a breastfeeding hat or some such.... the link is: www.prweb.com/releases/elections/govpalin/prweb1493324.htm; this occured Oct. 20??? I did not see any pictures, and could not determine if the "shower" consisted in presenting the gifts...they do call Palin "grandma VP"!!! of Bristol's baby, of course.
Very sorry to hear about Audrey's furry companion. Mary

sarah.hoax said...

I actually contacted by email an expert on Down's syndrome I found on the web. He quickly replied back to me that the convention pic.'s absolutely looked like Down's. However, I did have someone who worked with both Down's and FAS, and undergrad training, and thought he could have FAS. FAS could be caused by one bought of drinking while pregnant. The child seems rather limp, with poor muscle tone, I don't know if that is diagnostic of either.

Sleuth for Truth said...

Re: Mary G's post about the breastfeeding hat.

More interesting is the quote from the creator of the hat:

"As a mompreneur, I've had the challenge of breastfeeding on-the-go, and I only run a small business! I commend Gov. Palin for continuing to breastfeed through the challenges of a presidential campaign. A MoBoleez hat is a fun way for Gov. Palin to encourage her daughter to be a proud breastfeeding mom as well. " says Sam.

So...Sarah Palin is CONTINUING to breastfeed Trig?

And, I believe this shower was for Sarah Palin as a Grandma to Bristol's baby. The article doesn't imply that Bristol was there to receive gifts. Sarah Palin will pass along the items to Bristol.

PalinBaby Question said...

I've done some roaming around the pictures of "Levi and Bristol Palin"


- Even though they are dated by Flikr as "January 4, 2008," adjacent pictures in the set (dated as "January 5, 2008"), show a vinyard with full greenery - perhaps consistent with summer/early fall.

My guess is that the camera date had not been set, and that the date that shows in Flikr, is not the actual date.

Hence, it's possible that the picture of the "Levi and Bristol" couple was taken in September 2008, after the announcement of Bristol's pregnancy.

PalinBaby Question said...

More on that "Levi and Bristol" photo on Flickr ... That photo is in a set entitled "Portland." Other photos in that set have dates of Sept. 20 - 21, 2008. My guess is that the photographer realized that the camera's dates were wrong, and re-set the date to the right date partway through the set.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your dog -- we just lost ours as well, & I know how awful it feels. Best wishes.

Mary g. said...

Palin's breezy affirmations of breastfeeding Trig "like she did Piper" are about as reliable as her remarks on her fifth, "easy" labor and the pregnancy that she *joked* lasted only one month (see the interviews done immediately postpartum and linked through Audrey's website). It's so easy to breastfeed even a Down's baby--when you aren't... given the plan to take Bristol's baby way back last year, they probably decided that Bristol would pump anyway. At least they are giving Trig breastmilk; even if it makes Bristol a wetnurse to her own baby.--mary