Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some New Screen Shots

Here are more screen shots from Frank Elan's footage. They are not clear. I wish they were much better, but this is the best I can do with my software and abilities (which are limited.) If anyone can do better, please by all means try!

These are shots from a brief - two second - clip of Sarah, coming up behind Piper in the kitchen of - I believe - the governor's mansion in Juneau. Again, look at the picture in a previous blog post taken only 3-4 days later of Gov. Palin being interviewed by Channel 11. Is the same belly in that picture in these pictures? You decide.

You can see the whole clip on the Frank Elan page of the website, here.


Anonymous said...

This was a post on the mudflats site. Does anyone know more about this?

ESAZ (13:42:56) :

I just went to Halcro’s blog and curiously saw that Palin felt safe enough to discontinue security detail for herself a few months ago. I saw this mentioned before and was looking for an exact timeline on this. Did she curiously discontinue security detail for herself just before giving birth - so security wouldn’t find something out? I know we shouldn’t be talking about the birth of Trig, but makes one wonder.

Anonymous said...

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