Monday, October 13, 2008

News Flash - Levi Johnston speaks

Levi Johnston gave what appeared to have been a surprise, off the cuff interview this morning in his driveway. Here's a link to the AP article.

For our purposes, obviously, the most critical piece of information is that Bristol is due on December 18th. This would place the date of conception of the child right around the first of April, well before Trig's birth, and would make her right now around 31 weeks pregnant.

Very interesting. I had assumed that if she were pregnant, what we would see was an induction of an "overdue" Bristol around the third week of January, the Palin family claiming that she was 43 weeks when she was really 37 weeks. Given that there is about a six week period during which delivery is considered normal (37-43 weeks) I felt that they could just barely make this work. (Though any doctor that would be a part of this should lose his/her license and go to jail.) But that had been my guess.

Now, all bets are off. The point, however, is that the election will be long over before anyone knows for sure.

Another interesting note: one commenter on an older thread stated that in a speech either yesterday or the day before, Gov. Palin introduced Piper and Willow who were on stage, and then stated that "Bristol is traveling with us too." Odd. Very very odd. If she's there, why not show her? (Can anyone provide a link to this, either on YouTube or elswhere?)

We're still playing Hide the Teenager.


Anonymous said...

I posted this on another thread, and I will post it here as well, since it is directly relevant to this post.

Here is what I now think is going to happen with Bristol.

There can't be a miscarriage - it would be too suspicious. Before the Karl Roves of the world got involved, it was amateur night in Alaska, but now there are true pros involved.

I believe Bristol is going to have a home "birth" in December. She and Sarah will pose for another puff piece in People Magazine. Everyone will say, you see, you guys were lunatics - Bristol just gave birth, so Trig can't be hers.

I believe Bristol will be adopting a baby who is due in December. The mother has been promised a lot of money by Republican operatives, plus her baby will be with a "prominent" family. Watch also that Bristol and Levi, high-school drop outs both, will be living quite high off the hog. Sort of like Rielle Hunter living in a multi-million dolllar house with no visible means of support.

Sarah Palin's political career would be destroyed if the truth came out about Trig. The Rebublican right wing won't let that happen under any circumstances - she is their collective wet dream. If she is defeated, she will be back in 2012. The only thing we can hope for is that a large part of her appeal to the mainstream media and to horny Republican men is her looks (it certainly isn't her brains) and she like other mortals is subject to the laws of gravity and will eventually lose her looks. Any bets on whether anyone is going to think a 58-year old Sarah Palin is "hot"? I don't think so. But I hope she disappears long before that - let her fade back to being prayed over by witchhunters and teaching her grandchildren about how dinoseaurs and human roamed the earth together 6,000 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Are you folks aware that Sarah outright lied about Obama's views on abortion at a rally last Saturday in Johnstown, PA? She said:

"I listened when he defended his unconditional support for unlimited abortions."

Unconditional support for unlimited abortions? Barack Obama has said emphatically that he is for REDUCING the number of abortions.

I have read recently an article that compares Sarah Palin with O.J. Simpson, another "sociopath" who is able to lie convincingly while smiling! If Sarah is able to lie about who is the real mother of Trig, she can and will lie about anything and everything!

amy said...

I assume Bristol is traveling with them because she needs to breastfeed Trig. If she were really pregnant, she would be back in Wasilla with Levi.

Anonymous said...

Could it be possible that the baby isn't Bristol's and isn't Sarah's either? Could the mother be Sarah's sister or close friend, who didn't have health insurance?

I'm just throwing out some ideas here, but I still consider it highly unlikely that Sarah is Trig's mother. I have never seen or heard of a women who is smaller with her fifth pregnancy than she was with her first. The female body just doesn't work that way.

In the last few weeks we have all seen Sarah play fast and loose with the truth. I can just hear Sarah say to her sister/friend, "No health insurance? No Problem. We'll just say the baby's mine. The doctor is my friend. She doesn't like insurance companies, anyhow."

Keep digging. Someone up there in Wasilla knows the truth and will speak it.

Anonymous said...

I share your suspicion about the identity of Trig's mother. Thank you for creating this comprehensive site- makes me feel like I am not crazy for doubting her fifth pregnancy.

When Levi spoke to the press, I found it interesting that he said "I am excited to have my first kid." Seems strange to include the word "first" - except of course if he is trying to emphasize that Trig is not their first child....,,20232685,00.html

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Bristol traveling with Sarah because she needs to breastfeed Trig, if you look again at the picture of her that is at the People Magazine link just linked by the prior post, she sure looks like she is breastfeeding. Either that, or she has breast enlargement surgery.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's lies know no bounds. Today she was quoted as saying that she didn't do anything illegal or unethical in the Troopergate case. She was exonerated from doing something illegal, but she DID violate the ethics law and DID abuse her power! She lied to reporters that she is completely innocent of doing anything wrong. I am happy that there are even prominent Republicans who are getting disgusted with the McCain/Palin team!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this story alive. No matter what happened and who gave birth to Trig - her stories just don't line up. Looking forward to the truth to come out.

Anonymous said...

"Johnston has dropped out of high school to take a job on the North Slope oil fields as an apprentice electrician."

Apparently this is not a job you can easily get without help, especially without a high school diploma

I wonder how he got so lucky. A little payment for playing along?

(did he drop out before or after she got pregnant?) Why not finish out his senior year?

Anonymous said...

As to the last post, maybe in between trying to get the ex brother-in-law fired, Sarah and Todd used their influence to get the hapless Levi Johnston his job. Hey, Levi, better not piss them off, or we know what will happen to your head.

Anonymous said...

I thought the best piece of the Levi Johnston interview was when AP reported that "Johnston was a little shocked when he learned about Bristol's pregnancy." has a good Mad Lib about this one. You get to choose from three:

"Of course I was surprised to hear that Bristol was pregnant. I mean:

Choice One - I knew I was a stud, but not that much of a stud.

Choice Two - Everyone knows if you douche with Dr. Pepper, you won't get pregnant.

Choice Three - that's what "abstinence" means, right? Sex without babies."

I guess I would vote for number three. The abstinence education is working real well, Sarah "Tight Abs" Palin. Maybe you should spend less time tightening your abs and applying your spiky mascara and more time educating your children so it won't be such a "surprise" when sex leads to pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

I think PIPER is Trig's mom. Impregnated by Aliens who abducted her!

Anonymous said...

Levi is HOT. I want to have his baby, too!